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April 11, 2023

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Remapping 101: How to change your keyboard key output

Your PC or laptop keyboard doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. If you’re not a fan of certain key placements or find that you aren’t using some of your keys, you can rearrange the functions of your keys however you like. Most keyboards are laid out in the same way, but Windows 11 features  allow you to make the necessary adjustments to help you type more comfortably. Learn how you can remap your keys and change keyboard outputs on Windows 11 .

Why remap your keyboard?

If you’re used to a standard keyboard layout, you may not initially see the value in remapping your keys. Here are some common reasons for changing keyboard outputs:

  • Typing on a foreign keyboard. If you want to type in any language besides English, it can be difficult to type seamlessly on an English-only keyboard. By switching your key functions, you can cater to different language settings.
  • Using your keyboard for PC gaming. PC gamers rely on their keyboards to play their favorite games. Remapping your keys to best suit your gaming needs can improve performance and make your frequently used keys more accessible.
  • Repurposing underused keys. Not everyone uses their keys the same way. If it seems like a key that you don’t often use is taking up valuable space on your keyboard, you can reassign its function to find a good use for it and increase productivity.

Popular QWERTY alternatives

You may notice that top row of letters on your keyboard, going left to right, spells QWERTY. However, there are other popular keyboard layouts that can help you type faster or more comfortably. Learn more about each layout and how they might benefit your typing:

  • AZERTY. The AZERTY layout simply moves the output of the Q , W , and M keys. It is most often used in France and other surrounding countries.
  • Dvorak. The Dvorak layout puts the most used keys in the middle row, which decreases finger movement. This typing method can help reduce strain in your fingers, which makes for a more ergonomic experience.
  • Colemak. The Colemak layout offers a slight improvement on the Dvorak layout. It also places the commonly used keys in the middle row, but it keeps the useable features of the QWERTY layout intact.

How to remap your keys on Windows 11

The easiest way to change your keyboard functions on Windows 11 is to use the Keyboard Manager  utility. The Keyboard Manager is one of many utilities available in Microsoft PowerToys , which are a collection of productivity tools that allow users to customize their Windows experience.

How does Keyboard Manager work?

Once you’ve downloaded PowerToys onto your device, select Keyboard Manager and toggle Enable Keyboard Manager. You’ll find separate sections for remapping keys and remapping shortcuts, each of which can be adjusted to your liking. Some keys and shortcuts cannot be remapped in Keyboard Manager, and these limitations are highlighted on the platform. PowerToys must be running for the key mapping to work, so make sure you don’t close out of the program after making your selections.

What other keyboard mapping functions are available on Windows?

If you are still running Windows 10 on your PC, you can download Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator  to create your own keyboard layouts. Microsoft keyboard users can also try the Mouse and Keyboard Center  app to get the most out of the customization features within the accessories. Other keyboard mapping options can be downloaded on Microsoft Apps .

By learning how to remap your keys, you can break the mold and take control of how you use your keyboard. Shop for Microsoft Keyboards  to find the perfect keyboard to test your remapped keys on Windows 11 .

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How to Remap a Keyboard in Windows 10

Use Microsoft PowerToys to reassign keys and change keyboard shortcuts

change keys on keyboard

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What to Know

  • Download Microsoft Power Toys, open it, and then go to Keyboard Manager > Remap a Key or Remap a Shortcut .
  • To reset keys and shortcuts to the default, select the Trashcan icon beside the entry.
  • If you have an external keyboard and mouse, use the Windows Mouse and Keyboard Center tool to customize both.

This article explains how to remap a keyboard in Windows 10. Instructions apply to external keyboards and the built-in keyboards of Windows-based laptops.

How to Change a Keyboard Layout in Windows 10

The easiest way to customize your keyboard is by using PowerToys, a free program made by Microsoft. It allows you to reassign keys and change your keyboard shortcuts using a simple interface. PowerToys also enables you to personalize the layout and appearance of the operating system.

Can You Reassign Keyboard Keys?

Follow these steps to reassign keys in Windows 10:

Download Microsoft Power Toys and install it on your PC.

Open Power Toys and select Keyboard Manager in the left sidebar.

Select Remap a Key .

If the keyboard options are grayed out, select the Enable Keyboard Manager switch.

Select the Plus ( + ) under Key .

Under Key , choose the key you want to reassign from the drop-down menu, or select Type and enter a key.

Under Mapped To , choose the new key. If you want to switch two keys, repeat steps 5 and 6 to create another entry, reversing the keys.

To reset the key to its default, return to this screen and select the Trashcan icon beside the entry.

Select OK .

Select Continue Anyway , if you see a notice telling you you'll no longer be able to use the keys for their original purpose.

How to Remap Windows 10 Shortcuts

You can change keyboard shortcuts for specific apps or your whole system:

Open Microsoft Power Toys and select Keyboard Manager in the left sidebar, then select Remap a Shortcut .

Select the Plus ( + ) under Shortcut .

Choose the key you want to reassign from the drop-down menu under Shortcut or select Type and enter a keyboard shortcut.

Under Mapped To , choose the new key or shortcut.

Under Target Apps , enter the name of an app (if you leave this section blank, the change is applied system-wide).

How to Reset Keyboard Mapping

To set your key reassignments back to the defaults, go to Keyboard Manager in PowerToys, select Remap a shortcut , and then select the Trashcan icon beside the entry you want to delete.

How Can I Customize My Keyboard?

PowerToys lets you reassign keys and shortcuts, but some keyboards come with customization software that gives you even more control over how your device works. For example, you could create multi-key macros and insert blocks of text with a single keystroke. You can customize both with the Windows Mouse and Keyboard Center tool if you have an external keyboard and mouse.

If you need to reassign a key because it isn't working, you can enable the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard to access all keys.

Remapping a keyboard on a Mac works differently than on a Windows PC. While you can't wholly remap the keyboard, you can set up custom shortcuts. Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard and click the Shortcuts tab. Select a shortcut and highlight its existing key combination. Then, type in your new key combination, which will replace the previous shortcut.

If you want a hotkey to access a different shortcut or command, download the Windows Mouse and Keyboard Center and connect the keyboard you wish to configure. Open the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center and choose the key you'd like to reassign, then select a command from the command list to become the key's new function.

You don't need to remap a Windows PC keyboard for use on a Mac, but you'll need to be aware of the Windows keyboard equivalents for Mac's special keys . For example, the Windows key is equivalent to the Mac's Command key. Also, key locations are different on a Windows keyboard. If you want to reassign a Windows keyboard key's location for use with your Mac so it's easier to find, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard . Select Modifier Keys , then switch the keys' functions to your liking.

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How can I remap a keyboard key?

One of my laptop's keys has fallen off. Is there any way I can remap another key to serve as that key? I'll 'sacrifice' the other key because I never use it.

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  • 42 Scroll lock: Why are you looking at me? –  Colonel Panic May 30, 2013 at 23:44
  • 4 This question covers permanently remapping keys. Most answers are based on a registry edit requiring a reboot. For ways to remap keys without a restart , swapping keys with each other, or swapping for specific applications , see this question: Remapping keyboard keys for specific applications –  Lilienthal Oct 21, 2015 at 21:17
  • @harrymc the link is dead (now hosted by ParkLogic) –  john v kumpf Jul 13, 2018 at 1:51
  • @johnvkumpf: There are heaps of such articles. Most dead links can still be found on the Wayback Machine. For this one see here . –  harrymc Jul 13, 2018 at 7:54
  • SharpKeys (free download from authoritative source): –  caw Feb 13, 2020 at 19:30

9 Answers 9

Here is a good article from Howtogeek about using a utility called SharpKeys :

##Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista If you are tired of the way certain keys on your system work, such as the Caps Lock key, you can re-map them to function as a different key by using a registry hack . But there should be an easier way, right? This is where SharpKeys comes into the picture: It’s a small utility that will let you easily map one key to another key easily, or even turn the key off, without having to enter the registry at all. For instance, I used the key mapping to just turn off my Caps Lock key, since I never use it. (source: )
You can click the Add button to bring up the Add New Key Mapping dialog, where you can either select the keys to map from the lists, or just click the Type Key button and press the key manually (which I find much more intuitive) (source: )
Once you are done, click the Write to Registry button and you’ll be told to log off or reboot for the changes to take effect. (source: )
If you want all the technical details on how the registry keys work, you can read about how to map keys using registry hacks .

Link for reference

Glorfindel's user avatar

  • 4 For simple remapping this is the way to go, no need to write a full blown autohotkey script. I swear by AHK don't get me wrong, but thats more for keyboard combinations rather than simple remapping. –  user1931 Sep 7, 2009 at 5:58
  • Very easy to use - would be more lovely to be able to toggle the keys (enable/disable it) without deleting anything –  Nam G VU Feb 4, 2011 at 5:14
  • Will this allow me to swap the Fn and Ctrl key in Windows on a Macbook Pro Retina running Bootcamp? Thanks. –  dotnethaggis Aug 27, 2014 at 13:31
  • Do I have to run the app all the time, or is the change permanent? –  Colonel Panic Oct 7, 2015 at 16:04
  • The HowToGeek registry hack link above is perfect for doing this without software -- but the scancode link in said article is dead. Here's a live (as of today) one: –  Joe Oct 14, 2015 at 18:19

Using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator here without problems. For switching modifier keys I would suggest a registry hack or an application that changes the registry for you, do not use a pure software remap like AutoHotkey as those solutions don't work for every application.

Another solution is to get a replacement key in case you really can't insert the key back in your laptop, have you tried a search for 'broken laptop key' ?

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  • 2 This is th best solution I have found - unlike AutoHotKey and Keytweak, I can modify the characters generated with modifiers, without changing the unmodified behaviour. Now I can get ( and ) without Shift, 9 and 0 are unaffected! :D –  James Broadhead May 23, 2011 at 9:23
  • Well, for my case of converting a qwertz keyboard into a qwerty keyboard this does not work, because ctrl+z stays next to the t. :( –  ANeves Mar 1, 2014 at 17:33
  • For some applications that (presumably) are listening to keydown events it is also necessary to also remap keyboard scan codes. It's a nice solution because it's built into windows and you can use the windows shortcuts. –  David Sopko Oct 9, 2018 at 2:40
  • The only problem is that it requires .NET Framework 2.0 - if you install it to run the keyboard layout creator, make sure you uninstall it after! –  stiv Nov 20, 2019 at 17:35
  • I wanted to interchange my backspace and caps lock. This method doesn't work for me. –  Black Chase Oct 7, 2021 at 18:38

You can use Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator . This will even allow you to add extra functionality to your keyboard, such as changing a key into a dead key (e.g. ~ ), add extra mappings (e.g. altgr + c -> ç ), etc.

In order to edit the special keystrokes, like ctrl + FOO , you might need to edit the .klc file manually. You can find instructions by @Senseful in :

You need to modify the .klc file manually. Basically you just modify the VK_ column to match the value in column 1 . So for example if you want to bind L to N , you would create the keyboard as you normally would in KLC. Then you would open the KLC file in a text editor. Find the value L in the VK_ column, and switch it to an N . For more information, I wrote the complete steps on my blog .

Warning: incomplete support for key bindings in some applications

However, be warned that some applications might not take those special keystrokes properly.

As an example: with my particular configuration, pressing altgr + a in DotA2's teamchat will erase the text — instead of adding an ã like in other applications.

ANeves's user avatar

I have Genius KB-G235 USB keyboard (HID) and WinXP SP3. Neither of applications in previous answers didnt work for me. (Because working with PS/2 codes or not (fully) with XP).

I tried HotkeyP (free and open source) and this works! Just add action for key and its done. (After assign new action isn't default action executed.)

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Keyman Desktop - You can even create your own custom keyboards with Keyman Developer . With keyboards for over 1000 languages, Keyman Desktop lets you type in your language even when Windows doesn’t.

Davidenko's user avatar

  • 1 The Keyman software is becoming free after SIL International bought it. This makes it a more interesting choice than before. (Few people would buy software to do just a simple mapping of a key for personal use.) –  Jukka K. Korpela Mar 2, 2017 at 18:25

For Windows 10: PowerToys

Microsoft has released an advance app:

that has a simple but effective key mapping facility. I've used it to swap my [ALT] and [CTRL] keys; works like a champ.

fearless_fool's user avatar

The easiest way: The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator . This is an official Microsoft solution. Functionality is similar like Ukelele for OS X.

Download and instructions:

desbest's user avatar can be a simpler and powerful solution. You can remap keys and create modifiers keys using scripts like

Jp_'s user avatar

  • 1 But why all of this if something like ScrollLock::LControl is just enough for the remapping? –  Yuuza Apr 8, 2016 at 2:26
  • Sorry, I really could simplify, but I wanted to show the power of the tool. With this script you don't need to sacrifice keys, you just need to have a modifier key and have a second function for one key. –  Jp_ Apr 8, 2016 at 11:43

I found one app which can do almost all of them in windows 7 and it works without any issues when your desktop is unlocked. Also it is pretty easy to use. .

Only drawback I found is it will not work when desktop is locked say I come back from sleep and the computer is locked and I have loud music playing. Multimedia keyboards can mute from there itself. But with this app you need to unlock first.

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change keys on keyboard

change keys on keyboard

How do I reassign hot keys for my keyboard?

You can reassign some keys to access different commands, shortcuts, or Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center features to better fit your work style.

Note:  The options listed in this wizard vary depending on the key selected. For example, since you cannot reassign the Windows key, the only option available is to disable it.

To reassign a key

Download and install the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center .

Connect the keyboard that you want to configure.

Select the Start  button, and then select Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center .

From the displayed list of key names, select the key that you want to reassign.

In the command list of the key that you want to reassign, select a command.


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change keys on keyboard

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change keys on keyboard

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How to Change What the Fn Keys Do in Windows 10 and 11

The function keys are handy, but you can truly make them your own with some customization.

The function keys at the top of your keyboard serve as a shortcut to control certain hardware features. For instance, if you want to turn on the backlit keyboard, they allow you to do so by pressing a key, saving you from having to do the same through Windows.

By default, these keys can only be used when you press the dedicated Fn key with them. Nevertheless, you can customize this setting, along with many others, to suit your needs. Here are the different ways you can modify the settings of Windows 10 and 11 function keys.

What Are the Function Keys, and Why Do You Need Them?

Function keys, or just "Fn" for short, are used to trigger functions of the F keys (F1, F2, F3, etc.) on the top of the keyboard. In essence, it acts as a shortcut key for basic yet essential functions like changing the volume, brightness, and backlight.

In most laptops, there are 12 function keys (they used to be a lot more in the older devices), and you can use them by pressing them along with the "Fn" key on your keyboard. So for instance, if you wish to enable the backlit keyboard using the F3 key, you can hold the Fn key and then press F3 to make the desired changes.

We have a detailed guide to function keys where we discuss what all 12 keys do. You can check it out for more insight on the topic.

1. How to Change the Function Key Settings Using the Mobility Settings on Dell Computers

The easiest way to change function keys is by modifying settings within the Windows Mobility Center. This method, however, will only work for those of you using a Dell device.

Here is how to proceed:

  • Type Windows Mobility Center in Windows search and click Open .

Hardware and Sound in Control Panel

  • In the following window, look for the Fn key row section and expand the drop-down under it.
  • If you wish to choose the F keys for basic functions, choose Function key .

Multimedia key in Windows Mobility Center

If you own other devices, then you might want to look for similar options in the System or keyboard settings. You can also search the manufacturer’s official website for information regarding such customizations.

2. How to Modify the Function Keys Settings in the BIOS

You can also make the changes directly in BIOS, which helps the operating system and the hardware load properly.

The steps of accessing BIOS in different devices can vary. Below, we have discussed the steps of accessing BIOS and making the desired changes in HP and Acer. If you own a different device, then it is best to head over to the manufacturer’s website and look for the steps of accessing BIOS there.

Follow these steps if you have an HP device:

  • First, turn off your PC.
  • Now restart the device and repeatedly press the F10 key. This should successfully launch the BIOS.
  • Navigate to System Configuration menu > Action Keys Mode .
  • Use the Enter key to enable or disable the features.
  • Click Exit to save the changes.

Similarly, if you have an Acer device, follow these steps:

  • Hold the F2 key and the Power button simultaneously.
  • Once you reach the BIOS screen, head over to the System Configuration Menu and click Enter in the Action Keys Mode option.
  • Pick the desired mode and hit Exit.

3. How to Change the Function Key Settings Using the UEFI Settings

If you cannot boot into BIOS for some reason, try changing the Fn keys using UEFI settings. UEFI is basically BIOS on steroids, as it offers a bunch of additional functions and is more powerful.

Here is how you can boot into UEFI Settings if you are a Windows 10 user:

  • Press the Win + I keys to open Windows Settings.

Recovery settings

If you are a Windows 11 user, follow these steps:

  • Press the Win + S keys together to open the Windows Search utility.
  • Type Recovery in the search field and choose Recovery options from the list of options available.

Click on Restart now

Once you have booted in the Windows Recovery Environment using these steps, proceed with the following:

  • In the following window, select Troubleshoot .

UEFI Firmware settings

  • In the following window, head over to the Configuration tab.


  • Click Save and then press Exit to sign out of BIOS.

How to Enable the Fn Lock

If you do not want to press the Fn key every time you want to enable/disable any of the 12 functions, you can toggle on the Fn lock. With this feature, the Fn key will appear to always be held down on the keyboard, and you will be able to use any function key without having to first press the Fn key.

In most keyboards, the Fn lock is associated with the Esc key, but it can be different in your device. Typically, these keys have a lock icon on them. You can use the manufacturer’s website to find the lock on your device if you cannot locate a key with a lock icon.

Once you have found the key, hold the Fn key and press the lock key. This will enable the function. You can follow the same steps for disabling it in the future.

Is It a Good Idea To Change Fn Key Settings?

Changes to Fn keys are safe and do not have any negative consequences. The customization options for the keys within Windows are limited, but there are quite a few third-party resources that you can look into if you want to modify keys a step further.

On Windows, you can also disable specific keys on your keyboard so you can avoid accidentally pressing keys you don't use. As a general rule, if you follow the steps carefully, you should have no problems.

Here are some considerations to help you decide if changing the Fn keys is a good idea for you:

  • Familiarity : If you are familiar with the traditional behavior of function keys and use them often, it may be a good idea to change the Fn key settings so that you can use the standard functions keys without having to press the Fn key every time.
  • Multimedia functions : If the function keys on your keyboard are assigned multimedia functions, and you use them frequently, standard fn key functions might not be as useful for you. In that case, you may want to keep the default Fn key settings.
  • Compatibility : If you use software that requires input from the standard function keys, it may be necessary to change the Fn key settings to ensure compatibility.

Ultimately, whether it is a good idea to change the Fn key settings or not will depend on how you use your computer and what you prefer. We recommend weighing the pros and cons and consider your usage patterns before you make a decision.

Use the Function Keys Like a Pro

Function keys are great for improving productivity and efficiency. With the right techniques in mind, you can make the most of them. We hope that following the steps above enabled you to modify the setting of your function keys. It is also important to note that all the methods outlined above don't make a permanent change to the system, so you can always revert the changes.

How to remap keys or shortcuts on Windows 11

Do you need to reassign keyboard keys or shortcuts? In this guide, we'll show you how on Windows 11.

Avatar for Mauro Huculak

  • To remap a key on Windows 11, open PowerToys > Keyboard Manager > Remap a key , configure the key remap and save changes.
  • To remap a shortcut on Windows 11, open PowerToys > Keyboard Manager > Remap a shortcut , configure the shortcut remap and save changes.

On Windows 11 , you can remap keys and shortcuts in different ways, but using PowerToys is the fastest and easiest method, and in this guide, you will learn how.

If you play games on your computer or use the device for work, sometimes, you may need to reassign some keys and shortcuts to different keys or a combo of keys because it makes more sense to you or can help improve productivity. 

Regardless of the reason, Windows 11 doesn’t include a feature to change the actions of keys or shortcuts, but you can use the tools like Microsoft PowerToys to remap virtually any key or shortcut.

This guide will teach you how to use the PowerToys app to remap keys and shortcuts on Windows 11 quickly. (These instructions should also work on Windows 10 .)

Remap keys on Windows 11

Remap shortcuts on windows 11.

To remap keys on your keyboard on Windows 11, use these steps:

Open PowerToys .

Click on Keyboard Manager .

Turn on the “Enable Keyboard Manager” toggle switch.

Click the “Remap a key” option.

Keyboard manager remap keys

Click the Plus (+) button.

Select the key to remap in the “Physical key” setting.

Select the key that will be mapped to the other key in the “Mapped to” setting.

Windows 11 remap keys

Click the OK button.

Once you complete the steps, the key will now perform the action of the new key mapping on Windows 11.

To remap shortcuts on Windows 11, use these steps:

Click the “Remap a Shortcuts” option.

Keyboard manager remap shortcuts

Confirm the shortcut to remap in the “Physical Shortcut” setting.

Confirm the new shortcut that will replace the previous shortcut in the “Mapped to” setting. 

Windows 11 remap shortcuts

(Optional) Confirm the app executable to apply the new shortcut in the “Target Appp” setting.

After you complete the steps, the shortcut remap will perform the action you configured in the application.

If you want to remove the remap, you can go to the “Remap a key” or “Remap shortcuts” page and click the “Delete” (trash) button for the action you want to remove.

Although PowerToys can make it easier to remap keys and shortcuts on Windows 11, it’s important to note that the application doesn’t make system changes, meaning that the remaps will only work as long as PowerToys is running.

Avatar for Mauro Huculak

Mauro Huculak is a Windows expert and the Editor-in-Chief who started Pureinfotech in 2010 as an independent online publication. He is also been a Windows Central contributor for nearly a decade. Mauro has over 12 years of experience writing comprehensive guides and creating professional videos about Windows, software, and related technologies, including Android and Linux. Before becoming a technology writer, he was an IT administrator for seven years. In total, Mauro has over 20 years of combined experience in technology. Throughout his career, he achieved different professional certifications from Microsoft (MSCA), Cisco (CCNP), VMware (VCP), and CompTIA (A+ and Network+), and he has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for many years. You can follow him on X (Twitter) , YouTube , LinkedIn and .

  • How to run Command Prompt as TrustedInstaller on Windows 11
  • How to change Virtual Desktop wallpaper on Windows 11

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How to remap a keyboard on a Mac

Use free software to swap keys around, reassign shortcuts, and even control your mouse cursor with your keyboard..

By Nathan Edwards , a senior reviews editor who's been testing tech since 2007. Previously at Wirecutter and MaximumPC. Current fixations: keyboards, DIY tech, and the smart home.

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Image of a MacBook Pro on a stylized background.

Say you’re a Mac user who just got a fancy new keyboard, but it has a Windows layout. Or you want to use the same keyboard with both Windows and Mac machines. Or you’ve gotten used to a specific layout, and now your muscle memory is all wrong.

The biggest differences between Macs and Windows PCs are in the bottom row modifier keys. Windows computers have Ctrl, Win, and Alt, whereas Macs have Control, Option, and Command. macOS automatically maps the Alt to Option and Win to Command. But Windows uses the Control key for most of the shortcuts that Macs use the Command key for, which means you have to remember to copy / paste using your pinkie on one computer and using your index finger on another. Who wants that?

You could try to rewire your brain — and there’s something to be said for neuroplasticity — or you could remap your keyboard so the modifiers are where your fingers want them to be. 

If you have a fancy mechanical keyboard , it might come with software to let you remap the keys at the hardware level . Or your keyboard might have a Mac / Windows switch that flips the modifier positions. But you can remap any keyboard, including the one on your MacBook, with a couple of free macOS tools. 

How to remap modifier keys in macOS Ventura or Monterey

Screenshot of the Modifier Keys dialog in macOS Ventura.

If you just want to put the modifier keys where your fingers expect them to be, you can do that within macOS. 

If you’re using macOS Ventura:

  • Open System Settings , scroll to Keyboard , and select Keyboard Shortcuts…  
  • Hit Modifier Keys at the bottom of the left menu pane. 
  • Select your keyboard from the dropdown menu. 

If you’re using macOS Monterey:

  • Open System Preferences and select Keyboard . 
  • Hit the Modifier Keys … button on the lower right 

Here you can swap the locations of Caps Lock, Control, Option, Command, and Function (or Globe) keys. On my MacBook’s built-in keyboard, I use this to put the Command key where Caps Lock usually goes since that’s where I put it on my other keyboards. On my external keyboard, I’ve already changed Caps Lock to Control in the firmware, so I use this tool to swap Control and Command, which puts Command on the Caps Lock key on that keyboard, too. 

Yes, this is weird. But not as weird as dedicating a giant key on the home row to Caps Lock. 

Remap your entire keyboard in macOS using Karabiner Elements

Screenshot of the Simple Modifications tab of Karabiner Elements

For more complex modifications or to remap other keys, you can use a free program called Karabiner Elements . Karabiner can assign just about any keycode to any key, as well as perform more complex modifications. I use it to swap the Backspace and backslash keys on my MacBook’s internal keyboard to match my external keyboard and swap Command and Control on my external keyboard in lieu of the built-in tool. 

Karabiner can do much more than just swap key positions, though. You can change the functions of the function keys, assign hotkeys to launch specific programs or send multiple keycodes with one key — turning Caps Lock into Cmd + Control + Option + Shift, for example. You can make keys do one thing when tapped and another when held, use the keyboard to control the mouse cursor, and more. And you can assign different behaviors to different keyboards. 

Screenshot of the “Complex Modifications” tab of Karabiner Elements

The easiest way to mess around with complex modifications using Karabiner is to download a few that other users have submitted . You can also write your own in a JSON file, but that’s way outside the scope of this article. Even the web GUI that was built to make it easier is not exactly beginner friendly. 

One word of caution: make sure you don’t double-dip. I couldn’t figure out why my Command and Control keys weren’t swapped until I realized that I had set up the same swap in both macOS and Karabiner Elements. To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg : I remapped a remap; it was back to normal. 

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Karabiner Elements myself. Though my preference is still for keyboards where you can do all of the above in firmware, Karabiner works on any old keyboard, and that’s why it’s great. 

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How to uninstall apps in macOS

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How to check which apps are using the most data on an iPhone

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HP PCs - Keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and special keys (Windows)

Discover useful keyboard features in Windows that can make navigation, tasks, and functions quicker and easier.

Common keyboard shortcuts

You can use key press combinations to perform common tasks in Windows.

change keys on keyboard

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Use key press combinations to quickly access common functions in Windows 10.

Keys with icons or symbols

Most keyboards come with special symbols applied to the function keys. Your HP keyboard might have extra keys or buttons with icons as well.

On most laptop keyboards, you must press and hold the fn key before pressing the key with the symbol or icon to perform the function.

Frequently asked questions

Review these frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find answers to common questions about keyboard shortcuts.

How do I change or disable a key?

You can use additional software to change the behavior of keyboard keys in Windows.

There are several free software apps for changing the behavior of keys, such as Sharpkeys, MapKeyboard, KeyTweak, Keyboard Layout Creator by Microsoft, and others. Search the internet for the name of one of these software applications or "keyboard mapping software" to learn more.

It is important to create a System Restore point before remapping keys in case you need to return to your original keyboard layout.

The fn key is a special key controlled by hardware. It cannot be remapped using software.

What do the function keys do?

Function keys allow you to perform an action by pressing a key instead of typing a character.

The action that happens for a function key depends on the software that is active when the key is pressed. Some software or apps might have functions for the keys, while others might not. If you press a function key while using an app and nothing happens, the app might not have a function programmed for that key.

Some function keys have a symbol printed on the key in addition to the function number. To activate the function that corresponds to the symbol, press and hold the fn key while pressing the function key. See Keys with icons or symbols for more information.

See the software help menu or support site to find out which keys are supported and the associated functions for those keys.

How do I turn the fn key on or off?

You can change a setting in the BIOS to change the Action Key mode setting.

Normally, you must first press the fn key to perform the secondary action of a function key, which is the action of the printed symbol on the key. Some notebook computers use a feature called Action Key mode that allows you to perform the secondary action without needing to press and hold the fn key first.

For more information, see HP Notebook PCs - How to lock or unlock the fn (function) key .

How do I type an at sign (@)?

On most keyboards the at sign (@) is created by pressing shift + 2 .

If your keyboard has more than one symbol on the number 2 key, press ctrl + shift + 2 to type the at sign. If the at sign is found on the letter Q key, press and hold the altgr key, and then press q to type the at sign.

Can I use my keyboard as a mouse?

Yes. You can use keyboard shortcuts to perform normal Windows tasks in place of actions that would normally be done through a mouse. Or, you can enable mouse keys to use the numeric keyboard in place of a mouse.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform normal Windows tasks that would normally be done by using a mouse.

Use mouse keys (numeric keypad required)

Move the mouse pointer and click items in Windows by using the keys on the numeric keypad.

Press the Windows key + u to open the Ease of Access Settings screen.

Open the Ease of Access options for using a mouse.

Using the keyboard: Use the arrow keys and the tab key to highlight the Mouse option from the Ease of Access menu on the left side of the window, and then press enter .

Using the mouse: Click the Mouse option from the Ease of Access menu on the left side of the window.

Turn on mouse keys.

Using the keyboard: Use the arrow keys and the tab key (if needed) to highlight Use numeric keypad to move mouse around the screen , and then press space to make the selection.

Using the mouse: Click the slider for Use numeric keypad to move mouse around the screen .

If Num Lock is not enabled, press the num lock key to enable the numpad and Mouse Keys . The Mouse Keys feature is only on when Num Lock is enabled.

Press the following keys to perform mouse actions from the numeric keypad:

To move the pointer, press a number other than 5 in a direction that corresponds to the number's placement on the keypad. For example, press 8 to move the pointer up or press 1 to move the pointer down and to the left.

To left-click, press forward slash ( / ) and then press 5 .

To right-click, press the minus sign ( - ) and then press 5 .

To double-click (the left mouse button), press forward slash ( / ) and then press + .

To drag (hold the left mouse button), press zero ( 0 ).

To drop (release the left mouse button), press period or decimal point ( . ).

The speed of the mouse pointer might be slow after first enabling this feature. Increase the speed of the mouse pointer from the pointer options tab in mouse settings.

What do I do when some keys type the wrong characters?

Make sure that Num Lock is off by pressing the num lock key. If the problem persists, make sure that your keyboard input method in Windows matches your keyboard's country/region type. For example, if a QWERTY input method is used with a QWERTZ keyboard, some letters, such as Y and Z, do not produce the key press as labeled on the keys.

Additional support options

Try one of our automated tools or diagnostics

Enter a topic to search our knowledge library

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How to Change the Default Keyboard Settings in Windows 10

Last Updated: January 20, 2023

Changing the Language

Customizing hot keys, expert q&a.

This article was written by Scott St Gelais and by wikiHow staff writer, Darlene Antonelli, MA . Scott St Gelais is an IT Consultant and the Owner of Geeks in Phoenix, Arizona. With over two decades of experience, Scott specializes in computer service and repair, development, computer graphics, and website authoring. Scott received his Technical Associates Degree from High Tech Institute and completed the IT Support Professional Certificate by Google. Geeks in Phoenix is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and an Intel Technology Provider Gold Partner. This article has been viewed 52,934 times.

It's frustrating and confusing when a key you press doesn't type the same thing on the screen. Luckily, you can easily change that setting so what you press on your keyboard is the same thing that's typed on the screen. This wikiHow article teaches you how to change the default keyboard language and settings in Windows 10.

Step 1 Find the language icon on your computer's taskbar.

  • Your list of saved keyboards may include different languages, alphabets, or just different layouts for the English keyboard.

Step 3 Select the language or layout you want to use.

  • If you don't see the language you want here, click Language preferences in the pop-up, and download the language or layout you want to use.
  • To switch between your list of languages, you can press Win + Spacebar . [1] X Trustworthy Source Microsoft Support Technical support and product information from Microsoft. Go to source

Step 1 Find the language icon on your computer's taskbar.

  • In the "Advanced Key Settings" tab you can change the keyboard shortcuts to alternate between keyboard languages. The default is either Alt + Shift or Win + Shift , but you can change them.
  • You can also switch to the "Language Bar" tab and change where the language icon is. By default, your language icon is located in your taskbar. Click Apply if you've made any changes before closing the window.

Scott St Gelais

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About This Article

Scott St Gelais

1. Find the language icon on your computer's taskbar. 2. Click the language icon on the taskbar (it shows your current keyboard layout). 3. Select the language or layout you want to use. Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It

There is no need to curse

Author avatar

If your @ and ” keys have swapped on Windows 10, you’re probably wondering what has happened and how you can fix it. 

It can be a frustrating issue to deal with, especially if it seemingly swaps back and forth between keys randomly. Sometimes it can be confusing to even know how to get your “ and @ keys back to the right key buttons.

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 1

Let’s take a look at why this is happening in the first place and then we’ll offer some solutions that should get your keyboard working with the right keys again. In most cases, the solution is straightforward.

Also, check out our short YouTube video below where we go through everything in the article.

HOW TO FIX @ And " Keys Swapped In Windows 10

Why Do @ & ” Keys Keep Swapping?

The reason why the @ and ” keys keep swapping is that your keyboard is switching between two different language settings. Usually, the keyboard is swapping between a US keyboard and a UK keyboard. The main difference between these keyboards is that the “ and @ are in opposite positions.

On a UK keyboard, pressing shift +’ will give you an @ symbol, and pressing shift+2 will give you an apostrophe. On a US keyboard, this is reversed. So even though your physical keys may tell you one thing, the Windows 10 software believes that the keyboard or language setting you are using is for a different language. Thankfully, it can be quite easy to get things switched.

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 3

First, you need to figure out if you have a UK or US keyboard. This is easy to do. Look at the first three number keys on your keyboard and refer to the chart above. An @ on the 2 key means it’s US, and an apostrophe means it’s a UK keyboard. 

Once you understand which keyboard you have, you can choose the corresponding language setting through the steps listed below.

Change Default Language Settings

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 4

The next step is to change your Windows 10 language settings. To do this, press Start and type Language . Then click language settings .

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 5

Next, take a look at the preferred language settings. Click the arrow to make sure that the language you’d like to use is at the top of the list. If you have an @ symbol on your 2 key, United States English should be at the top. If you have an “ symbol on your 2 key, United Kingdom English should be at the top.

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 6

Alternatively, you can click the language option you won’t use and click remove . This should stop your PC from switching between the two language options at any time. 

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 7

If for any reason you do want to keep multiple languages, you can always switch between them at any time by clicking the language button on the taskbar, to the left of the time. 

This is useful for when you’re typing and suddenly the @ and “ keys are swapped as you are typing. It happens because you accidentally pressed the Windows Key + Spacebar at the same time – this will cycle through the languages.

Install Firmware To Stop @ & “ Keys Swapping

Sometimes keyboards have firmware that can mess up with your language settings, which may mean you run into issues even after following the steps above. 

To fix this, the first thing you should do is install any supporting software for your keyboard. For example, Razer keyboards use Razer Synapse . 

The next step is to ensure your default language on Windows 10 is correct and corresponds with your keyboard. Click Start and type languages . Then click language settings again.

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 8

When the language settings page opens, make sure you have the right display language based on your keyboard. Refer to the chart at the beginning again if you’re unsure which to choose. 

Next, restart your PC. 

Reset Drivers Or Update Drivers To Stop @ & “ Keys Switching

The final troubleshooting option is to reset and reinstall your keyboard drivers. To do this : 

  • Press the Start button and type device manager . 
  • Click on device manager when it appears in the search results.

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 9

  • On device manager, open the dropdown arrow for keyboards. 
  • Double-click the top option and then click the driver tab. 
  • Click Uninstall device.  
  • Click Uninstall . 

Your keyboard will now no longer work but we can fix that quickly. 

Are the @ & ” Keys Swapped On Windows 10? – How To Fix It image 10

Use your mouse to click the magnification button in the settings. Your PC will install the drivers for your keyboard again. Next, restart your PC.

' src=

Founder of Help Desk Geek and managing editor. He began blogging in 2007 and quit his job in 2010 to blog full-time. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Read Aseem's Full Bio

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change keys on keyboard

Computer Hope

How to access and change computer keyboard settings

Keyboard settings

Computer users can change some settings and features, including programmable keys or keyboard shortcuts , on a computer keyboard in Windows or macOS . The settings and features can change depend on the type of keyboard.

To access settings for your computer keyboard, follow the steps for the type of operating system on your computer.

Microsoft Windows

Apple macos.

To access keyboard settings in Windows, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Control Panel .
  • Click or double-click the Keyboard icon. If you're not viewing the Control Panel as icons, change the View by to Large icons or Small icons in the top-right corner of the Control Panel.

In the Keyboard Properties window, you can change some basic settings for your keyboard, as shown in the example below.

Windows Keyboard Properties window

If you have a multimedia or programmable keyboard, additional settings and features can be changed through software from the keyboard manufacturer . The keyboard software may come with the keyboard or the computer, or you can download it from the keyboard manufacturer's website.

Once installed, the keyboard software lets you access and modify additional settings and features for your keyboard. The specific settings and features available are different for each keyboard. If you have a Microsoft keyboard, you can adjust additional settings through the Mouse and Keyboard Center .

  • How to toggle Scroll Lock, Num Lock, and Caps Lock.
  • How to disable or enable the Num Lock key at startup.

To access keyboard settings in macOS, follow the steps below.

  • Click the Apple menu icon in the upper-left corner.
  • Select the System Preferences option in the menu.
  • In the System Preferences window, click the Keyboard icon.

The Keyboard window opens and lets you change some basic settings and configure keyboard shortcuts.

Once installed, the keyboard software lets you access and modify additional settings and features for your keyboard. The specific settings and features available are different for each keyboard.

Related information

  • How to turn off or disable a laptop keyboard.
  • See our keyboard page for an explanation of the keyboard and related links.
  • Keyboard help and support.

How to change keyboard layout on Windows 11

Do you type in multiple languages? If so, you'll benefit from additional keyboard layouts. Here's how to add more on Windows 11.

Windows 11 change keyboard layouts

Although Windows 11 gives you a chance to add keyboard layouts during the out-of-box experience (OOBE), it's possible to add or remove them at any time.

Technically, you can continue with the default layout if you know how to insert special characters (such as the "Ñ" character in Spanish). However, changing the keyboard layout on Windows 11 makes it a lot easier to type in a different language. Also, this feature comes in handy if you simply prefer a different layout, such as the United States-Dvorak.

In this Windows 11 guide, we will walk you through the steps to add or remove keyboard layouts on your device.

How to add keyboard layout on Windows 11

How to remove keyboard layout on windows 11.

To add a keyboard layout on Windows 11, use these steps:

  • Open Settings .
  • Click on Time & language .
  • Click the Language & region page on the right side.
  • Click the menu (three-dotted) button next to the language and click on Language options .
  • Under the "Keyboards" section, click the Add a keyboard button for the "Installed keyboards" setting.
  • Select the keyboard layout to add to Windows 11.

Once you complete the steps, the new layout will configure on your account. You may need to repeat the steps to add more layouts as required.

To change to another keyboard layout, use these steps:

  • Click the Keyboard layout icon in Taskbar (bottom right).
  • Select the new keyboard layout.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 to switch back to the default layout.

Alternatively, you can also use the Windows key + spacebar keyboard shortcut to cycle between the layouts.

To delete a keyboard layout on Windows 11, use these steps:

  • Under the "Keyboards" section, click the menu (three-dotted) button next to the keyboard layout and click the Remove option.

After you complete the steps, the keyboard layout will no longer be available on Windows 11. If you have multiple layouts, you may need to repeat the steps to remove those you don't need.

More Windows resources

For more helpful articles, coverage, and answers to common questions about Windows 10 and Windows 11, visit the following resources:

  • Windows 11 on Windows Central — All you need to know
  • Windows 11 help, tips, and tricks
  • Windows 10 on Windows Central — All you need to know

Get the Windows Central Newsletter

All the latest news, reviews, and guides for Windows and Xbox diehards.

Mauro Huculak

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

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  • 3 Game the system and buy an Xbox Series X for a lower price than you'll see at GameStop, Amazon, or even Microsoft
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change keys on keyboard


How to Add and Change Keyboard Layouts in Windows 11

  • You can easily add different keyboard layouts in Windows 11 in the Settings app and then switch to them from the system tray.
  • You can download additional keyboard layouts by adding a new language to your system.
  • If you want to remove a keyboard layout or language, you can do so with a few clicks in the Settings app.

Windows offers more keyboard layouts beyond QWERTY. With a few clicks, you can add a new keyboard layout, such as DVORAK and AZERTY, and switch to that one instead. Here's what you need to know.

How to Add a Keyboard Layout in Windows 11

Multiple keyboard layouts are already installed for your preferred language. To add them to it, follow the steps below:

  • Press Win + I to open Settings, and then head to Time & language > Language & Region .
  • Click the three-dot icon next to your preferred language (the one on top) and select Language Options .
  • In the Keyboards section, click Add a Keyboard , and select a different keyboard key layout from the available options.

You can get more keyboard layouts by adding a new language. However, this requires the internet to download the new language. So, make sure you're connected to the internet , and follow the steps below:

  • On the Language & Region page in Settings (step #1 above), click Add a Language .
  • In the pop-up, select the language you want to install and click Next .
  • Click Install for Windows 11 to download and install the new language.
  • Follow steps #2 and #3 above to add a new keyboard layout to the language you just installed.

If you still can't find a keyboard layout you like, you should consider creating a custom keyboard layout .

How to Change a Keyboard Layout in Windows 11

To change the keyboard layout, click the language switcher in the system tray section and select a different layout from there.

Alternatively, you can press and hold Win and keep pressing the Space bar to switch between different keyboard layouts. You can do the same by holding down Shift and pressing Alt .

How to Remove a Keyboard Layout in Windows 11

If you don't need a keyboard layout, you can easily remove it. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Press Win + I to open settings, and then head to Time & language > Language & Region .
  • Click the three-dot icon next to the keyboard layout you want to remove and select Language Options .
  • In the Keyboards section, click the three-dot icon next to a keyboard layout and select Remove .

You can also remove a language if you no longer need it. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Go back to Language & Region in Settings.
  • Click the three-dot icon next to the language you want to remove and click Remove .

The language and its associated keyboard layout will now be removed from your computer.

If you want a quick way to remap the Windows keyboard , just change its layout. You don't have to be stuck with the default layout if it doesn't serve your needs. Furthermore, the layouts are flexible, and can be used on a physical keyboard or the on-screen touch keyboard .

How to Add and Change Keyboard Layouts in Windows 11

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless Review

Corsair’s best typing experience yet..

Chris Coke Avatar

Corsair is finally jumping on the enthusiast keyboard bandwagon with the K65 Plus Wireless. Coming alongside the likes of the Asus ROG Azoth and Razer Blackwidow V4 75% , it aims to bridge the gap between mainstream gaming keyboards and boutique custom keyboards. It doesn’t go as all-in as its competition, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering Corsair’s best typing experience yet without sacrificing gaming chops in the process.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless – Photos

change keys on keyboard

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless – Design and Features

The Corsair K65 Plus is unique in Corsair’s line-up, adopting a compact 75% layout that splits the difference between gaming and productivity. This layout has a smaller footprint than a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, like the Corsair K70 TKL , while maintaining most of the same functionality. It accomplishes this by compressing the navigation cluster down to a single column of the frequently used keys along the right (Page Up, Page Down, and Home). With the exception of Delete, which sits next to the function row, the other keys are relegated to secondary commands accessed by holding the Fn button.

The layout has become an increasingly popular option over the last two years. The Asus ROG Azoth and Blackwidow V4 75% both use it, as does the Glorious GMMK Pro . It’s also a nod to the enthusiast mechanical keyboard community that championed this layout and propelled it into the mainstream. There’s a little me-tooism at play here, for sure, but it also just works. Whether you’re gaming and enjoying some extra space for your mouse hand or taking advantage of the nav keys, function row, and arrow buttons for hammering out essays and getting work done, it delivers. And since this keyboard is so great to type on, you’ll definitely want to use it for more than just gaming.

Its layout does leave some things on the cutting room floor, however. There are no dedicated media controls and no buttons to instantly change profiles, record macros, or change brightness settings for the RGB backlighting. Each of these options are still available as an Fn command but that means a steeper learning curve than most gaming keyboards. Thankfully, there are sub-legends on the keycaps that tell you what’s what and a white backlight that highlights each key with multiple functions whenever you hold the Fn button.

change keys on keyboard

One thing that wasn't chopped is the metal volume knob – or should I say, multifunction control dial. It’s not a roller like other Corsair keyboards, and is instead a legit knob that takes up the same space as a single key. It has knurled sides for easier grabbing and works very well. It controls volume by default but can be toggled to backlight brightness, zoom, or page scrolling with shortcuts tied to the arrow keys.

Making its functions accessible with shortcuts instead of software is a smart design and made me more likely to actually use the different modes. I spend a lot of my time writing, and being able to scroll long documents with the knob helped keep me centered on the keyboard and not reaching for my mouse. A subtle improvement, sure, but one that made me feel a bit more productive nonetheless.

It’s here that things really begin to depart from other Corsair keyboards. The keycaps, for example, aren’t backlit. Instead, they’re made of colored PBT plastic and use dye-sublimated legends – or at least that's what the documentation says. I've used hundreds of keycap sets and either these are the most uniform dye-sub keys ever or they're even better doubleshot keycaps. Compared to ABS, which comes on most gaming keyboards, PBT plastic is much more dense. It’s incredibly durable and won’t shine or look dirty even after extended use.

change keys on keyboard

Instead of backlighting, Corsair took another cue from the enthusiast mechanical keyboard community and used color to achieve its sense of style. The modifiers appear almost black from afar but are actually a deep midnight navy. The alphas are silver with white legends. It keeps up with Corsair’s sense of style but is also set apart due to the lack of illuminated legends. This does make it harder to type in the dark if you’re not a touch typist, though, which could be a deal breaker.

You’ll also notice that this is one of the few Corsair keyboards that doesn’t use a floating keycap design to show off the tops of its RGB switches. There’s actually a top case (made of polycarbonate), which is kind of amazing considering all these years of Corsair keyboards lacking them. It’s an acknowledgement that this keyboard, while still having very bright RGB, has a different set of priorities.

What kind of keyboard switches do you use?

Instead, it’s all about performance. That starts with the quality of its typing experience, which is easily the best of any Corsair keyboard in both sound and feel. It uses Corsair’s own MLX Red linear switches, which are pre-lubed and frankly put Cherry MX to shame. They’re exceptionally smooth, sound great, and are rated for 70 million clicks. When it’s time for a change or repairing switches that have fallen victim to a spilled drink, you can simply pull them out using the included tool thanks to its support for hot-swapping switches.

change keys on keyboard

Inside the keyboard, there are two separate layers of sound dampening foam. These remove any hollowness from the case and make the keyboard sound softer and more rounded. Corsair has even added bits of foam beneath the spacebar to help bring its sound profile more in line with the rest of the keyboard. The larger stabilized keys are all pre-lubed to eliminate rattle and use sturdier stabilizers for less wobble. It sounds much closer to an enthusiast keyboard than anything usually attributed to gaming and is a noticeable upgrade from anything else Corsair has produced – and we count some of these among the best gaming keyboards you can buy today.

It’s clear that Corsair has put an emphasis on sound and feel, but it’s not quite as all-in on enthusiast designs as some of the competition. It still has a rigid mounting style instead of the soft gasket mount utilized by some of the competition. It’s also not all-in on mods like the ROG Azoth, which includes a full switch lubing kit, or the Razer Blackwidow V4 75%, which covers the back of the PCB in masking tape to refine its sound. But it goes far enough to deliver a very good use experience and that’s what matters most.

It also lives up to the high standard Corsair has set with its prior wireless gaming keyboards. It offers both Bluetooth and Slipstream wireless connectivity using the included dongle. You can connect to up to three devices over Bluetooth and swap between them on the fly with a quick key combo. Slipstream is much faster, offering a wired-like 1,000Hz polling rate and compatibility with the current and last generation PlayStation and Xbox, and can be swapped between Windows or Mac using a switch on the back.

change keys on keyboard

Battery life is decent but not extraordinary. Corsair rates it at 266 hours of uptime with backlighting turned off. With RGB on, I found that I had to recharge it about once a week, which I would estimate to be about 30 to 40 hours, so you’ll still be plugging in pretty often.

It’s also fully programmable, supporting full key remapping, macros, custom lighting effects, and integration with VoiceMod. You can program keys across four onboard memory profiles that can be switched on the fly for individual games and apps. The only thing it seems that the K65 Plus Wireless doesn’t support is remapping the Fn button, which has been a limitation on past keyboards too.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless – Software

The K65 Plus Wireless utilizes Corsair’s iCUE software for all of its programming. There aren’t many unique tricks here: if you’ve used another keyboard from the brand, it’s all pretty much the same. Using the tabs along the left side, you can remap keys, change lighting effects down to the individual key, and adjust parameters like its polling rate. There are plenty of options for recording macros and assigning shortcuts or even launching programs with a single key press.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless – iCUE Software Screenshots

change keys on keyboard

The software also allows you to configure the multifunction dial but it’s disappointingly limited. You can enable or disable the preset modes but there’s honestly not much point since you have to manually enter each mode with a key combination anyway. I would have loved to see the ability to map commands to each direction but we’re left waiting on that front.

iCUE does deserve one major point of kudos: it’s been redesigned to only download what you need. Instead of the gigabyte-plus it used to be, the initial download is only 3.2MB. From there, it automatically detects and downloads the modules for the hardware you have connected. All told, my install size was only around 200MB and was much more lightweight to actually run.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless – Performance

With one of the best use experiences of any Corsair gaming keyboard, it should come as no surprise that the K65 Plus Wireless makes for a great daily driver. I used it for writing, gaming, and everything in between and found myself turning to it, even over some of my go-to gaming keyboards, like the Corsair K70 Max or fancier customs like the QwertyKeys QK65V2 .

The biggest reason for this is the freedom of its wireless connection and its exceptional programmability. As someone who builds my own keyboards, I certainly have others that top it in sound and feel, but it manages to strike a middle-ground where it sounds better than most other gaming keyboards, feels good under the fingertips, but still has all of the gaming features and fast wireless connectivity that makes wireless gaming keyboards so desirable in the first place.

change keys on keyboard

The smoothness of the switches is also a boon to gaming. For shooters especially, their linearity and snappy bounceback makes them feel exceptionally responsive. They’re less good for writing, as linears make typos more common, but it’s an issue that gets better with practice. I do wish it were available with tactile switches, however, as a single switch type will surely leave a lot of users out in the cold.

Corsair also sent me a set of Drop Holy Panda X switches to test out the keyboard’s hot-swap functionality and how the K65 Plus can become a platform for exploring the mechanical keyboard hobby. Their strong tactile bump makes typing feel almost bubbly under your fingertips and leaves no question about when each keystroke has been sent.

change keys on keyboard

Whether wired or wireless, the keyboard performs great in games. Key presses are sent without any noticeable lag. Because of the quality of its design, the K65 Plus is also just fun to use, whether you’re gaming or writing an essay for school. A great gaming keyboard makes you want to come back and use it, and this definitely qualifies.

Where things get a little more dicey is when you compare it against the competition. The ROG Azoth offers the better overall typing experience due to its heavy silicone dampener and gasket mount structure, and leapfrogs the K65 in battery life. It’s also much more expensive and doesn’t look nearly as good in my opinion. The Razer Blackwidow V4 75%, on the other hand, is about on par with the smoothness of the K65’s keys but has a poppier sound signature and softer typing, which some people will surely find more appealing. But it’s wired and costs more besides.

So while the K65 Plus Wireless may not offer the absolute best experience, while still being quite good in its own right, it hits a sweet spot in value that makes it quite a compelling option even still.

The Corsair K65 Plus Wireless is a very good gaming keyboard and a great keyboard in general. It offers the best typing experience of any Corsair gaming keyboard and doesn’t skimp on performance. It’s fast, responsive, and programmable, and offers a smooth feel and rounded, quieter sound that makes typing itself feel fun. While the competition might one-up it here and there, its value pricing makes it a remarkably solid buy if you don’t care about backlit legends.

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Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

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How-To Geek

Keyboard typing wrong characters on windows 11 try these tips to fix it.

Fix your keyboard's input!

Key Takeaways

  • Change the language input method. Go to Settings > Time and Language > Language and Region > Typing > Advanced Keyboard Settings. From the dropdown menu, select your preferred language input method.
  • Confirm that the issue isn't confined to a specific app, your keyboard isn't faulty, and you haven't remapped the keyboard keys.
  • Update or reinstall your keyboard drivers. If the problem persists, thoroughly scan your device for potential malware.

Is your keyboard typing different characters than the ones printed on its keys? This can happen when you switch the keyboard layout, but it can also result from app-specific problems, misconfigured language settings, outdated keyboard drivers, or other factors. Here are some solutions you can try.

Check for App-Specific Issues

If your keyboard is typing the wrong characters only within a specific app, but types correctly elsewhere, the issue might be limited to that application.

This problem could potentially be due to selecting a different keyboard layout in the app's settings, bugs present in outdated versions of the app, or interference from installed extensions or add-ins. So, check and reset the app settings, update the application, and remove any extensions or add-ins. Also, make sure the correct keyboard layout is selected.

However, if your keyboard consistently types the wrong characters across the entire operating system, that indicates a more widespread problem that requires further investigation.

Perform Some Preliminary Checks

If the issue is not specific to a particular app, start the troubleshooting process with some basic checks.

If you're using an external keyboard, disconnect it from your device and reconnect it—also, try plugging it into a different port. If you're facing this issue with a laptop keyboard, give your device a fresh start by restarting it.

Ensure that the app or software you use for typing does not automatically correct your texts, causing the input words to change. If this is the case, turn off the auto-correct feature. Additionally, turn off any keyboard management apps that may be in use.

If these initial checks do not resolve the issue, you can apply the remaining fixes outlined below.

Check Your Keyboard Layout Settings

Windows supports a variety of keyboard layouts to accommodate users with keyboards featuring a different layout other than QWERTY, or those accustomed to an alternative layout. If your keyboard is typing the wrong characters, you may have switched to a different Keyboard layout .

To confirm you're using the correct layout, check the number of language input methods in use and the corresponding layout for each method. Right-click the Start button, go to "Settings," and navigate to Time and Language > Language and Region.

Opening the language and region settings in the Windows Settings app.

Click on the three horizontal dots next to your primary language preference and select "Language Options."

Opening the language options settings of a preferred language in the Windows Settings app.

Scroll down, and you'll find the language input methods, such as US and Belgian, along with the corresponding keyboard layouts like QWERTY and AZERTY listed under the language input method.

Language input methods with their keyboard layouts written under them.

To check whether you are currently using a layout different from that of your keyboard, take the following steps: Go to Settings > Time and Language > Typing > Advanced Keyboard Settings. Here, choose your preferred language input method from the drop-down menu.

Switching the language input method in the Windows Settings app.

Pressing the Windows+Spacebar changes the keyboard layout. Ensure that you don't accidentally change it.

Changing the keyboard layout via shortcut from system tray.

Ensure It's Not a Hardware Issue

A hardware issue with your keyboard can impede its input operations, causing it to type a different character. So, it's crucial to rule out this possibility.

If you're using an external keyboard on a PC, disconnect and connect it to a different PC (if available). If the keyboard types the correct characters on the other device, this confirms that the issue is not with your keyboard.

To check for hardware issues with a built-in laptop keyboard, connect an external keyboard and start typing. If the external keyboard types correctly, it suggests a problem with your laptop's built-in keyboard, and you should have it inspected.

Check for Interference From Other Apps

If you use any key mapping software to modify keyboard keys and shortcuts or use manufacturer's software for key remapping, confirm that keys typing a wrong character aren't remapped. Additionally, if any of these software tools allow you to switch keyboard layouts, ensure that you haven't unintentionally changed the layout in the app settings.

Besides that, if you use any other keyboard manager software to customize controller settings for specific apps and games, temporarily disable them to rule out any potential interference with your keyboard operation. Continue applying the remaining fixes if you do not use such software.

Update Your Keyboard Drivers

An outdated or corrupted keyboard driver can also be a culprit for a keyboard typing wrong characters. To rule out this possibility, update your drivers to make sure you have the latest drivers installed. To do that, visit the manufacturer's website for your laptop or keyboard and download the most recent drivers available.

For executable driver files, run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install them. If they require manual installation, right-click on the Start button, open "Device Manager," expand the "Keyboard" category, right-click on your keyboard device, and select "Update Driver" from the context menu.

Updating keyboard drivers in device manager.

Select "Browser My Computer for Drivers," locate and select the downloaded file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Reinstall Your Keyboard Drivers

If none of the above solutions work, you should uninstall your keyboard drivers and reinstall them from scratch. Uninstalling keyboard drivers renders the keyboard unusable. Before starting the uninstallation process, make sure you have a mouse nearby, especially if you're using a device that doesn't have a built-in touchpad. Otherwise, you may get stuck during the process.

To uninstall the keyboard drivers, right-click the Start button and open "Device Manager." Expand the "Keyboards" category, right-click on a listed keyboard device, and select "Uninstall Device."

Uninstall a keyboard driver in Windows Device Manager.

If you see multiple keyboard devices here, repeat the same steps to uninstall them. Then, restart your device, and Windows will automatically install new drivers.

Scan Your Device for Malware

A malware infection can also adversely affect the operation of system hardware, leading to unforeseen issues. It can also cause your keyboard to behave abnormally. Because of that, it's imperative to rule out this possibility. To do so, perform a quick malware scan using Microsoft Defender .

Type Windows Security in the Windows Search and click the "Windows Security" shortcut to open the app. Alternatively, navigate to Settings > Privacy and Security > Windows Security > Open Windows Security.

Opening the Windows Security app from Windows Settings.

Go to the "Virus and Threat Protection" tab on the left in the app and click "Quick Scan" to scan your system for malware.

Running the Microsoft Defender's quick scan from the Windows Security app.

Microsoft Defender will conduct the scan and show you the results. If it detects malware, take the recommended steps to remove it.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you identify the primary cause and resolve the issue of your keyboard typing the wrong characters. If the problem persists, we recommend seeking professional help.

Cerrado: Beef trade risks key Brazil ecosystem - campaigners

  • Published 1 day ago
  • comments Comments

Bridal Veil Waterfall - Chapada dos Guimarães National Park

Beef production by three of the world's biggest meatpackers has been linked to illegal deforestation in Brazil's Cerrado, according to campaigners.

The savannah, which featured in Planet Earth III, hosts 5% of Earth's species and is a buffer against global warming.

In one part of the Cerrado, nearly half of the farms supplying the companies had cut down trees, the Global Witness investigation suggests.

The companies, JBS, Minerva and Marfrig said they acted in line with local law.

The Cerrado sits next to the Amazon but unlike its neighbouring habitat has not been afforded the same protections. An upcoming EU law to reduce the import of products from deforested land does not include much of the Cerrado, as it is not considered a forest under the legislation.

In the last year the rate of deforestation in the Amazon has halved whilst in the Cerrado it surged by 43% according to data from Brazilian space agency Inpe.

Simon Roach, senior investigative journalist from Global Witness, told the BBC: "Everyone knows that the Amazon is in crisis and it rightly has had attention from lawmakers and the public, but next door you have this very important ecosystem that has not been protected to the same extent."

  • World leaders promise to end deforestation by 2030
  • Eating less meat 'like taking 8m cars off road'

The Cerrado savannah is described by Sir David Attenborough in the BBC documentary series Planet Earth III as a "grassland paradise". It covers nearly a fifth of Brazil's territory and hosts 5% of the world's species, including more than 6,000 types of tree.

It is also a vital store of planet-warming carbon - it is estimated it holds 13.7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide , which is more than China released last year.

For decades it has suffered deforestation, as land is cleared for agriculture and mining. But a new investigation from international environmental and human rights charity Global Witness, and exclusively shared with the BBC, reveals the extent to which this Cerrado deforestation is illegal and is being driven by the cattle trade.

Map showing the different biomes, Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal, in Mato Grosso state in Brazil

Although the Cerrado extends across 11 states the researchers focused their efforts on Mato Grosso - as it has the country's largest cattle herd and contains parts of both the Cerrado and the Amazon.

The three biggest meatpackers operating here are JBS, Minerva and Marfrig - who supply meat to the world and collectively turned over $98.15bn (£78.2bn) in 2022.

Each animal slaughtered by the meatpackers has a transfer permit detailing which farm in Mato Grosso they are brought from. The most recent permits available are from 2019.

The researchers looked at the permits and then used satellite data to see whether there had been deforestation at those farms over the preceding 11 years.

Global Witness estimate that between 2008 and 2019 an area of forest bigger than Chicago was felled within ranches supplying the three beef firms across Mato Grosso.

And for those farms based in the Cerrado 42% had suffered deforestation.

Deforestation is allowed under a state permit but Global Witness found permits covered only 1% of the land deforested, suggesting the majority was illegal.

Dr Viola Heinrich, a post doctoral researcher in climate science at Potsdam University, who was not involved in the study, said the figures may be higher. The researchers only counted deforestation that was bigger than or equal to 6.27 ha (15.5 acres) - as this is what the state will prosecute.

Chart showing amount of cattle coming from deforested land in the Amazon and Cerrado

When asked about the findings Marfrig said that "it does not acquire animals from deforested areas" and that all of its supplies must meet the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor's deforestation rules.

JBS also made this point and said it had already removed 14% of the farms in Global Witness' analysis for non-compliance.

Minerva said there is no illegal deforestation in its supply chains.

Brazilian officials have said that tackling deforestation in the Cerrado is particularly difficult because regulation is set at the state level instead of being governed by national laws.

As well as releasing thousands of tonnes of carbon, deforestation threatens the habitats and lives of animals living in the Cerrado.

Last year the BBC's Planet Earth III team revealed the risk to the rare maned wolf from fires used for clearing the savannah for farming. The mother wolf, Norenia, and two of her puppies featured in the series were tragically found dead in a farmer's ditch following filming.

Mother maned wolf lies in the grassland den with one of her pups lying on top of her

According to Brazilian government trade data, in 2019 most of the beef from Mato Grosso ended up in China, but beef from the state worth over $7.4m (£5.9m) went to the UK.

From the end of this year businesses will no longer be able to trade agricultural products in the EU which are linked to deforestation abroad, which includes the Amazon. But currently under the law's definition of "forests" much of the Cerrado is not included as the trees are not tall enough - leaving millions of trees exposed.

Dr Viola Heinrich told the BBC: "The study's framing around EUDR [the law] is important. The results bring to light the need to carefully reconsider what is defined as deforestation under the EUDR and consider natural vegetation loss outside forested biomes."

The EU Commission told the BBC that the EU regulation will still cover two thirds of the Cerrado and during its first review of the legislation will look at expanding what areas are included.

"This legislation will make little difference to deforestation in the Cerrado if it is left out," said Alice Thault, the executive-secretary of Instituto Centro de Vida, an environmental community organisation from Mato Grosso state.

  • EU agrees ban on goods linked to deforestation

Cameraman Mark MacEwen films the destruction of fires in the grasslands of the Brazilian Cerrado

The researchers were only able to get data on cattle up to 2019 because the transfer permits known as GTAs are no longer released publicly.

Mr Roach, from Global Witness, told the BBC: "There has been a transparency issue in Brazil in recent years and it has become a lot trickier to get data.

"So, more transparency is needed if we want greater accountability around deforestation."

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  • Deforestation

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Amazon deforestation rate dropped by 50% in 2023

  • Published 12 January

Picture of deforestation in the Amazon

Deforestation surges in 2022 despite pledges

  • Published 27 June 2023

An agent of the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources inspects a tree extracted from the Amazon rainforest, in a sawmill during an operation to combat deforestation, in Placas, Para State, Brazil, on 20 January 2023

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Global Witness

An official website of the United States Government

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IR-2024-45, Feb. 21, 2024

WASHINGTON — During the busiest time of the tax filing season, the Internal Revenue Service kicked off its 2024 Tax Time Guide series to help remind taxpayers of key items they’ll need to file a 2023 tax return.

As part of its four-part, weekly Tax Time Guide series, the IRS continues to provide new and updated resources to help taxpayers file an accurate tax return. Taxpayers can count on for updated resources and tools along with a special free help page available around the clock. Taxpayers are also encouraged to read Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals) for additional guidance.

Essentials to filing an accurate tax return

The deadline this tax season for filing Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return , or 1040-SR, U.S. Tax Return for Seniors , is April 15, 2024. However, those who live in Maine or Massachusetts will have until April 17, 2024, to file due to official holidays observed in those states.

Taxpayers are advised to wait until they receive all their proper tax documents before filing their tax returns. Filing without all the necessary documents could lead to mistakes and potential delays.

It’s important for taxpayers to carefully review their documents for any inaccuracies or missing information. If any issues are found, taxpayers should contact the payer immediately to request a correction or confirm that the payer has their current mailing or email address on file.

Creating an IRS Online Account can provide taxpayers with secure access to information about their federal tax account, including payment history, tax records and other important information.

Having organized tax records can make the process of preparing a complete and accurate tax return easier and may also help taxpayers identify any overlooked deductions or credits .

Taxpayers who have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN may need to renew it if it has expired and is required for a U.S. federal tax return. If an expiring or expired ITIN is not renewed, the IRS can still accept the tax return, but it may result in processing delays or delays in credits owed.

Changes to credits and deductions for tax year 2023

Standard deduction amount increased. For 2023, the standard deduction amount has been increased for all filers. The amounts are:

  • Single or married filing separately — $13,850.
  • Head of household — $20,800.
  • Married filing jointly or qualifying surviving spouse — $27,700.

Additional child tax credit amount increased. The maximum additional child tax credit amount has increased to $1,600 for each qualifying child.

Child tax credit enhancements. Many changes to the Child tax credit (CTC) that had been implemented by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 have expired.

However, the IRS continues to closely monitor legislation being considered by Congress affecting the Child Tax Credit. The IRS reminds taxpayers eligible for the Child Tax Credit that they should not wait to file their 2023 tax return this filing season. If Congress changes the CTC guidelines, the IRS will automatically make adjustments for those who have already filed so no additional action will be needed by those eligible taxpayers.

Under current law, for tax year 2023, the following currently apply:

  • The enhanced credit allowed for qualifying children under age 6 and children under age 18 has expired. For 2023, the initial amount of the CTC is $2,000 for each qualifying child. The credit amount begins to phase out where AGI income exceeds $200,000 ($400,000 in the case of a joint return). The amount of the CTC that can be claimed as a refundable credit is limited as it was in 2020 except that the maximum ACTC amount for each qualifying child increased to $1,500.
  • The increased age allowance for a qualifying child has expired. A child must be under age 17 at the end of 2023 to be a qualifying child.

Changes to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The enhancements for taxpayers without a qualifying child implemented by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 will not apply for tax year 2023. To claim the EITC without a qualifying child in 2023, taxpayers must be at least age 25 but under age 65 at the end of 2023. If a taxpayer is married filing a joint return, one spouse must be at least age 25 but under age 65 at the end of 2023.

Taxpayers may find more information on Child tax credits in the Instructions for Schedule 8812 (Form 1040) .

New Clean Vehicle Credit. The credit for new qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicles has changed. This credit is now known as the Clean Vehicle Credit. The maximum amount of the credit and some of the requirements to claim the credit have changed. The credit is reported on Form 8936, Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit , and on Form 1040, Schedule 3.

More information on these and other credit and deduction changes for tax year 2023 may be found in the Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals) , taxpayer guide.

1099-K reporting requirements have not changed for tax year 2023

Following feedback from taxpayers, tax professionals and payment processors, and to reduce taxpayer confusion, the IRS recently released Notice 2023-74 announcing a delay of the new $600 reporting threshold for tax year 2023 on Form 1099-K, Payment Card and Third-Party Network Transactions . The previous reporting thresholds will remain in place for 2023.

The IRS has published a fact sheet with further information to assist taxpayers concerning changes to 1099-K reporting requirements for tax year 2023.

Form 1099-K reporting requirements

Taxpayers who take direct payment by credit, debit or gift cards for selling goods or providing services by customers or clients should get a Form 1099-K from their payment processor or payment settlement entity no matter how many payments they got or how much they were for.

If they used a payment app or online marketplace and received over $20,000 from over 200 transactions,

the payment app or online marketplace is required to send a Form 1099-K. However, they can send a Form 1099-K with lower amounts. Whether or not the taxpayer receives a Form 1099-K, they must still report any income on their tax return.

What’s taxable? It’s the profit from these activities that’s taxable income. The Form 1099-K shows the gross or total amount of payments received. Taxpayers can use it and other records to figure out the actual taxes they owe on any profits. Remember that all income, no matter the amount, is taxable unless the tax law says it isn’t – even if taxpayers don’t get a Form 1099-K.

What’s not taxable? Taxpayers shouldn’t receive a Form 1099-K for personal payments, including money received as a gift and for repayment of shared expenses. That money isn’t taxable. To prevent getting an inaccurate Form 1099-K, note those payments as “personal,” if possible.

Good recordkeeping is key. Be sure to keep good records because it helps when it’s time to file a tax return. It’s a good idea to keep business and personal transactions separate to make it easier to figure out what a taxpayer owes.

For details on what to do if a taxpayer gets a Form 1099-K in error or the information on their form is incorrect, visit  or find frequently asked questions at Form 1099-K FAQs .

Direct File pilot program provides a new option this year for some

The IRS launched the Direct File pilot program during the 2024 tax season. The pilot will give eligible taxpayers an option to prepare and electronically file their 2023 tax returns, for free, directly with the IRS.

The Direct File pilot program will be offered to eligible taxpayers in 12 pilot states who have relatively simple tax returns reporting only certain types of income and claiming limited credits and deductions. The 12 states currently participating in the Direct File pilot program are Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington state and Wyoming. Taxpayers can check their eligibility at .

The Direct File pilot is currently in the internal testing phase and will be more widely available in mid-March. Taxpayers can get the latest news about the pilot at Direct File pilot news and sign up to be notified when Direct File is open to new users.

Finally, for comprehensive information on all these and other changes for tax year 2023, taxpayers and tax professionals are encouraged to read the Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals) , taxpayer guide, as well as visit other topics of taxpayer interest on

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    Learn how to use Microsoft PowerToys to reassign keys and change keyboard shortcuts on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. Follow the steps to customize your keyboard layout, appearance, and shortcuts with PowerToys or the Windows Mouse and Keyboard Center tool.

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    Learn how to change the function of a key on your keyboard using a registry hack, a utility, or a software. See answers from experts and users, with links to detailed instructions and examples. Find out the pros and cons of different methods and alternatives for specific applications.

  7. How to Remap Any Key or Shortcut on Windows 11

    Learn how to customize your keyboard with PowerToys or SharpKeys, two utilities that let you swap keys, shortcuts, or functions on Windows 11. Follow the step-by-step instructions and download links for each method.

  8. How do I reassign hot keys for my keyboard?

    Download and install the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. Connect the keyboard that you want to configure. Select the Start button, and then select Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. From the displayed list of key names, select the key that you want to reassign. In the command list of the key that you want to reassign, select a command.

  9. How to Change What the Fn Keys Do in Windows 10 and 11

    The easiest way to change function keys is by modifying settings within the Windows Mobility Center. This method, however, will only work for those of you using a Dell device. Here is how to proceed: Type Windows Mobility Center in Windows search and click Open. Alternatively, launch the Control Panel and navigate to the Hardware and Sound section.

  10. [Tip] Change Function of Any Key (Remap) in Your Computer Keyboard

    Go to Keyboard Manager tab and make sure " Enable Keyboard Manager " toggle button is set to ON. To change any key function i.e. remap a key, click on " Remap a key " button. Advertisement It'll open a new window. Click on " + " button given under " Key: " section to tell Windows which key do you want to remap.

  11. How to remap keys or shortcuts on Windows 11

    To remap shortcuts on Windows 11, use these steps: Open PowerToys. Click on Keyboard Manager. Turn on the "Enable Keyboard Manager" toggle switch. Click the "Remap a Shortcuts" option. Click the Plus (+) button. Confirm the shortcut to remap in the "Physical Shortcut" setting. Quick note: Also, you can click the "Type" button to ...

  12. How to change keyboard layout on Windows 10

    To switch between keyboard layouts on Windows 10, use these steps: Click the Input Indicator icon in Taskbar (bottom right). Select the new keyboard layout. (Image credit: Mauro Huculak) Repeat...

  13. How to remap a keyboard in macOS

    Select your keyboard from the dropdown menu. If you're using macOS Monterey: Open System Preferences and select Keyboard . Hit the Modifier Keys … button on the lower right. Select your ...

  14. How to Choose Whether Your Function Keys Are F1-F12 Keys or Special Keys

    Change an Option in the BIOS or UEFI Settings . ... F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" under the Keyboard tab. On Mac OS X, this option can be found in the System Preferences window. Click the Apple menu and select "System Preferences" to open it, click the "Keyboard" icon, and then click the "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard ...

  15. HP PCs

    You can use additional software to change the behavior of keyboard keys in Windows. There are several free software apps for changing the behavior of keys, such as Sharpkeys, MapKeyboard, KeyTweak, Keyboard Layout Creator by Microsoft, and others. Search the internet for the name of one of these software applications or "keyboard mapping ...

  16. How to Change Fn Key Settings in Windows 10

    If you own a Dell laptop that runs Microsoft Windows 10 or 8, you can change function key settings from Windows Mobility Center. Press Win + X or right-click the Start Menu button on Windows 10 to open the power menu and select Mobility Center. Alternatively, you can go to the Control Panel and navigate to Hardware and Sound > Windows Mobility ...

  17. How to Change the Default Keyboard Settings in Windows 10

    Method 1 Changing the Language Download Article 1 Find the language icon on your computer's taskbar. Your keyboard's current language is displayed next to the date and time information on your computer's taskbar. By default, your taskbar is at the bottom of your screen and the language icon is towards the right side of the taskbar. 2

  18. Are the @ & " Keys Swapped On Windows 10?

    To do this, press Start and type Language. Then click language settings. Next, take a look at the preferred language settings. Click the arrow to make sure that the language you'd like to use is at the top of the list. If you have an @ symbol on your 2 key, United States English should be at the top.

  19. How to Access and Change Computer Keyboard Settings

    Microsoft Windows To access keyboard settings in Windows, follow the steps below. Open the Control Panel. Click or double-click the Keyboard icon. If you're not viewing the Control Panel as icons, change the View by to Large icons or Small icons in the top-right corner of the Control Panel.

  20. How to change keyboard layout on Windows 11

    Windows 11 How to change keyboard layout on Windows 11 How-to By Mauro Huculak published 22 April 2022 Do you type in multiple languages? If so, you'll benefit from additional keyboard...

  21. How to Add and Change Keyboard Layouts in Windows 11

    How to Change a Keyboard Layout in Windows 11 . To change the keyboard layout, click the language switcher in the system tray section and select a different layout from there.. Alternatively, you ...

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  23. Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters on Windows 11? Try These Tips to Fix It

    Key Takeaways. Change the language input method. Go to Settings > Time and Language > Language and Region > Typing > Advanced Keyboard Settings. From the dropdown menu, select your preferred language input method. Confirm that the issue isn't confined to a specific app, your keyboard isn't faulty, and you haven't remapped the keyboard keys.

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