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  1. Missing Homework in Sims 2 : r/sims2

    Type ctrl+shift+c, and then when a console comes up at the top of the screen, type "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true". Send a child to school and wait for them to come home. Did you get a popup about an error when the child came home? If so, exit the game and go to the Sims 2 folder where you have things like saved sims.

  2. Homework is nowhere to be found : r/sims2

    Homework doesn't appear in the inventory in the Sims 2, they carry it in their hands off the bus. You do have to keep an eye on them though, they tend to drop it in random places (like a random tile in the middle of the back garden in the snow...), so just follow them with the camera as they're getting off the bus.

  3. Child homework missing! I've tried everything : r/sims2

    TIA 🙂 This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 2 4 comments Best Mysterious_Potential • 2 yr. ago You can't buy homework in the sims 2. Just wait til they get off the bus the next day and follow them, they'll always put new homework on top of old homework. ibbity • 2 yr. ago Oh dang that's a good tip

  4. Disappearing homework and no school bus : r/sims2help

    I am using a downloaded version of UC by Mr DJ. 4. 3 comments. ProperSpeak • 1 yr. ago. remove your Downloads folder. copy your Neighborhoods/entire Sims 2 folder and paste it somewhere safe. load the game and see if the problem persists. if it doesn't persist, it's a mod. when putting your Neighbourhoods/Sims 2 folder back make sure to ...

  5. Sims 2

    Sims 2 - Homework disappears? Help! So I've seen this issue online, but never a solution. My Sim kids come home from school, get off the bus, freeze for a second, and then start walking around. They don't go anywhere to set their homework down. It's just gone. The annoying thing is the game thinks they're just not doing it, so their grades drop.