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Common Health and Safety Policies in the Workplace

health and safety assignment

The purpose of health and safety policies in the workplace, as set by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration), are six-fold:

  • To prevent injuries and illnesses arising from the workplace
  • To improve compliance with relevant regulations and laws
  • To reduce the associated costs, such as compensation
  • To engage workers
  • To enhance workers’ social responsibility
  • To increase productivity in the workplace and streamline operations

However, the basic idea is simple: To prevent, rather than to react to, hazards in the workplace.

Some common health and safety policies, or core approaches to occupational health and safety, are outlined below—with respect to the areas they pertain to.

Management Leadership

A commitment to employee health and safety should come from the very top levels of management. A policy to share that commitment with employees through comprehensive health and safety information should be adopted. This means putting in place a clear health and safety plan template. In other words, employees should be aware of management’s expectations and responsibilities, in accordance with OSHA guidelines. Managers at all levels should also provide resources to promote employee health and safety, allowing everyone in the company to follow suit.

Worker Participation

It is important that workers are involved in setting goals, identifying and reporting hazards and tracking progress generally. This will help to ensure that employees are proactive about understanding their responsibilities and, importantly, the reasoning behind them. Of course, they should also be fully aware of how to fulfill their responsibilities, including the resources available to help them do so.

It’s also important to have a clear policy of openness for reporting incidents and an easy means by which to do so. For that reason, any obstacles should be removed.

Hazard Identification, Assessment, Prevention and Control

In addition to a policy of assessing existing hazards, there should be clear procedures for identifying and evaluating risks on an ongoing basis. To this end, employers and employees should cooperate effectively to devise appropriate measures for controlling hazards in the workplace.

Over time, it’s also important to periodically assess the usefulness of these procedures and policies. Evaluation should be part of the plan, as should verify that the plan is actually being followed.

Education and Training

A policy of health and safety training is integral to any overall plan. Initial and periodic health and safety quizzes are one means by which this can be accomplished. In particular, such quizzes can be useful to promote awareness of how to recognize hazards in the workplace. They can also help management to assess where there may be room for improvement. The idea is to ensure that all employees understand how the program works, and what their specific responsibilities are.

Coordination and Communication Between Worksites

Where a company operates multiple worksites, it’s especially important for the host employer and all contract employers to coordinate on planning. A policy should be set up to schedule meetings to identify and resolve health and safety issues. Equally, workers from both parties should be informed (and assessed for their knowledge of) hazards at each of the worksites they may work at.


health and safety assignment

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Unit 3 Health and Safety at HSC Workplace Sample Assignment

Health and Safety at HSC Workplace


In today’s scenario the employers have understood their responsibilities and duties towards the health and safety of their employees and customer at their workplace. This has made them to create effective health and safety policies. This connects the employees with the employers with a sense of attachment and loyalty. In this assignment we will discuss about the health and safety policies, their implementation and effect on the employees about this healthy and safe working environment which results in the better working styles and outcomes for the organisation.

At any workplace, the employer has a responsibility of taking health and social care of the employees along with the visitors at their premises like the suppliers and the customers. Therefore, in 1974 a Health and Safety act was implemented in United Kingdom which is a primary piece of legislation related to the work related health and safety of the employees. (niDirect Government Services, n.d.)

1.1 Update of the heath and policy manual at the workplace

Here it is required to update the health and safety manual of our workplace. By keeping the legislation ion mind, the manual for the work place is constructed. Employer’s Duties: Under Section 8, the employer at the workplace has a certain duties towards the safety of health of the employee. The organisation will take care of:

  • Provision of the safe workplace with the usage of safe plant and equipment.
  • Provision of the proper training to the employees regarding the health and safety.
  • Prevention of any improper behaviour which can put the safety and welfare of the employees at risk.
  • Provision of proper and protective clothes and equipment at work.
  • Appointment of a competent person as a safety officer of the organisation.

Employee’s Duties: There are certain duties which are set out under section 13 for employees and the organisation will take care of:

  • To take care of their health and care while working in the workplace.
  • Should not consume drugs or alcohol at the workplace.
  • They should not involve in the improper behaviour that can endanger others and themselves.
  • If they see any defect in the equipment they use, they need to directly report about it.
  • If the employer asked them to undergo under any medication or assessment, they need to understand that.

Risk assessment and safety statement: Under the safety and welfare Act 2005, the employer of the organisation needs to carry out a risk assessment which will include all the hazards present in the workplace, identify the risk arising from those hazards and plan the steps to deal with those hazards. They need to make the statement as well that contains the details of the people responsible for the safety issues at the workplace. The employees should be given these statements and regular reviews should be done by the employer. Protective equipment and measures: The employer needs to tell the about all the risks that occur while wearing or working on the equipment in the workplace. The employer needs todeliver proper training to the employees before using any risky equipment and will provide all safety wears like clothing, headgear, footwear, gloves eyewear if necessary. In the same time the employee needs to take care of their own safety while using the risky equipment. Reporting accidents: All the accidents at the work place should be reported to the employer and the employer will take charge and responsibility that the accident is not repeated. If the employee is missing for three consecutive days, the employer should consider him as missing and report for him. Health and safety leave: Proper provision of maternity leave for the pregnant employees should be carried out in a separate risk assessment. If there are certain risks with the pregnancy, the employee should move out or removed. If both the cases are not possible, the employee should be given special leave till maternity. Health and cleanliness: Proper cleanliness, temperature, ventilation should be provided so that the employees are physically fit to perform at the work place. Health and safety and young people: The employees under 18 years should be considered in a different risk assessment and should be carried out before the employment of the young people and if the risk can arise due to the lack of experience, the young people should not be employed. Bullying: If there is any report regarding the bullying among the employees, the employer should establish proper procedures for dealing with such reports because ignoring such reports can damage the employee. Harassment: Considering the employment equity act 1998-2011, the employer should be obliged to play compensation if there is any incident of harassing the employee on the basis of civil status, gender, age, family status, community, religion or disability. Violence at the workplace: Proper safeguards should be applied in the workplace for elimination of any incident regarding violence at the workplace. The possibility of the violence should be considered in the risk assessment and handed over to the employees. Victimisation: The employee should not be victimised for utilising his own rights such as making complaints under safety and health legislation. (Citizens Information, n.d.)

1.2 The responsibilities for management of health and safety in relation to organisational structures

The management id completely responsible for the monitor and ensure that all the employees are trained for health and safety issues that can take place while working on the workplace this includes the proper cleanliness and placement of the risky equipment at their safe and designated place. Monogram of health and safety issues: Top management: The top management is responsible for providing all the safety trainings to the employees and purchasing all the equipment and planning the safety policies at the work place. Mid- Level Management: They take care that all the employees are aware of the safety policies and have direct contacts with them for monitoring them closely. Employees: They follow all the security policies and report to the managers if there is any risk of hazards or faulty equipment in the workplace. Safety Consultants: They are hired by the organisation for training the employees installing the equipment that can create hazards and informing the top management regarding the laws and regulations of health and safety at the workplace. (Dozier, 2013) This report is a clear picture of the health and safety measures taken at our organisation and the responsibilities of all the level of managers for taking care that it is implemented properly in the organisation.

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Health and safety assignment

Profile image of Helen Antwis Bridgewater

Helen Bridgewater Develop Health and safety and risk management policies, procedures and practices in Health and Social Care or children and young people settings. Learning Outcome 1 1. Explain the legislative framework for health, safety and risk management in work setting. Health and Safety at work act (HSW Act) The Act was introduced in 1974 and is the main piece of the health and safety legislation in Great Britain. Before this Act was introduced, health and safety with regards to workplaces tended to be industry-specific, and was largely reactive instead of proactive, meaning that new legislation was only introduced after a serious accident had taken place. Prior to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 being introduced, existing health and safety legislation concentrated more on ensuring that the equipment being used was safe, rather than raising the awareness of employees to work safely and take responsibility for occupational health and safety. Although the Act is dated 1974, it is still current. The health and safety at Work Act 1974 is an enabling Act, allowing further laws (regulations) to be made without the need to pass another Act. Some regulations apply across all industries, for example Manual Handling, but others cover hazards which are unique to certain industries such as construction or mining. Inspectors work either for the health and Safety Executive (HSE) or the Local Authority, and have a number of rights, including the right to: • Enter premises at any reasonable time • Examine and investigate the premises, as well as require it to be left undisturbed and as it is. • Take samples and photographs, and remove equipment or substances if deemed necessary • Require the production of relevant documentation • Seize, destroy or render harmless any article or hazardous substance if deemed necessary • Issue an enforcement notice and initiate a prosecution. As well as the rights listed above the inspectors have a number of actions available to them once they have concluded their findings. These range from taking no action, to giving verbal or written advice, to serving a prohibition notice or even commencing prosecution proceedings if there is sufficient evidence and it is considered to be in the public interest. Tragic events can happen when the legal aspects of care are either ignored or treated with disdain. Failure to uphold the law can lead to devastating consequences not only to the clients but to staff, visitors and even the care establishment as a whole. There are many laws in place here are a few: Health and Safety (first aid) regulations 1981: The purpose is to ensure that everyone has access to immediate first aid care in the workplace. It is my responsibility to ensure that designated first aiders have sufficient training and that it is maintained. All first aid boxes must be checked and supply resources. Personal protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992) PPE: The purpose is to minimise cross infection in the workplace. It is my responsibility to ensure that staff are aware of infection control procedures and are trained in dealing with potential cross infection and to supply work wear and PPE. Provision and use of Work Equipment 1998 (PUWER): the purpose is to minimise the risks due to the use of equipment. It is my responsibility to ensure that all staff are trained in equipment they use and that it is maintained and safe to use.

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health and safety assignment


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health and safety assignment

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  • Occupational Health and Safety Assignment Example Ireland

Occupational Health and Safety Assignment Example

Most of the top colleges and universities in Ireland, like Pitman Training Centre (Kerry), IBEC training, CMI institute Ireland, and University college cork , offer the course in health & safety for the students. The professors of these colleges give essay writing assignments on the topic of Occupational Health & Safety. On seeing the demand of students on this matter, the professional essay writers have written an example assignment for the students of Cork. They also have given a health and safety statement in the Introduction section of the assignment.

Occupational Health and Safety Assignment Example

Topic: Occupational health And safety assignment example

Subject: Health and Assignment 1

Occupational Health And safety assignment Introduction:

Health and safety in the workplace are some of the main factors to think about. As if there are many reasons that can exacerbate the health-related problem, there may be chances of occurring severe damage to it. Within modern industries, there are many dangers that people can identify as health-related issues. Heavy chemicals, pressure for strict deadlines, hiring unskilled workers, and other issues are some examples of these threats.

I have discussed all such problems in this essay with a clear explanation. I have also suggested some means through which employees can protect themselves from such dangers. As it is obvious that a healthy environment gives a sound mind, so to work effectively, the workplace should be safe from all the possible threats.

Body Part for Health and safety assignment example

Health and safety are primarily concerned with providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace. In 1950, the International Labor Organization declared a definition of health and safety- “Occupational wellness should aim at promoting and sustaining the highest level of workers’ physical, mental and social well-being in all professions.

Working conditions cause prevention among the employees for the departure from health. It protects the workers from risks resulting from adverse health factors in their work. The worker’s position and maintenance in an occupational environment that suits to his physiological and psychological ability.”

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Good health and Safety will result in good business. It has become a pressing issue these days, which requires immediate focus. Generally, some organizations fail to understand this importance. Workplace health and safety should also protect colleagues, employers, family members, vendors, neighboring communities, consumers, and other public members who have a link with the workplace environment.

To achieve it, organizations need to enhance activities among several focus areas like occupational medicine, public health , industrial hygiene, eating habits of employees, chemistry, physics of health, and safety engineering.

The leading issues in organizations suffering from the excess cost that they have to bear are when the employees face accidents, or they fall ill. The suffered employee has to face medical expenses and absences. Therefore, more attention is paid to implementing the importance of good health and safety programs.

A safe working climate for low-class workers is also a reasonable requirement. From the worker digging a tunnel to the executive assistant to the site manager, all anticipate going home every night without being injured on the job.

Accidents and getting any disease can be avoided in many cases if the organization and its employees take appropriate measures. For some organizations, it comes at first place in the list of their consideration, and they don’t tolerate even minor injuries. Occupational health and safety also influence the job bond and outsourcing, and it is necessary to ensure that the laws in force have complied with them.

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There are many issues affecting employees ‘ health and safety, for example, eating junk food from the canteen, exposure to different temperature environments, lack of experience with launched machinery, etc.

There are mainly three Es that prevail with occupational health & safety:

  • Engineering- Includes knowledge of safety issues when building equipment.
  • Education- Train staff on safety procedures and how to do their job safely
  • Enforcement- It is crucial to enforce firm rules and policies.

All businesses, without exception, face health and safety issues that could adversely affect their employees and the workplace. Employers should understand the risks that prevail at their workplace and, therefore, must take all the necessary precautions.

Employers have to face more risk when they believe protection is no longer a priority or when they redirect all the assets that have been made available to the department of health and safety elsewhere. The essential elements in reducing workplace injuries and illness are the detections, prevention, and mitigation of threats.


To make occupational health and safety possible, the organization should adopt an approach that combines ergonomic job design, medical supervision, worker training and involvement, a corporate organization that promotes safety, and a competent supervisor. The company should place safety before carrying out any production.

It should organize some programs with which the employees can learn the value of hygiene and healthy eating habits in their careers. We have seen that the noose is tightening these days in the country and repeated inadequate safety and hygiene habits are now being treated in the same way as the drink-driving with hefty fines.

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health and safety assignment

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Assignment on Health and Safety in the Health and Social Care Workplace

health and safety assignment

  • Assess the responsibilities of employers and employee for maintaining health & safety in a workplace (LO1.2)
  • Ensure a working place which is safe and healthy;
  • Set up Occupational Health Committees or representatives and try to resolve health and safety problems by consulting and cooperating with them;
  • Take all possible safety measures to make sure health and safety;
  • Clarify the task when an employee faces a hazardous condition or a complex situation or they don’t have proper information about the task’s safety;
  • Keep workers form  exposing  to harassment;
  • Provide those procedure which are required for safe working environment;
  • Obey  the  Occupational Health and Safety Act  and  Regulations;
  • To identify, correct and communicate hazards by developing a hazard identification system;
  • Provide the proper personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Ensure the supply of proper equipment and their maintenance;
  • Ensure the training  of workers;
  • Ensure supervisors are expert;
  • Cover the entire workplace with inspection process by developing conjunction with the JHSC (an inspection process);
  • Take action when a worker or supervisor tells him about a potentially hazardous situation.
  • Support the safety committee, safety representative, and workers in their health and safety activities.
  • Be careful of their own health and safety.
  • Make acquainted themselves with the legislation of workplace and if they have problem with understanding the legal standards, they must try to understand or have interpretation of the requirements by asking supervisors or management.
  • Be familiar with and pursue health and safety requirements those affecting their job.
  • Work in safe way, and they should encourage their colleagues to do the same.
  • Try to operate machinery without wearing jeweler or loose clothing.
  • Be careful about not put other people at risk by course of their work.
  • Work together with their employer, safety representative and safety committee to protect their health and safety.
  • Take proper training
  • Always wear required personal protective equipment.
  • Keep distance from interfering or misusing those that's been provided for their health, safety or wellbeing.
  • Correct any unsafe conditions or immediately report them to their supervisor
  • Talk to their employer when something happens, like becoming pregnant or suffering an injury which may affect their ability to work. Because their employer is legally responsible for their health and safety; while employer try to find a solution to the problem, he may need to suspend them, employees are usually be paid if this happens.
  • Avoid fun or taking shortcuts during they carry out their jobs ( for example , to do a pre inspection before using a machinery not taking time)
  • Use and check the personal protective equipment (PPE) daily. If those are not provided or they don’t have the right standard, then employees must notify immediately to their supervisor.
  • Analyse how information from risk assessments informs care planning for individuals and organisational decision making about policies and procedures (LO2.1)

health and safety assignment

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health and safety assignment

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    Safe entry and exit into the workplace is required in health and safety. Floors should be always in better state and, as much as is rationally workable, not

  13. J.D.S.S Co-operative Education Health and Safety Assignment

    Some questions may not pertain to your workplace. 1. Is there a Health and Safety Representative, or a Joint Health and. Safety Committee, at my placement? Are

  14. Health And Safety At Work Assignment

    In today's society, one of the primary objectives is to ensure that staffs working in the various department of the health sector have maximum protection