assignment for entrepreneurship


This section includes suggested assignments for each of the seven chapters. If you are taking this course for credit, your teacher will indicate which assignments you will need to complete and how.

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assignment for entrepreneurship

Chapter 1: What is Entrepreneurship?

Assignment 1

Define entrepreneurship and explain what it means to you. What does having an entrepreneurial mindset mean? Why do employers value entrepreneurial thinking? Make a mindmap or video about your thoughts.

Assignment 2

An entrepreneurial person is proactive, customer oriented and considers financial implications of one's action. Describe a situation where you have acted according to these principles.

assignment for entrepreneurship

Chapter 2: Entrepreneurial Skills and Strengths

Assignment 3

Reflecting on the VIA character test results, choose three strengths and describe what they tell about you. Analyze how those three strengths are useful in working life and as an entrepreneur.

assignment for entrepreneurship

Chapter 3: World of Successful Companies

Assignment 4

Benchmark a company in the field you are studying/interested in. What is the impact of the company to society and its services? Have companies in this field faced any major challenges e.g. due to robotization or other global changes? Report on your findings in a format instructed by your teacher.

assignment for entrepreneurship

Chapter 4 & 5: My Business Idea & Elements of Business

Assignment 5

What could be your business idea? How does it differ from what is already offered on the market? Do a SWOT analysis based on your thoughts.

Assignment 6

Take your idea a step further and go through the business model canvas, making lists for solutions under each heading.

assignment for entrepreneurship

Chapter 6: Setting up a Company

Assignment 7

Which type of company would you select for your first business? Why would you make this choice?

assignment for entrepreneurship

Chapter 7: Launching Your Business Idea to the World

Assignment 8

Describe your networks. Whom can you turn to for support in launching your business?

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Importance Of Entrepreneurship

Importance of entrepreneurship assignment help | importance of entrepreneurship homework help, importance of entrepreneurship.

assignment for entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship: From Startup to Growth Individual Assignment 2

Profile image of Nate Myers

In Module 4, we discussed building teams for startup businesses and leadership styles for entrepreneurs. This assignment is intended to be a personal reflection at the midpoint of the course. In one to two pages (300 words or less), describe:

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Alexandros Kakouris

In this teaching case we illustrate an example where we aim to trigger critical reflection in entrepreneurship courses through analysis of art. Α 3-step example is presented along with the trainees’ reaction on it. The approach, the example and the outcomes are discussed in the context of experiential entrepreneurship education.

assignment for entrepreneurship

Marco van Gelderen

Amparo García-Carbonell

Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises Journal


The purpose of this article is to provide entrepreneurship educators with examples of exercises to foster creativity within their entrepreneurship programs. We discuss attributes that develop creativity as well as those that deter creativity. We also outline 10 specific exercises that instructors can use in their classrooms to stimulate creativity. The practical implications of the article will allow entrepreneurship educators to become more proficient in stimulating student creativity in today’s ever-changing environment.

Nurfadhlina Mohd Sharef , Iezma Madzin

Rubrics provides standardization in evaluation by specifying guidelines to assign marks according to predetermined evaluation criteria. Rubrics-based evaluation for final year project in computer science has typically focused on the proposal writing, seminar, prototype development, logbook maintenance and dissertation writing. However, the evaluation has often overlooked the innovativeness of the project nor entrepreneurship skills of the candidates. This paper addresses the gap of current implementation of final year project implementation and introduce a framework of innovation-enhanced rubrics-based evaluation for final year project. The new assessment framework emphasizes the entrepreneurship and innovation skills which are realized cognitive, affective, psychomotor, soft skill as well as life-long learning characteristics in the course implementation. The new framework has resulted to candidates who have acquired a more holistics attributes of excellent fresh graduates which are important and highly looked by the employers.

Naftali Mwaura

Lots of reasons lead to rise and fall Startup. A critical success factor can be the leadership styles of entrepreneurs. However, as the business and the workforce grow the founders need to be aware of a growing responsibility towards their employees. They might lose sight of leading their employees in the most beneficial way. This article shows scientific theories about entrepreneurial leadership and tries to build a link to Startups. Several propositions are derived from related theories and will serve as a basis for the research. The theoretical framework will be enlarged by a comparative study between Startups and mature firms. Findings provide evidence for the application of entrepreneurial leadership across industries and firm sizes. Though, several findings indicate a similarity between the two types of businesses, a few noticeable differences have been identified during the analysis of the interviews. Both types of firms pursue a democratic, goal oriented and transformational leadership style. Nevertheless, Startups do not draw a clear line between leading entrepreneurially and not leading to ad hoc decisions.

Farhana Bhuiyan

Betsy Hays , Faith Sidlow

Experiential Entrepreneurship Excercises Journal

John Laurie

The Entrepreneur Interview is an exercise that allows students an extended one-on-one interaction with entrepreneurs. Through this, students have an opportunity to work on critical skills such as communication and articulation, writing and reflection and evaluation of their closely held beliefs of entrepreneurship. The exercise is a more robust alternative to guest speakers and gives the instructor a method of both reinforcing topics covered during the course of the class as well as exploring avenues of student interest during the post-interview/write-up class discussion.

Proceedings of Multi-Conference Business Information Systems (MKWI 2004)

Markus Rohde

Abstract: High-tech entrepreneurship education is the challenge of connecting practical university teaching with well-known concepts of life long learning in companies. New kinds of communities of practice emerge from these efforts. We present experiences made with a course in applied computer science, which was based on this concept. In our “Entrepreneurship and New Media” lab project teams of students worked with two start-up companies. The student teams were connected to each other and to their supervisors in ...


Betty Tsakarestou , Elizabeth Mays

wenhong chen 陈文泓

Tunazzina Hoque

Lotfi Belkhir

Harold Welsch

ICEBM: The Sixth International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Steven Gedeon

Inna Kozlinska

Brett Stohs

Tore Rasmussen

David Treviño

Small Business Economics

William Gartner

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Katrin Sontag

egide niyigena

Texila International Journal of Management

Texila International Journal

International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies

Peter Van Der Sijde , Paula Danskin Englis

Elízabeth Montoya

6th International Symposium & 28th National Conference on Operational Research “OR in the digital era – ICT challenges” Thessaloniki, Greece, 08 – 10/06/2017.

Konstantin Aravossis ΑΡΑΒΩΣΗΣ

ON RESEARCH Journal of EU Business School Vol. 2.

Lesley Lawson Botez

William max

Thomas G Pittz

22nd ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference

Guido H Baltes , Christina Ungerer

Srinivas Rrs

Dr. Keith Cotterill

Connie Marie Gaglio

Nathalie Duval-Couetil , Ziyu Long

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Business Entrepreneurship Assignment LibGuide

About this libguide, how to use a libguide, about the research process, business research - break it down, more western libguides about the research process, ask-a-librarian.

  • Searching and Finding Information in Library Databases
  • Start with Credo Reference Database
  • Business Databases from EBSCO and Gale
  • ReferenceSolutions Database
  • Business Websites
  • Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Streaming Video Websites for Learning
  • Writing Center Resources
  • Learning Commons: Drop-In and Online Math, Writing, Tutoring, and Library Support

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This LibGuide provides you with information and resources that are related to the fundamental aspects of research for a project in the areal of entrepreneurship. As you research have in mind the specific skills, attitudes and behaviors of the entrepreneur:

idea (lightbulb) icon

  • understand opportunity recognition
  • apply business concept development as well as preliminary feasibility testing

What is a LibGuide?

LibGuides collect   research information in one convenient place. They're updated in real time, which means you are always reading the most updated version.

How do I use a LibGuide?

left arrow

  • About the Library Need articles for a paper, project, or speech or just something other than textbooks to read? Western Library on-campus AND online provides both, as well a friendly librarians happy to help you find what you need!


  • adopt an exploration mindset - find out what information exists about your topic
  • you are not looking for any one answer to a question or problem 
  • you will only be able to find the information a company is willing to share publicly

search icon

  • menu items and prices
  • product and labor costs
  • number of locations and hours open
  • demographics - population, market, etc.
  • find the company's website and look at the "About.." page to see if there is anything there you can use
  • consider contacting the business by phone or email, explain that you are a business student, and ask if they would be willing to share information by email or in an interview
  • use company websites for financial and organization information

The research process can be broken down into individual steps 

  • skim and scan the article - look for facts you can use (size of company, revenue, demographic, etc.)

human climbing stairs or steps icon

  • discover what you don't know and what you need to learn
  • identify key facts, details, and concepts that relate to your topic
  • evaluate the credibility of the information
  • analyze if the information is useful and how you might use it
  • synthesize (bring together) the pieces information to complete your assignment or project

How to Conduct Business Research

  • Step 1: choose a topic interesting to you
  • Step 2: make a list of search terms related to your topic
  • definitions and concepts (business management, entrepreneurship, etc.) and

business research icon

  • use background information to identify an area you want to focus on
  • write it down so you remember it
  • database:  MasterFILE Complete  (magazine and newspaper articles)
  • database:  Business Insights  (Fortune 100 company data and information)
  • database:  Academic Search Premier  (scholarly/peer-reviewed articles)

note-taking icon

  • is the article useful for your assignment?
  • is the information up-to-date based on your topic?
  • is the author qualified to write about your topic?
  • did you verify the information with other sources?
  • is the article factual and unbiased?
  • is the purpose of the article to educate? inform? 
  • is it written for your reader?  
  • Step 6: combine what you already knew about your topic with the new knowledge you learned during the research process
  • Business Writing & Citations Connect with the Learning Commons Writing Center for help with putting together your written assignment or submitting your assignment and having someone look it over before you turn it in.
  • Reading and Note-Taking In this chapter we will explore two skills you probably think you already understand—reading and note-taking. But the goal is to make sure you’ve honed these skills well enough to lead you to success in college. (From the online textbook, College Success by OpenStax)
  • Notes: Methods and Resources for Taking Notes The best notetaking method is the one that works best for you!
  • Library 101: Using Western Library This short guide provides students with an overview of how to develop search terms, find books in the library, and use databases on the library website. It also provides links to citing sources and the Learning Commons Writing Center. Includes both video and text-based tutorials.
  • Library Research for Writing Assignments: A Quick Guide This short guide gives students an overview of conducting research for writing an essay. It covers the basics of developing search terms, note-taking, finding general background information for a topic using the library database Credo Reference, as well as more focused research using databases like Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) to find peer-reviewed or scholarly articles. Includes both video and text-based tutorials.
  • Library Research Skills for College: Step-by-Step This in-depth guide goes into step-by-step detail about the research process. It includes exploring and choosing a topic, developing search terms, basic and advanced search strategies, note-taking, using library databases to find background information at the beginning phases of the research process and peer-reviewed information using scholarly databases. It also provides information about citing sources and links to the Learning Commons Writing Center. Includes both video and text-based tutorials.
  • Western Library Website



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