Free Printable Grammar Worksheets for 6th Class

Grammar-focused Reading & Writing worksheets for Class 6 students! Discover a variety of printable resources to enhance your teaching strategies and help students master essential language skills.


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Explore printable Grammar worksheets for 6th Class

Grammar worksheets for Class 6 are essential tools for teachers to help their students develop strong reading and writing skills. These worksheets cover a wide range of topics, including parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, and vocabulary. By incorporating these engaging and interactive resources into their lesson plans, educators can effectively reinforce important concepts and provide ample opportunities for practice. As students work through these exercises, they will gain a deeper understanding of the rules and nuances of the English language, ultimately improving their overall communication abilities. With a variety of formats and difficulty levels available, teachers can easily customize these grammar worksheets for Class 6 to meet the unique needs of their students.

Quizizz offers a comprehensive collection of resources for educators, including grammar worksheets for Class 6, reading and writing activities, and much more. By utilizing Quizizz's platform, teachers can access a vast library of high-quality, standards-aligned content that can be easily integrated into their lesson plans. In addition to worksheets, Quizizz also provides interactive quizzes, engaging games, and real-time feedback to help students stay motivated and track their progress. This versatile platform allows teachers to create a dynamic and personalized learning experience for their Class 6 students, ensuring they develop the essential skills needed for success in reading and writing. With Quizizz, educators can feel confident that they are providing their students with the best possible resources to support their growth in grammar and beyond.

grammar homework for class 6

CBSE Class 6 Grammar Worksheets

We have got lots of exercises, worksheets and lessons for CBSE and NCERT class 6 students. Most pages in this section can be printed for use at home or in the class. If you don’t find what you want here, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Class 6 Grammar worksheets

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Active and passive voice exercises.

Passive voice exercise | Simple present tense Passive voice exercise | Simple past tense

Tenses exercise

Identify the tense Make sentences in the simple present tense Make questions in the simple present tense Tenses exercise Simple past tense worksheet Past perfect tense worksheet Simple present tense worksheet | sentence completion Present continuous tense worksheet Present perfect tense worksheet Present perfect continuous tense worksheet Change into past continuous tense

Verbs worksheet

Transitive or intransitive verb worksheet

Nouns worksheets

Nouns worksheet 1

Pronouns exercise

Underline the pronoun and state its kind Reflexive and emphatic pronouns exercise Pronouns worksheet 2

Conjunctions worksheet

And, but, so and because worksheet for class 6 And, but, or, because and so worksheet

Subject and object complements

Subject and object complement exercise 1

Adjectives and adverbs

Position of adverbs worksheet Adjective or adverb worksheet Later, latter, last and latest worksheet Elder, eldest, older, oldest worksheet Commonly confused adjectives worksheet Some, any, little, few worksheet

Participles and infinitives

Participles and infinitives worksheet

Degrees of comparison

Degrees of comparison worksheet Change the degrees of comparison without changing the meaning

Conjunctions worksheet 1

Sentence transformation

Negative sentences worksheet Change affirmative sentences to negative sentences worksheet Affirmative to negative worksheet Transformation of assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences Change affirmative sentences into questions Change tenses as directed

Vocabulary worksheets

Confusing words worksheet Determiners worksheet

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Class 6 English WS 6

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Class 6 English WS 6


  1. 6Th Grade Grammar Worksheets

    grammar homework for class 6

  2. Have got or has got

    grammar homework for class 6

  3. Grammar Homework

    grammar homework for class 6

  4. mixed grammar for class 6

    grammar homework for class 6

  5. Grammar Homework

    grammar homework for class 6

  6. Homework Sheets to Print

    grammar homework for class 6


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  6. Free Printable Grammar Worksheets for 6th Class

    Grammar-focused Reading & Writing worksheets for Class 6 students! Discover a variety of printable resources to enhance your teaching strategies and help

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  12. Grade 6 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

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  13. Grammar Worksheet Class 6 Apeejay School

    a) I like to play with my puppy. b) She works hard to pass the test. c) He went to the city to find work. d) The boy saved the cat. e) I have finished my dinner


    CLASS 6. ENGLISH GRAMMAR. 2020-2021. WORKSHEET ON ADJECTIVES. QI There are ten words given in the box and there are ten sentences. Place these words in those