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Listen: we know homework isn’t fun, but it is a good way to reinforce the ideas and concepts you’ve learned in class. But what if you’re really struggling with your homework assignments? 

If you’ve looked online for a little extra help with your take-home assignments, you’ve probably stumbled across websites claiming to provide the homework help and answers students need to succeed . But can homework help sites really make a difference? And if so, which are the best homework help websites you can use? 

Below, we answer these questions and more about homework help websites–free and paid. We’ll go over: 

  • The basics of homework help websites 
  • The cost of homework help websites 
  • The five best homework websites out there 
  • The pros and cons of using these websites for homework help 
  • The line between “learning” and “cheating” when using online homework help 
  • Tips for getting the most out of a homework help website

So let’s get started! 


The Basics About Homework Help Websites–Free and Paid

Homework help websites are designed to help you complete your homework assignments, plain and simple. 

What Makes a Homework Help Site Worth Using

Most of the best sites allow users to ask questions and then provide an answer (or multiple possible answers) and explanation in seconds. In some instances, you can even send a photo of a particular assignment or problem instead of typing the whole thing out! 

Homework help sites also offer more than just help answering homework questions. Common services provided are Q&A with experts, educational videos, lectures, practice tests and quizzes, learning modules, math solving tools, and proofreading help. Homework help sites can also provide textbook solutions (i.e. answers to problems in tons of different textbooks your school might be using), one-on-one tutoring, and peer-to-peer platforms that allow you to discuss subjects you’re learning about with your fellow students. 

And best of all, nearly all of them offer their services 24/7, including tutoring! 

What You Should Should Look Out For

When it comes to homework help, there are lots–and we mean lots –of scam sites out there willing to prey on desperate students. Before you sign up for any service, make sure you read reviews to ensure you’re working with a legitimate company. 

A word to the wise: the more a company advertises help that veers into the territory of cheating, the more likely it is to be a scam. The best homework help websites are going to help you learn the concepts you’ll need to successfully complete your homework on your own. (We’ll go over the difference between “homework help” and “cheating” a little later!) 


You don't need a golden piggy bank to use homework help websites. Some provide low or no cost help for students like you!

How Expensive Are the Best Homework Help Websites?

First of all, just because a homework help site costs money doesn’t mean it’s a good service. Likewise, just because a homework help website is free doesn’t mean the help isn’t high quality. To find the best websites, you have to take a close look at the quality and types of information they provide! 

When it comes to paid homework help services, the prices vary pretty widely depending on the amount of services you want to subscribe to. Subscriptions can cost anywhere from $2 to $150 dollars per month, with the most expensive services offering several hours of one-on-one tutoring with a subject expert per month.

The 5 Best Homework Help Websites 

So, what is the best homework help website you can use? The answer is that it depends on what you need help with. 

The best homework help websites are the ones that are reliable and help you learn the material. They don’t just provide answers to homework questions–they actually help you learn the material. 

That’s why we’ve broken down our favorite websites into categories based on who they’re best for . For instance, the best website for people struggling with math might not work for someone who needs a little extra help with science, and vice versa. 

Keep reading to find the best homework help website for you! 

Best Free Homework Help Site: Khan Academy

  • Price: Free!
  • Best for: Practicing tough material 

Not only is Khan Academy free, but it’s full of information and can be personalized to suit your needs. When you set up your account , you choose which courses you need to study, and Khan Academy sets up a personal dashboard of instructional videos, practice exercises, and quizzes –with both correct and incorrect answer explanations–so you can learn at your own pace. 

As an added bonus, it covers more course topics than many other homework help sites, including several AP classes.

Runner Up: offers a free service that allows you to type in questions and get answers and explanations from experts. The downside is that you’re limited to two answers per question and have to watch ads. 

Best Paid Homework Help Site: Chegg

  • Price: $14.95 to $19.95 per month
  • Best for: 24/7 homework assistance  

This service has three main parts . The first is Chegg Study, which includes textbook solutions, Q&A with subject experts, flashcards, video explanations, a math solver, and writing help. The resources are thorough, and reviewers state that Chegg answers homework questions quickly and accurately no matter when you submit them.  

Chegg also offers textbook rentals for students who need access to textbooks outside of their classroom. Finally, Chegg offers Internship and Career Advice for students who are preparing to graduate and may need a little extra help with the transition out of high school. 

Another great feature Chegg provides is a selection of free articles geared towards helping with general life skills, like coping with stress and saving money. Chegg’s learning modules are comprehensive, and they feature solutions to the problems in tons of different textbooks in a wide variety of subjects. 

Runner Up: Bartleby offers basically the same services as Chegg for $14.99 per month. The reason it didn’t rank as the best is based on customer reviews that say user questions aren’t answered quite as quickly on this site as on Chegg. Otherwise, this is also a solid choice!


Best Site for Math Homework Help: Photomath

  • Price: Free (or $59.99 per year for premium services) 
  • Best for: Explaining solutions to math problems

This site allows you to t ake a picture of a math problem, and instantly pulls up a step-by-step solution, as well as a detailed explanation of the concept. Photomath also includes animated videos that break down mathematical concepts to help you better understand and remember them. 

The basic service is free, but for an additional fee you can get extra study tools and learn additional strategies for solving common math problems.

Runner Up: KhanAcademy offers in-depth tutorials that cover complex math topics for free, but you won’t get the same tailored help (and answers!) that Photomath offers. 

Best Site for English Homework Help: Princeton Review Academic Tutoring

  • Price: $40 to $153 per month, depending on how many hours of tutoring you want 
  • Best for: Comprehensive and personalized reading and writing help 

While sites like Grammarly and Sparknotes help you by either proofreading what you write via an algorithm or providing book summaries, Princeton Review’s tutors provide in-depth help with vocabulary, literature, essay writing and development, proofreading, and reading comprehension. And unlike other services, you’ll have the chance to work with a real person to get help. 

The best part is that you can get on-demand English (and ESL) tutoring from experts 24/7. That means you can get help whenever you need it, even if you’re pulling an all-nighter! 

This is by far the most expensive homework site on this list, so you’ll need to really think about what you need out of a homework help website before you commit. One added benefit is that the subscription covers over 80 other subjects, including AP classes, which can make it a good value if you need lots of help!  


Best Site for STEM Homework Help: Studypool

  • Best for: Science homework help
  • Price: Varies; you’ll pay for each question you submit

When it comes to science homework help, there aren’t a ton of great resources out there. The best of the bunch is Studypool, and while it has great reviews, there are some downsides as well. 

Let’s start with the good stuff. Studypool offers an interesting twist on the homework help formula. After you create a free account, you can submit your homework help questions, and tutors will submit bids to answer your questions. You’ll be able to select the tutor–and price point–that works for you, then you’ll pay to have your homework question answered. You can also pay a small fee to access notes, lectures, and other documents that top tutors have uploaded. 

The downside to Studypool is that the pricing is not transparent . There’s no way to plan for how much your homework help will cost, especially if you have lots of questions! Additionally, it’s not clear how tutors are selected, so you’ll need to be cautious when you choose who you’d like to answer your homework questions.  


What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Homework Help Sites?

Homework help websites can be a great resource if you’re struggling in a subject, or even if you just want to make sure that you’re really learning and understanding topics and ideas that you’re interested in. But, there are some possible drawbacks if you don’t use these sites responsibly. 

We’ll go over the good–and the not-so-good–aspects of getting online homework help below. 

3 Pros of Using Homework Help Websites 

First, let’s take a look at the benefits. 

#1: Better Grades Beyond Homework

This is a big one! Getting outside help with your studies can improve your understanding of concepts that you’re learning, which translates into better grades when you take tests or write essays. 

Remember: homework is designed to help reinforce the concepts you learned in class. If you just get easy answers without learning the material behind the problems, you may not have the tools you need to be successful on your class exams…or even standardized tests you’ll need to take for college. 

#2: Convenience

One of the main reasons that online homework help is appealing is because it’s flexible and convenient. You don’t have to go to a specific tutoring center while they’re open or stay after school to speak with your teacher. Instead, you can access helpful resources wherever you can access the internet, whenever you need them.

This is especially true if you tend to study at off hours because of your extracurriculars, work schedule, or family obligations. Sites that offer 24/7 tutoring can give you the extra help you need if you can’t access the free resources that are available at your school. 

#3: Variety

Not everyone learns the same way. Maybe you’re more of a visual learner, but your teacher mostly does lectures. Or maybe you learn best by listening and taking notes, but you’re expected to learn something just from reading the textbook . 

One of the best things about online homework help is that it comes in a variety of forms. The best homework help sites offer resources for all types of learners, including videos, practice activities, and even one-on-one discussions with real-life experts. 

This variety can also be a good thing if you just don’t really resonate with the way a concept is being explained (looking at you, math textbooks!).


Not so fast. There are cons to homework help websites, too. Get to know them below!

3 Cons of Using Homework Help Websites 

Now, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of online homework help. 

#1: Unreliable Info

This can be a real problem. In addition to all the really good homework help sites, there are a whole lot of disreputable or unreliable sites out there. The fact of the matter is that some homework help sites don’t necessarily hire people who are experts in the subjects they’re talking about. In those cases, you may not be getting the accurate, up-to-date, and thorough information you need.

Additionally, even the great sites may not be able to answer all of your homework questions. This is especially true if the site uses an algorithm or chatbot to help students…or if you’re enrolled in an advanced or college-level course. In these cases, working with your teacher or school-provided tutors are probably your best option. 

#2: No Clarification

This depends on the service you use, of course. But the majority of them provide free or low-cost help through pre-recorded videos. Watching videos or reading info online can definitely help you with your homework… but you can’t ask questions or get immediate feedback if you need it .

#3: Potential For Scamming 

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of homework help websites out there, and lots of them are scams. The review comments we read covered everything from outdated or wrong information, to misleading claims about the help provided, to not allowing people to cancel their service after signing up. 

No matter which site you choose to use, make sure you research and read reviews before you sign up–especially if it’s a paid service! 


When Does “Help” Become “Cheating”?

Admittedly, whether using homework help websites constitutes cheating is a bit of a grey area. For instance, is it “help” when a friend reads your essay for history class and corrects your grammar, or is it “cheating”? The truth is, not everyone agrees on when “help” crosses the line into “cheating .” When in doubt, it can be a good idea to check with your teacher to see what they think about a particular type of help you want to get. 

That said, a general rule of thumb to keep in mind is to make sure that the assignment you turn in for credit is authentically yours . It needs to demonstrate your own thoughts and your own current abilities. Remember: the point of every homework assignment is to 1) help you learn something, and 2) show what you’ve learned. 

So if a service answers questions or writes essays for you, there’s a good chance using it constitutes cheating. 

Here’s an example that might help clarify the difference for you. Brainstorming essay ideas with others or looking online for inspiration is “help” as long as you write the essay yourself. Having someone read it and give you feedback about what you need to change is also help, provided you’re the one that makes the changes later. 

But copying all or part of an essay you find online or having someone write (or rewrite) the whole thing for you would be “cheating.” The same is true for other subjects. Ultimately, if you’re not generating your own work or your own answers, it’s probably cheating.


5 Tips for Finding the Best Homework Help Websites for You

Now that you know some of our favorite homework help websites, free and paid, you can start doing some additional research on your own to decide which services might work best for you! Here are some top tips for choosing a homework help website. 

Tip 1: Decide How You Learn Best 

Before you decide which site or sites you’re going to use for homework help, y ou should figure out what kind of learning style works for you the most. Are you a visual learner? Then choose a site that uses lots of videos to help explain concepts. If you know you learn best by actually doing tasks, choose a site that provides lots of practice exercises.

Tip 2: Determine Which Subjects You Need Help With

Just because a homework help site is good overall doesn’t mean that it’s equally good for every subject. If you only need help in math, choose a site that specializes in that area. But if history is where you’re struggling, a site that specializes in math won’t be much help. So make sure to choose a site that you know provides high-quality help in the areas you need it most. 

Tip 3: Decide How Much One-On-One Help You Need 

This is really about cost-effectiveness. If you learn well on your own by reading and watching videos, a free site like Khan Academy is a good choice. But if you need actual tutoring, or to be able to ask questions and get personalized answers from experts, a paid site that provides that kind of service may be a better option.

Tip 4: Set a Budget 

If you decide you want to go with a paid homework help website, set a budget first . The prices for sites vary wildly, and the cost to use them can add up quick. 

Tip 5: Read the Reviews

Finally, it’s always a good idea to read actual reviews written by the people using these homework sites. You’ll learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the users’ experiences have been. This is especially true if you intend to subscribe to a paid service. You’ll want to make sure that users think it’s worth the price overall!


What’s Next?

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Doing well on homework assignments is just one part of getting good grades. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about getting great grades in high school in this article. 

Of course, test grades can make or break your GPA, too. Here are 17 expert tips that’ll help you get the most out of your study prep before you take an exam. 

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✔︎ free homework PDFs ✔︎ for teachers to use with ESL classes ✔︎ printer-friendly ✔︎ answers provided

Level: pre-intermediate

  • Homework: Present Continuous I am doing, I am not doing...
  • Homework: Present Simple I am, I am not, I have, I don't have...
  • Homework: Future Simple I will do, I won't do...
  • Homework: SHOULD/SHOULDN'T you should do, you shouldn't do...
  • Homework: Past Continuous I was doing, we were doing, they were doing...
  • Homework: MUST vs HAVE TO must do, mustn't do, have to do, don't have to do...
  • Homework: Comparative Adjectives colder, better, easier, more expensive...
  • Homework: Superlative Adjectives the smallest, the worst, the most expensive...
  • Homework: Definite or Indefinite Article a, at, the
  • Homework: Demonstrative Determiners this, that, these, those
  • Homework: Zero Conditional If I don't get exercise, I get fat
  • Homework: First Conditional If you go to bed late, you’ll be tired tomorrow
  • Homework: Second Conditional If I saw a snake, I would scream
  • Homework: GOING TO it is going to rain...
  • Homework: Prepositions of Place at, in, above, below...
  • Homework: Prepositions of Time at, in, on

Level: intermediate

  • Grading Adverbs slightly, rather, very, extremely...
  • Non-Gradable Adjectives freezing, tiny, filthy, boiling, furious...
  • Homework: Reported Speech Tom said he was bored, I asked where he was...
  • Homework: Countable vs Uncountable Nouns job/work, suitcase/luggage...
  • Homework: Tag Questions It's cold, isn't it?...
  • Homework: Phrasal Verbs put up, turn off, break down...
  • Homework: Future Continuous I will be doing, I won't be doing...
  • Homework: Future Perfect I will have done, I won't have done...
  • Homework: Past Perfect Continuous I had been doing, I hadn't been doing...
  • Homework: Past Perfect I had seen, he had seen...
  • Homework: Reflexive Pronouns myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself...
  • Homework: Adverbs of Place where, here, there, downstairs, everywhere...
  • Homework: Adverbs of Degree fairly, pretty, quite, extremely, totally...
  • Homework: Adverbs of Manner badly, well, slowly, easily, loudly...
  • Homework: Adverbs of Time now, then, yesterday, tomorrow, earlier...
  • Homework: BE USED TO vs USED TO I’m used to waking up early / I used to wake up early...
  • Homework: Third Conditional If I had known it was your birthday, I would have sent you a card
  • Homework: Coordinating Conjunctions for, and, but, or, yet...
  • Homework: Subordinating Conjunctions although, despite, while, because, since...
  • Homework: Indefinite Pronouns somebody, anybody, nothing, everything, anywhere...
  • Homework: Infinitive or -ing to be/being, to do/doing, to eat/eating...
  • Homework: Passive Voice is made, are used, was born, was invented, were stolen...
  • Homework: Past Simple vs Present Perfect Simple I did vs I have done...
  • Homework: Present Perfect Simple vs Continuous I have done vs I have been doing...
  • Homework: Quantifiers a few, a little, much, many, a lot of...
  • Homework: Possessive Pronouns mine, yours, his...
  • Homework: Relative Pronouns who, whom, which, that...
  • Homework: Law Vocabulary jury, barrister, sentence, sue, attorney...
  • Homework: Money Vocabulary invest, hard currency, transaction, cashier...
  • Homework: Animal Vocabulary herd, kitten, lioness, calf, peacock...
  • Homework: Medical Vocabulary pain, swollen, allergic, side-effects...
  • Homework: Air Travel Vocabulary baggage claim, board, jet-lag, runway...
  • Homework: Body Vocabulary calf, cheeks, liver, thumb, wrist...
  • Homework: Rooms, Furniture, Appliances Vocabulary attic, counter, freezer, hallway...
  • Homework: Telephone Vocabulary hang up, pay phone, missed call, receiver...
  • Homework: Employment Vocabulary dismiss, interview, recruit, salary, staff...
  • Homework: Criminals Vocabulary arsonist, bigamist, burglar, murderer, thief...
  • Homework: Computer Vocabulary app, email, modem, external drive, ebook...
  • Homework: Weather Vocabulary chilly, flood, hail, drought, temperature...
  • Homework: Music Vocabulary band, beat, verse, genre, artist...
  • Homework: Movies Vocabulary sci-fi, director, cast, genre, comedy...
  • Homework: Sports Vocabulary score, compete, cheer on, beat, train...
  • Homework: Cooking Verbs boil, grate, whisk, fry, stir...
  • Homework: Confusing Words accept/except, bring/take, raise/rise...
  • Homework: Homophones bear/bare, fare/fair, desert/dessert...
  • Homework: Interjections hmm, shh, yuck, aah, wow...
  • Homework: CAN, COULD, BE ABLE TO I can run, I could run, I will be able to run...
  • Homework: Modal Verbs of Deduction can't be, must be, could have been...
  • Homework: Prefixes re-, mis-, over-, under-, ex-...
  • Homework: Opposite Prefixes INappropriate, IRregular, IMpolite...
  • Homework: Adjective Suffixes -ing, -ous, -able, -ive, -ful...
  • Homework: Noun Suffixes -al, -er, -ment, -ness, -tion, -y...

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How to Do Homework

Last Updated: February 15, 2024 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Ronitte Libedinsky, MS . Ronitte Libedinsky is an Academic Tutor and the Founder of Brighter Minds SF, a San Francisco, California based company that provides one-on-one and small group tutoring. Specializing in tutoring mathematics (pre-algebra, algebra I/II, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus) and science (chemistry, biology), Ronitte has over 10 years of experience tutoring to middle school, high school, and college students. She also tutors in SSAT, Terra Nova, HSPT, SAT, and ACT test prep. Ronitte holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 953,097 times.

Even though your parents probably complain about how hard it was in their day, students nowadays have more homework than ever before, even when just starting their first year at middle school. That homework doesn't need to be a struggle now. Learning to plan out an efficient schedule for completing your homework, working on it effectively, and knowing when to get help with difficult assignments can help take the stress out of studying. Don't put it off any longer. See Step 1 for more information.

Working on Homework

Step 1 Make sure you have everything you need before you start.

Once you go into your space and start working, try not to leave until you've got a break scheduled. If you want a quick snack or drink, get it now before you start. Hit the bathroom and make sure you'll be able to work for the amount of time before your next break, uninterrupted.

Step 2 Eliminate as many distractions as possible.

  • It's common that students will try to multi-task, watching TV or listening to the radio or continuing to chat on Facebook or Instagram while also trying to do homework. It'll be so much more fun to do those things after you're already done with your homework, though, and your homework will take half as much time if you're focused on doing nothing but your homework.
  • Check your phone or your social networking sites during your study break, but not before. Use these distractions as a carrot, not as a pacifier.

Step 3 Concentrate on one task at a time.

If one assignment proves challenging and time-consuming, it's okay to switch for a while to something else. Just make sure to save enough time to circle back and give it another shot.

Step 4 Take a break every hour.

  • Try to figure out what works best for you. Some students might like to start their homework immediately after school to get it done as quickly as possible, while it may be better to give yourself an hour to relax before starting in on it and decompress from the long school day. Don't wait for the last minute.
  • While it may seem like a better idea to work straight through and finish, it's possible that the quality of the work you're doing will start to suffer if you don't give your mind a rest. It's difficult to think hard for more than 45 minutes at a time on a particular subject. Give yourself a rest and come back refreshed.

Step 5 Dive back in after study breaks.

  • The first fifteen minutes after a break are your most effective minutes, because your mind will be cleared, and ready to work hard. Give yourself a pep talk and dive back in, refreshed and ready.

Step 6 Create incentives to finish.

  • If you have trouble staying focused, get a parent, sibling, or friend to help keep you honest. Give them your phone while you're working to avoid the temptation to check it, or give them the video game controller so you won't be able to plug in for a few minutes of alien-hunting when you're supposed to be doing your homework. Then, when you're finished, show them the finished product and earn back your fun. Make it impossible to cheat.

Step 7 Let the homework take as long as it needs.

  • You can make yourself take enough time by having your gate-keeper (the person with your phone or video game controller) check over your homework for quality when you're done. If you know you're not going to get it anyway unless it's done right, you won't have any reason to rush. Slow down and do it right.

Step 8 Review your work after you finish.

Planning Your Homework

Step 1 Write out your daily homework in a list.

  • It's common to quickly write out the math problems you're supposed to do at the top of your notes, or scribble down the page number of the English reading on a textbook page, but try to recopy this information into a specific homework list so you will be sure to remember to do it.
  • Write down as many details as you can about each assignment. It's good to include the due date, corresponding textbook pages, and additional instructions from your teacher. This will help you plan your night of homework more effectively. Also, it's a good idea to write about your homework in a planner.

Step 2 Make sure you understand each assignment.

  • Homework doesn't have to wait until you get home. Look through an assignment as soon as it's been given, so you'll have the time to ask your teacher any questions you might have before you leave school for the day.

Step 3 Create a comfortable homework spot

  • At home , a desk in your bedroom might be the best place. You can shut the door and tune out any distractions. For some students, though, this is a good way to get distracted. You might have video games, computers, guitars, and all sorts of other distractions in your bedroom. It might be a better idea to sit at the kitchen table, or in the living room, where your parents can call you out for procrastinating. You'll get it done more quickly without the temptation of distraction.
  • In public , the library is a great place to study and do homework. At all libraries, it's a rule that you have to be quiet, and you won't have any of the distractions of home. The school library will often stay open after school ends, making it a good option for finishing up homework before heading home, or your school may even have an after-school study spot specifically for the purpose. [11] X Research source
  • Try to switch it up . Studying in the same place too often can make work more difficult. Some studies have shown that a change in environment can make your mind more active, since it's processing new information. You'll be able to vary your routine and remember what you learned more effectively.

Step 4 Choose the most important assignments to work on.

  • Try starting with the most difficult homework . Do you really hate the idea of getting into the algebra homework? Does reading for English take the longest? Start with the most challenging homework to give yourself the most time to complete it, then move on to the easier tasks you can complete more quickly.
  • Try starting with the most pressing homework . If you've got 20 math problems to do for tomorrow, and 20 pages to read in a novel for Friday, it's probably better to start with the math homework to make sure you'll have enough time to complete it. Make homework due the next day the priority.
  • Try starting with the most important homework . Your math homework might be difficult, but if it's only worth a few completion points, it might be less important to spend a lot of time on it than the big project for Social Studies that's due in two days. Devote the most time to the most valuable assignments.

Step 5 Make a timetable.

  • Set an alarm or a timer to keep yourself honest. The less time you spend procrastinating and checking your text messages, the more quickly you'll be done. If you think you can finish everything in a half hour, set a timer and work efficiently to finish in that amount of time. If you don't quite finish, give yourself a few extra minutes. Treat it like a drill.
  • Keep track of how long you usually spend on particular assignments on average. If your math homework typically takes you 45 minutes to finish, save that much time each night. If you start plugging away for an hour, give yourself a break and work on something else to avoid tiring out.
  • Schedule 10 minutes of break time for every 50 minutes of work time. It's important to take study breaks and give your mind a rest, or you'll work less effectively. You're not a robot!

Finding Extra Time

Step 1 Start working on it now.

  • Do you really need an hour of TV or computer after school to decompress? It might be easier to just dive into your homework and get it done while the skills are still fresh in your mind. Waiting a couple hours means you'll have to review your notes and try to get back to the same place you already were. Do it while it's fresh.
  • If you've got three days to read an assignment, don't wait until the last evening to do it all. Space it out and give yourself more time to finish. Just because you've got a due date that's a long time away doesn't mean it wouldn't be easier to finish now. Stay ahead of the game. Try either waking up earlier or going to bed later. But don't get too tired!

Step 2 Steal some homework time on the bus.

  • If you've got to read a bunch of stuff for homework, read on the bus. Pop in some headphones to white noise that'll drown out the shouting of other students and tune into your book.
  • The bus can be distracting, or it can be a great resource. Since it's full of your classmates, try to get other students to work with you and get things done more quickly. Work together on the math problems and try to figure out things together. It's not cheating if everyone's doing the work and no one's just copying. Also, you might make some new friends while you're at it!

Step 3 Work on your homework in between class periods.

  • Don't rely on this time to finish homework just before it's due. Rushing to finish your last few problems in the five minutes before you need to turn it in looks bad in front of the teacher, plus it doesn't give you any time to review your homework after you finish it. Rushing is a good way to make mistakes. And always check difficult problems you had trouble with.

Step 4 Work on homework during long waits.

  • Work on your homework while you're waiting for a ride, while you're killing time at your brother's soccer game, or while you're waiting for your friend to come over. Take advantage of any extra time you have in the day.

Getting Homework Help

Step 1 Talk to your teacher about difficult assignments.

  • Asking for help with your homework isn't a sign that you're bad at the subject or that you're "stupid." Every teacher on the planet will respect a student that takes their homework seriously enough to ask for help. Especially ask if you weren't there that day!
  • Asking for help isn't the same thing as complaining about the difficulty of homework or making excuses. Spending ten minutes doing half your math problems and leaving most of them blank because they were hard and then telling your teacher you need help isn't going to win you any favors on the due date. If it's hard, see your teacher ahead of time and find the time to get help.

Step 2 Visit the tutoring center or help desk at school.

  • If there's not an organized homework help group at your school, there are many private tutoring organizations that work both for-pay and non-profits. Sylvan Learning Center and other businesses have after-school hours that you can schedule appointments at to get help studying and completing your homework, while community centers like the YMCA, or even public libraries will often have homework help hours in your area.
  • Getting help doesn't mean that you're bad at your homework. All variety of students visit tutoring centers for extra help, just to make sure they have enough time and motivation to get everything done. It's hard being a student! There's no shame in extra help. Imagine being afraid to ask for anything! You wouldn't be able to ask in restaurants, shops, anywhere!

Step 3 Work with other students.

  • Make sure that your group study sessions don't cross the line into cheating. Dividing up an assigned so your friend does half and you copy each other's answers is considered cheating, but discussing a problem and coming up with a solution together isn't. As long as you each do the work separately, you shouldn't have any problems.

Step 4 Talk to your parents.

  • Some parents don't necessarily know how to help with your homework and might end up doing too much. Try to keep yourself honest. Asking for help doesn't mean asking your parent to do your work for you.
  • Likewise, some older relatives have outdated ways of completing specific tasks and might suggest forcefully that something you learned in class is wrong. Always use your teacher's approach as the correct approach, and discuss these alternative ways of completing an assignment with your teacher if necessary.

Supercharge Your Studying with this Expert Series

1 - Study For Exams

Expert Q&A

Ronitte Libedinsky, MS

  • If you missed school that day, then you should call a friend to get the notes and/or homework from that day. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Make sure your little study space is well lit, quiet, and comfortable. This will make it much easier to do your homework properly. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Take a piece of paper or wipe board and create a schedule for your homework. Be generous with the amount of time that you give for each task. If you end up finishing a task earlier than the schedule says, you will feel accomplished and will have extra time to complete the next task. It makes homework get done quicker than usual. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

Tips from our Readers

  • Make sure you have what you need handy when you get stuck on homework. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you're confused — asking helps you understand things better. And get enough sleep since it's easier to get your work done when you're well-rested.
  • Don't put off starting homework just to have more playtime. Jumping in early leaves more free time for later but ensures you don't miss out on sleep. Plus, the class material is still fresh right after school, so you'll understand your homework better.
  • Do your homework as soon as you get home every day except Fridays. On Fridays, give yourself permission to relax for the evening. Also, take short breaks as you work to help you focus. Play a quick game, eat a healthy snack, or use the bathroom.
  • Ask for help when you need it, but don't rely on others to give you all the answers. The point of homework is for you to practice what you've learned, so try to work through problems yourself before asking for hints or explanations.
  • Write down homework assignments in your planner right when your teacher gives them so you don't forget details later. Knowing exactly what work you need to do keeps you from being surprised.
  • Break big assignments down into smaller pieces that feel more manageable. Taking things step-by-step makes big tasks feel less overwhelming, and helps you stay motivated.

do english homework

  • Never leave unfinished homework for the next day because you might have other homework to do and you will have to do both. Thanks Helpful 24 Not Helpful 0
  • If you forget your homework, your teacher might not accept late work or may even give you more homework. Thanks Helpful 7 Not Helpful 1

Things You'll Need

  • Writing equipment, such as pencils, rulers, and erasers.
  • Resources that may help you work faster.
  • A comfy place to sit while doing homework.

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If you need to do homework, find a quiet, comfortable spot where you won’t be distracted. Turn off any electronics, like your TV, phone, or radio, and gather all of the supplies you’ll need before you get started. Work on the most important or hardest assignments first to get them out of the way, and if you have a homework assignment that actually seems fun, save it for last to motivate you to finish your other work faster. Keep reading to learn how to find extra time to get your homework done, like working on it on the way home from school! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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The 5 Top Types of DIY Homework Assignments That ESL Students Love

Did you ever have that one teacher who went the extra mile ?

When I had a teacher who devoted their time to developing exciting material, I was much more engaged in the learning experience .

The lessons and homework didn’t feel like work. Instead, I felt like I was in an intellectually stimulating space where I was learning important life skills.

Think about the more boring classes you had as a student. Do you remember how much you dreaded cookie-cutter homework activities that came in the form of a worksheet or textbook assignment? They were bland and lacking creativity, and you rarely felt like they actually helped you better understand the content.

Most of your ESL students feel the same way about the generic homework that comes with their curriculum. However, you can increase their motivation and happiness by developing homework activities that are creative and enjoyable . That way, you become that special kind of teacher who students enjoy learning from.

You’ll find that the majority of ESL students want homework. They see the importance of practicing English outside of the classroom. However, they also want activities that give them the opportunity to experiment and have fun with English.

Homework shouldn’t be a time for drilling verb tenses and memorizing definitions. It should be a time for students to express themselves using English. Give your students this important practice time by dedicating some of your lesson prep to creating meaningful homework assignments that help them reach specific goals , and they’ll feel like they’re really making progress.

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

The Creative Teacher’s Guide to Custom-tailored Homework for ESL Students

Things to keep in mind while creating esl homework.

Being able to self-study is an important part of learning any new language. You’ll need to motivate and inspire your students to learn outside of the classroom and make every moment an opportunity to learn something related to English.

Think of homework as being  guided home learning  rather than assignments to be completed perfectly to receive points.

Before you can create effective homework that your students will benefit from and enjoy , you’ll need to take some time to think about how you want to design your assignments. Here are some things to consider when creating homework:

  • What topics your class is currently studying—think about the themes, relevant vocabulary and grammar structures you have been teaching.
  • The average proficiency level of the class.
  • What will the students get out of this assignment?

With these things in mind, homework assignments can be a great way to step away from the confines of your current curriculum and experiment with creative ways to reinforce the concepts you’ve covered.

Focus on your students

Try thinking about the general strengths and weaknesses of your classes when you create activities so that you can create customized homework that helps students overcome weaknesses while building upon strengths.

Not entirely sure what their weaknesses are? That’s normal. Students sometimes lack the vocabulary to explain why they’re confused in class, especially when you put them on the spot and ask about their level of understanding. They might not raise questions during lessons, but the truth of their comprehension will surface in homework assignments. By allowing you to identify students’ specific strengths and weaknesses firsthand, well-made, custom homework gives you the chance to be a more effective teacher.

Noticing those strengths and weaknesses will help you get an idea of how the class performs as a whole, as well as the specific areas that individuals need to work on.

With this information, you can then make modifications to your lessons and future homework assignments to help improve your students’ understanding.

Stay relevant

Another benefit of customized homework is that you can base your assignments on topics that are hot and trendy. You can catch attention by referring to big topics in sports, entertainment and current events that you’ve noticed your students buzzing about lately.

You can also stay extremely focused on the themes you’ve been presenting during class time. This reinforces the material students have covered in class in a fun way, which greatly boosts their chances of retaining what they’ve learned.

Encourage them to open their books

This custom homework also gives many students a way to complete assignments with less stress; pupils can learn in a relaxed environment now that they’re working at their own paces rather than the teacher’s set speed, and they can also use outside resources to help them.

You can even design the homework so that they’re encouraged to seek help directly from a specific textbook, website or video.

Important Things to Remember When Creating Homework for ESL Students

There aren’t many students who like doing homework, even if they know it’s critical to their success with the language. While you won’t be able to change that, you can make their homework more enjoyable by taking these steps.

1. Make your homework relevant

Loading your students up with pointless busywork is going to only make them feel negatively about learning English. Spend a little extra preparation time on developing homework so that it’s engaging and has an obvious, specific purpose. If your assignment doesn’t have a clear goal that’s relevant to the students’ current lessons, change it up.

2. Write down your classroom objectives before making homework

Before you even think about creating a homework assignment, write down what you hope your students will get out of it. This will provide you with a blueprint that will help you design more effective material. With the right wording, you can even place this hope right on the homework assignment itself.

3. Don’t be so rigid

Homework should be an opportunity for students to step out of the confines of the classroom. Give them the chance to explore the language and tap into their own creativity so that they can incorporate their world knowledge into the learning experience.

4. Be consistent with grading

One of the quickest ways to stop students from getting creative with English is to mark their work stringently. Develop a grading system, let your class know what you’re looking for when you mark homework and don’t deviate from it.

Marking for participation rather than accuracy is a good way to keep your students motivated and active. If you do grade for accuracy, let the class know beforehand and give them ample time to complete the assignment (perhaps over the course of a few days).

5. Be mindful of your students’ limitations

Before you start assigning homework that requires computers, mobile devices or CD players, make sure that everyone has equal access to the resources. Teaching ESL means that you work with people from all walks of life, and some might not have access these devices. Make a plan to accommodate students or come up with a different homework exercise.

Ideas for Getting Started with DIY Homework for ESL Students

Making the perfect homework assignment takes effort, but it’s not impossible. With a little bit of time and creativity, you can develop material that helps your students improve their English skills in a fun and engaging manner. Here are some ideas that will help you make excellent homework.

1. Create debate teams

Debating is a perfect activity in the ESL classroom. It allows students to develop better persuasive skills while teaching them how to research in English. But every good debate requires some preparation.

Simply put your students into groups, assign a debating topic and make sure that every student is assigned a task to complete at home, like writing their argument or doing the actual research for the debate. Just make sure that you give your class ample time to prepare their arguments—they might need a few days for this homework assignment.

2. Give your class blogging assignments

Having your students write blogs provides two functions: learning how to write in prose and getting comfortable using an English keyboard. One of the biggest benefits of blogging assignments is their versatility.

You can have students write about literally anything, from daily diaries to structured academic essays . You can have students use specific vocabulary words or grammatical structures that were covered in class.

There are even blogging platforms available for language students  where people will proofread their submissions and give feedback.

3. Use current events as curriculum

Being able to apply the news to your lessons and homework assignments is an excellent way to keep your students interested and engaged. Assign your students specific topics in the news to follow, then give them writing and worksheet assignments related to the topics.

If you teach beginner and intermediate English students, have them get their news from a platform that uses simplified English . Advanced students may use native sources.

4. Create homework that helps build functional life skills

Especially if you’re teaching English to adults, focus on homework assignments that they can truly benefit from in the real world. You’ll find that adult learners really enjoy assignments with a clear purpose instead of more general learning . Have them write resumes and cover letters for homework to let them practice writing, or give them time to prepare for a face-to-face mock job interview with you.

Another popular homework topic is writing complaint letters. Your students can choose a company that they’re dissatisfied with and write a letter complaining about the poor service delivery or something similar.

5. Use technology whenever you can

If your students have reliable access to smartphones or computers then you can start a chat group. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp  are two chatting platforms that allow for group communication. You can discuss things with your students in real time, share videos and audio clips and answer any questions regarding homework.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating Homework for ESL Students

Coming up with homework isn’t as simple as going to a website full of ESL resources and printing out a generic worksheet. If you really want to help your students succeed, you’re going to need to put a lot of thought into how you can help them self-study. For this reason, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on workbook-based assignments. If their textbooks come with an additional workbook, use it as a way to supplement their learning but don’t restrict yourself to using only that.

Planning ESL homework can be a challenging task, especially if you’re teaching adults. Try and get to know your students a little more personally so that you have an idea of what’s going on in their lives. Ask about their school or work schedules so that you don’t overload them with excessive homework during a time when they’re preparing for exams or completing important projects.

Moreover, as you’re designing material, keep your students’ cultures in mind. A common mistake many ESL teachers make is not accounting for the cultural differences , especially when teaching students from more conservative countries. Learn what is and isn’t appropriate!

Remember, homework should always have a purpose. Never assign homework that you don’t plan on marking or evaluating in some way. Effective homework is designed for two functions: to let students engage with the language without the teacher present and to give students constructive feedback that they can benefit from.

By creating ESL homework that helps students overcome specific obstacles and learn how to use practical English in the real world, you’re helping your students work towards reaching fluency.

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  • Managing resources

Kids and homework

'I like doing homework!' 'We get too much homework.' 'Homework is really boring.' 'The teacher doesn’t always check my homework.' What would your learners say about homework? How can you make it a bit more fun?

do english homework

Homework is generally part of any English course and is set with the aim of helping children absorb and build on work done in class and to extend their learning time. Doing homework also helps children on their way to becoming independent learners. Here are some ideas for using LearnEnglish Kids for homework. Homework and parents Homework provides a link between school and home. Parents like to see what their children are learning and children, especially very young learners, often like to show parents what they can do. If you are setting homework from LearnEnglish Kids you need to get parents involved as their children will need permission to use the internet at home. It might be a good idea to begin setting homework from LearnEnglish Kids following a meeting with parents where you have told them about the site. The ideal scenario for learners using the website to do their English homework would be to have a parent or guardian sitting with them as they do it, offering encouragement and support and sharing in the learning process. In reality this may not always be the case, but if parents are at least aware of how they can help their children learn and practise their English at home, we’re increasing the chances of it happening. Parents who want to know more about how to help their child with English at home might be interested in the Parents  section on LearnEnglish Kids. This section includes downloadable booklets and articles, short videos and top tips for helping their child. What kind of homework?

Stories You could give your learners three stories to read and listen to at home and decide which they like best and why. Alternatively, you could choose just one story and give children a story worksheet to complete at home. All stories have downloadable worksheets (and answers). Find all the LearnEnglish Kids short stories here:

Listening You could ask your learners to listen to and sing along with a song at home and then have a group sing-along in the next class. This could be a new song or a song you’ve just done in class. There are lots of songs here:

Writing In the ‘Your turn’ section, children are invited to write about something they are interested in. You could give learners a choice of three topics from the ‘Your turn’ section:

Your learners can read any comments already posted under their chosen topic and then send in their own ideas to be published. All contributions are read by a moderator and then published within 24 hours. Tell your learners that you’ll be checking the site to read what they’ve written and point out that writing doesn’t have to be error free!

As children need to become members of LearnEnglish Kids before they can post comments, ask parents to help their child register at home first.

Playing games Nobody could complain that playing a game for homework is boring! You could choose a game from LearnEnglish Kids and have a quick practice of the game in class first to make sure everyone is clear about how to play it. Set the game for homework then in the next class ask learners to compare their scores or tell a partner how many times they played the game at home. Why not ask children to look around the website to find a game that they like and then tell a partner about it next class? Find the games section here:

Paper-based homework In the worksheets section there is a wide variety of worksheets on different topics, all with answers, that you can print and give to learners as homework. Very young learners can take home something they made in class to play with or use with family members. There are lots of things to make including masks, puppets, clocks and games in the LearnEnglish Kids crafts section.

Checking homework It can be tricky to check that non-written homework has been done. Get parents on board again here. Make sure they know what homework their child has been set by having your learners copy instructions from the board into their notebooks or diaries. It could be worth giving them a handout with instructions that include web addresses, as these can be difficult to copy correctly.

Keeping homework records is very handy if a problem arises and parents need to be shown hard evidence of occasions when their child hasn’t done his or her homework. It’s also nice to be able to show them a record that their child has always done the homework.

When you have used some of these ideas, why not come back to this page and leave a comment below to tell us how your class went. Let us know if you have any additional ideas!


We have to be very careful to give our students a homework because we must check them!

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Speaking exercises as homework

What about homework, teaching english to kids, schoolwork versus homework, my students comments about homework.

Research and insight

Browse fascinating case studies, research papers, publications and books by researchers and ELT experts from around the world.

See our publications, research and insight

Literacy Ideas

Top 7 English Homework Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents


7 ways to create meaningful English homework. Tips for teachers, parents and students

Homework. The bane of student life everywhere. And teachers too! Won’t someone please think of the teachers?

It has been one of the hottest debates among progressives and traditionalists in education circles for many years now; is homework help or a hindrance?

Millions of student hours per year are wasted on busy work, which adds little to student learning. But that doesn’t mean that the judicious use of homework can’t add greatly to student learning, particularly in an area as complex as literacy.

Regarding reading and writing homework, there are good points to be made on both sides. But, as with many hot-button issues, the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle.

In this article, we will look at what we need to consider when we set homework to ensure it provides value to our students’ learning. We will look at what to do, what not to do, and just how much of it to do.

Visual Writing Prompts

ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 1: Bin the Busy Work!

english homework | busy homework | Top 7 English Homework Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents |

Ask your average student what their pet peeve is regarding their current station in life, and more often than not, homework will be mentioned in the reply. It is just as much a fixture in the life of a student as an oven is in the life of a baker. Unfortunately, as many students robotically complete their homework as teachers that robotically set the tasks. And here lies our first problem – busy work!

Homework should ALWAYS be focused. It should be carefully designed and purposeful. Without clear objectives built-in, the homework serves little to no pedagogical purpose. It is more likely to be a waste of the student’s time and the time of the teacher who is doomed to mark it.

The first rule of Homework Club is Bin the Busy Work!

ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 2: Make The Homework Fit for Purpose

english homework | english homework tasks | Top 7 English Homework Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents |

It may seem obvious, but homework must be suited to the ability of the student. How often have diligent students pulled their hair out struggling over a problem all night, press-ganging parents into the effort, only to be soundly trounced by a problem Einstein himself would need his morning coffee before attempting.

Avoid setting homework that will stretch the student to the elastic limits of their abilities. We don’t want anyone ‘snapping’ here. The material chosen for reading or writing homework should, however, challenge the student to some degree. Just as with strength training, some resistance is required to build ‘muscle’ here.

As in Rule #1 above, homework should be carefully designed to achieve a certain objective. But, one size most certainly doesn’t fit all. Be sure to differentiate homework appropriately for the different abilities of different students. Often, you won’t need to set different tasks, a slight tweak in the instructions given will be enough to make it suitable for the various ability levels.


english homework | digitalreadinglog | Top 7 English Homework Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents |

Leap into the CLASSROOM OF THE FUTURE and ditch your paper-based reading logs or journals FOREVER. This dynamic BUNDLE OF RESOURCES allows you to track and assess your students reading with far more efficiency and effectiveness than ever before. INCLUDING: ✔ A dynamic DIGITAL READING SURVEY which AUTOMATICALLY ADAPTS based upon the genre of book your students are reading and what point of the text they are up to ✔ A pre-written LETTER FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS explaining how it all works and the clear benefits it offers teachers, students and parents. ✔ A set of POSTERS AND BOOKMARKS matched to your class reading log so you kids can access this ANYTIME, ANYWHERE on ANY DEVICE ✔ A VIDEO TUTORIAL explaining how to edit, customize and deliver this to parents and students with ease, as well as how to sort, filter and manage your student data


make sure you have a dedicated time frame for homework

We all have both good days and bad days, and all sorts of days in between. Regardless of what sort of day you had, one thing is for sure, there were 24 hours in it. One of the more difficult things as a teacher, especially in a school with a vague homework policy, is just how much homework to set. The answer is, of course, it depends , and while time is certainly an imperfect means of gauging this, it at least provides some guidelines.

Just how much time depends on quite a few things. The time of year, for example. If exams are ongoing, you may want to avoid heaping extra pressure on your students. Perhaps too, your school has a very prescriptive homework policy that restricts your flexibility in terms of how much time you can set for homework tasks.

All that aside, the general wisdom on setting homework is that it should start at around 10 minutes for grade 1 and gradually increase by around ten minutes per grade, up to a maximum of 2 hours per day for the oldest students.

Like most things in teaching, however, this is more of an art than a cold, hard science. Pay attention to your students and how they are bearing up under the workload. Your priority here should always be to maximize the learning done in the classroom, so don’t overdo it.

ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 4: Give Timely Feedback

homework without feedback is a complete waste of time

For feedback to be useful, it must be timely. If a student has spent hours composing an essay; researching their material, drafting an outline, organising their structure, writing and rewriting to submit their finished piece only to be told 4 weeks later that the third paragraph lacks purpose, the third paragraph will not be the only thing that lacks purpose.

If feedback is to be of any value, you must strike while the mental forge is still hot. Our students’ lives are most likely busy and interesting. Often their focus will be transient, if not downright fickle. If you want your feedback to stick – it must be delivered while the smoke still hangs in the air.

ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 5: Get Creative with the Tasks

boring english homework is painful for students. be creative

Many of our students hate homework. Perhaps ‘despise’ would be a better word. And is it any wonder? Especially when it comes to reading and writing. Learning to read and write well requires lots of practice, and a certain amount of repetition is inescapable. But, I would argue, there should be no reason for homework to be boring. There isn’t a more wondrous subject in the world than literacy, after all!

Reading and writing are very broad areas of learning. Ample opportunities are afforded to allow you to come up with engaging and creative ways for your students to reinforce their learning. You just need to begin with your learning objective and reverse engineer unique ways to get there.

Let’s take instruction writing as an example. Say you have already taught the key criteria of instruction writing: a title, a resource list, some diagrams with captions, bullet or numbered points, use of transition words and imperatives etc. You now want the students to consolidate their understanding of the genre by writing their own set of instructions at home, but how to do it in an interesting fashion?

Well, let’s brainstorm and see if we can’t make things a little more interesting for our students. Recipes are a type of instruction writing. You could set them the task of writing a recipe for their favorite sandwich, but that’s kind of, well, lame!

How about writing a recipe for the most disgusting sandwich in the world? Yes, now that’s much better. Maybe they could word process it too and include Creative Commons images to support the text, Or, they could even make a script and record a video instructional, sharpening up their video-editing skills along the way.

Regardless of which of these methods you choose, your students would still be fulfilling the original objective of reinforcing their understanding of the criteria of the genre.

Bear in mind, however, you should not set homework that requires students to use resources that they don’t have access to, so be sure to give this due consideration when getting creative with your homework tasks.

ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 6: Leverage Interest

pump up the purpose and value of homework to your students

“ You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink ”, as the old saying goes – and it certainly applies to homework.

This rule relies heavily on the relationship you build with your students over time. Allied to the point above, there are a million different ways to teach an objective, but try to engineer activities that leverage the specific interests of your students.

If you are setting a homework task to reinforce reading comprehension skills, for example, are there opportunities for you to select, or allow your students to select, material that they are interested in?

The same applies when selecting topics for writing. Where student interest is engaged, learning often becomes effortless.

ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 7: Give Homework At The Start of the Lesson

make homework a priority in your planning, not an afterthought.

It is general practice to give homework at the end of the lesson. By then, you will have introduced a lesson objective, worked through some examples during class, and now you can set homework for the students to further consolidate their understanding at home.

It makes sense, right? Well, yes, but there is another option.

Sharing the homework task with your students at the start of class may, at times, be preferable. There are several benefits to this. Often, at the end of class, our students are worn out. They are like greyhounds at the starting gate, raring to go home, to the next class, or for lunch. The last place their attention is is on more of the topic they have just been working on. Setting homework at the start of the class avoids the feeling like you are trying to herd cats at the end of class.

Another strong benefit to setting the homework at the start of the class is that it focuses the students on specific learning goals for the lesson to come. Students will be motivated to engage more with their learning as it will make their homework much easier to do that evening. Give it a go with your class and see!

The Takeaways


Homework should be used as a means of consolidating learning done in the classroom. Tasks should be focused and offer opportunities for students to improve their understanding of important concepts or develop specific skills.

Homework should be designed in such a way that it is manageable by students. It should not be beyond the limits of their abilities and time limits should be set to prevent student frustration from boiling over if they struggle to complete it.

Feedback needs to be given in a timely fashion for it to serve any useful purpose. This means that consideration must be given to your workload when assigning homework. Will you have enough time to mark the students’ work and provide the necessary feedback in a timely manner?

If not, reconsider the tasks you are setting. Remember, you may also find value in peer assessment activities too.

Also, try setting homework at the start of class to motivate student participation in the lesson to come. And, you’ll avoid that tussle at lesson’s end as the students rush for the door!

Literacy is such a fascinating subject area that there will always be room to create interesting homework tasks. You just require a little space to allow your imagination to run freely. The personal interests of your students can provide a great starting point for the creation of engaging and fun homework tasks.

Remember too, there’s an upper limit to how much homework you should set, and it may not always be necessary to set homework. When you do set homework, set it judiciously, and you will undoubtedly add to the learning experience of your students.


english homework | 1 back to writing activities | 9 Fun First Day at School Writing Activities |

9 Fun First Day at School Writing Activities

english homework | evergreen writing tasks for students | 7 Evergreen Writing Activities for Elementary Students |

7 Evergreen Writing Activities for Elementary Students

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A complete guide to Onomatopoeia

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Hyperbole: A Complete Guide for Students and Teachers

english homework | 7 top 5 essay writing tips | Top 5 Essay Writing Tips |

Top 5 Essay Writing Tips

The content for this page has been written by Shane Mac Donnchaidh.  A former principal of an international school and English university lecturer with 15 years of teaching and administration experience. Shane’s latest Book, The Complete Guide to Nonfiction Writing , can be found here.  Editing and support for this article have been provided by the literacyideas team.

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Homework In American English

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to students studying American English and needing help with their homework. We understand that American English has its unique characteristics and nuances, and our team is well-versed in these intricacies.

When you reach out to us for help with your homework, our team of experts will first evaluate your specific requirements. We recognize that each student's needs are different, and we tailor our assistance accordingly. Whether you're struggling with grammar rules, vocabulary, or writing style specific to American English, our experts will devise a personalized approach to address your concerns effectively.

For grammar assistance, our team will provide clear explanations and examples to help you grasp the intricacies of American English grammar rules. We'll cover topics such as verb tenses, sentence structure, word order, and more. Our experts will guide you through exercises and practice materials to reinforce your understanding and ensure that you can apply the grammar rules correctly in your homework.

If you need help with vocabulary, our team will assist you in expanding your knowledge and usage of American English words and phrases. We'll provide you with a wide range of vocabulary resources, including word lists, context-based examples, and strategies for effective vocabulary acquisition. Whether you're looking to improve your general vocabulary or need specific terminology for a particular subject, our experts will guide you toward the right resources and help you develop a strong vocabulary base.

Furthermore, if you require assistance with a writing style specific to American English, our team will provide you with valuable insights and guidelines. We'll cover aspects such as formal and informal writing, academic conventions, sentence variety, and the appropriate use of idiomatic expressions. Our experts will review your written work, offering feedback and suggestions to help you improve your writing skills and adapt to the nuances of the American English style.

To facilitate the learning process, our team will employ various teaching methods and resources. These may include one-on-one tutoring sessions, interactive exercises, educational materials, online platforms, and recommended readings. We understand that different students have different learning preferences, and we will adapt our approach to suit your individual needs and learning style.

In addition to our team's expertise, we also prioritize effective communication and support. Our experts are committed to providing prompt responses to your queries and ensuring that you feel comfortable and supported throughout the learning journey. You can expect a collaborative environment where you can ask questions, seek clarification, and actively participate in the learning process.

English Literature Homework Help

Mastering the art of analyzing literature is undoubtedly a challenging task, requiring a keen eye for detail, a profound understanding of literary techniques, themes, and analysis methods, and the ability to extract profound insights from complex texts. At times, this endeavor can leave even the most ardent literature enthusiasts feeling perplexed and in need of guidance.

Fortunately, our English literature homework help service is meticulously designed to alleviate the burden and make this intellectual journey a smoother and more fulfilling one for you. With a team of seasoned experts well-versed in the intricacies of literary analysis, we are dedicated to providing you with the necessary tools and support to excel in your literature assignments.

Here's why our English literature homework help stands out from the rest:

  • Expertise and Proficiency: Our team consists of scholars with an extensive background in literature. They possess an impressive repertoire of knowledge spanning various literary periods, genres, and authors. From Shakespearean tragedies to contemporary novels and profound poetry, our experts are well-equipped to navigate the literary landscape and provide comprehensive insights.
  • In-Depth Analysis: We understand that literary analysis requires more than surface-level comprehension. Our experts delve deep into the texts, unraveling the layers of meaning and symbolism, and uncovering the subtle nuances that often elude the casual reader. By employing various critical approaches and analysis methods, our team ensures that your assignments showcase a sophisticated understanding of the texts you're exploring.
  • Personalized Assistance: Each student has unique learning needs and preferences. We recognize this and tailor our assistance to suit your requirements. Whether you're struggling with understanding complex literary devices, structuring your analysis effectively, or formulating a compelling thesis statement, our experts provide personalized guidance and feedback to help you overcome any obstacles.
  • Shakespearean Sonnets: If you're studying Shakespeare's sonnets, our experts can shed light on the intricate structure and language employed in these poetic masterpieces. They will guide you through the sonnet form, the exploration of love and beauty, and the underlying themes of time and mortality.
  • Modernist Literature: Tackling the works of modernist authors like Virginia Woolf or James Joyce can be intimidating due to their unconventional narrative techniques. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of modernist literature and can assist you in analyzing stream-of-consciousness writing, fragmented narratives, and the exploration of psychological depths.
  • Comparative Analysis: When confronted with multiple texts or authors, conducting a comparative analysis can be challenging. Our experts excel in drawing connections and contrasts between literary works, assisting you in identifying common themes, motifs, and stylistic choices. Whether you're examining the dystopian worlds of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley or comparing the coming-of-age stories of J.D. Salinger and Harper Lee, our team can provide valuable insights to enrich your analysis.

Our English literature homework help service is specifically designed to support you in your journey of literary exploration and analysis. With our team of experts, who possess profound knowledge, critical skills, and a passion for literature, you can confidently tackle any literary assignment that comes your way. Let us accompany you on this enlightening path and help you excel in your literature studies.

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Adolescent girl doing homework.

What’s the Right Amount of Homework?

Decades of research show that homework has some benefits, especially for students in middle and high school—but there are risks to assigning too much.

Many teachers and parents believe that homework helps students build study skills and review concepts learned in class. Others see homework as disruptive and unnecessary, leading to burnout and turning kids off to school. Decades of research show that the issue is more nuanced and complex than most people think: Homework is beneficial, but only to a degree. Students in high school gain the most, while younger kids benefit much less.

The National PTA and the National Education Association support the “ 10-minute homework guideline ”—a nightly 10 minutes of homework per grade level. But many teachers and parents are quick to point out that what matters is the quality of the homework assigned and how well it meets students’ needs, not the amount of time spent on it.

The guideline doesn’t account for students who may need to spend more—or less—time on assignments. In class, teachers can make adjustments to support struggling students, but at home, an assignment that takes one student 30 minutes to complete may take another twice as much time—often for reasons beyond their control. And homework can widen the achievement gap, putting students from low-income households and students with learning disabilities at a disadvantage.

However, the 10-minute guideline is useful in setting a limit: When kids spend too much time on homework, there are real consequences to consider.

Small Benefits for Elementary Students

As young children begin school, the focus should be on cultivating a love of learning, and assigning too much homework can undermine that goal. And young students often don’t have the study skills to benefit fully from homework, so it may be a poor use of time (Cooper, 1989 ; Cooper et al., 2006 ; Marzano & Pickering, 2007 ). A more effective activity may be nightly reading, especially if parents are involved. The benefits of reading are clear: If students aren’t proficient readers by the end of third grade, they’re less likely to succeed academically and graduate from high school (Fiester, 2013 ).

For second-grade teacher Jacqueline Fiorentino, the minor benefits of homework did not outweigh the potential drawback of turning young children against school at an early age, so she experimented with dropping mandatory homework. “Something surprising happened: They started doing more work at home,” Fiorentino writes . “This inspiring group of 8-year-olds used their newfound free time to explore subjects and topics of interest to them.” She encouraged her students to read at home and offered optional homework to extend classroom lessons and help them review material.

Moderate Benefits for Middle School Students

As students mature and develop the study skills necessary to delve deeply into a topic—and to retain what they learn—they also benefit more from homework. Nightly assignments can help prepare them for scholarly work, and research shows that homework can have moderate benefits for middle school students (Cooper et al., 2006 ). Recent research also shows that online math homework, which can be designed to adapt to students’ levels of understanding, can significantly boost test scores (Roschelle et al., 2016 ).

There are risks to assigning too much, however: A 2015 study found that when middle school students were assigned more than 90 to 100 minutes of daily homework, their math and science test scores began to decline (Fernández-Alonso, Suárez-Álvarez, & Muñiz, 2015 ). Crossing that upper limit can drain student motivation and focus. The researchers recommend that “homework should present a certain level of challenge or difficulty, without being so challenging that it discourages effort.” Teachers should avoid low-effort, repetitive assignments, and assign homework “with the aim of instilling work habits and promoting autonomous, self-directed learning.”

In other words, it’s the quality of homework that matters, not the quantity. Brian Sztabnik, a veteran middle and high school English teacher, suggests that teachers take a step back and ask themselves these five questions :

  • How long will it take to complete?
  • Have all learners been considered?
  • Will an assignment encourage future success?
  • Will an assignment place material in a context the classroom cannot?
  • Does an assignment offer support when a teacher is not there?

More Benefits for High School Students, but Risks as Well

By the time they reach high school, students should be well on their way to becoming independent learners, so homework does provide a boost to learning at this age, as long as it isn’t overwhelming (Cooper et al., 2006 ; Marzano & Pickering, 2007 ). When students spend too much time on homework—more than two hours each night—it takes up valuable time to rest and spend time with family and friends. A 2013 study found that high school students can experience serious mental and physical health problems, from higher stress levels to sleep deprivation, when assigned too much homework (Galloway, Conner, & Pope, 2013 ).

Homework in high school should always relate to the lesson and be doable without any assistance, and feedback should be clear and explicit.

Teachers should also keep in mind that not all students have equal opportunities to finish their homework at home, so incomplete homework may not be a true reflection of their learning—it may be more a result of issues they face outside of school. They may be hindered by issues such as lack of a quiet space at home, resources such as a computer or broadband connectivity, or parental support (OECD, 2014 ). In such cases, giving low homework scores may be unfair.

Since the quantities of time discussed here are totals, teachers in middle and high school should be aware of how much homework other teachers are assigning. It may seem reasonable to assign 30 minutes of daily homework, but across six subjects, that’s three hours—far above a reasonable amount even for a high school senior. Psychologist Maurice Elias sees this as a common mistake: Individual teachers create homework policies that in aggregate can overwhelm students. He suggests that teachers work together to develop a school-wide homework policy and make it a key topic of back-to-school night and the first parent-teacher conferences of the school year.

Parents Play a Key Role

Homework can be a powerful tool to help parents become more involved in their child’s learning (Walker et al., 2004 ). It can provide insights into a child’s strengths and interests, and can also encourage conversations about a child’s life at school. If a parent has positive attitudes toward homework, their children are more likely to share those same values, promoting academic success.

But it’s also possible for parents to be overbearing, putting too much emphasis on test scores or grades, which can be disruptive for children (Madjar, Shklar, & Moshe, 2015 ). Parents should avoid being overly intrusive or controlling—students report feeling less motivated to learn when they don’t have enough space and autonomy to do their homework (Orkin, May, & Wolf, 2017 ; Patall, Cooper, & Robinson, 2008 ; Silinskas & Kikas, 2017 ). So while homework can encourage parents to be more involved with their kids, it’s important to not make it a source of conflict.


Get Paid To Do Homework: 23 Sites To Make $2K (For Real)

By: Author Swati Chalumuri

Posted on Last updated: February 13, 2024

Can you really get paid to do homework? What if I told you that it’s possible and totally legal to earn money answering homework questions?

The world is changing and we’ve become even more internet-dependent beings, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Most people are forced to adjust their lives, including students who were had to improvise new learning techniques.

Opportunities for experts in different subjects are on the rise and you can now start earning through paid homework and online assignments sites to earn money.

Apart from helping students with their homework, some of the sites in this post enlist your expertise in teaching online classes from wherever you are.

So, if you are a Math, English, Physics, or History virtuoso and ready for some school assignments, below is how you can make cash for homework.

How Much Can You Make Doing Homework?

Assisting students with homework is a real hustle that pays you either hourly or per individual task.

Depending on the complexity, homework can pay you $5 to $20 per task and up to $20 hourly to teach a concept.

As a full-time homework assistant or tutor, you can make $2k monthly easily and a few times that when working for a well-paying website.   

How to Get Paid For Doing Homework?

There are websites and apps that accept freelance tutors to do homework and teach students remotely. Pay depends on your grasp of the subject matter and how well your profile showcases your experience.

As such, it’s best to put some effort into creating a satisfying profile. That said, having a college degree or a master’s in your specialty will get you high-paying and repeat students.


  • Nielsen App : Install and get $50 per mobile device in PayPal cash/gift cards. Register Now
  • Survey Junkie : Top-rated, short, and easy surveys. Earn up to $50  per survey. Sign up here .
  • Swagbucks : Top-rated, easy  $5 – $6 a day watching funny videos , plus get a $10 sign-up bonus upon email confirmation. Sign up here.
  • Surveoo : Earn up to $9 per study by answering simple questions and get paid fast. Join now
  • Pinecone Research :  Up to $3 – $5   per survey   &   $9 per product test . Join for Free .
  • Inbox Dollars : Get a free $5 signup bonus and get paid to play games, watch videos, take surveys, or shop online. Join here

Get Paid to Do Math Homework

get paid to do homework

Are equations and numbers your thing? You can help students with their math assignments and earn. My Math Class and TutorMe are examples of platforms that offer freelancers this opportunity.

Applicants with a university/college degree in Mathematics, Computer science, or have a strong academic background in calculus, statistics, or algebra is given first priority.

In addition, being familiar with mathematics software such as SPSS, Minitab, and Excel gives you an edge over the competition.

As an expert, you can expect to make at least $20 per homework. For instance, as a My Math Class user, you’ll get a biweekly payment made via PayPal.

Nonetheless, you’ll be needed to show detailed steps when solving a Math problem.

Remember to read the clients’ requirements carefully and quote your services before you commit to your services. Another leading Math homework website is Chegg.

Chegg for Homework Help

This American-based education technology company helps students with paid homework help , writing, and exam preparation. Besides tutoring, Chegg also sells and rents out textbooks saving you up to 90% according to the website. The platform also features a tool for solving Math problems.

In order to work as a tutor, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is highly recommended. You’ll also be subjected to a test depending on your subject field. If you make the cut, you can expect to make up to $1000 per month or $20 per hour as a beginner. 

Check out their website for guided Career Exploration .

How to Do Assignments and Get Paid

Have you ever wondered how do I get paid to do assignments? Well, the usual last-minute delays will always be there when it comes to submitting assignments.

It’s during this time that students really understand the difference between 11.59 pm and 12.00 pm.

Thanks to online platforms such as, Help With Assignment, and Course Hero, students get to interact with subject gurus who help them complete their assignments fast.

Pay depends on the subject, time taken, and the level of expertise required to ace the assignment.

To understand how this side hustle works, here is a look at some of the assignments for cash sites.

2. Help With Assignment


Help With Assignment (Aka HwA) deals with matching students who need help with homework in different subjects. Math, finance, accounting, engineering, and finance are the most popular topics on the site. Essay and dissertation writing are also available for advanced tutors.

Over the years, this website boasts to have delivered well over 100,000 assignments, numbers that show there is plenty of work on this platform.

As of now, prices on the site start at $9.5 per page with no cap on the maximum you can earn depending on the difficulty of the assignment.

3. Just Answer: E arn Money Answering Homework Questions

Just Answer

Founded in 2003, Just Answer has over 10 million members with more than 12,000 verified experts. This is an A + BBB-accredited platform with a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot .

The company usually links students with subject gurus. However, as the name implies, Just Answer is more of a Q&A services provider rather than a tutoring platform.

Here students ask questions and subject gurus give answers at a price. How much you make varies on the natural complexity of the question.

The minimum you can earn as a subject helper is around $2,000 to $5,000 monthly . And the application process takes around 14 days max in the US or Canada and not more than 21 days outside the two locations.

Join now to become an Expert at Just Answer.

4. Geekly Lab


Next on our list of homework-help websites is Geekly Lab. The platform covers more than 350 courses, ensuring that educators and students get the best help.

According to their site, they handle at least 150 requests daily. As a ‘Geek’, you get to charge any amount depending on the time a task takes. 

Currently, tutors charge roughly $20 per hour. However, the amount can go higher depending on your education level and teaching experience. Signing up is free and only takes a short time to complete.

Furthermore, you can withdraw your money weekly through your preferred payout system. 

Become a Geek now and do homework for money . 

Get Paid To Do Homework Online

Are you an expert in a particular subject wondering how do I get paid to do homework? Homework can be a strenuous activity which is why there is an endless list of websites that connect students with subject whizzes.

Most of these platforms are not answer-giving services but they rather help students understand concepts that help in tackling questions. Below are good examples of a get paid to do people’s homework websites.

5. is a popular site that has been providing tutoring services for over two decades.

Subject experts using this platform can earn through teaching and homework solutions.

There are a few requirements that you should meet in order to start, they include:

  • Should be a US or Canadian resident
  • Be enrolled in a certified university in the US or Canada 
  • Be available for at least 5 hours per week

According to multiple sources, you can expect to earn anything between $10 to $20 per hour plus incentives and bonu ses. Note that every session is one-on-one and personalized to your subject.

6. School Solver: Answer Homework Questions for Money

School Solver

With an excellent rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, School Solver is indeed a place that lays a win-win foundation for both tutors and students. Here, students set a price on the amount they are willing to pay for an assignment.

Thereafter, if subject experts find the price fulfilling they then post a detailed answer that the students can only access after payment. 

To join as a tutor, register on their page, fill out your profile, and make sure you have a working PayPal account. Upon completion, you’ll do a quiz as per your subject in which you must score 90% in order to pass.

Generally, School Solver charges a commission of  20% plus an additional 2% withdrawal fee. Lastly, most tutors earn an average of $10 – $15 per hour.

To increase your potential earnings, go for urgent questions that have a 30-minute deadline and earn you 90% of the quoted price.

Get Paid To Do English Homework

Regardless of the subject, you can always get paid to do homework by students. As mentioned earlier, learning can be strenuous, languages included, and people are willing to give anything to have their homework done.

With this in mind, the deeper knowledge you have about a specific subject, the higher your chances are of landing a homework gig.  Nonetheless, it is unfair to do homework for students, especially if the work going to be graded.

That’s why I recommend doing it as a reference or tutoring aid. When it comes to the English language, All Home Work is worth looking at.

7. AllHomework

do english homework

AllHomework is looking to not only hire English tutors but also Geography, Accounting, and Biology teachers.

You’ll be required to be well-versed in writing essays and also be proficient at using authoring tools such as Word, Google Docs, and PowerPoint.

According to AllHomework, the length, difficulty level and deadline of an assignment determine how much you make. Payments are made via Paypal. To get accepted here, submit your transcripts followed by tests to showcase your academic prowess.

If accepted, the platform gives you access to a database of assignments where you get to select orders that interest you.

AllHomework does not disclose its base rate but promises to pay “very highly” in comparison to the industry rates.

8. 24houranswers


24houranswers was founded 17 years ago by a chemistry teacher.

To become an associate here, a master’s degree and proficiency in English are basic requirements.

Apart from homework services, the sites also offer online tutoring solutions.

The best part about this website is that you get to schedule your own working time and from any location. 

Since its debut in 2005, the website has connected over a million students to top tutors.

On Trustpilot, the site gets an excellent 4.6-star rating. Online tutoring payments range from $15 to $45. More so, there is no minimum threshold required to withdraw your money.

As long as your account balance can cover the transaction fees, you are good to go.

9. Course Hero 

do english homework

This is one of the most popular homework for money sites in the world.

A top online Course Hero tutor can make more than $1,500 a month. This amount can be affected by multiple factors including answer quality, subject, and difficulty level.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a certified tutor to get hired by Course Hero. Nevertheless, they recommend applicants share sufficient credentials in the subject they want to teach. 

It takes only about 3 days for an application to be approved. Note that once selected you’ve agreed to work as a freelance tutor meaning you won’t be a Course Hero employee.

As such, you only earn after answering questions. Additionally, you work whenever you want.

In order to make money doing homework on Course Hero, ensure your answers are clear and relevant to the questions.  Remember, you only get paid after the student deems your answer as satisfactory.

Make every study hour count with Course Hero right here

Homework Help Websites

If you are ready to earn money doing assignments, then you need more than one platform to sell your knowledge. To help you out, have a look at the following websites where you can register as a tutor and offer help to students from all over the world.

10. Acemyhomework

Acemyhomework homework help solutions

Acemyhomework strives for a better and more interactive space between students and tutors for better grades.

The platform hires tutors with Ph.D. and master’s degrees to ensure that users get the best help online.

Even though their recruiting process is strict, they do cover a wide range of subjects from law and arts to computer science and everything in between including editing and proofreading .

As an educator, your potential hourly earnings largely depend on the difficulty level of an assignment plus the number of tasks you can handle.

Join Acemy homework today and make money doing homework.

11. SweetStudy (Previously Homework Market)

Sweet Study formerly Homework Market

If you want to start a career in completing paid homework, then SweetStudy, formerly known as Homework Market is your go-to website.

The site provides tutors the opportunity to create a profile based on their area of expertise. Your profile helps you reach potential ‘clients’ i.e students.

What I like about SweetStudy is that there are no limitations on who can join SweetStudy.

Many tutors generate an average of $5 to $10 per task depending on the complexity of the homework at hand. That said, the site charges a 20% commission for every assignment.

When it comes to payments, you have two options; individual and aggregate payment systems.

The individual system allows a direct deposit to your PayPal account whereas the aggregate system allows users to withdraw on demand.

Your wallet balance has to be $20 or more to withdraw with money being disbursed in 2 – 5 days after a request is made. 

Click here to join the community & get started with Sweet Study (Homework Market)

12. Papercoach

Professional for academic homework help

Papercoach offers paper writing assistance to high school, undergraduate, graduate, master, and Ph.D. through their top writers.

Unlike many websites, Papercoach does welcome applications from residents outside the US. However, you’ll need a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree for you to be considered.

Writers make at least $8 on average per page. Top earners can go way beyond this amount depending on their academic level. Through an open job board, writers can bid for work at any time.

To earn money doing homework on Paper Coach, you’ll need to get a minimum of 80% in their basic skill test.  


do english homework has its headquarters in Chicago, USA, and was co-founded approximately 17 years ago by Princeton graduates Andrew Geant and Mike Weishuhn. Their initial capital was $10,000 borrowed from family and friends.

Wyzant tutors connect with students through video chats and a whiteboard is also available for uploading documents, solving equations, and more. Lessons are 1 on 1. Users are also allowed to schedule sessions that work for them.

The average Wyzant expert can make about $30 per lesson. As a tutor here, you select your students and decide on the rate that you wish to charge. Payment is through direct deposit.

Click here to start tutoring with Wyzant .

14. HashLearn

HashLearn is a mobile tutoring app that connects learners and educators. Tutors get to schedule 1 on 1 session whenever they are available and get paid to do people’s homework. Once selected as an educator, you can expect a weekly Payment.

The site serves students from 8th grade to 12 grade. As a tutor, you are provided with an opportunity to earn as much as you want; it all depends on the number of sessions you take part in.

Most importantly, students can ask any question regardless of the subject be it Mathematics, English, History, Arts, Physics, etc.

Homework O nline Jobs

Below are some online assignment jobs for students that one can sign up for and start making money immediately. How much you make depends on several factors including the base rate on your work platform.

To learn more about homework online jobs, take a look at the following freelance tutors’ websites.

15. TutorMe


If you have unmatched knowledge about a particular subject you can join the TutorMe team as an expert and earn. There are over 300 subjects available for teaching such as maths, piano, calculus, and so on.

You need to have enrolled/graduated from an accredited university to stand a chance of joining this exclusive team.

Tutors earn an average of  $16 per hour, working flexible hours. Ensure you have strong internet access and a computer to avoid interruptions during tutor sessions. 

To apply for this homework job online just share a bit of yourself, your educational background, and your work experience.

If your application is approved, TutorMe will match you with students who need your help.

After a session, both the students and the tutor rate each other. As such, make sure you work towards positive reviews to land more online assignment jobs for students.

Apply here to become a part of TutorMe Team.

16. Tutor Eye


Another website that offers homework online jobs, term papers, and other school projects is TutorEye . They assure students of quality sessions from the best teachers.

The site lets learners understand difficult topics with ease. That’s why they are always looking to hire tutors with excellent academic backgrounds and experience for student-teacher discussions.

Tutor Eye covers not only college students but also K-12 learners. This means that there are lots of open slots for at-home teachers looking to make more money. 

17. The Princeton Review


Homework online jobs from The Princeton Review lets you earn money doing assignments on a different topic within the same subject with select students. The website is strict in its selection and only works with certified applicants.

Once selected, you’ll undergo special training before working. Having to pick your own hourly rates after completing your training makes this the ideal job for any at-home teacher.

Best Pay For Homework Sites

The sites in this post allow you to choose the subjects you want to teach according to your specialty. For example, if you are a Math tutor, you can get paid to do Math-related assignments.

One thing for sure is that homework sites enable you to develop skills within your area of expertise and enhance your career as an educator. So, in addition to sharpening what you learned in class, you can help students, from kindergarteners to college-goers, improve their understanding of different areas of study.

With this in mind, below are the top sites to sell your tutoring skills.

18. StudyPool


StudyPool is one of the best micro tutoring platforms that a top tutor can dream to work for.

They have one of the easiest money-making processes in that, a student submits a brief, sets a price, and if a tutor likes the price he/she bids. The student then chooses the best tutor to work with according to reviews, expertise, and other statistics.

The highest earners can make over $7,000 monthly. But to get this kind of payday, having a bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. will definitely play a big role.

The average amount that one can make is between $6 to $20 per the answer given.

Subjects covered on StudyPool include rocket science, linear algebra, international law, and macroeconomics.

Get started with StudyPool here

19. Growing Stars


Here you’ll mostly be dealing with students from grades 3 to 12.

To apply for a tutor position, you must share your academic credentials and prior teaching experience. This is important because most sessions are 1-on-1, offering an average of 2 hours per week.

Payment is done per session, so the trick is to offer as many sessions as possible. Tutors can work on almost any level including elementary school, middle & high school, prep classes, and college.

Students are free to request the same tutor every single time, so purpose to stand out.

G et started with GrowingStars right here

20. Eduboard


Eduboard is made up of ambitious students and highly educated agents who work together in honing their skills.

First off, students can access verified reviews and chat with fellow students. Secondly, tutors can teach 32 different subjects according to their area of expertise.

And apart from tutoring, subject virtuosos also help students with homework, test preparation, research, and more.  

Joining this unique website is easy with approval taking a short time. However, you must sit and pass an English test before you get approved. Tutors also have the freedom of setting their own schedules.

Eduboard takes a 20% fee from your total earnings as their commission.

Register to become a tutor at Eduboard

21. One Class


This is a Canadian note-sharing platform where both students and tutors can earn by sharing insightful learning materials and get paid to do homework respectively. As long as you are a student in university, you can join and let your profile market you.

For each note you share, you earn 25 points and once you are promoted to the Premier level, you make up to 75 points. Like any other homework-paid website, your profile, statistics, and reviews will determine your potential earnings. 

22. Freelancer

As you can guess from the name, is a big platform for remote workers.

The site is known for jobs such as ghostwriting, virtual assistance, and other work from home gigs . Students also sign up on the site when looking for academic assistance in completing their homework.

The site is free to register and you can start bidding for homework the moment your account is accepted. You will be happy to know that this job board shows you bids from other people for comparison.

Upwork is a popular gigs marketplace that accepts beginners and experts alike. You get to set your hourly or fixed rate and bid for jobs from clients around the world. The site charges successful applicants 20% of the job’s price and interaction with the client is one on one.

To apply for a job, you use tokens, known as Connects. It’s best to attach a few of your relevant homework samples (questions and answers) to increase the chances of getting hired.

Upwork lists thousands of jobs and send you email updates when opportunities matching your profile become available. 

How to Do Homework for Money [Final Thoughts]

With global connectivity at its peak, you can do homework for a student on the other side of the world and get paid promptly.

While the practice is shunned, you can engage in the hustle legally by teaching concepts that can later be used to solve quizzes. The pay is good and with a platform that lists homework tasks in the thousands, this can be your full-time gig.

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10 entertaining homework ideas for online English Language Learners

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Did hearing the words, “do your homework,” when you were a child excite you? 

For most of us, the word homework doesn’t conjure up exciting or fun memories. 

Homework was likely one of the last things you wanted to do as a student!

However, what if you could make homework fun for students? What if homework was entertaining? 

In this article, we share some entertaining homework ideas for English language learners to help them improve their English while having fun!

You might be familiar with lots of ESL games and activities for your students , but assigning the right homework can feel overwhelming. 

This is particularly true if you don’t want to burden your students with a tremendous amount of information. 

Have you ever thought about combining games with homework? 

There are many alternative ways to create memorable lessons, such as incorporating karaoke songs to learn English. 

Here are 10 fun and entertaining homework ideas for your ESL students:

  • Cafe hopper
  • Tiktok star
  • Let’s go to the movies
  • Hello Mr. Teacher
  • Interview a stranger
  • Shine like a Karaoke star
  • Expert on the loose
  • 24 hour challenge
  • It’s a wrap!
  • Masterchef in the making

1. Cafe hopper

Most people love checking out cafes and this is an easy homework task to assign to your students.  

Have your students visit a variety of cafes as part of their homework. 

Then, consider what they could do for homework in a cafe of their choice.

Here are some fun ideas for turning cafe-hopping into homework:

  • Practice ordering in English off of the menu.
  • Take a photo of the cafe’s and share the differences and similarities with you in class.
  • Speak to a stranger in each cafe in English and ask them some interesting questions about their life.
  • Interview the barista about their favorite kind of coffee or beverage.

This is a stress-free homework idea that your students will love, especially if they are coffee or tea lovers!

2. TikTok star

Tiktok is a fun social media application where you can watch videos and songs from creators. You can also watch creators lip-synching to catchy tunes.

Show some fun examples in your class of some famous TikTok songs being lip-synched to by others and practice doing one together.

  • For homework, have them choose their favorite song on TikTok.
  • They can lip-synch to the song and download the song to their camera album without having to actually post it to TikTok.
  • Have them share their creation with you in the next class!

Depending on the age and location of your student, TikTok might not be an option for them. If you are teaching older students or adults , then it might be easier for them to use social media for this homework assignment rather than young children.

If they are too young to use the app, have them find an online video of their favorite song and ask a parent to record them singing!

3. Let’s go to the movies

Going to the movies doesn’t sound like homework, does it? Well, as you might already be discovering, homework doesn’t have to be conventional!

Find some interesting movies that are playing in your students’ area or ask them to watch a movie of their choice in English. 

Tell them that their homework is going to be based on the movie they watch.

Here are some ideas for making going to the movies part of their homework:

  • Have them write a summary of the movie or their favorite part.
  • Tell them that they have to give you a movie review in your next class.
  • Have them act out their favorite part of the movie with a sibling or family member and record it (in English of course!).
  • Ask them to make a poster advertising the movie with captions, titles and text to accompany any drawings.

If you are struggling to find movies they can go and watch in the cinema, you can always use these ESL movies and TV shows as a resource. 

Students can also watch movies from the comforts of their homes. 

4. Hello Mr. Teacher!

Students love playing the role of the teacher! 

This can work for in-person or online ESL classes.  

Tell them that as part of the next classroom activity, the first 5 – 10 minutes will be their time to shine as the teacher!

For homework, ask them to:

  • Think of one topic that they know a lot about (This could be a sport, musical instrument, game, topic, etc…).
  • Have them prepare 5 important things that someone needs to know about their topic.
  • Tell them that in their next class they will be the teacher and share their knowledge! (They can even give you homework!).

Have fun with this homework idea and role-play the student where you ask them questions after they finish. 

Your students will love this one!

5. Interview a stranger

This one might need some parent support and guidance if you are teaching children, but having them interview someone is an entertaining homework idea for English language learners.

  • It encourages their own voice as they come up with ideas.
  • It helps with writing skills as they write out their questions.
  • Interviewing encourages conversation and role playing which is a fun way to learn English.

You could have your younger students interview a family member and ask questions related to that family member’s childhood. 

Here are some sample questions you could help your students form:

  • What kind of things did you like to do when you were my age?
  • What was your favorite thing about school?
  • What types of sports did you play when you were young?
  • Tell me about what life was like when you were a child.

Have them choose and write out 5-10 questions and come back to class to report on their findings!

6. Shine like a Karaoke star

Who doesn’t like a bit of karaoke? Imagine….singing your heart out to “I love rock n roll” in the privacy of your own home!

You don’t need to go to a karaoke place to actually sing karaoke songs. There are lots of great karaoke songs available online to learn English with your students.

YouTube is a great place to start, just by searching for your favorite song + “karaoke lyrics” in the search bar.

In class, help your student(s) choose a song and task them with finding the online karaoke lyrics to sing along.

Have them sing this for homework! You could even ask a parent to help them record it if they are comfortable with that.

Here are some fun and popular karaoke songs online to learn English:

  • “I Will Survive” with Gloria Gaynor
  • “Livin’ on a Prayer” with Bon Jovi
  • “Summer Nights” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
  • “Don’t Stop Believin’” with Journey

7. Expert on the loose

There is an expert in all of us, including your students!

In this fun and entertaining homework idea, have your student share their expertise on something!

To add a different dimension to the homework idea, “Hello Mr. Teacher,” task your students to dress up as the expert and make a short speech on their topic of choice.

Here are some examples:

  • Harry Potter
  • Michael Jordan (to talk about basketball)
  • Favorite sports athlete
  • Insect scientist
  • Astronaut (if your student knows a lot about space)
  • Presidential candidate
  • Pilot (for students who know a lot about countries)

Even if they are not an expert on the topic, part of the homework assignment could be to do some research and learn more about their chosen field.

You could even ask them to dress up and come to class in the role, ready to share their knowledge with you! 

8. 24 hour English challenge

This one is self-explanatory and incredibly fun!

Set a challenge for your student to only speak in English for 24 hours. 

This means that you might need to get parents involved with the homework assignment, so that they can help out.

The idea is that they have to speak only in English (as much as is possible given their situation) when interacting with family, friends and at school.

Your students might already be immersed in English environments, but, oftentimes, they are speaking their native language at home with family and friends.

Having your students force themselves to only speak in English is challenging and a great way to encourage English outside the classroom.

9. It’s a wrap!

Lots of students love to rap! Rap music is poetic and encourages a lot of ESL language skills that we want to build in our students.

This is an activity that you can model with your students in class and assign it for homework for them to create their own rap.

Again, they can come back to class and rap their new song to you! It might, however, work better with older students who have a good base level of English, to begin with.

Here are some fun homework assignments incorporating rap:

  • Create their own rap if they are the creative type
  • Find a well known rap online and practice it to present in class
  • Assign your students to find a rap online that they sing and record with their friends

10. Masterchef extraordinaire

For the food lovers, creating a homework assignment that includes cooking can be really fun.

Most kids love the idea of cooking, especially if it centers around cooking their favorite food!

When considering this as a homework idea, consider these possible assignments:

  • Create and write out a recipe for a unique culinary dish.
  • Make a video about the cooking experience.
  • Record a tutorial of how to cook something.
  • Turn it into a competition if you have multiple students.

Plus, this works with physical and online classrooms. 

Of course, if you have a physical classroom with multiple students, this could be a really fun in-class experience with some homework assignments to accompany it.

Who doesn’t love a food-related assignment? 

If you choose Masterchef extraordinaire, allow your students to share the food they make with the class and encourage lots of conversations in English.

Homework doesn’t have to be boring!

As you can see, homework doesn’t have to be boring! 

Most of your ESL students have a lot to do even outside class, and that’s why assigning homework that doesn’t feel like homework is ideal!

This is an opportunity to get creative, creating excitement for your students to learn English.

If you use some of the homework ideas mentioned here, make sure you document the experience and continue to discover new activities that bring laughter and joy to the classroom. 

And when you are applying to online teaching jobs , be sure to share how you plan to creatively incorporate class assignments and homework for your students!

Enjoy the process and make learning an enjoyable experience for everyone. 

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What is the difference between "do" and "make" in English?

What is the difference between "do" and "make" in English?

The verbs make and do are some of the most common verbs in English. They have similar meanings, so it can be challenging to decide when to use them—especially since they translate to the same word in many languages! 

Here is a simple memory trick to help you remember their main uses:

Illustration with an orange box labeled "When to use make" and a blue box labeled "When to use do". In the "make" box are the uses of MAKE: money, arrangements, keep, eat. In the "do" box are the uses of DO: daily tasks and occupations. There is an image of Duo the owl dressed as a student with a backpack and baseball cap.

In this post:

When to use make in english, when to use do in english, examples of make and do in english.

The acronym MAKE helps you remember the 4 main uses of the verb make :

And the acronym DO includes the uses of do !

Here are examples of the most common uses of make and do :

Keep making progress in English!

The next time you need to choose between “make” and “do” in English, think about Money, Arrangements, Keep, Eat (MAKE) and Daily tasks, Occupations (DO). This memory trick will help you learn the most important and most frequent uses of these verbs!

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The 10 Most Anticipated Sexy Movies of 2024

From Challengers to Love Lies Bleeding , discussions about sex onscreen are as fervid (and often as unreasonable) as they were in the early ‘90s.

preview for Challengers trailer (Warner Bros.)

Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. We may earn a commission from these links.

Now, obviously, things are different. Online, it feels like discussions about sex onscreen are as fervid (and often as unreasonable) as they were in the early ‘90s. Often, it’s kicked off by a social media post declaring sex scenes pointless—or worse, a violation of consent—that multiple outlets have all weighed in, giving rise to discourse about the discourse. And yet Saltburn and Poor Things were two widely discussed films from 2023, due in no small part to their depictions of sex. Saltburn might not have gotten half the play that it did were it not for the kinky bathwater-drinking, grave-humping, and dick-out dancing by Barry Keoghan’s character, Oliver. Poor Things , which in part explores the pragmatic enjoyment of sex via a woman who hasn’t been socialized to be ashamed of her sexuality or body, has been nominated for 11 Academy Awards.

It’s a good time for sex in movies. As someone who thinks about sex a lot (I co-write Slate ’s " How To Do It " advice column) and pays close attention to matters of media representation, I eat all of this up. I am excited for creative approaches to sex on screen, both in terms of the act itself and the greater impact it has on characters’ cultures, dynamics, and personalities. I’m looking forward to the year ahead of sex in movies, and to kick off this year’s column, below is a preview of what to expect.

Drive-Away Dolls (February 23)

Ethan Coen’s first narrative feature he’s directing without his brother, Joel, has been kicking around since the mid-‘00s, when it was called Drive-Away Dykes and had Selma Blair, Holly Hunter, Christina Applegate, and Chloë Sevigny attached. Now, it has a more user-friendly name, but is still very much the lesbian road movie that Coen and co-writer Tricia Cooke (his wife) always intended it to be. In Drive-Away Dolls, Margaret Qualley, wielding an emphasized Southern accent, stars as the extremely sexually comfortable Jamie. She's a foil for her more buttoned-up lesbi-friend Marian (Geraldine Viswanathan), as they take a road trip from Philly to Tallahassee, Florida, while carrying… hot cargo. Criminals are trailing them, to boot. Expect copious copulation in the form of girl-on-girl oral, toy play, and more. If you thought Burn After Reading was horny, you’re in for a wild ride.

Mea Culpa (February 23)

At long last, the world gets to see Tyler Perry’s take on the erotic thriller. The auteur wrote and directed Mea Culpa , which Netflix is marketing as a “steamy thriller,” and its trailer has the hallmarks of golden-era erotic thrillers. Kelly Rowland is a defense attorney (of course) representing an artist ( Moonlight ’s Trevante Rhodes) accused of murdering his girlfriend (naturally), who says things like, "I’m the kind of man that likes to see pleasure on my woman’s face. Not pain.” (Sure, buddy.) Something that is also very vintage erotic thriller? A voiceover comparing human carnality to that of animals: “A snake is never violent when stalking their prey. It’s only when they get right into striking distance that they become very violent,” says one character. Check!

Dune: Part Two (March 1)

OK, so we can’t expect too much along the lines of sex from Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up to his code-cracking 2021 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi masterpiece . But the second half of the book does contain a sort of spice orgy that’s part of the Water of Life ritual Lady Jessica undergoes. Some fans of the book are concerned: “ Dune Part 2 's Spice Orgy Is A Problem” reads a subheading in a Screen Rant piece about whether or not Villeneuve will remain faithful to the book while incorporating the all-important sex-party imagery.

Love Lies Bleeding (March 8)

Rose Glass’s follow up to 2019’s Saint Maud was a sensation at Sundance this year. It stars Kristen Stewart as a gym manager who falls for a female bodybuilder. Lots of gunfire and Ed Harris with a bald-on-top-long-on-the-sides hairdo follow. T he Telegraph deemed it “jaw-dropping” in its five-star review , while The Hollywood Reporter wrote that among its “passionate and intimate lesbian sex scenes” are depictions of “oral sex, brief toe-sucking and one encounter that finds Lou instructing Jackie to masturbate while she watches from inches away.” Sign us up!

Challengers (April 26)

Talk about making love mean something in tennis. The trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s racket romance depicts what seems to be the beginning of threesome between three characters: Tashi (Zendaya), Patrick (Josh O’Connor), and Art (Mike Faist). They sit in a line on a bed; she kisses Art, then Patrick, and then…? It seems like—but is unclear if—that’s a flashback. (Per MGM’s official summary , she eventually marries Art and he and Patrick face off on the court.) Also unclear: Whether this threesome will be MFM or MMF. Knowing Guadagnino, bet on the latter.

Housekeeping for Beginners (April 5)

The past two movies from Macedonian Australian writer-director Goran Stolevski, 2022’s You Won’t Be Alone and 2023’s Of an Age , have both featured pivotal and bold sex scenes. There’s no reason to believe that the chosen-family, cinéma vérité-esque drama Housekeeping for Beginners won’t do the same—it’s R-rated, in part for sexual content.

The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed (April 26)

Joanna Arnow’s latest film did the festival circuit in 2023 and will open for general audiences later this year. Its protagonist Ann (Arnow) is a woman in a “ long-term casual BDSM relationship ,” the portrayal of which could go a long way in bringing kink without shame or stigma to moviegoing audiences.

Sebastian (TBA)

In the London-set Sebastian , via Finnish-British director Mikko Mäkelä, Ruaridh Mollica plays Max, a writer who turns tricks on the side. He does this mostly without pathos. Around the time of his movie’s Sundance premiere, Mäkelä told Variety that he wanted to “approach the topic of [sex work] becoming more common and continue to interrogate any lingering stigmas around it.” Practically speaking, Max exists in two modes: his writerly one, in which he uses his given name, and his sex-worker one, where he goes by Sebastian. The movie is explicit—Max is casually versatile with his trade—and Sebastian's laid-back approach to its subject is fresh.

Ponyboi (TBA)

Where Sebastian is casual, Ponyboi —another queer sex-worker movie that premiered at Sundance this year—is tense. The titular character (played by River Gallo) spends much of the film on the run in North Jersey, after a trick dies from smoking bad meth. Turns out, it was provided by Ponyboi’s pimp (and occasional sex partner), Vinny (Dylan O’Brien). It’s reminiscent of 2015’s Tangerine , though it looks much better (no iPhone cinematography here) and is deeply invested in Ponyboi’s interior, even if the character is somewhat ambivalent about what’s going on under the hood. “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be anymore,” says Ponyboi, who, like Gallo (the mastermind of the project, according to an interview at Sundance with director Esteban Arango), is intersex. There’s a lot going on in this one, but its frenetic pacing ensures this is no chore to endure.

Last Summer (TBA)

It would be crude and unfair to say that Catherine Breillat’s drama is the French arthouse equivalent of stepmom/MILF porn, but Last Summer touches on the taboos and morality questions inherent in that particular (yet popular) pornographic subgenre. This remake of the 2019 Danish film Queen of Hearts finds Anne (Léa Drucker) drawn to the 17-year-old son her husband had in a previous marriage. Mess ensues. of course, but it’s rather mannered and tasteful mess!

The Rest of 2024

a person wearing a black dress

There are, of course, many other movies set to be released that could have enticing sexual elements of sex in them, but too little is known about them currently. The third part of Ti West’s Mia Goth-starring X trilogy, MaXXXine , is expected this year—the early teaser suggested its porn-starring protagonist may be entering her VHS era, though a report from a screening suggested it is “homage to Dario Argento and the sub-genre of giallo,” and compared it to Lucio Fulci’s roughie The New York Ripper . Robert Eggers is trying his hand at Nosferatu (due out by the end of the year), which is almost certain to contain vampiric lust. And will Todd Phillips continue pushing the envelope in Joker: Folie à Deux by staging sex between Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Lady Gaga’s (rumored) Harley Quinn? Anyone down for some clown-on-clown action?

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The Best Movies of 2024 (So Far)

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The Most Anticipated Comedies of 2024


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What to Know Before Watching 'Dune: Part Two'

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Great Classic Films to Stream on Netflix

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The 25 Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now


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  3. English Homework: How to Make It Done?

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  4. How to Help Middle and High School Students Develop the Skills They

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  6. English Homework

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  3. English Homework for P1. Excellent Job Jayden 👏👏👏


  1. How to Do Homework: 15 Expert Tips and Tricks

    1. You've just been assigned an essay in your English class that's due at the end of the week. What's the first thing you do? A. Keep it in mind, even though you won't start it until the day before it's due B. Open up your planner.

  2. The 5 Best Homework Help Websites (Free and Paid!)

    Best Site for Math Homework Help: Photomath. Price: Free (or $59.99 per year for premium services) Best for: Explaining solutions to math problems. This site allows you to take a picture of a math problem, and instantly pulls up a step-by-step solution, as well as a detailed explanation of the concept.

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    A 24/7 free homework AI tutor that instantly provides personalized step-by-step guidance, explanations, and examples for any homework problem. ... Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Trigonometry. Turkish Language. University. United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Web Development. Zoology. Step-by-step Guidance 24/7.

  4. The pros and cons of homework for English language learners

    Why students should have homework. Homework can provide an opportunity for English learners to practise and consolidate what they have learned in class. This can help them improve their understanding and memory of the material. If you are confident that your learners have understood the materials, it can be useful to give them extra independent ...

  5. English Homework

    English homework ︎ free homework PDFs ︎ for teachers to use with ESL classes ︎ printer-friendly ︎ answers provided Level: pre-intermediate Grammar Homework: Present Continuous I am doing, I am not doing... Homework: Present Simple I am, I am not, I have, I don't have... Homework: Future Simple I will do, I won't do... Homework: SHOULD/SHOULDN'T

  6. Do English Homework For Me

    Welcome to the ultimate solution for your English homework needs - Take Your Class. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, high-quality assistance to students struggling with their English homework. With a dedicated team of English experts ready to assist, we're here to help you succeed in your academic journey.

  7. How to Do Homework (with Pictures)

    Homework Homework Skills How to Do Homework Download Article parts 1 Working on Homework 2 Planning Your Homework 3 Finding Extra Time + Show 1 more... Other Sections Related Articles Article Summary Co-authored by Ronitte Libedinsky, MS Last Updated: February 15, 2024 Fact Checked

  8. Do My Homework For Me: Fast And Reliable Online Experts

    Yes, we carry out all projects online in a totally secure and confidential environment. All work is unique and tailored to meet the exact needs of every client. Our online experts do all written work from scratch, unless asked otherwise. We also provide a plagiarism report free of charge for all custom writing coursework.

  9. The 5 Top Types of DIY Homework Assignments That ESL Students ...

    4. Create homework that helps build functional life skills. Especially if you're teaching English to adults, focus on homework assignments that they can truly benefit from in the real world. You'll find that adult learners really enjoy assignments with a clear purpose instead of more general learning. Have them write resumes and cover ...

  10. The role of homework

    Motivating students to do homework is an ongoing process, and encouragement may be given by commenting and asking questions either verbally or in written form in order to demonstrate interest on the teacher's part, particularly in the case of self-study and project work. ... Painter, L. Homework. English Teaching Professional, Issue 10, 1999 ...

  11. Kids and homework

    Homework is generally part of any English course and is set with the aim of helping children absorb and build on work done in class and to extend their learning time. Doing homework also helps children on their way to becoming independent learners. Here are some ideas for using LearnEnglish Kids for homework. Homework and parents.

  12. do english homework Crossword Clue

    The Crossword Solver found 30 answers to "do english homework", 4 letters crossword clue. The Crossword Solver finds answers to classic crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Enter the length or pattern for better results. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues . Enter a Crossword Clue Sort by Length # of Letters or Pattern Dictionary

  13. Top 7 English Homework Tips for Teachers, Students and Parents

    ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 1: Bin the Busy Work! ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 2: Make The Homework Fit for Purpose YEAR LONG DIGITAL READING LOG / DIARY ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 3: Set Time Limits ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 4: Give Timely Feedback ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 5: Get Creative with the Tasks ENGLISH HOMEWORK TIP 6: Leverage Interest

  14. Get Help With English Homework

    Yes, we can! In fact, we have been consistently rated as the number one choice for students looking for all sorts of academic writing help, not just English homework help. Our experts are standing ready to spring into action and assist you with your school chores right now.

  15. Do

    Achieve, complete or deal with something We use do as a main verb to talk about achieving or completing things: A: I've done the washing up. B: Oh, thank you. We did 80 miles on the first day of our cycling holiday. She does the crossword in the newspaper every day. Work and other tasks We use do with nouns such as homework, job, task, work:

  16. What's the Right Amount of Homework?

    The National PTA and the National Education Association support the " 10-minute homework guideline "—a nightly 10 minutes of homework per grade level. But many teachers and parents are quick to point out that what matters is the quality of the homework assigned and how well it meets students' needs, not the amount of time spent on it.

  17. 'Make homework' vs. 'do homework' in English

    Without further ado, the correct verb to use with "homework" is "do", not "make": correct I did my homework yesterday. wrong I made my homework yesterday. "Homework" is not in any way special in this respect. We always use "do" with activities and "make" with objects that are being made.

  18. Get Paid To Do Homework: 23 Sites To Make $2K (For Real)

    So, if you are a Math, English, Physics, or History virtuoso and ready for some school assignments, below is how you can make cash for homework. How Much Can You Make Doing Homework? Assisting students with homework is a real hustle that pays you either hourly or per individual task.

  19. Entertaining homework ideas for English language learners

    1. Cafe hopper. Most people love checking out cafes and this is an easy homework task to assign to your students. Have your students visit a variety of cafes as part of their homework. Then, consider what they could do for homework in a cafe of their choice.


    Meaning of do your homework in English do your homework idiom Add to word list Add to word list to study a subject or situation carefully so that you know a lot about it and can deal with it successfully: It was obvious that she had done her homework and thoroughly prepared for her interview. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Preparing

  21. DO YOUR HOMEWORK definition

    DO YOUR HOMEWORK meaning: 1. to study a subject or situation carefully so that you know a lot about it and can deal with it…. Learn more.

  22. Do My English Homework For Me

    $10 Order now Help with English Homework to Get Higher Grades English is typical and one of the most important academic disciplines in all schools, colleges, and universities. At times, students experience great difficulties with their English homework.

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    With current subjects, with unknown teachers, with new classrooms it's stressful enough for young people to be focused. That's why students choose homework help discord, a place to discuss all difficulties online and solve problems. With guidance and support of experts it's easier to understand unknown topics and work on self-improvement.

  24. Care about schools? Do your homework, then vote

    PressReader. Catalog; For You; San Antonio Express-News. Care about schools? Do your homework, then vote 2024-02-20 - By Brian Woods Brian Woods is deputy executive director for advocacy with the Texas Associatio­n of School Administra­tors.. The March 5 Republican and Democratic primary elections, which begin today with early voting, will effectivel­y determine who will hold almost every ...

  25. What Is the Difference Between "Do" and "Make" in English?

    Zari and Lily are doing their homework. DO: occupations: Please do this project before January 12th. DO: occupations: Keep making progress in English! The next time you need to choose between "make" and "do" in English, think about Money, Arrangements, Keep, Eat (MAKE) and Daily tasks, Occupations (DO). This memory trick will help you ...

  26. 10 Most Anticipated Sexy Movies of 2024

    Ethan Coen's first narrative feature he's directing without his brother, Joel, has been kicking around since the mid-'00s, when it was called Drive-Away Dykes and had Selma Blair, Holly ...