do my homework german

How to say "I do my homework." in German.

I do my homework., ich mache meine hausaufgaben., more i do my homework vocabulary in german, example sentences, how to say "i do my homework." in 45 languages., other interesting topics in german, ready to learn german, language drops is a fun, visual language learning app. learn german free today..

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German translation of ' homework'

Video: pronunciation of homework.

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Examples of 'homework' in a sentence homework

Trends of homework.

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  • homeworking
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German is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Italian province of South Tyrol.

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do my homework german

How to say Homework in German?

What does Hausaufgabe mean in English? German translations and examples in context.

How to Say “Homework” in German? What is the meaning of “Hausaufgabe”?

Homework is translated in German by...

do my homework german

Example Sentences with Sound Clips.

do my homework german


View more german words.

Translation of homework in German

Translation by vocabulix.

do my homework german

What is the translation of "do homework" in German?

"do homework" in german, do homework {vb}.

  • volume_up Hausaufgaben machen


Do homework {verb}, context sentences, english german contextual examples of "do homework" in german.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content.

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Monolingual examples

English how to use "do homework" in a sentence, english how to use "hausaufgaben machen" in a sentence, similar translations, similar translations for "do homework" in german.

  • Schulaufgaben
  • Hausaufgabe
  • Schularbeit
  • Schularbeiten
  • Hausaufgaben
  • fertig machen
  • do forced labour
  • do fractions
  • do gymnastics
  • do handicraft work
  • do handicrafts
  • do homage to someone
  • do homework
  • do honestly
  • do housework
  • do illicit work
  • do in Rome as the Romans do
  • do in snatches
  • do intellectual acrobatics
  • do invoicing
  • do it in the conviction that ...

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do my homework german

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GERMAN New GCSE 2024 Vocab Booklet: Neighbourhood and Shopping

GERMAN New GCSE 2024 Vocab Booklet: Neighbourhood and Shopping

Subject: German

Age range: 14-16

Resource type: Assessment and revision

Tutor Alexandra's Shop

Last updated

23 February 2024

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do my homework german

This 49 page Vocabulary/Homework booklet is designed for the 2024 Edexcel GCSE theme: My Neighbourhood. It is part of a series. However, they can be used for any students studying town, neighbourhood and shopping

Contents: My neighbourhood Shopping

The vocabulary is divided into sub-topics. Each sub-topic starts with a vocabulary list and then leads into a variety of exercises from fill-in-the-blanks, wordsearches and translations to verb conjugation drills. Each activity aims to solidify understanding and retention. All answers are at the back.

Each booklet finishes with 2 exam-style writing tasks (Edexcel and AQA): describe a photo and a 80-90 word written task.

How I use it: it can be used as independent study for the students e.g. a homework booklet or I use the vocab sheet and accompanying worksheets seperately during lessons.

Other booklets: Travel, Tourism and Environment: [ ] School, Study, The Future and Basics: [ ] Family and Relationships: [ ]

If you have any feedback please email me on: [email protected]

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Princess strips down for playboy: ‘i always wanted to be a pop star’.

Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission.

A German princess traded in her tiara for a bedsheet and not much else.

Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, the princess of Saxony, made history as the first aristocrat to pose for Playboy. 

The 37-year-old is the cover girl of Playboy Germany’s March 2024 issue. The sizzling snaps feature the topless royal modeling sheer white undergarments that leave little to the imagination.

“I think it’s the right time,” Xenia told Fox News Digital. “I feel totally great. It’s … the first and last time I get naked, Playboy exclusive material, but it was such an experience.”

“I just … got some makeup [done] in my kimono, and then I was naked for two days,” she shared. “I felt so comfortable around the team. … I always wanted to be a pop star like Britney Spears, but I never dreamed of being in the press all over the world … as a natural woman.”

Germany hasn’t had an active royal family or monarch since the end of World War I, People magazine reported.

However, the country still has several noble houses that at one point ruled over several of the German states.

According to the outlet, Xenia’s noble ancestors include her great-great-grandfather, Friedrich August III, the last king of Saxony.

Princess Xenia posing naked for a photoshoot in Playboy Germany. Credit: Ana Dias for Playboy Germany March 2024.

Xenia earned her title as a descendent of the German House of Wettin, the U.K.’s Independent reported.

“I asked my mom before I did it,” Xenia said of posing for Playboy. “Her opinion was important to me. She said, ‘You know what girl? If you feel it, then do it.’ That was the key, and I felt it. So, everyone was fine with it. I even got a message … from one of my cousins whom I haven’t spoken to in 20 years. He said, ‘Wow, congratulations! You did a great job by breaking this wall.’ I was like, ‘Wow, even my own family is on my side.’

“It changed because, 10 years ago, it was just the men in my family who had the power,” Xenia explained. “You had to do what they said and it was a struggle. But then I decided to make my own way, my own path. Now, I’m happier than ever.”

Xenia said the goal of her risqué photo shoot was to show women that all bodies are beautiful exactly as they are.

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“I’ve had all these thoughts in my mind about getting bigger breasts,” she admitted. “But then I was like, ‘No, I’m a mom. I have [stretch] marks. I’m skinny, but that’s OK. It’s OK to have little boobs.’ That was my decision. … I’m proud to have a working body. I really don’t care about the size. We tell the boys that size doesn’t matter. Well, our sizes also don’t matter.”

do my homework german

Xenia, who previously made her mark as a reality TV star, said she once faced pressure to go under the knife from her peers.

“I thought, ‘I’m the one without any surgery in this group, do I fit in?’ she said. “I just wanted to be myself. I didn’t want to get anything just because someone told me to get surgery. I’m content with my decision.”

Xenia is no stranger to being in the spotlight. She described her childhood as being surrounded by cameras. And when reality TV came knocking on her door, she answered.

“It turns out that I’m really good at it,” she chuckled.

Princess of Saxony, Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris.

She even used her TV fame in Europe to try to find a husband. Xenia claimed she’s been proposed to a whopping six times.

Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris

“It’s not always my bad at these things!” she insisted. “Maybe three or four … but that’s not the easy part of being a princess. You never know if people want you for your title or just yourself. I even tried to find a man undercover on BBC’s ‘Undercover Princesses,’ [and] it didn’t work out.

“There have always been cameras in my family,” said Xenia. “It’s kind of what everyone thinks about when they think of a princess. I had to go to events with other royals. But on the other side, my mom tried to always raise me normally. I helped [around] the house [by] cleaning to get some money.

“I was totally normal. … Everyone thinks that being a princess means you have no issues, no worries, just a lot of money. People always think I have everything. But, in reality, I work for everything. I wanted to do my own thing and not just rely on what my family told me to do.”

When asked what it would take for a man to impress her today, Xenia remarked, “That’s right — everyone knows me naked.

“Well, the most sexy thing for me is humor,” she said. “I love Ryan Reynolds, but I also love his wife, so everything is fine.”

When it comes to her heritage, Xenia said the last king of Saxony would have approved of her latest gig.

“I was meditating two weeks before the shoot because I was so nervous,” she said. “I didn’t realize it was getting real. So, I started to meditate. I then started to get this strange feeling. I felt like he did this little wink to me and said, ‘Do it.’ I know, it’s so crazy, but I just felt that I had his approval. I had a feeling I channeled him. Of course, I’ve never met him, but I just had a feeling he would say yes. I can’t tell you why, but that’s the feeling I got, yes.”

As for critics who gawk at her photos, Xenia has a special message for them.

“How dare you tell me what a princess should do?” she said. “Who are you? I am a princess, and I can do whatever I want, as everyone else should.”

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Princess Xenia posing naked for a photoshoot in Playboy Germany. Credit: Ana Dias for Playboy Germany March 2024.


do my homework german


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  1. How to say "I do my homework." in German.

    in German. American English I do my homework. German Ich mache meine Hausaufgaben. More I do my homework Vocabulary in German American English German You do your homework. Du machst deine Hausaufgaben. You do your homework (formal) Sie machen Ihre Hausaufgaben. He does his homework. Er macht seine Hausaufgaben. We do our homework.

  2. German translation of ' homework'

    German translation of ' homework' Word Frequency homework noun (Sch) Hausaufgaben pl, Schulaufgaben pl to give sb sth as homework jdm etw aufgeben what homework have you got? was hast du auf? the minister had not done his homework (inf) der Minister hatte sich mit der Materie nicht vertraut gemacht Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers.

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    Free AI German Homework Helper - Step-by-step German AI Tutoring - StudyMonkey Your Personal AI German Tutor Subject * German Any subject Computer Science German History Language Math Science --- More Subjects --- Accounting American College Testing (ACT) Algebra Algorithms Anatomy Anthropology Advanced Placement Exams (AP Exams)

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    In this video, you will learn how to say "homework" in German. The video covers basic German vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, making it perfect for beginners who want to improve their...

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    1. Find the best German tutor. Choose from over 1,312 German tutors. Use filters to narrow your search and find the perfect fit. 2. Book your first lesson. Find the perfect time in your schedule and connect with your tutor in our virtual classroom. 3. Subscribe and learn regularly.

  6. i do my homework translation in German

    When I return home, I study several pages of Zhuan Falun before I do my homework.: Wenn ich nach Hause komme, lerne ich einige Seiten des Zhuan Falun, bevor ich meine Hausaufgaben mache.: Mark made a deal with me - if I do my homework, I can stay up to watch the film: Mum schlug mir einen Handel vor - wenn ich meine Hausaufgaben mache, darf ich aufbleiben und den Film sehen

  7. How to say Homework in German?

    How to Say "Homework" in German? What is the meaning of "Hausaufgabe"? - OUINO German translation of "Homework". Learn how to say "Homework" in German with OUINO. How to say Homeworkin German? What does Hausaufgabemean in English? German translations and examples in context. Homeworkis translated in German by... Die Hausaufgabe(f) Homework

  8. homework

    Doing homework (gerund) finish homework German homework Homework diary / planner homework without any mistakes I always do my homework I do my homework when I get it. I think today everyone passed in homework... I try to get my homework done. / I must get my tasks done. I was doing my homework. Since you've done your homework, you can go out ...

  9. homework translation in German

    Bringing a homework assignment for you, so open the lab. Ich bringe dir eine Hausaufgabe mit, also schließ das Labor auf. It would be good if by tomorrow my homework were in here. Es wäre halt gut, wenn da morgen meine Hausarbeit drin stünde. Never use television as a reward for homework done or household chores performed.

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    Students, who do not yet have the admission, can gain the admission via continuous participation in tutorials and continuous treatment of the homework assignments. For this aim, 40% of the total homework must be treated successfully, amongst this 30% of the homework in each assignment.

  11. i will do my homework

    Many translated example sentences containing "i will do my homework" - German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. ... Suggest as a translation of "i will do my homework" Copy; DeepL Translator Write Dictionary. EN. Open menu. Translator. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed ...

  12. do homework

    A readily available supply of electricity opens up completely new. [...] perspectives for people being able, [...] for example, to rea d or do homework afte r dark, to launch. [...] a small business which uses machines. [...] or computers, to watch television or to listen to the radio.

  13. Translation of homework in German

    German: Sample sentences: I promised to give her a goody when she finished her homework. I versprach, ihr ein Bonbon zu geben, wenn sie mit den Hausaufgaben fertig war. My teacher is helping me with my homework. Mein Lehrer hilft mir mit meinen Hausaufgaben. Every daddy should help his kids do their homework.

  14. do homework

    Some schools offer supervision of children in so-called Kinderhorten, extracurricular programs that keep children occupied before and / or after regular instruction, often between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Participating children receive a midday meal and may do their homework or play freely in a supervised environment .


    We have to admit, however, that we still have a lot of homework to do. more_vert. Wir müssen aber zugeben, daß wir noch viele Hausaufgaben haben. It's almost, " Do your homework ," -- some involvement. more_vert. Beinahe würde ich sagen, "Mach deine Hausaufgaben," -- ein bisschen Engagement.

  16. i have to do my homework

    Dictionary English-German have to do ( sth.) v — etw. · · v have to v — homework n — pl · · · pl · · · See more examples • See alternative translations See alternative translations External sources (not reviewed)

  17. How to say homework in German

    How to say homework in German What's the German word for homework? Here's a list of translations. German Translation Hausaufgaben More German words for homework die Hausaufgaben noun homework die Heimarbeit noun outwork die Hausaufgabe noun homework assignment, assignment die Hausarbeit noun housework, homework assignment, assignment

  18. German Homework Help

    German Homework Is Not An Easy Thing To Do In most cases, students are having trouble with their German homework because the language is difficult to learn. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn it. Of course, we won't go as far as to say that German is an impossible language to learn (this is a common misconception).

  19. GERMAN New GCSE 2024 Vocab Booklet: Neighbourhood and Shopping

    This 49 page Vocabulary/Homework booklet is designed for the 2024 Edexcel GCSE theme: My Neighbourhood. It is part of a series. However, they can be used for any students studying town, neighbourhood and shopping. Contents: My neighbourhood Shopping. The vocabulary is divided into sub-topics.

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  23. Princess strips down for Playboy: 'I always wanted to be a pop star'

    Xenia's noble ancestors include her great-great-grandfather, Friedrich August III, the last king of Saxony. Ana Dias / Playboy Germany. Xenia earned her title as a descendent of the German House ...