1. Afi 36 2110

    assignments afi 36 2110

  2. Afi 36 2110

    assignments afi 36 2110

  3. Hssad Program Afi 36 2110 Attch 7

    assignments afi 36 2110

  4. Afi 36 2110

    assignments afi 36 2110

  5. Afi 36 2110

    assignments afi 36 2110

  6. BY ORDER OF THE AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION 36-2110 … / by-order-of-the-air

    assignments afi 36 2110


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  1. PDF Department of The Air Force

    Air Force Instruction (DAFI) 36-2110, Total Force Assignments By order of the Secretary of the Air Force, this Department of the Air Force Guidance Memorandum (DAFGM) immediately implements changes to DAFI 36-2110, ... maintained in accordance with AFI 33-322, Records Management and Information Governance Program, ...

  2. PDF Department of The Air Force Washington Dc

    (AFGM) immediately implements changes to Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2110, Total Force Assignments. This change will allow assignment authorities to facilitate when possible the assignment or deferment of Airmen with a court-ordered child custody decree to the geographic location of the children. Compliance with this Memorandum is mandatory.

  3. PDF By Order of The Secretary of The Air Force

    published in AFI 36-2629, Individual Reservist Management and AFI 36-2633, Peace Time Management of the Air Force Pre-trained Individual Manpower Programs. It also updates and incorporates guidance from AFI 36-2110, Total Force Assignments, Chapters 12 and 13 and

  4. Reserve Assignments

    Total Force Assignments: DAFI 36-2110. Military Separations: DAFI 36-3211. Voluntary Limited Period Of Active Duty (Vlpad) For Air Reserve Component (Arc) Service Members And The Career Intermission Program: Dafi 36-2008. Reserve Personnel Participation: DAFMAN 36-2136

  5. Tour lengths increase for certain first-term overseas assignments

    For more information on the changes to tour length, visit AFI 36-2110. AFWN USAF AF Air Force tour lengths overseas duty locations PACAF USAFE One Air Force time on station readiness force management Personnel Management Airmen guardians Pacific Air Forces U.S. Air Forces in Europe

  6. Air Force improves assignment process for co-parents, considers custody

    Assignment matches will be made when possible, and must meet the best needs of the Department of the Air Force. Criteria for court-ordered child custody assignments and deferments vary, so consult the new Air Force Guidance Memorandum AFI 36-2110 for details. In order to apply, Airmen can submit their application through myPers beginning Aug.17 ...

  7. PDF Special Duty Assignment Category (SPECAT) Guide

    100%. AFPC is the only authorized assignment authority for SMSgt and below IAW DAFI 36-2110. 5.2. The SPECAT entries are those special duties and positions that meet the criteria in DAFI 36-2110 and this PSD Guide and approved by AFPC/DP3AM. The SPECAT Guide is the official AF directive providing

  8. PDF By Order of The Commander Air Force Recruiting Service Air Education for downloading or ordering. RELEASABILITY: There are no releasability restrictions on this publication. OPR: AFRS/RSX ... Use this instruction and the applicable criteria in AFI 36-2110, Assignments; the Special Category (SPECAT) Assignments Guide (located at https://gum- crm.csd ...


    This document references: AFI 36-2101 - CLASSIFYING MILITARY PERSONNEL (OFFICER AND ENLISTED) Published by AIR FORCE on June 25, 2013. A description is not available for this item. View All. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI 36-2110 at GlobalSpec.

  10. Newcomers

    AFI 36-2110 - Total Force Assignments (Jul 2020) AFI 36-2406 Evaluations (Jan 2013) AFI 36-2504 Officer Promotion Continuation And Selective Early Removal In The Reserve Of The Air Force; AFI 36-2619 - ADOS AC Man-Day Program; AFI 36-2629 - Individual Reservist Management;

  11. Humanitarian assignments bring Airmen close to home

    For eligibility criteria and additional information regarding humanitarian and EFMP programs, Airmen should review Air Force Instruction 36-2110, Assignments, Attachment 24 (humanitarian) and Attachment 25 (EFMP). For more information, see your military personnel section or visit

  12. Air Force Permanent Change of Station Assignment Policies

    Personnel distribution to specific units is done jointly adhering to the policies contained in AFI 36-2110, Assignments. When you graduate from basic military training (BMT) and Technical Training (TTGs) the base requests are considered, but the needs of the Air Force will always win—sometimes they match. You can receive an assignment within ...

  13. AFI 36-2110 (Assignments) : r/AirForce

    AFI 36-2110 (Assignments) Per the AFI in regards to BOP it states; "A2.6.1. If Airman's request is approved, the MPF will ensure the Airman obtains 24 months service retainability within 30 days of approval notification. (T-1).