What is another word for change shape ?

Synonyms for change shape change shape, this thesaurus page includes all potential synonyms, words with the same meaning and similar terms for the word change shape ., princeton's wordnet rate these synonyms: 0.0 / 0 votes.

change shape, change form, deform verb

assume a different shape or form

Synonyms: deform , change form , twist , flex , bend , wring , strain , turn , contort , distort

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How to pronounce change shape, how to say change shape in sign language, words popularity by usage frequency, how to use change shape in a sentence.

Yoshiyuki Miyamae :

One of the characteristics of this new fabric...is that it starts from something two-dimensional but then when someone wears it, something 3D-like goes into the clothes, so it starts to move and change shape according to someone's movement or body shapes.

Visual Synonyms of change shape

Translations for change shape, from our multilingual translation dictionary.

  • Form ändern German
  • cambio de forma Spanish
  • changent de forme French
  • cambiamento di forma Italian
  • mutant speciem Latin
  • ändrar form Swedish

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  • change of state noun
  • change over verb
  • change owners verb
  • change posture verb
  • change ringing noun
  • change shape verb
  • change state verb
  • change surface verb
  • change taste verb
  • change-of-pace noun
  • change-of-pace ball noun

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Change Past Tense

The past tense of Change is changed.

noun. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another.

  • transformation
  • modification
  • development
  • sublimation
  • retardation
  • destabilization
  • deformation
  • chromosomal mutation
  • acceleration
  • deceleration
  • loss of consciousness
  • transmutation
  • scintillation
  • natural event
  • fluctuation
  • genetic mutation

Rhymes with Change Shape

verb. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

  • deconcentrate
  • destabilize
  • transaminate
  • intransitivize
  • internationalize
  • industrialise
  • straighten out
  • synchronise
  • domesticate
  • vascularize
  • cause to sleep
  • desensitise
  • Europeanise
  • hydrogenate
  • masculinize
  • arterialise
  • interchange
  • personalize
  • exteriorise
  • demagnetise
  • mythologize
  • domesticize
  • demythologise
  • contaminate
  • concentrate
  • immaterialize
  • denationalise
  • commercialise
  • sensibilize
  • dehydrogenate
  • destabilise
  • constitutionalize
  • suburbanise
  • supercharge
  • demythologize
  • nationalise
  • immortalize
  • desensitize
  • immaterialise
  • conventionalise
  • denaturalize
  • democratize
  • detransitivise
  • detransitivize
  • achromatize
  • revolutionise
  • decentralise
  • conventionalize
  • democratise
  • orientalise
  • counterchange
  • vascularise
  • sentimentalize
  • unsubstantialize
  • mythologise
  • officialise
  • exteriorize
  • romanticize
  • occidentalise
  • circularize
  • depersonalize
  • decrepitate
  • constitutionalise
  • externalize
  • achromatise
  • de-emphasize
  • spiritualize
  • revolutionize
  • officialize
  • Europeanize
  • professionalise
  • territorialize
  • domesticise
  • arterialize
  • unsubstantialise
  • externalise
  • change taste
  • reconstruct
  • depersonalise
  • transubstantiate
  • sentimentalise
  • disintegrate
  • rationalise
  • industrialize
  • renormalise
  • individualize
  • denationalize
  • rationalize
  • romanticise
  • dissimilate
  • transitivize
  • synchronize
  • reestablish
  • change intensity
  • sensibilise
  • occidentalize
  • transitivise
  • commercialize
  • individualise
  • Americanise
  • decarboxylate
  • masculinise
  • transfigure
  • Americanize
  • etherealize
  • internationalise
  • personalise
  • intransitivise
  • nationalize
  • immortalise
  • territorialise
  • incapacitate
  • suburbanize
  • orientalize
  • renormalize
  • change over
  • de-emphasise
  • decentralize
  • demagnetize
  • disharmonize
  • denaturalise
  • professionalize
  • etherialise
  • demilitarize
  • demilitarise
  • decontaminate
  • de-iodinate

verb. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature.

  • get dressed
  • change by reversal
  • change state
  • come around
  • metamorphose
  • change posture
  • change surface
  • change integrity
  • change magnitude
  • change shape
  • superannuate
  • pull up stakes
  • change form
  • become flat

noun. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] a relational difference between states; especially between states before and after some event.

  • malnourished

noun. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] the action of changing something.

  • change of shape
  • decimalization
  • policy change
  • nationalisation
  • secularization
  • commutation
  • communisation
  • simplification
  • change of state
  • change of magnitude
  • metrification
  • decimalisation
  • change of direction
  • reorientation
  • variegation
  • diversification
  • adulteration
  • change of integrity
  • substitution
  • satisfaction
  • nationalization
  • communization
  • secularisation
  • metrication

noun. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] the result of alteration or modification.

  • depolarization
  • consequence
  • depolarisation
  • constipated

verb. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence.

  • accommodate
  • narrow down

noun. ['ˈʃeɪp'] any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline).

  • spatial property
  • configuration
  • concaveness
  • straightness
  • stratification
  • crookedness
  • conformation
  • shap (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • shapen (Middle English (1100-1500))

verb. ['ˈʃeɪp'] shape or influence; give direction to.

  • carry weight
  • predetermine

noun. ['ˈʃeɪp'] the spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance.

  • distorted shape
  • natural shape
  • amorphous shape
  • round shape
  • angular shape
  • natural object

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Synonyms for change shape

Synonyms for (verb) change shape.

Synonyms: deform , change form , change shape

Definition: assume a different shape or form

Similar words: change

Definition: undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature

Usage: She changed completely as she grew older; The weather changed last night

Visual thesaurus for change shape

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noun as in form, structure

Strongest matches

  • architecture
  • configuration

Strong matches

  • circumscription
  • conformation
  • constitution
  • construction
  • metamorphosis

noun as in condition, health

verb as in form, create

  • crystallize

Weak matches

  • bring together
  • throw together

verb as in devise, plan

  • accommodate

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Related words.

Words related to shape are not direct synonyms, but are associated with the word shape . Browse related words to learn more about word associations.

verb as in adapt

verb as in adjust to a different situation or condition

  • come around
  • familiarize
  • get act together
  • get used to
  • grow used to
  • play the game
  • roll with punches

noun as in physical structure of animals, plants

  • composition

noun as in outward aspect, characteristic

  • countenance
  • presentation

verb as in curve

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Example Sentences

A chrome-plated steel nib writes smoothly and holds its shape for years.

We quickly realized that indexing problems come in all possible shapes and sizes.

It is only connected to the collection of shapes and sounds that make up the word tree because we have all agreed that it is.

One of Howell’s own studies, she and her team reported online in August in mSphere, suggests that fungal species in particular shape the metabolites — and thus aroma and flavor — in wine from different growing regions in Australia.

I think it helped us connect, not to compare struggles, they’re all different, but to connect with a lot of different people who are in that struggle for belonging in some way, shape or form.

I mean, physically, mentally, you know, in every way, shape, and form.

“Under Suleimani several military branches have taken shape [in Iraq] which are run by Iran and the Iranian military,” he said.

“You were going to work your way into my marriage and you were going to call its new three-way shape holy” the narrator recounts.

If you drink from a flute, do so from a tulip-shape one to concentrate the notes, Simonetti-Bryan says.

The Babadook is the shape of grief: all-enveloping, shape-shifting, black, here intensely, terrifying, then gone.

They are ovoid in shape, and lie in pairs, end to end, often forming short chains.

Leaves of a lanceolate form are the largest, and the shape of those found on most varieties of the American plant.

Microscopically, they are yellow or reddish-brown crystals, which differ greatly in size and shape.

Here the Goat, who evidently was not yet quite started, inquired, "Must all the halves be of the same shape?"

He was Honour's self, till he brought the serpent to his bosom, in the shape of his perfidious son.

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On this page you'll find 226 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to shape, such as: architecture, aspect, body, configuration, contour, and format.

From Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Synonyms of shape

  • as in health
  • as in physique
  • as in to adapt
  • as in to plan
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Thesaurus Definition of shape

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Synonyms & Similar Words

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  • configuration
  • conformation
  • organization
  • arrangement
  • composition
  • raw material
  • constitution

Thesaurus Definition of shape  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • accommodate
  • acclimatize
  • familiarize
  • fine - tune
  • fiddle (with)
  • scheme (out)
  • choreograph
  • strategize (about)
  • contemplate
  • premeditate

Phrases Containing shape

  • bent out of shape

Articles Related to shape

a pile of three dimensional shapes in green

Obscure Shapes Quiz

Surprisingly specific words for shapes.

Thesaurus Entries Near shape

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“Shape.” Merriam-Webster.com Thesaurus , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/shape. Accessed 1 Apr. 2024.

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Example sentences change shape

Definition of 'change' change.

IPA Pronunciation Guide

Definition of 'shape' shape


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  • change radically
  • change rapidly
  • change round
  • change shape
  • change significantly
  • change substantially
  • change subtly
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  1. CHANGE SHAPE in Thesaurus: 61 Synonyms & Antonyms for CHANGE SHAPE

    Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Change shape meaning and usage. Thesaurus for Change shape Related terms for change shape - synonyms, antonyms and sentences with change shape

  2. Change Shape synonyms

    v. adjust shape. alter shape. distort shape. manipulate shape. modify shape. reconfigure shape. transform shape. Another way to say Change Shape?

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    Changing Shape synonyms - 24 Words and Phrases for Changing Shape. changes form. changes shape. shape shifter. change form. change in shape. change in the shape. change its shape. change of shape.

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    change shape: 1 v assume a different shape or form Synonyms: change form , deform Types: show 43 types... hide 43 types... roll take the shape of a roll or cylinder grain , granulate become granular bulge , pouch , protrude swell or protrude outwards point , sharpen , taper give a point to furl , roll up form into a cylinder by rolling flatten ...

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    Another way to say Change Of Shape? Synonyms for Change Of Shape (other words and phrases for Change Of Shape). Synonyms for Change of shape. 36 other terms for change of shape- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. words. phrases. Parts of speech. nouns. suggest new.

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    Synonyms for change shape in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for change shape. 2 synonyms for change shape: change form, deform. What are synonyms for change shape?

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    Shape Change synonyms - 27 Words and Phrases for Shape Change. change of shape. editorial change. change in shape. change in the shape. change of wording. changes in shape. changes in the shape. changing shape.

  8. Change Shape Synonyms & Antonyms

    Synonyms for change shape change shape This thesaurus page includes all potential synonyms, words with the same meaning and similar terms for the word change shape. Princeton's WordNet Rate these synonyms: 0.0 / 0 votes. change shape, change form, deform verb. assume a different shape or form.

  9. Another word for CHANGE SHAPE > Synonyms & Antonyms

    Similar words for Change Shape. Definition: noun. ['ˈtʃeɪndʒ'] an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another.

  10. Synonyms for Change shape

    Synonyms for 'Change shape'. Best synonyms for 'change shape' are 'change form', 'changes form' and 'changing shape'. Search for synonyms and antonyms. Classic Thesaurus. C. define change shape. change shape > synonyms. 54 Synonyms ; more ; 1 Broader; 33 Narrower; 66 Related? List search.

  11. 44 Words and Phrases for Change In Shape

    Change In Shape synonyms - 44 Words and Phrases for Change In Shape. undergo transformation. alter. be altered. be changed. be converted. be modified. be transformed. become transformed.

  12. Change of shape synonyms, change of shape antonyms

    Synonyms for change of shape in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for change of shape. 20 words related to change of shape: change, contortion, deformation, convolution, angulation, bending, elongation, enfolding, involution, corrugation, folding. What are synonyms for change of shape?

  13. Synonyms for change shape

    Synonyms for (verb) change shape. Synonyms: deform, change form, change shape. Definition: assume a different shape or form. Similar words: change. Definition: undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature.

  14. Change of shape

    change of shape: 1 n an action that changes the shape of something Types: show 17 types... hide 17 types... contortion , deformation the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e.g., yourself) convolution the action of coiling or twisting or winding together angulation the act of making angulate (having corners) bending the act of ...

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    Find 109 different ways to say shape, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com.

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    changing shape. drafting change. it changes shape. shape change. technical changes. change in the shape. change of shape. changed form. editorial change.

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    Related WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Verb 1. change shape - assume a different shape or form change form, deform change - undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The weather changed last night" roll - take the shape of a roll or cylinder; "the carpet rolled out"; "Yarn rolls well" granulate ...

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    Synonyms for SHAPE: health, condition, form, order, repair, keeping, trim, estate; Antonyms of SHAPE: disorder, disrepair, material, matter, composition, substance ...

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    Synonyms for 'Shape Change'. Best synonyms for 'shape change' are 'change of shape', 'editorial change' and 'drafting change'.

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    CHANGE SHAPE definition | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  21. SHAPE

    SHAPE - Synonyms, related words and examples | Cambridge English Thesaurus

  22. Change a shape into another shape

    Change a shape in Word. Click the shape that you want to change. Under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Insert Shapes group, click Edit Text. If you do not see the Drawing Tools or Format tabs, make sure that you selected a shape. To change multiple shapes, press and hold Shift while you click the shapes that you want to change.

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