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Practise your English grammar with clear grammar explanations and practice exercises to test your understanding. The learning materials are organised into two sections, organised by English level . 

All learners, whatever their level, have questions and doubts about grammar as they're learning English. There is also a grammar reference which helps to explain the verb tenses and grammar rules in a clear and simple way.

Decide which area of grammar you need help with today and choose a grammar point to work on. When you do the interactive exercises, you can see how well you've done. By revising and practising your grammar you will increase your confidence in English and improve your language level.

Practising little and often is the best way to improve your grammar, so come back tomorrow to choose another grammar point to work on. Good luck!

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A1-A2 grammar

A1-A2 grammar

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B1-B2 grammar

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English grammar reference

Learn to use grammar correctly and confidently.

Our online English classes feature lots of useful learning materials and activities to help you improve your understanding of grammar in a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Practise using grammar with your classmates in live group classes, get grammatical support from a personal tutor in one-to-one lessons or practise grammar by yourself at your own pace with a self-study course.

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As As - Such As - So That - Such That Grammar

  • As...As / Such...As / Such...That / So...That
  • As...As / Such...As / Such...That / So...That 2

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  • Plural Singular Forms 2

Plural Forms Video Exercise

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  • Quantifiers / Determiners Practice (See first)
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Grammar Exercises

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These OWL resources contain grammar exercises about adjectives, adverbs, appositives, articles, count and noncount nouns, prepositions, and tense consistency.

Adjective or Adverb?

These two exercises ask you to practice and apply these rules by completing multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank activities that you may print. Once you print and complete the exercise, click the "Go to Answers" link to see the answers for this exercise.


This exercise asks you to identify the appositive in the example sentences. Print the exercise and click the "Go to Answers" link to see the answers for this exercise.

This exercises asks you to practice and apply these "a"/"an" rules. Print and complete the exercises, and click the "Go to Answers" link to see the answers for this exercise.

Count and Noncount Nouns

These exercises ask you to practice using count and noncount nouns and include an exercise on using quantity terms. Print these exercises and click the "Go to Answers" link to see the answers for this exercise.


This exercise asks you to work with prepositions of direction: to, toward, on, onto, in, or into. Print the exercise and click the "Go to Answers" link to see the answers for this exercise.

Tense Consistency

These exercises ask you to recognize shifts in tenses: simple present, present perfect, simple past, past perfect, future, and future perfect. Print the exercise, and complete the sentences with the appropriate tense and control shifts in example paragraphs. Click the "Go to Answers" link to see the answers for this exercise.

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  • averse vs adverse
  • 250+ more...
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Here are 10 randomly selected grammar questions.

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English worksheets & lessons for beginners

English grammar exercises (with PDF)

English grammar exercises online with answers (pdf).

On this page you will find various free grammar worksheets of increasing difficulty that can be completed directly online, or at home.

They’ll help you to put into practice all the key notions of the English grammar previously shown in the grammar lessons part of the website, and if you are a beginner you can use them to familiarize yourself with the main rules of English grammar. They cover all the grammatical bases such as: tenses, verbs, modals, adjectives…  with many fun quizzes and tests.

These worksheets can be used by high school students, ESL students and all adults wishing to improve their English. They can also be used by teachers who need ressources for their classes and school activities.

All the answers are included at the end of the exercises.  You’ll be able to train independently , without the need for assistance, in order to refresh your knowledge of the English language or to go further in your learning.

Each worksheet is printable , with a free copy in PDF included.

  • Irregular Verbs
  • Gerunds and Infinitives
  • Modals (could, should, would)
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Articles (a, an, the)
  • Passive Voice
  • Other Grammar points


  • Present Simple (I go, I work…)    1   |  2   |  3   |  4
  • Present continuous/progressive (I am doing)   1   |  2   |  3
  • Present Perfect tense (I have been, he has played…)    1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7
  • Verb To Be  – Present Simple (am, is or are)    1   |  2   |  3
  • Negative form   1   |  2   |  3   |  4  |  5   |  6
  • Be + Going to    see exercise
  • Past Simple tense (I did, I was, I went, I worked…) 1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7
  • Past Simple Tense: to be (was / were)  1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9
  • Past Perfect (I had played)  1   |  2   |  3
  • Past Perfect Continuous (I had been playing…)   see exercise


  • Future Simple (I will)  1   |   2   |  3
  • Future Simple (I’m going to)   1   |  2
  • Future Progressive (=continuous) (I will be playing)  1   |  2
  • Future Perfect (I will have played)  1   |  2
  • Future Perfect Continuous (I will have been playing)  1   |  2   |  3


  • Present simple or Present continuous   1   |  2
  • Present simple or Present perfect continuous   1   |   2
  • Present perfect simple or continuous   1   |  2
  • Past simple or Past continuous    1   |  2
  • Past simple or Present Perfect  1   |  2
  • Past simple or Past Perfect  1   |   2
  • Do or Make?  1   |  2   |  3
  • Contracted negative forms of to be  (present simple tense)    1   |  2
  • Have or has?    1   |  2
  • Be or Have?  1   |  2
  • Verb + ing  1   |  2   |  3
  • Don’t or doesn’t?  1   |  2   |  3
  • Have to (negative form)  see exercise
  • The imperative 1   |  2   |  3   |  4
  • Phrasal verbs (coming soon)


  • Irregular verbs: put the missing form of the verb   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9
  • Complete the sentences with the verb in the appropriate form   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7
  • Infinitive, past simple or past participle?   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9   |  10


  • Gerund or infinitive?  1   |  2   |  3   |  4


  • Could, should or would?    1   |  2   |  3
  • Modals: choose the right answer  1   |  2   |  3
  • Modals of ability  see exercise
  • Can, can’t, could or couldn’t  1   |  2
  • Must  1   |  2   |  3   |  4


  • Adjective or adverb?   1   |  2  |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9   |  10   |  11   |  12
  • Make adverbs from adjectives  1   |  2
  • Find the right adverb  see exercise
  • Adverbs of frequency  1   |  2
  • Find the right adjective  see exercise
  • Compound adjectives  1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9   |  10
  • Adjectives in ED or ING  1   |  2   |  3
  • Order of Adjectives  1   |  2
  • Possessive adjectives  1   |  2
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives  1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6
  • Comparative of Superiority   1   |  2   |  3
  • Comparative of inferiority  1   |  2
  • Comparison with as/as  1   |  2
  • Superlative adjectives  1   |  2   |  3
  • Object pronouns   1   |  2   |  3   |  4
  • Subject Pronouns  1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5
  • Personal pronouns: mixed exercises  1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9   |  10
  • Possessive pronouns (mine, yours, their…)   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6
  • Reflexive pronouns (myself, herself…)  1   |  2  |   3   |   4
  • Relative pronouns (that, who, which, whose)   1   |  2   |  3
  • Demonstrative Pronouns (This / That / These…)   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6
  • Indefinite pronouns  1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6

PREPOSITIONS: at, on, in, for…

  • Find the prepositions   1  |  2
  • Contrary prepositions   see exercise
  • Mixed prepositions exercises   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9   |  10   |  11   |  12   |  13   |  14
  • Fill in the blanks with prepositions   1   |  2   |  3   |  4
  • For or Since   1   |  2
  • Plural of nouns    1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8   |  9   |  10


  • a or an?    1   |  2   |  3
  • a/an: correct or false?    see exercise
  • a, an or nothing?   see exercise
  • a, an or the?   1   |  2   |  3   |  4
  • a, an, the or nothing?   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6
  • the or nothing?    1   |  2   |  3   |  4
  • Asking questions   1   |  2   |  3   |  4
  • Answering simple questions   1   |  2


  • Passive or active?  see exercise
  • Put the verb to the past participle   see exercise
  • Passive voice mixed exercises   1   |  2   |  3   |  4   |  5   |  6   |  7   |  8
  • Choose the correct answer   1   |  2
  • Change active voice to passive voice  see exercise
  • Find the missing word   see exercise
  • Write passive sentences using the Present perfect   see exercise
  • Write passive sentences using the Past Simple tense  see exercise


  • There, Their, They’re  1   |  2
  • There is or There are?  1   |  2   |  3
  • Used to  1  |  2   |  3   |  4
  • Much or Many   1   |  2
  • How much or How many    1   |  2
  • Too, too much or too many    see exercise
  • Much, many or a lot of    see exercise
  • Its or It’s  1   |  2   |  3   |  4

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English Grammar Level Test

About the grammar test.

  • There are 40 questions in this grammar test.
  • They cover all levels from elementary (A1) to advanced (C1) in a random order.
  • Some of the questions are easier, some are more difficult. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer!
  • Don’t use any books or websites to help you – the idea is to find your natural level!

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Your level is A1 (Elementary).

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Your level is B1 (Intermediate).

Your level is B2 (Upper Intermediate).

If you would like to test your level in more depth, try our Premium Level Tests .

Well done. You have finished this level test with a perfect score.

Your level is C1 (Advanced).

We recommend that you test your level in more depth, by trying our Premium Level Tests .

1 . Question

I’ll send it to you ________ I get the money.

2 . Question

She’s wearing a ________ dress.

  • black long beautiful
  • long beautiful black
  • beautiful long black
  • long black beautiful

3 . Question

I ________ like getting up early.

  • doesn't

4 . Question

He drives quite ________, but his brother drives really ________.

  • slowly … fastly
  • slowly … fast
  • slow … fast
  • slow … fastly

5 . Question

Where ________ they from?

6 . Question

The film ________ by Quentin Tarantino.

  • was directed
  • did directed

7 . Question

She’s from ________, so she speaks ________.

  • Spanish … Spanish
  • Spain … Spainese
  • Spanish … Spain
  • Spain … Spanish

8 . Question

I ________ been hit by a car, but luckily I just managed to get out of the way.

  • should have

9 . Question

I drink coffee ________.

  • two times for a day
  • two times day
  • twice in day
  • twice a day

10 . Question

How did this ________ broken?

11 . Question

Put ________ bag on ________ table, then give me ________ apple and ________ bar of chocolate.

  • the … the … a … a
  • a … a … the … the
  • the … the … an … a
  • a … the … an … the

12 . Question

It was the first time he ________ anything so spicy.

  • had been eating

13 . Question

I wish he ________ so rude to people when we go out.

  • didn't be
  • won't be
  • hadn't been
  • wouldn't be

14 . Question

Winters here ________ be really cold sometimes, so make sure you bring warm clothes!

15 . Question

Whose bag is this? It’s ________.

16 . Question

I’m busy on Friday, so I ________ come.

17 . Question

Where ________ he work?

18 . Question

That wasn’t a good idea – you ________ thought about it more carefully.

19 . Question

Take a sandwich with you ________ you get hungry later.

  • so as not to

20 . Question

I was ________ exhausted by the end of the day.

21 . Question

But they ________be away – I saw them this morning!

  • shouldn't
  • mustn't
  • don't have to

22 . Question

That smells good! What ________.

  • are you cook?
  • do you cook?
  • are you cooking?
  • do you cooking?

23 . Question

She ________ have short hair, but now it’s long.

  • didn't

24 . Question

He ________ ever works as ________ as he should.

  • hard … hardly
  • hard … hard
  • hardly … hard
  • hardly … hardly

25 . Question

I don’t know where she is. I suppose she ________ got stuck in traffic.

26 . Question

I’ve already called her four times ________.

27 . Question

Do you think it’s ________ rain tomorrow?

28 . Question

I spend too much time ________. I’d like ________ more time for myself and my family.

  • to work … to have
  • working … to have
  • working … having
  • to work … having

29 . Question

_______ spent time abroad when I was a student, I found it easier to get used to ________ in another country.

  • Have … live
  • To have … living
  • Having … live
  • Having … living

30 . Question

How long have they ________ there?

  • been waiting
  • been waited

31 . Question

Let’s go to the cinema. Great idea! What film ________ we watch?

  • are we going to

32 . Question

I’d love to ________ in the 19th century.

  • have been lived

33 . Question

Could you tell me ________?

  • is where the bus stop
  • where is the bus stop
  • the bus stop is where
  • where the bus stop is

34 . Question

If he ________ one minute later, he ________ the train.

  • would have arrived … would have missed
  • arrived … would have missed
  • had arrived … would have missed
  • would arrive … would miss

35 . Question

I ________ to Germany last year.

36 . Question

If I had more time, I ________ do more exercise.

  • 'm going to

37 . Question

She ________ in a small house near the park.

38 . Question

I wouldn’t say that to him if I ________ you.

39 . Question

By next month I ________ all my exams, and I can relax!

  • will finish
  • will have finished
  • will have been finishing
  • will be finishing

40 . Question

This house is ________, but also ________.

  • more big … more expensive
  • bigger … more expensive
  • bigger … expensiver
  • more big … expensiver

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  • Kindergarten
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  • Comparing numbers
  • Place Value
  • Roman numerals
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Order of operations
  • Drills & practice
  • Measurement
  • Factoring & prime factors
  • Proportions
  • Shape & geometry
  • Data & graphing
  • Word problems
  • Children's stories
  • Leveled Stories
  • Context clues
  • Cause & effect
  • Compare & contrast
  • Fact vs. fiction
  • Fact vs. opinion
  • Main idea & details
  • Story elements
  • Conclusions & inferences
  • Sounds & phonics
  • Words & vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Early writing
  • Numbers & counting
  • Simple math
  • Social skills
  • Other activities
  • Dolch sight words
  • Fry sight words
  • Multiple meaning words
  • Prefixes & suffixes
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Other parts of speech
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Cursive alphabet
  • Cursive letters
  • Cursive letter joins
  • Cursive words
  • Cursive sentences
  • Cursive passages
  • Grammar & Writing


K5 Learning Completes Grammar Worksheets with new Grade 5 Section

english grammar exercise 5

In grade 5, students build on areas started in grade 3 and 4, including:

  • Past, present and future tenses, and the introduction of progressive tenses (also called the continuous tenses);
  • Possessive, relative and indefinite pronouns, and using pronouns to express different points of view;
  • The ordering of adjectives in sentences, the use of adverb phrases, and the use of prepositional phrases as adjectives and adverbs;
  • Prepositions, interjections and conjunctions;
  • Improving sentence structures, including sentence fragments, run-on sentences and comma splices;
  • Punctuation covering the use of commas, semi-colons and colons, as well as introductory words and phrases, direct address, question tags and titles.

Where to find the grade 5 grammar worksheets

You will find the grade 5 grammar worksheets in the grammar section of our worksheets pages:

grade 5 grammar worksheets

Grade 5 grammar worksheets

grade 5 grammar worksheets

Grade 5 verbs worksheets

grade 5 verbs worksheets

Grade 5 pronouns worksheets

grade 5 pronouns worksheets

Grade 5 adjectives and adverbs worksheets

grade 5 adjectives and adverbs worksheets

Grade 5 other parts of speech

grade 5 parts of speech worksheets

Grade 5 sentences

grade 5 sentences worksheets

Grade 5 punctuation worksheets

grade 5 punctuation worksheets

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Toppr Nation

CBSE English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets For Class 5

CBSE English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets For Class 5 with answers. Class 5 English Worksheets of English Grammar. Important Grammar Exercises for Class fifth.

English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets are very important for class 5 students. These grammar worksheets are prepared according to the cbse board syllabus. So students can test their grammar knowledge by solving these English Grammar worksheets.

Page Contents

Q. 1 Choose Subject and Predicate from the following sentences.

1. We shall play a match tomorrow. 2. My father sold you his old house last year. 3. My grandmother told me a story. 4. My elder brother has failed. 5. That white cow is very old . 6. Those boys standing in the corner are very naughty. 7. My elder sister has passed her B.A. exam. 8. Walking in the morning is good for health. 9. A white elephant was running in the jungle. 10. Some brave boys were rewarded. 11. He plays badminton well. 12. The boy stood on the burning deck. 13. My elder brother made a house. 14. The street dogs bark at the strangers. 15. The elephants are eating sugarcane. 16. Ruchi place with her friends. 17. My son is very young. 18. The new headmaster is very strict. 19. His brother is a doctor. 20. Niketan worked in a factory.

CBSE English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets For Class 5

Q. 2 Underline the nouns in the following sentences and write their kinds.

1. The Bible is the holy book of the Christians. 2. The Taj Mahal is a beautiful monument. 3. Akbar was a great emperor. 4. An elephant is roaming outside. 5. A frock of sheep went missing. 6. Furniture is made of wood. 7. A beauty of the Taj is worth seeing. 8. The Students are in the library. 9. Milk is a good source of calcium. 10. Honesty is the best policy. 11. The bag is made of leather. 12. I always speak the truth. 13. Starts shine in the night. 14. This soldiers were rewarded for their bravery . 15. The teacher is taking a class . 16. A fox saw a bunch of grapes . 17. He made ice cream from milk. 18. I gave her a ring of gold. 19. Are you suffering from fever? 20. You have a great strength.

  • Use of Is, Am and Are
  • Use of Was and Were
  • Use of Has and Have
  • Use of Do and Does
  • Tense Exercises with Answers

Class 5 Grammar Exercises  – 2

Q. 1 Make the plural of the following words:

  • Grandfather
  • Granddaughter

Q. 2 Fill in the blanks with adjective:

1. I bought a ______ phone. 2. The boy was ________. 3. The _______ man give money to the needy. 4. The question was _________. 5. The ________ sun rose in the East. 6. We have a ______ house. 7. The kid ate _________ food. 8. There were _________ audience in the hall . 9. We have ________ water. 10. Rajesh worked _____ the afternoon. 11. ________the oil has spilt over the floor. 12. There is _______ sugar left. 13. The Spider has _______________. 14. ___________ boy is our team captain. 15. January is the _______ month of the year. 16. __________ birds sing sweet. 17. ___________ citizen must obey the law. 18. The ___________ sarees are very beautiful. 19. Our family loves the _______ food. 20. ____________ fruit do you like most?

English Grammar Exercise – 3

Q. 1 Fill in the blanks with Pronoun:

1. The man ______ does not work must starve. 2. He plays the game_______ he likes best. 3. My uncle _______ I love ,is dead. 4. A lady ______ I know has nursed this child. 5. It is only donkey _________ Bray. 6.The Servant _________ is honest is trusted. 7. Eat anything_________ you like. 8. The time _________ is lost is lost forever. 9. This is best _________ I can do. 10. Man is the only animal ________ can talk. 11. I know to_______ you are referring. 12. _________ is this book? 13. ________ broke the window? 14. ___________ do you want to see? 15. _______________is your house? 16. Do good to ___________. 17. She does the work ___________. 18. He wrote the letter ___________. 19. ________ are very easy sums. 20. ___________ is looking for you.

Q. 2 Underline the verbs in the following sentence:

1. She found her husband asleep. 2. Ramesh called his cousins a liar. 3. The judge found his guilty. 4. Some boys are playing in the field. 5. He has not done his work today. 6. We should obey our teachers. 7. Write a letter to your mother. 8. Mr. Verma teachers him grammar. 9.The Driver stopped the train. 10. My parents named me Munna. 11. The washerman has gone out. 12. Rana Pratap was very courageous. 13. They will bath in the river. 14. The judge found him innocent. 15. The boys made his captain. 16. Your left the work incomplete. 17. The teacher has taught me Hindi. 18. The chose him their leader. 19. He has done his work. 20. The Doctor declared him fit.

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  • Collective Nouns Exercises
  • Common and Proper Noun Exercises
  • Material and Abstract Noun Exercises
  • Noun Exercises
  • Articles Exercises

Exercise – 4

Q. 1 Change the following direct speech sentences into indirect:

1. He said to me, “I shall not teach you.” 2. You said to, “You have fever.” 3. Mohan said to Sheela, “You are my sister.” 4. The principal says, “Mr. Sharma loves his students.” 5. I said,”She is singing a song”. 6. The teacher said, “He is an obedient boy.” 7. The child will say, “I am very hungry.” 8. You said to me, “You are my best friend.” 9. My father said to me, “I shall teach you English.” 10. She said to me, “I shall give you a book.” 11. He said to him, “it is not raining outside today.”

Q. 2 Change the following Active Voice and Passive Voice:

1. I am writting a letter. 2. You teach my younger brother. 3. She does not sing a song. 4. Mohan is not reading the book. 5. You are buying book. 6. You have not done the work. 7. You have not stolen the bag. 8. My mother loves me very much. 9. You do not beat your servent. 10. The boy flies a kite. 11. I cannot drive this car. 12. You should respect your parents. 13. Do it now. 14. Let me read this book. 15. Please help the poor. 16. Kindly do not stop the car. 17. He is washing his clothes today. 18. The girls are solving the puzzle. 19. We were not opening the door. 20. Why do you beat him?

  • Examples of nouns
  • Noun Rules and Examples
  • Pronoun Rules and Examples

Class 5 English Grammar and Worksheet – Exercise – 5

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with articles A , An or the:

  • _______ Weak man
  • _______ Euphoria
  • _______ University
  • _______ Table
  • _______ Inkpot
  • _______ Gangas
  • _______ Taj Mahal
  • _______ Honest boy
  • _______ European
  • _______ Temple

Q. 2 Fill in the blanks with correct the auxiliary verb:

  • The board _______ revised the syllabus. (has ,have)
  • The audience __________ getting restive. (was,were)
  • A large number of people ___________ applied for the job. ( has,have)
  • The majority of the students ________ boys. (is, are)
  • The public _______ tired of strike and agitation. (is, are)
  • Twenty – five years _________a long period. ( is , are )
  • Either Ravi aur his friends ________ done it . ( have,has)
  • Nobody , not even the members , __________ present . ( were,was)
  • Every man , woman and child in the town __________ vaccinated . ( has been , have been)
  • I ________ ride my bike when I was ten. (can’t/couldn’t)
  • We _________ not disobey our parents. (should/may)
  • She _________ not like her friends. (is/does)
  • I don’t _______ one thousand years. (has/have)
  • An old man _______ not walk without his stick. (couldn’t/can’t)
  • The man ________ not open his shop yesterday.
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Grammar

english grammar exercise 5

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Grammar all chapters updated for academic session 2023-24 CBSE and other state boards. All the grammar section for Class 5 English is divided into 19 chapters as given below. These chapters contain the topics like what is sentence, Noun and its kinds, number, gender, Pronoun and Its Kinds, Letter and Application Writing, Story Writing, Verbs and Tense, Reported Speech, Active and Passive Voice, Modals, Adjective, Articles, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Paragraph Writing, Essay Writing and Comprehension. Class 5 English Grammar

Chapter 1. The Sentence Chapter 2. The Noun and its Kinds Chapter 3. The Noun Number Chapter 4. The Noun Gender Chapter 5. Pronoun and its kinds Chapter 6. Verb and Tense Chapter 7. Reported Speech Chapter 8. Active and Passive Voice Chapter 9. Modals Chapter 10. Adjective Chapter 11. Articles Chapter 12. Adverbs Chapter 13. Prepositions Chapter 14. Conjunction Chapter 15. Letter and Application writing Chapter 16. Story writing Chapter 17. Paragraph Writing Chapter 18. Essay Writing Chapter 19. Comprehension

In fields where information evolves rapidly, such as science and technology, reviews can help identify outdated information. Please give us Suggestion and Review of the given contents. This feedback can prompt updates to keep the material current and relevant.

Reviewers can point out areas where the language or writing style is difficult to understand. Improving clarity and readability ensures that the material is accessible to a wider audience. Implementing English Grammar in class 5 syllabus is pivotal for several foundational reasons. Class 5 students are often already engaged in multifaceted communication both in their written work and verbal interactions. Implementing grammar lessons at this juncture aids in refining these skills, ensuring that students are not only able to convey their ideas effectively but also accurately.

Solid grammar knowledge enables a grade 5 student to construct sentences in a way that accurately represents his thoughts and ideas, thus facilitating clearer communication. This is vital in preventing possible miscommunications and misunderstandings, ensuring that the intended messages are being accurately conveyed and received.

Learning grammar at class 5 stage provides students with the tools to explore and comprehend more complex textual material as they progress through their educational journey. Grammar skills enable students to decode and interpret the meaning of texts, fostering better understanding and engagement with the material. This is not only beneficial for their language arts studies but across all subject areas, as the ability to interpret written information accurately is ubiquitous in the learning process.

Class 5 English Grammar book

The foundational knowledge of grammar in the early years will act as a fundamental bedrock upon which more advanced literacy skills can be built, aiding them in accessing and engaging with increasingly complex materials as they advance through the education system. In addition, an early introduction to grammar sets the stage for students to learn additional languages more effectively in the future.

Understanding the rules and structures of their native language or other foreign languages, through grammar education, makes it easier for students to identify and comprehend similarities and differences in the grammatical structures of new languages. It equips them with a foundational understanding of how languages are structured, thereby making the acquisition of additional languages less formidable.

Class 5 English Grammar contains the topics like Sentence, Noun and Its Kinds, Number, Gender, Pronoun and its Kinds, Verbs and Tense, Reported Speech, Active and Passive Voice, Modals, Adjective, Articles, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Letter and Application Writing, Story Writing, Paragraph and Essay Writing at very basic level.

An adept command over grammar enhances class 5 student’s analytical and cognitive skills, enabling them to navigate through the intricacies of various languages with comparative ease and confidence. Consequently, the inclusion of grammar in the class 5 syllabus serves as a multifaceted tool that advances communication, comprehension, and cognitive development amidst the educational voyage of students.

Incorporating practical applications of grammar into daily activities and communication is crucial. Children might not be excited about learning grammar rules directly from a textbook, but using grammar in practical, real-life contexts, such as writing short stories, letters, or even simple diary entries, can help solidify these rules. Teachers and parents should encourage students to express their ideas in writing, gently correcting mistakes and discussing improvements, thus building a learning environment where students can visualize and apply grammatical concepts in a lively and applicable manner.

  • The Sentence Grouping of words and the knowledge of SUBJECT and PREDICATE.
  • The Noun and Its Kinds Learn about kinds of Noun like Common Noun, Proper Noun, Abstract Noun, Collective Noun and Material Noun. Practice with examples, how to identify the kind of Noun.
  • The Noun: Number Making Singular to Plural or Plural to Singular a Noun. Rules for changing Singular Noun to Plural Noun and example for practice.
  • The Noun: Gender How to classify gender of a noun. Use Masculine Gender, Feminine Gender, Neuter Gender and Common Gender.

In Class 5 English grammar , students typically learn about several important topics to help them communicate clearly and understand others. Parts of Speech is all about understanding the different types of words we use and how they work together. Kids learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.

  • 5. Pronoun: Its Kinds Know here about what is Pronoun and its kind. How to use it in simple sentences. Learn the types of pronoun like Personal Pronoun, Interrogative Pronoun, Demonstrative Pronoun, Reflexive Pronoun, Emphatic Pronoun, Relative Pronoun, Indefinite Pronoun and Reciprocal Pronoun.
  • 6. Verbs and Tense Present, Past and Future tense with suitable use of verbs. Examples and assignments for practice.
  • 7. Reported Speech Direct and Indirect Speech with suitable examples and practice assignment to free download.
  • 8. Active and Passive Voice Examples and rules for changing voice – active to passive and passive voice to active voice. Active and passive voice in present, past and future tense.

Class 5 students learn in grammar about different tenses, which help us understand when something is happening – whether it’s in the past, present, or future. For example, they will learn the difference between I walk, I walked, and I will walk. Sentence structure topic helps kids to understand how to build sentences properly. They learn what makes a complete sentence and how to use subjects and predicates.

Class 5 English Grammar

Students discover how to use periods, commas, question marks, and other punctuation marks to help make their writing clear and easy to understand. In grade 5, students learn how to use a, an, and the correctly to help make their sentences clear. Class 5 English Grammar Prepositions involves learning about words that help describe where things are in relation to other things. For example, understanding the difference between, The cat is ON the mat, and The cat is UNDER the mat.

In class 5 English grammar , Verbs goes a bit deeper into understanding verbs (action words) and how to use them correctly, including dealing with regular and irregular verbs. Students also explore words that have similar meanings (synonyms) and opposite meanings (antonyms) to expand their vocabulary and expression. They will delve deeper into describing words, understanding how to use adjectives and adverbs to make their speaking and writing more interesting.

The class 5 English grammar topics give kids the tools they need to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively through speaking and writing. They learn the rules and structures that make language work, which is super important for all their future learning and interactions. Learning English grammar for a Class 5 student can be made engaging and straightforward with a blend of structured and fun-oriented approaches.

  • 9. Modals Use of Modals words like Can, Could, May, Might, Must, Ought to, Have to, Need, Dare, Shall, Should, Will and other similar words.
  • 10. Adjective Kinds of adjectives and their uses in sentences. Skill tests for practicing adjectives.
  • 11. Articles Know more about articles and how to use it in simple sentences. Practice with examples to use the articles – a, an and the in variety of sentences.
  • 12. Adverb Learn about the use of Adverb in different types of sentences and know about the kinds of adverbs.
  • 13. Preposition Use of preposition in simple sentences. The right way to use the words like on, at, under, with and other words of preposition.

14. Conjunction Basics of using conjunction in simple sentences. Types of conjunctions like Co-ordinate Conjunctions and Subordinate Conjunctions with examples and assignment for practice. 15. Letter and Application Writing Learn here about how to write a letter or application using suitable steps. Know about the difference between a format letter and informal letter. 16. Story Writing Practice here about the topic Story Writing with examples and sample stories given with suitable title. 17. Paragraph Writing Learn here about important tips to write a paragraph. Get a brief idea about how to write a paragraph and examples of paragraph writing. 18. Essay Writing Improve the skills of Essay Writing taking the help from given examples. Know how to write the description of an Essay. 19. Comprehension Improve you skills in comprehension reading and writing. Know about Some useful hints for solving comprehension of unseen passage.

Interactive learning through games and multimedia can greatly enhance the grasp of grammatical concepts in class 5. Engaging in grammar-related games, watching animated videos, or using language-learning apps can make the learning process lively and less intimidating. This interactive learning method can be a tremendous way to solidify learning and practice grammar in a stress-free context.

Various online platforms, like Tiwari Academy, provide a plethora of resources like quizzes, puzzles, and games designed specifically for kids to learn English grammar in an engaging and interactive way. The amalgamation of fun and learning ensures that students absorb and retain the grammatical concepts effortlessly. Consistent practice is indispensable when it comes to mastering English grammar of grade 5 . This involves regular writing and speaking exercises, which provide an opportunity to implement the learned grammatical concepts.

Teachers can assign short essays or stories for writing, and conduct small group discussions or debates, which can stimulate the students to articulate their thoughts in English, enhancing their practical usage of the language. Regular assessments, worksheets, and assignments focusing on particular grammar topics can reinforce the learning and help identify areas that might need further attention or revision.

Cultivating a reading habit is an indirect yet profoundly effective method to learn grammar. When students engage with well-written books, they unconsciously absorb correct grammatical structures and enrich their vocabulary. Reading a diverse array of books, articles, and newspapers expose them to varied sentence structures, usage of different tenses, and application of various grammatical rules. Over time, this intuitive exposure to correct grammar through reading facilitates their own use of language, enabling them to implement grammatical rules accurately in their own communication, both written and spoken. So, through reading, learning grammar becomes a natural, enjoyable, and rewarding process.

What is the name of Grammar Book issued by NCERT?

There is no such books issued by NCERT. Students of class 5 can practice through books available in the marked published by various publishers.

What are the topics of English Grammar for Class 5?

The topics of Class 5 English Grammar are the formation of sentences, noun, pronoun, verb, and other grammar topics. The level of these topic is basic.

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