How to Set Up and Optimize Google My Business in 5 Minutes [2024]

Make the most of your free Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) to get more visibility, traffic, and customers.

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What if I told you there’s only 5 minutes standing between you and powerful Google marketing tools? I’m talking about Google My Business. It’s free, easy to set up, and can drive serious traffic to your website or store from Google Search and Google Maps.

Let’s set up your Google Business Profile (as it’s now called) together in less than 30 seconds (yes, I timed it) and fully optimize it in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. You’ll also find out how to keep your profile updated and where to fit it into your marketing strategy.

Bonus: Get the free template to easily craft a detailed profile of your ideal customer and/or target audience.

What is Google My Business (now Google Business Profile)?

Google Business Profile is a free marketing tool provided by Google. It allows business owners to manage how they appear in online tools like Google Search and Google Maps.

When you set up a Google Business Profile, the photos and other details of your business — including location, services, and products — are used across Google, increasing your visibility to prospects in online search.

Most businesses are eligible for Google Business Profile. This includes those without a physical address location, e.g. businesses that sell products through a website.

creating a google business page

Create. Schedule. Publish. Engage. Measure. Win.

The 3 most important benefits of Google Business Profile

Get discovered in google search and maps.

When putting together search results for someone’s location-based search query (e.g. “bike shop Lower East Side”), Google uses Google Business Profile information — location, phone numbers, descriptions, etc. — to decide which businesses best fit the searcher’s intent. The best matches show up in the top positions on the search results page.

The same goes for surfacing local businesses in Google Maps searches:

Thai restaurant search on Google Maps in Vancouver

Source: Google Maps

Congrats! Now you have a basic understanding of local SEO.

Manage your online business information

You can update your Google Business Profile information at any time. That means you’re always in control of how your business hours, phone number, and other attributes appear online — which helps potential customers get in touch with you via the most recent contact information.

Besides serving as a central place of information for search engines and Google Maps, you can also use your Google Business Profile as a bulletin board of sorts. You can make a post to share key business information, like unexpected closures or temporary business hour changes — or provide some details on your services. Posts are part of your profile, visible to anyone who looks you up in Search or on Maps.

Peak Dental Arts Lonsdale latest posts

Build trust with Google Reviews

Reviews are a key element of social proof and a meaningful way to build trust and credibility online.

Even if searchers aren’t clicking through to read the content of your reviews, the 1-5 star rating prominently visible beneath each business result does impact their likelihood of checking you out.

Worried you can’t keep up a string of solid 5-star reviews? Don’t sweat it. Google sees a mixture of positive and negative reviews as being more authentic and trustworthy, and ranks you better because of it.

How to set up a Google My Business listing

Step 1: log in to google business profile.

You need a Google account to use Google Business Profile, so go ahead and create one if you haven’t already.

I recommend not using your personal Google account to set this up, as you may want to give others access to your Google Business Profile later and that’s better to do from a dedicated work account (no one needs to see your weird Reddit notifications, okay?).

Step 2: Add your business information

Once you’re signed in, Google Business Profile asks you for your business name. Enter one and click Continue .

Get Your Business discovered on Google Search maps and more

Step 3: Select your business type

You can sign up for Google Business Profile as long as you either sell directly to customers online, have a physical location, or provide a service in-person to your customers. You can select all options that apply to you.

Click Next when you’re done.

Choose your business type online retail local store or service business

Step 4: Enter your location and/or location targeting

If you’re an online-only business, Google asks for your website.

Add your online store

For both online and offline businesses, you’ll need to enter the country you’re registered in. This may or may not also be the country where your location is.

Select the country where your business is registered

If you have a physical location, you’ll enter that instead (with the ability to add your website URL and more information later). You may also be asked to position a marker for the location on a map for accuracy. If your business does not have a location customers can visit but offers in-person services or deliveries, you can list your service areas. Then click Next .

Where do you serve your customers optional

If you didn’t enter a physical address, Google will ask you to specify which region you’re based in. Choose from the drop-down menu and click Next .

creating a google business page

Step 5: Add contact information

You can add either a website, phone number, or both. These are publicly viewable on your profile.

choose contact details to give to customers

Step 6: Verify your business

Even if you don’t have a physical business location, you need to enter a mailing address to become verified.

enter mailing address to verify

After that, you can choose to receive a verification code via email or the exciting option of recording a short video showing you working in your business and basically proving that you have a business. I’m not sure why anyone would choose that over a simple email code but sure, more power to ya.

select a way to get verified

I chose the email code. Wait for it to arrive, enter it, and click Verify .

enter your verification code

Becoming verified allows you to publicly reply to customer reviews, use messaging features, and more.

Step 7: Optimize your profile

Now, add all the extra details that will get the most out of your profile. All of these are optional, but if they apply to you, be sure to fill it out.

You can add:

  • Business hours
  • Chat, where users can send you a message directly from Google search
  • Description of your business

customize profile and add business hours

There are many more ways to optimize your Google My Business profile than the options you get in the setup screen. The next section covers everything else you should optimize.

How to optimize your Google My Business profile

Filling out your profile information isn’t a fast track to the top of search results. But, completing your Google Business Profile makes it much more likely you’ll stand out — 2.7 times more likely actually. Plus, people are 70% more likely to visit a business with a complete profile vs. an incomplete one.

Google determines local search ranking based on three factors :

  • Relevance : How well your profile matches search intent.
  • Distance : How far your location is from the user.
  • Prominence : How well-known your business is (based on factors like number of reviews, review score, and other SEO ranking factors ).

Use special attributes, if applicable

Some business types — restaurants, hotels, and services — have access to special features, like:

  • Hotels can display star-class ratings, sustainability information, on-site amenities, check-in and out times, and a direct booking link.
  • Restaurants and bars can upload menus , dish photos , and accept reservations and online orders directly from search.
  • Service businesses can display a list of services offered .
  • Healthcare providers in the U.S. can show health insurance information and accept online appointment bookings.

In addition to those specific examples, there are a range of other types of buttons most businesses can use, including appointment booking, reservation links, and online ordering.

You can also add attribute “labels” to your listing to communicate key information about your business, like if you are open by appointment only. Or, to ensure everyone feels welcome. For example, you may want to share information about wheelchair accessibility, free Wi-Fi, or outdoor seating. You can even share that your company is women owned and/or 2SLGBTQI+ friendly.

To edit these labels, visit your dashboard and click Edit profile . Scroll down to the More section to find these attributes.

Business information Add more hours Crowd Payments Planning and Service Options

Add real images of your business

Photos help generate interest and catch people’s eye in search results. For physical locations, this is easy: take some great photos of your business in operation.

Not great at photography? Hire a professional to do a photo shoot and use those amazing images across your social media profiles, including Google Business Profile, and on your website. Or run a contest by giving away a gift card or product in exchange for your customers submitting their best photos.

According to Google, businesses with photos receive more requests for directions and more clicks to their websites.

You can add a cover photo and additional images during the setup process:

Customize profile and add photos of your store

Or add or edit photos anytime from your Google Business Profile dashboard :

Add photo option Your business on Google

Add a custom description

You can add a custom description up to 750 words which appears across Google services, including search and Maps. Use this space to showcase what’s truly unique about your business rather than simply stating what you do.

Customize profile and add business description

Include keywords in your profile

Adding relevant keywords to your Google My Business profile increases the likelihood of people finding you. Not sure what keywords to include? Check out popular searches with Google Trends and see if any apply to your business, or do things the “new Gen Z way” with TikTok Keyword Search .

A good place to start is with the keywords people are already using to find you. Snag these from Google Analytics reports for free, or use Hootsuite Insights and advanced social monitoring tools to uncover even more terms people type in to find you.

The idea isn’t to stuff your profile full of a bunch of keywords just for the sake of rankings. It’s important to naturally weave them into your sentences. Keyword stuffing hasn’t been cool since 1999 (and can actually hurt your rankings).

Encourage and answer reviews

A good review can be the deciding factor that tips prospective customers in your favor.

Customers can review your business directly from your profile or Google Maps, but the most effective way to get more reviews is to share your review link. Add it to your email marketing templates, share it on social media, or create your own shortened link to display on in-store signage.

To find your unique Google Reviews link:

  • Go to your Google Business Profile dashboard and click Ask for reviews .

Ask for reviews on Google

  • Copy your link and spread it far and wide!

Pro tip: Use a URL shortener to turn this into an on-brand custom link that’s easy to type, like “”.

Give customers a link to review your business on Google

You can, and should, respond to all reviews, both positive and negative. According to research by Ipsos, customer reviews are still the most trusted information source when it comes to evaluating a product or business.

For positive reviews, take the time to thank your customer for sharing their experience. For negative reviews, also thank your customer and address their issue in a tactful, honest way and try to offer a solution or fix, if warranted.

Afraid of troll reviews from fake people? Don’t worry, you can report inappropriate or malicious reviews and have them removed from your profile.

Find your current reviews under the Reviews tab (once you have at least one).

Steve's Poke bar google maps

Verify your street address

If you didn’t already do so during setup, verify your business now. This is especially important if you have a physical location, since verified locations are more likely to show in Google Maps searches.

Not sure if you’re verified? Check your verification status.

Regularly update your information

Make sure to keep your Google Business Profile up to date. Edit your profile if your business hours change, you get a new phone number, etc. Nothing annoys a customer more than looking up your hours online, then making the trek to your location only to find that you’re closed.

For things like operating hours, edit that directly in your profile. For temporary or special updates, create a post to go on your page instead.

To edit your hours or other profile information, click Edit profile .

Your business on google edit profile

To create a post to share in your Google Business Profile feed, click on Add update .

You can choose to add an update, offer, or event. Each post type has different attributes to help spread your message.

add update offer or event

For this example, I chose Add update . You can add up to 1500 characters, one or more photos, and attach a call to action button.

add update and button

Post something promotional like your new product launch, or use this space to communicate holiday hours (in addition to changing it on your profile!) or special parking instructions while construction is happening nearby.

Link for your button

Import your products

Last but not least, if you sell physical products via your website, add those products to your Google Business Profile. In addition to appearing on your profile itself, your products can appear in Google Shopping, the most popular price comparison portal in the United States.

Q&A Ikea and in-store  products

Source: IKEA Coquitlam on Google

To manually add products to your Google My Business profile, click on Edit products from your dashboard.

Your business on Google edit products

From here, a popup will appear where you can add your first product, including its title, category, price, description, URL, and a photo.

add product name price and item description

If you only sell a few products, it may be easiest to add them this way. But for anything more than a dozen or so items, there’s an easier, automated way with the delightfully named Pointy app.

You can either connect Pointy to your point-of-sale (POS) system or scan products with the Pointy scanner. Then your products will show up in Google search, Shopping, and on your Google Business Profile.

However, there are certain eligibility criteria to use Pointy, including requiring UPC barcodes on your products.

How to manage Google My Business with Hootsuite

Yep, you can update and manage your business profile on GMB in the same place you manage all your other social media accounts.

You’ll need to create and verify your Google Business Profile first before you can manage it inside Hootsuite.

Install the Google My Business app

Once you have your profile set up, install the free Google My Business app from the Hootsuite app directory.

To finish installing, choose whether to create a new Streams board or add your Google Business Profile data to one of your existing Stream boards. Choose an option and click Add to Streams .

Google my Business app settings Hootsuite streams

Setup your Google My Business Stream

Next, go to the Streams tab in your Hootsuite dashboard.

Welcome back Hootsuite dashboard

If you don’t already see the three columns for Posts, Reviews, and Questions, use the Add a Stream box on the right and click to add them.

Google my business reviews on Hootsuite dashboard

Try Hootsuite for free

Click Login to Google My Business to connect the app to your Google Business Profile account. Of course, make sure to login with the Google account you use to manage your profile.

Confirm your business profile by selecting it then clicking Confirm .

reviews posts questions Hootsuite

If you just created your Google Business Profile, you likely won’t have any customer questions or reviews to reply to, but having this Stream built into your Hootsuite dashboard makes it so easy to stay on top of them once they start rolling in.

Stream layout on Hootsuite

Post business updates from Hootsuite

Create new posts and publish directly to your Google Business Profile account from Hootsuite Streams by clicking the New Post icon in the Posts Stream.

Posts Google My Business

Additionally, you can reply to reviews and answer questions, which both show up in Google search results and on your public profile, and help persuade new customers to visit you.

Haven Kitchen and Bar

Source: Haven Langley on Google

For a full overview of everything this integration can do, check out this quick 3 minute overview:

Google My Business FAQs

Is google my business completely free.

Yes, creating a Google Business Profile is free. As long as you have a physical location, sell goods online, or meet customers in person, you can create a free Google My Business account.

How do I access my Google My Business page?

Access your Google Business Profile dashboard at by logging in with the Google account you used to create your Google My Business account.

You can also search your business name and, as long as you’re logged in, your business profile dashboard shortcuts will appear at the top of the search results page.

Furnace room print shop Google my business profile

Is Google My Business still active?

Yes, Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile. It’s the same free service, now with additional features for restaurants, hotels, healthcare, and service businesses, plus new ways to get discovered across Google search and Google Maps.

Use Hootsuite to communicate with your customers via Google Business Profile and all your other social channels. Create, schedule, and publish posts to every platform, plus get valuable analytics, performance reports, and more. Try it free today.

Get Started

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Marketing | How To

How to Create a Google Business Profile to Promote Your Business

Published March 21, 2023

Published Mar 21, 2023

Elizabeth Kraus

REVIEWED BY: Elizabeth Kraus

Audrey Rawnie Rico

WRITTEN BY: Audrey Rawnie Rico

  • 1 Create or Claim Your Account
  • 2 Verify Your Page
  • 3 Customize Info
  • 4 Add Photos and Videos
  • 5 Confirm Key Features
  • 6 Optimize Your Listing
  • 7 Manage Your Profile
  • 8 How GBPs Work & Who Should Use
  • 9 Benefits for Small Businesses
  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions
  • 11 Bottom Line

Setting up a Google Business Profile is an effective way to promote nearly any type of business. It’s free and easy to do and brings many benefits—from increased web traffic and rankings to brand credibility and sales. Keep reading to learn how to create and verify your account. Then find out what information to add, how to optimize it for search, and how to manage your listing going forward.

1. Create a Google Business Account (or Claim Your Listing)

To begin the Google business page setup process, visit the Google Business Profile (GBP) page and click on the “Manage now” button to create an account. In the next screen, you’ll be asked the name of your business.

Enter your business name, then answer the following prompts about your business. This will include your business type (online retail, local store, or service business), business category, and address. After filling in your contact details, you’ll be prompted to claim your listing or create a new one for your business. Finish signing up by filling in your business contact information.

Google Business Profile home page

Visit the Google Business Profile page to get started (Source: Google Business )

Prompt to enter business name on Google Business Profile

Enter your business name (Source: Google Business )

Choosing a business type on Google Business Profile

Choose your business type and answer all of Google’s prompts about your business (Source: Google Business )

Pinpointing business location on the GBP setup page

Select your location to create your business listing (Source: Google Business )

For franchise owners, claiming a Google Business Profile is often overlooked, as the owner just assumes this was done for them. That’s rarely the case. Find out what else you can do to market your franchise location with these franchise marketing tips .

2. Verify Your Google Business Listing

The next step in how to create a Google Business page is to verify it. In the following screen, you’ll see a prompt to verify your business . This is usually done via U.S. postal mail, but some businesses are also eligible to verify via phone, email, video recording, or Search Console. Once your business is verified, your profile automatically goes live on Google.

The simplest way to verify your listing is via postcard or phone—you’ll simply need to enter the code Google sends you into your Google Business account. Click “Enter Code” from the left-hand dashboard menu, then type in your code.

Google may take up to five business days to review and verify your listing, after which it’ll automatically go live. After your business is verified, you’ll also be able to access your dashboard.

Phone number verification prompt on GBP

Verify your business for your listing to appear in public (Source: Google Business )

3. Customize Your Profile

Next, customize your business profile by adding details like your hours of operation and business description, and enabling direct messaging. If applicable, you can also add your dining options and menu items. You’ll automatically be prompted to fill in these details after verifying your business, but you can also revisit them via your dashboard.

Click the drop-down arrows below for a walk-through on customizing your business profile.

How to Add Hours of Operation

Indicate your business operation hours on Google so customers know the best times to visit you. Click the “Add hours” link from your dashboard’s home tab, then use the toggle button next to each weekday to indicate if your business is open or closed.

When you toggle the button to “Open,” you will be given an opportunity to input the times you open and close. If you are open during a couple of set times during the day (e.g., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.), you can click “Add hours” next to each day to add more hours. Once done, click “Apply.”

prompt to setup business operation days on GBP.

Toggle these buttons to indicate your business hours (Source: Google Business )

Prompt to setup business hours on GBP

Pro tip: Make it a point to update your hours of operation for holidays and even temporary closures. The more active you are in managing your page’s information, the more likely Google is to display your profile in search results, knowing that the info is maintained and up to date.

How to Enable Messaging

You’ll also have the option to enable messages from visitors on your profile. Simply toggle the button to accept messages when prompted, and the chat feature will automatically be enabled on your public GBP page. Customers can click the “chat” button and send you images directly.

In an age where customers have higher expectations than ever from businesses, having a chat feature on any public-facing channel is essential for your business’ growth. It encourages customer engagement, helps answer customer queries, and ultimately increases the likelihood of customer conversion.

Prompt to enable messaging on GBP

Enabling messaging on your business profile encourages customer engagement (Source: Google Business )

How to Add a Business Description

Next, you’ll add your business description that will appear on Google—this is the general blurb visitors will read about your business on your page. Add a business description of up to 750 characters, but put the most compelling information first, as Google only displays the first 250 characters in search results.

To make your description as effective as possible, incorporate keywords prospects use to find businesses or products like yours online. For example, if you own a florist shop offering same-day delivery, “same-day bouquet delivery” would be a helpful keyword. To help you, use a free keyword research tool like Semrush to discover the most popular keywords to use in your content.

Google reviews your business description before it is approved and published. To make sure yours is published, follow Google’s best practices when writing it. These include avoiding sounding overly promotional, editing for typos or grammatical errors, and excluding any hate or other offensive speech.

Prompt to add a business description on GBP

Add a short and informative business description to your profile (Source: Google Business )

4. Add Business Photos & Videos

Upload media to your profile to add visual engagement. You can upload a logo, a cover photo, a video, or photos of your store’s interior and exterior, and more. On the left-hand menu on your dashboard, click the “Photos” tab, then click “Choose photo” under the type of photo or media file you’d like to add, or the blue “+” button on the top right of the screen.

Interface for uploading images and videos on GBP

Add various photos to your business listing (Source: Google Business )

Here are the types of visuals you can add to your Google Business Profile (GBP):

  • Logo: Your logo is your avatar when you post photos or respond to reviews.
  • Cover: Choose a cover photo that best showcases your business’ unique brand and value. This photo will appear when people see your business listing on Google search pages and Google Maps.
  • Videos: The video feature allows you to add a short video of up to 30 seconds and up to 75MB. Videos appear on your listing page and showcase why your business is unique.
  • Interior photos: These photos display the inside of your business’ store or offices, highlighting its atmosphere and size. Like videos, interior photos appear on your listing page.
  • Exterior photos: These photos should clearly show your location’s exterior, so customers can easily find you in real life. These are also shown on your listing page.
  • Menu: If your business has a menu, you can upload an image-based copy. This applies to hospitality businesses like restaurants and bars, but it can also benefit service-based companies like salons, spas, etc.
  • Food and drink photos (if applicable): Establishments serving food can also upload images of your menu or food offerings. These options show up if you selected a “cafe,” “restaurant,” or a similar business type during account setup.

Google recommends you add photos in JPG or PNG format with a minimum resolution of 720 x 720 pixels and between 10KB and 5MB in size. Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds, have a 720-pixel or higher resolution, and be no bigger than 75MB in size.

After uploading media, visit your Google page using different types of devices to make sure they load quickly and can be easily viewed on mobile as well as desktop computers and laptops. They are a visual representation of your brand and business that directly impacts whether or not people decide to visit your business or website.

5. Confirm Business Attributes

Attributes are the key features, characteristics, or offerings for your business. These include Wi-Fi and other amenities, wheelchair accessibility, whether you’re minority-owned, pet-friendly, or have public facilities like restrooms, and so on.

Based on the category you chose when creating your account, Google automatically offers specific attributes for you to confirm. When you do, your business listing includes a badge showcasing that feature.

Access, review, and confirm these from the “Info” tab on your dashboard. To add a business attribute to your listing, choose “Attributes” on the “Info” tab. Select the attributes that apply to your business, then click “Apply.”

Add attributes to your Google Business profile

Adding attributes to your profile gives visitors a well-rounded view of your business. (Source: Google Business )

6. Optimize Your Listing

A big part of learning how to create a Google Business Profile is making it search-friendly so it will be displayed alongside organic and map results in relevant online searches. After setting up your business listing, you can leverage Google Insights on your dashboard to see how people find and interact with your listing, then use that data to make tweaks to improve your profile.

Optimizing your listing includes performing keyword research to find queries people use when searching for businesses like yours online and researching competitors’ pages. It’s also essential for the name, address, and phone number (NAP) info on Google pages to match up with other online business listings (aka search engine optimization (SEO) citations). Learn more about what SEO citations are and how to manage them.

Did you know? Online listings on Google, Bing, Yelp, and other platforms add credibility to your website and give prospects more ways to discover your business. Learn which online business directories are best for your business.

7. Manage Your Google Business Profile

After you set up your Google Business Profile and your listing goes live, it’s crucial that you consistently manage it to maintain your visibility on Google and to keep your information updated. Encourage and respond to reviews, answer customer questions, and update your profile as needed with new business information and posts.

Here are five key ways to optimize and manage your Google Business page:

How to Add Posts

You can add events, products, services, and offers, as well as news updates to your profile as posts. These will appear alongside your business listing on Google Search and Google Maps. Posts are automatically deleted after six months unless you specify a date range, so it’s vital to post regularly.

To add posts, click “Posts” from your dashboard’s left-hand menu, then choose a post type from the top of the pop-up screen. You can choose a COVID-19 update, a regular update (also known as “What’s New”), an event, an offer, or a product post. Once you’ve created your post’s content, click “Publish”. Google will review your post according to its policies before it goes live.

Prompt to add posts on GBP

Add posts to go along with your business profile (Source: Google Business )

An alternate way to create posts is via Google Search. Type your business’ exact name on Google’s search bar, then select “Add update” in the following menu that shows up to create your post.

These are the types of posts you can add to your Google Business listing:

  • COVID-19 update: A COVID-19 update lets customers know of any changes to your store, such as mask mandates, curbside pickup options, and so on.
  • Update: Update, aka “What’s New” posts allow you to add a description, a photo or video, a link, and a call to action button. Call-to-action buttons include “Book,” “Order Online,” “Buy,” “Learn More,” “Sign Up,” and “Call Now.”
  • Event: Promote an upcoming event by posting a time, date, photo or video, description, event title, and any of the call to action (CTA) buttons listed above.
  • Offer: Offer posts are best for announcing promotions, such as special discounts. With offer posts, you can include a photo or video, a description of the offer (20% off in-store, for example), start and end dates, a coupon code (if you have one), a link to redeem the offer, and a terms-and-conditions link.

Once you’ve chosen a post type, fill out the following form with your post content and then click on “Publish” at the bottom of the popup page. Posts will show on your profile in search results and Maps as soon as they’ve passed Google’s review.

How to Manage Google Reviews

Once your profile is live, you can improve your page (and your website’s) search rankings by encouraging user reviews. Reviews make a Google business page effective—good reviews act as positive social proof, and can significantly influence people to try out your business.

In 2022, studies found that 98% of consumers used the internet to find information about a business, and 87% used Google to do so.

While reviews aren’t a requirement on Google, having them on your business profile can benefit your business, and it doesn’t even require any extra cost. Reviews also factor in how Google determines quality—profiles with more positive reviews are displayed more often on search results than those with plenty of negative reviews.

Encourage Reviews

To get more Google reviews , share a link to your Google Business Profile with customers, and ask them to leave a review. Note that you can’t solicit Google reviews by offering anything in exchange, whether monetary or otherwise—doing so can get your reviews deleted or disabled. It can even get your account suspended or deleted.

Instead, copy your page link, share it with customers, and ask them to leave a review. To do this, search for your business on Google, then click “Ask for Reviews”. Copy and share the link with customers via your website, emails, or social media pages.

Respond to Reviews

To read and reply to reviews, sign in to your Google Business account and click “Reviews” from the left-hand menu. For each review, click “Reply” to respond to it. Once you’ve written your response, click “Post Reply.”

Reviews are beneficial—they build trust with your customers in the long run when done correctly. Replying to customer reviews shows that your company is attentive to customers and cares that they are satisfied. When you get positive reviews, give thanks and appreciation, and respond to negative reviews with respect and resolution.

How to Respond to Questions & Post Common Questions

Located below your contact details on your business listing is the questions section, which is essentially a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area. Here, customers can post and respond to questions about your business on your public profile, so be sure to reply to all your questions regularly.

To access these questions, search for your business’ exact name on Google to access your profile, then choose the “Q & A” icon. This will open up all the questions and answers people posted on your profile. To answer a question, simply click on the “Answer” button beneath the question, or post your own by clicking the “Ask a question” button.

You can also delete or edit the questions you posted by clicking the three dots on the right-hand side of your question, then click “Edit” or “Delete.”

An example of a question on a cafe's GBP page

An example of a question asked on a cafe’s Google Business listing (Source: Well Red )

Keep Your Profile Updated

Learning how to create a Google business page is only half the battle—the other half is maintaining it regularly. Google Business listings require upkeep, as anyone on the internet can suggest edits to your profile, clutter it with irrelevant questions, or leave negative reviews. Even Google can change your details if it finds conflicting information elsewhere. That’s why it’s essential to keep your information consistent across all your channels.

However, maintaining all of these is a small price to pay for the long-term benefits you can get with a Google Business Profile. To keep your profile updated, be sure to log in to your account at least once a month to review and update your information, and respond to questions and reviews.

Review & Leverage Insights

Google Insights’ reports include data on the search terms people use to find your listings, and the actions they take, like clicking your website link, requesting directions, or viewing posts or photos. Access these reports by clicking “Performance” under the “Promote” tab, and selecting the date range for the data you need.

Interface of GBP's insights dashboard on a mobile screen

Review your profile’s insights (Source: Google Business )

Here are some of the important reports you can find in Google Insights:

  • How customers find your listing: This report shows the number of people who found your Google Business Profile by searching for your business name or address (direct searches); searching for a category, product, or service you offer (discover searches); and searching for your brand or a related brand (branded searches). It also shows the total number of searches combined.
  • Search queries: The search query report shows you the search terms people used to find your business listing. You can see search terms used in the last week, month, or quarter.
  • Users who viewed your listing: This report tells you how many unique visitors viewed your listing. It includes your listing’s views on Search and Maps, as well as the total views for Search and Maps combined.
  • Customer actions: You’ll also see individual reports for how people interacted with your listing. These include how many clicked through to your website, the number of people who clicked the “call” button, how many messages you received, the number of booking clicks and completed bookings (if applicable), and the total number of all actions combined.
  • Direction requests: Here you can see how many customers requested directions to your store, and where they were when they requested it. The map displayed shows your location and the popular places people are when they ask for directions to your business.
  • Food orders: Google recently launched the food orders metric for food service businesses. This report shows how many people placed orders directly from your profile via Google’s ordering service .
  • Photos: The photos report allows you to see the photos people viewed and the total number of photos they viewed. The graphs show photos posted by the owner, those posted by customers, and their respective view counts.
  • What your business is known for: This report displays what your business is known for, including commonly used descriptive words of its atmosphere, products, and services based on customer reviews.

Pro tip: For best results, include your GBP as part of your overall website marketing strategy , and use its insights to better calibrate future marketing efforts.

How Google Business Pages Work & Who They’re Right For

Google Business Profiles of various cafes in a local area

Google Business Pages appear as location-based listings on Google.

Google Business Profiles (GBPs) are essentially the modern digital version of the Yellow Pages directory. They work as Google’s tool to help customers find local businesses in the area.

Conversely, it’s an excellent platform for small businesses to be discovered and to find new customers—especially those with physical stores. Google Business Listings appear on Google Search Results and on Google Maps, and they’re completely free to set up and manage.

Besides helping boost your discoverability, your GBP is also a handy digital marketing tool. Not only does it make your business look more credible, in effect building trust, but it also helps you attract and engage with customers and lead them to your small business website . Finally, with the dashboard, you’ll also gain valuable insight into your business’ online reputation.

Who Should Create a Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business) is best for businesses wanting to increase visibility in Google search results. They are particularly helpful for local small businesses wanting to attract customers via area-specific searches (e.g., searches like “cafes near me”).

Here are some of the other types of businesses that benefit most from setting up Google Business Profiles:

  • Local brick-and-mortar stores: Google Business pages can help promote brick-and-mortar businesses on Google by featuring location photos, videos, and customer reviews to local visitors and showing them how they can contact and visit the business (via directions to the business, contact information, and hours of operation).
  • Franchises: Franchise owners can set up multiple locations for stores so that when people within the vicinity of one of their stores search for their products, brands, names, or services, the closest business location shows up.
  • Service businesses: Business owners can specify the areas they service by inputting states, cities, and ZIP codes. This allows them to accurately target all the potential customers who could benefit from what they offer.
  • Client-based businesses: Your profile can be optimized for online search with SEO keywords. With the right optimization, GBPs for client-based services like real estate agents and consultants can show up alongside customers’ organic search results, increasing your chances of gaining new clients.
  • Media-centric businesses: The images and videos you add to your Google My Business profile enrich your listing (which Google loves) and are more compelling than text alone. This makes it a must for local photographers and videographers.

There are a few types of businesses that wouldn’t benefit from creating a business listing on Google. However, online-only brands, artists, organizations, online stores, and similar businesses aren’t eligible.

Benefits of Google Business Profiles for Small Businesses

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Learning how to set up a Google Business Profile is a must, since it’s one of the most useful marketing tools available. This goes especially for local and small businesses—according to a study by BrightLocal , customers found Google to be the most trustworthy review platform across all industries, even in 2023.

Here are other advantages of having a business profile on Google:

  • It boosts your credibility: According to Google , businesses with a complete Google Business Profile are nearly three times more likely to be considered credible by customers. This is particularly helpful for small businesses building a brand presence .
  • It helps your local SEO: In 2022, 35% of customers used the internet to search for businesses in their local area—good news for small business owners, as having a Google Business Profile can help yours appear on their radar.
  • It helps customer conversion: Reviews are powerful social proof. They’re also one of the most prominent features of your business profile. According to BrightLocal, 88% of consumers are more likely to try businesses that actively respond to reviews, whether positive or negative.
  • Cost-effective way to get more visibility: Unlike digital or traditional advertising, which often costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars, creating and maintaining your Google business listing is completely free.
  • High-quality backlinks: Business directories like Google have high domain authority, and backlinks from high-authority websites boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Links are also considered trustworthy, so visitors are more likely to click through to your website.

Find out more about the essential Google search statistics for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does every business need a google business profile.

Any business wanting to maximize visibility in online search and small businesses looking to boost local SEO should create a Google Business Profile. However, a few types of companies, like 100% ecommerce stores or software providers that fully operate online, are prohibited from creating GBP profiles. Google’s guidelines for eligibility explain more.

How do I get my business on Google Maps?

You can get your business on Google Maps by creating a Google Business page and following the prompts to provide your business contact information, including your address. After your profile is verified, you’ll be eligible to be featured on Google Maps. Sign in to Google Maps, open the left-hand menu bar, click “Add your business,” and follow the prompts.

Is a Google Business Profile free?

Yes, it’s free to have a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Using the platform, you can showcase your business description, photos, contact information, reviews, questions and answers, and posts. You also get analytics reports showing how your customers interact with your listing. All these features are free to set up and use.

Bottom Line

Google Business Profiles comprise an online directory where companies can publish information, announcements, and updates, and get discovered by customers. Creating and managing a GBP is completely free, and it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to boost visibility on online search.

About the Author

Audrey Rawnie Rico

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Audrey Rawnie Rico

Audrey is always thrilled to help small businesses in their marketing efforts. She has spent the past five years doing content marketing, content writing, and video production for startups and small businesses around the globe. She’s passionate about helping small businesses grow their online brand presence through digital marketing.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Google Business Page Setup

Google Business Page Setup in 2023

Synonymous with online searches, Google is the go-to site for consumers looking to find almost anything. The site currently holds a market share of 92.47% , making its top search page positions invaluable to businesses in all sectors.

While many companies are already focused on promoting their site via SEO strategies, there are a few other ways to get the word out about your business on Google, and Google Business Profile is one of them.

Google Business page setup is relatively simple and worthwhile.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a page for your company before taking you through some of the key benefits of doing so.

Benefits of Using Google Business Page

When companies create a Google Business Profile account, they’ll instantly benefit from some of the advantages of this free listing.

A Google Business Profile improves visibility on the search giant and shares information with other Google products, meaning the company and its products will appear on Google Maps and Google’s shopping pages.

Let’s take a closer look at some benefits of using a Google Business Profile account.

1. Enhances Visibility in Online Searches

Many customers go to Google to search for products or services, with no specific brand or company in mind.

If companies have a Google Business Profile, they are far more visible in search results, and that enhanced visibility could sway customers’ toward their brand.

Donna Evans, Founder and business owner of She Moves, said, “Our Google Business Profile is one of the main places people find us, with over 40% of our leads coming directly through there.”

Enhances Visibility

Here is more about how the company boosted its visibility using Google Business Profile.

2. Ensures Consistency of Business Details

Google Business Profile allows companies to detail all the information customers might be searching for, from their website and phone number to their opening hours.

Not only is this convenient for customers, but it also makes it easier for businesses to ensure consistency across business details available online.

3. Opportunity to Showcase Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be a powerful marketing tool, so anything that helps brands show off those glowing reviews can easily increase sales. Google Business Profile does just that, and there’s no cost involved in setting it up.

Kelly Montague of luxury jewelry brand Stephen Einhorn said, “Google Business Profile reviews are key to our success, providing brand acknowledgment and giving customers the confidence to purchase.”

stephen einhorn

Read more about how the brand benefited from Google Business Profile here .

4. Businesses Benefit From Customer Insight

Not only are customer reviews great from a marketing perspective, but they are also enormously helpful for brands looking to improve their offering.

Google Business Profile collects customer feedback in a quick, simple, and user-friendly format.

5. Google Business Profile Is Great for SEO

SEO strategies get a helping hand from Google Business Profile because companies that take the time to complete a profile will instantly benefit from better SEO across Google search results.

Now let’s talk about google business page setup.

How to Set Up Your Google Business Page?

Setting up Google Business Profile is simple. It won’t be long before your listing is up and running, attracting the attention of potential new customers.

Here are 8 simple steps to set up your Google Business Profile.

1. Open Google Business Profile Manager

All businesses with a Google account will have access to Google Business Profile Manager , which is what you need to set up your Google Business Profile page.

If you already have a Google account, it’s just a case of logging in and opening Google Business Profile Manager. If you’re logged into Google, it will open without you having to enter any further information.

If you don’t yet have a Google account, you’ll need to start by setting one up. This is a quick and simple sign-up that takes a matter of minutes.

2. Add Your Business to Your Account in Google Business Profile Manager

Once you’ve got Google Business Profile Manager open, you’ll see an option to add a new business to your account.

Google Business Profile Manager

Find your business and select its name, or click ‘add your business’ if your company’s name doesn’t appear automatically in the drop-down options.

3. Request to Add an Existing Business

In some cases, a Google Business Profile might have already been set up for the brand in question. If that’s the case, you’ll simply need to request access to the profile that already exists. You can click ‘request access’ and simply follow the steps on the screen.

Add an Existing Business

4. Add Your Business Name and Choose a Category

If your business profile is new, you’ll need to input the business’s name. Use the name your business is commonly known by, avoiding any unnecessary additional information.

Add Your Business Name and Choose a Category

Once the business name has been added, you can choose a category for your company.

If you’re unsure about the best category at this point, don’t worry, you’ll be able to edit this later if you find one that fits your brand better.

Click ‘next’ to move on to the next step.

5. Choose Your Location

One of the key benefits of Google Business page setup is providing your customers with detailed information on your location.

At this point, the setup process will require you to state whether or not your company has a physical premise that customers can visit.

If it does, you’ll be asked to input your business address. The site may then ask you to approve the positioning of a marker for your business, which Google Maps will use.

Choose Your Location

Businesses without a physical store or HQ that customers can access can still proceed through this step. Instead of inputting your location, you might be asked to list the areas your business covers.

6. Add Your Contact Information

All Google Business Profiles have contact information for companies, so you’ll add this in the next step.

List your business phone number and the email address you’d like potential customers to use. If your company doesn’t have a staffed phone line, you can leave this blank. You’ll have the opportunity to add a website address here, too.

If you don’t yet have a website set up, there’s a tickbox you can use to tell Google you don’t have a website.

Add Your Contact Information

Of course, this information can be updated as soon as a website is created.

7. Choose Whether or Not to Receive Information From Google

At this point, Google will ask you if you want to sign up to receive information and updates.

While there’s no requirement to do so, there are significant benefits to ensuring you’re always in the know about the latest news from the search giant.

Choose Whether

So, we’d recommend you tick this box.

8. Verify Your New Business Listing

The final step is one of the most important. Google will now ask you to verify the accuracy of the information you’ve provided.

This is done via a verification process. It’s the only part of the setup that can take a little time.

You can verify your listing via phone or email if you don’t have a physical location. These options aren’t available to all businesses, but if you are eligible, you will see one of these or both.

Verify Your New Business Listing

Postcard Verification

Usually, Google sends a postcard to the provided address with a five-digit verification code. This will usually arrive within five working days. Once you’ve received the postcard and have the verification code, you’ll just need to input the number to verify your business.

Phone Verification

If you are eligible to verify your business via phone, you can select this option. You’ll receive an automated phone call, telling you your verification number over the phone . You can then input the number to verify your business similarly.

Email Verification

Email verification is another option which is available to some businesses. If you can verify in this way, you can choose to have the verification number emailed to you. The email address must be the same one that’s connected to your Google Business Profile account. Once you receive the number via email, you can input it to complete the verification process.

Best Practices for Google Business Page Setup

Setting up your business page is just the first step.

Once it’s up and running, you’ll be able to customize your information and add further details to attract more customers. Here’s how to do it.

1. Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

A complete profile on Google Business can do wonders for your traffic and help you build trust.

apple fifth avenue

Data released by the search engine reveals that customers are 2.7x more likely to see a business as trustworthy and reputable if its listing is complete. They’re also 70% more likely to visit and 50% more likely to consider making a purchase.

There’s so much information that you can add beyond where your business is located and when it’s open.

Listings allow you to input information about the products and services offered, descriptions of your company, and even in-store photography to give customers an insight into what they can expect.

2. Add Photography and Videos to Inject Some Personality

When you create your Google Business Profile, you’ll be asked to upload your logo and an image for your cover photo.

We highly recommend doing so, as customers will be able to recognize your brand at a glance when they spot it on search results. But you can also go one step further by adding photographs and videos to your profile.

Head to the dashboard and select ‘photos.’ From here, you’ll be able to upload photographs from inside your store or your HQ, alongside images of the products or services you’re selling and videos of behind-the-scenes tours or product demonstrations.

the lvy

As you can see from the above example, Google Business Profile provides a golden opportunity to allow potential customers a glimpse inside your business.

High-end restaurants like The Ivy use it to showcase their decor and give future diners an idea of the atmosphere inside. Food photography is also used to tempt potential customers to make a booking.

3. Encourage Customer Reviews

Google Business Profile is a great way of drawing attention to the positive feedback your company has received.

It allows customers to leave star ratings and more detailed feedback about their experience.

If you’re providing a standout service and recent customers are prepared to share the good news about your company, this could make a huge difference to the growth of your brand.

Encourage Customer Reviews

The above example shows how Google Business Profile is being used for customer reviews by ZSL London Zoo.

The zoo invites its visitors to leave reviews of their day, with many uploading photos of their experience. This hugely powerful marketing tool makes a real difference when it comes to influencing future customers who may be unsure whether or not to visit the attraction.

Of course, even the best businesses will receive negative reviews from time to time. But companies shouldn’t be afraid of giving customers a chance to leave their reviews in such a public forum.

Instead, negative feedback should be seen as another opportunity . In this case, it gives businesses a chance to hear customers’ concerns, learn from them and make changes to enhance their offering in the future.

4. Use Keyword Research to Optimize Listing Copy

Relevance couldn’t be more important on Google Business Profile.

If you’re unsure how to ensure your listing is as relevant as possible, just use your existing keyword research.

No doubt, you’ll already have an idea of the keywords most important to your business and your customers. You can use these exact keywords to optimize your Google Business Profile .

If you’re unsure of the best keywords to use, it’s a good idea to research by monitoring social media and looking into data provided by Google Analytics.

Compile the best keywords for your listing page and incorporate them naturally into your listing copy for the best results.

5. Verify Your Listing

Verified businesses are far more likely to catch the eye of consumers. They appear more often in local search results, which is good news for your local SEO. Moreover, they tend to rank higher on general Google search results pages.

Get Started With Your Google Business Page Setup Right Away

Google Business Profile provides endless opportunities for companies hoping to get noticed.

Creating a listing is quick, easy, and free, so there’s no reason not to get one set up today.

Once your listing is up and running, inject some of your brand’s personality alongside your essential business information. This will ensure that all those who stumble upon it are interested enough to visit your website and learn more about your company.

Optimize your listing with keywords, photography, video, and more.

In no time, you’ll have a great Google Business Profile listing that’s working hard to pique the interest of potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌟 Is Google Business Profile free?

Yes. Google Business Profile is free to create and manage and a great way to promote your business online. You can add photos, hours, and information about your business, plus share news, create events, and more.

🌟 How can I get my Google Business Profile to 100% completion?

  • Make sure your business information is up-to-date
  • Make sure your business is verified
  • Ensure that your business is optimized for Google My Business

🌟 How do I verify a Google Business Profile?

You can verify your Google Business Profile via post, phone, and email. Follow our steps above to learn how to verify using your chosen method.

🌟 Can customers leave feedback on Google Business Profile?

Yes, customers can leave reviews on any Google Business Profile. Use your profile to show off great feedback from recent purchasers.

About the Author

Picture of Sean Begg

Sean Begg Flint is the founder and CEO of Position Digital , a digital marketing agency for ambitious start-ups and growing brands. They help companies get found online through SEO, creative content, and targeted outreach.

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Show your business’s personality with photos, a cover image, your logo, and more to stand out to customers.

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Add attributes like Black-owned, women-led, veteran-led, and LGBTQ-friendly so people can learn more about your business.

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Create posts, offers, and events

Add posts to your Business Profile to promote special offers, events, and updates to keep customers in the loop.

Respond to reviews

Reply to public customer reviews to build trust with new and returning customers.

Send and receive direct messages

Message with customers directly. You can pause messaging or create automated responses any time.

Post answers to frequently asked questions

List helpful business info upfront and save time by posting answers to common questions. Even let customers answer questions, too.

Show what you offer, from products to services

Whether you’re a restaurant, store, or service provider, your profile helps customers do business with you easily and directly with product inventory, ordering, bookings, quotes, and more.

Image of a Business Profile in a mobile device popping out the buttons for order pickup and order delivery

Accept food orders and more

Take orders for delivery and pickup and let customers make reservations. Even add your menu, so people can discover your best dishes.

Image of a Business Profile on a Mobile device with a list of products

List your products

Show what’s in your store, so customers know what you sell as soon as they find you online.

Image of a business Profile on a mobile device view, popping out the request a quote button

Offer your services

Show a list of your business services and provide online quotes, so customers get the info they need to choose you.

Image of a Business profile mobile device view with the Business Profile Performance tab showing All interactions graphics according to business period

Know how customers find your business

Discover what keywords people search to find you, and get insights on calls, reviews, bookings, and more to understand how your business connects with customers.


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Yogolandia Yogurt and Botana Bar—Chicago, Illinois

Image of two person enjoying in Yogolandia Yogurt and Botana Bar

Chicago Music Exchange—Chicago, Illinois

Photo of man with a guitar.

Honest Soul Yoga—Alexandria, Virginia

Image of People in Yoga practice

Show the best of your business

Reach more customers in three simple steps, with your free Business Profile.

Create a Business Profile, or manage an existing profile on Search and Maps


Add hours, photos, and other details and get discovered by customers near you

Share updates, respond to reviews, and connect with customers on Google

Your questions, answered

Is a business profile on google free.

Yes, it‘s free to create your Business Profile on Google. Create your profile at no cost, and you can manage your business from Google Search and Maps to start reaching more customers.

My business doesn’t have a storefront. Can I still have a Business Profile?

Yes, you can have a profile if your business doesn’t have a physical address as long as you make in-person contact with customers. You can also have a profile if you’re a hybrid business that serves customers at your business address and visits or delivers directly to customers. You may also have a profile if you’re a service-area business that visits or delivers to customers directly, but doesn't serve customers at its business address, like a plumber or cleaning service.

Do I need to download the Google My Business app to create and manage my profile?

You can use the Google My Business app to manage your profile but it’s not required. You can also manage it directly from Google Search and Maps, or sign in on the Google My Business website.

The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business

Aja Frost

Updated: October 10, 2022

Published: April 27, 2018

What is Google My Business?

GMB is a free tool that lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. That includes adding your business name, location, and hours; monitoring and replying to customer reviews; adding photos; learning where and how people are searching for you, and more.


If you're just getting started with local SEO, your Google My Business listing is a great place to focus your early efforts. After all, when people search for a product or service near them, they're usually very close to making a purchase -- one in two people who conduct a local search (think "watch repair near me") visit a store that day. So it's important the information about your business that shows up when people search Google is as accurate, complete, and optimized as possible.

Get HubSpot's Free CRM to Start Your Business

To learn how to create your Google My Business account, verify your business, and make its listing as strong as possible, read on. 

  • Create an account and claim your business
  • Verify your business
  • Optimize your listing
  • Download the GMB app
  • Know the difference between Google My Business, Google Places, and Google+

Is Google My Business free?

GMB is completely free to use. The only requirement for using it is that you must have some face-to-face interaction with your customers -- in other words, you can’t operate 100% online.

Create a Google My Business Listing

  • Step 1: Log into the Google Account you want associated with your business (or create a Google Account if you don’t already have one).
  • Step 2: Go to and select “Start now” in the top right-hand corner.
  • Step 3: Enter your business name.

Google My Business business name.

  • Step 4: Enter your business address. 

Google My Business business location.

  • Step 5: If you go to your   customers ’ locations, rather than having them come to you, check the box “I deliver goods and services to my customers.” And if you work out of your house or another address you don’t want publicly shown, Check “Hide my address (it's not a store) Only show region.” Finally, select your Delivery area.

Google My Business delivery area

  • Step 6: Choose your business category. Try to choose the most accurate category possible -- you’re essentially telling Google which type of customers should see your business listing.
  • Step 7: Add your business phone number or website.
  • Step 8: Choose a verification option. If you’re not ready to verify your business yet, click “Try a different method” → “Later.”

creating a google business page

Free Business Startup kit

9 templates to help you brainstorm a business name, develop your business plan, and pitch your idea to investors.

  • Business Name Brainstorming Workbook
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Startup Cost Calculator

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

How to Verify Your Business on Google

There are several ways to verify your GMB listing:

  • By postcard

Instant verification

Bulk verification, postcard verification.

  • Step 1: If you aren't already logged into Google My Business, sign in now and choose the business you want to verify. (If you're already logged in, you'll be at the verification step.)
  • Step 2:  Make sure your business address is correct. Optional: Add a contact name -- that's who the postcard will be addressed to.

postcard verification.

  • Step 3:  Click "Mail." The postcard should reach you in five days -- make sure you don't edit your business name, address, or category (or request a new code) before it comes, because this could delay the process.
  • Step 4:  Once you've gotten the postcard, log into Google My Business. If you have more than one business location, select the location you want to verify. If you only have one, select "Verify now."
  • Step 5: In the Code field, enter the five-digit verification code on your postcard. Click "Submit."

If your postcard never shows up, or you lose it, you can request a new code by signing into Google My Business and clicking the "Request another code" blue banner at the top of the screen.

Phone verification

Google lets some businesses verify their location by phone. If you're eligible, you'll see the "Verify by phone" option when you start the verification process.

  • Step 1:  If you aren't already logged into Google My Business, sign in now and choose the business you want to verify. (If you're already logged in, you'll be at the verification step.)
  • Step 2: Make sure your phone number is correct, then choose "Verify by phone."
  • Step 3:  Enter the verification code from the text you receive.

Email verification

Google lets some businesses verify their location by phone. If you're eligible, you'll see the "Verify by email" option when you start the verification process.

  • S tep 1: If you aren't already logged into Google My Business, sign in now and choose the business you want to verify. (If you're already logged in, you'll be at the verification step.)
  • Step 2:  Make sure your email address is correct, then choose "Verify by email."
  • Step 3:  Go to your inbox, open the email from Google My Business, and click the verification button in the email.

If you've already verified your business with Google Search Console (a free tool that lets you manage your website's search performance and health), you might be able to instantly verify your email.

  • Step 1:  Sign into Google My Business with the same account you used to verify your business with Google Search Console. (Some business categories aren't eligible for instant verification, so if you don't get a notification asking you to verify the listing, you'll have to use a different verification method.)

If you operate more than 10 locations for the same business -- and you're  not  a service business or an agency managing locations for multiple businesses -- you might be eligible for bulk verification.

  • S tep 1:   If you aren't already logged into Google My Business, sign in now and choose a location. Click "Get verified" next to its name.
  • Step 2:  Click "Chain."
  • Step 3:  Fill out the verification form with your business name (as well as the parent company, if applicable), country or countries where you operate, all contact names (i.e. everyone who will be using the Google My Business account), contact phone number, business manager email (someone at the business who can verify you're a representative of that business), and the email address of your Google Account Manager. 
  • Step 4:  Submit the verification form. It can take up to a week for Google to review and process your claim.

How to Optimize Your GMB Listing

Once you've verified your business, it's time to finish fleshing out your profile. 

Go to the Google My Business dashboard, click the listing you'd like to work on, select "Info," and then choose a section to fill out or update.

edit info.

Add as much information and media as you can, including a business profile photo, the area you serve, your hours, attributes (e.g. "wheelchair accessible," "free wifi"), the day and year you opened, and a public phone number and website URL.

Anyone can "suggest an edit" to your listing, so it's important to A) get everything right the first time (so you don't encourage random people to make their own changes) and B) periodically log into your GMB dashboard and make sure all the details look right.


At any point in time, you can edit your business profile by logging into your GMB dashboard, clicking on "Info," clicking the pencil next to the field you'd like to edit, making your change, and then choosing "Apply."


Google My Business Photos

According to Google, businesses with photos see 35% more clicks to their website and 42% higher requests for driving directions in Google Maps. 

Photos should be at least 720 pixels wide by 720 pixels high and JPG or PNG files. 

Not sure how many pictures to add -- or what they should be of?

Cover photo

Your Google My Business cover photo is one of the most important, as it shows up front and center on your listing. 


Profile photo

Your profile photo is what appears when you upload new photos, videos, or review responses.


Along with your profile and cover photos, you can and should upload other pictures to make your listing more informative and engaging.

Google My Business Videos

You can also add videos. Videos must be:

  • 30 seconds or shorter
  • 100 MB or smaller
  • 720p resolution or higher

Videos can add some variety to your profile and make you stand out among other businesses in your category; however, don't worry if you don't have any -- unlike photos, they're not a "must have."

Google My Business Reviews

One of the best ways to encourage future customers to leave positive reviews? Respond to current ones. Not only does leaving an appreciate response show the original reviewer you're thankful for their support, it also makes that positive review stand out on your listing  and  influences people to leave their own reviews.

Here's a sample reply to a satisfied customer:

Thank you for your business, [name]! We're so glad you enjoyed [product, e.g. "the blueberry pie"] -- it's one of our favorites, as well. Hope to see you back at [business name] soon. 

You should also respond to negative reviews to show you take them seriously and placate the unhappy buyer. But make sure you're extremely courteous -- attacking them back will only make you look unprofessional and their review more credible.

Thank you for the feedback, [name], and I'm incredibly sorry [product/experience] did not meet your expectations. [If you've made a change, mention it here -- e.g., "We're now double-checking orders to make sure everyone gets exactly what they asked for."] If you'd like to come back in, we'd be happy to give you [product] on the house. In any case, thanks for your business, and I hope we can do better next time.

Google My Business App

Google My Business is also available in app form for both   iOS   and   Android .

You can use the app to:

  • Update your business hours, location, contact information, and description
  • Post statuses and pictures
  • View search insights

You cannot use the app to:

  • Delete your business listing
  • Change its settings
  • Give ownership of the listing to another user

Google My Business vs. Google Places for Business vs. Google+

If you're confused about the many names and options for managing your Google presence, you've got a right to be. Google Places  used  to be Google's tool for owners to manage their  business  profiles, but it was retired in 2014. Now Google My Business is the central hub to manage how your business appears on Google Search, Maps, and Google+.

So, what's Google+? It's Google's social network (the closest example is probably Facebook). You can join or start Communities -- public or private groups organized around a theme, like Knitting -- and follow or create Collections -- think Pinterest boards. 

A Google+ account for your business lets you interact with niche groups and post pictures and updates. In other words, it's like a Facebook page for your business. You can access your Google+ account from your Google My Business dashboard (but a Google+ account isn't necessary to have a GMB account).

Here's the TL;DR:

Do you need a Google+ account? No -- and if you're short on time, it might be better to focus on other marketing and/or social media channels. 

Do you need a Google My Business account? If you're targeting local customers, I highly recommend it.

Apply for a job, keep track of important information, and prepare for an  interview with the help of this free job seekers kit.

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Learn how to get your new business online

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Learn how to

Build your online presence

Create a website for your business.

To help you get discovered online and showcase your business, you may want to create a website with a unique web address. (Don’t worry, there are website builders for all skill levels.) If you're starting a local business, drive traffic by adding your website address to your Business Profile on Google .

  • Choose a website builder that matches your skill level
  • Learn how to create a search-friendly website
  • Add your website to your Business Profile

creating a google business page

Engage customers through social media

Social media can help round out your online presence, let customers learn more about your business, and engage with them directly. We recommend learning the basics to choose which platforms are best for you, then making a social media plan.

  • Learn the basics of social media
  • Take the next step with a social media plan

creating a google business page

Showcase your business with video

Video can showcase your business in a more personal way, and connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer. Get your business on YouTube to share your story, show product tutorials, run live workshops, and answer questions. You can also hold video meetings on the go, virtual training classes, remote interviews, and more with Google Meet .

  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Going live with YouTube
  • Get started with a Google Meet cheat sheet

creating a google business page

Special offers to help keep your business top of mind

We’ve teamed up with our friends at HootSuite, HubSpot, and Constant Contact to help you stay in contact with your audience. View offers

Start an online store

Build your online shop

An ecommerce store is a great way to sell your products and services, and accept payment securely. Discover how to get started and create a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

  • Make the leap to ecommerce (with our friends from Shopify)
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Reach more customers

Grow your business with ads.

Online advertising is an effective way to reach more customers. With Google Ads , you can get your business to appear at the exact moment people are searching for what you offer.

creating a google business page

personal trainer near me


Personal Training with Kenny W | Book An Online Session Today

Book virtual personal training sessions and get motivated to stay fit at home.

  • Get started with Smart campaigns in Google Ads
  • How Smart campaigns work
  • Improve your Smart campaigns performance
  • Managing your Smart campaigns through COVID‑19

Learn and grow from insights

Helpful data from Google Analytics can tell you how your customers are interacting with your website and ad campaigns. Once you gather new insights, you can make smarter decisions on where to focus your efforts and then make adjustments.

Active Users right now

Page views per minute

Active Users

  • Monthly 2.1k
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Track your Smart campaigns performance
  • Learn more at Google Analytics Academy

Keep learning with digital skills training

The resources above can help get you started with your new business. To continue learning, we invite you to dive into our other valuable online resources.

creating a google business page

Grow with Google OnAir

Grow your digital skills no matter where you’re located through virtual workshops and events

creating a google business page

Master the Google tools you use at work with self-paced courses and certifications

creating a google business page

Applied Digital Skills

Learn everyday digital skills using free video-based lessons

creating a google business page

Watch short videos to help you get tasks done and make the most of Google tools

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creating a google business page

Create a Google Business Page in 7 Steps

Create a Google Business Page to help stand out from the competition—especially for small business owners with limited marketing budgets. 

We’ve heard of Facebook Business pages and Youtube Business Accounts but an optimized Google Business Page gives small business owners a chance to get more visibility even without a large marketing budget. 

In today’s article, we’ll outline in detail how to make a Google Business Page. We’ll also touch on some of the major advantages of creating a business page on Google.

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Google Business Page? 

What Are the Benefits of Google Business Page?

How to create a google business page, how to verify my business on google, how to delete my google business account, what is a google business page.

Google Business Page is a free listing tool that allows business owners to promote their business on Google Search and Maps. Google allows business owners to enlist their brands which makes them accessible to potential customers. 

Not only that, having a business page on Google means that prospects can learn about your products and services without hassle.

Overall, creating a Google Business Page enables you to manage and optimize your Google Business profile to rank on Google’s directory. 

Google Business Page, formerly known as Google My Business is packed with lots of benefits that can set your business apart from competitors. In this section, we will highlight some of the benefits of Google My Business Page:

1) Make Your Business More Accessible 

Google business pages are integrated with Google Maps. Therefore, potential customers can easily discover and connect with businesses based on location. 

When users search for businesses like yours in the area on Google Maps, they get a listing of businesses close to their location in the search results. Google also provides its users with other necessary details like address, phone number, email,  and website URL to easily locate your business.

2) Help Local Businesses Build Trust and Credibility

Trust and credibility play a crucial role in every aspect of a business operation. And having a Google business page is a good way to build and nurture credibility in your locality. 

The business page lets you showcase positive reviews and high ratings from satisfied customers. Potential customers are more likely to trust your brand if you have positive feedback from some of your previous customers on your business page.  

3) Improves Engagement with Customers

Another benefit of creating a Google Business Page is that it improves interaction with potential and existing customers. The platform lets you respond to potential customers inquiring about your offering. 

You can also engage your audience by sharing updates on product launches, events, promotions, and other forms of content. Additionally, Google Business Page comes with a FAQ feature that provides automated answers to questions your potential customers might ask.   

4) Generate More Website Traffic & Leads

Your business can rank high on local search results by optimizing your Google Business Page for relevant keywords. This makes it easier for potential customers to find your business and eventually drives more traffic to your listing. Prospects interested in learning more about your brand can visit your website.

5) Free Marketing & Advertising Platform

The best part is you don’t need to pay a dime to enjoy all the exciting features packed with a Google business page. You get to enlist your business for free on the most popular search engine in the world – Google. 

You can also update potential customers about special offers, new products, and other important information about your business.  

Google’s business page also provides detailed analytics and insight into your marketing efforts. You can track metrics such as phone calls, website clicks, and views to understand how effective your marketing strategy is.

Now that you understand the benefit of having a business page on Google, let’s walk you through how to create one.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a Google Business page:

Step 1: Visit the Google Business Website

The first step is to visit .  

Step 2: Sign In to Your Google Account or Create a New One

To create a Google business page, you will need to sign in to your Google account. If you don’t have an existing Google account for business, you’ll need to create one before you can proceed.

Instead of using your existing personal account, it’s advisable to create a new account for your business. Doing this allows you to keep your personal and business profile separate. 

creating a google business page

Step 3: Click “Manage Now”

Now that you’ve signed in to your Google account, click on “Manage Now” and you will be asked to enter your business name. If you already have a business name, enter it into the field. 

However, if you’re just picking a new name, consider picking a name that would resonate with your ideal customers. Avoid names with complicated spellings and pick the memorable ones. You can also do a quick search to ensure the name is unique and available.  

add business name to google my business

Step 4: Choose a Business Type

Once you’ve chosen a business name, you will be asked to choose a business type. There are three business types:

  • Online retail: Choose this option if you are running an online storefront where customers only make purchases on your website.
  • Local store: This option is for businesses where customers can make purchases in person.
  • Service business : If you offer services to customers that require you to visit them, then you should pick this option.

choose business type for google my business

Step 5: Choose a Business Category

The business category provides a detailed description of your business and determines your local ranking on Google. It makes it easy for potential customers searching for your products or services to connect with your business. 

If you’re a fast food joint and you picked “chicken wings restaurant,” as your business category, your business will most likely be approached whenever someone searches for “restaurants” or “chicken wings.” 

Step 6: Enter Your Business Address

The next step is to enter your business address. If you are running a local store, your business address will make it easy for potential customers to find you. You will be required to fill in basic information such as street address, country, state,  and postal code.

Step 7: Enter Other Essential Business Information

You will be asked to enter other business details like website URL, photos, and phone number. Adding this information makes it easy for anyone looking up your business to easily contact you. 

Whether you are running an online storefront or a service business, your mailing address has to be verified. Verifying your Google Business Page serves as social proof that prospects should trust your business. It also indicates that your business is legitimate. 

That being said, how Google chooses to verify you is mostly based on different factors. Some of these factors include your business category, public info, and region.

In this section, we will walk you through some of the different methods of verifying your business on Google:

1) By using your Phone or Text 

Before you get started, make sure you can receive texts or answer your business phone number. 

  • Go to your Google business profile
  • Click “Get Verified”  and then select  Phone or SMS
  • Answer the phone or open the text with the code
  • Now enter the code in your profile

2) Get verified through email 

  • Click “Get verified” and then select “Email”
  • Now follow the instructions in the email you receive 

3) By using video Recording

Make sure you are accessible to the email address you input.  Your video recording should not reveal other people’s faces or any personal information like bank account numbers. It should only confirm that you represent your business.

  • To get started, go to your business profile.
  • Click “Get Verified”  and then select  “Capture Video”
  • Tap “Start Recording”
  • You will need to grant access to your camera and microphone. Follow other on-screen instructions that pop up to continue. 
  • Then start recording your video
  • When you are done with the recording tap stop recording and  upload the video 
  • Once your video has been uploaded, it takes Google up to 5 business days to review it. 

If you are verified, you will get a notification. But if you can see the “Get Verified” button on your account, then that implies the video verification didn’t work.

Should you choose to, you can easily delete your video at any time. Follow the following instructions to delete your video: 

  • Go to your business profile on your mobile device. 
  • At the top right, tap “More  and then click on “Advanced Settings” 
  • Tap “Video Uploads” and then select  “Delete Videos”

4) With a live video call

Ensure that your mobile device can join a live video call. Your video chat with Google’s customer representative will help confirm that you are your business’s owner. 

Follow these instructions to get started: 

  • Go to your business profile
  • Click “Get Verified”, click on “Video Call” and then select  “Next”
  • Select your preferred language 
  • Click “Start Call” to start a text chat with Google’s support representative
  • Once you are ready the support representative will help you join the video chat 
  • You will also be required to show the location of the business and confirm your ownership during the video chat.  

5)Get verification code via mail 

You can also opt to verify your Google Business Page by mail.  The verification process for your Google Business Page via mail is in two phases:

Request Your Verification Code

  • Go to your business profile 
  • Click “Get Verified”  then select “Postcard”
  • Enter your business address
  • Request the code which takes up to 14 days to arrive.

Enter Your Verification Code

  • Once you have the code, go to your business profile
  • Enter your 5-digit verification code in the “Code” field 
  • Then click “Submit” 

If you no longer want to manage a business and would like to delete your Google business page,  there are two ways to go about it:  

1) Mark Business as Permanently Closed 

You can mark the business as permanently closed on Google Search and Google Maps by following these steps.

  • Select “Edit profile” and click on “Business information” 
  • Select the “Hours tab” and click  “Edit”
  • Click on “Permanently close”
  • Then select “Save”

While your business profile might still appear on Google search and maps, it will indicate that your business is closed.

2) Remove Profile Content and Manager

You can also delete your account by removing content and managers from your Google business page. 

When you do, all the profile owners and managers will be permanently removed from the page. Also, all posts made by owners or managers will be deleted. 

Here are guidelines to remove your profile content and manager.

  • Go to your Business Profile
  • Select “More” and  click on  “Business Profile Settings”
  • Select “Remove Business Profile” and then click on “Remove Profile Content and Managers”
  • Select “Continue”  then click   “Remove” and select “Done”

Creating a Google Business Page undoubtedly can help bring potential customers to your doorstep. But you still need to be strategic about your approach to your business profile. 

One way to do this is by optimizing your page for relevant keywords and including essential business details in your profile. Doing this makes it easy for your business to pop up in the user’s local search results. 

creating a google business page

Visually plan your social content. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn + Pinterest.

Refreshing simple social media planning

creating a google business page

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The Best Time to Post on Reddit 2024

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How to Schedule a Tweet on Twitter (aka. X) 

creating a google business page

How To Create a Facebook Business Page in 6 Steps

creating a google business page

Hootsuite vs Sprout Social: A 2024 Detailed Comparison 

creating a google business page

How to Get Verified on Instagram and Earn a Blue Checkmark

creating a google business page

The Best Time to Post on Facebook for 2024 

creating a google business page

The Top 10 Buffer Alternatives for 2024

creating a google business page

Edit websites made with Google Business Profiles

If you already have a website made via your Business Profile on Google, you can edit the website's theme, text, photos, and more. You can also unpublish your website at any time.

Important: The creation of websites with Google Business Profile is no longer supported. Existing websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off in March 2024. When your customers click your website, they will be redirected to your Business Profile and the redirect will work until June 10, 2024. Learn more about the websites made with Google Business Profiles being turned off .

Find your website

  • Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile .
  • Select Edit profile .
  • Under “Business information,” select Contact .


  • If you have a website made with Google Business Profile: You’ll find the website under “You have a website created with Google.”
  • If you don't have a website made with Google Business Profile: You can add a link to your website, but the “You have a website created with Google” section won’t show.

Edit your website 

  • Under “You have a website created with Google,” select Manage .
  • On the page that opens, in the left panel, select the part of your website you want to edit.

Done Icon (Gray)

About website edits

  • Theme: Choose from preset theme options with different color palettes and fonts.  
  • Text fields: Update elements like "Headline" and "Description.”
  • Get directions: Opens directions to your location in Google Maps.
  • Call now: Prompts a phone call to your business.
  • View menu: Opens a link of your choice.
  • Find table: Opens a link of your choice.
  • Place order: Opens a link of your choice.
  • Make appointment: Opens a link of your choice.
  • Make sure the number is a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages. Message and data rates may apply.
  • Make sure you have WhatsApp installed to receive messages.
  • You’re notified by email whenever a customer contacts you.
  • Photos: Choose a cover photo that you want to show up on both your website and your Business Profile on Google. To change your cover photo, in the site preview, click Edit header photo .
  • Posts: I nclude texts, photos, or videos to promote your business .
  • Business information: Update your business name, address, hours of operation, phone number, and business category. 
  • Links to external sites : Update the links you want customers to use for functions like orders or reservations. 
  • Menu items: Restaurants may find an option to list their menu items.

To optimize your site and make it easier for customers to connect with your business, we may occasionally update your site’s visual design. We don’t modify site elements you've edited, like your theme, photos, and posts.

Optimize your website

To attract and engage customers with your site, consider these best practices.

  • The cover photo displays with your headline and text on top of the image, so we recommend that you choose an image with no text. Interior pictures of your business or pictures of your products often work well.
  • Photos should be in-focus and well-lit.
  • Use other photos to show what your business offers like your products, services, photos of your team, or location. For example, if your business is a restaurant, you may want to show photos of different kinds of food you prepare and your restaurant interior.
  • You can display a maximum of 9 photos on your site.

Learn more about best practices for business photos and photo standards .

Text editor

  • Use the text editor to highlight your products, services, and unique value to customers.
  • Your "Headline" should emphasize your main selling point and invite readers to learn more about your business.
  • Use the "Description" and "Summary header" to briefly expand on your unique selling point.
  • If your business is a restaurant : You may want to list a few menu items.
  • If you offer a repair or professional service : You may want to explain what kind of jobs you perform and emphasize qualities like dependability, response times, experience, or value.
  • An online ordering or reservation system
  • Your Facebook page
  • Other pages where customers can learn more about your business


 To enter or change basic business information, in the side navigation menu, on the left, click Info .

  • Make sure it’s easy for customers to contact you. Include your correct hours, business address, and contact information.

Comply with impressum requirements

Make sure your website complies with Google polices and local laws in your country/region.

In some countries/regions, commercial websites must show a website disclaimer, or "impressum." If an impressum is required in your country/region, you can use the "Description" field, add the appropriate information.  Learn more about our website policies .

Unpublish your website

and then

  • Near the top, select the Contact tab.
  • Select Manage .


  • Select Unpublish website . 

Need more help?

Try these next steps:.

  • Newsletters

Google’s Gemini is now in everything. Here’s how you can try it out.

Gmail, Docs, and more will now come with Gemini baked in. But Europeans will have to wait before they can download the app.

  • Will Douglas Heaven archive page

In the biggest mass-market AI launch yet, Google is rolling out Gemini , its family of large language models, across almost all its products, from Android to the iOS Google app to Gmail to Docs and more. You can also now get your hands on Gemini Ultra, the most powerful version of the model, for the first time.  

With this launch, Google is sunsetting Bard , the company's answer to ChatGPT. Bard, which has been powered by a version of Gemini since December, will now be known as Gemini too.  

ChatGPT , released by Microsoft-backed OpenAI just 14 months ago, changed people’s expectations of what computers could do. Google, which has been racing to catch up ever since, unveiled its Gemini family of models in December. They are multimodal large language models that can interact with you via voice, image, and text. Google claimed that its own benchmarking showed that Gemini could outperform OpenAI's multimodal model, GPT-4, on a range of standard tests. But the margins were slim. 

By baking Gemini into its ubiquitous products, Google is hoping to make up lost ground. “Every launch is big, but this one is the biggest yet,” Sissie Hsiao, Google vice president and general manager of Google Assistant and Bard (now Gemini), said in a press conference yesterday. “We think this is one of the most profound ways that we’re going to advance our company’s mission.”

But some will have to wait longer than others to play with Google’s new toys. The company has announced rollouts in the US and East Asia but said nothing about when the Android and iOS apps will come to the UK or the rest of Europe. This may be because the company is waiting for the EU’s new AI Act to be set in stone, says Dragoș Tudorache, a Romanian politician and member of the European Parliament, who was a key negotiator on the law.

“We’re working with local regulators to make sure that we’re abiding by local regime requirements before we can expand,” Hsiao said. “Rest assured, we are absolutely working on it and I hope we’ll be able to announce expansion very, very soon.”

How can you get it? Gemini Pro, Google’s middle-tier model that has been available via Bard since December, will continue to be available for free on the web at (rather than But now there is a mobile app as well.

If you have an Android device, you can either download the Gemini app or opt in to an upgrade in Google Assistant. This will let you call up Gemini in the same way that you use Google Assistant: by pressing the power button, swiping from the corner of the screen, or saying “Hey, Google!” iOS users can download the Google app, which will now include Gemini.

Gemini will pop up as an overlay on your screen, where you can ask it questions or give it instructions about whatever’s on your phone at the time, such as summarizing an article or generating a caption for a photo.  

Finally, Google is launching a paid-for service called Gemini Advanced. This comes bundled in a subscription costing $19.99 a month that the company is calling the Google One Premium AI Plan. It combines the perks of the existing Google One Premium Plan, such as 2TB of extra storage, with access to Google's most powerful model, Gemini Ultra, for the first time. This will compete with OpenAI’s paid-for service, ChatGPT Plus, which buys you access to the more powerful GPT-4 (rather than the default GPT-3.5) for $20 a month.

At some point soon (Google didn't say exactly when) this subscription will also unlock Gemini across Google’s Workspace apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, where it works as a smart assistant similar to the GPT-4-powered Copilot that Microsoft is trialing in Office 365.

When can you get it? The free Gemini app (powered by Gemini Pro) is available from today in English in the US. Starting next week, you’ll be able to access it across the Asia Pacific region in English and in Japanese and Korean. But there is no word on when the app will come to the UK, countries in the EU, or Switzerland.

Gemini Advanced (the paid-for service that gives access to Gemini Ultra) is available in English in more than 150 countries, including the UK and EU (but not France). Google says it is analyzing local requirements and fine-tuning Gemini for cultural nuance in different countries. But the company promises that more languages and regions are coming.

What can you do with it? Google says it has developed its Gemini products with the help of more than 100 testers and power users. At the press conference yesterday, Google execs outlined a handful of use cases, such as getting Gemini to help write a cover letter for a job application. “This can help you come across as more professional and increase your relevance to recruiters,” said Google’s vice president for product management, Kristina Behr.

Or you could take a picture of your flat tire and ask Gemini how to fix it. A more elaborate example involved Gemini managing a snack rota for the parents of kids on a soccer team. Gemini would come up with a schedule for who should bring snacks and when, help you email other parents, and then field their replies. In future versions, Gemini will be able to draw on data in your Google Drive that could help manage carpooling around game schedules, Behr said.   

But we should expect people to come up with a lot more uses themselves. “I’m really excited to see how people around the world are going to push the envelope on this AI,” Hsaio said.

Is it safe? Google has been working hard to make sure its products are safe to use. But no amount of testing can anticipate all the ways that tech will get used and misused once it is released. In the last few months, Meta saw people use its image-making app to produce pictures of Mickey Mouse with guns and SpongeBob SquarePants flying a jet into two towers. Others used Microsoft’s image-making software to create fake pornographic images of Taylor Swift .

The AI Act aims to mitigate some—but not all—of these problems. For example, it requires the makers of powerful AI like Gemini to build in safeguards, such as watermarking for generated images and steps to avoid reproducing copyrighted material. Google says that all images generated by its products will include its SynthID watermarks. 

Like most companies, Google was knocked onto the back foot when ChatGPT arrived. Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI has given it a boost over its old rival. But with Gemini, Google has come back strong: this is the slickest packaging of this generation’s tech yet. 

Artificial intelligence

Ai for everything: 10 breakthrough technologies 2024.

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT reached mass adoption in record time, and reset the course of an entire industry.

What’s next for AI in 2024

Our writers look at the four hot trends to watch out for this year

  • Melissa Heikkilä archive page

OpenAI teases an amazing new generative video model called Sora

The firm is sharing Sora with a small group of safety testers but the rest of us will have to wait to learn more.

Deploying high-performance, energy-efficient AI

Investments into downsized infrastructure can help enterprises reap the benefits of AI while mitigating energy consumption, says corporate VP and GM of data center platform engineering and architecture at Intel, Zane Ball.

  • MIT Technology Review Insights archive page

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A message from our CEO

The next chapter of our Gemini era

Feb 08, 2024


For years, we’ve been investing deeply in AI as the single best way to improve Search and all of our products. We’re excited by the progress, for example with our Search Generative Experience, or SGE, which you can try in Search Labs . AI is also now central to two businesses that have grown rapidly in recent years: our Cloud and Workspace services and our popular subscription service Google One, which is just about to cross 100 million subscribers.

A new state of the art

In December, we took a significant step on our journey to make AI more helpful for everyone with the start of the Gemini era , setting a new state of the art across a wide range of text, image, audio, and video benchmarks. However, Gemini is evolving to be more than just the models. It supports an entire ecosystem — from the products that billions of people use every day, to the APIs and platforms helping developers and businesses innovate.

The largest model Ultra 1.0 is the first to outperform human experts on MMLU (massive multitask language understanding), which uses a combination of 57 subjects — including math, physics, history, law, medicine and ethics — to test knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

Today we’re taking our next step and bringing Ultra to our products and the world.

Introducing Gemini Advanced

Bard has been the best way for people to directly experience our most capable models. To reflect the advanced tech at its core, Bard will now simply be called Gemini. It’s available in 40 languages on the web, and is coming to a new Gemini app on Android and on the Google app on iOS .

The version with Ultra will be called Gemini Advanced , a new experience far more capable at reasoning, following instructions, coding, and creative collaboration. For example, it can be a personal tutor, tailored to your learning style. Or it can be a creative partner, helping you plan a content strategy or build a business plan. You can read more in this post .

You can start using Gemini Advanced by subscribing to the new Google One AI Premium plan , which offers the best of Google’s AI features in a single place. This premium plan builds off the popular Google One service offering expanded storage and exclusive product features.

Video explaining  two new experiences — Gemini Advanced and a mobile app — to help you easily collaborate with the best of Google AI.

Bringing Gemini’s capabilities to more products

Gemini models are also coming to products that people and businesses use every day, including Workspace and Google Cloud:

  • Workspace : Already, more than 1 million people are using features like Help me write to enhance their productivity and creativity through Duet AI. Duet AI will become Gemini for Workspace, and soon consumers with the Google One AI Premium plan can use Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet.
  • Google Cloud : For Cloud customers, Duet AI will also become Gemini in the coming weeks. Gemini will help companies boost productivity, developers code faster, and organizations to protect themselves from cyber attacks, along with countless other benefits.

More to come

Developers have been fundamental to every major technology shift and will play an equally important role in the Gemini ecosystem. Hundreds of thousands of developers and businesses have already been building with Gemini models. While today is about Gemini Advanced and its new capabilities, next week we'll share more details on what's coming for developers and Cloud customers.

These latest updates reflect how we’re approaching innovation boldly, and advancing and deploying this technology responsibly. And we’re already well underway training the next iteration of our Gemini models — so stay tuned for more!

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