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Children's Workbooks

Keep your child engaged with these workbooks for kids. Find summer workbooks for writing, reading, and math to build critical skills for the school year.

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Best-Selling Workbook Packs for Back to School and Beyond


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elementary school workbooks

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elementary school workbooks

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The 11 Best Educational Workbooks

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Verywell Family / Amelia Manley

Whether you want to prevent learning loss over summer break or you want to keep your kids academically challenged at home, educational workbooks are the ideal solution. From math, letters, reading, and more, there are workbooks out there for any subject. Plus, educational workbooks are portable, making them a simple alternative to learning on the road or on vacation.

Make sure to choose one that is at the appropriate academic level for your child. Most workbooks have grade-level recommendations to use as a guide, but you can also check reviews, speak with your child’s teacher, and level up or down based on your child’s academic needs. We carefully reviewed any age or grade recommendations, material, value, and engagement when reviewing products.

A pediatrics physician on our Review Board also reviewed this article for medical accuracy and integrity surrounding what age kids should learn to read, how long they can typically focus on tasks like workbooks, and when to be concerned about signs of possible dyslexia.

Here are the best educational workbooks for kids that make learning fun and build skills.

  • What to Look For

Why Trust Verywell Family

Best for learning letters, letter tracing preschool & kindergarten workbook.


The Letter Tracing Preschool & Kindergarten Workbook ranks high on our list because it's a great beginner's choice to letters, handwriting, and more. Much of learning letters and handwriting is done through repetition and tracing. This book will help teach younger kids the letters of the alphabet while strengthening fine motor skills.

Each letter of the alphabet starts with tracing dotted lines to eventually writing the letters with no lines. The book also has many pages of lined paper for practice writing. 

Price at time of publication: $8

Best for Preschoolers

The big fun preschool workbook.

With over 250 pages of fun, this preschool workbook is perfect for kids between ages 3 and 5. Content focuses on ABCs, sight words , counting, patterns, colors, shapes, and much more and is all done in an age-appropriate manner through games, mazes, puzzles, and matching activities.

The last page of this book is a certificate that parents can complete for their kid, rewarding your child for their hard work and new skills.

Price at time of publication: $13

Best for In Between Grades

Summer brain quest.

Billed as a way to stop the “summer slide,” these books are perfect for kids who have completed one grade and may need to brush up in the summer for the next grade.

Parents can use these in-between books to help in the summer months or anytime. Pick the appropriate grade level to make sure kids can complete what they need to know and then help them begin to level up to the next grade.

Best for Reluctant Readers

Reading success for minecrafters: grades 1-2.


A kid-friendly workbook that’s best for 1st or 2nd graders, this Minecraft-focused book features all of your Minecraft fan’s favorite characters and concepts. Using something kids love (Minecraft), to reinforce phonics, sight words, comprehension, and more, this book is as fun as it is educational.

Price at time of publication: $

Best for Reading Comprehension

Scholastic success with reading tests.


Leave it to the experts at Scholastic to put together grade-level workbooks based just on reading comprehension . With grade-appropriate, high-interest stories, kids will pair their reading with comprehension-building puzzles, activities, and brain teasers.

The key to reading comprehension is making sure young readers understand the story and are able to grasp the main idea and details, make inferences from the story, draw conclusions, and understand story sequencing.

Price at time of publication: $6

Best for Math

Math made easy: kindergarten workbook.

 Rainbow Resource

Made for grades K through 5th, this series was created by a group of math experts with the aim of making math enjoyable while growing skills and confidence. The grade-appropriate books include a topic review from the previous grade, current grade skills, and a preview of topics from the grade ahead.

While there aren’t teaching tips on the individual pages, there are parent notes and teaching tips in the back. Kids will appreciate the star stickers and chart to mark progress and encourage good work. 

Price at time of publication: $22

Best for On-the-Go Fun

Oso & me coloring book.

A sweet 35-page book, this book is perfect for on-the-go fun. With coloring pages, games like tic-tac-toe, puzzles, a mask, and much more, it’s great for any age kid and will keep them busy in the car, on a plane, or sitting on the couch.

Best for On-the-Go Academics

Brain quest.

Courtesy of Amazon

Made for preschoolers through 7th graders, Brain Quest is a fast-paced question and answer game series packaged in a bound deck of laminated cards. The grade-level content aligns with national and state standards and is created by educational experts.

These well-made cards are as entertaining as they are educational. At seven inches high and two inches wide, the pack is small enough to throw in a bag or backpack.

Price at time of publication: $10

Best for Coloring

United states coloring book.

 Dover Publications

This exciting coloring book highlights each of the 50 states. Chock full of information, the book includes ready-to-color images for each state. Kids can color an accurate state map, the state flower, motto, bird, tree, capital, and major rivers and mountains.

Brimming with useful facts and fun-to-color images, this book will help school-age children learn all the states. A full map of the United States is included for a big picture view.

Best for Big Kids

Everything you need to ace math in one big fat notebook: the complete middle school study guide.


Aimed at middle schoolers , this series includes books with "everything you need" for math, science, world history, English, American history, and computer science and coding. This series is built on the idea that the books mimic the notebook of the smartest kid in class.

Each subject’s key concepts are outlined, summarized, and easily digestible. Main ideas are highlighted in neon colors, and doodles in marker showcase tricky concepts. There are helpful mnemonics for shortcuts and recap quizzes for each topic. Even the pickiest and moodiest middle-schooler out there will find these helpful.

Price at time of publication: $17

Best for Summer Slide

Made for children in third to fourth grade, this workbook is designed to help kids keep up with schoolwork during the summer to avoid learning loss. This book helps children in all areas: writing, math, science, social studies, and reading.

Children can learn about animals’ behaviors one day while writing a mysterious short story the next. All it takes is 15 minutes a day with this book’s activities which even includes flash cards and stickers.

Final Verdict

If you have a little one who will soon be entering preschool or is in preschool, check out the Big Fun Preschool Workbook ( view at Walmart ). Content focuses on ABCs, sight words, counting, patterns, colors, shapes, and much more. There’s also the Big Fat Notebook Series ( view at Amazon ) for children in middle school. Main ideas are highlighted in neon colors and doodles in marker showcase tricky concepts.

What to Look for in Educational Workbooks for Kids

Age and grade-level recommendations.

When you’re deciding on a workbook to purchase for your kiddo, you’ll need to make sure it’s on an appropriate learning level for them. Workbooks have grade-level recommendations to give parents and caregivers an idea of where the content is grade-wise.

This information can be used as a guide, but it’s best to check reviews of the workbook and have a conversation with your child’s teacher. This will give you a better idea of where your child is academically and whether you need to stick with your child's current grade level, or go up or down a grade level to meet your child where they are now. And remember that they may need different grade levels for different subjects.

Fun and Engaging

Choosing a workbook that is engaging and entertaining can help ease your little learner into academic activities. Learning doesn’t have to be boring! If you can find a workbook that presents topics in an engaging way and reinforces learning with fun activities, your child will likely be more willing to use it and master its concepts.

Fun activities like a map quest, coloring game, or fitness exercises after they complete a workbook page give kids a break from skills and drills but still offer an educational experience. 

There are also workbooks with themes, like Reading Success for Minecrafters ( view at Amazon ), that incorporate your child's favorite show, game, or character into their learning. When a workbook has a theme or activities that are fun and engaging, kids won’t feel like they’re just doing extra homework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children learn to read generally between the ages of 4 and 6. Some may read earlier or later. The most important thing that parents can do to help their children learn to read is read aloud to them at home. Find books that your child is interested in and make reading fun.

Children have shorter attention spans than adults. It's important to pay attention to your child's individual stamina. Some kids will only work in five-minute spurts at first. You can slowly increase the length of time your child stays focused to increase their stamina over time.

Making sure the workbooks are not too easy or too difficult will help your child stay on task. Fifteen- to 20-minute sessions are a good end goal (perhaps a little longer if your child is older).

Writing letters backwards, or reversals, is a normal part of writing development. Most kids will get the idea of which way to face their letters over time. Reversals may be a sign of dyslexia if they continue. If you see other signs of dyslexia, such as trouble remembering nursery rhymes, difficulty identifying rhymes, or problems pronouncing words, reach out to your child's pediatrician or their school.

Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance writer who covers food, home, and parenting. She's also the mom of a 10-year-old son, 6-year-old son, and 2-year old daughter. Now that she's handling the remote learning process, academic workbooks are beginning to make an appearance at her house. She likes the idea of bite-sized content when we need it.

Polikoff DMQ and M. Summer learning loss: What is it, and what can we do about it? Brookings.

American Academy of Pediatrics. Helping your child learn to read .

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity. Signs of dyslexia .

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Reading & Math for K-5

  • Kindergarten
  • Learning numbers
  • Comparing numbers
  • Place Value
  • Roman numerals
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Order of operations
  • Drills & practice
  • Measurement
  • Factoring & prime factors
  • Proportions
  • Shape & geometry
  • Data & graphing
  • Word problems
  • Children's stories
  • Leveled Stories
  • Context clues
  • Cause & effect
  • Compare & contrast
  • Fact vs. fiction
  • Fact vs. opinion
  • Main idea & details
  • Story elements
  • Conclusions & inferences
  • Sounds & phonics
  • Words & vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Early writing
  • Numbers & counting
  • Simple math
  • Social skills
  • Other activities
  • Dolch sight words
  • Fry sight words
  • Multiple meaning words
  • Prefixes & suffixes
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Other parts of speech
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Cursive alphabet
  • Cursive letters
  • Cursive letter joins
  • Cursive words
  • Cursive sentences
  • Cursive passages
  • Grammar & Writing

Elementary School Curriculum by Grade

What your kids should learn in each grade.

It's hard for to keep up with our kids' school curriculum. When are they supposed to start learning addition? By what age should they be able to read fluently?  Are they on track with their elementary school curriculum or do we need to help them catch up with some extra study?

These links take you to pages that summarize the elementary school curriculum for each grade - basically what your child will learn in each elementary school grade: kindergarten to grade 5.

What do Kids Learn in Kindergarten?

The kindergarten year is one in which kids learn more about the formal classroom setting – learning to focus on segments of time on basic literacy and math.

Kindergarten curriculum

What do Kids Learn in Grade 1?

In grade 1 , students enter the big school and they settle into learning to read and write. They build foundation skills in math, science and social studies.

Grade 1 curriculum

What do Kids Learn in Grade 2?

In grade 2 students apply what they have learned about meanings of letters and numbers to more complicated material, and they start to develop analytical abilities. 

Grade 2 curriculum

What do Kids Learn in Grade 3?

In grade 3 , kids will start to put their concrete learning into practice as they tackle more complicated and abstract assignments. 

Grade 3 curriculum

What do Kids Learn in Grade 4?

Grade 4 is when the big switch happens.  Your kids will now be reading to learn, rather than learning to read.  They’ll be taking on bigger projects that will need planning, more detailed work and presentation.

Grade 4 curriculum

What do Kids Learn in Grade 5?

Grade 5 is when it all comes together.  Fifth graders draw from the skills and strategies they have learned throughout elementary school as they embark on more difficult projects that expect them to take responsibility for organization and long-term planning. 

Grade 5 curriculum

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Elementary School Workbooks, Interleaving and Retrieval Practice - Simple Solutions

Increase Long-Term Retention and Academic Achievement with Our Educational Workbooks

Simple Solutions educational workbooks are an integral part of the Simple Solutions Approach . Our workbooks use retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving to increase students’ long-term retention and academic achievement. With just a few minutes of practice every day, your students will increase self-confidence, develop a growth mindset, and boost academic achievement.

With the purchase of a class set, teachers receive access to the Simple Solutions Tools and Resource Center (S²TaR Center) for one school year. This center includes digital Teacher Editions, helpful resources by subject, a Worksheet Generator, Digital Quizzes for most subjects, and more. View our selection of educational workbooks below, or reach out to our team with questions .

educational workbooks


Our mathematics workbook solutions have been equipping students for success for decades.

Our English workbooks help students develop proficiency with grammar and writing mechanics while strengthening their reading skills.

Our pre-k workbooks address early learning and development standards for mathematics and Language Arts.

Our reading comprehension workbooks provide standards-based practice with a variety of skills.

Social Studies

Our social studies workbooks are aligned with academic content standards common to most states.

State Studies

With a grade four reading level, our state studies workbooks provide mini teachings about specific states.

With our science workbooks, students will develop an understanding of four key areas of study.

Our phonics workbooks support the development of reading fluency.

Study Skills

Our study skills workbooks are designed to help students become more successful in all subjects.

Summer Solutions

Our summer workbooks are perfect for helping your student avoid summer learning loss.

Request a Quote

Ready to take the next step toward academic success? Request a quote from one of our helpful team members. Use the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Let's Connect

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

The 20 Best Workbooks for Kids to Keep Them Learning All Year Long

Some kids' workbooks even enlist Star Wars characters to grab kids' attention.

Headshot of Marisa LaScala

Bendon Publishing ABCmouse Workbooks

ABCmouse Workbooks

ABCmouse has moved from the digital world to the physical one with its first-ever workbook series , aimed at preschoolers and early learners. Subjects include math, phonics, writing, telling time, shapes, and learning games.

Scholastic Inc. Scholastic Early Learners/Scholastic Success With

Scholastic Early Learners/Scholastic Success With

Scholastic Early Learners starts even before pre-k, getting kids ready for school with different activities like sorting, counting, and learning letters. Many of Scholastic's workbooks feature pages that wipe clean, so you can use them over again. Then, as kids get older, the Scholastic Success With series takes over, going deeper into topics for first graders through eighth graders.

Workman Publishing Company Workman's Star Wars Workbooks

Workman's Star Wars Workbooks

If you want kids to really learn something, you have to — in the words of 30 Rock 's Tracy Jordan — "tell it to them in Star Wars ." Workman's Star Wars workbook series uses characters from a galaxy far, far away to teach kids academic concepts. Workbooks start for preschoolers (with activities for numbers, letters, and shapes) and go up through fourth grade (for math and reading/writing).

Highlights Highlights Learning

Highlights Learning

Highlights offers age-appropriate workbooks that supplement learning throughout the year, focusing on math, reading, and writing from preschool through second grade. (On the Highlights website , you can buy them in bundles.) The " Summer Big Fun Workbooks " are the perfect way to bridge from one school year to the next, with week-by-week activities to do during the school break.

Autumn McKay The Ultimate Kindergarten Prep Guide

The Ultimate Kindergarten Prep Guide

Educator Autumn McKay has compiled a big list of learning activities aligned to kindergarten standards that require little or no prep. They're divided into subjects like language arts, math, science, social studies, and life skills, so you can easily flip to  the area you want to work on. If you like McKay's style, she also offers toddler lesson plans .

Carson Dellosa Education Carson Dellosa Education Home Workbooks

Carson Dellosa Education Home Workbooks

If you're just looking for a few activities to to when you have extra time, these workbooks are short (Kindergarten Phonics is just 64 pages), but make an impact. Amazon reviewers say their kids enjoy the colorful photos and the variety of activities. Carson Dellosa's Home Workbooks cover different subject areas — reading, math, grade-level skills — from pre-k to third grade .

CreateSpace Classics Modern Kid Press Workbooks

Modern Kid Press Workbooks

This black-and-white number tracing book has more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, with reviewers praising the way it helps kids form their numbers. If your preschooler likes it, Modern Kid Press also has workbooks for preschool math , letter tracing , and even scissor skills . 

School Zone School Zone BIG Workbooks

School Zone BIG Workbooks

If your kid is a Workbook Kid — the kind that just tears through the activities and still wants more — you're going to need one of School Zone's BIG books . One book covers multiple subject areas and offers hundreds of activities, and there are parent notes for each section to help you focus in on what's key for each lesson. You can get School Zone's BIG workbooks for pre-k through third grade.

Summer Bridge Activities Summer Bridge Activities

Summer Bridge Activities

Summer Bridge Activities workbooks are specifically designed to fight Summer Slide. The activities are meant to be done in just 15 minutes a day, so they're perfect for those who just want a brush-up between school years. They go up through eighth grade, and you can also get sets that include reading books and flash cards.

Workman Publishing Company Brain Quest/Summer Brain Quest

Brain Quest/Summer Brain Quest

Brain Quest is a popular Common Core-aligned series that supplements kid learning during the year (the publisher claims more than 45 million have been sold), and Summer Brain Quest offers slimmer volumes that take kids from one grade to the next. For goal-oriented kids motivated by sticker charts, Summer Brain Quest comes with an illustrated map that kids can use to mark off their progress. Both series go from pre-k to sixth grade .

Mad Libs Mad Libs Workbooks

Mad Libs Workbooks

This year, for the first time ever, Mad Libs is offering its own workbook series. Right now, they only have first- and second-grade reading books available, with plans to launch books for third and fourth graders in the fall. They're aligned to Common Core standards, but still filled with the zaniness kids expect from Mad Libs.

Flash Kids Complete Curriculum Workbooks

Complete Curriculum Workbooks

If you want to pick up one book that covers everything — language arts, reading, writing, math, and test prep — all in one book, Complete Curriculum is the series you're looking for. Each one comes packed with hundreds of pages of activities. It's perfect for parents who want to have a huge set of lessons to pick and choose from. The series goes from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Disney Learning Disney Learning

Disney Learning

Carson Dellosa has also teamed up with Disney for workbooks featuring characters from Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. Workbooks and flash cards go from pre-k to third grade , and also cover topics like cursive writing, sight words, and division, among others.

Spectrum Spectrum Workbooks

Spectrum Workbooks

Spectrum Workbooks are closely aligned to state standards, which makes them a hit with parents who homeschool full-time. Workbooks are subject-specific, so for each grade, you can focus in on the areas where your student needs the most extra help, including test prep. The series spans kindergarten through eighth grade .

Touchstone Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

If you want your child to master the basics of reading before starting kindergarten, this book uses the DISTAR method to get those phonics skills down pat. It starts with just two sounds for kids to learn, then adds in more letters, words, sentences, and short stories. It even offers a word-for-word script for parents to use, so there's no confusion about how to deliver the lessons or correct kids when they make a mistake. This one is currently a hot seller, so if it's sold out, try Walmart , Barnes & Noble , or Bookshop .

Scholastic Paperbacks Bob Books for Beginning Readers

Bob Books for Beginning Readers

Scholastic's Bob Books series is another way to connect with beginning readers. The series starts off with a book that only has four letters, so once kids have mastered those sounds, they can read a whole book by themselves. As the series goes on, new letters and sounds are added in gradually.

Imagination Lab

imagination lab workbook

For just a little something, the Imagination Lab, creators of The Story Seeds podcast for kids , has short workbooks with everything from writing activities to STEAM projects. Each one is $5, and you download them and print them at home.

Rockridge Press Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

If you want learning to leap off the page, this book is filled with ideas for at-home science experiments that break down STEM concepts for kids. If they spark interest in your budding scientist, you can move on to related books with engineering , physics , and robotics projects.

Highlights Press The Highlights Book of Things to Do

The Highlights Book of Things to Do

If you're looking for fewer worksheets and more out-of-the-book activities, this book comes chock full of ideas for kids ages 7 and older. With it, your family can learn how to plant a butterfly garden, construct a flip book, make bath fizzes or find inspiration for your next family project.

Scholdeners Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids

Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids

Cursive handwriting is becoming a lost art, which may have some consequences in a future. (I've heard of a grad-school class whose professor had to teach cursive because the students were having a hard time reading historical manuscripts.) This book teaches kids how to form cursive letters, how to connect letters to make words, and how to write sentences. If that isn't enough incentive to write in script, try the Pokémon cursive workbook.

Headshot of Marisa LaScala

Marisa (she/her) has covered all things parenting, from the postpartum period through the empty nest, for Good Housekeeping since 2018; she previously wrote about parents and families at Parents and Working Mother . She lives with her husband and daughter in Brooklyn, where she can be found dominating the audio round at her local bar trivia night or tweeting about movies.

preview for Good Housekeeping US Section: Life

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two projects celebrating 100 days of school

6 Gun Safety Rules All Parents Should Follow

a dad with the mockingbird single to double stroller, part of a good housekeeping review of the mockingbird strollers

Is the Mockingbird Stroller Worth It?


40 Super Fun Indoor Activities Kids Will Love

Family New Year celebration

35 Lucky New Year's Traditions to Kick off 2024

kids birthday party

Why I Celebrate Myself on My Kid's Birthday

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Is Santa Real? Of Course He Is

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It's Fine to Let Kids Quit Things!

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These Hispanic Girl Names Are Trending

Best Kids' Movies of All Time

60 Essential Movies for Kids

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Dear Parents: Stop Helping Out Your Kids So Much

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✨ Make their holidays merry & bright. Shop books for kids of all ages. ✨ LEARN MORE →

Make their holidays merry & bright. SHOP NOW →

elementary school workbooks

Best Learning Workbooks for Pre-K and Elementary Students

By iva-marie palmer.

Workbooks for kids are no longer limited to the versions available only to educators. Now, parents and caregivers can find an array of workbooks covering a variety of subjects and skills to use at home. From honing reading skills to learning how to code, workbooks can be a great way to help stave off summer break skills loss or to supplement homeschooling lessons and virtual education. In addition to being appealing to kids – with their colorful pages and catchy activities – these workbooks have also been vetted by educators to meet curriculum standards at each grade.

Whether you’re a parent or caregiver looking to prevent learning loss or simply trying to fill in the time that would usually be taken up by other activities, here are some of the best learning workbooks for kids in preschool and elementary school.

Numbers, Letters, and More! (PAW Patrol)

Numbers, Letters, and More! (PAW Patrol)

by Golden Books

Kids who love the hit Nickelodeon show PAW Patrol will love learning their letters and numbers right alongside these furry friends. A full-color activity book with sticks, little learners can trace, color, count, solve puzzles, and practice problem-solving with Chase and the gang. (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 2)

Dr. Seuss Workbook: Kindergarten

Dr. Seuss Workbook: Kindergarten

by Dr. Seuss

It’s a workbook — Seuss style! Each page features your child’s favorite Dr. Seuss characters, problems to complete, and puzzles to solve. With exercises in every subject, this kindergarten workbook is an excellent way to reinforce what your child learns at school. For preschoolers, check out Dr. Seuss Workbook: Preschool . (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 3)

uniE601 More in the Series

elementary school workbooks

Complete Kindergarten Math Workbook

by Naoya Imanishi, MEd, illustrated by Gareth Williams

This official Brightly book is filled with games, activities, challenges, and puzzles, all designed to strengthen your little one’s math skills, all while having fun in the process. This excellent resource–perfect for the classroom and at home– is a great way to help build your child’s confidence in math!

Step Ahead Series

Step Ahead Series

These teacher-approved workbooks are a great way to reinforce what kids learn in the classroom while at home. From colors and shapes to spelling and multiplication, parents can feel confident in using these workbooks to supplement their child's education year after year. (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 2)

elementary school workbooks

Sylvan Language Arts Workbooks Series

by Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Language Arts workbooks focus on skill sets important to each grade level. Kindergarteners can build their sight words and beginning reading skills, while workbooks for upper grades cover reading comprehension and spelling. With vibrant, colorful pages full of games and puzzles, this workbook series will help your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead of the curve — all while having a lot of fun! (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 5)

elementary school workbooks

Sylvan Math Workbooks Series

Math is a common enemy for many kids. Whether your child struggles with math or could simply use some extra practice, the range of Sylvan Learning Center’s Math workbooks can help them both build and reinforce their skills. The colorful presentation and engaging activities will draw in kids and the easy-to-follow explanations and examples will keep them hooked. Using one of these over the summer break can help prevent skill loss for kids. If your child excels at math, a workbook at the next grade level could prepare them for the coming school year. (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 5)

elementary school workbooks

Sylvan Language Arts Jumbo Workbooks Series

These Jumbo workbooks are just like Sylvan's standard workbooks, but with three times the fun! Combining three of their most popular curriculum-based activity books into one, these workbooks are designed to help kids become familiar with and master basic language arts and reading skills. (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 5)

elementary school workbooks

Sylvan Math Jumbo Workbooks Series

The math here is simple – three books in one equals three times the fun! These super-sized workbooks are packed with kid-friendly, educator-approved math activities to help kids learn basic math skills for every grade level. Answer keys make it easy for kids to check their own work, helping them to gain confidence in their skills. (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 5)

elementary school workbooks

DK Workbooks: Geography

Whether it’s to reinforce what your child is learning in school or to satisfy the curiosity of a child interested in the world around them, DK’s geography workbooks are excellent tools for nurturing interests in both the academic and personal spheres. Each grade level offers curriculum appropriate activities, including identifying landforms, understanding basic directions, and learning about informational maps at lower grade levels, and increasing understanding of each continent and the earth’s physical features at upper grade levels. (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 6)

elementary school workbooks

Kindergarten Thinking and Reasoning

by Highlights Learning

Highlights is well-known by kids and parents for its magazines that are laden with fun puzzles and games. The company’s workbook philosophy centers on the same make-it-fun approach. This thinking and reasoning workbook for kindergarteners features colorful pages of pattern, logic, and sequencing exercises. (Additional workbooks can be found in the Highlights Learning Fun Workbooks series.) (Grade Levels: K – 1)

Kindergarten Hands-On STEAM Learning Fun Workbook

Kindergarten Hands-On STEAM Learning Fun Workbook

With a growing emphasis on a well-rounded STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) education, if you’re a parent or caregiver seeking ways to integrate those subject areas into your child’s learning, look no further. This workbook – another from Highlights – features both on-the-page activities and ideas for experiments, as well as projects that kindergarteners and their parents can try with common household materials. (Grade Levels: K – 1)

Sylvan Summer Smart Workbook Series

Sylvan Summer Smart Workbook Series

Designed to be used over summer break between grade levels, each volume of this Sylvan workbook collection covers both math and reading skills. Activities are designed to prevent the summer slide, as research shows kids can lose up to 2.5 months of knowledge from the previous grade while on their summer break. (Grade Levels: K – 5)

elementary school workbooks

Mad Libs Workbooks

by Mad Libs

Everyone knows Mad Libs as a laugh-out-loud sleepover or party game. These Mad Libs workbooks feature the same fun vibe, making them especially great for reluctant learners. Each book features language arts activities that align with Common Core standards and offers a blend of lessons around phonics, reading comprehension, and vocabulary followed by fill-in-the-blank word games in the Mad Libs tradition. (Grade Levels: 1 – 2)

elementary school workbooks

DK Workbooks: Coding with Scratch Workbook

Any young kid who wants to learn to code can get a lot out of this DK workbook (or any of the other DK workbooks devoted to learning code). This particular workbook is a great start for kids ages six to nine years old who want to program using Scratch (available to use for free at Activities include making basic animations and simple games, and lessons feature written quizzes to test kids’ knowledge. (Grade Levels: 1 – 4)

elementary school workbooks

DK Workbooks: Handwriting: Cursive, Third Grade

Sure, kids are used to tapping away at keyboards and screens to communicate, but penmanship still matters. Little kids can check out a DK workbook to practice printing skills , while older kids can work on cursive writing – which may not be taught in some schools, but is still said to spur brain activity in a way that typing does not. (Grade Levels: 2 – 4)

Mrs Wordsmith Series

Mrs Wordsmith Series

by Mrs Wordsmith

The folks at Mrs. Wordsmith understand that for a generation accustomed to fast-paced, bite-sized content at their fingertips, one of the best ways to help today’s kids learn is through play. Created in partnership with the world’s most influential childhood literacy experts, their curriculum and teacher-approved books and games aim to foster a love of reading and help kids 4-13 learn language through beautiful illustrations, humor, relatable characters, and gameplay that makes learning fun. (Grade Levels: Pre-K – 6)

elementary school workbooks

DK Eyewitness Workbook Series

Meant to accompany DK’s iconic Eyewitness Books series for kids, these workbooks are filled with top-notch guides and activities. Each book is divided up into sections with fast facts and practical activities — drawing, fill-in-the-black exercises, true or false questions, and hands-on activities — that make learning fun. (Grade Levels: 5 – 8)

elementary school workbooks

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Staff resources, hey staff know some great resources share with us here, need some help get coaching here, communication / class management.

Aeries - Link to MUSD login for attendance

Google Meet

Class Dojo Remote Learning Webinar - For teachers, recommended by staff

Class Dojo Helpdesk - Get help with using Class Dojo

ParentSquare Help - Get help with using ParentSquare

Google Classroom Help - Get help with using Google Help

Reading and Writing

Scholastic Learn at Home - Daily reading activities by grade level

EdHelper Daily Free Learning Workbooks by Grade Level - Updated daily

Reading Partners Resource Library - Helping parents help their kids with literacy; resources for teachers, too

Benchmark Universe Dual Language eLibrary - Username: EngSpan_books Password: benchmark2020

Voice Recognition as a Scaffold for Writing - Tutorial

Time for Kids - Reading activities daily

ABCMouse and Adventure Academy - Open linked PDF for info on how to login

CK-12 - online lessons and resources for every grade in every subject

Beanstalk - Live and on-demand lessons in all subject areas for little kids - ages 1.5 to 6!

Epic! - Online access to thousands of picture and chapter books at all levels

RAZ Kids - Free for the rest of the school year! Read info at link provided for how to set up a class account - Really awesome phonics and comprehension program. Best for primary students and is free right now

Virtual Read Alouds

Storyline Online - Read Alouds by actors

Signs for Hope - Children's book read alouds in American Sign Language and spoken English

SCCLD (Milpitas) Library - links to live online storytimes and other resources for all ages


ThinkCentral / GoMath - Grades K-5 - Students log in with Google username (no @) and password

my.HRW / GoMath - Grade 6 - Students log in with Google username (no @) and password

YouCubed At Home - YouCubed math activities especially for home learning - All grades

Prodigy - Online math practice in a game-style format for grades 1st-8th

Khan Academy - Math instruction and practice for every grade level (there is a great separate app for Preschool-2nd grade) - Hands-on math instruction and practice

Science / Social Studies / Virtual Field Trips

P earson Realize (Social Studies) Curriculum - district login required

Mystery Doug At-Home Science Lessons - Listed by grade level

Museum Virtual Tours (via Good Housekeeping) - 30 museums to choose from

Time for Kids - Social studies activities daily

Hiller Aviation Museum at Home - Fun flight-related activities - live webcams from around the world, mostly of animals

California State Parks - daily live home learning programs by grade level led by rangers and based in CA's state parks!

Special Education

MUSD Distance Learning for Special Education Resources

Art / Exploratory

Mo Willems Lunch Doodles (via The Kennedy Center) - Live daily at 10 AM, can watch past sessions

Duolingo - Learn a new language online

ScratchJr. - Coding activities for little kids (TK-2nd grade) - Coding activities for grades TK-12 and beyond

Professional Development

SCCOE Online Professional Development Webinars - list of ongoing online trainings that can be attended live

Autism Internet Modules - several modules available on Autism-related strategies and issues

CK-12 Teacher Edition - webinars on distance learning and using CK-12 for instruction

Free Courses via University of Phoenix - Free education courses for K-12 employees limit 2 classes per person

Staff & Student Wellness / Social-Emotional

ACSA Social-Emotional Wellness Resources

Mindfulness for Students and the Adults that Lead Them - via ACSA

"My Name is Coronavirus" - information on COVID-19 for kids in a kid-friendly format Free for Schools - online guided meditations and meditation timers, also an app

Stop, Breathe, Think Free for Educators - online guided meditations and meditation timers, also an app

Wellness Together - online resources and webinars focusing on school mental health

EQ Schools Webinars by Roni Habib - helpful webinars on maintaining work/life balance

Blended Learning Universe

10 Popular Edtech Tools for Blended Learning

March 20, 2018 | by Katrina Bushko

Using laptop

What are some of the most popular tools across our directory? Let’s take a look at 10 top edtech tools in blended schools.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most well-known content providers on the web today. With hundreds of instructional videos and thousands of practice exercises integrated into a personalized-learning dashboard, Khan Academy helps teachers of almost any subject bring online learning into their classroom. Many of our BLU teachers often use Khan videos to supplement their instruction, as well as use the Khan dashboard to track individual student data to support differentiated instruction. Resources have been translated into more than 36 different languages, including Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese.

To see Khan Academy in action, check out the BLU profile for Khan Lab School in Mountain View, California.

2. PowerSchool

Although not all schools using PowerSchool are blended, it’s the most common student information system (SIS) we’ve come across in the BLU. Schools use PowerSchool for a range of daily school operations: from scheduling, attendance, state compliance reporting, health management, and more. Additionally, the SIS integrates with PowerTeacher Pro, an online gradebook that allows teachers to share student data with parents.

To see PowerSchool in action, check out the BLU profile for Aiken Virtual Program in Alexandria, Louisiana.


Blended learning has the power to unlock competency-based education at scale, and formative assessment is a crucial piece of this puzzle. NWEA MAP is an assessment system used to track student growth and skill mastery. Like PowerSchool, plenty of schools using the assessment are not blending instruction. But for schools in our directory, blended-learning teachers tend to use NWEA MAP to measuring student performance at regular intervals, which helps to rapidly identify pain points and tailor their instruction to help individual or groups of students based on specific needs.

To see NWEA MAP in action, check out the BLU profiles for Madison-Carver Academy in Detroit, Michigan and Alpha: Jose Hernandez School in San Jose, California.

ST Math is a visual instructional program that aims to build a deep understanding of math concepts without having to use language. Importantly, this makes it more accessible to students not fluent or proficient in English. Teachers can use ST Math to create different pathways for each student based on her skill level, making it easier to provide differentiated instruction. Moreover, math teachers for grades PreK-8 can rest assured that all content is aligned to state standards.

To see ST Math in action, check out the BLU profile for Gilroy Prep School in Gilroy, California.

Yet another math program makes it into the top ten most popular tools in our directory. ALEKS is an online math program that uses artificial intelligence to identify where exactly a student is in his understanding. BLU schools use ALEKS’s adaptive environment based on open-ended questions to pinpoint student progress along a personalized-learning path, which in turn helps teachers target instruction.

To see ALEKS in action, check out the BLU profile for Trailside Middle School in Ashburn, Virginia.

6. Illuminate Education

Another popular SIS in the BLU directory is Illuminate Student Information. Illuminate can support data creation, viewing, and sharing in one location. Administrators can create schedules and transcripts, and teachers can input attendance records and grades to be shared with student and parents. According to the BLU, schools and districts use Illuminate to streamline processes so that they can focus on their blended-learning practices.

To see Illuminate Education in action, check out the BLU profile for SPARK Lynedoch in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa.

A K-12 reading and mathematics tool, i-Ready uses adaptive assessments to evaluate where a student is in her learning. Blended-learning teachers say they use i-Ready’s diagnostic tests to not only track a student’s growth over their entire primary and secondary education, but also practice data-driven, differentiated instruction. i-Ready offers aligned content that can allow teachers to personalize learning paths across students at various mastery levels.

To see i-Ready in action, check out the BLU profile for EPiC Elementary in Liberty, Missouri.

8. DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning is an adaptive, online math tool for students in grades K-8. Students work through lessons that include continuous formative assessment, which lets the software know where they are excelling and struggling, then adjusts the pace and placement of activities. Teachers use DreamBox’s Insight Dashboard that includes actionable data to identify gaps and create focused assignments for each student. All curriculum is standardized to the Common Core and state standards, and available in both English and Spanish.

To see DreamBox Learning in action, check out the BLU profiles for Anne Darling Elementary School in San Jose, California and Achievement First Bridgeport Academy Elementary School in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

9. G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education, formerly Google Apps for Education, is a bundle of productivity tools to help students and teachers manage their classwork. Like the SIS tools above, many classrooms may be using these tools without actually blending learning. That said, it’s a popular tool across blended schools as well. The suite comes with all the standard tools Google has to offer (e.g. Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc.), but also comes with Google Classroom—a learning management system that teachers use to integrate their curriculum, assessments, and more. And although you can pay for an enterprise plan with more storage and a few more features, the G Suite for Education basic plan is free.

To see G Suite for Education in action, check out the BLU profile for Colégio Soter in São Paulo, Brazil.

10. Edgenuity

Although it offers a variety of products and services, Edgenuity is best known for their online curriculum. These courses, delivered by a virtual teacher-of-record, range from AP to electives to credit recovery in a wide range of subjects. Schools also use Edgenuity to offer credit recovery courses that are self-paced and customized for each student on a mastery-based plan.

To see Edgenuity in action, check out the BLU profile for Kaneland High School in Maple Park, Illinois.

Blended learning isn’t merely using an edtech tool layered onto a traditional classroom—it’s a fundamental shift in instruction powered by technology that gives students some element of control over their learning. Some tools—like SIS, productivity suites, and assessment systems—are used in blended and non-blended schools alike. That said, if you’re using one of these products in your classroom, there’s a good chance that you are already blending. See our visual guide to figure out what blended-learning model you might be implementing. To share which tools and models you are using, don’t forget to showcase your blended school profile on the BLU!

Not sure which edtech tools are the best option for your school or classroom? Ask these 12 questions first:

The Blended Learning Edtech Selection Guide

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April 04, 2018 at 8:28 pm , Andrew Frishman said:

Thanks for sharing all of these intriguing tools – If there are folks looking specifically for a system to manage student internship programs – check out ImBlaze – you can scroll to the bottom of this page and request more information and a free personalized demo –'

April 12, 2019 at 7:56 am , Afifah said:

This is very helpful blog.

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Where Learning Takes You Higher!

Prepare your child for a successful future with the programs available at Little Scholars Learning Center in Fremont, CA. 

Our Mission

For the past 20 years , our mission at Little Scholars has been to facilitate not only cognitive development but also social and emotional development, focusing on skills such as learning to take turns, learning to respect others, and feeling good about one's accomplishments, the building blocks of a bright and successful future.


Our Services

  • Preschool, Pre-K, TK and KG (AM & PM after School Programs)
  • Piano, Dance, Hindi, Art & Crafts, Phonics, Public Speaking, Drawing and Painting 
  • Baking, Cooking, Sharing, Cultural Programs, Talent Shows, Theme Projects, Celebrations of Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Winter Programs, Easter, Graduation  
  • English Creative Writing along with Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies with Timed Tests


Ensure your children excel with both school and extracurricular activities with the preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Full Day Kindergarten programs along with the after school programs offered at our learning center located in Fremont, California.

At Little Scholars Learning Center, we work closely with all students to ensure they each receive personal attention and care. 

The teachers at Little Scholars encourage & motivate students to do more than just classroom work.

We ensure students treasure learning and their memorable years in our school. Apart from teaching a grade ahead curriculum, our Learning Center also offers music, dance, Hindi, theme oriented baking and cooking projects, Art and Crafts, and drawing and painting classes to students, so that parents can feel confident that their children are receiving a well-rounded education, and spare themselves the hassle of driving their children to various classes all over town.

We plan and implement developmentally appropriate programs and provide care that respects diversity and values of all children and their families. So, give your child a head start and the thrill of success for a lifetime at Little Scholars!


 The Little Scholars Learning Center's philosophy is based on focusing on the WHOLE CHILD providing an environment where teachers, parents and children work together to facilitate social, emotional, intellectual, cognitive and physical growth; our program and curriculum are planned and carried out based on a knowledge of how children grow, and what is to be expected - socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically at each stage of development. Our program is also age appropriate, which means teachers take into consideration the normal sequences of growth typical of children within an age group, when planning curriculum. Our program is individually appropriate in that we recognize each child as a unique person with individual patterns of growth, individual preferences for activities, and having different family backgrounds. 


"My son, Abhinav, has started going to VIBGYOR, which is an international school. He likes it very much. He always loved math and reading, so he loves it here. He has taken Hindi as language subject and is taking keen interest in learning that. 

His curriculum and training at your school was very helpful as he knows pretty much everything they teach here. This has really helped with transition because we are not able to spend a lot of time with him. 

We can't thank you enough. He misses LSLC very much."

- Sangeetha


"My Son is going to this after school care and I am pretty impressed with his overall development. I am also happy at the level of individual attention he has been getting here with good focus on reading and Math skills. The ambience is very good for overall Child development and I would highly recommend this place."

-  Sowmini and Balaji

"Our daughter has been in Little Scholars for 1 1/2 yrs....She was very happy to be there and always looked forward for her next day at school.  

The activities Purnima and her other teachers framed were fun and creative for kids. The academic programs built for kids were very nice. The way kids were made to learn was in fun loving ways..."

- Shruthi R

"Hi Purnima,

My daughter Namita goes to your summer program and I know it is only a few more days before the program is over. I just wanted to let you know how much she has enjoyed it. Everyday she is so excited to go to your learning center and is very disappointed to see me in the evening because she has to leave. She proudly shows me, her dad and little sister all the projects she makes everyday like the froggy art, kite making, the play dough that she made, the cinnamon rolls that she baked and the endless list of other things. She also immensely enjoyed the sprinkler party, teddy bear picnics, outings to nearby parks, the visit to the doughnut factory and the fashion show. She loves the quizzes and math games you do in the mornings.

I have also observed how wonderful your assistant teachers are- they are so kind, patient and talented story tellers and motivators. My daughter looks forward to going to your summer program next year and is also making plans on enrolling her little sister to your program as soon as she is old enough to go to school!!!! From our side as parents we are so very grateful to you for making this such a fun summer for our child while we are away working and feeling guilty- you have helped us have a lot less guilt this year beacause we know that our child is having a fun summer vacation and at the same time is being kept active and energized with entertaining and educational activities, so once again thank you so much Purnima and we look forward to many many more fun summers for our children with you. 

Your passion for teaching and keeping kids engaged in new and innovative ways always comes through in the way you conduct your learning center, we wish you all the very best to continue the wonderful work you have been doing!! Thank you once again!"

- Preetha N

"Dear Ardenwood Families,

I and my wife would like to endorse the new pre-school in town!


We know Poornima personally and she is a very hard working, committed, dependable and an experienced teacher. She has a great deal of patience and knows that little steps in learning go a long way. The learning center is very clean and tidy with all the necessities to scaffold activities to ensure that maximum learning occurs. It is a great environment for children with full day / after school curriculum options.

Call her now for a free tour!"

- Santosh and Family

"My 4 year old daughter goes to little scholars and the first time we visited the school we were very impressed with how clean the place was and how friendly Poornima was with the kids. Instantly my daughter fell in love with 

Poornima and the school.  

Poornima is very dedicated and passionate about her job. She plans a lot of creative activities for the kids and provides hot healthy lunch and snacks. My daughter often says "Purni teacher is the best", "Purni teacher's food is the best" Mornings have become a lot easier for us since our daughter is very happy to go to school.

I can't wait to send my second daughter also. I am glad I found this place. Its more like a second home for the kids."

- Kavitha Elangovan

Little Scholars Learning Center

Copyright © 2020 Little Scholars Learning Center - All Rights Reserved.

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PSD parents, staff review elementary-school reading literacy curriculum options

elementary school workbooks

Lisa Case wanted to know what type of support families would have for helping their kids learn to read at home.

Amany Elkhwagy wanted to make sure instructional materials would be culturally appropriate for the Islamic community.

Anna Lebedda was concerned about how students with dyslexia would be taught reading.

All three women expressed appreciation Monday night for the opportunity to learn more about the three reading literacy programs under consideration for Poudre School District’s elementary schools during an informational session at Rocky Mountain High School.

About three dozen people, mostly teachers and administrators at PSD elementary schools, attended the informational session, the second of three offered by the district. There were about 50 participants in the first session Thursday night at Fossil Ridge High School, said John Passantino, PSD’s director of curriculum.

The final session was scheduled for 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24, at Eyestone Elementary School, 4000 Wilson Ave., in Wellington.

The three finalists — EL from Imagine Learning , HMH’s Into Reading and Amplify’s CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) — were selected by a committee of 31 teachers, two elementary-school administrators, four parents, seven members of PSD’s central-office staff and representatives from the district’s English Language Development, Multi-tiered System of Support, Information Technology and Integrated Services departments.

They started with eight curricula and dropped two early in the five-day process; they were not on the Colorado Department of Education’s approved list of core instructional programs, Passantino told the PSD Board of Education at a meeting Jan. 10. The previous reading literacy curriculum PSD adopted for grades K-5 in 2018 was not on the state education department's list.

The six that remained went through a thorough review process by the review team, and the three selected as finalists clearly stood out above the others, Passantino said. Those same three also scored the highest in separate evaluations of reading literacy curricula for elementary-school students conducted by the Colorado Department of Education and EdReports, an independent, nonprofit organization that publishes online reviews of K-12 instructional materials.

There were no obvious favorites among the nine people who identified themselves as parents or community members at the event at Rocky Mountain High School. PSD teachers and staff were placed in the other groups. Each group attended 30-minute sessions with the vendors of each of the three programs in separate rooms.

More: Poudre School District's high school graduation rates reach 17-year high

They were given presentations of each of the three programs — all identified as structured literacy with an emphasis on learning phonics patterns and the “code” to reading, rather than balanced literacy that focuses more on memorization, Passantino said — and a chance to ask questions of the vendors and review samples of reading and study materials.

“I feel, overall, very included and appreciative of being offered the chance to review the materials,” said Case, the mother of a PSD first-grader and twins who will start kindergarten in fall 2024. “I think the three companies have a lot of things that seem really great and similar, but they’re also three distinct offerings that they have.”

She was leaning toward the HMH Into Reading program following that presentation.

“But then I heard some of the things that Amplify was saying about their materials being more simple, visually simple, and I was like, ‘Oh, that makes sense.’

“So, I’m between those two.”

Lebedda liked what she learned about the Amplify CKLA program, too, believing that kids with dyslexia, like her fourth-grade daughter and as many as 20% of her classmates, she said, would receive more focused instruction early on to avoid falling behind than the other two programs seemed to offer.

“Their focus isn’t on trying to be everything to everybody,” said Lebedda, who also has a first-grader and 3-year-old and has had foster children at various times. “They’re making sure that they are teaching kids literacy and then building off of that. Because when you lose these kids in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, every year that they don’t find success reading, your mental health takes a dive, your belonging. Another district goal is mental health and belonging. You don’t belong when you are illiterate and you’re in school every day.”

Evaluation sheets were distributed to everyone in attendance that could be filled out and submitted afterward to help guide the district’s decision on which reading literacy curriculum is best for PSD’s elementary schools.

The EL program from Imagine Learning was adopted last year by Greeley-Evans School District 6, presenter Jennifer Wood said. The HMH Into Reading program has been adopted by the Windsor-Severance and Cherry Creek school districts and some schools in the Jeffco School District and is under consideration by the Boulder Valley School District, said the program’s Colorado representative, Brooke Sullivan. Amplify CKLA has been adopted by Denver Public Schools, the Montrose County School District and some schools in the Jeffco School District, said Monty Lammers, a senior account executive for the program.

PSD will continue gathering feedback on the three programs it selected as finalists — additional information on all three can be found online on the vendor’s websites,  Amplify CKLA ,  Imagine EL  and  Into Reading — through the end of January, Passantino said. That feedback and the findings of the district’s review team will be shared in consultation with Superintendent Brian Kingsley and his cabinet of top administrators to select a preferred program that the district will begin negotiations with next month with the goal of having a contract for the PSD Board of Education to consider for approval in April.

The district has budgeted nearly $3.1 million for curriculum and instruction this school year and will likely spend that much or more on the new reading literacy curriculum for elementary schools next year alone, Passantino said. New curricula costs substantially more money in the first year of its adoption with the purchase of instructional materials and initial teacher training, he said.

“Obviously, literacy’s exceptionally important,” Passantino said in his opening remarks Monday night. “We consider it a gateway to learning. And when we talk literacy, we are talking reading, writing and communicating. You have students reading and writing and communicating throughout the curriculum and across disciplines, and that’s why it’s very important in elementary school that literacy skills are developed successfully.”

Reporter Kelly Lyell covers education and other topics of interest for the Coloradoan. Contact him at  [email protected] , or . 


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    K5 Learning offers free worksheets, flashcards and inexpensive workbooks for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. Become a member to access additional content and skip ads. Free worksheets for kindergarten to grade 5 kids. Over 10,000 math, reading, grammar and writing, vocabulary, spelling and cursive writing worksheets.

  13. 13 Best Workbooks for Kids to Keep Learning

    3. Carson Dellosa Mazes Activity Workbook. Mazes are a great way to engage little ones in stress-free learning. Kids build fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills while learning about spatial relationships. Track progress with the included incentive chart and keep motivation high with 140 full-color stickers. 4.

  14. The 11 Best Educational Workbooks

    Here are the best educational workbooks for kids that make learning fun and build skills. Our Top Picks Best for Learning Letters: Letter Tracing Workbook at Amazon Jump to Review Best for Preschoolers: Big Fun Preschool Workbook at Amazon Jump to Review Best for In Between Grades: Summer Brain Quest at Amazon Jump to Review

  15. Elementary School Curriculum by Grade

    These links take you to pages that summarize the elementary school curriculum for each grade - basically what your child will learn in each elementary school grade: kindergarten to grade 5. What do Kids Learn in Kindergarten?

  16. Resources for Elementary School Grades 1-5

    Back To School - Elementary Resources for Elementary School Grades 1-5 Shop More Educational Resources x. Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade 3. Thinking Kids. $19.99 Paperback x. Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade 4. Thinking Kids. $19.99 Paperback

  17. 227 Elementary Language Arts and Reading

    227 Elementary Language Arts and Reading. Visit Us 265 State Street Los Altos, CA 94022 Directions. Store Hours Tue-Fri 10am-6pm ... (650) 949-3390. Get our newsletter. Upcoming events. Home » AGES 5+ » ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WORKBOOKS » 227 Elementary Language Arts and Reading The Reading Adventure We Need Diverse Books $19.99 The Highlights ...

  18. Products

    Our workbooks use retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving to increase students' long-term retention and academic achievement. With just a few minutes of practice every day, your students will increase self-confidence, develop a growth mindset, and boost academic achievement. With the purchase of a class set, teachers receive access to ...

  19. Hard Math for Elementary School: Workbook

    Paperback. $8.99 - $9.99 17 Used from $2.50 8 New from $7.24. Hard Math for Elementary School: Workbook is a workbook to accompany the textbook of the same name. Together the books aim to provide kids who are not challenged by their regular schoolwork with lessons that are harder, deeper, and more fun. The Hard Math textbook (sold separately ...

  20. 20 Best Workbooks for Kids

    $8 at Amazon Credit: Scholastic Scholastic Early Learners starts even before pre-k, getting kids ready for school with different activities like sorting, counting, and learning letters. Many of...

  21. Elementary School Workbooks

    Carson Dellosa Spectrum® Writing Workbook - Grade 3 SKU: 74884. $14.60. Add to Cart. 1. Show. Spectrum's range of literacy, mathematics, science and technology elementary school workbooks make learning easy and fun. Browse and buy from our interactive elementary school workbook collection.

  22. Best Learning Workbooks for Pre-K and Elementary Students

    Whether you're a parent or caregiver looking to prevent learning loss or simply trying to fill in the time that would usually be taken up by other activities, here are some of the best workbooks for kids in preschool and elementary school.

  23. Rose Elementary School

    Scholastic Learn at Home - Daily reading activities by grade level. EdHelper Daily Free Learning Workbooks by Grade Level - Updated daily. Reading Partners Resource Library - Helping parents help their kids with literacy; resources for teachers, too. Benchmark Universe Dual Language eLibrary - Username: EngSpan_books Password: benchmark2020. Voice Recognition as a Scaffold for Writing - Tutorial

  24. 10 Popular Edtech Tools for Blended Learning

    All curriculum is standardized to the Common Core and state standards, and available in both English and Spanish. To see DreamBox Learning in action, check out the BLU profiles for Anne Darling Elementary School in San Jose, California and Achievement First Bridgeport Academy Elementary School in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 9. G Suite for Education

  25. Little Scholars Learning Center

    The teachers at Little Scholars encourage & motivate students to do more than just classroom work. We ensure students treasure learning and their memorable years in our school. Apart from teaching a grade ahead curriculum, our Learning Center also offers music, dance, Hindi, theme oriented baking and cooking projects, Art and Crafts, and ...

  26. Best Online Ed.D. In Curriculum And Instruction Programs Of 2023

    The total tuition cost for schools on this list range from just under $30,000 to nearly $49,000, amounting to an average of about $40,500. Doctorates often function as "funded" programs ...

  27. PSD parents, staff review elementary-school reading literacy curriculum

    The district has budgeted nearly $3.1 million for curriculum and instruction this school year and will likely spend that much or more on the new reading literacy curriculum for elementary schools ...