Your Guide to Writing a Business Plan

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If you’re starting a new business, then you need an effective plan. Not only does this enable you to plan your company, but it also gives potential clients an insight into how your business works. A business plan is also vital if you want to attract investors or secure a loan from the bank. Drafting a business plan is a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide will ensure you create a definite plan to impress investors and clients. 

When creating your business plan, there are some essential elements you must include. The Executive Summary provides a description of your business, and what you hope to achieve. People usually write at least one page, but leave their Executive Summary until last.

You’ll also need to detail what your business offers and define your target audience. This makes it easier for people to see whether your company has a chance of succeeding. The opportunity section is also an excellent way for you to see what competitors offer and how you can create a USP to stand out from the competition. 

Appealing to Investors

Every business that wants growth and prosperity must ensure they promote themselves to potential investors. Business plans aren’t just about what the business is, but who is part of it too. Detail your current team members and explain what they bring to the company. Investors want to know they’re making a wise investment.

Your current finances and financial forecast are also essential aspects of your business plan. Look at your products, how much you’re selling them for and what kind of profit margin you expect to gain. It’s also vital you detail your outgoings and look at how various economic situations could affect your finances. 

Writing a Winning Executive Summary

There are problems in every market, and a successful business solves that problem. If you can show how you’ll be able to offer solutions in your business plan, you’ll appeal to investors. Choose your target audience based on research and ensure you show your research. There are many ways to conduct market research including defining SOMs, SAMs and TAMs. 

TAM stands for Total Available Market and comprises everyone you want your product to reach. Your Segmented Addressable Market (SAM) is a specific portion of the market you’ll target. This is important because it shows you’re able to direct your product at the right people and not just everyone. Your SOM (Share of the Market) is what you feel you’ll gain with your product.  

How to Determine Pricing

Pricing your product is one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do. There are many things to consider, such as how much it’s worth and making sure you don’t charge unrealistically. Many new businesses believe undercharging is the best way to go, but doing this can undermine your company’s authority and cause fewer people to be interested in investing.

Market-based pricing involves looking at your competitors and evaluating their prices. Which company has the most customers? How does their pricing match others? These are all vital aspects you should consider. Remember, customers expect quality and a fair price, so make sure you combine the two. 

Future Goals

Investors and banks want to know that you’ve considered what the future will hold for your company. When you write your business plan, be sure to take into account how you see the company growing, what you’ll do to ensure it thrives and that you understand the potential risks. Banks and investors want to know that you can build a business and are aware of the obstacles you’ll have to overcome.

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be difficult. If you ensure you produce a robust business plan, it can be an exciting process. Your business is part of your future, so start by outlining your goals and look forward to seeing results. 


business plan company york

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Writing a business plan

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At Spencer Woods we can provide objective assistance with writing a business plan, based on our experience in helping start-ups in the York area. Here are some of the key aspects to consider...

Creating a business plan is one of the most important things you will do when starting up. It will help determine whether you gain funding from potential investors, and it will help you to clarify your business objectives and direction.

In this section we look at how to write an effective plan, the ingredients it should contain, and some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

Before you begin writing

Before you start writing a plan, you will need to consider what information you need to assemble, the initial decisions to be made, and the sales and marketing options open to you.

Assess the expertise and assistance you already have, and decide what additional help you will need to prepare your plan and harness your resources effectively. For example, you might need accountancy or marketing assistance.

Examine your business ideas critically and check these against your initial perception of the marketplace. Perform a 'SWOT' analysis on your business: look at its S trengths and W eaknesses, and consider the O pportunities open to you, and the T hreats you face.

The marketplace is the key to the success of your business. You should review the market for your goods or services, and the competition you face. Use market segmentation to identify potential customers, and market survey methods to characterise your customers and their needs.


The length of the business plan will depend on individual circumstances, but it should be short enough to maintain the interest of any potential investor.

The presentation should be professional and clear, with graphics and charts where appropriate.

Essential ingredients

Your business plan should include:

Avoid some common pitfalls

Here are some business plan traps which you should be careful to avoid.

An ongoing process

Like keeping a 'To Do' list, writing a business plan is an ongoing process. Don't make the mistake of abandoning or forgetting about your business plan after you've presented it to investors. The plan should adapt to changes in your company, its market and the economy - and that means regular reviewing and updating.

Creating your plan will open your eyes to the realities of your business. Keeping it updated will help you stay on the right track.

Start-ups and established businesses in the York area looking for help with writing a business plan should contact Spencer Woods for more help and advice.

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Your business plan is your ultimate marketing tool. It defines your fundamental purpose as a company, your product offering and target market, as well as the future opportunities available to both you and your investors. Our business plan writing approach has two objectives: to effectively capture your business narrative, and to communicate that narrative using modern tactics that engage your audience. When your business plan is in the hands or device of a potential investor, it is competing with countless opportunities to engage with interesting content. We believe that championing your value proposition in a sophisticated and compelling way is the key to cut through the noise of competing content.

Business Plan Writing Services: Reinvented

Traditionally, business plans painted a black and white picture of your company, your goals and your finances. We take these same fundamental elements and pair them with visual content that enhances your story. A branded and visually-compelling document is a great way to define your market positioning and communicate your competitive edge. Likewise, branded content lends credibility to your business plan by showcasing your understanding of the target demographics, instilling investor confidence as a result.

Our business plan writers work with professional designers to ensure your story leaves a lasting impression with the audiences who matter most.

The information.

Our analysts compile comprehensive market research to convey relevant insights throughout your business plan, telling a credible and consistent story.

We strive to find creative and clever ways to illustrate key data and information, using infographics and data visualization as a mode of storytelling.

The Experience

We employ qualified analysts and professional graphic designers who join forces to create both an intelligent document and a memorable reading experience.

Our Business Plan Writers Deliver Top-Level Analysis Coupled with Engaging Visuals

We are firm believers that design should enhance credibility. While we use visuals to make our business plans look and feel like brochures, our business plan writers ensure that the executive-level content is a valuable resource for your finance managers, securities lawyers and more. We strongly believe that an effective business plan is one that helps streamline your corporate pursuits, with analysis supporting everything from your valuation report to your legal team’s due diligence process. Our first step is working with you to develop a strong business narrative that is supported by key market research and a solid business model. Brand elements and visuals are then used to transform your business plan into an engaging document.

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Elements of A Business Plan - New York StartUP! 2023 Business Plan Competition

What is a Business Plan? The Business Plan is perhaps the most important document an entrepreneur can create. The Business Plan helps guide the direction of the company's first several years in business and gives potential investors an idea of the company structure, goals, and future plans. Companies at all levels of success create business plans. It is a working document that should be updated on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Deadline:  Business Plans must be uploaded in PDF format to the   competition site  no later than 11:59 PM on May 31, 2022.

The following business plan template is adapted from Rhonda Abrams,  Successful Business Plan .

The Business Center and other libraries have many other business planning resources which you should consult.

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York BID Business Plan 2021-2026

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Working together<br />

for a stronger <strong>York</strong><br />


<strong>2021</strong>–<strong>2026</strong><br />


As the first 5 year term draws to a close, I am pleased to say <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> has stayed<br />

true to its initial business plan and has delivered against all of the key objectives. You<br />

said you wanted safer, cleaner, more vibrant streets and the <strong>BID</strong> has delivered this<br />

through Street Rangers, Street Cleansing, and Winter Lights along with a host of other<br />

programmes highlighted in this document. Around £4 million has been raised and<br />

put directly into programmes to benefit business. Impressively, the <strong>BID</strong> has levered a<br />

further £1 million of external funding, something that would not have happened if the<br />

<strong>BID</strong> was not deemed a credible delivery body.<br />

Covid-19 has had a devasting impact on trade in <strong>York</strong> city centre, due to our strong<br />

visitor market and the fact we have many retail, hospitality and leisure businesses. We<br />

have lost some well-known brands which impacts our tight-knit business community.<br />

However, the pandemic has highlighted issues that we already knew needed to change,<br />

so we must take this opportunity to build back better, and in a sustainable way.<br />

The <strong>BID</strong> Board will naturally continue to look at programmes that can specifically<br />

help businesses in the Covid recovery (as it has during the past year), but a lot of the<br />

strategy the <strong>BID</strong> had shaped pre-Covid is still relevant. For example, we have said<br />

the city centre needs more people living in it; that it needs more green space for<br />

people to dwell; and it needs large vacant units broken down into mixed use. The <strong>BID</strong><br />

is at the heart of all these discussions representing you, and with key developments<br />

such as <strong>York</strong> Central and Castle Gateway given the green light, the city has reason to<br />

look to the long term with ambition and optimism.<br />

I would like to thank those businesses that have contributed to shaping this plan.<br />

A vote for another 5 year term will unlock another £4m+ investment and allow the<br />

programmes you want to continue to be shaped. A strong business<br />

voice is needed now more than ever, so I hope we can look<br />

forward to more shared success.<br />

Michael Hjort | Chairman <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong><br />

Director of <strong>York</strong> Food & Drink Festival / Owner of<br />

Walmgate Ale House<br />

2 | <strong>Business</strong> <strong>Plan</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2026</strong>


4 Your <strong>BID</strong><br />

6 5 Years of Achievements<br />

8 Key Statistics<br />

10 Coronavirus <strong>Business</strong> Support<br />

12 Consultation<br />

14 Our Vision<br />

15 Our 4 Programmes<br />

26 The Ballot<br />

27 What You Could Lose<br />

28 The <strong>BID</strong> Area<br />

30 The <strong>BID</strong> Levy & Finances<br />

32 Governance<br />

35 Partners<br />

YOUR <strong>BID</strong><br />

<strong>York</strong> <strong>Business</strong> Improvement<br />

District (<strong>BID</strong>) is an<br />

independent organisation<br />

working to deliver support and<br />

success through partnership<br />

with its members.<br />

Through collaboration, creative initiatives and the<br />

careful application of new technologies, <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong><br />

will be at the forefront of the city’s recovery after<br />

the coronavirus pandemic.<br />

Covid-19 will have long-term effects on<br />

consumer behaviour and industry-wide structural<br />

changes are inevitable in all sectors. The <strong>BID</strong> will<br />

work hard to create value for our members and<br />

return the city to being a place of experiences and<br />

excitement for both residents and visitors.<br />

This plan for a second term has been developed<br />

in consultation with our member community and<br />

can be voted on by all businesses who are eligible<br />

in the upcoming ballot.<br />

I would like to thank our businesses for the<br />

great engagement we have had over the<br />

past 5 years. For me, a good <strong>BID</strong> is one that<br />

listens and works with levy payers. Projects<br />

such as <strong>York</strong> Fashion Week, Micklegate<br />

Soap Box Race and Indie <strong>York</strong> are testament<br />

to this. There are many business owners<br />

who give up their free time to sit on<br />

committees, or bodies such as the Retail<br />

Forum, and it cannot be underestimated<br />

how this helps with project delivery and<br />

adds to the feeling of community in the city.<br />

I would also like to thank my <strong>BID</strong> delivery<br />

team, including the Street Rangers and<br />

Cleaners. We are only small because we<br />

believe that the majority of levy money<br />

should be spent on projects to benefit<br />

business, but I feel the team punches above<br />

its weight when it comes<br />

to delivery, with some<br />

of the national<br />

accolades and<br />

awards won being<br />

testament to that.<br />

Andrew Lowson | Executive Director<br />

Remember, it’s your <strong>BID</strong>. Be a part of it, get involved,<br />

and help us to create a better city centre.<br />

4 | Your <strong>BID</strong>


Jo Little<br />

Comms &<br />

Engagement Lead<br />

Carl Alsop<br />

Operations Manager<br />

Andrew Lowson<br />

Executive Director<br />

Chris Bush<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Manager<br />

Rachel Bean<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Admin<br />

Officer<br />

5<br />

Image Credit: Olivia Brabbs

5 YEARS OF<br />


Our flagship Street<br />

Rangers scheme<br />

improving safety and reducing<br />

small crime and ASB<br />

Since its launch in April 2016, <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> has<br />

delivered a wide variety of projects, services and<br />

improvements for <strong>York</strong> city centre that have helped<br />

to enhance the trading environment for over 1,000<br />

levy paying businesses. Here is a selection of<br />

achievements from the past 5 years.<br />

Award-winning Winter<br />

Lights scheme<br />

Partnered<br />

with CYC to<br />

upgrade two city<br />

centre car parks<br />

to pay on exit<br />

technology<br />

Delivered<br />

Summertime<br />

floral displays<br />

featuring over<br />

100 separate<br />

installations<br />

Contemporary<br />

new wayfinding<br />

& signage<br />

Street Cleaning service<br />

operating 7 days a week to<br />

keep the city looking its best<br />

The removal<br />

of the redundant<br />

fountain and<br />

toilet block on<br />

Parliament Street<br />

Trained over<br />

100 employees<br />

from local<br />

businesses in<br />

First Aid<br />

Funded and supported<br />

business-led initiatives<br />

including Indie <strong>York</strong>, <strong>York</strong> Retail<br />

Forum, and Trade Associations<br />

3 successful<br />

Restaurant Week<br />

events worth<br />

£250,000 for <strong>York</strong>’s<br />

hospitality sector<br />

Invested in vinyl<br />

wraps to improve<br />

the appearance of<br />

vacant shops<br />

Launched a Taxi<br />

Marshals scheme for<br />

Duncombe Place<br />

A <strong>York</strong> Gift<br />

Card scheme<br />

accepted at<br />

more than 300<br />

businesses<br />

Invested in Events<br />

and Festivals bringing<br />

people into the city<br />

including Micklegate Run<br />

Soapbox Challenge, <strong>York</strong> Ice<br />

Trail, Bloom!, <strong>York</strong>shire Day,<br />

Wimbledon at Coppergate<br />

and Fossgate Festival<br />

Commissioned a new<br />

trade waste scheme<br />

with improved value for<br />

money, collection times and<br />

recycling opportunities<br />

Commissioned<br />

and supported<br />

Street Art projects<br />

5 Years of Achievements | 7


Invested over<br />

£4 MILLION<br />

into <strong>York</strong> city centre projects and<br />

initiatives across a five-year term<br />

Identified over<br />

£156,000<br />

of savings for businesses<br />

on their bills and utilities<br />

The <strong>York</strong> Winter<br />

Lights Display consists<br />

of over<br />

160,000<br />

LED bulbs, spanning<br />

16km end-to-end<br />

Over<br />

£55,000<br />

worth of spend locked into<br />

<strong>York</strong> city centre via<br />

<strong>York</strong> Gift Card<br />

(as of Jan <strong>2021</strong>)<br />

Over £1 MILLION<br />

of investment leveraged<br />

from partners for city centre<br />

development<br />

Jet washed over<br />

200,000<br />

square metres of city centre<br />

pavements, paths and snickleways<br />

Rangers made<br />

46,338<br />

business visits<br />

or engagements<br />

Recovered<br />

or deterred<br />

£112,973<br />

worth of stolen stock for<br />

local businesses<br />

33,152<br />

public engagements<br />

made/directions given<br />

Prevented<br />

or detained<br />

4,552<br />

cases of crime and<br />

3,378<br />

of anti-social behaviour<br />

in <strong>York</strong> city centre<br />

Cleaned up<br />

16,700<br />

reports of bio-waste<br />

(human/animal/<br />

food etc.)<br />

17,127<br />

city centre bins, benches<br />

and alleyways cleaned<br />

Removed over<br />

1 MILLION<br />

pieces of chewing gum from<br />

city centre pavements<br />

8 | Key Statistics

“<br />

“Together with the support, work and<br />

coordination of <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong>, the Council<br />

has been able to develop a stronger<br />

relationship and understanding with city<br />

centre businesses, something that has been<br />

invaluable in our efforts to support local<br />

businesses through the pandemic. It is this<br />

strong partnership that has achieved over<br />

£800K of CYC investment in business backed<br />

projects, including the<br />

recent wayfinding project,<br />

and will drive our efforts<br />

to build back better over<br />

the coming months.”<br />

Duncombe Place Winter Lights 2020<br />

Image Credit: Alan Milner<br />

Cllr Keith Aspden | Leader<br />

City of <strong>York</strong> Council<br />

“<strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> has been an innovative force for<br />

good since it launched in 2016. It has been<br />

a catalyst for positive change. The need for<br />

this catalyst is now greater than ever. Our<br />

city has been hit hard by the pandemic. We<br />

are a resilient business community, and I am<br />

sure we will rise again. But the support and<br />

direction of <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> will help us rise further<br />

and faster than we could on our own.<br />

As one of the largest employers in <strong>York</strong>, with<br />

approaching 2,000 employees, we want our<br />

home city to thrive. A thriving home city is<br />

good for our business; good<br />

for our people; and good for<br />

the community in which we<br />

live. <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> has, and can<br />

continue, to help us thrive.”<br />

Alistair McQueen | Aviva plc<br />



In response to challenges<br />

posed by the Covid-19<br />

outbreak and the resulting<br />

national restrictions, <strong>York</strong><br />

<strong>BID</strong> and partners rolled out a<br />

number of practical initiatives<br />

to support businesses through<br />

challenging times.<br />


POP-UP<br />

College Green Pop-up was an ambitious<br />

initiative to transform a green area<br />

owned by <strong>York</strong> Minster into an outdoor<br />

seating space to support hospitality<br />

businesses in the Goodramgate area<br />

after lockdown. A tipi-style tent was<br />

erected, surrounded by tables and<br />

chairs where the public could rest and<br />

consume food and drink purchased<br />

from nearby restaurants, cafes, pubs<br />

and bars. The project was fully managed<br />

for a 10 week period and received an<br />

overwhelmingly positive response from<br />

businesses and the public.<br />


From the outset of the pandemic, the <strong>BID</strong><br />

team focused their efforts on disseminating<br />

relevant information and guidance to city centre<br />

businesses. We assisted with a substantial number<br />

of grant funding applications and proactively<br />

contacted businesses to ask how we could<br />

support them.<br />

Out of understanding for business hardship<br />

during the lockdown, the <strong>BID</strong> offered a 3 month<br />

payment holiday to all its levy paying members (levy<br />

payments would normally be due in April 2020).<br />



Whilst the city centre was in lockdown, our Street<br />

Rangers performed daily commercial property<br />

checks to flag any potential issues whilst business<br />

owners and staff were elsewhere. Over 200<br />

businesses signed up for the service which will<br />

continue during any further lockdowns.<br />


After spring<br />

lockdown, our<br />

City Hosts gave the<br />

public confidence that<br />

<strong>York</strong> city centre was open<br />

and safe to visit. Hosts were stationed<br />

in major footfall areas offering a<br />

welcoming presence and helpful advice.<br />


In the interest of promoting Covid<br />

safety and cleanliness,<br />

we strategically<br />

placed 17 hand<br />

sanitiser stations<br />

across the city’s<br />

main squares<br />

and thoroughfares.<br />



The BlD invested in temporary<br />

signage in support of the extended<br />

pedestrianised zones,<br />

highlighting that<br />

streets were<br />

closed to<br />

vehicles but<br />

very much open<br />

to the public.<br />

We assisted many businesses in<br />

applying to the local authority for<br />

road closures, foot street<br />

enhancments,<br />

and pavement<br />

cafe licences<br />

to support the<br />

business trading<br />

environment.<br />

Coronavirus <strong>Business</strong> Support | 11


<strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> is dedicated to delivering projects and services that<br />

businesses value, and that benefit both them and the local economy.<br />

In preparation for the new <strong>BID</strong> term, we launched an extensive consultation process where city<br />

centre businesses were invited to give feedback on existing <strong>BID</strong> services and to highlight their<br />

priorities for the future. During September 2020, a hard copy of our consultation survey was<br />

sent to all levy paying businesses by post as well as via targeted newsletters, social media, and<br />

the <strong>BID</strong> website.<br />

When asked ‘how valuable are <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> projects and services’ the<br />

majority of businesses chose Street Rangers, Street Cleaning and<br />

Winter Lights as the most valuable across the four programme areas.<br />

YOUR PRIORITIES FOR <strong>BID</strong> TERM 2<br />

Safety (Street Rangers, lobby for better policing of foot streets, work<br />

with partners to reduce ASB)<br />

Appearance (cleanliness, working with landlords/ agents to<br />

improve vacant shops, floral displays)<br />

Encouraging the experience economy (support events<br />

programme, street art, family friendly, winter lights)<br />

Representing the business community (support trade<br />

associations, networking, input on city development)<br />

Promoting the city to local audiences (using<br />

smart data and targeted marketing)<br />

Promote green initiatives (more recycling,<br />

accessibility, green spaces/ pocket parks)<br />

12 | Consultation

“We have worked very closely over recent<br />

years on a number of successful projects<br />

in the Minster Precinct, most recently<br />

being the pop-up seating area in College<br />

Green. <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> have been<br />

fantastic to work with,<br />

hugely professional and<br />

bringing fresh ideas to<br />

the city with many more<br />

in the pipeline.”<br />

Alex McCallion | Director of Works & Precinct<br />

<strong>York</strong> Minster<br />

“The <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> has made a huge difference<br />

to businesses in the centre of <strong>York</strong> over<br />

the past 5 years, especially during the<br />

CV19 crisis. Their regular comms, advice,<br />

money saving initiatives and events across<br />

the city have made <strong>York</strong> a safer and more<br />

enjoyable place to spend time, shop and<br />

relax. This has attracted more visitors<br />

and helped a range of<br />

businesses through<br />

these challenging times.<br />

Thank you for all your<br />

work so far.”<br />

Phillip Thorn | Hiscox, UK<br />

13<br />

Image Credit: Karl Moran


We believe that a clear vision<br />

is vital for the future economic<br />

prosperity of <strong>York</strong>. The <strong>BID</strong> will<br />

build upon the success of its first<br />

term but will also incorporate<br />

new elements after feedback<br />

from the business community,<br />

working with partners to progress<br />

the following strategic objectives:<br />

Encourage an<br />

accessible city centre<br />

Encourage the<br />

experience economy<br />

Promote green<br />

and sustainable intiatives<br />

Be instrumental in<br />

shaping a city centre<br />

master plan in the context<br />

of ‘evolving high streets’<br />

Promote greater<br />

integration between digital<br />

and physical infrastructure<br />

14 | Our Vision


Based on the successes of the first 5 years and feedback we have<br />

received from levy payers, the Board has chosen to keep the <strong>BID</strong>’s key<br />

programmes consistent with those from the initial business plan. During<br />

the new term, programmes will come under the following headings:<br />

1<br />

Appearance & Environment<br />

3<br />

Experience<br />

2<br />

Safe & Secure<br />

4<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Support<br />

Your dedicated <strong>BID</strong> team will build upon the strong foundations and partnerships established over<br />

the past 5 years. It is evident that businesses value tangible services that aid them in their day-to-day<br />

activities, which we will endeavour to continue. We will strive to enhance the trading environment and<br />

work to provide leadership and representation as we work towards economic recovery post-Covid-19.<br />

There is no replacement body that will deliver the objectives,<br />

projects and services outlined in this proposal.<br />

Fossgate Festival 2018<br />

Image Credit: Alice Little<br />

Our 4 Programmes | 15



Appearance and cleanliness<br />

will continue to be a top<br />

priority. <strong>York</strong> is a famously<br />

beautiful city and we want<br />

to ensure that its streets<br />

and public spaces shine.<br />

Wherever possible, the<br />

<strong>BID</strong> will look to deliver<br />

projects that enhance the<br />

appearance of city spaces<br />

and make them more<br />

vibrant than ever before. We<br />

also want to do more for the<br />

environment by increasing<br />

recycling and looking at<br />

ways to reduce air pollution<br />

from delivery vehicles.<br />

16 | Appearance & Environment Bloom! Festival 2018<br />

Image Credit: @Sarah lmb


We will continue to invest in<br />

a dedicated Street Cleaning<br />

team for the city centre. We will<br />

aim to develop our services,<br />

ensuring better coordination<br />

with Council cleaners and rapid<br />

response to business call outs.<br />


We will continue to work with<br />

landlords and agents to dress<br />

and utilise both occupied and<br />

vacant commercial properties,<br />

which will ultimately improve the<br />

appearance of the city streets.<br />


The <strong>BID</strong> will deliver projects<br />

that encourage greener and<br />

cleaner business operations,<br />

specifically looking at trade<br />

waste removal and introducing<br />

new recycling programmes.<br />

“Our working partnership with the <strong>BID</strong> has been<br />

established through a mutual passion for the<br />

city’s environment, be this the built, economic,<br />

cultural, natural or historic environments.<br />

Indeed, many of the projects the Civic Trust and<br />

the <strong>BID</strong> have worked on together show that<br />

these environments are interconnected.<br />

Two particular projects come to mind in<br />

demonstrating this: one that the Trust led on,<br />

the other that the <strong>BID</strong> has driven. The <strong>BID</strong> was<br />

a major partner and funder of the new Fossgate<br />

Banner during the project’s deliverance in<br />

2016-2018. The Trust led on this project as<br />

part of its City Enhancement Programme. The<br />

new steel banner replaced a tatty, tarpaulin<br />

one. In doing so, the banner now<br />

acts as a prominent, visual<br />

identity and contributes<br />

to the revitalisation of this<br />

important historic street in<br />

the city.”<br />

Andrew Morrison | Chief Executive<br />

<strong>York</strong> Civic Trust<br />

Coney Street Mural<br />


The <strong>BID</strong> will look to work with<br />

the Local Authority to explore<br />

the feasibility of supporting<br />

greener deliveries to the city<br />

centre, with an aim to minimise<br />

congestion and air pollution.<br />


It is no surprise that during<br />

consultation, businesses voted<br />

safety as their top priority for<br />

the future. <strong>York</strong> city centre is<br />

home to a vibrant mix of retail<br />

and hospitality businesses that<br />

rely on a safe and welcoming<br />

environment in which to do<br />

business. Our Street Rangers<br />

will continue to be a reassuring<br />

presence in the city centre<br />

and we will look to build upon<br />

their existing relationships with<br />

both the Police and the Local<br />

Authority. Together we will aim<br />

to create a vibrant, welcoming,<br />

and family-friendly city centre<br />

that the public will be confident<br />

is safe to visitpost-Covid-19.<br />


Our Street Rangers programme<br />

is undoubtedly one of <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong>’s<br />

most popular initiatives. We will<br />

continue to invest in delivering<br />

this award-winning service for<br />

the entirety of the new term,<br />

operating in the city centre 7<br />

days a week.<br />



The Street Rangers, utilising<br />

their keen knowledge of the<br />

city centre and CSAS powers<br />

will continue to discourage<br />

and deter anti-social behaviour<br />

and aggressive begging on<br />

<strong>York</strong> streets.<br />


Homelessness is a growing<br />

issue that all major cities and<br />

towns in the UK are having<br />

to address. The <strong>BID</strong> team and<br />

Street Rangers will continue<br />

to work with partners and<br />

agencies to encourage better<br />

coordination of support for the<br />

homeless and vulnerable.<br />



We will continue to meet<br />

regularly and exchange<br />

information with partners<br />

in the Local Authority and<br />

the Police, ensuring a joined<br />

up approach is maintained.<br />

Together they will encourage<br />

better enforcement of footstreet<br />

hours and enhanced<br />

partner working around<br />

weekend ASB issues.<br />

18 | Safe & Secure

“<strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> has formed a unique relationship with the Police<br />

which has led to many joint operations and initiatives within<br />

the city centre, tackling issues raised by the community.<br />

The presence of the <strong>BID</strong> Rangers and regular communication<br />

with businesses and neighbourhood policing<br />

teams has enhanced the city, particularly<br />

the ability to deal with anti-social behaviour<br />

together. They are a trusted partner and I<br />

hope we can continue the great work into<br />

the future.”<br />

Inspector Andrew Godfrey | North <strong>York</strong>shire Police<br />

Street Rangers Jack & Dave,<br />

on patrol in Parliament Street<br />


We are aware that<br />

customer behaviour is<br />

changing and that the<br />

experience economy is<br />

what modern-day cities<br />

must plan for. We will<br />

continue to support<br />

established festivals but<br />

also look at creating<br />

new cultural experiences<br />

that locals are proud of<br />

and visitors will travel<br />

to see. The <strong>BID</strong> will aim<br />

to generate activity that<br />

supports the city centre as<br />

a whole, not just the most<br />

central locations, as well as<br />

the early evening economy.<br />

20 | Experience<br />

<strong>York</strong>shire Day 2019<br />

Image credit: Andy Little


The <strong>BID</strong> will work with partners<br />

to develop a visible and<br />

coherent events plan that serves<br />

all regions of the <strong>BID</strong> area and<br />

generates opportunities for<br />

local businesses to participate.<br />


We will look to enhance our<br />

nationally renowned annual<br />

Winter Lights experience along<br />

with other festive offerings.<br />


We will seek to introduce Street<br />

Art and Floral Display projects to<br />

different areas of the city centre.<br />

“Running city centre attractions, it’s<br />

important to <strong>York</strong> Museums Trust that<br />

<strong>York</strong> as a city welcomes visitors and<br />

that residents and tourists alike enjoy its<br />

wonderful heritage assets.<br />

We have found <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> to be very<br />

effective at improving <strong>York</strong>’s welcome<br />

and experience whether that’s through<br />

the Rangers’ help and advice, by<br />

attracting people to look at Christmas<br />

lights or supporting our staff when <strong>York</strong><br />

Museum Gardens gets busy.<br />

As a business, we don’t underestimate<br />

the benefits to the city of the humbler<br />

work that the <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong><br />

does keeping the city<br />

looking beautiful. The<br />

<strong>BID</strong> levy is good value<br />

for <strong>York</strong>!”<br />

Reyahn King | Chief Executive<br />

<strong>York</strong> Museum Trust<br />


Wherever possible the <strong>BID</strong><br />

will identify opportunities to<br />

introduce new green spaces<br />

such as pockets parks or parklets<br />

which the public can enjoy.<br />

The Magical Tree of Light 2020, the Eye of <strong>York</strong><br />


We will focus on delivering<br />

activity that is deemed familyfriendly,<br />

is attractive to <strong>York</strong><br />

residents and supports the early<br />

evening economy.<br />

We will continue to seek out new ways to support and empower local<br />

businesses. We want to utilise intelligent data and smart technology<br />

to help the city centre adapt and keep pace with changing customer<br />

behaviour. We will continue to lobby for long-term transport plans to<br />

make it easier to access the city by car, bus, bike or foot.<br />

“During my time working with the <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong>, it<br />

was evident that it reflects the entrepreneurial<br />

spirit of the <strong>York</strong> business community. The<br />

level of engagement with the <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> team<br />

and Andrew Lowson in particular has been<br />

very positive and has helped us at First <strong>York</strong> to<br />

support the wider agenda of the city. Creating<br />

an effective partnership, facilitated by the<br />

<strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> has allowed us to kick-start new late<br />

evening Park&Ride services which support<br />

the night time economy<br />

in <strong>York</strong>. We’re proud of<br />

our relationship with the<br />

<strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> and support<br />

its continuation.”<br />

Marc Bichtemann | Managing Director<br />

First <strong>York</strong><br />



The <strong>BID</strong> will look to invest in<br />

smart technologies and data<br />

that allow us to more accurately<br />

monitor the city centre’s<br />

performance, such as footfall<br />

volumes, sales indices and<br />

visitor profiling.<br />


We will seek to provide better<br />

networking and promotional<br />

opportunities for professional<br />

services clusters.<br />

College Green Pop-up 2020<br />



The <strong>BID</strong> will find opportunities<br />

to market the city as an<br />

attractive destination to local<br />

audiences and to support<br />

independent businesses.<br />


the local authority and transport<br />

providers to make the city as<br />

accessible as possible.<br />


We will consistently lobby the<br />

Council and other public sector<br />

organisations on issues that the<br />

business community care about.<br />

“As the Co-owner of two retail stores in <strong>York</strong>,<br />

I have had many opportunities to work with<br />

<strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> and I have to say, of all the local <strong>BID</strong>s<br />

we work with <strong>York</strong> is by far the best. From the<br />

helpful Rangers who always seem to be at<br />

hand to deal with all the issues we throw at<br />

them, to support when we need it at a higher<br />

level to iron out problems with bodies such as<br />

the Council and Highways. I<br />

think <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> offers great<br />

value for money providing<br />

services we need now<br />

more than ever.”<br />

Marcus Doyle | Director<br />

The <strong>York</strong>shire Soap Company<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Support | 23

Forge Recycling, Trade Waste Services<br />

Bloom! Festival 2018, Exhibition Square<br />

Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge 2018<br />

Fossgate Festival 2018 <strong>York</strong>shire Day 2019

<strong>York</strong> Ice Trail 2019, Parliament Street<br />

Fantastic Fiction Display 2020, Davygate<br />

Wimbledon in Coppergate 2019<br />


All businesses who occupy<br />

commercial premises in the <strong>BID</strong><br />

area with a rateable value higher<br />

than £17,500 will be eligible to<br />

vote in the <strong>BID</strong> ballot.<br />

Every 5 years, a <strong>Business</strong> Improvement District is required by law to renew its mandate to work on behalf<br />

of levy paying businesses by means of a ballot. The <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> ballot is scheduled to take place between 18 th<br />

February and 18 th March <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Ballot papers will be issued by post to the person confirmed as having responsibility for casting the vote on<br />

behalf of each company/organisation. Your voting papers should arrive via post no later than 18 th February<br />

<strong>2021</strong> and you will have 28 days to return them in the pre-paid envelope provided (the ballot will close on<br />

18 th March <strong>2021</strong> at 5pm).<br />

How is the result calculated?<br />

The ballot will be managed by Civica Electoral Serves. A successful result will authorise the continued<br />

operations of the <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> for another 5 year term, commencing on 1 st April <strong>2021</strong>. In order for the ballot to<br />

be successful the following two criteria must be met:<br />

• The majority of votes counted must be in favour<br />

• The total representative rateable value of votes counted in favour must exceed that of those opposed<br />

The results will be announced 19 th March <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

If you have any questions about the ballot, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]<br />

or 01904 809970<br />

26 | The Ballot<br />

• The voter list has been developed by <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong><br />

based on National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR)<br />

listings provided by City of <strong>York</strong> Council, and<br />

through consultation with businesses. NNDR<br />

listings as of 04/01/<strong>2021</strong> show there are 912<br />

hereditaments eligible to vote.<br />

• Voters are identified as the person confirmed to<br />

have authority to cast the vote on behalf of each<br />

company/organisation or the person/organisation<br />

named on the NNDR list as of 04/01/<strong>2021</strong>.


If <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> is not successful in the<br />

ballot, all current activities and<br />

services will cease on 31 st March<br />

<strong>2021</strong>. This would be a huge step<br />

backwards for <strong>York</strong> as there is no other<br />

organisation to attract this level of<br />

investment or deliver these projects<br />

and services on behalf of businesses in<br />

<strong>York</strong> city centre.<br />


• No daily Street Cleaning and Rapid<br />

Response services keeping the streets<br />

looking their best<br />

• No city dressing initiatives - annual<br />

floral displays, wraps for vacant shops,<br />

improved signage and wayfinding, street<br />

art projects<br />

• No green and clean trade waste<br />

alternatives and recycling initiatives<br />

• No plan for better coordinated city<br />

centre deliveries<br />


• No Christmas/Winter Lights displays<br />

• No investment for family-friendly events<br />

and experiences to attract additional<br />

footfall and spend<br />

• No investment into green spaces, pocket<br />

parks and parklets<br />

• No investment and support for events,<br />

home grown by local businesses and<br />

trade associations<br />


• No £4 million of investment for <strong>York</strong> city<br />

centre from levy income<br />

• No additional monies leveraged from<br />

partner organisations (worth £1m 2016-21)<br />

• No influential voice to lobby on behalf of<br />

city centre businesses<br />

• No dedicated <strong>BID</strong> team working to improve<br />

the trading environment<br />


• No award-winning Street Ranger scheme<br />

keeping city centre streets safe and<br />

ASB free<br />

• No continued partnership operations with<br />

the local Council and Police<br />

• No Taxi Marshals or a business voice on<br />

homelessness<br />

• No safety training for local businesses<br />


• No <strong>York</strong> Gift Card scheme to lock spend in<br />

the city centre<br />

• No marketing and promotion targeted at<br />

attracting local audiences and to support<br />

independent businesses<br />

• No investment in city centre performance<br />

monitoring - footfall volumes, sales indices<br />

and visitor profiling<br />

• No coordinated business voice on<br />

improving accessibility into the city centre<br />

VOTE YES 18 FEB - 18 MAR <strong>2021</strong><br />

What You Could Lose | 27

YOUR <strong>BID</strong> AREA<br />

The <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> area is largely within the city’s<br />

inner ring road, contouring the ancient city<br />

walls and has 912 levy paying business residing<br />

within it. The <strong>BID</strong> area remains unchanged from<br />

the first term and is made up primarily of retail,<br />

hospitality and leisure businesses. A full list of<br />

streets is available at<br />

YORK <strong>BID</strong> BUSINESSES BY SECTOR<br />

Retail 42%<br />

Hospitality 31%<br />

Leisure 7%<br />

Other 7%<br />

Professional 13%<br />

28 | The <strong>BID</strong> Area

THE <strong>BID</strong> LEVY & FINANCES<br />

1. The levy rate to be paid by each property<br />

or hereditament will be fixed at 1% of its<br />

rateable value (as per the 2017 Rating List)<br />

for the duration of the <strong>BID</strong> term. The rate<br />

remains unchanged from the previous term.<br />

2. Under the Local Government Act 2003 and<br />

the <strong>Business</strong> Improvement District Regulations<br />

(England) 2004, the levy is mandatory by law<br />

for the full period of the term (not exceeding 5<br />

years) and will be charged annually in advance<br />

for each chargeable period from April to<br />

March (starting on 1 st April <strong>2021</strong>).<br />

3. The <strong>BID</strong> levy will apply to all eligible<br />

hereditaments located within the defined<br />

<strong>BID</strong> area and with a rateable value of over<br />

£17,500 (as per the 2017 Rating List). The<br />

threshold has changed from £12,500 in the<br />

previous term.<br />

4. <strong>Business</strong>es in the <strong>BID</strong> area who are exempt<br />

from the levy charge due to their rateable<br />

value can apply to become a voluntary<br />

levy payer. Details of this scheme will be<br />

announced on the launch of the new term.<br />

5. Liability for the full year’s levy falls upon the<br />

Non-Domestic Ratepayer for the property<br />

on the date of billing (typically the first week<br />

of April). If the property is empty on the date<br />

of billing, then liability shall fall upon the<br />

property owner.<br />

6. No refunds will be made either fully, or<br />

in part, in respect of levy amounts paid<br />

should there be a change in Non-Domestic<br />

Ratepayer during the financial year. Neither<br />

the <strong>BID</strong> Company nor the Council will<br />

enter into negotiations between outgoing<br />

and incoming levy payers, and all said<br />

negotiations to recoup part-year payments<br />

must be resolved independently by the<br />

individual or company concerned.<br />

7. Non-retail/leisure based businesses with<br />

charitable status will pay 50% of the levy<br />

that would otherwise apply. Medical<br />

practices that are wholly owned by the NHS<br />

will be made exempt from any levy charge.<br />

8. Please note, no exemption or discounts will<br />

be issued to listed buildings and those who<br />

pay discounted business rates are not entitled<br />

to a levy discount as well.<br />

In light of recent events, a<br />

cautious approach has been<br />

adopted to providing the<br />

indicative budget for the<br />

renewed <strong>BID</strong> term. The table to<br />

the right outlines how income<br />

will be allocated across the<br />

four programme areas.<br />

30 | The <strong>BID</strong> Levy and Finances

INCOME <strong>2021</strong>/22 2022/23 2023/24 2024/25 2025/26 TOTAL<br />

£k £k £k £k £k £k<br />

Levy income @ 1% 700 795 795 795 795 3,880<br />

Levy collection fee -25 -25 -25 -25 -25 -125<br />

Total Income 675 770 770 770 770 3,755<br />

EXPENDITURE <strong>2021</strong>/22 2022/23 2023/24 2024/25 2025/26 TOTAL<br />

Appearance 200 200 200 200 200 1,000<br />

Safe 160 160 160 160 160 800<br />

Experience 150 150 150 150 150 750<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Support 140 140 140 140 140 700<br />

Total Programmes 650 650 650 650 650 3,250<br />

Management 120 120 120 120 120 600<br />

Total Expenditure 770 770 770 770 770 3,850<br />

NET reserves 130 35 35 35 35 35<br />

1. All figures are estimates based on historic and likely future trends. Programme costs may change over the term<br />

subject to Board approval.<br />

2. Levy income figures are estimated based on National Non-Domestic Rates listings as of January <strong>2021</strong>. A<br />

reduced levy collection rate of 85% is estimated for year 1, due to Covid-19. For the following 4 years, it is<br />

assumed to return to the typical rate of 97%.<br />

3. As well as revenue generated from the levy, the <strong>BID</strong> will seek to secure additional funding from sponsorship,<br />

voluntary contributions and other sources.<br />

4. Management costs are estimated at 16% of total expenditure.<br />

5. City of <strong>York</strong> Council will be responsible for collecting the levy, after which all collected funds will be transferred<br />

to the <strong>BID</strong>. It has been agreed that the annual fee for levy collection services will not exceed £25,000.<br />

6. During the first term, the <strong>BID</strong> adopted a prudent reserves policy that provided flexibility to deliver ad-hoc<br />

projects e.g. in response to Covid-19. Some reserves will be carried forward from term 1 to maintain cashflow.<br />

7. NET reserves brought forward from term 1 will be deemed a contingency fund and will bolster finances in light<br />

of any future disruption caused by Covid-19 (e.g. shortfall in levy collection).<br />


The <strong>York</strong> <strong>Business</strong> Improvement District (<strong>BID</strong>) is an independent, not<br />

for profit company that is solely accountable to its members. The<br />

company is governed by a voluntary board of directors and advisors<br />

who provide strong governance, strategic direction and ensure<br />

oversight and scrutiny of the delivery of the <strong>BID</strong> business plan.<br />

The Board is made up of influential representatives from the key business sectors, partner organisations<br />

and levy paying businesses in the city centre. Board positions are refreshed every two years as per the<br />

company articles of association and elections ratified during an annual general meeting which typically<br />

takes place in June each year.<br />

An Operating Agreement, which includes the Council’s Baseline service commitments, has been agreed<br />

with City of <strong>York</strong> Council. A copy can be found at The Company shall meet<br />

quarterly with the City of <strong>York</strong> Council, as the Billing Authority, to monitor service delivery, levy collection<br />

and financial management issues.<br />


Michael Hjort (Chairman)<br />

<strong>York</strong> Food & Drink Festival/<br />

Walmgate Ale House & Bistro<br />

Robert Onyett<br />

Harrowells Solicitors<br />

Cllr Andy D’Agorne<br />

Deputy Leader of City of<br />

<strong>York</strong> Council<br />

Frank Wood<br />

R. A. Braithwaite Jewellers<br />

Phil Pinder<br />

<strong>York</strong> Retail Forum/ The Potions Cauldron<br />

Colin Crawford<br />

Aviva (retired)<br />

Neil Sanderson<br />

<strong>York</strong> Minster Fund<br />

Sarah Czarnecki<br />

Hospitality Association <strong>York</strong>/<br />

Grays Court<br />

Angela Horner<br />

Browns Department Store<br />

Cllr Andrew Waller<br />

Executive Member for Economy<br />

& Strategic <strong>Plan</strong>ning<br />

Neil Setterfield<br />

Fenwick <strong>York</strong><br />

Sean Bullick<br />

Make It <strong>York</strong><br />

Lotte Inch<br />

Lotte Inch Gallery<br />

Alistair Graham<br />

<strong>York</strong> City Centre Resident<br />

32 | Governance

““We’re really pleased with how the <strong>York</strong><br />

<strong>BID</strong> has supported <strong>York</strong> businesses during<br />

Coronavirus restrictions and lockdown. It has<br />

stood out as one of the most proactive and<br />

dynamic organisations, and has been one of<br />

the few that has actually made any positive<br />

impact on our hotel and restaurant business in<br />

<strong>York</strong> city centre. The outside seating area on<br />

College Green was a clever way to support our<br />

fellow food operators who<br />

did not have any outside<br />

space; and the street<br />

rangers provided a happy,<br />

friendly, and welcoming<br />

face to the city.”<br />

Rebecca Hill | Galtres Lodge Hotel<br />

““It’s<br />

never felt so important for different<br />

educators, businesses and organisations in<br />

<strong>York</strong> to be working together with common<br />

purpose. The <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> helps us to do that.<br />

Its work on making the city a clean, safe, and<br />

attractive place to live, learn and visit is an<br />

essential part of the overall offer<br />

to people who are choosing<br />

where to study, and<br />

something we really value at<br />

<strong>York</strong> St John University.”<br />

Marc Fleetham | Director of <strong>Business</strong><br />

Development & Knowledge Exchange<br />

<strong>York</strong> St John University<br />

““The <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong> is something which has brought<br />

benefits to the city centre on several fronts.<br />

My personal thoughts relate to the improved<br />

appearance of the streets and the removal of<br />

defacing graffiti. Both elements are important<br />

to enhancing the city’s offering. Also assistance<br />

with shopfronts being made more attractive<br />

when they have been vacated as shops,<br />

pending re-letting, is a contributory factor in<br />

this respect.<br />

Anything which enhances overall appearances<br />

must be beneficial to the city as a whole and<br />

help to attract visitors to the<br />

centre and thereby increase<br />

footfall, so very important<br />

to the wellbeing of retailers<br />

in particular.”<br />

Barry Crux | Director<br />

Barry Crux & Company Chartered Surveyor<br />

““City Cruises <strong>York</strong> really value our relationship<br />

“The<br />

with <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong>. Their city centre initiatives are<br />

of great benefit to us as a business, to our<br />

passengers, and also our employees who are<br />

also residents of <strong>York</strong>. We certainly feel that the<br />

services we receive are excellent value for the<br />

levy we pay each year. In particular,<br />

the Street Rangers, the<br />

Street Cleaning, and <strong>York</strong><br />

Restaurant Week have<br />

made a noticeable<br />

difference to the city.”<br />

great thing about having <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong><br />

in place is the reassurance it gives you as<br />

an independent business that there is a<br />

collective working together to improve the<br />

local economy and experience for all, not<br />

just tourists but our local community. We<br />

are delighted to be part of <strong>York</strong><br />

<strong>BID</strong> and look forward to<br />

continuing to support<br />

their great work over the<br />

coming years!”<br />

Mark Mattinson | Sales & Marketing Manager<br />

City Cruises <strong>York</strong><br />

Sarah-Jane Taylor | Operations Director<br />

Preston & Baker<br />


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to partner<br />

organisations who have supported the <strong>BID</strong> during its first term as<br />

well as collaborated to deliver significant improvements for <strong>York</strong><br />

city centre. Here are just some of the organisations we’ve worked<br />

with to add value to your investment:<br />

Partners | 35

Contact<br />

The <strong>York</strong> <strong>BID</strong><br />

The Red House<br />

1 Duncombe Place<br />

<strong>York</strong><br />

YO1 7ED<br />

Email<br />

[email protected]<br />

Phone 01904 809970<br />

Website<br /><br />

Social Media @theyorkbid<br />

Credits<br />

Cover images by Gareth Buddo | Furmoto<br />

Other images provided by Visit <strong>York</strong>, <strong>York</strong> Mix<br />

& Andy Little<br />

Designed by Sarah Shipley Design

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Working together for a stronger <strong>York</strong> BUSINESS PLAN <strong>2021</strong>–<strong>2026</strong>

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  • Page 4 and 5: YOUR BID York Business Improvement
  • Page 6 and 7: 5 YEARS OF ACHIEVEMENTS Our flagshi
  • Page 8 and 9: KEY STATISTICS Invested over £4 MI
  • Page 12 and 13: CONSULTATION York BID is dedicated
  • Page 14 and 15: OUR VISION We believe that a clear
  • Page 16 and 17: 1 APPEARANCE & ENVIRONMENT Appearan
  • Page 18 and 19: SAFE & SECURE It is no surprise tha
  • Page 20 and 21: 3 EXPERIENCE We are aware that cust
  • Page 22 and 23: BUSINESS SUPPORT We will continue t
  • Page 24 and 25: Forge Recycling, Trade Waste Servic
  • Page 26 and 27: THE BALLOT All businesses who occup
  • Page 28 and 29: YOUR BID AREA The York BID area is
  • Page 30 and 31: THE BID LEVY & FINANCES 1. The levy
  • Page 32 and 33: GOVERNANCE The York Business Improv
  • Page 34 and 35: ““The York BID is something whi
  • Page 36: Contact The York BID The Red House

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business plan company york

How to Create a Business Growth Plan (+Template)

Janelle Gorman

  • February 17, 2022

Every startup should have a strategic business growth plan to create clear alignment and accountability. A plan with achievable and measurable goals can make the difference between success and stagnation.

This holds true for most people, from entrepreneurs to athletes. Identifying where you want to end up — and the steps you need to take to get there — will ensure you’re acting purposefully and efficiently. We want to make sure all startup leaders can reap the benefits, so we’ve put together a business growth plan template.

What Is a Business Growth Plan?

A business growth plan is a strategic document that enables organizations to develop the strategies and implement the tactics needed to accomplish their goals. It also includes data-driven checkpoints to help executives and other stakeholders evaluate their progress and measure success.

Every department, from sales and marketing to product development, must help build this plan on a detailed level. This collaboration helps achieve alignment and empowers you to work faster and smarter. You’ll also get your board of directors aligned to what success looks like for your startup company in the coming months and years.

Business Growth Plan Template

Why you need a business growth plan.

A strategic business growth plan drives strategy formulation (where you want your business to get to) and implementation (how you get there).

Startup founders should make sure everyone in their business, from advisors to freelancers to leadership teams, knows what they’re trying to achieve as a collective group. This instills confidence, allowing colleagues to move quickly because they know they’re heading in the right direction. It also empowers individuals to work independently, reducing the need for constant meetings to get realigned. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, it promotes measuring success with real metrics instead of gut feelings.

How Do I Write a Business Growth Plan?

To write a business growth plan, break down your goals like this:

  • Strategic business objectives
  • Annual objectives
  • Action items


Our business growth plan template will help you organize your thoughts, but I’ll explain a little further here.

I like to think of a business plan as a nesting doll. Within each goal, you have smaller objectives that help you achieve your vision. Over time, small steps add up to set you in the right direction. This approach breaks down a business plan using the popular Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning Model :

Most startups already have a vision statement: the long-term, overarching, big-picture mission of their company.

Example: At York IE, our vision is to change the way startups are built, scaled, and monetized.

Strategic Business Objectives

Break down the vision into two or three broad business growth goals to achieve in the next one to three years. These goals are relevant to each arm of your business but mean something different within each team.

Example: something simple yet powerful, like “increase our customer base by X%” or “achieve $X in ARR, representing Y% growth year over year.”

Annual Objectives

For each strategic business objective, you’ll need two or three annual objectives to help you make progress. These goals should be more focused and measurable over the course of a year.

Example: If your strategic objective is to achieve $X in annual recurring revenue , an annual objective for the go-to-market team might be, “Increase team quota carry through hiring and deploying new sales enablement tools.”

Action Items

For each annual objective, generate three to five tangible, impactful and actionable tasks. These are items you can check off on a list as you go along.

Examples: Launching a hiring campaign to add 10 new team members, completing a budget that demonstrates 0% to 5% profitability or rolling out a significant new product feature.

You’ve surely heard that numbers don’t lie. Of course, I am a numbers person, but it’s true! Quantitative benchmarks help us objectively determine if we’re on track.

Examples: Generate X number of leads over the next 12 months, increase website traffic by X%, maintain gross margin between X% and Y%, achieve revenue per employee of $X.

Get Started with a Business Growth Plan Template

business growth plan template

There’s plenty more to know, but you don’t need to be an expert to get started.

Download the business growth plan template from our Fuel platform , grab your leadership team and start identifying the steps you’ll take to achieve your startup’s vision this year.

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