1. Periodic Table of Elements Research Project

    element research project high school

  2. Bronxville HS Core Chemistry: Element Poster Project

    element research project high school

  3. Periodic Table of Elements Project

    element research project high school

  4. Element Research Project by Beakers and Ink

    element research project high school

  5. Neodymium

    element research project high school

  6. Create Your Own Periodic Table Project Examples

    element research project high school


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  4. Vivian: Element Research Project (Krypton)-

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  1. PDF Periodic Table of Elements Research Project

    Option 1: Old School. Use paper, markers, colored pencils and design it by hand. Option 2: High-Tech. Use a Google Docs or Google Slides to type and add graphics. STEP THREE: SHOWCASE! (DAY 6) Posters should be complete and ready for viewing.

  2. Periodic Table Educational Resources for Ages 15-18

    Unit Plan: The Periodic Table. This unit plan from the American Association of Chemistry Teachers has everything you need to put together a unit plan for your classroom: lessons, activities, labs, projects, videos, simulations, and animations. We constructed a unit plan using AACT resources that is designed to teach the Periodic Table to your ...


    1. Using the Internet or other resources available in the library thoroughly research your element. 2. Create a 9" x 9" inch Element Tile (we will make it in class). Be sure to include the following: Element Symbol - Middle 3" high. Element Name. Atomic Number - upper left. Atomic Mass - upper right.

  4. Classroom Resources

    High and Middle School Objectives. By the end of this project, students should be able to ... Complete the "Element Project Notes" packet as you research your element. This will be turned in as part of the final project. You will need to have at least two sources for your information, and these sources must be listed in your packet.

  5. Classroom Resources

    In this project, students will select an element and then use to explore aspects of the element including its periodicity, electron configuration, history, and uses in industry. Grade Level. Middle and High School. NGSS Alignment. This project will help prepare your students to meet the performance expectations in the following ...

  6. 51+ Creative Periodic Table Project Ideas For Students

    Here is a complete list of periodic table project ideas for high and middle school students: 1. Element Showcase: Interactive Display. Create an interactive periodic table display where each element is represented by a physical or digital exhibit. Include information about the element's properties, uses, and interesting facts.

  7. 21 Fascinating Periodic Table Activities for Chemistry ...

    10. Make a periodic table of giant tiles. This classic research project comes together in a giant periodic table display. You can use poster board, or add a 3-D element by creating the tiles on pizza boxes instead. Learn more: missmiklius. 11. Play periodic table Battleship.

  8. 12 Chemistry Research and Passion Project Ideas

    In this project, you'll learn more analytical chemistry techniques and explore a question relevant to public health. Idea by chemistry research mentor Grace. 2. Ocean acidification. As the world moves towards global warming, we are seeing increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  9. PDF Assignment: Chemistry Element Project

    Part 1: Research & Presentation. Your presentation can be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, electronic storyboard, or Prezi. The presentation should be 5-10 minutes long. In your presentation, you must include the following: Element name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, number of protons, neutron and electrons.

  10. Editable Element Research Project

    This is an EDITABLE "adopt an element" style research project with a twist (that works for middle or high school science). Students are tasked with researching elements with unique histories and interesting uses; some have surprising effects on the human body and/or environment. Case in point: Mercury! The provided sample research slides ...

  11. Element Project

    Element Project. You be the Teacher. Choose one of the elements on the Periodic Table and create a fun and educational way to teach it to your classmates (skit, poster, rap, video, power point presentation, etc.). Step 1: Research. Choose one of the elements in the Periodic Table and find out:

  12. An Element Research Project

    This is an "adopt an element" style research project with a twist (that works well for middle or high school students). Students are tasked with researching elements with unique histories and interesting uses; some have surprising effects on the human body and/or environment. Case in point: Mercur...

  13. Element ReSeArCH Project

    It involves having the students research the answers to several questions concerning the origin of the periodic table, naming of the elements, and basis for some of the element's names. I have had my classes spend two 50 minute class periods in our school's library using books, textbooks, encyclopedias, and current periodicals to complete the ...

  14. High School Chemistry Projects Teaching Resources

    High School Chemistry Element Super Hero (or Villain!) Project. by. RadScienceMag. 5.0. (8) $7.00. In this fun project, secondary (can be modified for middle school easily) Chemistry students work to research elements of their choice and present their learning in a creative story and poster project. The project is designed for students to work ...

  15. Redland Middle School

    Elements Research Project. For this project, you will be researching an element from the Periodic Table. CLICK HERE to download a copy of the project description. Online Encyclopedias World Book Online Encyclopaedia Britannica Website Resources Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division Royal Society of Chemistry

  16. 100 Research Topic Ideas for High School Students

    Here are five specific high school sociology research topics and how you can approach them: 61. Investigate the impact of social media algorithms on echo chambers and polarization in online communities. Social media shapes public discourse.

  17. Home

    THE PRIDE OF THE NORTH! Our school district is a welcoming, high-performing, and thriving district with approximately 2175 amazing, unique, and special students who attend one of our four elementary schools, middle school, high school, or regional non-traditional high school. Centered on the boundary of the fertile, productive agricultural ...

  18. Periodic Table of Elements Project

    Description. To understand how elements interact with one another in predictable ways, it is important for students to understand at a base level the elements on the Periodic Table. This fun, short, and easy research project guides students through a quick research project on an element on the Periodic Table.

  19. High School Students Thrive as Researchers

    Most (though not all) students who take on the challenge of AER are already high-performing and highly-motivated students; thus, they've already learned a lot of the research and analysis skills ...

  20. School №1501 (Moscow, Russia)

    Established: in 1989. Location: Moscow, Russia. Age of students: 7 - 17 years. Type of education: joint (mixed) Type of accommodation: accommodation is provided only for pupils of the orphanage for students with hearing impairments. Language of instruction: Russian. School No. 1501 is a large educational complex, where, together with ...

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    West Park Elementary; Moscow Middle School; Moscow High School; Paradise Creek Regional High School; District Libraries. Moscow High School Library. Catalogs; Academic Databases; How To Cite Sources. MLA Elements; The Research Process; UI Dual Credit; Cloud Chasing Vaping Ed; Moscow Middle School Library. Area Library Catalogs; New Books to the ...

  22. Element Research Project by Beakers and Ink

    Description. This no-prep element research project makes learning about elements fun and engaging! After completing a graphic organizer, students will complete a hands-on activity to design an element cube. This element research project is editable, time-saving and contains differentiated materials to help your students be successful and engaged.

  23. 5 Long Island schools get STEM challenge grants for student ...

    Five Long Island schools each received $2,500 grants to help students build projects that help their schools improve water quality and reduce nitrogen pollution on school grounds. Grants in the ...

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    Moscow School District #281 / Parent Resources / Kindergarten Registration Information. The District offers All-Day Kindergarten! Registration can be completed online or in person. Registration Form. Home Language Survey. Contact the Superintendent's Office at 208-892-1139. if you need to know which school zone you reside in.

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