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A Sample Electronics Retail Store Business Plan Template

Do you want to start an electronics store and need to write a plan? If YES, here is a sample electronics store business plan template & feasibility report. Businesses that are worth going for is a business that you are certain people would need your services or products either every day or at least once a week.

Table of Content

Why Start an Electronics Retail Store?

1. industry overview, 3. our products and services, 4. our mission and vision statement, 5. job roles and responsibilities, 6. swot analysis, 8. our target market, 9. sales and marketing strategy, 10. sales forecast, 11. publicity and advertising strategy, 12. our pricing strategy, 14. sustainability and expansion strategy.

An electronics retail store falls into this category. Part of what you need to do to make headway in this line of business is to ensure that your store is intentionally positioned and you a have good business relationship with manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of various types of electronics.

One good thing about this type of business is that you don’t need to enroll in a conventional business school to learn how to start and run this type of business; it is a business that requires basic business skills such as knowledge of electronic gadgets, customer service, accounting skills, bargaining skills, networking skills, etc.

If you have decided to start an electronics retail store business, then you should ensure that you carry out feasibility studies and also market survey. Business plan is yet another very important business document that you should not take for granted when launching your own business.

Below is a sample electronics retail store business plan template that can help you to write your own with little or no difficulty.

Electronics retail store business is part of the consumer electronics industry and this industry consists of businesses that are into the sale of a wide range of new appliances, electrical goods and home entertainment products. Many stores also offer repair services and some stores sell used goods.

Consumer electronics and appliances are staples in US households and include a wide range of items, from DVD players to refrigerators. The Consumer Electronics Stores industry, which largely relies on discretionary purchases, has been plagued by increasing external competition over the last five years.

Statistics has it that in the united states of America alone, there are about 51,615 registered and licensed consumer electronics retail stores responsible for employing about 329,256 people and the industry rakes in a whooping sum of $86 billion annually.

The industry was projected to grow at -2.2 percent annual growth within 2014 and 2019. Please note that the companies holding the largest market share in the Consumer Electronics Stores in the US industry include Best Buy Co. Inc. and GameStop Corp.

A recent report published by IBISWORLD shows that consumer confidence and spending grew over the past five years, but not enough to lift the industry out of its mild decline due to fierce competition from online retailers, discount retailers and department stores.

Considering these difficult conditions, IBISWorld expects industry revenue to fall an annualized 2.2 percent to $85.7 billion over the five years to 2019; this includes a projected decline of 0.2 percent in 2019 alone, driven primarily by improvement in the overall economy of the United States of America.

If you are contemplating opening a consumer electronics retail store in the United States, you should ensure that you carry out thorough market survey and feasibility studies. The truth is that, if you get some key factors wrong before starting your own consumer electronics retail store, then you are likely going to struggle to stay afloat.

2. Executive Summary

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is a registered consumer electronics retail store business that will be located in one of the busiest business districts in New Haven – Connecticut.

We have been able to lease a shopping facility that is big enough (a 20,000 square feet facility) to fit into the design of the kind of standard consumer electronics retail store that we intend launching and the facility is located in the heart of New Haven – Connecticut.

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. will retail a wide range of new appliances, electrical goods and home entertainment products to customers and also offer repair services in conjunction with our retail operations.

We are aware that there are several consumer electronics retail store outlets all around Connecticut, which is why we spent time and resources to conduct a thorough feasibility studies and market survey so as to be well positioned to favorably compete with all our competitors.

We have an online – service options for our customers, and our outlet is well secured with the various payment of options. Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. will ensure that all our customers are given first class treatment whenever they visit our store.

We have a CRM software that will enable us manage a one on one relationship with our customers no matter how large their numbers grow to. We will ensure that we get our customers involved in the selection of brands that will be on our store and also when making some business decisions.

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. will at all times demonstrate her commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a business, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible.

We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our customers’ needs precisely and completely whenever they patronize our products. Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is owned by Chris Logan and his immediate family members.

Chris Logan has a B.Sc. in Business Administration, with over 10 years’ experience in the Consumer Electronics Stores industry, working for some of the leading brands in the United States. Although the business is launching out with just one outlet in New Haven – Connecticut, but there is a plan to open other outlets all around major cities in the United States of America via the sale of franchising.

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is in the Consumer Electronics Stores industry to service a wide range of clients and of course to make profits, which is why we will ensure we go all the way to make available a wide range of consumer electronics from top manufacturing brands in the United States and other countries of the world.

Some of the products in our store are listed below;

  • Retailing new household appliances (e.g. refrigerators, washing machines and ovens)
  • Retailing new personal appliances (e.g. hair dryers, curling irons and electric razors)
  • Retailing consumer electronics (e.g. radios, TVs, digital cameras, video games and computers)
  • Retailing mobile phones, smartphones and accessories
  • Offering repair services in conjunction with retail operations.
  • Our vision is to become the leading brand in the Consumer Electronics Stores industry in Connecticut and to establish a one stop consumer electronics retail store chains in New Haven and in other key cities in the United States of America.
  • Our mission is to establish a world – class consumer electronics retail store business that will make available a wide range of consumer electronics from top consumer electronics manufacturing brands at affordable prices in New Haven – Connecticut and other key cities in the United States of America via franchising.

Our Business Structure

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is looking towards building a standard business that can be listed among the top – flight consumer electronics retail stores not just in New Haven – Connecticut but throughout the United States of America.

For that singular reason, we will make sure that establish the business on a solid business structure. As a result of business goal, we will ensure that we hire people that are qualified, honest, customer centric and are ready to work to help us build a prosperous business that will benefit all the stake holders.

As a matter of fact, profit-sharing arrangement will be made available to all our senior management staff and it will be based on their performance for a period of ten years or more. In view of that, we have decided to hire qualified and competent hands to occupy the following positions;

  • Chief Executive Officer (Owner)
  • Store Manager
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Merchandize Manager
  • Accountants/Cashiers

Sales Girls and Sales Boys

Truck and Van Drivers

Chief Executive Officer – CEO:

  • Increases management’s effectiveness by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, counseling, and disciplining managers; communicating values, strategies, and objectives; assigning accountabilities; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results
  • Creates, communicates, and implements the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction – i.e. leading the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategy.
  • Responsible for fixing prices and signing business deals
  • Responsible for providing direction for the business
  • Responsible for signing checks and documents on behalf of the company
  • Evaluates the success of the organization
  • Reports to the board

Admin and HR Manager

  • Responsible for overseeing the smooth running of HR and administrative tasks for the organization
  • Maintains office supplies by checking stocks; placing and expediting orders; evaluating new products.
  • Ensures operation of equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; calling for repairs.
  • Defines job positions for recruitment and managing interviewing process
  • Carries out staff induction for new team members
  • Responsible for training, evaluation and assessment of employees
  • Responsible for arranging travel, meetings and appointments
  • Oversees the smooth running of the daily office activities.

Store Manager:

  • Responsible for managing the daily activities in the store/warehouse
  • Ensures that proper records of consumer electronics are kept and warehouse does not run out of products
  • Ensures that the store facility is in tip top shape and goods are properly arranged and easy to locate
  • Interfaces with consumer electronics manufacturers
  • Controls consumer electronics distribution and supply inventory
  • Supervises the workforce in the consumer electronics sales floor.

Merchandise Manager

  • Manages vendor relations, market visits, and the ongoing education and development of the organizations’ buying teams
  • Helps to ensure consistent quality of consumer electronics are purchased and retailed/supplied in good price that will ensure we make good profit
  • Responsible for the purchase of consumer electronics for the organizations
  • Responsible for planning sales, monitoring inventory, selecting the merchandise, and writing and pricing orders to vendors
  • Ensures that the organization operates within stipulated budget.


  • Responsible for preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization
  • Provides managements with financial analyses, development budgets, and accounting reports
  • Responsible for financial forecasting and risks analysis.
  • Performs cash management, general ledger accounting, and financial reporting
  • Responsible for developing and managing financial systems and policies
  • Responsible for administering payrolls
  • Ensures compliance with taxation legislation
  • Handles all financial transactions for the organization
  • Serves as internal auditor for the organization
  • Assists in loading and unloading goods/consumer electronics
  • Maintains a logbook of their driving activities to ensure compliance with federal regulations governing the rest and work periods for operators.
  • Keeps a record of vehicle inspections and make sure the truck is equipped with safety equipment, such as hazardous material placards.
  • Assists the transport and logistics manager in planning their route according to a pick-up and delivery schedule.
  • Inspects vehicles for mechanical items and safety issues and perform preventative maintenance
  • Complies with truck driving rules and regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking, break periods etc.) as well as with company policies and procedures
  • Collects and verifies delivery instructions
  • Reports defects, accidents or violations
  • Ensures that all contacts with clients (e-mail, walk-In center, SMS or phone) provides the client with a personalized customer service experience of the highest level
  • Through interaction with customers on the phone, uses every opportunity to build client’s interest in the company’s products and services
  • Responsible for monitoring and recording inventory and stock levels, electronic sales associates periodically check inventory, comparing it to expected levels, taking note of discrepancies or missing stock.
  • Help customers choose electronic equipment and devices, such as mobile phones, televisions, game consoles, and computers.
  • In addition to selling electronic equipment and devices, he/she also process returns and exchanges, inspecting returned items for signs of damage as they process returns via cash or credit card. Additionally, enter returns in the store’s point-of-sale (POS) system and return items to inventory or to shelves.
  • Support sales goals by promoting value-added items such as extended warranties and device insurance. They present customers with information regarding replacement costs and insurance coverage, usually during the checkout process.
  • Consistently stays abreast of any new information on the organizations’ products, promotional campaigns etc. to ensure accurate and helpful information is supplied to customers when they make enquiries

Any profitable business or a business with prospects is bound to be competitive and as a new business you must be ready to compete in the industry and competing in the industry means that you must follow due process of establishing a business.

We are quite aware that there are several consumer electronics retail stores all over New Haven and even in the same location where we intend locating ours, which is why we are following the due process of establishing a business.

We know that if a proper SWOT analysis is conducted for our business, we will be able to position our business to maximize our strength, leverage on the opportunities that will be available to us, mitigate our risks and be equipped to confront our threats.

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. employed the services of an expert HR and Business Analyst with bias in supply store chain business to help us conduct a thorough SWOT analysis. This is the summary of the SWOT analysis that was conducted for Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc.;

Our business is located in a city with people with high purchasing powers and also, we can boast of having good business relationship with top manufacturers in the consumer electronics manufacturing industry and wholesale distributors in and around New Haven – Connecticut.

A major weakness that may count against us is the fact that we are not yet a major wholesale distributor, we are a new consumer electronics retail store outlet and we don’t have the financial capacity to compete with multi – million dollar stores when it comes to retailing consumer electronics at a rock bottom price.

  • Opportunities:

Products sold by consumer electronics stores are often discretionary. Therefore, a rise in per capita disposable income increases consumers’ propensity to purchase industry goods, leading to growth in demand. Per capita disposable income is expected to increase in the coming year, representing a potential opportunity for the industry.

We have been able to conduct thorough feasibility studies and market survey and we know what our potential clients will be looking for when they order consumer electronics from us; we are well positioned to take on the opportunities that will come our way.

Online retailers are major competitors to industry operators. These retailers sell consumer electronics and appliances, often at lower prices than consumer electronics stores due to the lack of fixed costs, attracting customers away from industry players. The percentage of services conducted online is expected to increase in the coming year, representing a potential threat to the industry.


  • Market Trends

If you are conversant with the Industry, you will quite agree that the changes in disposable income, consumer sentiment, ever changing trends and of course the rate of homeownership are major growth drivers for this industry. No doubt, a massive rise in consumer confidence has also contributed in helping the industry experience remarkable growth, but uneven performance in these drivers has led to slightly constrained revenue growth.

So also, the rising demand for both building renovations as a result of increasing disposable income and consumer sentiment, will result in revenue growth, but profit margins will stagnate as consumer electronics retail stores keep prices low to attract more sales amid growing competition.

A close watch on industry activities reveals that the retail market for consumer electronics was hit hard by the recent economic downturn and experienced a decline in revenue in recent time. The construction of new homes is a primary market for industry products, so as housing stats increase, demand tends to follow. Moreover, as home builders have increased their use of electronics, demand for complementary consumer electronics has risen.

We have positioned our consumer electronics retail store to service residents in New Haven – Connecticut and every other location where outlets will be located. We have conducted our market research and feasibility studies and we have ideas of what our target market would be expecting from us.

We are in business to supply a wide range of consumer electronics to the following;

  • Home Remodeling Companies
  • Facility managers
  • Households in and around our store locations

Our Competitive Advantage

A close study of the consumer electronics industry reveals that the market has become much more intensely competitive over the last decade. As a matter of fact, you have to be highly creative, customer centric and proactive if you must survive in this industry. We are aware of the stiff competition and we are prepared to compete favorably with other leading stores in New Haven – Connecticut.

One thing is certain, we will ensure that we have a wide range of consumer electronics available in our store at all times. It will be difficult for customers to visit our store and not see the type of consumer electronics that they are looking for.

One of our business goals is to make Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. a one stop consumer electronics shop. Our excellent customer service culture, online store, various payment options and highly secured facility will serve as a competitive advantage for us.

Lastly, our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the best within our category in the industry meaning that they will be more than willing to build the business with us and help deliver our set goals and objectives. We will also give good working conditions and commissions to freelance sales agents that we will recruit from time to time.

  • Sources of Income

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is in business to retail a wide range of consumer electronics to residents of New Haven – Connecticut. We are in the industry to maximize profits and we are going to ensure that we achieve or business goals and objectives.

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. will generate income by;

One thing is certain when it comes to consumer electronics retail stores, if your store is stocked with various types of consumer electronics and centrally positioned, you will always attract customers.

We are well positioned to take on the available market in New Haven – Connecticut and we are quite optimistic that we will meet our set target of generating enough income/profits from the first six months of operation and grow the business and our clientele base.

We have been able to examine the Consumer Electronics Stores industry, we have analyzed our chances in the industry and we have been able to come up with the following sales forecast. Below is the sales projection for Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc., it is based on the location of our business and other factors as it relates to consumer electronics retail stores startups in the United States;

  • First Fiscal Year (FY1): $350,000
  • Second Fiscal Year (FY2): $550,000
  • Third Fiscal Year (FY3): $750,000

N.B: This projection was done based on what is obtainable in the industry and with the assumption that there won’t be any major economic meltdown and there won’t be any major competitor retailing same consumer electronics within same location. Please note that the above projection might be lower and at the same time it might be higher.

  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

Before choosing a location for Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc., we conducted a thorough market survey and feasibility studies in order for us to penetrate the available market and become the preferred choice for key players in the industry of New Haven – Connecticut.

We have detailed information and data that we were able to utilize to structure our business to attract the number of customers we want to attract per time. We hired experts who have good understanding of the industry to help us develop marketing strategies that will help us achieve our business goal of winning a larger percentage of the available market in New Haven – Connecticut.

In summary, Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. will adopt the following sales and marketing approach to win customers over;

  • Introduce our consumer electronics retail store by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to offices, home remodeling companies, households and other key stake holders in New Haven – Connecticut
  • Ensure that we have a wide range of consumer electronics from different manufacturing brand at all times.
  • Make use of attractive hand bills to create awareness and also to give direction to our consumer electronics retail store
  • Position our signage / flexi banners at strategic places around New Haven – Connecticut
  • Position our greeters to welcome and direct potential customers
  • Create a loyalty plan that will enable us reward our regular customers
  • List our business and products on yellow pages ads (local directories)
  • Leverage on the internet to promote our business
  • Engage in direct marketing and sales
  • Encourage the use of Word of mouth marketing (referrals)

Despite the fact that our store is well located, we will still go ahead to intensify publicity for the business. Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. has a long – term plan of opening outlets in various locations all around Connecticut, which is why we will deliberately build our brand to be well accepted in New Haven before venturing out.

Here are the platforms we intend leveraging on to promote and advertise Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc.;

  • Place adverts on community – based newspapers, radio stations and TV stations.
  • Encourage the use of word of mouth publicity from our loyal customers
  • Leverage on the internet and social media platforms and other platforms to promote our business.
  • Ensure that our we position our banners and billboards in strategic positions all around New Haven – Connecticut
  • Distribute our fliers and handbills in target areas in and around our neighborhood
  • Advertise our consumer electronics retail store business in our official website and employ strategies that will help us pull traffic to the site
  • Brand all our official cars and trucks and ensure that all our staff members and management staff wear our branded shirt or cap at regular intervals.

Aside from quality, pricing is one of the key factors that gives leverage to consumer electronics retail stores, it is normal for consumers to go to places where they can get cheaper prices which is why big player in the industry attract loads of clients.

We know we don’t have the capacity to compete with multi – million – dollar consumer electronics retail stores but we will ensure that the prices and quality of all our electronics are competitive with what is obtainable amongst consumer electronics retail stores within our level.

  • Payment Options

The payment policy adopted by Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is all inclusive because we are quite aware that different customers prefer different payment options as it suits them but at the same time, we will ensure that we abide by the financial rules and regulation of the United States of America.

Here are the payment options that Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. will make available to her clients;

  • Payment via bank transfer
  • Payment via credit cards
  • Payment via online bank transfer
  • Payment via check
  • Payment via mobile money transfer
  • Payment via bank draft

In view of the above, we have chosen banking platforms that will enable our client make payment for purchase of our consumer electronics without any stress on their part. Our bank account numbers will be made available on our website and promotional materials.

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

From our market survey and feasibility studies, we have been able to come up with a detailed budget of establishing a standard consumer electronics supply business in New Haven, and here are the key areas where we will spend our startup capital;

  • The total fee for registering the Business in New Haven – Connecticut – $750.
  • Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits as well as the accounting services (software, P.O.S machines and other software) – $3,300.
  • Marketing promotion expenses for the grand opening of Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. in the amount of $3,500 and as well as flyer printing (2,000 flyers at $0.04 per copy) for the total amount of $3,580.
  • The cost for hiring Business Consultant – $2,500.
  • Insurance (general liability, workers’ compensation and property casualty) coverage at a total premium – $2,400.
  • The cost for payment of rent for 12 months at $1.76 per square feet in the total amount of $65,600.
  • The cost for shop / warehouse remodeling (construction of racks and shelves) – $20,000.
  • Other start-up expenses including stationery ($500) and phone and utility deposits ($2,500).
  • Operational cost for the first 3 months (salaries of employees, payments of bills et al) – $60,000
  • The cost for start-up inventory (stocking with a wide range of electronics such as new household appliances (e.g. refrigerators, washing machines and ovens), new personal appliances (e.g. hair dryers, curling irons and electric razors), consumer electronics (e.g. radios, TVs, digital cameras, video games and computers) and mobile phones, smartphones and accessories et al) – $250,000
  • The cost for counter area equipment – $9,500
  • The cost for store equipment (cash register, security, ventilation, signage) – $13,750
  • The cost of purchase and installation of CCTVs – $10,000
  • The cost for the purchase of office furniture and gadgets (Computers, Printers, Telephone, TVs, Sound System, tables and chairs et al) – $4,000.
  • The cost of launching a Website – $600
  • Miscellaneous – $10,000

We would need an estimate of five hundred and fifty thousand (450,000) US Dollars to successfully set up our consumer electronics retail store in New Haven – Connecticut.

Generating Funds/Startup Capital for Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc.

Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is a private business that is solely owned and financed by Chris Logan and his immediate family members. They do not intend to welcome any external business partners which is why he has decided to restrict the sourcing of the startup capital to 3 major sources.

  • Generate part of the startup capital from personal savings
  • Source for soft loans from family members and friends
  • Apply for loan from the bank

N.B: We have been able to generate about $150,000 (Personal savings $100,000 and soft loan from family members $50,000) and we are at the final stages of obtaining a loan facility of $400,000 from our bank. All the papers and documents have been signed and submitted, the loan has been approved and any moment from now our account will be credited with the amount.

Part of the plans we have in place to sustain Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. is to ensure that we continue to make available a wide range of consumer electronics, retail our products at competitive prices, improvise on how to do things faster and cheaper. We are not going to relent in providing conducive environment for our workers.

From our findings, another factor that kills new business is financial leakages. In order to plug financial leakages, the management of Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. adopt the use of payment machine and accounting software to run the business.

We are quite aware that our customers are key component to the growth and survival of our business hence we are going to continuously engage them to give us ideas on how to serve them better. Chris Logan® Consumer Electronics Retail Store, Inc. will make sure that the right foundation, structures and processes are put in place to ensure that our staff welfare are well taken of.

Our company’s corporate culture is designed to drive our business to greater heights and training and retraining of our workforce is at the top burner. We know that if that is put in place, we will be able to successfully hire and retain the best hands we can get in the industry; they will be more committed to help us build the business of our dreams.

Check List/Milestone

  • Business Name Availability Check : Completed
  • Business Registration: Completed
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts: Completed
  • Securing Point of Sales (POS) Machines: Completed
  • Opening Mobile Money Accounts: Completed
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms: Completed
  • Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID: In Progress
  • Application for business license and permit: Completed
  • Purchase of Insurance for the Business: Completed
  • Leasing of facility and remodeling the shop: In Progress
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies: Completed
  • Generating capital from family members: Completed
  • Applications for Loan from the bank: In Progress
  • Writing of Business Plan: Completed
  • Drafting of Employee’s Handbook: Completed
  • Drafting of Contract Documents and other relevant Legal Documents: In Progress
  • Design of The Company’s Logo: Completed
  • Printing of Packaging and Promotional Materials: In Progress
  • Recruitment of employees: In Progress
  • Purchase of the needed furniture, racks, shelves, computers, electronic appliances, office appliances and CCTV: In progress
  • Purchase of initial supply of household appliances (e.g. refrigerators, washing machines and ovens), new personal appliances (e.g. hair dryers, curling irons and electric razors), consumer electronics (e.g. radios, TVs, digital cameras, video games and computers: In Progress
  • Creating Official Website for the Company: In Progress
  • Creating Awareness for the business both online and around the community: In Progress
  • Health and Safety and Fire Safety Arrangement (License): Secured
  • Compilation of our list of products that will be available in our store: Completed
  • Establishing business relationship with vendors – manufacturers of consumer electronics and wholesale suppliers: In Progress

More on Wholesale & Retail

Make In Business

Starting An Electronics Store Business – Profitable Business Plan

business proposal for electronic shop

Electronics business is becoming a boom in the business world for reasons of its demand and increasing value. Also, the varying brands create a need for the construction of such a business centre that could guarantee the availability of all the brands under one roof. For instance, it is totally impossible for the brand Apple to have stores all over the world. Even if there is one store per city, it is absolutely not accessible for all the people of the city. There comes the need for you.

You, being a second or third tier will act as a distributor for these electronic items that your customers need. It is observed that you get a minimum profit of $50000 in a consumer electronics business. As you all know the dynamic in a business, the number specified is not any standard figure.

Profits change with criteria of business size, demand, products sold, mediators in selling, cost price of the product etc. Going to the opportunities that can possibly be spotted here in this business, the following two can be taken as the top-rated ideas which shows a clear- cut differentiation from others in the same business.

  • Being a premium seller by selling luxury brands
  • Partnership with corporate firms

Being a Premium seller

There is a division in the consumer group which follows the criteria of their choices and financial abilities. In that way, there is a group of consumers called the elite class or the class of people who constantly look for luxury brands in any type of product. Targeting this segment is highly beneficial as well as unsafe.

This means the effects of less demand when compared to serving the mixed group of consumers. For example, Apple is one of the luxury brands. It is totally acceptable that there is a decent number of people continuing to buy products from the same brand irrespective of the price at which they are being sold.

On the other hand, the demand is extremely less. On a rough scale, 75% of the people look for an averagely priced product than the highly priced luxury product. Here, the choice is yours and it is you who should take decisions as to what sort of store you are going to maintain.

Though the demand for the luxury brands are not as great as it is for the other products, the amounts coming in to the firm in terms of business is huge. It can be seen as a smart income where you will realise almost 50% of the investment by selling two or three products of the brand.

Partnership with corporates

Here the opportunity is found while carrying out your regular business itself. No special alteration to the business structure is needed. All you have to do is find companies that has immense use of electronics.

IT companies will undoubtedly be in need of computers and other related hardware items. You are in the path to provide them with such electronics as and when required. What makes it an opportunity is that there is one promising work for you with these corporate companies when your business is down or has an unfavourable financial situation.

Business plan for an Electronics business

This is the most important part of any business. Business plans help you all in explaining your business using statements. A typical business plan follows the format given below. These business plans not only serve in explaining the business, but also puts all your planning in written or printed form. This is more like a director for the entire business. With these business plans, you get to know the stand of your business that is yet to start.

  • Executive Summary
  • Key to success
  • Company summary
  • Company ownership
  • Start-up summary
  • Market analysis summary
  • Market segmentation
  • Commercial sales
  • Target market segment strategy
  • Industry analysis
  • Competition
  • Buying patterns

The above subtitles cover almost all the information about the business you are up to start. These details are important for your funders too. Only with the reliable and empowering information you have, your funders will initiate the funding process.

Registration of the business

Business registration is an important document to be present in any retail store. This is to show the legal existence of the business and also the inclusion of your business’s name in the list of businesses that fall under the pursuit of the same industry. So, basically the need for a registration is to attain recognition in the industry. Business registration also serve in making the taxation processes easier.

The government of your country will identify your business only through the EIN designated to you over application. EIN is the Employer Identification Number which forms a code of identification for your business. Applications for the same are made online, by fax, by mail and also by telephone.

There are few restrictions laid by the government in order to be eligible for EIN. Of those, the most important one is the location at which your business exists. EIN applies for businesses which operate in the United States or any of the United States Territories. Also, as an applicant you will be demanded for a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

Application process (ONLINE APPLICATION)

There are three steps that takes you to the final stage of obtaining the EIN.

  • Eligibility check
  • Online application

Eligibility check is to check from your side if you have all the necessary documents needed for the application. This step should be taken seriously, as it avoids the chances of being rejected for the process. As mentioned earlier, the check covers TIN, location of the business and other conditions pertaining to ownership and limitations of EIN applications.

Furtherance in the process of application is the clear view on the online application process. Before you start filling the application forms in the portal, be prepared for all possible information that you will be asked for. This is because, the application gets rejected right away when you return or pause in between for a longer time. It is a single session application process where resuming back to the webpage is impossible.

The last stage is the submission after filling in all the details in the form. Once you submit, verification process is initiated. Verification is done with the TIN you provide and the advantage of online application is that you get the work done immediately. You get your EIN after verification and all you have to do is print it with the downloaded copy.

Since your business falls in the category of retail businesses, you will have to obtain a state license for the same. Before directly switching to the application stage, let us clearly understand why we need a license. Licenses act as a legal document or authorization for your business and the products you sell. There is a wrong interpretation that all businesses require licenses. But you will definitely not need a license in the following conditions.

  • If you have less than 30 electronic goods for sale or display, then you do not need a license.
  • Measuring in linear feet, if the display space of the store is less than 20% of the total display space, the there is no requirement for a license.

Requirements for the application

To obtain an electronics store license, the following documents or legal identities will be required.

  • License application
  • Sales Tax Identification Number

Again, there are two more sub divisions in the licensing part. If you are planning to offer service for the electronic goods, then you will have to obtain an Electronic and Home Appliance Service Dealer License. Selling second hand electronic goods will ask for another license called, Second hand Dealer General License. These licenses are valid for a period of 2 years after which renewal of the same is needed in order to continue the business operation.

business proposal for electronic shop

Insurances are now being provided and obtained on an appreciable rate. A number of emerging insurance companies allow for insurance policies that are favourable for both the insurer and the insured. In such a situation, electronics store insurances are one separate wing that holds in a number of types. Some of the insurances offered for an electronics store are,

  • Electronics store general liability insurance
  • Electronics store commercial auto insurance
  • Electronics store business property insurance
  • Electronics store Cyber liability insurance
  • Electronics store Worker’s compensation
  • Electronics store Crime insurance

Each of the mentioned insurance differ from each with the coverage of the loss. Insurances can be obtained from private insurance companies or from the government agencies. A proper evaluation of the best insurance policy is all you need to move further in obtaining insurance for your business.

Location of the electronics store

Location of any retail store should take in the factors relating to consumer behaviour. A place with enough of customers and demand can only be the right location for any retail store. Accessibility plays an important role in the survival of a business.

Having the supplies ready and not providing the right accessibility to reach your products is an utter flop plan. Hence, attempt to locate your business where customers can actually reach you. Also, have in mind the location of your manufacturer or distributor.

Competitors research

This is one area which assists you in growing more than your competitor. The research phase is not a one-time work. You will do it before initiating the business to find the value of the products sold. It also reveals the strength of your competitor. In later stages, pricing and promotional ideas for your business will definitely need the results from your competitors research.

Keeping track on the business pattern of your competitor is important in all businesses, but it is considered inevitable in a business that runs with electronics. New trends and models have to be understood and stocked in your store as soon as it reaches your competitors store or if you are smart enough, just before that.

Setup office space

Office space is something that shows the public how good your business is from the outlook. Generally, people tend to purchase in shops where the interiors and infrastructure is appealing. The fact isn’t wrong. There is some push experience by every customer due to the infrastructure of the shop.

Thus, plan it efficiently. In an electronics store, displaying the products is the only way to communicate the availability of it. Also, experiencing the real features of it is possible only if you have adequate space. I would recommend you to focus more on office space than any other planning.

Put in a minimum of 40% of your investment in constructing an impressive office space. Layout, the one which makes proper utilisation of the space should also be planned properly based on the electronic products in the store.

Hiring employees

business proposal for electronic shop

The last stage of the business is hiring the right number of employees. This could be a tedious task since you are a budding entrepreneur. You might think of outsourcing a planner for this, but my recommendation would be to decide it on yourself. This is because, only you know what kind of demand is there for your business.

It is a waste of money to have 100 employees in a store where the visitors or customers are not even 10% of it. Not only the demand, the floor space of your store is another factor in deciding the number of employees.

So, all these put together will give you a rough idea of the number of employees you need for the store. Next part is the type of employees. This certainly means the different positions in your business. Some of the vital ones are,

  • Floor manager
  • Sales representatives
  • Stock manager
  • Supervisors
  • Promotional heads

Hence, dividing them into various departments is all that you need for a perfect set of employees. Departments like maintenance, marketing, finance, stock, etc will bind together to give the resultant as planned and composed store

The type of store you open will depend on the products and services you intend to offer. Popular choices include consumer electronics, home appliances, and audio systems.

The amount of money you need to open an electronics store will depend on the type of store and level of inventory you plan to carry. It is important to prepare a detailed business plan in order to determine your exact needs.

Depending on the type of store you plan to open, you may need to stock a wide range of products to meet customer demand. This could include consumer electronics, home appliances, audio systems, and parts.

Depending on your location, you may need a variety of licenses and permits in order to open and operate an electronics store. Check with your local government to determine what type of license you need.

Your target customers will depend on the type of products and services you plan to offer. Your store may draw customers from a variety of sources, including local residents, students, and businesses.

Pricing techniques will depend on the type of store you plan to operate, as well as the products you stock. Popular pricing techniques include competitive pricing, dynamic pricing, and cost-plus pricing.

Your marketing strategy will depend on your target customers, the type of products and services you plan to offer, and the type of store you plan to open. Popular marketing strategies include social media campaigns, targeted advertising, and content marketing.

The type of location you select will depend on the type of store you plan to open, the size of the space, and the suitability of the location. Popular considerations include foot traffic, accessibility, and proximity to other businesses.

The type and amount of equipment and technology you need will depend on the type of store you plan to open and the products you plan to stock. This could include computer systems, audiovisual equipment, and security devices.

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How To Start Electronic Store Business

Souvik Dey

The electronics business is becoming one of the most demanded business ideas in today's digital world. As the electronic store is increased years by year everything becomes digital. Also, various brands create a need for start an electronic store business to access all the brands from one roof. The big electronic company can't open a store in every location. Here comes the electronic store. Even if there is one store per city then also it is difficult for the people. You being a second or third-tier will act as a distributor for these electronic items.

The amounts of profit depend on many factors:

  • Business size
  • Products sold
  • Mediators in selling
  • The cost price of the product.

So starting an electronic store in this digital world will create rapid growth in the market. Also, many electronic stores in the market’s why there will be a lot of competition you have to stand out from it. Here we will discuss in brief how you start an electronic store business.

How To Start Electronic Store Business Step 1. Research your Area Step 2. Partnership With Corporates Step 3. Business Plan For Electronics Business Step 4. Registration of the Business Step 5. Location of the Electronics Store Step 6. How to Store Electronics Step 7. Advertising Electronics Store Step 8. Hiring employees Step 9. Insurance FAQs

Here are some of the steps to keep in mind while starting an electronic store business.

Step 1. Research your Area

Consumer Electronics market trends

You need to do some research before starting the business. Do some competitive analysis. Create a plan to differentiate your offering. Try to make networking related to your business . Before you waste time on the advertising of your electronic store try to analyze the market. If your locality is already full of such a store you have to think about the side of town. And keep in mind one of the most important things is that you have to learn that the other electronic shop's persons how they behave with the customers because only the customers will increase or decrease the profit of your business.

Step 2. Partnership With Corporates

Teaming up with other businesses can result in a huge success for your business also with the business with whom you are a partner. When you have done right everything it brings many things like additional exposure and revenue for both the business and most importantly becomes happy with more customers and sales. You should also think about the nature of your agreement. How will the partnership work and what’s your ideal outcome? It is a good idea to test the partnership first before getting finally commitment.

When you and your business partner have different strengths, you will double the profit of your startup team. Succeeding as business partners doesn’t require having run a business together or even having worked together before. You can organize a partnership as a general partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership. For your partnership to work both of you must feel comfortable openly sharing your opinions and make a detailed plan of how you increase your profits.

business proposal for electronic shop

Step 3. Business Plan For Electronics Business

Regardless of the kind of business you are starting, a business plan is used as an organization tool a guide on how to move forward. A business plan is the overall summary of your business. Briefly describe what you sell and who you sell it to. If you don’t have products then plan how you plan your product and how you will connect with suppliers. Also, you must include a company overview of the business plan. Your next step is to perform an in-depth market analysis of the rest electronic store. You have to focus on many things some important aspects are listed below:

  • Executive Summary
  • Key to success
  • Company summary
  • Company ownership
  • Start-up summary
  • Market analysis summary
  • Market segmentation
  • Commercial sales
  • Target market segment strategy
  • Industry analysis
  • Competition
  • Buying patterns

Step 4. Registration of the Business

A vital component of any type of store is obtaining the requisite permits and licenses. Both the state and the government have specific regulations that you must satisfy before opening the store. As a retailer, you may also need special permits for selling particular products.

  • Contact your state revenue agency to get the required registration materials and instructions. You must register your store name. Each business acquires a state tax ID number for many processes.
  • Purchase the required licenses from your local government licensing department.
  • Contact your product supplier directly to register as a preferential retailer.

Step 5. Location of the Electronics Store

electronic items for electronic store

The best location for opening a store is the visibility, affordability, and lease terms you can live with. There are three phases of changing the location for opening your store is a selection of a city, choice of an area of location within a city, and identification of a specific site. Besides, you should look at neighborhood traffic generators, such as other retailers that draw people to the area, industrial or office parks, schools , colleges, and hospital complexes.

In choosing a city, investigate these main factors:

  • Size of the city’s trading area
  • Population and population trends
  • Total purchasing power and who has it
  • Total retail trade potential for different lines of trade
  • Number and size of the competition
  • Quality and aggressiveness of competition

business proposal for electronic shop

Step 6. How to Store Electronics

If your customer some defects in electronic items they will move to another store. As there will be large purchases it is important to protect your investment by understanding the best electronic storage methods for the long term without any damaging them. Understanding electronics storage solutions best practices like planning and keeping all the components together will help protect your items in storage. Understanding electronics storage involves also having the proper electronics storage solutions, like moving and packing supplies, readily available.

Some tips how to store electronics:

  • Keep electronics towards the back for extra protection
  • Check electronics for insertable materials
  • No original box then wrap electronics in anti-static foam
  • Use original packaging
  • Take a picture of the electronic connections
  • Label accessories and keep them together
  • Create a list of all items inside of electronic box
  • Store all electronics in a climate controlled storage unit

Step 7. Advertising Electronics Store

The competition between electronic stores is very high everywhere due to the fact there are a lot of businesses of this kind and another reason is the products that they sell are in high demand. Opening a store does not ensure that customers will always come to your shop. You have to advertise your store.

Put the top tier products on display

You have seen that many electronics store are displaying their products. The reason is it will attract customer’s attention and make them come in. This is the best way to promote some of your best products being to put them on display where everyone can see them.

Hold contests and win free electronics

People love the most is getting products for free. You have to conduct contests where customers can have some fun and won great prizes as well as to make them come to your store more often and to spread the word about your store.

Offer promotions and bring more customers

As soon as people heard about the promotion word they will move to your store and purchase products and the most interesting part about this when one person hears this the told to another person and immediately throughout the entire area where your store is located. To make it more exciting you may also include offer packs.

Promote your business on TV

It is the most trending and rapid way to advertise anything on local TV channels . It might cost a little bit but the profits you gain is very much.

business proposal for electronic shop

Step 8. Hiring employees

Finding and recruiting top talent is always a priority for all retailers. They’re important positions for any retail business . By this, you can sell more products. The qualities you must see when hiring  employees for your store:

  • Willing and eager to learn
  • Comfortable with people
  • Competitive
  • Team-oriented

The employees you hired from them based on talents and qualities you can give the below positions to running your store smoothly and customers not face any problems.

  • Floor manager
  • Sales representatives
  • Stock manager
  • Supervisors
  • Promotional heads

Step 9. Insurance

A business insurance is like a safety belt which offers financial protection to the business from various risks. Electronics store insurances are one that holds in a number of types. Some of the insurances offered for an electronics store are:

  • Electronics store general liability insurance
  • Electronics store commercial auto insurance
  • Electronics store business property insurance
  • Electronics store Cyber liability insurance
  • Electronics store Worker’s compensation
  • Electronics store Crime insurance

business proposal for electronic shop

Is electronic business profitable?

Yes, electronics business is quite profitable. There is speedy advancement in the technologies and the electronics sector is upgrading. So, electronics items has a huge demand. It makes starting an electronics business quite profitable idea.

Which are electronic items to sell in an electronic store?

  • Mobile Devices
  • Set Top Boxes

The Benefits of Using AI Video Generation Tools for Your Business

Apoorva Bajj

What is Google PageSpeed Insights and How Can You Achieve a Perfect 100% Score?

Shalini Rath

10 Best Virtual Office Software For Remote Teams in 2023


Free Electrical Business Plan PDF Download | Electrical Shop Business Plan

Electrical Shop Business Plan PDF

How to Start an Electrical Business - Free Electrical Business Plan PDF Download

Are you considering starting an electrical business and are in need of an electrical business plan? if yes, you'll find this free book to be extremely helpful.

This is a practical guide that will walk you step by step through all the essentials of starting your business. The book is packed with guides, worksheets and checklists. These strategies are absolutely crucial to your business' success yet are simple and easy to apply.

Don’t Start a New Electrical Business Unless You Watch This Video First!

Checklist for Starting a Business: Essential Ingredients for Success

If you are thinking about going into business, it is imperative that you watch this video first! it will take you by the hand and walk you through each and every phase of starting a business. It features all the essential aspects you must consider BEFORE you start a business. This will allow you to predict problems before they happen and keep you from losing your shirt on dog business ideas. Ignore it at your own peril!

Here’s a Valuable Free Gift for You This is a high quality, full blown business plan template complete with detailed instructions and all related spreadsheets. You can download it to your PC and easily prepare a professional business plan for your business. Click Here! To get your free business plan template

The Single Most Important Ingredient for Business Success

The first and most important thing you need to acquire in order to succeed in a small business is... knowledge.

Sounds exaggerated? Listen to this...

According to research conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, 90% of all small business failures can be traced to poor management resulting from lack of knowledge.

This is backed up by my own personal observations. In my 31 years as a business coach and consultant to small businesses, I've seen practically dozens of small business owners go under and lose their businesses -- not because they weren't talented or smart enough -- but because they were trying to re-invent the wheel rather than rely on proven, tested methods that work.

Conclusion: if you are really serious about succeeding in a business... If you want to avoid the common traps and mistakes... it is absolutely imperative that you acquire the right knowledge.

"Why Invent Mediocrity, When You Can Copy Genius?"

That's an excellent quote I picked up from a fellow business owner a few years back. What this means is that you should see what is working and try to duplicate it. Why go through all the trouble of inventing something new, that you don't even know will ever work, when you can easily learn from and duplicate something that has been a proven success?

[ Note: One of the BIGGEST mistakes almost all new businesses make is that they WASTE tons of valuable time, energy and money on trying to create something "new", that has never been tested or proven... only to find out later that it was a total loss. Don't make the same mistake! ]

Hi! My name is Meir. I'm the founder and president of BizMove.com, a successful Internet based information business. I'm also the author of numerous books, mostly in the area of small business management.

I've been involved in small business for the past 31 years of my life, as a business coach, manager of a Electrical firm, a seminar leader and as the owner of five successful businesses.

During my career as a business coach and consultant I've helped dozens of business owners start their businesses, market, expand, get out of troubles, sell their businesses and do practically every other small business activity you can think of. You see, I have been there .... done it ... and bought the Small Business t-shirt! -- This free book contains techniques and strategies I've learned during my 31 year small business career.

Here's what you'll discover in the 'How to Start a Electrical Business' book:

Success Tip: Setting Goals

Good management is the key to success and good management starts with setting goals. Set goals for yourself for the accomplishment of the many tasks necessary in starting and managing your business successfully. Be specific. Write down the goals in measurable terms of performance. Break major goals down into sub-goals, showing what you expect to achieve in the next two to three months, the next six months, the next year, and the next five years. Beside each goal and sub-goal place a specific date showing when it is to be achieved.

Plan the action you must take to attain the goals. While the effort required to reach each sub-goal should be great enough to challenge you, it should not be so great or unreasonable as to discourage you. Do not plan to reach too many goals all at one time.

Establish priorities. Plan in advance how to measure results so you can know exactly how well you are doing. This is what is meant by "measurable" goals. If you can’t keep score as you go along you are likely to lose motivation. Re-work your plan of action to allow for obstacles which may stand in your way. Try to foresee obstacles and plan ways to avert or minimize them.

Click here! to download your Electrical Business Plan book for free (PDF version)

Management Skills Video: How to Become a Great Manager and Leader

Learn how to improve your leadership skills and become a better manager and leader. Here's how to be the boss people want to give 200 percent for. In the following video you'll discover 120 powerful tips and strategies to motivate and inspire your people to bring out the best in them.

For more insightful videos visit our Small Business and Management Skills YouTube Chanel .

Here're other free books in the "how to start a business" series that may interest you:

Here's a Sample 'Executive Summary' for a Electrical Business plan :


COMPANY NAME is an Electrical Sub-Contractor, primarily doing commercial, industrial, medical and residential. COMPANY NAME offers value engineering for energy evaluation & efficiency. The purpose of the company's plan is to grow in the fields mentioned above as well as branch out into Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico. COMPANY NAME also wants to further the company's market share in the solar/energy and the service industry.

1.1 Objectives

1. To fund growth of existing business & increase market share of our service business 2. Expand into the field of energy/solar 3. With additional capital the ability to bid larger projects.

1.2 Mission

COMPANY NAME 's sole purpose is to establish a profitable and well managed company while at the same time designing to please the local residents with excellent service in California.  COMPANY NAME’s near future plans are to grow the company's electrical contracting business in California and other states such as Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.  The company will seek to provide these services in the timeliest manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

1.3 Keys to Success

1.  Servicing and maintaining our existing client base 2.  Having employees that understand and implement our high standards 3.  Reliability and communication with clients from beginning of each job to end.

COMPANY NAME is in the city of Orange and has been in the county of Orange since 1994, servicing Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. We provide electrical contracting services to a wide range of clients, including owners and general contractors, mainly in the medical field. COMPANY NAME's current corporate office is at [INSERT ADDRESS].   The company's corporate office is a 4,650 sq ft concrete tilt up building. This corporate office houses all administrative operations, with warehouse space used for inventory and service vehicles. All of the work is done at many off-site locations.

2.1 Company Ownership

COMPANY NAME is a privately held C Corporation where OWNER’S NAME is president & secretary and CO-OWNER’S NAME is Vice President.

2.2 Company History

In 2006 and 2007 COMPANY NAME experienced a decrease in sales due to California budget cuts for the company's voice and data division that had provided services to Employment Development Departments.   The decrease in sales was also due to existing clients who were very slow in paying for services rendered.  COMPANY NAME had also made the decision to focus more on the medical field and their primary client base. The company had cut ties with three general contractors and proceeded to establish new contacts within the medical field. The year of 2008 was a great year and COMPANY NAME was on track to double sales; however the economy was starting to slow. 2009 was a respectable year, however, again, due to the economy COMPANY NAME re-evaluated again to expand into solar/energy industry.

Table: Past Performance

3.0 Services

COMPANY NAME 's products are: 1) Design build which is based on a per square foot price. 2) Contract work which is specific to a certain set of blueprints/drawings. 3) Service work that is based on an hourly rate.

COMPANY NAME will focus on four main markets within the industry such as: MEDICAL This field is a viable source of business now and due to ever changing technology a great source of future business that will sustain us long term. SERVICE There will always be a need for service and this is an area that we have never taped into and believe there is great potential. COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL This has been the company's main focus; COMPANY NAME has built great long term relationships with building owners who now look for our guidance in directing their energy improvements. SOLAR/ENERGY We feel we always need to look at new trends and stay ahead of change in our approach to long term sustainability.

How to Organize Paperwork for Business

We must all be efficient and productive in today's business world. Being organized helps you handle tasks quickly so that you have more time and space to do what you truly want to do.

1. One-time mail system.

Have an In Box on your desk for new mail/information. Look at your mail once a day. Review each piece of mail once to decide whether to do it, delegate it or dump it. If it adds value to your business or is required for doing business, do it or delegate it. If not, then dump it. If you keep it, then categorize it using the A, B, C system. Use your time wisely.

2. Categories for performing your work.

Set up desk trays labeled A, B, and C. Items in category A must be handled today. Category B items must be handled this week. Category C items are generally filing that must be kept because they have some value, such as invoices, tax returns, and statements.

3. Prioritize your work within categories A and B.

Sort the categories into 1, 2, and 3. A1 must be done NOW, it is "hot" or "urgent." A2 can be done this AM. A3 can be done by the end of the day. B1 is done on Monday. B2 done by Wednesday. B3 done by the end of the week. Make the decision once, then do the work.

Set a day and time each week for filing. Don't let it stack up. Give yourself space to work.

5. Purge your files on a regular schedule.

For example, purge files every six months. Send these documents to storage. This gives you more space to work.

6. Storing records.

Store documents in boxes. Mark the contents of each box. For instance, clients A-F2013. Mark the destruction date on the box, D = June 02. Base your destruction date on the legal requirements for your industry.

7. Toss out stored documents on a regular schedule.

For example, two times per year, visit the storage area and remove boxes that are beyond the destruction date. Depending on your industry, they may need to be shredded rather than put in the trash.

8. Color code your records.

For example, clients with first names beginning with A-F are in Orange folders; G-K Yellow; L-P Blue; Q-Z Green. This will save you time when you are searching for a file. You can also apply this to AP, AR, Payroll, and Taxes. This can also be done by year. For example, 2012 AP is blue; 2013 AP is purple.

9. Hot files.

Put a red cover on files that you consider "hot." These could be urgent projects, legally or financially sensitive, or important VIP clients. Keep these visually at your fingertips.

10. Use out guides.

If you work with other people and share files, create a check-out system so that files are not lost. Put the file name, taken-by name, and date on a card and place it in an out guide box. When you can't find what you want, check the box to see if your co-worker is using the file. Be sure to remove the card from the box when you return the file.

Copyright © by Bizmove Free Business Guides. All rights reserved.

Electronics Store Business Plan (Why You Need One & How to Write It)

Electronics Store Business Plan (Why You Need One & How to Write It)

Starting a electronics store may sound like an easy thing to do. However, it's not the case since starting such a business involves a lot of things to settle. In general, there's so much more to starting a electronics store that you need to have a business plan to be successful. Otherwise, you will end up being overwhelmed with so many things.

Now, if you're wondering about a business plan and how it's essential as you start your electronics store, you've come to the right place!

A business plan for a electronics store generally illustrates your goals, financial strategies, research, and everything else involved with your business. It contains the strategy for guiding and helping you start and run your business.

In this article, we'll talk more about the business plan for a electronics store and every concern you may ask about, mainly how to write one.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

What is a electronics business plan?

A electronics business plan is a document that defines (in detail) a electronics store' objectives and how it plans to achieve its goals.

For instance, a electronics store typically needs an initial investment. As such, you need to include the said amount in your plan and how you can acquire such, either from your pocket or through a business loan or any other financing option (learn more about a electronics store financing .

Profit and goal are other examples. It is also included in your business plan as a goal to achieve within a set period, usually within months.

Overall, the business plan is the document that lays out a written road map for the electronics store from a marketing, financial, and operational standpoint. You should also have a basic idea about a electronics store profitability .

Business plans are essential for startups and established businesses, and the electronics store is no exception. Every business, regardless of the type, should have one.

Further, business plans are critical documents for internal and external audiences. For instance, you may use these plans to attract investors before establishing a track record. It can also help you secure loans from financial institutions.

Business plans can also help keep your electronics store' leadership team on track for meeting established goals and on track with strategic action items.

Overall, business plans are particularly helpful for new businesses, including the electronics store. Ideally, goals should be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect achievements or changes. When an established business changes direction, a new business plan is created.

Why do you need a electronics business plan?

You need a electronics business plan for several reasons. However, the main reasons are to help you establish your company, set the goals you want to achieve, and evaluate your electronics store’ status after a specific timeframe.

As a general rule, your business plan serves as a guide. Revising and adjusting this plan may also be necessary as circumstances change throughout your actions.

You should know that if you plan to apply for a business loan (which any knowledgeable entrepreneur should do), lenders want to see a business plan.

For your electronics store to succeed and meet your goals, you need a precise and robust business plan.

Learn more about starting an electronics store :

Where to start?

-> How to finance an electronics store? -> How much does it cost to start an electronics store? -> Pros and cons of an electronics store -> How to get clients for an electronics store?

Need inspiration?

-> Other electronics store success stories -> Examples of established electronics store -> Marketing ideas for an electronics store -> Electronics store names

Other resources

-> Profitability of an electronics store -> Blog post ideas for an electronics store -> Electronics store hashtags -> Electronics store calculator

How to write a electronics business plan?

When creating a business plan, you need to include more than just the steps on how you start. It also includes how you will sustain it and how you can develop it even further as you move forward. Simply put, it should include everything related to your electronics store.

If you’re wondering how to write a business plan for your electronics store, here are the things you need to include:

1. Executive summary

The executive summary in a business plan includes a gist of your entire electronics store. Further, it includes the general reason why it will turn out successful.

2. Company description

The company description details every information about your electronics store. As such, it includes your advantages over your potential competitors and the things that make your business stand out above other similar companies.

3. Organization and management

The organization and management are the part of your business plan that states the structure of your electronics store.

It includes the entire staff, especially the ones who will run your electronics store, whether you’re solo, with a partner, or with a group of people. Simply put, it shows what type of business you run and who is responsible for it.

4. Market analysis

The market analysis is the part of your business plan that shows your perspective on the industry where your electronics store belongs.

Since it’s about marketing, it includes your target market or customers. Further, it includes your potential competitors since they can take away your potential customers.

5. Financial plan

The financial plan is the part that concerns everything related to your electronics store finances. This document consists of a detailed financial statement and an analysis of your finances and the required funds .

6. Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy outlines the concerns about reaching out to potential customers . Moreover, it demonstrates how to expose the products and services your electronics store offers.

Besides attracting customers, it also includes strategies for gaining new customers and keeping the regular ones from leaving. Finally, it outlines strategies for increasing sales for your electronics store to grow.

What makes a good electronics business plan?

A good electronics business plan serves as a roadmap that outlines the strategies and actions required to achieve the goals and objectives of a business. It typically includes information about the business's products or services, target market, competition, marketing and sales strategies, operations, financial projections, and management team.

Here are some key elements that make up a good business plan:

  • Executive summary : This is a brief overview of the entire business plan, summarizing the key points and objectives of the company.
  • Company description : This section provides detailed information about electronics store, including its history, mission statement, and legal structure.
  • Market analysis : This section should describe the industry and market that electronics store operates in, including target customers, competitors, and market trends.
  • Products or services : This section should describe the products or services electronics store offers, highlighting their unique features and benefits.
  • Marketing and sales strategies : This section should detail the strategies that electronics store will use to promote and sell its products or services, including pricing, distribution, and advertising.
  • Operations : This section should outline the day-to-day operations of electronics store, including manufacturing, production, and distribution.
  • Financial projections : This section should provide detailed financial projections, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
  • Management team : This section should introduce the key members of electronics store's management team, highlighting their qualifications and experience.

Overall, a good electronics business plan should be well-researched, realistic, and focused on achieving specific goals and objectives. It should also be adaptable and able to evolve as the business grows and changes over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i write a electronics business plan myself.

Yes, you can write a electronics business plan yourself. It requires a clear understanding of your goals, target audience, competition, financial projections, and marketing strategy. Research successful plans and use templates. Ensure it's comprehensive, realistic and seek help if needed. Ultimately, a good business plan sets you up for success.

How long should a electronics business plan be?

There is no standard length for a electronics business plan. It can range from a one-page summary to a comprehensive document of 50+ pages. The length depends on the complexity of the business, audience, and purpose. A concise plan that covers key elements is often more effective than a lengthy one.

In a nutshell, creating a business plan for a electronics store is a bit complicated, but you still need to do it.

Overall, a business plan will help you make the right calls, obtain the funding you need, and strongly start your new electronics store. As such, you must make a robust and precise one.

The six parts we included above should be handy throughout this process. With this information, you can begin writing your business plan and see what it takes to become a professional entrepreneur.

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  • 120+ Catchy Hashtags For Your Electronics Store [2023] 11 of 12
  • How Profitable Is An Electronics Store? (Updated for 2023) 12 of 12

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Starting an Electronic Retail Store Business

Electronic retail store business plan.

Consumer electronics stores offer a broad range of appliances and electrical goods as well as home entertainment products like TVs, DVD players, and stereo systems. These kinds of businesses are growing in importance and scale as more and more people look for ways to work at home or help their children thrive in a more digital environment.

electronic retail store business plan

Like other retail businesses, electronics stores are connected closely with other industries, purchasing the goods they sell from domestic and international (in some cases) manufacturers and wholesalers.

New purchases dominate the market, while the replacement and refurbishment market represents a smaller portion of sales.

Raise capital and get into this vital and growing market today with an electronics retail store business plan.  Here is a sample of an electronic retail store business plan and see if this kind of custom business planning is right for you.

Get started on your consumer electronic retail store business plan or electronic repair service business plan today!

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How to Write Winning Business Proposals: Examples & Free Templates (2023)

By Aditya Sheth , May 25, 2023

how to write a business proposal

The great Mark Cuban once said, “Sales cure all.” If a business doesn’t sell, it doesn’t make money and by extension the business fails. That’s why you need to write business proposals .

A well-written business proposal can often mean the difference between winning or losing a prospective client.

In this in-depth guide to creating business proposals, we show you how to close more deals, make more sales and crush your business goals — all by using easy-to-edit professional business proposal templates .

Here’s what this guide will cover (click to jump ahead):

What is a business proposal.

  • How to write a business proposal step by step

What should you include in a business proposal?

Business proposal format, what are the types of business proposals, more business proposal examples + writing and design tips.

  • FAQs about business proposals

Looking for a shortcut? Watch this quick video for an overview of everything to include in your business proposal:

An effective business proposal is a document used by a B2B or business-facing company (this may not always be the case) where a seller aims to persuade a prospective buyer into buying their goods or services.

A business proposal outlines what your business does and what you can do for your client . It can be general like this business proposal example:

general business proposal template

Or it can be more specific, like this business proposal template which focuses on proposing a project for the Newton Center Rail:

simple business proposal project proposal template

Or this business proposal sample, which presents a plan for a social media strategy and campaign:

social media marketing business proposal template

To design a business proposal that holds the client’s attention, identify their pain points . Then provide your buyer with the right solution to alleviate those frustrations.

Return to Table of Contents

How to write a business proposal step by step

Before you start creating your business proposal template, you need to know what it comprises. At a high level, your effective business proposal should include the following:

  • Table of contents
  • Executive summary
  • The problem statement
  • The proposed solution
  • Qualifications
  • The timeline

Pricing, billing, and legal

  • Terms and conditions
  • The acceptance

Below, you can see business proposal examples that demonstrate how to include these 10 sections.

Business proposal title

A compelling title could mean the difference between someone reading your proposal or ignoring it in favor of a competitor’s. 

What makes a good title page? Here are the essential elements to include: 

  • Your name along with your company’s name
  • The name of the prospect (or their business) 
  • The date you’re submitting the proposal

Gray Business Consulting Proposal Template Cover Page_Venngage

The gray business consulting proposal template above contains all the details a prospect would want to know. The title also offers a strong tangible benefit to the prospective buyer. Honestly, “Who doesn’t want to grow their business?”

Return to business proposal content sections

The table of contents is a fundamental part of every winning business proposal template. It makes your proposal scannable and easy to read.

The people you will be pitching to are usually C-level executives. These are busy people who don’t have time to read your entire proposal in one go.

That’s why most of the business proposal examples in this list include a table of contents.

Adding a table of contents to your document makes it easy for them to go through it at their own pace. They can also skim through parts of the proposal that they deem more important. You can see how this abstract business proposal template uses the table of contents:

Creative Social Media Business Proposal Template Table of Contents

You can also make your business proposal template easier to navigate by adding hyperlinks to the document, particularly in the table of contents. This way your clients can jump to specific sections without having to scroll through the entire document. 

It’s easy to add hyperlinks in the Venngage editor. Select the text you’d like to turn into a link, then click the link icon in the top bar. From there, select the page you want to link to! Then download your completed design as an Interactive PDF .


The executive summary is a staple in all kinds of annual reports , project plans and even marketing plans . It is a concise summary of the entire contents of your document. In other words, write a business proposal outline that is easy to glance over and that highlights your value proposition.

The goals of your executive summary are:

  • Introduce your company to your buyer
  • Provide an overview of your company goals
  • Showcase your company’s milestones, overall vision and future plans
  • Include any other relevant details

This gray business proposal example has a detailed yet short executive summary including some social proof in the form of clients they’ve worked with:

Gray Business Consulting Proposal Template About Us

Take note of how precise this business proposal example is. You want to keep your executive summary concise and clear from the get-go. This sets the right tone for the rest of your proposal. It also gives your buyer a reason to continue reading your proposal.

Pro Tip: Try to write an executive summary such that, even if your prospective client doesn’t read the entire proposal (with a good executive summary, they most likely will), they should have a clear idea about what your company does and how you can help them.

The point of writing a business proposal is to solve a buyer’s problem. Your goal is to outline the problem statement as clearly as possible. This develops a sense of urgency in your prospect. They will want to find a solution to the problem. And you have that solution.

 A well-defined problem statement does two things: 

  • It shows the prospect you have done your homework instead of sending a generic pitch
  • It creates an opportunity for you to point out a problem your prospect might not be aware they had in the first place. 

Texture Business Proposal Template

This bold business proposal template above clearly outlines the problem at hand and also offers a ray of hope i.e. how you can solve your prospect’s problem. This brings me to… 

The good stuff. In the proposed solution section, you show how you can alleviate your prospective buyer’s pain points. This can fit onto the problem statement section but if you have a comprehensive solution or prefer to elaborate on the details, a separate section is a good idea.

Spare no details regarding the solution you will provide. When you write a business proposal, explain how you plan to deliver the solution. Include an estimated timeline of when they can expect your solution and other relevant details.

For inspiration, look at how this business proposal template quickly and succinctly outlines the project plan, deliverables and metrics :

Sales Plan Proposal Table Template_Venngage

At this point, the prospect you’re pitching your solution to likes what they’re reading. But they may not trust you to deliver on your promises. Why is this?

It’s because they don’t know you. Your job is to convince them that you can fix their problem. This section is important because it acts as social proof. You can highlight what your company does best and how qualified your team is when you write a business proposal for a potential client.

business proposal qualifications section

This free business proposal template showcases the company’s accolades, client testimonials, relevant case studies, and industry awards. You can also include other forms of social proof to establish yourself as a credible business. This makes it that much more likely that they will say yes!

Pro Tip: Attaching in-depth case studies of your work is a great way to build trust with a potential client by showcasing how you’ve solved similar problems for other clients in the past. Our case study examples post can show you how to do just that.

To further demonstrate just how prepared you are, it’s important to outline the next steps you will take should your buyer decide to work with you.

Provide a timeline of how and when you will complete all your deliverables. You can do this by designing a  flow chart . Or add a  roadmap  with deadlines. Pitching a long-term project? A timeline infographic would be a better fit.

If you look at this abstract business proposal template below, even something as simple as a table can do the trick.

Abstract Business Consulting Proposal Template Timeline_Venngage

The timeline is not always set in stone, rather it’s an estimation. The goal is to clarify any questions your potential client might have about how you will deliver for the underlying B2B sales process.

On this page, you can outline your fees, payment schedule, invoice payment terms , as well as legal aspects involved in this deal.

The key to good pricing is to provide your buyer with options. A  pricing comparison table can help with this. You want to give your client some room to work with. Make sure you’re not scaring off your client with a high price, nor undervaluing yourself. 

Breaking up your pricing in stages is another great way to make sure your potential client knows what he’s paying for. Look at how this simple business proposal template does this:

Bold Business Proposal Template Pricing Page_Venngage

The legal aspects can slot right into the terms and conditions section. Alternatively, you can add them to the signature section of the proposal to keep things simple.

Summarize everything you have promised to deliver so far. Include what you expect from your prospective buyer in return.  Add the overall project timeline from start to end, as well as payment methods and payment schedule. This way, both of you will be clear on what is being agreed on.

This step is very important as it outlines all the legal aspects of the deal. That is why the terms and conditions section of your proposal needs to be as clear as possible.

Modern Business Proposal

I recommend consulting a lawyer or your legal team when working on this section of the business proposal. If you’re a business veteran and understand the legalities of your business, you can use the same terms and conditions across all your proposals.

The final step of this whole process. Your client has read your business proposal and they want to buy what you have to offer.

Add a small section at the end of your proposal to get the necessary signatures. This way, you and your client can sign the proposal and the partnership becomes official.

Be sure to also include your contact information in your business proposal template. It acts as a gentle prompt to your client to contact you in case they have any questions.


A business proposal usually aims to answer the following questions: 

  • Who you are and what your company does
  • The problem your buyer is facing
  • The solution your company offers to alleviate the problem
  • How your company will implement this solution effectively
  • An estimate of resources (time, money, etc) required to implement the solution

You can see how this sample business proposal template covers the above points.

business project proposal template

Notice how this proposal template addresses the same project like in one of the previous templates, but uses a completely different design style (more retro, while the previous business proposal template is more modern and minimalistic).

You can remove or add more sections depending on the goal of your business proposal. Essential, your business proposal can follow this format:

  • Pricing, billing and legal

We go into detail on how you can write a business proposal (plus different business proposal templates you can apply the tips to) in the next section . But you can also click on the format items above to learn how you can best write them!

If you aim to create a holistic business proposal, feel free to just edit from the two templates right above. You can also add your brand colors and logo to your design, using My Brand Kit :

Here’s another example of a business proposal template that you can edit:

simple b2c business growth proposal template

Generally, there are three types of business proposals:

1. Formally solicited 

A formally solicited business proposal is made when you respond to an official request to write a business proposal.

In this scenario, you know all the requirements and have more (if not all) information about a prospective buyer. You simply need to write the business proposal for your buyer to evaluate so you can begin the sales process .

2. Informally solicited 

Informally solicited business proposals are written when there isn’t an official request for a proposal. A prospective buyer is interested in your services and asks for a proposal so they can evaluate it.

An informally solicited proposal requires a lot more research from your end. These types of proposals are usually created out of informal conversations. They are not based on official requests which often contain more detail.

3. Unsolicited 

Think of this as a marketing brochure or a cold email . Unsolicited business proposals will often take a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to business proposals. Unsolicited proposals lack any understanding of the buyer or their requirements.

But with additional  market research , personalization and identifying customer pain points , you can propose a customized solution based on your buyer’s needs. This can be a very persuasive approach, such as in this business proposal example:

corporate business proposal example

Now that you know how to write a business proposal, let’s look at how you can optimize your proposal to deliver results!

Below you’ll find some winning business proposal templates and examples to get you started. I’ve also included some design tips to keep in mind when you’re creating your next business proposal: 

1. Know your audience 

If you have some clarity on who your ideal buyer is — their pain points, their budget, deadlines, among other things — you’ve already won half the battle.

If you are a business that helps clients with everything from running giveaways or helping grow their blog , identify which customers to pitch. This is a sure-shot way to close the deal.

Mapping user personas  for your ideal buyer can help bring some clarity. It will also help you position your business proposal correctly. This improves the chance of your buyer moving your business proposal to the “Yes!” pile.

2. Put your brand front and center

If your company follows certain brand guidelines, incorporate them in your business proposal templates. Consider how business proposal examples like the one below highlight brand identity :

content marketing plan business proposal example

From the color palettes to the company logos , everything follows their brand guidelines. The result: a business proposal that’s consistent across the board.

Pro Tip: Switching this template to match your brand assets is actually pretty easy. Venngage’s My Brand Kit feature allows you to import your color palettes, logos as well as font choices. Any Venngage template can now be your template.

You can also consider this sample business proposal template:

Example of a Business Proposal

Design companies sure do know their design. They did a phenomenal job keeping their brand colors consistent while opting for a black design. This unique color scheme also makes their white logo prominent throughout the proposal.

3. Try less text, more visuals

Have you ever read a proposal and thought to yourself, “Wow, this is all text and has no images, I love it!”? Yeah, me neither.

The free business proposal template below is a perfect example of the “less is more” principle. It does a phenomenal job of communicating what it needs to. By substituting some of the text with icons and visuals, you get a clean business proposal that’s much more scannable.

Social Media Plan Proposal Template

Want to keep things strictly professional? Instead of icons, you can always add your team’s headshots. This shows your buyer exactly who they’ll be working with.  

Check out this formal business proposal format for some inspiration:

Red Human Resources Consulting Proposal Template Team

4. Switch up your business proposal designs

It doesn’t hurt to go above and beyond once in a while. Jazz up your business proposal template with some extra colors. This helps make your business proposal more engaging. It also helps your buyers retain information faster.

Simple Business Proposal Example

The business proposal example alternates between black, white and grey backgrounds. It still manages to maintain consistency in its branding . Just switching up your backgrounds once in a while can also bring in some variety to an otherwise standard business proposal.

This SEO business proposal sample proves that it’s possible to switch up the colors in every other page. But it still maintains the same color scheme across the entire proposal just like a professionally designed website : 

SEO Marketing Proposal

Pro Tip: Not a color expert? Our guide on picking colors can help you pick the right color scheme for your proposals.

FAQ about business proposals

What is the purpose of a business proposal.

A business proposal aims to streamline the B2B sales process (which is often complex) between you as a seller and a buyer.

It does this by serving the dual purpose of acting as a source of information. The proposal also acts as a sales pitch aimed at convincing your buyer why they should buy what you have to offer.

What are the best practices for business proposal design?

  • Do a thorough spell-check. The goal of your business proposal is to convince your buyer why you’re the perfect person for the job. A proposal with typos or grammatical errors communicates the opposite. A thorough spell-check before you send your proposal is a must.
  • Keep things clear and readable: Clarity is an important aspect that you have to ensure in your business proposal. If you want your proposal to hit home and make an impact on the buyer, you have to write it in an understandable way. To keep things clear and readable, there are a couple of things that you can do. You can, for one, take care to use easy wording and segmented sentences from the get-go. You can also try paraphrasing the hard parts of your proposal once you are done writing it.
  • Let your brand shine. As discussed before, writing a business proposal is all about knowing your ideal buyer and focusing on their pain points. But that doesn’t mean your business proposal template has to be boring. Demonstrate how different you are compared to other companies. You can do this through your brand guidelines , by using more visuals, switching up your proposal design or showing off your personality in your writing . 
  • Create a business proposal PDF. Downloading your business proposal in PDF format allows you to attach other collaterals with your business proposal. These can include a company explainer video or case studies showcasing the work done with past clients. Also, who doesn’t love saving paper?

How long should your business proposal be? 

The length depends on the scope of the work as well as the complexity of the project. Here is a one-page business proposal template:

one page business proposal template

Can your business proposal template really be one page? Yes, as long as you understand who your buyer is and their pain points. You should also have the ability to communicate everything your ideal buyer needs to know about your business in a succinct manner.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous how about just two pages? Often, clients prefer if you go straight to the point and avoid all the fluff.

For example, this green modern marketing proposal template wastes no time in getting down to brass tacks:

Project Business Proposal

Need more inspiration? Check out this blog on the 5 marketing proposal examples that’ll help elevate your business.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to deciding how many pages you should include in your business proposal template. And at the end of the day, “the only rules are the ones you set for yourself”.

At the end of the day, writing winning business proposals that sell is all about you understanding your buyer, their potential pain points and positioning yourself as someone who can alleviate those pain points. 

Now that you know how to write compelling business proposals, what are you waiting for?

Take action and start creating your own business proposals to close more deals and grow your business today!

More business communications templates + writing tips you might be interested in…

31 Consulting Proposal Templates to Close Deals

How to Write a Project Proposal [10+ Templates]

20+ Professional Business Letterhead Templates + Branding Tips

How to Write a White Paper [Tips & Templates]

Business-in-a-Box's Electronics Company Business Plan Template

Electronics Company Business Plan Template

Document description.

This electronics company business plan template has 33 pages and is a MS Word file type listed under our business plan kit documents.

Sample of our electronics company business plan template:

Electronics Company Business Plan [YOUR NAME] [YOUR TITLE] Phone: [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] Email: [[email protected]] [YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS] Confidentiality Agreement The undersigned reader acknowledges that the information provided by [YOUR COMPANY NAME] in this business plan is confidential; therefore, reader agrees not to disclose it without the express written permission of [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. It is acknowledged by reader that information to be furnished in this business plan is in all respects confidential in nature, other than information which is in the public domain through other means and that any disclosure or use of same by reader may cause serious harm or damage to [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. Upon request, this document is to be immediately returned to [YOUR COMPANY NAME].

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How to Write an Ecommerce Business Plan [Examples & Template]

Kayla Carmicheal

Published: July 07, 2022

If you have a promising idea for an online ecommerce business , it’s important to create an ecommerce business plan to ensure your vision has enough stock to be profitable.

ecommerce-plan (1)

Having a business plan for your online store will help you define your target market, establish your monthly and quarterly sales goals, and increase the likelihood of long-term ecommerce success.

In this post, we’ll go over what an online store business plan is and how you can create one for your ecommerce startup. Let’s get started.

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What is an ecommerce business plan?

An ecommerce business plan is a document that outlines your business and its goals, analyzes your industry and competitors, and identifies the resources needed to execute your plan. It also lists the ecommerce retailers you’ll use to distribute your products and the marketing strategies you’ll use to drive sales.

Whether a company operates as a startup or has years of operations and growth under its belt, an ecommerce business plan is essential for evaluating a business and determining areas of improvement.

An ecommerce business plan is especially important, with an increasing number of shoppers conducting business online. It's estimated this number has reached over 2 billion . Having an ecommerce business plan keeps you organized and is useful when seeking investors who need to understand your company.

So, let’s dive into some examples of ecommerce business plans and what goes into writing one using our free template .

Ecommerce Business Plan Template

ecommerce business plan template: market analysis

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ecommerce business plan template: market analysis

How to Write an E-commerce Business Plan

  • Give an executive summary.
  • List and describe your business.
  • Detail your products and services.
  • Conduct a market analysis.
  • Strategize your marketing plan.
  • Create a sales plan.
  • Outline legal notes and financial considerations.

1. Give an executive summary.

An executive summary is a one-to-two page overview of your business. The purpose of an executive summary is to let stakeholders know what the business plan will contain. HubSpot's free template offers some tips on how to write one, as I've done below:


It's important to provide an executive summary so that an investor or executive, who doesn’t have the time to read your full plan, can quickly see the most important highlights of your business.

2. List and describe your business.

This is the section that needs the most detail because it highlights what you're selling. To begin, provide an overview of your product or service. For instance, a photography company would probably list their photo packages arranged by price and services, as I did below:

Company description example

HubSpot's template also provides direction on how to describe your company's purpose and break down values. It also advises businesses to include team structure, if applicable. Below that, you should go into detail about your product and service lines.

3. Detail your products and services.

Once you have described your business and its purpose, you’re ready to dive deeper into your plan. What products and services do you or will you offer? This is an opportunity to list each item and its purpose, allowing you to answer the question ‘ why?’ Why are you choosing to offer these specific products and services?

After detailing your products and services, outline your pricing model. What is the cost associated with each service? Determining price, especially as a startup, can be challenging. However, sales pricing calculators help determine the best pricing strategy.

ecommerce-business-plan_2how to write an ecommerce business plan: products and services

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4. Conduct a market analysis.

For the market analysis, provide the operational climate of the industry you're in. To illustrate, at this step, the photography company would need to analyze its position in a world of rival companies like Adobe or online services like Canva. Below, I've done a quick competitor analysis, available in the template:

Competitor analysis example

Using directions in the template as a guide, I was able to come up with more selling points of the company and how it stands out from competitors.

Filling out the market analysis section of the business plan assists with providing the framework for future campaigns. You’re able to define your target market and ideal customer. Refer to my example below for how to structure this analysis in your ecommerce plan.

Market analysis example

Good market analysis includes your target audience, projections of your company's goals, and a breakdown of the competition's goals and weaknesses. This is a counterpoint of how your business improves upon those weaknesses.

For a complete guide on how to create a market analysis, we have one here.

5. Strategize your marketing plan.

For any business, having the right marketing plan for your eCommerce business is crucial. It serves as a roadmap for how your company will build brand awareness, reach your target audience, and boost sales and revenue. As seen in this template, your marketing plan will focus on positioning strategy, acquisition channels, and tools and technology.

Positioning strategy fixates on how you will position yourself to your audience. How will you address their challenges and goals? How will you use the tools at your disposal to accomplish this?

The marketing plan will also require you to focus on where your customers come from. Are they finding your business through search engine marketing? Do they discover your business from your blog or social media accounts? Identifying your acquisition channels allows you to identify which ones to prioritize.

Lastly, your marketing plan should lay out the tools and technology your marketing team will need and use. Will you use a content management system (CMS) like CMS Hub ? List all the software and programs your company will use to execute its marketing plan.

how to write an ecommerce business plan: marketing plan

6. Create a sales plan.

When creating your sales plan, describe your methodology, organization structure, sales channels, and tools and technology. For example, when discussing methodology, will you focus on an inbound strategy where you attract customers to your business through your content or an outbound strategy where you initiate contact with your prospects? This part of your ecommerce business plan will also require you to outline the people in charge of selling your products and services, as well as what channels they’ll use to sell your products.

Similar to creating your marketing plan, the sales plan will also require a brief on what tools you plan to use. While your marketing plan might need a CMS, your sales plan might need a customer retention management (CRM) software like HubSpot to manage your relationships with current and potential customers.

how to write an ecommerce business plan: sales plan

7. Outline legal notes and financial considerations.

In the following two sections of your business plan, describe the legal and financial structures. The photography company should provide detail on the legal considerations like online safety rules, ecommerce regulations, and the company's costs.

Financial costs example

Listing legality and every cost needed to start ecommerce is crucial information for investors and stakeholders. In this section, it's important to be honest and thorough to give partners a realistic idea of how to contribute.

Ecommerce Business Plan Examples

1. maple ecommerce plan.

This sample plan, provided on LinkedIn, is for a fictional company called Maple, an online store that sells exclusive Apple products. Maple's sample plan is great because it provides easy-to-follow charts and graphics while highlighting the most important information. For example, their market analysis included a SWOT plan for the business.

SWOT analysis in an ecommerce plan

Image Source

Outlining the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of Maple in this format is easy for potential investors to follow. Notating each value with a letter keeps the format consistent, which is carried throughout the plan. For businesses that find their information is best presented in graphics, Maple is a good plan to follow.

2. Nature's Candy Ecommerce Plan

Nature's Candy is an online retailer that provides nutritional supplements. Its business plan is available online and is helpful in seeing how businesses go from planning to execution. Below is a preview of its plan in the financial forecasting section.

Ecommerce business plan example

This example shows who will be on payroll yearly, giving investors an idea of how their investment will work in the long term. Planning ahead also shows stakeholders’ dedication to starting up your business.

3. NoHassleReturn Ecommerce Plan

Fictional company NoHassleReturn's sample ecommerce plan is an expansive, detailed version of how ecommerce would translate to a completely online store. The company itself is structured to offer a way to make returning items bought from an online store a simple process, and the steps to take are featured below.

NoHassleIsReturn example

Having a sequence of processes like this is useful if your company is a niche idea. Investors and stakeholders need to know how your business will be new and unique for the market.

Even though writing out a business plan seems like a painstaking process, we have a step-by-step guide to help. This will keep you organized and keep you on track when structuring your business.

4. OGS Capital Ecommerce Plan

This sample ecommerce business plan comes from OGS Capital, where they created a test business plan for Botswana’s first private psychiatric hospital focused on inpatient and outpatient clinical health care. It features detailed sections for the business model, marketing plan, financial projects, and more. This level of detail is demonstrated below in their executive summary section.

ecommerce business plan example: ogs capital

While some ecommerce business plans will explain the executive summary through a series of paragraphs, the layout in this sample makes the information more digestible. The project is separated into sections that detail the business idea, as well as its goals and strengths. The business idea includes price projects, geographical focus, and target customers. Goals for this project are created for 10 years with specific, individual goals built at one-, five-, and seven-year time markers. Lastly, this executive summary highlights the strengths of this business plan to solidify this project and its importance.

5. Egrocery Ecommerce Plan

For centuries, people have left their homes to buy groceries from stores, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, and more. At-home grocery delivery has grown in popularity and is reflected in this sample ecommerce plan for a fictional business named eGrocery. This sample plan establishes the company as an online grocery retail business with plans for connecting customers to distributors for fast, convenient at-home deliveries.

ecommerce business plan example: egrocery

In its business model section, eGrocery outlines how it will implement both a business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) model to get products from distributors, retailers, and wholesalers to its household customers. This section provides an effective demonstration of the company’s overall function.

6. Shannon & Shavonne Inc. Ecommerce Plan

Shannon & Shavonne Inc. is a fictional United States-based online retailer that offers its customers an abundance of products in fashion, home appliances, electronics, and more. The depth seen in this plan is particularly helpful, especially with the detail seen in outlining the business structure and each job’s roles and responsibilities.

ecommerce business plan example: shannon and shavonne

The plan first lists all the necessary roles, from the chief executive officer (CEO) to a call center agent. It then describes the responsibilities of each role. As displayed in the image above, an information technologist (IT) would be tasked with managing the organization’s website, updating the online store, and ensuring the security of the company’s payment platform. The clear distinction of roles helps manage employee expectations and accountability.

7. Firstcry.com Ecommerce Plan

In this sample, we have Firstcry.com — a fictional ecommerce site that creates eco-friendly baby and feminine hygiene products. Because the company is looking for funding to launch the business, its plan focuses on its financial highlights and projections, which is crucial information for investors.

ecommerce business plan example: firstcry.com

While disclosing what the startup funds will be used for, this plan also estimates its top-line projections over the next five years. As seen in the chart above, they include revenue, expenses, interest, and net income. The plan even breaks down how many customers per day and annual orders will be needed to reach this goal.

When it comes to building an ecommerce business plan, you’ll likely find that the more detail you include, the better.

Planning is the first step.

When starting a business, planning is always a crucial first step. If you find that you’ve launched a company without a concrete plan, it’s never too late. Successful businesses require strategy, and that’s what an ecommerce business plan gives you. It allows you to strategize what your business does, how it operates, and why it's essential. Not only does it help you pinpoint who the key players of your company are, but it helps you identify who your target audience should be.

With the steps listed in this article and the examples to take inspiration from, you’re one step closer to building an ecommerce business plan for success.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in November 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Business Plan Template

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Electronics Retailer Business Plan

Start your own electronics retailer business plan

Safe Current

Strategy and implementation summary.

Safe Current has developed a targeted strategy that allows them to leverage their competitive edge and quickly gain market penetration. Safe Current’s competitive edge is its ability to use The Cleveland Illuminating Company’s utility status for the sale of house surge arrestors and protectors.

The marketing strategy will concentrate on the ability to offer supreme, inexpensive protection for an entire family’s stable of electric and electronic appliances. This campaign will be communicated through various methods and will focus on the product offerings coming from the safe, established TCIC, an icon of Cleveland for over 50 years. Please review the following sections for a more detailed analysis.

4.1 Competitive Edge

Safe Current’s competitive edge is their ability to leverage the huge advantage of being aligned with The Cleveland Illuminating Company, an electric utility serving the Cleveland market for over 50 years. TCIC has spent a long time developing brand equity and Safe Current will be able to tap into this equity immediately.

Safe Current will also be able to use TCIC’s extensive vendor connections and buying power. The last component of their competitive edge is Safe Current’s exclusive ability to install house arrestors. This last edge is a sustainable edge since no other company will ever be able to make arrestor installations, a function of the regulated power industry.

4.2 Marketing Strategy

Safe Current’s marketing strategy will seek to communicate the idea that the products that they offer are in effect cheap insurance against large electric and electronic appliance damage or losses.

By proactively purchasing Safe Current’s products, customers are able to protect against loss and damage of all of their expensive appliances. While many homeowners probably have some sort of insurance, deductibles are often prohibitively high, making a claim for damage to one or a couple appliances not worth the money. Safe Current will use several forms of communication for this marketing campaign:

  • Inserts in Bills : Colorful inserts will be added into the bills of TCIC customers. Currently, the customers are receiving a monthly bill from TCIC and inserts are an inexpensive, yet powerful way of reaching the customers.
  • Website : Safe Current will have a website which will be comprehensive in describing the different product offerings as well as allowing the customer to order directly from the site.
  • Direct Mail : Another advantage of the relationship Safe Current has with TCIC is the ability to use their customer database. This allows Safe Current to generate a targeted list of customers that they can send product information to.

4.3 Sales Strategy

Safe Current’s sales campaign will emphasize the fact that Safe Current is a subsidiary of TCIC. This will be effective because TCIC is a well known, stable electric utility known for its safe and reliable operation.

This idea is evidenced by the fact that almost every time that a consumer reaches for a light switch the light goes on. Sure there are interruptions, often weather related, that interrupt the electrical service, but those interruptions are reconnected quite fast.

The utility is stable and safe and is always working to serve the customer. These electricity related products will clearly leverage the brand equity developed by TCIC over the last five decades.

4.3.1 Sales Forecast

The sales forecast has been developed as a forecast and tracking tool to provide the company with realistic sales goals as well as a way to verify progress. The forecast has been developed as a conservative estimate, not an aggressive sales promise.

By adopting a conservative forecast, Safe Current increases the likelihood of reaching sustainable sales growth. The following table and charts provide more detailed information about the sales cycle, both from a temporal viewpoint and a product perspective.

Sbp, electronics retailer business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

4.4 Milestones

Safe Current has identified several quantifiable, reachable milestones that will serve as goals that the entire organization will work toward in order to make Safe Current a sustainable business.

The following table details the specific milestones as well provides a temporal timetable for expected completion dates. Following the table is a chart for a graphical representation of the information.

Sbp, electronics retailer business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

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Profile image of Sama Promise Awa


SAMTECH is a start-up business located in Lido Street of Kumba. We have been able to secure a standard shop facility. The company specializes in the design, realization and installation of electronic equipment, repair and sales of consumer electronics (including mobile phones, DVD, radio, TVs and VCR, etc.) repairs, computer and office machine repairs, communications equipment repairs and other electronic equipment repairs. Our business goal is to become regional leader in consumer electronics repair, with shops throughout the South-West Region of Cameroon. Our competitive advantage is clear for the fact that there are a lot of big time investors that have a stake in the electrical repair services industry; but one thing is certain, there is room big enough to accommodate everyone. What smaller electronics repair businesses need to do to survive in the industry is to concentrate on providing electronics repair, maintenance and installation services to households, individuals, estates, communities, schools, hospitals and hotels et al before bidding for big contracts from corporations and government agencies. We are quite aware that to be highly competitive in the industry means that you are not only expected to deliver highly reliable electronics installation, repair, and maintenance jobs, but you must be able to meet set targets. No one would want to continue to bring their faulty electronics to your shop if they know that you are not going to carry out a thorough repair job. Lastly, all our employees will be well taken care of, and their welfare package will be among the best within our category in the industry. It will enable them to be more than willing to build the business with us and help deliver our set goals and achieve all our business aims and objectives. SAMTECH is a business that will be owned and managed by Engineer Sama Promise Awa and his immediate family members. They are the sole financiers of the business which is why they decided to restrict the sourcing of the startup capital for the business to just three major sources. These are the areas we intend generating our startup capital; personal savings, income from the documentation and cyber café department that is already operational, loans from banks if necessary. The capital generated shall be used to furnish the shop, purchase repairing equipment, and part will be invested in sales of electronic equipment and accessories.


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12+ SAMPLE E-Commerce Proposal in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs | Apple Pages

12+ sample e-commerce proposal.

E commerce Proposal Template

E-commerce Proposal Template

E commerce App Proposal Template

E-commerce App Proposal Template

E commerce Business Proposal Template

E-commerce Business Proposal Template

E Commerce Project Proposal Template

E-Commerce Project Proposal Template

E commerce Request For Proposal Template

E-commerce Request For Proposal Template

E Commerce Web Design Proposal Template

E Commerce Web Design Proposal Template

E Commerce Web Design Proposal Template1

E-Commerce Web Design Proposal Template

E Commerce Marketplace Platform Proposal

e-Commerce Business Marketplace Platform

Restaurant eCommerce Proposal

Restaurant Startup eCommerce Proposal

Proposal for Ecommerce Website

Research Proposal for E-commerce Website

E Commerce Website Redesign Proposal

E-Commerce Scope Website Redesign Proposal

Proposal For Ecommerce Website Design

Proposal For Ecommerce Website Design

Proosal for E Commerce for Public Consultation

Proposal for E-Commerce for Project

What is e- commerce proposal, what are the objectives of an e-commerce proposal.

  • Renting a place in order to cater to clients while also providing a working environment for other team members
  • Creating a workplace to handle official business is a necessary step.
  • Recruiting team members with relevant experience in the field.
  • Computers and other electronic devices are being purchased.
  • Hiring employees to do a variety of tasks around the workplace, including management, administration, cleaning, client interaction, and other duties.
  • Spreading the word through the use of excellent marketing methods.

What Is the Significance of an E-Commerce Proposal?

Skills needed in every business, key section of an e-commerce proposal, how to design and develop an e-commerce proposal, 1.  project overview or executive summary, 2. the scope of the project, 3. phases and steps, 4. billing plan, 5. inform the client, 6. portfolio of work, 7. terms and conditions, what are challenges that the client will face, what are questions to ask before writing an e-commerce proposal, is there an e-commerce website design template for free, share this post on your network, you may also like these articles, 21+ sample demolition proposals in pdf | ms word.

demolition proposal

Moth and rust can destroy a building as the years go by. If we own a company and our building has stood for a long time, it will be…

13+ SAMPLE Web Hosting Proposal in PDF | MS Word

web hosting proposal image

Web hosting is one of the fundamental aspects of web management for keeping a website up and running. A good, high-quality, and reliable web hosting service is necessary to…

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Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan

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Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan

$ 350 $ 245

Prepared by The Oak Business Consultant, our Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan template is designed for startups and individuals seeking investments or loans. We aim to deliver exceptional repair services for consumer electronics, addressing the needs of our target market. Through thorough Market Analysis, we have identified the problem of customers struggling to find reliable repair solutions. Our skilled technicians and advanced equipment offer efficient and reliable repairs. With a strong Financial Plan, including budgeting and revenue projections, our template provides a solid foundation for your business venture.

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Table of Contents

If you are looking for a business plan for an electronics company, here it’s the right place. Companies in the Electronic Repair Shop industry are involved in fixing and maintaining consumer electronics like computers, office machines, communications equipment, and other electronic and precision equipment. If you want to start an Electronic Repair Shop business or expand your current one, you need a business plan. Your Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan will achieve several key objectives.

First, it will support you in creating your Electronic Repair Shop business plan template goals and give you a roadmap to follow to reach them. Another, it will help you develop the best strategies to attain your goals. For example, you can craft a better product and marketing plan by understanding the Electronic Repair Shop market trends, your competition’s weaknesses and strengths, and your target customers’ psychographic needs and demographics. Third, the Electronic Repair Shop business plan template plan will help you identify the financial and human resources you need. And finally, if you need outside investment or a bank loan, your Electronic Repair Shop template will be a key tool to show prospective investors to convince them to write you a check.

Fortunately, with our new template developing your Electronic Repair Shop business plan doesn’t have to take months or even weeks. We have included all sections with the analysis that will suit your business and an updated Market Analysis prepared by our Expert Business Analyst . The plan will also enable you to write a proper Exit Strategy for your targeted business based on trends and will be applicable to both electronics retail and repair shops. 

Why Repair Instead of Replace?

In the era of consumerism, it’s easy to discard faulty electronics and replace them with new ones. However, the trend of repairing electronics instead of replacing them is gaining momentum for a variety of reasons. Firstly, repairing is often more economical, saving customers significant amounts of money. Secondly, it’s an environmentally-friendly choice, reducing electronic waste, which is a mounting global problem. Lastly, many customers have sentimental attachments to their devices, making repair an attractive option.

Company Information and Location

Setting up an electronics repair shop begins with creating a solid business plan. It’s essential to clearly define the company’s information, including the name, address, business structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.), and ownership details. Location plays a critical role in the success of the business. Ideally, your electronics repair shop should be located in a high-traffic area where potential customers can easily access it. It should be visible, easily identifiable, and have adequate space for repairs and storage of electronic devices.

Service Description and Competitive Advantages

An electronics repair shop offers services such as fixing mobile phones, computers, televisions, radios, and other electronic devices. It’s essential to provide a detailed description of these services in your business plan, along with your shop’s unique selling propositions (USPs). The USPs could be quick service, experienced technicians, cost-effectiveness, free diagnostics, or even warranties on repairs.

How to Start an Electronics Repair Business

Starting an electronics repair business involves several steps. First, you need to acquire technical knowledge and skills. Enroll in a course or learn from someone already in the business. Once you’re competent in repairing a range of electronic devices, write a detailed business plan. This should include your business model, marketing strategies, financial plans, and goals.

Steps To Start An Electronics Repair Business

  • Get Technical Knowledge: Before you start, you need to master the skills of repairing electronic devices. Whether it’s through formal education, online courses, or practical training, acquiring technical knowledge is the first step towards establishing your business.
  • Write a Business Plan: A comprehensive business plan serves as the blueprint for your electronics repair shop. It should cover all aspects of your business – from services and target market to competition and financial plan.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is a concise overview of your business plan. It should summarize your company information, target market, marketing plan, and financial projections. The executive summary is often the first part of your business plan that investors or lenders will read, so it needs to be compelling and concise.

Electronic Repair Business Plan - Executive Summary

Costs Involved in Opening the Business

Starting an electronics repair shop requires a fair investment. The initial costs involve renting or purchasing a suitable location, acquiring repair tools and equipment, and setting up the workspace. Operational costs include salaries for technicians and other staff, utility bills, and marketing expenses. A well-prepared financial plan detailing all possible costs is key to a successful start. Remember, costs may vary significantly depending on your location and the scale of your business.

Target Market

Your target market is the group of individuals or businesses that will require your services. The target market for an electronics repair shop is broad and could include individual consumers, schools, businesses, or even government offices. Identify your potential customers and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly. The better you understand your target market, the more effective your business will be.

Business Plan

Creating a solid business plan for your electronics repair shop is critical to success. It should provide detailed information about your company, target market, competition, and financial expectations. The business plan should also outline your marketing strategy, including the promotional activities you plan to undertake to attract customers. A well-thought-out business plan guides your operations and helps attract potential investors.

Promote and Marketize Your Business

Promoting your electronics repair shop is an ongoing process and an essential part of your business plan. It can be as simple as word-of-mouth advertising or as complex as an online marketing campaign. Promotional strategies could include local advertising, discounts, loyalty programs, and social media marketing. Remember, the goal is to create a strong brand presence and a loyal customer base.

Making the Business Profitable

Profitability is the ultimate goal of any business. For an electronics repair shop, profitability comes from delivering quality services, efficient operations, and effective marketing. Regularly assess your business performance, keep your expenses in check, and focus on customer satisfaction. Diversifying your services or selling related products can also boost your revenue. For instance, you could consider selling refurbished devices or accessories.

Business Scope

Understanding the scope of your electronics repair business is critical. It allows you to focus your resources efficiently and carve out your niche in the competitive market. Your business scope could range from servicing only specific types of devices, like mobile phones or computers, to a wide range of electronics. Your decision should be based on market demand, your expertise, and the availability of resources.

Electronics Repair Business Plan

Your electronics repair business plan is your roadmap to success. It’s essential for understanding your business goals and outlining the steps to achieve them. It should detail your business model, market research, target market, competition, marketing strategies, and financial plans. A solid business plan helps guide your operations and is essential when seeking funding.

Promoting Electronics Repair Business Online

In today’s digital era, promoting your business online is a necessity. Create a professional website and utilize social media platforms to reach out to potential customers. SEO strategies can improve your website’s visibility in search engine results. Additionally, online platforms like Google My Business can increase your visibility in your local area. Remember, online reviews and testimonials play a significant role in attracting new customers.

Products & Services

Detailed descriptions of your products and services allow potential customers and investors to understand what your electronics repair shop offers. Discuss the different types of electronics you repair and any additional services you offer, such as selling spare parts or refurbished devices.

Our Solution

“Our Solution” is your unique value proposition – what sets you apart from your competitors. It could be your expertise in a particular type of repair, exceptional customer service, or competitive pricing. Whatever it is, it should solve a problem or fulfill a need for your target market.

Market Analysis

A thorough market analysis gives you a comprehensive understanding of the electronics repair industry. It should include data on market size, growth trends, customer preferences, and potential market gaps that your business can fill. An accurate market analysis can help you make informed decisions about your services, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Electronic Repair Business Plan - Market Analysis

Key Customers

Identifying your key customers can help you focus your marketing efforts and tailor your services. These might be customers who provide significant revenue, need regular repairs, or can refer other customers. Understanding your key customer’s needs and preferences can help improve your service and build customer loyalty.

Location and Facilities

The choice of location can significantly impact your repair shop’s success. Your shop should be conveniently located for your target customers, and have ample space for repair work and storage for parts and repaired devices. Detail any facilities that you have, like advanced repair equipment, comfortable waiting areas, or amenities that provide an edge over your competitors.

Market Trends

Keeping an eye on market trends is crucial for staying relevant and competitive. This might include emerging technologies, changes in consumer behavior, or regulatory changes. Adapting to market trends can help you offer services that meet current demand and anticipate future opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy should effectively communicate your services, value proposition, and brand to your target market. It might include SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, print advertising, and partnerships. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your marketing strategy can help you attract and retain customers effectively.

Electronic Repair Business Plan - Marketing Plan

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis helps you understand your competitors and find ways to differentiate your business. Consider factors such as their services, pricing, marketing strategies, customer reviews, and market share. Understanding your competition can help you identify opportunities and threats and develop strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

Industry Overview

Providing an industry overview can help you and potential investors understand the broader context in which your electronics repair shop operates. Discuss trends in the electronics repair industry, market size, growth rates, and key success factors.

Industry analysis helps you understand the broader context in which your business operates. It includes information about the electronics repair industry’s size, growth rate, profitability, trends, and key success factors. This analysis can guide your strategic planning, decision-making, and risk management.

This concludes our comprehensive guide on creating an “Electronics Repair Shop Business Plan”. Use this as a blueprint to set your business on the path to success, always remembering to adapt and iterate as your business grows and changes.


In the electronics repair business, understanding and planning for seasonality is important. For instance, you might have more repairs during certain periods, such as when new device models are released, during holidays when devices are often gifted, or at times when people generally upgrade their devices. Accounting for these patterns in your planning can help manage inventory, staffing, and cash flow.

Sales Forecast: Projecting Future Revenue and Growth

Sales forecasting is essential in any business, including an electronics repair shop. An accurate sales forecast aids in understanding future revenue and growth prospects. The key factors influencing your sales forecast could be customer demand, market trends, seasonal factors, and much more. Developing a robust sales forecast involves carefully examining these factors and projecting sales accordingly. Understanding and incorporating market trends into your forecasting model can significantly improve its accuracy. However, it’s crucial to regularly review and adjust your sales forecasts as your business evolves and market conditions change.

SWOT Analysis

Performing a SWOT analysis allows you to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your electronics repair shop. Your business’s strengths could be your core competencies, such as unique repair services or highly skilled technicians. However, it’s equally essential to identify areas for improvement or weaknesses in your business that could potentially hinder growth. Recognizing market trends can also reveal opportunities for expansion or diversification in the electronics repair industry. Meanwhile, understanding the threats, which could be anything from increased competition to regulatory changes, helps you prepare for potential challenges. Regular updates and re-evaluations of your SWOT analysis ensure it remains a valuable tool for your strategic planning.

Electronic Repair Business Plan - Swot Analysis

Operations and Management

Detail your business’s operations and management. This includes your processes for repairing devices, managing inventory, serving customers, and ensuring the quality of your services. Also, discuss how your management team oversees these operations, makes decisions, and drives the business toward its goals.

Sources of Funds

Identifying your sources of funds is a critical part of your business plan. You might fund your business through personal savings, loans, or investors. Clearly stating your sources of funds can demonstrate your business’s financial stability and help you plan for future investment needs.


Detail your business’s organizational structure. This includes the roles and responsibilities of your team, the reporting relationships, and the decision-making processes. A clear organizational structure can facilitate effective communication, efficient operations, and accountability within your business.

Staff and Management Details

An electronics repair shop requires skilled technicians and efficient management. Outline the roles and responsibilities of each team member. This includes front-desk personnel, technicians, and management staff. Emphasize the qualifications and experience of your team members, and explain how their skills will contribute to the success of the business.

Projected Profit and Loss

Your projected profit and loss statement gives an estimate of your business’s financial performance. It outlines your expected revenue, costs of sales, operating expenses, and net profit. Regularly comparing your actual performance with your projections can help you identify areas for improvement.

Projected Cash Flow

A projected cash flow statement provides a forecast of your business’s cash inflows and outflows over a certain period. It helps you predict how operations, sales, and expenses changes will affect your cash. Positive cash flow is critical for your business’s survival and growth, as it ensures you can meet your financial obligations.

Financial Plan

Your financial plan is a forecast of your business’s financial future. It should include your projected income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. Estimate your startup costs, expected revenue, and operating costs. Remember, a solid financial plan is crucial for securing loans or investments.

Electronic Repair Business Plan - Financial Plan

Future Plans

Outlining your future plans can give potential investors, employees, and customers an idea of where your business is heading. This could include plans to introduce new services, expand to new locations, or incorporate new technologies into your operations. A clear vision can inspire confidence and support from those involved in your business.

Electronic Repair Business Plan - Future Plans

Revolutionize your consulting practice with our in-depth article designed for the consulting industry. Discover actionable insights, best practices, and innovative strategies to optimize client engagement, increase operational efficiency, and drive revenue growth. It’s an essential read for aspiring consultants and industry veterans seeking to level up their consulting game. For more details, click Bookkeeping for a Consulting Business here.


We aim to provide exceptional service and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment lies in meeting our customers’ requirements and upholding a positive reputation. To achieve this, we actively encourage customers to share their feedback, allowing us to evaluate our product’s effectiveness and identify improvement areas. Please find below a customer testimonial highlighting the outstanding quality of our service.


7 reviews for Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan

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Andrew – April 27, 2021

It was evident that they had put in the effort to gather relevant data and present it in a clear and concise manner. This information proved invaluable in attracting potential investors and securing the necessary funding for my electronic repair shop. Highly recommended!

' src=

Joseph – July 30, 2021

I must say it exceeded my expectations. The template was well-structured and comprehensive, covering all the essential aspects I needed to consider for my electronic repair shop business.

' src=

Evelyn Clark – May 19, 2022

It saved me a significant amount of time and provided me with a comprehensive roadmap to success. The expertise and attention to detail demonstrated by this company are truly commendable.

' src=

Hope – September 5, 2022

It helped me identify the resources I needed to run my business efficiently and effectively. Additionally, having a properly structured exit strategy gave me peace of mind, knowing that I had considered long-term plans for my business’s future.

' src=

Nathan – December 8, 2022

The template guided me in identifying the necessary financial and human resources required for my business. It helped me create a solid foundation and prepare for potential growth opportunities. Additionally, the inclusion of an exit strategy gave me confidence in planning for the long-term success of my venture.

' src=

Megan Davis – February 21, 2023

I am delighted with the results. The template provided a concise and tailored roadmap for my business, addressing all the crucial aspects of running an electronics repair shop. I highly recommend this business plan template for anyone looking to start or expand their electronic repair shop business.

' src=

Stephanie – July 17, 2023

I highly recommend this business plan template to aspiring electronic repair shop owners.

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Business Proposal Templates

Electronics Repair Shop Business Proposal

I have been working for ABC company for 13 years. This company manufactures various electrical household appliances such as refrigerators, heaters, kettles, air conditioners, and many others. I work in the department of repair in the capacity of a manager and lead a team of 5 employees. Our job is to repair all the appliances that are sent by users.

Sometimes faults occur in the machinery, they can only be repaired through the company and no other electrician can repair them. After repairing, all the appliances are sent back to the users. I joined this company as a worker and did not know anything. I started learning from my seniors and got a diploma in electronics. After attending many seminars and honing my skills, I was promoted to the rank of senior electrician 5 years ago. Since then, it is my job to teach new entries and manage work.

The biggest problem I face in the company is its distance from my hometown. I have to spend 2 or 3 hours daily on local buses and then reach my destination. It has been my life for my long that it has made me tired. Therefore, I came up with the plan of setting up my own shop of electronics repair in my area.

There are no such shops anywhere nearby and people have to carry their appliances to other shops in different areas. It causes difficulty as it is not easy to carry any electrical gadget and commute cost is too much to hire any conveyance. I am firm on my idea of a shop and have also designed a proposal about this venture. As all such businesses are approved by the XYZ department, therefore, I am attaching my business proposal with the following letter. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.

[Your Name] Electrician at [ABC] Company


Electronics include the study of engineering, technology, physics, and their applications that deal with the control and flow of electrons in vacuum and matter. It is comprised of the study of circuits that are built together by different components and are attached through wires. Wires ensure the flow of free electrons throughout the circuit and allow it to produce an effect. All machinery is made up of different arrangements of circuits to carry out various tasks.

Computers are an example of complex electronic systems as they are composed of many circuits. Sometimes these circuits can act out causing the machinery to stop. There may be many reasons that can cause any machinery to stop i.e., wire break, worn out circuit, blocked electron flow, etc. All these faults are repaired by the specialists of electronics.

I want to set up a business that not only provides assistance at the shop but can be called home for repair work. There is no repair shop in my area, and it will be a good chance for the youngsters to learn a new skill and make their living out of it. Residents living nearby shops will be able to call and ask for an electrician to come home and repair their machinery. There will be extra charges, but it will facilitate residents from bringing their heavy machinery to the shop and then taking it back to their home.

Setting up a business from scratch is a very difficult task as it requires experience and strong finances to support it. This task can only be completed by dividing it into the following doable and manageable objectives.

  • Searching for a suitable location for setting up the business.
  • Renting the space and doing a necessary renovation to turn it into a repair shop.
  • Buying all the necessary equipment and tools to start the work.
  • Setting up a small office space to deal with clients personally and also take orders on phone.
  • Purchasing furniture and stationery for office use.
  • Hiring staff to work in the departments of electricians, delivery boys, management, administration, and cleaning.
  • Finalizing the name and policy of the shop.
  • Start the venture by using good marketing strategies.

Every business requires a specific skill set to make it successful. Success cannot be achieved within a day or a month, it requires constant efforts and determination, and skills. For the repair shop, the following skills can be very useful,

  • 4 years’ degree in the field of electronics engineering or a certificate in the electrical field or any other diploma is essential to understand the root cause of problems.
  • Most skills regarding repair are learned while working at the shop and following seniors. Practical skills can never be taught at any institute.
  • Communication skills allow you to communicate with clients in a good manner and help in understanding their problems regarding their machinery. After truly understanding the fault, an electrician can present the desired product.
  • Leadership qualities help in managing a team effortlessly and teach you to draw maximum work from your team in desired time.
  • Management skills help in managing different tasks from many clients in an effective and efficient way. During rush hours, no client understands the situation and just want their work done, it is important to manage the work of all the clients without hurdles.
  • Financial knowledge is the most crucial skill that a businessman must-have. It is the foundation of a successful business as it allows you to manage your finances and provide the freedom of hiring any help. Every task in a new set up require finance therefore, it is important to manage them properly.

Marketing strategies

The success of each business is dependent on the strategies that are used for marketing. Some of the strategies that can be employed include,

  • Brochures can be pasted at various places to attract the attention of the public and let them know about our services.
  • Social media can be used by uploading advertisements and spreading the word.

Electronics Repair Shop Business Proposal Template

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Best Buy results beat a bright spot amid weak annual forecast

People walk past a Best Buy store in Manhattan, New York City

People walk past a Best Buy store in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., November 22, 2021. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights

  • Industry should see stabilization next year - CEO
  • Q2 comparable sales fell 6.2% vs. est of a 6.92% drop
  • Sees 2024 comparable sales to drop between 4.5% and 6.0%

Aug 29 (Reuters) - Best Buy (BBY.N) on Tuesday trimmed the top end of its annual revenue forecast after beating quarterly sales and profit estimates as deeper discounts encouraged bargain-hunting Americans to shop for appliances and laptops at its stores.

Shares of the top U.S. electronics retailer were last up about 1% in volatile premarket trading.

From big-box retailer Target (TGT.N) to department-store chain Macy's (M.N) , U.S. companies have flagged cautious consumers cutting back on discretionary spending and focusing on essentials like groceries due to sticky inflation.

However, Best Buy has banked on promotions to attract customers and had offered higher discounts during its "Black Friday in July" savings event in an attempt to compete with Amazon.com's (AMZN.O) 48-hour " Prime Day " shopping event.

"They did a very good job despite the discounting...it was not as aggressive as maybe what investors would have thought," said Telsey Advisory Group analyst Joseph Feldman, adding Best Buy had given guidance incorporating the discounting and "they did a little bit better than their plan."

Total revenue fell 7.2% to $9.58 billion in the second quarter but beat estimates of $9.52 billion, while adjusted profit of $1.22 per share also topped analysts' estimates of $1.06, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.

Best Buy said in May the inflation-induced weakness in electronics should bottom out by the end of the year and be less of a pressure on the industry.

The company now expects annual revenue between $43.8 billion and $44.5 billion, compared to its previous forecast of $43.8 billion to $45.2 billion.

Best Buy sees fiscal 2024 adjusted earnings per share of $6.00 to $6.40, compared to prior expectations of $5.70 to $6.50.

Reporting by Ananya Mariam Rajesh in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

A Nvidia logo can be seen on one of their products on display at their headquarters in Taipei

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Logo of Seven & I Holdings is seen at its headquarters in Tokyo

Seven & i department store unit union threatens to strike over Fortress deal

Holiday shoppers are seen in a mall in the city centre of Sydney

Australia retail sales rebound after fall, annual rate slows further

LSEG Workspace

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Norfolk Southern said it has restored all rail systems after the U.S. railroad operator experienced a hardware-related outage that affected its operations earlier on Monday.

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  • Business Templates
  • Sample Proposals

FREE 17+ E-Commerce Proposal Samples [ Project, Website, Restaurant ]


From online shopping to foreign exchange, E-Commerce has always been thriving ever since it was introduced some years ago. Every kind of business transaction and trading can be done online. The reason for its popularity and success because every trader and buyer can access E-Commerce anytime, anywhere. If you’re an aspiring E-commerce entrepreneur, it might be easier to get on board; all you need to do is make your own website. However, if you need to access bigger investors, then a proposal would be a help to finance your business. Read the article further to guide you on how to create an e-commerce proposal sample .

E Commerce Proposal

Free 8+ sample proposal forms in pdf ms word | excel, free 10+ work proposals in pdf ms word, free 10+ cost proposal samples & templates in pdf, 10+ e-commerce proposal samples, 1. e-commerce proposal template.

e commerce proposal template

  • Google Docs

2. E-commerce App Proposal Template

e commerce app proposal template

3. E-commerce Business Proposal Template

e commerce business proposal template

4. E-Commerce Project Proposal Template

e commerce project proposal template

5. E-commerce Request For Proposal Template

e commerce request for proposal template

6. E Commerce Web Design Proposal Template

e commerce web design proposal template

7. E-Commerce Web Design Proposal Template

e commerce web design proposal template1

8. Sample E-Commerce Proposal Template

e commerce proposal sample

Size: 955 KB

9. E-Commerce Research Proposal Example

e commerce research proposal

Size: 94 KB

10. Sample Restaurant E-Commerce Proposal Template

restaurant e commerce proposal

Size: 542 KB

11. E-commerce Website Development Proposal Template

e commerce website development proposal

12. E-commerce Platform Proposal Template

e commerce platform proposal

13. Sample E-Commerce Project Proposal Template

e commerce project proposal

Size: 308 KB

14. Standard E-Commerce Proposal Template

standard e commerce proposal

15. E-Commerce Research Project Proposal Template

e commerce research project proposal

Size: 223 KB

16. E-Commerce Web Design Proposal Template

e commerce web design proposal

Size: 51 KB

17. Printable E-Commerce Proposal Template

printable e commerce proposal

Size: 610 KB

18. E-Commerce Project Management Proposal Template

e commerce project management proposal

Size: 319 KB

What is an eCommerce Proposal?

An e-commerce proposal is a detailed document used to entice investors to partner with any E-Commerce related projects work , such as website development projects on E-commerce platforms, sales, marketing, site engine optimization, and logistics management.

How to Write an eCommerce Proposal

Below is the general format on how to write an E-Commerce proposal:

1. Introduction

This is the part where you will introduce your proposal in a summarized form. Introduce your business background, the project scope of work you’re working on, and a short overview of your proposal. The introduction can make do with one to three paragraphs.

2. Project Outline

This is where you outline a more detailed and concrete description of your project and how you intend to complete it. It must encompass the following sections such as the problem statement (where you state the problem where the person you’re proposing to is currently facing), and an overview of tasks you can do such as initial planning, sitemap and wireframe creation, content development, website design, and website launching test. You can go on in the specifics of the tasks you’re going to do in the later sections.  The main goal here is to give the individual a heads-up on what tasks

3. Define Your Goals and Your Methodology

This is the place where you will describe the goals you intend to achieve.  Make sure your goals are achievable and the outcomes are measurable. Refer to the SMART goals to guide you on how to create efficient goals to help your project realistic enough to be successful. Provide an outline of your methodology of the tasks you’re about to do to reach the goal of your project. Include also the timeline, the people responsible to carry out the tasks, and the resources needed to do execute them. The methodology can be presented in a table format to make it easier to measure its success rate.

4. Explain Your Schedule and Budget

Always include a detailed breakdown of the budget along with the overall cost.

5. Information About Your Organization

Include information about your business, its background, and the details of the people that will be working on the project.

6. Approval

This is where the individual you’re proposing to can sign the proposal, signifying an sample agreement was made.

What are the three types of eCommerce?

There are three main types of e-commerce: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer.

What are some examples of E-Commerce?

Some of the most well-known E-Commerce right now are Amazon, Flipkart, Birchbox, eBay, and Myntra.

What are the best ecommerce platforms?

Some of the biggest E-commerce platforms are BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Shift4Shop, WooCommerce, Volusion, Prestashop, and Weebly.

Once you’re done writing your proposal , don’t forget to proofread it for spelling or grammar mistakes. It’s highly important that your proposal must look professional, crisp, and clean. Don’t bombard your proposal with too many words such as unnecessary adjectives and adverbs. Use active words to make your proposal sound strong and confident. You can ask for someone’s help to revise and proofread your work and suggest some tips on how to improve it. To help you get started on your proposal, download our free sample E-Commerce proposal templates provided above.

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    business proposal for electronic shop

  2. Download Techno-Commercial Proposal for Free

    business proposal for electronic shop

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    business proposal for electronic shop

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    business proposal for electronic shop

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    business proposal for electronic shop


  1. Electronics Retailer Business Plan

    1.1 Objectives To develop a profitable product for TCIC that is unregulated from the core power generation business services. To become profitable within one year. To use this business as a successful model for future ventures. 1.2 Mission To develop a family of surge protectors and arrestors for consumers that offer safety and value.

  2. A Sample Electronics Retail Store Business Plan Template

    1. Industry Overview Electronics retail store business is part of the consumer electronics industry and this industry consists of businesses that are into the sale of a wide range of new appliances, electrical goods and home entertainment products. Many stores also offer repair services and some stores sell used goods.

  3. Starting An Electronics Store Business

    Business plan for an Electronics business This is the most important part of any business. Business plans help you all in explaining your business using statements. A typical business plan follows the format given below. These business plans not only serve in explaining the business, but also puts all your planning in written or printed form.

  4. How To Start Electronic Store Business in 2021

    Step 7. Advertising Electronics Store. The competition between electronic stores is very high everywhere due to the fact there are a lot of businesses of this kind and another reason is the products that they sell are in high demand. Opening a store does not ensure that customers will always come to your shop.

  5. Free Electrical Business Plan PDF Download

    Bizmove Business Guides Free Electrical Business Plan PDF Download | Electrical Shop Business Plan Free Small Business Templates and Tools Here's a collection of business tools featuring dozens of templates, books, worksheets, tools, software, checklists, videos, manuals, spreadsheets, and much more. All free to download, no strings attached.

  6. Electronics Store Business Plan (Why You Need One & How to Write It

    Why do you need a electronics business plan? 1. Executive summary 2. Company description 3. Organization and management 4. Market analysis 5. Financial plan 6.

  7. Electronics Repair Shop Business Plan

    1.1 Objectives Tucson Electronics (TE) is a growth-oriented business. Its ten year goal is to become a regional leader in TV/VCR/home stereo repair, with shops in the Tucson and Phoenix area. With this in mind, the objectives over the next three years for Tucson Electronics are the following: Achieve steady growth in sales revenues by year three.

  8. 5 Tips to Make Electronic Retail Store a Profitable Business

    Like other retail businesses, electronics stores are connected closely with other industries, purchasing the goods they sell from domestic and international (in some cases) manufacturers and wholesalers. New purchases dominate the market, while the replacement and refurbishment market represents a smaller portion of sales. Raise capital and get ...

  9. How to Write a Business Proposal (+ Examples & FREE Templates)

    The free business proposal template below is a perfect example of the "less is more" principle. It does a phenomenal job of communicating what it needs to. By substituting some of the text with icons and visuals, you get a clean business proposal that's much more scannable. CREATE THIS PROPOSAL TEMPLATE.

  10. Electronics Company Business Plan Template

    This electronics company business plan template has 33 pages and is a MS Word file type listed under our business plan kit documents. Sample of our electronics company business plan template: Electronics Company Business Plan [YOUR NAME] [YOUR TITLE] Phone: [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] Email: [[email protected]] [YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS ...

  11. How to Write an Ecommerce Business Plan [Examples & Template]

    Give an executive summary. List and describe your business. Detail your products and services. Conduct a market analysis. Strategize your marketing plan. Create a sales plan. Outline legal notes and financial considerations.

  12. Electronics Retailer Business Plan

    4.2 Marketing Strategy. Safe Current's marketing strategy will seek to communicate the idea that the products that they offer are in effect cheap insurance against large electric and electronic appliance damage or losses. By proactively purchasing Safe Current's products, customers are able to protect against loss and damage of all of their ...

  13. E-Commerce Proposal Template

    Milestone. Payment Due. Before beginning the project. 50% of the total fee. During the first submission. 30% of the total fee. During the final submission. 20% of the total fee. Write a note to your clients informing them what the next steps will be after they sign your e-commerce website development proposal.

  14. Electronics Proposal Example

    If you're an electronics company, our free sample proposal template will help you generate winning quotes and proposals. The outline of the proposal includes sections to fit your needs. All of our templates are completely customizable. Sign-up for free to get access to the Electronics proposal template and start creating smarter proposals today.


    What smaller electronics repair businesses need to do to survive in the industry is to concentrate on providing electronics repair, maintenance and installation services to households, individuals, estates, communities, schools, hospitals and hotels et al before bidding for big contracts from corporations and government agencies.

  16. 12+ SAMPLE E-Commerce Proposal in PDF

    Discuss the business issues that led to the client's desire for an e-Commerce website with him or her. The more convincing your proposal is, the better you will be able to demonstrate that you understand their target customers, competitors, and present status in the marketplace. 2. The Scope of the Project.

  17. Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan

    Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan. $ 350 $ 245. Prepared by The Oak Business Consultant, our Electronic Repair Shop Business Plan template is designed for startups and individuals seeking investments or loans. We aim to deliver exceptional repair services for consumer electronics, addressing the needs of our target market.

  18. Electrical Shop Business Plan [Sample Template for 2023]

    Allan Pearson® Electrical Shop, Inc. will retail electrical equipment and materials, such as wiring supplies, electrical light fixtures, light bulbs, security systems, electrical power equipment, switchboards, circuit breakers and fuses et al to customers. We are set to service a wide range of clientele in and around Kansas City - Missouri.

  19. Electronics Repair Shop Business Proposal Template for Word

    Business Proposals Electronics Repair Shop Business Proposal Electronics Repair Shop Business Proposal I have been working for ABC company for 13 years. This company manufactures various electrical household appliances such as refrigerators, heaters, kettles, air conditioners, and many others.

  20. Proposal bisnis usaha elektronik rumah tangga

    Proposal bisnis usaha elektronik rumah tangga. Proposal Bisnis Usaha Elektronik Rumah Tangga Studi Kelayakan Bisnis Usaha Elektronik Pada suatu daerah di pinggiran kota besar terdapat stasiun kereta api dan di pinggir jalannya berdiri sederetan ruko-ruko serta tidak jauh dari sana terdapat sebuah mal. Daerah itu cukup ramai didatangi pengunjung, baik yang pergi ke mal, ruko ataupun yang akan ...

  21. Best Buy posts smaller-than-expected drop in sales

    Top U.S. electronics retailer Best Buy Co Inc on Tuesday reported a smaller-than-expected drop in quarterly comparable sales, as deeper discounts encouraged bargain-hunting Americans to shop for ...

  22. FREE 17+ E-Commerce Proposal Samples

    How to Write an eCommerce Proposal. Below is the general format on how to write an E-Commerce proposal: 1. Introduction. This is the part where you will introduce your proposal in a summarized form. Introduce your business background, the project scope of work you're working on, and a short overview of your proposal. The introduction can make ...

  23. Electronics Retail Store Business Plan [SampleTemplate for 2023]

    Industry Overview Electronics retail store business is part of the consumer electronics industry and this industry consists of businesses that are into the sale of a wide range of new appliances, electrical goods and home entertainment products. Many stores also offer repair services and some stores sell used goods.