1. 20 Fun Career Activities for Elementary Students

    career research project for elementary students

  2. Tenth Grade English Career Project

    career research project for elementary students

  3. Career Research Project For Elementary School Students l Distance

    career research project for elementary students

  4. Start with a career interest survey, explore career clusters then pick

    career research project for elementary students

  5. 20 Fun Career Activities for Elementary Students

    career research project for elementary students

  6. Career/Job Research Project l For Elementary School Students l Distance

    career research project for elementary students


  1. Career Research Project Peske

  2. Career Research Project

  3. Career Research Project

  4. Career Research Project

  5. Career paths in the College of Human Sciences

  6. Science project for class 8th students working model Easy science exhibition projects class


  1. Career Exploration for Students and Kids (19 Free Resources)

    Career Research Worksheet. Here's a simple, one-page worksheet you can get for free with a free account on Teachers Pay Teachers. It will help focus your student's career research. 3. Career Family Tree. This free worksheet of fun career activities has an idea that I love - for students to create a family career tree.

  2. PDF Fostering Elementary Career Exploration With an Interactive

    Abstract. Career development is a lifelong process that begins in childhood and has been linked. to student success in other aspects of their development in childhood and adulthood. (Blackhurst, Auger, & Wahl, 2003). This article presents a fifth-grade technology-based.

  3. Career Activities For Elementary Students ...

    This is definitely a writing project! It gets students thinking, but also include research. The career template is an outline that can be used to create their own version of a person in that career. The QR code can link to a writing assignment or digital presentation created by the student. This is the perfect close to an elementary career unit.

  4. Career Exploration Activities for Students in Grades K-8

    Career exploration activities refer to fun programming that introduces kids to a wide variety of occupations. These programs typically focus on elementary and middle school children, as high school students usually explore careers through more in-depth work-based learning. Career exploration is an important step in helping students learn about ...

  5. Explore STEM Careers with a Remote Learning Project

    This is a research project of sorts, but it can be scaled by grade level to make it something short enough and doable enough for students at home. STEM Career Projects. Doing a "career"-focused project can be a really effective way to keep students excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) during school closures and as ...

  6. Tools and resources for career exploration with elementary students

    An activity book for facilitators to help students in Grades 3-5 understand careers. It is based on the four-part LEAP curriculum: 1. Youth discover and work with 12 foundational skills; 2. Youth learn about entrepreneurship; 3. Youth delve into the career fields; and 4.

  7. Results for career research project for elementary students

    Career Research Project For Elementary School Students l Distance Learning. Created by. Lesson Plan Dude. This is a career research project. The unit will give your 4th and 5th grade students the opportunity to explore a career they are interested in. The project was used in a 4th/5th grade special education pull-out class.

  8. Websites for Career Research: 5 Sites for Empowering Upper Elementary

    2. features an extensive career research section that presents a plethora of career options in an engaging manner. Students can explore diverse fields, such as science, technology, engineering, arts, and more. The website provides information about different jobs, including the tasks, skills required, and average salaries.

  9. AMLE/ASA Career Exploration Resource Center

    Bureau of Labor Statistics. A webpage from the Bureau of Labor Statistics with resources for career exploration, games, Q&A, and resources for students and teachers in the K-12 arena. ASA and AMLE have created a playbook and resource center to equip educators with a roadmap for effective career exploration programs.

  10. Career Exploration for Elementary Students: Considering it for your

    Make career exploration for your elementary students an active part of your classroom. There are even online programs available to districts and schools across the country. The programs differ a bit based on age level, but with young learners in elementary, career awareness can be created through fun learning activities and play.

  11. Career Exploration for Elementary Students

    Career Paths. Get your kid (s) and students making active goals towards their dream jobs with this career path activity. The aim of the game is to help kids and pre-teens to understand what they need to do to make their dreams a reality. You can visualize it as a ladder — with each step leading to the next stage — or as a more free-form ...

  12. (PDF) Fostering Elementary Career Exploration With an Interactive

    Research of this nature is necessary because studies show that students begin to choose a specific career at the elementary school level, which becomes more challenging to change as they age ...

  13. What Works: Career Exploration Ideas

    They describe their research project, explain that the college offers a major in their top career cluster and request information (in my name and to be sent to our elementary school address). Students never share their last name or personal information. My students are so excited to receive mail from their chosen college!

  14. PDF Career Development and Exploration Resources for K 8

    An online elementary career program from Wisconsin. Bizzy Bee is a career game for k‐1 students. Cost is $11.95 ‐ $39.95 depending on what you purchase. Student can work individually or in small groups to match the Bizzy Bee occupation cards to the Career Cluster Hives that form a large

  15. Career Exploration Ideas: How to Get Students Excited About Career

    Many educators assign a 'poster project' in which students create colorful posters to depict the career. On field trips, taking special note of the careers at the museum, zoo, art gallery, or theater presentation. Ask hosts to share a little about their job as part of their presentations. Career Exploration Activities for Middle School Students

  16. Career Research Project For Elementary School Students l Distance ...

    Project steps: 1. Students choose a career to research. 2. Students complete paragraph 1 using template. It is best to have the students complete the paragraph in Word, but if can be printed and handwritten. 3. Repeat step 2 (above) for paragraph 2 and 3 templates. 4. The author of this project found separate videos about each of the students ...

  17. Results for career research elementary students

    This activity lets students research a career of interest and then create a presentation about it using MS PowerPoint, Google Slides or a Web 2.0 tool such as Prezi.Files Included with this Lesson• Teacher & Student Notes and Resources• Researching a Career of Interest Project Expectations and Grading Rubric• Sample Presentation This ...

  18. What Career Planning Really Means for Elementary Students

    Researchers (Akos, Niles, Miller, & Erford, 2011; Clemens, Carey, & Harrington, 2010; Turner & Lapan, 2013) have posited that career development at the elementary level solidifies the connection between academic achievement and future endeavors for students." So elementary student students should engage in a form of career readiness as they ...

  19. Career Exploration for Students: 5 Activities You Can Use Today

    5 Career Exploration Activities To Get Started. 1. Take Time To Research. Research projects give students the opportunity to learn where to find information on various careers while learning about those careers. What's more, research skills are important. Being able to identify, collect, and evaluate information will benefit students in ...

  20. Research Project Template For Elementary Students

    The research project template is a Powerpoint file, and complete instructions are included for you. This way, you can easily edit the text to suit your classroom's needs! Students will pick a topic that interests them, or you can assign a topic based on any unit your class is currently studying. Then, according to the topic, students will ...

  21. A Career Research Project for Middle School

    The criteria for the rubric could be as follows: career information and facts, voice, eye contact, and visual aids. Teachers can have students write out their report in a final copy format and assess that as well. This project is one that students will see has a real-world application. Most will be very excited to be thinking about their future ...

  22. 26 Research Internships for High School Students

    By working on a research project in a specific field, students can gain a better understanding of whether or not that field is a good fit for them. Stronger college applications: Research experience can look great on college applications. It shows colleges that you are a motivated and curious student who is interested in pursuing a research career.

  23. Results for career research for elementary students

    We are thrilled to celebrate College and Career Week every year! These Bilingual pennants are the perfect activity and resource when discussing students ' future aspirations and l