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English Speaking Freelance Jobs in Amsterdam 10+ Open Jobs.

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There are many ways to make money online, but one of the most popular ways is doing freelance jobs in Amsterdam. The reason that this is so popular is that it is very easy to find freelance jobs online for students. There are a lot of different websites and freelance job listing sites on the internet. You simply have to know what to look for and what type of freelance jobs you would like to do. In this article, I will explain how to find freelance jobs online for students.

The first thing that you should do is determine exactly what you want to do. If you are just looking for an extra income, then there are a lot of different freelance jobs that you can do. You can find freelance jobs by looking through advertisements online and posting your own ad. You can also post ads looking for someone who is looking for a freelance writer or translator.

If you are a student looking for an extra source of income, then it is important that you are specific. You can find a lot of different types of jobs when it comes to being a freelance writer or translator. One of the most popular types of freelance work is translation. If you are a native speaker of a second language, then you can find many opportunities as a translator. The best place for a student to look when they are looking for a home-based freelance job is the internet. You will find a lot of great opportunities to make money online.

Students who are looking for something a little more specific will be happy to know that there are a lot of different freelance project websites. For example, if you are looking for freelance writing projects, you will be able to search through all of the different freelance project sites. These sites offer a huge selection of different types of projects. You can choose to work on one project, or you can search through and accept projects based on your availability. This is very convenient for those students who are looking for something a little more specific than just a regular freelance writing project.

Students who are looking for something a little bit more specific might want to browse through the projects that are specific to a certain field. For example, if you are a medical student, then you can search through various medical freelance sites. These sites offer medical projects based on different levels of experience. The level of experience can range from beginner to advanced, depending upon what type of freelance work you are looking for.

Another thing that is very convenient for students who are looking for something a little more specific is that there is a section of the site dedicated to international projects. You will be able to browse through these projects very easily, and there are usually a wide variety of different projects that are available for anyone's skills and qualifications. If you are only looking for freelance work in a specific country, then this type of site might be the best place to look.

Students looking for something a little more specific will want to look at the freelance sites that specialize in searching by keywords. Some of these sites include exactly what you are looking for, while others will not. When you choose to search by keywords, then you will be able to narrow down the projects that you are looking for to the ones that fit your skills and interests. In some cases, this will mean that you will have to look through many different freelance sites.

Keep in mind that when you are looking for something a little more specific, you can choose to search for freelance projects that are based upon keywords. That way, you will only be looking at projects that fit the keyword you searched for. It can be a bit of a time-consuming process, but knowing exactly what you want is half the battle when it comes to finding freelance projects.

What are the different freelance jobs in Amsterdam for English speakers?

Whether you live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands or another part of Europe, freelance jobs in Amsterdam are available for anyone who is capable of putting the work into it. Freelance workers have been coming to Amsterdam for years because there is no limit to the number of freelance jobs that can be taken. It is a great city to work in because the Dutch people are very hospitable. This may make it easier for you to find freelance jobs in Amsterdam, but it will not make it any easier to find work.

One of the most important things that every freelancer should know about freelancing is that they need to make sure they get paid fairly. The best way to do this is to research the pay rate of different freelancers before sending them an application for freelance jobs in Amsterdam job. Most freelancers do not realize that there are companies that are willing to pay them a certain amount of money per hour to produce their work. However, some companies are so generous that they will pay 15 per hour or more.

There are some companies that do not have a need for freelance workers. In these cases, it is easy for them to pay everyone the same amount regardless of how long it takes them to complete their project. If you have done freelance jobs in the past and have received an offer to work from home, then this is the type of freelance job you should use. Working from home will allow you to set your own hours. You will not have to worry about making your partner's coffee in the morning or if you need to bring your children to practice.

The next type of freelance jobs in Amsterdam is web developers. These jobs are very popular among freelance artists. Web developers create websites that contain products and services to sell. A website developer can create websites that contain affiliate links or advertisements for companies. Web developers are very flexible, which allows them to fulfil orders from many different companies.

If you want to freelance as an artist, then there are two ways you can go about it. The first method is to join an art collective or studio. Most studios in Amsterdam specialize in certain art forms. For example, there are a few art collectives that focus on Dutch art, while there are other Amsterdam studios that focus on contemporary art. The second way to find freelance jobs in Amsterdam is by going to a freelance advertising agency or work.

Another popular place to freelance jobs in Amsterdam is a freelance writing and design collective. The collective does not hire but rather pays freelance artists who complete articles and design pages for clients. Each freelance artist is paid on a per-article basis, which means that they make a one-off for their work. These freelance jobs in Amsterdam also pay higher rates than the average freelance jobs in Amsterdam.

Senior full-stack developer Amsterdam pays about 35 Euros an hour for web design and development work. This is slightly more than the average amount for an hourly freelance job in Amsterdam. However, if you are a creative web designer/developer, then this position should be perfect for you as you will have plenty of projects to apply for, and the potential for growth is very good.

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Working as a Freelancer in Amsterdam

freelance work amsterdam

There are around 1 million people in the Netherlands who are working on a freelance (sole trader) basis – in Dutch this is known as ZZP or Zelfstandige Zonder Personeel . With the ease of working over the internet and the current economic climate making full-time jobs more scarce, the number of freelancers in the Netherlands is expected to grow further.

However, the downside is that with an ever increasing number of ZZPers, getting a good contract is becoming more of a challenge. That said, if you are looking for a more flexible lifestyle and are thinking of starting your own business in the Netherlands then here are a few steps explained…

1. Write a business plan

Think of the demand for your business idea, the network you need to establish and any financial considerations. A good move is to check your business ideas with people already operating in your target sector. The most important part about setting up a small business is to get that first sale or contract.

2. Register with the Kamer van Koophandel

Register yourself as a sole trader (Eenmanszaak) with the Kamer van Koophandel – known as the KvK – which is the Dutch Chamber of Commerce . You will also immediately receive a VAT (BTW, Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde) number.

To register make an appointment at your local KvK office – it’s possible to do this online at the website. The KvK has offices in each major Dutch city.

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) office in Amsterdam : This is located at De Ruyterkade 5, 1013 AA Amsterdam (just west of central station) and is open from 0830-1700 Monday to Friday.

kamer van koophandel amsterdam

You will need to have your BSN number (Burger Service Nummer) at hand, bring a form of ID such as a passport and have a rough projection of the revenue and costs your new business will have. Even as a sole trader you can give your business a specific name, as long as it is unique in the Dutch company register (handelsregister) .

Registering a new business at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce costs €75 which can only paid by debit or credit card.

Looking to easily open a Dutch bank account?

bunq logo

3. Sort out a Dutch bank account

If you already live in the Netherlands you probably have a local bank account. If not, see how to open a Dutch bank account

There are 2 routes you can go for your new business:

(a) continue using your personal account – bank fees are generally lower but you will have to use your real name when giving payment instructions to clients.

(b) opening a business account – this has the advantage of allowing your business name on the account. Most banks offer limited fees for the first 12 months to new business accounts. Ideally you can then keep personal and business transactions separate.

4. Insurance

Think about any insurance you may need as a freelancer, such as liability and incapacity insurance. Everyone in the Netherlands must have their own basic health insurance which costs around €125-150 per month. Freelancers also have to pay the employer’s health premium, so in total you would probably pay up to €3,000 for standard healthcare coverage. However, those on lower incomes do get a rebate on healthcare insurance costs.

5. Tax Reporting for ZZPers

Once you are registered with the Chamber of Commerce you can officially start trading. It is important to keep a good administrative overview. Most starting freelancers hire an accountant to help with tax deductions available and filing a tax return each year.

You will also have to file a VAT return – generally done every quarter through the tax office website. This requires you to also register for a DigiD login credential.

There are 3 rates of VAT (21%, 9% and 0%) and you need to be aware which one you are liable to charge for. If you have clients outside the Netherlands you may also have to file additional reports, such as the Intracommunautaire Prestaties form.

Be aware that to be considered as a freelancer by the tax office you must have at least 3 different clients.

6. Co-working spaces in Amsterdam

Most freelancers who don’t need to be physically present at a client will either work from home, at a cafe or shared office space. Note, some shared office spaces have been occasionally closed due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions.

There are numerous co-working facilities around Amsterdam . Here are a selected few which are located in the centre of the city:

Meet Berlage offers co-working space and meeting rooms in the Beurs van Berlage building close to Dam Square in Amsterdam. The address is Oudebrugsteeg 9, 1012 JN Amsterdam.

The Hacker Building is a co-working community venue in the tech-space. It offers dedicated desks, virtual offices and the rates include coffee and meeting rooms. Address is Herengracht 551, 1017 CW Amsterdam

VENU is a modern lifestyle and workplace with a lobby/shop and cafe area. It offers rooms and creative spaces, no membership required. Address is Haarlemmerdijk 138 A, 1013 JJ Amsterdam.

Wheelhouse calls itself a curated workspace (communication and media) where members are carefully selected based on skills and personality. Location is Achtergracht 17-19, 1017 WL Amsterdam.

Zoku Amsterdam has private work lofts and a variety of co-working spaces (day rate to monthly memberships). Lunch is included from its Living Kitchen rooftop restaurant. It is located at Weesperstraat 105, 1018 VN Amsterdam in the Weesperbuurt district.

This article was originally published in 2010. Last updated 30 January 2023 . Note, information is subject to change.

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Danish and english speaking customer service agent, information manager - hospitality/facility, dutch speaking claims associate, norwegian speaking sales consultant, controller - hospitality/facility, regulatory compliance officer - financial industry, allround engineer - pharma.

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Freelancer Business Controller

Bilingual team secretary at the ema (eu languages), scientific administrator (general application) at ema (eu lang), it strategy architect, business analyst - workforce management.

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Junior Accountant | English

Senior ml engineer - fraud detection, sap fi/co consultant, senior security architect.

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300 freelance english-speaking jobs in the netherlands, note : some links might not work outside the european union, research nurse ( freelance ).

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  • February 12

Research Nurse ( Freelance ) page is loaded Research Nurse ( Freelance ) Apply locations..As a freelance nurse you will visit clinical trial patients in their homes to take blood, provide support..on Posted 30+ Days Ago job requisition id R1378100 We are currently recruiting for freelance ..Learn more at Similar Jobs (1) Freelance Clinical Trial Assistant

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* We are looking for an experienced  Freelance Teammanager BI / Data Analytics ...Teammanager BI / Data Analytics (PowerBI / architecture / requirements / 6 FTE) – Noord-brabant * freelance ..dashboards / setup visualization standards • Build data pipelines If you are interested in this freelance

Freelance carpenter

  • Techvisie B.V.

What do we expect from you as a freelance carpenter?..Then you can get started with your next freelance job through us...Are you a freelance carpenter and are you looking for a new assignment in the Netherlands?..What are you going to do as a freelance carpenter? Read drawing and plot/measure...We are looking for freelance carpenters for various clients in the Amsterdam, Deventer, Eindhoven, Arnhem

Serious Injury & Fatality Specialist - Freelance Consultant

  • DSS Sustainable Solutions

Role Description This is an opportunity for a freelance Serious Injury &Fatality expert toapply dss+..As a freelance specialist, you will be expected to travel throughout Europe, staying away for up to 80%..You will be a SIF expert working on a freelance basis with the following credentials: 5-years’ well as developing and maintaining centerline collateral materials You will work with DSS+ as a freelance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Freelance Contract

  • Belmontlavan
  • February 22

Ltd is currently seeking a skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant to join our team on a freelance ..As a freelance consultant, you will have the opportunity to work on diverse and exciting projects, collaborating..and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant, we invite you to join our team on this freelance

Freelance Senior Program Manager RBA (ZZP)

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Freelance Senior Program Manager RBA (ZZP) Project ID:9149460 Veldhoven Uren Periode Start:

Freelance Partner Agent

  • Brick Amsterdam

/ freelance and commission basis...enthusiastic, driven and level headed team members who want to step into the real estate industry on a freelance ..can also function well in a team Terms of employment of a partner agent The partner agency is on a freelance ..determine your own layout within this position, it can be perfectly combined with a study, another ( freelance

Freelance R&l Manager (Dairy)

  • Vacaturebank WO

Freelance R&l Manager (Dairy) needed in the Food Industry...I am searching for a Freelance R&l Manager (Dairy) to help define the category's science strategy..CBUs, Marketing, and General Secretariat teams Ability to communicate in an impactful way; This is a freelance

Freelance Field Interpreters (Tagalog)

  • International Criminal Court


Contract Duration: Freelance service contracts of variable length A roster of freelance field interpreters..Once accredited, freelance field interpreters may be offered service contracts to provide consecutive..The Freelance Field Interpreters should ideally, though not necessarily: hold a university degree in..The Freelance Field Interpreters will be expected to: provide complete and accurate interpretation during..Scope of Services: Freelance Field Interpreters will provide interpretation services for either the Language

Post-doctoral position in management

  • ErasmusUniversityRotterdam(EUR)
  • December 19


For the purpose of this study, you are provided with data directly by a prominent European freelance ..Motivation for the study: Freelance marketplaces, offering remote work opportunities on a task-by-task..dedicated post-doc in management, you will work on a study that aims to explore and mitigate biases in freelance ..The amount of data that is collected by freelance marketplaces presents an opportunity to identify testing ways to mitigate pre-identified biases Ensure inclusivity and equal opportunities in freelance

CoolGames - Freelance Game (Economy) Designer OPEN JOB

CoolGames - Freelance Game (Economy) Designer Amsterdam, Netherlands Game Designer Game Designer..Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Contract: Full Time Job Description At CoolGames, we are looking for a Freelance

Freelance Workday HCM Specialist

  • Darwin Recruitment


Freelance Workday HCM Specialist... Freelance Workday HCM Specialist Workday HCM SpecialisFreelance t - Remote - 6 Months Job - Workday HCM

FREELANCE FEMALE MASSAGE THERAPIST (EU passport or residence permit needed)

  • glowwell spa
  • February 16

Benefits We offer flexible freelance contract.

> Product Manager, Full time

  • February 15

Are you passionate about shaping the future of the freelance industry?..As a Product Manager at ProLinker, you will be at the forefront of transforming the freelance landscape

Freelance Market Intelligence Specialist

To support growth, they are looking for a freelance Market Intelligence Specialist...Job Description: As a freelance Market Intelligence Specialist, you will be responsible for collecting.. Freelance Market Intelligence Specialist Profile: Our ideal colleague can relate to the description below

Trade Finance Professional

  • Trdfin Support Service Pvt Ltd
  • February 18

Euro Exim Bank, an award-winning and high-performing global financial institution is seeking freelance -based..Main features of the job : Freelance basis only (this is NOT a permanent position) Commission-based

SAP Integration Architect - 12 Months Freelance Role - Amsterdam

  • Belmont Lavan Ltd


seeking a highly experienced and motivated SAP Integration Architect to join our team on a 12-month freelance ..This is a freelance role, giving you the flexibility to work on exciting projects while maintaining a..troubleshooting skills Strong communication and interpersonal skills Ability to work well in a team environment Freelance

Freelancing at DEPT®


Check A few years ago we started our 'DEPT® Freelance Community'...We like to have a flexible shell of freelance professionals around our core of Depsters...As a freelance professional at DEPT® you have all the advantages of a large family, with the freedom

Video Editor Freelance (Fashion)

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a Freelance basis...Video Editor Freelance (Fashion) INDG is looking for a Video Editor to join the Fashion vertical on

  • DuPont Sustainable Solutions


You will be a SIF expert working on a freelance basis with the following credentials:5-years’ experience..impacts and value that your work delivers for the client.Role DescriptionThis is an opportunity for a freelance .., as well as developing and maintaining centerline collateral materialsYou will work with DSS+ as a freelance Safety & Health Certification (CSP, CIH), is a plus.Demonstrated project management skills.As a freelance

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Freelance in ....

North Holland

Dutch American Friendship Treaty

Everything you need to know

Freelancing in the Netherlands

Freelancing in the Netherlands is very common and there are many companies willing to hire freelancers. The toughest part is finding the companies willing to do this. I learned about most of the following freelance jobs in Amsterdam from friends or stumbled across them on the internet.

I have a profile on Upwork, a site where freelancers can perform services remotely for clients and businesses all over the world. You can write blog articles, be a virtual assistant, build websites, edit pictures and videos, enter data in Excel worksheets, manage Facebook ads, etc. Pretty much any time-consuming task (skilled or unskilled) that can be done from a computer, people are hiring someone to do it through UpWork.

Personally, I manage social media accounts on YouTube and Instagram for clients and businesses through Upwork.

You can set your own pay rate. You can get paid hourly, or set a fixed rate for completing a project. Your pay rate will depend on your experience, the type of work you are doing, and what the client is willing to pay.

You can choose to work whenever you want to in any area of Amsterdam. It’s a very flexible job, a great work out (since you’re biking for hours at a time), and has a lot of starting bonuses. They provide you with a rain-proof jacket, a phone holder for your bike, and a backpack to deliver the food with. They offer promotions during busy times and bad weather. I prefer Uber Eats over Deliveroo because of the pay rate.

They guarantee pay rates at peak times during the day. If you don’t make enough money to meet the guaranteed pay rate, Uber will pay you the difference to make up for it. This results in making more money than you can with Deliveroo. For example, if you are working on a Thursday night and the guaranteed rate is €15 per hour, and you only have 5 deliveries in two hours, you will only make around €25 in delivery fares. Uber will pay you an extra €5 on top of your delivery fares to ensure that you have made €15 per hour.

freelancing in the Netherlands

The first job I ever did working in the Netherlands as a freelancer was a Deliveroo Rider. You can choose to work whenever you want to, and in any area of Amsterdam. They provide you with a nice rain-proof jacket, a phone holder for your bike, a helmet, and a very large backpack to deliver the food with. It’s a very flexible job, a great work out (since you’re biking for hours at a time), and has a lot of starting bonuses.

For example, if you sign up with another rider’s referral code, you will get €100 as a bonus. Sounds easy! So what’s the catch? You will need to deliver 30 orders to receive this bonus. If you sign up without a referral code, you will usually get between a €50-€75 bonus, so make sure you use mine so we can both benefit 😉

You can expect to earn around €10-€15 per hour. In Central and East Amsterdam (where I worked), you will get €5 per order, and from my experience, you can do 2-3 orders per hour. Occasionally people will give tips, but don’t expect them. Working during dinner time will always get you more orders, as well as working on the weekends. Working in the middle of the day on a weekday is very slow. You can go for hours without getting a single order.

SANDEMANs Tour Guide

A popular freelancing job in the Netherlands is to give some type of guided tour. Through SANDEMANs, you can apply to be a freelance tour guide and share your knowledge of Amsterdam. You must have some knowledge of the area before doing this, so it will not be easy to do once you first move here.

Dutch Casting Agency

Be an extra in a TV commercial or movie! This is a very easy job. All you need to do is send in a few good pictures of yourself along with body measurements. Then you will be placed into a database with all of the other models/extras who have registered on the site. You will get emails from a casting director for perspective gigs with the date, payment amount, and time commitment. You can decide if you want to take the job or not.

In my experience, the pay usually ranges from €8-20 per hour. Every job is very different so make sure to read all of the details. Some jobs can be VERY lucrative and you can actually make €1000+ for one or two full days of work. You will meet some very interesting people and make friends! You do not need to speak Dutch to do this, but it does help.

Finding a job as a freelancer in the Netherlands depends on your skills and how willing you are to go outside of your comfort zone. If you are willing to do things you’ve never tried before, you will be able to find jobs while freelancing in the Netherlands fast and be able to support yourself while on the DAFT visa .

Helpful Resources:

  • Taxes as a Freelancer in the Netherlands
  • Buying a Bike in Amsterdam
  • Learning Dutch as an American

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How can I rehire freelancers easily?

Just scroll through My Team, spot all your past hires and rehire in a single click. Additionally see insights on your past hired freelancers.

Sam Beer-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

21 days ago

Freelancer with much talent. Seeking for home jobs. remote

Gergana Bahchisaraytseva-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

Gergana Bahchisaraytseva

6 years ago


Translator - films, books etc. (English, Spanish, Bulgarian), Basic Photography, Article Writing (food, ecology, psychology, health living, travel&tourism), rad...

Burak Kucukparmaksiz-Freelancer in Amsterdam ,Netherlands

Burak Kucukparmaksiz

Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer, Designer, Responsive, Boostrap, SharePoint Branding

Chan Peng-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

8 years ago

Arif Khan-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

7 years ago

Unix Admin\Devloper

1. ITIL V3 FOUNDATION certified. 2. Vimarshna certified L1 support engineer. 3. won first prize in Basketball in SAGAR UTSAV 2K9 &2K10 4. Participated in R.G.P....

Zahid Irfani-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

Zahid Irfani

9 years ago

Atabak Pooya-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

Atabak Pooya

Nikhil Chetwani-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

Nikhil Chetwani

4 years ago

Senior SAP Basis Consultant | HANA | AWS Architect

I am an SAP Basis Consultant. Have implementation & support experience in SAP Basis . Can perform activities like installations, upgrades, Migrations. AWS Cer...

2 Feedbacks

Shelly Sayagh-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

Shelly Sayagh

Lucia Nobuyasu Guimaraes-Freelancer in Amsterdam,Netherlands

Lucia Nobuyasu Guimaraes

Designer (illustrator and product concept)

My name is Lucia, I just graduated in Product Design at UNESP - Bauru-SP, in Brazil. My final work at University involved EL wire, microcontrollers and Bluetoot...

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Science Heard AI is coming for your job? For these copywriters, that 'future' arrived months ago

Leanne Shelton

In 2023, with artificial intelligence (AI) hype at fever pitch, white-collar workers were told that maybe one day soon, their roles would be automated.

Somewhere between a quarter and a half of existing jobs would be replaced, according to high-profile predictions .

A year later, many workers may be scratching their heads. Sure, AI tools are becoming more common, but generally they are some way from automating entire roles.

A real estate agent might use ChatGPT to write a property listing, but AI can't yet open the door of the house.

Still, there are a few professions that are already feeling the bite — and the experiences of these workers may be a helpful insight into what's to come for those who aren't yet affected.

Copywriters, and in particular freelance copywriters, are seeing large parts of their work automated, and their labour devalued.

They're now adapting by learning new AI skills and specialising in the types of work the bots are currently bad at.

So, are these copywriters the canaries in the coal mine for AI-led automation?

Here's what they have to say about the future of work.

An AI tool crashes through a profession

Last year, not long after the launch of ChatGPT, Leanne Shelton braced herself for turbulent times.

The Sydney-based copywriter, who'd built up her freelance business over nine years, knew that change was coming.

And she knew that freelancers, who were less insulated from market shocks than permanent employees, were going to feel the impact first.

For Ms Shelton, business soon started drying up.

"Clients were like, 'There's this free tool. Why would we invest $2,000 for copywriting when we can get something for free?'"

Tim King, a Bendigo-based copywriter, experienced the same.

"I saw a 45 per cent reduction in overall lead generation," he said.

Bendigo-based copywriter and marketing strategist Tim King

Lindsay, a copywriter in Sydney, was made redundant at a cybersecurity firm.

"They wanted to save costs and so they cut my role," she said.

"They thought the executives could write their own content using ChatGPT."

Looking for employment, she was alarmed by how far salaries in her line of work, and at her level of experience, had fallen.

"A job that would have been mid-management level on $120,000 plus super is now around $90,000."

Tanya Abdul Jalil, a freelance education writer, has colleagues "desperately scratching" for work.

"Especially the ones whose blogs are their bread and butter," she said.

"Something that used to take four to five hours and get them a full day's pay can be produced in minutes."

Perth-based copywriter Kara Stokes sees many in her profession left with a simple choice: adapt or get out.

"It’s like Blockbuster Video," she said.

"They didn't adapt and we saw what happened there."

The problem of measuring AI's effects on employment

If AI is already having such a dramatic impact on copywriters, how is this reflected in their workforce statistics?

The short answer is that it's not. Or at least not yet, experts say.

"Workforce statistics always lag reality, right?" Kylie Walker, CEO of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE), said.

"But when you're hearing the same stories arising in multiple places, then it's time to start listening."

Measuring how AI affects employment in general is a problem for economists.

This is partly due to a lack of data. Employers may not be transparent about why they're laying off workers or cutting hours.

The effect of an AI tool that augments an existing role, rather than replacing it, may not show in employment figures either.

A woman with bright pink hair and wearing a pink dress sitting in a wheelchair

But some studies can detect recent trends.

Around midway through last year, three US economists studied jobs and earnings data for copywriters and graphic designers on major online freelancing platforms.

They chose freelancers partly because they were most exposed to the repercussions of AI automation, one of the economists, Washington University's Oren Reshef, said.

"Freelancers are generally less protected from adverse market shocks compared to more standard employment.

"And at the current state of the technology, I believe AI is much better able to replace specific, well-designed tasks, like a short freelance project."

That is, freelancers don't have much job security, and their work is more likely to consist of short, well-defined tasks, which makes it easier to feed this work to AI.

The results of the study were  published as a non-peer-reviewed working paper in August .

They showed within a few months of ChatGPT's launch, copywriters and graphic designers saw a significant drop in the number of jobs they got and even steeper declines in earnings.

And when they dug deeper into the data, the economists found an interesting trend.

Being a more skilled freelancer was no defence against loss of work or earnings. 

This may seem counter-intuitive at first, Dr Reshef said, "but it makes a lot of sense on second thought".

"Who do we expect to benefit the most from a new technology that improves the quality of your work or your output? Probably those that didn't do a great job to begin with.

"Simply put, AI helps level the playing field across all workers."

Automation doesn't mean mass unemployment

Tanya Abdul Jalil

Just as less experienced copywriters might earn more by generating and editing AI content, an experienced copywriter who once earned a decent wage may be paid less to do the same job.

Mr King, the Bendigo-based copywriter, has noticed this trend.

"AI has lowered the bar and increased the ability for [non-copywriters] to generate content," he said.

"Our creative services as a whole have been devalued."

But there's a risk of generalising too much from short-term data like those used in last year's freelancer study, said Xiang Hui, also from Washington University and a co-author of the working paper.

Technology changes, but so do people. AI may improve and be able to automate a higher proportion of existing roles, but people adapt. They learn new skills and apply for new kinds of jobs.

Dr Hui said it's hard to predict what will happen in the long run.

"The technology improves and its capability to replace certain jobs gets better.

"But workers increasingly adopt these new technologies, and the nature of jobs and skills they require may also change over time."

Late last year, ATSE announced that AI could automate 25 to 46 per cent of existing Australian jobs by 2030 .

But automation doesn't equal unemployment, Ms Walker, ATSE CEO, said.

"There will be a shift in where the employment occurs, and in what people are employed for.

"Jobs will be there. They just may not be the jobs that we intimately know today."

Copywriters are adapting to AI

So what can copywriters teach us about adapting to AI?

Having seen the writing on the wall, Ms Shelton, the Sydney-based copywriter, swiftly pivoted to AI coaching last year.

She now earns more from teaching people how to use generative AI tools than she does from copywriting.

"I pretty much started listening to podcasts and reading books about AI," she said.

"[When] 150 people registered for the first webinar, I realised I was onto something."

A woman sits in front of a computer open to a screen showing purple and green colours

Zoe Simmons, who has physical and mental disabilities, said her type of writing — focusing on her experience of disabilities — meant she'd avoided the downturn.

"Thankfully lived experience is something a robot or AI cannot do," she said.

Mr King has rebranded as a marketing strategist, advising clients on how to promote their product, rather than just writing copy.

And when he does write copy, he uses AI.

"For me, it's a tool that I use to infinitely speed up my processes. 

"Potentially AI will take your job but at the end of the day it means we can shift into higher value work."

Whether or not AI means workers end up doing less of the drudge work, early studies show it can boost the efficiency of "knowledge workers" (such as analysts, engineers, and accountants) at some tasks.

In a recent Harvard Business School study , employees at Boston Consulting Group were randomly assigned access to GPT-4, OpenAI's latest large language model. 

Those using AI completed 12.2 per cent more tasks while doing them 25.1 per cent faster. They also produced higher quality work compared to those not using AI.

As with the freelancer study, the least-skilled workers benefited the most from AI.

"People in the lower half of that distribution had a much larger productivity bump," Edward McFowland, co-author of the Harvard study,  said at the time .

"But on average, everyone seems to do better.”

AI can be helpful, but sometimes not

These findings may sound simple enough, but there's one big catch that has implications for how AI may be used to automate office work.

When the Boston Consulting Group consultants were given tasks beyond a certain threshold of complexity and nuance, those who used AI did worse.

That is, AI isn't always helpful.

Sometimes, it makes workers worse at their jobs.

And it gets still more complicated. Some AI-assisted consultants bucked the trend and did better at the more complex tasks than those not using AI.

The researchers' conclusion may be heartening for any white-collar worker concerned that a wave of automation will sweep them out of the office. 

AI use should be tightly supervised and — at least for now — reserved for a narrow range of tasks, Dr McFowland said.

"Companies cannot simply ignore these tools, because they have tremendous value that their competitors will be exploiting," he said.

"However, turning them loose on all use cases can have an array of detrimental consequences."

Has the impact of AI been overstated?

Companies that ditched their copywriters may be experiencing the "detrimental consequences" of having too much faith in AI, according to those same copywriters.

Freelancers report old clients getting back in touch and admitting the bot's copy wasn't up to scratch.

"It has a very Americanised tone, the grammar is all off, and the sentiment is a bit strange as well," Mr King said.

"I've noticed a swing back to copywriters."

An MIT study published last month suggested AI won't replace as many jobs as predicted by studies in 2023.

Jobs previously identified as being at risk of AI displacement weren't currently "economically beneficial" to automate.

For instance, in some cases, buying and maintaining AI systems to automate certain tasks was more expensive than employing a human.

If 2023 was the year of AI hype, 2024 may see the excitement cool to a gentle simmer as reality sets in.

In any case, the job of copywriting won't ever be the same.

"We're not going to sit there and write a 300-word synopsis any more," Mr King said.

"That's in the past. We can give that to ChatGPT."

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More Americans are experimenting with freelancing, either as a side hustle or a full-time career. 

The number of professionals freelancing in the U.S. hit an all-time high in 2023, increasing to 64 million people, or 38% of the U.S. workforce, from 60 million the year earlier, according to recent research from Upwork. 

Businesses are increasingly relying on freelancers to save on headcount and real estate expenses, Yoav Hornung, head of verticals and innovation at Fiverr, tells CNBC Make It . 

But the services businesses are hiring independent contractors for are constantly changing, Hornung says. For example: In recent months, Fiverr has seen a marked increase in requests for AI professionals, including video editors and prompt engineers, who can help businesses leverage AI technologies to be more efficient or profitable. 

In addition to AI services, here are three of the most in-demand freelance services for 2024, according to Fiverr , including what professionals on the platform are charging for them. All of these gigs can be done from home and pay over $100 per project:

Video editing 

Video editors work in post-production, assembling raw footage into finished packages using different software applications. Two kinds of video editing have seen "huge demand" as of late, according to Hornung: AI video editing and social media video editing. 

Between January and July 2023, searches for AI video editors increased by more than 625% on Fiverr. These creators leverage AI to customize video backgrounds, generate voiceovers and enhance audio and visual elements, among other services.

Video editing for short-form content is another in-demand skill. "The increasing popularity of 'snackable' content in the form of Reels, Shorts and TikTok has spiked demand for freelancers who can make snappy, engaging content for brands," Hornung says.

Video editors on Fiverr typically charge at least $100 per project. 

Social media management and content creation

Social media managers and specialists develop, edit and promote content across different channels for a client or organization to engage with and grow their audience.

The value of a strong online presence for brands and businesses has "never been higher," says Hornung, as more people — especially younger consumers — shop on social media platforms. 

One skill that will be "especially valuable" for freelance social media managers to possess in 2024, he adds, is the ability to create content that feels "authentic and genuine" for clients as more consumers demand authenticity and transparency from the brands they support.

Social media managers and specialists charge at least $150 per project.

Mobile app development 

Mobile app developers are software engineers who create apps for smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. These professionals typically work alongside graphic designers and data scientists. 

Globally, people recorded nearly 77 billion mobile app downloads during the first half of 2023, up 3% from 2022, according to , a data analytics tool. 

Hornung points out that, on Fiverr, searches for "app development" have seen a consistent increase since the start of 2023. He explains that more brands are adopting mobile-first strategies to meet consumers' growing preference for interacting with businesses through their phones versus computers or in person.

Mobile app developers charge at least $500 per project. 

If you're considering a freelance career or side hustle in any of these fields, it's not enough to learn the technical skills you'll need to do the job — what sets the most successful freelancers apart, says Hornung, is their soft skills and endorsements. 

"Trust is king," he says. "Investing in soft skills such as communication and organization, and proof of how you've used these skills, can go a long way in establishing trust between freelance professionals and their clientele base."

Clarification: This story has been updated to reflect project-based payments for each freelance role.

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