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Example Of Business Plan On Game Zone

Type of paper: Business Plan

Topic: Promotion , Creation , Advertisement , Teen , Zone , Summary , Platform , Leisure

Words: 1800

Published: 01/22/2020


Executive Summary

Establishing a successful business requires thorough analysis and planning. This report showcases the business and organization description of Game Zone – a new game arcade targeted at individuals between the ages of 5 and 30. The paper will delve into the details of this venture’s organizational structure and departments that appeal to different age groups. Furthermore, it will present the marketing techniques analysis, such as target market selection criteria, pricing policy, services offered, and promotional methodology (print media, social media, workshops, etc.). We will see how these essential components, combined with careful strategic planning, promote the product effectively and direct Game Zone toward customer engagement.

Business Description

The modern world has recognized the importance of leisure in promoting a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. As people increasingly find themselves with limited free time due to their busy schedules. Accordingly, people have come to prize their free moments by actively participating in engaging recreational activities and making the most out of whatever leisure opportunities become available. This led to an ever-growing range of options for recreational activities – from sports and fitness pursuits to creative endeavors like music or art classes. This newfound appreciation and enthusiasm towards recreation are helping individuals from all walks of life enjoy greater balance and fulfillment in day-to-day lives than was previously imaginable.

In response to the current and prospective demand for leisure and recreational activities, Peter Webb, Janet Jones, and I are creating a venture that seeks to tap into the burgeoning gaming market. Our concept, ‘Game Zone,’ is an arcade platform filled with different games suitable for people of all ages seeking ways to unwind or have a bit of fun during their free time. In essence, Game Zone will become a one-stop shop full of entertainment options.

While other game arcades specialize predominantly in either active or passive games, Game Zone will stand out from the competition due to its unique combination of both game types. This hybrid approach offers something for everyone, encouraging a wide variety of people to come through the doors and enjoy a different type of entertainment than what they might be used to. By providing this kind of dynamic experience with both kinds of games at their disposal, customers can look forward to an engaging atmosphere that encourages leisurely recreation in ways unseen before.

Our company is taking a unique approach in the leisure services industry by focusing on active, not just virtual and video games. Not only will our game arcade feature popular online competitions, but it also will facilitate team-building activities that promote friendly competition amongst participants for fun or prizes. Thus, Game Zone will become an exciting new platform where people can come together and compete while having a good time.

Our company is determined to foster a sense of continuity amongst our customers through the creation of sports and game clubs. Additionally, we plan on collaborating with suppliers in order to provide catering services within the arcade that include snacks, drinks, cakes, and pizza. This will enable customers to have access to all necessary products in one place while simultaneously opening up job opportunities for caterers and service providers and ultimately leading to an increase in profits.

Marketing Analysis Summary

Crafting an effective marketing strategy is a common challenge many companies face in their day-to-day operations, especially considering they often lack insight into their customers’ needs. To create an effective strategy to reach potential prospects, it’s important to consider how people intend to spend their free time. Leisure time pursuits of our targeted customers will be a key consideration for this particular plan, as they will be combined with a business approach taken to ensure successful outreach and engagement. In order to develop such as system, we must take into account several important aspects, from considering how best to reach these individuals through various means while also producing appropriate content that meets their needs and interests.

Drawing on past trends and existing data, our target market focuses largely on people between the ages of 16 and 30. Catering to these individuals is important as games are an easily accessible form of recreation for them in their spare time. At the same time, we will provide leisure and gaming opportunities for pre-teens and teens. However, this means that we must be mindful that pre-teen and teenage children will also have access to other forms of entertainment in Game Zone, so steps must be taken to ensure responsible supervision when necessary.

To effectively advertise our products, marketing efforts will be tailored to different categories. Our online gaming services are particularly geared toward people aged 16-30. However, we also welcome those outside of this age range who may have an interest in games. Although the games were designed with younger demographics in mind, everyone is invited to join the experience.

Our game company will be targeting customers both online and offline. At the forefront of gaming innovation, our company is targeting customers all over the world by providing an online platform for gamers to purchase and play their favorite games. We are proud to introduce our new physical arcade facility, which has the capacity of up to 220 people divided into three age groups (5-12, 13-16, and 16-30), with twelve halls dedicated to each group. Moreover, clients can buy video or online games at a designated storeroom where refreshments stands will also be available for visitors’ convenience.

Our pricing plan allows for tailored gaming experiences and will suit any budget. To make regular play more convenient and accessible, we offer monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscription plans at discounted rates. Members will be marketed and receive personalized offers based on the games that they are interested in. As an added incentive and sense of community, we also promote club formation amongst our players so they can compete against each other in friendly rivalry!

Our marketing and advertising team faces the exciting challenge of effectively promoting Game Zone products. Located in Downtown Seattle, we must use proven promotional strategies and innovative approaches to make sure a large number of people are aware of what we have to offer. We have already factored in various creative ad methods and advertisement types, which can acquire a vast audience for gaming services at our new establishment.

  • Print media

To maximize our customer base, we will employ a multi-pronged approach to advertising Game Zone through strategic placement in local print sports magazines and papers along with lifestyle and leisure publications. Our target area is Seattle’s metropolitan region, including the cities of Shoreline, Shorewood, and Lynnwood. Such an approach should ensure maximum visibility.

  • Social media

Our advertising services aim to capitalize on the power of social media in order to amplify awareness and engagement with our target customers. In particular, we plan to utilize Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace – platforms that are particularly popular among users under 30 years old – as marketing venues. By leveraging these digital channels effectively, we look forward to creating an impactful presence for the company in this crowded market landscape.

  • Workshops and roadshows

Game Zone can seek to maximize their reach and inform potential customers about the arcade through proven strategies – offline workshops and roadshows. By obtaining a permit from the city council through these tools, we will be able to engage with an audience in a cost-effective manner without any associated fees.

At Game Zone, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Thus, we have curated a selection of products that are subdivided into various sections to appeal to the widest possible range of customers. Our expansive inventory features video games catered towards children aged 5-12 and adolescents aged 13-16, as well as adults 16+. Our primary product will be complemented by a catering area with snacks and meals. This will provide customers with delicious refreshments, as well as an exciting selection of video and online games.

Game Zone’s goal is to revolutionize the entertainment industry with its groundbreaking approach to leisure activities. We will deliver an unparalleled customer experience, with a wide range of activities tailored for clients from 5 to 30 years old. Our Downtown Seattle arcade will offer both classic and modern gaming, as well as sports competitions and team-building events. The arcade will also provide visitors access to catering services rendered by our vendors, including snacks, drinks, and pizza. This should ensure that customers have plenty of fueling options during their stay.

Along with using a hybrid entertainment model, providing an enjoyable experience, and offering competitive prices, the venture’s success also depends on our ability to attract customers. To this end, we intend to utilize both online (social media, targeted ads) and offline (print media, outdoor ads) platforms to promote Game Zone. Once we acquire customers, we plan to retain them by introducing them to the arcade’s safe and welcoming environment where customers can spend enjoyable leisure time with their peers while competing for prizes. This will encourage customers to regularly visit Game Zone, increasing their LTV. With dedication towards delivering remarkable service and value over time, it is our vision to become Seattle’s foremost source of gaming entertainment.


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Video Gaming on the Rise in Ethiopia

Fikirte Alem, a middle-aged mother and her 16-year old son Ebenezer Fantahun, were at Yirga Haile Market Center in Merkato, Gojjam Berenda, looking for a PlayStation, a popular video game console.

Fikirte budgeted 5,000 Br to buy the game system as a reward from her and her husband to their son for a fruitful academic year.

Ebenezer, who usually goes to businesses called “game zones” to play video games, managed to convince his parents to buy the game console, so he can play it at home.

PlayStation is the brand name Sony Computer Entertainment gave to a series of video game consoles that it created and developed. PlayStation leads the gaming industry globally, and Ethiopia is no exception.

In 2016, Sony dominated the game console hardware, software and service market by capturing a total market share of 57 percent, which translated to 19.7 billion dollars of spending by gamers, according to market researcher IHS Markit. Sony continued its dominance in 2017, and overall sales are expected to rise well above 20 billion dollars in 2018 thanks to the growth of digital console games.

Sony’s share of the market is almost double that of its nearest competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox, and well ahead of its other two rivals, Wii and Nintendo.

The local market is dominated by PlayStation, and the video game business seems to boom during the summer season when schools are closed and when students are at home for the summer holiday.

This may also be helped by a general belief among parents like Fikerte that these games enhance their children’s cognitive abilities aside from offering entertainment. Prices for the game console and accessories range between 1,700 Br to 15,000 Br in the local market depending on versions, updates and the retail stores that sell them.

The first generation of PlayStation was released in 1994 with 5,170 games, followed by updates of the system six years later. In 2006, the company introduced PlayStation 3 (PS3), and the eighth-generation PlayStation 4 (PS4) was introduced in 2013 with 1,812 games.

There is an array of accessories used for game control and to enhance the experience, including gaming controllers, audio and communication equipment, pointing devices and remote-control gadgets.

“Summer season is when our business booms,” said Nasseri Abdulsemed, marketing director of Glorious Plc, the exclusive importer of Sony’s PlayStation console in Ethiopia, adding that youth aged between 15 to 18 are their primary clients.

Over 64pc of secondary school students in Addis Abeba actively play video games and the trend is rising year-to-year, according to a 2015 study conducted by Befekadu Wondimu,  ‘’The Influences of Electronic Media on the Academic Performance, Behaviour & Social Interactions of Students of Secondary Schools in Addis Abeba City Government.”

This rising trend is directly related to the increase of disposable income, according to Hailemariam Kebede, a lecturer and coordinator of graduate programs at the Department of Marketing Management, Addis Abeba University College of Business & Economics.

He asserts that the video game console prices are not cheap but demands for the games are rising.

“When the market demand for the gaming product rises and there is no significant discount on prices being offered, it shows that disposable income of urban parents is growing.”

The rise of disposable incomes globally has triggered the expansion of leisure products such as PlayStation, and that is what we see taking place in the local market, according to Hailemariam.

“Competition among the youth and their families is also a factor for the rise in demand for the products,” he said.

Adolescents and youth, whose families cannot afford to buy the consoles, have the options of playing at game zones.

Break Game Zone, located in Aymen Building near Mexico Square, is one of the arcades that offer the game for a fee.

Break Game Zone has been thriving for the past couple of years, according to Mebrahtu Gebreselassie, owner and manager.

“On average, we see 20 people coming into the arcade every day,” said Mebrahtu.

The stores charge players by the minute and depending on the duration of the games, collect between three Birr and five Birr for every five minutes of play.

After school hours and the summer are when Mebrahtu sees an increase in the number of people coming into his store.

Kibrom Tesfamariam, a 21-year-old sophomore, is one of the regulars of Break Game Zone, who comes to play PlayStation.

“I usually come here after school, with or without my friends,” he said.

“We have the latest generation of products, so many young people come to play them,” Mebrahtu told Fortune, who started his business with PlayStation 3 (PS3) and upgraded to PS4 to satisfy his clients’ demands and requests.

Although the video game business is thriving, some experts argue that the game has negative effects on children’s brains. Young people can get addicted, become less social and it can affect the academic performances of the children if families do not intervene, according to Seble Hailu, psychologist and television programme host at one of the local television stations, Nahoo Television.

World Health Organisation defines addiction to digital-gaming or video-gaming as a disorder characterized by “impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities and a continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.”

In Ethiopia, mostly teenagers were addicted to these games, but these days the trend has switched to adults, according to Befekadu’s assessment.

Though many people become familiar with the games and have these products at their homes, Glorious plc claims that some of the products are bought in the blackmarket.

Other consoles, accessories and software are imported by family members from abroad.

“There is also an expansion as a result of lack of enforcement of laws concerning copyright issues,” said Nasseri of Glorious.

Fikirte believes that she made the right choice in buying an authorised product from an exclusive importer.

“I decided to buy my son a game that excites him,” she said, “I will buy him the video game for summer entertainment, because it keeps him at home.”


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game zone business plan in ethiopia

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Reset your password, game zones broaden entertainment opportunities.

Game zones, popular among young children, teenagers and even some adults are found in many commercial districts, shopping centers and malls around the city.  As some segment of the population is flash with disposable income, parents are willing to spend huge sums of money to have their kids play game consoles, simulators and watch 3D movies with special effects, reports SELAMAWIT MENGESHA, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


Tamrat Abebe, the owner of Tamrat Abebe Car Rentals in Meqelle, Tigray Regional State, comes to the capital every other week with his two daughters.

While he stays in the city, he has made a habit of taking his daughters to one of the entertainment malls in the capital, GAST Entertainment Mall, located in Bole District in CMC near St. Michael Church.

His eldest girl enjoys the games at the mall, according to Tamrat, who pays at least 700 Br for a day outing at the mall.

"I believe the game is developing her mind, and she is happy to be here,” said Tamrat, referring to his four-year-old daughter.

GAST opened its doors on March 7, 2019, with various game zone levels to attract kids, teenagers and adults. It offers general and VIP sections, which both house gyms, spas, massage parlors, Moroccan steam baths and hair salon that caters to adults and carries an annual membership fee.

The mall was built targeting families who come to play together and to entertain them as a group, according to Dawit Teklehaymanot, general manager of GAST.

It is equipped with four cinemas: two gold-class cinemas that serve 18 and 16 people each; and two Dolby Atmos cinemas that offer a 3D experience for crowds of more than 200 each.

The mall also offers grown-up games including laser tag, wall climbing, an escape room and an infinity mirror maze. All the games are played using tokens that cost between 10 Br to 150 Br.

GAST is the only game zone in the capital that has 12-storeys almost entirely devoted to gaming. The ground level of the building is occupied by cafes and other retail stores.

Refurbished at a cost of 600 million Br including construction, finishing and equipment, approximately 400 to 800 visitors come to the mall each day to play games, watch movies, visit the hair salons and to use the gyms, according to Dawit. The gaming consoles were imported from Thailand, China, the United States and Dubai.

Gaming centres are becoming increasingly popular for families living in Addis Abeba, especially during the holidays and weekends, providing fun and entertainment.

Game zone in Gura building around Cmc road.

These game and entertainment centres, which are now widespread in the city, have become part of modern life. Lifestyles are changing as disposable incomes have increased and people have been able to spend more on entertainment.

At a national level, gross disposable income, which is an indicator of a country's living standards, was 1.95 billion Br in 2016/17 fiscal year, according to data from the National Bank of Ethiopia.

Century Mall is another establishment with a game zone that has devoted an entire floor, the fifth floor, to this form of entertainment. The mall, located in CMC near Gurd Shola, has been in operation for the past two years.

The mall hosts multiple shopping centres, and the game zone is just one component that occupies nearly 1,600Sqm and remains free of alcohol and tobacco.

The game zone is open for those who are three years and older and offers table tennis and basketball playing areas. Each game requires one token that may cost between 20 Br to 90 Br.

Two weeks ago, Elizabeth Tesfaye, the owner of Little Stars Daycare in Johannesburg, South Africa, was at Century Mall with her six-year-old twin children.

“Game zones help their mental and physical fitness and is good for their creativity,” Elizabeth told Fortune .

Elizabeth was surprised to find the latest games installed at the mall but recommends that the management of the mall add some features.

"It will be good if they add water slides, parks and large play areas," she said.

Elizabeth paid nearly 300 Br to play different games using 20 Br tokens. Comparing Century Mall with Johannesburg, she claims it is much cheaper to play games in Addis.

Though the trend is growing fast, dedicated game zones are not new in the capital. Edna Mall, located in front of Bole Medhanialem Church on Cameroon Street, is a pioneer.

Established by the well-known grade one contractor, Tekleberhan Ambaye, the mall was opened in 2008. It has a 7D cinema and Bob & Bongos games purchased from Middle Eastern supply companies at costs ranging from 70,000 to 120,000 dollars each.

The game zone reopened in June 2014 after an expansion process that added several machines.

In addition to the game zone, Edna Mall offers different services such as regular birthday celebration packages that may cost up to 8,000 Br; golden packages for 10,000 Br; and additional school packages special games, movies and entertainment packages.

There are discounts given for governmental and NGO-related schools, according to Wubshet Abera, assistant marketing manager at Edna Mall.

For grown-up entertainment, there is a 7D cinema simulator in a room that holds 12 seats with the latest technology in sound and special effects.

Customers obtain tokens to play the games, which cost six Birr for each game. The playgrounds work with tickets, which have the same values as the tokens.

There is a ticket prize for those who get high scores, so that they can take prizes based on the number of tickets they won.

The game centre has 100 gaming machines and is visited by 4,000 to 5,000 customers each day, claims Eyasu Kiros, the general manager of the centre.

Fitsum Ergo, who works and lives in Tanzania as an engineer, is just one customer of Edna Mall. Last week he was there with his three kids.

When the family comes to Ethiopia, the first choice of the children is Edna Mall, according to Fitsum.

“My children love the game zone, and they have been coming here once a year or every two years," he said.

Unlike other families, Fitsum does not believe that the games will develop the minds of the children.

"While it doesn’t give them any additional knowledge or doesn't develop their creativity, it may stimulate their minds and keep them entertained,” said Fitsum.

Just in front of Edna Mall, there is another game zone - Medhanialem Mall. The mall has over 100 games along with pool tables and table tennis playing areas. It also offers packages for school and birthday celebrations.

The adult and teenager games occupy the fourth floor, while the ground floor is devoted to kids’ entertainment.

The game zone covers a large open area that feels free and airy to the players. The play tokens are priced at seven Br each, and a game may take three to four tokens.

A simulator car driving game costs 25 Br a person, while a 9D cinema, a feature that is only available at this location, costs 90 Br to entertain.

Mantu Ashene, a mechanical engineer from Canada, Montreal, who arrived in Ethiopia about a month ago with his two kids, ages three and four, was at the mall last week.

Mantu spends 300 Br for different games at six Birr a token at the mall, which is also geared for teenagers and adults and hosts the latest game machines.

Psychologist and counselor Seble Hailu explains that children’s communication language is game playing, so an expanded game zone may be necessary for children to develop their creativity, imagination and their simulation.

But she also believes that these games hurt children when they spend too much time playing them, and their interactions with their friends and families can suffer. Additionally, it can turn into an addiction, their education can suffer, it can reduce their participation in physical exercise.

If children go to game zones for entertainment once a week after school and study times, and they spend their time balanced between entertainment and responsible work, there is no harm, according to Seble.

“Families must keep their children’s play and entertainment times balanced and constantly monitor their activities,” Seble added.

PUBLISHED ON May 18,2019 [ VOL 20 , NO 994]

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game zone business plan in ethiopia


game zone business plan in ethiopia

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How Africa Is Getting Its Mobile Game On! Ethiopia’s Endless Creative Inspiration

Forbes Africa

In Africa, a new creative energy is seeing tech geeks give up their consoles and day jobs to take to full-time video game development. It’s not a level-playing field but they are engaging a growing hyper-connected audience.

THE YOUNGEST continent in the world has a new obsession – mobile gaming. What’s newer is local content created by Africans for Africa…


In Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, a young gaming enthusiast is bringing more visibility to the industry. Dawit Abraham is the founder and CEO of Qene Games. He is also a game developer and android application engineer.

“The industry in Ethiopia is still in its infancy with only a few active studios present. Ethiopia doesn’t have Google and Apple merchant accounts that would have allowed Ethiopian game developers to sell their games across the world. The industry is also yet to be recognized and supported by the government,” he tells FORBES AFRICA.

University graduates are now actively pursuing game development as a career option. – Dawit Abraham, founder and CEO, Qene Game

However, despite these challenges, the industry is alive and kicking. “Gaming communities actively get together and build games on hackathons and game jams. University graduates are now actively pursuing game development as a career option,” he says.

“Ethiopia, as a country with more than 3,000 years of history and culture, has a large pool for creative inspiration. From the artistic styles that have been around for millennia, unique music styles, and many fascinating legends and folklore, our game developers have an endless source to feed their creativity and imagination.”

Hubs of creativity and inspiration thus make countries like Ethiopia great places to begin when seeking ideas for original and unique games especially against the backdrop of the continent’s burgeoning creative economy. Abraham believes that as more publishers become interested in the African market, the more game developers and games we will see.

“I expect that we would see a rise in the number of mobile game developers and also the quality of games coming out of Africa. I also suspect there would be fierce competition among telcos (telecommunication operators) who have been trying to get into the gaming business to try to fill the gap in distribution and sales,” he says.

Augmentative Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) gaming experiences are also great opportunities for the African tourism industry to explore. Companies such as Guzo Tech in Ethiopia have received grants for their work in AR tourism showcasing the country’s historic sites.

Read the full article at forbesafrica.com »

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Getu's X-trim Game Zone - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

game zone business plan in ethiopia

Getu's X-trim Game Zone - Experience Z X-trim. Our game zone is an amusement place with arcade games,pool,TV games,soft play structure,internet service,event hosting.and many more.....with a special setting for kids and adults separately.First class cafe and restaurant available. 

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Game Zone’s Business Model

Introduction, the estimated start-up costs, revenue sources and profit potential, reasons for developing successful business.

The paper provides a discussion of start-up costs related to the Game Zone business. The answer to the question regarding sources of revenues and the profit model related to Game Zone is also presented in the paper. The possible success of the business is discussed with reference to the market analysis and examination of potential customers’ profiles.

Game Zone is a newly developed business in the industries of video games and retailing. The purpose of this paper is to answer the questions regarding start-up costs for Game Zone and sources of revenues. The paper also answers the question about the reasons to expect the business’s success.

In order to open the Game Zone shop, the first investment in the project should be around $50,000-$65,000. The significant part of expenses ($5,000 per month) is associated with renting a shop with several halls that should be located in the central district of the city. This location can guarantee that many potential customers can visit the shop daily. Video games for Game Zone will be purchased in small companies that focus on launching innovative products.

The estimated costs are $10,000. To promote potential bestsellers, it is necessary to equip some room in halls and allow gamers to test a new product in the Game Zone shop (Burgess & Spinks, 2014). The costs associated with buying equipment, consoles, and computers are $10,000-$12,000. The employee costs will be minimal because only three employees will work in the shop during the first months. Much attention should be paid to organizing the first competition for gamers and the associated advertising in order to attract potential customers.

The business sources of revenues are associated with the proposition of competitive prices and admission fees for participants of the club and competitions. In addition, the focus is on payments provided by small companies that are expected to pay for promoting their products in the Game Zone shop as games that are tested and played in special halls of the shop. Developers of video games will be interested in this type of advertising (Marchand & Hennig-Thurau, 2013). The expected profits are rather high, and it is possible to predict that revenues will exceed start-up costs after the first six months of work.

Game Zone will be a successful business because it is oriented to the target audience of gamers who represent a specific subculture, and the shop will provide customers with the unique experience of playing new games, competing, and interacting in the atmosphere of a club for gamers. While referring to the personal experience of working in the video game industry, as well as the experience of a gamer, it is possible to state that persons are interested not only in testing new products but also in observing how other people play.

The Game Zone shop provides gamers with many opportunities to satisfy their interests in video gaming: they can buy games to play at home, participate in testing games, interact with other gamers in the club, participate in competitions, and observe other people playing. According to Borowiecki and Prieto-Rodriguez (2015), these activities are important for the life of any gamer. Davidovici-Nora (2014) also states that social interactions based on similar interests can influence the purchasing behavior of gamers.

In spite of the fact that such giants in the market as GameStop and Nintendo shops can be viewed as more attractive to customers, the emphasis on additional services proposed in Game Zone shops will draw the attention of potential buyers (Rayna & Striukova, 2014). Therefore, although there are strong competitors in the market, Game Zone can become a successful business-oriented to gamers’ interests. As a result, it is possible to expect high profits.

Borowiecki, K. J., & Prieto-Rodriguez, J. (2015). Video games playing: A substitute for cultural consumptions? Journal of Cultural Economics , 39 (3), 239-258.

Burgess, J., & Spinks, W. (2014). An examination of the four factors of brand resonance and their theoretical application to video games. The Journal of New Business Ideas & Trends , 12 (2), 37-45.

Davidovici-Nora, M. (2014). Paid and free digital business models innovations in the video game industry. Digiworld Economic Journal , 94 (1), 83-89.

Marchand, A., & Hennig-Thurau, T. (2013). Value creation in the video game industry: Industry economics, consumer benefits, and research opportunities. Journal of Interactive Marketing , 27 (3), 141-157.

Rayna, T., & Striukova, L. (2014). Few to many: Change of business model paradigm in the video game industry. Digiworld Economic Journal , 94 (1), 61-69.

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The 6 Best Game & Entertainment Centers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sometimes referred to as the capital of Africa, Addis Ababa is a buzzing hub of economic, social and political activity and home to such notable offices as the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. The diversity of its people is reflected in the many churches, mosques and museums, including the Ethiopian National Museum which houses the fossilized skeleton of Dinkinesh, or Lucy, the Australopithecine discovered in the area in the 1970s. Restaurants in Addis Ababa

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Elma is the first HD Virtual Reality experience in Ethiopia.

2. Elma Virtual Reality

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