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SAP Factory Calendar

' src=

IMG -> SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Maintain Calendar

Steps to Define a Factory Calendar

There are three steps when defining the factory calendar:

  • Public Holidays

Holiday Calendar

  • Factory Calendar

Public Holiday

Public holidays are the statutory holidays in the calendar. These days can vary depending on the country and region. Most of the common holidays are pre-defined in SAP and we can use those. If there are any additional holidays, we can define them by going into the public holiday definition. When defining a public holiday, there are several options available.

  • Fixed day from the date
  • Distance to easter
  • Easter Sunday
  • Floating public holiday

The fixed date is used to define holidays that are fixed on a particular date, e.g., Christmas day. When defining a fixed holiday, we need to only give the month and the date within the month. When this holiday is assigned to a calendar, the fixed holiday will remain unchanged throughout the calendar validity period.

If a public holiday falls on a fixed weekday from a particular date, we can use the second option “ fixed-day from date ”. If a public holiday has a fixed distance to Easter Sunday, we can use the “ distance to Easter ” option. If the holiday is Easter Sunday, then we can use the “ Easter Sunday ” option. If there is no specific rule for the holiday, we can use the last option which is “ floating public holiday ”. For floating holidays, we need to define the month and date for every year because the date will change each year.

There are several other inputs that we can give during holiday definition.

  • Sort criteria
  • Public holiday class
  • Short holiday name
  • Long holiday name

After defining the public holidays, we can define a holiday calendar. This is kind of a grouping for the holidays. When defining the holiday calendar, the below inputs must be entered:

  • Calendar ID – Unique ID which is used to identify the holiday calendar.
  • Calendar name – Give a name for the calendar.
  • Validity period – A validity period must be given for each holiday calendar.
  • Assignment of public holidays – Assign the public holidays that we defined in the previous step.

When the holiday calendar is already assigned to a factory calendar, the “ used in factory calendar ” indicator will be set against the holiday calendar.

The final step of the calendar definition process is to create the SAP factory calendar. Below are the inputs that need to be given:

  • Factory calendar ID – Unique ID used to identify the factory calendar.
  • Factory calendar name – A name can be given for the calendar.
  • Validity period – Validity period must be defined.
  • Holiday calendar ID – Enter the holiday calendar ID that is relevant to the factory calendar. This will assign the public holidays in the holiday calendar to the factory calendar.
  • Workdays – Define the days which are considered as workdays in the week.
  • Special rules – If there are any additional holidays that we need to assign only for this factory calendar, we can set those up as special rules.

Once the factory calendar is defined, it can be assigned to the plant code. This marks the completion of factory calendar creation in SAP. —

Did you like this tutorial? Have any questions or comments? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. It’d be a big help for us, and hopefully, it’s something we can address for you in the improvement of our free SAP PP tutorials.

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SAP PM – Create Factory Calendar & Assign to Plant

How to create factory calendar in sap.

Factory calendar consists the number of working days with weekend and holidays. With the help of factory calendar, the planning in an organization can be done accordingly, as the SAP system will advise if the work being planned is on valid working day or weekend or holiday.

Based on the requirements of project, you can create one or more factory calendars. For e.g. If one plant works for 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week, this can have different calendar and other plant works on only 8hours a day and 5 days a week, it can have another calendar.


  • List out the public holidays and define public holidays
  • Create holiday calendar with valid period.

Configuration steps

You can create factory calendar in SAP, by using the following navigation method.

Step 1 : – Execute t-code “SCAL” in command field from SAP easy access screen.

factary calendar tcode SAP

Step 2 : -On Sap calendar : main menu screen, choose “Factory Calendar” option and click on change icon.

sap calendar main menu

Step 3 : – On change factory calendar: overview screen, click on create icon.

change public holiday calendar SAP

Step  4 : -On change factory calendar details screen, update the following details.

  • Factory Calendar Id : – Update the two digits key that defines as factory calendar id in SAP.
  • Description : – Update the descriptive text of factory calendar.
  • Valid : – Update the validity of factory calendar i.e. from and to year.
  • Holiday calendar id : – Assign the holiday calendar id to the factory calendar.
  • Workdays : – Choose the working days of factory calendar.

SAP PM - Create Factory Calendar

Choose save icon and save the configured details in SAP.

Assign Factory Calendar to Plant in SAP

After you define/ create factory calendar in SAP, you need to assign to plant. Perform the following steps for assignment of calendar to plant.

Step 1 : – Execute t-code “OX10” in command field.

Step 2 : – Click on position button and enter plant key “TLBL” and press enter, so that plant code displays on top of the SAP screen.

assign plant

Step 3 : –   Now choose the plant key and click on magnifying glass to display the details.

assign plant to calendar in SAP

Step 4 : – Now enter the factory holiday calendar key in the given field “factory calendar”.

Factory Calendar to Plant in SAP

After assignment of calendar, choose save icon and save the configure details.

Successfully we have created factory calendar and assigned to a plant in SAP.

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Author's profile photo Kaushalya Perera

Creating Factory/Holiday Calendar

This tutorial describes step-by-step procedure of creating and adding a new holiday to holiday and factory calendar.

Note: It is not recommended to make any changes to the factory calendar in a production system.

All the calendar data should be maintained in a customizing system.

Updates are done via transports from the customizing system.

As a special case a customizing client in the productive system can be established.

Changes in the customizing client will then directly affect the productive system, as the calendar data is client-independent.

SAP Calendar:

SAP calendar master consists of three separate sub-objects which are inter-linked to each other:

  • Public Holidays,
  • Holiday Calendar and
  • Factory Calendar.

Public holidays :

Public holidays can be defined and be combined into holiday calendars.

Public holidays describe the statutory holidays for a particular country or region within a country.

Types of Public holidays:

  • Fixed day of week from a specific date
  • Specific number of days before or after Easter (Sunday)
  • Easter Sunday
  • Moveable holiday (with individual specification of dates during each specified year).

For holidays with fixed date (such as Christmas) and moveable holidays it is possible to specify simple rules guaranteeing the holiday if it falls on certain days of the week (Thu, Fri, Sun, Sat/Sun). For instance, Christmas day public holiday may be moved to the next working day if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Holiday calendar :

Holiday calendar is assigned to each factory calendar.

Factory calendar

Factory calendar contain company specific dates such as alternate working Saturdays and holidays.

T-Code  :     SCAL

IMG SPRO -> Time Management -> Work Schedules

Step 1: Create Public Holidays

  • Select the radio button Public holidays.
  • A pop up window appear to select the Type of Public Holiday.

Type of Public Holidays

  • Day (e.g. 25)
  • Month (e.g. 12)
  • Not Guaranteed: Indicates that the public holiday should not be moved if it falls on a weekend.
  • Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Saturday/Sunday: If the public holiday is to be “guaranteed”, i.e., should be a day off in any case, you have to specify the workday to which the public holiday should be moved.
  • Sort Criterion: use this to display logically related holidays in a block, e.g. all holidays for a country.
  • Religious Denomination: (e.g. Christianity).
  • Public Holiday Class: this specifies the holiday type. It can be used to determine the groups of holidays and normal days. (e.g. ‘1’ is ordinary public holiday).
  • Give Long/Short Holiday Names.
  • Enter the Public Holiday into relevant boxes: Year/Month/Day (e.g. 2012, 05, 05).
  • Enter the Public Holiday Attributes and click Insert Date icon.

Step 2: Create Holiday Calendar

To assign public holidays in a holiday calendar, we need to maintain one or more holiday calendars to accommodate the differing holiday schedules of our company.

  • Select the radio button “Holiday Calendar”.
  • Enter the Calendar ID and the Name of the calendar. A holiday calendar is identified in the system by a two-character calendar ID.
  • Enter the validity of the calendar.

Assign Holidays

  • Click on the Assign Holiday button to assign the holiday.
  • From the Insert Public Holidays into Holiday Calendar screen, search for the respective calendar and select the holidays you want to allow.
  • Click on the Assign Button.
  • The public holiday gets added; click on save button to save the holiday calendar.
  • Acknowledge all the messages.

Step 3: Define the Factory Calendar


  • Select the working days and assign a holiday calendar to factory calendar.
  • Select the radio button “Factory Calendar”.
  • Enter the Factory Calendar ID (same as the Holiday Calendar) and the Factory Calendar Name.
  • Enter the Holiday Calender ID.

Special Rules:

Special rules are used to define a date (or periods) as a holiday or as a workday, which is not maintained in the holiday calender (which is applicable for that year only).

In the Public Holiday definition you can determine if a holiday should be moved if it falls during weekends.

You can assign this special rules accessing the “Change Factory Calendar: Details” :: Special Rules button.

scal_srule_Layer 3.png

  • Go to Factory calendar (change) –> change calendar –> Special rules.
  • Enter the date and specify if it is a holiday or workday, then save.
  • The Special rules have higher priority than holiday calendar holidays or workdays.

Finally, click Year Overview and check for the dates.


Final Step: Transport the Calendar

All changes made to the holiday or factory calendar must be transported manually.

  • Go to SAP Calendar: Main Menu.

Calendar Functions

Once the SAP Calendar is configured properly, you can use this data to perform various types of calculations.

SCAL function group consists of some predefined function modules that can be use to determine whether or not a given date is a working day, holiday, etc.

As December comes to a close, The new year is just around the corner, and it’s a good time to maintain your Factory Calendar for the coming year (if you haven’t already done so); I hope this simple guide will help you. 🙂

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very useful, and I am looking for it, thank u a lot.

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Author's profile photo Sardar Jani Shaik

This was really helpful for me understand and configure the calendar in SAP. Great job and Keep it up...

Author's profile photo Ashutosh Bhanage

Fantastic document Kaushalya

Author's profile photo Vijish An

Amazing document. Thanks!

Author's profile photo Jari Keyriläinen

Very informative document Kaushalya!

Perhaps worth to add here that in a global environment You also need to be careful with this not to move unwanted/non-validated changes through. For validating of such I use SCU0 as follows:

Trigger SCU0 in i.e. Development Client

  • Select ‘SAP Reference IMG’ and press ‘Create’
  • In 'Selection by' pop-up choose ‘Select activities’
  • In IMG selection tree drill down to ‘Maintain Calendar’, select it and press Enter
  • Give description for the comparison run, select R/3 connection as Your Production environment and press ‘Full Comparison'
  • In the outcome, 'red #' shows the differences between the selected environments and to see the actual difference set cursor to required line (i.e. to table TFACD), press ‘Comparison’ and in a coming pop-up press ‘No’
  • Many of the tables tent to have a lot of entries so to see the difference only You may want to use Filter-button and untick 'Identical' option

Cheers! Jari

Author's profile photo Livia AugustaMalheiros

Awesome info Jari!

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