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Law Assignment Sample

Law subjects we cover – contract law, tort law, ip law etc., how we approach your assignments, assignment services for you.

Law courses primarily focus on the development of skills of a student for professional practice. A lawyer needs to excel in legal research and reasoning, legal drafting and writing, dispute resolution, oral communication, advocacy and legal professionalism. Whether a student is pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s program, one needs to embed integrated skills and professionalism in the degree and focus on the core legal skills essential to the practice of law. Assignments play a crucial role in polishing such skills. However, due to several unavoidable reasons, students often tend to take the help of experts for their law assignments or search for law assignment sample questions and answers. Help and assistance is always advised to be taken from profoundly experienced experts who are well versed with the subject matter knowledge and marking rubric defined by the universities.

At My Assignment Services , our experts consist of Ph.D. scholars and retired professors from esteemed universities from Australia, UK and US. While writing an assignment, our law assignment writing experts follow the topic requirement, words quantity and the grades you expect. You can check our law assignment sample pdf in the following section. Our affordable services, based on your specifications assure quality services right from your first contact to delivery and beyond.


Our legal experts are proficient in all the three broad themes of law study: public law, private law, and legal methodology and legal practices.

In addition, students have been delivered assignment services in various subjects including

Law Assignment Covered

  • Commercial law that applies to the rights and conduct of enterprises and individuals engaged in business.
  • International law for treaties recognized by nations to bind relations with one another.
  • Human rights law which focus on the fundamental rights of humans.

Our sample pdfs reflect the thorough approach by our assignment writing professionals.

Our methodology emphasises on fulfilling a student’s needs. Be it scarcity of time, extra-curricular involvement, part time jobs, difficulty in subject understanding, lack of writing skills or any other reason, our assignment writing services are the one-stop solution for you. My Assignment Services has teams of academic experts to address your needs. We know that study of law needs profound subject matter knowledge and practical experience. However, achieving healthy grades in your overall academics also depends on assignments. While doing that for you, our experts make sure that you gather knowledge only from trusted and authenticated sources.

On completion of your assignment, our quality team ensures that the content is free from any typographical or grammatical errors. We ensure the advanced delivery of assignments so that the concerned student is able to review and suggest any changes, if needed. We attach a complimentary Plagiarism report with the assignment to ensure 100% authentic solutions.

During the entire process, you can always contact our customer service to know the progress status of your assignment. In case of any problem with the assignment or subject related queries, we can also arrange one-on-one tutorial sessions with our legal experts.

Our services have been well received by hundreds of law students for over a decade. Here is a law assignment sample question from our knowledge-base:

With our assignment help, we provide you with many other services:

  • Multiple revisions.
  • 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • 24*7 customer service.
  • Affordable and multiple payment options.
  • Before time delivery.
  • 100% money back policy.

You can relieve yourself of the stress from your assignment grades and put your efforts where they matter the most.

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How to write a law assignment

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 01:20 pm

Is it really all that difficult to write a good law assignment?

writing law assignment

Sometimes, a verbal contract just doesn’t cut it…

Law assignments are an important part of reading Law at the graduate level. But writing a law assignment is not as difficult as they would have you believe. It is simple enough actually, if you follow a few simple pointers, as we have explained.However, if you are currently stuck with you Law essay and would love to use some assistance, do not hesitate to place an order for our professional writing service to help you out.

The purpose of a law assignment is basically to test the concepts and knowledge of different laws you have acquired during the course of your lessons. There are different kinds of law assignments you may encounter during the course of your studies. These include commercial law, contract law, business law, family and personal laws amongst other things.

To give an example: contract law assignments need the students to be familiar with the contract laws and their applications. Contracts take place between parties when one party asks the other to complete certain tasks- and thus imposes obligations and benefits on the other. Such assignments involve cases of possible contractual breaches. The student has to use her knowledge to identify the possible breaches and what portion of the law is breached. The student may also have to suggest possible methods of resolution.

Formatting and Language

Some points to remember when writing a law assignment. The use of English language and structure becomes important. You need to have very good control over the English language- grammar, structure, spelling, and punctuations. You have to be very clear in the structure and phrasing used. There should be no cause for ambiguity. Choose correct and appropriate words. Avoid verbosity. The structure of thoughts in your text should be orderly and methodical with each argument leading up to the next. The more structured your argument, the better would your advocacy be.

In addition, using legal language can be very tricky and confusing for the legal student at the beginning of his course. Legal assignments may involve the use of heavy legal language, vocabulary and complex sentences, which may intimidate a student. Students may feel spurred to use an overdose of “legal” language in their writing to create an effect; however, that is not necessarily wise. Using simple language to make your point with use of necessary and unavoidable legal terms can make your essay or assignment meaningful.

Another part of writing legal assignments is the format. You need to pay careful attention to the format used. The lecturer would usually provide you with instructions regarding the kind of format to be used, so please ensure that you stick to it. Try not to use interpretations of your own in this regard; standard formats are the norm. Even when you are a practicing lawyer, you may have to follow a format requested by your superiors.

Arguments must be supported by valid evidence

write law assignment

A Law essay requires you to be extremely critical of everything. In essence, it requires you to be a cat.

Central to all legal writing is the use of well-reasoned and structured arguments. So , you must do a lot of preparation and in-depth reading and research work, before setting out on writing the essay. Determine the stand you are going to take and find out the evidence to support it. The evidence should be strong and reliable and as far as possible, beyond doubt. Any views or opinions presented should be backed up by a support. Your argument should have the least possible number of holes, which can be attacked by a combative opposition.

The premises and the conclusion should match each other. The premises are the reasons which you give for supporting a particular conclusion. A wrong argument or invalid argument is one in which the wrong kind of premises is used to justify a particular conclusion. Sometimes it may be difficult to really dissect an issue but even in that case, it is better to present what can be reasonably proved beyond doubt.

At the beginning of the essay or the assignment, it is good to introduce the key terms which may be used throughout the essay. This would help the reader understand the thread of the discourse.

Re-read the essay/assignment to ensure that you are on track and you have written all your arguments lucidly, briefly and with the factual evidence to support them. Also, proofread your paper thoroughly.

How to use references and footnotes in legal essays

There are different standards used for the citation of papers and other resources used as sources of information in legal studies. OSCOLA (The Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities) is the legal standard recommended to be followed for reference in some of the law schools in Britain as well as outside UK.

There are two kinds of sources used for deriving information to support arguments in legal assignments- primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are the sources of direct information. These include statutes, reports, legal publications. Secondary sources are based on information obtained from primary sources. Law teachers encourage students to primarily use information from primary sources for their research as that information would be more detailed, elaborate and precise. Use secondary sources where primary sources of information are not available. Overuse of secondary sources may lead to the danger of quoting inaccurate statements, and insubstantial discussions. Hence, assessors prefer that students use primary sources as much as possible.

Referencing is required to be done when you use external sources of information such as authorities for the preparation of the essay and especially for making specific statements. The incorporation of a bibliography at the end of an essay fulfills the former purpose. The use of footnotes at the bottom of every page fulfils the latter purpose.

Footnotes are a very important part of the OSCOLA system of reference as they provide linkage to the evidence which is used to support statements that you make as part of your arguments. Hence, they can be used as a reference by the reader as to the veracity/authority of the statement you are making. Footnotes refer to the inserted numbers, placed as superscripts, at the end of a sentence in the body of a text.

The number contains a reference to a piece of text from which information in the sentence is quoted. The full reference is expanded at the bottom of the page in the notes section. Footnotes may also be used to present additional information, which is not directly required in the main text but provides support to the argument.

Use of valid footnotes would increase the reliability and quality of the essay. Footnotes need to be ended with a full stop. The OSCOLA system does not depend on the extensive use of punctuation. Footnotes can also be placed next to a term or phrase used in the text if required.

References, when repeated, can be abbreviated. But it should be mentioned in the first use of the citation that it would be referred to in the particular shortened form later on.

Quotations from legal texts/statements when used in the text, need to be cited in full. In fact, even if there are errors in the original documents, those errors should be retained in the quoted text. The use of quotations come for special attention under the OSCOLA as legal arguments may involve the necessity of quoting extensively from previous judgments/statutes/laws/rulings. Hence, there are many rules in this direction.

All the Best with your law assignment! By the way, we do editing too. So, if you are still not sure of your essay, let us help you.

assignment format for law students

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Law Assignment Sample

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Online Free Samples

Review our law assignment samples prepared by qualified legal experts

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law assignment sample by legal experts! is one of the finest platforms to get your Law Assignment Sample questions and answers done. We provide assignment help on all areas of law, such as consumer law assignment help, taxation law assignment help, environmental law assignment help, company law assignment help , etc. We have different sample papers available on our website to help the students while writing their assignment. To explain law assignments better, we have used a sample of taxation law assignment in our article.

Is it necessary to refer to law assignment samples while solving law tasks?

Assignments related to law are assigned to students to develop their skills and prepare the students for the professional world. To become a successful lawyer, a student needs to have excellent researching and reasoning abilities; he should be able to draft and write legal documents, be able to resolve disputes, etc. He should have strong verbal communication and be able to put across his point in a strong manner. Advocacy and legal professionalism is the most important aspect of students pursuing law as a subject. While writing law assignments, the student is able to develop all the skills stated in the previous section. But before writing down the assignment, a student should always refer to law assignment sample papers as this will help him to understand how to approach such assignments. Law assignments should be precise and practical. There is no room for long generalized commentaries in assignments related to law. The assignments have a definite pattern that needs to be followed. So it becomes necessary for students to understand the patterns and to learn the art of being precisely correct while answering the law assignment topics . Students can find many law assignment sample papers available on the internet, and they have to understand the approach and solve the assigned tasks.

What Is Law?

What does the law mean? A country or organizations sets up some rules and regulations that are mandatory to be followed by the citizens of that particular country or organization. These rules are referred to as law. You will get through details about what is the law from the Law Assignment Sample, which we provide. It is mandatory to follow the laws, so anyone who doesn't abide by the norms of the law is punished. You will understand this well from the Law Assignment Sample provided by us in this article. With this paper's help, you can also come to know about the various branches of law such as civil, criminal, taxation, domestic, etc.

Law Assignment Samples related to Taxation

In our Law Assignment Sample we have covered taxation law which deals with the matters related to tax. If you want to get the best assignment help online for your taxation assignment then visit today. provides taxation law assignment on various subtopics of the tax such as sales tax, income tax, professional tax, commercial tax etc. Taxation law contains all the rules and regulations in context to direct taxes as well as indirect taxes pertaining to corporate and non-corporate organizations and individuals because laws pertaining to tax are part of commercial law. The experts solving Law Assignment Sample papers explain that tax laws are imposed legally by our constitution, and anyone going against it has to pay the penalty, and in worst cases, it can also lead to imprisonment.

  • Mr. Tailor who is a businessman earns &7800 from his organization. His net income after deducting all the company expenditures sum up to 6300. The income tax and the organization tax are to be paid by Mr. Tailor basis his net income. The finance department of the government will decide the tax percentage which will be shelled out by him. He will also be required to submit certain documents such as income statement, cash flow statements, balance sheet etc., which are the sources for calculating the amount of tax to be paid to the government. The experts at solving Law Assignment Sample elucidate that in case Mr. Tailor is unable to pay his taxes or does not have all the documentation as required by the tax authorities, he will have to pay a huge penalty or can also be imprisoned.
  • In 1882 Robert D’Souza bought 5 hectares of land for his apple farm and paid $320,000 for the land. He again purchased 1 hectare of land in the year 1889 and paid $ 40,000 for it. He also had to pay $800 as stamp duty charges and $1600 as legal charges. Robert decides to sell his land because the apples could not yield properly on that land. He could not get a good buyer for his land, so he decided that he would sell the land by subdividing it and paid $160,000 for the sub-division of his land. He finally got a buyer for his land and sold the land for $800,000 on august 2012. The contract made for the sale of land stated that half amount of the land will be paid after settlement and the other half with 10 percent interest would be paid on April 30 2013. A legal fee incurred was $2,400 and agent’s commission summed up to $12000. You are requested to give tax advice to Robert for the financial year 2012-13.

Land cost: $40,000 Stamp duty charges: $800 Legal charges: $1600

Cost incurred for sub-division and clearance: $160,000 Commission of agent: $12,000 Legal charges: $2,400 Total cost: $174,400

Here 20 per cent of the land is considered to be taxable area of land, hence the base cost sums up to $77,280

Now to find out the capital gains you need to calculate by how much the sale value exceeds the cost of the asset.

Sale Price: (20/100*($800,000)) = $160,000 Cost price = $77,280 Capital gains= Sale Price – cost price= $82,720

Robert can discount 50 per cent of the total capital gain because he had this new land with him for a time period exceeding an year. So now the capital gain sums up to $41,360(50/100*($82,720)).

Capital gain comes under taxable income along with other things such as the sale agreement which Robert had made with the buyer of his land which stated that the settlement would be made on November 12 2012. Robert is taking an interest of 10 per cent on the remaining amount from the buyer of his land and this amount will be included under the other incomes of Robert.

Total sales amount= $800,000 First payment= $350,000 Second payment= $350,000+10 per cent interest for the period of 5 months 19 days. Taxable amount=$16,440 No of days for which interest is accumulated = 171 Total Taxable interest=$ 16,400(350000/365*171).

Why Choose TotalAssignmenthelp.Com For Getting Your Taxation Law Assignments Done?

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assignment format for law students


assignment format for law students


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assignment format for law students


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Online Law Assignment Sample for Students 

Do you require a law assignment sample before proceeding with the law assignment assistance? If you say yes, Professional Assignment Help will send you a law assignment sample pdf so you can see the quality of the assignments we've prepared for other law students.

It's never been easier to complete an assignment. However, writing law projects comes with a slew of difficulties and complications. Law is a vast subject with numerous additional concepts, laws, and regulations that are difficult to remember for any student, especially those new to it. They must have a good comprehension of these topics to compose an assignment independently.

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We discussed taxation law in our law assignment sample, which deals with tax-related issues. Visit immediately if you need the best assignment help online for your taxes assignment. offers taxation law assignment examples on various tax subtopics, including sales tax, income tax, professional tax, and commercial tax, among others. Because tax laws are part of commercial law, they contain all of the rules and regulations dealing with direct and indirect taxes on corporations, non-corporate organizations, and individuals. The experts here can write any law assignment sample, whether a contract law or case study law assignment sample pdf.

Taxation law sample:

Penelope and Norman are Elite Education pupils. Penelope spends her free time on arts and crafts like knitting and creating soap and candles. She is so talented at these things that her friends have frequently requested that she bring some of her soap or candles to birthday celebrations as gifts.

In his spare time, Norman enjoys arts and crafts. Norman is a talented woodworker who frequently creates beautiful bowls, cutting boards, and statues from wood. His pals often request some of his possessions as birthday gifts.

Penelope and Norman decide to start a business together, selling their wares at weekend markets throughout Sydney. They are currently sole traders, and their firm is thriving. However, they recently decided to launch a website and sell their wares online. This has been a huge success and led to increased online sales, as they are now earning over $300,000 per year.

Penelope and Norman come to you for help with their business structure. They are now expanding, having just employed personnel, and require a tax-efficient corporate structure that makes it easier to raise financing. They also wish to reduce their liabilities if something goes wrong. They've tentatively chosen P&N Industries as the name for their company, but they're not sure if it's available.

Assist Penelope and Norman in understanding the characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of the various business formations accessible in Australia. You should also tell them to check the ASIC website to see if their selected business name is accessible. Advise clients on what type of company they should form, the steps involved in forming and registering a company, and the benefits and drawbacks of doing business as a corporation.

There are three basic types of business structures used in Australia. Sole trader, partnership, and company are the three types of business formations. Every structure has both faults and benefits (Sadgrove 2016). Read More…

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How to write a case law assignment? 

Are you having trouble figuring out how to write law assignment examples? When you're having trouble drafting your paper,'s law assignment example comes in handy. With the help of our specialists, you can learn how to write an assignment. In addition, we provide new law assignment pdf samples; keep an eye out for your ideal match.

Here's a quick rundown of the actions needed for the format of the law assignment:

First, decide on a topic

If you have a choice, start with a topic. You should be able to handle it without it being too narrow or too broad. To discover an appropriate topic, look through several online/offline sources.

Research properly

Researching is a broad phrase, and you're doing it even before deciding on a topic. Continue to look into key issues that arise daily using online and offline resources. If you're having trouble, use our contract law assignment examples.

Prepare for the assignment by brainstorming

Download our assignment sample format to learn how to design your law assignment. The essentials of legal assignments include identifying legal concerns, giving evidence, and formulating arguments, which you will learn more about with our university law assignments examples pdf.

Begin to write

It's time to start writing the first draft after brainstorming. Create an assignment that is clear, simple, and well-referenced. As an example, you can use our law assignment examples. Please take note of how our experts handled the situation. If you're having trouble, get in touch with us for custom solutions.

Citation, proofreading, and editing

Contact us, and we'll create a legal paper that is properly cited, edited, and proofread. You can learn the basics with the law assignment pdf samples that we have posted on the website.

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How to Write a Law Assignment?

Law assignments are tricky, and a robust structure is essential to make them stand out. If you are a fresher in Law and need some help writing it, then here are some of the vital tips that will help you write good law assignments.

  • Choose a Right topic

Students often wonder, “how to write law assignment?” when just starting out. The first step is picking out the right topic. A good topic generates interest in the readers and is easy to search for. Go through books, online journals and papers to find a good topic on Law. There are various categories of Law like civil Law, trade law and more. Based on it, find an interesting one to proceed.

Another reason why students wonder," how to write law assignment?' is due to poor search. This is one of the most significant issues which students face from time to time. Once you find your topic, it is time to search for information and exclusive data. Collecting data offline and online means gathering key points that can make your paper unique. This is the step that takes most of the time, so utilise it well.

The next tip is to brainstorm about your topic. Brainstorming includes coming up with good structure, good titles and sub-titles. Brainstorming allows one to be more creative and think of ways to become more unique. Students who do not do this and look for quick ways suffer a lot because they cannot come up with anything new, which makes their work different from others. You can go through papers on the same topic to get refreshing ideas.

  • Write a Good Introduction

The introduction is the first part of any assignment. Students who spend a lot of time writing a good one are wise. You need to provide subtle background information on your topic and bring light to matters. If it is poorly written, readers will click off it then and there. Make it exciting to build tension or encourage readers to stay hooked until the end.

  • Include Counterarguments in Their Best Light

A good assignment does not only include pieces of evidence on your claim but also answers for counterarguments. While writing, think of questions that might come to the reader's mind. Or, if you are writing for a topic, think of questions that can come from people who are against it and answer them in your paper. This makes the plot clear to people from other perspectives making it quite flawless.

  • 6 . Write a Good Conclusion

Many students become lazy in the end, but you should never do that. A poor conclusion is like a bad ending to a good movie. You need to use this space to refresh the readers with the main idea and leave off with a strong impact, like with a solid statement or mind-boggling question, to have a long-lasting impression.

  • Proper Referencing and Citation

Assignments like research papers and dissertations also include a separate part after the conclusion for citation. Citation and referencing is the part of giving credit to the work of original authors to avoid plagiarism.

  • Proofreading & Editing

And finally, the last part is reviewing the paper and making any changes to make it polished and error-free.

All these points are vital to upgrade any paper and standing out in class. If you need help with any step of assignment making, then get our help and stay at ease.

 Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Q1. how do you start a law assignment.

  • Introduce the essential points.
  • Have an opening sentence that grabs the reader's attention.
  • Provide brief information on the topic's overall significance.
  • Introduce the essay's main body.

Q2. What are the 5 steps to writing a law essay?

Ans. No two people approach the writing process in the same way. There is no "correct" or "incorrect" method of writing. The following is simply a representation of widely used steps in what may be a highly messy and fluid process.

  • Step 1: Pre-Writing
  • Step 2: Research
  • Step 3: Drafting
  • Step 4: Revising
  • Step 5: Editing and Proofreading

Q3. What is the format of the law assignment?

Ans. An introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion are usually required in an essay. In general, each paragraph should include only one idea. This could entail writing shorter paragraphs than you would in high school or previous colleges. In the legal profession, precision is crucial.

Q4. Where Can I Get A Law Assignment Sample?

Ans. provides free law assignment sample formats. Go to the website and download the topic that you require. We won't charge you anything for it. Please keep in mind that the assignment format PDF we've provided is merely for reference; please don't copy it.

Q5. How to write law assignments?

Ans. Completing law assignments correctly and precisely in the manner stipulated by the professor is difficult to work for a student or a writing expert. When a new lawyer starts writing about legal topics, it appears as if they are learning a foreign language. Therefore, it is critical to use legal cases, acts, and a thorough comprehension and knowledge of the law to write appealingly and effectively.

Q.6. How to write criminal law assignment?

Ans: To write an excellent criminal law assignment, one needs to come up with a good topic, frame a structure and research well to enrich the paper with information. Then, after completing the entire process of writing, edit and proofread your paper to remove any silly mistakes.

Q.7. How to write contract law assignment?

Ans: Contract law assignment should include all the six significant parts of a contract, i.e. offer, acceptance consideration, legal relations, authority and certainty. You can get our law help to cover all these elements in your paper.

Q.8. How to write a case assignment for media law?

Ans: Media law deals with digital media or intellectual Property. Mentioning the parties involved is mandatory, along with the main issue. Necessary ways to resolve this can also be stated at the end of the assignment.

Q.9. How to write an assignment on family law?

Ans: Family law assignments should state the relations between the concerned family members. The matter of question and tiny details which might influence this situation should be added. You can also add distant family members if they are essential to the case.

Q.10. How to write law assignment on Taxation?

Ans: Students who are instructed to write an assignment on Taxation should have a good knowledge of taxes. Therefore, they should mention the tax laws regarding the matter, state the issue and the objective behind it, along with legal repercussions for it.

Q.11. How to write a Business law assignment?

Ans: Business law assignments can be regarding business, breach of contract, trade laws and employment issues. Having a detailed knowledge o all topics of it is important to compose an error-free business law assignment.

Q.12. How to write law assignment on Civil?

Ans: Civil Law includes public relations rather than criminal, religious or military affairs. Therefore, to write a good assignment, one has to have adequate knowledge and correct means of solutions for it.

Q13. How to write a Tort law assignment?

Ans: Tort law allows a plaintiff to gain unliquidated damages for a wrong civil hearing. You can get our help with excellent tort law assignments if you are new in this area for incredible assignments.

Q.14.  How to write a Law assignment on Constitution?

Ans: To write a good assignment on the Constitution, be well versed with all laws, principles, and regulations of the country’s constitution.

Q.15. How to write a Law assignment on Property?

Ans: Property law assignment enlists all the information about the property in question. Therefore, students writing an assignment on it need to have good knowledge of the property to make their assignment unforgettable.

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