13 Actually Doable Chore Chart Ideas for the Whole Family

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If you're looking for a solution that motivates kids to get their chores done, you'll want to check out these chore chart ideas. They give you a place to list chores or extra money-earning jobs and assign them to a certain family member. The formatting is all a bit different, but they all try to accomplish one thing: getting those chores done.

These DIY chore charts are as simple or involved as you want them to be. There are projects here that make elaborate wall-mounted chore charts and other tutorials that are as simple as printing a piece of paper. Take a look at all of them so you can find which one your family will like best.

Which chores should go on the chore chart? Here's a list of age-appropriate chores for kids ages 2 to 18.

Magnetic Chore Charts

Lemon Squeezy Home

This tutorial takes chore charts and turns the chores into magnets. Place a magnet in that child's to-do or done column to match the status of the chore. This chart also gives you some great flexibility because you can easily reassign magnets from one child to another.

Magnetic Chore Charts from Lemon Squeezy Home

Free, Printable Chore Chart

Joyful Homemaking

This chore chart is available as a free download in the color schemes of blue and green and pink and peach. Use one sheet for each child with a list of their chores. Each day of the week can be checked off once that chore is completed. You can make these reusable by laminating them before use.

Free, Printable Chore Chart from Joyful Homemaking

Pick a Chore Jar

You'll find a free printable chore chart here that has daily tasks for the kids to remember, like brushing their teeth and picking up toys. Where it really gets interesting is with this pick a chore jar. Kids can earn extra allowance if they pick a chore from the jar. You could set this up many different ways so it works for your family.

Pick a Chore Jar from Clean Mama

Delia Creates

This chore chart takes an unusual form—the chores are printed on dice. Every child gets a die and gets to roll it each day to find out what chore they get. This makes it fun for the kids and keeps chore lists different from day to day.

Chore Dice from Delia Creates

Dry Erase Clip Board Chore Chart

The 36th Avenue

Here's a weekly chore chart that focuses on simplifying after-school time. Your child will get to check off when their school-day chores are done and track it by weekday. These chore charts start off with a clipboard and then fun embellishments are added. Dry erase vinyl is added so the chore chart can be used over and over again.

Dry Erase Clip Board Chore Chart from The 36th Avenue

This is a very unique idea for dividing up chores. Make a bucket for each room and assign that room to a child. Inside are cleaning products they'll need and on the outside is the specific task list. This is great for older kids, but you can really customize it for any age.

Chore Kits from Joyful Homemaking

Family Photo Chore Chart

What a fun project! In this DIY chore chart idea, you'll learn how to print a family photo and then magnetize the photo as well as the chores you want to "stick" to the photo. The result is a very cute family chore chart that allows for you to easily move around, take away, and add in chores.

Family Photo Chore Chart from Delia Creates

Meaningful Mama

This is a chore chart that's all about those extra jobs—extra jobs that the kids can do when they really want to earn some money. You'll write a chore and amount on these colorful painted wooden shapes. The shapes can be color-coded, making it easy for the kids to find out which extra chores are for them.

Chore Ring from Meaningful Mama

Rotating Chore Chart and Chore Checklists

Tips from a Typical Mom

This chore chart idea includes making a key hanger frame and using it as a chore chart board. Each checklist has a list of all tasks that need to be done in each room. These downloads are included as part of the project. Deep cleaning chores are assigned and the kids can check off the tasks as they complete them.

Rotating Chore Chart and Chore Checklists from Tips from a Typical Mom

Magnetic Chore Chart

Clarks Condensed

You start with a cookie sheet and then add the child's name and two columns: to-do and done. Magnets with pictures of chores are moved from one column to the next as they are completed. A die-cutting machine was used here, but if you don't have one you could cut out the shapes yourself.

Magnetic Chore Chart from Clarks Condensed

Paint Chip Chore Charts

Mommy Moment

Here's a colorful, and free, way to write down everyone's chores. Each child is assigned a room and handed the matching chore chart. The paint chip takes them task by task until the room is done.

Paint Chip Chore Charts from Mommy Moment

Printable Chore Charts for Kids

I Should be Mopping the Floor

These printable chore charts come in three different colorful designs so the kids can choose their favorite. There's room for the child's name and columns for tasks and days of the week. These are laminated and a dry erase marker is used so the chore charts can be reused each week.

Printable Chore Charts for Kids from I Should be Mopping the Floor

Spinning Chore Chart

All Things Thrifty

Making chore assignments fun can mean that more chores get done. Learn how to make this spinning chore chart that all starts with an inexpensive Lazy Susan .

Spinning Chore Chart from All Things Thrifty

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Here Are the Best Chore Charts to Keep Your Kids on Track

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Verywell Family / Amelia Manley

Chore charts are a helpful tool for families to introduce or track household chores . “We help children learn to do chores when we set clear routines and are consistent in our expectations. Chore charts help both parents and children to be clear about these expectations," says  Helen Egger, MD , a psychiatrist and the co-founder, chief medical officer, and chief scientific officer of Little Otter, an online therapy platform. Doing chores builds kids' time management and organizational skills, boosts self-esteem, and encourages independence.

When choosing a chore chart, it’s important to find an option that suits your child’s developmental stage and, ideally, can grow with them. Effective chore charts are visually engaging and provide ways to showcase rewards and positive feedback. Families with multiple children might also consider a single chore chart that all of their kids can use. To find the best chore charts, we spoke to a child psychiatrist and considered each chart for age appropriateness, longevity, family size, and clarity of expectations. We also had a clinical psychologist from our Review Board review this article for accuracy, why chores are beneficial to children, and how to make them fun.

Based on our reviews, these are the best chore charts on the market today.

  • What to Look For

Why Trust Verywell Family

Best overall, chart to finish kids reward chart.

48 hand-illustrated chore magnets

Magnetic backing or hanging rope

Magnets may fall off easily

Designed for one child only

The Chart to Finish Kids Reward Chart is our top pick because of its versatility and longevity. We love how this chart can be used in a variety of ways with both younger and older kids. The chart comes with 48 hand-illustrated chore magnets that include both duties and behaviors. Illustrations are easier for younger kids and as they get older, your kids can use the dry erase marker to write in other age-appropriate chores . 

The bright star magnets provide positive motivation in a visual manner. If that’s too childish, the dry erase marker can be used for check marks to signify the completion of each task. Special spots for goals and rewards make it simple for kids to follow along.

The chore chart has a magnetic back, so it can cling to a refrigerator, but it also comes with a rope for easy wall hanging. Any materials you’re not using can be tucked away in the included storage bag.

Best Magnetic

Learning resources custom magnetic chore chart.

91 pieces included

Storage for tiles


Designed for one child

Magnet storage lacks organization

This well thought out magnetic responsibility chart helps kids visually understand their tasks and goals. The 91-piece set has magnetic tiles for daily chores, accomplishments, and good behavior. Blank tiles allow parents to customize the chart to their family.

Parents will love the attached storage bin that holds all the tiles and kids will love the “you’ve earned it” reward box that’s big enough to hold small toys and treats for motivation. Reviewers appreciate that this chart is very sturdy and easy enough for kids to put on their own magnets after completing their chores.

Best for Two Kids

Learn & climb responsibility chart for two kids.

108 magnetic task cards

Can be used for two children

May not easily stick to certain surfaces

Families with two kids will enjoy this two-in-one chart that allows parents to set separate goals and rewards for both kids, all in one place. With space for seven tasks per child, the set includes 108 magnetic task cards (with multiples) plus 12 blank task cards to customize for your family.

A dry-erase marker and two storage bags round out the set, making it easy to keep each kid’s chores and rewards separately. Parent reviewers love that this chart can be used for two kids with different abilities, so it’s perfect for siblings.

Best for Three Kids

Circle and square decor 3 kid dry erase chore chart.

Dry erase board (but looks like a chalkboard)

Can fit multiple children

For larger families, this dry-erase option has distinct spots to add chores for up to three kids, making divvying up chores easier. While it looks like a chalkboard, this is actually a styled dry erase board, so parents can write dust-free. And it's customizable; simply add each kid’s name.

There is room for seven chores per child and a separate area for notes for each child. Sticking with the custom theme, this chart can be made from a magnetic material, has a choice of wood color frames, or can be purchased without the frame.

Best Alternative

Creative qt chore sticks for kids.

Set contains 50 sticks (8 are blank for customization)

Easy to use

No way to track daily chores

Some chores may not fit into family's lifestyle

If chore charts don’t work for your family or you’re looking for a fun alternative, these chore sticks may fit the bill. The set contains 50 sticks; 42 have pre-printed chores on them and eight are blank for each family to customize. Kids simply pull a chore stick out of the container and get to work.

Just like life, this tin of chores isn't all work and no play. There are some fun chores mixed in, like “dance to a song” or “10 minutes of free time.” While there’s no way to track daily chores, this innovative delivery system may be fun enough for kids to keep it up and complete some chores every day.

Best Budget

Juvale 6-pack chore chart for kids.


Designated spots for goals and rewards

Basic set does not include markers

May not adhere easily to certain surfaces

Try this economical six-pack of dry erase chore charts if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or just want to dip your toe into the world of chore charts. The reusable self-adhesive chart has a sticky backing, so it can be hung in a prominent spot in your house. If you have multiple kids, the six-pack provides a chart for every member of your household.

These can also be used in different rooms, so kids can easily see bedroom chores versus kitchen chores. The basic set doesn’t include markers, but will work with any dry erase marker, and has a spot on each chart for a goal and reward.

Best Chalkboard

Circle and square decor personalized chore chart for kids.

No chalk needed (design is dry erase)

Actual chalkboard chore charts, plumes of chalk dust, and screechy chalk sounds are a thing of the past. This framed option looks just like a chalkboard but with all the benefits of a whiteboard. Totally customizable, the chart can include your child’s first, last, or nickname.

Above the task list can be the word “chores,” “tasks,” or anything else that makes sense for your family. Buyers can also customize this choice to make the chart magnetic and choose from a wide variety of frame colors. Included are two white chalk pens, with the option to purchase more, to complete the chalkboard style.

Best for Young Kids

Melissa & doug magnetic responsibility chart.

89 magnets to choose from

Two charts included

Some charts may begin to warp quickly

Recommended for children ages 3 and up, this responsibility chart is more than just your average chore chart. With two fabric-hinged dry-erase boards, children will love the 89 magnets they can pick from for chores, like cleaning their room and putting toys away.

Parents and caregivers will appreciate the additional responsibilities for children to fulfill, such as showing respect. You can also track goals and store magnets in the empty spaces provided.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a chore chart that you can hold on to as your child grows up, the Chart to Finish Kids Reward Chart ( view on Amazon ) is perfect for little ones up through the big kid stage. For a more customizable option, the Etsy 3 Kid Dry Erase Chore Chart ( view on Etsy ) allows you to add notes and your kid's names.

What to Look for in Chore Charts for Kids


A chore chart designed for tiny tots might not be as appealing and encouraging for older kiddos. Choosing an option that looks and feels age-appropriate for your kids will encourage them to actually want to do their chores. Dr. Egger says doing chores is a skill that takes time to develop.

"Like any skill, it requires learning and practice. This is why it is important to choose chores that are appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage. It is also why parents should help their children do chores if they are beginning to learn how to complete the tasks," Dr. Egger explains. "Parents can also teach children ways to have fun while doing chores that take more time with songs or games. Make sure you give positive feedback when children complete their tasks. Notice and give your child affirmation when they do chores without being asked!"

In addition to learning and practice, be sure that young children are given small tasks that are manageable, Dr. Egger recommends. "You can remind your child that a chore needs to be done and do the chore side-by-side with your child as they learn," she says. "Most young children love to help!"

Charts made of high-quality materials will last longer and won't need to be replaced each year. Whether you go for a wood-framed chore chart or a whiteboard, choose a chart that won't fall apart. This ensures you're able to reuse it for the years to come, saving you money in the long run.

Dr. Egger says starting chores as early as 2 and 3 years old can be beneficial, especially when you're aware of your child's developmental stage. "Young children might help to put toys away, 4- and 5-year-olds can help clear the table after meals, 6- and 7-year-olds can help to feed pets and set the table, 7- to 9-year-olds can load and unload the dishwasher, 10- to 11-year-olds can do laundry and change linens, and kids 12 and older can do additional cleaning in the house and outside with teens able to help with errands when they can drive or use public transportation," Dr. Egger says.

"Also remember we are our children’s role models!," she says. "We need to be consistent and cheerful in doing the tasks of daily life to model to our children how we want them to do their chores."

Family Size

Some chore charts are designed to only accommodate a single child while others have enough space for three children. Choose a chore chart that can fit all of your family's little helpers.

Clarity of Expectations

No matter your family size, Dr. Egger says setting a clear routine and being consistent is important. "Chore charts are a great way to set expectations, establish routines, monitor progress, and give your children positive feedback for completing their chores. We help children learn to do chores when we set clear routines and are consistent in our expectations. Chore charts help both parents and children to be clear about these expectations," she explains.

"It is important to associate positive emotions and success with doing chores. Linking rewards to chore completion in a chore chart also reinforces the child’s completion of chores and links positive outcomes with doing these expected tasks. Children can get stars when they complete their chores and these stars can be linked to rewards to celebrate the child’s success," says Dr. Egger.

If you notice your child still having difficulties with doing chores, it's okay to reach out for help, Dr. Egger says. "Some kids are going to have difficulties with doing chores . If chores are leading to a lot of conflict between you and your child and within your family, seek guidance from a parenting specialist or consider a mental health evaluation to understand if there are emotional, behavioral, or developmental factors that are contributing to these challenges."

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may be inclined to let your kids "just be kids" instead of giving them tasks at home, having your children complete household chores can actually go far towards helping them develop valuable skills. According to psychiatrist Helen Egger, chores can build important life skills such as taking responsibility, seeing things through, time management , organization and the ability to complete tasks independently. What's more, one Harvard study found that adults who did chores as kids fared better later in life.

Giving your kiddo age-appropriate chores is critical—if they don't understand how to do something or feel like they can't do it on their own, they can get frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged. To determine if chores are age-appropriate, they should correspond to the activities your child is already doing on their own on a daily basis. For example, your preschooler is taking out toys to play with, so an appropriate chore would be putting those same toys away. School-age children put their coats and backpacks on to go to school, so they could return those to the closet when they get home.

There are a few ways you can make a chore chart fun. An alternative to a traditional chart, such as the chore sticks above, can make things more interesting for kids. You could include a few "non-chore chores," such as " read a book with mom" or " play a game with dad" so that the chart doesn't feel purely like work and includes some play as well. Or if you're using a chore chart for older kiddos, one of whom is a budding artist, you could let them design a fun chart themselves.

Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance writer who covers food, home, and parenting. She’s also the mom of a 10-year-old son, a 7-year-old son, and a 3-year-old daughter. Although her family has never used chore charts, it may be time to change that!

Additional reporting by Katrina Cossey

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Chores and children .

Vaillant GE, McArthur CC, Bock A. Grant study of adult development, 1938-2000 .  Harvard Dataverse . 2010;V4. doi:10.7910/DVN/48WRX9

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Say Goodbye to Chaos: 10 Free Chore Chart Templates for an Organized Household

Praburam Srinivasan

Growth Marketing Manager

February 14, 2024

Living under one roof with a bustling family, especially with children in the mix, can quickly turn your home into a whirlwind of activities. Instead of constantly nagging your loved ones about their responsibilities, there’s a way to keep everything in check—a quickly accessible chore chart.

That’s precisely why chore chart templates exist! These handy tools help you streamline your household tasks. They come with pre-set fields and sections for scheduling, time management , and assigning tasks, all while being totally adaptable to your unique family dynamics. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

To make your life even more convenient, we’ve compiled a list of the best chore chart templates you can snag for free. Let’s see what makes them so great!

What Is a Chore Chart Template?

What makes a good chore chart template , 1. clickup chore chart template, 2. clickup daily to-do list template, 3. clickup getting things done template, 4. clickup self-care to-do template, 5. clickup class assignments to-do list template, 6. clickup moving to-do list template, 7. clickup home renovation to-do list template, 8. canva daily chore chart template, 9. pdf daily chores chart for kids template by thirtyhandmadedays, 10. pdf chore chart for kids template by pdffiller.

Avatar of person using AI

A chore chart template is a pre-designed and customizable document that helps you organize and track daily, weekly, and monthly chores and each member’s responsibilities . It is typically used in families, shared households, or classroom settings to allocate chores and ensure everyone involved contributes to smooth task completion. ✅

These templates come in formats like printed sheets, digital documents, or specialized to-do list apps . Using a chore chart can promote teamwork and time management, as well as teach responsibility to individuals, especially children.

Common elements found in chore chart templates include:

  • List of chores : These can range from simple daily tasks like doing the dishes to more infrequent responsibilities like mowing the lawn or cleaning the garage
  • Assignees : Each chore is typically assigned to a specific person to clarify who is responsible for what
  • Schedule : Indicates how often a particular chore needs to be performed
  • Tracking : Checkmarks and stickers help you mark chores you complete
  • Rewards or penalties : This could include earning privileges and allowances for completed chores or penalties for uncompleted ones

Here are some key characteristics that make a chore chart template effective:

  • Clarity and simplicity : The template should be easy to understand, clearly listing the chore duties and schedule
  • Visual appeal : It should be visually appealing, with elements like color-coding and stickers to make it more engaging
  • Customizability : A good template should allow for customization to suit the specific needs of your household. This includes adding or removing chores, changing assignees, and adjusting schedules
  • Tracking elements : The template should include a space to track and reward accomplishments to keep everyone involved motivated 
  • Accessibility : A proper chore chart should be accessible to the whole household. A digital template is particularly convenient for shared access and updates

10 Chore Chart Templates to Use in 2024

Say goodbye to the chaos of household chores and hello to a more organized and harmonious living space! We’ve handpicked 10 free chore chart templates in Canva, PDF, and ClickUp to make your life easier and keep you motivated along the way. Let’s dive into the handy features these templates have to offer! 🏊

ClickUp Chore Chart Template

Looking for a smooth way to keep your household duties in check? End your search with the ClickUp Chore Chart Template ! It comes with pre-made spaces for your tasks, their designated time slots, the individuals responsible for them, notes to jot down important details, and even rewards for completing the chores. 🎁

Organize housework efficiently with:

  • Daily Chore Chart : Divided into morning and afternoon sections, sorted by hours
  • Weekly Chore Chart : Organized by days of the week
  • Monthly Chore Chart : Sorted by weeks, each including a table with columns for every day of the week

The template includes personal chore charts to help you conquer your day, week, or month and family chore charts to keep everything around the house in sync. Both types have the same structure, with dedicated spaces for tasks and notes. However, the family chore charts include a handy column where you can add each family member’s name to their assigned tasks. 

This Doc template is fully customizable to your needs, so include or exclude any section you want. Plus, families can grant access to their members, enabling each member to edit the template. They can mark tasks as completed or add new ones to the list, making it super interactive and user-friendly.

ClickUp Daily To-do List Template

Tired of your daily routine feeling like a tangled web of chaos? Discover the ClickUp Daily To-Do List Template ! This easy-to-use Task template is here to assist you in building habits and sticking to them successfully by using nested subtasks and customizable statuses.

Track your daily activities with the following Custom  Fields: 

  • Where : Note the task’s location, whether it’s the grocery store, a friend’s house, the gym, or your favorite restaurant
  • Category : Classify tasks into career, health & fitness, or chores so you know exactly where your time is going
  • Streak Counter : Track your task or habit streaks
  • Notes: Write down extra reminders or reasons behind any plan changes

For more effective organization, divide your day into Morning , Afternoon , and Evening . Then, add nested subtasks for each part of the day. For example, you can create an “Evening Routine” subtask and fill it with to-dos like making dinner, doing skin care, and reading before bed. 🌛

ClickUp Get Things Done Template

The ClickUp Getting Things Done (GTD) Template makes conquering packed schedules a breeze! Based on the GTD system by David Allen, it brings order to your tasks, reduces stress, and boosts process efficiency through a structured approach to managing responsibilities.

This handy Folder template is loaded with Lists and views to ensure clear organization. Use the Inbox list to capture and describe all tasks. Then, estimate how long they’ll take, rate them on the effort scale from one to five, and decide whether they’re actionable.

Prefer visual planning? The template features a customizable Whiteboard with a GTD Flowchart . It comes with guiding questions to help you sift through your tasks and decide if they’re ripe for action. 🎬

You can neatly sort your tasks by applying tags such as home, work, or crafting your very own custom categories. For precision sorting, explore lists like

  • Scheduled on Calendar : Provides a Calendar view for your time-blocked tasks
  • Project List : Ideal for breaking down complex projects and prioritizing tasks
  • Tickler/Someday Maybe : For tasks that you might finish in the future

Customize the template to align with your GTD workflow perfectly. Throw in your Custom Fields and open any list in the Board view to see tasks neatly arranged as Cards on a drag-and-drop Kanban board. This way, you can easily make updates as you go. 📈

ClickUp Self-Care To-Do Template

In the midst of our jam-packed schedules, it’s easy to let self-care slip through the cracks. Luckily, the ClickUp Self Care To-Do Template is here to help you prioritize your well-being with a pre-designed layout that makes tracking your self-care routine an absolute breeze. 💆

This template comes with Custom Fields, a handy task list , a Kanban board, and a calendar—all you need to ensure your wellness is on the right track.

Within the Self-Care list view , your activities are neatly organized based on their Wellness Type, like Mind , Body , and Spirit . You can effortlessly monitor your daily or weekly self-care tasks, keeping tabs on their progress using the Custom Statuses. Plus, you can prioritize and manage tasks that might be off-track or on hold.

The Self-Care Calendar steps in to help you stay on top of your schedule. Use it to track your milestones, schedule new activities, and add memos for timely task completion , bringing you one step closer to achieving your wellness goals! 🌼

ClickUp Class Assignments To-Do List Template

Teaching carries a heavy load of responsibilities, from class preparation and grading to managing endless administrative tasks. The ClickUp Class Assignments Template steps in, helping teachers oversee their classes, take notes, and plan their academic journey, all within a well-organized central hub. 👩‍🏫

The template includes two separate Folders for the Spring and Fall semesters . Inside each of these Folders, you’ll find Lists dedicated to specific subjects, allowing you to neatly categorize assignments based on their status—whether they’re Complete, To Do, or In Progress.

You can also sort assignments by Assignment Type in a separate list to easily track the number of exams, quizzes, or papers for each semester. You can note important details like due dates, chapters to be covered, and estimated completion times.

Organize your lesson plan and study materials effectively with two Doc views , one for class notes and another for reading notes. 

ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template

Whether you’re gearing up for a simple relocation or a more complex move, packing and planning can be quite the stress-inducer. But don’t worry—the ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template is your trusty ally in transitioning into your new home! 🏠

This handy template lets you create a checklist of tasks to tackle and keeps a record of what’s already completed . When you open the Task List view , you’ll get a clear picture of the tasks lined up at each stage of the move, neatly categorized in the Moving Stage dropdown field. 

You can prioritize and set deadlines for each task or designate individuals responsible for specific tasks. Plus, there’s a progress bar, helping you track your journey with ease. 

The Moving Stages board view presents a Kanban board, where tasks transform into cards you can smoothly shuffle across columns to match the stages of your move. Tasks are neatly grouped by the Moving Stage, making it easy to organize them in the preparation phase, on the moving day, or during the settling-in period.

ClickUp Home Renovation To-Do List Template

A well-structured project management system for home renovation is the key to controlling costs and sticking to your budget during home improvements. The ClickUp Home Renovation To-Do List Template is your go-to solution for creating to-do lists for pre-renovation and actual renovation tasks.  Effectively monitor budgets, project timelines , and contractor details. 👷

Include all the materials required for your renovation projects in the Materials List . That way, you can track the amount of brushes, paint, or tape needed, along with the estimated and actual cost for efficient budget management.

Open the Projects List to streamline the renovation management process with views like:

  • All Projects List : Displays all your renovation projects, providing essential details like due dates, items needed, the cost of labor, materials, and the project as a whole
  • Project Stages board : Helps you prioritize projects by providing an overview of all your renovation projects organized and grouped by stages like On-Going and Completed
  • Calendar of Home Renovation Projects : Gives you a calendar view of all renovation tasks, simplifying the tracking of deadlines and re-scheduling

Give the template a personal touch by customizing it with new Custom Fields. Fill the lists with items you need to ensure you are well-organized and have a cost-effective renovation journey! 🛠️

Canva Daily Chore Chart Template

If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient method to keep track of your daily chores, the Canva Daily Chore Chart Template should get the job done. This single-page template offers fully customizable sections to plan your tasks for each day of the week with ease. 📝

The template provides blank spaces for you to list the weekly tasks you need to complete, and there are color-coded circles corresponding to each day. Use these circles to mark the schedule for each specific task . 

Every element is editable or replaceable , allowing you to unleash your creativity . Change the colors, replace circles with a different shape, or change the letter font.  And if a single page isn’t sufficient for your lengthy list of chores, you can easily add another page and fill it in as needed. 

You can save this chore chart template in PDF or as a JPEG, print it out, and hang it on the wall, or use it in digital form for easy updates and link sharing.

PDF Daily Chores Chart for Kids Template by ThirtyHandMadeDays

Teaching your kids good habits and the importance of completing chores can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle of reminders. Luckily, the PDF Daily Chores Chart for Kids Template by ThirtyHandMadeDays is here to save the day. 

This template includes spaces for daily logs , with circles in various colors assigned to each day of the week. It’s simple to mark when to complete each task, whether it’s brushing teeth, doing homework, or taking out the trash. Additionally, there are slots at the bottom of the template for weekly chores , perfect for recurring tasks like cleaning or sorting laundry. 🧺

As an added incentive, your kids can look forward to a special reward once they’ve filled in all the bubbles at the end of the week.

PDF Chore Chart for Kids Template by PDFfiller

The PDF Chore Chart for Kids Template by PDFfiller is a handy tool for creating personalized chore charts for kids, so you can reclaim some free time while teaching your children personal responsibilities by keeping track of basic chores. 

Here’s how it works :

  • Select age-appropriate chores for your child, such as making the bed, setting the table, or feeding the dog
  • Assign each child specific chores according to their age and abilities (if there are multiple children in the household)
  • Establish a task schedule , be it daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Tailor the template to suit your requirements by modifying text, adding new elements, or rearranging pages

Make sure to display this printable chore chart somewhere easily visible, like on the refrigerator or a bulletin board , so it serves as a daily reminder for your kids. To ensure they stick to the schedule, try using stickers or giving out small rewards for consistently completing tasks. 🏅

Stay on Top of Your Chores with a Free Printable Chore Chart Template

It’s a fact that tackling a chore a day keeps chaos at bay, but guaranteeing those tasks are promptly completed ensures a lasting sense of order. With the best free printable chore charts, you can easily plan out and track all your goals and tasks, achieving household harmony with minimal effort!

Never lose your organizational edge, no matter the situation, with access to 1,000+ templates in the ClickUp template library ! Dive into a world of ready-made to-do lists , powerful project management tools , and prioritization templates to manage tasks like a pro. 😎

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Chore Charts

You can download and use each printable chore chart template on this site for free. You can also find tips on:

  • How to use a chore chart for kids;
  • The chores kids can be expected to do;
  • How to encourage them to do their chores without having to beg!

Chore Chart Maker

With our free chore chart maker you can:

  • Change the background and the theme.
  • Add clipart with various topics such as princesses, superheroes, space, and many more.
  • Add your chore list and edit the text.
  • Insert your child’s photo.

Open Chore Chart Maker

chore chart maker

Free Printable Chore Chart Templates for Kids

Chore chart for kids

Typeable PDF

Chore Chart

Sunday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Monday Start: Editable PDF | Word | Image

Chore chart template

Personalized Punch Chart

Add your child’s name, photo, and chore list then print this personalized punch chart. These charts are suitable for kids, from toddlers to teens.

Click here to personalize

Chore Chart Template

chore chart template

Printable Chore Charts

A selection of free printable chore charts for kids with all of your favorite characters (such as the Minions, Spiderman, Lego, Star Wars, and many others). These are great for toddlers and older kids.

Spiderman chore chart

Charts for Boys

A selection of free printable chore charts for boys with Spiderman, Ninjago, Superman, Batman, ninjas, and more! Perfect for toddlers and young kids.

Barbie Chores Chart

Charts for Girls

A selection of free printable chore charts for girls with Anna, Elsa, Barbie, Bratz, princesses, fairies, and other girly characters! Perfect for toddlers and young kids.

Age Appropriate Chores

Suggested age-appropriate chores  list for kids with a printable chart. The list includes chores for toddlers, kids, and teenagers.

DIY Magnetic Charts

Print your chore chart on a magnetic sheet, and use it repeatedly. You will need to purchase magnetic paper, but it might work out cheaper in the long run since it will last forever. These charts can accommodate many children on one page and can thus be used in the classroom or as a family chore chart.

Family chore chart

Family Chore Charts

If you are trying to get your entire family to help around the house, then family chore charts might be the perfect solution. There are various templates for different sized families.

Chore Chart Templates

Chore chart maker

Free chore charts with cute animals , you can make free printable personalized chore charts with your photos, titles, and your very own custom chore list. There are many designs available, and therefore, they are suitable for toddlers to teens.

Add your photo and chore list to this personalized chart.

Make your own free chore chart online

Chore Wheel

chore wheel

It’s a fun and fair way to delegate chores!

Coloring Charts

Color these black and white chore charts before you use them. When kids decorate their chart, it gets them involved and makes the process fun!

Another way to reduce printing costs is to have your chore chart laminated or slide it into a page protector. The chart can then be reused each week without having to print a new copy each week. Use an erasable marker to mark the chores once complete. Some smudge and others don’t. Some are easier to erase than others. Find one that works for you.

If having a new chore chart each week with a different design or character is going to help your kids do their chores, then I would print a new copy each week! See what works for you and your family.

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to do Chores

10 Ways to get your kids to do chores without you having to nag. Yes, it is possible!

chores help kids

9 Ways that Chores Benefit Kids

Some parents worry if kids should be asked to do tasks at home. Did you know that there are at least nine reasons why kids will actually benefit from doing their chores !

How to use a Chore Chart

The more you involve your child, the more successful the entire process will be. Consider holding a family meeting to introduce the chore system and set the rules. List the chores that need to be done together and divide them up fairly, taking into account each family member’s responsibilities, capabilities, available time, etc.

Allow your kids to make suggestions on how to successfully implement the chore system. Once you have decided on the implementation, choose a responsibility chart together (a family chore chart or an individual chore chart for each family member, etc.).

This section of the site includes additional info such as: Why use chore charts? How to use them, age-appropriate chores, and tips on creating a chore list for each child.

If you want your kids to cooperate and help you implement the chore chart system, get them involved in the process.

Let them choose their chore chart, give them some optional chores to choose from, let them decide when the deadline for tasks will be, how many jobs they think they can handle, etc. The more involved they are, the more they will cooperate. If your child chooses the task that he has to do, then the chances are higher that he will do it!

Adapt your chores to your child.

You might find that your child cannot do all of the age-appropriate chores that other kids his age can do. You might need to teach your child how to pack a dishwasher or how to vacuum. Some kids are not capable of doing specific tasks even though they should be able to perform them. You can try and show him how to do it if you think that it will help, but if not, it might only cause frustration. There are enough chores that he can handle. Move on and find something that he can do.

Let your kids choose the prize, privilege, or reward that they will receive if they do their chores.

They can either choose a privilege or small prize or something that you do together as a family, such as going out for ice cream. You might need to intervene and ensure that the reward is reasonable. Once you have agreed on the prize, don’t forget to follow through! You certainly wouldn’t like it if you worked all week and then your boss couldn’t be bothered to give you your salary!

Make sure that your child knows how to do the chores that you are expecting him to do.

Sometimes we assume that they know how to do something, and they don’t. Making a bed, putting dishes in the dishwasher or folding laundry might seem trivial to us, but it isn’t self-explanatory. Show them how to do each chore and watch them doing it to make sure that they understand what you expect from them. In the beginning, you can do the tasks together to ensure that your child knows exactly what you expect of him.

Use incentives.

If your child is not interested in doing chores but wants to do something else, you can explain that they can do whatever they want once they have completed their duties. For example, I understand that you want to go over to your friend, but you have to tidy your room first. This is often the most effective way to get kids to do something. Some children need instant gratification, and they need to know what is in it for them right away.

Start with a few chores and gradually increase them as your child learns to cope with them and gets older.

If you have never asked your child to do chores before and you suddenly present him with a chore list , it might be a little overwhelming. Start with one or two and gradually increase them as your child becomes more proficient. Make sure that your child is physically capable of doing the chores that you have asked him to do. Some tasks seem simple to us, but they are quite tricky for kids.

Try and get your family to work together as a team when getting things done.

It teaches kids how to work together, how to deal with possible conflicts, and about being part of a group with a common goal. Often it is easier to have each person do their own chores, but learning to work together can be a great lesson to teach your kids!

Even young kids want to help out, particularly when their older siblings have chores to do.

It helps them feel grown up and develops their sense of responsibility and self-esteem. You can give them basic chores that they can do, such as picking up toys or feeding your pet. They will feel that they are also contributing and helping out! Sometimes you give your child a chore to do, and it takes longer than if you would have done it yourself. Be patient. They will become more proficient, and it will eventually actually help you.

Be a role model.

If your child sees that you or your spouse don’t complete household chores, then they will do the same. Once you decide what tasks need to completed by a specific time, then this should apply to everyone. If your child sees you leaving your things around the house, then you can’t expect her to put her belongings away.

Hang the chore chart somewhere central, where it will be seen by all family members every day.

It could be on the fridge, on the front door, or even in your kid’s bedroom. If you don’t see the chart, you might forget to implement the chore chart system. Consistency is the key! You can either use an individual chart for each child or have a family chore chart for the entire family.

Print a few of our free editable printable chore charts so that they are ready to use when needed.

Do you use chore charts? Do they help? Please comment below.

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Chore Chart Templates to Organize Your Workload


Ever feel like you’re juggling a million things at once, with household chores throwing in an extra dose of chaos? The solution to this comes in the form of chore charts. More than just task lists, chore charts are dynamic tools that make chores a team effort, turning everyday responsibilities into a shared and enjoyable experience. Here we will share chore chart templates to help you bring order to the chaos, and make work and home life more balanced and synchronized.

What is a Chore Chart?

A chore chart is a visual tool designed to organize and distribute household responsibilities among family members or individuals sharing a living space or in a classroom setting. It can also be used in a professional setting to plan and manage project tasks.

It typically outlines specific tasks or chores that need to be completed regularly, such as cleaning, tidying up, or other household duties. The chart may include a designated time frame, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, and assigns each task to a specific person.

A chore chart template is a pre-designed framework that provides a structured format for organizing and assigning household tasks. It offers a visual layout with designated spaces for chores, responsibilities, and tracking completion over time. Usually, these templates can be customized to fit your needs and preferences.

Chore Chart Templates to Get More Done

Chore chart template.

  • Ready to use
  • Fully customizable template
  • Get Started in seconds

exit full-screen

Family Chroe Chart Template

Weekly chore chart template, daily chore chart template, weekly planning template, chores list template, daily planner template, student chore chart template, chore list template, what makes a good chore chart template.

  • Clarity and simplicity : Good templates are clear and easy to understand, so everyone can quickly grasp what they need to do.
  • Customizability : It should be flexible enough to cater to the individual needs and preferences of the users, so they can tailor it to their specific needs.
  • Assigned responsibilities : Each task should be clearly assigned to someone. It helps avoid confusion and makes sure everyone knows what their role is.
  • Timeframes : Set a timeframe, whether it’s a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. It helps plan tasks more efficiently and adds structure.
  • Visual appeal : It’s more likely to engage users if the template is visually appealing. You can make the chore chart more interesting and easier to follow with colors, graphics, and simple icons.
  • Consistency : A good template keeps its format consistent, so users know what to expect. Consistency helps establish a routine and fosters a habit of checking and updating the chart.
  • Accessibility : Whether it’s a physical printout or a digital version, the chore chart should be easy to find. Everyone can use it regularly this way.
  • Space for notes or comments : Including space for notes or comments lets users communicate about tasks, such as special instructions or updates, improving collaboration.
  • Regular updates : Good chore templates encourage regular updates to reflect any changes in responsibilities. This helps maintain its relevance over time.

How to Create a Chore Chart?

Creating a chore chart is a team effort that requires communication and collaboration. Follow these steps to create chore charts that promote accountability and make your life easier.

1. Identify tasks

List all the regular household tasks that need to be done. This may include cleaning, organizing, taking out the trash, and other routine chores.

2. Determine frequency

Decide how often each task needs to be performed—daily, weekly, or monthly. This helps establish the timeframe for the chore chart.

3. Assign responsibilities

Clearly assign each task to a specific individual or rotate responsibilities among family members. Make sure that the assignments are fair and take into account everyone’s capabilities.

4. Create a chart format

Choose a format for your chore chart. This could be a simple table on paper, a whiteboard, or a digital workspace. Divide the chart into sections for tasks, responsible individuals, and timeframes.

5. Customize the template

Personalize the chore chart to suit your preferences and household needs. Add colors, graphics, or icons to make it visually appealing and easy to understand.

6. Include a reward system (optional)

If you’re doing chore charts with kids, consider a reward system to motivate them. This could involve earning points, privileges, or small incentives for completing tasks.

7. Encourage regular updates

Encourage family members to update the chore chart regularly, especially if there are changes in responsibilities or schedules. This helps keep the chart current and relevant.

Create Chore Charts with Creately

Creately offers a range of features that make creating chore charts and managing household tasks more efficient and engaging.

Interactive workspaces

Create dynamic boards that act as a visual canvas for organizing tasks. Easily drag and drop tasks, making it a flexible and interactive space for chore chart creation.

Versatile table shape

Use Creately’s advanced table shape to quickly format your chore chart template. The intuitive table shape allows you to easily merge cells, customize margins and insert shapes within it as you want. You can also use it as a frame and convert it into an action plan or Kanban board where you can easily assign roles, create tasks, and track progress.

Customizable templates

Access pre-designed templates specifically tailored for chore charts. These templates has ready-made layouts with sections for tasks, assignees, due dates, and more.

Real-time collaboration

Work with multiple users to work on the same chore chart simultaneously with tru multi-user collaboration with synced previews and live mouse tracking. This is especially useful for families or roommates who want to coordinate and update tasks together.

Color coding and labels

Use preset color themes and styling options to color code, label and categorize tasks or highlight specific information. Increase the visual appeal of the chore chart and help users quickly identify different aspects.

Task assignments

Convert your chore chart into a frame to add task cards where you can assign tasks to specific individuals using data fields integrated to each task card. Create tasks from any item for any collaborator. Add multiple roles per each item in any configuration. And easily manage and keep track of all tasks assigned to you from one place via Tasks.

Attachments and comments

Attach relevant files, images, or links to tasks using integrated notes or directly embed them on the canvas. Leave comments for additional instructions, updates, or general communication related to specific chores with contextual comments. USe emojis to show preference or share reactions.

Activity logs

Keep track of changes made to the chore chart through version history.

To sum it up, chore charts are handy tools that make household tasks easier to manage. They bring order to daily routines, encourage teamwork, and make the home a more organized and joyful place. Try Creately chore chart templates to easily delegate tasks, streamline and create a smoother daily routine for everyone involved.

Join over thousands of organizations that use Creately to brainstorm, plan, analyze, and execute their projects successfully.

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Amanda Athuraliya is the communication specialist/content writer at Creately, online diagramming and collaboration tool. She is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics.

DIY Projects, Patterns, Monograms, Designs, Templates

Chore Charts (Printable, Editable Daily & Weekly Templates) Free printable chore chart templates to help kids get organized. These simple, cute daily and weekly chore lists will help kids take responsibility and complete task each day. For more ideas see printable paper and to-do lists and cleaning schedule . Download your free printable chore chart by selecting either “PDF format” or “PNG format”. You can also change the colors by selecting “Edit/Save”. See notes below. Chore Charts (Printable Daily and Weekly Templates)

1. Printable Chore Chart Template. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 1. Printable Chore Chart Template.
  • ○ PDF format
  • ○ PNG format

2. Free Printable Chore Chart. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 2. Free Printable Chore Chart.

3. Chore Chart - Bedtime. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 3. Chore Chart – Bedtime.

4. Chore Chart - Morning. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 4. Chore Chart – Morning.

5. Daily Chore Chart Checklist. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 5. Daily Chore Chart Checklist.

Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids (Chore List)

6. Editable Chore Chart list. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 6. Editable Chore Chart list.

7. Weekly Chore Chart Template. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 7. Weekly Chore Chart Template.

8. Age appropriate chores. Free, printable, chore chart, kids, chore list, template, editable, daily, weekly, pdf, board, house, png, print, download, sheet.

  • 8. Age appropriate chores.

Use these free printable chore charts to help keep kids organized. Some of the possible chores include:

  • Babysitting
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Brushing teeth
  • Brushing hair
  • Cleaning the car
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Clearing the table
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cleaning up toys
  • Doing homework
  • Doing simple home repairs
  • Doing laundry
  • Emptying the garbage
  • Feeding the pets
  • Folding clothes
  • Getting dressed
  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Making the bed
  • Matching socks
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Mopping floors
  • Picking up toys
  • Preparing simple snacks
  • Putting laundry away
  • Putting groceries away
  • Reading a book
  • Setting the table
  • Stacking books on shelves
  • Taking a bath or shower
  • Taking out the trash
  • Throwing trash away
  • Unloading the dishwasher
  • Washing windows
  • Watering the plants

NOTE: You can specify new colors for your chore chart by pressing the “Edit / Save” button. After selecting new colors, specify the height as “3000 pixels” to ensure high resolution and to make sure your chore chart template fits on the entire piece of paper.

More FREE Printable Paper, Math Charts, Worksheets, etc.

Free printable math charts, worksheets, and math drills.

just family fun logo

35 Free Printable Chore Chart Templates

If you want to get your family organised at home, a free printable chore chart is the perfect solution. Introducing chore charts for children teaches them a great life lesson, helping kids learn responsibility. Printable chore charts provide consistency, so the kids know exactly what they have to do each day by simply looking at the chart.

Introducing a child’s chore chart isn’t just a useful way to get a little extra help with jobs around the house – there are numerous benefits for your child’s wellbeing and development, too.

free printable chore chart

Benefits of Free Printable Chore Charts

  • Studies show that children who help out around the house from a young age can have better relationships with friends and family when they grow up, because they learn the importance of working together and contributing to their household.
  • When expectations are in place about who needs to do certain chores, families are less likely to argue. A free chore charts template is the perfect visual tool to set these expectations and can also reduce power struggles with parents.
  • Doing chores helps children learn how to manage time – a useful skill for the rest of their lives.
  • Children can experience a surge in brain development when they complete chores. For example, if they set the table they are applying real-life maths and analytic skills as they count how many utensils each person needs. This can also set them up for success in other areas such as reading and writing.
  • A chore planner can help teach kids about self-control and discipline, and this in turn can help them develop financial skills.
  • Chore charts can help teach children to be independent, and as they get older they can check their printable chore list themselves and mark off their chores when they’ve completed them.

How to Use Free Chore Chart Printables

We’ve talked about the benefits of chore charts for children, but how do you introduce a child’s chore chart successfully? Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Start as young as possible! You might think your child is too young to introduce chore chart printables, but many small children are much more capable than we think they are.
  • Make sure you praise your child right from the start rather than waiting until a chore is completed. Encouraging your child while the chore is in progress is the best way to build positive momentum, especially for little ones.
  • Try to have a relaxed approach to how well your children complete their chores. Nobody is perfect, and it’s important not to jump in and do the chores for your child.
  • Be a good role model. Children learn more easily if they see others in the family doing the same thing. Why not try a house chore chart for adults in your family too?
  • Remember it takes time to develop good habits, so don’t be discouraged if a chore chart doesn’t work for your child straight away. Just keep reinforcing the positive behaviour and after a few weeks you’re bound to see some progress.
  • It’s easy to get busy with everyday life, but try and check your child’s chore chart each day with them.
  • Make using your free kid’s chore chart lots of fun for everyone. Put on some loud music, sing songs or see who can finish their chores first!
  • Older children can be rewarded with money if they complete chores. It’s a good way to introduce them to the world of working and how things will be when they get a job as an adult.

Chore Charts With Pictures

chore charts with pictures

Chore charts with pictures are perfect for young children who find them much easier to understand than just a written list of chores, especially if they haven’t started to read yet. Adding pictures lets young kids use free printable chore charts all by themselves. Using pictures is also a simple visual reminder of the chores that need to be done each day or week.

Picture Chore Chart

Our free picture chore charts are simple to use in your own home. Each free chore chart has 3 different coloured columns divided into:

Choose from two different versions of our free printable chore charts with pictures:

  • A landscape version with space for four chores. This printable chore chart also has boxes to write the day of the week, date, month and weather.
  • A portrait version with space for five chores.

picture chore chart

To use, simply print out your free printable chart and cut out the individual daily routine squares. Each square contains a fun picture illustrating a chore that can be stuck onto your child’s chore chart ready to be completed.  The simple format is really easy for young children to follow, and there are lots of simple chores to choose from, such as “set the table” and “wash the dishes”.

You can print as many free children’s chore chart templates as you need to, or if you have a laminator you can laminate the chart and the chore cards so you can reuse them. Simply stick a small amount of blu-tack on the back of each chore card then stick onto the chore sheets printable. Or you can attach Velcro circles to the backs of the cards and to the centre of the boxes on the chore chart.

Chore Charts For Children

chore charts for children

We’ve got a great selection of chore charts for children that will get your young ones helping around the home in no time at all!  If you’re looking for free chore charts for kids, we’ve got lots of colourful, fun designs ready to download and print. We’ve created designs suitable for everyone in the family, including the youngest members and even the adults too!

If you want everyone’s chores all in one place we have a selection of free printable chore charts for multiple kids. We’ve also provide plenty of Blank Chore Chart Printable Templates so you can organise your family’s chores in your own way.

Chore charts can be a great way to teach older children about earning money, and we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for printable pocket money chart ideas.

Chore Chart 3 Year Old

Around 3 years old is the perfect age to start chores, and completing easy tasks helps young kids feel confident and helps their motor skills. Children of around this age love to help, and we’ve got a perfect chore chart for a 3 year old that you can download and print for free.

Children tend to develop an independent streak by age 3, and will enjoy completing tasks all on their own. It’s important to remember that the goal is for your little one to learn how to follow directions and see their chore through to the end. The end result probably won’t be perfect, but small children are learning about a sense of self-pride and responsibility each time they try to complete a chore.

Chore Chart 3 Year Old

Here are a few ideas of tasks to add to your 3-year-old’s chore chart:

  • Put dirty clothes into a basket. You could even turn this into a fun game by letting them throw clothes into a hamper from the other side of a room.
  • Help look after a pet. Children feel a huge bond and love for their pets, and they can easily help with simple tasks like grooming or feeding animals.
  • Watering plants with a small watering can.
  • Put away toys and games. Tidying away these items gives young children a visual result so they can see how they are making a difference and helping the entire household.
  • Setting up the bathroom ready for a bath. Ask your child to fetch their favourite bath toys, towel and face cloth.
  • Stacking books. At the end of story time, ask your three year old to put the books that you’ve read into a neat pile.

4 Year Old Chore Chart

Children of around four years old love to help out around the house and often find cleaning fun! Print out our colourful 4 year old chore chart and choose some tasks around the house that they can help with. Kids of this age will not do everything perfectly but will often do chores well enough.

When deciding which tasks your four year old can do, begin by adding on to any chores they have been completing since their younger years. Add new chores slowly too so that your little one isn’t too overwhelmed with new tasks.

4 Year Old Chore Chart

Some tasks to add to your 4 year old’s chore chart include:

  • Help to sort socks and other laundry. You could put all the socks into a large basket and ask your child to sort them into pairs. It’s a great way to learn the concept of pairs and sets, and they will also get to practise vocabulary to do with colours and patterns.
  • Wiping down the front of appliances like fridges.
  • Make the bed. Make it more fun by asking them to pull the duvet or blanket up and tuck in their favourite teddy.
  • Hang up bags and hats at home. You could put up a hook at a lower height so it’s easier for your little one to do this for themselves.
  • Sweep up leaves in the garden.
  • Dusting furniture.

Chore Chart For 5 Year Old

By the time children are 5 years old, they are often eager to take on more responsibility. You can encourage them further by printing a chore chart for a 5 year old and choosing some tasks that will help give them an increased sense of importance. Just remember to keep tasks fun and simple to keep your youngster motivated, and remember that all children develop at a different rate – so if they’re not ready for some of these chores just yet, don’t worry!

Chore Chart For 5 Year Old

Some chores that might suitable for a 5 year old include:

  • Emptying waste paper baskets.
  • Clearing the table after a meal.
  • Using a hand-held vacuum cleaner.
  • Washing plastic dishes in the sink.
  • Preparing simple meals. Most children love preparing food, even if they start with safe, easy tasks such as washing vegetables or fruit.

6 Year Old Chore Chart

By the time your child is 6, there are lots of chores they can complete around the house that will help you out and give them a great sense of accomplishment, too. A child’s sense of confidence begins to develop around this age, so it’s really important to give them plenty of recognition for how well they’re doing.

Six year olds still want to have lots of fun whilst doing chores, so try and turn their daily or weekly tasks into games and a fun experience if you can.

6 Year Old Chore Chart

Here are few ideas of suitable chores for 6 year olds:

  • Change the toilet paper roll if it’s run out.
  • Empty the dishwasher if you have one.
  • Wipe down bathroom surfaces.
  • Load and unload the washing machine.

Chore Chart 7 Year Old

Doing chores can easily become a part of everyday life by the time a child is 7.  A chore chart for a 7 year old is a great way for them to see their achievements, and you might want to introduce rewards for your child if they’ve completed their tasks for the week. Our chore chart for 7 year olds has space to write down eight chores for your child, so there’s plenty of room to add new chores to the ones they’ve been completing since they were younger.

Chore Chart 7 Year Old

Some chores suitable for a 7 year old include:

  • Pulling weeds. Children of around 7 years old are ready to do more outdoor chores which can help them learn more about plants and nature. It’s also a great excuse for exercise and fresh air.
  • If your vacuum isn’t too big and bulky, this is a great age to let your children try vacuuming the carpet, and most kids enjoy it!
  • An easy and important chore for 7 years olds is getting their school clothes ready for the next day.

Chore Chart For 8 Year Old

By the time your child is 8 years old they are ready to do chores that teach them important life skills whilst also feeling like they’re part of the family. 

Print out a chore chart for your 8 year old with each task carefully labelled so they can complete their chores independently if they want to.

Chore Chart For 8 Year Old

Here are some chores that suitable for 8 year olds:

  • Taking a pet for a walk. Your child may have done simple chores to help look after pets when they were younger, and now they can try the next level of pet care for more independent, older children.
  • Preparing a shopping list. This a great way for younger children to practise maths concepts by working out how many people live in the house, the number of days they need food and how much they eat.
  • Help make dinner. By the time your child is 8 they can become more involved in cooking simple meals and food preparation. You could buy them their own brightly coloured utensils that they also need to wash up later.
  • Put away groceries.

Chore Chart For 9 Year Old

The older children get, the more helpful they can be to the whole family. By the time your child is 9 years old they can handle even more responsibility, so use a chore chart for 9 year olds to add some new, grown-up chores. It’s still helpful for older children to use a chore chart so they can see what’s expected of them and feel a sense of achievement when they have completed their tasks. It’s also a good age to introduce monetary rewards for completing chores at around this age, if you want to.

Chore Chart For 9 Year Old

Some ideas for chores for 9 year olds include:

  • Sewing buttons.
  • Putting younger brothers and sister to bed and helping them get dressed.
  • Washing the car.

Helping with simple household repairs and projects

Chore Chart For 10 Year Old

By the time your child is 10 years old, there are lots of chores they can help with independently around the house and garden. Our free printable chore chart for a 10 year old has room to write down 10 chores.

Although older children usually need less supervision than younger kids, it’s really important to remind your older child about safety issues, for example if they are using a hot stove or household cleaning products. Older children might not always want to help with chores, but using a chore chart can help encourage them especially if you offer suitable rewards.

Chore Chart For 10 Year Old

Some ideas for chores for 10 year olds include:

  • Doing laundry (using the washing machine and tumble dryer).
  • Washing windows.

Chore Charts For Multiple Kids

Chore Charts For Multiple Kids

Our free printable chore charts for multiple kids are a great way to allocate and keep track of the daily chores for all your kids on the same chart. Print out one of our colour-coded, simple charts and divide up the family chores by age, skills or interests. Write each family member’s name on the chart with their list of chores for the week, then display somewhere your whole family can see it.

As each family member completes a chore they can tick or cross them off the list.

Chore Chart For 2 Kids

Our chore chart for 2 kids is the perfect tool for dividing chores for the week between two children.

There’s plenty of space to write a name for each child plus the tasks they’ve got assigned for each day.

Chore Chart For 2 Kids

Chore Chart For 3 Kids

Do you have 3 children in your household? You can divide chores fairly using our free printable chore chart for 3 kids.

Write each name in the space provided then fill in their chores for the week. Stick up on a notice board or fridge so that everyone can easily check their list and cross off each chore when it’s completed.

Chore Chart For 3 Kids

Chore Chart For 4 Kids

Our printable chore chart for 4 kids is a handy visual reminder of everyone’s responsibilities and tasks for the week ahead. Each child has their own colour-coded section so it’s easy for them to check their own chores.

Chore Chart For 4 Kids

Chore Chart For 5 Kids

Do you have a large family with 5 children? We have the perfect chore chart for 5 kids. This colourful chart is divided into simple, colour-coded sections with room for each child’s list of chores under their name. It’s nice and simple so you can see everyone’s tasks for the week at a glance.

If you want to reuse the chart, laminate and use a dry-wipe marker to tick off chores.

Chore Chart For 5 Kids

Allowance Chore Chart Templates

Allowance Chore Chart Templates

Many families pay their kids pocket money for doing chores, and we’ve got some great allowance chore chart templates that are perfect for keeping track of your child’s chore list and how much they’ve earned.

Every family has a different approach to how much pocket money you should give your children for completing chores, and ultimately it’s down to what works best for your household.

Some of the benefits of paying your child for completing chores include:

  • Earning money by doing chores is a great lesson to prepare children for the real world.
  • Children often appreciate new toys more if they’ve earned them by doing chores.
  • Kids respond well to incentives, so it can mean chores get done a lot more quickly and with less nagging from parents.
  • An allowance chore chart can help children learn basic maths and financial skills.

Chores Money Chart

This printable chores money chart is a handy visual reminder of how many chores your child has to do to earn money during the week. There are columns for the chore, the value of the chore, a tick box for each day of the week and a total at the end of each row. There’s also a total allowance earned box at the bottom of the chart so your kid can see how much they’ve earned over the week.

Chores Money Chart

Allowance Chore Chart Tracker

This colourful allowance chore chart tracker is a fun way for kids to keep track of how much money they’ve earned by doing chores. At the end of the week they can add up the total from each day to see how much total allowance they have earned – a great way to practise maths skills too!

Allowance Chore Chart Tracker

Pocket Money Chores Chart

If your child wants to do chores to earn extra money to spend on toys and other fun things, they can use this helpful pocket money chores chart to keep track throughout the week.

When Saturday arrives, you can help them add up how much they’ve earned during the week.

Pocket Money Chores Chart

Blank Chore Chart Printable Templates

Blank Chore Chart Printable Templates

Every household is different, so we’ve created some handy blank chore chart templates so you can customize your own free chore charts to suit your family.

Blank Chore Chart Template Daily & Weekly

Every family has chores that need to be completed daily and other chores that only need to be done once a week. This blank chore chart template lets you add daily & weekly chores all on one handy printable sheet.

Blank Chore Chart Template Daily & Weekly

Daily Blank Chore Chart

This free printable daily blank chore chart has room for plenty of chores that need to be completed each day. There’s a handy notes section at the bottom too – why not make a quick list of any new cleaning products you might need to buy if you’ve run out whilst doing the chores?

Daily Blank Chore Chart

Landscape Blank Chore Chart

Print out this landscape blank chore chart and add your own list of chores for the week. You can then display the printable chore chart on a noticeboard or fridge and tick off the chores once they’ve been completed.

Landscape Blank Chore Chart

Family Chore Chart Template Pack

Family Chore Chart Template Pack

Our family chore chart template pack has everything you need to get the whole household involved in doing chores. The bright and colourful chore charts have easy-to-follow sections for each day of the week and are colour-coded so different family members can easily see what their chores are. It’s a perfect visual tool for helping everyone stay organised!

Chore Chart For Family Of 2

This colourful chore chart for family of 2 lets you divide the chores for a week in a simple, clear format. There are two colour-coded sections, one for each family member. Simply cross off each chore once they’ve been completed and the household tasks will all be done in no time at all.

Chore Chart For Family Of 2

Chore Chart For Family Of 3

Our printable chore chart for family of 3 will help everyone keep on track with their chores each week. There’s a section for each family member and a column for every day of the week. Why not turn chores into a challenge and see who can finish all their tasks first each day?

Chore Chart For Family Of 3

Chore Chart For Family Of 4

This chore chart for family of 4 is the perfect visual tool for keeping your household organised with daily chores. Divide chores based on age, ability and interest then add under each family member’s colour-coded section on the chore chart.

Sharing chores is a great way to make sure that one person isn’t burdened with all the hard work, and helps families learn to work together as a team.

Chore Chart For Family Of 4

Chore Chart For Family Of 5

If you have a big family then organising chores can be tricky, but this chore chart for family of 5 can really help everyone stay on track.

Each member of the family has their own colour-coded section where they can find all of their chores for the week and can mark them off their list as they go along. You could even offer a small reward or prize for the first person in the family who finishes all their chores!

Chore Chart For Family Of 5

Printable Adult Chore Charts

Printable Adult Chore Charts

It’s not just children that can benefit from a chore chart, and we have some lovely, printable adult chore charts that you can use in your home. A chore chart will help most adults keep their houses clean and tidy too and can be the secret to an organised home.

Here are just a few of the benefits of printable chore charts for adults:

  • A chore chart can help jobs get done on time, so that smaller tasks don’t pile up and become overwhelming. It can stop the mess getting out of control before it gets too much.
  • A clean and tidy house is much more pleasant to live in and you should feel less stressed.
  • If you cross off jobs as you go along, you’ll feel a growing sense of accomplishment.
  • You will have a record of everything you’ve completed already. So if you can’t remember the last time you changed the bed sheets or cleaned the bathroom, you can check back on your chore charts.

Free Printable Adult Chore Charts

Chore charts can be a useful visual tool for every household, whatever the size of your family. Not only will your house be tidier, cleaner and more organised, there are also lots of benefits of chore charts for children of all ages and adults too.

Chore charts can help your child become more independent, manage their own time and understand finances, and can even help with their brain development. Even the smallest children can start with some basic chores so that by the time they reach their teenage years they’re ready to take on bigger responsibilities and challenges.  

Did You and Your Child Enjoy Our Free Printable Chore Charts?

We have lots more to enjoy on our website – why not have a look around and see what else you can find? All of our activities have been designed to help your child improve their skills and enjoy learning too, like our fun card games .

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12 Simple DIY Chore Chart Ideas That Will Work for Your Family

Make chores a little bit less of a, well, chore.

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Of course, you'll also have to come up with some good age-appropriate responsibilities to put on your chore chart. Parenting experts say kids as young as 18 months can handle basic weekly chores, and it's a great age to start nurturing their budding independence. To get you started, here are some chore chart ideas by age group , from toddlers to teens:

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids Under 6

  • Pick up toys
  • Help adult with sweeping
  • Brush teeth

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 7-12

  • Wash and put away laundry
  • Vacuum floors
  • Carry out trash
  • Put away dishes

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 13+

  • Clean bathroom
  • Help with yard work
  • Clean baseboards
  • Mop kitchen floor
  • Wash the car
  • Clean out fridge

Now that you're armed with what should be on a chore chart, check out these simple chore chart ideas that you can easily make at home:

Free Printable Daily Chore Chart

thirty handmade days printable chore chart for kids

Make it easy to switch up their tasks from week to week with this colorful (and free!) printable chore chart for kids.

Get the printable at Thirty Handmade Days.

Magnetic Cookie Sheet Chore Chart

craftaholics anonymous magnetic diy chore chart

Turn a plain old cookie sheet into a magnetic chore chart with just a few supplies. As kids complete tasks, move the magnet from "To Do" to "Done" and track their progress towards a specific reward at the bottom.

Get the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Extra Cash Chore Chart

that inspired chick money chore chart idea

In addition to the daily chores they do for free (making their bed, putting away their toys, etc.), this simple homemade chore chart will help incentivize kids to help out with bigger jobs around the house. Not having to mow the lawn yourself is totally worth $5, isn't it?

Get the tutorial at That Inspired Chick.

"Mom, I Need Money" Chore Chart

one good thing by jillee chore chart idea

This chore chart is the same idea as the one above, but even cuter thanks to a frame and colorful envelopes.

Get the tutorial at One Good Thing by Jillee.

Chalkboard Chore Charts

eighteen 25 chore chart clipboard

Transform a plain old clipboard into a personalized chore chart with some chalkboard paint.

Get the tutorial at Eighteen 25.

Morning Motivation Chore Chart

the crafting chicks chore chart idea

This checklist for morning and evening routines is magnetic so it can be reused day after day.

Get the tutorial at The Crafting Chicks.

Chore Sticks

chore sticks living well mom

All you need is some popsicle sticks and washi tape to create this easy system to help motivate your kids to complete their chores.

Get the tutorial at Living Well Mom.

Race Car Magnetic Chore Chart

hot wheels magnetic chalk board chore chart

If your kids are obsessed with toy cars, they'll love this fun magnetic chore chart that will keep track of their daily tasks.

Get the tutorial at Hot Wheels.

DIY Mason Jar Chore Chart

colors and craft diy mason jar chore chart

Not only will this chore chart hold your kids accountable for helping out around the house, but it will also look amazing with the rest of your rustic chic decor.

Get the tutorial at Colors and Craft.

Spinning Chore Wheel

printable chore wheel chore chart idea

Turn chores into a game-show like experience with this printable lazy Susan-style wheel o' chores.

Get the printable at Etsy.

DIY Clothespin Chore Chart

eclectic recipes chore chart idea

Hang this easy DIY chore chart on your child's bedroom door so that as they completes tasks, they can easily keep track of what they have left to do everyday.

Get the tutorial at Eclectic Recipes.

Printable Tic-Tac-Toe Chore Chart

design eat repeat printable tic tac toe chore chart

This tic-tac-to do list is so fun, you'll want to use it to motivate yourself to finish up your own chores. When you (or your kids) check off three in a row, treat yourselves to a fun reward.

Get the printable at Design Eat Repeat.

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Free Printable Weekly Chore Charts

The Spruce / Theresa Chiechi

Kids are chaos. Dirty clothes on the floor, toys left all around, messy bedrooms. And, the list goes on. It's important for your kids to learn the age-appropriate chores that should be their responsibility. In this list, you'll find everything from sample, printable chore charts for kids up to 18 to full family chore lists with suggestions. Use these resources as a guideline for developing your family's weekly chore chart.

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 2-7

You can use a blank chore chart as a guideline and complete it with the chores that are right for your kids' ages and maturity levels. The chart focuses on attention and accountability.

For the young ones, you can consider a chore chart that uses pictures instead of words.

Here are some suggestions for age-appropriate chores (with your supervision):

Ages 2 and 3

Personal Chores:

  • Help straighten beds
  • Pick up toys and put them back in their storage place

Family Chores:

  • Put dirty laundry in the laundry basket
  • Fill the pet's water bowl 
  • Help clean up spills and dirt

Ages 4 and 5

  • Get dressed (with a little help)
  • Make the bed (with a little help)
  • Help bring in bags from the car
  • Pick up the toys
  • Brush teeth
  • Set the table with supervision
  • Clear the table with supervision
  • Help with food preparation
  • Help carry in the lighter groceries
  • Sort the laundry (whites vs. colors)
  • Match socks (washed)
  • Be responsible for a pet's food and water bowl
  • Straighten towels 

Ages 6 and 7

  • Make bed every day
  • Choose the day's outfit and get dressed
  • Be responsible for a pet's food, water, and exercise
  • Vacuum individual rooms
  • Fold laundry with supervision
  • Put laundry in drawers and closets
  • Put away dishes from the dishwasher
  • Help prepare food with supervision

Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 8-18

It seems that up to age 11 the chore chart is a boon and then it becomes a bane. Nevertheless, everyone in the family must pull their weight. Consider using a blank chore chart to fill in with age-appropriate weekly chores. For the older kids, responsibilities may begin to expand outside of the home to jobs where they are expected to earn some spending money.

Ages 8 to 11

  • Personal hygiene (showering, teeth, etc.)
  • Keep bedroom neat and clean
  • Be responsible for homework
  • Be responsible for belongings
  • Wake up using an alarm clock
  • Wash dishes
  • Help wash the family car 
  • Help plan and prepare a few easy meals 
  • Clean the bathroom with supervision
  • Rake leaves
  • Learn to use the washer and dryer
  • Put all laundry away with supervision
  • Take the trash can to the curb for pick up

Ages 12 and 13

  • Take care of personal hygiene, belongings, and homework
  • Set the alarm clock
  • Maintain personal items, such as recharging batteries
  • Change bed sheets
  • Keep rooms tidy 
  • Change light bulbs
  • Change the vacuum bag
  • Dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms and do dishes
  • Clean mirrors
  • Mow the lawn with supervision
  • Babysit (in most states)
  • Prepare an occasional family meal

Ages 14 and 15

  • Responsible for all personal chores for ages 12 and 13
  • Responsible for library card and books
  • Do assigned housework without prompting
  • Do yard work as needed
  • Prepare food — from making a grocery list and buying the items (with supervision) to serving a meal — occasionally
  • Wash windows with supervision

Ages 16 to 18

  • Responsible for all personal chores for ages 14 and 15
  • Responsible for earning spending money and to develop their own budget
  • Responsible for purchasing their own clothes
  • Responsible for maintaining any car they drive (e.g., gas, oil changes, tire pressure, etc.)
  • Do housework as needed
  • Prepare family meals - from grocery list to serving the meal — as needed
  • Deep cleaning of household appliances, such as defrosting the freezer, as needed

Family Chore List

It may be more advantageous for you to prepare and publish a family chore list where every member of the family has their daily or weekly responsibilities in one place. Here's an example of a great family chore chart that you can print and use.

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Family Fun Simplified

15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids

  • Jennifer Bradley
  • September 11, 2021

If you want to help your kids learn responsibility, start with one of these great printable chore charts for kids!

One of the hardest parts about getting your kids to do chores is figuring out how to implement a chore routine. This is where a printable chore chart can come in handy. 

In this article, you’ll find 15 different chore chart ideas, as well as tons of info about why doing chores is important for kids, what chores are appropriate for kids to do at specific ages, and tips for carrying out their chore charts. 

Free chore chart printable

To get access to the free chore charts, fill out the form below!

You’ll see examples of each of the chore chart printables for kids below.

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Why chores are important for kids

While it’s probably true that your kids are going to complain about doing chores (ours do!), it’s still really important that our kids have them.

According to a recent article in Psychology Today , there are several reasons why giving our kids chores is a good idea:

  • Giving our kids responsibilities makes them feel special and trusted
  • They can learn new and essential life skills
  • Gaining new skills and confidence helps our kids grow their self-esteem
  • They earn respect and validation for their hard work
  • They’re filling an intrinsic drive to become independent over time

It can be really helpful to focus on the fact that chores are simply responsibilities.

Also, be sure to make the distinction that chores aren’t busy work or punishment, but that each family member is expected to do their responsibilities on behalf of the family team.

(This would be a good time to share your responsibilities and what you contribute to the family team as well!)

When kids see their chores as responsibilities, they may have a better attitude about doing them (we can hope, right?!).

But even if your kids complain, you can remember the big reasons why chores are important and pull out a new chore chart to motivate them!

Keep reading to check out the printable chore charts below!

Individual printable chore charts

All of these chore charts in this section are intended for one kid for one week.

1. Bright printable chore chart

bright printable chore chart for kids

This bright and playful chore chart is intended for tracking one child’s chores for one week.

With spaces for 5 different chores that you can write in as you please, this is a great chore chart for kids of all ages.

2. Weekday chore chart for kids

weekday chore chart idea

If your child doesn’t respond well to the idea of chores, this chore chart is great because it also features the words “tasks” and “to-do’s.”

Also, this printable chore chart is for weekdays only, allowing your kid to have the weekends off.

Finally, there are 8 editable spaces to fill in with the appropriate tasks for your child.

3. Weekly printable chore chart for girls

printable chore chart for girls

It’s ideal for weekly tracking, with the week beginning on Sunday.

4. Weekly printable chore chart for boys

weekly printable chore chart for boys

5. Detailed printable chore chart for kids

detailed printable chore chart for kids

We love this chore chart because it does a great job of breaking up your kids’ responsibilities throughout the day.

With a section for two morning chores, two afternoon chores, and two evening chores, it can make six daily chores seem less overwhelming.

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6. Organized daily chore chart tracker for kids

organized daily chore chart

This great printable chore chart also breaks up the day into morning, afternoon, and evening. Instead of having just two chores per time period, there are three.

The encouraging “Look what I can do!” can help you and your child focus on skills he or she is gaining by doing daily chores.

7. Simple printable chore chart for kids

simple chore chart printable

Another great chore chart for younger kids, this one has spaces for four daily chores.

There’s enough room that you could make multiple checks in the “Done Yet?” column throughout the week.

8. Minimalist printable chore chart for kids

minimalist chore chart

This simple chore chart is perfect for the minimalist home!

Just like all the others here, you can type in your child’s chores in the left-hand column.

9. Balloons printable chore chart

balloons printable chore chart for kids

This fun daily chore chart is a great way to keep track of your child’s chores each day during the week!

10. Rainbow chore chart for kids

detailed chore chart for older kids

This colorful chore chart is best for older kids with more responsibilities!

You can personalize this chart with your kid’s name, keep track of weekly points, and even write down a reward for motivation.

Remember, to get access to any of these great chore charts, fill out this form right here:

Family chore chart ideas

These chore charts below are perfect if you have multiple kids and want to keep track of their chores on the same page!

12. Two siblings’ printable chore chart

printable chore chart for two kids

This great chore chart printable has space to record and track chores for two kids at once!

13. Four siblings’ printable chore chart

chore charts on

This chore chart allows you to list chores for up to four people (you can always include mom and dad, if needed!).

While this chore chart isn’t a tracker, it does allow everyone in the family to see who is responsible for what throughout the day.

14. Family printable chore chart

family printable chore chart

This great chore chart is perfect if you have three or five kids who each have one big responsibility you want to track over one week.

15. Busy bee family chore chart

printable chore chart for families

You can track one chore for up to four people, or two chores for two people.

(It would be great to introduce this chore chart with a short discussion about bees and how every bee has something different to contribute to the hive!)

Age-appropriate chores for kids

Now that you’ve seen the wide variety of printable chore charts for kids available in our FREE printable chore chart bundle, it’s time to figure out what chores are best for kids of different ages!

Here’s a great list, based on a great article from Parents .

Chore Ideas for Toddlers

Although toddlers are young and super dependent, they often love to please their parents and can feel a sense of accomplishment.

You could have them learn to:

  • put away their toys and books
  • help feed the family pet
  • put their clothes in the hamper
  • clean up small spills or messes
  • help set the table
  • get clean laundry out of the dryer
  • put their shoes away

Related article: How to Get Your Toddler to (Actually) Listen

Appropriate chores for 4-7 year-olds

Young kids can do a lot more to help around the house and are getting a lot more independent.

You may consider having them learn these chores:

  • make their beds
  • sort laundry
  • set or clear the table
  • put away their clean laundry
  • water the plants
  • sort the mail
  • collect small trashcans and bins

Chore ideas for 8-11 year olds

Kids ages 8-11 are becoming very capable and can help a lot around the house!

Here are some ideas that could go on their chore charts:

  • empty the dishwasher
  • make their own simple breakfast or lunch
  • sweep the floor
  • take out the garbage
  • weed the garden
  • unload and put away groceries
  • wipe counters
  • clean glass and mirrors
  • dust furniture
  • start the laundry
  • get the mail

Chore ideas for kids 12 and up

By the time kids are teenagers, they may resist doing chores – but that doesn’t mean they should be off the hook! This is an important time for kids to gain important life skills they’ll need after they leave the house.

Remember to present chores as important responsibilities and follow up to make sure they get done. Of course, using a chore chart is a great way to do this!

Chores for tweens and teens:

  • fold the laundry
  • wash and clean the car
  • mow the yard
  • clean the bathroom
  • read to a younger sibling
  • cook basic meals
  • clean the pool
  • babysit younger siblings

What not to do about kids and chores

While some parents offer an allowance for chores, others don’t.

It depends on the age of your kids and whether you feel chores are an expectation for being a part of the family team or not.

The older your kids are, the more likely that an allowance will be positive reinforcement for chores and give your kids a chance to learn good budgeting skills.

So while giving allowance for chores is entirely up to you, there are a few things that parents should avoid doing when it comes to kids and chores according to the WebMD archives :

  • Don’t expect perfection. Allow your kids to learn and grow as they experiment with new responsibilities.
  • Don’t be inconsistent. This is where an awesome chore chart comes in handy!
  • Don’t withhold praise. Look for opportunities to compliment your kid on his or her work.
  • Don’t delay. Kids are often more capable than we give them credit for, so let them start doing chores at an early age.

Final thoughts about these printable chore charts for kids

We hope these awesome FREE printable chore charts for kids will make the process of starting chores as easy as it can be. Don’t forget to fill out this form to get your hands on them!

Having an ideal chore routine may not happen overnight, but stick with it and remember that you can tweak it as needed. Give your kids room to learn and grow – when you stay consistent, they’ll be able to contribute in meaningful ways and develop a sense of responsibility too!

Pin the image below to return to this article in the future!

pin for chore chart article

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Which of these printable chore charts for kids is your favorite?

15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Hi there! I’m Jen and I’m so glad you’re here. I am a mom who believes that meaningful connections with our families can happen in small and simple ways. Read More …

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Love the chore charts. Thank you for posting them.

Love the chore charts! Thank you

There’s no link to print out the charts. Please help.

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Free Printable Chore Charts For Kids – By Age

' src=

  • Pinterest 3.2K

free printable chore chart for kids, with chore lists by age

These free printable chore charts are the perfect way to help kids stay motivated and on track with their household tasks!

Kids helping around the house: more of a headache than a help? Giving them age appropriate daily chores could be the answer! These colorful charts with pictures are perfect for big kids as well as toddlers aren’t able to read yet!

Kids are capable of doing so much more than they are usually given credit for.

free printable age appropriate chore charts for kids

This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Get my full disclosure  here .

why it’s good for kids to do chores

Giving your kids age appropriate chores is not only helpful to Mom and Dad, but does so much to teach them the value of hard work!

helping out makes your kids more invested in their home

Your kids will care more about their home knowing that they are part of the effort to keep it looking nice. Its not just their parents who work toward a great place to live. When the whole family is in it together, you all try harder to keep things looking good.

it helps them to feel needed

Like Thomas the Train, we all like to feel “really useful”. Knowing that they are doing something that really helps Mommy and Daddy is a great feeling!

Something as simple as being the one who unloads the dryer, can make your child feel important and “essential” to the way the household runs.

doing household duties teaches basic life skills

You don’t want your kids to have to learn to do their own laundry and wash the dishes when they move out as adults! Teaching them slowly as they grow up at home will make them experts when they start a home of their own!

Your kids might push back when they’re given chores now. But when they move out and are absolute pros at running a home. They will thank you!! Kids who have never been taught to do the laundry, wash dishes or do basic mending, will be in for a SHOCK when they’re expected to take care of themselves on their own.

develop a good work ethic from an early age

If you are clear about what you expect from your children with each task they do, you’re teaching them how to do a job well. Not just doing the bare minimum. That’s not going to fly when they’re working an adult job and it shouldn’t be ok with their little jobs at home.

Helping your child develop good habits from a young age, you’ll basically be setting them up to be successful at whatever walk of life they end up in.

working together teaches team work

We all work together for a common goal. That goal can be as simple as getting our daily responsibilities knocked out at the same time so that we can all go out and draw with chalk together!

why it’s important to give age appropriate chores

So what is the right age to start giving your kids chores to do? The answer is, it depends a lot on the child.

Your child can start helping you with chores as early as age 2. Give them a little stack of washcloths to fold when you’re doing laundry, help load the dishwasher, pick up toys…

Research shows that at 3 years old, kids should be able to follow simple directions on their own, without help. This seems to be a good age to start adding little chores to your child’s daily routine.

The important thing is to choose chores that are age appropriate so that you and your little one don’t get frustrated! You don’t want to ask so much of them that they can’t do a good job.

“Starting them young” doesn’t need to mean starting your kids with chores they aren’t coordinated enough for yet. They’ll get to the point where they can easily manage a broom soon enough.

Giving a 4 year old the job of sweeping the floor after meals, he’s not going to be able to get the job done well (let along maneuver a long broom). Instead, give him the job of picking up his toys before you sweep, or clearing over his dishes after meals. Those are things he can do, that are actually helpful to you too!

I want my kids first and foremost to be kids! I don’t need them to do my job for me. So I make sure the chores I expect them to do are things they can actually do at the age level they are at.

free printable age appropriate chore charts

about these chore charts for kids

They’re easy to follow.

There’s nothing worse than a complicated chore chart! The best chore charts are simple and easy to follow (even for younger children who can’t read).

These chore chart templates divide your child’s household tasks into 5 categories with blank spaces to fill in each week. Having categories makes it easier for kids to follow and remember what they are responsible each day without having to be reminded.

visual reminders are helpful

Having to keep track of what you need to get done each day is hard enough for us as adults. It’s just too much to expect our kids to be able to remember their responsibilities without having them written down!

Having a visual chart hung in the main area of the home makes it so much easier for kids to remember and track what they have or haven’t done yet. And that, keeps you from having to nag at them and remind them all day long!

a list of age-appropriate chores is included

These charts come with printable lists of chore suggestions for each age so you can get started today! Just find the list of chores suggested for your child’s age, and add them to the blank spots on the chart.

Maybe get them involved by asking which tasks they would like to be responsible for!

free printable age appropriate chore charts

these lists are cute and fun!

I tried to make this free printable chore chart template cheerful and fun with different color variations for your child to choose from!

Paired with a pack of multicolor dry erase markers, and each child’s name at the top, these charts will be special and reflect their own personal style.

they’re free!

Maybe the best part for you as a parent, these charts are completely free! All you have to do is enter your email address at the bottom of this post.

The free chore chart template, and printable chore list will be sent straight to your inbox for you to print as many times as you want!

how these chore charts work?

  • At the beginning of each week, sit down with your child and fill in a chore for each category on their chart. The bottom space is for a “bonus chore.” This chore could be sort of like the extra credit chore that they can do if they have time.
  • You could also make that a homework spot, or some other task they’re responsible for like feeding the pets. It’s up to you what you want to use that space for.
  • Each day you child will be able to see what they need to get done, checking off each task as they finish it.
  • At the end of the week, you could have a set reward for a completed chore chart. Just a little motivation to look forward to.

Check out these fun kids’ chore charts made for Summer vacation .

how many chores should kids do? (by age)

There isn’t a specific number of chores that children should do a day. It’s up to each family to decide what they feel is the right amount.

Every day I set out to do 5 household chores myself and that’s the number of tasks I give my kids to do each day too. Why 5? It seems to be a manageable number that doesn’t sound like too much or two little to me.

lists of kids chores by age:

Chore ideas for kids ages 2-3 years.

  • getting dressed in the morning
  • picking up their toys
  • unloading the dryer
  • collecting dirty laundry around the house
  • setting out their plate for dinner
  • clearing over their dishes after meals
  • feeding the dog/cat
  • dusting with a feather duster
  • picking up toys in the yard

chore ideas for kids ages 4-5 years

  • tidying up their bedding in the morning
  • putting PJs away in the morning
  • dusting baseboards
  • wiping cabinet doors
  • vacuuming with the attachment
  • putting clean silverware away
  • clearing table after meals
  • setting out silverware
  • wiping spots off doors
  • wiping window ledges
  • switching clean clothes to the dryer
  • watering plants with the hose
  • picking up a specified type of toys
  • tidying up their bedroom
  • tidying up shoes

chore ideas for kids ages 6-7 years

  • making their bed
  • gather up dirty laundry
  • loading the dishwasher
  • putting clean dishes away
  • drying dishes
  • water house plants
  • weeding the garden
  • wiping the table after meals
  • cleaning the toilet
  • washing windows
  • folding and putting laundry away
  • setting the drinks out for dinner
  • sweeping the deck off
  • tidying an area of the house

chore ideas for kids ages 8-9 years

  • spraying stains on the laundry
  • running the dishwasher
  • organizing in drawers
  • mopping the floors
  • dusting on shelves
  • wiping bathroom sink and vanity front
  • cleaning mirrors
  • cleaning the vehicle windows
  • vacuuming the vehicle
  • sweeping after meals
  • making part of a meal
  • weeding in the garden
  • tidying their bedroom
  • tidying an entire room completely

chore ideas for kids ages 10-12 years

  • do the whole laundry process
  • hand wash the dishes
  • clean the stovetop
  • clean the front of the fridge
  • wipe down countertops
  • sort a toybox
  • put sheets back on beds
  • dust ceiling fans
  • clean a whole bathroom
  • clean a bedroom completely
  • clean inside a vehicle
  • clean the staircase railings
  • take the trash out

chore ideas for teens

By the time your kids are teenagers, they should be able to do just about any chores you can do. This is their time to really prepare to live on their own someday!

My adult chore chart system would probably work better for your older children than the kids charts.

how to stick with these chore charts:

Consistency is key with sticking with anything new. And that’s definitely true when it comes to putting a new routine into place.

  • Hang them in a main area of the house where they won’t be forgotten.
  • Sit down together to fill the charts out at the beginning of the week.
  • Use a reward system to encourage each child to get to all of their weekly chores. Maybe celebrate with ice cream or reward with screen time when all of the tasks are finished at the end of the week.
  • Don’t skip weeks – the more consistent you can be in sticking with the chore charts, the more it will become a part of your every day routine
  • Don’t put off chores until afternoon . The earlier in the day you can knock out chore time, the better.

You know what would help too, is if mom has her own chart too! I think you’d really like using my free printable chore charts for adults !

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Let me know how your family likes using these printable chore charts by age and what ideas you have in the comments below! Feel free to share this post with friends and family who could use them too!

Pin these steps to try later. Tag @athomeontheprairie on  Instagram  to share what you’ve made with us!

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Thanks so much! I appreciate all your printables. They have def helped me be a better organized mom and housewife!

I’m so glad to hear that Stephanie!

I would like to try the system. Please send me the charts for 8-9 years and 10-12 years. Thank you

Yes! I’m sending it to you right now! Sorry the email input area disappears from time to time.

How do I download the chore charts?

I’m sending it to you right now! Sorry the email input area disappears from time to time.

Would you please send me the link to download your chore charts for kids AND adults? The link seems to have disappeared from both pages. Thanks!

I’m so sorry about that! They should be showing up again but I went ahead and entered your email in case

How can I access the printables please? The kids chore chart, adult chore chart, and the house cleaning charts. Thanks

Hi Ellie! I’m sorry the email input areas disappear for some reason sometimes. They should be showing up now!

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How to Make a Chore Chart

Last Updated: January 21, 2024 References

This article was co-authored by Wits End Parenting . Wits End Parenting is a parent-coaching practice based in Berkeley, California specializing in strong-willed, “spirited” children with impulsivity, emotional volatility, difficulty “listening,” defiance, and aggression. Wits End Parenting's counselors incorporate positive discipline that is tailored to each child’s temperament while also providing long-term results, freeing parents from the need to continually re-invent their discipline strategies. This article has been viewed 81,969 times.

A chore chart is an excellent way to keep track of your daily responsibilities and maintain a well-kept home. An orderly home will make your guests feel more comfortable, your possessions last longer, and the overall atmosphere of your home more pleasant appearing and smelling. Add the fact that it's always easier to lay your hands on something put away in the right place, and it's hard to imagine why someone wouldn't make use of a chore chart. With a few supplies and an awareness of what needs to be done, you'll soon be checking off chores on your very own chore chart.

Planning Your Chore Chart

Step 1 Write a list of all your chores.

  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Making beds
  • Tidying bedrooms
  • Putting away dishes
  • Folding laundry

Step 2 Choose the best schedule for your daily life.

  • Chore charts can be as general or specific as you like. For those who have difficulty finding time to do chores, you may want a very specific chore chart and schedule.
  • Some people find it easier to assign chores to a day, or even week. In this case, the person who has to do the chore will have an entire day or week to check off the chore from the chart. [2] X Research source

Step 3 Divide and conquer.

  • This is a great technique for children who are resistant to chores. Once they see how much work you do next to their few around-the-house tasks, they'll likely be less difficult.
  • Allow some flexibility with chore assignments. If someone particularly hates a specific chore, maybe a less hated one can be exchanged for it.

Step 4 Gather your chore chart making materials.

  • Binder ring (optional)
  • Card stock (optional)
  • Dry erase board
  • Dry erase markers
  • Notebook (optional)
  • Paper (optional)
  • Pen (optional)
  • Stickers (optional)

Making a Chore Chart

Step 1 Prepare your supplies.

  • If you have five chores, you should have at least six rows. The topmost row will be for days of the week, so you'll need one more row than your number of chores. [5] X Research source

Step 3 Draw a diagonal line in the upper left hand box.

  • If you don't have enough room in your top row to write out the entire name of each day of the week, use simple abbreviations, like: M, T, W, TH, F, S, SU

Step 5 Mark off completed chores.

  • For example, when the chore doer's bed is made, you'll put a check mark in the box to the right of "Make Bed" in the corresponding column for the day of the week.
  • For children especially resistant to chores, you may want to do a brief inspecting of the work before you hand out a check mark.

Step 6 Offer chore incentives to make joyful workers.

  • For chores that alternate doers per day, week, or a similar situation, you might want to use initials to mark the chore complete and keep track of order.
  • For example, if Billy takes out the trash Tuesday but Susan is expected to on Thursday, initials would clearly indicate both whose turn it is and chore completion.

Step 8 Separate chore lists for picky chore doers.

Ensuring the Job gets Done

Step 1 Supervise and lend a helping hand.

  • Play the word chain game while you work. Choose a category, and take turns while doing chores chaining together the last letter of a word in that category with the first letter of the next word. For example: Category : Sports basebal l → l ug e → e ight bal l → l imb o ...

Step 2 Offer reward for full completion.

  • Write down all parts involved in doing the chore on card stock and punch a hole in its upper left hand corner.
  • Put a binder ring in the punched corner.
  • Leave the card in the room where the chore will be done.
  • Attach the binder ring somewhere obvious, but out of the way. Maybe on the arm of a lamp, or onto a rung of a chair that sits off in the corner.
  • For rooms that have multiple chores, you can collect several cards on the same binder ring.

Expert Q&A

  • For children especially, allowing a little personalization of a chore list can help them to take ownership of it. Be creative, and allow chore doers to be creative as well! [10] X Research source Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

chore charts on

Things You'll Need

You might also like.

Schedule Your Day

  • ↑ https://www.rent.com/blog/how-to-make-a-chore-chart/
  • ↑ https://www.tipjunkie.com/post/chore-chart-reward-systems/
  • ↑ https://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2014/09/19/great-chores-kids/
  • ↑ https://crystalandcomp.com/activites-for-kids-how-to-make-a-chore-chart/
  • ↑ Wits End Parenting. Parenting Specialists. Expert Interview. 5 March 2020.
  • ↑ https://aspottedpony.com/diy/make-cleaning-fun-for-kids-with-a-simple-diy-chore-chart/3867/

About This Article

Wits End Parenting

To make a chore chart, start by writing out a list of chores that need to be done in your household on a weekly basis. Next, divide the tasks among the members of your household, taking account of each person’s abilities and schedules. Then, draw a chart on a dry erase board with eight columns and as many rows as you have chores. In the first column, list each chore, and on the top row, list each day of the week. Finally, have each person put a check mark in the correct spot with a marker in their assigned color each time they finish a chore. For tips on how to motivate your kids to do their chores, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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31 Free Printable Chore Charts (Lots of Fun & Cute Charts!)

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Looking for some free chore charts? We’ve got a ton of printable chore charts you can grab right here.

printable chore charts

Are you tired of pulling your hair out trying to get your kids to do their chores? Well, have no fear because our free printable chore charts are here!

There are lots of great benefits of a chore chart system and will create less chaos and more happiness for the entire family.

These charts are so fun and customizable that your kids will actually want to do their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Don’t believe us?

Just wait till you see how excited they get to check off each completed chore.

Get ready to say goodbye to the hassle and hello to an organized and efficient home with our totally awesome chore charts.

Table of Contents

Weekly Chore Charts

Daily chore charts, family chore charts, tips for using the chore charts, grab the free chore chart printables, printing tips.

Our most popular chore charts are these free weekly chore charts.

We include bright and colorful ones, as well as a few printer friendly black and white ones.

cute chore charts for kids

We included two versions of our favorite printable chore chart, a pink version and a blue version. You write the chores in the black areas on the left and the kids can mark them off as they go.

daily and weekly chore charts

We have a few variations of the chore chart that leaves plenty of places for you to write in the household chores for the child.

weekly chore chart

This makes keeping up with weekly chores a breeze! The one above has lots of cute heats to fill in which is great for a girls chore chart, but boys love it too!

weekly chore chart

We also have a very minimalist version that’s great for older kids to keep up with their daily tasks.

before and after school chore charts

We also have a before school chore chart and an after school chore chart. These are great for basic tasks and age appropriate chores that kids are expected to do daily.

blank before and after school chore charts

And if our ideas don’t fit with your kids chores, then we have two blank versions where you write in your own chores.

colorful printable chore charts

We also have one that breaks chores down by time of day, so morning chores, afternoon chores and evening chores can easily be seen and identified.

cure chore charts for kids

We also include these cute and colorful blank chore charts where you can write in your kids chores. Whether you are looking for a boys chore chart or a girls chore chart you’re sure to find one perfect for kids of all different ages.

family chore chart

Some of these free printables offer a reward area if you plan on implementing a reward system for your chore charts.

We made sure to include it in some, but not all, so you can decided if the rewards are the route you want to go for motivation for your chores.

printable chore charts

We also have a couple of dog chore charts, for kids who are expected to help with their dog on a daily basis, and a behavior rewards chart which is great for recognizing good behavior in younger kids.

minimal chore charts

We also included a simple basic chore charts that are printer friendly and easy to customize once printed out.

We have a few daily chore charts that are perfect to help kids focus on daily tasks.

daily chore chart

This one focuses on the daily tasks for morning, afternoon and evening.

kids chore charts

We also have one that has sections for different names so you can use one chart for several kids. And one that’s divided by section of the house. Like outside chores and kitchen chores to break down the chores a bit differently.

And finally, if you are looking for a printable family chore chart , we’ve got those too!

family chore chart

Here you can write the name of each family member, their chores and then there’s an area to check them off for each day of the week.

So one sheet for the entire family per week that all the family members can view and remember their chores.

family chore chart

Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your printable chore charts:

Laminate for durability: Consider laminating the charts to ensure they withstand usage and that you can use them again and again.

Get creative with customization: Encourage your kids to get creative with their charts by adding their own colorful stickers, emojis, drawings or even motivational quotes.

Set realistic expectations: Start with just a few essential chores and gradually add more to your charts to avoid overwhelming your kids.

Make it a family affair: Include parents and siblings on the list of tasks to encourage participation and teamwork.

Revisit and revise: Revisit the charts regularly to see what is working and what’s not – and revise accordingly. Maybe your kids would appreciate more incentives or rewards for completing their chores, or maybe they just need a gentle reminder from time to time. Either way, experimenting is key to finding out what works best for your family.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to running a well-oiled household and your kids will be on their way to being responsible rockstars!

To get all of our free chore charts, put your email in the box below. We’ll send them all straight to your inbox.

From there you can pick which ones you want to print and print them out, completely free.

These are for personal or classroom use only please, not for commercial use. Thank you!

The chore charts will all come in one pretty large PDF. So I suggest finding the page numbers of the charts you want to print. Then under settings, put the numbers of the pages you want to print.

free printable chore charts for kids

What will you be doing with your free printable chore chart?

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12 Simple Chore Chart Ideas + Free Printable Chore Charts!

chore ideas free printable This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

chore charts on

Having a chore chart is a great idea but what about figuring out some great chore chart ideas to put on them? Since children are all different ages, you’ll need to make certain that you have a chore chart with age-appropriate activities for your family.

That’s why I love using a printable chore chart! One of the best parts about having a printable chore chart is that you can easily change direction as needed.

Simply start by narrowing down the choice from all these chore charts below and then get ready to start talking about using it daily with your child. 

Stuck about what to actually put on your chore chart once you have it? I’ve got you covered! I’m also breaking down chore chart ideas by age group below to give you a starting point. 

Plus, since you’re using a printable chore chart, you can simply change it up and reprint it again next week if something doesn’t work. It may take a little experimentation, but your children will be helping out around the house in no time at all!

collection of homemade chore chart ideas for kids

Age-Appropriate Chore Chart Ideas

For chore charts to be successful, your children need to be able to safely do the chores. Keep in mind that the younger children will have to help out too but they’ll be more limited on what they can and can’t do. Below are some chores broke down by age to have on your chore charts at home.

A little girl sweeping a white floor

Chore Ideas for Young Children (6 and below)

During this age, keep the chores simple and engaging. Some ideas include:

  • Wiping down the windows
  • Cleaning the mirrors
  • Putting away the clean laundry
  • Setting the dinner table at night
  • Feeding the pets
  • Cleaning their bedroom

Chore Ideas for Children aged 7-10

During this age, your kiddos can start to help out a little bit more. Some chore ideas to add to their chore charts include:

  • Washing Clothes
  • Taking out the trash
  • Putting away the dishes
  • Sorting the laundry
  • Pulling weeds outside in the yard
  • Picking up their bedroom
  • Raking leaves

Chore Ideas for Tweens and Teens

At this age, there are a lot of chores that can be added to their lists. Some of these chores could include:

  • Mopping the kitchen floor
  • Helping to declutter rooms in the home
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cleaning the baseboards
  • Wiping out and down the fridge
  • Helping to mow the lawn (if safe and old enough)
  • Wash the car

As you can see, all of these simple chore ideas are great things to add to your chore charts. Having the kids help out around the house will soon turn into a habit for them and seem more like a normal daily activity than work.

Free Printable Chore Chart Ideas

Now that you know some great chore chart ideas for the kids in the family, let’s look at some free printable chore charts that you can easily use in your home on a daily basis.

Chore chart by zone

This Chore Chart is full of practical ideas and great for all ages. Why have a chore chart in your house at all if it’s not likely that anyone will actually do the chores.

Check out this easy to use Daily Routine Printable . It’s a simple format that keeps it nice and easy and less stressful for the kids to be able to check off the items that they get done on a daily basis.

adding stickers to colorful yellow chore chart for kids

In some houses, a morning routine is the sole responsibility of the kids and might be the only “chores” that they have to worry about. This preschool morning chart is a great way to form habits.

You’re going to love this Kids Chore Chart . Not only does it use a lot of visual pictures on it, but it’s created for a wide variety of ages as well. This chart is a great way to get the kids active and engaged in their day.

printable blue and purple chore chart ideas

Why not have the kids help in making their own chore chart? This DIY Chore Chart is a fun way to get everyone involved in creating it from start to finish.

What I love about these No Excuse Chore Cards is that they’re mobile and it allows the kids to take them with them as they’re working through all their chores. They’re not your traditional chore chart, but they’re effective and might be perfect for your home.

More chore printables to consider

Filling in your own chore chart for kids is easy with this Printable Blank Kids Chore Chart . Each day is open and empty and ready to be filled by you!

If you have young kids that you aren’t quite comfortable giving chores to, why not have them try this Daily Visual Schedule ? It still gives them a few activities to do and holds them accountable as well.

Take a look at this printable chore chart! Not only does it give you pages of ideas for age-appropriate chores but then it also gives you extra pages to assign and create your chore chart that works for your home, too.

For your preschool-aged child, they’ll love this Preschool Morning Routine printable. It will give them a feeling of being just like the big kids!

Sometimes, when the kids are young enough, just having a list of chores for them to work through is enough. This simple printable might be just what your little helper needs!

Don’t forget this fun chore idea!

chore sticks for kids list with mason jars and washi tape wrapped popsicle sticks

Chore Sticks are actually a fun way to get the kids motivated to help out more at home. All you need are some simple popsicle sticks to get started!

See how much fun it can be to find some cute chore printables or ideas to get the kids excited to help out with the housework? Let them decide what printable is going to work best for them, too!

What are some other chore ideas for kids that you would add to the list? I’d love to hear them!

Just pin it below to find the instructions later!

collection of printable chore chart ideas for kids

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chore charts on

Printable Chore Charts

Chore Charts

199 free printable chore charts , behavior charts and reward charts you can download and print for free. Or, download customizable blank chore charts for just $5. Great for motivating kids and tracking goals at home or in school.

Here are the 15 most popular chore charts:

Stayed Dry All Night

Stayed Dry All Night

Colorful Chore Bucks

Colorful Chore Bucks

Bank Ledger

Bank Ledger

Individual Monthly Chore Chart By Week

Individual Monthly Chore Chart By Week

Quitting Smoking Planner

Quitting Smoking Planner

Allowance Chart

Allowance Chart

Personal Daily And Weekly Chore Chart

Personal Daily And Weekly Chore Chart

Star Rewards Chart

Star Rewards Chart

Child Obedience Chart

Child Obedience Chart

Thumbs Up Chore Bucks

Thumbs Up Chore Bucks

Monthly Chore Chart

Monthly Chore Chart

Monthly Chore Chart with Pastel Colors

Monthly Chore Chart with Pastel Colors

Stars Chore Bucks

Stars Chore Bucks

Chore Chart with Seven Chores and Pictures

Chore Chart with Seven Chores and Pictures

Good Behavior Chart

Good Behavior Chart

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These chore charts are easy to download and print. Each page is available in two versions: a free version and a $5.00 editable version.

The free versions are available in PDF format: just download one, open it in a program that can display the .PDF file format, and print.

The $5.00 versions are Microsoft Word .DOC files that you can edit to your specifications, adding your child's specific chores, for example.

See the differences between the free and paid versions .

Also available: more free printables for kids

Goal Charts

Behavior Charts

Reward Charts

School Charts

Personal Care Charts

Chore Bucks

Chore Wheels

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16 Fun and Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids

A printable chore chart is the perfect tool to help children become motivated when it comes to completing their household chores and jobs. There are many different free printable chore chart options included below for children of all ages.

To make these fun chore charts you will need to print off the free PDF printable chore chart of choice and have stickers or a pen handy to mark off the boxes. You can choose to use a reward once the chore chart is complete or if they’ve reached a certain goal. You can also just use the stickers as motivation to help children complete their chores at home.

Scroll down for ideas on how to use these free printable chore charts as well as for the free chore chart PDFs. For additional fun printable PDFs to help children learn skills and responsibilities be sure to also check out these helpful behavior charts or printable potty charts as well.

This post may contain affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate and a member of other affiliate programs, I may earn a small compensation from qualifying purchases. All opinions and recommendations are my own. 

Free Chore Chart Printable PDFs for Kids

How to use Printable Chore Charts

*These chore charts work great as resources for helping children learn responsibility. You can pair them with lessons, books, and activities that will help teach the chores.

Show and model the chores and have children complete the chores with you. Purchase items that will help make the chores easier if necessary like smaller brooms, helper stools, etc…

Sit down and talk together about chores and why they are important. Talk about responsibility and each person taking a part in helping around the home. Read books about helping such as Berenstein Bears and the Trouble with Chores .

Once you’ve talked about the importance of helping and why we have chores choose a chore chart and print it off. Then sit together and brainstorm the possible chores to add to their chart. You can always start small and add more once children are showing that they are able to complete the listed chores.

As children complete their chores you can mark them off or add a sticker to the box. You can choose to mark them off real time once the chore is completed or sit down together at the end of the night and mark down the ones they have completed.

Once the chart has been completed or if they’ve met a goal of a certain number of chores marked off each week/month they can choose a reward or get an allowance that has been determined ahead of time.

Children’s Chore Ideas

  • Unload/load the dishwasher
  • Clean their room
  • Brush their teeth
  • Get themselves dressed
  • Make the bed
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Pick up their toys
  • Put dishes in the sink
  • Fold/put away the laundry
  • Wipe up spills
  • Do their homework
  • Sweep/mop the floors
  • Do the dishes
  • Feed the family pet
  • Make their lunch
  • Put their clothes in the hamper
  • Water flowers
  • Rake leaves
  • Mow the lawn
  • Put away groceries
  • Take out the trash
  • Wash the car
  • Grab the mail
  • Change sheets

*If you don’t want to print out a chore chart they also have lots of great magnetic chore charts and routine charts for kids available for purchase. This one by the learn and climb store is a great choice.

Free Printable Weekly Chore Charts

Why do Chore Charts Work?

Chore charts help children stay motivated to complete their chores. Children will get excited to earn stickers and mark items off as completed.

The extra push for a reward, allowance, or even just the satisfaction of marking an item off the list will help children feel accomplished. Sitting down with them ahead of time to discuss the chores will give them time together and help them understand why their chores are necessary.

The visual of having printable chore charts and the check ins at night or after each chore will help them remember that they need to do their chores and help them build responsibility.

Magnetic Chore Chart, 3 Pcs Dry Erase Behavior Charts & 10 Markers, Reward Chart for Multiple Kids Teens Adults Family, Daily Responsibility Rewards Whiteboard for Fridge Home Supplies

What are some appropriate rewards for kid’s completing their chores?

There are a lot of different rewards that you can use when completing a chore chart. You should sit down with your child ahead of time to work together and pick out what they will be working towards.

One way to use these chore charts is to set a goal. You can do a goal each day (IE complete 5/7 chores every day), each week, or each month. Then when/if they meet their goal they get to pick their reward.

Another way to use these chore charts is to set an amount of allowance that the children will earn with each chore completed or each day they complete a set number of chores. Make it realistic and attainable (We do $0.10 for each chore completed). Then when they reach a certain number they can spend their allowance or choose to save it.

Things that go along with your child’s interests and needs work best for rewards. Let your child choose their favorite toy, a special activity together, or a favorite treat. Some ideas include:

Daily Reward Ideas:

  • Treat (popsicle/candy/extra snack)
  • Game with parents
  • Books with parents
  • Super small prize/trinket (bouncy balls, notepads, pencils, crayons, etc)
  • Money/coins

Weekly/Monthly Reward Ideas:

  • Stuffed animal
  • Outing to place of choice (trip to zoo, trampoline park, playground, arcade, etc…)
  • Visit with Grandma/Grandpa
  • Movie night
  • Trip to movie theater
  • New book, toy of choice
  • Play date with a friend
  • Shopping trip with parent to pick out item of choice

Princess, Space, Farm, & Fairy Chore Chart Games

These four chore charts are set up like game boards. Each board has 25 total circles until they make it to the end. This turns chores into a game. Talk with children ahead of time to set a goal for which chore (or chores) they are going to be focusing on. Then add a sticker to each circle when they complete a chore. Once they fill up all 25 circles they get the decided upon reward.

Fairy, Space, Farm and Princess Chore Game Charts

Unicorn, Dinosaur, and Zoo Animal Printable Chore Charts

These printable weekly chore charts have six spaces to fill in different chores of choice. There are three fun patterns for these chore chart printables. Each includes a name space and 42 spots to earn stickers or mark chores off.

Sit down together ahead of time and decide which chore or chores to focus on. Write them in the larger spot where the chores go on the left side. Decide on a reward or amount of allowance.

At the end of each day (or as children complete each chore) sit down together and add on stickers to each chore space completed. Once they reach the goal they earn the reward.

Zoo, Dinosaur, and Unicorn Chore Charts

Construction, Mermaid, and Truck Chore Charts

These fun mermaid, construction, and Spiderman behavior charts also have a weekly theme. They are similar to the above chore charts but with different patterns and designs.

Choose six different chores that young children are capable of completing on their own. Ideas are included above to give you some help getting started. You can also choose to focus on 3 or four and just not fill up all the chore lines.

Once children complete their chore for the day they can add a sticker or mark off the box next to it. Once they reach a certain goal children can earn a prize (the stickers work great enough for motivation for some kids) or an allowance.

Mermaid, Trucks and Spiderman Chore Chart Printables

Sports, Rainbow, Stars, and Donut Chore Chart Printables

These sports, rainbow, stars, and donut themed chore charts are the perfect simple chore charts that have a lot of open spaces and are very customizable.

There are 30 blank spaces where children can earn a sticker for the chore completed. You could have a list of chores and they choose one to complete. They can then earn a sticker for the chore and choose another chore to complete until their chart is filled up.

You could also pick a chore to focus on for the whole chart. Once their chart is filled up they can earn the reward or allowance.

You can even do a different chore for each row of the chore chart. Just write the chore on the left side next to the row. Then they can earn a sticker for each of their chores completed. Choose a desired amount of stickers earned for the week and then they earn a prize if they meet their goal. 

There are lots of different ways to use these customizable chore charts. Choose which way works best for your family and child, print it out, and get started. 

Rainbow, Stars, Donuts and Sports Chore Charts

Smiley Face Chore Chart Printables

These weekly chore charts are great for if you are targeting certain chores that you need or want your child to complete. They have a spot to write in the chore and a smile and frown for each day of the week the chore is completed. Choose an agreed upon goal for the week.

If your child completes the chore at the end of the day color in the smiley face. If they forget to do the chore or choose not to complete it, color in the frowny face. Then if they’ve earned a set number of smiley faces at the end of the day or week they can earn their reward.

Smiley Face Chore Charts

All of these great daily and weekly chore chart printables are completely customizable. Choose which chore chart desired, fill in as much or as little of the chore charts, set goals with your children, talk about the importance of chores, and choose rewards or allowance for them.

If you take these steps you will hopefully start to see more motivation and responsibility when it comes to getting children to do their chores and help out around the house.

Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Additional Charts to Help Children Learn Skills:

The chore charts listed above will help children learn responsibility and complete tasks around the home. For a few additional charts to help children with daily tasks and skills check out some of the below. A lot of the styles and designs match so they would be perfect for crossover and connection when teaching the skills.

  • Printable potty charts : 12 fun options for potty training charts to help toddlers learn how to use the bathroom.
  • Behavior chart printables: 16 super cute charts to help work on behaviors at home. Includes daily and weekly behavior charts that work perfectly for the classroom as well as home. Help to target the positive behaviors you want to see more of.
  • Tooth brushing charts: 7 different charts that remind children to brush their teeth every morning and night. Great visuals for children who need an extra reminder and motivation to brush their teeth two times a day.
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    Chore Chart Ideas for Kids 13+. Clean bathroom. Help with yard work. Clean baseboards. Mop kitchen floor. Wash the car. Clean out fridge. Now that you're armed with what should be on a chore chart ...

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    Free Printable Weekly Chore Charts. Kids are chaos. Dirty clothes on the floor, toys left all around, messy bedrooms. And, the list goes on. It's important for your kids to learn the age-appropriate chores that should be their responsibility. In this list, you'll find everything from sample, printable chore charts for kids up to 18 to full ...

  16. 15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids

    These chore charts below are perfect if you have multiple kids and want to keep track of their chores on the same page! 12. Two siblings' printable chore chart. This great chore chart printable has space to record and track chores for two kids at once! 13. Four siblings' printable chore chart.

  17. Free Printable Chore Charts For Kids

    chore ideas for kids ages 2-3 years. getting dressed in the morning. picking up their toys. unloading the dryer. collecting dirty laundry around the house. setting out their plate for dinner. clearing over their dishes after meals. feeding the dog/cat. dusting with a feather duster.

  18. How to Make a Chore Chart (with Pictures)

    To make a chore chart, start by writing out a list of chores that need to be done in your household on a weekly basis. Next, divide the tasks among the members of your household, taking account of each person's abilities and schedules. Then, draw a chart on a dry erase board with eight columns and as many rows as you have chores.

  19. 31 Free Printable Chore Charts (Lots of Fun & Cute Charts!)

    Weekly Chore Charts. Our most popular chore charts are these free weekly chore charts. We include bright and colorful ones, as well as a few printer friendly black and white ones. We included two versions of our favorite printable chore chart, a pink version and a blue version. You write the chores in the black areas on the left and the kids ...

  20. 12 Simple Chore Chart Ideas + Free Printable Chore Charts!

    Mopping the kitchen floor. Cleaning their bedroom. Helping to declutter rooms in the home. Cleaning the bathroom. Cleaning the baseboards. Wiping out and down the fridge. Helping to mow the lawn (if safe and old enough) Wash the car. As you can see, all of these simple chore ideas are great things to add to your chore charts.

  21. Free DIY Chore Chart Printable

    Here's why this DIY Chore Chart is the last one you'll ever need and why chore charts are important: Chores teach kids responsibility. Helping to keep your house clean will give the kids a feeling of pride of where they live. I think it's hilarious when my 18-year-old brings her friends around. They think our house is FANCY but it's just clean.

  22. Chore Charts

    Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. (No spam, ever!) Subscribe (Free!) These chore charts are easy to download and print. Each page is available in two versions: a free version and a $5.00 editable version.. The free versions are available in PDF format: just download one, open it in a program that can display the .PDF file format, and print.. The $5.00 versions are Microsoft Word .DOC ...

  23. 16 Fun and Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids

    Great visuals for children who need an extra reminder and motivation to brush their teeth two times a day. 16 fun and free printable chore charts for kids of all ages. Includes daily and weekly chore charts. Unicorn, zoo animals, spiderman, donut, stars, and more.

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