The Law of Corporations In a Nutshell , 7/e by Richard D. Freer, West (2016)  ISBN: 978-1634597012

Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview by Albert M. Wolters (2 nd ed.) ISBN: 978-0-8028-2969-6

Location of Course Materials

All materials for the course are available in Blackboard via JBU Eaglenet.  The Course Information section includes this syllabus, instructor name and contact information, a course calendar and term dates.  The Weekly Assignments section includes all videos, readings, details about assignments, and assignment submission area.

Review the technology requirements for accessing online content for this course:  Technology Requirements .

Communication with Students

All communication will take place via Blackboard either through the Announcements tool or through JBU e-mail.  Please check this frequently.


Course Description

Basic legal principles that govern modern business transactions. Topics include contracts, real and personal property, agencies, employment, business formation, and Uniform Commercial Code. Emphasis on organizational ethics and compliance. Offered in online and hybrid formats.

Course Prerequisites

Junior Standing

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of Business Law and Ethics, students will be able to:

Understand the importance of culture for ethical business activity.

Demonstrate knowledge of the law of corporations, including principles of corporate formation, agency, and fiduciary duties.

Understand the importance of worldview and how one's worldview affects business decisions.

Articulate how creational norms are relevant to ethical business decision making.

Exhibit skill in analyzing complex ethical issues from a Christian perspective.

Course Requirements

Short Essays:

Your responses to the “short essay” assignments this week and in subsequent weeks should not be “first drafts.” Rather, they should be well-written, well-developed short essays that show that you have read the assigned readings and videos, digested them, and expressed thoughtful responses to the essay questions. (They will be graded accordingly.) In addition, the short essays should be in proper sentence- and paragraph-form with no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Brevity and conciseness are key to writing a substantive response to these questions within the stated word limit. I recommend writing a longer first draft and then returning to it fresh later to revise, edit, and (if necessary) cut extraneous portions of what you have written. No citations are necessary in these short essay assignments.

Discussion Boards: Each week you will have a discussion forum on a topic from the current week.  Your intial post should be at least 300 words and should reference the material covered that week, readings, videos, etc.  Your initial post is due Thursday, 11:59 p.m.   You will respond to 2 other student's posts with a minimum of 50 words.   You need to go beyond I agree, good post, etc.  Response posts are due Monday, 5:59 a.m.

Final Paper:

To earn a passing grade in this class, students must complete the final paper.

Students should familiarize themselves with John Brown University's Academic Integrity policy. Each instructor will apply this policy to identify cases of academic dishonesty, which includes plagiarism, cheating, fabrication, or facilitating academic dishonesty.

Grading Scale

Grading Policy:  Students are required to submit all assignments when due.   Homework is designed to prepare students for class collaboration.   On a case-by-case basis, instructors may accept late work for partial credit at their own discretion.   If late work is accepted it is subject to a 10% reduction per day late.   In no event shall homework be accepted for credit if it is not submitted within seven days of the original due date (before the next class meeting).


"The schedule, policies, procedures, and assignments are subject to change at the instructor's discretion."

University Procedures and Policies

Several policies and procedures are effective for all JBU Online courses.  Students are expected to know and adhere to these policies and procedures, which are detailed here:  

JBU Online Policies

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Assignment : Business Ethics and Business Law

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My Assignment Help : Samples & Case Study Review Sample

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Law and ethics assignment on: Business ethics theories and principles


Business ethics:

Nonetheless, it is made a point to be noticed that the management has to meet the economic expectations as well as has to take care of the ethical liabilities simultaneously. Therefore, each and every person and department of the organization from top to bottom is involved in order to meet those responsibilities. First principle of ethics in business states the ethics of care and well being of the people. Then, it talks about the ethics of virtue      or the ethics based on moral aspects’ evaluation of an individual or a group. In addition, to demonstrate on what is right and what is wrong, an enterprise should confirm that there should be no favoritism among the people of the organization based on caste, religion, race and colour. Additional, the ethical principles include utilitarianism, efficiency, justice, legal and moral rights. In support, these principles can be explained with the help of business ethics’ theories’ description (Management innovations, 2008).

Theories and principles:

Stakeholder theory:

Kantian theory :

Besides, according to Kant business ethics is to provide the employees full opportunity to put into effect on their jobs. It also demonstrates that workers should be provided sufficient salary for their survival along with their desires’ satisfaction. Consequently, principles of business ethics also reveal that each level of management should be involved in decision-making process in order to make their active participation before the implementation of decisions. In sum, the assurance of relationship among stakeholders’ governance by the rule of of justice is also ensured with the help of well-designed procedures. It is also ensured thorugh business nethics that workers’ moral development is not being interrupted by anyone (Kant, 1994).

Egoism & utilitariansim :

In addition, there are some other thoeries of business ethics that based on egoism and utilitarianism. In this context, egoism theory talks about the overlapping of morality with an individual’s or company’s self-respect. In contrast, there can be multiple egoists in this regard such as personal, impersonal and psychological egoists. Next, utilitarianism theory of ethics affirmed that one should act in a way that generates most happiness affecting amximum number of people. It also discusses that produced happiness should have the prospect of long term not immediate or short term. The actions whose outcomes are not certain or definite, should be avoided. In addition, a transparent and straightforward standard should be formulated to test the policies and procedures (John, 1998).

  Influence of business ethics’ theories and practices :

Additionally, theory present by Kant is used by the organizations and its main emphasis is on universal morality. According to this, management has made an agenda that employees must nbe treated by their superiors as they want to be treated by the employees. With the help of Kant provided theory of categorical imperative, the businesses and management has ruled out some unlawful practices such as bullying, corruption, theft and fraud. Moreover, companies have started making fair and clear decisions which are based on employees’ justice. Apart from this, ethics of virtue has made a great impact on almost every business. It has been noticed that ethics of virtue is not a frameowrk of rules and regulations that are imposed on the employees, but rather a system which holds personal characterisics . It states that if these characteristics are practiced in regular life then each individual will make right and ethical       choice in any multifarious condition (Hsing-Chau Tseng, 2010).

Consequently, there are many ways through which influence of business ethics can be perceived. As stakehoder thoery demonstrates that each stakheolder’s interest should be taken care equally, it makes shareholders, employees, customers, government, suppliers, competitors and civil society more responsible towards the business of that organization they are associated with. In this regard, ethical shareholders take the accountability of greater level of profitability of organization. Management gives the employees opportunity to be ethical and integrate their goals with organizational goal. On the other hand of business ethics, customers also become liable to use the products ethically and with full responsibility. In contrast, management of a company utilizes the business ethics in practices and seeks long term relationship and profitability with suppliers (Gonzáles & Guillén, 2002).

Ethical implications :

One question always arises regarding ethical expertise while discussing about business ethics. For this, moral implications can be made out for organizations and the quality of management. First, management should focus on the value of stakeholders and should consider their legitimate and illegitimate expectations. Organizations should reveal and make visible what they are doing and acting upon and besides it, the consequences of their actions should also be revealed. In addition to it some relativistic aspect can be considered by the management. From this perspective, primary aspect is secularist mentality which puts a moral point of view. The ethical implication of it articulates that ethical laws and principles are not imposed upon the employees from the top level management. All the rules which are made in terms of business ethics are people made which suggest reasonable is what they say is fair and unjust  is what they say is not right (Sullivan, Haunschild & Page. 2007).

Moreover, t\he organizations can specify each employee’s duty and responsibility so that it will be able to maintain the relationship between an employee and the environment around him/her. In sum, ethics programmes can be fostered for the employees as well as for superiors. Through such programmes, managemenmt can ensure the prevention, detection and eleminitation of the misconducts and unlawful acts. In this context, formal codes can be created for the employees to be considered during their work. Ethical committees should take the charge of development of etyhical policies and in addition they should investigate and evaluate the compnay’s actions and violations. Besides, a system of ethical communication should be brough forward for receiving reports of abuse of unlawful acts from the employees so that necessary action can be taken out for guidance and prevention of such acts (Ferrell, Thorne LeClaire & Ferrell, 2000).

Sustainability of theories and practices:

Sustainability is considered one of the most strategic issues of any organization which depends upon company’s value and status in the market and among its competitors. It is known by economic, environmental, social and socio-environmental performance of the organizations. It is also expected that the sustainabiloity should be bearable, viable and equitable from every perspective (Witt, 2012).


Utilitariansim ethical theory concentrates on an action performed by an individual and its consequences and on the other hand, Kantian ethical theory talks about an individual’s intention. Both of these theories influence organizations in business world. These theories and principles provides the organizations a suitable process to be followed which generates satisfaction among the employees, increase the level of profitability and productivity. It also satisfies every stakeholder by giving their interests’ full concentration and importance ethically. Apart from this, employees are ensured to be treated equally and like more of a person first rather than worker working in the company. Afterward, implications have also been discussed in this paper. In this framework, the authors talked about the value of stakeholders to expect their future benefits. Nonetheless, study presented that it is not essential that every ethical theory or principle is required to get profitable investments. They are considered best for stakeholders’ satisfaction which results in better financial performance of the company.

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Temu promises cheap goods. Here's how the shopping app does it

Bill Chappell

business law and ethics assignment

Temu has soared in popularity since it launched in 2022. Here, a photo illustration shows the Temu app in an app store reflected in videos of Temu consumers in Washington, D.C. Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

Temu has soared in popularity since it launched in 2022. Here, a photo illustration shows the Temu app in an app store reflected in videos of Temu consumers in Washington, D.C.

Temu's Super Bowl ads promise to let people "shop like a billionaire" — and they've helped the Chinese-owned online discount marketplace expand in the U.S. at a breathtaking pace.

"In less than a year, this business has spun up an online retailer that is, like, 75% the size of [], which is enormous," The Atlantic 's Amanda Mull told NPR last fall, citing Temu's $16 billion in revenue in 2022.

But that explosive growth has also fueled skepticism from consumers over the quality of Temu's offerings. And some U.S. officials accuse Temu of underpinning its business with unfair and/or unethical practices.

Here's a quick guide to Temu and the questions about it:

Very low prices are only part of the story

Temu aggressively markets "hot deals" — such as a hooded button-up fleece jacket currently going for $8.32 or a car-mounted vacuum cleaner selling for $13.48 . Eye-catching prices like those are frequently cited in its online ad campaigns.

The reasons behind those low prices range from Temu's business model and aggressive market tactics to an obscure U.S. import law.

For decades, importers and retailers have racked up profits by buying Chinese-made items wholesale, bringing them to the U.S. and selling them at a markup. Temu pursues a similar tactic, but it promises a direct, streamlined link between consumers and manufacturers.

Super Bowl ads played it safe, but there were still some winners

Super Bowl 2024

Super bowl ads played it safe, but there were still some winners.

"Dispatching goods directly from the source eliminates the need for multiple stages of transportation and warehousing," a Temu spokesperson told NPR, "addressing what is often the most significant expense and inefficiency in conventional retail operations."

Temu's strategy follows a model that Pinduoduo, the huge Chinese retailer behind Temu, honed when it streamlined connections between farmers and consumers in China's food and produce sector. In 2022, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said Pinduoduo allowed "more than 16 million farmers to sell their produce to 880 million consumers who shop on the platform."

Temu is aiming at Amazon

Compared with its ultrafast-fashion counterpart Shein , Temu focuses a bit less on clothes and more on ultracheap home goods and plasticware. It's increasingly mentioned as one of the biggest threats to Amazon's e-commerce domination.

For now, Amazon's lead is secure — the company recently reported $170 billion in net quarterly sales, including $70.5 billion from its online stores and $43.5 billion from third-party seller services.

But Temu has quickly made inroads — one metric of the retailer's impact is U.S. mail carriers, including one who recently described to Forbes the phenomenon called being "Temu tired," as she seemingly delivers more of the company's orange-labeled packages each day.

On Apple's list of shopping apps as of Tuesday, Temu held No. 1, followed by Shein and then Shopify and Amazon.

America can't resist fast fashion. Shein, with all its issues, is tailored for it

America can't resist fast fashion. Shein, with all its issues, is tailored for it

Temu has reportedly been undercutting its competitors' prices, absorbing losses to win over customers, according to an analysis by China Merchants Securities that was cited in Chinese-language financial news media and by Wired . Recent reports have also alleged that Temu has pressured sellers to keep prices low.

When asked about those claims, Temu's spokesperson told NPR, "Merchants who have developed economies of scale and demonstrate cost efficiency thrive in Temu's environment. Their ability to offer competitive prices, driven by reduced production and operational costs, are rewarded by consumers looking for that combination of price and quality."

An obscure U.S. law helped Temu's meteoric rise

E-commerce innovations alone don't explain Temu's low prices. Lawmakers also accuse Temu of abusing a loophole in U.S. import tax law. The loophole lets companies skip import fees for smaller-value shipments, and Temu uses that rule when shipping individual packages to people's homes rather than importing in bulk to a warehouse.

The rule in question is called de minimis , a legal term for something too insignificant in value to bother imposing duties. The threshold differs around the world ; in the European Union, it's 150 euros (about $160). The U.S. level used to be $200, but it rose to $800 in 2016 — among the highest in the world — when then-President Barack Obama signed the bipartisan Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act .

Are the products in your shopping cart real?

The Indicator from Planet Money

Are the products in your shopping cart real.

"Both Temu and Shein rely heavily on the de minimis exception to ship packages directly to U.S. consumers," a congressional review found last year, "allowing them to provide less robust data" to Customs and Border Protection and avoid import duties.

"Temu and Shein alone are likely responsible for more than 30% of all packages shipped to the United States daily under the de minimis provision," the committee said in its report.

The import method also minimizes the chances that Temu's packages will be screened for compliance with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party said. That law blocks products from China's Xinjiang region , where systematic human rights abuses against the Uyghur minority have been reported.

"Regarding the compliance issue of products related to forced labor, we attach great importance to it," the Temu representative told NPR. "Our current standards and practices are no different from those of major U.S. e-commerce platforms. The allegations in this regard are completely ungrounded."

Timing and inflation have boosted Temu

Temu exploded in popularity in the U.S. after its first Super Bowl ad in 2023, becoming one of the most downloaded apps in the United States.

The bold decision to tout its months-old marketplace and app with high-profile TV ads came as the company sought a foothold in the U.S. market. Almost immediately, downloads and use of Temu's app spiked, according to Momentum Works , a Singapore-based market research firm.

That first Super Bowl ad placement, which the company repeated in 2024, came as Americans were reeling from record levels of inflation . In that context, Temu's promise of selling everyday items at remarkably low prices resonated.

But there has been backlash, including a federal class action lawsuit filed last year accusing Temu and its parent company of collecting "user data beyond what is necessary for an online shopping app, including biometric information and data from users of the app."

Are Temu products legit?

"On average, some of them are going to be exactly the same, some of them are going to be coming from exactly the same sellers" that consumers might find at other retailers, The Atlantic 's Mull said last year. "Others are going to be a little bit junkier. Others might use substandard materials that might not always pass muster in the U.S. for safety standards."

Also worth noting: Pinduoduo's app and website — but not Temu itself — has for several years been on the U.S. list of "Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy," recently updated by the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

The USTR listing says that despite Pinduoduo's claims of adopting new anti-counterfeiting initiatives, a litany of issues remains, including refusals to remove bogus products and "a further deterioration of Pinduoduo's already ineffective seller vetting."

Online pricing algorithms are gaming the system, and could mean you pay more

Online pricing algorithms are gaming the system, and could mean you pay more

Last year, Pinduoduo changed its corporate name to PDD Holdings Inc., which is now the parent company of both Pinduoduo and Temu. Shares of PDD Holdings are listed on the Nasdaq exchange; at the end of stock trading last week, PDD Holdings closed at $127.48 , giving it a market capitalization of $169.37 billion.

As for the U.S.-based Temu, the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which gives it a rating of C-plus . For comparison, Amazon, which is accredited, has a B rating. To earn accreditation, a business must both meet BBB standards and pay an annual fee.

Alina Selyukh contributed additional reporting.

business law and ethics assignment

Fenwick & West Laying Off Nearly 10% of Attorneys, Staff (2)

By Meghan Tribe

Meghan Tribe

Fenwick & West is laying off nearly 10% of its attorneys and staff as the tech-focused firm faces fallout from stalled transactional markets.

After an “assessment of current and anticipated future demand,” the firm made the decision to reduce its workforce, firm chair Richard Dickson said in an email viewed by Bloomberg Law sent Tuesday. The reductions will affect “just under” 10% of the firm’s professionals, he said.

Fenwick is a Silicon Valley stalwart and over the years became one of the prominent firms advising technology companies. Its clients have included Apple Inc., Oracle Corp. and Meta Platforms Inc. It joins tech-focused law firms such as Cooley and Goodwin Procter in reducing jobs as transactional markets fell from record-highs.

“Once more, we find the regrettable reality of yet another tech-centric firm being hit by layoffs,” said Summer Eberhard, a California-based legal recruiter at Lateral Link. “Any firm that is heavily invested in industries that are still lagging in the current economy may come to this same resolution,” she said, noting that many of those firms have already reduced their headcount.

Like others, Fenwick hired aggressively to meet demand for the firm’s services that surged from 2020 to early 2022. Dickson said in his email that the recruiting spree had resulted in “many more attorneys” and additional professional staff.

“Unfortunately, as transactional activity slowed in 2022 and 2023, our talent levels became misaligned with our existing and projected client demand, particularly in our large transactional practice,” Dickson said. “I take responsibility for this and am truly sorry that those decisions have led to a significant impact on our people today.”

While Fenwick’s layoffs shouldn’t “sound alarms with associates that their firm may be next,” it’s noteworthy that part of the firm’s calculus was an assessment of their current and anticipated future demand, Eberhard said.

“The fact is that corporate transactional practices at firms are slow but I am cautiously optimistic that we have already hit the bottom and work will be picking back up over the next year,” she said.

People affected by the Fenwick’s announcement will receive a minimum of 13 weeks base pay and health benefits, with the longest-tenured employees receiving more—up to a maximum of 40 weeks, Dickson said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Meghan Tribe in New York at [email protected]

To contact the editors responsible for this story: John Hughes at [email protected]

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Fani Willis takes the stand hellbent on setting the record straight — but legal experts are split on whether her testimony did more harm than good

  • Fulton County DA Fani Willis took the stand with a fiery approach to questions about her private life. 
  • Legal experts said a judge is unlikely to dismiss Willis from Trump's Georgia election interference case.
  • But the appearance of a conflict of interest in the case could sway the public against Willis. 

Insider Today

ATLANTA, Georgia — Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took the stand in a contentious Thursday court hearing as she sought to restore her reputation after allegations of having an improper relationship with Nathan Wade, the prosecutor she hired as lead lawyer in the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump and his codefendants.

Scott McAfee, the 35-year-old Fulton County judge overseeing the case, scheduled the highly unusual hearing to determine whether Willis, Wade, or both of them had a conflict of interest that should disqualify them from prosecuting the case.

On the stand, Willis was pugnacious, fighting with defense lawyers and vacillating between snarky quips and full-on shouting at times as she delved into the details of her and Wade's romantic relationship and her personal finances.

Willis' office brought a grand jury indictment against Trump and more than a dozen co-defendants in August 2023, accusing them of participating in a sprawling criminal conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

Several of the defendants have since pleaded guilty to their role in the conspiracy. But attorneys for Mike Roman, a former Trump campaign advisor, threw a wrench into the DA's proceedings.

Citing a filing from Wade's divorce proceedings, attorneys for the defendants alleged that Wade and Willis had an improper relationship . Willis hired Wade in November 2021 for the election interference investigation.

The defendants' attorneys allege Wade paid for lavish trips for both of them during the course of their romantic relationship. A witness for the defense attorneys alleged Thursday that Willis and Wade's relationship began in 2019. Both Willis and Wade testified that their romantic relationship, which they said ended last summer, began around March 2022.

Attorneys for Trump and his codefendants have argued that the trips Wade put on his credit card count as financial benefits and should disqualify Willis from the case.

Wade and Willis pushed back against those characterizations, both testifying Thursday that she paid him back in cash or by picking up other bills on their outings.

But legal experts are mixed on just how successful Willis' testimony actually was.

A hearing that never should have happened

Stephen Gillers, a New York University law professor and expert on legal ethics, said McCaffee should have never held the hearing in the first place.

"The parts of the hearing I've watched sound like an opportunity for voyeurism or the plot for a modern-day Scarlet Letter. It's a sad day for the rule of law in Georgia," he said.

"Judges I know would never let a hearing like this proceed. But this judge is young and inexperienced," Gillers continued.

The hearing — live streamed on YouTube and aired on cable TV due to Georgia courts' lax rules about public access to the judiciary — offered a raw look into the private life of the top prosecutor.

It touched on her challenges dating in her 40s, how her life changed with threats following the Trump indictment, and the independence she has fostered for herself at this stage in her career. It also included allusions to Wade's health issues, allegations of sexism, and Willis's thoughts on how men and women differ in their approach to ending relationships.

None of those issues, Gillers said, had any bearing on whether Willis should be disqualified from the case.

"Nothing in the moving papers supports Willis's disqualification," he said. "The motion should have been dismissed out of hand or referred to the state disciplinary committee for consideration."

Norman Eisen, an attorney and former diplomat who served as special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during Trump's first impeachment trial, called the Thursday hearing a "spectacle." 

"At the end of the day, it is clear that those who are trying to disqualify DA Willis have not met their steep burden under Georgia law to prove a conflict," Eisen said in a statement shared with Business Insider. 

Too arrogant to prepare to testify

Other legal experts, however, were less dismissive of the hearing's merits and more critical of Willis' performance.

Sarah Krissoff, a former federal prosecutor in New York, said the defendants' accusations are not "frivolous," adding that even the appearance of a conflict of interest in the case has to be addressed because of the national importance of the Trump-related legal proceedings.

"She seemed to be dismissing it and not taking it as seriously as it is," Krissoff told BI of Willis.

While on the stand, Willis cracked jokes and snapped back at defense attorneys, appearing eager to retake control of the case. At one point, she quipped to a lawyer, "Don't be cute with me."

Mark Bederow, a defense attorney and former prosecutor in the Manhattan DA's office, called Willis' and Wade's testimony "a full-fledged disaster."

"It's as if she is so arrogant, she wasn't prepared to testify," Bederow said of Willis.

He was also shocked by the former couple's claims that Willis exclusively paid Wade for their trips with large amounts of cash she said she regularly keeps on hand.

"A seasoned lawyer, no records? No paper?" Bederow questioned of Wade.

Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor in California, said he was also skeptical of Willis' and Wade's explanations on the stand.

"We all have Venmo and Zelle. She said she never Cash Apped him," Rahmani said. "Everything was cash and he never deposited it? I just don't find that believable."

Willis has been forced to go on the defense

At one point, Willis reminded the court, "These people are on trial for trying to steal an election in 2020. I'm not on trial, no matter how hard you try to put me on trial."

Despite being on the back foot during Thursday's hearing, several legal experts said the hearing is unlikely to affect the case from a legal standpoint. Most experts were skeptical that the evidence presented Thursday would lead to Willis or Wade being dismissed from the case.

But that might not matter in the long run, Rahmani said.

"Willis came out swinging, but I would say it's too little, too late," he told BI. "She has lost the PR battle."

Willis waited weeks to address the allegations, only confirming her and Wade's relationship in a filing earlier this month, though she denied any financial impropriety as a result of their relationship.

But the DA's delayed response time, coupled with testimony from her former friend on Thursday who contradicted Willis' claims about when her relationship with Wade actually began, has undercut Willis' control of the case, Rahmani said.

"This is an embarrassing sideshow. She's on the defense when she should be on the offense," Rahmani said.

Krissoff concurred, saying that Thursday's hearing may have done damage to Willis' reputation with the public.

"Even if Willis is ultimately successful, Trump's team is going to be screaming six ways to Sunday that this was a biased, flawed prosecution," Krissoff said.

"And even if the judge doesn't buy that argument, I think the public might," she added. "That might be a constituency that's more important than the judge."

The hearing will continue, with Willis resuming testimony on Friday.

business law and ethics assignment

Watch: Trump calls on Supreme Court to help with legal battles

business law and ethics assignment

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  2. Ch. 1 Introduction

    Chapter Outline. 1.1 Basic American Legal Principles. 1.2 Sources and Types of Law. 1.3 Important Business Laws and Regulations.

  3. Business Ethics Lesson Ideas

    Introduction to Business Ethics Beyond obedience to the law, what responsibility do corporations have to act ethically or in the social interest? This lesson introduces students to the concept of business ethics through the film "The Corporation." It includes discussion questions as well as suggested readings and additional resources.

  4. LES 305: Business Law and Ethics for Managers (Online) Spring 2022

    Information contained in this document such as assignments, grading scales, due dates, office hours, required books and materials may be from ... Each week, I will post items of interest relating to business law or ethics to YD -- these could be interesting news articles, videos, or web pages that relate to the week's topics. In response, you will

  5. Business Law and Ethics

    Upon successful completion of Business Law and Ethics, students will be able to: To earn a passing grade in this class, students must complete the final paper. Students should familiarize themselves with John Brown University's Academic Integrity policy.

  6. Business Ethics Syllabus

    Business Ethics, Ethical Decision Making & Cases, 8th Edition. Boston, MA: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 978-1-4390-4223-6; Course site lectures and articles (see the "e-Lectures & Assignments" course site page for reading assignments and the "In the News" course site page to find the [optional] news-related articles).

  7. Solved Assignment: Business Law and Ethics

    Assignment: Business Law and Ethics Case Analysis International Business Law and Ethics LAWS54310 SS2021 You sit as a board member on the Board of Directors for the company called Basic Beauty Inc. (BBI), that began as an online blog and has developed, over time, a retail website at with a growing online presence and retail bu...

  8. PDF 'Fundamentals of Canadian Business Law and Ethics'

    Assignment Grade Weight Due Date 1) Business Law Midterm Exam 60% June 29, 2022, Online from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 2) Business Ethics Assignment 1: Parable of the Sadhu 5% July 13, 2022, Online by 11:59 p.m. 3) Business Ethics Assignment 2: Heinz Dilemma 5% July 20, 2022, Online by 11:59 p.m. 4) Business Ethics Assignment 3:

  9. BUSN311

    Course Code: BUSN311 Course ID: 2939 Credit Hours: 3 Level: Undergraduate. This course develops skills for inquiry into the business environment from a legal and ethical perspective. Students explore the relationships between modern business and the environment, in addition to the ethical issues that arise when diverse interests intersect.

  10. Business Law and Ethics Assignment

    ] BSB111 Case Study Assignment Case 1: Wells Fargo Part A Explain how issues raised in this report are ethical issues An ethical issue regards a situation that requires and individual or organisation to choose between ethical or unethical alternatives.


    BUSINESS LAW TENTH EDITION Henry R. Cheeseman Professor Emeritus Marshall School of Business University of Southern California New York, NY ... AND BUSINESS ETHICS..... 571 34 Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and General Partnerships..... 572 35 Limited Partnerships and Special ...

  12. Assignment : Business Ethics and Business Law

    Assignment : Business Ethics and Business Law Enron "The Smartest Guy in the Room" Kinanty 29114770 This movie is about the banckruptcy which against the business ethics and law. Enron was a company in the United States engaged in the field of energy.

  13. Business Law and Ethics Written Assignment Unit 1.docx

    related to the environment, employees, practices etc. Government regulatory laws often determines business structures in respect to where a company can be located, employees classifications, salary minimum wages etc." Some of these regulations stand out and affect employers and their employees more than others.(The Law Offices of Peter M. Feaman P.A, 2015).

  14. OpenStax

    Business Law I Essentials is a brief introductory textbook designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of courses on Business Law or the Legal Environment of Business. The concepts are presented in a streamlined manner, and cover the key concepts necessary to establish a strong foundation in the subject. The textbook follows a ...

  15. Business Law and Ethics Written assignment 1

    Business Law and Ethics Written assignment 1. How Laws Affects Business In My Country Lau & Johnson (2011) emphasize that although some critics says that laws is simply a way to control people by whoever is in power, they explain that law is important to the stability, security, and peace. I a land without any effective law, crimes will be ...

  16. Law and ethics assignment on: Business ethics theories and principles

    October 28, 2013 - by admin Law and ethics assignment on: Business ethics theories and principles Introduction: Business ethics matter in every small and big organization, be it a manufacturing firm, government firm or any private business, ethical principals are exercized by the management.

  17. Ethics 3.0—Attorney Responsibility in the Age of Generative AI

    The DC Bar's Committee on Legal Ethics (Committee) began Opinion 370 with a note of caution: "Increasingly, attorneys are using social media for business and personal reasons. . . . The Committee notes that any social media presence, even a personal page, could be considered advertising or marketing, and lawyers are cautioned to consider ...

  18. NY Firm Told to Stop Soliciting Uber Drivers for Settlement (1)

    New York City-based law firm Held & Hines LLP must immediately stop soliciting and charging Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. drivers a fee to receive a share of $328 million the companies agreed to pay New York drivers in settlement funds last November as part of a backpay dispute. "Asking hardworking drivers — many of whom are immigrants and people of color — to pay a fee for their ...

  19. Less Work, More Money: Big Law Associates Never Had It Better

    A combination of stagnant demand for Big Law time and law firms' newfound unwillingness to reduce headcount has driven the average hours lawyers worked at the top 100 firms to its lowest point on record, according to data from Wells Fargo's Legal Specialty Group. At the same time, associate compensation has risen to record highs.

  20. Kirkland Argues for Records From Fired Associate's Former Firms

    Kovalenko's attorney, Tanvir Rahman, managing partner of the employment law firm Filippatos PLLC in White Plains, New York, argued during the Thursday hearing that to allow Kirkland to subpoena Kovalenko's former firm documents would "essentially create a trial within a trial" and open "a big can of worms."

  21. Samsung Gains Edge in Patent Fight With Former In-House Lawyers

    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd will get the chance to convince a Texas federal judge that alleged misconduct by two of its former intellectual property attorneys was so bad that patent infringement claims they lodged against the company on behalf of a new client should never reach a jury.

  22. Temu promises cheap goods. Here's how the shopping app does it

    Temu aggressively markets "hot deals," such as a hooded button-up fleece jacket for $8.32. But some U.S. officials accuse Temu of unfair and/or unethical practices.

  23. Fenwick & West Laying Off Nearly 10% of Attorneys, Staff (2)

    Fenwick & West is laying off nearly 10% of its attorneys and staff as the tech-focused firm faces fallout from stalled transactional markets. After an "assessment of current and anticipated future demand," the firm made the decision to reduce its workforce, firm chair Richard Dickson said in an email viewed by Bloomberg Law sent Tuesday.

  24. Willis has been forced to go on the defense

    Fani Willis testified Thursday about her relationship with Nathan Wade, the lawyer she hired to lead the GA election interference case against Trump.