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Definition of assign

 (Entry 1 of 2)

transitive verb

Definition of assign  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • intrust

ascribe , attribute , assign , impute , credit mean to lay something to the account of a person or thing.

ascribe suggests an inferring or conjecturing of cause, quality, authorship.

attribute suggests less tentativeness than ascribe , less definiteness than assign .

assign implies ascribing with certainty or after deliberation.

impute suggests ascribing something that brings discredit by way of accusation or blame.

credit implies ascribing a thing or especially an action to a person or other thing as its agent, source, or explanation.

Examples of assign in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'assign.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

Verb and Noun

Middle English, from Anglo-French assigner , from Latin assignare , from ad- + signare to mark, from signum mark, sign

13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

15th century, in the meaning defined above

Phrases Containing assign

  • pre - assign

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Kids Definition

Kids definition of assign, legal definition, legal definition of assign.

Legal Definition of assign  (Entry 2 of 2)

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Nglish: Translation of assign for Spanish Speakers

Britannica English: Translation of assign for Arabic Speakers

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to give or allocate; allot: to assign rooms at a hotel.

to give out or announce as a task: to assign homework.

to appoint, as to a post or duty: to assign one to guard duty.

to designate; name; specify: to assign a day for a meeting.

to ascribe; attribute; bring forward: to assign a cause.

Law . to transfer: to assign a contract.

Military . to place permanently on duty with a unit or under a commander.

Law . to transfer property, especially in trust or for the benefit of creditors.

Usually assigns. Law . a person to whom the property or interest of another is or may be transferred; assignee : my heirs and assigns.

Origin of assign

Synonym study for assign, other words for assign, other words from assign.

  • as·sign·er; Chiefly Law . as·sign·or [ uh -sahy- nawr , as- uh - nawr ], /ə saɪˈnɔr, ˌæs əˈnɔr/, noun
  • mis·as·sign, verb
  • non·as·signed, adjective
  • pre·as·sign, verb (used with object)
  • pre·as·signed, adjective
  • re·as·sign, verb (used with object)
  • self-as·signed, adjective
  • un·as·signed, adjective
  • well-as·signed, adjective

Words Nearby assign

  • assiduously
  • assignation
  • assigned counsel
  • assigned risk

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How to use assign in a sentence

It is designed to listen to meetings with multiple participants and will parse discussion patterns to produce informative synopses and assign post-meeting action items.

Such randomized, double-blinded controlled trials randomly assign patients to receive a drug or a placebo, and don’t reveal to participants or doctors who is getting which.

That AI could pore over an astronaut’s symptoms and then recommend medical tests, make diagnoses and assign treatments.

So I rose beyond cleaning, to working as an operational dispatcher for cabin services in the American Airlines traffic control center, assign cleaning crews to each incoming aircraft.

Ideally, the Mars spaceship would be equipped with artificial intelligence that could consider an astronaut’s symptoms, recommend medical tests, make diagnoses and assign treatments.

Now the Kremlin will assign more loyal people to rule the region, mostly military leaders.

When we assign a primitive “not me” status to another individual or social group, it can—and does—take us down a destructive path.

Other folks can debate and assign blame for “who lost Iraq.”

Renee Richardson knows she'll likely never be able to assign blame for her son's death—she's done fighting for that.

Girls are directed through several pages of this until they are asked to assign the guy a series of pre-decided adjectives.

The designs of Russia have long been proverbial; but the exercise of the new art of printing may assign them new features.

With what honest pride did John Smith, the best farmer of them all, step to the fore and assign to each man his place!

If the lessee die, his executor or administrator can assign the remainder of his term.

As the lessee may assign or sublet unless forbidden, so may the lessor part with his interest in the leased premises.

If offered any dish of which you do not wish to partake, decline it, but do not assign any reason.

British Dictionary definitions for assign

/ ( əˈsaɪn ) /

to select for and appoint to a post, etc : to assign an expert to the job

to give out or allot (a task, problem, etc) : to assign advertising to an expert

to set apart (a place, person, time, etc) for a particular function or event : to assign a day for the meeting

to attribute to a specified cause, origin, or source; ascribe : to assign a stone cross to the Vikings

to transfer (one's right, interest, or title to property) to someone else

(also intr) law (formerly) to transfer (property) to trustees so that it may be used for the benefit of creditors

military to allocate (men or materials) on a permanent basis : Compare attach (def. 6)

computing to place (a value corresponding to a variable) in a memory location

law a person to whom property is assigned; assignee

Derived forms of assign

  • assignable , adjective
  • assignability , noun
  • assignably , adverb
  • assigner , noun

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Cambridge Dictionary

  • Cambridge Dictionary +Plus

Meaning of assign in English

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assign verb [T] ( CHOOSE )

  • Every available officer will be assigned to the investigation .
  • The textbooks were assigned by the course director .
  • Part of the group were assigned to clear land mines .
  • Each trainee is assigned a mentor who will help them learn more about the job .
  • We were assigned an interpreter for the duration of our stay .
  • accommodate
  • accommodate someone with something
  • administration
  • arm someone with something
  • hand something down
  • hand something in
  • hand something out
  • hand something over
  • reassignment

You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics:

assign verb [T] ( SEND )

  • She was assigned to the Paris office .
  • All the team were assigned to Poland.
  • advertisement
  • employment agency
  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • reinstatement
  • relocation expenses
  • testimonial

assign verb [T] ( COMPUTING )

  • 3-D printing
  • adaptive learning
  • additive manufacturing
  • hexadecimal
  • hill climbing
  • home automation
  • telerobotics
  • word processing

assign verb [T] ( GIVE LEGALLY )

Phrasal verb, assign | american dictionary, assign | business english, examples of assign, translations of assign.

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assign to sentence

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How to use "assign" in a sentence?

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Assign in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Assign

to designate or set apart something for some purpose

Examples of Assign in a sentence

The store managers will assign daily duties to the seasonal employees.  🔊

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Definition of 'assign'

IPA Pronunciation Guide

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assign in American English

Assign in british english, examples of 'assign' in a sentence assign, related word partners assign, trends of assign.

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In other languages assign

  • American English : assign / əˈsaɪn /
  • Brazilian Portuguese : delegar
  • Chinese : 布置 任务
  • European Spanish : asignar
  • French : donner
  • German : zuteilen
  • Italian : assegnare
  • Japanese : 割り当てる
  • Korean : 할당하다
  • European Portuguese : delegar
  • Spanish : asignar
  • Thai : มอบหมาย

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  • assiduousness
  • assign a code
  • assign a function
  • assign a judge
  • All ENGLISH words that begin with 'A'

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  • assign blame
  • assign staff
  • assign meaning
  • assign seating
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ASSIGNED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Assigned

sentence with Assigned

Have you ever been assigned a writing task and felt unsure how to start? When a task is assigned to you, it means you have been given a specific job or responsibility to complete within a set timeframe. This could be anything from a school assignment to a work project.

Being assigned a task often requires understanding the instructions clearly, planning out what needs to be done, and then taking action to complete the task properly. It’s important to pay attention to any guidelines or requirements provided when a task is assigned to ensure you meet expectations.

Table of Contents

7 Examples Of Assigned Used In a Sentence For Kids

  • The teacher assigned everyone a different color for art class.
  • We were assigned a new book to read for our English lesson.
  • Each student was assigned a number for the class attendance.
  • The math homework assigned by the teacher was to practice counting.
  • The class was assigned the task of drawing their favorite animal.
  • The students were assigned different roles for the school play.
  • Our teacher assigned us a project to learn about different animals.

14 Sentences with Assigned Examples

  • Assigned readings are crucial to understanding the course material in college.
  • Make sure to submit your assigned essays on time.
  • It is important to attend all assigned lectures to grasp the concepts well.
  • Have you received your assigned group project topic yet?
  • Remember to prepare for the assigned quiz next week.
  • The teacher has assigned extra practice problems to help improve our understanding.
  • Did you finish the assigned lab exercises for the week?
  • It is essential to take notes during assigned seminars for better revision.
  • Make sure to review all assigned chapters before the exam.
  • The professor has assigned a research paper as part of the final assessment.
  • Don’t forget about the assigned presentation scheduled for next Monday.
  • Have you completed the assigned online module on the college portal?
  • The assigned group project requires collaboration with classmates.
  • The teacher assigned a peer review activity to provide feedback on each other’s work.

How To Use Assigned in Sentences?

To use assigned in a sentence, you need to understand its meaning first. The word assigned is commonly used to indicate that someone has been given a specific task, role, or duty.

Here is an example sentence using assigned : “The teacher assigned homework to the students to complete over the weekend.”

When using assigned in a sentence, it is important to remember that it is often followed by what has been given or designated to someone. For example, “The manager assigned the new project to the most experienced team member.”

Another important point to remember when using assigned is to ensure that the sentence structure is correct. You can place the word assigned at different points in a sentence depending on the emphasis you want to give to it. For instance, “The detective was assigned to investigate the case” puts the focus on who is given the task, while “The case was assigned to the detective to investigate” emphasizes what was given.

Overall, using assigned in a sentence is straightforward once you understand its meaning and how to structure your sentence effectively. Just remember to indicate who is being given the task and what task has been given, and you will be able to use assigned accurately in your sentences.

In conclusion, the concept of assigned sentences refers to specific tasks or responsibilities that are allocated to individuals. These sentences can range from work assignments to punishment in legal contexts, each carrying a defined purpose and outcome. The effectiveness of assigned sentences lies in their ability to streamline processes, hold individuals accountable, and facilitate clear communication of expectations.

Whether in work settings, educational institutions, or legal systems, the use of assigned sentences helps in organizing tasks, maintaining order, and ensuring fairness. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities through assigned sentences, individuals can better understand their obligations and contribute to efficient and structured environments. Overall, assigned sentences play a crucial role in enhancing productivity, accountability, and the overall functioning of various systems and organizations.

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Assignment Sentence Examples

Ikir sent me on assignment to spy on him.

Darian hoped his excitement at the assignment didn't show.

For reasons he couldn't explain, Tim's assignment irritated him.

True to my assignment , I recorded movements and time until Quinn's voice from below broke the silence.

The Ecclesiastical Commissioners Act 1840, § 42, provides that no spiritual person may sell or assign any patronage or presentation belonging to him by virtue of any dignity or spiritual office held by him; such sale or assignment is null and void.

Where I took on this assignment , hoping you'd retain the part of you that makes you human?

The principal mode of voluntary alteration is an assignment either by the tenant of his term or by the landlord of his reversion.

Tenant right is assignable, and will pass under an assignment of "all the estate and interest" of the outgoing tenant in the farm.

The assignment system was eventually abandoned in consequence of its moral and economic evils, but it cannot be denied that while it lasted the colony made substantial progress.

Dean located Sackler, who was less than pleased at getting a Saturday assignment of questionable worth.

But there is no difficulty in supposing that each division of the Levitical musicians had its own traditional music, certain instruments being peculiar to the one and certain to the other, in which case the assignment of a psalm to the Asaphites or Korahites will merely denote the sort of music to which it is set.

Many facts combine to preclude the assignment of an earlier date to the compilation of the law.

Diseases and distrubances of the ordinary functions of the organs were attributed to the influence of planets or explained as due to conditions observed in a constellation or in the position of a star; and an interesting survival of this bond between astrology and medicine is to be seen in the use up to the present time of the sign of Jupiter 4., which still heads medicinal prescriptions, while, on the other hand, the influence of planetary lore appears in the assignment of the days of the week to the planets, beginning with Sunday, assigned to the sun, and ending with Saturday, the day of Saturn.

But the assignment of these various meanings to the factor does not yield results which accord with the historic facts.

The last of these attempts resulted in the " Dorian conquest " of the "Achaeans " and " Ionians " of Peloponnese, and in the assignment of Argolis, Laconia and Messenia to the Heracleid leaders, Temenus, Aristodemus and Cresphontes respectively; of Elis to their Aetolian allies; and of the north coast to the remnants of the conquered Achaeans.

It has its council of notables, forming a sort of oligarchy which, through the medium of a mayor and two subordinates, directs the interior affairs of the community - policing, recruiting, the assignment and collection of taxes, &c. - and has judicial power in less important suits and crimes.

The king's acceptance of two bribes - one of $75,000 and another of $80,000 for the assignment of an opium licence - precipitated the revolution of 1887.

Enjoying your new assignment ?

She didn't know what to think about Jonny's assignment or his insistence Darian would destroy one world.

The first named were charged with the duty of revising and duly executing the decisions of the divan respecting the assignment of lands to warriors and the apportioning of conquered territories.

Students complete a coursework assignment for each module studied.

No orders were given for the evacuation of Slovakia; in Transylvania an impossible shaped line was drawn, such as left Cluj (Kolozsvar) and many pure Rumanian districts in Magyar hands; while the Rumanians were incensed by the assignment of Temesvar (Temisoara) and the whole Banat to Serbia.

With the assignment of the city to Prussia by the congress of Vienna in 1815 a new era of prosperity began.

She completed the assignment in a surreptitious, secret manner.

You can undertake each assignment at your own speed.

David and Cynthia Dean had experienced little success in trying to secure a more formal arrangement for long term custody of Martha, managing only undocumented assignment as temporary foster parents.

It's a pool car—random assignment .

Her body felt like it had before her assignment to the Black God.

If the lands assigned are situated in Middlesex or Yorkshire, the assignment should be registered under the Middlesex Registry or Yorkshire Registries Acts, as the case may be; and similar provision is now made for the registration by an assignee of his title under the Land Transfer Acts 1875 and 1897.

The natural corollary to this is the assignment of special advisory duties to a responsible chief of staff.

The purpose behind this assignment is to test your cognitive skills.

Jess was very articulate with her presentation, giving her a good grade on the assignment .

He appointed the traveller to be kazi of Delhi, with a present of 12,000 silver dinars (rupees), and an annual salary of the same amount, besides an assignment of village lands.

I was merely on assignment , hoping to find out what an Indian ashram would be like.

Based on material borrowed from the Sachsische Weltchronik (formerly called Repgowische Chronik from its dubious assignment to Eime von Repgow), the oldest prose chronicle of the world in German (c. 1248 or 1260).

Any dispute regarding the assignment of student IPR will be referred in the first instance to the Student IP Committee.

Let me now turn to my primary assignment , the identification of the success factors.

Professional attire is required on every assignment .

We encourage our students to block out time to complete weekly assignment , review notes and take practice exams.

In any case, you may have guessed, but yes, we're in Roswell's own Area 51 for this assignment , because wah-nah-nah something has gone terribly wrong.

Assignment Proof has both a free and paid version.

He is so happy to have finished his assignment that he’s ready to move on to something else, assuming that the client will have an editor to catch any errors.

Some people take the assignment of first and second place in your list as an offense if not chosen.

Star Fleet personal wore colored jumpsuits, signifying their area of assignment , with their communicator badge, known as commbadge, on the left side of their chest.

The overshirt is in a quilted pattern with a wide collar in a color that denotes the crew member's area of assignment .

In the movies and television episodes that took place between the original series and the film Star Trek, the colors had remained the same but the assignment positions had changed several times.

The individual assignment logos were removed from the new uniforms.

Random assignment to double-blind crossover between THC and placebo (five days) with two day washout.

Assignment The Purchaser shall not assign or transfer or purport to assign or transfer the Contract or the benefit thereof to any other person.

The assignment of the 40 experimental texts to the four conditions was randomized for each subject.

Assignment statements are normally placed outside the scope of section definition directives.

Theater seating Edward Davenport 1R Cricket Scoreboard Assignment The School no longer has a cricket scoreboard.

The assignment of the copyright will not affect subsisting patent rights or arrangements relating to them.

A notice to determine a periodic tenancy is not in my view equivalent to the assignment or surrender of that tenancy.

Assignment is the term given to the outright transfer of ownership of IPR from one person or party to another.

Copyright is transmissible by assignment , by testamentary disposition or by operation of law, as personal or movable property.

City on Fire explores the internal ethical struggle for an undercover policeman who gets too close to his assignment .

Tom's teacher asked him to redo the assignment because he didn't follow the instructions.

The teacher requested that each student read a couplet from their poetry writing assignment .

I wasn't sure what to do as the instructions for our final assignment were not made explicit.

There are sponsoring organizations throughout the country which handle the actual assignment and coordination of placing a participant with a host family.

If this is the case, chances are it will look almost like a high school geometry assignment with grids, lines, dots and angles.

After completion of an assignment , an extensive evaluation is completed and submitted to Amusement Advantage within 24 hours of your visit.

You are paid on assignment basis and are reimbursed for expenses.

Ask them to send proof of assignment from the original creditor if applicable.

Alternatively, make sure they have bought the debt through assignment .

It should also incorporate a structure that fosters individual learning, and it may even include group critiques or an overarching assignment such as a story or novel.

An interesting online site, Digital Photography School offers tips via an RSS feed, online tutorials and even a weekly photo assignment .

Next, send the link to newspaper editors, TV news assignment editors or magazine editors and ask them to consider you for future freelance opportunities.

After completing the week's assignment , you'll have the opportunity to receive a personal critique from the instructor.

These games can be a way to relax and unwind while you're taking a break from a project or assignment .

But the pressure to do well may force some teens to cheat on an exam or homework assignment if they feel they may fail.

This will hopefully enable you to understand and complete the assignment .

Some state hotlines will ask you for the name of your school, which can help them find the correlating assignment or curriculum.

Have small bottles attached to place cards or table assignment cards, so you can control that only adults have the wine; use grape juice or sparkling water for children's place settings.

Instead, each institution is likely to have a unique assignment .

If you turn in a plagiarized assignment , at the very least, you will fail the assignment .

If you need assistance with a particular assignment , where do you go for help?

A group of students can also utilize Blackboard to communicate details and share ideas about a class project or assignment .

Students may be required to participate in team coaching assignment "labs" in order to achieve certification.

Every assignment will require the student to focus on simulated issues in real world contexts.

Write down assignment due dates, event reminders, and any other notes that you think you're likely to forget.

When a passenger chooses a guarantee cabin assignment , they are assured of getting at least the lowest class of cabin in that specific category.

Passengers who opt for a guarantee cabin but aren't satisfied with their assignment have very few options to correct it because most ships are fully booked when they set sail.

If empty cabins are available, passengers may be able to speak with the purser at the ship's information desk to request a different assignment , though additional fees may apply.

To help avoid problem assignments, passengers may make requests when they choose a guarantee assignment , but the cruise line is not obligated to honor those requests.

When the ship docks at a port of call, you too have time to explore it; and with each new assignment , a new destination awaits.

Generally, a subcontractor will have their own tools and will purchase any required supplies as part of a particular assignment .

From this point following the completion of your training and another cutscene, you will ship out and begin your assignment as a station unit on Pearl Harbor.

Assignment of tasks is an assessment method involving the performance of a specific task or function.

Parents can also go in and reset lessons at any time to prompt a student to retake that assignment .

This homeschool planner ncludes are menu plans, homemaking helps, calendars and standard assignment pages.

If you're going to Sweden on an assignment of less than three months in duration, your entry visa and your work permit will be sufficient.

If someone is interested in talking to you about an assignment , try to arrange a time when you can talk in person.

After you find and accept an assignment , it's off to the housing manager to find you a comfortable place to stay that is close to where you will be working.

Quality services coordinators help with any licensing that may be needed if you have any licenses that you need to get or that might expire while you working on your assignment .

Once you take an assignment , you'll talk to the housing department to find a place to live, set up utilities, and arrange delivery of any furniture and clothing and necessities you'll bring with you.

American Mobile ensures that you have a stress-free experience from home to the traveling nursing assignment by taking care of all the little things that make relocating difficult.

If you do not process the assignment of ownership on donation documents to the charity, you could be held responsible for parking tickets or damage.

Read all documents and fill in the assignment of ownership space on these documents at the time of donation.

There's often little that the armed services member can do if an assignment changes.

Then you can ask her if she has read the assignment or something else regarding the assignment or related to a project for class.

On the other hand, if you are really confident you could ask her for her number so that you could call her later and talk about the assignment .

It is easier to plan your schedule when you know where your next assignment is coming from.

Complete every assignment to the best of your ability, even if the pay isn't the greatest.

As a freelance journalist you'll have to pitch your idea to receive an assignment .

For this reason, it can be a real blow to the ego when you're rejected for an important assignment or an editor sends back an article with multiple revision requests.

It kind of ticked me off—like I was an assignment he had to take care of, and our going out wasn't a social thing.

The acceptance by the powers of the Murzsteg programme and the appointment of Austrian and Russian financial agents in Macedonia was an advantage for Austria and a set-back for Italy; hut the latter scored a success in the appointment of General de Giorgis as commander of the international Macedonian gendarmerie; she also obtained, with the support of Great Britain, France and Russia, the assignment of the partly Albanian district of Monastir to the Italian officers of that corps.

The assignment of genii to buildings and gates is connected with an important class of sacrifices; in order to provide a tutelary spirit, or to appease chthonic deities, it was often the custom to sacrifice a human being or an animal at the foundation of a building; sometimes we find a similar guardian provided for the frontier of a country or of a tribe.

The landlord must not part with the whole of his interest, since, if he does so, the instrument is not a lease but an assignment .

Another form of alteration in a contract of tenancy is an under-lease, which differs from assignment in this - that the lessor parts with a portion of his estate instead of, as in assignment , with the whole of it.

In the grand advance of Halleck's armies which followed Shiloh, Grant was relieved of all important duties by his assignment as second in command of the whole force, and was thought by the army at large to 'be in disgrace.

Pompey was satisfied by the ratification of his acts in Asia, and by the assignment of the Campanian state domains to his veterans, the capitalists (with whose interests Crassus was identified) had their bargain for the farming of the Asiatic revenues cancelled, Ptolemy Auletes received the confirmation of his title to the throne of Egypt (for a consideration amounting to i,50o,000), and a fresh act was passed for preventing extortion by provincial governors.

The duties of churchwardens comprise the provision of necessaries for divine service, so far as the church funds or voluntary subscriptions permit, the collecting the offertory of the congregation, the keeping of order during the divine service, and the giving of offenders into custody; the assignment of seats to parishioners; the guardianship of the movable goods of the church; the preservation and repair of the church and churchyard, the fabric and the fixtures; and the presentment of offences against ecclesiastical law.

Picrochole defeated and peace made, Gargantua establishes the abbey of Thelema in another of Rabelais's most elaborate literary passages, where all the points most obnoxious to him in monastic life are indicated by the assignment of their exact opposites to this model convent.

In all this Lyon had co-operated closely with Francis P. Blair, Jr., who now obtained from President Lincoln the definitive removal of Harney and the assignment of Lyon to command the Department of the West, with the rank of brigadiergeneral.

The Miocene flora, which succeeds to that just described, is well represented in Europe; but till recently there has been an unfortunate tendency to refer Tertiary floras of all dates to the Miocene period, unless the geological position of the strata was so clear as obviously to forbid this assignment .

Damian looked at him, touching his thoughts long enough to realize Rainy had volunteered to take on the bodyguard assignment to the beautiful woman in his thoughts.

The chore of driving the sleigh took little concentration, as Daisy was far more adept at her assignment than the driver.

It's a pool car—random assignment .

It kind of ticked me off—like I was an assignment he had to take care of, and our going out wasn't a social thing.

Theoretical assessment - At the end of the course each student submits a written assignment which examines a relevant aspect of nursing practice.

If permission to resubmit is granted, the resubmitted assignment will receive no higher than an Ordinary pass grade.

At the end of each module there is a written assignment of 2500 words to complete.

Home Office Minister Beverley Hughes told Assignment the government was working closely with the police and has arrested dozens of traffickers.

There are six options including erasure, renaming, and assignment of extension components.

One tutor graded every homework assignment and counted homework as 30 percent of a student's final grade.

They will charge you a straight £ 3,000 to access and match your interim assignment against its library of senior interims.

This definition yielded a conservative assignment as several protein with distinct lobes (e.g. hen lysozyme and subtilisin) were classed as single-domain proteins.

Midi controller 1. The assignment is done moving the sliders of the plugin with the mouse.

Create variables, use variables in assignment statements and write code to carry out simple arithmetic operations.

This problem is overcome by overloading the assignment operator.

New leases are likely also to contain conditions precedent that must be met prior to assignment .

Prior to the assignment , the assignee has neither privity of estate nor privity of estate nor privity of contract with the Landlord.

The standard binding for an assignment is a colored assignment folder which holds the work together with metal prongs or a spiral binding.

The faster a data recovery service gets the assignment , the better your chances of getting back in business quickly.

Theater seating Edward Davenport 1R cricket scoreboard Assignment The School no longer has a cricket scoreboard.

An assignment which creates the relationship of landlord and tenant between the lessor or lessee and the assignee, must be by deed, but the acceptance by a landlord of rent from a tenant under an invalid assignment may create an implied tenancy from year to year; and similarly payment of rent by a tenant may amount to an acknowledgment of his landlord's title.

You can break the ice with an instant message about the night's homework assignment or a comment on someone's Facebook.

Whatever subject area or assignment you're struggling with, the individual assistance you get from contacting a hotline can make a huge difference.

A hotline expert will never complete the homework assignment or just give you answers to the questions or problems, but they will provide help and explanations that may assist you in understanding the concepts.

The company has a team of specialists that assist work with applicants and employees from the initial application to the last day on an assignment .

Assignment Proof is a program that allows you to scan documents and figure out who's using parts of your work elsewhere, including the use of subtle grammatical patterns that may be unique to you.

For example, if you have an interest in photography, you may find an assignment asking for an explanation of the differences between digital and film lens focal lengths.

The animals were to race across a river, and the order of assignment would be based on the order of the animals reaching the opposite riverbank.

When it comes to elementary school science projects, kids have a number of ways to approach the assignment .

The option you choose will depend on the child's preference and the directions given for the assignment .

Part of the assignment may be to express the main points in the research paper in the form of a poster.

Web page or Powerpoint presentation to complete the visual component of the assignment .

For example, if a depressed child makes a mistake on an assignment at school, he may think that there is no point in trying to do his best, since he will mess that up, too.

Of course, refusing to assist a client or telling your boss you won't take an assignment would not be a good idea.

The opening paragraph should contain the purpose of the memo, the context and assignment .

Then they can go back to the challenging assignment and spend another block of time on it.

Military members who are at remote locations or who are on special assignment (such as recruiters) can use TriCare Remote to receive benefits similar to TriCare Prime at no extra cost.

She attended California State University, and it was a marketing assignment that launched her modeling career.

For this assignment , she created greeting cards with her own image on the front, dressed in skimpy lingerie.

So with coaching from Al, Sam does his best, eventually completes the assignment , and is then immediately leaped into a new life and a new predicament.

When a Watcher has completed this stage, he makes his own knives and is considered a full Watcher, capable of being sent "on assignment ."

The most common assignment is, of course, watching over a Lightbringer until a member of Circle Lightfall can make contact and bring the Lightbringer in safely, with a minimum of trauma.

They're looking for ways to connect online, whether it's to talk about an assignment or to invite each other to a frat party.

In the film, Kaplan chose to return to the original colors and assignment areas used in the television show.

Thirdly, those members of a group which, whilst exhibiting undoubted structural characters indicative of their proper assignment to that group, yet are simpler than and inferior in elaboration of their organization to other members of the group, are not necessarily representatives of the earlier and primitive phases in the development of the group - but are very often examples of retrogressive change or degeneration.

After the establishment of responsible government the main questions at issue were the secular as opposed to the religious system of public instruction, protection as opposed to a revenue tariff, vote by ballot, adult suffrage, abolition of transportation and assignment of convicts, and free selection of lands before survey; these, and indeed all.

In this stage of belief, therefore, the liver is the'seat of all emotions and affections, as well as of intellectual functions, and it is only when with advancing anatomical knowledge the functions of the heart and then of the brain come to be recognized that a differentiation of functions takes place which had its outcome in the assignment of intellectual activity to the brain or head, of the higher emotions and affections (as love and courage) to the heart, while the liver was degraded to the rank of being regarded as the seat of the lower emotions and affections, such as jealousy, moroseness and the like.

At English common law debts and other choses in action were not assignable (see CHOSE), but by the Judicature Act 1873 any absolute assignment of any debt or other legal chose in action, of which express notice in writing is given to the debtor, trustee or other person from whom the assignor would have been entitled to receive or claim such debt, is effectual in law.

It seems a fair inference that the makers of these were Greeks, and that they probably represent the early Milesian colony, settled here in the time of Psammetichus I., before the official assignment of the site by Amasis to the Greek colonists of various cities.

If you have a local or state homework help line, it's usually to your benefit to contact that line rather than a national one, as they may be able to access the specific assignment you're having trouble with.

A detailed list of Arlington National Cemetery burial rites including costs, headstone information, military honors, and assignment of gravesites can be found under Funeral Information on the Arlington National Cemetery website.

One common area of confusion among new freelance writers is whether or not it's acceptable to submit the same query letter to several different publications in hopes of increasing your odds of landing an assignment .

Even a failed project can turn into a positive learning experience if the child has learned something s/he did not know before completing the assignment .

If you are a teenager doing a school project that requires you to have song lyrics, then the Internet can help you find the correct lyrics for your assignment .

The legal relationship of landlord and tenant is constituted by a lease, or an agreement for a lease, by assignment , by attornment and by estoppel.

Where the agreement provides for the insertion in the lease of " proper " covenants, such covenants only are pointed at as are calculated to secure the full effect of the contract, and a covenant against assignment or under-letting would not ordinarily be included.

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When a baby is born, their biological sex (male or female) is assigned to them based on their physical attributes. But gender is more than one’s sex. Traditionally, gender includes socially constructed roles and behaviors typically associated with males and females. One’s gender may match their biological sex, but it may differ — or their gender may not align to either sex at all.

In elementary school, students are often not required to write in the same way as in middle school. Written assignments are few and far between, and they are generally not complicated. Often in middle school, students are introduced to their first lengthy paper, and they may feel overwhelmed as a result.

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What’s at stake in Trump’s hush-money criminal case? Judge to rule on key issues as trial date nears

FILE - This artist sketch depicts former President Donald Trump, far left, pleading not guilty as the Clerk of the Court reads the charges and asks him "How do you plea?" Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in a Manhattan courtroom in New York, as his attorney Joseph Tacopina, center, watches. Trump is expected in court Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024, for an important hearing in his New York hush-money criminal case, which now appears increasingly likely to go to trial next month. Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is expected to rule on key pretrial issues and say for certain if the former president's trial will begin as scheduled on March 25. (Elizabeth Williams via AP, File)

FILE - This artist sketch depicts former President Donald Trump, far left, pleading not guilty as the Clerk of the Court reads the charges and asks him “How do you plea?” Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in a Manhattan courtroom in New York, as his attorney Joseph Tacopina, center, watches. Trump is expected in court Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024, for an important hearing in his New York hush-money criminal case, which now appears increasingly likely to go to trial next month. Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is expected to rule on key pretrial issues and say for certain if the former president’s trial will begin as scheduled on March 25. (Elizabeth Williams via AP, File)

  • Copy Link copied

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump is expected in court Thursday for an important hearing in his New York hush-money criminal case , which now appears increasingly likely to go to trial next month.

Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is set to rule on key pretrial issues and say for certain if the trial will begin as scheduled on March 25. If that happens, the New York case will be the first of Trump’s four criminal indictments to go to trial.

Trump’s lawyers have asked Merchan to dismiss the case entirely . The judge’s recent activities suggest that’s unlikely to happen. In recent weeks, court records show, Merchan has been communicating with defense lawyers and Manhattan prosecutors to plan jury selection for a March trial.

A delay might cause conflicts in Trump’s crowded legal calendar .

The East team, lead by captain Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, right, hoists the trophy after defeating the West 211-186 in the NBA All-Star basketball game in Indianapolis, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Trump, the Republican front-runner in his quest to return to the White House, has not been in court for the New York case since his arraignment last April , though he did appear by video for a hearing in May where the judge warned him against posting evidence to social media or using it to attack witnesses.

Here’s a refresher on where the case stands.


Trump’s New York case involves an alleged scheme to prevent potentially damaging stories about his personal life from becoming public during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Trump last year with falsifying internal records kept by his company, the Trump Organization , to hide the true nature of payments made to his then-lawyer Michael Cohen, for helping bury stories alleging Trump had extramarital sexual encounters.

The case centers on payoffs to two women, porn actor Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal , as well as to a Trump Tower doorman who claimed to have a story about Trump having a child out of wedlock. Trump says he didn’t have any of the alleged sexual encounters.

Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 and arranged for the publisher of the National Enquirer supermarket tabloid to pay McDougal $150,000 in a practice known as “catch-and-kill.”

The Trump Organization then reimbursed Cohen at an amount far more than what he’d spent, prosecutors said. The company logged the payments — delivered in monthly installments and a year-end bonus check — as legal expenses, prosecutors said. Over several months, Cohen said he got $420,000.

The records at issue include general ledger entries, invoices and checks that prosecutors say were falsified.


Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records . The charge is a Class E felony in New York, the lowest tier of felony charges in the state. It is punishable by up to four years in prison, though there is no guarantee that a conviction would result in jail time.

Because it is a state case, Trump would not be able to pardon himself if he were to become president again. Presidential pardons only apply to federal crimes.

To convict Trump of a felony, prosecutors must show he not only falsified or caused business records to be entered falsely, which would be a misdemeanor, but that he did so to conceal another crime .

Prosecutors did not specify the other crime in Trump’s indictment, but have since said that evidence shows his actions were meant to conceal campaign finance crimes.

The payments to Daniels and McDougal violated federal restrictions on corporate and individual campaign contributions, prosecutors said, and were meant to “conceal damaging information from the voting public.”

Prosecutors also said that characterizing the payments to Cohen as income rather than a reimbursement amounted to a tax crime, even if it didn’t result in the government getting cheated out of taxes.

Cohen pleaded guilty to a campaign finance crime for his role in the alleged hush-money scheme . The publisher of the National Enquirer signed a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors, who considered the payment to McDougal an illegal corporate contribution to Trump’s campaign.


Trump has denied any wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty. He has repeatedly assailed the hush-money investigation and indictment as “political persecution.” His lawyers argue the payments to Cohen were legitimate legal expenses and not part of any cover-up.

In their request to have the case thrown out , which Merchan is to decide at Thursday’s hearing, Trump’s lawyers accused Bragg, a Democrat, of reviving a so-called “zombie case” to interfere with the Republican front-runner’s chances of retaking the White House.

Bragg’s predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr., declined to pursue a case on the same allegations .

“After a five-year meandering, halting, and roving investigation that entailed inexplicable and unconstitutional delay, the District Attorney’s Office filed a discombobulated package of politically motivated charges marred by legal defects,” Trump lawyers Todd Blanche and Susan Necheles argued in their 57-page motion to dismiss the case.


The New York indictment , filed on March 30, 2023, made Trump the first former U.S. president ever to face criminal charges. Trump was subsequently indicted in Georgia and Washington, D.C. on charges that he plotted to overturn his 2020 election loss, and in Florida for hoarding classified documents.

Despite the sting to Trump’s reputation and the spectacle of his historic arraignment last April, the New York case is arguably the least perilous of Trump’s four indictments . While a guilty verdict would give him another historic moniker as the first ex-president convicted of a crime, it’s unlikely Trump would be sentenced to significant prison time.

New York court records and newspaper archives show defendants convicted of felony falsifying business records are seldom sentenced to prison for that offense alone. Often, the charge is coupled with more serious felonies like grand larceny.

In contrast, the most serious charges in Trump’s Washington, D.C. and Georgia election cases carry maximum 20-year sentences. Each of the more than 30 willful retention counts in his Florida classified documents case carries a maximum 10-year sentence.


Merchan is slated to rule on various requests from Trump’s lawyers and prosecutors, including the defense’s motion to dismiss the case entirely .

If Merchan were to grant the motion, the charges would be dropped and there would be no trial. If he denies it, Trump’s lawyers have asked for hearings to explore Constitutional and procedural issues they say “provide alternative basis” for throwing out the charges.

Those issues include claims that Trump was a target of selective prosecution, that the yearslong delay in bringing charges violated his legal rights, and that purported leaks of information about the grand jury investigation created ”political pressure on the prosecutors and grand jurors to indict him.”

Prosecutors, in their reply to the defense’s motion , said the evidence “more than supports” the charges. They contend that Trump is seeking special treatment and attempting to “evade criminal responsibility” because he’s a current presidential candidate.

Prosecutors have accused Trump’s lawyers of ignoring deadlines to turn over evidence and engaging in potential witness intimidation by sending Cohen a subpoena in October that sought a wide array of documents.


Two big developments: Trump’s lawyers asked Merchan to step aside from the case and they tried to get it moved from state court to federal court . Both failed.

In August, Merchan rejected Trump’s demand that he recuse himself , denying defense claims that he’s biased because he’s given cash to Democrats and his daughter is a Democratic political consultant. The judge did acknowledge making several small donations to Democratic causes during the 2020 campaign, including $15 to Trump’s rival Joe Biden. But, he said he is certain of his “ability to be fair and impartial.”

In July, a federal judge rejected Trump’s bid to move the case to federal court. Trump’s lawyers had argued that he couldn’t be tried in state court because the alleged conduct occurred while he was president. U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ruled that the hush-money case involved a personal matter, not official presidential duties.

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Definition of assign verb from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

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assign to sentence

This is not a question about MS Word or any text editing application, just in general. But if there are ways to customize MS Word or other apps, it would be nice to know how to do it :)

  • keyboard-shortcuts

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  • 2 Look at the top answer for this question: superuser.com/questions/29254/automate-gui-tasks –  Oliver Salzburg Feb 17, 2012 at 22:44

As Oliver implied, you can use AutoHotkey . Creating keyboard shortcuts and sending keystrokes are of the most basic functions of AHK. So, assigning Ctrl + P to photos is as simple as:

Which translates to:

If P is pressed while Ctrl is down, simulate the following keystrokes: p , h , o , t , o , and s .

Note that you can send uppercase letters without explicitly sending a preceding Shift key:

is equivalent to

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assign to sentence

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Assigned in a sentence

assign to sentence

  • 某某   2016-01-13 联网相关的政策
  • disability  (185+7)
  • conventional  (212+8)
  • advise  (241+28)
  • quietly  (235+14)
  • approval  (243+22)
  • origin  (224+22)
  • specialist  (171+16)
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assign to sentence

Create a form in Word that users can complete or print

In Word, you can create a form that others can fill out and save or print.  To do this, you will start with baseline content in a document, potentially via a form template.  Then you can add content controls for elements such as check boxes, text boxes, date pickers, and drop-down lists. Optionally, these content controls can be linked to database information.  Following are the recommended action steps in sequence.  

Show the Developer tab

In Word, be sure you have the Developer tab displayed in the ribbon.  (See how here:  Show the developer tab .)

Open a template or a blank document on which to base the form

You can start with a template or just start from scratch with a blank document.

Start with a form template

Go to File > New .

In the  Search for online templates  field, type  Forms or the kind of form you want. Then press Enter .

In the displayed results, right-click any item, then select  Create. 

Start with a blank document 

Select Blank document .

Add content to the form

Go to the  Developer  tab Controls section where you can choose controls to add to your document or form. Hover over any icon therein to see what control type it represents. The various control types are described below. You can set properties on a control once it has been inserted.

To delete a content control, right-click it, then select Remove content control  in the pop-up menu. 

Note:  You can print a form that was created via content controls. However, the boxes around the content controls will not print.

Insert a text control

The rich text content control enables users to format text (e.g., bold, italic) and type multiple paragraphs. To limit these capabilities, use the plain text content control . 

Click or tap where you want to insert the control.

Rich text control button

To learn about setting specific properties on these controls, see Set or change properties for content controls .

Insert a picture control

A picture control is most often used for templates, but you can also add a picture control to a form.

Picture control button

Insert a building block control

Use a building block control  when you want users to choose a specific block of text. These are helpful when you need to add different boilerplate text depending on the document's specific purpose. You can create rich text content controls for each version of the boilerplate text, and then use a building block control as the container for the rich text content controls.

building block gallery control

Select Developer and content controls for the building block.

Developer tab showing content controls

Insert a combo box or a drop-down list

In a combo box, users can select from a list of choices that you provide or they can type in their own information. In a drop-down list, users can only select from the list of choices.

combo box button

Select the content control, and then select Properties .

To create a list of choices, select Add under Drop-Down List Properties .

Type a choice in Display Name , such as Yes , No , or Maybe .

Repeat this step until all of the choices are in the drop-down list.

Fill in any other properties that you want.

Note:  If you select the Contents cannot be edited check box, users won’t be able to click a choice.

Insert a date picker

Click or tap where you want to insert the date picker control.

Date picker button

Insert a check box

Click or tap where you want to insert the check box control.

Check box button

Use the legacy form controls

Legacy form controls are for compatibility with older versions of Word and consist of legacy form and Active X controls.

Click or tap where you want to insert a legacy control.

Legacy control button

Select the Legacy Form control or Active X Control that you want to include.

Set or change properties for content controls

Each content control has properties that you can set or change. For example, the Date Picker control offers options for the format you want to use to display the date.

Select the content control that you want to change.

Go to Developer > Properties .

Controls Properties  button

Change the properties that you want.

Add protection to a form

If you want to limit how much others can edit or format a form, use the Restrict Editing command:

Open the form that you want to lock or protect.

Select Developer > Restrict Editing .

Restrict editing button

After selecting restrictions, select Yes, Start Enforcing Protection .

Restrict editing panel

Advanced Tip:

If you want to protect only parts of the document, separate the document into sections and only protect the sections you want.

To do this, choose Select Sections in the Restrict Editing panel. For more info on sections, see Insert a section break .

Sections selector on Resrict sections panel

If the developer tab isn't displayed in the ribbon, see Show the Developer tab .

Open a template or use a blank document

To create a form in Word that others can fill out, start with a template or document and add content controls. Content controls include things like check boxes, text boxes, and drop-down lists. If you’re familiar with databases, these content controls can even be linked to data.

Go to File > New from Template .

New from template option

In Search, type form .

Double-click the template you want to use.

Select File > Save As , and pick a location to save the form.

In Save As , type a file name and then select Save .

Start with a blank document

Go to File > New Document .

New document option

Go to File > Save As .

Go to Developer , and then choose the controls that you want to add to the document or form. To remove a content control, select the control and press Delete. You can set Options on controls once inserted. From Options, you can add entry and exit macros to run when users interact with the controls, as well as list items for combo boxes, .

Adding content controls to your form

In the document, click or tap where you want to add a content control.

On Developer , select Text Box , Check Box , or Combo Box .

Developer tab with content controls

To set specific properties for the control, select Options , and set .

Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each control that you want to add.

Set options

Options let you set common settings, as well as control specific settings. Select a control and then select Options to set up or make changes.

Set common properties.

Select Macro to Run on lets you choose a recorded or custom macro to run on Entry or Exit from the field.

Bookmark Set a unique name or bookmark for each control.

Calculate on exit This forces Word to run or refresh any calculations, such as total price when the user exits the field.

Add Help Text Give hints or instructions for each field.

OK Saves settings and exits the panel.

Cancel Forgets changes and exits the panel.

Set specific properties for a Text box

Type Select form Regular text, Number, Date, Current Date, Current Time, or Calculation.

Default text sets optional instructional text that's displayed in the text box before the user types in the field. Set Text box enabled to allow the user to enter text into the field.

Maximum length sets the length of text that a user can enter. The default is Unlimited .

Text format can set whether text automatically formats to Uppercase , Lowercase , First capital, or Title case .

Text box enabled Lets the user enter text into a field. If there is default text, user text replaces it.

Set specific properties for a Check box .

Default Value Choose between Not checked or checked as default.

Checkbox size Set a size Exactly or Auto to change size as needed.

Check box enabled Lets the user check or clear the text box.

Set specific properties for a Combo box

Drop-down item Type in strings for the list box items. Press + or Enter to add an item to the list.

Items in drop-down list Shows your current list. Select an item and use the up or down arrows to change the order, Press - to remove a selected item.

Drop-down enabled Lets the user open the combo box and make selections.

Protect the form

Go to Developer > Protect Form .

Protect form button on the Developer tab

Note:  To unprotect the form and continue editing, select Protect Form again.

Save and close the form.

Test the form (optional)

If you want, you can test the form before you distribute it.

Protect the form.

Reopen the form, fill it out as the user would, and then save a copy.

Creating fillable forms isn’t available in Word for the web.

You can create the form with the desktop version of Word with the instructions in Create a fillable form .

When you save the document and reopen it in Word for the web, you’ll see the changes you made.


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  1. ASSIGN in a sentence

    Examples of ASSIGN in a sentence, how to use it. 23 examples: Works that were centrally planned and assigned, moreover, had a better chance…

  2. Examples of "Assign" in a Sentence

    Assign Sentence Examples assign We'll assign her a Guardian and bring her in. 177 85 Let's assign responsibilities and not second guess results. 103 61 To this age alone can we probably assign Isa. 89 58 Betsy suggested we each assign our new identities without telling each other except our spouses. 118 92

  3. Assign Definition & Meaning

    1 : to transfer (property) to another especially in trust or for the benefit of creditors 2 a : to appoint to a post or duty assigned them to light duty assigned me two clerks b : to appoint as a duty or task assigns 20 pages for homework 3 : to fix or specify in correspondence or relationship : select, designate assign counsel to the defendant

  4. How To Use "Assign" In A Sentence: Exploring The Term

    So, how exactly should one use "assign" in a sentence? The answer lies in its definition as a verb, which means to allocate or designate something to someone or something. When using "assign," it is essential to ensure that the assigned object or action aligns logically with the subject and context of the sentence.

  5. ASSIGN in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Assign

    "Assign" is a verb that means to allocate or designate a particular task, role, or characteristic to someone or something. It is commonly used in various contexts, such as in academic settings, work environments, and daily activities. Table of Contents 7 Examples Of Assign Used In a Sentence For Kids 14 Sentences with Assign Examples

  6. ASSIGN definition and meaning

    Definition of 'assign' Word Frequency assign (əsaɪn ) Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense assigns , present participle assigning , past tense, past participle assigned 1. verb If you assign a piece of work to someone, you give them the work to do. When I taught, I would assign a topic to children which they would write about.

  7. Examples of 'ASSIGN' in a sentence

    Examples of 'assign' in a sentence Go to the dictionary page of assign Examples from Collins dictionaries When I taught, I would assign a topic to children which they would write about. Later in the year, she'll assign them research papers. When teachers assign homework, students usually feel an obligation to do it.

  8. assign verb

    /əˈsaɪn/ Verb Forms to give somebody something that they can use, or some work or responsibility assign something (to somebody) The teacher assigned a different task to each of the children. The two large classrooms have been assigned to us. assign somebody something We have been assigned the two large classrooms.

  9. ASSIGN Definition & Usage Examples

    Assign definition: to give or allocate; allot. See examples of ASSIGN used in a sentence.

  10. ASSIGN

    to give a particular job or piece of work to someone: [ + two objects ] UN troops were assigned the task of rebuilding the hospital. The case has been assigned to our most senior officer. If you assign a time for a job or activity, you decide it will be done during that time: Have you assigned a day for the interviews yet?

  11. assign

    assign. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English as‧sign /əˈsaɪn/ AWL verb [ transitive] 1 to give someone a particular job or make them responsible for a particular person or thing assign somebody a task/role I've been assigned the task of looking after the new students. assign somebody to something Jan's been assigned to the ...

  12. assign example sentences

    English In this dialog, you can assign a macro to a hyperlink. volume_up more_vert. English They assign different 3D effects to the selected object. volume_up more_vert. English Select the command you want to assign to a menu item. volume_up more_vert. English Select here a style for the agenda and assign a title. volume_up more_vert.

  13. How To Use "Assigned" In A Sentence: In-Depth Exploration

    Grammatical Rules For Using "Assigned" 1. Subject-Verb Agreement: When using "assigned" as a verb, it is important to ensure that the subject and verb agree in number. For example: The teacher assigned homework to the students. (singular subject) The teachers assigned homework to the students. (plural subject) 2. Tense Consistency:

  14. Assign: In a Sentence

    Assign in a Sentence Definition of Assign to designate or set apart something for some purpose Examples of Assign in a sentence The store managers will assign daily duties to the seasonal employees. Most Searched Words (with Video) Voracious: In a Sentence Verbose: In a Sentence Vainglorious: In a Sentence Pseudonym: In a Sentence

  15. Assign in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb...)

    Meaning: [ə'saɪn] v. 1. give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person) 2. give out or allot 3. attribute or credit to 4. select something or someone for a specific purpose 5. attribute or give 6. make undue claims to having 7. transfer one's right to 8. decide as to where something belongs in a scheme.

  16. ASSIGN definition in American English

    Definition of 'assign' Word Frequency assign (əsaɪn ) Word forms: assigns3rd person singular present tense, assigning present participle, assigned past tense past participle 1. transitive verb If you assign a piece of work to someone, you give them the work to do. When I taught, I would assign a topic to children that they would write about.

  17. Examples of "Assigned" in a Sentence

    Assigned Sentence Examples assigned I want Cora assigned to her fulltime. 154 59 The day before Thanksgiving, Sarah assigned everyone their duties. 91 36 He and Sean had been assigned together at the station for over a decade. 48 26 He was trapped, useless, unable to help the woman he was assigned to guard. 39 20

  18. ASSIGNED in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Assigned

    To use assigned in a sentence, you need to understand its meaning first. The word assigned is commonly used to indicate that someone has been given a specific task, role, or duty. Here is an example sentence using assigned: "The teacher assigned homework to the students to complete over the weekend."

  19. Examples of "Assignment" in a Sentence

    For example, if you have an interest in photography, you may find an assignment asking for an explanation of the differences between digital and film lens focal lengths. 0. 1. The animals were to race across a river, and the order of assignment would be based on the order of the animals reaching the opposite riverbank.

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    NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump is expected in court Thursday for an important hearing in his New York hush-money criminal case, which now appears increasingly likely to go to trial next month.. Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is set to rule on key pretrial issues and say for certain if the trial will begin as scheduled on March 25. If that happens, the New York case will be the ...

  21. assign verb

    /əˈsaɪn/ Verb Forms to give someone something that they can use, or some work or responsibility assign something (to somebody) The two large classrooms have been assigned to us. The teacher assigned a different task to each of the children. assign somebody something We have been assigned the two large classrooms.

  22. how do I create word/sentence keyboard shortcuts

    1 Answer Sorted by: 5 As Oliver implied, you can use AutoHotkey. Creating keyboard shortcuts and sending keystrokes are of the most basic functions of AHK. So, assigning Ctrl + P to photos is as simple as: ^p:: Send, photos return Which translates to: If P is pressed while Ctrl is down, simulate the following keystrokes: p, h, o, t, o, and s.

  23. Assigned in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote, proverb...)

    185+21 sentence examples: 1. The two large classrooms have been assigned to us. 2. They have assigned me a small room. 3. An experienced detective was assigned to the case. 4. I was assigned to watch the road. 5. We have been assigned the two large c

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    A date for Donald Trump's first criminal trial has been set in the former president's New York criminal hush money case. With Trump in attendance at the hearing in downtown Manhattan, New York ...

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    The Rockets and Knicks are set to tip off at 7 p.m. CT. FEB 10 ROCKETS SHORT-HANDED VS. HAWKS The Rockets have ruled out Alperen Şengün and Cam Whitmore for Saturday's road match against the ...

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    32 likes, 37 comments - theteachernextdoor on February 19, 2024: " The Power of Color Coding! Struggling with teaching paragraph structure? Let color be ..."

  27. Create a form in Word that users can complete or print

    Show the Developer tab. If the developer tab isn't displayed in the ribbon, see Show the Developer tab.. Open a template or use a blank document. To create a form in Word that others can fill out, start with a template or document and add content controls.