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Group Assignment Company Law

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Answer has an adequate review of academic literature

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Marina Eremeeva

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Muhammed Anas

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Bonar Hutapea , Novita Liesera , alvianty wijaya , Joy Natalia

Many researchers have shown that academic dishonesty is a very common issue among students. Academic dishonesty makes it difficult for lecturers to know the depth of their students’ understanding and comprehension about certain subject and course. Most of the researches on this issue are focused on factors such as personality trait and social influence. However, it is commonly observed that many students procrastinate studying or completing their assignments. As a result, to keep up with academic standard, students tend to decide academic dishonesty as a pragmatic solution. It is reasonable to consider procrastination to be one of the factors that relates to academic dishonesty. Therefore, this study aims to find out whether there is any correlation between procrastination and academic dishonesty. This study applied non-experimental quantitative method design. Indonesian undergraduate students from various universities in Indonesia and overseas (N=174) completed Academic Dishonesty Scale and Aitken Procrastination Inventory. From statistical analysis, it was found that the level of academic dishonesty is low and of procrastination is moderate. There is a significant and positive correlation between procrastination and academic dishonesty; none of personal characteristics has significant role in that relation. The findings partially support the relevance of inappropriate habitual behaviour explanation in the academic setting, particularly among college students. Limitations of this research were discussed in terms of further research and practical implications.

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Faculty of Engineering-B.Arch Degree Course-Syllabi for third to tenth Semesters-approved-implemented-with effect from 2012 admissions-orders issued.

Sidheek Ali

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