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Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2022

Our purpose

We supply high quality drinking water and take care of our environment, for our communities now and in the future.

Daily amount of drinking water supplied

Customers served

Household properties connected

Lengths of mains network

Number of employees (excluding directors)

Number of water treatments works

Our Regulatory Capital Value (RCV)

Planned AMP7 investment

Our brand genes These are the three things we want everyone to know about Affinity Water

Stewards of the local environment

Giving customers an exceptional experience

Helping customers use water better

Second year of our 2020-25 business plan

Our current Business Plan 2020 – 2025 includes a total of 28 stretching performance commitments that will ensure we deliver our four customer outcomes.

Supplying high quality water you can trust

  • Compliance Risk Index (CRI): We scored 0.87 for the 2021 calendar year within the deadband of 2 (lower is better). This is our best performance yet and improves on our 2020 score of 1.31.
  • Customer contacts per 1,000 population for water quality: We achieved a contact rate of 0.75. Whilst this is our best performance yet and improves on our prior year score of 0.83 and the improving trend that we saw before Covid, we did not achieve the performance rate of 0.67 set for the year.

Making sure you have enough water, whilst leaving more water in the environment

  • Leakage: We reduced our leakage by 10.5% (based on three-year average from 2019/20). This did not achieve the targeted rate of an 11.1% reduction, but was a reduction of 16.6Ml/d since 2020/21.
  • Per Capita Consumption (PCC): PCC increased by 4.1% (since base year) but did not achieve the target of 4.9% reduction. However, this is a decrease of 13.6 l/p/d compared to prior year.
  • We delivered three Environment Innovation Projects in the year, aimed at educating and reducing water usage.
  • River restoration: We completed 13 projects in the year, bringing our total to 20 in the AMP period.
  • Abstraction Incentive Mechanism (AIM): We reduced abstraction by 430 ML in the year from environmentally sensitive sites when flows or levels were low.

Providing a great service that you value

  • Customer Measure of Experience (C-MeX): We have achieved 14th position out of 17 companies assessed against C-MeX. We have moved up one place on the ladder since 2020/21.
  • Developer Services Measure of Experience (D-MeX): Our D-MeX score for 2021/22 was 85.54, compared to an industry median of 85.26. We are placed 8th out of 17 companies in the industry league table, an improvement of two places on 2020/21 and continuing our improving trend over the last two years.
  • Priority Services Register: We have exceeded the target of 3.3% of our customers of the Priority Services Register (PSR). In 2021/22, 6.5% were registered (5% in 2020). During the year, we attempted to contact 90% of these customers.
  • Gap sites: We reduced the number of occupied properties not billed by 74, against a target of 50.
  • Void properties: We achieved our target of reducing our void properties in the year to 2.23%, against a target of 2.27%.
  • Vulnerable customers: Through surveys conducted, 97% of our customers in vulnerable circumstances who receive financial help said they were happy with our service, and 98% of those that receive non-financial help were satisfied. We achieved the target of 90% for both customer surveys.
  • BSI Accreditation: We retained certification for BS 18477 for Inclusive Service Provision.
  • IT resilience: We have met the target of less than 1,500 Priority 1 and Priority 2 IT incidents in the year, with 949 incidents.

Minimising disruption to you and your community

  • Mains repairs: Performance in the year was 100.2 repairs per 1,000km of mains against a target of no more than 148.6 in the year. Weather is a strong contributing factor in the number of mains repairs required in a year.
  • Interruptions to Supply (I2S): The number of minutes per property where interruptions to supply was three hours or greater was our best performance in a year – 3 minutes 43 seconds – compared to our target of 6 minutes 8 seconds.
  • Unplanned interruptions >12 hours: 477 properties were interrupted for over 12 hours, against a target of no more than 320 properties. 421 of these properties were because of a single major burst event with no options for maintaining mains water to the properties.
  • Properties at risk of receiving low pressure: We did not achieve the target of 1.51 properties affected per 10,000 connections at risk of receiving low pressure. Performance for the year was 48.20 which is an improvement on last year’s performance of 196.85.
  • Average time properties experienced low pressure: On average, properties were affected for 1.67 hours in the year, against a target of <11 hours.
  • Unplanned outage: We experienced 1.19% of unplanned outages across all our treatment works in the year, against a target of <2.34%.
  • Severe restrictions in a drought: We have not achieved the target for severe restrictions in a 1-in-200- year drought scenario, with 61.5% of population being at risk against a target of 0%.
  • Delivery of WINEP: We have delivered the requirements for the Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) in the year.

The £96.9m loss for 2021/22 is as a result of:

Operating profit

Finance costs, fair value loss on derivatives.

Finance costs have been impacted by increased inflation, as a number of our bonds are index-linked. Taxation includes an additional deferred tax charge for the increase in tax rate from 19% to 25% effective from 1 April 2023.

photo of Ian Tyler

Affinity Water and other water companies are looking beyond being a steward of the pipes and pumps in their respective regions to become custodians of the wider national infrastructure, which is critical to safeguard public supplies and the broader environment under threat by demographic and climate change.”

Ian Tyler Chairman

photo of the Stuart Ledger

Everyone has worked incredibly hard throughout the organisation and, through our collective efforts, we are becoming more of a team across the company. For that, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone, and also for the support I’ve received in moving into this role.”

Stuart Ledger Interim CEO

Our long-term strategy 25+ years

Environment, communities.

We will work with our customers and communities to restore the environment into a sustainable state where it can re-generate itself so that it can continue to provide its assets and services to support current and future generations who will enjoy its natural wealth.

End unsustainable abstraction from chalk groundwater sources

Achieve net zero carbon by 2045 (and 2030 for our operational emissions)

Deliver a net gain in Natural Capital

sdg icon

We will invest with our stakeholders to create a more resilient community able to cope with and respond to an increasingly uncertain future

Ensure a resilient supply of water for our customers

Ensure our physical assets are resilient for the long term

Ensure our people, processes, suppliers and finances remain resilient

Create a collaborative relationship with all our communities allowing us to act together with common purpose to deliver a society and environment that are mutually sustainable, based on:

Building trust and transparency

Enhancing environmental and social health to provide value to our communities

Reducing our impact in the water environment

We will develop a constructive, collaborative relationship with our customers that enables us to work together to deliver for the future.

Exceed customers’ expectations for drinking water

Personalise our services to support different needs and wants

Take care of our vulnerable customers and ensure affordability for all

The systems that Affinity Water will work within:

We will develop a constructive, collaborative relationship with our customers that enables us work together to deliver for the future

The people that Affinity Water will work with:

Our stories

Access adventure, affinity water on track to complete longest uk river restoration, education innovation, embracing innovation for sustainable future, hmwt biodiversity enhancements, journey to net zero, preparing for a more sustainable future, save our streams.

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affinity water business plan

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PR24 business plan timeline

We submit our business plan to ofwat..

We formally send our plans to Ofwat for them to review.

Second Your water, your say event - live webinar

We will share how we changed our plan to reflect the feedback we heard as part of our engagement and consultation activities.

Draft determination is published by Ofwat (date tbc)

This is when Ofwat give us an assessment about what they think about our plan and the associated bill.

Final determination by Ofwat (date tbc)

Ofwat will announce the final target for the company and the associate bill impacts for their customers.


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