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Research Topics & Ideas: Politics

100+ Politics-Related Research Ideas To Fast-Track Your Project

Political science research topics and ideas

Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation or thesis. If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking for a politics-related research topic , but aren’t sure where to start. Here, we’ll explore a variety of politically-related research ideas across a range of disciplines, including political theory and philosophy, comparative politics, international relations, public administration and policy.

NB – This is just the start…

The topic ideation and evaluation process has multiple steps . In this post, we’ll kickstart the process by sharing some research topic ideas. This is the starting point, but to develop a well-defined research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , along with a well-justified plan of action to fill that gap.

If you’re new to the oftentimes perplexing world of research, or if this is your first time undertaking a formal academic research project, be sure to check out our free dissertation mini-course. Also, be sure to sign up for our free webinar that explores how to find a high-quality research topic from scratch.

Overview: Politics-Related Topics

  • Political theory and philosophy
  • Comparative politics
  • International relations
  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Examples of politics-related dissertations

Topics & Ideas: Political Theory

  • An analysis of the impact of feminism on political theory and the concept of citizenship in Saudi Arabia in the context of Vision 2030
  • A comparative study of the political philosophies of Marxism and liberalism and their influence on modern politics
  • An examination of how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the relationship between individual freedom and collective responsibility in political philosophy
  • A study of the impact of race and ethnicity on French political philosophy and the concept of justice
  • An exploration of the role of religion in political theory and its impact on secular democracy in the Middle East
  • A Review of Social contract theory, comparative analysis of the political philosophies of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau
  • A study of the concept of the common good in political philosophy and its relevance to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe
  • An examination of the relationship between political power and the rule of law in developing African countries
  • A study of the impact of postmodernism on political theory and the concept of truth, a case study of the US
  • An exploration of the role of virtue in political philosophy and its impact on the assessment of moral character in political leaders

Research topic idea mega list

Topics & Ideas: Comparative Politics

  • A comparative study of different models of federalism and their impact on democratic governance: A case Study of South American federalist states
  • The impact of ethnic and religious diversity on political stability and democracy in developing countries, a review of literature from Africa
  • An analysis of the role of civil society in promoting democratic change in autocratic regimes: A case study in Sweden
  • A comparative examination of the impact of globalization on political institutions and processes in South America and Africa.
  • A study of the factors that contribute to successful democratization in authoritarian regimes, a review of the role of Elite-driven democratization
  • A comparison of the political and economic systems of China and India and their impact on social development
  • The impact of corruption on political institutions and democracy in South East Asia, a critical review
  • A comparative examination of the impact of majoritarian representation (winner-take-all) vs proportional representation on political representation and governance
  • An exploration of Multi-party systems in democratic countries and their impact on minority representation and policy-making.
  • A study of the factors that contribute to successful decentralization and regional autonomy, a case study of Spain

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

Topics & Ideas: International Relations

  • A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of diplomacy and military force in resolving international conflicts in Central Africa.
  • The impact of globalization on the sovereignty of nation-states and the changing nature of international politics, a review of the role of Multinational Corporations
  • An examination of the role of international aid organizations in promoting peace, security, and development in the Middle East.
  • A study of the impact of economic interdependence on the likelihood of conflict in international relations: A critical review of weaponized interdependence
  • A comparative analysis of the foreign policies of the EU and the US and their impact on international stability in Africa
  • An exploration of the relationship between international human rights and national sovereignty during the Covid 19 pandemic
  • A study of the role of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)s in international politics and their impact on state behaviour
  • A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of international regimes in addressing global challenges such as climate change, arms control, and terrorism in Brazil
  • An examination of the impact of the rise of BRICS on the international system and global governance
  • A study of the role of ideology in shaping the foreign policies of states and the dynamics of international relations in the US

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Tops & Ideas: Public Administration

  • An analysis of the impact of digital technology on public administration and the delivery of public services in Estonia
  • A review of models of public-private partnerships and their impact on the delivery of public services in Ghana
  • An examination of the role of civil society organizations in monitoring and accountability of public administration in Papua New Guinea
  • A study of the impact of environmentalism as a political ideology on public administration and policy implementation in Germany
  • An exploration of the relationship between public administration and citizen engagement in the policy-making process, an exploration of gender identity concerns in schools
  • A comparative analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration, decentralisation and pay and employment reform in developing countries
  • A study of the role of collaborative leadership in public administration and its impact on organizational performance
  • A systematic review of the challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion in police services
  • A study of the impact of corrupt public administration on economic development and regional growth in Eastern Europe
  • An exploration of the relationship between public administration and civil rights and liberties, including issues related to privacy and surveillance, a case study in South Korea

Research topic evaluator

Topics & Ideas: Public Policy

  • An analysis of the impacts of public policy on income inequality and poverty reduction in South Sudan
  • A comparative study of the effectiveness of legal and regulatory, economic and financial, and social and cultural instruments for addressing climate change in South Korea
  • An examination of the role of interest groups in shaping public policy and the policy-making process regarding land-use claims
  • A study of the impact of globalization on the development of public policies and programs for mitigating climate change in Singapore
  • An exploration of the relationship between public policy and social justice in tertiary education in the UAE
  • A comparative analysis of the impact of health policies for the management of diabetes on access to healthcare and health outcomes in developing countries
  • Exploring the role of evidence-based policymaking in the design and implementation of public policies for the management of invasive invertebrates in Australia
  • An examination of the challenges and opportunities of implementing educational dietary public policies in developing multicultural countries
  • A study of the impact of public policies on urbanization and urban development in rural Indonesia
  • An exploration of the role of media and public opinion in shaping public policy and the policy-making process in the transport industry of Malaysia

Examples: Politics Dissertations & Theses

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a politics-related research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual dissertations and theses to see how this all comes together.

Below, we’ve included a selection of research projects from various politics-related degree programs to help refine your thinking. These are actual dissertations and theses, written as part of Master’s and PhD-level programs, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • We, the Righteous Few: Immoral Actions of Fellow Partisans are Judged as Less Possible (Varnam, 2020)
  • Civilizing the State: Civil Society and the Politics of Primary Public Health Care Provision in Urban Brazil (Gibson, 2012)
  • Political regimes and minority language policies: evidence from Taiwan and southeast Asia (Wu, 2021)
  • The Feminist Third Wave: Social Reproduction, Feminism as Class Struggle, and Contemporary Women’s Movements (Angulo, 2019)
  • The Politics of Immigration under Authoritarianism (Joo, 2019)
  • The politics of digital platforms: Sour Dictionary, activist subjectivities, and contemporary cultures of resistance (Okten, 2019)
  • Vote choice and support for diverse candidates on the Boston City Council At-Large (Dolcimascolo, 2022)
  • The city agenda: local governance and national influence in the policy agenda, 1900-2020 (Shannon, 2022)
  • Turf wars: who supported measures to criminalize homelessness in Austin, Texas? (Bompiedi, 2021)
  • Do BITs Cause Opposition Between Investor Rights and Environmental Protection? (Xiong, 2022)
  • Revealed corruption and electoral accountability in Brazil: How politicians anticipate voting behavior (Diaz, 2021)
  • Intersectional Solidarity: The Political Consequences of a Consciousness of Race, Gender and Sexuality (Crowder, 2020)
  • The Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Coalitional Representation of Latinxs in the U.S. House of Representatives (Munoz, 2019)

Looking at these titles, you can probably pick up that the research topics here are quite specific and narrowly-focused , compared to the generic ones presented earlier. In other words, to create a top-notch research topic, you must be precise and target a specific context with specific variables of interest . In other words, you need to identify a clear, well-justified research gap.

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140 Newest Political Science Research Paper Topics

political science research topics

If you are reading our blog post, its means you’re desperately trying to find some amazing political science research topics. Truth be told, you’ve arrived at the right place. We have a list of original political science research topics for you right here. Furthermore, we’ve included a lot of information about finding great topics and about their benefits. Remember that all our political science topics are 100% free. We are all about helping college students get the best possible grades. We do our absolute best to update our list of political science essay topics as frequently as possible, so stay tuned for new topics!

Are Political Science Research Topics Hard to Find?

It looks like finding research topics for political science in 2023 is pretty difficult. But why? Well, because even though there are plenty of websites offering topics, you are facing fierce competition. Each one of your peers is looking for topics. And in most cases, they end up on the same websites as you do. This means that in many cases, you will write a research paper on the same subject as several of your classmates. The simple way to avoid this and find hot topics in politics is to watch the news and pick interesting things to analyze. However, this takes time; the time you may not have. After all, you have two or three other essays to write this week…

Extraordinary Political Science Topics = Top Grades

The easiest way to get some ideas is to read our list of topics in political science. At the time of writing, all the political science research paper topics are 100% original. And remember, a good topic usually means a top grade if you do a decent job at writing the paper. Why? It’s simply because professors are easily impressed by people who demonstrate originality. If you can think outside the box and stand out from the crowd, you will get bonus points . Of course, you are free to pick any of the political science paper topics below and reword them in any way.

Philosophy Research Political Science Essay Topics

Political research philosophy deals with how society should be set up and the changes needed. It discusses ethics and how they impact society. Political science research topics should be intriguing and interesting. Here is a list of research topics that your professor will find interesting in your essay:

  • Research on what caused the American Revolution.
  • Karl Schmidt’s thesis and German philosophy and how they affect society.
  • Transition methods of post-socialist and how that impacted society.
  • How does civil republicanism contrast with Liberalism?
  • The justification of Liberal democracy.
  • How modern political virtue is linked to the Mutual tolerance approach.
  • Neopatrimonialism Society risk.
  • The election ethics.
  • How the Western constitution law lens views existentialism.
  • The republican traditions are used in education.
  • Role of philosophy on the politics of your country.
  • The impact made by the American Revolution.

Political Theorists Political Science Essay Topics

Writing political theorists’ take an honorary place when students get the right political science research topics for their dissertation’s literature review. Besides, when you get interesting political science thesis topics, you can be sure that your professor will be impressed. Though such research does not give proper answers to global issues, you can work with comparative political research questions. If you have no idea about the political science research paper topics you can use, you are in the right place. Let us take a look at these ideas:

  • The theory of John Austin.
  • Aristotle’s philosophy on Governance.
  • The thesis of Fredric Bastiat.
  • Reasons why Rome failed.
  • About Jean Bodin and what he failed to see about sovereignty.
  • Is the trajectory followed by the US the same as that of Ancient Rome?
  • The republic by Plato Analysis.
  • How did Vladimir Lenin influence the communism approach?
  • The political events that led to Nazism.
  • How do Greco-Romans influence modern politics?
  • The discipline powers Foucault’s.
  • Edmund Burke Classics theories and their impact.

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

Do you want to thrill your professor? Do you want to come up with something new? If this is the case, just take a look at our list of interesting political science research topics below. You can also check out our history topics .

If you are interested in how politics gave birth to – and altered the course of – conflicts, we have some very interesting topics about conflicts on our list:

  • Terrorism can be an effective political instrument.
  • How did war change politics in the US?
  • The effects of the Vietnam War on United States politics.
  • How did the Afghanistan war start?
  • The differences between armed conflicts and political conflicts.
  • The effects of pardoning criminals in today’s society.
  • Ways to effectively implement urgent changes in the legislation process.
  • Prosecution ethics on top-tier officials.
  • The federal crime comparison of the American and European Federals.
  • Methods used to eliminate corruption in America and their effectiveness.
  • What are the social movements of the post-war times?
  • Research on modern leader’s global interdependence.

Current Research Topics in Political Science

Of course, we realize you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in political science. Your professor will be thrilled to see that you’ve chosen one of our current research topics in political science:

  • Karl Schmidt thesis and German philosophy.
  • What political decision by the Trump presidency had the biggest impact?
  • The impact that the true commission has on civil society.
  • The latest controversy surrounding Amnesty International.
  • The battles were fought by superpowers around the Arctic Circle.
  • How do Republicans influence US education?
  • The political response to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Is religion a political power nowadays?

Public Law Topics

There are plenty of public law topics you can write an essay about. However, our academic writers have selected only the ones that have the potential to get an A+:

  • Argumentative analysis of the judicial review and its impact on society.
  • What is the judicial interpretation of public safety statutes?
  • Discuss the privacy law and commercial exploitation.
  • What are the gender bias philosophies found in custody battles?
  • What is the Socio-Economic preference in Police interrogation?
  • Discuss the post-conflict justice inequality.
  • What is the public safety status of Judicial Interpretation?
  • Similarities between common morality and criminal law.
  • Top 3 best European legislators in history.
  • Discuss the Human Rights Act of 1998.
  • Can national security destroy civil liberty?
  • Is the Internet a “politically correct” place?

Easily Researchable Topics in Political Science

Perhaps you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort writing the political sciences essay. In this case, you may be interested in one of our easily researchable topics in political science:

  • Are the politicians to be blamed for the frequent civil wars?
  • What is the relationship between media and politics in America?
  • The influence that social movements have on changing public policies.
  • The way that the Patriot Act will be viewed in future generations.
  • What is the current situation of your country’s foreign policy?
  • What is the cause and effect of conflict in Syria?
  • Research on the global impact of Brexit.
  • Should anyone be allowed to pardon violent criminals?
  • Here is how you eliminate corruption.
  • Discuss the Frederic Bastiat Theses.
  • Discuss Trump’s immigration crisis.
  • Is the media politically biased?

International Relations Research Topics

International relations is one of the most interesting political sciences topics today. They’re also quite complex. Here are some excellent international relations research topics:

  • Controversies of Amnesty International.
  • What causes Global Poverty?
  • Defining and analyzing global security networks.
  • The power battles of the Arctic Circle.
  • Human Rights in Uganda.
  • How has the international relation in America changed in the past five years?
  • What do people think about politicians becoming corrupt?
  • What is the US’s Foreign Policy?
  • The effects of the Syrian war on its politics.
  • Analyzing the ethics of NGOs in America.
  • What is the IMF (International Monetary Fund)?
  • What causes poverty on a planetary scale?

Public Administration Topics

Are you interested in writing about public administration as part of your political sciences essay? Just take a quick look at some very public administration topics:

  • How was the private sector innovated in the United States?
  • Methods of community development.
  • What vision did John Rohr have of the constitution?
  • Ethics of the nonprofit organization.
  • Administration careers of transport security.
  • The compromise of environmental management.
  • Innovations in the United States private sector.
  • How does the Federal Emergency Management Agency work?
  • What is fiscal management and why is it so important?
  • How do governments coordinate their efforts?
  • The best ways to reduce bureaucracy in the US.

Current International Relations Topics

Your professor is most definitely interested in current events more than he is interested in reading about the past. Give your take on any of these wonderful current international relations topics:

  • Description of how the IMF works.
  • What is the major cause of poverty in the world?
  • Research on how global security works.
  • A look at Japan and China’s foreign aid policy.
  • The research and discussion on the continuous effects of Brexit.
  • A look at soft law manipulative treaties.
  • Research on international protection in regards to children’s rights.
  • Will Israel ever accept a Palestinian state?
  • Are countries alone in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Analyze the evolution of human rights in Rwanda.
  • What causes the conflicts in Syria?
  • Geopolitics: the quest for dominance.

Comparative Politics Research Topics

Did you know that writing about comparative politics can be fun? Analyze the political differences and similarities between various countries by writing a paper on one of our comparative politics research topics:

  • Comparison to behavioral approach to parties.
  • The United States and Japan Culture Pressure.
  • Definition of Soviet Union Ideology and its impact.
  • The Interest Aggregation of the Vietnam War.
  • How developing countries recruit.
  • The party hierarchy of Chinese communists.
  • Traits of the Anglo Saxon in the American government.
  • Compare the foreign policies of the US and the UK.
  • Similarities between political parties in Scotland and Ireland.
  • Differences between parliamentary and presidential democracy.
  • How does apartheid begin?
  • Compare and contrast communist and socialist governments.

Political Science Thesis Topics

Writing a thesis in political science can be a daunting task. However, picking the correct topic can greatly ease your workload. Here are some political science thesis topics to pick from:

  • How does the endorsement by a decorated military improve the chances of a political candidate?
  • What is meant when people talk about psychological politics in the modern world?
  • Do unions have any impact when endorsing an election campaign?
  • What impact did the Trump vs. Biden election have on foreign politics around the globe?
  • Reasons why abortion should be made legal at the federal level
  • What is a single controversial political decision that has impacted international policies?
  • What can governments do to rid their countries of corruption?
  • Should the foreign policy of the UK be changed? Why?
  • How governments can help fight climate change.
  • The system regulating immigration in the United States is fundamentally broken.
  • Differences between the Parliament of India and the Parliament of Pakistan.

Political Philosophy Topics

Political philosophy has changed a lot over the years. Things are very much different from one country to another. Here are some interesting ideas you can use right now:

  • What caused the great American Revolution of 1765?
  • Is mutual tolerance in politics just a dream?
  • Explain the importance of the Karl Schmidt Theses for Germany.
  • What is Neopatrimonialism?
  • What causes unethical behavior ahead of elections?
  • Fiscal management strategic planning.
  • What are the comprehensive benefits of public safety?
  • What is the global independence of global leaders?
  • What is religion, and is it a social power?
  • What are the ethical topics that top officials in government today should discuss?
  • Is there a similarity between the American and European federal crimes as seen in the past few years?
  • What is the reason for the continuous immigrant crisis in Mexico?

If you need more political topics to write about (including many more international relations topics), we advise you to get in touch with our professional thesis writers . A seasoned academic writer can create a list of original, interesting topics in no time. The quality of the political topics you choose greatly influences the grades you get on your research papers, so professional assistance may prove to be invaluable.

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Political Science Research Topics

Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

Political science plays an important role in how we shape the world around us. It offers insight into governments, political systems, public policies, international relations, and more. This makes it a broad subject to explore. But it can also be challenging to find a captivating political science research topic. 

To make things easier, we’ve collected multiple political science research paper topics that suit any taste and need. We made a step further and divided these ideas into accessible categories. Choose the area you are most interested in and get ready to find a bunch of political science research topics in your domain.

But first things first, let’s figure out what politics is all about.

What Are Political Science Research Topics?

Politics is the study of governments, public policies, and political processes. It investigates how societies make decisions. Political science also examines how decisions affect people, both on a small scale, like a neighborhood, and on a global scale, like international relations.

Political science research paper topics can range widely within this discipline. Depending on your interests and goals, you could explore anything from voting behavior to gender equality in politics. You can also study global diplomatic relations, electoral systems, or the influence of media on political outcomes.

Characteristics of Good Political Science Research Paper Topics

Politics shapes our world in myriad ways. Every aspect of it bears relevance and offers a platform for thoughtful discourse, making it a fertile field for academic exploration.

However, good political science topics aren’t just about selecting a subject itself. Great ideas require elements of intrigue, relevance, and potential for in-depth examination, all while showcasing your input. So, what should you consider while choosing between different political research topics? Well, your passion and expertise are pivotal. Your topic should resonate with your interests and align with your academic focus.

Here's a brief overview of characteristics that make up engaging political science research topics:

  • Relevant and contemporary
  • Balanced in its scope
  • Well-documented and containing enough material
  • Interesting to you as well as your readers
  • Suitable for follow-up studies and/or additional research.

How to Choose a Political Science Research Topic?

Stumped about which political science topic to choose for your research paper? It's a common dilemma for many students. You shouldn’t just pick a theme. You must ensure that your topic sustains your interest, meets academic requirements, and resonates with your audience.

No need to stress, though! This blog is here to help you navigate these tricky waters. Our online essay writer team has shared these step-by-step guidelines to help you choose a successful topic for your political science paper:

  • Start with something you’re passionate about. Your enthusiasm and interest will animate the project and guide you to success.
  • Come up with an original idea that hasn’t been explored in depth before or is still relevant today.
  • Find something that’s timely and engaging to a wider audience. This should be something that people care about and are actively discussing.
  • Look for hidden connections, patterns, and solutions. Make sure your political science research topic is complex enough to ensure in-depth research.
  • Gather the necessary materials beforehand. Ensure availability of information before you begin analyzing your theme.

List of Political Science Research Topics

Before you plunge into our expertly compiled list, remember to double-check your instructor's guidelines. Aligning your choice with your course requirements is vital. Now, prepare to browse through the most captivating politics research topics that could be the launchpad for your future paper.

  • Understanding democracy: An evolving concept.
  • Rise of populism in 21st-century politics.
  • Climate change and global governance.
  • Role of United Nations: Effectiveness and criticisms.
  • Politics behind nuclear disarmament.
  • Influence of social media on political campaigns.
  • Immigration policies: A comparative study.
  • Human rights and foreign policy.
  • Impact of political instability on economic growth.
  • Cybersecurity in international relations.
  • Decoding political symbolism in public spaces.
  • Feminism and its political impact.
  • Role of youth in politics.
  • Is healthcare a political issue?
  • Examining political bias in media.

Easy Political Science Research Topics

While the field of political science can seem intricate, there are areas within it that are more accessible, yet equally intriguing. If you're new to the discipline or prefer less complex issues, this list of simple political science paper topics could be your go-to. Each topic is designed to offer an easy entry point into political science, but still, provide room for critical analysis .

  • Defining basic political ideologies: Liberalism, Conservatism, and Socialism.
  • How does voting work? An overview.
  • Impact of political cartoons on public opinion.
  • Presidential vs. parliamentary systems.
  • Role of lobby groups in shaping policy.
  • Political satire and its influence.
  • Environmental policy: Understanding basics.
  • What role does local government play?
  • Does every vote count in elections?
  • How accurate are public opinion polls?
  • Politics in sports.
  • Privacy rights in a digital era.
  • Gender representation in politics.
  • Patriotism vs. nationalism: Understanding the difference.
  • Role of celebrities in political campaigns.

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

Political science never falls short of captivating topics. With its dynamic nature and its intricate connection to real-world issues, there's always something noteworthy to explore. We've done our utmost to curate a list of topics in political science that will pique anyone’s curiosity:

  • Lessons from literature on dystopian governance.
  • The war on drugs policy.
  • What influence does propaganda have on contemporary governance?
  • How governing ideologies influence art.
  • Balancing national security with personal freedoms.
  • Importance of whistleblowers in democratic societies.
  • Rhetoric and reality behind political speeches.
  • Implications of artificial intelligence on governance.
  • Attainability of world peace: A critical perspective.
  • Dynamics of power in non-democratic systems.
  • Global pandemics and their effects on governance.
  • Competing for Mars: A new space race.
  • Impact of religion on governance.
  • Perspective on animal rights from a political viewpoint.
  • Food accessibility: Who decides who gets to eat what?

Good Topics for a Political Science Research Paper

Scoring points with your professor often comes down to choosing compelling and thought-provoking research paper ideas . The following list includes good political science research questions that are in tune with contemporary discourse. Each topic offers plenty of room to showcase your analytical skills and knowledge.

  • Evaluating e-democracy: Benefits and drawbacks.
  • How migration policies shape nations.
  • Media as a tool for political persuasion.
  • Political philosophy in science fiction literature.
  • Trade wars and global relations.
  • Is there a global shift towards autocracy?
  • Understanding diplomatic immunity: Rights and abuses.
  • Role of non-state actors in shaping international policy.
  • Rise of nationalism in globalized societies.
  • Impact of climate change on national security.
  • Examination of censorship laws across nations.
  • Can blockchain technology revolutionize voting systems?
  • Decoding political rhetoric in campaign promises.
  • Gender pay gap: A policy analysis.
  • Influence of economic inequality on social unrest.

Best Political Science Research Topics

We have curated an irresistible list of political science topics for a research paper. These ideas range from pressing international issues to more granular policy questions, all guaranteed to challenge your analytical skills.

  • Exploring causes and effects of global populism.
  • Transparency as a key to ethical political leadership.
  • Evaluating the role of social media censorship in political landscapes.
  • Influence of multiculturalism on policy development.
  • Unpacking the outcomes and justifications of military interventions.
  • Corruption's destructive role in democratic systems.
  • Merits and pitfalls of technocracy.
  • Interplay of bureaucracy and governance.
  • Pathways to address political polarization.
  • Effects of historical colonization on current government structures.
  • Role of extremism in shaping international relations.
  • How global climate commitments affect nations.
  • Using sanctions as a diplomatic tool.
  • Conflict resolution through international law.
  • Geopolitics in outer space exploration.

Current Research Topics in Political Science

Political science is a progressing field, so the problems you research will always be relevant. Our list of up-to-date topics of political science will help you make sure your paper is on point.

  • Artificial intelligence in global governance.
  • Global health governance in pandemics.
  • Impact of digital currencies on economies.
  • Changes in contemporary immigration attitudes.
  • Climate crisis' role in diplomatic dialogues.
  • Social movements and societal change.
  • Tech giants and information control.
  • Civil liberties in pandemic responses.
  • Gender disparities in political representation.
  • Decolonization trends in the 21st century.
  • Cyber warfare and national security.
  • Ethics of drone warfare.
  • Crypto-anarchy and state sovereignty.
  • Right-wing extremism in the digital age.
  • Power dynamics in international space law.

Political Science Research Topic Ideas for Students

Navigating politics can be overwhelming for students, given its broad nature and intersecting disciplines. With the right research topics for political science, however, this complexity transforms into an opportunity for a decent study. Our list of political science research topics ideas is designed with students in mind, focusing on engaging, relevant, and manageable themes.

Political Science Research Paper Topics for College Students

For college students, political science topics for research papers should strike a balance between complexity and approachability. With that in mind, here's a collection of college-level political topics to write about.

  • Leadership styles across governments.
  • Impact of gender roles in election campaigns.
  • Role of think tanks in shaping public opinion.
  • Studying historical revolutions and their aftermath.
  • Influence of socio-economic status on voting behavior.
  • Exploring ethical dilemmas in international relations.
  • Cultural diplomacy and its effectiveness.
  • Sovereignty disputes and their resolution.
  • Rise and implications of digital citizenship.
  • Evaluating meritocracy as a system of governance.
  • Role of peacekeeping operations in conflict resolution.
  • Comparing capitalist and socialist economies.
  • Decoding cyber diplomacy in the digital age.
  • Relationship between economic crises and political changes.
  • Minority rights in democratic societies.

Political Science Research Topics for University

When it comes to political topics to talk about in university, politics offers a variety of interesting options. Here's a list of captivating research ideas that are sure to get you top grades:

  • Political revolutions in the digital age.
  • Comparative study of political systems.
  • Effectiveness of international climate agreements.
  • Unraveling political consequences of economic sanctions.
  • Studying neocolonialism in modern economies.
  • Impact of income inequality on social stability.
  • Debating political implications of universal basic income.
  • Role of international courts in global governance.
  • Influence of cultural diversity on national policies.
  • Dissecting geopolitics in Arctic resource exploitation.
  • Understanding post-conflict reconciliation processes.
  • Evaluating state responses to refugee crises.
  • Study of civil disobedience in democratic societies.
  • Role of soft power in international relations.
  • Disentangling politics of global water disputes.

Political Science Research Topics by Subjects

Political science is a diverse field, consisting of multiple subdomains. To help you spot a fitting theme, we've organized research paper topics for political science according to these subjects. From international relations to public policy, this assortment promises a treasure trove of research opportunities just waiting to be explored.

Philosophy Political Science Research Topics

Philosophy politics research topics explore the intersection of political science and philosophical thought. These themes focus on fundamental questions, such as the purpose of politics and its effects on society. Here are a few ideas to get your started:

  • Relevance of Machiavelli's theories today.
  • Understanding justice in Plato's Republic.
  • Influence of Kantian ethics on governance.
  • Are human rights universal or culturally relative?
  • Interplay of liberty and equality in societies.
  • Exploring Hobbes' notion of social contract.
  • Rawls versus Nozick: theories of justice compared.
  • Feminist perspectives on political participation.
  • Role of ethics in bureaucratic institutions.
  • Marx's theory of capitalism: A critical review.
  • Foucault's perspectives on power and control.
  • Locke's influence on modern democracies.
  • Concepts of civil disobedience in Thoreau's writings.
  • Arendt on violence, power, and authority.
  • Exploring Gramsci's theory of cultural hegemony.
  • Derrida's deconstruction: A political tool?
  • Nietzsche’s perspectives on societal structure.
  • Understanding politics through Spinoza's lens.
  • Evaluating communitarianism in contemporary societies.
  • Habermas on communicative action in politics.

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Political Science Research Topics on Public Law

Public law is one of the most popular subdomains of political science, as it focuses on legal systems and state power. It's a domain that lets you explore how laws are formulated, implemented, and impact society. Below you can find various political research questions in public law, including constitutional issues, administrative governance, and individual rights, among others.

  • Role of constitution in shaping governance.
  • Impact of judicial activism on democracy.
  • Analyzing separation of powers in governments.
  • Free speech rights in digital platforms.
  • Repercussions of surveillance laws on privacy.
  • Comparative study of electoral laws.
  • Analyzing federalism in constitutional law.
  • Police power and civil liberties.
  • Effectiveness of anti-discrimination laws.
  • Administrative discretion: Power and accountability.
  • Impact of immigration laws on societies.
  • Understanding lawmaking process in parliamentary systems.
  • Role of supreme courts in constitutional interpretation.
  • Law enforcement and minority rights.
  • Legal aspects of environmental protection.
  • Hate speech laws and freedom of expression.
  • Public health laws in times of crisis.
  • Legal mechanisms to fight corruption.
  • Analyzing gun control laws across nations.
  • Legal challenges in the implementation of welfare policies.

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Research Topics in Political Science on Public Administration

Public administration is the study of how governments and other public institutions are managed. It examines their structures, operations, policies, and politics to understand how they work in practice. Here's a collection of project topics for political science on public administration worth attention:

  • Understanding bureaucracy in modern governance.
  • Role of public administrators in policy implementation.
  • Effect of administrative reforms on public services.
  • Importance of ethics in public administration.
  • Evaluating public financial management systems.
  • Role of e-governance in public service delivery.
  • Analyzing gender representation in public administration.
  • Public administration in urban planning.
  • Role of public-private partnerships in governance.
  • Crisis management strategies in public administration.
  • Leadership challenges in public organizations.
  • Role of transparency in public service delivery.
  • Organizational culture in public administration.
  • Analyzing the politics-administration dichotomy.
  • Decision-making processes in public organizations.
  • Evaluating accountability mechanisms in public administration.
  • Human resource challenges in public services.
  • Impact of corruption on public administration.
  • Role of citizens' participation in public administration.
  • Comparative study of public administration models.

Political Science Research Paper Topics on Comparative Politics

Comparative politics research topics offer a window into how different political systems operate, what works, and what needs reevaluation. It encourages you to step outside the boundaries of your local context and grasp a more global perspective on political processes. The following political essay topics and paper ideas will fit any compare and contrast essay or project.

  • Social welfare measures across democracies.
  • Examining stability in different governmental systems.
  • Comparative analysis of electoral mechanisms.
  • Impact of societal culture on governance.
  • Federalism versus unitary systems: A comparative study.
  • Scrutinizing corruption in diverse economies.
  • A cross-nation study of education systems.
  • Protection of minority rights across countries.
  • Comparing freedom of the press globally.
  • Role of armed forces in various governmental structures.
  • Analyzing constitutional designs across nations.
  • A study on decentralization efforts in different countries.
  • Comparative research on party systems.
  • Gender and leadership: A cross-country examination.
  • Populism in different societal contexts.
  • Comparative view of environmental conservation measures.
  • Human rights protections in different nations.
  • Influence of colonial history on modern governance.
  • Cross-national study of immigration rules.
  • Role of religion in different governance systems.

Political Science Research Topics on Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is an essential field in political science, focusing on the methods and strategies used to mitigate disputes on local, national, and international levels. It opens up opportunities to explore how peace is achieved, maintained, and sometimes lost. Below you can find political issues to write about if you want to focus on different disputes.

  • Peacebuilding strategies in post-war societies.
  • Role of diplomacy in averting conflicts.
  • Effectiveness of international arbitration.
  • Power sharing as a tool for peace.
  • Influence of civil society on conflict resolution.
  • Role of United Nations in global peacekeeping.
  • Mediation strategies in intra-state conflicts.
  • Women in peace negotiations.
  • Strategies for resolving territorial disputes.
  • Analyzing post-conflict reconciliation processes.
  • Impact of economic sanctions on conflict resolution.
  • Role of international law in conflict mitigation.
  • Effectiveness of non-violent resistance.
  • Analyzing the success of peace treaties.
  • Study of disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration processes.
  • Resolving resource-based conflicts.
  • Role of third parties in conflict resolution.
  • Approaches to addressing ethnic conflicts.
  • Influence of climate change on conflict resolution.
  • Cyber conflict resolution strategies.

Political Science Research Topics on Meditation and Negotiation

Mediation and negotiation sit at the heart of conflict resolution, focusing on peaceful strategies to address disputes and foster cooperation. These techniques find wide application in various contexts, from local disagreements to international conflicts. These interesting research topics in political science allow you to understand how these processes work in theory and practice:

  • Role of intermediaries in peace processes.
  • Strategies for successful diplomatic discussions.
  • Comparative analysis of negotiation techniques.
  • Dialogue styles in international diplomacy.
  • Analyzing the success of secret diplomatic talks.
  • Role of non-state actors in negotiation.
  • Gender dynamics in discussion processes.
  • Influence of cultural factors on dispute resolution.
  • Role of international organizations in diplomatic dialogues.
  • Arbitration in maritime territorial disputes.
  • Use of discussions in trade agreements.
  • Role of trust in successful dialogues.
  • Addressing power asymmetry in discussions.
  • Track II diplomacy in mediation.
  • Impact of communication technology on dispute settlement.
  • Role of empathy in successful negotiation.
  • Influence of domestic politics on international mediation..
  • Conflict resolution strategies in labor disputes.
  • Role of transparency in negotiations.
  • Evolution of dispute resolution techniques over time.

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International Relations Political Research Topics

International relations explores connections among nations, the roles of sovereign states, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and multinational corporations. This field offers a multitude of engaging research topics ranging from issues of diplomacy, international conflict, global cooperation, to international trade. Here are some political science research ideas that focus on international relations:

  • Role of multinational corporations in global governance.
  • Cross-border environmental cooperation.
  • Effectiveness of international law enforcement.
  • Influence of globalism on sovereignty.
  • Impact of digital diplomacy in foreign relations.
  • Evolution of global power structures.
  • Influence of cultural diplomacy in global partnerships.
  • Strategies for global poverty reduction.
  • Understanding geopolitics in Arctic exploration.
  • Challenges to global health collaboration.
  • Role of non-state actors in global governance.
  • Interplay of economics and international relations.
  • Humanitarian interventions: A critical analysis.
  • Cross-border migration and its global implications.
  • International responses to global pandemics.
  • Role of international courts in justice delivery.
  • Diplomacy in the age of information technology.
  • Analyzing global disarmament efforts.
  • Global efforts in counter-terrorism.
  • Evolution of international trade agreements.

American Politics Research Paper Topics

American politics is a wide-ranging field, including issues from the local, state, to national levels. It incorporates diverse aspects like public opinion, public policy, ideological shifts, and more. The United States' unique political system offers abundant potential for research. Here are American politics research topics for your next project:

  • Evolution of American federalism.
  • Impact of Supreme Court decisions on society.
  • Understanding American political polarization.
  • Role of third parties in U.S. elections.
  • Influence of social movements on legislation.
  • Examining executive orders' effectiveness.
  • Shifts in public opinion on climate change.
  • Impact of lobbying on American health care reform.
  • Influence of Presidential debates on voters.
  • Effects of gerrymandering on electoral outcomes.
  • Analyzing campaign finance reform in U.S.
  • Role of think tanks in shaping U.S. policy.
  • Implications of immigration reform on U.S. economy.
  • Gun control debate and policy outcomes.
  • Social justice and law enforcement reform.
  • Influence of race and ethnicity on voting patterns.
  • Role of the media in shaping public opinion.
  • Analyzing the U.S. response to global pandemics.
  • Examination of U.S. trade policies.
  • Impact of technology on U.S. governance.

Government Research Paper Topics

Government is a broad field that includes many different subdomains and politics topics to discuss. It revolves around the structures, processes, and functions of governing bodies, allowing you to explore the inner workings of various political systems. Here are some useful ideas on government:

  • Evaluating the meritocracy in civil services.
  • Digitization of public services: Impact and challenges.
  • Understanding state surveillance: Balancing security and privacy.
  • Impact of decentralization on local development.
  • Government's role in disaster management.
  • Analyzing the government's role in fostering innovation.
  • Study on government initiatives for financial inclusion.
  • Role of government in mitigating income inequality.
  • Government strategies in promoting renewable energy.
  • Analysis of government responses to recessions.
  • Public-private partnerships in infrastructure development.
  • Government regulation of the gig economy.
  • Role of government in promoting cultural heritage.
  • Public sector reforms for better governance.
  • Government interventions in housing markets.
  • Assessing government transparency initiatives.
  • Government's role in universal health care provision.
  • The impact of political term limits on governance.
  • Government initiatives in curbing the opioid crisis.
  • The role of governments in combating online misinformation.

Political Science Research Questions

Research questions provide a clear direction to your studies, defining what you want to achieve. Here are some unique research questions for political science that span a wide array of sub-areas:

  • How does social media shape public opinion on climate change policy?
  • How can local governments boost civic engagement?
  • How does income inequality impact political participation?
  • How do trade policies affect domestic industries?
  • How do immigration laws influence national identity?
  • How does political advertising affect voter turnout?
  • How does corruption impact public trust in government?
  • How does gender representation in government influence policy decisions?
  • What role does education play in political awareness?
  • How does political satire influence public perception of politicians?
  • How have government responses to pandemics evolved over time?
  • How does foreign aid impact the donor-recipient relationship?
  • How can governments leverage technology to improve public services?
  • How does cybersecurity impact national defense strategies?
  • How do international treaties impact national sovereignty?
  • How do political ideologies shape foreign policy?
  • How can governments promote sustainable urban development?
  • What is the role of youth in shaping future politics?
  • How does political stability affect economic growth?
  • How does political rhetoric shape public perception of immigration?

Extra Political Science Topics for Research Papers

Although the topics for political science research papers given above should help you kickstart your project, here are a few extra ideas to make sure you write an excellent project:

  • Green parties' influence on environmental sustainability.
  • Significance of political graffiti in social movements.
  • Virtual reality's potential in public engagement.
  • Role of cognitive psychology in voter behavior.
  • Understanding biopolitics: control and manipulation.
  • Space law's implications for international cooperation.
  • Implications of Internet of Things (IoT) for national security.
  • Analysis of language used in peace treaties.
  • Incorporating indigenous governance in modern state systems.
  • Decoding humor in political satire.
  • Political underpinnings in fantasy literature.
  • Political landscapes in virtual communities.
  • The politics of cryptocurrency regulation.
  • Using machine learning to predict election outcomes.
  • Role of street art in political protests.
  • Exploring the politics of veganism.
  • Political dimensions of genetic engineering ethics.
  • Pop culture's influence on political consciousness.
  • Influence of climate fiction ("cli-fi") on environmental policy.
  • Geopolitical consequences of the commercialization of space.

Bottom Line on Political Science Topics

We did our best to provide you with an assortment of good topics for political science research paper in every subdomain. Whether you're interested in philosophy, public law, international affairs, or something else entirely – this collection should have it all. We hope that at least one of these themes motivates you to do your best work yet! Remember that you can buy coursework or any other academic paper from certified writers with solid experience.


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good research paper topics for political science

206 Most Popular Political Science Research Topics

political science research topics

If you major in political science, you already know it’s a profound evaluation of politics and power from the domestic, international, and comparative outlook. It includes interpreting the existing political ideas, processes, institutions, behavior, policies, and how governments examine law, diplomacy, social groups, and many others. Political science is fundamentally a theory and practice of the government as it relates to both public and private lives. It encompasses political theory, comparative politics, international relations, the politics of the American government, and the preexisting political methodology. As students of a high school, college or university, it may be challenging to choose the best and interesting topics in political science. This is because you’re expected to produce high quality content on an advanced topic, and your grade depends on it. We’ve provided over 200 advanced topics to help you with that. But before you dive into these topics, how do you outline your political science research paper?

Outline Of Good Political Science Research Paper

Getting political research topics is easy; there are a lot. You must know how to convert any topic into a high quality paper, even if you order research paper, and this outline can help you. The outline of a good political science research paper must include an introduction, the literature review, the case study, the conclusion, and the reference page.

  • Introduction. This is where you identify the research questions and tell your readers the question’s significance. You must also provide a brief answer and overview of what your paper or essay will be about.
  • Literature Review or Theoretical Framework. Your political science research must discuss existing scholarly work related to your study. This lets your readers know that you conducted your research based on what you know about. This point is also where you provide explanations that justify the questions you asked earlier. Also, you can input your research methodology.
  • Case Study or Main Points. This is where you provide evidence to capture your argument. You must have basic ideas which will run through chapters. Organizing your thoughts in chapters helps you structure them into smaller pieces that make sense in the end.
  • Conclusion. This is the point where you summarize your research findings and restate the basic arguments or answers offered. You can also discuss the prospects of what you’ve discussed.

Now that you have an outline, these are the advanced and custom political science topics for your research or essays:

Political Science Research Questions

You must provide and answer some questions when you embark on research. These are good political science research questions to be answered in any political science research paper. Depending on your research, these questions are legitimate and should convince you about your knowledge on your chosen topic:

  • What authority does a state have in the federal government?
  • What can be identified as a totalitarian government today?
  • Would it be justified if it’s said that Vladimir Putin is a dictator?
  • What is the nature of comparative politics?
  • How does communism affect today’s geopolitical structure?
  • Does monarchy relate to communism too?
  • How do social changes influence the politics of the country under consideration?
  • How did politics influence the social class of the country under consideration?
  • How does a dictator gain legitimacy?
  • What exactly are political disputes?
  • How is political dispute settled amongst countries?
  • How are political disputes settled within a country?
  • How does free speech sound much like hate speech
  • What does controversy in politics imply?
  • How does propaganda help during electioneering periods?

Political Science Topics

As earlier established, political science encompasses the relationship between domestic, national, international, and comparative politics. If you need good political science research topics, you can examine different sections of the States and other countries to develop your argument. You can consider the following comprehensive topics:

  • How does existentialism apply to eastern constitutional law?
  • What is the philosophy of Karl Schmidt and German?
  • Examine civil republicanism and liberalism.
  • Examine the post-socialist transition methods through the western culture lens.
  • Evaluate the concept of Neoplatonism and how it poses a risk to society.
  • What mutual tolerance in politics means.
  • Evaluate the importance of ethics in the modern political culture.
  • Justification of liberal democracy through the neo-Marxist lens.
  • What are the ethics of election?
  • Evaluate the core arguments of the Human Rights Act of 1998.
  • Examine the basics of common morality and criminal law.
  • Role of popular legislators in US history.
  • Role of popular legislators in European history.
  • Examine the role of popular presidents in US history.
  • Outline the fundamental achievement of the first five US presidents.
  • Outline the basics of justice inequality.
  • Examine the importance of socio-economic preferences during political interrogation.
  • Why is a person’s social life and history significant in the US penal system?
  • What do post-conflict justice and inequality mean?
  • Examine the efforts of the government at coordination.
  • Give a thorough overview of the US electoral college.
  • Give a comprehensive overview of the UK electoral college.
  • Examine the importance of privacy law.
  • Examine how privacy law seems to exploit commercial relationships.
  • Evaluate the judicial interpretation of public safety statutes.
  • What is the role of the transport security administrators?
  • How are domestic laws formulated?
  • Examine the role of public opinion on the abolition of slavery centuries ago.
  • What is the role of public opinion in the US public health?
  • What is the role of public opinion in the UK economic policies?

Comparative Politics Research Topics

This part of political science deals with an empirical approach to different political systems. It includes analysis of institutions, conflict resolutions, domestic policy formulation, international issues, and others. All these can be examined through a comparative evaluation, and you can consider:

  • The domestic policies of the US and the UK on public health.
  • The foreign policies of the UK and Russia.
  • The comparison and contrasts between the communist structure of the USSR and China.
  • Examine the Soviet Union ideology.
  • The impacts of the cultural revolution on China.
  • Evaluate the significance of the cultural revolution in the USSR.
  • Examine the essential components of the UK and US foreign policies.
  • Examine the cultural gap between China and Japan.
  • Evaluate the behavioral approach to political parties in the UK and the US.
  • Critically analyze the presidential and parliamentary systems of government.
  • What is the apartheid phenomenon?
  • How do apartheid and the black lives matter movement similar?
  • What would you say is the difference between armed and political conflicts!
  • What are your thoughts about twentieth and twenty-first-century politics?
  • Religion is a social power: discuss.
  • Culture is a formidable social power: discuss.
  • Corruption is a must for any Government: discuss.
  • Politics is business: discuss.
  • Compare and Contrast the American and European federal crimes.
  • Examine the activities of the FBI and KGB for ten years of your choice.

Political Science Research Paper Topics

As students of a college or university, political science borders on a state’s relationship amongst itself and outside it. This means its domestic and international political affairs. These extend to political theories, their practicality and feasibility, how they influence or affect the world, and many others. You can consider political science paper topics like:

  • Vision of John Rohr on constitutions.
  • Examine the significance of Plato’s The Republic.
  • Evaluate the importance of Machiavelli’s The Prince
  • Choose and talk about any three political philosophers of your choice.
  • Give a detailed overview of the politics of Ancient Greece.
  • Examine the politics of the Mongols.
  • Examine the significance of the reign of the Vikings.
  • Evaluate the unequal relationship between the government and the people
  • Justify the lack of public opinion on foreign policies.
  • Examine the effect of media voting on US elections.
  • Evaluate the impact of card readers in protest of election credibility in the US.
  • Evaluate the importance of foreign observers during elections from any country of your choice.
  • Evaluate the basis of election thuggery based on the January invasion of the Capitol.
  • Examine the effect of civilian and military government in the case of American provisional governments in the middle east.
  • Assess the significance of the US on NATO.
  • Give an overview of the influence of western nations on the UN.
  • Examine the consolidation of democracy in any country of your choice.
  • Problems of the American judiciary system.
  • Challenges of the UK judiciary system.
  • Evaluate the prospects of everyday politics in the European Union.
  • Examine the role of Scandinavian countries in the race for gender equality.
  • Examine the challenges and possibilities of gender equality in the UK.
  • Evaluate the challenges and opportunities of equal pay in the US.
  • Appraise the 2020 presidential election of the US.
  • Examine the role of civic education in reducing educating the public.

Interesting Political Topics

Political science paper topics can also be interesting. This is because politics itself is exciting and can be intriguing when studied carefully. As students of politics, you must be knowledgeable on fundamental parts of the international system. You can base your research on these best political research paper topics.

  • Examine the causes of the American Revolution
  • Examine the concept of neoliberalism
  • Evaluate the idea of political correctness
  • Give an in-depth analysis of populism
  • Attempt an evaluation of populism in the African context
  • Evaluate the concept of politics in open Societies
  • What principle is divided government based on
  • What is the Influence of media on politics
  • How does rational choice affect politics
  • Is it okay to consider terrorism an instrument of politics?
  • What does positivism imply?
  • Examine the concepts of societal decadence in Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • What does social movement on politics imply?
  • Evaluate the basis of cultural pluralism
  • Examine the role of the mass media in any UK election of your choice
  • Examine the discussions on LGBTQ in sport
  • Evaluate the domestic laws of Texas
  • Why are some states more important than other states during US elections?
  • What is the crisis of identity politics all about?
  • Select any three states of your choice and discuss their domestic policies
  • Choose any company of your choice and examine how its activities affect the public
  • Make a case for vote-buying in any country’s election
  • Examine the circumstance of political apathy in any country of your choice
  • What are the challenges of marginalization in America?
  • Evaluate the significance of corruption in the US politics

American Politics Research Paper Topics

America is a country that dominates global politics. It leads in technology, the military, even politics, and other fundamental sectors. However, this doesn’t excuse the US from a political crisis both internally and externally. You can discuss the basis of American policies with these current Research topics for political science:

  • Examine the effects of the 2020 election on American democracy
  • Examine the evolution of American politics from the 1960s
  • What does American nationalism mean in the face of globalization
  • What does social constructivism mean in the American context
  • Examine public relations actors in the American politics
  • What are the politics prevalent during the civil war
  • What was the political crisis that led to the American civil war?
  • Examine how the Republican culture evolved in the US
  • Give an evaluation of election fraud on any US election
  • Motivators of African American politicians
  • Motivation for African American politics
  • Examine the place of Hispanic American politics presently
  • Examine the representative level of all minority classes in the US
  • What does American crime law mean
  • Examine the essential traits of the typical American politician
  • How knowledgeable are you on the story of Jimmy Carter
  • Examine the life of Saddam Hussein and his impact on America
  • How did the Vietnam War become the American war?
  • Attempt an analysis of the Barack Obama and Trump administration
  • Discuss the significance of news coverage of US elections
  • Analyze the relationship between the US and North Korea

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Easy Political Science Research Topics

If you’re in high school or pursuing your diploma, you need custom and more superficial political science topics. These may be advanced topics, but they are relatable political science topics for your level:

  • Discuss the Importance of political violence in any country of your choice
  • Examine the election processes and issues in any state of your choice
  • Why does each state have different constitutions?
  • Examine what tax law means in the US
  • How should public bodies in the US act?
  • What are the central laws to both federal and state governments?
  • Examine the significance of public and private law in the US
  • Examine the differences between democracy in the US and France
  • The turbulent political history of France
  • Evaluate the Importance of the US electoral college
  • Examine the presence of godfatherism in any country of your choice
  • Is Afghanistan better than it was before?
  • Evaluate the political activities of the US in any country through its established provisional governments.
  • Evaluate the role of domestic policies in rural areas
  • What does legislation oversight mean?
  • Give a detailed overview of the impeachment process of Trump
  • Examine the structure of revenue allocation in the US
  • Examine the art of political campaigns in the US
  • How does social media bullying affect free speech
  • Examine the line between free speech and hate speech
  • How do elections achieve national peace and security
  • Do you think the French President has too much power than he should?
  • Do you think the US President should share his power with Congress?
  • Examine the Executive power or the US vice president
  • Examine the strengths of the UK Head of State

Current Research Topics For Political Science

These are topics that discuss the present happenings within countries and in the international political space. These could be topics on conflict resolutions or conflict in the international area itself. They also extend to domestic policies and their effects. Examine these good political science research questions:

  • Examine the system of prosecuting top tier government officers
  • Examine the legal clashes of any transnational corporations in recent years
  • What does hostage care in the US penal code mean?
  • Give a critical overview of American whistleblowers
  • Examine the role of women in today’s global politics
  • Is the terrorism war so far against the west or the western activities in the Middle East?
  • What is the current political relationship of western countries with the Taliban government?
  • What does political correctness mean in today’s gender multiplicity?
  • Examine how social media emerges as the court cancel celebrities
  • Examine the challenge of national planning under Joe Biden
  • Evaluate the similarities between the foreign policies of Canada and the US
  • What does the US alliance with Australia imply for its allies
  • Examine the present threat between China and Taiwan
  • Would you say the European Union can achieve standard fiscal policies
  • What is the role of controversies and propaganda in any election, and how does it determine the winner or loser: give a case study

International Politics Research Paper Topics

International politics is the balance of power in the international space. This extends to the balance of threats. Other issues covered include human rights, peaceful resolution of global conflicts, environmental crisis, globalization, global ethics, global poverty, and more. The best political science research topics on international politics are:

  • Examine the case for human rights violation in Malawi
  • Make a case for human rights violation in China
  • Make a car for the human rights violation in communist countries
  • Examine the trends in global poverty and its eradication in the world today
  • Investigate the controversies raised by Amnesty International
  • Would you say international media houses are the watchdog of the society or an accomplice of security threats
  • What are the ethics guiding the activities of NGOs
  • Role of the international monetary fund in world politics
  • Trends and evolution of the Belt and Road Initiative
  • Examine the environmental crisis case against Germany
  • Examine the issues of human rights in Uganda
  • Investigate the political agenda of any three US politicians of your choice
  • What are the present political powers at play in Ukrainian politics
  • Examine the causes of the Central African Republic rebellion
  • Examine the Afghanistan conflict through the lens of a Westerner
  • Trace the origin of the Afghanistan conflict
  • Analyze the immigrant crisis facing Europe
  • Evaluate the immigrant problem facing the US
  • Go in depth on the drug war by the US government
  • Examine the disparity between the white and black justice systems in the US
  • Evaluate the leadership conflict post 9/11
  • Examine the race for economic dominance
  • Examine the significance of capitalism in the expansion of democracy
  • Examine the role of any three media houses of your choice in their propagation of bias in Europe and the US
  • How does the Personal ambition of a leader affect country politics?
  • Examine the post-war legacy of any war of your choice
  • Examine the wartime negotiating strategy
  • Evaluate the social role of volunteerism
  • What is the Influence of the US government on the growth of Coca-cola outside America?
  • How has the UN contributed to education in any country of your choice

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300+ Political Science Research Topics

Political Science Research Topics

Political Science is a fascinating field that deals with the study of governments, public policies, and political behavior. It encompasses a wide range of topics , from the intricacies of international relations to the workings of democratic systems. Political Science research has a crucial role in understanding these phenomena, analyzing them, and suggesting solutions to societal problems. There are various Political Science research topics that researchers can explore, and each topic offers a unique perspective on the field. In this article, we will discuss some of the most interesting Political Science research topics that have significant implications for society.

Political Science Research Topics

Political Science Research Topics are as follows:

  • The effects of globalization on national sovereignty
  • The role of political parties in shaping policy outcomes
  • The impact of the media on political decision-making
  • The effectiveness of international organizations in promoting global cooperation
  • The relationship between democracy and economic development
  • The influence of interest groups on political outcomes
  • The role of political ideology in shaping policy preferences
  • The impact of identity politics on political discourse
  • The challenges of democratic governance in developing countries
  • The role of social media in shaping political attitudes and behavior
  • The impact of immigration on electoral politics
  • The influence of religion on political participation and voting behavior
  • The effects of gerrymandering on electoral outcomes
  • The role of the judiciary in shaping public policy
  • The impact of campaign finance regulations on electoral outcomes
  • The effects of lobbying on policy outcomes
  • The role of civil society in promoting democratic accountability
  • The impact of political polarization on democratic governance
  • The influence of public opinion on policy decisions
  • The effectiveness of international sanctions in promoting human rights
  • The relationship between corruption and economic development
  • The role of the media in promoting government transparency
  • The impact of social movements on political change
  • The effects of terrorism on domestic and international politics
  • The role of gender in shaping political outcomes
  • The influence of international law on state behavior
  • The impact of environmental policy on economic development
  • The role of NGOs in promoting global governance
  • The effects of globalization on human rights
  • The relationship between economic inequality and political polarization
  • The role of education in promoting democratic citizenship
  • The impact of nationalism on international politics
  • The influence of international trade on state behavior
  • The effects of foreign aid on economic development
  • The role of political institutions in promoting democratic stability
  • The impact of electoral systems on political representation
  • The effects of colonialism on contemporary political systems
  • The relationship between religion and state power
  • The role of human rights organizations in promoting democratic accountability
  • The impact of social welfare policy on economic inequality
  • The influence of cultural identity on political behavior
  • The effects of globalization on cultural diversity
  • The role of civil liberties in promoting democratic citizenship
  • The impact of globalization on labor rights
  • The effects of climate change on international politics
  • The role of identity politics in promoting social justice
  • The influence of populism on democratic governance
  • The impact of economic sanctions on state behavior
  • The role of international conflict resolution in promoting peace
  • The effects of globalization on the distribution of wealth and power.
  • The impact of social media on political polarization
  • The effects of campaign finance laws on elections
  • The role of interest groups in shaping public policy
  • The effectiveness of international human rights organizations
  • The causes and consequences of political corruption
  • The impact of globalization on national sovereignty
  • The role of the media in shaping public opinion
  • The influence of public opinion on policy making
  • The relationship between economic inequality and political participation
  • The effects of electoral systems on representation
  • The role of political parties in democratic governance
  • The relationship between religion and politics
  • The effectiveness of peacekeeping operations
  • The impact of immigration on political systems
  • The relationship between environmental policy and economic growth
  • The effects of globalization on labor rights
  • The effectiveness of international trade agreements
  • The impact of populism on democratic institutions
  • The causes and consequences of political violence
  • The relationship between nationalism and globalization
  • The role of international organizations in conflict resolution
  • The effectiveness of international sanctions
  • The impact of media ownership on news coverage
  • The relationship between political culture and democracy
  • The effects of social movements on policy change
  • The role of civil society in democratic governance
  • The relationship between gender and political participation
  • The effectiveness of public-private partnerships in delivering public services
  • The impact of foreign aid on economic development
  • The role of civil-military relations in democratic governance
  • The relationship between foreign policy and national security
  • The effects of decentralization on public service delivery
  • The impact of trade on labor standards
  • The role of international law in regulating state behavior
  • The relationship between economic sanctions and regime change
  • The effects of political advertising on elections
  • The role of executive power in democratic governance
  • The impact of social welfare policies on poverty reduction
  • The relationship between civil liberties and national security
  • The effects of globalization on the environment
  • The role of international organizations in promoting human rights
  • The relationship between migration and security
  • The impact of privatization on public service delivery
  • The role of civil society in promoting social justice
  • The effects of political polarization on policy making
  • The relationship between international law and national sovereignty
  • The impact of international aid on governance and democracy
  • The impact of political polarization on democracy
  • The role of social media in political activism
  • The effects of lobbying on government decision-making
  • The dynamics of international conflict resolution
  • The impact of globalization on the power of nation-states
  • The relationship between economic development and democratization
  • The effectiveness of international aid in promoting democracy
  • The role of international organizations in shaping global governance
  • The impact of corruption on democratic institutions
  • The role of the media in shaping public opinion and political outcomes
  • The impact of political advertising on voter behavior
  • The relationship between political participation and social identity
  • The role of civil society in promoting democracy
  • The impact of political parties on democratic governance
  • The impact of globalization on environmental policy
  • The impact of globalization on labor standards
  • The impact of globalization on human rights
  • The role of international law in promoting global justice
  • The impact of trade policy on domestic politics
  • The impact of international trade agreements on labor standards
  • The impact of international trade agreements on the environment
  • The impact of military spending on economic development
  • The impact of military intervention on democracy
  • The impact of military intervention on human rights
  • The impact of military intervention on international security
  • The impact of income inequality on democratic institutions
  • The impact of income inequality on social welfare policy
  • The impact of income inequality on public health
  • The impact of income inequality on education policy
  • The impact of cultural diversity on political representation
  • The impact of cultural diversity on social welfare policy
  • The impact of cultural diversity on education policy
  • The impact of cultural diversity on public health
  • The impact of social movements on economic policy
  • The impact of social movements on foreign policy
  • The impact of social movements on civil rights
  • The impact of populism on democracy
  • The impact of populism on foreign policy
  • The impact of populism on economic policy
  • The impact of populism on social welfare policy
  • The impact of nationalism on international relations
  • The impact of nationalism on domestic politics
  • The impact of nationalism on economic policy
  • The impact of nationalism on civil rights
  • The impact of technology on political power
  • The impact of technology on political participation
  • The impact of technology on democracy
  • The impact of social media on political communication
  • The effectiveness of campaign finance regulations
  • The role of interest groups in shaping policy outcomes
  • The influence of media bias on public opinion
  • The impact of demographic changes on electoral outcomes
  • The role of identity politics in shaping political attitudes
  • The effects of term limits on legislative behavior
  • The relationship between authoritarianism and economic development
  • The effectiveness of public opinion polls in predicting election outcomes
  • The role of political parties in democratic consolidation
  • The impact of judicial activism on policy outcomes
  • The relationship between public opinion and policy outcomes
  • The effectiveness of citizen initiatives in promoting policy change
  • The impact of globalization on political institutions
  • The effects of campaign advertising on voter behavior
  • The relationship between nationalism and foreign policy
  • The impact of voting laws on political participation
  • The role of interest groups in shaping foreign policy
  • The effects of social movements on political change
  • The relationship between democracy and economic growth
  • The effectiveness of lobbying on policy outcomes
  • The impact of the media on political polarization
  • The role of international norms in promoting human rights
  • The relationship between government corruption and economic development
  • The effectiveness of policy diffusion in promoting policy change
  • The impact of trade policies on economic growth
  • The role of international institutions in managing global crises
  • The effects of populism on democratic governance
  • The relationship between foreign aid and economic development
  • The effectiveness of proportional representation systems in promoting democracy
  • The impact of social media on political participation
  • The role of civil liberties in democratic governance
  • The effects of decentralization on governance
  • The relationship between nationalism and democratic governance
  • The effectiveness of public-private partnerships in promoting economic development
  • The role of the military in democratic governance
  • The effects of federalism on policy outcomes
  • The effectiveness of conflict resolution strategies in promoting peace
  • The impact of political polarization on policy outcomes
  • The role of transparency in promoting democratic governance
  • The effects of immigration policies on social cohesion
  • The relationship between gender and political representation
  • The effectiveness of international human rights law in promoting accountability
  • The impact of social media on political participation and voter behavior.
  • The role of the media in shaping public opinion on immigration policies.
  • An analysis of the impact of economic inequality on democratic participation.
  • A study of the effect of international aid on development and political stability in low-income countries.
  • A comparative analysis of the political systems of China and the United States.
  • An examination of the impact of political polarization on the effectiveness of democratic governance.
  • The role of political parties in shaping government policies and programs.
  • The impact of lobbying on government decision-making.
  • An analysis of the impact of political corruption on economic development.
  • The role of civil society organizations in promoting democratic governance.
  • A study of the effect of public opinion on foreign policy decision-making.
  • An examination of the role of interest groups in shaping environmental policy.
  • The impact of globalization on the distribution of wealth and power.
  • An analysis of the impact of campaign finance laws on the electoral process.
  • The role of the judiciary in protecting individual rights and freedoms.
  • A comparative analysis of the healthcare systems of developed countries.
  • An examination of the impact of terrorism on civil liberties and human rights.
  • The role of international organizations in promoting global governance.
  • An analysis of the impact of social movements on political change.
  • A study of the effect of political violence on democratic governance.
  • The impact of political ideology on public policy.
  • The role of the executive branch in shaping foreign policy.
  • An examination of the impact of gender on political representation and leadership.
  • The impact of climate change on global security and governance.
  • A comparative analysis of the education systems of developed countries.
  • An analysis of the impact of gerrymandering on electoral outcomes.
  • The role of the military in shaping foreign policy and national security.
  • The impact of populism on democratic governance.
  • An examination of the role of civil liberties in protecting individual rights.
  • The impact of political polarization on social welfare policies.
  • The role of political elites in shaping public policy and decision-making.
  • The impact of the media on the political agenda-setting process.
  • A study of the effect of political institutions on economic growth.
  • The role of international law in shaping global governance.
  • The impact of nationalism on international relations.
  • An analysis of the impact of immigration on social cohesion and integration.
  • The role of trade agreements in shaping global economic governance.
  • A comparative analysis of the electoral systems of developed countries.
  • An examination of the impact of economic sanctions on global governance.
  • The impact of public opinion on the implementation of social welfare policies.
  • A study of the effect of military intervention on democratic governance.
  • The role of international human rights law in protecting individual rights and freedoms.
  • The impact of populism on social welfare policies.
  • An analysis of the impact of religious institutions on political decision-making.
  • The role of non-state actors in shaping global governance.
  • The impact of political discourse on political behavior and attitudes.
  • A study of the effect of globalization on income inequality.
  • The role of international trade in shaping global economic governance.
  • An examination of the impact of colonialism on modern political systems.
  • The impact of regionalism on international relations.
  • The role of media bias in shaping public opinion on political issues.
  • An analysis of the impact of populism on democratic governance.
  • A comparative study of the political systems of democratic and authoritarian regimes.
  • The impact of gender on political representation and decision-making.
  • A study of the effect of the European Union on national sovereignty and democracy.
  • An examination of the role of civil society in promoting democracy and human rights.
  • The impact of immigration on social welfare policies in developed countries.
  • A comparative analysis of the healthcare systems of developed and developing countries.
  • An analysis of the impact of corruption on economic development and political stability.
  • The role of interest groups in shaping public policy and decision-making.
  • The impact of international organizations on global governance and cooperation.
  • A study of the effect of campaign finance regulations on political campaigns and electoral outcomes.
  • An examination of the role of the judiciary in protecting individual rights and liberties.
  • The impact of political ideology on foreign policy decision-making.
  • A comparative analysis of the education systems of developed and developing countries.
  • An analysis of the impact of nationalism on international relations and global governance.
  • The impact of climate change on national security and foreign policy.
  • A study of the effect of military intervention on human rights and democracy.
  • An examination of the impact of gerrymandering on electoral outcomes and representation.
  • The role of non-state actors in shaping global governance and decision-making.
  • The impact of economic inequality on democratic participation and representation.
  • A comparative analysis of the electoral systems of democratic and authoritarian regimes.
  • An analysis of the impact of social movements on political change and decision-making.
  • The role of civil liberties in protecting individual rights and freedoms.
  • A study of the effect of international trade agreements on global economic governance.
  • An examination of the role of interest groups in shaping environmental policy and decision-making.
  • The impact of populism on social welfare policies and economic development.
  • An analysis of the impact of political polarization on the effectiveness of democratic governance.
  • The impact of colonialism on modern political systems and institutions.
  • A study of the effect of economic sanctions on global governance and cooperation.
  • An examination of the impact of religious institutions on political decision-making and human rights.
  • The role of regionalism in shaping international relations and global governance.
  • The impact of social media on political participation and activism.
  • An analysis of the impact of international aid on development and political stability in low-income countries.
  • The role of the executive branch in shaping foreign policy and national security.
  • A study of the effect of political violence on democratic governance and human rights.
  • The impact of trade policy on global economic governance and cooperation.
  • An analysis of the impact of political corruption on economic development and political stability.
  • The impact of public opinion on foreign policy decision-making and international relations.
  • A study of the effect of military spending on economic growth and development.
  • An examination of the role of civil society organizations in promoting democratic governance and human rights.

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200 Unique Political Science Research Topics

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Political science is an interesting field which covers the study of government, politics, and public policy. It is an intriguing subject hence you get plenty of potential areas to explore for research. All you need is to choose a good research topic to craft a masterpiece.

Speaking of which, are you having issues choosing a research topic? Don’t worry, we have huge lists of amazing topics here from a professional  paper help  to get you started. Let’s read them all.

Table of Contents

Top Political Science Topics to Ace Your Research Paper

Political science has loads of potential topics for research. Hence, it’s a great opportunity for you to make a mark academically with this paper. Let’s get started with our first list!

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

If you want to delve into the complexities of international politics, go for a topic from this list.: 

  • Afghanistan in international relations
  • The Great Afghan Game and its impact
  • The national interest of The States: from the origins to the era of multilateralism
  • The political history of the United States geopolitics institutions government
  • Security and Geopolitics Strategies
  • The transformation of international economic and geopolitical relations
  • Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
  • European Union public opinion regarding Middle Eastern Affairs
  • European integration foreign policy for Albania
  • Soft power: the case of the United States and China
  • China vs. the United States: Soft power affairs and the role of Media
  • University course of Political Sciences and International Relations
  • Strengthening the capacities of the European Union’s international relations after the Lisbon Treaty
  • The Uniting for Peace resolution and its impact on the United Nations’ practice
  • Iraq from a province of the Ottoman Empire to the fall of the monarchy (1514 – 1958)
  • History of Islamic Middle East
  • International relations of Iraq During the Ottoman Empire
  • Cyberwar: instability in international relations
  • America’s political and trade relations with Iran
  • The Case of North Korea 
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
  • Agreements, conflicts and power strategies
  • Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Policy and Post-Ukrainian-War relations with the world
  • Ukraine between East and West
  • Sport and International Relations
  • UN and the IOC for the protection of human rights
  • Nonverbal and intercultural communicative competence for tourism promotion
  • US Energy Security Strategies
  • Russia and China: history of relations from 1949 to 2012 and oil relations from 1992 to 2012
  • From the Silk Road to the natural gas route: geopolitics and international relations in Central Asia
  • The Evolution of a Political Phenomenon
  • Relations between Russia and the European Union from 1992 to today and the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian War
  • Chinese diplomacy in Africa: an example of strategic cooperation
  • Recent international aspects of the China-US relationship
  • The evolution of the international discipline relating to climate change
  • The difficult relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States
  • China and the international legal system
  • Diplomatic aspects of the Balkan wars

Public Law Political Science Research Topics

Check out our selection of interesting legal inquiries and explore the world of Public Law. Here you go with the list:

  • Private economic activity and public administration: mutual limits and collaboration tools
  • Public services and local public services
  • The role of the municipality in the constitutional and European framework
  • Local autonomy and fiscal federalism
  • The concept of the Republic and the reorganization of territorial autonomies 
  • The protection of fundamental rights between domestic law and European law
  • Legal reserves and the principle of legality
  • The guarantee of democratic control
  • The nullity of the administrative provision
  • The administrative precautionary judgment
  • Constitutional law, administrative law and Public economic law
  • The constitutionalizing of the subsidiarity principle
  • The protection of competition between the State and the Regions
  • The division of jurisdiction in the American constitutional system
  • National law and community law
  • Legality, impartiality and good performance of the Public Administration
  • Constitutional principles of administration
  • Internal and external relations of the European Union
  • Regulations, procedures and organization regarding European structural funds
  • The institutions of the European Union
  • International organization
  • The American judicial area and the free circulation of civil and criminal judgments
  • International civil procedural law
  • Private international law
  • Internal and international criminal procedure
  • International cooperation in criminal matters
  • Comparative law of the environment
  • Citizenship, immigration and asylum
  • Constitutions and constitutionalism

Top Political Science Research Topics

Check out this list of thought-provoking political science topics. Here’s the list:

  • State reform and political culture
  • Electoral processes, political parties, political groups
  • Civil society, social movements, collective action and political culture
  • Political role regarding human rights
  • National security
  • Scenarios of politics and power
  • Political processes
  • Federalism and state reform in Europe
  • Legislative powers in the United States of America
  • Public security, justice and rule of law
  • Transition to democracy
  • Democratization
  • Political culture
  • Reform of the state
  • Problems of political change 
  • Political socialization and values of democracy in the child population
  • Political system
  • The political system in the States
  • Comparative political culture
  • Exclusion, participation and citizenship
  • Political organization
  • Participation of the workers
  • Government, processes and social actors
  • Public opinion and political behavior
  • Comparative political institutions
  • Electoral processes and voter behavior
  • Political transition
  • Political and electoral communication and marketing
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Mass media and political transition
  • Comparative political transformations in Latin American countries
  • Globalization and trade unionism in Mexico and Brazil
  • Religion and politics, religion and economics
  • Political parties and electoral systems
  • Actors and leaders Global Political Powers
  • Political conflict and social order
  • Legal system and institutional designs
  • Structural reforms in comparative perspective
  • Democratic consolidation
  • Democracy and rule of law
  • Civil society, political culture, governance

Political Theory Research Topics

  • The Idea of Political Theory
  • Varieties of Political Theory
  • The foundations of a fair policy
  • Power: politics, identity and the Law
  • Political thought as theory
  • Research about political ideologies
  • The founding political ideologies in modernity
  • Difference between liberalism, socialism and conservatism
  • Approaches to their divergences and affinities
  • The positive and analytical theory of politics
  • Institutions and problems of institutional design
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • Liberalism, Marxism, Libertarianism, Feminism, and Communitarianism
  • Contemporary political realism
  • The foundations of a secular order
  • The question of modernity in political America
  • The search for the sources of moral and/or political energies
  • The search for transparency and certainty
  • The intellectual pre-conditions of modernity
  • The impossibility of emancipation
  • The Rule of Law and its aporias: Sovereignty, Exception and Constituent Power
  • The “technical” nature of political power
  • The moral problem for political power
  • The question of political realism
  • Power as a contingency of the human
  • Power as self-government: the techniques of democracy
  • From the Idea of Justice to the practice of Justice
  • Multiculturalism and Justice
  • The question of the feminists and the idea of Justice
  • Different principles for the Idea of Justice
  • Justice, collective interest, common good and rights

Political Science Research Questions

  • What are the primary factors influencing voter turnout? 
  • To what extent does the media’s framing of political events influence public opinion? 
  • What are the key drivers behind the persistence of authoritarian regimes in certain regions? 
  • How does international cooperation on climate change mitigation and adaptation vary? 
  • What are the implications of emerging disruptive technologies? 
  • How do different electoral systems affect representation and governance outcomes?
  • What are the main challenges and opportunities in crafting effective immigration policies? 
  • What role does identity politics play in shaping the dynamics of conflict? 

Research Title About Politics

  • The Heights of Discord: the Golan between Syria and Israel
  • The use of conventional weapons, and chemical or bacteriological weapons
  • The use of nuclear weapons
  • Exclusive use of conventional weapons
  • Wars of colonial liberation
  • International Wars
  • International regional wars
  • International bilateral wars
  • Direct and unilateral political violence
  • Common criminal violence
  • Political assassination
  • State terrorism in Kashmir
  • Human rights and political violence
  • Terms of damages to civilians
  • War and Violence in the Middle East
  • Youth violence in urban contexts
  • Collective action – Mechanisms of the dispute
  • Consciousness, values, identities and ideologies
  • Analysis of the weight of structures in the transition from traditional to modern society and from this to the current one

Conflict Resolution Research Topics

  • Challenges for social research and public policy
  • Studies on the post-conflict, coexistence and the role of civil society
  • Conflict studies
  • The conflict and the vicissitudes of building a national project
  • Modernization, conflict and democracy
  • Reconciliation and the role of Civil Society
  • Difficulties in carrying out fieldwork
  • Results of the fieldwork
  • The reconstruction of the conflicting events
  • The study of community conflict through biographical interviews
  • The observation of conflicting parties
  • Symbolic disputes, authority and representation
  • New intermediaries: migrant agents
  • Transnational communities: changes and continuities of communities
  • Social drama and contentious language
  • The community as a political and intermediary process
  • The community as a sense of belonging
  • Local government and system of uses and customs
  • Derivatives of a concept: the community in sociology and anthropology
  • The perspective of intersectionality for the analysis of intra-community conflict
  • Passion and political culture
  • Towards a proposal for the analysis of political conflict: the production of antagonisms
  • Analysis of international conflicts from the Sociology
  • Celebration between the different levels of analysis
  • Types and classification of elites
  • Analysis tools and methodological concepts
  • Agents, population and linear power relations
  • Power and power resources
  • Sociology of Power and conflict analysis

Good Topics in Political Science (Mediation and Negotiation)

Still looking for a research topic about politics? Check out this list. 

  • Restorative justice and reconciliation
  • International law and treaty law 
  • Race and ethnic relations
  • International organization for mediation and negotiations
  • International negotiations
  • Mediation: skills and applications
  • Negotiation: skills and applications
  • Understand the conflict
  • Basic course on mediation and conflict resolution
  • Argumentation and critical thinking
  • Presence and involvement of the parties in the resolution of the dispute
  • Difficulties and dilemmas in the political processes of mediation and negotiation
  • Preliminary questions on political mediation and negotiation
  • Collecting the relevant information to negotiate
  • Behavior and positions of those involved in the negotiation
  • General policies, established by those who promote the negotiation
  • Identification of contingencies and their probability of occurrence
  • Specific policies that are applicable to the negotiation itself
  • Challenges Of Business Mediation in Europe
  • Would Mediation Be Adequate and Beneficial for Resolving Business Disputes?
  • Application And Development of Business Mediation
  • Business Mediation
  • Principles Of Mediation
  • Conciliation, Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration

Conflicts In Politics Research Topics

  • Contemporary history cold war
  • Political studies and conflict resolution
  • Comparative analysis of public policies and actions aimed at health promotion and prevention of Covid-19
  • International Conflicts: Manners of Solution and International Humanitarian Law
  • International Conflict Resolution Means
  • Diplomatic or Political Media
  • International Humanitarian Law of War
  • Basis of the Obligation of International Humanitarian Law of War
  • Juridical-Legal Basis of International Humanitarian Law
  • Geneva Convention to improve the fate of the Wounded and Sick of the Armed Forces in Campaign
  • II Geneva Convention to improve the fate of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked of the Armed Forces at Sea
  • Relative to the protection of victims of International Armed Conflicts
  • Relative to the protection of victims of non-international armed conflicts
  • Mechanisms to control compliance with International Humanitarian Law in armed conflicts
  • Role Played by the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Time of Peace: Complies with the teaching and dissemination of the norms of International Humanitarian Law
  • Sanctions for Non-compliance with International Humanitarian Law
  • Criminal Responsibility of the Individual

Comparative Politics

  • Islamist regimes: the case of Iran
  • The democratic institutions
  • The crisis of democracy
  • The quality of democracy
  • The processes of transition and democratic consolidation
  • The political transitions in Eastern Europe
  • The Westminster model and the Westminster model of democracy consensus
  • The parliamentary regime, presidential regime, semi-presidential regime and semi-parliamentary
  • The concept of democracy
  • Communist regimes: the case of China
  • Populist and nationalist regimes
  • Traditional and tribal systems
  • The military and civil-military dictatorships
  • Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes
  • The formation of political systems in Europe and the USA
  • Neocolonialism and economic dependence on the Third World
  • Reform and revolution
  • The construction of the nation-state in Africa and Asia
  • The institutionalization of power
  • The process of political modernization
  • Dynamics of political systems: development and change
  • Cultural and political socialization
  • Social groups: pressure groups and social movements
  • The socioeconomic structure: market and planning
  • The social environment of political systems
  • Political system and decision process
  • Dynamic and institutional comparability
  • Research methods in political science

No doubt political science gives you a lot of options for research. But you have to pick a good one which will guide you in the right direction. Hopefully this blog post has helped you pick a topic or two to work on. 

If you still have problems choosing a topic or dealing with political science assignments, do count on the professional expertise of  our writers .

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good research paper topics for political science

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The Top 10 Most Interesting Political Science Research Topics

Coming up with good political science research topics may seem like a daunting task. Whether you’re interested in foreign policy, international conflict, or immigration policy, it is worthwhile to take some time to research and find out which topics are currently relevant before diving into research. You want a topic that is manageable and meaningful. After all, you are going to invest a good deal of time and effort in answering the central questions of your project.

In this article, we will show you ten examples of political science research topics for bachelor’s degree students. We also show you how to craft political science research questions that work. With this list of currently relevant political science research paper topics, you can be sure you’ll work on something meaningful and relevant.

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What makes a strong political science research topic.

A strong research topic is original and relevant. It builds on previous studies published by reputable sources. It’s broad enough to be relatable but narrow enough to be unique. To get some ideas, you can explore the most recent topics published in Cambridge University Press’s American Political Science Review . It covers all areas of political science, from American politics to foreign relations.

Ask teachers from your academic department what they are currently writing about. Talk to your academic advisor if you can’t find a strong topic. Finally, make sure that your topic follows the guidelines set by your teacher.

Tips for Choosing a Political Science Research Topic

  • Pick a meaningful topic. The research will be more enjoyable if you find it personally interesting. For instance, if immigration policy is a topic of personal value to you, you can center your research topic around it and this will help you stay engaged in your research.
  • Discuss research ideas with classmates. They can help you find insight from a fresh perspective.
  • Make sure your topic has a manageable size. One of the major requirements for choosing a topic is making sure that it will be manageable. Explore some key questions in your chosen field until you narrow your own topic down to something you can take on successfully.
  • Use reputable sources. Choose authoritative articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Make sure you choose the ones relevant to your topic, whether that is democratic governments, the political behavior of a particular group, or a particular authoritarian regime.
  • Join the current scholarly debate. Make your topic part of cutting-edge research. Discussing things like current forms of government or current political events will help you ensure your chosen topic will contribute to salient issues of political theory as well as critical policy debates.

What’s the Difference Between a Research Topic and a Research Question?

A research topic is a focused area of study in a scientific field or subfield. The goal of the research question is to narrow down that area even further. By answering the research question, you contribute to understanding the topic. The research question guides your research and writing, leading you to make a contribution to that particular topic and field.

How to Create Strong Political Science Research Questions

Gather information on your topic to get familiar with the current research. Find an interesting aspect to explore. Identify the gaps in the research mentioned in articles about your topic. Now, try to find a question that would address that gap.

Start your question with what, why, when, or how. The question must be clear and focused. You can also use guides to develop a research question by narrowing the topic to help you get started.

Top 10 Political Science Research Paper Topics

1. building government capacity to address global environmental challenges.

Complex tradeoffs are part of environmental policy, especially in the 21st Century. Green technology investments can boost the economy and create jobs. But workers in the oil and coal industry will lose them. This is all part of an ongoing discussion about environmental protection and the political attitudes of different groups towards green policies.

The public will support climate policy only if the costs are fairly distributed. Governments have to generate transparent policies to earn the trust of the citizens. This controversial topic demands a good deal of research, an understanding of environmental policy, an analysis of policy outcomes, and the development of new political theories.

2. Influence of Social Movements and Advocacy Groups on Policymaking

The government often makes its policies behind closed doors. In response, social movements organize to get access to and take part in policymaking. Every representative democracy needs the participation of social movements and advocacy groups. They help to hold the American government accountable, ensuring the human rights of citizens are protected.

Social movements and advocacy groups have a powerful influence on public opinion, and can influence the political participation of specific groups. American politics has to consider their ideas to improve political attitudes. Political science researchers have to expand on this topic to understand collective action.

3. Effect of an Interdependent World on the Roles of Governments and Institutions

Many of the policy challenges at a domestic level are now global, and political leaders know this. Governments need policies to regulate institutions, promote international cooperation, and lessen political disputes. They need to train their workforce with a global mindset. This also has a direct impact on political campaigns and electoral politics.

As globalization influences the political development of all nations, government employees are now working on an international stage. They need knowledge of international relations to share knowledge and collaborate. Policymaking for an interdependent world is a relevant political science topic.

4. Prosperity and Equality Through Public Policy

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the financial stability of many families. Technological disruptions cause unexpected changes in the international markets. Clearly, we cannot take for granted the economic resilience of the country. The government uses economic policy to protect prosperity and equality. Economic development is a major topic in political science research.

5. Factors Influencing Policymaking Around Taxes, Regulation, and Trade

Tax policy affects economic development and social progress. Economic reform is part of the international conversation on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development . Trade regulation and immigration policies are frequently discussed in political science research, making them a great topic for any aspiring political scientist.

6. Influence of Gender, Race, Class, and Other Aspects of Identity on Policymaking

Diversity and intersectionality are becoming necessary topics in modern politics. Educational institutions and public companies are adopting equity and inclusion goals. The expectations for incorporating diversity in policymaking are higher than ever. Policymaking to prevent discrimination and create the grounds for fair immigration policy is a highly relevant topic.

7. The Role of Government in Providing Affordable Healthcare

Universal Health Coverage (UHU) is a World Health Organization (WHO) initiative to provide global access to healthcare services. The United States has reaffirmed its commitment to achieving this goal.

The COVID-19 pandemic made clear the need for international cooperation in health. International relations theories have to change to make UHU possible. Global health policymaking is a pressing research topic in modern politics.

8. Mitigating Cyber Breaches And Security Challenges Through Policymaking

Countries are adopting cyber security strategies through policymaking. Some of them have a dedicated agency for cyber security. Worldwide, information and technology assets are growing in importance. Cyber security is now part of contemporary world politics and the economic development of nations.

Cyber regulation comes with a whole new set of policymaking challenges that contemporary world politics needs to tackle. It involves international cooperation and coordination. Policymaking to neutralize cyber threats is a growing topic in modern politics research.

9. Harnessing Data for Good Governance

Partnerships between public institutions and private companies facilitate the use of big data. This comes with several institutional challenges, like combining data sources. Regulating data access and addressing privacy concerns will need extensive policymaking. Modernizing data governance is a current topic in political science research.

10. Regulating Disinformation In the United States Through Public Policy

Americans are turning to social media and biased websites to make sense of politics. The proliferation of misinformation is fueling division and polarization, and can depress public confidence and discourage political participation. Regulating disinformation through public policy is becoming an urgent topic.

Regulating freedom of speech is not common in the American political tradition. Political scientists use cost-benefit analysis to find balanced solutions for these complex problems. There are growing opportunities for research on the topic of misinformation regulation and the role of government in the digital age.

Other Examples of Political Science Research Topics & Questions

Political science research topics.

  • Ethnic Conflict Between Americans and Arab-Americans in the United States
  • Telecommunications Policies in China
  • The Supreme Court and Reproductive Rights
  • The Evolution of Affirmative Action Initiatives
  • The Development of a Constitutional Right of Privacy

Political Science Research Questions

  • How can public leaders balance political realities and policy priorities?
  • What developments in science and technology are changing political attitudes?
  • Will public-private partnerships change the approach of government to public problems?
  • How do policymakers navigate the tensions between private power and democratic values?
  • How can public policymaking integrate a human rights perspective?

Choosing the Right Political Science Research Topic

It is important to know how to choose a research topic if you want to pursue a political science degree . The right political science research topic is engaging and manageable. Choose a topic that is interesting to you. It will keep you engaged and motivated during the research process. Keep in mind that your initial research topic might change. As your expertise grows, your topic will become more precise.

Political Science Research Topics FAQ

Political science is a field of knowledge that studies political phenomena. American politics, political theories, and international politics are common topics in political science. Political scientists use comparative politics and policy analysis to improve public problems.

Political science research is important because it improves public policies and can lead to necessary legal reform. It helps citizens understand American politics and foreign policy issues. Research in political science improves international cooperation and global environmental policies, and helps us make sense of major world events.

Yes, you can get a political science degree online. You can get a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in political science without going to college. There are several online political science degree options from good universities. With a Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED), you can get a political science associate degree in two years.

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With a degree in political science, you can get a job as a legislative assistant or a campaign manager. Social media managers for political institutions are also in demand. With a graduate degree in political science, you can become a policy analyst or an urban planner. Political scientists can work in either academia or the private sector.

About us: Career Karma is a platform designed to help job seekers find, research, and connect with job training programs to advance their careers. Learn about the CK publication .

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135 great political science research topics to write best paper.

political science research topics

We know, every high school, college or university student needs some good, interesting political science research topics. After all, your grade depends a lot on the quality of the topic you choose. Your professor expects you to submit a well researched and well written essay on a topic that piques his interest. Finding such a topic can be much more difficult than you imagine. The good news is that our writers and editors have created a list of unique political science research topics for students of all ages. Why don’t you take a look at our list of ideas and pick one right now?

Choosing the Best Political Science Topics Possible

If you are looking for the best and most interesting political science topics, you have arrived at the right place. Choosing the topics that can earn you top grades is now easier than ever. All you have to do is go through our list (you have 16 categories to choose from) and pick the topics you like. All our topics are unique at the time this list was created. And the good news is that we are updating this list frequently to make sure we can help as many students as possible with original ideas. Also, our topics can be used for free. You don’t have to pay for them or give us credit, so why don’t you pick one right now:

A Hot Political Topic

If you are looking for a hot political topic, you can find several of them right here. Take a look at our list and pick any one of our topics:

  • Civil rights controversies in the United Kingdom
  • Freedom of speech in the United States
  • Talk about abortion and its political implications
  • Social security issues in Australia
  • Climate change and politics
  • Discuss the death penalty in the US
  • Censorship in China
  • Social security issues in African countries
  • Who should benefit from health insurance?
  • Should we adopt an universal minimum income?

Political Science Research Questions

  • Our creative writers though about some interesting political science research questions that you can answer in your next research paper:
  • What is the state authority?
  • What is a totalitarian government?
  • Is Vladimir Putin a dictator?
  • What are the benefits of a democratic government?
  • Why do we study political science in school?
  • What is comparative politics?
  • How do social changes influence the politics in your country?
  • What is communism?
  • What are the negative effects of anarchism?
  • Where does political power come from in the United States?
  • Is a dictatorship the same as a monarchy?
  • What makes a ruler a dictator?

Conflicts in Politics Ideas

Would you like to write an essay about conflicts in politics? We have some very interesting conflicts in politics ideas right here:

  • What are political disputes?
  • The best way to settle a political dispute
  • An in-depth look at the Vietnam War
  • How did the war in Afghanistan start?
  • The conflict between Joe Biden and Donald Trump
  • Propaganda techniques during political wars
  • Free speech and hate speech in political conflicts
  • Controversial aspects of a recent political conflict
  • Conflicts between politics and religion
  • Donald Trump versus Barack Obama

Easy Political Topics to Write About

We know you want to spend as little time as possible on your research paper . This is why we have compiled an original list of easy political topics to write about for you:

  • What are the traits of a career politician?
  • Discuss the concept of “political careerists”
  • What makes Saddam Hussein a dictator?
  • The story of Jimmy Carter
  • The life and achievements of Barack Obama
  • A Joe Biden biography
  • How did Arnold Schwarzenegger become a politician?
  • News coverage of elections in the UK
  • Analyze the relations between the US and North Korea
  • Compare and contrast liberalism and republicanism

International Relations Research Topics

Of course, we have some awesome topics related to international relations. Pick one of these international relations research topics and start working on your paper:

  • Relations between North and South Korea
  • An in-depth look at the Cold War period
  • Russia-China relations in 2023
  • China-US relations in 2023
  • What caused the war in Afghanistan?
  • The effects of nationalism in Germany
  • Foreign policies of Eastern European countries towards Russia
  • Discuss the rise in international terrorism
  • Protecting the environment globally
  • Analyze one of the many religious wars

American Government Research Paper Topics

We have some of the best and most interesting American government research paper topics right here. You’re free to use any one of them:

  • What caused the American revolution?
  • Politics during the Civil War
  • Discuss Republican traditions in the US
  • An in-depth look at election fraud in the United States
  • Disaster response in the US
  • What drives African American politicians?
  • Analyze American federal crime law
  • The US foreign policy in 2023
  • Discuss the Cold War

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

We know you want to get the most interesting political science research topics possible. Here is the complete list of ideas:

  • Discuss the constitutional vision of John Rohr
  • Analyze The Republic written by Plato
  • Research the politics in Ancient Rome
  • An in-depth analysis of the politics of Ancient Greece
  • Compare and contrast utilitarianism with egalitarianism
  • Analyze Social Contract (written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
  • Discuss the unequal relation between the public and the government

Public Law Topics

Interested in writing about public law? Of course, we have plenty of public law topics that you can use for your next essay:

  • Analyze constitutional law in your country
  • The peculiarities of administrative law in the United States
  • Differences between procedural law and private law in the UK
  • Tax law and criminal law versus private law
  • Discuss the role of mandatory rules in public law
  • Discuss the “public bodies act lawfully” principle of public law
  • Do all central and local governments have to obey public law?
  • What is the difference between public and private law in the US?

Comparative Politics Research Topics

We are certain your professor will surely appreciate any of our comparative politics research topics. Take a look at the list and pick the one you like the most:

  • Talk about conflict and revolution in the United States
  • Analyze 2 comparative parties in your country
  • What are comparative political institutions?
  • Define the concept of comparative politics
  • Compare politics in the United States with politics in the United Kingdom
  • Discuss direct and indirect binary comparisons
  • Talk about the modernization theory

Good Political Topics

This is a list of good political topics that should work great in 2023:

  • Analyze the national politics of a country of your choice
  • Why are international relations important for political science?
  • What gives legitimacy and authority in a democratic state?
  • Discuss political participation in your country
  • Compare and contrast political science with pure history
  • Factors that influence political behavior in the United States

Political Theory Research Topics

Yes, we know that talking about political theory is not easy. However, we have some political theory research topics that are relatively easy to write about:

  • An in-depth analysis of the Agrarianism political theory
  • An in-depth analysis of the Egalitarianism theory
  • Discuss the Phoenicianism political theory
  • What is Libertarian socialism‎ and where can we find it?
  • Research the topic of Zionism in 2023
  • Compare and contrast socialism with communism in Eastern Europe
  • Analyze 3 forms of government in use today

Current Research Topics in Political Science

Keeping up with the current events in politics may not be something you have time for. We do. Check out these current research topics in political science:

  • Talk about the innovations in the public sector in the UK
  • Analyze the 2019 Indian general elections
  • The Israel-Hamas conflict in 2023
  • Russia’s foreign policy towards Ukraine
  • Discuss the rise of ISIS in Afghanistan
  • Boko Haram’s expansion in Nigeria
  • The American retreat from Afghanistan
  • The US foreign policy towards China
  • Analyze the India-China border dispute

Informative Political Science Research Paper Topics

Our writers have put together a list of highly interesting and informative political science research paper topics. Check them out below:

  • Compare parliamentary and presidential democracy
  • Discuss the apartheid in South Africa
  • An in-depth look at the Vietnam War politics
  • The effects of the Syrian conflict
  • Imperialism in British Columbia
  • Colonialism in African countries
  • Discuss the Human Rights Act 1998 and its implications

Fresh Political Science Research Topic Ideas

Take a look at our fresh political science research topic ideas and choose the one that suits you best:

  • Talk about the retreat of American troops from Afghanistan
  • Talk about Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump
  • Analyze a totalitarian government
  • How did Vladimir Putin win 4 terms as president in Russia?
  • The politics behind the Israeli-Palestinian war
  • Discuss the role of mass media in political conflicts

Controversial Topics for a Political Science Research Paper

Why would you be afraid of talking about controversial topics? We have a list of easy controversial topics for a political science research paper right here for you:

  • Discuss signs of election fraud in the United States
  • Gender equality in politics
  • The climate change problem across the world
  • Politics and empty promises
  • The use of influence in politics
  • Are politicians above the law in the US?

Public Administration Topics

There are many things you can talk about when it comes to public administration. However, we feel that these public administration topics usually get high grades:

  • Discuss public service motivation in the United States
  • What is performance-related pay and how is it used?
  • Civil service reform in the UK
  • Analyze the public organizational behavior in your country
  • Community service in your county
  • Public administration and its link to social equity
  • Sustainability projects in public administration
  • Public administration: traits of a true leader
  • Crisis management procedures in your area

Need Some Exceptional Paper Writing Help?

Our company has the ENL writers and the editors you need if you need an awesome political science research paper. Wait, what? Can you guys write my paper? Sure we can! We have been offering students superior paper writing help for more than a decade. We have some of the most experienced academic writers you can find. They will write you an in depth essay fast and for a very affordable price.

If you need any kind of help with the research or the writing part of your research paper, you just need to get in touch with our experts. Your teacher will surely appreciate our hard work, so you should expect a top grade on your next paper. Let’s discuss your project right now (24/7 customer support)!

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Political Science Research Topics: 200+ Captivating Ideas

Political Science Research Topics

Students with politics major already understand the profound evaluation in the field of politics and potential power from the domestic, global and comparative outlook. Their supervisors ask them to write a dissertation paper that shows their understanding of the exposition of existential political ideas, behavior, schemes, and procedures and how the nation scrutinizes the law, foreign affairs, communities, and much more.

Political science exhibits theories and conventions of the nation. As a student drafting a political science research paper might be time-consuming, complex, and strenuous for you. Finding interesting political topics to write about can deter you. Your supervisor expects you to draft a concrete research paper, but how can you gather the strength to draft your paper when it seems like your biggest nightmare?

Don’t worry; we have selected 200+ advanced political science research paper topics to help you.

But before we dive into that section, how about understanding a few couples of things?

Table of Contents

Significance of Political Science Research Paper

Drafting an academic research paper is enormously challenging. It comes with many hurdles, but unlike other topics, political studies come with massive dynamics, and its tendency can shift to a great extent. The ideology of your approach and your entire paper makes a huge difference in your content. Political science research paper aims to understand polity-related matters to your readers better.

The excellent approach to drafting your political science research paper is to seek inspiration from your current environment. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper into controversial events. Don’t feel shy to provide a new perspective on the previous matters. Fortunately, when it comes to politics, the inspirations are already scattered around us. That’s why a political science research paper is significant in your academic year. A political science research paper is exceptional when it’s original and innovative. It includes much more than just synthesizing and drafting already published content. Researchers aim to prove to their supervisors that their research is worth publishing. A research work helps you to showcase why your research work is crucial and highlights important practical methods to solve those critical issues.

Limitations of a Political Science Research Paper

Since a research paper has enormous significance in your academics, you must provide accurate context with enough descriptions of your field of study. It helps you to evaluate the relevance and influence of your political study. A political science research paper   is not an easy task. The limitations in your research paper are the general flaws and shortcomings of your content. A research paper requires descriptive and comprehensive content; you do not want to present it with limitations and drawbacks. Your study might have multiple drawbacks and limitations. Keep reading to identify those limitations.

Implementation of Research Data and Statistical Collections:

Since you are a beginner in collecting primary data and information, there are huge chances that your implementation of the source collection procedure might be flawed . It is a potential  methodological  issue that can significantly impact your political research paper.

Conflicts Arising from a Biased Point of View:

Some researchers might hold biased perspectives because of their opinions of specific phenomena or cultural backgrounds. It has the potential to affect your political paper’s authority .  Besides, researchers with biased views of their data and results may support their theory and arguments. Pay considerable attention to the problem statement and effective data gathering.

Limited Access to Data:

Your political research may require the opinion of people and organizations; access to these respondents is extremely difficult for students. It might result in modification of your paper.

Time Constraints:

Needless to say, all research work comes with a deadline .  Researchers might have to submit a draft of their study or face trouble meeting the deadlines of their political science research paper. Time constraints can hugely affect the quality of your study.

Scope of Information:

Most likely, students do not have much understanding in conducting this complex research and writing a political research paper of such vast individuality. The depth and scope of a political paper are compromised at variable levels compared to experienced researchers with immense expertise.

Essential Factors for Choosing Political Science Research Paper Topic

When it comes to politics, some fields require comparison. Political science carries an empirical approach for variable political aspects. Before selecting your political science research topic, you must understand what fascinates you the most.

For starters, look over your local politics and analyze what you can dig out from there. Since the existing political dynamics are taking constant turns, you can use a fine piece of news to draft a magnificent research paper. It will make things much easier for you. However, if you still feel confused, we have listed a few steps that will guide you in selecting the best topic for your political science research paper:

Select the Topic Per Your Interests:

while narrowing down your topics, you must have already anticipated what political aspect fascinates you the most. Perhaps there is a topic that you find the most interesting. Identify those topics and start researching them. You can start narrowing down those political topics and begin studying them. While exploring those, remember not to dive into every detail regarding them. A little preliminary research would do the job.

Identify the Topics that Awaken Your Curiosity:

Writing a political science research paper does not imply you have to write something about an already published case. Instead, you are expected to write a magnificent work that makes everyone curious at every step of their reading. For that, you need to think about the political topics that always made you curious, but you didn’t have the time to explore more. It is your opportunity; use it to make an exceptional political science research paper.

Choose a Challenging Political Topic:

Selecting a challenging political topic will catch your supervisor’s and professors’ attention. They would want to read more about it. Although selecting a politically demanding topic can deter students as it involves a lot of research work. It increases your workload, But isn’t it worth it? A challenging political science topic would enhance your arguments and theories about it. An excellent research paper assures high grades in your academic year.

200 Political Science Research Topics

Our political world is exceptionally expansive. Thus, if you have chosen politics as your field, you know you have proclaimed an abundance of creative ideas for yourself. After getting a rough image of how you can draft your research, it’s time to pick up the scattered pieces and frame the big picture.

Some Amazing Political Science Topics

Suppose you want to understand how something as hideous and significant as political science can be fascinating. In that case, you first need to understand how reachable and astonishing even the most straightforward topics can be.

Nevertheless, if you lack ideas, here are a few great political science topics for your research paper:

  • Can we classify nationalism as the right school of leaders in history?
  • Post-war conflicts and art legacies
  • American foreign policies and their effects on the European policies in the 20th century?
  • Why is it vital for the news reporters not to be politically biased?
  • Fascism and its faces pre and post world war 2
  • Iran oil conflict and how did it devastate the oil market?
  • The political and the distribution structure of the Arctica island
  • Playing with principals in this political era
  • Choosing whom to betray? A compromise between left and right-wing parties.
  • Personal ambitions of our political leaders
  • Karl Marx: his life and influence on the politics of the 20th century
  • Voting made easy: what is the impact of technology on the voting process
  • Modern political culture and its dependency upon technology

Also, Read – Economics Research Topics

Comparative Politics Research Topic Ideas

It involves institutional analysis, domestic policy management, foreign issues, and much more. All these factors can be examined by comparative evaluation. Comparative politics research topics would help you make an authentic impression in front of your professors.

For a general idea, you can take a look at these given topics and choose the best one that you like the most:

  • The nature and significance of comparative politics.
  • A comparative analysis of the domestic policies of the UK and the USA
  • A detailed comparison of Abraham Lincoln’s lyceum address with modern political speeches
  • How would segregation have worked without Supreme Court?
  • Detailed comparison and contrast between foreign policies of the UK and Russia
  • Examine the communist structure of the USSR and China
  • Comparison and contrast of the Soviet Union’s ideology
  • Detailed analysis and the significance of the cultural gap between China and Japan
  • Examination of the cultural revolution in the USSR
  • Examine the behavioral approach between the US and the UK
  • Comparative analyses of liberalism and republicanism
  • Examination of the American commercials films and hidden political messages in them
  • The triangular relationship between China, America, and India
  • Comparative review of the female education in Afghanistan
  • The economic battle between China and America
  • The complicated relationship between business and politics
  • Critical analyses of the American and European federal crimes
  • Critically analyze religion as a social power
  • Culture as a formidable social strength
  • Online crime shows and their impact on constructing crime
  • Comparative analysis of any of the two parties of your nation
  • Comparative analysis of politics
  • Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism: Strategies for democratization
  • Comparison between the American and the African political heritage
  • Comparative analyses of egalitarianism with utilitarianism
  • The reasons behind conflict and resolutions in the US
  • The modernization theory and the sociological study of developments
  • A decade of feminism: Relationship between women and the modernization theory
  • Research, theory, and realities of modernization
  • The methods and theories of comparative politics
  • Rationality, religion, and structure in comparative politics
  • New identical tools and methods in comparative political economy
  • The new comparatively political economy
  • Comparative analyses of the political economy of the UK and the USA
  • The theory and critique of the political economy
  • Concept and theories of global political economy
  • Theory of political economy of Karl Marx
  • Principles of comparative politics

Research Topics on International Politics

From international poverty to global ethics, human rights to environmental issues, globalization to international security, these things happening in the international arena cannot go unnoticed. If you are still considering topics for your  research proposal , international politics would significantly impact your research.

Here are some research-related topics that you might use in your political science research paper.

  • Detailed analysis of the human rights in Uganda
  • Syrian collapse: how did Syria end up between two political fronts?
  • Regional and political effects of Shiite jihad
  • Understanding global poverty causes
  • Injustice and resistance to global poverty
  • Mexico: the problem of forced and illegal migrants
  • Excluding illegal migrants from the USSR
  • Illegal migrants: why are the union citizens converting themselves into illegal migrants?
  • Capturing illegal migrants in Mexico, Thailand, and Malaysia
  • The causes and effects of the Syrian conflict
  • Russian aggression against Ukraine and its impacts
  • China: the new overlord of the 21st and 22nd century
  • The economic war between Russia and Ukraine: why does Putin remain tight to his chair?
  • Impacts of 2019 protests and how did it embrace the future of France
  • The characteristics and impacts of the sanctions imposed on Russia as the consequence of the aggression against Ukraine
  • European social model and the post-national Europe
  • Measurement of Global security network analysis
  • The battle of Syrian refugees and the race of legal status of the united states
  • A descriptive analysis of the international monetary fund structure
  • Perception and the misconception of the rational theory of the international politics
  • Global poverty crises and the Amnesty international controversy
  • Industry, war, and arctic circle battles
  • Research on international designs in political science
  • Political battles of ideas and discourses’ between nations
  • The feminists around the international political grounds
  • Comparison analysis of modern versus traditional international economy

Also, Read – Learn Important Steps to Write a Research Statement

Political Science Philosophy Research Topics

Everyone knows that political science research topics can be extremely fragile and complex. There are numerous ideas dispersed throughout your research paper. This polity section deals with the most abstract levels of government, liberty, legal code mechanics, democracy, and arguments involved in political opinion.

This subject is concerned with arguments and discussions on how society needs to be set up and what new implications should be applied.

Here are some of the philosophical and political topics to write about:

  • Nationalism versus philosophies
  • Role of Greek-Roman philosophers in building modern politics
  • Philosophies practiced by the Germans and Karl Schmidt
  • Writings and political philosophies of Karl Marx
  • Decision-making powers of the judicial
  • Why did Rome fail: A critical analysis of the declined empire
  • Comparative analyses of the modern and ancient political philosophy
  • Jean Bodin and his mixed critics of sovereignty
  • Globalization issues and political events that lead to Nazism
  • Introduction to contemporary political philosophy
  • Contemporary political philosophy: how it shaped and changed the modern political science
  • The traditional disciplines of political philosophy
  • Greek: the philosophical hotspot in ancient times
  • History of the western political philosophy
  • Anthropology of Western contemporary political philosophies
  • Social and political philosophies of the Rousseau
  • A contemporary analysis of the western political philosophies
  • The USA followed the similar Trajectory as Ancient Rome
  • Jean Bodin and his concept of sovereignty: what failed him to see about sovereignty
  • Modern capitalism: culture and critical features that define modern capitalism

Few Controversial Political Science Research Questions

There are a few topics that trigger a specific section of our society. It triggers controversies and is prone to up-heave variable issues. These issues consist of conflicts and controversies.

Here are a few controversial political science research questions and topic examples:

  • Amnesty International report : 2020-2021 The state of the world’s human rights
  • An international perspective on violence against women
  • The political response to terrorist attacks over the globe
  • Corruption: the impacts and how can police unions minimize it?
  • What is the nation doing to deal with the massive wave of immigrants?
  • The ideal punishment for rapists and serial killers
  • Measurement of the severity of the violence against women scale
  • Prevention of domestic violence against women?
  • The implications of controversies in politics
  • Gender identity and expression: what is the nation doing to prevent transgender people?

American Politics Research Topic Ideas

American politics is something that will never bore you. If you find American politics attractive, you can also consider choosing a topic from this section.

For starters, you can have a look at these few American politics research topic ideas:

  • African and American prisoner conflicts
  • Australia and America: how do the economic policies differ?
  • Political polarization in America during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The political and economic battle between America and China
  • Challenges and opportunities associated with political polarization
  • Public relations of America with other nations
  • Role of the American Government in public relations with other nations
  • American government and its role in shaping its democracy?
  • Tools and the propaganda used by the American parties to win the elections?
  • Democracy in America: principles used by Americans to establish democracy in the nation
  • Comparative analysis of the current American parties to their 1960s predecessors
  • The impact of the American civil war on the modern American government
  • Foreign direct investment: Democracy and corruption in South America
  • Political corruption and reform in South America
  • American political culture: the vision of a developed society and redemption in modem America
  • Detailed analyses of the modern political structure of America
  • The congress and the court: the study of American political cultures
  • 1952-1996: the era of political decline of the American political parties
  • The consensus and Agendas of American politics.’
  • A history of the American political cultures
  • Political preferences and theories of the American Government
  • Agendas and polarization of American political cultures
  • The public relations actors in the American economic politics
  • Mass media and political elections
  • Transformation of American politics
  • The political evolution of America from the 1960s
  • False equivalences: online activism in theory and in practical
  • Online Activism, mediated politics, and social movements in contemporary America
  • The behavioral approach to the growth and development of contemporary America
  • Renaissance of the current political culture of America
  • Idea and concept of American political culture
  • The American Democracy: effects of 2020 elections on the American democracy
  • American Civil war: what were the political and economic crises that led to the civil war
  • American politics during the Civil war
  • The republican culture: how it was introduced and evolved in America
  • The economic and political relationships between America and North Korea
  • The significant place of Hispanic US politics currently
  • Importance of news coverage of US elections
  • Examine the analysis of the Donald Trump and Barak Obama administration
  • Security leadership conflicts post-9/11
  • Post 9/11, security collaboration and leadership conflicts
  • Establishing development to converse terrorism: post 9/11 transformation of US aid to Africa
  • The USA in preserving its national security
  • The conflicts of the American – African prisoners
  • American foreign policy and how it changed after the war?
  • Public opinion and the United States foreign policy
  • American heritage: the political history of the United States

Current Research Topics in Political Science

The field of political science focuses on the branch of empirical approach, using comparative methods. The current US politics is rocky, which makes it much more enthusiastic.

If you find the current events exciting and want to research more about them, we have selected the top 20 fantastic topics for you:

  • Attempt an analysis of the traits of typical American politics
  • Examine the analysis of the administration of Donald Trump and Joe Biden
  • Examine the role of American nationalism in the face of Globalization
  • Definition of social constructivism in the American context
  • Submit the evaluation of fraud in US elections
  • Life of African American politicians
  • Analyze the significant levels of minorities in the US
  • Law of the United States: the civil law traditions
  • Life of Jimmy Carter and his impact on America
  • Life of Saddam Hussein and the essential impacts on the American politics
  • The Vietnam War: what made it turn into the American war?
  • The US VS Russia: the political and economic similarities between Russia and America
  • Significance of falling to vote for shaping political tenures
  • Relationship between politics and the poverty in the Sub Sahara African politics
  • Significance of meme culture in building political awareness
  • Modern and Apartheid Segregation in modern America
  • Significance of the internet in shaping modern political awareness
  • The obligations and the rights of voters in Modern America
  • The Electoral College: should the American government abolish it or give it more power?
  • The Democrats and the Republicans: alike or the same?

Topics on Constitution and Constitutionalism

If you find these topics attractive, here are the top 9 topics regarding constitution and Constitutionalism:

  • Existential western constitutionals law
  • The constitutional vision of John Rohr
  • Existentialism in modern constitutional law
  • Constitutional laws: Why every state has different constitutional laws?
  • Duel constitutionalism and the amending process in America
  • The American Constitutionalism: the rights and liberties of an American citizen
  • Non-liberal Constitutionalism in the US
  • Revolutions in the American constitution
  • Constitution and Constitutionalism in modern America

Topics on Democracy and Democratization

Democracy and democratization refer to the transition to a more democratic political environment. Researching more about this would help you to draft a magnificent research paper.

If you already have a few ideas on your mind, that’s excellent, although if you still cannot figure out the topic, here are some impressive topics on democracy and democratization for you:

  • The incomplete democracy and democratization in America
  • Difference between presidential and parliamentary democracy
  • Explain liberal democracy justification
  • The democratic government: legitimacies of an authorized democratic government
  • A comparative analysis of the democracy laboratories of contemporary America
  • Prospects of democracy and democratization for globalization
  • The comparative politics and concepts of democracy and democratization
  • Radical democracy in America
  • The evolution of democracy to democratization
  • liberal prospects and the limitations of democratization

Conclusion –

When there are individuals involved, situations tend to become more complicated. It is why political research topics are complex to analyze and study.

Most students who plump for politics as their significant subjects do not only desire to become politicians. Instead, they prefer to become professional experts in politics, making them the future of our economy.

Considering you attended all your lectures and exemplified your research papers- you are already doing your best, and you will be fine. Nevertheless, if you still feel difficult to move forward with your research proposal, you can also consider seeking research paper help service from Edumagnate . They can guide you to build a good cornerstone for establishing political wisdom.

We salute those students and wish them good luck with the challenging hurdles coming ahead in their political science studies.

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By Alex Brown

I'm an ambitious, seasoned, and versatile author. I am experienced in proposing, outlining, and writing engaging assignments. Developing contagious academic work is always my top priority. I have a keen eye for detail and diligence in producing exceptional academic writing work. I work hard daily to help students with their assignments and projects. Experimenting with creative writing styles while maintaining a solid and informative voice is what I enjoy the most.


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30 Current and Engaging Topics for Your Next Political Science Research Paper

Stefani H.

Table of contents

You're sitting in front of your computer, staring at a blank Word document. The cursor blinks back at you, almost mockingly, and the words "Political Science Research Paper" at the top seem to be the loneliest words in the world. You're stuck, and time is ticking. Sound familiar?

Choosing a research paper topic can feel like navigating a maze with no clear exit. Especially in political science, where the field is as wide and varied as the politics it covers. From the depths of domestic policies to the dizzying world of international relations, and the intricate comparisons of political systems in between - the possibilities are endless. But so is the confusion, right?

[FREE] Research Paper Samples

Fear not, my fellow political science enthusiasts. We've all been there, stuck in the labyrinth of potential topics, unsure where to take our first step. That's why we're here today. This blog post is your guiding beacon, your North Star in this galaxy of ideas. We have curated a list of 30 unique, contemporary, and compelling political science research paper topics, focusing on empirical research.

Each topic is not just a name; it comes with a roadmap - bullet-point guidance on how to approach the topic, possible angles to explore, and handy hints at primary and secondary sources. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, overdone topics either. They're hot off the press, relevant to today's political scene, and primed to impress your professors with their timeliness and originality.

So, let's dive into the world of political science, unravel the complexities of current politics, and find the perfect topic for your research paper. Believe me, by the end of this, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Navigating the Intricacies of Domestic Politics

Domestic politics, the heartbeat of any nation, is an integral part of political science. It includes everything from political parties' tactics to public opinion trends and government policies. By diving into the depths of a nation's political systems and practices, we can gain crucial insights into the forces that shape our lives. So, let's look at 10 exciting topics you can explore within the realm of domestic politics:

1. The Impact of Social Media on Political Campaigns

Discuss the role of social media platforms in modern political campaigns.

Explore how they influence voters’ perceptions and choices.

Potential sources: Pew Research Center reports, recent campaign social media analytics.

2. Partisan Polarization and Its Effects on Policy-Making

Analyze the impact of increased partisan polarization on legislative decision-making processes.

Potential sources: Congressional voting records, party manifestos.

3. The Influence of Lobbying on Domestic Legislation

Explore how lobbying affects domestic policy formation.

Consider ethical implications and impacts on democracy.

Potential sources: Federal lobbying disclosure data, case studies of specific legislation.

4. Populism in 21st Century American Politics

Examine the rise of populist movements in the U.S. and their impacts on the political landscape.

Potential sources: Political speeches, media coverage of populist movements, academic papers on populism.

5. Voter Suppression: Strategies and Consequences

Investigate the tactics used in voter suppression and their implications for democracy.

Potential sources: State voting laws, reports from civil rights organizations.

6. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gun Control Policies

Evaluate the success of various gun control measures based on empirical evidence.

Potential sources: FBI crime statistics, studies on gun violence, state and federal laws.

7. The Role of Identity Politics in U.S. Elections

Analyze how identity politics shapes voting behavior and election outcomes.

Potential sources: Voter demographic data, campaign speeches, academic literature on identity politics.

8. The Politics of Healthcare Reform

Examine the political challenges involved in reforming the healthcare system.

Potential sources: ACA legislative history, Congressional debates, public opinion polls.

9. Climate Change Policy: A Partisan Issue?

Explore how climate change policy has become a partisan issue and its impacts on policy-making.

Potential sources: Legislative voting records on environmental bills, party platforms.

10. The Impact of Gerrymandering on Election Results

Investigate the extent to which gerrymandering influences electoral outcomes.

Potential sources: Redistricting maps, election results data, court cases on gerrymandering.

For more in-depth insights, you might want to explore the evolving landscape of electoral politics .

Remember, diving into domestic politics requires a careful balance between understanding the past and investigating the present. Utilize your sources to build a comprehensive picture and don't forget to add your unique take. As future political scientists, you are not just observers but active contributors to the discourse.

Decoding the Dynamics of International Relations

As our world becomes more interconnected, the field of international relations becomes more complex - and more crucial. Studying international relations allows us to better understand the relationships between nations, the roles of sovereign states, intergovernmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations. It encompasses a range of topics from global economics to national security and global policy. Here are 10 captivating topics you could examine within international relations:

11. The Role of the United Nations in Conflict Resolution

Examine the effectiveness of the United Nations in resolving international conflicts.

Potential sources: UN resolutions and peacekeeping mission reports, case studies on specific conflicts.

12. The Influence of Globalization on Developing Countries

Analyze the economic, political, and social impacts of globalization on developing nations.

Potential sources: World Bank and IMF reports, academic papers on globalization.

13. Evaluating the Impact of Sanctions on Target Countries

Explore the effectiveness of economic sanctions as a tool for achieving foreign policy goals.

Potential sources: Case studies on sanctioned countries, economic data, policy papers.

14. The Role of NATO in Maintaining Global Security

Assess the role and effectiveness of NATO in maintaining international peace and security.

Potential sources: NATO mission reports, academic literature on global security.

15. The Rise of China: Implications for Global Power Dynamics

Analyze the rising influence of China on global power dynamics and its potential implications.

Potential sources: Foreign policy analysis, global trade data, speeches from Chinese leadership

16. Climate Change: A Global Policy Perspective

Discuss international cooperation on climate change policy and its effectiveness.

Potential sources: International climate agreements (like the Paris Agreement), IPCC reports.

17. The Impact of Refugee Crisis on European Union Policies

Examine how the refugee crisis has influenced the policies of the European Union.

Potential sources: EU policy documents, reports from humanitarian organizations.

18. Cybersecurity and International Relations

Analyze the role of cybersecurity in modern international relations and its influence on state sovereignty.

Potential sources: Cybersecurity incident reports, government policy documents.

19. The Politics of Nuclear Proliferation

Explore the politics behind nuclear proliferation and its implications for global security.

Potential sources: Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports.

20. Impact of Global Pandemics on International Relations

Investigate how global pandemics like COVID-19 affect international relationships and cooperation.

Potential sources: World Health Organization (WHO) reports, foreign aid data during pandemics.

In the realm of international relations, remember that the key is to contextualize your study within the wider global scenario. Use empirical data to support your points, but don't forget to offer a nuanced perspective that reflects the multifaceted nature of international politics.

Exploring the Intersection of Political Economy and Policy Studies

Political Economy and Policy Studies examine the interaction between politics and economics, studying how government policy can influence economies. This is a rich field, full of nuanced discussions on economic development, policy creation, and their effects on societal structures. Here are ten topics that might pique your curiosity:

21. The Implications of U.S. Trade Policy on Domestic Industry

Investigate the impact of U.S. trade policy on domestic industry health, worker rights, and overall economic well-being.

Potential sources: U.S. trade policy documents, industry health reports, employment data.

22. The Influence of Lobbying on Public Policy

Analyze the influence of special interest groups and their lobbying efforts on the creation of public policy.

Potential sources: Lobbying expenditure data, case studies of significant legislative changes.

23. Fiscal Policy Responses to Economic Crises

Examine the fiscal policy responses to past economic crises such as the 2008 recession or COVID-19, and assess their effectiveness.

Potential sources: Government fiscal policy documents, economic recovery data.

24. The Impact of Healthcare Policy on Economic Equality

Explore how healthcare policies can contribute to economic equality or exacerbate inequality.

Potential sources: Health expenditure data, economic equality indexes.

25. Regulation and Deregulation: Balancing Economic Growth and Public Welfare

Investigate how the balance between regulation and deregulation impacts both economic growth and public welfare.

Potential sources: Economic growth data, public welfare indexes.

26. The Politics of Income Inequality

Discuss the political dynamics that contribute to growing income inequality.

Potential sources: Income distribution data, policy papers on income inequality.

27. Economic Nationalism: Causes and Consequences

Explore the rise of economic nationalism, its causes, and its potential impacts on global economic cooperation.

Potential sources: Trade policies, economic data, speeches from political leaders.

28. Climate Change Policy: Economic Impact and Feasibility

Examine the economic implications and feasibility of proposed climate change policies.

Potential sources: Proposed climate policy documents, economic projections.

29. The Role of Central Banks in National Economies

Analyze the influence of central banks on national economies and how they shape monetary policies.

Potential sources: Central bank policy documents, national economic data.

30. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Welfare Policies

Investigate the effectiveness of social welfare policies in reducing poverty and promoting economic equality.

Potential sources: Social welfare policy documents, poverty and equality data.

In political economy and policy studies, the goal is to understand the underlying dynamics that drive policy decisions and their impacts on the economy and society. Remember to support your arguments with empirical evidence while also considering the wider political, historical, and cultural context.

Tips for Choosing Your Research Topic

After browsing through these enticing political science research topics, you're likely brimming with ideas for your next paper. But with so many possibilities, how do you choose? Here are some tips to keep in mind as you narrow down your selection:

Reflect On Your Interests

Choose a topic that genuinely intrigues you. Researching and writing become far more enjoyable tasks when you're passionate about your subject. Remember, your enthusiasm will also shine through in your writing and keep your reader engaged.

Consider the Scope

You want to make sure your topic is neither too broad nor too narrow. A broad topic could be overwhelming, while a topic that's too narrow might not have enough resources for a comprehensive analysis.

Check the Availability of Sources

Before settling on a topic, check if there are enough credible sources available to support your arguments. Scholarly articles, authoritative websites, and books by experts in the field are all potential gold mines for your research.

Evaluate the Relevance

Choose a topic that is relevant to your course and the current political discourse. Engaging with contemporary issues can provide a timely and impactful focus for your research.

Seek Feedback

Don't hesitate to discuss your ideas with your professor or peers. They can provide valuable input and help you refine your topic.

With these tips in mind, you're now equipped to embark on your journey towards an engaging and insightful research paper. Remember, the purpose of research is not just to inform, but also to challenge, provoke thought, and contribute to ongoing conversations. We can't wait to see where your research endeavors take you!

Final Thoughts

By delving into the extensive world of political science, we've uncovered 30 intriguing research paper topics that span across various subfields. These topics serve to challenge, provoke thought, and contribute to the broader discourse on political science.

While this list is comprehensive, it's by no means exhaustive. There's a wealth of potential research questions waiting to be answered. Use these topics as a springboard, and let your curiosity and passion for political science guide your research journey.

Stay tuned for more topic ideas across various disciplines, and remember, there’s a world of knowledge waiting to be explored – all it takes is a little bit of curiosity and a whole lot of research!

Feeling overwhelmed with the research and writing process? Writers Per Hour offers professional research paper writing services . Our team of experienced writers can help streamline the process and produce a well-researched, well-written paper on your chosen topic. Don't hesitate to hire us and take a step closer to academic success!

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Political Science Research Topics


Table of contents

  • 1 What Is a Political Science Research Paper?
  • 2.1 Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics
  • 2.2 International Relations Political Science Research Topics
  • 2.3 Public Administration Political Science Research Topics
  • 2.4 Public Law Political Science Research Topics
  • 2.5 Philosophy Political Science Research Topics
  • 2.6 Political Conflicts Research Topics
  • 2.7 Theorists Political Science Research Topics
  • 2.8 Conflict Resolution Political Science Research Topics
  • 2.9 Mediation & Negotiation Political Science Research Topics
  • 2.10 Empirical Political Science Research Topics
  • 3 Conclusion

Today we are going to present to you the best interesting political science research topics, the ones that will help you get the best grade and impress your teacher. Here you have a complete guide with all the elements and the details you need to know about. We will also answer interesting political science research questions and present you with good ideas, facts about the thesis, and a lot more. Keep in mind that writing on these topics can be difficult, and this is not something all students like and want to do. Even the most interesting political science research topics will require tons of research, details, accurate facts, and so much more. We can say that you need to understand the topic 100% in order to write a paper that will do well!

Then we can see that most students have to complete a paper of this kind at some point. It is not strange that many of them are looking for research paper writing service to get help as soon as possible. After all, you will get a paper that is written by a professional, has no errors, and offers all the answers your professor will need. Yes, all political science philosophy research topics are possible and available. Anyway, let’s move to the political science research topic ideas you would like to know more about.

What Is a Political Science Research Paper?

A paper of this kind is an essay focused on government, politics, institutions, and the state in general. It can be focused on local, state, national, or international levels . Many political science topics are actually focused on the national or international level. This makes them more interesting to a reader but at the same time more complicated for a writer. Let’s see the Chinese communist party hierarchy in Vietnam as an example. The paper will be focused on the communist party of China and its links and effects on Vietnam. As you can see, this is a complicated matter, and you will have to perform a lot of research.

There are three main variations here. The first one is comparative politics, where you will compare two or more elements of politics. You can pick one you are for. The second is international relationships which are focused on cooperation between countries, institutions from different countries, and more. The last is a political theory that explains the theory of politics in simple terms. Now you know why many students will prefer to buy custom research paper and get the job done within minutes rather than days. Yes, you are going to need days to write a paper of this kind! American federal crimes are a common option here that is very complex.

Political Science Research Paper Writing Tips

Once you know all about the best political science research topics, the time will come to start writing. Here we have all the essential tips and effects that you must use. These are obtained from professional writers who have been in the business for decades. Hence, you may want to use these. If possible, always consider research topics for political science that you like or at least have an interest in. This will help you consider the paper more appealing and desirable.

If that is not possible, you will probably want to use all of these tips in the paper and get the best outcome. Below you can see research topics in political science for every major variation, and most of these are ideal for all kinds of students. Don’t forget that you can get research paper outline college easily and learn about a few basics before you start. Anyway, here are a few tips that are mandatory these days.

  • Your paper must include the opposite opinion. This is essential and must be present when writing about western constitutional law or anything else.
  • The facts you use in the paper must be 100% accurate and meet the current situation. You need to back up these using academic sources only. No blogs or anything similar!
  • Use statistics that are reliable, accurate, and available to us all in the United States.
  • Always research other topics and ideas that are similar. Take a look at similar papers as well.
  • One idea must come in one paragraph. There is no exception. This rule applies to all papers.
  • Never use a harsh tone or focus too much on sensitive subjects.
  • Don’t focus on one side only. You must cover both sides and their elements.
  • If you are writing about political parties, stay neutral. This is always a good idea.
  • Use quotes only when you have to. Never use too much of them unless you must or specify.
  • Never use slang or similar words. They don’t look professional, and they are bad for these papers.

Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics

There are a lot of political topics to write about in this category. Basically, you will compare national or international issues. The best example is comparing laws between two countries. You need to keep your focus on the methods that are used and how they are implemented. These are considered the simplest papers of all. Here are a few great comparative politics research topics.

  • Government soviet union ideology of apartheid
  • Foreign policies of the US versus the UK
  • FDI policies in the United States versus those in India
  • Comparing two political parties in the country
  • Recruitment details and specifics in developing countries
  • Modernization theory: Complete explanation
  • Revolution and conflicts in the United States
  • Cultural pressure between Japan and the United States
  • Parliamentary versus presidential democracy
  • Apartheid Phenomenon explanations and details


International Relations Political Science Research Topics

These topics will be focused on the global perspective. We can see environmental factors, global hunger, similar issues, and global ethics in general. The topics are broad, the lack of a better word and these can either be about something in a specific country or something that affects multiple countries or the entire world. Some students like these good political topics, and we have excellent examples below.

  • What causes global poverty?
  • Battles about the arctic circle
  • Global security networks: Ultimate analysis
  • Relations between China and US
  • What kind of effect does nationalism in Germany has
  • Geopolitics: Theories explained
  • Why did the Afghanistan war happen?
  • World terrorism increase
  • What kind of power United Nations does have?
  • Human rights act in Somalia

Public Administration Political Science Research Topics

Here we have a few topics that are very special. What this means is that you will have to write a paper about how government institutions work, administrators work and all are related. You can see elements of civil law court versus mediation, for instance. Anyway, below are 10 topics that will help you with your writing and also explain this type more.

  • Transportation Security: careers
  • Ethics of non-profit organizations
  • John Rohr’s constitutional vision
  • Methods for community development
  • The prewar vision of the constitution by Abraham Lincoln
  • Crisis management in your city or country
  • Public organizational behavior in your country
  • Fiscal management: Strategic planning
  • Coordination of governmental efforts
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency analysis

Public Law Political Science Research Topics

In general, these topics are all about public law and how it deals with public members. Keep in mind that private law is not the same. It deals with families and small groups, among others. Public law is more about taxes, the constitution and similar elements. Here are 10 topics regarding this type of paper you are going to like and probably write on.

  • Human Rights Act of 1998
  • Common morality and the criminal law
  • Well-known Legislators from Europe
  • Constitutional law in your country: Complete analysis
  • Public law: Mandatory rules
  • Judicial Review Argumentation Analysis
  • Commercial Exploitation or private law
  • Public bodies act lawfully in discussion
  • Inequality in post-conflict situations
  • Private law and procedural law in the United Kingdom

Philosophy Political Science Research Topics

Here you will usually have to tell others how society should look and be set up. You will cover specifics about society, laws, justice, liberty, and similar elements. You can even touch on details like the republic by Plato, for instance. There are a lot of examples, and in general, you will be focused on the theoretical, and philosophical parts of this science. As you can assume, here we have 10 stunning ideas.

  • Traditions by republicans in education
  • What caused American Revolution
  • Ethics of elections
  • Post-socialist era: Transition methods
  • Neopatrimonialism Society Risks
  • Mutual tolerance: can it be political virtue?
  • Civil Republicanism compared with Liberalism
  • Western Constitutional Law existentialism
  • German Philosophy & Karl Schmidt’s Theses
  • Liberal democracy: Why is it perfect?

Political Conflicts Research Topics

Yes, these topics here will be about conflicts in the country during elections, political parties, or economic battles. There are countless examples. One interesting is to look at a specific country that is in conflict at the moment. Focus on the causes, effects, and all the rest. This can be an interesting topic for some of you or can be the first one you will try to avoid.

  • Resolution methods for the Yemen conflict
  • Conflict in Afghanistan
  • Religion and politics conflict
  • Immigrant crisis in Mexico
  • Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s conflict
  • Political conflicts: hate speech and free speech
  • Syrian Government Repression
  • Central African Republic: What caused rebellion?
  • What caused the civil war?
  • How can you settle a political dispute?

Theorists Political Science Research Topics

These topics are all about taking a deep look into the theory of something. You can even review a piece of literature which can make things easier. In general, the topics are easier because they are focused on theory rather than on practical application. But, they may need to activate your abstract mind in order to work well. The 10 you can see below are very common and very appealing.

  • Theory of Governance by Aristotle
  • Іs Karl max a father of communism?
  • Zionism explained and researched
  • Communism approach and Vladimir Lenin
  • Justice and liberty challenges
  • Phoenicianism Political theory
  • Sovereignty by Jean Bodin
  • Frederic Bastiat Theses
  • John Austin Theory
  • Communism and socialism in eastern Europe

Conflict Resolution Political Science Research Topics

For most of you, these ideas will be the simplest and most straightforward. You will discuss only peaceful methods and options that can be used to solve any political issues such as gender equality or similar. Your goal will be to find a problem and present a solution for that problem. It should be researched, and you should believe in it and that it will work.

  • African American prisoner conflict
  • The power distribution of Arctica
  • Oil conflict in Iran
  • Security leadership conflict after 9/11
  • Collaboration methods in Afghanistan
  • The bias of news coverage media
  • The foreign policy of the US
  • Right and left-wing parties: Concession
  • Personal ambitions of political leaders
  • Art legacy in post-war countries

Mediation & Negotiation Political Science Research Topics

Negotiation is finding a peaceful solution to a problem. Mediation is an intervention that should resolve a problem in order to prevent escalation. Here we have amazing ideas and examples of many papers that are very effective, detailed, and common. Take a deep look into these 10 and try to pick the ones you really like and want to write on.

  • Social movements and volunteering
  • Hostage care for prisoners in foreign countries
  • Agricultural land disputes: Negotiation methods
  • Mediation policies versus civil law
  • Dispute resolution methods: Alternatives you can use
  • Mediation agreement: a case study
  • Modern whistleblowers in America
  • Negotiation methods in wartime
  • Analysis of election agenda
  • International Arbitration Tribunal Mediation Process

Empirical Political Science Research Topics

Here you will write about the basics and main details of politics. You can see some of the examples, and you need to know one thing. You must include a lot of evidence here. But, this type of evidence is hard to find; hence you may need current help. As always, use only current data and facts when writing. These topics are the latest and must be valid right now.

  • Experimental research importance for political science
  • The foreign policy of Russia: Simple approach
  • Geneva convection and refugee rights
  • Educational inequalities in China: How it affects children
  • Civil society basics
  • How do civil wars start?
  • Constitution of the United States if founding fathers had access to modern technologies
  • Modern politics and civil society
  • Is social media a new public administration tool?
  • The rise of China and the transformation in the international system

If you are having trouble deciding on a political science research topic, consider looking into a custom essay writing service to help you out. They can provide you with a unique and interesting topic that you can use for your writing a research paper . Custom essay writing services are used by many students to get the best results and make sure their essays are interesting and well-thought out.

As you were able to see here, you will [have to write about anything that touches politics, state or government, or anything in between. You may have to write on war interests aggregation recruitment, liberal democracy justification, and so much more. Always remember to use the topics we have provided at the top and make sure to get as much help as needed. These are not simple essays that you can complete within hours. You will need days only to conduct the research.

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good research paper topics for political science

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Top Political Research Topics for 2022

Getting an idea of what branch of political science you want to investigate before you research helps to provide structure and meaning to your paper.

Top Political Research Topics

Political science is a diverse and expansive subject, with many unique disciplines. Developing a quality political science blog or essay begins with choosing the right topic. Getting an idea of what branch of political science you want to investigate before you research helps to provide structure and meaning to your paper.

What Makes an Interesting Political Research Topic?

In order for a political topic to be interesting, it must be both engaging and relevant .

The process for choosing a topic that meets both the criteria starts when the author defines what branch or field of political study they want to investigate. From there, political scientists  can narrow down their focus until they’ve pinpointed the perfect topic for their research.

Political Science Research Topics: Domestic

There is no shortage of pertinent and insightful topics pertaining to domestic issues in the United States. If you’re looking for a political science research topic for the US, consider writing about any one of these complex issues.

  • The perception of the Black Lives Matter Movement across the political divide.
  • Potential candidacies for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. 
  • The state of the 2nd amendment in 2022.
  • What changes should be made to the US constitution?
  • What rights should Americans have regarding their internet privacy?
  • How should the Biden administration handle the border between the US and Mexico?
  • Should revisions be made to the current two-party system of politics?
  • Write about the potential implications of a reconstruction era under President Lincoln.
  • Should there be a cap on immigration to America?
  • Should the electoral college be abolished?
  • How should politicians work to battle disinformation?
  • What does “freedom” mean in America?
  • How can politicians work to increase political participation among the youth?
  • Should America adopt a socialist economic system?
  • America’s role as a global military power.
  • How to enfranchise minority voters in America.
  • The controversial legacy of the Patriot Act.
  • How to tackle America’s decaying infrastructure.
  • Should some form of reparations be paid to the African American community for racial injustices done to them? (i.e. slavery, Jim Crow, Redlining)
  • America’s role in the global War on Terrorism.

Political Science Research Topics: International

Diving into topics related to international politics can help bring a more diverse audience into your readership. Consider researching one of these international political science research topics.

  • How should global powers work to better prevent pandemics from worsening in the future?
  • What should be done - if anything - to curb the power of global financial institutions?
  • Human rights violations in Kazakhstan.
  • The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 
  • Is the United Nations effective at achieving its stated goals?
  • How should the current generation work to preserve the planet for future generations?
  • What should be done to address global poverty?
  • How can new technology be used to address over-consumption in the industrialized world?
  • Does social media increase global co-operation or foster nationalism? 
  • What do rising sea levels mean for coastal populations? 
  • Who has a right to the Arctic circle?
  • Should sanctions be put on Israel for illegal actions taken in the Gaza strip?
  • What should be done to address corruption in global politics?
  • Should corporations be fined for working with suppliers that use slave labor?
  • The Syrian Civil War.
  • Wildfires in Australia.
  • Rising global ocean temperatures and the implications.
  • Increasing tensions at the Ukrainian/Russian border.
  • Should there be agreed upon international standards for internet privacy?
  • Global immigration trends.

Political Science Research Topics: Comparative Politics

Comparative political topics involve investigating two or more positions, groups, or phenomena for the purposes of developing new insights. Tackling any one of these topics is a great way to start developing your comparative political science abilities.

  • United Kingdom vs. European Union Politics
  • United States vs. European Union Politics
  • Declining forest rates in the Amazon vs. the United States
  • How should world governments work to avoid another global war?
  • Secular Nations vs. Religious Nations
  • Collectivism vs. Individualism
  • The concept of “Manifest Destiny” and how it compares to other forms of imperialist thought.
  • Erosion of democracy in countries across the world.
  • What are some of the root causes of political violence?
  • Western Colonialism vs. Eastern Imperialism 
  • Tensions in the middle east: 1970’s vs. Today
  • North Korea vs. South Korea
  • Causes of immigration around the globe
  • How has the perceived efficacy of the federal government changed decade over decade?
  • How have technological innovations in the 21st century shaped our lives - for better, and for worse?
  • The controversy surrounding Taiwan’s recognition as an independent nation.
  • Response to COVID-19 in the U.S. vs. other nations.
  • Illicit drug use in America vs. Europe.
  • The developing political landscape of contemporary Africa
  • Israel & Palestine. 

Political Science Research Topics: Philosophy

Some of the most thought-provoking political science subjects pertain to philosophy. Exploring these political science essay topics can help widen your view of the world and expand your insights.

  • Are our political beliefs influenced more by reason, or by emotion?
  • Are we born with set political beliefs?
  • How should prisoners be treated by the law?
  • Ethical concerns surrounding globalization.
  • War: Is there ever a situation where it is morally permissible?
  • Should one allow their religious views to impact their politics?
  • What is more important: freedom, or safety?
  • The complex relationship between morality and legality.
  • The death penalty.
  • The legality of drugs.
  • The differences between Eastern and Western political ideology.
  • Does the state have a monopoly on violence?
  • War propaganda in the entertainment industry: is it immoral, or overstated?
  • Discuss internet misinformation and its destabilizing effect on global political structures.
  • How does today’s idea of “democracy” hold up to the common definition of the concept in the early 20th century?
  • Discuss the radicalizing effects of alienation in society.
  • Egalitarianism vs. Utilitarianism 
  • Are covert government operations ever morally justifiable or necessary?
  • Who should be held accountable for crimes committed during a war?
  • Do unethical political means justify ethical outcomes?

Political Science Research Topics: Law

The law and its interpretations are one of the most controversial and contentious fields in the realm of political science. Legal analysts and lawyers spend extensive amounts of time researching precedent and past cases in order to develop their arguments. Here are some of the most pertinent topics being discussed in recent years.

  • The illegality of cannabis in the Federal government.
  • The Human Rights act of 1998.
  • Bail reform.
  • What limitations should be placed on police interrogation methods?
  • How should the federal government work to secure voting rights in America?
  • States’ rights.
  • Gender bias in custody battles.
  • Criminalization of the homeless.
  • Corruption in the judicial system.
  • Constitutional amendments.
  • Should the internet be regulated as a public good?
  • How can the judicial system work to hold wealthy & influential criminals accountable?
  • Police accountability.
  • Transparency in the legal system.
  • LGBT protections.
  • Expansions on environmental protections.
  • The Jeffrey Epstein case.
  • Expunging records for citizens with marijuana priors.
  • Discuss the benefits and concessions that come with having a jury of your peers.
  • Do we need laws prohibiting the use of AI for specific activities (i.e. war)?

Political Science Research Topics: Economics

Economic research is another highly specialized field of political science. These topics pertain to all manner of issues related to finance, commerce, trade, policy, and more. 

  • The financialization of public life.
  • Rising global inflation.
  • The economic impact of COVID-19.
  • What should be done about the lack of affordable housing in the United States?
  • Who should have to pay for the efforts to tackle climate change?
  •  How can global economic institutions be held accountable for their role in facilitating illegal activities (i.e. money laundering, tax avoidance)
  • Discuss the global economic fallout caused by the 2008 Financial Crisis.
  • Why do so many young Americans feel alienated and disenfranchised by Capitalism?
  • National conservatism vs. Economic globalism.
  •  How has the phenomenon of American companies moving their manufacturing overseas negatively impacted the financial security of the United States?
  • Should the US do away with the greenback?
  • The rise of Cryptocurrency as a global financial system.
  • Work-from-home: revolutionary, or transitory?
  • How should world governments hold the global 1% accountable for paying their taxes?
  • Should the government provide more economic stimulus to struggling companies owned by minority business owners?
  • The economic realities of libertarian theory.
  • Is global capitalism effective at managing and solving problems in the 21st century?
  • What new economic theories have taken shape in the last two decades?
  • The “gig economy”.
  • Why does poverty exist in the world’s wealthiest country?

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good research paper topics for political science

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good research paper topics for political science

125 Research Paper Topics For Political Science

Research papers in Political Science could easily become too complicated and unwieldy if there are too many ideas scattered throughout an assignment. To avoid this problem, select appropriate research topics in political science that do not just meet the initial requirements, but also suit the writer's interests and abilities. It is important to note that these assignments are usually composed in the hands of Law students, teachers sociologists, philosophers, and sociologists.

At AHECounselling, you can get high-quality research papers for sale service, allowing direct contact with the writer assigned to you and free of plagiarism work. With our expertly-checked grammar and structure, formatting, 24/7 online support along with academic resources, high-quality results are assured.

What should you do or not do when preparing political papers?

Important things to consider in any research paper are:

  • Always ensure that the opposing opinions or counterarguments paragraphs are added before the conclusion.
  • Backup facts are backed by trustworthy academic sources.
  • Use statistics and information to back up your suggestions.
  • Related research literature and similar projects.
  • Stick to one principle One paragraph rule.

Things to avoid when writing your research paper for a class in political science:

  • When dealing with sensitive topics Do not use an aggressive tone.
  • If you're working with reflection on your own Avoid presenting only one aspect in a debate.
  • Keep your opinions neutral when discussing political parties. This allows you to see the advantages and flaws of each person for what they are.
  • Do not quote extensively only when absolutely necessary.
  • Beware of colloquial words and slang terms.

Political Science Research Topics

Political science research topics on comparative politics.

This field of study focuses on an empirical approach, which includes the use of comparative methods. Examples of practical applications could include the analysis of institutions, domestic politics and various conflicts in relation to international or domestic issues. When choosing a subject it is essential to concentrate not on the subject of study in itself, but rather on the methodology that is used to perform specific political science issues analysis. For instance, two-party comparison of politics, look up some research areas:

  • Behavioural Approach to Parties Comparison
  • The United States vs the United Kingdom Foreign Policies
  • Presidential against Parliamentary Democracy
  • Cultural Pressure Between the United States & Japan
  • Anglo-Saxon Traits in American Government
  • Soviet Union Ideology
  • Apartheid Phenomenon
  • Chinese Communist Party Hierarchy
  • Vietnam War Interests Aggregation
  • Recruitment in Developing Countries

International Relations

This field is focused on the conflict, controversies, and negotiations which take place in the world. It also includes other significant issues like global poverty and globalization, human rights and environmental issues and security.

This category includes the following topics:

  • Human Rights in Malawi
  • Amnesty International Top Controversies
  • Arctic Circle Power Battles
  • Fund Structure of International Monetary Fund
  • Global Poverty Causes
  • Ethical Guidelines for NGOs
  • Syrian Conflict Cause-Effect
  • GM Foods Market Distribution
  • Non-State Facilitators in Japan Corporations
  • An Analysis of Global Security Networks

Political Science Philosophy Research Topics

The science department is concerned with the fundamental state legislation aspects, such as liberty, government justice, democracy and the legal code mechanics, as given by authorities. The majority of the topics in political science essays covering this topic speak about the way in which society is established, as well as how ethics ought to be applied. There are numerous political subjects that you can write on. Here are some examples of topics that can be used for writing:

  • Existentialism Through Western Constitutional Law Lens
  • American Revolution Causes
  • German Philosophy & Karl Schmidt's Theses
  • Civil Republicanism in Contrast With Liberalism
  • Neopatrimonialism Society Risks
  • Post-Socialist Transition Methods
  • Liberal Democracy Justification
  • Mutual Tolerance Approach as Modern Political Virtue
  • Republican Traditions in Education
  • Election Ethics

Political Science Research Topics on Public Administration

The field of study studies the daily tasks that are performed by government structures, public administrators ' work and the different agencies which oversee the operation of laws, regulations, as well as policies, introduced. Many subjects also are based on Sociology. Our experts can help with these research topics:

  • Governmental Efforts Coordination
  • Innovations in Private Sector in the United States
  • Community Development Methods
  • Environmental Management Compromises
  • John Rohr Constitutional Vision
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Analysis
  • Optimal Benefits to Public Safety
  • Non-profit organizations Ethics
  • Strategic Planning in Fiscal Management
  • Transportation Security Administration Careers

Political Science Research Topics on Public Law

It is a law area that examines the relationship between the public and state members. Concerning issues, it covers a broad area of law, including constitutions, administrative law taxation, and criminal law among other things. It is not to be confused with Private Law which deals with families or small groups of people, or private enterprises in which economic and personal questions are considered. Public Law deals with administrative powers in relation to the citizens. In the case of public law, for instance, if an administrative decision is challenged an individual member of society may seek a hearing or an analysis of the government officials. Even if you think it's too complicated Here are some interesting research questions in political science to give you ideas for an interesting research topic:

  • Judicial Review Argumentation Analysis
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Public Safety Statutes Judicial Interpretation
  • Famous Legislators in European Legal History
  • Criminal Law & Common Morality
  • Civil Liberties & National Security Complaints
  • Privacy Law - Commercial Exploitation?
  • Gender Bias Psychology in Custody Battles
  • Socio-Economic Preferences in Police Interrogation
  • Post-Conflict Justice Inequality

What we've got is an analysis and a thorough analysis of the processes that are connected to the political system. Scientists can look at events and analyze the cause and effect of an issue. They can also study the personality traits of political leaders or write an essay on police officers who have a bias toward African American teenagers or those who wear hoods. It covers sensitive topics however what makes it stand out is the approach that is scientific and the structure of the paper. The topics for research papers in political science are research-friendly and should include adequate academic sources. Here are some ideas you should consider:

  • Differences Between Political & Armed Conflicts
  • Implementing Urgent Changes in Legislation Process
  • Is Pardoning Criminals Acceptable?
  • Top Tier Officials Prosecution Ethics
  • European & American Federal Crimes Comparison
  • Should Religion be Approached as Social Power?
  • Federalism Traces in Unitary Governance Model
  • Corruption Elimination Methods
  • Post-War-Time Social Movements
  • Modern Leader's Global Interdependence

Political Theorist's Research Topics

Like any other field of science theorists' work is given pride of place, particularly when students complete their dissertation with a thorough research. In order to make the process simpler, it is suggested by the majority of faculty members in colleges across the United States to examine works as well as the work of political science theorists. Even though these essays might not be able to answer global questions. Students can select comparative political research topics by comparing the lives of various famous people. Explore these research topics:

  • Aristotle Philosophy on Governance
  • John Austin Theory
  • Frederic Bastiat Theses
  • Edmund Burke Classic Theories
  • The Republic by Plato Analysis
  • Liberty & Justice Challenges
  • Anarchism History Key Figures
  • Vladimir Lenin & Communism Approach
  • Jean Bodin on Sovereignty
  • Foucault's Disciplinary Power

Political Conflicts Research Topics

From economic wars and elections to the interests of each nation's natural resources, many American professors at senior colleges in different fields suggest picking subjects that deal with social issues. Look at countries that are involved in the conflict and look at the factors and consequences at each level. Here are a few research topics:

  • Civil War Causes & Peculiarities
  • Social Networks & Protest Movements
  • Syrian Government Repression
  • Afghanistan Conflict
  • Ukraine Divided - Political Powers at Play
  • Mexico & Immigrants Crisis
  • Yemen Conflict Resolution Methods
  • Reagan's Political Agenda
  • War Crimes Legacy: Iraq War
  • Central African Republic Rebellion Causes

Political Science Research Topics on Conflict Resolution

It is a study of peaceful resolution strategies of conflicting issues , which range from custody battlesto gender discrimination in the workplace, all the way up to international conflict with a variety of countries in conflict. The majority of conflicts are related to issues in social studies since there is always a social-cultural debate to begin with. Every conflict must be examined by providing background information, the methodology, a clear structure, and a strong thesis. Here are some topics worth brainstorming:

  • Post-War Countries Conflicts Art Legacy
  • African-American Prisoners Conflicts
  • The United States Foreign Policy
  • Arctica Power Distribution
  • Post 9/11 Security Leadership Conflicts
  • Iran Oil Conflict
  • Afghanistan Collaboration Methods
  • Compromise Between Right- & Left-wing Parties
  • Political Leaders & Their Personal Ambitions
  • News Coverage Media Bias

Political Science Research Topics on Mediation & Negotiation

In contrast to negotiation, which is the process of finding acceptable compromises or conditions to the process, mediation is to intervene in specific disputes with the intention of resolving them. It is akin to arbitration, however with the participation of a trusted independent third party. These topics are also related to elections and conflicts frequently being covered by the media.

  • War Time Negotiation Methods
  • Transnational Corporation Legal Disputes
  • Elections Agenda Analysis (an example)
  • Hostages in Foreign Countries Negotiation
  • Volunteering & Social Movements
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
  • Mediation Hearing Preparation Process
  • Mediation Agreement Case Study Analysis
  • Civil Law Court versus Mediation Policies
  • American Modern Whistleblowers

Free Research Topics for College and universities on Ethnic conflict

  • What causes political turmoil and instability to cause ethnic conflict among members of society?
  • What kind of ethnic conflict could be expected in the particular society because of the weak political forces working in this particular region?
  • Can the conflicts between ethnic groups in a particular region to trigger grave crises within the stability and security of the entire nation?
  • What are the possible policies of the authorities to prevent the country from becoming a victim or to prevent the region from being affected by ethnic conflict among the people?
  • The fundamental causes of ethnic conflicts that occur in a particular region, and the responsibility of the political leaders to stop these conflicts.

Topics for a fresh research paper on gender and politics in the modern society

  • Gender roles in politics among males and females in a particular society and the consequences.
  • How gender roles are formulated by society and how do they impact the development and growth of the society in question?
  • Women are viewed as inferior to men in many patriarchal societies. And what is the role of the political powerhouses that implement these norms in the particular society?
  • Gender and social politics often create barriers in the way of a person's development in all areas of life.
  • Does it matter to establish a clear line between various genders of society in order to define the purposes of gender roles set by the politicians?

Top ideas for terrorism topics for your political science research Topics

  • What are the ways that political forces can control the threat of terrorism in a particular situation that isn't effective enough?
  • Does it really exist that terrorists are the symbol of the weak political forces operating in the area?
  • What are the reasons and negative consequences of terrorism in relation to the system of government of a particular society?
  • Inequal opportunities for employment and the underlying political forces are pushing people to commit terrorism.
  • How do we bring change to society using well-considered decision-making in politics and the execution on solid ground?

Ideas for research topics and methodologies in the field of political science

  • What role can statistics play in the making of many decisions pertaining to the government for the entire country?
  • What kind of political methods are employed by the authorities of any nation prior to making trade-related decisions?
  • What are the different ways that qualitative and quantitative methods in the field of politics impact democracy and the choices on a specific issue after the investigation?
  • What are the most important methods employed in the field of political science by experts in the field?
  • It is vital to gather the data from the ground and conduct surveys to understand the precise situation prior to making any decisions regarding Governance.
  • What kind of political method must be used to identify the weaknesses of governance and administration in a particular region?
  • Are the methods of political science effective in making crucial decisions in a nation that is home to people from different faiths?
  • What is the total procedure of applying a political approach to a specific circumstance before defining rules for the specific area or arena of politics?
  • What are the concepts of political science that justify the application of these methods before making any decision? be aware of the precise reality?
  • Do all politicians have a clear understanding of the various methods of political science, especially in a nation that is democratic?

Professional & Urgent Writing Help

If you are struggling to write their research paper may seek out experts to help. The most effective college research paper ideas for the field of political science are offered by the experts at AHECounselling. Any topic that fall within the field of politics are laid out by professionals quickly. Experience more than 10 years is enough for top assignment writers to create top-quality assignments for colleges.

Select AHECounselling for help in writing research papers. We have writers who are native-speakers who hold Masters or PhD degrees in the relevant fields including political sciences. In direct contact with the author it is simple to make changes and corrections. Help with choosing a topic and finding resources to help with research proposals We are known being a trustworthy service that can handle the most pressing tasks on any subject. With low prices and no plagiarism work, there is no risk. Sign up now and you'll receive your very own personalized essay!

Frequently asked questions

What are some good political science research topics .

Here are a few illustrations of the study topics:

  • Causes and peculiarities of the Civil War
  • Social media and anti-government movements.
  • Government repression in Syria.
  • The Afghanistan War.
  • Divided Ukraine: Political Powers at Work
  • The immigration crisis in Mexico.
  • Conflict resolution techniques in Yemen.
  • The political agenda of Reagan.

What are the 10 research titles ?

Research Subjects

  • a contagious illness.
  • nutrition-based immunity.
  • music treatment
  • false information in politics.
  • science of plants.
  • sustainable farming.
  • mental well-being
  • brain aging

What are the best research topics in 2022 ?

  • Research paper topics for education
  • how standardized assessments may help to advance education.
  • Do graduates from colleges get more money.
  • Should tuition be less expensive.
  • How will contemporary technology alter how we teach in the future.
  • the development of specific teaching techniques for blind youngsters. social media and academics.

What is the best topic for research paper ?

Abortion, birth control, child abuse, gun regulation, history, climate change, social media, AI, global warming, health, science, and technology are a few examples of popular research paper subjects.

What are some easy research topics ?

Topics for Social Issues Research Papers:

  • airline security and safety.
  • Programs for affirmative action.
  • birth prevention.
  • mistreatment of kids.

What makes a strong research question ?

Your research is centered and guided by a research question. It should combine information from several sources to deliver your original viewpoint in a clear and concentrated manner. The research issue should preferably be something that you are interested in or care about, even if your instructor has assigned you a specific assignment.

What are the 3 types of research questions ?

Research projects can focus on one of the following three categories of questions:

  • Descriptive.
  • Relational.

What are the topics of political science ?

Comparative politics, international relations, and political theory are the three main subdisciplines of contemporary political science. Public policy and administration, domestic politics and governance, political economics, and political methodology are further noteworthy subdisciplines.

How do you write a good research paper for political science ?

Political science research papers generally consist of six sections: an introduction, a literature review, a theory, a study design, an analysis, and a conclusion or discussion. While there are differences in how papers are put together, these 6 components are often included in all variations.

What is research problem in political science ?

Understanding research issues in contemporary classics are particularly stressed in many political science subfields. An adequate cause or group of reasons for performing a laborious study on the basis of a specific topic is collectively referred to as a "research problem" in this context.

What is research design in political science ?

A research design is a strategy that outlines how you intend to conduct your study and, in particular, how you anticipate using your findings to respond to your research question. 1.

Why is research important in political science ?

By conducting research and disseminating information, the public is better educated and is therefore more likely to have faith in the government. Political research upholds and bolsters the democratic process, providing it a method for the general public to engage in national decision-making.

Is political science a good major ?

Political science prepares students for employment in practically any field, including business, finance, consulting, government work, foreign service, and teaching, by enhancing analytical reading, research, analysis, and writing abilities.

What is a good topic for a research paper ?

A few typical research paper subjects are abortion, contraception, child abuse, gun regulation, history, climate change, social media, artificial intelligence (AI), global warming, health, and science and technology.

Where can I find research topics ?

Books, publications in scholarly journals, and articles are all good places to get study subjects. Review papers in particular frequently identify areas where more study may be necessary.

good research paper topics for political science

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good research paper topics for political science

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Social Science, research ideas

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Political Science Research Guide

How to pick a topic.

  • Background research
  • Finding articles, books, and more
  • Evaluating sources
  • APA citation help

How to pick a topic:

Review your assignment directions and requirements.

  • Are you required to pick a topic within an assigned theme, like education or advertising, or are you allowed to choose a topic from any theme?
  • Are you required to use certain readings from your course? Those readings may give you ideas about potential topics.
  • Think of the readings in your class that interest you most. Is there an idea or topic that you want to explore further?
  • Write down a few topic ideas on a piece of paper, and ask yourself questions about those topics.
  • Who is affected by this topic? Who are the key players in this topic? Who benefits (and who doesn't) from this topic?
  • What are the most important issues or concerns related to this topic?
  • Where does this topic exist? Is it specific to a region?
  • When was this topic most relevant? Is it a historical topic or a current event?
  • Why is this topic important to you? Why should it be important to your reader?
  • Doing background research will help you understand your topic enough to write a research question and/or thesis statement.

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Political science research topics, bob cardens.

  • September 10, 2022
  • Essay Topics and Ideas

Political science is a fascinating field that covers a wide range of topics. If you’re looking for a research topic in political science, there are many different directions you can take. In this article, we’ll outline some Political Science Research Topics, including international relations, comparative politics, and political theory.

What You'll Learn

There are many different research topics that you can choose from when studying political science. Here are just a few examples of possible research topics in this field:

-The impact of social media on politics -How campaign finance affects elections -The role of interest groups in the political process -How public opinion shapes government policy -The rise of populism in developed democracies -The effect of economic inequality on political participation-The impact of climate change on the political process -The role of religion in politics -How nationalism affects the international political system -The impact of technology on the political process -The rise of China and its impact on global politics -The impact of immigration on politics -The role of the media in politics -The relationship between economic growth and democracy -How different electoral systems affect voting behavior -The impact of gerrymandering on representation in government -How social movements affect the political process

These are just a few examples – there are many, many more potential research topics out there. The best way to choose a topic is to think about what issues or problems you are most interested in and then brainstorm potential ways to study those issues. Once you have a few ideas, you can then start doing some preliminary research to see what has already been done on your topic and to narrow down your focus. When choosing a research topic, it is also important to consider what kind of data or evidence you will need to collect in order to answer your research question. This will help guide your choice of methods and help you make sure that your chosen topic is feasible.

List of Twenty Political Science Research Ideas

If you’re interested in researching and writing about political science, there are plenty of great topics to choose from. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

-The impact of social media on politics -How campaign finance reform affects elections -The role of interest groups in influencing public policy -The effectiveness of different types of voting systems -Political corruption and its effects on society -Comparative studies of different political systems -The history and evolution of political parties -How economic inequality affects politics-The role of religion in politics -The impact of immigration on the political landscape -Racial and ethnic minorities in politics -Women in politics -Youth involvement in politics -Political apathy and its effects on democracy -The relationship between media and politics -How globalization is changing the face of politics

List of Twenty Political Science Essay Topics

There are many different political science essay topics that you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular topics that students write about:

-The impact of social media on politics -The rise of populism around the world -The role of money in politics -The influence of interest groups on political decision making -How does the media shape our perceptions of politics? -What is the role of religion in politics? -What are the major approaches to studying politics?

-What are the key concepts in political science? -How do political institutions shape political behaviour? -What is the relationship between power and politics? -How does international relations shape domestic politics? -What is the impact of globalization on politics? -What are the challenges of governing in a multicultural society? -How does immigration policy impact politics? -What is the role of the military in politics? -What are the ethical considerations of doing political research?

These are just some of the possible topics that you could write about in your essay . Talk to your instructor or TA to get more ideas and narrow down your topic. Once you have a topic, you can start doing some research and begin writing your paper!

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List of Twenty Political Science Essay Ideas

If you are a political science student, you will know that one of the most difficult things about writing a research paper is coming up with an interesting and relevant topic. To help you out, we have compiled a list of potential topics for you to write about.

1) The rise of populism in developed countries 2) The impact of social media on political engagement 3) The role of money in politics 4) The impact of immigration on politics 5) The relationship between religion and politics 6) The role of the media in politics 7) Political corruption 8) The role of interest groups in politics 9) Electoral systems and their impact on democracy 10) Comparative analysis of different political systems11) The impact of globalization on politics 12) The rise of nationalism and its impact on politics 13) The role of the military in politics 14) The impact of climate change on politics 15) The politics of energy 16) Water politics 17) Food security and politics 18) Politics and the environment 19) Urban politics 20) Rural politics

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957 Political Science Research Topics & Essay Ideas

18 January 2024

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Political science research topics cover many fascinating arenas, like comparative politics, public administration, international relations, political theory, and public law. Some themes may explore the impact of social media on political campaigns, scrutinize the role of diplomacy in conflict resolution, or examine voter behavior patterns. Others may study the influence of lobby groups on policy-making, delve into feminist political theory, or analyze civil rights movement strategies. Each topic necessitates a comprehensive understanding of political dynamics, historical contexts, legal statutes, and sociological implications. As a discipline, political science allows researchers to dissect democratic institutions, dissect policy processes, and uncover the forces shaping political landscapes worldwide. As a result, political science research topics create a good forum for discussion, fostering the growth of well-informed, critical thinkers capable of contributing to the ever-evolving political discourse.

Hot Political Science Topics

  • Democracy’s Future in the Digital Age
  • Autocracy Trends in the 21st Century
  • Rise of Populism: Understanding the Global Shift
  • Globalization: Consequences for Sovereign States
  • Effectiveness of Sanctions as a Policy Tool
  • Campaign Finance Regulations: Corruption and Transparency
  • Influence of Fake News on Political Elections
  • Political Psychology: Voter Behavior and Persuasion Tactics
  • Effects of Polarization on Political Discourse
  • The Intersection of Climate Policy and Geopolitics
  • Influence of Identity Politics on Public Policy
  • The Shift in Power Dynamics: Emergence of China
  • Technological Surveillance: An Examination of Privacy Rights
  • Analysis of Modern Welfare State Models
  • Political Implications of the Refugee Crisis
  • Pandemics and Their Effect on Political Stability
  • Political Corruption: Detection and Deterrence
  • Artificial Intelligence and Political Decision-Making
  • Gender Representation in Politics: Progress and Challenges
  • Constitutional Changes and Political Stability

Political Science Research Topics & Good Essay Ideas

Simple Political Science Topics

  • Fundamentals of Democracy
  • Examination of a Monarchy
  • Political Systems: Autocracy vs. Democracy
  • Essentials of Election Campaigns
  • Polarization in Politics: A Basic Understanding
  • Concepts of Political Corruption
  • Understanding Political Ideologies: Socialism, Capitalism, and Beyond
  • Basic Principles of Public Policy
  • Gender in Politics: Basic Overview
  • Study of Political Parties in a Democracy
  • Constitutional Law: An Introduction
  • Elements of Political Geography
  • Comparison of Welfare State Models
  • Immigration Policies: An Overview
  • Introduction to Political Psychology
  • Election Systems: A Comparative Study
  • Basics of Climate Policy and Politics
  • Foreign Policy: Principles and Practice
  • The Function of Political Institutions: A Study

Interesting Political Topics

  • Intricacies of Populism in Modern Politics
  • Intersectionality in Contemporary Political Discussions
  • Climate Change Policy and Its Global Ramifications
  • Social Media and Its Transformative Influence on Political Campaigns
  • Emerging Trends in Women’s Political Leadership
  • Beneath Political Propaganda: Strategies and Outcomes
  • Cybersecurity in Politics: A Modern Threat
  • Human Rights Advocacy as a Political Tool
  • Cryptocurrency Regulations: A New Political Challenge
  • Post-Colonial Politics: Case Studies From Around the World
  • Political Power in Mega Corporations: A Study
  • Resurgence of Nationalism in Global Politics
  • Diplomacy in the Space Age: Extraterrestrial Politics
  • Political Dimensions of Global Health Crises
  • Changing Landscapes of Political Censorship
  • Anomalies in Democratic Systems: A Fascinating Exploration
  • Power Dynamics in Political Unions: The European Union Example
  • Influence of Political Satire on Public Opinion
  • Politics of Food Security in a Globalized World
  • Political Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Political Science Research Topics

Environmental politics research topics.

  • Green Energy Policies: Global Perspectives and Practices
  • Intersections of Indigenous Rights and Environmental Protection
  • Analysis of Transnational Environmental Agreements
  • Climate Change and Diplomatic Strategies: A Study
  • Geopolitical Tensions in the Arctic: Environmental Considerations
  • Environmental Justice Movements: A Comparative Study
  • Carbon Tax Implementation: Challenges and Solutions
  • Plastic Pollution Policies: A Global Overview
  • Exploring Climate Refugees: Ethical and Political Implications
  • Sustainable Development Goals: Successes and Shortcomings
  • Urban Planning and Environmental Politics: New Approaches
  • Climate Change Denial: A Socio-Political Analysis
  • Environmental Politics in Post-Conflict Zones
  • Ecoterrorism: Definition, Cases, and Political Responses
  • Water Security and Its Political Dimensions
  • Analysis of the Green New Deal: Prospects and Challenges
  • Sustainable Tourism Policies: Lessons Learned
  • Policies on Nuclear Energy: Environmental Risks and Rewards
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Climate Change Mitigation
  • Biodiversity Conservation Policies: Case Studies and Analysis

Foreign Policy Research Topics

  • Navigating Soft Power in Contemporary International Relations
  • Cybersecurity and Foreign Policy: New Age Challenges
  • The Interplay of Human Rights and Foreign Policy
  • Deconstructing Neocolonialism in Modern Foreign Policy
  • Analysis of Economic Sanctions as a Policy Tool
  • Understanding the Politics of Humanitarian Intervention
  • Climate Change Diplomacy: Challenges and Prospects
  • Decoding Diplomatic Rhetoric: A Discourse Analysis
  • Bilateral Relations and Power Asymmetry: Case Studies
  • International Law in Foreign Policy Development
  • Non-State Actors in Foreign Policy Formulation
  • Unpacking Nuclear Diplomacy: An Analysis
  • Pivoting Towards Asia: A Shift in Global Dynamics
  • Geopolitics of Space: Implications for Foreign Policy
  • Trade Wars in the 21st Century: A Critical Review
  • Analysis of Terrorism and Foreign Policy Responses
  • Religion and Foreign Policy: An Underrated Relationship
  • Oil Politics: Foreign Policies of Petroleum-Rich Nations
  • Diplomatic Immunity: Origin, Issues, and Relevance Today

Gender and Politics Research Topics

  • Intersectionality in Political Representation
  • Queer Theory and its Political Relevance
  • Glass Ceiling in Political Leadership: A Comprehensive Review
  • Analysis of Gender Mainstreaming in Public Policies
  • Women’s Political Participation: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • Gendered Aspects of War and Peace Negotiations
  • Politics of Sexual Orientation: Legislative Progress and Setbacks
  • Transgender Rights: A Study in Political Advocacy
  • Feminist Movements: Confronting Political Barriers
  • Violence Against Women: Political Responses and Ramifications
  • Gender and Political Ideologies: A Comparative Study
  • Understanding Masculinity in Political Leadership
  • LGBTQ+ Representation in Electoral Politics
  • Gender Quotas in Politics: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Feminization of Poverty: Political Causes and Solutions
  • Women in Diplomacy: Challenges and Triumphs
  • Dissecting Gendered Discourse in Political Campaigns
  • Transnational Feminism and Political Activism
  • Sexual Harassment Laws: Political Challenges and Triumphs
  • Patriarchy in Politics: Roots and Reproduction

Human Rights Research Topics in Political Science

  • State Sovereignty vs. Human Rights: Navigating the Balance
  • Influence of International Human Rights Treaties on National Legislation
  • Human Rights Advocacy: Examining the Effectiveness of Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Child Soldier Rehabilitation and its Political Dimensions
  • Censorship and Human Rights: A Deep Dive Into Freedom of Speech
  • Understanding the Politics of Genocide Recognition
  • Human Trafficking: Policies and Political Challenges
  • Ethnic Cleansing: Causes, Consequences, and International Response
  • Humanitarian Interventions: Justifications and Repercussions
  • Rohingya Crisis: An Analysis of International Human Rights Violations
  • Transnational Corporations and Human Rights Abuses
  • Climate Refugees: A New Challenge to Human Rights
  • Political Asylum Policies: Comparative Study Across Countries
  • Analyzing Human Rights Violations in North Korea
  • Refugee Rights and State Policies: Case Studies From the Middle East
  • Indigenous People’s Rights: Political Barriers and Progress
  • The Politics of Human Rights in Post-Apartheid South Africa
  • Disability Rights: Global Political Progress and Challenges
  • Politics of Gender-Based Violence: A Global Perspective

Immigration and Citizenship Research Topics in Political Science

  • Immigration Policies: Comparative Analysis Between the US and the EU
  • Examining the Political Rhetoric Around Immigration
  • Assimilation vs. Multiculturalism: A Study in Immigration Strategies
  • Citizenship by Investment: Ethical and Political Implications
  • Climate Change Refugees: Legal and Citizenship Challenges
  • Investigating the Politics of Border Controls
  • Pathway to Citizenship: Evaluating Policies for Undocumented Immigrants
  • Refugee Crisis: International Policies and Responsibility Sharing
  • Economic Outcomes of High-Skilled Immigration
  • Political Backlash Against Immigration: A Study on Populist Movements
  • Immigrant Detention Centers: Human Rights and Political Perspectives
  • Exploring the Concept of Global Citizenship
  • Asylum Seekers: Navigating Legal and Citizenship Processes
  • Dual Citizenship: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Political Implications
  • Immigration and National Security: An In-Depth Analysis
  • Sanctuary Cities and their Role in Immigration Policy
  • The Effect of Immigration Policies on International Relations
  • Immigration Reforms: Lessons Learned From Comprehensive Immigration Reform Attempts
  • Migration Patterns and Climate Change: Implications for Citizenship
  • Birthright Citizenship: A Comparative Study of Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis Policies

International Organizations Research Topics in Political Science

  • International Organizations: Power Dynamics and Decision-Making Processes
  • UN Security Council Reform: Perspectives and Challenges
  • The Legitimacy of International Organizations: An In-Depth Analysis
  • World Trade Organization and Global Trade Politics
  • Human Rights Monitoring by International Organizations
  • International Monetary Fund and Global Financial Stability
  • Comparative Study of Regional International Organizations: EU, ASEAN, and AU
  • Peacekeeping Operations: Examining the Effectiveness of UN Intervention
  • Examining the Politics of Climate Change in International Organizations
  • Public Health and International Organizations: WHO and Global Health Governance
  • International Organizations and Cyber Security: Challenges and Solutions
  • Conflict Resolution: Mediation Strategies of International Organizations
  • International Criminal Court: Achievements, Challenges, and Future Directions
  • World Bank’s Approach to Global Poverty Reduction
  • Humanitarian Aid Distribution: The Role of International Organizations
  • Accountability and Transparency in International Organizations
  • International Labor Organization and Global Labor Standards
  • Examining the Interplay Between National Sovereignty and International Organizations
  • Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Influencing International Policy

Political Communication Research Topics

  • Political Communication in the Digital Age: An Analytical Overview
  • Media Framing and Public Opinion: A Critical Investigation
  • Crisis Communication Strategies in Political Scandals
  • Digital Diplomacy: New Avenues for International Political Communication
  • Citizen Journalism and its Influence on Political Discourse
  • Interpreting Political Rhetoric: A Discursive Analysis
  • Impact of Political Advertising on Voter Behavior
  • Social Media Algorithms and their Influence on Political Polarization
  • Analysis of Political Propaganda Techniques in the 21st Century
  • Strategies of Political Persuasion in Election Campaigns
  • Political Debates: Analyzing Communication Styles and Their Effectiveness
  • Understanding Political Spin: The Art of Shaping Public Perception
  • Satirical News Shows and Their Contribution to Political Communication
  • Visual Semiotics in Political Advertising: A Comprehensive Study
  • Role of Radio in Political Communication in Developing Countries
  • Political Memes and Their Influence on Contemporary Political Discourse
  • Decoding the Language of Political Apology: A Critical Study
  • Political Communication and Public Relations: Strategic Intersection
  • Populist Communication Strategies in Contemporary Politics
  • Exploring the Politics of Silence: When Politicians Choose Not to Communicate

Political Conflicts Research Topics

  • Ethnicity and Political Conflicts: A Detailed Inquiry
  • Cyber Warfare: The New Frontier of Political Conflicts
  • Resource Scarcity as a Catalyst for Political Conflicts
  • Mediterranean Migrations: Unraveling Conflicts and Political Unrest
  • Proxy Warfare: Understanding the Dynamics of Contemporary Political Conflicts
  • Frozen Conflicts: Analyses of Post-Soviet Political Disputes
  • Examining Political Conflicts in Post-Brexit Europe
  • Climate Change and Emerging Political Conflicts: An In-Depth Study
  • Political Conflicts in the Age of Information: Social Media’s Role
  • Tensions on the Korean Peninsula: Unveiling the Layers of Political Conflict
  • Ethnoreligious Conflicts: Analyzing Political Complexity in Nigeria
  • Post-Colonial Political Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Unraveling the Roots of the Israel-Palestine Political Conflict
  • Sectarian Politics: Understanding the Shia-Sunni Conflict in the Middle East
  • Geopolitical Conflicts in the South China Sea: Power, Sovereignty, and Resources
  • Politics of Partition: Analyses of India-Pakistan Conflicts
  • Territorial Disputes in the Arctic: Analyzing Emerging Political Conflicts
  • Economic Sanctions as a Tool in Political Conflicts: Case Studies
  • Analyzing Political Conflicts through the Lens of Game Theory

Political Parties and Elections Research Topics

  • Electoral Integrity in Developing Democracies: An In-Depth Study
  • Polarization of Political Parties in the United States: Causes and Consequences
  • Campaign Financing: Unpacking Influence on Party Politics
  • Populist Parties in Europe: A Comparative Study
  • Digital Media Strategies in Election Campaigns: Exploring Their Effectiveness
  • Political Parties and Civil Society: An Analysis of Interplay
  • Electoral Systems and Minority Representation: Lessons From Around the World
  • Gender and Political Representation: A Case Study of Scandinavian Parties
  • Power Dynamics Within Political Parties: An Organizational Study
  • Brexit and the Realignment of British Politics: A Detailed Investigation
  • Minority Parties in Coalition Governments: A Comparative Analysis
  • Gerrymandering and its Consequences on Electoral Outcomes: Case Studies
  • Electoral Behavior and Political Socialization: An Empirical Study
  • Emerging Political Parties in Post-Soviet Nations: Case Studies
  • Campaign Promises and Policy Implementation: An Evaluation of Credibility
  • Machine Politics in the American Political Landscape: A Historical Review
  • Local Elections and Party Politics: The Dynamics of Devolution
  • Political Parties and Ethnic Diversity: Lessons From South Africa
  • Redistricting and Its Influence on Electoral Outcomes: A Detailed Study
  • Voting Systems and Political Party Success: A Comparative Study

Political Psychology Research Topics in Science

  • Political Decision Making and Cognitive Biases: An Analytical Study
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in Politics: Unpacking the Connection
  • Terror Management Theory and Nationalism: A Critical Examination
  • Group Dynamics in Political Protests: A Social Psychology Perspective
  • Political Socialization and Parental Influence: An Empirical Analysis
  • Identity Politics and Psychological Motivations: An In-Depth Inquiry
  • Cognitive Dissonance and Political Attitudes: Exploring the Link
  • Fear and Politics: How Politicians Manipulate Public Emotions
  • Personality Traits and Political Ideologies: A Comparative Study
  • Racial Resentment and Political Attitudes: A Psychological Perspective
  • Narcissism in Political Leaders: A Comprehensive Analysis
  • Moral Foundations Theory and Political Judgement: Case Studies
  • Religion and Political Behavior: A Psychological Examination
  • Emotions and Voting Behavior: Unpacking the Influences
  • Social Identity Theory and Nationalism: A Detailed Study
  • Partisanship and Cognitive Dissonance: A Psychological Study
  • Political Conspiracy Theories: A Psychological Analysis
  • Media Consumption and Political Attitudes: A Psychological Investigation
  • Dichotomous Thinking and Political Polarization: An Analytical Study
  • Public Opinion and Mass Persuasion: A Study in Political Psychology

Political Science Philosophy Research Topics

  • Deconstructing the Concept of Political Power in Foucault’s Discourse
  • Hobbes and the Philosophy of Political Realism: A Critical Analysis
  • John Rawls’s Theory of Justice: An Exhaustive Evaluation
  • Examining Democracy through the Lens of Plato’s Republic
  • Hannah Arendt on Power, Authority, and Freedom: A Comprehensive Inquiry
  • Relevance of Rousseau’s Social Contract Theory in Contemporary Politics
  • Interpreting Marx’s Theory of Historical Materialism and Its Political Implications
  • Libertarianism and Its Critique: An Exploration Into Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia
  • Machiavelli’s The Prince and the Notion of Political Pragmatism: A Critical Study
  • In-Depth Analysis of Hannah Arendt’s The Human Condition and its Political Insight
  • Nietzsche’s Will to Power: A Study in Political Philosophy
  • Interpretation of Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and its Contemporary Relevance
  • Judith Butler and Politics of Gender: A Philosophical Exploration
  • Kant’s Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Inquiry Into International Politics
  • Analyzing Gramsci’s Hegemony Theory and its Influence on Political Philosophy
  • Utilitarianism in Bentham and Mill: Comparative Analysis of Political Philosophy
  • Habermas’s Theory of Communicative Action: Implications for Political Dialogue
  • Engels and the Dialectics of Nature: An Inquiry Into Political Ecology
  • Post-Structuralist Perspectives in Political Philosophy: Reading Derrida and Deleuze
  • Populism in the 21st Century: Analyzing Global Patterns
  • Cybersecurity and State Sovereignty: An Emerging Dynamic
  • Decoding Authoritarianism: An In-Depth Study of Autocratic Regimes
  • Neoliberalism and its Contestations: A Comparative Study
  • Analyzing the Dynamics of Global Power Shift From West to East
  • Influence of Digital Media on Political Participation
  • An Examination of Modern Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Intricacies of Identity Politics in Multicultural Societies
  • Critique of Post-Colonial States: An Analytical Perspective
  • Delving Into the Politics of Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Assessing the Success and Failures of Decentralization Reforms
  • A Comprehensive Study of Women’s Representation in Politics
  • Emergence of Cryptocurrency and its Implications for Sovereign Power
  • Negotiating National Security in the Era of Terrorism
  • Understanding Ethnic Conflict: A Case Study Approach
  • Migration and Its Political Implications: A Global Analysis
  • Assessing the Politics of Healthcare in Developing Countries
  • Economic Sanctions as a Political Tool: Effectiveness and Consequences
  • An Investigation Into the Efficacy of International Law in Conflict Zones
  • Religion and Politics: An Examination of Interplay and Tensions

Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics

  • Parliamentary vs. Presidential Systems: A Comparative Analysis
  • Decentralization Strategies in Federations: Success and Challenges
  • Political Development in Post-Communist States: Shared Traits and Variations
  • National Identity and State-Building: Comparing Case Studies
  • Ethnic Conflict Resolution Strategies: Lessons From Diverse Regions
  • Assessing Democratic Transitions in Latin America
  • Economic Policies and their Political Consequences: A Cross-Country Study
  • Exploring Political Corruption in Emerging Democracies
  • Minority Representation in National Politics: A Comparative Perspective
  • Policy Responses to Global Warming: International Comparisons
  • Political Culture and Democratic Consolidation: An Analytical Study
  • Patterns of Autocratic Rule: Comparing Different Regimes
  • Public Health and Politics: Comparative Perspectives on Policy Making
  • Comparative Study of Refugee Policies: Global North vs. South
  • Colonial Legacies and State Formation: An Intercontinental Analysis
  • Gender Equality Legislation: A Comparative Study of Nordic Countries
  • Right-Wing Populism in Europe and America: A Cross-Regional Analysis
  • Transparency and Trust in Government: An International Comparison
  • Political Systems and Income Inequality: A Comparative Analysis
  • Indigenous People’s Rights and Representation: Global Perspectives

Political Science Research Topics on Conflict Resolution

  • Peacebuilding Efforts in Post-Conflict Societies: A Critical Evaluation
  • Inter-Ethnic Conflict Resolution: New Theoretical Frameworks
  • Diplomatic Intervention and Conflict Resolution: Case Studies Analysis
  • Beyond Ceasefires: Long-Term Solutions to Armed Conflicts
  • Third-Party Mediation in International Conflicts: Effectiveness and Challenges
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Peace Negotiations: An Analytical Approach
  • Religion as a Tool in Conflict Resolution: Opportunities and Limits
  • Democratization as a Strategy for Conflict Resolution: Successes and Failures
  • Role of Civil Society in Promoting Peace: Case Studies Review
  • Strategic Use of Economic Sanctions for Conflict Resolution
  • Post-Conflict Reconstruction and National Reconciliation: A Comparative Study
  • Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies: A Multi-Case Analysis
  • Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict: An In-Depth Study
  • Utilizing Sport as a Medium for Conflict Resolution
  • The Use of Technology in Mediating Conflicts: An Emerging Trend
  • Children and Youth in Conflict Resolution: An Under-Explored Resource
  • Applying Restorative Justice Principles in Conflict Resolution
  • Natural Resource Management as a Strategy for Conflict Resolution

Political Science Research Topics on Mediation & Negotiation

  • Integrating Mediation and Negotiation in International Diplomacy
  • Third-Party Mediation in Intractable Conflicts: Success Factors and Challenges
  • Power Asymmetries in International Negotiations: A Critical Examination
  • Art of Negotiation in Peace Treaties: An Analytical Study
  • Mediation Strategies in Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Case Studies Review
  • Influence of Culture and Tradition in Mediation and Negotiation
  • Mediation in Intrastate Conflicts: Evaluating Success and Failure
  • Science of Persuasion in Political Negotiations: Theoretical and Practical Approaches
  • Conflict Resolution: Comparative Study of Mediation and Negotiation
  • Cognitive Biases in Mediation and Negotiation: Understanding the Impact
  • Multi-Track Diplomacy: A New Paradigm for Mediation
  • Analyzing Negotiation Tactics in International Trade Agreements
  • Non-State Actors in Mediation: Scope and Limitations
  • Transformative Mediation: Conceptual Analysis and Application
  • Role of International Law in Mediation and Negotiation
  • Cyber Mediation: Future of Dispute Resolution in the Digital Age
  • Gender Dynamics in Mediation and Negotiation: An In-Depth Study
  • Mediation in the Context of Terrorism and Insurgency: Practical Possibilities and Limitations
  • Comparative Study of Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiations in International Politics
  • Bargaining and Negotiation in Coalition Governments: An Empirical Analysis

Political Science Research Topics on Public Administration

  • Decentralization in Public Administration: A Critical Review
  • Citizen Engagement in Public Service Delivery: An Analytical Approach
  • E-Government Services: Adoption and Challenges
  • Administrative Ethics in Public Sector: A Case Study
  • Accountability Mechanisms in Public Administration: Effectiveness and Limitations
  • Performance Measurement in Public Sector: Methodologies and Challenges
  • Bureaucratic Discretion in Policy Implementation: Case Studies
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Development: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Strategic Management in Public Administration: Theory and Practice
  • Digital Transformation in Public Administration: Progress and Barriers
  • Leadership Styles in Public Administration: Comparative Analysis
  • Crisis Management in Public Administration: Role and Effectiveness
  • Transparency and Open Government: Evaluating Impact on Public Trust
  • Sustainability Practices in Public Administration: A Global Perspective
  • Innovation in Public Service Delivery: Case Studies and Analysis
  • Public Administration in the Age of AI: Opportunities and Threats
  • Equity and Fairness in Public Service Provision: An Empirical Study
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Public Administration: Assessing Progress and Barriers
  • Administrative Law and Public Administration: Interactions and Influences
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Public Administration: Successes and Challenges

Political Science Research Topics on Public Law

  • Public Law and Private Interests: A Complex Interplay
  • Judicial Review and its Constitutional Limits: A Comparative Study
  • Public Law Enforcement: Issues and Innovations
  • Administrative Regulations and Their Legal Implications: A Deep Dive
  • Exploring Freedom of Expression Within the Context of Public Law
  • Public Law in a Multicultural Society: Balancing Rights and Responsibilities
  • Addressing Discrimination Through Public Law: The Legal Perspective
  • Cybersecurity and Public Law: Emerging Trends and Challenges
  • Public Health Law in Times of Global Pandemics: Lessons and Improvements
  • Human Rights and Public Law: Contemporary Challenges
  • Immigration Laws and Public Policy: Examining the Intersections
  • Public Law and Environmental Protection: Legal Tools and Limitations
  • Constitutional Interpretations in Public Law: An In-Depth Analysis
  • Public Law in the Context of National Security: Trade-Offs and Necessities
  • Institutional Corruption and Public Law: A Legal Analysis
  • Public Law in Post-Conflict Societies: Rebuilding Justice Systems
  • Public Law and Economic Regulation: An Interdisciplinary Study
  • Defining Privacy in the Digital Age: A Public Law Perspective
  • Transnational Law: Exploring the Public Law Dimension

Political Theorists Research Topics

  • Reinterpretation of Thucydides’ “History of the Peloponnesian War”: Ancient Insights Into Modern Conflicts
  • Applying the Teachings of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” to Modern Political Strategy
  • Neo-Marxism and Its Roots in Karl Marx’s “Capital”
  • Unveiling Realism in Niccolò Machiavelli’s “The Prince”
  • “A Theory of Justice”: Rawls’s Vision of Fairness in a Liberal Society
  • Thomas Hobbes’s “Leviathan”: An Analysis of Social Contract Theory
  • Analyzing Rousseau’s “The Social Contract” and Its Relevance in Contemporary Politics
  • Understanding the Subaltern in Antonio Gramsci’s “Prison Notebooks”
  • “Orientalism” by Edward Said: Unraveling the Western Gaze
  • Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish”: Power Relations and Surveillance Society
  • Critiquing Neoliberalism Through David Harvey’s “A Brief History of Neoliberalism”
  • Hegemony and International Relations: Insights From Antonio Gramsci’s “Selections From the Prison Notebooks”
  • Reading Alexis de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America” through a Postmodern Lens
  • The Dialectics of Secularization in Charles Taylor’s “A Secular Age”
  • Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent”: A Study of Media and Propaganda
  • Interpreting “The Wretched of the Earth” by Frantz Fanon: Post-Colonial Politics and Identity
  • Assessing Neorealism through Kenneth Waltz’s “Theory of International Politics”
  • Reading Gandhi’s “Hind Swaraj” as a Radical Political Text

Public Opinion Research Topics in Political Science

  • Online Social Media Platforms and Their Influence on Public Opinion
  • Populism and Its Effect on Public Sentiment
  • Survey Design and Its Importance in Gauging Public Opinion
  • Media Framing and Shaping of Public Perceptions
  • Psychological Factors That Steer Public Opinion
  • Campaigns and Their Ability to Mold Public Views
  • Analyzing Political Polarization in Public Opinion
  • Understanding Voter Behavior through Public Opinion
  • Representation of Marginalized Groups in Public Opinion Polls
  • Cultural Shifts and Their Reflection on Public Opinion
  • Critical Discourse Analysis of Public Opinion in News Media
  • Efficacy of Public Service Announcements in Changing Public Opinion
  • Effect of Economic Crises on Public Attitudes Toward Government
  • Emerging Patterns of Public Opinion on Climate Change
  • How Misinformation Influences Public Perception
  • Assessing Public Attitudes Towards Science and Technology
  • Public Opinion on LGBTQ+ Rights: A Comparative Analysis
  • Shifts in Public Opinion on Immigration Policies Over Time
  • Influence of Celebrity Endorsements on Public Opinion in Political Campaigns

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Research Topics

  • Understanding Radicalization Processes and Terrorism
  • Cyber Terrorism: Threats and Countermeasures
  • Nexus Between Poverty and Terrorism: A Comprehensive Analysis
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Counterterrorism Strategies
  • Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering: Prevention Tactics
  • Biological Terrorism: Evaluating International Legal Frameworks
  • Effective Policies for Dealing With Homegrown Terrorism
  • Intelligence Gathering and Its Significance in Counterterrorism
  • Assessing Terrorism’s Influence on International Relations
  • Influence of Geopolitical Factors on Terrorism Proliferation
  • Nuclear Terrorism: Addressing the Unthinkable
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Counterterrorism Measures
  • Post-Terrorism Trauma and Community Resilience Strategies
  • Media’s Portrayal of Terrorism and Its Societal Implications
  • Terrorist Recruitment Strategies in the Digital Age
  • Infiltrating Terrorist Networks: Approaches and Challenges
  • Dissecting the Psychology of Terrorism: Motivations and Beliefs
  • Terrorism and Civil Liberties: Striking a Balance
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of International Counterterrorism Alliances
  • Decoding Ideologies and Beliefs Behind Religious Terrorism

Voting Behavior Research Topics in Political Science

  • Influence of Social Media on Voting Behavior
  • Analyzing the Voting Patterns of First-Time Voters
  • In-Depth Study of Partisan Polarization and Voting
  • Exploring the Generational Shifts in Voting Preferences
  • Interplay Between Socioeconomic Status and Voting Trends
  • Determinants of Electoral Turnout: A Cross-Country Analysis
  • Impact of Voter Education Campaigns on Election Outcomes
  • Understanding the Phenomenon of Swing Voters in Modern Politics
  • Analyzing the Gender Gap in Voting Behavior
  • Dynamics of Ethnic Identity and Voting Behavior
  • Assessing the Effects of Campaign Advertisements on Voter Choices
  • Political Trust and Its Influence on Voting Decisions
  • Influence of Local Issues on National Election Voting
  • Exploring the Correlation Between Income Inequality and Voting
  • Impact of Immigration Policies on Voting Behavior
  • Study of Strategic Voting in Multi-Party Systems
  • Influence of Climate Change Concerns on Voting Behavior
  • Cognitive Biases in Political Decision-Making and Voting
  • Assessing the Influence of Populism on Voting Behavior
  • Correlation Between Voter Turnout and Political Stability

Political Essay Topics

Political argumentative essay topics.

  • In Defense of Electoral College Reforms
  • Affirmative Action Policies: Necessary for Equality or a Threat to Meritocracy?
  • Assessing the Justification for Internet Censorship in Democracies
  • Climate Change Policies and Their Controversial Aspects
  • Immigration Policies: Security Measures or Infringements on Human Rights?
  • Libertarianism vs. Socialism: Which System Ensures Greater Freedom?
  • Proportional Representation vs. Winner-Takes-All Systems
  • Evaluating the Ethical Considerations of Drone Warfare
  • Privacy or Security: Balancing Surveillance and Civil Liberties
  • Is Mandatory Voting the Solution to Political Apathy?
  • Interrogating the Concept of Universal Basic Income
  • Should Religious Leaders Influence Politics?
  • Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Capital Punishment
  • Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization
  • Debating the Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions in International Politics
  • Justifying the Need for Diplomatic Immunity
  • Single-Payer Healthcare System: A Utopian Dream or Realistic Goal?
  • Universal Suffrage: Are Age Restrictions on Voting Fair?
  • Arguments For and Against Term Limits for Political Leaders
  • Exploring the Debate on Public vs. Private Prisons

Political Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Formulating Arguments for Cybersecurity as a Public Good
  • Democracy’s Triumph: Persuading Skeptics of Its Superiority
  • Fostering a Case for a Global Minimum Wage
  • Why Technological Literacy Should Be a Political Priority
  • Building the Case for Stronger Whistleblower Protections
  • Lobbying in Politics: A Necessary Evil or a Corrupting Influence?
  • Transparency and Accountability in the Digital Age
  • Persuading for the Inclusion of Climate Education in Political Discourse
  • The Argument for the Removal of Political Donations Caps
  • Proposing a Case for Mandatory Public Service
  • Citizenship Education as a Tool for Fostering Civic Participation
  • Debating the Need for Decentralization of Political Power
  • Defending the Implementation of Universal Healthcare
  • Arguing for a Foreign Policy Focused on Humanitarian Aid
  • Nuclear Disarmament: Crafting a Persuasive Narrative
  • Need for Strict Regulations on Campaign Financing
  • Advocating for More Women in Political Leadership Roles
  • Ethics in Politics: A Plea for Greater Integrity
  • Building a Case for Online Voting Systems

Political Science Essay Topics

  • Challenges and Prospects of E-Democracy
  • Deciphering the Politics of Food Security
  • Indigenous Governance and Its Influence on National Politics
  • Efficacy of Social Movements in Modern Political Landscape
  • Cryptocurrency and Its Potential Effect on Political Economy
  • Ideological Shifts in the Contemporary Political Landscape
  • Revolution and Its Aftermath: A Case Study of [Country]
  • Assessing the Politicization of Climate Change
  • Political Factors Influencing International Trade Agreements
  • How Political Satire Shapes Public Opinion
  • Understanding Populism in the 21st Century
  • Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Political Decisions
  • Religion’s Place in Politics: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
  • Deliberative Democracy: Concept, Theory, and Application
  • Civic Education’s Contribution to Political Engagement
  • Accountability Mechanisms in Public Administration
  • Assessing Political Stability in Post-Conflict Societies
  • The Intersection of Politics and Sports: An Unexplored Dimension
  • Political Alienation in the Age of Digital Democracy
  • Disinformation Campaigns and Their Threat to Democracy

Political Socialization Essay

  • Peer Influence on Political Beliefs: An Analysis
  • Mapping the Influence of Education on Political Attitudes
  • Understanding Political Socialization Through Social Media
  • Family Dynamics and Its Effect on Political Affiliation
  • How School Curricula Influence Political Awareness
  • Intersectionality in Political Socialization: An Analysis
  • Classroom Climate and Its Effect on Students’ Political Views
  • Religion and Its Significance in Political Socialization
  • Media’s Influence on Shaping Political Ideologies
  • Generational Differences in Political Socialization Patterns
  • Effect of Neighborhood Context on Political Attitudes
  • Political Socialization of Immigrants in Host Societies
  • Exploring the Role of Youth Organizations in Political Socialization
  • Civic Education’s Effect on Adolescents’ Political Attitudes
  • Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Political Socialization
  • Examining the Impact of Sports on Political Identity Formation
  • Political Socialization Processes in Authoritarian Regimes
  • Contribution of Non-Governmental Organizations to Political Socialization
  • How Political Events Shape Public Opinion: A Case Study
  • The Role of Pop Culture in Political Socialization

Political Case Study Ideas to Investigate

  • Understanding Brexit: A Multi-Faceted Approach
  • Chile’s Path to Democracy: An In-Depth Analysis
  • Political Polarization in the United States: Causes and Consequences
  • Deciphering the Arab Spring: Political Repercussions
  • India’s Coalition Politics: A Detailed Study
  • Analyzing China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Political Implications
  • The Rise of Populism in Europe: A Country-Specific Study
  • Green Politics in Germany: A Comprehensive Review
  • Political and Economic Transformation in Post-Apartheid South Africa
  • Japan’s Pacifism and Its Changing Security Landscape
  • Investigating the Scottish Independence Movement: Causes and Implications
  • Analysis of Turkey’s Shift Towards Authoritarianism
  • From FARC to Peace: Colombia’s Journey Towards Reconciliation
  • Venezuela’s Economic Crisis: A Political Perspective
  • The Partition of India and Pakistan: Causes and Effects
  • North Korea’s Political Dynamics: An Insider’s View
  • Russia’s Foreign Policy Towards its Near Abroad
  • Greece’s Debt Crisis: A Political Economy Perspective
  • Investigating the Rise of Right-Wing Politics in Brazil

Political Economy Topics to Write About

  • Understanding the Political Economy of Globalization
  • Trade Wars: Political Economy Considerations
  • Climate Change and Political Economy: Bridging the Gap
  • Capitalism and Democracy: Exploring Their Relationship
  • Political Economy of Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • Emerging Economies: A Political Economy Perspective
  • Global Financial Crises and Their Political Repercussions
  • Digital Revolution: Implications for Political Economy
  • Multinational Corporations in Developing Economies: A Study
  • Sustainable Development: An Investigation Into Its Political Economy
  • Neoliberalism’s Effect on the Welfare States
  • Political Economy of Oil-Producing Nations
  • Income Inequality: A Matter of Political Economy
  • Examining the Politics of Central Banking
  • State Intervention in Market Economies: Pros and Cons
  • Political Economy of Post-Soviet States
  • Political Economy of Global Health: Pandemics and Power
  • Investigating Gender Disparities through a Political Economy Lens
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: The Political Economy of Disruption
  • Deciphering the Political Economy of Climate Change Mitigation

Comparative Politics Essay Topics

  • Democracy and Autocracy: Divergent Paths of Political Systems
  • Political Economy in Developed vs. Developing Nations
  • Authoritarian Regimes: A Comparative Analysis
  • Legislative Systems: Examining Parliamentary and Presidential Models
  • Institutional Theory and Practice: A Comparative Study
  • Social Welfare Policies: East vs. West Examination
  • Understanding Federalism: A Comparison Between USA and Canada
  • Political Leadership Styles: Comparative Analysis of World Leaders
  • Political Culture in Scandinavia: A Comparative Approach
  • Comparative Study of Minority Rights Across Nations
  • Decentralization and Centralization: Exploring Various Governance Models
  • Migration Policies: Comparative Study Between Europe and North America
  • Examining the Rise of Populism in the 21st Century
  • Nationalism and Identity Politics: Comparative Analysis
  • Comparative Study on Corruption and Transparency in Governments
  • Civil Society Organizations and Democracy: Cross-National Examination
  • Study of Post-Conflict Reconciliation Processes
  • Globalization and State Sovereignty: Comparative Perspectives
  • Election Systems: A Comparative Analysis Between Proportional and Majority Voting

American Politics Essay Topics in Political Science to Research

  • Divisive Politics: Rise and Ramifications in Modern America
  • American Democracy: Assessing the Influence of Interest Groups
  • Presidential Power and Executive Orders: An In-Depth Analysis
  • Exploring the Intersection of Race and Politics in America
  • Healthcare Politics: Debate Around Universal Healthcare in the United States
  • Deciphering the Electoral College: Strengths and Controversies
  • US Supreme Court: Examination of Partisanship in Judicial Appointments
  • Foreign Policy Under Different American Presidents
  • Immigration Policies and Politics in the United States
  • American Federalism: Dynamics and Challenges
  • Analysis of Campaign Finance Laws in US Elections
  • US Legislative Process: Obstruction and Filibuster in Senate
  • Exploring the American Two-Party System: Advantages and Shortcomings
  • Policing Policies and Race Relations in Contemporary American Politics
  • American Media Politics: Influence of Cable News Networks
  • Populism in American Politics: An Examination of Its Rise and Effect
  • Gerrymandering and Redistricting: Influences on American Electoral Politics
  • Gun Control Politics in the United States
  • Sociopolitical Implications of Climate Change in American Politics

Food Politics Essay Topics

  • Food Sovereignty: Challenges and Prospects in Global South
  • Exploring the Politics of Obesity and Fast-Food Industries
  • Globalization and the Politics of Food Distribution
  • Agribusiness Lobbying: Influences on Dietary Guidelines
  • Influence of Food Marketing on Consumer Choices and Health Outcomes
  • Genetically Modified Foods: Political and Ethical Considerations
  • Trade Wars: Effects on International Food Trade
  • Interplay of Food, Politics, and Religion: The Case of Halal and Kosher
  • Food Wastage: Understanding International Policies and Solutions
  • Geopolitics of Food Aid and Its Implications on International Relations
  • Hunger Strikes: The Use of Food as a Political Protest Tool
  • Famine and Political Instability: A Comparative Study
  • Analyzing Food Policy in the Context of Indigenous Rights
  • Fast Food Legislation: Case Studies of Regulation and Public Health
  • Farm Subsidies: Political Implications and Influence on Agriculture
  • Analysis of Food Insecurity in War Zones
  • Political Dimensions of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
  • Exploring the Intersection of Food Politics and Gender Inequality
  • Politics of School Lunch Programs: A Comparative Analysis

Global Political Topics to Talk About

  • Global Migration Patterns and Asylum Policies
  • Foreign Aid Effectiveness in Developing Economies
  • Transnational Corporations in Global Governance
  • Political Implications of Climate Change on Small Island States
  • Polarization in Global Politics: Causes and Consequences
  • Nuclear Proliferation and Arms Control Agreements
  • Populist Movements in the 21 st -Century: A Comparative Analysis
  • Crypto Diplomacy: Decentralized Finance in International Relations
  • Artificial Intelligence and International Security Challenges
  • Internet Governance and Cybersecurity in International Relations
  • Global Health Diplomacy: Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Rise of China: Shifts in Global Power Balance
  • Maritime Disputes in the South China Sea
  • Global Human Trafficking Networks and Response Mechanisms
  • Effects of Sanctions on Targeted Countries
  • India’s Role in the Changing Global Order
  • Understanding the Middle East: Sectarian Conflicts and Geopolitics
  • Diplomatic Relations Between North Korea and the World
  • Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Case Studies From the Balkans and Africa

Political Ideology Essay Topics for Science Research

  • Libertarianism vs. Socialism: Exploring the Extremes
  • Nihilism in Contemporary Political Thought
  • Anarchism: Critiques and Contributions to Political Theory
  • Conservatism and Progressive Thought in the 21st Century
  • Feminist Theory and Its Intersection With Political Ideologies
  • Eco-Fascism: Emergence and Examination
  • Populism: Ideology or Political Strategy?
  • Decoding Democratic Socialism: Perspectives and Paradigms
  • Neoliberalism and Its Critics in Global Politics
  • Taoism and Its Political Implications for Eastern Societies
  • Religious Fundamentalism as a Political Ideology
  • Radical Centrism: Balancing the Political Scale
  • Marxism-Leninism: Validity in Contemporary Politics
  • Intersectionality: Power Dynamics and Political Recognition
  • Post-Colonial Theory and Decolonial Thought in Political Ideology
  • Islamic Political Ideology: The Spectrum of Interpretations
  • Monarchism in the Modern Age: A Contradiction?
  • Technocracy and Its Place in Modern Political Ideology
  • Nationalism and Populism in the Era of Globalization
  • Exploring Pluralism: Political Ideology and Multicultural Societies

Political Corruption Essay Topics

  • Unmasking Corruption in Public-Private Partnerships
  • Dissecting Political Patronage: Origins and Outcomes
  • Clientelism in Contemporary Democracies
  • Political Corruption and the Erosion of Social Trust
  • Neopatrimonialism: An Examination of Power Abuse
  • Unveiling the Veil of Secrecy in Offshore Financial Centers
  • Corruption, Transparency, and Freedom of Information Acts
  • Dynamics of State Capture in Emerging Economies
  • Electoral Fraud: A Global Perspective
  • Money Laundering and the Financing of Political Parties
  • Whistleblowing Mechanisms in the Fight against Corruption
  • Judicial Independence, Accountability, and Corruption
  • Corruption Perceptions Index: Methodological Critiques
  • Nexus Between Political Corruption and Organized Crime
  • Transnational Anti-Corruption Initiatives: Successes and Failures
  • Political Corruption in Post-Conflict Societies
  • Fighting Corruption: The Effectiveness of Ombudsman Institutions
  • Informal Institutions and the Persistence of Corruption
  • Integrity Systems and Their Influence on Political Behavior
  • Pedagogy of Corruption: Education as a Tool for Change 

Political Leadership Essay Topics

  • Charismatic Leadership in Modern Democracies
  • Women in Politics: Pathways to Leadership
  • Examining Leadership Styles in Political Movements
  • Power Distribution and Decision-Making in Political Leadership
  • Personality Traits of Effective Political Leaders
  • Political Leadership and the Challenge of National Cohesion
  • Authoritarianism: Styles and Effects in Leadership
  • Evolving Paradigms in Political Leadership Analysis
  • Servant Leadership in Politics: Principles and Applications
  • Political Leadership in Times of Crisis: Case Studies
  • Leadership in Supranational Entities: A European Union Study
  • Youth Leadership and the Future of Politics
  • Moral Leadership in Politics: Reality or Utopia?
  • Navigating Political Leadership in Multiethnic Societies
  • The Transition of Leadership in Totalitarian Regimes
  • Political Leadership and the Dynamics of Urban Development
  • Influence of Media on Political Leadership Perception
  • Leadership Decapitation in Terrorist Organizations: Effects and Consequences
  • Gender and Cultural Dimensions in Political Leadership
  • Educational Background and Its Influence on Political Leadership

Political Participation Essay Topics for Science Research

  • Digital Activism and Its Influence on Political Participation
  • Youth Engagement in the Political Sphere: Factors and Trends
  • Political Participation in Marginalized Communities
  • Socioeconomic Status and Its Effect on Political Participation
  • Influence of Education Level on Political Participation
  • Civic Education and Its Relationship With Political Participation
  • Social Media as a Platform for Political Participation
  • Barriers to Political Participation in Developing Countries
  • Gender Differences in Political Participation: A Global Perspective
  • Populism and Its Effects on Political Participation
  • Immigrant Communities and Political Participation: A Comparative Study
  • The Interplay Between Religion and Political Participation
  • Assessing Political Participation in Non-Democratic Regimes
  • Political Participation and Trust in Government: An Analysis
  • Direct Democracy Mechanisms and Citizen Participation
  • Influence of Political Parties on Voter Participation
  • Political Participation in Post-Conflict Societies
  • The Relationship Between Political Satire and Political Participation
  • Exploring the Impact of Political Efficacy on Voter Turnout

Political Communication Essay Topics

  • Political Rhetoric in Election Campaigns: A Critical Analysis
  • Decoding the Language of Political Advertising
  • Influence of Social Media on Political Discourse
  • Media Framing and Public Perception of Political Issues
  • Politics and Public Relations: The Art of Messaging
  • Evaluating the Function of Press Releases in Political Communication
  • Analyzing Speech Writing as a Political Communication Tool
  • Political Debates and Their Effect on Voter Perceptions
  • News Media Bias and Its Effect on Political Communication
  • Examining the Power of Political Cartoons in Shaping Public Opinion
  • Investigating the Role of Polls in Political Communication
  • Influence of Digital Technologies on Political Discourse
  • Assessing Political Communication Strategies in Crisis Situations
  • The Function of Satire in Political Communication
  • Understanding Propaganda as a Political Communication Strategy
  • Emotional Appeal and Persuasion in Political Communication
  • Investigating the Role of Fact-Checking in Political Communication
  • The Effect of Celebrity Endorsements on Political Campaigns
  • Political Communication Tactics in Grassroots Movements
  • Exploring the Dynamics of Political Communication in Non-Democratic Regimes   

Political Campaigns and Elections Essay Topics

  • Candidate Image and Voter Perception in Presidential Elections
  • Strategies for Success: An Analysis of Competitive Congressional Campaigns
  • Negative Campaigning: Voter Turnout and Attitude Change
  • Campaign Finance Laws: Understanding the Effect on Election Outcomes
  • Media, Politics, and Elections: A Complex Relationship
  • Grassroots Movements: Transformative Power in Political Campaigns
  • Political Advertising: The Subtle Art of Influencing Voters
  • Election Predictive Models: A Study of Accuracy and Reliability
  • Incumbency in Political Campaigns: An Unfair Advantage?
  • Endorsements and Their Effect on Election Outcomes: An Analysis
  • Voter Psychology: Unraveling Motivations and Influences
  • Political Scandals: Their Echo in Election Outcomes
  • Determinants of Winning Political Campaigns: A Comprehensive Study
  • Opinion Polls in Political Campaigns: A Necessary Evil?
  • Swing States: The Tipping Point in US Presidential Elections
  • Social Media Platforms: A New Frontier in Political Campaigns
  • Digital Revolution: The Transforming Landscape of Political Campaigning
  • Direct Mail in Political Campaigns: An Old but Gold Strategy
  • Gerrymandering: Its Silent Control over Election Outcomes
  • Campaign Volunteers: The Unsung Heroes in Election Victories

Political Activism Essay Topics for Science Research

  • Cyber Activism: The Changing Face of Political Dissent
  • Nonviolent Resistance: Exploring Its Power and Limitations
  • Activism and Democracy: Is There a Symbiotic Relationship?
  • Understanding the Motivations Behind Political Activism
  • Social Media: A Potent Tool for Political Activists
  • Political Activism: A Closer Look at Its Psychological Underpinnings
  • Environmental Activism: A Deep Dive Into Its Political Implications
  • Grassroots Movements: Driving Forces for Political Change
  • Civil Disobedience: An Examination of Its Legitimacy in Political Activism
  • Feminist Activism: Tracing Its Influence on Political Landscape
  • Political Activism in Dictatorial Regimes: A Risky Path to Democracy
  • Anonymity in Activism: An Investigation Into Its Strategic Significance
  • Challenges of Organizing Political Activism in Rural Areas
  • Art and Political Activism: The Power of Symbolic Protest
  • Identity Politics: Its Role in Shaping Political Activism
  • Youth Activism: Unleashing Political Change From Below
  • Political Activism Among Celebrities: An Examination of Its Effects
  • The Influence of Political Activism on Policy Change
  • Historical Analysis of Successful Political Activism Movements

Political Institutions Essay Topics

  • A Comparative Analysis of Democratic Institutions Across Nations
  • Efficacy of International Institutions in Addressing Global Crises
  • Parliaments Around the World: A Study of Their Structures and Functions
  • Executive Powers: Differences and Similarities Across Political Systems
  • Supranational Institutions: Their Role in Global Governance
  • Dissecting the Judicial Branch: Influence on Politics and Society
  • Political Parties as Crucial Institutions: An In-Depth Study
  • Influence of Media Institutions on Public Opinion and Policy Making
  • Civil Society: An Examination of Its Institutional Dimensions
  • The Military as a Political Institution in Authoritarian Regimes
  • Effectiveness of Electoral Institutions in Promoting Democratic Values
  • Education Institutions and Their Influence on Political Socialization
  • Assessing the Functionality of Bureaucratic Institutions in Policy Implementation
  • International Financial Institutions: Politics and Power Play
  • A Critical Study of Regional Political Institutions and Their Effectiveness
  • The UN as a Political Institution: Achievements and Shortcomings
  • Political Institutions in Federal and Unitary Systems: Comparative Analysis
  • Autonomous Institutions: Implications for Democracy and Governance
  • The Role of Traditional Institutions in Politics: Case Studies From Africa

Political Systems Essay Topics

  • Comparative Analysis of Democratic and Authoritarian Political Systems
  • Monarchies in the Modern World: An Examination of Existing Political Structures
  • Confederalism, Federalism, and Unitary Systems: A Study in Contrasts
  • Political System Transition: Case Studies From Post-Soviet States
  • Presidential and Parliamentary Systems: Assessing Advantages and Shortcomings
  • Dictatorship vs. Democracy: A Comparative Study of Stability
  • Influence of Political Systems on Civil Liberties and Human Rights
  • Political Systems and Their Correspondence With Economic Development
  • Political Systems and Environmental Policy: Comparative Analysis
  • Assessing the Efficacy of Mixed Political Systems
  • Analyzing the Peculiarities of Theocratic Political Systems
  • Indigenous Political Systems and Their Relevance Today
  • Political Systems in Small Island States: Unique Challenges and Solutions
  • Fragmentation in Multi-Party Systems: Causes and Consequences
  • Role of Constitutions in Shaping Political Systems
  • Single-Party Rule: Understanding Its Dynamics and Implications
  • Political Systems in Post-Colonial African Nations: A Critical Study
  • Understanding Anarchy: Could It Function as a Political System?
  • Effect of Internet Technologies on the Functioning of Political Systems
  • Transitioning to Democracy: A Study on Post-Military Rule Political Systems

Political Psychology Essay Topics for Science Research

  • Psychological Drivers Behind Political Participation
  • Personality Traits and Leadership Styles in Politics
  • Understanding Voters’ Decision-Making Processes
  • Fear and Politics: Exploring the Connection
  • Influence of Media on Political Perception: A Cognitive Approach
  • Political Conspiracy Theories: Unraveling the Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence and its Influence on Political Leadership
  • The Interplay of Cognitive Biases in Political Judgment
  • Analyzing the Psychology of Radicalization in Politics
  • Political Psychology of Climate Change Denial
  • Gender Stereotypes in Political Leadership: A Psychological Perspective
  • How Do Personality Disorders Influence Political Behavior?
  • Group Identity and Its Effects on Political Affiliation
  • Assessing the Relationship Between Nationalism and Psychological Well-Being
  • Psychological Factors that Influence Trust in Government
  • The Interplay Between Religion and Politics: A Psychological Perspective
  • Emotion vs. Logic: What Rules in Political Decision Making?
  • Psychological Factors Influencing Political Polarization
  • Cognitive Dissonance in Politics: Causes and Consequences
  • The Psychology of Political Persuasion and Propaganda

Political Ethics Essay Topics

  • Ethical Implications of Political Corruption
  • Moral Obligations of Political Leaders
  • Unveiling Ethics in Election Campaigns
  • Influence of Ethics on Public Policy Making
  • Evaluating Ethical Standards in International Politics
  • Privacy Rights and Government Surveillance: An Ethical Dilemma
  • Transparency and Accountability in Political Institutions
  • Understanding Ethical Challenges in Political Activism
  • Justifying War: An Exploration of Political Ethics
  • Fostering Ethical Conduct in Political Leadership
  • Debating Ethical Aspects of Political Propaganda
  • Moral Quandaries in the Politics of Climate Change
  • Assessing Ethical Dimensions of Political Lobbying
  • Scrutinizing Ethics in the Political Handling of Migration
  • Political Ethics and the Dilemma of Whistleblowing
  • Probing the Ethics of Political Campaign Financing
  • Ethical Analysis of Discrimination in Politics
  • Deconstructing Ethics in Policy Implementation
  • An Ethical Examination of Political Censorship
  • Political Nepotism: Analyzing the Ethical Implications

Political History Essay Topics

  • Decoding Political Developments of the French Revolution
  • Understanding Political Shifts in Post-Colonial Africa
  • Exploring the Political Consequences of the Cuban Revolution
  • Assessing the Political Transformation of Japan Post-World War II
  • History of Women’s Political Empowerment in the United States
  • Analyzing the Birth of the European Union: Political Implications
  • Political Dynamics of the Middle East Post-Arab Spring
  • Unpacking the Historical Influence of the American Civil Rights Movement
  • Deciphering the Political Realities of the Cold War
  • Political Changes in Latin America: A Case of Socialist Movements
  • Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Historical and Political Analysis
  • Investigating Political Repercussions of the Iranian Revolution
  • Maoism and its Political Aftermath in China
  • Understanding the Political Unification of Italy: A Historical Perspective
  • Historical Trajectories of Political Islam in the Middle East
  • Analyzing the Political Changes in Post-Soviet Russia
  • Impact of Thatcherism on the United Kingdom’s Political Landscape
  • Exploring the Politics of Independence Movements in India
  • Historical Analysis of Indigenous Political Movements in Australia

Political Violence and Terrorism Essay Topics

  • Contemporary Analysis of Terrorism and the State: A Case of Afghanistan
  • Political Violence in Africa: Focus on Boko Haram
  • Origins and Progression of Terrorism in the Middle East
  • Political Violence and Regime Change: Lessons From Libya
  • Modern Insurgencies and the Cycle of Political Violence
  • Terrorism Financing and Its Global Repercussions
  • How International Law Addresses State-Sponsored Terrorism
  • Cyber Terrorism: A New Face of Political Violence
  • Understanding Terrorist Narratives and Recruitment Strategies
  • Political Violence and Its Relation to Failed States
  • Securitization of Terrorism: A Comparative Analysis
  • Political Violence in Latin America: Case of the Drug Cartels
  • Religious Extremism and Terrorism: A Global Perspective
  • Analyzing Terrorism’s Influence on Public Opinion and Policy
  • Transnational Terrorism: Issues and Challenges
  • Terrorism and Media Coverage: An Analytical View
  • Exploring Political Responses to Domestic Terrorism
  • Structural Violence and Terrorism: Linking Theory and Practice
  • Global Anti-Terrorism Strategies and Their Effectiveness
  • Analyzing the Psychology Behind Political Violence and Terrorism

Political Human Rights Essay Topics in Political Science to Research

  • Human Rights Violations in North Korea: An In-Depth Examination
  • Enforcement of Human Rights in International Law
  • State Sovereignty and Human Rights: A Delicate Balance
  • Analysis of Human Rights Legislation: Focus on the European Union
  • Modern Slavery and Human Rights: A Global View
  • Children’s Rights in the Political Realm: National and International Perspectives
  • LGBTQ+ Rights as Human Rights: A Comparative Study
  • Analyzing Political Will and Its Effects on Human Rights Implementation
  • Indigenous People’s Rights in Political Agendas: A Case Study
  • Exploring Human Rights in Post-Apartheid South Africa
  • Migrant and Refugee Rights: International Policies and Realities
  • Climate Change and Human Rights: Addressing Displacement and Environmental Injustice
  • Analyzing the Politics Behind Human Rights Commissions
  • Human Rights and Gender Equality: Assessing Progress and Challenges
  • Disability Rights as Human Rights: A Global Perspective
  • Human Rights in Conflict Zones: A Case of Syria
  • The Politics of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Human Rights in Authoritarian Regimes: A Case of China
  • Prisoners’ Rights and Political Responses: An International Overview

International Political Economy Essay Topics

  • Power Dynamics in International Trade Agreements
  • Deciphering the Politics of International Financial Institutions
  • Analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative: A New Economic World Order
  • Exploring Brexit: Economic Implications and Political Tensions
  • State-Led Capitalism in China: International Implications
  • Cryptocurrencies and International Political Economy: An Emerging Frontier
  • Globalization Backlash: Rise of Economic Nationalism
  • Food Security and International Political Economy: A Multi-Faceted Study
  • International Debt Crisis: Lessons From Argentina
  • International Trade, Labor, and Human Rights: Unraveling the Connections
  • Climate Change: Challenges for International Political Economy
  • Resource Scarcity, Conflict, and International Political Economy
  • Examining the Washington Consensus: Criticisms and Relevance
  • Global Inequality: Causes and Consequences in International Political Economy
  • Global Value Chains and Power Politics: An Examination
  • Digital Economy and its Influence on Global Politics
  • Global Health and International Political Economy: The Pandemic Perspective
  • Multinational Corporations: Players in the International Political Economy
  • Analyzing Economic Sanctions as Political Tools
  • Foreign Aid, Political Leverage, and International Relations

To Learn More, Read Relevant Articles

332 american government essay topics & research ideas, 744 critical thinking essay topics & analysis ideas.

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150 Political Science Research Paper Topics For Students

Political topics are always popular in modern education because they can show society all stages of public education development. Teachers especially appreciate such research work because students can tell their own point of view and analyze a huge amount of historical and statistical data. Political essay topics are always relevant. Such studies require a lot of technical information and housing viewing of analytical articles in popular magazines.

Besides that, such political science research topics require adherence to a strict plan issued by many teachers individually. It applies to both the format works and the general layout with structure and fonts. That is why it is very important to choose the right topic so that your work's technical aspects coincide with your interests and the quality of the work satisfies the teacher.

International Relations

An international relations research topic is critically important in modern society as it allows you to see how countries and politicians interact together. Here students can find interesting topics on contemporary military and geopolitical conflict to impress the teacher. Suitable project topics for international relations are important for the education process.

  • Contemporary human rights in North Korea.
  • The main contradictions of Trump's policy.
  • The Arctic as a subject of geopolitical battles.
  • The principle of the geopolitical influence of the International Monetary Fund.
  • The financial problems in Asian countries.
  • Ethical compromises in geopolitics.
  • Syrian conflict and its consequences for the global economy.
  • Genetically modified food as an example of political pressure.
  • Intermediaries in Japanese corporations and influence on world politics
  • Global security in the political sphere and the causes of social pressure

Philosophy of Research Topics

The philosophical aspects of the study of political activity in many countries are key for understanding all modern trends. If a student takes such a topic for research, he will definitely receive the teacher's approval. Political psychology research topics contribute to the structuring of state philosophy knowledge.

  • Causes and results of the American Revolution.
  • German philosophy on the example of Karl Schmitt’s theses.
  • Neo-patriotism as the riskiest tendency in society.
  • Liberal democracy and its influence on the world trend.
  • How do selective ethics work, and why is it important?
  • Can liberalism become the foundation of democracy?
  • How can post-socialism be an alternative to democracy?
  • Western constitutional law as a subject of discussion.
  • Mutual tolerance and politics as two mutually exclusive factors.
  • Transition methods in contemporary US politics.

Public Administration

Although this topic has a rather specific context, it can be interesting in a research format. If a student can prepare a sufficiently complex work, he will receive a high mark from the teacher. Public administration research paper topics will help you understand the features of this field of activity.

  • Methodology for the development of modern society.
  • Governments as a symbol of the coordination of modern efforts.
  • The importance of the constitutional introduction to modern politicians.
  • How are nonprofits shaping modern ethics?
  • The private sector in the US economy and its impact on global trends.
  • The nuances of environmental management and power compromises.
  • Transport security as a symbol of political struggle.
  • Social movement and its trends in social policy.
  • How the Federal Emergency Management Agency controls political movements.
  • Political trends and public security of modern states.

Public Law Topics

The activity of public laws in the context of the modern world community is very important for research in educational institutions. Such topics can reveal geopolitical nuances and social aspects of the interaction between politicians and citizens through laws' prism.

  • The impact of human rights on the formation of political trends.
  • Criminal law as a tuning fork of public morality.
  • The law on confidentiality of the information and its appropriateness in modern society.
  • Social inequality in the context of political repression.
  • Ensuring civil liberties in modern society.
  • Political pressure as a form of social inequality.
  • European history of law and its impact on the United States.
  • Gender psychology and politicization of society in the context of modern trends.
  • Modern judicial control as a system of public control.
  • Political aspects of social trends in the context of European society.

Researchable Topics In Political Science

Many students choose political science because it is an opportunity to choose an actual topic and argue their thoughts to get high marks. Modern political trends are a good format for research work that will be appreciated by your favorite teacher.

  • High-level politicians and the Ethics of the Prosecution.
  • Is an acquittal in a criminal case possible?
  • Nuances of federal policy in modern democratic countries.
  • Armed conflicts and political disagreements.
  • Religious aspects as political trends.
  • Methods of elimination of modern corruption in politics.
  • Legislative processes and aspects of their formation.
  • Social movements and political repression.
  • Unitary governance as a utopian model of modern society.
  • Modern leaders and their political tendencies.

Conflicts In Politics

The frequent conflicts on the world stage are a huge topic of discussion. Students can use these materials in the historical background context or choose contemporary conflicts to tell the entire chronology politically.

  • Political consequences of the conflict in Afghanistan.
  • Ethics of social protests and political movements.
  • The problem of Mexican emigrants and the nuances of the economic crisis.
  • Syria in the context of state repression.
  • Nuances of the Civil War and harm to society.
  • Ronald Reagan was a prominent political figure in history.
  • The war in Iraq as a method from search to justification.
  • International conflicts and methods of their resolution.
  • Modern aggression in the context of Russian tyranny.
  • African civil wars and consequences.

Conflict Resolution

Many geopolitical resolutions affect world aspects and global politics. It is very important to choose the right topic that could interest both teachers and students. Then such research will make special sense. Interesting political science research paper topics help grab the teacher's attention.

  • Political persecution of prisoners.
  • The war for the Arctic and the consequences of conflicts.
  • The conflict of oil interests in Iran.
  • The media and their political manipulation.
  • US foreign policy in the context of world globalism.
  • The operating of political leaders and the consequences of their mistakes.
  • The party system and the nuances of political differences.
  • Art as an element of control of political movements.
  • The consequences of terrorist attacks and the reasons for the politicization of conflicts.
  • Afghanistan as an example of the unsuccessful foreign policy of world states

Mediation And Negotiation

This branch includes all the nuances of political influence in the format of negotiations and mediation. Students can take a historical topic or explore the current nuances of modern geopolitics to prepare a good job. Check these interesting political science research topics to know more about mediation and negotiation.

  • The influence of volunteer organizations on political movements.
  • Military conflicts and political negotiations.
  • How do American informants work?
  • Ethics of legal conflicts of political corporations.
  • The judicial system as a way of political pressure.
  • Media and political conflicts in the United States.
  • An alternative format for solving political discussions.
  • The system of civil choice as a system of manipulation.
  • Reasons for the shortsightedness of American politicians in the international arena.
  • Political aspects of negotiations with terrorists.

Modern Politics

Modern political trends and events dictate a new vector of development of the world community. Such topics are always relevant since students have enough information that is constantly updated. Comparative politics research paper topics about modern politicians are relevant to all students.

  • The influence of political movements on the open community.
  • How does modern government work in a democracy?
  • Positive trends in American politics.
  • Mass media as a subject of political pressure on the social masses.
  • Conspiracy theory as an element of social struggle against political ambitions.
  • How can nationalism stop globalization?
  • All the nuances of how constructivism can change the world.
  • Politics and integration by public morality.
  • How does corruption interfere with the political trend?
  • Disinformation as the main element of mass media pressure.

Comparative Politics

Considering the comparative politics of many states, students can take a research topic that will allow them to learn all the nuances of establishing certain democratic regimes and other forms of statehood. Such political science research topic ideas can save you time.

  • Nuances of cooperation between Great Britain and the United States in the political arena.
  • How did apartheid change the modern political trend?
  • How has the American government changed the format of social interaction with society?
  • China in the context of modern communism.
  • The Soviet Union and the reasons for its collapse.
  • How does a social party work, and can't it be improved?
  • How does the majority system work in the context of political trends?
  • Nuances and consequences of the Vietnam War.
  • Developing countries as a subject of specific democracy.
  • Cultural interaction between Japan and the United States in the context of modern realities.

Political Philosophy

Political debate, philosophical reflections, and various historical facts can be very interesting in education. Students can take examples of various historical facts and histories of the establishment of certain states to surprise the teacher. Research paper topics in political science help develop critical thinking.

  • The principle of work of existentialism in the conditions of the US Constitution.
  • American Revolution and the consequences of such actions.
  • Influence of German philosophy on modern Germany.
  • How the Republicans formed their idea in contrast to the liberals?
  • Common risks in the format of modern nationalism in many developing countries.
  • How did the Soviet Union come to a socio-political impasse?
  • Liberal democracy as a source of modern law in the United States.
  • The nuances of tolerance and aspects of the democratic hierarchy.
  • How does the tradition of political education affect modern society?
  • Can electoral ethics influence political trends?

Historical Politicians & Nowadays Trends

This area of research is very interesting because it can draw parallels between old policies and new trends. Each student can conduct large-scale research and identify patterns of development of certain political movements in this context. International relations research paper topics are endless historical opportunities to impress your teacher.

  • Donald Trump as the President of the United States and his influence on the world stage.
  • Theodore Roosevelt as an icon of the modern democratic movement.
  • How does the 4th Amendment of the Constitution affect the lives of modern Americans?
  • Jesse Jackson's speech in the context of modern history.
  • Modern political trends in the context of democracy.
  • How the 2016 presidential election affected global democracy?
  • James Madison and congressional control for power-sharing.
  • Abraham Lincoln his leadership in America Today.
  • Eddie Mabo as a method from the political revolution.
  • European countries and political climate.

Public Political Science

The study of political history and the methodology of certain political regimes' development is very important for understanding all subjects in general. If a student takes on a similar topic, he can discover many interesting nuances in political development as a scientific method of state management. Any political science essay topic is important for understanding modern society.

  • Government organizations as the main level of coordination in modern politics.
  • The private sector in the United States and its role in innovation.
  • Methodology for the development of modern social activity.
  • A compromise between power and political trends.
  • How does the constitutional movement change the political vector of development?
  • Federal Agency for Emergency Situations and the principles of its work in the political environment.
  • The main advantages of public safety in political realities.
  • Nonprofit organizations as one of the elements of political pressure.
  • Nuances of strategic planning in the United States and political aspects.
  • Transport security as a guarantee of political stability.

Political Theorists

Without political theory and a review of historical figures, a full-fledged analysis of the political context is impossible. The real point is this area of scientific work is very interesting for both students and teachers. Term paper topics on comparative politics help to understand current political trends.

  • Basic concepts of the philosophy of government according to the Aristotle model.
  • John Austin as the basis of the Assistant to the theory of politics.
  • Modern nuances of economic trends are an example of the politics of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Edmund Burke as the founder of classical theory.
  • Plato and his republican tendencies in terms of political governance.
  • Historical aspects of the development of freedom and justice.
  • History of anarchism on the example of real countries.
  • Utopian communism or the story of Vladimir Lenin
  • How does the sovereignty of the state affect the independence of opinions in political society?
  • The French Revolution and the history of its political dynamics.

Other Topic Ideas To Explore

Many of the topics in this section will also interest students as they have sufficient historical factors to consider in political trends. College government thesis paper topics are essential for education.

  • Principles of functioning of political psychology.
  • Culture and politics as a close symbiosis and modern society.
  • How does political science work in a social crisis?
  • Political decisions of historical figures and consequences.
  • Terrorism as an instrument of political pressure on the state.
  • The cause of the Civil War and the method of overcoming difficulties.
  • Nuances of populism in the conditions of modern world politics.
  • How a social movement affects the political system of many states?
  • How electoral systems work and why they are losing their relevance?
  • Common features of totalitarian regimes in the context of modern society.

How to Write a Research Paper on Political Science Topics?

All aspects of the policy should be carefully analyzed to provide the reader with extremely reliable information. Political research topic is needed to calculate social achievement. The student must be unbiased and give only facts that support his thoughts in research work. Otherwise, it will be an unreasonable substitution of concepts.

As a rule, teachers have strict requirements for such a task, so students must show all their moral qualities to conduct large-scale research. If you are not confident in your abilities, then you should use our online essay writing service . Any political research paper topic should be chosen carefully. Our experts can help you analyze various political nuances in the context of your topic and provide you with a finished work that will surprise your teacher.

An inspiration sources list to get more info about political theory topics you may choose:

  • List of Political Science Journals
  • More About Political Science
  • Political Studies Review
  • Political Science Research Guide
  • What is Political Science?
  • Where Can Political Science Take Me?
  • Political Science OpenCourseWare


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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, 113 great research paper topics.

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General Education


One of the hardest parts of writing a research paper can be just finding a good topic to write about. Fortunately we've done the hard work for you and have compiled a list of 113 interesting research paper topics. They've been organized into ten categories and cover a wide range of subjects so you can easily find the best topic for you.

In addition to the list of good research topics, we've included advice on what makes a good research paper topic and how you can use your topic to start writing a great paper.

What Makes a Good Research Paper Topic?

Not all research paper topics are created equal, and you want to make sure you choose a great topic before you start writing. Below are the three most important factors to consider to make sure you choose the best research paper topics.

#1: It's Something You're Interested In

A paper is always easier to write if you're interested in the topic, and you'll be more motivated to do in-depth research and write a paper that really covers the entire subject. Even if a certain research paper topic is getting a lot of buzz right now or other people seem interested in writing about it, don't feel tempted to make it your topic unless you genuinely have some sort of interest in it as well.

#2: There's Enough Information to Write a Paper

Even if you come up with the absolute best research paper topic and you're so excited to write about it, you won't be able to produce a good paper if there isn't enough research about the topic. This can happen for very specific or specialized topics, as well as topics that are too new to have enough research done on them at the moment. Easy research paper topics will always be topics with enough information to write a full-length paper.

Trying to write a research paper on a topic that doesn't have much research on it is incredibly hard, so before you decide on a topic, do a bit of preliminary searching and make sure you'll have all the information you need to write your paper.

#3: It Fits Your Teacher's Guidelines

Don't get so carried away looking at lists of research paper topics that you forget any requirements or restrictions your teacher may have put on research topic ideas. If you're writing a research paper on a health-related topic, deciding to write about the impact of rap on the music scene probably won't be allowed, but there may be some sort of leeway. For example, if you're really interested in current events but your teacher wants you to write a research paper on a history topic, you may be able to choose a topic that fits both categories, like exploring the relationship between the US and North Korea. No matter what, always get your research paper topic approved by your teacher first before you begin writing.

113 Good Research Paper Topics

Below are 113 good research topics to help you get you started on your paper. We've organized them into ten categories to make it easier to find the type of research paper topics you're looking for.


  • Discuss the main differences in art from the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance .
  • Analyze the impact a famous artist had on the world.
  • How is sexism portrayed in different types of media (music, film, video games, etc.)? Has the amount/type of sexism changed over the years?
  • How has the music of slaves brought over from Africa shaped modern American music?
  • How has rap music evolved in the past decade?
  • How has the portrayal of minorities in the media changed?


Current Events

  • What have been the impacts of China's one child policy?
  • How have the goals of feminists changed over the decades?
  • How has the Trump presidency changed international relations?
  • Analyze the history of the relationship between the United States and North Korea.
  • What factors contributed to the current decline in the rate of unemployment?
  • What have been the impacts of states which have increased their minimum wage?
  • How do US immigration laws compare to immigration laws of other countries?
  • How have the US's immigration laws changed in the past few years/decades?
  • How has the Black Lives Matter movement affected discussions and view about racism in the US?
  • What impact has the Affordable Care Act had on healthcare in the US?
  • What factors contributed to the UK deciding to leave the EU (Brexit)?
  • What factors contributed to China becoming an economic power?
  • Discuss the history of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies  (some of which tokenize the S&P 500 Index on the blockchain) .
  • Do students in schools that eliminate grades do better in college and their careers?
  • Do students from wealthier backgrounds score higher on standardized tests?
  • Do students who receive free meals at school get higher grades compared to when they weren't receiving a free meal?
  • Do students who attend charter schools score higher on standardized tests than students in public schools?
  • Do students learn better in same-sex classrooms?
  • How does giving each student access to an iPad or laptop affect their studies?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Montessori Method ?
  • Do children who attend preschool do better in school later on?
  • What was the impact of the No Child Left Behind act?
  • How does the US education system compare to education systems in other countries?
  • What impact does mandatory physical education classes have on students' health?
  • Which methods are most effective at reducing bullying in schools?
  • Do homeschoolers who attend college do as well as students who attended traditional schools?
  • Does offering tenure increase or decrease quality of teaching?
  • How does college debt affect future life choices of students?
  • Should graduate students be able to form unions?


  • What are different ways to lower gun-related deaths in the US?
  • How and why have divorce rates changed over time?
  • Is affirmative action still necessary in education and/or the workplace?
  • Should physician-assisted suicide be legal?
  • How has stem cell research impacted the medical field?
  • How can human trafficking be reduced in the United States/world?
  • Should people be able to donate organs in exchange for money?
  • Which types of juvenile punishment have proven most effective at preventing future crimes?
  • Has the increase in US airport security made passengers safer?
  • Analyze the immigration policies of certain countries and how they are similar and different from one another.
  • Several states have legalized recreational marijuana. What positive and negative impacts have they experienced as a result?
  • Do tariffs increase the number of domestic jobs?
  • Which prison reforms have proven most effective?
  • Should governments be able to censor certain information on the internet?
  • Which methods/programs have been most effective at reducing teen pregnancy?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Keto diet?
  • How effective are different exercise regimes for losing weight and maintaining weight loss?
  • How do the healthcare plans of various countries differ from each other?
  • What are the most effective ways to treat depression ?
  • What are the pros and cons of genetically modified foods?
  • Which methods are most effective for improving memory?
  • What can be done to lower healthcare costs in the US?
  • What factors contributed to the current opioid crisis?
  • Analyze the history and impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic .
  • Are low-carbohydrate or low-fat diets more effective for weight loss?
  • How much exercise should the average adult be getting each week?
  • Which methods are most effective to get parents to vaccinate their children?
  • What are the pros and cons of clean needle programs?
  • How does stress affect the body?
  • Discuss the history of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
  • What were the causes and effects of the Salem Witch Trials?
  • Who was responsible for the Iran-Contra situation?
  • How has New Orleans and the government's response to natural disasters changed since Hurricane Katrina?
  • What events led to the fall of the Roman Empire?
  • What were the impacts of British rule in India ?
  • Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary?
  • What were the successes and failures of the women's suffrage movement in the United States?
  • What were the causes of the Civil War?
  • How did Abraham Lincoln's assassination impact the country and reconstruction after the Civil War?
  • Which factors contributed to the colonies winning the American Revolution?
  • What caused Hitler's rise to power?
  • Discuss how a specific invention impacted history.
  • What led to Cleopatra's fall as ruler of Egypt?
  • How has Japan changed and evolved over the centuries?
  • What were the causes of the Rwandan genocide ?


  • Why did Martin Luther decide to split with the Catholic Church?
  • Analyze the history and impact of a well-known cult (Jonestown, Manson family, etc.)
  • How did the sexual abuse scandal impact how people view the Catholic Church?
  • How has the Catholic church's power changed over the past decades/centuries?
  • What are the causes behind the rise in atheism/ agnosticism in the United States?
  • What were the influences in Siddhartha's life resulted in him becoming the Buddha?
  • How has media portrayal of Islam/Muslims changed since September 11th?


  • How has the earth's climate changed in the past few decades?
  • How has the use and elimination of DDT affected bird populations in the US?
  • Analyze how the number and severity of natural disasters have increased in the past few decades.
  • Analyze deforestation rates in a certain area or globally over a period of time.
  • How have past oil spills changed regulations and cleanup methods?
  • How has the Flint water crisis changed water regulation safety?
  • What are the pros and cons of fracking?
  • What impact has the Paris Climate Agreement had so far?
  • What have NASA's biggest successes and failures been?
  • How can we improve access to clean water around the world?
  • Does ecotourism actually have a positive impact on the environment?
  • Should the US rely on nuclear energy more?
  • What can be done to save amphibian species currently at risk of extinction?
  • What impact has climate change had on coral reefs?
  • How are black holes created?
  • Are teens who spend more time on social media more likely to suffer anxiety and/or depression?
  • How will the loss of net neutrality affect internet users?
  • Analyze the history and progress of self-driving vehicles.
  • How has the use of drones changed surveillance and warfare methods?
  • Has social media made people more or less connected?
  • What progress has currently been made with artificial intelligence ?
  • Do smartphones increase or decrease workplace productivity?
  • What are the most effective ways to use technology in the classroom?
  • How is Google search affecting our intelligence?
  • When is the best age for a child to begin owning a smartphone?
  • Has frequent texting reduced teen literacy rates?


How to Write a Great Research Paper

Even great research paper topics won't give you a great research paper if you don't hone your topic before and during the writing process. Follow these three tips to turn good research paper topics into great papers.

#1: Figure Out Your Thesis Early

Before you start writing a single word of your paper, you first need to know what your thesis will be. Your thesis is a statement that explains what you intend to prove/show in your paper. Every sentence in your research paper will relate back to your thesis, so you don't want to start writing without it!

As some examples, if you're writing a research paper on if students learn better in same-sex classrooms, your thesis might be "Research has shown that elementary-age students in same-sex classrooms score higher on standardized tests and report feeling more comfortable in the classroom."

If you're writing a paper on the causes of the Civil War, your thesis might be "While the dispute between the North and South over slavery is the most well-known cause of the Civil War, other key causes include differences in the economies of the North and South, states' rights, and territorial expansion."

#2: Back Every Statement Up With Research

Remember, this is a research paper you're writing, so you'll need to use lots of research to make your points. Every statement you give must be backed up with research, properly cited the way your teacher requested. You're allowed to include opinions of your own, but they must also be supported by the research you give.

#3: Do Your Research Before You Begin Writing

You don't want to start writing your research paper and then learn that there isn't enough research to back up the points you're making, or, even worse, that the research contradicts the points you're trying to make!

Get most of your research on your good research topics done before you begin writing. Then use the research you've collected to create a rough outline of what your paper will cover and the key points you're going to make. This will help keep your paper clear and organized, and it'll ensure you have enough research to produce a strong paper.

What's Next?

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Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Academic Writing Service

This page provides a comprehensive list of political philosophy research paper topics that aim to guide students through the vast expanse of ideas, theories, and debates that have influenced political thought over the ages. Political philosophy, with its emphasis on societal structures, rights, justice, and governance, offers a rich tapestry of subjects for academic exploration. Navigating these topics is crucial for understanding the foundational principles that have dictated and continue to shape political systems worldwide.

100 Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Political philosophy holds an esteemed position in the vast realm of philosophical inquiry, examining the fundamental nature of governance, rights, freedom, and societal structures. As societies evolve, so too does the need for a deepened understanding of the principles that guide them. Diving into political philosophy research paper topics is more than an academic exercise; it’s an exploration into the fabric of our collective societal heritage and a forecast of future trajectories.

Academic Writing, Editing, Proofreading, And Problem Solving Services

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  • Origin and evolution of political thought.
  • Natural rights and their influence on politics.
  • The role of reason in political decision-making.
  • The concept of the common good.
  • Pluralism and its implications.
  • Classical vs. modern political philosophies.
  • The notion of political obligation.
  • Autonomy and its role in politics.
  • Political philosophy and the question of human nature.
  • Liberty, equality, and their tensions.
  • Rousseau’s Social Contract and the general will.
  • Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and property rights.
  • Hobbes’ Leviathan and the necessity of a strong sovereign.
  • Rawls’ theory of justice and the veil of ignorance.
  • Scanlon’s contractualism.
  • Gauthier’s Morals by Agreement.
  • Contemporary criticisms of social contract theories.
  • The role of trust in social contracts.
  • Feminist perspectives on the social contract.
  • The social contract and non-Western philosophies.
  • Classical principles of Athenian democracy.
  • Modern representative democracies.
  • Merits and criticisms of autocratic governance.
  • The rise and implications of technocratic governance.
  • Participatory vs. deliberative democracy.
  • The challenges of direct democracy.
  • Monarchies and their evolving roles.
  • Theocracy and its place in modern politics.
  • Tribal and indigenous governance structures.
  • Supranational entities and global governance.
  • The philosophical foundations of human rights.
  • Balancing individual freedom and collective responsibility.
  • Limitations and responsibilities of free speech.
  • Rights to privacy in the digital age.
  • Economic rights and their implications.
  • Rights of marginalized and indigenous groups.
  • Environmental rights and intergenerational justice.
  • Philosophical debates on freedom vs. security.
  • The right to revolt and civil disobedience.
  • Duties and the scope of global responsibilities.
  • Socratic views on governance and society.
  • Medieval political thought and the divine right.
  • Enlightenment thinkers and the rise of republicanism.
  • Fascist and Nazi political philosophies.
  • Post-colonial political thought.
  • Marxism and its global implications.
  • Feminist political philosophies through history.
  • Confucianism and East Asian political thought.
  • African Ubuntu philosophy and politics.
  • The political thought of the American Founding Fathers.
  • Rawls’ Theory of Justice.
  • Nozick’s Anarchy, State, and Utopia.
  • Distributive vs. commutative justice.
  • The gendered perspective on justice.
  • Restorative and retributive justice.
  • The philosophy of social and economic equality.
  • Capability approach to justice.
  • The philosophical foundations of affirmative action.
  • Intersecting oppressions and justice.
  • The role of luck in justice and fairness debates.
  • Classical conceptions of political power.
  • Weber’s tripartite classification of authority.
  • The problem of political obligation.
  • Foucault’s power/knowledge thesis.
  • Challenges to political legitimacy.
  • The philosophical underpinnings of civil resistance.
  • Power dynamics in international relations.
  • The concept of soft power.
  • Critical theory and power structures.
  • The philosophy behind sovereign immunity.
  • Just War theory and its critiques.
  • Philosophical perspectives on nuclear deterrence.
  • Humanitarian interventions and their ethical implications.
  • Realism vs. liberalism in international politics.
  • Kant’s Perpetual Peace and modern peace theories.
  • The politics and philosophy of global institutions.
  • Philosophical underpinnings of international law.
  • Terrorism, radicalism, and their challenges to political philosophy.
  • The ethics of drone warfare.
  • Philosophical discussions on global migration and borders.
  • Philosophical defenses and critiques of capitalism.
  • Marxist theory and its contemporary relevance.
  • The evolution and varieties of socialism.
  • Anarchist philosophies and critiques of the state.
  • Fascism and its ideological roots.
  • Libertarianism: principles and criticisms.
  • Environmental political philosophies.
  • Feminist political ideologies.
  • Postmodern political thought.
  • The future of neoliberalism.
  • Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Political Philosophy.
  • The philosophical implications of populism.
  • Identity politics and its critiques.
  • Political philosophy in the age of information.
  • Climate change and political responsibilities.
  • Bioethics, technology, and governance.
  • Challenges and opportunities of globalism.
  • Philosophical perspectives on nationalism.
  • The future of democracy in a digital age.
  • The rights and roles of AI in politics.
  • The political implications of post-truth.

As we delve into the labyrinth of political philosophy research paper topics, we find ourselves confronted with a vast array of ideas, theories, and questions that have shaped societies for millennia. The dynamic interplay of power, rights, governance, and ethics remains as relevant today as it did in the days of Plato and Aristotle. Engaging with these topics is more than an academic endeavor—it’s a journey into the heart of what it means to be human, to be a citizen, and to be a part of the ever-evolving story of civilization. The timeless value of political philosophy serves as a testament to its enduring influence and the essential role it plays in our collective narrative.

The Range of Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics


The annals of Western thought have been significantly shaped by the enduring influence of political philosophy. From the early musings of Socratic dialogues to the nuanced debates in contemporary think tanks, political philosophy provides a compass by which societies navigate the turbulent waters of governance, rights, and justice.

Overview of the Historical Evolution of Political Philosophy

Political philosophy, as a distinct discipline, has its roots in ancient civilizations. Early Greek thinkers, notably Plato and Aristotle, laid the groundwork for many debates that persist today. Their considerations of the ideal state, justice, and the nature of leadership set the stage for millennia of discourse. This classical foundation was built upon during the Roman era by philosophers like Cicero and later during the Enlightenment by figures such as Locke, Rousseau, and Montesquieu. Their discussions on social contracts, individual rights, and the separation of powers have left an indelible mark on Western political systems.

The 19th and 20th centuries ushered in a plethora of new ideologies, spurred by industrialization, wars, and revolutions. Thinkers like Marx and Engels critiqued capitalism and introduced revolutionary socialist ideals. Concurrently, the horrors of war led to reflections on nationalism, imperialism, and the ethics of conflict, with philosophers like Hannah Arendt dissecting the roots of totalitarianism and the banality of evil.

Relevance of Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics

A venture into political philosophy research paper topics offers a unique prism through which one can comprehend the evolution and diversity of human governance. Every political system, from monarchies to democracies, springs from a foundational philosophical rationale. For instance, understanding the American Revolution and its aftermath is enriched by a grasp of Lockean principles of life, liberty, and property. Similarly, dissecting the rise and fall of Soviet communism is more insightful when one considers Marxist-Leninist tenets.

Moreover, as globalization melds East and West, there’s an increasing importance in understanding non-Western political philosophies. Confucianism’s influence on East Asian governance models, or the Ubuntu philosophy’s impact on African communal values, are testament to the vast expanse of political philosophical thought.

Contemporary Significance and Challenges Addressed by Political Philosophy

Today, the world is no less complex than it was for our philosophical forebears. We grapple with issues of globalism vs. nationalism, the role of AI in governance, and the sociopolitical ramifications of climate change. These challenges necessitate a philosophical lens. For instance, debates on global migration are enriched by applying Rawlsian principles of justice. Similarly, the ethical implications of surveillance in our digital age can be assessed through Foucauldian concepts of power dynamics.

Political philosophy research paper topics also offer avenues to dissect newer ideologies and movements. The rise of populism in various parts of the world, debates surrounding identity politics, and the philosophical underpinnings of the alt-right or antifa movements provide rich grounds for exploration.

The Role of Political Philosophy in Shaping Public Opinion, Policy-making, and Societal Norms

While often regarded as a high-brow academic pursuit, political philosophy is intrinsically tied to the pulse of the street. The philosophical convictions of thinkers often trickle down to shape public opinion and, by extension, influence policy-making. For instance, the principles articulated in John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty inform contemporary discussions on free speech and societal limits.

Additionally, societal norms, like our collective views on privacy, freedom, or equality, are continually shaped by ongoing philosophical discourses. The feminist philosophical movement, for example, has had tangible impacts, reshaping societal norms and pushing for policy changes in areas like workplace rights, reproductive health, and representation.

As the global landscape undergoes rapid and unpredictable shifts, the significance of political philosophy research paper topics becomes ever more pronounced. These topics, rooted in age-old debates yet adaptable to contemporary quandaries, provide invaluable tools for dissecting, understanding, and ultimately shaping the world around us. In a globalized, digitized age, political philosophy remains a beacon, illuminating the path for governance, societal values, and human rights. Its timeless relevance stands as a testament to the depth and breadth of issues it addresses, guiding societies past, present, and future.

Custom Writing Services by iResearchNet

Diving deep into the intricacies of political philosophy demands meticulous research, keen analytical skills, and a nuanced writing touch. Recognizing these requirements, iResearchNet has emerged as a leading authority, offering unparalleled expertise in crafting political philosophy research papers that resonate with clarity, depth, and academic rigor.

  • Expert Degree-Holding Writers: At the heart of iResearchNet’s prowess lies a team of seasoned writers, each holding advanced degrees in philosophy and its related disciplines. Their rich academic background ensures that each research paper is an exemplar of scholarly excellence.
  • Custom Written Works: Eschewing cookie-cutter templates, iResearchNet takes pride in delivering unique papers tailored to each student’s specific requirements and academic level.
  • In-depth Research: A hallmark of any commendable research paper is the depth of investigation. iResearchNet’s writers delve into reputable sources, ensuring every paper is informed by authoritative voices in the field of political philosophy.
  • Custom Formatting: Recognizing the varied formatting demands of different institutions, iResearchNet offers custom formatting options across popular styles including APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard.
  • Top Quality: Quality is the bedrock of iResearchNet’s services. Each paper undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring it meets the highest academic standards and is free from errors or inconsistencies.
  • Customized Solutions: Whether it’s a specific philosophical perspective, a unique thesis argument, or integrating certain key texts, iResearchNet provides bespoke solutions tailored to meet each student’s unique needs.
  • Flexible Pricing: High-quality doesn’t necessarily equate to high prices. iResearchNet offers a range of flexible pricing options designed to cater to students’ diverse budgetary needs without compromising on quality.
  • Short Deadlines: Procrastinated a bit too long? iResearchNet understands. That’s why they offer expedited writing services, capable of delivering top-tier papers in as little as three hours.
  • Timely Delivery: Punctuality is a virtue that iResearchNet holds in high regard. They ensure that every paper is delivered well within the stipulated deadline, granting students ample time for review.
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  • Absolute Privacy: iResearchNet champions the importance of privacy. Clients can rest assured that their personal and transactional information remains confidential, protected by robust data security measures.
  • Easy Order Tracking: Gone are the days of anxious waiting. With iResearchNet’s intuitive order tracking system, students can effortlessly monitor the progress of their papers in real-time.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Confidence in the quality of service translates to a robust money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, a paper doesn’t meet the client’s expectations, iResearchNet stands ready to offer a full refund.

As you stand at the precipice of your academic journey into political philosophy, wouldn’t you want the best tools at your disposal? iResearchNet beckons. Harness their unmatched services and ensure your political philosophy research paper topics are explored with the depth, precision, and scholarly flair they deserve.

Treading the pathways of political philosophy can be daunting. However, with iResearchNet by your side, you’re not alone. Their unique blend of expertise, dedication, and academic excellence ensures that your foray into the realm of political philosophy is both rewarding and enlightening. iResearchNet is more than just a writing service; it’s a trusted academic companion for all your endeavors in political philosophy.

Unlock New Horizons with iResearchNet!

Navigating the vast seas of political philosophy can be both an exhilarating and challenging endeavor. It’s a domain where thought meets action, theory intertwines with practice, and age-old wisdom interacts with contemporary quandaries. At such pivotal moments, having a guiding hand can make all the difference, transforming an arduous journey into a voyage of discovery.

iResearchNet stands out as that beacon of guidance. With their unmatched depth and expertise in political philosophy, they offer students not just a paper, but a map to intellectual treasures. Their team’s profound knowledge ensures that every topic is explored from multiple angles, fostering a comprehensive understanding and igniting a passion for the subject.

But the magic of iResearchNet doesn’t just end with exceptional research papers. It’s the assurance of having a steadfast partner, one that understands the nuances of political philosophy, and is committed to helping you achieve academic excellence. Their dedicated team works tirelessly, ensuring that every student’s voice is heard, every query addressed, and every academic ambition nurtured.

As you stand on the cusp of new academic endeavors, remember that with iResearchNet, you’re not merely submitting a paper; you’re embarking on a transformative journey in the world of political philosophy. A journey where every challenge becomes an opportunity, every question leads to deeper understanding, and every research topic transforms into a stepping stone towards academic greatness.

So, why wait? Seize this unparalleled chance for in-depth exploration. Let iResearchNet be your compass in the enthralling world of political philosophy, guiding you towards horizons yet uncharted and potentials yet unlocked. Your quest for knowledge deserves nothing but the best, and with iResearchNet, that’s precisely what you get. Dive in, explore, and let the journey begin!


good research paper topics for political science

good research paper topics for political science

Science Research Topics and Inspiration Ideas

good research paper topics for political science

Choosing a research topic in science can feel like stepping into a vast unknown, especially for college students eager to dive into meaningful exploration. That's why we're here to help. In this article, we're offering a range of science research topics for college students to spark curiosity and excitement. Whether you're intrigued by the mysteries of cells or fascinated by the wonders of the universe, there's something here to capture your imagination and kickstart your scientific adventure. If you need an expert essay writer to handle your assignment overnight, feel free to let us know!

Where to Find Science Research Ideas

Finding science research topics for college students can be an exciting yet challenging task. Here are some strategies and resources to help you generate ideas:

  • Literature Review

Start by reading recent scientific papers and literature in your field of interest. Look for gaps, unanswered questions, or areas where further research is needed.

  • Conferences and Workshops

Attend conferences and workshops relevant to your field. These events often showcase cutting-edge research and provide opportunities to network with other researchers who may inspire new ideas.

  • Collaborate with Peers and Mentors

Discuss your interests and potential research ideas with peers, mentors, and professors. They may offer valuable insights, suggest new angles, or point you toward underexplored topics.

  • Online Forums and Communities

Participate in online forums, such as Reddit's science communities or specialized forums in your field. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and explore topics that catch your interest.

  • Keep Up with Trends and News

Follow scientific news outlets, blogs, and social media accounts related to your field. Pay attention to emerging trends, breakthroughs, and controversies that could spark research ideas.

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches

Explore connections between different disciplines. Combining ideas from multiple fields can lead to innovative research projects and interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • Review Funding Opportunities

Look for funding agencies and organizations that support research in your area. Their calls for proposals often highlight priority areas and research topics in need of exploration.

  • Consult Databases and Repositories

Explore databases and repositories such as PubMed, arXiv, or Google Scholar. Use keywords related to your interests to discover relevant research papers and datasets.

  • Address Real-World Problems

Consider how your research could address real-world challenges or contribute to solving pressing issues. Look for opportunities to make a meaningful impact through scientific inquiry.

  • Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

Set aside dedicated time for brainstorming sessions. Use techniques like mind mapping to visualize connections between ideas and generate new research directions.

  • Reflect on Personal Experience

Reflect on your own experiences, interests, and observations. Sometimes, personal experiences or curiosities can inspire unique research questions and hypotheses.

  • Explore Understudied Areas

Investigate topics that are relatively understudied or less explored within your field. Delving into these areas could lead to novel insights and contributions to the scientific community. If you need instant academic relief, opt for cheap research papers for sale at Essay Pro!

Have You Just Started Your Science Research?

Let expert writers come up with a great topic and finish the paper quickly. 

TOP Science Research Topics

Science research topics for high school students.

  • Does the shape of ice affect melting time?
  • Investigating the effect of color on memory retention.
  • Comparing the growth rates of plants in different light conditions.
  • How does temperature affect the rate of yeast fermentation?
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of natural vs. chemical cleaners.
  • Studying the impact of noise pollution on bird behavior.
  • Investigating the pH levels of local water sources.
  • Does chewing gum improve concentration?
  • Exploring the relationship between diet and energy levels.
  • Studying the effectiveness of various sunscreen brands.
  • How does the type of music affect plant growth?
  • Investigating the effects of different sleep schedules on cognitive function.
  • Comparing the effectiveness of paper vs. digital study materials.
  • Analyzing the relationship between exercise and stress levels.
  • Studying the effects of mindfulness techniques on anxiety.

Science Research Topics for College Students

  • Solar energy efficiency in different geographic locations.
  • Impact of ocean acidification on coral reefs.
  • Benefits of probiotics on digestive health.
  • Relationship between exercise and stress reduction.
  • Efficiency of natural vs. synthetic pesticides.
  • Effects of mindfulness meditation on cognitive function.
  • Impact of smartphone usage on sleep quality.
  • Efficiency of water filtration methods.
  • Effects of music on productivity.
  • Benefits of green spaces on mental health.
  • Impact of plastic pollution on marine life.
  • Efficiency of different recycling methods.
  • Effects of caffeine on reaction time.
  • Benefits of plant-based diets on cardiovascular health.
  • Impact of urbanization on local wildlife habitats.

Science Research Topics for Middle School

  • Does the color of light affect plant growth?
  • How does the shape of a paper airplane affect its flight distance?
  • Investigating the effect of salt concentration on water's boiling point.
  • What factors influence the rate of water evaporation?
  • Testing the effectiveness of different materials as sound insulators.
  • Exploring the effect of temperature on the buoyancy of objects.
  • Studying the behavior of pendulum swings with varying lengths.
  • Investigating the relationship between sugar content and fermentation.
  • How does surface roughness affect friction between objects?
  • Testing the absorbency of different types of paper towels.
  • Exploring the effect of pH on the growth of bacteria.
  • Investigating the conductivity of various household materials.
  • What factors affect the melting rate of ice cubes?
  • Studying the effects of different fertilizers on plant growth.
  • How does the angle of a ramp affect the speed of a rolling object?

Good Science Research Topics

  • Temperature's impact on plant growth.
  • Magnet attraction behaviors.
  • Liquids' effect on rust.
  • Sugar and fermentation.
  • Acid-base properties.
  • Exercise and heart rate.
  • Light behavior in materials.
  • Pollution and plant health.
  • Water quality and aquatic life.
  • Rock and soil properties.
  • Air pressure and balloon inflation.
  • Insect responses to stimuli.
  • Music and concentration.
  • Crystal growth factors.
  • Examining temperature's impact on seed germination.

Interesting Science Topics to Research

  • Gut microbiota and human health.
  • Gene therapy for genetic disorders.
  • Dark matter and dark energy.
  • Artificial intelligence and society.
  • Nanotechnology in medicine and engineering.
  • Memory formation and retention.
  • Deep-sea biodiversity.
  • Quantum particles in technology.
  • Antibiotic resistance evolution.
  • Renewable energy and climate change.
  • Consciousness and perception.
  • Climate change impacts.
  • CRISPR-Cas9 in agriculture.
  • Environmental pollutants' health effects.
  • Origins of life and extraterrestrial life.

Political Science Research Topics

  • Social media's impact on political participation.
  • Electoral systems in democracies.
  • Identity politics in elections.
  • Interest groups' influence on policymaking.
  • Political polarization and media.
  • International organizations and peace.
  • Gender in political leadership.
  • Political corruption causes and effects.
  • Globalization and state sovereignty.
  • Political protest dynamics.
  • Race and ethnicity in politics.
  • Foreign aid and democracy promotion.
  • Political ideology evolution.
  • Immigration policies and social cohesion.
  • NGOs in global governance.

Natural Science Topics

  • Climate change's impact on ecosystems.
  • Biodiversity in rainforests.
  • Earthquake behavior and prediction.
  • Photosynthesis and its environmental role.
  • Renewable energy sources.
  • Geological processes shaping landscapes.
  • Rocks and minerals properties.
  • Genetics and adaptation.
  • Animal life cycle and behavior.
  • Water chemistry and importance.
  • Light physics and interactions.
  • Wave properties and behavior.
  • Digestion process in humans.
  • Freshwater and marine ecology.
  • Pollution's effects on air and water.

Environmental Science Research Topics

  • Deforestation's impact on biodiversity.
  • Renewable energy and carbon emissions.
  • Plastic pollution in marine ecosystems.
  • Air pollution and respiratory health.
  • Wetlands' role in flood mitigation.
  • Climate change and coral reefs.
  • Urban green spaces and heat islands.
  • Agriculture's impact on soil erosion.
  • Conservation strategies for endangered species.
  • Water quality and urban health.
  • Oil spills and coastal environments.
  • Waste management and landfill reduction.
  • Environmental education for sustainability.
  • Invasive species and native ecosystems.
  • Climate change and food security.

Research Paper Topic Ideas

  • AI's impact on future work.
  • Social media and mental health.
  • Blockchain in supply chains.
  • Mindfulness meditation for stress.
  • History of Black Lives Matter.
  • Ethics of gene editing.
  • Income inequality's effects.
  • Virtual reality in education.
  • Indigenous art's cultural significance.
  • Music therapy in mental health.
  • Vaccination campaigns' effectiveness.
  • Feminist movements and women's rights.
  • Sleep quality and student performance.

Data Science Research Topics

  • Customer churn prediction in subscriptions.
  • Machine learning for social media sentiment analysis.
  • Deep learning for medical image recognition.
  • Natural language processing for text summarization.
  • Reinforcement learning for supply chain optimization.
  • Anomaly detection for financial fraud.
  • Recommendation systems in marketing.
  • Predictive maintenance in manufacturing.
  • Time series analysis for stock market forecasting.
  • Data science in personalized healthcare.
  • Network analysis in social networks.
  • Data mining in genomics.
  • Data science in climate modeling.
  • Big data analytics in smart cities.
  • Fairness in algorithmic decision-making.

Health Science Research Topics

  • Telemedicine's impact on healthcare access.
  • Nutrition and mental health.
  • Exercise and chronic disease prevention.
  • Sleep quality and overall health.
  • Mindfulness for stress reduction.
  • Socioeconomic factors and health disparities.
  • Vaccination effectiveness against infectious diseases.
  • Genetics in personalized medicine.
  • Environmental factors and respiratory health.
  • Diet, gut microbiota, and health.
  • Community health promotion programs.
  • Lifestyle factors and disease risk.
  • Wearable devices in disease management.
  • Mental health stigma and treatment seeking.
  • Social support networks and health outcomes.

Research Topics in Computer Science

  • Machine learning in natural language processing.
  • Secure data sharing in cloud computing.
  • Deep learning for image recognition.
  • Blockchain for decentralized data management.
  • Autonomous vehicle systems.
  • Optimization of computer networks.
  • AI in personalized healthcare.
  • Quantum computing algorithms.
  • IoT security vulnerabilities.
  • Virtual and augmented reality in education.
  • Human-computer interaction techniques.
  • Algorithm optimization in distributed computing.
  • Reinforcement learning in robotics.
  • Privacy-preserving data mining techniques.
  • Algorithmic bias in machine learning.

Forensic Science Research Topics

  • DNA analysis accuracy in forensics.
  • Imaging tech in forensic pathology.
  • Environmental factors' impact on evidence.
  • Forensic entomology for postmortem intervals.
  • Forensic botany in investigations.
  • Forensic anthropology for identification.
  • Digital forensics in cybercrime.
  • Fingerprint analysis accuracy.
  • Forensic toxicology in drug-related deaths.
  • Forensic odontology and bite marks.
  • Forensic chemistry in arson cases.
  • Forensic ballistics in firearm investigations.
  • Forensic psychology and criminal profiling.
  • Forensic accounting in financial crimes.
  • Advancements in cold case investigations.

Cognitive Science Research Topics

  • Neural correlates of consciousness.
  • Human memory formation and retrieval.
  • Decision-making and reasoning.
  • Aging and cognitive function.
  • Attention in perception.
  • Language development in children.
  • Creativity and problem-solving.
  • Emotions and decision-making.
  • Meditation and cognitive function.
  • Learning and memory consolidation during sleep.
  • Cultural factors in cognition.
  • Technology use and cognition.
  • Belief formation and reasoning biases.
  • ADHD and cognitive disorders.
  • Bilingualism and language processing.

Physical Science Research Topics

  • Superconductors at low temperatures.
  • Quantum computing applications.
  • Materials under extreme conditions.
  • Graphene in electronics.
  • Physics of black holes.
  • Fusion energy potential.
  • Nanoparticles in drug delivery.
  • Physics of climate change.
  • Topological materials for electronics.
  • Plasma applications.
  • Earthquake prediction methods.
  • High-temperature superconductors.
  • Quantum entanglement applications.
  • Cosmic rays and space weather.

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  • Natural disasters: Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes.
  • Plate tectonics and continental drift.
  • Volcanoes and Earth's geology.
  • Deforestation and soil erosion.
  • Ocean currents and climate patterns.
  • Human impact on freshwater resources.
  • Extreme weather events.
  • Mountain formation and regional climates.
  • Geothermal energy production.
  • Ocean acidification and marine ecosystems.
  • River and coastal erosion.
  • Urbanization and microclimates.
  • Carbon capture and storage for climate change.
  • Asteroid impacts on Earth's history.

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  • Income inequality and societal well-being.
  • Gender stereotypes in the workplace.
  • Interracial relationships and identity.
  • Parental involvement and child development.
  • Immigration policies and social integration.
  • Social support networks and mental health.
  • Cultural norms and health behaviors.
  • Globalization and cultural identity.
  • Voting behavior in democracies.
  • Education, social mobility, and inequality.
  • Urbanization and community cohesion.
  • Family structures and child well-being.
  • Media representation and body image.
  • Religiosity and social attitudes.

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  • Mindfulness meditation and stress reduction.
  • Sleep quality and cognitive function.
  • Early childhood experiences and personality development.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders.
  • Social support networks and resilience.
  • Social media use and self-esteem.
  • Personality traits and academic achievement.
  • Decision-making and risk-taking behavior.
  • Childhood trauma and mental health.
  • Exercise and mood regulation.
  • Genetics, environment, and intelligence.
  • Parenting styles and child behavior.
  • Psychology of addiction and recovery.
  • Technology use and cognitive abilities.
  • Positive psychology interventions and well-being.

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  • Consumer decision-making factors.
  • Social norms and prosocial behavior.
  • Stress effects on decision-making.
  • Psychology of persuasion in marketing.
  • Cultural factors and behavior.
  • Technology use and social interactions.
  • Motivation and goal-setting.
  • Psychology of addiction.
  • Personality traits and leadership.
  • Prejudice and discrimination.
  • Environmental factors and behavior.
  • Procrastination and self-regulation.
  • Empathy promotion.
  • Behavioral interventions for health.

How to Tell Your Science Research Topics Are Good

Determining whether your science research paper topics are good involves evaluating them based on several criteria. Here are some key factors to consider:

Science Research Topics

Assess the relevance of your research topics to your field of study and to broader scientific knowledge. Are they addressing important questions or issues? Do they contribute to filling gaps in existing literature?

  • Originality

Consider the novelty of your research topics. Are they exploring new ideas, approaches, or methodologies? Have similar studies been conducted before, and if so, how does your research offer a fresh perspective or advance the current understanding?

  • Feasibility

Evaluate the feasibility of your research paper topic ideas regarding available resources, expertise, and time constraints. Are they realistic, given your available resources and constraints? Can you conduct experiments, gather data, or perform analyses to address your research questions?

  • Significance

Assess the potential significance and impact of your research topics. Are they likely to generate meaningful insights, advance scientific knowledge, or contribute to addressing real-world problems? Consider the potential implications of your research for your field and beyond.

  • Methodological Rigor

Consider the methodological rigor of your proposed research topics. Are your research questions clearly defined and testable? Do you have appropriate methods and techniques to address them? Ensure that your research design is robust and that your methods are appropriate for the questions you're asking.

  • Interdisciplinary Potential

Evaluate the interdisciplinary potential of your research topics. Are they conducive to collaboration across different disciplines or subfields? Consider how your research could benefit from insights and methodologies from other fields and how it could contribute to interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.

  • Ethical Considerations

Take into account any ethical considerations associated with your research topics. Ensure that your research adheres to ethical guidelines and principles, and consider any potential implications for human subjects, animal welfare, or environmental impact. If you are ready to obtain help from experienced writers, simply say, ‘ write my research paper ,’ and an assignment will be dealt with shortly. 

  • Interest and Passion

Consider your interest and passion for the research topics. Are you genuinely excited about exploring these questions and pursuing these lines of inquiry? Your enthusiasm and motivation can drive your research forward and sustain your engagement.

  • Peer Feedback

Seek feedback from peers, mentors, or colleagues in your field. Present your research topics to them and solicit their opinions and suggestions. Their perspectives can offer valuable insights and help you refine and improve your research topics.

A well-chosen science research paper topic not only aligns with the researcher's interests and expertise but also addresses relevant questions or gaps in the existing literature, thereby contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge. It provides focus and direction for the research, guiding the formulation of research questions, the design of experiments or analyses, and interpreting results. A good research topic also enhances the potential for meaningful impact by addressing real-world problems, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and generating novel insights that inform future research directions. If you’re interested in more ideas, check out this list of sociology research topics .

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What Are the Most Interesting Topics in Science?

What are some good political science research topics, are there any fun science topics for research, related articles.

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Key facts about Americans and guns

A customer shops for a handgun at a gun store in Florida.

Guns are deeply ingrained in American society and the nation’s political debates.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, and about a third of U.S. adults say they personally own a gun. At the same time, in response to concerns such as rising gun death rates and  mass shootings , President Joe Biden has proposed gun policy legislation that would expand on the bipartisan gun safety bill Congress passed last year.

Here are some key findings about Americans’ views of gun ownership, gun policy and other subjects, drawn primarily from a Pew Research Center survey conducted in June 2023 .

Pew Research Center conducted this analysis to summarize key facts about Americans and guns. We used data from recent Center surveys to provide insights into Americans’ views on gun policy and how those views have changed over time, as well as to examine the proportion of adults who own guns and their reasons for doing so.

The analysis draws primarily from a survey of 5,115 U.S. adults conducted from June 5 to June 11, 2023. Everyone who took part in the surveys cited is a member of the Center’s American Trends Panel (ATP), an online survey panel that is recruited through national, random sampling of residential addresses. This way nearly all U.S. adults have a chance of selection. The survey is weighted to be representative of the U.S. adult population by gender, race, ethnicity, partisan affiliation, education and other categories. Read more about the  ATP’s methodology .

Here are the  questions used for the analysis on gun ownership , the questions used for the analysis on gun policy , and  the survey’s methodology .

Additional information about the fall 2022 survey of parents and its methodology can be found at the link in the text of this post.

Measuring gun ownership in the United States comes with unique challenges. Unlike many demographic measures, there is not a definitive data source from the government or elsewhere on how many American adults own guns.

The Pew Research Center survey conducted June 5-11, 2023, on the Center’s American Trends Panel, asks about gun ownership using two separate questions to measure personal and household ownership. About a third of adults (32%) say they own a gun, while another 10% say they do not personally own a gun but someone else in their household does. These shares have changed little from surveys conducted in 2021  and  2017 . In each of those surveys, 30% reported they owned a gun.

These numbers are largely consistent with rates of gun ownership reported by Gallup , but somewhat higher than those reported by NORC’s General Social Survey . Those surveys also find only modest changes in recent years.

The FBI maintains data on background checks on individuals attempting to purchase firearms in the United States. The FBI reported a surge in background checks in 2020 and 2021, during the coronavirus pandemic. The number of federal background checks declined in 2022 and through the first half of this year, according to FBI statistics .

About four-in-ten U.S. adults say they live in a household with a gun, including 32% who say they personally own one,  according to an August report based on our June survey. These numbers are virtually unchanged since the last time we asked this question in 2021.

There are differences in gun ownership rates by political affiliation, gender, community type and other factors.

  • Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are more than twice as likely as Democrats and Democratic leaners to say they personally own a gun (45% vs. 20%).
  • 40% of men say they own a gun, compared with 25% of women.
  • 47% of adults living in rural areas report personally owning a firearm, as do smaller shares of those who live in suburbs (30%) or urban areas (20%).
  • 38% of White Americans own a gun, compared with smaller shares of Black (24%), Hispanic (20%) and Asian (10%) Americans.

A bar chart showing that nearly a third of U.S. adults say they personally own a gun.

Personal protection tops the list of reasons gun owners give for owning a firearm.  About three-quarters (72%) of gun owners say that protection is a major reason they own a gun. Considerably smaller shares say that a major reason they own a gun is for hunting (32%), for sport shooting (30%), as part of a gun collection (15%) or for their job (7%). 

The reasons behind gun ownership have changed only modestly since our 2017 survey of attitudes toward gun ownership and gun policies. At that time, 67% of gun owners cited protection as a major reason they owned a firearm.

A bar chart showing that nearly three-quarters of U.S. gun owners cite protection as a major reason they own a gun.

Gun owners tend to have much more positive feelings about having a gun in the house than non-owners who live with them. For instance, 71% of gun owners say they enjoy owning a gun – but far fewer non-gun owners in gun-owning households (31%) say they enjoy having one in the home. And while 81% of gun owners say owning a gun makes them feel safer, a narrower majority (57%) of non-owners in gun households say the same about having a firearm at home. Non-owners are also more likely than owners to worry about having a gun in the home (27% vs. 12%, respectively).

Feelings about gun ownership also differ by political affiliation, even among those who personally own firearms. Republican gun owners are more likely than Democratic owners to say owning a gun gives them feelings of safety and enjoyment, while Democratic owners are more likely to say they worry about having a gun in the home.

A chart showing the differences in feelings about guns between gun owners and non-owners in gun households.

Non-gun owners are split on whether they see themselves owning a firearm in the future. About half (52%) of Americans who don’t own a gun say they could never see themselves owning one, while nearly as many (47%) could imagine themselves as gun owners in the future.

Among those who currently do not own a gun:

A bar chart that shows non-gun owners are divided on whether they could see themselves owning a gun in the future.

  • 61% of Republicans and 40% of Democrats who don’t own a gun say they would consider owning one in the future.
  • 56% of Black non-owners say they could see themselves owning a gun one day, compared with smaller shares of White (48%), Hispanic (40%) and Asian (38%) non-owners.

Americans are evenly split over whether gun ownership does more to increase or decrease safety. About half (49%) say it does more to increase safety by allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, but an equal share say gun ownership does more to reduce safety by giving too many people access to firearms and increasing misuse.

A bar chart that shows stark differences in views on whether gun ownership does more to increase or decrease safety in the U.S.

Republicans and Democrats differ on this question: 79% of Republicans say that gun ownership does more to increase safety, while a nearly identical share of Democrats (78%) say that it does more to reduce safety.

Urban and rural Americans also have starkly different views. Among adults who live in urban areas, 64% say gun ownership reduces safety, while 34% say it does more to increase safety. Among those who live in rural areas, 65% say gun ownership increases safety, compared with 33% who say it does more to reduce safety. Those living in the suburbs are about evenly split.

Americans increasingly say that gun violence is a major problem. Six-in-ten U.S. adults say gun violence is a very big problem in the country today, up 9 percentage points from spring 2022. In the survey conducted this June, 23% say gun violence is a moderately big problem, and about two-in-ten say it is either a small problem (13%) or not a problem at all (4%).

Looking ahead, 62% of Americans say they expect the level of gun violence to increase over the next five years. This is double the share who expect it to stay the same (31%). Just 7% expect the level of gun violence to decrease.

A line chart that shows a growing share of Americans say gun violence is a 'very big national problem.

A majority of Americans (61%) say it is too easy to legally obtain a gun in this country. Another 30% say the ease of legally obtaining a gun is about right, and 9% say it is too hard to get a gun. Non-gun owners are nearly twice as likely as gun owners to say it is too easy to legally obtain a gun (73% vs. 38%). Meanwhile, gun owners are more than twice as likely as non-owners to say the ease of obtaining a gun is about right (48% vs. 20%).

Partisan and demographic differences also exist on this question. While 86% of Democrats say it is too easy to obtain a gun legally, 34% of Republicans say the same. Most urban (72%) and suburban (63%) dwellers say it’s too easy to legally obtain a gun. Rural residents are more divided: 47% say it is too easy, 41% say it is about right and 11% say it is too hard.

A bar chart showing that about 6 in 10 Americans say it is too easy to legally obtain a gun in this country.

About six-in-ten U.S. adults (58%) favor stricter gun laws. Another 26% say that U.S. gun laws are about right, and 15% favor less strict gun laws. The percentage who say these laws should be stricter has fluctuated a bit in recent years. In 2021, 53% favored stricter gun laws, and in 2019, 60% said laws should be stricter.

A bar chart that shows women are more likely than men to favor stricter gun laws in the U.S.

About a third (32%) of parents with K-12 students say they are very or extremely worried about a shooting ever happening at their children’s school, according to a fall 2022 Center survey of parents with at least one child younger than 18. A similar share of K-12 parents (31%) say they are not too or not at all worried about a shooting ever happening at their children’s school, while 37% of parents say they are somewhat worried.

Among all parents with children under 18, including those who are not in school, 63% see improving mental health screening and treatment as a very or extremely effective way to prevent school shootings. This is larger than the shares who say the same about having police officers or armed security in schools (49%), banning assault-style weapons (45%), or having metal detectors in schools (41%). Just 24% of parents say allowing teachers and school administrators to carry guns in school would be a very or extremely effective approach, while half say this would be not too or not at all effective.

A pie chart that showing that 19% of K-12 parents are extremely worried about a shooting happening at their children's school.

There is broad partisan agreement on some gun policy proposals, but most are politically divisive,   the June 2023 survey found . Majorities of U.S. adults in both partisan coalitions somewhat or strongly favor two policies that would restrict gun access: preventing those with mental illnesses from purchasing guns (88% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats support this) and increasing the minimum age for buying guns to 21 years old (69% of Republicans, 90% of Democrats). Majorities in both parties also  oppose  allowing people to carry concealed firearms without a permit (60% of Republicans and 91% of Democrats oppose this).

A dot plot showing bipartisan support for preventing people with mental illnesses from purchasing guns, but wide differences on other policies.

Republicans and Democrats differ on several other proposals. While 85% of Democrats favor banning both assault-style weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, majorities of Republicans oppose these proposals (57% and 54%, respectively).

Most Republicans, on the other hand, support allowing teachers and school officials to carry guns in K-12 schools (74%) and allowing people to carry concealed guns in more places (71%). These proposals are supported by just 27% and 19% of Democrats, respectively.

Gun ownership is linked with views on gun policies. Americans who own guns are less likely than non-owners to favor restrictions on gun ownership, with a notable exception. Nearly identical majorities of gun owners (87%) and non-owners (89%) favor preventing mentally ill people from buying guns.

A dot plot that shows, within each party, gun owners are more likely than non-owners to favor expanded access to guns.

Within both parties, differences between gun owners and non-owners are evident – but they are especially stark among Republicans. For example, majorities of Republicans who do not own guns support banning high-capacity ammunition magazines and assault-style weapons, compared with about three-in-ten Republican gun owners.

Among Democrats, majorities of both gun owners and non-owners favor these two proposals, though support is greater among non-owners. 

Note: This is an update of a post originally published on Jan. 5, 2016 .

  • Partisanship & Issues
  • Political Issues

Katherine Schaeffer's photo

Katherine Schaeffer is a research analyst at Pew Research Center

About 1 in 4 U.S. teachers say their school went into a gun-related lockdown in the last school year

Striking findings from 2023, for most u.s. gun owners, protection is the main reason they own a gun, gun violence widely viewed as a major – and growing – national problem, what the data says about gun deaths in the u.s., most popular.

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    POL 300 aims to introduce students to elements of good research design in political science. POL 300 consists of three components: The weekly lecture covers topics in research design. The weekly precept discusses lecture materials and prepares students to complete problem sets. The practicum applies principles of research design to one of severa...

  26. Science Research Topics: 285 Good Ideas for You

    Look for opportunities to make a meaningful impact through scientific inquiry. Brainstorming and Mind Mapping. Set aside dedicated time for brainstorming sessions. Use techniques like mind mapping to visualize connections between ideas and generate new research directions. Reflect on Personal Experience.

  27. Key facts about abortion views in the U.S.

    The wider gap has been largely driven by Democrats: Today, 84% of Democrats say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, up from 72% in 2016 and 63% in 2007. Republicans' views have shown far less change over time: Currently, 38% of Republicans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, nearly identical to the 39% who said this ...

  28. What the data says about gun deaths in the U.S.

    About eight-in-ten U.S. murders in 2021 - 20,958 out of 26,031, or 81% - involved a firearm. That marked the highest percentage since at least 1968, the earliest year for which the CDC has online records. More than half of all suicides in 2021 - 26,328 out of 48,183, or 55% - also involved a gun, the highest percentage since 2001.

  29. Key facts about Americans and guns

    About six-in-ten U.S. adults (58%) favor stricter gun laws. Another 26% say that U.S. gun laws are about right, and 15% favor less strict gun laws. The percentage who say these laws should be stricter has fluctuated a bit in recent years. In 2021, 53% favored stricter gun laws, and in 2019, 60% said laws should be stricter.

  30. Latest science news, discoveries and analysis

    Find breaking science news and analysis from the world's leading research journal.