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We have perfectly composed point-by-point online blogs making sense of different game theory aspects and how you can approach handling them. Other than giving the homework help, we take it upon ourselves to instruct the students who visit our site on the best way to handle various kinds of game theory homework with ease.

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Econ Homework Help Tips: Why Students Hate Assignments? Since we started offering academic assistance to students, we have never heard a student say, “I love doing my assignments”. In fact, most of them all they can to avoid writing their projects. It gets worse when they have to deal with a subjec...

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Economists who specialize in game theory examine how people, groups, and governments act in strategic contexts. It offers a framework for examining the motivations, tactics, and results of interactions between logical agents who have competing or overlapping interests. In numerous disciplines, inclu...

In economics, choices have a big impact on how things turn out. Game theory, which emerged from the fusion of mathematics and economics, provides a powerful framework for analyzing strategic interactions and decision-making procedures. Understanding game theory, particularly through the lens o...

The study of game theory emerges as a fascinating field in the dynamic field of economics, revealing profound insights into the intricate web of strategic interplay and decision-making among various actors. Notably, sequential games serve as a pillar in the spectrum of game theory facets. The ...

Within the realm of game theory, the exploration of repeated games and cooperation takes on an indispensable role. These interconnected concepts delve deep into the intricate web of strategic interactions that unfold between individuals or entities over a sequence of encounters. Their signif...

In the intricate realm of economics and decision-making, game theory emerges as a pivotal tool for unraveling the strategies and behaviors that drive individuals and entities in competitive scenarios. At its core lies the bedrock concept of Nash equilibrium, an intellectual cornerstone that besto...

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Game theory is a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of human behavior, used in such fields as mathematics, economics, and the social sciences. By "games" we actually mean human interactions governed by opposing strategies of the people involved. As an example, in a patent system, the first research lab to invent a device gets the patent. Game theorists will apply the principles of game theory to find out how many research labs need to be involved to establish a Nash equilibrium , and compare that to the most efficient number of labs. Everything else follows from there. A good course in non-cooperative game theory will most likely deal with these areas:

  • Games in strategic form and Nash equilibrium
  • Iterated strict dominance, rationalizability, and correlated equilibrium
  • Extensive-form games
  • Applications of multi-stage games with observed actions
  • Repeated games
  • Bayesian games and Bayesian equilibrium
  • Bayesian games and mechanical design
  • Equilibrium refinements
  • Reputation effects
  • Sequential bargaining with incomplete information
  • Payoff-relevant strategies and Markov equilibrium
  • Common knowledge and games

The International Journal of Game Theory is a good place to stay up to date in this field, and game theory tutorials are not hard to find.

A Brief History of Game Theory

The work of Von Neumann and Morgenstern (1944) marked an official start of game theory. Then came the second milestone contribution of John Nash (1951), which basically becomes chapter 1 of any modern game theory textbook. In the 1950s, in the intense atmosphere of war, there were many brilliant breakthroughs in fundamental fields such as computer science, mathematics and physics that set the foundation and landmarks for today's standard. Some said it was a time when “giants roamed the Earth”.

Game theory considers interaction among individuals in a narrow context. A context is narrow when the action of one player can have influence over the course of the whole game, hence each player has to take into account the reasoning of the other in order to make their action. There are two parallel lines in game theory: cooperative game theory and non-cooperative game theory. The cooperative strand studies coalition and contract formation from a normative point of view. It answers questions such as: What should be the society we would like to enter? What kind of contract or coalition could we form? The non-cooperative approach (which becomes more prominent in modern game theory) starts from the individual's perspective. Starting from building blocks of decision theory such as preference and utility function, it investigates positive questions such as: What would really happen after we have all agreed to an agreement? Would we still comply with it? The rationale is that we would comply to an agreement if and only if it aligns with our own interest. In this non-cooperative realm, a Nash equilibrium is defined as a profile of players' actions that maximize the utility of everyone given their correct expectation on everyone else's behavior. There are two parts of this definition. First, the player maximizes his own expected utility based on some belief (or prediction) over the other's behavior. Second, that expectation turns out to be correct. In this way, a Nash equilibrium becomes a situation that is self-enforced (i.e. no one wants to deviate from her chosen action).

This is a broad concept because any self-fulfilling prophecy therefore can be a Nash equilibrium, making the number of Nash equilibria to be more than one. And some people may suggest that some Nash equilibria seem to be better (more rational or more equitable) than others; hence there have been many attempts to refine the Nash equilibrium concept which results in a vast amount of literature on refinements in the 1980s. Even now the problem of equilibrium selection remains open for active contribution. Game theory has had extensive applications in the study of cooperation and competition in society. Different situations can be captured in different hypothetical situation such as the Prisoner's Dilemma for the cooperative decision, the bargaining game for negotiating decision, and the trust game for investment decision. Further information on classical game theory can be found at .

References :

Von Neumann, J.; Morgenstern, O. 1944. Princeton University Press. Theory of games and economic behavior . Princeton, NJ, US.

Nash, Jr. J. F., 1951. Noncooperative games. Annals Math ., 54, 289-95.

To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of game theory. Our mathematics tutors can help with all your projects, large or small, and we challenge you to find better online game theory tutoring anywhere.

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With these capabilities, our college Game Theory tutors will give you the tools you need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Game Theory you can use in future courses.

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Game Theory Homework Help

Game Theory Homework Help

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Game theory is very much like the theory of social situations, as explained by psychologists. It is similar to some parlor games such as poker or bridge. But many researchers say that it is how groups interact. Game theory is the study of mathematical models of conflicts and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers. It`'s used mainly in economics, political science, psychology, logic, computer science, biology, and poker. In a strategic game theory, agents or company chooses its movements so as to get as much high response or return as possible.

It`'s like a game of chess where you want to defeat your opponent‘s every move and win. It is also known as mathematics or the art of interaction. First, in a game theory, it is made sure as to who all are going to interact. Interacting is a very important part of game theory as it establishes the base of the entire game theory. Another step to game theory is to strategize the plan. In order to have a successful interaction, it`'s needed to think and make a strategy and steps as to how the interaction should be done so as to get the maximum response or highest returns.

Characteristics of game theory in Solving Game Theory Assignment Help Online at Urgent Homework

  • It is basically and simply the concept of decision-making. Decisions are made for the interaction to take place for a successful attack against your opponent and making the highest loot in returns.
  • Game theory doesn’t depend on making solutions. But it`'s just to make choices and strategies so as to get the best return. The players, which can be anything such as an individual, institution, or organization, make strategies and choices carefully and make contingency plans if the first strategy fails.

Game theory asks two questions in General While having game theory homework help online

Game Theory Assignment Help

  • What strategies have been made?
  • What solutions have been made?

Types of games in Game Theory Homework Help in General:

There are two main branches of game theory.


  • and non­cooperative

Cooperation is where everyone agrees with everyone. Everything runs easily and smoothly. Cooperation leads mostly towards high pay­offs.

  • Countries cooperate on trade leading to a boost in exports.
  • Two leading national social network sites share technical knowledge with each other and keep out any third party.

Non-cooperative game:

One way to describe game theory is to take some game players (or individuals) who are going to participate in a game and each player is made available a number of alternative choices.? In the case of a two­player game, the actions of the first player from the rows, and the actions of the second player the columns, of a matrix. The entries in the matrix are two numbers representing the utility or payoff to the first and second player respectively. A very famous game is the Prisoner `'s Dilemma game. In this game, the two players are partners in a crime who have been captured by the police. Each suspect is placed in a separate cell and offered the opportunity to confess to the crime. The game can be represented by the following matrix of payoffs.

The higher numbers are better (more utility). If neither suspect confesses, they go free and split the proceeds of their crime which we represent by 5 units of utility for each suspect. However, if one prisoner confesses and the other does not, the prisoner who confesses testifies against the other in exchange for going free and gets the entire 10 units of utility, while the prisoner who did not confess goes to prison and which results in the low utility of ­4. If both prisoners confess, then both are given a reduced term, but both are convicted, which we represent by giving each 1 unit of utility: better than having the other prisoner confess, but not so good as going free.

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In addition to the game theory, there is three main economic theory such as decision theory, general equilibrium theory, and mechanism design theory.

DECISION THEORY: It can be viewed as a decision between an individual against nature. Decision theory argues that preferences among risky alternatives can be described by the maximization of the expected value of a numerical utility function, where utility may depend on a number of things, but in situations of interest to economists often depends on money income.

GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM THEORY: can be viewed as a specialized branch of game theory that deals with trade and production, and typically with a relatively large number of individual consumers and producers. It is widely used in the macroeconomic analysis of broad-based economic policies such as monetary or tax policy, in finance to analyze stock markets, to study interest and exchange rates and other prices.

MECHANISM DESIGN THEORY: differs from game theory in that game theory takes the rules of the game as given, while mechanism design theory asks about the consequences of different types of rules. Naturally, this relies heavily on game theory. Questions addressed by mechanism design theory include the design of compensation and wage agreements that effectively spread risk while maintaining incentives, and the design of auctions to maximize revenue or achieve other goals.

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Thus we see how important and crucial game theory is for the development of the individual or an institution or an organization. These decisions should be taken very carefully and expert advice must be taken.

For more information on game theory tools please visit In case you need any assistance with numerical problems or queries you can have online classes with our best and professional faculty. We provide the best and satisfying services. Strategizing the marketing layout can be confusing but we are here to help you out and make it easy for you. We have motivating faculty who are available for helping you and solving your queries. We try to complete your homework, assignments before time and try to give the best results which can help you score well. You can visit our site and have a look at our other sample homework as well.

Important topics in Economics

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Cost of Production
  • Derivatives Market
  • Economic Growth
  • Economic Systems
  • Game theory
  • International Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Market failure
  • Microeconomics
  • Normative Economics
  • Price Elasticity of Demand
  • Supply and demand
  • Welfare Economics
  • Specialization
  • Classical theory
  • Depression and unemployment
  • Development Economics
  • Economic thought
  • Managerial Economics
  • Public Economics

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Understanding Game Theory Better with Professional Online Help

If you are struggling with homework on game theory, you can definitely use game theory homework solutions from We have experts on the subject who can definitely assist you with your homework. In game theory, strategic situations, called games, are modelled. In these situations, the success of an individual making choice depends on the choice that other individuals make.

Game theory has its use in various disciplines, including social sciences such as management, economics, social psychology and Political science. It is also used in formal sciences like statistics, computer science and logic. Students of any of these disciplines might have to deal with the topic as a part of their academics. If you need to understand game theory better, you can ways avail our online help.

What is game theory?

Game theory is basically a branch of applied mathematics. It offers tools for analysis of situations involving players, or participating parties, that make interdependent decision. The interdependence plays a huge role in game theory homework solutions. This is because it forces each individual to consider the probably strategies and decision for formulation of individual strategy.

The participating players may have opposed, similar or even mixed interests. The decisions made by these players may have a result in the outcome. The players’ optimal decisions are described in the solution to the game.

Branches of game theory

Game theory has mainly two branches: non-cooperative and cooperative game theory. We cover both in our game theory assignment solutions. The non-cooperative game theory primarily deals with interaction between intelligent individuals, who wish to achieve their individual goals. Most courses on non-cooperative game theory include:

  • Nash equilibrium and games in strategic form
  • Correlated equilibrium, rationalizability and iterated strict dominance
  • Common knowledge and games
  • Repeated games
  • Games with multiple stages, with actions being observed
  • Bayesian equilibrium and Bayesian games
  • Equilibrium refinements
  • Sequential bargaining, involving the information being incomplete
  • Reputation effects
  • Markov equilibrium and strategies in relevance to payoff

Applications of game theory

You might wonder where your game theory assignment solutions are actually applicable. It actually has quite a wide range of applications, which even involves chess, tennis, parlour games, etc. As a matter of fact, the original developers of game theory, John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern, intended it for solving economics problems.

The mathematics for physical sciences was not the right model for the subject of economics. This is because it described working of disinterested natures. Economics is much like any game, with each player anticipating the moves of others. This called for a new mathematics, known as game theory. In our game theory homework solutions, we explain everything in details. This allows you to develop a better understanding of the topic.

Application of game theory is relevant in any situation where the interaction between players’ choices has an effect on the outcome. Game theory stresses on strategic aspects of making decisions. These are aspects that are not completely controlled by chance. Instead, they are controlled by the players. As such, game theory goes way beyond classical theory of probability.

For example, game theory can be used for determining what business conglomerates or political coalitions have more chances of forming. It has also been used for finding the optimal selling price of a service or production, keeping the competition in mind. Other uses include selection of jury, power of voters, choosing site for manufacturing plants and even behaviour of plants and animals for surviving.

Given the range of its applications, it can be a bit overwhelming to find game theory assignment solutions. In fact, there is hardly any other theory capable of addressing such a broad spectrum of situations. Nevertheless, you can always avail our online homework help service to get professional assistance on the topic.

Strategies involving game theory

Some strategic interactions that clearly illustrate the game theory fundamentals include:

  • Prisoners’ dilemma:

It is one of the most classic examples of game theory. A lot of students are asked to find game theory homework solutions on prisoners’ dilemma. In involves a situation where two suspects are separately question, each having the option to stay silent or confess. Either prisoner’s decision is dependent on what the other prisoner decides.

  • Strategic moves:

Players can even try to change the expectation of future actions of other players. They can use promises or threats for forcing the other player to take an action which is favourable to them.

  • Mixing moves:

Systematic actions can be discovered by the opposing players in situations of conflict, resulting in exploitation. Therefore, the players have to mix their moves for keeping their opponent guessing. This is particularly relevant in sports, where the players try to outdo the others.

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At, we have experts capable of providing accurate game theory assignment solutions. If you need any help with the topic, contact us. We are always available to assist you.

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What Is Game Theory?

  • How It Works
  • Useful Terms

The Nash Equilibrium

Impact of game theory, types of game theories.

  • Limitations
  • Game Theory FAQs

The Bottom Line

  • Behavioral Economics

Game Theory

Adam Hayes, Ph.D., CFA, is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader. Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance. Adam received his master's in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology. He is a CFA charterholder as well as holding FINRA Series 7, 55 & 63 licenses. He currently researches and teaches economic sociology and the social studies of finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

game theory homework solutions

Amanda Bellucco-Chatham is an editor, writer, and fact-checker with years of experience researching personal finance topics. Specialties include general financial planning, career development, lending, retirement, tax preparation, and credit.

Investopedia / Katie Kerpel

Game theory is a theoretical framework for conceiving social situations among competing players. In some respects, game theory is the science of strategy, or at least the optimal decision-making of independent and competing actors in a strategic setting.

Key Takeaways

  • Game theory is a theoretical framework to conceive social situations among competing players.
  • The intention of game theory is to produce optimal decision-making of independent and competing actors in a strategic setting. 
  • Using game theory, real-world scenarios for such situations as pricing competition and product releases (and many more) can be laid out and their outcomes predicted. 
  • Scenarios include the prisoner's dilemma and the dictator game among many others.
  • Different types of game theory include cooperative/non-cooperative, zero-sum/non-zero-sum, and simultaneous/sequential.

How Game Theory Works

The key pioneers of game theory were mathematician John von Neumann and economist Oskar Morgenstern in the 1940s. Mathematician John Nash is regarded by many as providing the first significant extension of the von Neumann and Morgenstern work.

The focus of game theory is the game, which serves as a model of an interactive situation among rational players. The key to game theory is that one player's payoff is contingent on the strategy implemented by the other player. 

The game identifies the players' identities, preferences, and available strategies and how these strategies affect the outcome. Depending on the model, various other requirements or assumptions may be necessary.

Game theory has a wide range of applications, including psychology, evolutionary biology, war, politics, economics, and business. Despite its many advances, game theory is still a young and developing science.

According to game theory, the actions and choices of all the participants affect the outcome of each. It's assumed players within the game are rational and will strive to maximize their payoffs in the game.

Useful Terms in Game Theory

Any time we have a situation with two or more players that involve known payouts or quantifiable consequences, we can use game theory to help determine the most likely outcomes. Let's start by defining a few terms commonly used in the study of game theory:

  • Game : Any set of circumstances that has a result dependent on the actions of two or more decision-makers (players)
  • Players : A strategic decision-maker within the context of the game
  • Strategy : A complete plan of action a player will take given the set of circumstances that might arise within the game
  • Payoff :   The payout a player receives from arriving at a particular outcome (The payout can be in any quantifiable form, from dollars to  utility .)
  • Information set : The information available at a given point in the game (The term information set is most usually applied when the game has a sequential component.)
  • Equilibrium : The point in a game where both players have made their decisions and an outcome is reached

Nash equilibrium is an outcome reached that, once achieved, means no player can increase payoff by changing decisions unilaterally. It can also be thought of as "no regrets," in the sense that once a decision is made, the player will have no regrets concerning decisions considering the consequences.

The Nash equilibrium is reached over time, in most cases. However, once the Nash equilibrium is reached, it will not be deviated from. After we learn how to find the Nash equilibrium, take a look at how a unilateral move would affect the situation. Does it make any sense? It shouldn't, and that's why the Nash equilibrium is described as "no regrets." Generally, there can be more than one equilibrium in a game.

However, this usually occurs in games with more complex elements than two choices by two players. In simultaneous games that are repeated over time, one of these multiple equilibria is reached after some trial and error. This scenario of different choices overtime before reaching equilibrium is the most often played out in the business world when two firms are determining prices for highly interchangeable products, such as airfare or soft drinks.

Ever seen an opposing coach call a timeout right before the other team's kicker is to attempt a game-winning field goal? Th

Game theory is present in almost every industry or field of research. Its expansive theory can pertain to many situations, making it a versatile and important theory to comprehend. Here are several fields of study directly impacted by game theory.

Game theory brought about a revolution in economics by addressing crucial problems in prior mathematical economic models. For instance, neoclassical economics struggled to understand entrepreneurial anticipation and could not handle the imperfect competition. Game theory turned attention away from steady-state equilibrium toward the market process.

Economists often use game theory to understand oligopoly firm behavior. It helps to predict likely outcomes when firms engage in certain behaviors, such as price-fixing and collusion .

In business, game theory is beneficial for modeling competing behaviors between economic agents. Businesses often have several strategic choices that affect their ability to realize economic gain. For example, businesses may face dilemmas such as whether to retire existing products or develop new ones or employ new marketing strategies. 

Businesses can often choose their opponent as well. Some focus on external forces and compete against other market participants. Others set internal goals and strive to be better than previous versions of itself. Whether external or internal, companies are always competing for resources, attempting to hire the best candidates away from their rivals , and gather the attention of customers away from competing goods.

Game theory in business may most resemble a game tree as shown below. A company may start in position one and must decide upon two outcomes. However, there are continually other decisions to be made; the final payoff amount is not known until the final decision has been processed.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Project Management

Project management involves social aspects of game theory as different participants may have different influences. For example, a project manager may be incentivized to successfully complete a building development project. Meanwhile, the construction worker may be incentivized to work slower for safety or delay the project to incur more billable hours.

When dealing with an internal team, game theory may be less prevalent as all participants working for the same employer often have a greater shared interest for success. However, third-party consultants or external parties assisting with a project may be incentivized by other means separate from the project's success.

Consumer Product Pricing

The strategy of Black Friday shopping is at the heart of game theory. The concept holds that should companies reduce prices, more consumers will buy more goods. The relationship between a consumer, a good, and the financial exchange to transfer ownership plays a major part in game theory as each consumer has a different set of expectations.

Outside from sweeping sales in advance of the holiday season, companies must utilize game theory when pricing products for launch or in anticipation of competition from rival goods. The company must balance pricing a good too low and not reaping profit, yet pricing a good too high may scare customers away towards a substitute good.

Cooperative vs. Non-Cooperative Games

Although there are many types (e.g., symmetric/asymmetric, simultaneous/sequential, etc.) of game theories, cooperative and non-cooperative game theories are the most common. Cooperative game theory deals with how coalitions, or cooperative groups, interact when only the payoffs are known. It is a game between coalitions of players rather than between individuals, and it questions how groups form and how they allocate the payoff among players.

Non-cooperative game theory deals with how rational economic agents deal with each other to achieve their own goals. The most common non-cooperative game is the strategic game, in which only the available strategies and the outcomes that result from a combination of choices are listed. A simplistic example of a real-world non-cooperative game is rock-paper-scissors. 

Zero-Sum vs. Non-Zero Sum Games

When there is a direct conflict between multiple parties striving for the same outcome, this type of game is often a zero-sum game . This means that for every winner, there is a loser. Alternatively, it means that the collective net benefit received is equal to the collective net benefit lost. Almost every sporting event is a zero-sum game in which one team wins and one team loses.

A non-zero-sum game is one in which all participants can win or lose at the same time. Consider business partnerships that are mutually beneficial and foster value for both entities. Instead of competing and attempting to "win", both parties benefit.

Investing and trading stocks is sometimes considered a zero-sum game. After all, one market participant will buy a stock and another participant sell that same stock for the same price. However, because different investors have different risk appetites and investing goals, it may be mutually beneficial for both parties to transact.

Simultaneous Move vs. Sequential Move Games

Many times in life, game theory presents itself in simultaneous move situations. This means each participant must continually make decisions at the same time their opponent is making decisions. As companies devise their marketing, product development, and operational plans, competing companies are also doing the same thing at the same time.

In some cases, there is intentional staggering of decision-making steps in which one party is able to see the other party's moves before making their own. This is usually always present in negotiations ; one party lists their demands, then the other party has a designated amount of time to respond and list their own.

One Shot vs. Repeated Games

Last, game theory can begin and end in a single instance. Like much of life, the underlying competition starts, progresses, ends, and cannot be redone. This is often the case with equity traders that must wisely choose their entry point and exit point as their decision may not easily be undone or retried.

On the other hand, some repeated games continue on and seamlessly never end. These types of games often contain the same participants each time, and each party has the knowledge of what occurred last time. For example, consider rival companies trying to price their goods. Whenever one makes a price adjustment, so may the other. This circular competition repeats itself across product cycles or sale seasonality.

In the example below, a depiction of the Prisoner's Dilemma (discussed in the next section) is shown. In this depiction, after the first iteration occurs, there is no payoff. Instead, a second iteration of the game occurs, bringing with it a new set of outcomes not possible under one shot games.

Examples of Game Theory

There are several "games" that game theory analyzes. Below, we will just briefly describe a few of these.

The Prisoner's Dilemma

The Prisoner's Dilemma is the most well-known example of game theory. Consider the example of two criminals arrested for a crime. Prosecutors have no hard evidence to convict them. However, to gain a confession, officials remove the prisoners from their solitary cells and question each one in separate chambers. Neither prisoner has the means to communicate with each other. Officials present four deals, often displayed as a 2 x 2 box.

  • If both confess, they will each receive a five-year prison sentence. 
  • If Prisoner 1 confesses, but Prisoner 2 does not, Prisoner 1 will get three years and Prisoner 2 will get nine years. 
  • If Prisoner 2 confesses, but Prisoner 1 does not, Prisoner 1 will get 10 years, and Prisoner 2 will get two years. 
  • If neither confesses, each will serve two years in prison. 

The most favorable strategy is to not confess. However, neither is aware of the other's strategy and without certainty that one will not confess, both will likely confess and receive a five-year prison sentence. The Nash equilibrium suggests that in a prisoner's dilemma, both players will make the move that is best for them individually but worse for them collectively.

The expression " tit for tat " has been determined to be the optimal strategy for optimizing a prisoner's dilemma. Tit for tat was introduced by Anatol Rapoport, who developed a strategy in which each participant in an iterated prisoner's dilemma follows a course of action consistent with their opponent's previous turn. For example, if provoked, a player subsequently responds with retaliation; if unprovoked, the player cooperates.

The image below depicts the dilemma where the choice of the participant on the column and the choice of the participant in the row may clash. For example, both parties may receive the most favorable outcome if both choose row/column 1. However, each faces the risk of strong adverse outcomes should the other party not choose the same outcome.

Dictator Game 

This is a simple game in which Player A must decide how to split a cash prize with Player B, who has no input into Player A’s decision. While this is not a game theory strategy  per se , it does provide some interesting insights into people’s behavior. Experiments reveal about 50% keep all the money to themselves, 5% split it equally, and the other 45% give the other participant a smaller share.

The dictator game is closely related to the ultimatum game, in which Player A is given a set amount of money, part of which has to be given to Player B, who can accept or reject the amount given. The catch is if the second player rejects the amount offered, both A and B get nothing. The dictator and ultimatum games hold important lessons for issues such as charitable giving and philanthropy.

Volunteer’s Dilemma

In a volunteer’s dilemma, someone has to undertake a chore or job for the common good. The worst possible outcome is realized if nobody volunteers. For example, consider a company in which  accounting fraud is rampant , though top management is unaware of it. Some junior employees in the accounting department are aware of the fraud but hesitate to tell top management because it would result in the employees involved in the fraud being fired and most likely prosecuted.

Being labeled as a whistleblower may also have some repercussions down the line. But if nobody volunteers, the large-scale fraud may result in the company’s eventual bankruptcy and the loss of everyone’s jobs.

The Centipede Game

The centipede game is an extensive-form game in game theory in which two players alternately get a chance to take the larger share of a slowly increasing money stash. It is arranged so that if a player passes the stash to their opponent who then takes the stash, the player receives a smaller amount than if they had taken the pot.

The centipede game concludes as soon as a player takes the stash, with that player getting the larger portion and the other player getting the smaller portion. The game has a pre-defined total number of rounds, which are known to each player in advance.

Game theory exists in almost every facet of life. Because the decisions of other people around you impact your day, game theory pertains to personal relationships, shopping habits, media intake, and hobbies.

Types of Game Theory Strategies

Game theory participants can decide between a few primary ways to play their game. In general, each participant must decide what level of risk they are wiling to take and how far they are wiling to go to pursue the best possible outcome.

Maximax Strategy

A maximax strategy involves no hedging. The participant is either all in or all out; they'll either win big or face the worst consequence. Consider new start-up companies introducing new products to the market. Their new product may result in the company's market cap increasing fifty-fold. On the other hand, a failed product launch will leave the company bankrupt. In either situation, the participant is willing to take a chance on achieving the best outcome even if the worst outcome is possible.

Maximin Strategy

A maximin strategy in game theory results in the participant choosing the best of the worst payoff. The participant has decided to hedge risk and sacrifice full benefit in exchange for avoiding the worst outcome. Often, companies face and accept this strategy when considering lawsuits. By settling out of court and avoid a public trial, companies agree to an adverse outcome. However, that outcome could have been worse due to the exploits of the trial or even worse judicial finding.

Dominant Strategy

In a dominant strategy, a participant performs actions that are the best outcome for the play irrespective of what other participants decide to do. In business, this may a situation where a company decides to scale and expand to a new market whether or not a competing company has decided to move into the market as well. In Prisoner's Dilemma, the dominant strategy would be to confess.

Pure Strategy

Pure strategy entails the least amount of strategic decision-making, as pure strategy is simply a defined choice that is made regardless of external forces or actions of others. Consider a game of rock-paper-scissors in which one participant decides to throw the same shape each trial. As the outcome for this participant is well-defined in advance (outcomes are either a specific shape or not that specific shape), the strategy is defined as pure.

Mixed Strategy

A mixed strategy may seem like random chance, but there is much thought that must go into devising a plan of mixing elements or actions. Consider the relationship between a baseball pitcher and batter. The pitcher cannot throw the same pitch each time; otherwise, the batter could predict what would come next. Instead, the pitcher must mix its strategy from pitch to pitch to create a sense of unpredictability in which it hopes to benefit from.

Limitations of Game Theory

The biggest issue with game theory is that, like most other economic models, it relies on the assumption that people are rational actors that are self-interested and utility-maximizing. Of course, we are social beings who do cooperate often at our own expense. Game theory cannot account for the fact that in some situations we may fall into a Nash equilibrium, and other times not, depending on the social context and who the players are.

In addition, game theory often struggles to factor in human elements such as loyalty, honesty, or empathy. Though statistical and mathematical computations can dictate what a best course of action should be, humans may not take this course due to incalculable and complex scenarios of self-sacrifice or manipulation. Game theory may analyze a set of behaviors but it can not truly forecast the human element.

What Are the Games Being Played in Game Theory?

It is called game theory since the theory tries to understand the strategic actions of two or more "players" in a given situation containing set rules and outcomes. While used in several disciplines, game theory is most notably used as a tool within the study of business and economics.

The "games" may involve how two competitor firms will react to price cuts by the other, whether a firm should acquire another, or how traders in a stock market may react to price changes. In theoretic terms, these games may be categorized as prisoner's dilemmas, the dictator game, the hawk-and-dove, and Bach or Stravinsky.

What Are Some of the Assumptions About These Games?

Like many economic models, game theory also contains a set of strict assumptions that must hold for the theory to make good predictions in practice. First, all players are utility-maximizing rational actors that have full information about the game, the rules, and the consequences. Players are not allowed to communicate or interact with one another. Possible outcomes are not only known in advance but also cannot be changed. The number of players in a game can theoretically be infinite, but most games will be put into the context of only two players.

What Is a Nash Equilibrium?

The Nash equilibrium is an important concept referring to a stable state in a game where no player can gain an advantage by unilaterally changing a strategy, assuming the other participants also do not change their strategies. The Nash equilibrium provides the solution concept in a non-cooperative (adversarial) game. It is named after John Nash who received the Nobel Prize in 1994 for his work.

Who Came Up with Game Theory?

Game theory is largely attributed to the work of mathematician John von Neumann and economist Oskar Morgenstern in the 1940s and was developed extensively by many other researchers and scholars in the 1950s. It remains an area of active research and applied science to this day.

Game theory is the study of how competitive strategies and participant actions can influence the outcome of a situation. Relevant to war, biology, and many facets of life, game theory is used in business to represent strategic interactions in which the outcome of one company or product depends on actions taken by other companies or products.

Princeton University Press. " Theory of Games and Economic Behavior: Overview ."

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. " Game Theory ."

The Nobel Prize. " John F. Nash Jr. "

game theory homework solutions

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  • game theory

a mathematical theory that deals with strategies for maximizing gains and minimizing losses within prescribed constraints, as the rules of a card game: widely applied in the solution of various decision-making problems, as those of military strategy and business policy.

Origin of game theory

  • Also called theory of games .

Words Nearby game theory

  • gametangium
  • gamete intrafallopian transfer
  • game that two can play, that's a
  • gametogenesis
  • gametophore Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use game theory in a sentence

In cryptocurrencies, it’s as important to understand memes and the social layer as it is to understand the technology and game theory that make bitcoin a secure network.

In the 1950s, four decades before he won a Nobel Prize for his contributions to game theory and his story inspired the book and film “A Beautiful Mind,” the mathematician John Nash proved one of the most remarkable results in all of geometry.

On the other hand, even the cleverest strategy is potentially open to exploitation— game theory cannot be discounted, even by a computer of sci-fi-level superintelligence.

It’s behind strategy games like chess and entire disciplines such as game theory .

You’ve been a lifelong analyst of social dynamics and game theory .

So he and his partner, Zack Simpson, did what they do so well: started spit-balling some game theory around politics.

The ongoing game theory behind the Israeli air strikes and ground invasion is, in effect, “The Netanyahu Peace Plan.”

But instead of boning up on trivia, he read my blog—and schooled himself on game theory .

He was giving himself what his research— game theory , in this case—taught him was the best chance to win.

The Myth is popular with people who have taken a one-semester class on game theory , and/or watched a lot of movies.

British Dictionary definitions for game theory

mathematical theory concerned with the optimum choice of strategy in situations involving a conflict of interest : Also called: theory of games

Derived forms of game theory

  • game-theoretic , adjective

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Scientific definitions for game theory

A mathematical method of making decisions in which a competitive situation is analyzed to determine the optimal course of action for an interested party. Game theory is often used in political, economic, and military planning.

The American Heritage® Science Dictionary Copyright © 2011. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


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  23. Game theory Definition & Meaning

    Game theory definition, a mathematical theory that deals with strategies for maximizing gains and minimizing losses within prescribed constraints, as the rules of a card game: widely applied in the solution of various decision-making problems, as those of military strategy and business policy. See more.