Adobe Sign for Small Business Helps Small Companies Digitize

adobe sign small business plans and pricing helpx

For small businesses across the globe, paperwork still grinds productivity to a halt! It’s time to solve this perpetual paper problem, no matter how big or small your company may be. Today, we announced Adobe Sign for small business , and the ability to send documents for e-signature directly from Acrobat Reader desktop. Millions of small businesses now have access to e-signature capabilities that are powerful enough for the enterprise, and hundreds of millions of Acrobat Reader users have a new set of winning solutions.

Small business employees are drowning in paperwork

According to new research from Adobe, small business employees rank paper-based processes as a top impediment to running their business more efficiently, with 75 percent reporting that they still sign documents with pen and paper. Of the 500 U.S. small business employees surveyed, the majority (84%) report that it’s important for them to move from paper to digital processes, yet only a small fraction (3%) have begun to do so. Nearly half (42%) of respondents report that paper-based processes slow their productivity. Forrester research suggests that each document signed manually costs 1.3 hours and $11 in time spent. Small businesses can save significant time and money by using electronic signatures . See the full research results here:


See the Small Business Infographic and Slideshare

Millions of small businesses already rely on Adobe to simplify document work – converting paper to digital with Adobe Scan; creating, reviewing and editing PDFs with Adobe Acrobat and accessing the most powerful PDF services right from Microsoft Office 365. Now, Adobe Sign for small business now completes the toolbox for small companies to fully digitize their business.

Introducing Adobe Sign for small business

The majority of Fortune 100 companies rely on Adobe Sign for fast, secure e-signatures that increase business efficiency while ensuring the best experiences for employees and customers. But why should enterprises be the only ones benefitting from this digital transformation ? Adobe Sign for small business will help millions of smaller companies attract new customers, win their loyalty, and hire and onboard talent with ease, all at an affordable subscription price. And, for a limited time, get Adobe Sign for small business at the low introductory price of $29.99 per month. With Sign for small business, you can:

  • Sign up customers directly from your site : PDF forms are used for everything from gathering your customer’s contact information to collecting their signature on a service agreement. But providing a PDF that your customer then needs to download, print, physically sign and email back is far from a good experience. With Adobe Sign, you can automatically convert any existing PDF form into an online web form, giving your customers a modern, completely digital interaction with your brand.
  • Let customers sign and pay for services in a single step : One sure way to lose new customers is to put them through too many steps to complete a purchase. When customers first sign a contract online, like when joining a sports club, redirecting them to yet another form for payment risks losing them as customers. Thanks to Adobe Sign integration with Braintree, a PayPal service, it’s now easy for small businesses to collect payments from customers right as they fill out and sign a form.
  • Bulk send a single form to hundreds at once : Small companies often need to send a standard agreement to multiple recipients for signature, such as an outdoor adventure club that needs one hundred-plus people to sign a release of liability for a group outing. Sending the form to each recipient one-by-one wastes time and makes it difficult to track responses. Now small businesses can automate the process of collecting hundreds of signatures at once with the click of a button, and easily track which signatures are outstanding.

Start gathering e-signatures for free with Acrobat Reader

Adobe is integrating the most trusted e-signature solution , Adobe Sign, into the Acrobat Reader desktop app. Individuals will soon be able to send up to two documents for e-signature each month, free of charge, for the times when they need someone else to sign a document. The functionality will be rolled out over the coming months to the hundreds of millions of users who have upgraded to the latest version of Acrobat Reader. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader desktop app today .

Ever wonder how a small business owner uses Adobe Document Cloud tools and services to help run their business? Learn how Bobby Berk, small business owner and Queer Eye star, uses Adobe Scan, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Sign to run his small business with style.

“For years, Adobe has helped me run my business in a more efficient way. I work on-the-go and communicate with my team a lot, and I wouldn’t be able to do that nearly as much without Adobe Scan or Acrobat,” said Bobby Berk, interior designer, founder of Bobby Berk and member of the fab 5 of Queer Eye. “Now Adobe Sign allows me to sign off on contracts and presentations in seconds. I can focus on the creative process, not the paperwork.”


New Adobe Document Cloud tools and services in Acrobat Reader, Adobe Sign and Adobe Sign for Small Business, are available now. Visit to update or download.

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Enterprise

Welcome to the fast way to get business done. Get to know the complete e-signature solution that scales to meet your organization’s needs with integrations, APIs, advanced authentication, and more.

Watch video

How to get started

Send an agreement.

Learn how to prepare an agreement for signing, send it to one or more people, and add options like setting passwords, deadlines and more.

Sign an agreement

See how easy it is to review, fill, and select from several signing methods to complete an agreement sent to you.

Manage and track sent documents

Learn how to view your agreements by status - in progress, waiting for you, completed, and more. You can also filter by date, search by key word, and send reminders.

See more tutorials

Works for your whole organization

No matter which department you’re in, Adobe Acrobat Sign can simplify digital documents for you.

Industry 1

Keep your teams focused on selling by freeing them from manual, repetitive, administrative tasks.

  • Businesses that modernize sales processes with technologies like e-signatures are 3x more likely to achieve a faster and more efficient sales cycle. Read the report
  • 64% of organizations with a clear digital strategy use e-signatures to streamline the sales process. Read the brief
  • See how you can get agreements signed up to 21 times faster using Adobe Acrobat Sign — without leaving Salesforce. Watch the on-demand webinar


Get the procurement process down to minutes instead of hours.

  • Accelerate approvals. Send any document for e-signature or approval with just a few clicks. Stakeholders can sign and return them in minutes — no paper required.
  • Minimize risk. Track all documents in real time, view a full audit trail, and automatically store certified digital copies of every signed document.
  • Make it your own. Adobe Acrobat Sign can be fully customized, allowing you to provide your customers with a branded, professional digital experience.

Human Resources

High-powered solutions for your high-powered HR department.

  • HR departments that use e-signatures onboard new employees 4x faster than their competition. Read the study
  • Learn how Varian migrated to Adobe Acrobat Sign and rolled out 10,000 user accounts with single sign-on, allowing remote work to be a reality — and then efficiently onboarded 250 more employees in just two months. Check out the case study

Going digital is good for the whole organization. Implement Adobe Acrobat Sign across your business to make daily tasks faster, less prone to error, and more cost effective. Here are a few tasks made simple with digital processes and e-signatures:

  • Change requests
  • Asset management
  • Requirements sign-off
  • Order fulfillment
  • Budget approvals
  • Maintenance authorization

Browse use cases by industry

Browse use cases by department

Getting started with Adobe Acrobat Sign and Microsoft

Adobe Acrobat Sign is Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution across the company’s portfolio, including Microsoft Office 365.

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft 365

Learn how to to use Adobe Acrobat Sign functionality from within Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint.

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft Teams

Make it more efficient to send for signature and track documents by adding Adobe Acrobat Sign e-signatures to Teams.

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Microsoft SharePoint

Learn how to integrate Adobe Acrobat Sign and SharePoint, then implement the end-to-end process for creating automated web form workflows.

Plays nice with others

Add document workflows to your existing systems, processes, and applications.

Increase workforce productivity and business transactions in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Dynamics.

Send, sign, track, and file contracts quickly and securely anywhere in Salesforce, including on mobile.

Seamless integration of your PDF and e-signature workflows into Google Drive saves you loads of time.

Adobe and Notarize have partnered to deliver end-to-end digital workflows complete with remote online notarization.

See more integrations

Customer Stories

adobe sign small business plans and pricing helpx

Dimitri Metzger

Global Project Manager—Strategic Cloud Solutions & Digital Transformation

Before Adobe Acrobat Sign, there was really no way to speed up the signature workflow because we relied on mail and the postal system was out of our hands. With Adobe Acrobat Sign, we have more control over the end to end process. We can track the status of a document in the workflow and automate or send reminder emails to the signer with a few clicks, and dramatically reduce delays in procurement. Read their story

adobe sign small business plans and pricing helpx

Mike Gamble

Director of Analysis and Design

This year has been about laying the foundation. There are several ‘digital accelerators’ that helped us build our digital capabilities, and Adobe is one of them. Read their story

adobe sign small business plans and pricing helpx

Jason Farneth

Senior Product Manager

This is an incredibly quick and easy process. Whereas before, associates had to guide customers through the contracts and use those yellow ‘sign here’ flags, it’s now all managed seamlessly in Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms. Read their story

See more customer stories

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Adobe Sign Review

Robert Izquierdo

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Our Small Business Expert

Adobe Sign is a feature-packed electronic signature service designed to meet compliance standards for the most stringently regulated industries, making it a suitable option for any business. Its broad capabilities allow for a highly customizable document but can be overkill for some needs.

Logo for Adobe Sign

  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Meets regulatory requirements across industries
  • Highly customizable
  • No free version
  • Isn’t intended for sole entrepreneurs
  • Clunky mobile app

Adobe Systems is a Silicon Valley icon renowned for its ubiquitous PDF (portable document format) software file type. Given the company's roots in digital documents, it's no surprise Adobe owns electronic signature service Adobe Sign.

E-signature software allows companies to streamline the document signing process and complete business transactions faster than the traditional wet signature practice. Adobe Sign delivers these benefits with an expansive and powerful toolset.

Adobe Sign is backed by Adobe's multi-billion dollar market cap and long history in documentation products stretching back to its founding in 1982. Let's dig into the software's features to help you determine if it's the right solution for your business.

Who is Adobe Sign for?

Adobe Sign's features are comprehensive and support the requirements of any size and type of business. Whether you're collecting digital signatures from individual clients or sending documents to a large group, Adobe Sign provides plenty of options.

Its deep feature set is ideal for companies with exacting standards for electronic signature collection. It works for any industry, including those with stringent legal and regulatory data requirements. Government, healthcare, and financial institutions are among Adobe Sign's users.

While any business can benefit from Adobe Sign's abilities, it is targeted toward larger organizations. Adobe Sign is built for businesses with teams or multiple departments and for large companies regularly executing digital signatures.

The software is ideal for groups such as sales, given the frequent need to collect client signatures on proposals, contracts, and other forms.

What if you're a solo entrepreneur or smaller company? Adobe Sign can meet your needs, but Adobe points you to a different, lower-cost product containing e-signing capabilities with fewer features.

The Adobe Sign homepage prominently presents its signature request function with buttons below that for other options.

The Adobe Sign homepage is clean and easy to navigate. Image source: Author

Adobe Sign's features

Adobe Sign is packed with functionality, although the amount of available features depends on your subscription plan. Since it's not possible to cover all its vast capabilities, we'll look at Adobe Sign's most impactful features to shed light on its strengths and challenges.

Document setup

Preparing a document to collect digital signatures is a simple process, but Adobe Sign presents some baffling functionality. This means the software isn't always intuitive.

Adobe Sign consolidates the steps in preparing and sending documents to a single page, which keeps the process simple and quick to implement. The app refers to documents set up for signature requests as agreements.

You initiate the process by adding agreement recipients. You input email addresses to define these recipients, but you can't include their names. This makes it challenging to recall which clients were sent documents until the recipients complete the document.

At that point, Adobe Sign automatically replaces the emails with their names.

If you must exit Adobe Sign before completing your agreement, you can save the document as a draft. But if you didn't finish including the recipients, Adobe Sign doesn't let you add more later despite being in a draft state. Your only recourse is to start over.

After defining recipients, choose your document to prepare it for sending. You can add signature fields and other required information, such as the date of signing, for multiple signers.

Adobe Sign color-codes these fields to identify those assigned to specific signers. However, this field mapping is subtle and easy to miss since a small corner of each field denotes the color coding.

Adobe Sign offers a time-saving feature for documents requiring many fields to fill out. The software can detect such areas and, with a click of a button, automatically add the appropriate field types, including checkboxes and fields for entering text such as a client's title.

Every field possesses adjustable settings. Modify font sizes, change the assigned recipient, or define conditions for when to hide the field. These settings provide a high degree of control over how you want to present your document.

Every field marked in the document includes modifiable settings in Adobe Sign.

Options abound when preparing documents in Adobe Sign. Image source: Author

It can take time to set up a document for e-signature collection. For frequently used documents, such as a sales contract, Adobe Sign lets you save these forms as templates.

Using templates is a must for any organization. Once you've configured a document to capture signatures and painstakingly modified settings for every field, you don't want to repeat that work.

Templates save you from this and allow your company to consistently capture the same information with every signature request. You can share templates with others in your organization as well.

During the document setup process, Adobe Sign allows you to save your agreement as a template. Once you add templates to your account, you can choose these to avoid creating an agreement from scratch. Adobe Sign even provides a few common templates to get you started, such as a W-4 form.

The templates screen lists all documents saved as templates.

Save frequently used documents as templates so you don't have to recreate them. Image source: Author

Collecting signatures

Signing documents with Adobe Sign is effective and efficient. An email informs recipients of your request and links them to agreements.

Within the document, recipients have several options, such as viewing your message and delegating the signing responsibility to others. Recipients are shown the number and location of fields requiring completion.

The Adobe Sign interface tracks agreement status for every document, and you receive email alerts when recipients take action. Adobe Sign also automatically sends a PDF copy of completed agreements to all parties.

When opening a document, recipients can view your message and choose a drop-down menu of options.

Adobe Sign offers several options during the signing process. Image source: Author

A standalone Adobe Sign mobile app exists. While it offers much of the functionality available in the desktop version, it doesn't have everything. For example, it's not possible to view documents in a draft state.

The mobile Adobe signature app fulfills key electronic signature needs, such as preparing documents and collecting signatures in person. It's well-suited for tracking status.

Most mobile apps are simple, but this one is not as streamlined as the desktop experience. The functionality can prove clunky and involves multiple steps depending on the task, particularly document preparation. But it's an acceptable option to track and complete your e-signature tasks on the go.

The biggest challenge is with a touchscreen. You can easily move or add fields in a document unintentionally, so editing agreements on a mobile device isn't recommended.

Adobe Sign’s mobile app requires you to complete four steps to execute signatures in person.

Adobe Sign's mobile app enables in-person signature collection. Image source: Author

Third-party integrations

E-signature software becomes more powerful when integrated with third-party apps such as CRM software . Adobe Sign provides integrations with many popular third parties, including Salesforce and Google Drive.

These Adobe e-sign integrations allow you to bring in documents stored on third-party services, along with other benefits. For instance, Adobe Sign's integration with Microsoft 365 lets you send documents for signatures directly from Microsoft Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint.

Adobe Sign's ease of use

Some e-signature software is easy to use, while others are overly complex. Adobe Sign lies in the middle. Its interface is clean and uncluttered but not always intuitive, making the learning curve steeper than it needs to be.

In addition, some functionality is confusing or overly complex. When you go into the account settings, you're faced with a barrage of options, including whether you allow your team to send document updates to Twitter. (Why a company would want to announce document signings on Twitter is beyond me.)

Preparing a document for e-signature collection includes unintuitive options such as a participation stamp. If you accidentally add a signature field for the wrong signer, you must go through multiple steps to fix it.

If you must exit Adobe Sign before finishing your document preparation, you have to manually save your progress.

When you add a field, Adobe Sign gives you a plethora of editing options, including under what conditions to show it. This adds flexibility, but it's overkill.

You want documents prepared quickly rather than spending time tweaking settings for each field. But if you're going to set up a document with exacting settings, leverage Adobe Sign's templates to avoid repeating this work.

It's not the simplest or most straightforward e-signature solution on the market, but Adobe Sign offers some streamlined functionality such as the desktop version consolidating the steps in the document setup process to one page. Adobe Sign's strength lies in its extensive capabilities more than with its ease of use.

The page to send documents for signatures encapsulates the necessary steps from defining recipients to adding files.

Adobe Sign's e-signature setup steps are conveniently consolidated on one screen. Image source: Author

Adobe Sign's pricing

Adobe Sign offers two subscription types. There's its Small Business subscription plan for $29.99 per month for each software license purchased when billed annually. You can buy up to nine licenses.

Companies wanting more licenses or advanced features can choose the Business and Enterprise subscription. The price varies depending on your business needs, so call for a quote.

Adobe Sign's pricing is toward the higher end compared to rivals. The software generally offers more functionality, such as access to its API (application programming interface) at no additional cost, while competitors typically charge separate API fees.

Weigh the capabilities that matter most to your organization to determine whether Adobe Sign pricing makes sense for you.

Another consideration is Adobe Sign's limit to the number of e-signature transactions allowed per year. Small Business plans have a cap of 150 annual transactions per user license.

Its Business and Enterprise subscriptions are capped based on what's purchased with the plan. If you anticipate a high volume of transactions per year, Adobe Sign offers pricing on a per- transaction basis.

Adobe Sign’s pricing includes two options, a Small Business plan or a Business and Enterprise plan.

Adobe Sign limits its pricing options to two subscription plans. Image source: Author

Adobe Sign's support

Support for Adobe Sign primarily consists of an online self-serve help center , which is packed with content. Instructions, articles, videos, and a community forum provide answers to many questions. There's so much content that it can prove challenging to find the information you're looking for.

A chat option allows you to get answers at any time from Adobe Sign's automated chatbot. Phone support is not available unless you opt for the Business and Enterprise subscription plan.

Benefits of Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign provides a rich feature set. It covers the e-signature basics and beyond. Send documents for signatures to a large group of signers with its Mega Sign capability. Insert a form on your website to capture signatures online.

Adobe Sign provides plenty of flexibility to implement electronic signature processes based on your organization's specific needs.

You can use Adobe Sign to meet industry-specific compliance and legal requirements, such as the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) federal law for medical organizations. Adobe Sign complies with government and industry regulations around the world.

As a leader in digital documentation since the 1980s, Adobe delivers a suite of services that complement Adobe Sign. Adobe's document cloud enables businesses to store documents directly with Adobe, streamlining your use of Adobe Sign by allowing you to quickly access and send documents for e-signatures.

Adobe Sign provides a page to create a web form for collecting e-signatures on your website.

Adobe Sign's benefits include easy creation of web forms for capturing signatures online. Image source: Author

Is Adobe Sign right for your business?

Adobe Sign is a powerful e-signature tool, but to get the most from the product, an enterprise account tailored to your individual business needs is best. For example, reports are only available to enterprise customers.

The Small Business subscription cap on the number of annual electronic signature transactions and the user limit of nine means a company with a sales team will likely require the Business and Enterprise subscription option.

For companies using a CRM solution such as Salesforce, these larger third-party integrations are only available to Business and Enterprise accounts.

For small businesses possessing simple e-signature needs, or without industry regulatory considerations, it's worth exploring other e-signature software . Free versions and lower-priced alternatives are available, depending on the feature set you require.

How Adobe Sign Compares

Product Templates Mobile App Integrations Tracking
Adobe Sign

No free version is available, but Adobe Sign allows a 14-day free trial of its software. Not all functionality is available during the trial period, making it difficult to truly assess the product.

Yes. Adobe Sign is certified as compliant with industry standard security practices to protect your documents, data, and personal information. The company provides a resource library with extensive details of its security and compliance controls for your review.

Adobe Sign caps the number of document transactions based on your subscription plan. Its Small Business subscribers are limited to 150 transactions per year per user. No more than nine users are permitted before you must move up to a Business and Enterprise account.

Business and Enterprise subscriptions are customized to the needs of your business, so those transactions are capped based on the specifics of your purchase. You can opt for a per-user limit or, if you need more flexibility, choose a per-transaction pricing option.

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Adobe Sign Pricing 2021 – Which Plan To Choose?

Using the Adobe Sign platform, you have access to incredible cloud-based e-signature services that allow you to send, sign, track, and manage your documents. However, you must also remember that the Adobe Sign subscription comes with different plans. Different plans vary in cost and offer distinct feature options to subscribers. 

Typically, as with many platforms, higher pricing plans extract more features for the subscriber. Thus, to find the best features for your needs, you must know which Adobe Sign pricing plan is best. Below, I’ve shared an in-depth overview of the pricing plan options Adobe Sign offers.

Adobe Sign Features & Pricing Overview 

If you are looking for the ideal option for legal electronic signatures, Adobe Sign is a perfect choice. Whilst you can find other options in the market such as DocuSign and HelloSign, they are nowhere near AdobeSign when it comes to ease of use and reliability. Moreover, AdobeSign boasts several features to smoothen your workflows. 

The platform allows you to handle workflows that need multiple signatures and offers a vast range of options between electronic and digital signature types. Using the platform, you can generate branded documents and integrate them with other apps such as MS Office, SalesForce, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The Adobe Sign subscription offers a choice of two plan structures meant for single users and multi-users. 

These plan structures are also divided into three main plans. The plans differ based on the features they offer with more features fetching a higher price. However, if you choose to pay for the plan annually, the price drops substantially. Nonetheless, some plans require an annual commitment. 

Thus, this gives you the freedom to choose which plan offers the best features for your needs. Adobe Sign doesn’t offer a free plan. But, it offers a 7-day free trial although based on the Adobe sign pricing page, you can try out the full enterprise version of Adobe Sign for up to 14 days for free. 

Nevertheless, you still have to enter your financial information to access the free trial. If you change your mind, you can always deactivate the trial before the 7 or 14 day period and not get charged a dime!

Single-User Plan

As I mentioned above, the single user structure offers a choice of three plans. 

Acrobat PDF Pack With e-sign

The Acrobat PDF Pack costs about $14.99 per month and $9.99 per month if paid annually. But, this plan doesn’t offer a free trial. This plan features a basic collection of tools for esigning, converting, and combining PDFs online. But, the plan only offers online services. Furthermore, with the Acrobat PDF Pack, you will be able to sign PDFs and documents as well as send documents out to people to sign. 

Additionally, the plan allows you to receive esignature notifications and reminders, create PDFs, export to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and view, share, comment on, or track PDFs for review. On this plan, you can add e-signatures in Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Box, and Dropbox.

Acrobat Pro DC With e-sign

The Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign costs $24.99 per month and $14.99 per month if paid annually. This plan features an all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution for a single user. The plan incorporates the Acrobat Pro DC desktop software and all functionalities of the PDF Pack. 

In addition to the features offered by the Acrobat PDF Pack, the Acrobat Pro boasts additional features. Amongst these features include editing texts and images in PDFs on your desktop or mobile devices as well as protecting PDFs with passwords.

Acrobat Pro DC With Advanced e-sign

The third plan is an extended and introductory offer. The Acrobat Pro DC advanced plan costs $29.99 per month and only $19.99 per month if paid annually. The Acrobat Pro Dc boasts even more powerful features; allowing you to merge it with your business processes such as payment collection. 

The plan allows you to collect e-signatures from your websites, collect credit card or PayPal payments on forms and invoices through Braintree and add customized branding to e-sign requests. Additionally, you can add advanced recipient roles on e-sign forms and create advanced e-sign forms with file attachments, hyperlinks, and calculated fields. 

Multi-User Plan

The multi-user plan, on the other hand, caters to more than one user. 

Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign For Teams

The Acrobat Pro DC plan costs about $16 per license per month – whether you pay annually or monthly. This plan works best for a small team and features a completed PDF and e-signature solution.  With the plan, you can execute processes such as requesting e-signatures, editing PDFs, and tracking signed documents. It functions similarly to the single user Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign plan. 

Acrobat Pro DC With Advanced e-sign For Teams

Alternatively, you can opt for the advanced plan to enjoy more features. Similarly, this plan functions just like the single user advanced plan. It costs about $21.99 per month per license.

Adobe Sign For Business And Enterprise

For large businesses, you can opt for the Adobe Sign for business and enterprise levels. The complete e-signature solution offers more features such as integrations, APIs, advanced authentication, and additional admin features. Furthermore, the plan offers an extended free trial period of up to 14 days. 

Adobe Sign for business and enterprise plan offers additional advanced features such as integrations with SalesForce and ServiceNow, Microsoft Preferred Partner such as SharePoint, Dynamics, and Flow, Workflow Designer, and Advanced language support. 

Pricing Comparison Table 

PlanMinimum PriceUsersBest Feature
Single User
Acrobat PDF Pack With e-sign$9.991Offers basic tools – allowing you to esign, convert, and combine PDFs online.
Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign$14.991Complete PDF and e-signature solution– allowing simple tasks such as requesting e-signatures, editing PDFs, and tracking signed documents.
Acrobat Pro DC With Advanced e-sign $19.991All-in-one solution with the full set of Acrobat Pro DC features, powerful e-sign tools to post e-signable forms online, add file attachments, hyperlinks, and calculated fields as well collect payments. 
Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign For Teams$16.99>1Complete PDF and e-signature solution for small teams – allowing simple tasks such as requesting e-signatures, editing PDFs, and tracking signed documents.
Acrobat Pro DC With Advanced e-sign For Teams$21.99>1All-in-one solution for small teams with the full set of Acrobat Pro DC features, powerful e-sign tools to post e-signable forms online, add file attachments, hyperlinks, and calculated fields as well collect payments. 
Adobe Sign For Business And EnterpriseNegotiable>1Robust APIs, top rated integrations, Microsoft Preferred Partner, Workflow Designer, Advanced language support, and Enterprise support

Alternatives To Adobe Sign 

Adobe Sign brings numerous benefits and relatively affordable pricing. However, this doesn’t mean that it covers all features in the market. Therefore, you can find other very good quality and top rated Adobe Sign alternatives in the market. My personal recommendations are as follows;

  • PandaDoc’s Document Builder and Templates – If you want a sales-centered signature tool, PandaDoc is ideal. This platform simplifies your sales cycle as it covers you throughout the sales cycle. Furthermore, unlike AdobeSign, offers a range of templates in its library so you can use them to build a document. When you set up your document, PandaDoc offers advanced analytics to give you insights. PandaDoc also offers a free plan with unlimited electronic signatures. But, you will have to pay a little extra than you would with Adobe Sign. The tool also offers an Essentials Plan at $19 per month per user, Business Plan at $49 per month per user, and a customizable Enterprise Plan.
  • DocuSign’s Integration – DocuSign and AdobeSign work at almost the same caliber and capacity. However, DocuSign comes with the advantage of offering numerous integrations at a relatively lower price. DocuSign offers a free trial that lasts for up to 30 days. It also offers four main plans, i.e. Personal for $10 per month, Standard for $25 per month, Business Pro for $40 per month, and a customizable Advanced Solutions plan.
  • HelloSign’s Free Plan and Affordability – HelloSign offers an indefinite free plan for its customer with basic features. Furthermore, compared to AdobeSign, its pricing plan is much more affordable. The HelloSign Essential Plan costs only $15 per month whilst the Standard Plan costs $25 per month. The Premium plan is customizable based on your needs.

Cancellation and Refund Policy 

You can cancel your subscription with Adobe Sign anytime through your Adobe Account Page. If you cancel within 14 days of your order, you will not be charged a dime. However, if you do so after 14 days you will not receive a refund. To cancel your Adobe Sign subscription, follow the steps below;

  • Log into your Account Page and Click the Manage tab to see a list of your agreements out for signature
  • To cancel, choose the transaction and move the cursor to the right side of the page to click on Cancel
  • You can even send an email to the parties involved letting them know that the transaction has been canceled by picking the Notify other parties by email (you can even add a note to tell them the reason for the cancelation)
  • When done, simply click Cancel
  • You will immediately see that the transaction is removed from the Out for signature list and will appear under the Cancelled/Declined list

Conclusion – Adobe Sign Pricing

The Adobe Sign Pricing Review proves that the tool is designed for business needs. Since the platform is centered on streamlining workflows (it allows you to request sign, approve, view, and edit), it suits both small and large businesses. 

The platform offers access to numerous Microsoft solutions and other powerful tools. The only drawback is that AdobeSign doesn’t offer a free plan .furthermore, whilst it is an incredible e-signature tool, it doesn’t offer other features such as document builder or advanced analytics that your business would surely enjoy.

Which Is Better Adobe Sign or DocuSign?

AdobeSign is centered on streamlining workflows for individuals, small -, medium- and large businesses. It caters to those who want a simple esignature tool without complex integrations or analytics. DocuSign works best for large businesses that want multiple documents signed regularly. Additionally, it works best for people who want more powerful integrations and analytics.

Is AdobeSign Part Of Adobe Acrobat?

Yes, Adobe Sign is part of Adobe Acrobat.  In fact, all Acrobat DC subscriptions come with Adobe Sign to allow users to enjoy e-signature features. 

What Is The Difference Between An E-Signature And Digital Signature?

Esignature simply defines the variety of methods for signing a soft document. A digital signature, on the other hand, is a type of esignature (electronic signature) that uses a specific technical implementation to make it legally binding.

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adobe sign pricing

Adobe Sign Pricing – Actual Prices For All Plans, Enterprise Too

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Joe Benjamin

  • April 16, 2023

Are you in the market for an eSignature tool and need to see Adobe Sign pricing to help you evaluate the large category? We’ve got you covered so you know how much Adobe Sign will cost, as well as alternatives and other comparisons.

Adobe Sign pricing comes with different subscription plans. The cost of each plan differs, and subscribers have access to different features. When looking for Adobe Sign pricing plans, you need to know which one is the best for your needs.

What is Adobe Sign?

Adobe Acrobat Sign is a cloud-based digital signature tool that lets users send, sign, monitor, and manage signatures. It is part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite of services and can be accessed through a web or mobile browser. It combines simple, secure electronic signatures with the power of Adobe Acrobat to create digital document journeys that are seamless and secure. Keeping signed documents and audit trails is possible with Adobe Sign. Businesses can also comply with global laws and regulations with Adobe Sign.

What Is A Digital Signature? | Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign Pricing

Adobe Sign pricing comes with a free trial and multi-tier subscription models. Users can try out the tool before opting for paid plans.

You can go with either standard or pro plans.

Standard plans for individuals start at $12.99/mo and

Pro plans for US$19.99/mo.

In the case of teams, the Standard plans start at US$14.99/mo/license Acrobat Pro at US$23.99/mo/license.

Customized solutions are also available based on your requirement with a call to sales or you can contact us .

Adobe Sign Pricing Plans

The Adobe Sign pricing subscription includes two plans, one for single users and one for multiple users.

There are three main plan structures. Depending on the features, each plan is priced differently.

The price of the plan drops substantially if paid annually. Some plans, however, require an annual commitment.

The choice of plans allows you to select a plan that suits your needs best.

There is no free plan offered by Adobe Sign. The free trial is only good for 7 days, however, you can try out Adobe Sign’s enterprise version for up to 14 days for free.

adobe sign small business plans and pricing helpx

Adobe Sign Product Comparison

DocuSign is the main competitor and category leader. Adobe Sign is all about streamlining workflows, whether it’s for individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. This is an e-signature tool that’s suitable for those who don’t want a complex integration or analytics. On the other hand, DocuSign is most suitable for businesses that frequently sign multiple documents. Moreover, it is ideal for people looking for more sophisticated analytics and integrations. DocuSign pricing is a bit different, as they use “envelopes” as part of their pricing mechanism.

For a deep dive of product comparisons

  • DocuSign vs Adobe Sign
  • DocuSign vs PandaDoc
  • HelloSign vs DocuSign
  • DocuSign vs DotLoop

How Much Does Adobe Sign Cost?

A variety of subscription models are available for Adobe Sign but it starts at $12.99 a month and increases to $23.99 per month+.

Individuals, small businesses, businesses, and enterprises can use the e-signature tool as a standalone application. The price of these plans varies depending on the number of licenses required and can be paid monthly or annually. In addition, Adobe Sign is included with every business or enterprise plan for Adobe Document Cloud. The Adobe Document Cloud bundles Adobe Acrobat Pro DC with Adobe Admin Console and Adobe Sign.

If Adobe Sign Pricing is Too High, Check Out These Adobe Sign Alternatives?

PandaDoc is the good tool if you are looking for a sales-focused signature tool. With this platform, you can streamline your sales cycle throughout the sales process. Additionally, it has a library of templates you can use to create documents, unlike AdobeSign. You can gain insights with advanced analytics. You can also get unlimited electronic signatures with PandaDoc’s free plan. However, you will have to pay more than you would with Adobe Sign. Moreover, the tool offers a monthly Essentials Plan for $19 per user, a monthly Business Plan for $49 per user, and an enterprise plan that can be customizable.

AdobeSign and DocuSign are almost equal in quality and capacity. DocuSign, however, offers numerous integrations at a relatively low price. There is a 30-day free trial available. There are four main plans available, including $10 for Personal, $25 for Standard, $40 for Business Pro, and a customizable Advanced Solutions plan.

With its free plan, HelloSign provides customers with basic features for an indefinite period of time. Its pricing plan is also much more affordable than that of AdobeSign. It costs $15 per month for the HelloSign Essential Plan, and $25 for the Standard Plan. Customizable premium plans are available based on your needs.

Other Options

  • DocuSign Competitors
  • PandaDoc Competitors

adobe sign small business plans and pricing helpx

Joe Benjamin is the Founder of RevPilots. He has over 12 years of B2B sales and startup experience. His experience runs several categories, including SaaS, Marketplaces, and professional services. His areas of expertise include B2B sales, management, and hiring.

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adobe sign small business plans and pricing helpx

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Question about licensing terms for Adobe Sign, for Small Business


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    Send, sign, track, and file contracts quickly and securely anywhere in Salesforce, including on mobile. Seamless integration of your PDF and e-signature workflows into Google Drive saves you loads of time. Adobe and Notarize have partnered to deliver end-to-end digital workflows complete with remote online notarization.

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  14. Adobe Sign Pricing & Review: Plans, Limits, Cost

    The flagship plan at this level is Adobe Pro DC with e-sign, which runs $14.99 per month with an annual subscription. This plan allows users to format documents and send them for signature capture. Payment gateways and integrations are not available on this plan. Business plans. For small business users, Adobe Sign offers the Sign Small ...

  15. Adobe Acrobat Sign Pricing 2024

    Pricing Overview. Adobe Acrobat Sign has 3 pricing edition (s), from $14.99 to $16.99. A free trial of Adobe Acrobat Sign is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you. Acrobat Standard DC for teams.

  16. Question about licensing terms for Adobe Sign, for Small Business

    The Sign Small Business plan is best for between 1-9 users as soon as there are more - 11095549. Adobe Community ... I have a very basic question about Adobe Sign Small Business. The pricing page has this information on it: Sign Small Business E-signature solution for 1 to 9 users.

  17. Adobe Acrobat Sign Pricing Overview

    Acrobat Pro DC for teams: pricing is per license per month. Starting at $16.99. E-signatures and more powerful PDF tools to easily review, edit, and prepare your documents. Sign and collect unlimited signatures. Track and send reminders for agreements. Export, convert, and edit PDFs. Works with Windows and Mac.

  18. Adobe Sign Pricing 2021

    Acrobat Pro DC With e-sign. The Acrobat Pro DC with e-sign costs $24.99 per month and $14.99 per month if paid annually. This plan features an all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution for a single user. The plan incorporates the Acrobat Pro DC desktop software and all functionalities of the PDF Pack.

  19. Adobe Sign Small Business Plan Web Form

    The small business plan does have access to Web Forms, so you have access to the tools. However, the volume you suggest is beyond what one license will carry on a small business plan. I would recommend talking to your salesperson.

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    There are four main plans available, including $10 for Personal, $25 for Standard, $40 for Business Pro, and a customizable Advanced Solutions plan. With its free plan, HelloSign provides customers with basic features for an indefinite period of time. Its pricing plan is also much more affordable than that of AdobeSign.

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    Specify it. ""Adobe Sign for small business plan are designed for 1-9 users."". specify it that if we need 9 users then need to add new licenses. As per the above line it meant like one license is enough for 9 user. if you specify it on your website more easier for others.

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