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something assigned, as a particular task or duty: She completed the assignment and went on to other jobs.

a position of responsibility, post of duty, or the like, to which one is appointed: He left for his assignment in the Middle East.

an act of assigning; appointment.

the transference of a right, interest, or title, or the instrument of transfer.

a transference of property to assignees for the benefit of creditors.

Origin of assignment

Synonym study for assignment, other words for assignment, other words from assignment.

  • mis·as·sign·ment, noun
  • non·as·sign·ment, noun
  • re·as·sign·ment, noun

Words that may be confused with assignment

  • assignment , assignation

Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use assignment in a sentence

He traveled to China, India, Russia, and Africa for fashion-related assignments.

Among his previous assignments were stints in war zones like Afghanistan and the Congo.

He also had a reputation for not sticking to the brief of his assignments.

His writing assignments were filled with “a disturbing level” of mayhem, war, and death.

The first faux-Fleming assignments went to writers such as Kingsley Amis (writing as “Robert Markham”) and John Gardner.

Toward the end of the campaign his assignments increased until all his time was taken.

Assignments came to be made of one acre to a family, near the palisaded hamlet for convenience and better security.

For a short time he had no assignments that taxed his abilities in either direction.

If you make as good time as you have made on some other assignments, you can get back here before 10:30.

Not a lot of business-reporting assignments involved spending time with half-naked, sun-baked dudes in remote southern junkyards.

British Dictionary definitions for assignment

/ ( əˈsaɪnmənt ) /

something that has been assigned, such as a mission or task

a position or post to which a person is assigned

the act of assigning or state of being assigned

the transfer to another of a right, interest, or title to property, esp personal property : assignment of a lease

the document effecting such a transfer

the right, interest, or property transferred

law (formerly) the transfer, esp by an insolvent debtor, of property in trust for the benefit of his creditors

logic a function that associates specific values with each variable in a formal expression

Australian history a system (1789–1841) whereby a convict could become the unpaid servant of a freeman

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

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An assignment is a task that someone is given to do, usually as part of their job.

An assignment is also a piece of academic work given to students.

In American English, an assignment is also a piece of work given to students to do at home.

Work given to schoolchildren to do at home is also called homework .

Be Careful! Homework is an uncountable noun. You do not talk about 'homeworks' or 'a homework'. Note that you do not say ' I have made my homework '. You say 'I have done my homework'.

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  • all nighter
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  • anthropopathism
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  • anthropopsychism
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  • apportionment (air)
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  • Assideanism
  • assiduously
  • assiduousness
  • assignability
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  • assimilability
  • assimilable
  • assimilating
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  • assimilationism
  • assimilationist
  • assimilative
  • assimilator
  • assimilatory
  • Assimulation
  • Assiniboine
  • Assiniboine Mount
  • Assiniboine River
  • assistance dog
  • assistance mechanism
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  • Assignment and Licensing System
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  • Assignment Availability Code
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  • Assignment Capsules
  • Assignment Clause, Life Insurance
  • Assignment Completed
  • Assignment Consideration
  • Assignment Control Authority
  • Assignment Control Number
  • Assignment Coordination Group
  • Assignment Data Card
  • Assignment Date
  • Assignment Eligibility & Availability
  • Assignment for benefit of creditors
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What is Work Assignment? – Advanced Work Assignment (AWA)

Work Assignment

Work assignment, a fundamental concept of professional realms, refers to allocating specific tasks or duties to individuals or teams within a certain timeframe.

These assignments, which can range from simple tasks to complex projects, serve as the backbone of productivity, facilitating the efficient functioning of an organization.

By clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and deadlines, work assignments ensure that each member is aware of their contribution towards the broader objectives.

This post will explain the work assignment, its scheduling, and its benefits. It will also discuss automated and advanced work assignments.

What is a Work Assignment?

A work assignment or job assignment refers to a task or set of tasks allocated to work centers , an individual, or a team within a specific timeframe. Depending on the context, it can be part of a larger project or an isolated task. 

It helps distribute the workload evenly among team members, ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities and keeping track of progress toward goals.

Work Assignement

Automated Work Assignment

Automated assignment of work helps to reduce the stress on employees. It saves the project manager time because the auto-assignment manager does not need to remind his team about the work. The system only gives notifications to the team.

Automated work assignment is when a computer system assigns work to employees based on predefined criteria in an automatic workflow. This can include skills required for the task, availability of employees, and other factors.

The use of automated work assignments can help to improve efficiency and accuracy within an organization.

Managers can efficiently assign work to minimize downtime and maximize productivity by considering employees’ individual skills and availability.

Automated systems can also help to ensure that tasks are appropriately distributed among employees, thus avoiding potential conflicts.

The advantage of the automatic assignment is it helps to deliver the project faster by avoiding confusion and rework because the task is assigned when all the requirements are entirely available.

Advanced Work Assignment

Advanced Work Assignment (AWA) is a methodology organizations use to create and assign work tasks to employees based on their skills, abilities, and interests.

This approach can help improve employee productivity and satisfaction while reducing organizational costs. 

It can effectively engage employees in their work and maximize their potential when appropriately implemented.

One of the critical benefits of it is that it allows organizations to optimize their resources and assign work that is most suited to each employee’s skills, abilities, and interests.

This helps improve productivity by ensuring employees are matched with tasks they can complete while fostering engagement and satisfaction.

Additionally, it can help reduce organizational costs by ensuring that employees are assigned work within their abilities and do not require excessive training or support.

Despite these benefits, some potential challenges are associated with using AWA.

For example, employees may sometimes resist or feel uncomfortable with being assigned work outside their comfort zone or feel they are not allowed to develop new skills.

Additionally, accurately assessing each employee’s skills and interests can be challenging, leading to some employees being assigned work that is not well-suited.

Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider whether or not AWA is right for your organization before implementing it.

When appropriately used, Advanced Work Assignments can effectively improve employee productivity and satisfaction while reducing organizational costs.

Scheduling of Work Assignment

When you are using a computerized system to schedule work, it is essential to know that some factors affect employees’ performance before uploading the names of employees in the system.

This includes understanding how these applications operate and considering what kind of factor affects them most when deciding which option will be best suited for your business needs!

You can utilize manual assignment or auto-assignment for scheduling once you get it.

The following are some tips for scheduling the assignment.

Scheduling of Work Assignment

1. Examine the type of work

It is crucial to find out the type of work. For example, some work has to be done in one department. However, some work must be divided between the different departments, and those departments must develop internal work procedures.

2. Analyze the skills of the employees

Each employee has their talent. So before scheduling the work, making one flowchart of the work process is better.

After analyzing employees’ skills, assign the work in the flowchart to the specified employees. Also, keep one backup person if the designated employee cannot perform the job.

3. Calculate the required time

Go through the flowchart and calculate the time required for each stage of the work or project to streamline the work process and complete the job efficiently.

4. Avoid the duplication of work

When you assign laborers to different fundamental processes, there will be a chance of duplicating work because all the laborers do jobs not mentioned in the flow chart.

Hence, carefully check the workflow across the organization and ensure there is no work duplication.

5. Provide a clear idea to the customer

Provide a clear idea to the customer about communication. That means informing him clearly to whom he should communicate to get information about the project and assigning a specified person.

Considering customers’ expectations is critical to set company standards. It helps to learn the market standards also. It will be achievable when you do a proper work assignment.

Important Information that Works Assignment Contains

Work assignment contains mainly these four essential pieces of information. They are

  • Which task is to be done : Clearly explain to the employees which task to be taken based on priority.
  • The reason for doing that task : When you assign new work to the employees before completing current work, you need to explain its reason.
  • What standards should completed tasks meet: Let employees know about the evaluation of the completed job.
  • All-motive directions: This means telling the employees to inform their managers about the completed task and the problems they face while doing the tasks.

Benefits of work assignment

  • It is easy to track who is responsible for which work.
  • It contains some information like which task to be done as per the priority, what must be the standards of the completed task, etc. It helps the assigned person to do the job efficiently.
  • By assigning work to a particular team or a person, they know which work to do as per the priority and do that work efficiently to increase customer satisfaction.

What are the components of Advanced Work Assignment (AWA)?

The components of Advanced Work Assignment (AWA) are: -Work Instructional Package (WIP) -Task Guide -Performers Instructions -Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) -Work Area Layout diagram.

What is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) , often shortened to “the SOP,” is a standardized plan adopted by an organization for the orderly and efficient carrying out of various activities such as work, production, or services.

The SOP is a company-wide standard that includes everything from greeting coworkers in the morning to what to do if there’s a fire.

While it may appear overly restrictive at times, its goal is to minimize variation and mistakes. Every business activity has at least one best practice that can lead to success and efficiency if adhered to deliberately and consistently.

What is a Work Instructional Package (WIP)?

A Work Instructional Package (WIP) is a document that provides step-by-step instructions for performing a specific job or task. It may also include diagrams, photographs, and illustrations to help clarify the steps involved.

WIPs are generally used in manufacturing and production settings but can also be helpful in other types of workplaces.

For example, if you work in an office and need to learn how to use a new software program, your company might provide a WIP outlining the steps to install and configure the software.

The proliferation of technology has led to an increased demand for automation. Companies have found a balance between humans and machines using automated work assignment software, or AWA. Automatic job assignments can be used in many industries, from IT support to sales call centers.

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Synonyms of job

  • as in position
  • as in mission
  • as in headache
  • as in to partner
  • More from M-W
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Thesaurus Definition of job

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • appointment

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  • unemployment
  • joblessness
  • responsibility
  • undertaking
  • requirement
  • designation
  • participation
  • involvement
  • heavy lifting
  • lucubration
  • child's play

Thesaurus Definition of job  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • subcontract
  • sign (up or on)

Synonym Chooser

How does the noun job contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of job are assignment , chore , duty , stint , and task . While all these words mean "a piece of work to be done," job applies to a piece of work voluntarily performed; it may sometimes suggest difficulty or importance.

When is it sensible to use assignment instead of job ?

The words assignment and job can be used in similar contexts, but assignment implies a definite limited task assigned by one in authority.

When is chore a more appropriate choice than job ?

While in some cases nearly identical to job , chore implies a minor routine activity necessary for maintaining a household or farm.

In what contexts can duty take the place of job ?

The words duty and job are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, duty implies an obligation to perform or responsibility for performance.

When would stint be a good substitute for job ?

While the synonyms stint and job are close in meaning, stint implies a carefully allotted or measured quantity of assigned work or service.

When could task be used to replace job ?

The meanings of task and job largely overlap; however, task implies work imposed by a person in authority or an employer or by circumstance.

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alt 5a37e26cd8123

Should you 'quit' or 'resign'?

A word for when you're outta there


It's a Living: Last Names That Started...

It's a Living: Last Names That Started as Jobs

What's in a name? Sometimes, a paycheck.

Thesaurus Entries Near job

Cite this entry.

“Job.” Merriam-Webster.com Thesaurus , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/job. Accessed 23 Dec. 2023.

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What does job assignment mean?

Definitions for job assignment job as·sign·ment, this dictionary definitions page includes all the possible meanings, example usage and translations of the word job assignment ., did you actually mean job candidate or joseph smith , how to pronounce job assignment.

Alex US English David US English Mark US English Daniel British Libby British Mia British Karen Australian Hayley Australian Natasha Australian Veena Indian Priya Indian Neerja Indian Zira US English Oliver British Wendy British Fred US English Tessa South African

How to say job assignment in sign language?

Chaldean Numerology

The numerical value of job assignment in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

Pythagorean Numerology

The numerical value of job assignment in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Examples of job assignment in a Sentence

Rochelle Kopp :

Under Japanese labour law, if you are a permanent employee, refusing a job transfer or other job assignment is the same as saying that you are quitting, it’s so commonplace that people just think it’s normal.

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"job assignment." Definitions.net. STANDS4 LLC, 2023. Web. 23 Dec. 2023. < https://www.definitions.net/definition/job+assignment >.


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6 tips for January job hunters who want to change their occupation, from a career coach

  • Donna Shannon has been teaching job-searching classes and career-coaching people since 2004.
  • She advises starting a job search by defining dealbreakers and researching salary ranges online.
  • Once you know what you want, ensure your résumé is set and remember the process can be long.

Insider Today

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Donna Shannon, a master career director from Denver. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

I'm a professional career coach, and I've been teaching job-searching classes and coaching people since January 2004.

Before this, I was in human resources and recruiting, so much of my teaching is based on real-world practical strategies that employers use.

Many people rethink their careers or industries at the end of the year. If you plan to search for a new job in January , consider these tips to make the process smoother and find your perfect fit.

Define your dealbreakers

A title isn't a dealbreaker, but what you do in your role can be. Define what would be acceptable but not ideal, then decide what your dealbreakers are. Identifying these helps you piece together your dream job .

A classic example of this is salary ranges . Consider a range when you think about your dream salary so you're not limiting yourself.

Think about the benefits, too. I see many people pushing for remote or hybrid jobs right now, but people need to get real with themselves because there's so much competition for remote positions .

If you find what seems like a dream job, is a hybrid or in-office schedule a dealbreaker? Fewer people want to go into the office, so flexibility offers more opportunities.

Research appropriate salaries online, and don't be afraid to ask for a high figure

My two favorite sources for salary research are Salary.com and Payscale . Both websites have done analysis based on title, experience level and education, and ZIP code.

Those sites give you a more realistic picture than websites where people self-report their salaries. You have to take those with a grain of salt because people who review companies are usually unhappy with them.

I recently coached a woman who was transitioning into the private-healthcare space as an executive. A startup she'd interviewed for kept asking her for salary expectations, and she had no idea what to say.

We researched a reasonable salary for her, setting a dealbreaker figure at the low end and expanding it to a range she would be comfortable asking for. In the end, she gave the high-end figure of $400,000 — almost double what she had been making in her previous role.

They said yes because they had already identified her as the right fit and asked her to relocate to San Francisco.

Ask yourself the 4 L's

One of my favorite exercises to give people is what I call the four L's. Here, we think about what they do all day in their jobs and rate each task in one of the four L categories: Do you love it, like it, live with it, or loathe it?

This exercise helps to stop people from selling themselves on a job they won't be happy in. I was working with one recent graduate who wanted to get a job in sports and was considering a paid internship program at a major sports organization.

When he did his four L categories, he decided he loved working with people one-on-one, helping them reach their goals, and doing creative things such as marketing and video. He hated being on the phone cold-calling people all day.

That's exactly what this job was. You had to grind on the phone for three to six months to earn your spot in sales and then transfer over to marketing. I told him he'd be miserable if he took this job.

In the end, we used this exercise to make working in sports his goal in the next three to five years.

Know cover letters are less important than they used to be

Since the advent of ChatGPT , the importance of cover letters seems to have gone down because they can be written using AI. There's even a movement to dismiss them in recruiting.

Right now, most places still want a cover letter, even if they're not as valued as they used to be, so I recommend writing a short one addressed to the hiring manager, rather than the HR department.

I recommend using Jobscan to help nail keywords.

Get your résumé done ASAP

If you want a résumé that doesn't sound like a computer, you either need to insert your personality or hire somebody who can help you do that, which I highly recommend.

If you can get your résumé done before January, do it, because many people make it their New Year's resolution to look for a new job. This is especially true if you're going to get help from a professional writer.

Résumé writers are most in demand in January and February, so you'll likely get pushed back in their schedules, meaning it may take several weeks to get your résumé written and ready to go.

Be prepared to spend months on your job search

In January, many people get starry-eyed and think that if they start applying for jobs, they'll be in a new position by February.

That's not how recruiting cycles work. When you apply for a position, it takes HR two to three weeks to sort through all the applications — before starting first-round interviews.

If you're applying at a large corporation or for an in-demand job or a government position, it's going to take a while. Most job searches last three to nine months, so prepare for this timeline.

define assignment job

Watch: 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment — and an economist predicts it could be far worse than the Great Recession

define assignment job

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This is the second in a series of reminders to help taxpayers get ready for the upcoming filing season. The Get ready page on IRS.gov outlines steps taxpayers can take now to make filing easier in 2024.

Here's what's new and what to consider before filing next year.

IRS Online Account enhancements

Taxpayers and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) holders can now access their Online Account and view, approve and electronically sign power of attorney and tax information authorizations from their tax professional.

With an Online Account, individuals can also:

  • View their tax owed and payment history and schedule payments.
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  • Validate bank accounts and save multiple accounts, eliminating the need to re-enter bank account information every time they make a payment.

Avoid refund delays and understand refund timing

Many different factors can affect the timing of a refund after the IRS receives a tax return. Although the IRS issues most refunds in less than 21 days, the IRS cautions taxpayers not to rely on receiving a 2023 federal tax refund by a certain date, especially when making major purchases or paying bills. Some returns may require additional review and may take longer to process if IRS systems detect a possible error, the return is missing information or there is suspected identity theft or fraud.

Also, the IRS cannot issue refunds for people claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) before mid-February. The law requires the IRS to hold the entire refund – not just the portion associated with the EITC or ACTC. The IRS expects most EITC and ACTC related refunds to be available in taxpayer bank accounts or on debit cards by Feb. 27, 2024, if the taxpayer chose direct deposit and there are no other issues with the tax return.

Last quarterly payment for 2023 is due on Jan. 16, 2024

Taxpayers may need to consider estimated or additional tax payments due to non-wage income from unemployment, self-employment, annuity income or even digital assets. The Tax Withholding Estimator on IRS.gov can help wage earners determine if there's a need to consider an additional tax payment to avoid an unexpected tax bill when they file.

Gather 2023 tax documents

Taxpayers should develop a record keeping system − electronic or paper − that keeps important information in one place. This includes year-end income documents like Forms W-2 from employers, Forms 1099 from banks or other payers, Forms 1099-K from third party payment networks, Forms 1099-NEC for nonemployee compensation, Forms 1099-MISC for miscellaneous income or Forms 1099-INT for interest paid, as well as records documenting all digital asset transactions.

When they have all their documentation, taxpayers are in the best position to file an accurate return and avoid processing or refund delays.

1099-K reporting threshold delayed

Following feedback from taxpayers, tax professionals and payment processors and to reduce taxpayer confusion, the IRS delayed the new $600 Form 1099-K reporting threshold for third party settlement organizations for calendar year 2023.

As the IRS continues to work to implement the new law, the agency will treat 2023 as an additional transition year. This will reduce the potential confusion caused by the distribution of Forms 1099-K sent to many taxpayers who wouldn't expect one and may not have a tax obligation. As a result, reporting will not be required unless the taxpayer receives over $20,000 and has more than 200 transactions in 2023.

Given the complexity of the new provision and the large number of individual taxpayers affected, the IRS is planning for a threshold of $5,000 for tax year 2024 as part of a phase-in to implement the $600 reporting threshold enacted under the American Rescue Plan (ARP).

It is important for taxpayers to understand why they received a Form 1099-K , then use the form and their other records to help figure and report their correct income on their tax return. It is also important for taxpayers to know what to do if they received a Form 1099-K but shouldn't have .

There's no change to the taxability of income. All income, including from part-time work, side jobs or the sale of goods is still taxable. Taxpayers must report all income on their tax return unless it's excluded by law, whether they receive a Form 1099-K, a Form 1099-NEC, Form 1099-MISC or any other information return.

Understand energy related credits

Taxpayers who bought a vehicle in 2023 should review the changes under the  Inflation Reduction Act of 2022  to see if they qualify for the credits for new electric vehicles purchased in 2022 or before or the new clean vehicles purchased in 2023 or after . To claim either credit, taxpayers will need to provide the vehicle's VIN and file  Form 8936, Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit , with their tax return.

If taxpayers made energy improvements to their home , tax credits are available for a portion of qualifying expenses. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 expanded the credit amounts and types of qualifying expenses. To claim the credit, taxpayers need to file  Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits , Part II, with their tax return.

Speed tax refunds with direct deposit

Filing electronically and choosing direct deposit is the fastest way for taxpayers to get their tax refund. Direct deposit gives individuals access to their refund faster than a paper check.

Those without a bank account can learn how to open an account at an FDIC insured bank or through the national Credit Union Locator tool . Veterans should see the Veterans Benefits Banking Program for access to financial services at participating banks.

Prepaid debit cards or mobile apps may allow direct deposit of tax refunds. The prepaid debit cards or mobile apps must have routing and account numbers associated with them to enter on the tax return. Check with the mobile app provider or financial institution to confirm which numbers to use.

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Definition of 'assignment'

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assignment in American English

Assignment in british english, examples of 'assignment' in a sentence assignment, related word partners assignment, trends of assignment.

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Meaning of assignment in Essential English Dictionary

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(Definition of assignment from the Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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define assignment job

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Definition of assignment noun from the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

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define assignment job


  1. Assignment

    define assignment job

  2. Assignment writing job: Why you should choose it?

    define assignment job

  3. Assignment Editor Job Description

    define assignment job

  4. Assignment writing job: Why you should choose it?

    define assignment job

  5. Assignment Editor Job Description

    define assignment job

  6. 6 Tips for You to Become the Best Assignment Writer

    define assignment job


  1. English Assignment Job Interview



  1. Assignment Definition & Meaning

    1 : the act of assigning something the assignment of a task 2 a : a position, post, or office to which one is assigned Her assignment was to the embassy in India. b : a specified task or amount of work assigned or undertaken as if assigned by authority a homework assignment 3 law : the transfer of property


    noun uk//us// B1 [ C ] a piece of work given to someone, typically as part of their studies or job: a / assignment I have a lot of reading assignments to before the end of term. [ ] a job that someone is sent somewhere to do: a / diplomatic assignment on assignment


    a piece of work given to someone, typically as part of their studies or job: a freelance / photo assignment I have a lot of reading assignments to complete before the end of the term. [ C ] a job that someone is sent somewhere to do: a foreign / diplomatic assignment on assignment

  4. ASSIGNMENT Synonyms: 97 Similar and Opposite Words

    noun Definition of assignment 1 as in task a piece of work that needs to be done regularly his first newspaper assignment was writing obituaries Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance task job duty project mission chore responsibility function post office operation endeavor undertaking errand stint enterprise commission care route char chare circuit

  5. ASSIGNMENT definition and meaning

    (əˈsaɪnmənt ) noun 1. something that has been assigned, such as a mission or task 2. a position or post to which a person is assigned 3. the act of assigning or state of being assigned 4. law a. the transfer to another of a right, interest, or title to property, esp personal property assignment of a lease b. the document effecting such a transfer

  6. Assignment Definition & Meaning

    a : the act of sending someone to a particular group or place as part of a job The article discusses the recent assignment of senators to some of the more powerful committees. her assignment to the embassy in India b : the act of giving a particular value, identity, etc., to something the computer's assignment of a number to each image

  7. assignment

    a piece of work or job that you are given to do: a written assignment He's on assignment in Brazil. (Definition of assignment from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Translations of assignment in Chinese (Traditional) (尤指學業或工作方面的)任務,功課, (被派遣到某地做的)工作, 分配(任務)… See more in Chinese (Simplified)

  8. Assignment

    the act of distributing something to designated places or persons "the first task is the assignment of an address to each datum" synonyms: assigning see more noun (law) a transfer of property by deed of conveyance synonyms: grant see more noun the instrument by which a claim or right or interest or property is transferred from one person to another

  9. Assignment Definition & Meaning

    Assignment definition, something assigned, as a particular task or duty: She completed the assignment and went on to other jobs. See more.

  10. assignment noun

    noun /əˈsaɪnmənt/ /əˈsaɪnmənt/ [countable] a task or piece of work that somebody is given to do, usually as part of their job or studies Students are required to complete all homework assignments. You will need to complete three written assignments per semester. a business/special assignment I had set myself a tough assignment.

  11. Assign Definition & Meaning

    : to appoint to a post or duty assigned them to light duty assigned me two clerks b : to appoint as a duty or task assigns 20 pages for homework 3 : to fix or specify in correspondence or relationship : select, designate assign counsel to the defendant assign a value to the variable

  12. assignment

    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Education assignment as‧sign‧ment / əˈsaɪnmənt / S2 AWL noun 1 [countable, uncountable] JOB/TASK a piece of work that is given to someone as part of their job on an assignment She's gone to Italy on a special assignment. on assignment He was killed while on assignment ...

  13. assignment

    1, 2. obligation, job. 1. See task. Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers:: assignment /əˈsaɪnmənt/ n something that has been assigned, such as a mission or task a position or post to which a person is assigned the act of assigning or state of being assigned

  14. Task vs Assignment: Decoding Common Word Mix-Ups

    An assignment is a broader term that refers to a task or series of tasks that are given to an individual or group. Assignments are usually more complex than tasks and require a higher level of expertise and knowledge. They often involve multiple steps and can take longer to complete than a simple task.

  15. Assignment

    Define assignment. assignment synonyms, assignment pronunciation, assignment translation, English dictionary definition of assignment. n. 1. The act of assigning: His assignment of the tasks seemed unfair. ... "the duties of the job" guard duty, sentry duty, sentry go, guard - the duty of serving as a sentry; "he was on guard that night"

  16. Assignment vs Delegation: Decoding Common Word Mix-Ups

    Define Assignment. Assignment refers to the act of assigning or allocating a specific task or responsibility to an individual or group. It involves the transfer of authority and accountability from one person to another. ... a manager may assign tasks to their subordinates if they have the necessary skills and experience to complete the job. On ...

  17. What is Work Assignment?

    Assigning work to a person or a team is a big challenge. This article covers all the aspects of work assignments. That is the automation of work assignment, scheduling of work assignment, importance, and four important information that contains. Work assignment is the process of assigning work to appropriate team or a person. Work can be assigned automatically with the help of automatic work flow.

  18. JOB Synonyms: 142 Similar and Opposite Words

    Synonyms for JOB: position, employment, post, place, situation, appointment, employ, function; Antonyms of JOB: unemployment, avocation, joblessness, setup, breeze ...

  19. Job assignment Definition

    Job assignment means a primary job function on a specified shift, including hours of work. For example, the bid may contain a swing shift Ground Transportation Agent assignment and a swing shift Guest Services Representative assignment. Bidding for Job Assignment will take place at a minimum of once, and at a maximum of twice per calendar year.

  20. What does job assignment mean?

    Definition of job assignment in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of job assignment. Information and translations of job assignment in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

  21. 6 Tips for Finding a New Job and a Better Career Path in January

    Define your dealbreakers. A title isn't a dealbreaker, but what you do in your role can be. Define what would be acceptable but not ideal, then decide what your dealbreakers are. Identifying these ...

  22. Education Is Still Important For Your Career: 5 Compelling ...

    Greater education is linked with happiness and fulfillment in your career. getty 2 - Get a Great Job. Another benefit in having your degree is in the recruiting process.In fact, 66% of people in ...

  23. Get ready to file in 2024: What's new and what to consider

    Last quarterly payment for 2023 is due on Jan. 16, 2024. Taxpayers may need to consider estimated or additional tax payments due to non-wage income from unemployment, self-employment, annuity income or even digital assets. The Tax Withholding Estimator on IRS.gov can help wage earners determine if there's a need to consider an additional tax ...

  24. Citi Exiting Distressed-Debt Trading in Latest Retrenchment

    0:51. Citigroup Inc. has decided to exit the distressed-debt trading business in the latest retrenchment in its effort to reshape the firm in pursuit of higher returns. The move comes as the firm ...

  25. Supreme Court Refuses to Fast-Track Trump Immunity Clash

    December 22, 2023 at 1:13 PM PST. Listen. 4:24. The US Supreme Court refused to decide immediately whether former President Donald Trump is immune from prosecution for seeking to overturn his 2020 ...

  26. ASSIGNMENT definition in American English

    An assignment is a task or piece of work that you are given to do, especially as part of your job or studies. The assessment for the course involves written assignments and practical tests. Synonyms: task, work, job, charge More Synonyms of assignment More Synonyms of assignment Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

  27. assignment

    a piece of work or a job that someone gives you to do: a written assignment (Definition of assignment from the Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Translations of assignment in Chinese (Traditional) (尤指學業或工作方面的)任務,功課, (被派遣到某地做的)工作, 分配(任務)… See more in Chinese (Simplified) (尤指学习或工作方面的)任务,作业, (被派遣出去做的)工作, 分配(任务)… See more

  28. assignment noun

    /əˈsaɪnmənt/ [countable, uncountable] a task or piece of work that someone is given to do, usually as part of their job or studies You will need to complete three written assignments per semester.