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29 Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Sebring Design Build

If you enjoy creating projects and crafts as a hobby, or if you need a creative workspace to make the most out of your crafting career; you might be thinking of adding a craft room to your home. Do you have a spare guest room you don’t use? Are you thinking of converting a closet or an area in your basement into a functional and fabulously designed craft room?

When it comes to setting aside some space for your most creative works, there are several ways that you can get it done. Whether you need an organized and spacious space for your projects, or you’re looking to give your kids a fun space to get their hands wet with paint; there are several ideas that can spark your creativity and help you develop the best craft rooms. From tables and furniture to organization and craft room storage ideas, here’s how to make your craft room the best and most useful crafting room around.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Seeking a place to work on your ideas and craft projects? Everything appears so artistic and vibrant in this imaginative craft room by Wonderland Homes. Great touch and feel to enhance the classroom environment.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

If you want to look professional and elegant, you should have a well-designed room. This craft room by Stanley Martin Homes is just incredibly contemporary. Love the warm feeling this craft room gives off!


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Everyone would prefer a tidy craft space over one that is disorganized. This neat, organized craft area from California Closets HQ appears peaceful and light. Here, one of the best craft rooms! A genuine masterpiece.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

People would be fascinated to see how tidy your craft room is. There are numerous jars and bottles in this craft area designed by Classically Yours Interiors (CYInteriors) for each button color. Organization is crucial, especially when dealing with crafts.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

The clever interior design of Neal’s Design Remodel makes the space appear plentiful and light. Thought to be a kitchen, it is a craft room—a stunning master craft room with storage and compartments for all of your projects.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

When you feel like creating crafts and artwork, creating them in a peaceful, natural setting is fantastic. This craft area has a great layout and a timeless design thanks to Legacy Custom Homes, Inc. This craft area makes simple and eclectic use of its space.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

If you choose a farmhouse craft design like this, everything will appear new. The design of this amazing craft area by Caesarstone with Clark & Co Homes. Fresh & inviting. Tons of great storage cabinetry. I love the unique flooring choice and lighting.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Do you desire a craft space with a contemporary, cheerful design? What a magnificent structure from Studio Build. This colorful modern condo greatly uses the area for its featured sewing/craft room.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

The use of color and space in this craft room is spectacular! I love how they painted the ceiling teal to coordinate with the other accessories. This Cabinet Concepts by Design craft room decor features many vibrant colors.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

This RW Anderson Homes craft room epitomizes sleek and contemporary style. This is very stylish because of its color scheme of black and gray. This laundry/craft area has a modern, industrial look and feel.

Craft Room Table Ideas

Want to make the most of an ultra-efficient and super functional crafting table? Add cabinets to your table for a transformative workbench! Some of the most popular craft room table ideas have emerged from turning a cabinet cubby space into a tabletop wonder.

You can add a solid wooden counter to an already existing row of cubbies to turn it into a table. Make sure the table is at the height you need, so that you can be sure to add some chairs underneath the counter to make the space truly your own.

Other ideas for a craft room table include:

  • A long and wide desk with plenty of cubby space on each side
  • Table on sturdy rollers, so that you can take your desk with you while you work in different areas of the room
  • Collapsible wood table with leaflets that can be expanded or reduced on each side, giving yourself the flexibility of having more or less space to work with

Take advantage of a table or a desk space that you aren’t using and transform it into a table to accommodate all of your crafts.

Craft Room Furniture Ideas

There are plenty of ways you can use different types of furniture to your advantage in a crafting room. You can make the most out of a smaller space by installing shelving units on the walls, or pieces of PVC pipe attached to the wall to hold your pencils, paint brushes, and more.

Having a nice set of cabinets flush against a wall of your room is always a great idea for your craft room, as the odds are you are probably looking to invest in storage. Wooden cabinets or cubbies can go a long way, especially if you have bins and boxes that are able to fit into those spaces. You can improvise by upcycling certain items – like a spice rack, for example – to transform it into a piece of furniture that can store items and also serve as a trendy decorative piece for your room.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

This ingenious layout is just what you need if you have a huge family. This spacious area is decorated more conventionally and features beautifully crafted craft room tables. Melissa McLay Interiors has done an amazing job with this bright, airy design.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Everyone will concur that this room is so feminine and crafty that anyone would be intrigued. Everything looks fantastic in this vibrant, artsy room by California Closets of Louisville. What a delightful and happy place to design!


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

A great idea if you have an extra bedroom. This room by CM Fresh Perspectives is for a serious scrapbooker. The genius use of cubbies, drawers, and baskets/containers keeps everything neat. Plus, the colors were chosen to give it a fresh, welcoming feel.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

These Nashville homeowners have plenty of room for creativity. Supplies are kept on a large shelving unit. Also, it is bright and lit well by natural light! There is a ton of space in this creative room design by Norris Architecture .

Craft Room Storage Ideas

Storage is the number one factor that goes into what you should be holding in your craft room, and how much of it you can hold. Storage can make or break the entire room, so be sure to use your space wisely as you come up with some creative ways to store your items in a beautiful and easy-to-find way. Here are some ideas below to get you started.

Craft Room Storage Furniture and Cabinets

Who says furniture can’t be functional? You can take advantage of several pieces of furniture in your crafting room so that they aren’t just big chunks of wood or fabric taking up space.

The best type of storage furniture you can use tends to be cabinetry and cubby spaces . You can even build craft room storage cabinets underneath your work table or work desk, giving you room to store extra items that are out of the way but not inaccessible. Even chairs and stools can come equipped with secret storage space underneath the seat for you to hide great items. If you’re building a kid’s crafting room, you can install a safe chest or a piece of furniture that also stores all of their toys and supplies.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Despite the narrow and small space, everything in this crafts room looks necessary. Excellent work, Closet Solutions. A lot of punch in this little space. Note that the sliding shelf provides extra workspace when needed.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Everything in this inventive and original room design looks fantastic. Everything appears very tidy and well-organized, thanks to the organizers. Neat Method San Diego created this amazingly creative design. This an excellent suggestion for crafters on a budget.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

The clever layout of Chip Cordelli’s work studio makes DIY projects look easy as pie. Here we have another great plan that can serve as a model for virtually anyone. The Bare Trunk of a Rhinoceros is featured here.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

This beautifully crafted space was designed by 2112 Design Studio, LLC . The wood paneling on the walls is a wonderful design choice because it seems real—fun and ingenious use of picture ledge shelves to feature these cute jars that house beads.

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Organization is one of the strongest keywords to be thinking about when creating your perfect craft room space. When it comes to storing and finding your favorite items, it’s always about organization!

And since it’s a craft room, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative! Some of the most popular organization ideas include:

  • Organizing your supplies by color. Do you have a lot of storage space dedicated to ribbons, scrapbook paper, paints, or similar items? Odds are, you are likely working with a lot of color palettes. Try organizing everything by color so you know exactly where to start looking for the item you want to use next.
  • Make a beautiful display of your items. Your items shouldn’t just be there to be used, but they should be there to look nice, too! If you have a modest rubber stamp or button collection, put them on display by making them part of your room’s decor. But be sure that they are still in an easy-to-reach spot so you can temporarily take them down when you are using them.
  • Store paper on the back of the door. Finding a place for wrapping paper and tissue paper can be annoying, especially when the paper comes in big rolls like at the store. You can install some hanging racks on the back of your door to cleverly store your wrapping paper, so it’s out of the way and yet it is always right there when you need it!

The best craft rooms have plenty of thought put into organization and item placement. Ultimately, you should learn how to organize your items in a way that best suits you and your needs. If you are an artist, think of the best place to store your brushes and paints that will make them easy to find and access each time you look. Try out a few different storage possibilities too to see how you can make the most out of the room you have!

Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

You can keep your ribbons tidy with this crafts room layout. Abundance Organizing came up with a craft concept that is so imaginative and well-planned. This drawer in this craft room is the perfect size to keep all these ribbons neat and orderly.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Consider how creatively and craftily you could arrange your design and art supplies. This design by Abundance Organizing is excellent. Rolling shelves in craft room storage cabinets give easy access and keep things nicely organized.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas - Sebring Design Build

Visualize a locker as an organizer in your imaginative and clever room design from Classically Yours Interiors (CYInteriors). Everything looks so good in this innovative room design with tiny drawers. I love this little drawer unit. The numbers and tags are a bonus!


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

This white drawer from The Locker will help you maintain a neat workspace for your creative endeavors. Crafters that work primarily with paper will find this drawer set an excellent means of storage and organization.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

The yellow theme of this creative crafty room design by Classically Yours Interiors (CYInteriors) simultaneously makes everything look bright and natural. This ladder shelving unit makes these wonderfully organized jars and containers more charming.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Too many great ideas here to list. With all there is here–it could be a mess, but this is displayed beautifully–I love the burst of yellow. This is an organized craft room design by Classically Yours Interiors (CYInteriors).

Craft Room Design Layout Ideas

The layout of your crafting room might largely depend on the architecture of your home. Think about the ways in which it can be modified to your advantage. Many people love to transform kitchen  nooks or walk-in closets into crafting rooms that serve the perfect layout for their purposes.

Even an office space can become a partial craft room . Think about what you have available to you. Do you have closet space with sliding doors ? You can transform this part of the office into your crafting station; with a pull-down desk on an accordion hinge that you can stand and work at while you aren’t performing financial duties in your office. Building cubbies that sink into the natural nooks and corners of your walls can add extra storage space for your supplies, tools, or even your televisions and monitors.

If you want to add more drawer and cabinet spaces, make sure you do it in a place that makes the most sense for you. Don’t worry about having too much or too little – you can always change it around.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

What a light & bright craft room with beautiful oceanfront views. Smart use of space by installing cabinets on the perimeter of the room. This art studio, designed by Siemasko + Verbridge , is full of light and nature.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

The white cabinets and black countertop look clean and crisp. Plus lots of good counter space. Flooring is a great feature as well. This design by Studio M Interiors looks fantastic in its white and black theme colors.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

The great extra area can be used for multiple purposes, including a laundry room, craft room, and extra refrigerator for those parties! The craft room design by Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc. is very versatile.


Clever & Creative Craft Room Ideas

Easy. An extra bedroom, affordable table–add cute accents. Done! With this imaginative, artistic room design, everything appears clear and uncomplicated. It has such a clean, light vibe. The craft area design by Dream Finders Homes is excellent.

Small Craft Room Ideas

Homeowners sometimes find it more difficult to come up with craft room ideas for small spaces. If you’re in a studio apartment, or you need to work out of a smaller shed while improvising your workspace, worry not – for there’s still plenty that can be done. In today’s day and age, small is extremely thrifty !

If all you have is a crafting table and a little bit of wall space in the foyer, that is still the perfect opportunity to build a craft room. Use hollow frames or build improvised shelving to hang on the walls, which can serve as your storage space for all of your necessary tools and supplies. Stack cubbies or bins on one side of the table so everything you need is in one convenient spot. You can even add leaflets to your table so you can give yourself more room when you know there isn’t going to be a lot of traffic around the house.

If you’re working out of a walk-in closet space, you can even try to organize the area to store as much as you’d like. Odds are you have an overhead shelf space, which can store plenty of bins and boxes. You can fit a desk chair or a mobile work table to get all your tasks done, too.

Kid’s Craft Room Ideas

Your kids deserve an incredible space to call their own, too! A kid’s craft room can be super fun for them, and you can even get them involved in the setup and organization process before the room is complete.

Think about your child’s favorite activities. Do they love to use colored pencils and crayons? You can come up with a creative storage area such as a see-through plastic cubby rack that hangs from the back of a door; or a shelf area where they can easily reach and put back their favorite items.

Make sure to exclude anything dangerous–don’t let your young kids handle any electrical appliances or equipment like a hot glue gun! You can invest in safe storage bins and shorter tables that encourage creativity and inspire playtime. Above all, a kid’s crafting room should be accessible and colorful, and it should help them inspire their vision of creativity, not just yours. It’s their space – help them make it come to life!

Get Started on the Crafting Room of your Dreams!

Messy or organized, big or small, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a craft room in the comfortable space of your own home. You might have an entire room dedicated to laying out a great number of shelves and storage spaces for your crafts – or, you could be working out of the kitchen! Either way, there are a great number of opportunities to let your creativity spark! Invest in some functional furniture, have fun with storage, and let your imagination take hold.

This is an image roundup post, curated to showcase and promote other reputable contracting companies’ and their amazing work.  To have any of the images removed, please reach out to us and we would be happy to do so.

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15 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas

craft room ideas

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Craft room organization and storage are vital in crafting because supplies left in disarray can leave you feeling stifled and uninspired. However, keeping supplies tidy can be a problem for some crafters. Being creative and being organized doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand. Often, designating a place for your things will help you get organized. Consider some of these top ways to organize craft supplies:

  • Label wicker baskets, hang and assign bins, or make a container system.
  • Use a pegboard, spool board, or reuse a jewelry holder.
  • Get a wall organizer, repurpose a china cabinet, or use a shelving unit.
  • Install a swinging door with storage on each side or get a rolling storage panel that slides behind doors or into a spare space.
  • Get a craft table with storage compartments or repurpose a filing cabinet
  • Designate a room or area of a room for storage or rework a closet space

Here are more details about each of these 15 craft room organization ideas that can help you rethink how you store, arrange, use, and display your supplies.

Label Wicker Baskets for Craft Storage

Craft room organization doesn't have to be ugly or monotonous. Craft rooms generally should blend into the other decor of your home. For instance, if you have a more natural, rustic feel in your home, consider labeling and organizing supplies in wicker baskets inside your craft room.

My Craft Room Plus More Tours from  The Country Chic Cottage

Use a Pegboard for Vertical Storage

Pegboards are a highly functional way to keep supplies organized, and they can be decorative too. To make your pegboard stand out from the plain ones you might see in a garage or workshop, paint it an attractive color that coordinates with your craft room. You can even frame the whole pegboard and then use smaller frames to section off groups of craft supplies.

Framed Large Pegboard Tutorial from  Honeybear Lane

Rework a Closet Space Into a Craft Room

If space is limited in your home and you don't have a designated craft room, consider turning a closet into your crafting area instead. You can build in a desk, shelving, and other items to create an organized craft space that fits your needs. Be sure to use all the vertical space of the closet with bins on high shelving. Then, simply close the closet doors when you're done crafting to use the room for other purposes.

The Ultimate Craft Closet Organization from  IHeart Organizing

Repurpose an Entryway Wall Organizer

Hey, Let's Make Stuff

There are many home organization products that can work for a craft room, even if they were intended for another space. For instance, consider using an entryway wall organizer in your craft room. In the entryway, you'd likely store items such as keys and mail in it. But in the craft room, you can hang scissors on the hooks and utilize the compartments for other supplies. 

Craft Room Tour from  Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Incorporate Multiple Shelving Units

When organizing a craft room, consider completely emptying the space. Then, choose a wall that can be dedicated to open and closed shelving units. This will allow you to keep all of your supplies in one spot and free up the rest of the room for your actual crafting work. The open shelving can be used for more decorative supplies while the closed shelving can hide items that aren't so visually appealing.

Craft Room Reveal from  The Scrap Shoppe Blog  

Use Dining Room Furniture for Crafts

For an elegant craft room, consider reworking an old dining room hutch or china cabinet into a craft supply storage unit. You can paint or stain the cabinet to fit the decor of your craft room. Then, use baskets and other storage containers to keep items neat and tidy within the cabinet. If the cabinet has drawers, use drawer dividers to organize supplies, such as markers and paint brushes.

Office Storage Hutch Makeover from  Love Grows Wild

Keep Craft Supplies in Separate Containers

For optimal organization, consider keeping each type of supply in a separate container. For instance, instead of storing markers and colored pencils together, give them each a jar. This will allow you to easily grab the supplies you need for your project without having to take along supplies you won't use.

Craft Room Organization in the Attic from  Unskinny Boppy

Repurpose a Jewelry Holder for Craft Supplies

Consider using a jewelry organizer to store craft supplies. For example, a wooden jewelry holder works great to hold washi tape. Keep it on your workstation for easy access. It won't take up much space because it employs vertical storage.

Decorative Tape DIY Storage from Holder from  Crafts Unleashed

Hang a Swinging Storage Unit

This craft room features a shelving unit on hinges and wheels that swings open to reveal more storage behind it. This type of storage is excellent to hide slim items, such as an ironing board, that you don't want cluttering up your space. You can even use this type of storage as a partition if you need to section off your craft space from the rest of the room.

Craft Room Studio Makeover from  Infarrantly Creative

Adhere Bins to the Wall for Storage

Hanging storage bins can be a great way to keep craft supplies organized and right at your fingertips. To replicate this craft organization idea, purchase metal storage bins, and screw them into a piece of wood on the wall. Tilt the bins slightly upward, so your supplies don't fall out when hung on the wall. 

DIY Craft Paint Organizer from  Sugar Bee Crafts

Use a Craft Table With Storage

Every craft room needs a functional work table. That typically means a table with a large, clear surface. To add extra functionality, purchase or make a table that has built-in storage in the form of shelving, drawers, or cabinets. This will allow you to have frequently used supplies right at your fingertips while you're crafting.

Make Your Own DIY Craft Table from  Organize & Decorate Everything

Use Rolling Storage

A rolling storage cart, such as a bar cart or kitchen cart, can add extra function and organization to a craft room. You can use it to store frequently used supplies or all of the supplies you need for a specific type of project. Then, rather than having to gather supplies from multiple places, you can simply wheel the cart next to your craft table.

Industrial Rolling Paint Storage from  Simply Designing

Store Fabric in a Filing Cabinet

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

Fabric can easily become disorganized and scattered in a craft room, so consider designating one space for it. One option is to store fabric inside a cabinet, like this clever design from Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona . You can reface the outside of the cabinet, so it matches your craft room decor. Then, store the fabric in file folders according to color, pattern, or whatever organization method makes sense for you.

Use Dowels and a Frame to Organize String

One way to make craft room organization more creative is by turning simple items into something beautiful. For instance, this room by Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona uses basic wooden dowels to organize supplies such as string, twine, and ribbon. To make the dowels look more appealing, secure them to a decorative frame using hooks.

Choose a Spot to Display Crafts

Reena Sotropa

Don't forget to incorporate a place to display some of your favorite crafts within your craft room, like this one from Reena Sotropa . Doing so can help to inspire creativity in you to make even more crafts. Plus, having a designated display spot prevents your completed crafts from becoming scattered and disorganized throughout the space.

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  • Specialty: Craft Room

12 Amazing Craft Room Organization Ideas

craft room ideas

Related To:

Shop this look.

From Bedroom to Craft Room Heaven

Photo By: John Merkl

From Bedroom to Craft Room Heaven

craft room ideas

Creating A Dream Craft Room

craft room ideas

Organize Ribbon by Color in Drawers

Put paper in magazine holders, store leftover ribbon in jars, sort buttons two ways, use a kitchen island as a crafts table, make a rubber stamp display, set up scrapbook paper like stores do, turn a door into a wrapping center, create a sewing station, make your own storage, designate a glitter spot, corral rolls of tape, we recommend.

Floor-to-Ceiling Pegboard Storage in Craft Room

  • 33 Craft Room Storage and Organization Ideas

craft room ideas

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Colorful Mudroom with Cubbies

Organization Tips for Every Room in Your Home

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Silver Paper Towel Holder Holding Colorful Ribbons

Stylish Storage Solutions 12 Photos

Art Room

20 Creative Craft Room Ideas 20 Photos

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  • 20 Creative Craft Room Ideas

nextluxury logo

Source: @createroomco via Instagram

42 Craft Room Ideas

  • by — Kari Apted

A designated room is every crafter’s dream. Make it your reality with these great craft room ideas. 

Whether you are a quilter or scrapbooker, a painter, or a wood artist, having a place all your own is ideal. When you have your own craft space, it’s easy to organize all your supplies in one spot. You can also leave in-progress projects out instead of having to clean up after every craft-making session.

Craft room ideas should include certain elements for maximum inspiration and productivity. Every craft room needs an ample table, desk, or another work surface. A comfortable chair is also necessary, given the number of hours serious craft enthusiasts spend seated. Adequate craft room storage is a must too, but the best items will be different for every crafter. 

Remember to remain flexible when outlining craft room ideas , as your crafting interests may change through the years. You should strive for a craft space that’s visually pleasing to you. The right kind of decor can help you feel your creative best whenever you enter the space. 

Check out our top craft room images and bookmark this page to help you launch your creative space dreams into reality.

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1. Inspiring Sewing Room Ideas

A sewing room has requirements that might not be necessary for other craft spaces. For example, if you make quilts, you will need a countertop for your sewing machine and another surface for laying out designs. You will also need plenty of cabinets or closet space for fabric storage. If space is tight, put a padded top on a waist-high storage unit and use it instead of an ironing board.

Use a thread storage rack to maximize the sewing room storage space. Some of these affordable racks can hold over 100 spools of thread, allowing you to see all the colors you have. Some sewing thread racks can hang on the wall or stand on a tabletop. Hanging thread racks are particularly useful to keep your work surface open for spreading out large pieces of fabric.

Magazine holders make an excellent storage solution for sewing patterns or small bundles of fabric. Magnetic containers can cling to magnetic boards to keep a variety of needles, pins, scissors, and other sewing tools nearby as you sew. Make sure your sewing room chair is the right height to reach your sewing machine pedal comfortably.

modern craft room storage options

2. Efficient Craft Supply Organization

Craft room organization is now easier than ever. This is thanks to the variety of storage solutions for crafting supplies on the market. An organized craft room is not only efficient, but it makes you feel good. If you use a lot of thread, ribbon, tape, or rolls of paper, look into a hutch with dowel rods. These rods come in different sizes and are the perfect way to organize anything on a spool. 

Magazine holders are great for craft room organization of cardstock, design magazines, and workbooks. Store stacks of craft paper or completed artwork on stacking plastic trays. A small drawer cabinet can hold buttons, paperclips, pins, or other tiny items. These small dressers are an excellent craft room storage idea for jewelry makers.

Labels are one of the craft room organization ideas that every good organizer can’t do without. You can purchase bins with built-in slots for labels, or buy the stick-on variety. A label maker is an excellent investment to maximize your craft room organization. Or, place a simple color sticker on shelving bin fronts and sort materials by color.

washi tape organizer craft room

3. Creative Uses of Pegboards

Pegboard is the perfect solution to add craft room storage that makes use of vertical space. Utilizing unused space makes pegboard a top hack for maximizing small space storage. Even if space isn’t an issue, pegboard helps you see what you have on hand. This saves you time that would get wasted digging through boxes and bins. 

Pegboard options have come a long way beyond your father’s garage. Many companies offer a variety of hooks, bins, and shelving to make pegboard an attractive storage solution. You can also purchase plastic pegboards in pink, yellow, blue, clear, and other colors. If you can’t find a pegboard in a color to suit you, simply paint a plain wooden one.

Brushed metal pegboard is a great idea for an industrial or rustic craft room makeover. Accentuate the metal by adding small galvanized buckets to hold pencils, markers, rulers, and the like. Hooks and pegs also come in many finishes, including clear plastic, black plastic, and stainless steel. Hang wire mesh baskets or clear storage bins to maximize every inch of pegboard storage space.

pegboard kids activity craft room small table and chairs

4. Smart Storage Solutions

Craft room storage ideas will vary according to the type of crafting you do. The right kind of craft storage ideas not only keep you organized; they make your DIY work easier. Many crafters cite clear plastic bins as the ideal container for storing craft supplies. These bins corral all the little bits you use and make it easy to see which ones you need quickly.

While it’s good to have craft room storage that allows you to see certain materials, you also need solid bins for other crafting supplies. Bins or baskets with lids look nice and create a uniform look when placed on a shelf. Floating shelves above your workspace are a clean and simple place to store solid containers and mason jars.

Your kitchen may hold several items beyond mason jars that you can upcycle into craft storage containers. Use an old muffin tin to sort buttons or fasteners, put markers in drinking glasses, or use old bowls for skeins of embroidery floss. If your craft room is a shared space, a rolling cart with clear or opaque bins keeps your materials mobile. 

Bonus tip: use your craft storage cart top as a second work surface.

simple sewing room organizer craft room hanging lights

5. Functional and Stylish Crafting Tables

Your choice of craft table can make or break your craft room. It must be large enough for the tasks you routinely perform. For some types of crafts, a small desk may be sufficient. Other hobbies will require a large craft table or two. 

Some tables are specifically designed for craft room purposes. They include features helpful to craft enthusiasts. Craft tables may be set on casters to allow you to roll your crafting work into another room when needed. Many models unfold into a larger footprint when in use, and become compact again for stowing away.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect craft table for your DIY projects, find ways to make it more useful. Purchase a spinning craft space storage caddy or make one out of an unused lazy susan. This perfect craft tabletop accessory will keep pens, craft paint, and other art supplies within arm’s reach.

small attic craft room

6. Illuminate Your Creativity

Adequate lighting is just as vital as storage when it comes to creating the perfect craft room. A craft room with several windows is ideal, as colors shine truest when viewed in natural daylight. If your craft space doesn’t include a window, you can purchase light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight. 

Decorative lamps are a functional way of adding flair to your craft room. Simple desk lamps on adjustable arms are handy for doing close craftwork. Overhead light fixtures can be too dim or create harsh shadows at night. Invest in several lighting sources if you can, to create a balanced light to work by. 

If you don’t have room for desk lamps, install a shelf over your work surface, and purchase under-shelf light fixtures. Slim fluorescent bar lights illuminate your countertop without stealing any of your valuable workspaces. Watch the video below to learn more about under-shelf craft room light fixtures .

cozy craft room wood desk

7. Crafting in Compact Spaces

If your home is a bit cramped, you may have to hunt for a suitable crafting location. A craft closet could be the answer. This craft room storage idea involves repurposing a closet into a workspace for crafting. By replacing the existing hardware with shelving and a worktop, just about any closet can morph into an excellent craft room.

Using an IKEA hack or two can expand the storage ideas required for a small-space craft closet. This Swedish retailer specializes in inexpensive storage ideas for small spaces. Petite shelving units, stackable drawer cubes, and pegboard accessories are just some of the hacks IKEA offers. An IKEA rolling metal cart can be an ideal space-saving mobile craft storage unit.

Other small craft room ideas involve utilizing part of your guest room, or even a corner of your own bedroom. Some retailers sell all-in-one craft cabinets on casters that include a fold-down table when the unit is open. Each door features shelves, dowels, and enough room for all your craft supplies. Simply roll the craft cabinet into the room where you wish to work.

craft room white shelves

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Craft Room FAQs

A craft room is a dedicated space within a home or workspace designed for creative activities and hobbies. It is a place where individuals can engage in various crafting pursuits, such as sewing, painting, scrapbooking, and DIY projects. Craft rooms typically contain essential supplies, tools, and equipment specific to different crafts, along with ample storage solutions to keep materials organized. They provide a dedicated and functional area where individuals can unleash their creativity, work on projects, and immerse themselves in artistic endeavors, offering a convenient and inspiring environment to pursue their crafting passions.

Paint tubes present a bit of a storage conundrum in that they don’t line up neatly like bottles of paint. You could just toss them into a galvanized bucket or wire basket, but that would mean digging through them to find the colors you need. Often one will leak on all the others, causing a significant—and sometimes permanent—mess.

You can use pegboard to store oil, acrylic, and other paint tubes neatly. Simply attach a binder clip to the crimped end of the tube. Hang the binder clip loops over a pegboard hook. You can also drive nails into a board for hanging the clipped tubes.

As mentioned above, a craft room chair should–first and foremost–be comfortable. Crafts require sitting most of the time. A home office chair on wheels is helpful to avoid getting up frequently to reach materials.

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craft room ideas

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22 Craft Room Storage Ideas We Need

craft room ideas

Sometimes, the only way to get something just how you like it is to do it yourself. This logic might be why we have such affection for DIY projects and crafts. We know that with enough practice and patience, we can make something truly unique, how we like it—and usually save money.

Crafting is not just for the little ones. Some take it quite seriously, and some like to dabble now and then. But everyone can agree that a stunning craft room makes you want to craft all day. We daydream of a creative space with all the supplies we could ever want, displayed in a beautiful yet functional way. No matter your style, here are some great tips and tricks for creating the perfect craft room. Here are 22 awesome craft room storage ideas we need to steal as soon as possible.

Colorful Pegboard Wall

A pegboard is the most versatile thing you can have in your craft room. You can make it colorful and full of your favorite items. A great starting point for craft storage, pegboards can store craft essentials like paints, scissors, and spools.

Colored Pencil Wall Display

Why not display your art supplies like art? It makes a stunning wall statement, so you can keep the rest of the room simple and crisp. Make sure to stock up on an assortment of colored pencils or markers if you prefer.

Custom Wrapping Station

We love this custom station for all of our wrapping needs. It has all we need in a pretty blue-hued package from wrapping paper, ribbon, and drawers for tissue paper and bags. Holidays and special events will be much more organized and fun with this station in your craft room.

Refurbished File Cabinet

Makeover an old metal file cabinet and paint it with chalkboard spray paint, with white trim, for a vintage yet fresh feel. Write labels and your to-do list, and store whatever you'd like! Use every side of the cabinet to showcase your newly created crafts.

Scissors and Fabric Space

This little fabric space is charming and bright. If you like to play around with sewing and fabrics regularly, you will need plenty of fabric options and scissors on hand. This hanging storage piece has got you covered.

Large Sturdy Work Table

We love this artfully organized craft space with a large, rustic work table at the center. It gives a well-defined flow to the room and makes us want to get down to business. The color-coordinated art supplies make finding the right shade a breeze.

Cardstock Holder

If you want a more compact cardstock organization , use white magazine holders and clear folders to store all of your paper. Color-code cubbies for each of your subjects or arrange them in an inspiring colorway. It looks fantastic and keeps things neat.

Lazy Susan Supplies Holder

Who doesn't love a Lazy Susan? Helpful when you're looking for something in particular and just fun to use. It makes us feel like a kid again. Put any smaller supplies in a tiered Lazy Susan for easy viewing and display it on your work table.

Multipurpose Storage Piece

This modern white setup keeps your space organized, neat, and stylish. Put your favorite, minimal supplies in the open cubbies to double as a display case. You can create your built-in from DIY furniture or by stacking containers.

Cool Pegboard Wall

We love the mainly black-and-white approach to this pegboard. It makes for a stylish craft space that doubles as a catch-all for wall hangings. Energize the board by including succulents and keep track of time with a large clock.

Erasable Chalkboard Labels

These cute labels come in handy if you change your storage based on your latest creative whim. It also helps to keep things organized as you work on many projects simultaneously. They're easy to DIY by cutting removable chalkboard wallpaper or decals.

Wrapping Paper Holder

Make your wrapping process even easier by using tension rods to secure your rolls to any spot, letting you unroll and cut easily. Putting your ribbon directly below the tension rod makes it even more efficient to decorate your gifts. This idea is also a counter space saver as you can continue to build vertically.

Chalkboard Flower Station

Are you a flower arrangement connoisseur? For the crafter who finds fixing flowers for their home the way to express themselves creatively, this flower station should be in your craft room. Use this setup to create hostess gifts, holidays, or everyday occasions. There's nothing better than fresh flowers in the house.

Dreamy Knitting Station

Made for a knitting enthusiast, this spot supplies every kind of project in a slew of calming colors. Hanging commonly used tools keeps them within arm's reach. Avid knitters can never have enough yarn, so it helps to have shelves to stack bundles high.

Glitter Drawer Organizer

Use silverware organizers or clear jewelry drawer organizers to keep glitter or paint in your drawers. It makes sure you won't end up with one of those scary junk drawers and loose glitter everywhere. Create your sections by DIY-ing smaller organizers and stacking them to suit your needs.

Magnetic Wall

We love the idea of an entire magnetic wall to display our crafts, ongoing project plans, and other artwork (our kids' included). It gives a modern and creative feel to any craft room. You can start small, or carve out a tiny corner, to see if it fits your work style.

Yarn Cubbies

These diamond-shaped cubbies make for a fun display of all of your brightly-hued yarn. The angled shelves prevent bundles from getting lost in a drawer or rolling away. Keep them stuffed full for all of your projects!

Button Jars

Keep your buttons color-coded and make them part of your craft room decor. Transparent jars let you store things in a fun way and give you something to do with your mason jar collection. You can also keep ribbon scraps and other odds and ends to prevent clutter from building in your craft room.

Big Bright Island

This bold craft room does not mess around. The spacious island has cubbies and all of your wrapping needs. We'd get our holiday wrapping done way quicker if this is where we could do it.

Scrapbook Paper Stacking Trays

These stacking trays fit perfectly in some cubbies and make your space looks fresh out of an actual crafts store. Arrange your scrapbook paper by color and pattern for a lovely and bright display. This display keeps the precious paper from accidental folds and missing the last sheet needed for your collection.

Space for the Kids

Your craft room is your space—we fully support that. If you often share your craft projects with your little ones, then adding a space just for them is a great way to include them while keeping your area separate. Designate a table and chairs for the kids and a workstation for yourself.

Embroidery Floss Clothespin

Keep your embroidery floss free from knots and tangles by using clothespins. Display them in a pottery piece on your work table for an extra dose of colors. If you have a range of colors, you can use one of your favorite storage methods to display them as decor.

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