Never forget a class or assignment again.

Unlock your potential and manage your classes, tasks and exams with mystudylife- the world's #1 student planner and school organizer app..

school timetable app hourly planner

School planner and organizer

The MyStudyLife planner app supports rotation schedules, as well as traditional weekly schedules. MSL allows you to enter your school subjects, organize your workload, and enter information about your classes – all so you can effortlessly keep on track of your school calendar.

Homework planner and task tracker

Become a master of task management by tracking every single task with our online planner – no matter how big or small.

Stay on top of your workload by receiving notifications of upcoming classes, assignments or exams, as well as incomplete tasks, on all your devices.

assignment calendar

“Featuring a clean interface, MyStudyLife offers a comprehensive palette of schedules, timetables and personalized notifications that sync across multiple devices.”

” My Study Life is a calendar app designed specifically for students. As well as showing you your weekly timetable– with support for rotations – you can add exams, essay deadlines and reminders, and keep a list of all the tasks you need to complete. It also works on the web, so you can log in and check your schedule from any device.”

“MyStudyLife is a great study planner app that makes it simple for students to add assignments, classes, and tests to a standard weekly schedule.”

“I cannot recommend this platform enough. My Study Life is the perfect online planner to keep track of your classes and assignments. I like to use both the website and the mobile app so I can use it on my phone and computer! I do not go a single day without using this platform–go check it out!!”

“Staying organized is a critical part of being a disciplined student, and the MyStudyLife app is an excellent organizer.”

assignment calendar

The ultimate study app

The MyStudyLife student planner helps you keep track of all your classes, tasks, assignments and exams – anywhere, on any device.

Whether you’re in middle school, high school or college MyStudyLife’s online school agenda will organize your school life for you for less stress, more productivity, and ultimately, better grades.  

school planner

Take control of your day with MyStudyLife

assignment calendar

Stay on top of your studies. Organize tasks, set reminders, and get better grades, one day at a time.

assignment calendar

We get it- student life can be busy. Start each day with the confidence that nothing important will be forgotten, so that you can stay focused and get more done.

assignment calendar

Track your class schedule on your phone or computer, online or offline, so that you always know where you’re meant to be.

assignment calendar

Shift your focus back to your goals, knowing that MyStudyLife has your back with timely reminders that make success the main event of your day

assignment calendar

Say goodbye to last minute stress with MyStudyLife’s homework planner to make procrastination a thing of the past.

assignment calendar

Coming soon!

MyStudyLife has lots of exciting changes and features in the works. Stay tuned!

Stay on track on all of your devices.

All your tasks are automatically synced across all your devices, instantly.

school timetable app hourly planner

Trusted by millions of students around the world.

assignment calendar

School can be hard. MyStudyLife makes it easier.

Our easy-to-use online study planner app is available on the App Store, the Google Play Store and can be used on desktop. This means that you can use MyStudyLife anywhere and on any device.

Discover more on the MyStudyLife blog

See how MyStudyLife can help organize your life.

JEE Main 2024: Best Tips, Study Plan & Timetable

JEE Main 2024: Best Tips, Study Plan & Timetable

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Assignment Calendar

Scheduling Calculator to Ease Your Life

Assignment calculator will help you manage your time and effort and achieve the best result in academic writing.

Assignment Calendar

How to Use Online Assignment Planner

Our online assignment planner is very easy to use. Simply follow these steps and get ultimate planning for any task:


Tell our machine when you want to start working on your assignment.

Input the deadline to let our calculator plan your schedule.

Have the exact time calculated and get the precise writing steps planned out.


Importance of Scheduling Calculator

Scheduling calculator is the answer to plenty of modern questions including procrastination and perfectionism. You can use this simple tool and make completion of writing tasks more achievable.


We can reduce our averagely high level of everyday stress by creating a detailed plan of tasks we must perform. The less stress you experience, the more concentrated and, thus, efficient you are.


Scheduling tasks is a must when it comes to meeting deadlines. When you have a list of smaller things to do in front, you can evaluate the time needed for a performance more precisely. Also, it would be much easier to plan spare time.

Best Assignment Calculator to Stay Organized by StudyCrumb!

A weighted assignment calculator is the best solution for accurately planning your tasks. This sound organizing system that covers all duties and deadlines is a success key. We create a free tool for planning your writing tasks. The assignment calculator makes the whole writing process more manageable. You will know the perfect time for research or reading before jumping into any writing processes. Our academic background allows us to create the most effective tool for your writing schedule. Do not waste time planning. Our tool will do it for you! All you need is to select the start and end day! Try our scheduling calculator and perform your essay or any other academic paper in the most efficient way!

What Is an Assignment Calculator and Why Do You Need It?

Assignment calendar is an irreplaceable feature for those who appreciate a professional and thoughtful attitude towards the working process. Enter your task’s due date and break your task into several pieces.  How long will students spend time researching before writing an essay? Hard to say without detailed planning. But what if we created a research assignment calculator. This tool will help ensure that you spend enough time on your work. So, submit everything in time easily? If you are not good at planning and organizing your working process, an online essay writing service  or this tool will be your best solution! All you need to do is select the start and end day of your work. Receive schedules with terms for each step. For example, understand your assignment, research, and create an outline. Get time frames to prepare a draft, use free essay creator to generate essay, revise it, and prepare a reference list.

Free Online Scheduling Calculator Available Right Now

Our assignment schedule can be used for free from any location. We made this instrument accessible to everyone. There is no need for registration or sharing personal data with our website. A weekly assignment schedule will simplify students’ work and make it accessible. Why is planning with a tech tool better than your original plan? Our tool’s algorithms analyze many assignments and students’ papers to define an appropriate schedule for everyone. You may think that it is possible to write everything in a week or skip an outline, for example. But our experience ensures that this tool will propose the best days for work. So, you will have time for everything without skipping important steps. However, if you are juggling many duties, just say " write an assignment for me " and our academic professinals will hadle your task. 

Online Assignment Tracker to Make Everyday Life Easier

How to ensure that you will submit everything in-time and will not miss important deadlines? Every successful student would say that its secret is detailed planning of your assignment each step. Our automatic assignment schedule maker for a semester is the best to-do list you may use. Our tool provides terms for each section. It defines step-by-step what you need to do with each step. Make your planning routine more effective with tech tools for academics. They are easy to use, understandable, and constructive for students. Improve your assignments with our free planning. You will have a step-by-step guide showing when each part of your text should be ready.


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Assignment calendars help students avoid deadline anxiety

assignment calendar

The start of an academic year can seem daunting, particularly if it’s your first. You may feel weighed down by the amount of material you have to study before working on and submitting assignments by due dates. A well-designed assignment calendar is an effective time-management tool. It can help you stay organized and on track with your tasks throughout each semester and the entire academic year.

This article explains how an assignment calendar is essential for students and how you can save time by personalizing a Work OS template . It will show you how can make it easy for you to keep track of your progress, and through strong visuals and seamless integration with other Work OS templates, help you productively manage your learning journey and hit each assignment deadline on time.

What is an assignment calendar?

Assignment calendars make it easy to organize and track tasks, freeing the student’s time to concentrate on learning.

An assignment calendar, sometimes known as an assignment organizer, is a structured method of monitoring the discharge of multiple tasks within the same assignment to ensure all are completed before the due date. Students can also use it to set their personal goals for the semester or academic year, as well as to record and plan communications with members of the faculty. A student can create their own assignment tracker from scratch, but for many, the best solution is to personalize an existing template.

What should an assignment calendar include?

An assignment calendar should include methods of recording every facet of your learning journey. Typically, these will include the following:

  • Flexible calendar:  For adding all your study and assignment dates, including dates for tuition fees
  • Note-taking feature:  For recording raw information that’s linked to specific subjects
  • Project management tools:  For breaking tasks down into manageable chunks
  • Filtering features:  For minimizing clutter by filtering content
  • Document management:  For storing important documents that can be linked to a specific point of study or a test/assignment
  • Contacts:  For storing essential contact information such as the phone numbers and emails of other students, professors, and research assistants

Why use a assignment calendar?

A assignment calendar will help you organize your day, week, month, semester, and academic year. You’ll be able to view your progress through every task related to your assignment and integrate the calendar with other useful Work OS templates, ensuring a seamless workflow throughout. You can quickly build a unique, lean, and cloud-based dynamic calendar that is always at your fingertips. templates for students templates are easily customizable programs that work effectively in isolation and are even more effective when teamed with other Work OS tools. An online assignment calendar can be accessed from any device, and as it’s cloud-based, the student needn’t worry about losing vital information. Being part of’s network of programs means students can integrate it with other useful programs, building a small and personal suite of tools that help them manage their learning journeys.

Academic requirements tracker

The Academic Requirements Tracker template  can help you observe the progress of your degree. You’ll see your accomplishments and what you still have to do for your major, minor, and certificate requirements. The assignment tracker separates activities and color-codes the current status of each as red, amber, and green, so you can easily monitor your progress. You can include due dates for all activities, including communications, and add links to quickly access important content. You’ll always know how many credits you need at every stage of your learning schedule.

Managing student life

The Managing Student Life template  lets you organize and easily monitor every aspect of your academic year. This includes planning each semester’s learning tasks, setting monthly goals, and controlling your budget. There are more than 30 customizable columns you can drag and drop to quickly personalize the template, creating a workflow that reflects your individual needs. You can also use the template to manage your self-care, ensuring you plan healthy breaks into your schedule.

Research power tools

The Research Power Tools template  provides a high-level monitoring system for research projects. It lets you collaborate easily with others in the project, including fellow students, faculty, and research assistants. You can alter views of your data immediately and use various options to visualize content, including timeline, Kanban, Gantt, and workload. The template also lets you develop automated behaviors for repetitive tasks, such as sending due date warning emails and real-time notifications.

Frequently asked questions

Are students who use assignment planners more successful.

Although many factors determine a student’s level of success, assignment calendars also help:

  • Improve grades : A 2007 study  by Hugh Kearns and Maria Gardiner found that students who organize their calendars typically achieve better grades than those that don’t. The study also found that those students experienced less stress and anxiety.
  • Enhance concentration:  An assignment organizer makes it easier to focus on the job at hand, allowing you to put aside non-critical projects for another time.
  • Develop time-management skills:  Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.” Assignment organizers help you plan, and as a consequence, develop your time-management skills, which will be critical to your future success in whatever field you later enter.

Can an assignment calendar help with procrastination?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have enough time to put off studying or homework until later. A carefully maintained assignment calendar will keep you focused on internal deadlines you’ve created for yourself, but more importantly, external ones imposed by your learning institution. Procrastination is an emotional response  to something you fear, such as failing a major project. An assignment organizer will help you break down formidable tasks into more manageable pieces that don’t appear as difficult. The frequent result is the project becomes less daunting, reducing the likelihood of procrastination.

Is a assignment calendar better than alternatives?

Online assignment tracker templates from help students improve their efficiency and increase their productivity. They help the student avoid duplicating content, allow the flow of work from other assignment organizers, and ensure data isn’t accidentally lost. As Work OS assignment planners are cloud-based, the student needn’t worry about losing data or access, which is a real possibility with paper-based alternatives.

Never miss a key deadline with an online assignment calendar

An assignment calendar is a vital part of every student’s toolbox. It can help you manage your learning process, focus on the here and now, and keep one eye on what you need to do next. Properly managed, it will help you avoid missing important deadlines, reduce your anxiety, and ensure you’re always aware of the stage you’re at, whether it’s for that week, month, semester, or the entire academic year. Attaining an academic qualification takes commitment, discipline, stamina, and an ability to learn skills that make learning possible. Our Work OS Assignment Calendar Template and associated education-linked templates make it easier for you to focus on your goals and succeed in your ambitions.

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The 10 Best Study Planning Apps for All Students

These study planner apps for Android and iPhone help you get organized in school by tracking your assignments, tests, and other coursework.

As a student, you're responsible for keeping track of test dates, quizzes, homework assignments, and final exams. On top of that, maybe you partake in after-school activities and sports. This makes it even harder for you to keep track of due dates and tests.

If you feel that you're sinking into a pile of assignments, you need to add some organization to your life. These are some of the best study planner apps for Android and iOS that can help you set times to study and remind you of upcoming exams, so you're not caught off-guard.

Chipper is one of the most popular and best study planners for students. Using Chipper can greatly improve your time-management skills.

This study planning app comes equipped with several tools dedicated to students . Simply add all the courses that you're currently taking, and organize them by time and date in the built-in schedule.

Chipper also allows you to add tests, homework due dates, papers, labs, and quizzes to your calendar to help you stay on top of your coursework. On top of that, you can set reminders that Chipper will send as notifications, so you never miss a deadline. And when you're ready to study, open the Study tab to set a timer for your session.

That means you don't need to download a Pomodoro timer app for such. But if you do, here are the best Pomodoro timer apps .

This app rewards you with earnings in the form of imaginary cash as you complete tasks. You don't actually receive any of these earnings in real life, but it's a good incentive to keep you moving forward.

Download: Chipper for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Classify

Use Classify to build an easy-to-read schedule for your homework assignments, projects, quizzes, and other activities. Because it has a clear and simple interface and a lot of useful features, it is a unique study tracker app.

Classify helps you organize your school life by adding everything important in one place. It also provides templates for tasks, homework assignments, and events. For example, you can attach a PDF when you add an assignment, and you can set priorities for tasks.

Simply add this semester's courses, along with assignments and their due dates. Classify will let you know when your assignments are due and give you helpful reminders about upcoming deadlines, making it a great study planner app for students. Additionally, it has a Pomodoro functionality built-in if you fancy using the Pomodoro technique .

Download: Classify for iOS | Android (Free)

3. My Study Life

My Study Life is yet another great study planner app you should try today. With My Study Life, you can easily add tasks, classes, and exams to a weekly schedule template for students. When you add your classes, you can input detailed information about them such as the room number, module, time, and even the teacher.

If you struggle to remember holidays or class rotations, you can input that information in My Study Life as well. Your dashboard displays all your upcoming assignments, exams, and classes. This way, you'll never forget about that assignment that's due tomorrow.

Download: My Study Life for iOS | Android (Free)

4. Power Planner

Power Planner is a clean and simple study schedule app that's perfect for middle school, high school, and even college students.

As one of the most useful apps for every student , it helps you remember class times, keep track of tests, and can assist you with staying on top of your assignments.

Power Planner integrates with Google Calendar to make your life even easier. Better yet, you can also estimate your GPA by inputting assignment and test grades.

However, if you want to add more than one semester and five grades per class, you'll have to spend a few dollars on the premium version.

Download: Power Planner for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Lessons School Planner

Lessons School Planner is a study tracking app that is built with simplicity in mind ensuring your energy is focused on increasing productivity and getting work done instead of organization. It can be likened to a simple to-do list tool but for students. When you download the app, you can start by creating a custom lesson plan, or importing one if you have it already on another device.

The app has lessons added already, but you can customize them depending on your needs. It makes organization easier by using a number system to organize lessons.

Tapping on a subject on your daily lesson plan allows you to add activities related to it, like an upcoming assignment submission deadline, exam, test, project, presentation, and more. These activities can then be viewed on a dedicated page. The app also allows you to set reminders for your tasks, ensuring that you don't miss out on anything important.

Download: Lessons for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Study Bunny: Focus Timer

Study Bunny is a less conventional study tracker app, but it makes studying a lot more fun. For starters, it introduces you to an adorable cartoon bunny that acts as your study partner.

You can use the app to time study sessions, create awesome to-do lists , make flashcards, and keep track of your progress.

When you start studying, you'll earn coins that you can use to treat the bunny. You can buy items to feed and customize your pal, which will help motivate you to finish a long study session.

Download: Study Bunny: Focus Timer for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Vaia (formerly StudySmarter) is a helpful study-planning app that lets you collaborate with other students from around the world.

To help you save time, the app allows for shareable flashcards. This means that you can search for and use flashcards that other users have already made which makes learning easier. As a study planner app for students, Vaia is also featured in our list of the best flash card apps .

In addition to that handy feature, Vaia lets you upload and annotate documents, as well as create study groups with students from other universities. And when you want to check your progress, you can use the app's built-in charts to visualize your study time and see if you're meeting your weekly goals.

Download: Vaia for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. myHomework Student Planner

The myHomework Student Planner app is a straightforward way to keep tabs on your studies. To get started, you simply have to input your class schedule and any upcoming assignments.

myHomework Student Planner will then generate a color-coded class schedule, as well as a calendar that organizes your upcoming classes, assignments, and tests. Besides that, it also creates a clean list of homework assignments, which makes it much easier to remember important due dates.

Download: myHomework Student Planner for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Smart Timetable

To get started on Smart Timetable, add your classes as events with how often you want to study for them. When it's time to hunker down, Smart Timetable will send a notification to your phone as a reminder.

The app allows you to input additional information about each class including the type, building and room number, and instructor, and you can even upload class notes. Each day the app's home page has the day's classes, and you can swipe left to view upcoming classes in the follow-up days.

There's also a task tab where you can add your upcoming assignments and tick them off once you're done.

Download: Smart Timetable for Android (Free, subscription available)

10. School Planner

The School Planner app has a ton of versatility when it comes to schedule options. You can input your classes into the app by using the available easy-to-use default templates.

Templates include everything you need to stay on top of your classes, including day, time, teacher, subject, frequency, and room. You also have the ability to add any upcoming events, whether it's a simple reminder, an upcoming exam, or a homework submission deadline.

All the upcoming tasks will show up on the app's home page in a sleek Overview page with a snapshot of any upcoming events in the next seven days, what's on your schedule today, tomorrow, and a detailed outlook of the upcoming week. School Planner's interface and organization make it one of the best study scheduling apps around.

The experience isn't limited to class times and assignments; you can also add grades, teachers, recordings, and days you were absent. Hit the hamburger icon in the top left to get an idea of how much the app offers.

Download: School Planner for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Stay on Track With the Best Study Planner Apps for Students

Who needs a messy assignment book when you have a study planner app? Instead of jotting down due dates on your calendar, take them with you on your smartphone.

Moreover, having an app at your fingertips can serve as a reminder to start studying or to complete an important assignment. Better yet, it's much easier to read and visualize when you use a template in an app.

10 Best Planner Apps for Students (Free & Intuitive)

Photo of author

Student life can be a wild ride, right?

Homework, assignments, class schedules, upcoming exams – it’s like a never-ending rollercoaster. But guess what? We have solutions for you.

Here are the 10 best planner apps for students, tested and approved, to help you conquer the chaos and ride that rollercoaster like a pro.

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and hello to seamless planning and efficient time management. Let’s dive right in!

I. How to choose the best student planner app for your needs

Here are 4 key factors to consider:

1. Free Version. Money matters, especially for us students. Look for free planner apps with generous feature offerings.

2. User-Friendly Interface. A good student planner app should help you get stuff done, not get lost in itself. Look for apps with clear navigation menus and well-designed icons.

3. Feature Set. Think about what’s essential for your study style, and check if the app has what you need – calendars, to-do lists, collaboration, compatibility with other productivity apps! And hey, the ability to personalize it with categories and labels is a plus.

4. Cross-Platform Compatibility . Make sure your app plays well with the devices you’re frequently using.

We noticed most students are glued to their mobile devices these days, so most planner apps we recommend below are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

II. 10 Best Planner Apps for Students for 2024

Below are the 10 highest-rated planner apps for students we found for you.

Availability : iOS | Android | web

Imagine having a personal assistant who can keep your class schedules in check, handle your to-do lists like a pro, and make group assignments feel like a walk in the park.

Well, meet Upbase !

It ticks all the boxes: a great free version, a user interface that’s easier to navigate than your campus, and privacy controls.

Whether you’re in high school or college, this trusty sidekick will make your study life a whole lot easier. Here’s why it’s the coolest:

A. Generous Free Version

Upbase’s free version is like finding money in your old jeans – unexpected and awesome. Here’s the good stuff it packs:

  • Unlimited users and tasks .
  • Daily, monthly, and weekly schedule , with a time-blocking feature.
  • Task priorities, start and due times, durations, etc.
  • Shared/private projects.
  • Real-time chat tool and discussions
  • Collaborative docs, files, calendars, and links.

B. Comprehensive feature set

Upbase is not just a school planner app; it’s a toolkit for academic success that you can easily access from the left-side menu.

i) Schedule

Centralize all your schedules in one place. Easily make plans for the upcoming week, day, and month. That’s what the Schedule page can do for you!

It has four views: Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, Week Calendar, and Monthly Calendar, each integrated with a drag-and-drop feature, making scheduling 2x faster.

And hey, don’t skip these secret weapons if you want to skyrocket productivity:

  • Pomodoro timer.
  • Notepad for taking quick notes.
  • Daily Notes for daily journaling.

Perfect for managing homework, assignments, and group projects. Each list is like a project hub where all information is organized within reach.

For group assignments, you can delegate tasks, add priorities, set deadlines, and attach files. You can also create knowledge bases, organize files, post announcements, communicate with your team, and more.

The cool thing is: you get control of who can access each list .

This is crucial for college students who often work on multiple group projects simultaneously. They can ensure that only the relevant team members have access to a particular list, maintaining privacy and security.

Want to use lists as a solo? Easy-peasy! Just hide the collaborative tools with a few simple clicks.

This tool lets you access Slack-style channels, so you can keep the entire conversation within Upbase.

It also supports direct messages, so you can chat 1-on-1 with anyone on your team.

assignment calendar

This feature allows you to categorize, search, and filter tasks in your workspace. You can filter tasks by one or multiple tags – a capability that other planner apps lack.

Take your task management experience to the next level with filters.

The feature lets you create a custom filter of multiple criteria such as lists, assignees, due dates, tags, priorities, etc.

vi) My Tasks

A private place where you can easily keep track of all assigned tasks and tasks you create. You can show tasks on a list or on a Kanban board and choose how to group them.

C. Great customizability

Make Upbase yours. Tailor it to your preferences and style:

  • Personalize list icons and colors for a tailored look.
  • Group similar lists into folders for intuitive navigation.
  • Choose between List and Board views for tasks.
  • Show/hide tools based on your needs for a clutter-free experience.

This study planning app is free to start and offers full access to all the Premium version features.

assignment calendar

Availability : Web browsers | Windows | macOS | Android | iOS

Notion is like the cool kid on the block when it comes to study planning apps.

Unlike other apps, it gives you the freedom to design your own school planner, notes, and task lists.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #2 Notion

You can also link related information, keeping your subjects, courses, and projects cohesive.

Working on group projects? Notion allows you to share pages with your classmates, delegate tasks, and more.

assignment calendar

In short, Notion is the best planner app for students who value customization, seek an all-in-one solution, and are comfortable with a slight learning curve.

Key Features

  • Slash command & rich text format options
  • Databases, tables, and pages
  • Rich template inventory (such as project planner, homework planner, school planner, etc.)
  • Able to create custom workflows, planners, and databases
  • Easy to link related information together
  • Accessible across devices
  • Steep learning curve
  • No real-time chat tool
  • Time-taking for initial setup

assignment calendar

3. Google Calendar

Availability : Web | Android | iOS | Desktop

Google Calendar is a user-friendly student planner app, thanks to its clean calendar interface with various color-coding options.

For example, you can assign blue for classes, green for homework, and red for exams. So, when you spot blue in your calendar, you’ll immediately recognize it as a class.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #3 Google Calendar

But what truly sets Google Calendar apart from other student calendar apps is its seamless integration with other Google services. This makes it the best planner app for students who are either already part of the Google ecosystem or considering joining.

  • Rich color-coding options
  • Seamless integration with Google apps
  • Day, week, month, and year calendar views
  • Simple to use
  • Manage your to-do list schedules, emails, etc. in one place
  • Easy to distinguish different activities
  • Weak task management capability
  • Not sync well with non-Google apps

This student calendar app is typically included for free as part of Google’s suite of apps.

Availability : iOS | Mac | iPad | Apple Watch | Android | Windows | Web

Todoist is one of the few student planner apps that utilize natural language processing for task creation.

For example, when you jot down “Math assignment due Friday at 5 PM”, Todoist transforms your words into an actionable task named “Math assignment” with a due date at 5 PM on Friday.

Pretty cool, right? But that’s not all!

You can add notes, create a reminder, or add labels to this task.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #4 Todoist

Furthermore, this school planner allows you to create projects, share tasks with your group, and delegate work.

  • Due dates & reminders
  • Labels and filters
  • Recurring tasks
  • Natural language processing
  • Available on multiple devices
  • Never miss any important deadlines
  • Easy to sort and filter tasks by your needs
  • Lack of start dates
  • Unable to assign a task to multiple members
  • Only support 5 collaborators per free project

assignment calendar

Availability : Web | iOS devices | Android devices | macOS | Windows

Trello is the best planner app for students, and here’s why it rocks.

First off, Trello’s intuitive Kanban-style interface is a breeze to navigate. It’s like digital sticky notes that actually keep you on track of upcoming tasks.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #5 Trello

Secondly, it’s got all the features most students might need like due dates, labels, priorities, and reminders.

And if you’re teaming up on a group project, Trello enables you to invite friends, assign tasks, and share files.

assignment calendar

  • Kanban-style interface
  • Easy to track a project’s progress
  • Save time on repetitive tasks
  • Suit different preferences and styles
  • Too basic subtasks (no due dates or assignees)
  • The calendar view is available only on the Premium plan and up

assignment calendar

6. Power Planner

Availability : iOS | Android | Windows

Power Planner is a good college student planner app for both iOS and Android users.

What makes Power Planner special? It’s got your back for all things school-related, such as grade and GPA calculation, homework management with automatic reminders, and schedule tracking.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #6 Power Planner

Plus, Power Planner offers nifty features like widgets for quick task check-ins and offline mode.

But note that while Power Planner is free to download, it includes an in-app purchase for premium features, such as the ability to add more than one semester and five grades per class.

  • Grade and GPA calculation
  • Automatic reminders
  • Quick task check-ins
  • Offline mode
  • Easy to track grades
  • Keep your class schedule in check
  • Able to use when Wi-Fi is unavailable
  • It takes time and effort for the initial setup
  • Occasional synchronization issues
  • Lack of collaboration features

Free with an in-app purchase of $1.99.

7. myHomework – Student Planner App

Availability :

What’s the deal with the myHomework Student Planner App?

Well, it’s super easy to use, with no confusing stuff here. It’s like having a friendly assistant to keep your academic life on track without any tech headaches.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #7 myHomework - Student Planner App

Unlike many student planner apps, myHomework is accessible whether Wi-Fi is available or not. It’s also compatible with multiple devices, including phones, tablets, and computers.

So, whether you’re online or offline, your schedule is right at your fingertips – upcoming events, homework, exams, it’s got you covered.

And it won’t let you forget with those handy reminders.

In short, if you want a friendly, no-fuss solution for tracking assignments and organizing subjects, myHomework is the best planner app you can think of.

  • Reminders & notifications
  • Due date reminders
  • Assignment tracking
  • Upcoming homework widgets
  • Offline access
  • Little to no learning curve
  • Able to access your schedule and assignments offline
  • Simple to keep track of lectures, labs, and assignments.
  • In-app ads in the free version
  • Collaboration features are only available on the paid version

assignment calendar

8. iStudiez

Availability : iOS | macOS | Android | Windows 10

Alright, imagine iStudiez as your digital planner buddy! Why’s it cool?

Well, iStudiez is not just a study planner app, it’s like your academic superhero. You can track your grades, manage assignments, and nail your class schedule. Plus, it sends you handy reminders so you’re always on top of things.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #8 iStudiez

You can access iStudiez offline no matter what device you’re on.

So, if you’re all about keeping your school life organized and stress-free, iStudiez is the study planner app you’ve been looking for.

  • Grade tracking
  • Customizable subjects
  • Tailored specifically for students
  • Easy to keep tabs on your grades and GPA
  • Access your schedule even without an internet connection
  • Learning curve
  • Occasional syncing issues between devices

iStudiez Pro is initially free with no ads. The paid version costs $2.99 USD on mobile and $9.99 USD on desktop, offering full features and synchronization.

Availability : iOS | Android

What makes Egenda stand out from other school planners is its simplicity.

No complex menus or tech mysteries. This planner app for students offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface that even non-experienced students can start using with ease.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #9 Egenda

And guess what? Egenda is accessible offline – only a few study planner apps offer this functionality for free.

So, if you’re seeking the best planner app for students that’s mobile-dedicated and straightforward to use, Egenda is right up your alley.

Note: Unlike other apps, Egenda has no web or desktop versions.

  • Daily reminders
  • Sort by class, completion, and due date
  • Easy to sort tasks by specific needs
  • Accessible in areas with limited or no internet connectivity
  • Unable to use across devices
  • Lack of advanced features available in some other daily planner apps.

This planner app for students is free to download, with in-app purchases ($2.99 per item).

10. My Study Life

Availability : iOS | Android | Windows | Web

My Study Life is like the Swiss Army knife of student planner apps.

It’s got everything a student needs, all wrapped up in one neat package and synced seamlessly across devices, so your schedule and assignments are always up-to-date, no matter where you are.

Homework, exams, class schedules – this study planner app handles it all. It’s like having a personal academic assistant that fits right in your pocket.

If you’re in search of an all-in-one planner app for students, My Study Life is the way to go.

Best Planner Apps for Students: #10 My Study Life

  • Customizable school planner
  • 3 Different types of tasks: Revision, Reminder, & Assignment
  • Class, task, and exam reminders
  • Offer comprehensive academic-focus features
  • Easy to track tasks, exams, and revision progress
  • Accessible even without an internet connection
  • Unable to rearrange tasks
  • No calendar feature for task due dates

III. Which Study Planner App is Best For You?

Alongside smart planning practices, having a good planner app in your arsenal is essential. We’ve introduced you to the 10 best study planner apps for students out there; now, it’s your turn to make an informed decision.

Need our suggestion? Sure, give Upbase a try!

It offers seamless synchronization across devices, intuitive assignment tracking, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies academic organization. With Upbase, you can stay on top of your assignments, never miss a deadline, and make the most of your study time.

So, why wait? Sign up for a free Upbase account and embark on a successful study path. Your future self will thank you!

1. What is a student planner app?

Student planner apps are digital tools designed to help students stay organized, manage their to-do list, view upcoming classes, and improve time management skills.

2. Are student planners worth it?

Student planners are real game-changers to make study life easier. They help with organization and keeping track of homework assignments and upcoming deadlines.

3. What is the best planner for a student?

The best planner apps for students depend on individual needs, but some good choices include apps like Todoist, Upbase, and Google Calendar, which offer user-friendly interfaces and versatile features tailored for students’ organization.

4. What is the best online planner for school?

Here are some of the best online planners for school: Todoist, Upbase, and Google Calendar. They are all free to start, simple to set up, and easy to use, offering a wide array of features to streamline your school life.

5. What is a good free planner app?

One great free school planner app is Upbase. Its free version offers:

  • Built-in calendars for hours, days, weeks, and months.
  • Private and shared to-do lists with unlimited users for group projects.
  • Real-time chat and rich collaboration features for seamless teamwork.
  • Additional features like note-taking, bookmarks, and Pomodoro timers.

Furthermore, Upbase is user-friendly and accessible on web browsers, the Google App Store, and the Apple App Store.

One place for all your work

Tasks, messages, docs, files, chats – all in one place.

assignment calendar

  • Help center
  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policy
  • iOS mobile app
  • Android mobile app


The Ultimate Study System

Everything a college student needs to succeed.

Dear Student,

My goal is to get you better grades, with less stress, and more time to enjoy your student experience.

Because I know what it feels like to struggle.

My College Journey – From Struggle to Success

I was lucky enough to get into Harvard, but I struggled once I got there.

I suddenly found myself on a college campus with no supervision.

And as a student living with ADHD, I hadn’t developed the proper executive functioning skills to succeed at a place with so much freedom.

I wanted to do it all, but I wasn’t good at managing my time and my workload by myself . I was headed for trouble.

Luckily I met my mentor and turned it around, but I saw how my initial struggles hurt my GPA and my job opportunities.

This is the reason why I’m on a mission to help students succeed in college from day one.

The Shovel Study Planner

I created a unique time-blocking study planner called Shovel.

It’s built on proven time and task management principles taught by executive functioning coaches.

To quote Kayla, one of our users…

Kayla - Shovel Student from Tampa University

“Shovel is a LIFESAVER.”

Here is a 3-minute video of how Shovel works:

What Makes Shovel So Effective?

Shovel Study Planner App

1. Student-Centric Design: Unlike other planners, Shovel is tailored exclusively for students, addressing their specific academic needs with precision and care.

2. Habit Building: It reinforces strong study habits through well-established time management principles, helping students develop routines that lead to better grades.

3. Integrated Task Management: Shovel’s advanced features support detailed planning and tracking of study sessions, with seamless integration into leading educational platforms such as Canvas, Brightspace, and Moodle.

4. Adaptive Scheduling: The app is dynamic, updating in real-time to adapt to changes in course demands, making it an indispensable tool for academic planning.

5. Time-Blocking Methodology: Shovel employs a time-blocking strategy that is particularly beneficial for students seeking a structured study regimen, including those managing ADHD or bipolar disorder.

6. Predictive Analysis: Beyond organization, Shovel offers predictive analytics, allowing students to anticipate their academic journey and make proactive adjustments.

7. Action-Oriented: The app doesn’t just plan; it inspires action by merging past accomplishments with future objectives, promoting a well-rounded academic and social life.

8. Balanced Approach: Encouraging the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos, Shovel helps students enjoy a rewarding college experience while achieving high academic performance.

9. Transformative System: More than an app, Shovel is a comprehensive study system created from a student’s perspective to revolutionize academic habits and outcomes.

Shovel’s 5-Step Approach To Easy A’s

1- uncover  your available study time.

Use our drag-and-drop builder to quickly build your schedule and uncover your available study time. When things change, adjust things on-the-go in our mobile app. Always know when you can study and for how long.

Drag and drop events into your schedule

2- Understand Your Workload From Day One

Have every task from every class in one place and always know how long each task will take – even readings! With our powerful, student-optimized task list, you’ll meet every deadline.

3- Time-Block Tasks Into Available Study Times

Drag and drop your tasks into your calendar to plan when you’ll get them done. Don’t let anything distract you. Always know WHAT you’ll be working on, WHEN, and for HOW LONG.

The Cushion Graph

4- Know You Can Meet Every Deadline

5- visualize your past and your future.

Shovel shows you the past and the future. You’ll be encouraged by what you’ve accomplished and always see what’s coming up. Visualize where most of your time goes and what classes require most of your attention.

Powerful Analytics in Shovel

And Yes! Shovel Syncs With School Systems and Calendars

Shovel Syncs with School Systems and Calendars

Import your tasks from Canvas, Brightspace, and Moodle into Shovel. When things change, Shovel updates automatically. Same when connecting calendars.

The REAL Study Plan Secrets (Course)

The Real Study Plan Secrets Course

Shovel is more than just a study planner; it’s a foundation built on robust time and task management strategies.

Recognizing that equipping students with the tool alone isn’t enough, I created a course that will teach you how to stay in control of your time and tasks from start to finish.

It will show you the actual steps for staying organized and also explain why these steps work to give you better results. I call this course the “ The REAL Study Plan Secrets. “

The 80/20 College Success Materclass

The 80/20 College Success Masterclass

And last but not least, I also built an evidence-based course on how to study effectively, which empowers students to get the most out of their study time without wasting time and energy on study techniques that don’t work.

I call the course the “ 80/20 College Success Masterclass ” based on the Pareto principle that 20 percent of study habits deliver 80 percent of the results. But in our case, it’s more like 99 percent.

The Shovel Study System

Shovel Study System

Together, the Shovel Study Planner, The Real Study Plan Secrets Course, and The 80/20 College Success masterclass form a POWERFUL STUDY SYSTEM.

A consistent way of doing things the same way every day, to get predictable results.

Success Starts Here

College is different than high school, and students often show up to college unprepared.

This results in bad grades, poor mental health, dumbing down of majors, taking a year off costing families additional money, and worst of all, NOT getting the best job opportunities.

We have proven that this is preventable.

Charlotte - Shovel User

This is Charlotte, a fencer from BU who… “went from almost failing to straight A’s in upper-level neuroscience thanks to the Shovel Study System.”

College is expensive and not doing your best is a waste of money. So talk to your parents about helping you succeed.

Tell them about the Shovel Study System and get everything you need to succeed.

Who Is The Shovel Study System For?

Incoming College Students: Starting college with strong organizational habits is essential for college success.

Current College Students: Shovel enhances existing study methods and academic processes to help students get better grades with less stress.

High School Students: Early adoption of Shovel equates to better grades, getting into top-tier institutions, and a smoother transition to college.

Neurodivergent Students: Shovel has proven effective for students with ADD/ADHD, as evidenced by our glowing reviews.

5 Star Review For Shovel Study Planner

Miracle fo ADHD

I actually don’t know what I would do without this app! I have ADHD and planners have NEVER worked for me. I end up forgetting about them and they don’t help. The only thing I’ve EVER found that actually helps me not miss assignments and due dates is a combination of Shovel and Google Calendar. I’m currently a straight A student in college and have never missed a single assignment or been blindsided by an exam thanks to Shovel. Forever grateful for this app.

– Jake (Purdue)

Shovel Is The Brain I Wish I Had

The best school planner out there. I have horrible ADHD, and simply cannot filter, prioritize, and plan the way Shovel’s algorithm does. My brain crashes just looking at a todo list. Shovel is the brain I wish I had. It guides me through planning based on how much time I have vs how many hours each task will need to be completed by the due date. I just select study time slots and fill them with task time.

– Olivia (USC)

Why College Grades Matter

Why Grades Matter

Many students think that GPA doesn’t matter once they are in college.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The best-paying companies want to hire the best-performing students.

Make sure you don’t close the doors on a high-income future by doing less than your best when you’re in college.

What Else Do You Need to Be Successful?

The College Essay Blueprint

What about knowing how to plan and write the perfect college essay? 

You will be writing a lot in college and it’s not obvious that their high school prepared you for college-level papers.

Planning out essays and writing well is essential and a significant part of your grades.

You want to make sure you know exactly what to do when you get assigned essays and research papers.

I’ve interviewed my Harvard professors and researched the best essay-writing principles.

Then I boiled everything down and combined it with our proven planning strategies.

The result?

The College Essay Blueprint  that will guide you through every essay you need to write.

This blueprint is great for existing college students to help them improve their writing skills, but it’s also extremely helpful for new and incoming students who can learn how to write amazing essays from day one.

And if you are still in high school. Even better! You’ll know how to plan and write amazing papers before you even show up on campus!

Huge BONUS Ensuring Your Success

2 Hours of Private Onboarding & Coaching

To solidify your success, for a limited time, we’re including 2 FULL HOURS of private Shovel onboarding and executive functioning coaching. 

We’ll walk you through proper setup and coach you on how to manage you time and assignments effectively based on your specific needs.


The Ultimate Study System

Here is everything you will get when you invest in the Ultimate Shovel Study System today.

The Full Stack

  •  Shovel Study Planner - 12 Months (Value $396)
  •  The REAL Study Plan Secrets Course (Value $342)
  •  The 80/20 College Success Masterclass (Value $347)
  •  The College Essay Blueprint (Value $197)
  •  Custom Onboarding and Coaching: 2 Hours (Value $400)

Total Value: $1,682

Today Just $449


Shovel Guarantee

We’re in the business of creating successful students.

Our goal for you to:

  • Get Better Grades
  • Be Less Stressed
  • Have More Time For Fun

So if you follow our system and don’t get those results, we’ll give you your money back.

What Is Time-Blocking?

Gates and Musk Use Time-Blocking

Time-blocking is how Bill Gates and Elon Musk plan their busy days.

Simply put, it means assigning individual tasks into a calendar for specific durations of time.

And Shovel makes time-blocking EASY!

The benefits of time-blocking, eliminates procrastination: students are amazing at postponing their tasks until it’s too late. but time-blocking holds them accountable for getting tasks done at a specific time., shows what’s possible: students who don’t plan their day often overestimate how much they can get done. time-blocking will help them match tasks with time on their calendar and show them what’s actually possible., helps students prioritize: students often struggle to decide what to work on when they sit down to study. time-blocking will eliminate this lack of focus and hesitancy as their plans will have already been set when they sit down to study., dig out of that pile of homework, invest in your success today.

Fill out the form below and start using the Shovel Study System today.

  •  Better Grades
  •  Less Stress
  •  More Time For Fun

Student's Name

Student's Email

Yes, I Want Instant Access To The Shovel Study System

The Ultimate Study System

Everything You’re Going To Get

  •  The Shovel Study Planner - 12 Months (Value $396)
  •  2 Hours of Private Onboarding and Coaching (Value $400)

Then $198/year for The Shovel Study Planner (50%off)

Want Only The Study Planner?

If you think you don’t need our advice and support, and only want the world’s most powerful study planner, get it here .

assignment calendar

Image of devices Power Planner available on

Slider 1

Sign Me Up! Read More »

Circle 1

Coordinated Calendars

Easily organize and color-coordinate your schedule and schoolwork, capture details about every assignment, and plan your study schedule.

Read More »

Circle 2

Schedule at a Glance

Categorize your assignments, set up grading scales, and enter details about teachers, room location, schedules, credits, and more!

Circle 3

Grade Analysis

Constantly up-to-date details about your grades in every class, a breakdown of your progress, and insight into which classes you're acing and what could use improvement.

Circle 4

Assignment Details

Enter due date and textbook details, add notes to remember later, set a priority level, and record grades when complete.

Circle 5

Materials Organizer

Maintain a list and details of the supplies, books, technology, and equipment you'll need to pick up to be ready for class each semester and each day.

Circle 6

Filtered Lists

Sort assignments by class, priority level, due date, materials needed, etc. for an easy way to structure your study time and plan your approach to mastering your courses.

Coordinated Calendars. The Home Base.

Don't worry about trying to remember every homework assignment, project, or test— use that brainpower to ace your classes and let Helium whip your schedule into shape! Easily organize and color-coordinate your schedule and schoolwork, capture details about every assignment, and plan your study schedule. Keep track of the details of your class, put together your necessary supplies, and catalog things like teacher contact info and class location.

Sign Me Up! Back to Top

Featured 1

Schedule At A Glance. The Brass Tacks.

With at-a-glance overviews of your past and present terms and classes, a quick sketch of your schedule is always handy. Categorize your assignments, set up grading scales, and enter details about teachers, room location, schedules, credits, and more!

Grade Analysis. The Bottom Line.

Tired of always wondering how you're doing in a class? Frustrated by trying to calculate your own grades? Record grades as you get them, and Helium takes care of the rest! A full workup of your progress is always just a click away, with constantly up-to-date details about your grades in every class, a breakdown of your progression through the term, and insight into which classes you're acing and what could use improvement. We'll crunch the numbers for you!

Featured 3

Assignment Details. The Nitty Gritty.

Never miss an assignment again! Let Helium remember the details of every assignment so you don't have to. Enter due date and textbook details, add notes, set a priority level, and record grades when complete.

Sign Me Up!" Back to Top

Materials Organizer. The Meat & Potatoes.

Everything you need for every class in one place! Helium will maintain a list of the supplies, books, technology, and equipment you'll need to pick up to be ready for class each semester and each day. Make textbook resale a snap by recording details about each book, such as seller, price, and condition.

Featured 5

Filtered Lists. The Nuts & Bolts.

In addition to viewing your assignments and events in the calendar, manage your schedule in List View for a concise snapshot of your assignment lineup. Sort assignments by class, priority level, due date, materials needed, etc. for an easy way to structure your study time and plan your approach to mastering your courses.

The Delightful Dingo. Our Mascot.

Because. Dingos primarily are wild neighbors to our Aussie friends, though they can also be found in parts of southeast Asia. They have a bit of a love/hate relationship with their human neighbors, who partially consider them pests and partially credit them for keeping rabbits, rats, and kangaroos (yes, kangaroos) at bay. An iconic aspect of Australian culture and history, we also think Dingos are cool because of their complex conversation system that, unlike that of Fido who just noticed the mailman out front, is only 5% barking.


Top 7 Homework Planner Apps for Students

Whether you are attending classes, completing your assignments, studying for a quiz, project work, extra-curricular activities, or squeezing some time for friends and family. You’d agree that organizing and planning goes a long way. That’s why a homework organizer or a homework planner app can be a lifesaver to keep track of all your assignments, tests, submission deadlines, and exams. I did the research and shortlisted the perfect homework planner apps for Android and iOS. Let’s check those out.

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Homework Planner Apps for Students

1. student planner- homework agenda & notes.

The first app on the list is a simple homework and notes management app. It keeps track of homework, assignments, projects, and to-do lists. The layout is minimal, all the tasks are neatly organized with a colored bookmark for easy identification. You can mark a task complete and remove it from the pending list.

Courses can be added easily and color-coded as well. The calendar shows any upcoming deadlines so you can prioritize accordingly. The tasks have a progress bar that you can adjust as you make progress which enables you to get a quick summary without actually opening every task.

You can also break your assignments in small chunks as subtasks that would make finishing a task much easier and the progress bar will fill automatically. It also allows you to attach media files to your assignments or projects for easy access to the important information in one place.

homework planner apps- agenda

  • Progress bar
  • Deadline Reminders
  • Calendar View
  • No option to sync data to the cloud

Student Planner is a great app for all the students, it has all the necessary features like Deadline reminders, subtasks, progress bar, color-coded tasks, and courses. It can significantly increase your productivity when used regularly. You can get this app for free in the Play Store.

Install Student Planner- Homework Agenda ( Android )

2. Student Planner

Student Planner is another fast and simple homework management app which is wrapped by a beautiful and intuitive material designed UI. What Student Planner adds to the table is the inclusion of a schedule or time table which you can use to either store your class schedule or it might even be a study schedule for your exams.

You first start by adding your subject and the schedule then you can add an assignment or set a reminder. The due assignments are arranged as separate cards and can be swiped away once done with.

homework planner apps- Student Planner Android

  •  Simple and easy to get started with
  •  Fast and small in size
  •  Beautiful Minimal UI
  •  Option for Schedule
  • No sync/backup
  • Timetable implementation not perfect

I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a simple homework management app with timetable support and a minimal UI.

Install Student Planner ( Android )

Egenda is simple. Open the app, add all the classes or subjects to the app, and once that is set up, you have the option of adding a new Homework, Quiz, Project, or Test and choose the respective subject deadlines. The app also arranges the due work in cards that can be swiped away when done. But what I love the most about this app is that the fact it allows you to go subject-wise and view all your upcoming tests, projects, or pending assignments which is a huge convenience for planning your schedule ahead of time instead of the previous day.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have a timetable option, but in its latest update, it added a  Calendar View  where you can see your whole month at a glance with your assignments, tests, and projects.

homework planner apps- Egenda Android

  •  Subject-wise sorting
  •  Calendar View
  • No timetable support

Egenda provides some great tools for Homework and Test planning and I am sure anyone would find them extremely convenient and useful. But keeping its single con in mind, go for this app if you are not too keen on having a schedule or timetable.

Install  Egenda  ( Android  |  iOS )

4. ChalkBoard

The next app on our list is ChalkBoard, which I found out to be a pretty smart homework planner app. Chalkboard strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and features.

Although the setup process is a little longer than the previous three apps, as you have to feed meticulous details about the classes, teacher, and schedule. It is worth the effort.

On the home screen, you are shown upcoming classes, events tab, and upcoming tests. ChalkBoard fetches the dates for every subject from the Timetable for your future classes. Little features like these make the app stand out from the rest and give an overall great experience. You can also view classes and assignments subject wise.

homework planner apps- ChalkBoard Android

  • Proper Timetable
  • Ability to add teachers for subjects
  • View tomorrow’s classes as well as assignments/tests/quizzes
  • Smart features
  • Little longer to set up
  • No calendar view

If you are looking for a homework planner as well as a school planner, Chalkboard is the app as it strikes a great ground with almost all the features one might need while not being too bulky.

Install ChalkBoard ( Android )

5. School Planner

School Planner is a full-fledged planning application designed for students to manage their career as a student. Along with your homework and timetables, School Planner offers you to keep track of your grades and attendance, add contacts for teachers, add recorded lectures, and even multiple planners.

The app supports backing up of all your data via Google Drive, Calendar View along with a weekly report, attaching snapshots to your assignment reminders, student accounts from ClassViva, and a lot more. In spite of so many features, the app doesn’t feel slow at all and delivers a powerful performance with its beautiful design.

homework planner apps- School Planner Android

  • Full-fledged student companion
  • Feature-packed and free
  • Supports sync and backup
  • Widget Support
  • Tedious setup procedure
  • Big in size
  • Complex, not so smooth learning curve

While it is not for someone who is looking for a fast and easy way into homework management, School Planner is a great student companion app and serious students will surely get the most out of hit.

Install School Planner ( Android )

6. My Study Life

My Study Life comes with its own web app and syncs with the Android app, essentially making your data accessible from any device as long as it has a browser.

It implements a goal-centric circular tracker that shows your progress. The Calendar view combines your timetable, deadlines, and shows all your classes and assignments, projects in a single place.

homework planner apps- My Study Life Android

  • Refreshingly new UI
  • Access from anywhere through its web app
  • Sync and Backup
  • Lengthy setup process

If you study from your computer or laptop, My Study Life makes it easy to access your homework planner on your phone from your computer, while not compromising on features and being completely free. What more can you ask for?

Install My Study Life ( Android  |  iOS )

7. iStudiez Pro

Like School Planner, iStudiez Pro includes grading and subject wise organization of tasks. iStudiez Pro takes it further with the integration of Google Calendar that allows you to directly get all your holidays, exam schedule, routine from Google Calendar itself.

It also offers separate apps on all platforms including iOS, Mac, and Windows. All the apps sync seamlessly between themselves, so studying on your computer consulting your planner won’t be an issue.

homework planner apps- iStudiez Pro Android

  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Cross-Platform
  • Cumulative Price

If Google Calendar integration and cross-platform support is a must for you, iStudiez Pro is definitely the app you want.

Install iStudiez Pro ( Android   |  iOS )

So this was our roundup of the best homework planner apps for Android. We genuinely think that there is an app for every need and we hope that you found a Homework Planner that suits your need whether you are a high school student or a college senior. So which one was your favorite or did we forget to add yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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Software Accountant

5 Free Assignment Tracking Templates for Google Sheets

Posted on Last updated: November 18, 2023

It’s that time of year again—assignments are piling up and it feels impossible to stay on top of everything. As a student, keeping track of all your assignments, due dates, and grades can be overwhelmingly stressful. That’s why using a Google Sheet as an assignment tracker can be a total game-changer.

With customizable assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can easily create a centralized place to organize all your academic responsibilities. The best part? These templates are completely free. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets and provide links to some excellent templates that any student can use to get organized and take control of their workload.

The Benefits of Using Assignment Tracking Templates for Google Sheets

Assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets offer several advantages that can help students stay on top of their work. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Centralized tracking: Rather than having assignments scattered across syllabi, emails, and other documents, an assignment tracking spreadsheet consolidates everything in one place. By leveraging assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can kiss goodbye to hunting for due dates or double-checking requirements.
  • Customizable organization: Students can add or remove columns in the template to fit their needs. Thanks to this, they can effectively track due dates, point values, grades, and other helpful details. They can also color code by class or status for visual organization.
  • Easy access: Google Sheets are accessible from any device with an internet connection. With this, you can easily view, update, or add assignments whether you are on your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Shareable with others: For group assignments or projects, assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets make collaboration seamless as you can share the sheet with a study group or entire class to coordinate.
  • Helps prioritization: Sort assignments by due date or point value to always know what needs your attention first. With prioritization added to assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can stay on top of bigger projects and assignments.
  • Reduces stress: There’s no better feeling than looking at your assignment tracker and knowing everything is organized and under control. Saves time spent scrambling, too.

Picking the Perfect Assignment Tracking Templates Google Sheets

When choosing assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you’ll want one with specific fields and features that make it easy to stay on top of your work. Here’s what to look for in a homework organizer template:

  • Assignment Details: A column for writing down each assignment’s name, instructions, and notes will help you remember exactly what you need to do.
  • Due Dates: Columns for listing the due dates of assignments, tests, and projects allow you to see what’s coming up and schedule your time wisely.
  • Status Tracker: A place to mark assignments as “Not Started,” “In Progress,” or “Completed” lets you check on what still needs your attention.
  • Subject and Type: Categories or labels for sorting assignments by subject or type (essay, presentation, etc) keep your spreadsheet tidy.
  • Big Picture View: Some templates include a calendar view or semester schedule to help you plan assignments week-by-week or month-by-month.

The right spreadsheet has the fields you need to fully describe your homework and organize it in a way that works for you. With the perfect template, staying on top of assignments is easy

Top Assignment Tracking Templates

Now that you know the benefits and what to look for in an assignment spreadsheet, we have compiled a list of top assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets that will help you seamlessly track your assignments. 

And guess what? You don’t need robust experience with Google Sheets to maximize these templates, as they are easy to use.

Convenient Homework Planner Template

assignment calendar

The Convenient Homework Planner Template is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets. It’s an excellent fit for students seeking an all-in-one solution to organize their work.

This template includes separate tabs for an overview calendar, assignment list, and weekly schedule. The calendar view lets you see all assignments, tests, and projects for the month at a glance. You can quickly identify busy weeks and plan accordingly.

On the assignment list tab, you can enter details like the assignment name, class, due date, and status.

The weekly schedule tab provides a simple agenda-style layout to record daily assignments, activities, and reminders. This helps you allocate time and schedule focused work sessions for tasks.

Key Features

  • Monthly calendar view for big-picture planning
  • Assignment list with details like class, due date, and status
  • Weekly schedule with time slots to map out days
  • Due date alerts to never miss a deadline

With its intuitive layout, useful visual features, and thorough assignment tracking, the Convenient Homework Planner has all you need to master organization and time management as a student. By leveraging this template, you’ll spend less time shuffling papers and focusing more on your academics. 

Ready to explore this assignment tracking template? Click the link below to get started. 

The Homework Hero Template

assignment calendar

The Homework Hero is an excellent assignment-tracking template tailored to help students conquer their academic workload. This easy-to-use Google Sheet template has dedicated sections to log critical details for each class.

The Subject Overview area allows you to record the teacher’s name, subject, department, and timeline for each course. This provides helpful context and reminds you of important class details.

The main homework tracking area includes columns for each day of the week. Here, you can enter the specific assignments, readings, and tasks to be completed for every class on a given day. No more guessing what work needs to get done.

At the extreme end of this sheet is a section for additional notes. Use this to jot down reminders about upcoming projects, tests, or other priorities.

Key features

  • Subject Overview section for every class
  • Columns to record daily homework tasks
  • Extra space for notes and reminders
  • An intuitive layout to map out the weekly workload
  • Easy to customize with additional subjects

The Homework Hero assignment tracking template empowers students to feel in control of their assignments. No more frantic scrambling each day to figure out what’s due. With this template, you can approach schoolwork with confidence.

Click the link below to get started with this template. 

The A+ Student Planner Template

assignment calendar

The A+ Student Planner is the perfect template for students seeking an organized system to manage assignments across all their courses. This Google Sheet template has useful sections to input key details for flawless homework tracking.

The Weekly Overview calendar makes it easy to see your full workload at a glance from Sunday to Saturday. You can note assignments, projects, tests, and other school events in the daily boxes.

The Class Information section contains columns to list your class, teacher, room number, and times. This ensures you have all the essential details in one place for each course.

The main Assignment Tracking area provides space to log the name, description, due date, and status of each homework task, project, exam, or paper. No more scrambling to remember what needs to get done.

  • Weekly calendar view to map out school events and tasks
  • Class information organizer for easy reference
  • Robust assignment tracking with all critical details
  • An intuitive layout to input assignments across courses
  • Great for visual learners

With a structured format and helpful organization tools, The A+ Student Planner provides next-level assignment tracking to ensure academic success. Staying on top of homework has never been easier.

Ready to get started with this assignment tracking template? Access it for free via this link below. 

The Complete Student Organizer Template

assignment calendar

The Complete Student Organizer is an excellent minimalist assignment tracking template for focused homework management.

This straightforward Google Sheets assignment template includes columns for the date, total time needed, assignment details, and status. By paring down to just the essentials, it provides a simple system to stay on top of homework.

To use this template, just fill in the date and time required as you get assigned new homework. In the assignment details column, outline what needs to be done. Finally, mark the status as you work through tasks.

  • Streamlined columns for date, time, assignment, and status
  • Minimalist layout focused only on crucial details
  • Easy input to quickly log assignments
  • Track time estimates required for assignments
  • Update status as you progress through homework

The Complete Student Organizer is the perfect template for students who want a fuss-free way to track their homework. The simplicity of the grid-style layout makes it easy to use without extra complexity. Stay focused and organized with this efficient assignment tracking sheet.

You can get access to this template by visiting the link below. 

Assignment Slayer: The Ultimate Planner Template

assignment calendar

Assignment Slayer is the supreme template for tackling schoolwork with military-level organizations. This comprehensive planner is ideal for students taking multiple classes and juggling a heavy workload.

The template includes separate tabs for each academic subject. Within each tab, you can log critical details, including the assignment name, description, status, due date, and associated readings or tasks. With this assignment tracking template, no assignment will fall through the cracks again.

Plus, it has additional columns that allow you to record scores and grades as they are received throughout the semester. This level of detail helps you better understand your standing in each class.

The Ultimate Planner also contains an overview dashboard with calendars for the month, week, and each day. With this, you can visually map out all upcoming assignments, tests, and projects in one view.

  • Individual subject tabs for detailed tracking
  • Robust assignment logging with name, description, status, due date, and more
  • Columns to record scores and grades when received
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily calendar dashboard
  • Visual layout ideal for visual learners

Assignment Slayer equips students with military-level organization. Its comprehensive features give you command over academic responsibilities, resulting in stress-free homework mastery.

Want to explore how this template can make your job easy? Click the link below to access this free assignment tracking template now. 

Why You Should Take Advantage of These Assignment Tracking Templates For Google Sheets

The assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets we reviewed in today’s guide offer significant advantages that can make managing homework easier. Here are some of the top reasons students love using these digital planners:

Get Organized

The templates allow you to sort all your assignments neatly by subject, type, due date, and status. No more fumbling through papers to find the next thing you need to work on. Plus, the level of organization you get with these templates helps reduce stress.

Manage Time Better

Knowing exactly when assignments are due helps with planning out your week. You can see what needs to get done first and schedule time accordingly. No more last-minute assignment crunches.

Access Anywhere

You can view and update your homework template from any device as long as you have an internet connection. The templates are ready to go as soon as you make a copy – no setup is needed. Easy access keeps you on track.

With useful tools for organization, planning, and accessibility, these assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets make managing homework a total breeze. Boost your productivity and reduce academic stress today by using these templates for your assignment. 

Final Thoughts

Today’s guide explored some of the most accessible and useful assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets. These handy templates make it easy for students to stay organized and on top of their workload.

As a busy student, keeping track of your homework, projects, tests, and other responsibilities across all your courses can be daunting. This is where leveraging a spreadsheet template can make a huge difference in simplifying academic organization.

The assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets reviewed today offer intuitive layouts and customizable features to create a centralized homework hub tailored to your needs. 

Key benefits include:

  • Inputting all assignments in one place for easy reference
  • Tracking due dates, status, grades, and other key details
  • Customizable columns, colors, and more to fit your study style
  • Easy access to update assignments from any device
  • Helps prioritize your time and tasks needing attention
  • Reduces stress by helping you feel in control

By taking advantage of these assignment tracking templates for Google Sheets, you can reduce time spent shuffling papers and focus your energy where it matters – knocking out quality academic work. Make your life easier and get a digital organizational system in place. 

for Education

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Workspace Admin
  • Google Cloud

Easily distribute, analyze, and grade student work with Assignments for your LMS

Assignments is an application for your learning management system (LMS). It helps educators save time grading and guides students to turn in their best work with originality reports — all through the collaborative power of Google Workspace for Education.

  • Get started
  • Explore originality reports


Bring your favorite tools together within your LMS

Make Google Docs and Google Drive compatible with your LMS

Simplify assignment management with user-friendly Google Workspace productivity tools

Built with the latest Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards for robust security and easy installation in your LMS

Save time distributing and grading classwork

Distribute personalized copies of Google Drive templates and worksheets to students

Grade consistently and transparently with rubrics integrated into student work

Add rich feedback faster using the customizable comment bank

Examine student work to ensure authenticity

Compare student work against hundreds of billions of web pages and over 40 million books with originality reports

Make student-to-student comparisons on your domain-owned repository of past submissions when you sign up for the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Google Workspace for Education Plus

Allow students to scan their own work for recommended citations up to three times

Trust in high security standards

Protect student privacy — data is owned and managed solely by you and your students

Provide an ad-free experience for all your users

Compatible with LTI version 1.1 or higher and meets rigorous compliance standards

Google Classroom picture

Product demos

Experience google workspace for education in action. explore premium features in detail via step-by-step demos to get a feel for how they work in the classroom..

“Assignments enable faculty to save time on the mundane parts of grading and...spend more time on providing more personalized and relevant feedback to students.” Benjamin Hommerding , Technology Innovationist, St. Norbert College

assignment calendar

Classroom users get the best of Assignments built-in

Find all of the same features of Assignments in your existing Classroom environment

  • Learn more about Classroom

Explore resources to get up and running

Discover helpful resources to get up to speed on using Assignments and find answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Visit Help Center


Get a quick overview of Assignments to help Educators learn how they can use it in their classrooms.

  • Download overview


Get started guide

Start using Assignments in your courses with this step-by-step guide for instructors.

  • Download guide

assignment calendar

Teacher Center Assignments resources

Find educator tools and resources to get started with Assignments.

  • Visit Teacher Center


How to use Assignments within your LMS

Watch this brief video on how Educators can use Assignments.

  • Watch video

Turn on Assignments in your LMS

Contact your institution’s administrator to turn on Assignments within your LMS.

  • Admin setup

assignment calendar

Explore a suite of tools for your classroom with Google Workspace for Education

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15 Student Planners That Will Make This Year Their Most Productive One Yet

Screen-free planning ahead.

student planners

If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. Why Trust Us?

Getting on board with using a planner might be quite the task, as most of us are used to clicking and tapping our notes into digital devices, like iPads and smartphones . Luckily for you, we've rounded up the best academic planners to transform even the most tech-obsessed person into a planner pro. From agendas designed to optimize your academic life to options that keep track of busy school and extracurricular schedules, these planners will help start the school year off right.

Planner 2023-2024

Planner 2023-2024

This student planner combines old-school sophistication with modern convenience. The cover design is classically minimal, with an elastic-band closure and pen holder at the spine to keep everything neatly together.

The interior page layout is similarly straightforward, offering weekly and monthly page views with plenty of lined and blank space to write, cross out, and rewrite. The design is unobtrusive, allowing for students to mold it to fit their needs. It's easy to follow with enough direction to keep students on-task, and it's durable enough that if it gets thrown around — which it definitely will — it won't fall apart partway through the year. Overall, the combination of style, durability, and price makes this student planner our number-one pick.

More: 20 High-Quality Backpacks That'll Actually Last All Year

2023-2024 Academic Planner + Study App

2023-2024 Academic Planner + Study App

A brilliantly laid out study app comes with the Five Star planner. It's one more way for kids to integrate their digital and analog planning and studying. It's a simple plan with an easy layout to follow, and teens love it. It has daily, weekly, and monthly sections with more than enough room for everything.

Dated Bilingual Middle High School Student Planner

Dated Bilingual Middle High School Student Planner

Bilingual English and Spanish planners are wonderful for really any child in the U.S. but especially good for Spanish speakers and Spanish learners. The planner has plenty of guidance as to what to put where and plenty of space in which to do it. It's also a great option for middle school students!

2023-2024 Academic Planner

2023-2024 Academic Planner

At-a-Glance planners are favorites of teachers I spoke with because they aren't distracting, but they're also very guided and have plenty of room. Even if your child decides to use markers in it, the pages don't bleed like some thinner-papered planners. These lay flat, allowing the student to look at everything at a glance.

Student Planner 2023-2024

Student Planner 2023-2024

A big part of why this one will be so popular is because of the design on the outside — celestial images are hot right now. But what's inside is even more important, and you'll find a well-laid out planer with 380 stickers, goal areas, weekly, daily, and monthly spaces ready to be filled out.

2023-2024 Monthly Planner

2023-2024 Monthly Planner

If you need to motivate your student, gifting them a package like this is a wonderful way to do it. It has everything a kid could want for planning, pens, stickers, tabs, and a design that's alluring even for the planner-shy.

Again, it has weekly, daily, and monthly spaces with great paper and lines that aren't too close together.

2023-24 Monthly & Weekly Academic Planner Kit

2023-24 Monthly & Weekly Academic Planner Kit

There's so much to love about this extremely durable zippered planner starting with the fact that it's not just an undated planner — it's an entire planner system.

Useful school supplies like fine-liner pens, sticky notes, tabs, note stickers, and highlighters are all included. That means that you can color-code by program or activity, highlight deadlines, coordinate your needs, and get everything put down exactly when you need to begin because you are the one filling in the date.

2023-2024 Academic Year Weekly and Monthly Planner

2023-2024 Academic Year Weekly and Monthly Planner

This notebook-sized student planner from Blue Sky helps plan out projects by week while also including a bird's-eye view of the entire month when opened to each tab.

It also provides more than enough space for writing down due dates and monthly appointments, and it lays everything out neatly on a clean-lined spread.

What we love about this one is that it's a smaller size, perfect for the front pocket of a backpack. There's even a section for jotting down yearly goals for the academic year to stay on track through the semesters.

The Jag Academic Planner

The Jag Academic Planner

Whether you're a consistent planner user or go weeks without writing down anything, this gorgeous, blank weekly planner is perfect. It feels grown up and ready for adulthood. Each page allows you to fill in the year and the date so that you can plan your way.

With generous space to write down daily tasks, assignments, and social engagements, you'll never miss a beat. Thanks to the sections for goals, important dates, and to-do lists, you'll be the image of productivity and organization.

Panda Reusable Academic Daily Planner

Panda Reusable Academic Daily Planner

Undated planners are gaining popularity, and this one keeps track of way more than just your day-to-day schedule.

The top-rated Panda Planner includes daily, weekly, and monthly pages, all designed with the goal-oriented user in mind. It helps break big goals into smaller tasks and lets users get as granular as they'd like with long-term planning. This means that you can plan their semester by the week, month, or the whole chunk.

The best part is that the cloud-integrated planner is totally reusable, as users can jot down tasks and notes with the smudge-proof pen, scan them with the compatible app, and erase the notes with the included cloth. It'll likely be the only planner-and-notebook combo that you'll ever need.

Daily Planner 2023-2024

Daily Planner 2023-2024

With weekly practices designed to inspire and encourage self-care, you will find this planner to be incredibly useful. Its lined pages are the perfect place to jot down notes, how you're feeling, or your progress and goals for that month. The weekly and monthly view allows you to write down detailed daily plans and broader monthly events.

The color-coded sections make finding a specific month quick and easy. You can design their planner to look as trendy as you want with the chic included sticker pack.

Simple Elephant Planner 2023-2024

Simple Elephant Planner 2023-2024

Straight to the point and focused on productivity, the Simple Elephant Planner is designed to keep you motivated and ready to achieve your goals.

School is far more than just going to class and going home. The Elephant Planner is designed for everything in between. With weekly and monthly pages, you can keep track of your bigger and smaller assignments.

Your will be setting and completing goals like a pro with the yearly goal tracker. The gratitude and affirmation pages help you shape a mindfulness practice while keeping you focused on what you want to achieve during the academic year. Plus, the mindmap pages allow you to create a mini vision board to engage with your more creative side, which is great for art majors or students involved in theatre.

Watercolor Checkered Academic Planner

Watercolor Checkered Academic Planner

In the planner community, many would hail Erin Condren as the brand that ushered them into an organization obsession .

Designed with students in mind, this academic planner has a section to manage projects and exams, pages for notes, and the standard weekly/monthly calendar grid. Customize this planner with your name in eye-catching metallic gold for an added pop.

Erin Condren's planner keeps everything from sorority parties to work study and dissertation dates in their place. It's also easy to find what you need when you need it, thanks to the specific tabbing on the sides.

Hardcover Daily Planner 2023-2024

Hardcover Daily Planner 2023-2024

Some of us are all about the low-key aesthetic, and this planner fits the bill. Simple and small enough to toss in your backpack, this planner will get plenty of use.

The weekly planning pages feature boxes to an open plan for dates, allowing maximum customization. Structured to last, the simple planner has a sleek look that is truly unisex and mature.

Planner Set

Planner Set

Who says that using a planner has to be boring? This colorful set comes with everything you need to become a planning pro.

Complete with stickers, pens, and markers, you'll be able to customize their agenda to your exact taste. Each month starts with a page for you to jot down reminders, like phone calls to make and texts to return.

The weekly and monthly view will keep you on top of your assignments, while the included accessories will make writing down homework due dates a bit more fun.

What to Consider

black line break

Choosing the right planner for the right person is no small task, especially for college students dealing with the beginning of their life as an adult. There's a lot to jot down when you consider work and school schedules that include not only term-long projects but also goals for the future, grade calculations, and important notes about prerequisites and scheduling. Planners are pretty individual things, so check in with your kid about their preferred style. My own 15-year-old son prefers to have a larger planner with more room because he's visually inclined in that way, but my 12-year-old daughter is just the opposite. Her planner is precise, but notebooks are for figuring things out.

A good student planner should have space not only for assignments but also for schedules, notes, and important email addresses and numbers, such as the At a Glance planner . It's also a good idea to give yourself the option of having multiple views of the dates — a month at a glance, a week, and a daily breakdown. It's not 100% necessary, but it is extremely useful. You also want your student planner to be durable, just like the Feela planner system , because planners get pretty beaten up over time. Think about it — they're thrown in backpacks , tossed into desk drawers, and even jammed into lockers, so they need to stand up to some knocking around. Flimsy is fine for something that stays at home but not for an academic planner that needs to travel.

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Cat Bowen has been covering parenting and home for over a decade. At Best Products, she has tested hundreds of products for parents and for the home, often spending dozens of hours per product to ensure her reviews are accurate and informative. Prior to joining the team, she was at Romper where she covered everything from breastfeeding to child sleep habits to abortion rights access. You can find her work on Bustle , Romper , and more. Cat is a bit of an intellectual magpie and perpetual student, most recently receiving a graduate degree in gender studies where she examined a topic that vexes so many — pockets in women’s clothing.

Headshot of Melanie Yates

Melanie Yates is the senior service editor of Best Products, where she writes and reports pieces pertaining to the etiquette, dilemmas, and how-tos of gift-giving for different occasions. Previously, she was the site's senior home editor, covering all things decor- and bedding-related since 2015. Her digital byline can also be found on Bustle, House Beautiful , and Elle Decor . A longtime classical-music enthusiast, Melanie spends her off-hours enjoying performances big and small across New York City.

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Free Schedule Templates

Free schedule templates you can use to organize your tasks, assignments, and other activities.

Word • PDF • Excel

Schedule Templates

Schedule Templates

Schedule templates are designed to help you plan your time better — your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks and activities.

We divided these templates into Work and Non-work schedule templates. Therefore, you can track both your job tasks and the activities outside your work hours.

In case you want to share these templates with your colleagues, your partner, or friends, you can use the Google Sheets and Google Docs versions of the schedules.

On the other hand, if you'd like to download these templates to your computer, feel free to use the Word and Excel versions.

Finally, if you prefer paper to online formats, bear in mind that you can download each of these schedules as a PDF, and then print them out.


  • 01. Work from home schedule template
  • 02. Weekly work from home schedule template
  • 03. Daily work from home schedule template
  • 04. Weekly assignments schedule template
  • 05. Daily assignments schedule template
  • 06. Yearly time off schedule template
  • 07. Weekly meetings schedule


  • 08. Monthly household chores template
  • 09. Weekly household chores schedule template
  • 10. Monthly workout schedule template
  • 11. Weekly workout schedule template
  • 12. Monthly budget schedule template
  • 13. Weekly meal planning schedule template
  • 14. Daily meal planning schedule template
  • 15. Travel schedule template

Work schedule templates

We created these free work schedule templates to help you be more productive and efficient with your work tasks.

You'll notice that some templates cover your daily, weekly, and monthly assignments, while other templates only provide you with one type of assignment.

That's because some types of schedules demand more details, such as the Work from home template — which is why this one has both the daily and weekly versions.

Work from home schedule template

When working from home, you often have to deal with many distractions, either coming from your neighborhood, from the people you live with, or your pets.

One of the best ways to avoid all these interruptions and get back on track with your work is to follow your schedule .

Here are two Work from home schedule templates you can use to organize your workday — or workweek, if that suits you better.

Weekly work from home schedule template

The Weekly work from home schedule template breaks down each day into three sections: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

Furthermore, there's a Weekly work checklist, and Meetings/calls section.

If you enjoy having an overview of your weekly tasks, this template will suit you, especially if you have flexible working hours . In this case, you'll be able to choose the time of day for your job assignments, then figure out when you'll fit in your home chores or meal preps.

Of course, even if you have fixed working hours, this template will help you make an 8-hour workday schedule that suits your needs.

To use it properly, you should fill this template out either on Sunday afternoon/Monday morning or note down new tasks every day.

Start by choosing the time of the day for each assignment during the week.

To ensure you'll get the most out of every workday, keep in mind your circadian rhythm — leave the most complex tasks for the time of the day when you're most alert. Then, be sure to add all your significant weekly tasks to the Weekly work checklist, as well as jot down all your weekly meetings and calls.

We hope that the Work from home weekly schedule template will help you finish your job tasks on time.

Once again, remember to take frequent breaks in between assignments.

⬇️ GET Weekly work from home schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly work from home schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly work from home schedule template

Daily work from home schedule template

The Daily work from home schedule template ensures you stay on track with all your daily tasks. This template breaks down your day into hourly segments. In addition, there's a valuable section called the Daily work checklist, where you can input all the most crucial activities/tasks of the day. Moreover, there's a To-do list for tomorrow, which you can fill out at the end of each day.

Anyone working from home can surely benefit from using this template. We suggest opening this template first thing in the morning.

Make sure to note down your most vital tasks and activities in the Daily work checklist section. Next, write down your meetings of the day. Once you do that, you'll have a better idea of when you'll be free to deal with your significant assignments. Don't forget to include breaks throughout the day, too.

Finally, to avoid working overtime, you should note down all the tasks for tomorrow in the To-do list for tomorrow.

⬇️ GET Daily work from home schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Daily work from home schedule template (Google Docs)

Daily Work From Home Schedule

Assignments schedule template

We created two types of templates that allow you to keep track of your assignments:

  • Weekly assignments schedule, and
  • Daily assignments schedule.

Weekly assignments schedule template

The Weekly assignments schedule is quite straightforward — there's a simple table where you can add tasks for each day of the week. In addition, we included the Task deadlines section and Reminders.

If you're looking for an easy way to keep a record of all your weekly assignments, this template will fit your needs.

We suggest filling it out at the beginning of a week.

Of course, if there are any unexpected tasks throughout the week, be sure to add them to the Weekly assignments schedule.

Now, this template also ensures that you complete all your tasks before the deadline, which is why we encourage you to enter your tasks' deadlines in the middle section.

Furthermore, there's the Reminders section, where you can add any important reminders or notes for your weekly assignments.

⬇️ GET Weekly assignments schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly assignments schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Assignments Schedule Template

Daily assignments schedule template

The Daily assignments schedule is a template that helps you figure out your top 3 priorities of the day. Moreover, since this template contains The Eisenhower Matrix technique section, it allows you to distinguish between important/not important, and urgent/not urgent assignments.

This template is practical because it ensures that you deal with your tasks according to their urgency and importance.

Once you fill out the Eisenhower Matrix technique section, simply scroll down to the hourly table and choose time blocks for these assignments.

Finally, don't forget to enter some vital tasks for tomorrow.

⬇️ GET Daily assignments schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Daily assignments schedule template (Google Docs)

Daily Assignments Schedule Template

Yearly time off schedule template

The Yearly time off schedule template allows you to keep track of your time off throughout the year. In this template, we covered several vital categories of time off, such as paid vacation, sick leave, earned days, and others.

Also, there are three important sections for each type of time off: Consumed days, Available days, and Balance.

So, how to use the Yearly time off template?

It couldn't be simpler.

First, enter the balance for each type of time off. For particular types, such as sick leave, you may not have a balance, but for paid vacation, you definitely will.

Then, whenever you receive approval to take time off for any reason, just enter the number of days in the proper row (the type of time off) and in the right column (the current month).

Next, the template will automatically calculate the number of Consumed days (for each type of time off) and the number of Available days left.

Thus, you'll have a better idea of how many days off you've used so far and how many there are left by the end of the year.

⬇️ GET Yearly time off schedule template (Google Sheets)

Yearly Time Off Schedule

Weekly meetings schedule

The Weekly meetings schedule is suitable for those of you who have meetings every day. With this template, you'll be able to keep track of all your meetings. In addition, you can add any significant details, such as meeting agenda, topic, and start and end time.

The Weekly meetings schedule covers five days of the week. To make the most of this template, you should open it at the beginning of the week and enter all your weekly meetings. Be sure to include details such as where meetings take place or the links to online calls.

To ensure that you're fully prepared for any meeting, add its topic and agenda, if needed.

Then, once the meeting starts, you can follow its agenda, but also write notes in the Important notes section.

⬇️ GET Weekly meetings schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly meetings schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Meetings Schedule

Non-work schedule templates

Apart from templates for organizing your job tasks, meetings, and time off, we created some non-work schedules you can use for free, too.

Here's the list of the templates you can use for planning your time outside of work:

  • Household chores schedule,
  • Workout schedule,
  • Budget schedule,
  • Travel schedule, and
  • Meal prep schedule.

Household chores schedule template

We made two types of household chores templates:

  • Monthly household chores, and
  • Weekly household chores schedule template.

Monthly household chores template

The Monthly household chores template helps you deal with all your errands around the house. This template covers a weekly breakdown of chores, but also some additional ones that you do once a month.

You can add your typical weekly chores.

Plus, you can add the names of the people in charge of these errands, which comes in handy if you share your household chores with your partner, roommate, or family members.

There's a column called Additional monthly chores, where you can enter some of the errands you deal with every month. For example, cleaning/vacuuming furniture or cleaning windows.

Moreover, we included another section for all the outdoor chores, which comes in handy if you live in a house. To make sure you won't forget any outside-the-house monthly errands, be sure to add them to this list.

⬇️ GET Monthly household chores schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Monthly household chores schedule template (Google Docs)

Monthly Household Chores Schedule

Weekly household chores schedule template

The Weekly household chores schedule template allows you to keep an eye on all your household chores during the week. We included a separate schedule for each day, along with Before work and After work columns, so that you can plan your errands accordingly.

In addition, we added the Who's in charge column to this template, too.

Since this template covers seven days, you can enter all your weekly errands at the beginning of the week.

Then, simply add the name of the person in charge of every chore.

Once you or your family members finish a specific errand, just put a checkmark next to it.

Also, during the workweek, you can decide whether you'll deal with these chores before or after work.

And, on weekends, you can choose whether you'll complete your errands in the morning or afternoon.

We didn't include evenings on weekends, because you should have some time to relax on Saturdays and Sundays.

Finally, this template contains the Shopping list — so, whenever you remember you need to buy milk or anything else, note it down here.

⬇️ GET Weekly household chores schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly household chores schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Household Chores Schedule

Workout schedule template

The Workout schedule template allows you to organize your exercise routine.

No matter whether you prefer working out in a gym or from home, you'll surely find our monthly and weekly workout templates useful.

Monthly workout schedule template

The Monthly workout schedule template ensures you stay consistent with your monthly workout targets. Setting such long-term goals is vital because it gives you a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. Thus, when you have a monthly target, you'll be able to make weekly plans. This will also help you plan your days accordingly.

That's why the Monthly workout schedule template contains the Overall goal field. So, your goal can be losing weight, improving your physical condition, or anything else. Just remember that goals should be challenging enough, you don't want objectives that are too easy or too difficult to achieve.

Now, how can you use this template?

Once you adopt your monthly objectives, you should decide what types of exercises will get you closer to your goal.

Then, choose how frequently you'll do such types of workouts.

Also, whether you'll do your exercises with or without equipment is up to you, and you can add these details to your schedule, too.

If you haven't been working out before, or you've taken a longer break, please make sure you consult your fitness instructor first. This way, you'll be sure your workout plan is suitable for you, and you'll avoid any injuries.

⬇️ GET Monthly workout schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Monthly workout schedule template (Google Docs)

Monthly Workout Schedule

Weekly workout schedule template

Apart from the Monthly workout schedule template, we also created the one for your weekly plans. First, you can plan your monthly routine, then use the Weekly workout schedule template to add more details.

As you can see, the Weekly workout schedule template covers several workout categories:

  • HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and
  • Yoga/stretching.

Depending on your monthly goals, you should choose the frequency of each category. Of course, you don't have to include all these categories in your workout plans, just the ones that will help you move towards your monthly objective.

Next, think of the best days for each type of exercise, as well as the time of the day.

Then, decide on the duration of your workout sessions.

This template also allows you to add links for workout videos you'd like to try, but also links for playlists. There's no doubt that music can help us stay motivated — so be sure to add your favorite tunes to this column.

Finally, remember that rest days are just as important as the days you exercise. Therefore, note down the days you'll spend resting.

⬇️ GET Weekly workout schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly workout schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monthly budget schedule template

The Monthly budget schedule template is designed to help you keep an eye on your expenses . In addition, this template includes a Savings column — to remind you to save some money for rainy days.

To make the most of our Monthly budget template, make sure you add the Starting budget.

Then, write down all the expenses you have during a month, such as rent, utilities, and other similar costs.

To ensure you'll pay all these expenses on time, there's the Due date column, too.

The template automatically calculates the total sum of your monthly costs, which can be pretty convenient.

Furthermore, to ensure that you'll put aside some part of your monthly income into your savings account, we included the Savings column. Thus, you can note down the amount you'd like to save from each paycheck.

⬇️ GET Monthly budget schedule template (Google Sheets)

Meal planning schedule template

Monthly Budget Template

Meal planning can be such a bummer, especially on days when you have too much work to do. Instead of figuring out what you'll have for each meal of the day, try organizing your meals for an entire week. Then, simply follow this routine throughout the week.

To make your life easier, we created two meal planning schedule templates:

Weekly meal planning schedule template

Daily meal planning schedule template.

The Weekly meal planning schedule template allows you to create a healthy meal plan for an entire week. You can write down your ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

As you can see, the Weekly meal planning schedule template covers seven days and four meals for each day. We suggest filling this template out on weekends, so that you'll have enough time for shopping.

If you're usually swamped with work during a workweek, you can make a couple of meals on weekends and store them in a freezer.

Another practical option this template offers is the Ingredients to buy list, where you can note down everything you need for meal prep.

⬇️ GET Weekly meal planning schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Weekly meal planning schedule template (Google Docs)

Weekly Meal Planning Schedule

Our Daily meal planning schedule template is more detailed than the weekly one. The Daily meal planning schedule template covers categories such as Preparation time, Ingredients, and Recipes.

This template helps you have a clearer understanding of how long each meal preparation will take. Therefore, you can easily adjust your meal preps with your work and other daily activities.

Moreover, with this template, you'll be able to write down all the ingredients of your meals, as well as add recipes.

⬇️ GET Daily meal planning schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Daily meal planning schedule template (Google Docs)

Daily Meal Planning Schedule

Travel schedule template

Do you enjoy traveling?

If so, our Travel schedule template will help you keep all the valuable information about your trip in one place.

This template covers categories such as Places to see, Tickets to buy, and Don't forget to pack.

Thus, you can write down all the attractions and spots you'd like to visit during your stay.

If you need to buy tickets for museums, galleries, monuments, or simply public transportation for that destination, be sure to add all the details to this template.

And, if you can make an online purchase, just add the link next to your list.

Finally, this template reminds you to pack the most crucial things, like money, passport, and medications. So, make sure you go through this list before your trip.

Of course, you don't have to plan everything ahead, leave some days open for any activity that comes your way. After all, this is how you make the best memories.

⬇️ GET Travel schedule template (Google Sheets)

⬇️ GET Travel schedule template (Google Docs)

Travel Schedule Template

Schedule projects and teams with Clockify

Aside from our Schedule templates, you can also use Clockify to schedule your projects and employees . This feature especially comes in handy for managers because they need to effectively schedule employee work time to ensure that all team members meet their deadlines.

The scheduling option in Clockify allows you to plan both projects and teams.

Here's how you can use Project scheduling with this Clockify option:

  • Add a new project by clicking on the button on the left corner. Clockify will automatically load that project and show you all the tasks under that project name. You can add a milestone by clicking anywhere on the timeline. You can easily edit your milestones, drag-and-drop them, or change their names.
  • You can add more team members to the project and create new assignments. To make sure nobody's swamped with work, Clockify will show users who are over their capacity.

In addition, you can zoom in and out to take a better look at assignments. Moreover, you can have an overview of the total hours assigned for each project.

Project scheduling in Clockify

When it comes to team schedules, Clockify also helps you see who's overbooked and who's available.

With Team scheduling, you can:

  • Add new members. Clockify will then automatically load all the assignments of these users.
  • Edit user's capacity by clicking on the three dots next to the user's name. This will give you a clue whether users are at their maximum capacity (Full), or they have several hours available for new tasks (Xh open), or if users are over their capacity for the day (Xh over).

This way, managers are able to assign new tasks to the right people and ensure that everyone has an equal amount of work during the week.

Employee scheduling in Clockify

Start tracking time with Clockify

24/7 Support

Cancel Anytime

Free Forever

Free printable calendar templates

Keep track of everything in style with customizable calendar design templates. these calendars are perfect for for personal planning, tracking projects, family organization, or even work, too..

Calendar template surrounded by 3D design elements

Free calendar templates

Without a calendar, it’s hard to stay organized. Keep track of everything in your life with these free calendar templates. These editable calendar templates can be customized in Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel , or Microsoft PowerPoint , depending on the template you choose. Easily change the font, colors, images, and more. There are a variety of calendar template designs available—explore simple calendars, blank calendars, content calendars, or professional calendars. You can even find calendars that provide space for notes and weekly or monthly calendar templates. Once you’ve edited your calendar, download it or print it out to hang on your fridge, office wall, or wherever you want. To access your calendar from anywhere, upload it to OneDrive, then make changes to your schedule and add new calendar events from any device. Even share your calendar in OneDrive with your family to keep them in the loop about upcoming important events. If you’re looking for more ways to stay organized, explore these free schedule templates .

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EPCC Computer Science students attend global symposium for their winning assignment

Courtesy: El Paso Community College

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- Two EPCC Computer Science students, Ivan Alonso and Emilian Garcia, took their winning assignment, "The Fingerprint Assignment: An Interdisciplinary Assessment for CS I Education" at the Technical Symposium of the Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education in Portland, Oregon.

Alonso and Garcia, with the help of their professor, Dr. Christian Servin, presented their work on March 20th through the 23rd at the symposium.

The team's work was considered among the top six assignments globally for the current year. This is also the first time the session has accepted an assignment from a community college.

Alonso said the work he and Garcia did was challenging, but allowed him to have a deeper understanding of computer science. “Through participation in this research, I discovered knowledge beyond the classroom,” Alonso, said. “Engaging in research exposed me to real world applications and challenges, which fostered a deeper appreciation for the complexities of the field.”

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