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Unit 03 Global Finance and Strategy (Level 7)

Solved Assessments Unit 03 Global Finance and Strategy, Diploma in Accounting and Finance Level 7, The case study below illustrates how Syngenta, a company created from the fusion of two agronomical divisions of two conglomerates, plans its investments with the help of analytical tools..

Level 7 HND Sample

Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance(Level 7)

Solved unit 02 Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance for course of Accounting and Finance Level 7, 1. An Indication and assessment of key Laws and Practice on Both a National and International context, An Explanation of the Importance

Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Health and Social Care

View Answer for Unit 21: Supporting Significant Life Events under Edexcel BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Health and Social Care. Understand how significant life events impact on individuals and their social networks.

HND Levels 4 and 5

Unit 5: Working in partnership, Levels 4 and 5

Download Solution File for Unit 5: Working in partnership, Qualification Title: Edexcel BTEC Levels 4&5 HND Health and Social Care management, Learning Outcome 1: Understand partnership philosophies and relationships in health and social care services, Understand how to promote positive partnership working

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Accounting

Download Sample Solution File for Unit No : MLN 1,Fundamentals of Accounting, Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Accounting, Understand and apply accounting policies and principles. Distinguish between accounting policies, accounting estimates and measurement bases.

BTEC Level 5

Unit 15 Hospitality Marketing Essentials (RQF Level 5)

View Sample of Unit 15 Hospitality Marketing Essentials, Pearson BTEC HND Hospitality Management (RQF Level 5), Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other functional units in a hospitality organisation, Compare ways in which hospitality organisations

HND Level 5

Unit 8 Legislation & Ethics In Travel And Tourism Sector

View Sample solution of Unit 8 Legislation & Ethics In Travel And Tourism Sector, Qualification - Pearson BTEC HND in Travel and Tourism management, You are working as a Travel law consultant based in London. You have been asked to organise a training event for Retail Travel consultants.

Pearson BTEC HND in Travel and Tourism management

Unit 34: Operations Management In Business

View Sample solution of Unit 34: Operations Management In Business, Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma Business, Write a report focusing on operations functions, Strategic operation management, Organisation of operation process and planning and control in operation. n explanation of why operations management is important for organisations,

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma Business

Unit 21 Small Business Enterprise (Level 5)

Sample solutions to Unit 21 Small Business Enterprise, Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Hospitality Management, Level 5. You are required to choose an organisation that is defined as a ‘small business enterprise' that operates in the Hospitality sector, as defined by the U.K. ‘Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities' (Office for National Statistics, ONS)

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Hospitality Management

Edexcel BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Business

Sample Solution of Unit Number and Name - Unit 03 Introduction to Marketing, Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business, You have been appointed as a junior marketing consultant for a professional organisation for marketers. As part of initial training within the probation period,.

BTEC HND Sample Solution

Unit 4 Business Communication

Edexcel BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Business, Explain different types of business information, where the information originates from and the purpose of the information and analyse them. Analyse different types of business information and their sources.Evaluate the appropriateness of business information used.

Unit 13 Recruitment and Selection in Business

Qualification - Edexcel BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Business, Unit 13 Recruitment and Selection in BusinessYou are working for a recruitment agent in Luton. Your company has been requested by a secondary school to allow their students to visit the company office as a part of their educational visit to local businesses.

Faculty of Design, Media & Management

Unit Title - Introduction to Business studies, Unit Code - FY021, Describe the role of HR, Marketing and finance functions within organisations, Develop an understanding of collaborative working practices, Demonstrate an understanding of the main factors, both internal and external, which impact businesses

Unit 3 Human Resources Management

Unit 3 Human Resources Management, Pearson BTEC HND in Business (RQF), Explain the purpose and scope of Human Resource Management in terms of resourcing in your chosen organisation with talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives. The case study assessment report should cover then following points...

Unit 21 Supporting Significant Life Events

Unit 21 Supporting Significant Life Events, EDEXCEL BTEC HND Level 5 Health and Social Care Assignment Solutions, Understand how significant life events impact on individuals and their social networks 2 Understand the support available for individuals experiencing significant life events 3 Be able to analyse responses made by health and social care services.

Business and the Business Environment

Unit 01 Business and the Business Environment, Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma Business (RQF) Explain the different types, size and scope of organisations. Outcome 2: Demonstrate the interrelationship of the various functions within an organisation and how they link to organisational structure. Use contemporary examples to demonstrate both the positive and negative influence.

Accounting and Finance Level 7

You are required to choose a business organisation with which you are familiar in order to identify the organisation’s competitive strategies. In addition, you are required to identify different business organisation in a similar industry to allow for informative comparisons to be made..

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  • HND Assignment

How to write Business Law and Legal System Assignment

Table of Contents

Unit 07 Business Law and Legal System

How to write business law and legal system assignment sample

This HND assignment sample will help students how to write Business law and legal system assignments for their Higher National Diploma. Business law is the broad branch of law and legislation that helps regular business administration. Business law sets the frameworks for businesses to follow.  It incorporates a wide range of legal disciplines and addresses various challenges that may arise from the interaction of current firms with other corporations, representatives of public opinion and the government ( Slorach  and Ellis, 2017). Business law comprises diverse essential fields such as; contract law, employment law, intellectual property rights, company law, and consumer protection rights. This report addresses the relevance and influence on enterprises, contracts and jobs of different business laws.  

The diverse sources of law and the legal system’s efficiency as regards current reforms and development. (P1)  

Legislation is a set of regulations that regulate the behaviour of human beings to maintain social order, defend justice and protect against harm to human beings and property. Unlike other countries, the United Kingdom has no specific constitutional document. The Constitution contains numerous documented and some unwritten origins (Marson and Ferris, 2020).  

UK law is mainly sourced by common law, commonly regarded as the precedent for justice, by legislation: UK parliamentary law and EU law.  

Judicial Precedent  

In common law, the idea of the precedent of justice plays a significant role. Its strong coercive character is unique in the English theory of precedence. English judges are often obliged to follow an earlier case, even if they may not have solid reasons. The method has the effect of typically restricting English judges’ capacity to create new legislation.  

The Statute is Parliament’s legislation. Public legislation impacts the entire public while private legislation affects specific persons and groups. The parent law which was passed by Parliament refers to the delegated legislation (Stark, 2018).  

European Law  

In 1973 the United Kingdom became a member of the EU. Member States have a legal obligation to take measures to guarantee that EU legislation is adhered to. The United Kingdom is obligated to respect European law, even if it is not a constitution. Regulations and directives are the two most frequent kinds of EU legislation.  

The law that applies to England and Wales is referred to as English law. There are separate legal systems in place in Northern Ireland and Scotland (James, 2016). Three major categories of the English legal system are;   

Public and private law   

Common legislation and equity  

  • Criminal and civil legislation   

In the English legal system, private and public law are two different kinds of law. Private law is the law applied to individuals. Public law regulates the relationship between a citizen and the state.  

Until the Judicature Acts of 1870, common law and equity were governed by separate courts. The Act granted the judge the liberty of the same court to apply both common and equitable law. Equity takes priority over common law in the case of a conflict between the two. In England and the United States, the common-law system is implemented (Berry and Parry, 2015). The equity system created by the Court of Chancery was not a common law alternative but supplementary to the common law.  

Criminal and Civil Law  

To comprehend English law, it is necessary to distinguish between two forms of law. Criminal law is a public law type that pertains to behaviour that the State rejects to control behaviour in society through fear of incarceration. Civil law is a kind of private law, it includes links between individual citizens that regulate disputes over the rights and obligations of individuals involved (Jenkins and Moe, 2008).  

The function of government in the legislative process and the enforcement of statutory and common law in the courts.  (P2)  

It is the government’s responsibility to implement new legislation proposals. All laws, excluding European laws and international treaties, are made by the parliament. the Parliament may refuse to apply an act that is in breach of EU law. Consultation or discussion with voluntary organizations and pressure groups typically takes place before the introduction of legislation proposals, known as bills, in parliament.  

The parliamentary legislative process has two categories: Parliamentary acts, often known as statutes, and delegated legislation.   

Parliament’s Act  introduces new legislation or alters current legislation. A bill is a law draft that is submitted to Parliament. The Act of Parliament becomes a law after the vote on the Bill by the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and the reigning monarch publicly approves it (Donnell, 2015).  

Delegated acts  are made by outside Parliament bodies, such as government agencies, to save parliamentary time. An example of delegated legislation is the Communication Act 2003, which provides a regulatory framework for practitioners of communications.  

Implementation by the judiciary of the statute and common law  

Legal judgements are essential because they fill in the gaps when no statute law exists and the meaning of the law has to be understood. Every possible way of defining and explaining each phrase cannot be set forth by Parliament in legislation, and so the judge fills the gaps.  

Statutory Interpretation.  Statutory laws must be clear and plain to be understood. Many instances come to court because under a legislative definition there is a dispute about the meaning of a term. A variety of rules have been created by the judiciary for the interpretation of legislation, such as the literal rule, the golden rule and the misfit rule.  

Common law . Before considering the new case, judges will look to determine if a comparable case has been heard by a higher court. If there is a precedent, the court should follow the rule of law set down in the preceding case in the current one. A court hierarchy establishes which courts are bound by the judgments (Howard, 2015). Overruling and differentiating prior instances are the two main methods in which courts modify or avoid precedents.  

The company, employment, and contract laws’ possible influence on business. (P3)  

Impact of Law of Contract on business  

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more persons or companies. Businesses must guarantee that the contracts they sign are legally binding and enforceable. The most prevalent concerns in contract law are contract validity and breach of contractual conditions. To demonstrate the existence of a legal contract, five contract components must be established.  

  • Contract, i.e. offer and acceptance  
  • Consideration refers to the contract’s “exchange value” that each party performs or promises to do as part of the agreement.  
  • Intention to establish legal connections  
  • Capacity refers to the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts.  

A breach of contract happens when one party fails to fulfil their contractual duties (Slorach and Ellis, 2017). A violation of a contract can have a financial impact on a business, which can further harm its reputation. A contract can also be breached when performance becomes impossible owing to an unforeseen occurrence.  

Impact of Company Law on business  

People who want to set up a business can select between an unlimited and a limited corporation. A business limited by shares might be either public or private. For both types of business, the company name is legally required to end with ‘Plc.’ or ‘Ltd.’ To function as a limited business. Some documentation must be presented to the Registrar of Companies for registration. such as;  

  • Memorandum of Association   
  • Articles of Association, and   
  • Application for registration that the Companies Act 2006 specifies the kind of information to be submitted (James, 2016).  

Impact of employment law on business  

Employment is often a relation between two parties based on a contract, where one party may be an employer, the other is an employee. To prevent disciplinary action taken against the involved parties, Employers should be informed of the employment law (Stark, 2018). For a thriving economy, employment factors are very significant. The core employment laws and regulations;  

  • Employers are obliged to pay the employees  
  • The Equality Act 2010 authorizes staff to report accusations of discrimination.  
  • Equal pay, ensuring no discrimination in salary and other terms between men and women.  
  • Sexual discrimination, in sex, orientation, ethnicity, religion and incapacity, exists to prohibit uneven chances.  
  • National Minimum Pay Act 1998, which provides for minimum wage standards for employees.  
  • Health and Safety Act 1974 (HAS 1974), requiring businesses to guarantee the health, safety and well-being of their employees, regulates how data collection, fair use, secure storage and unauthorized disclosure of personal data are necessary (Stark, 2018).  

Different types of legally formed business organizations and their advantages and disadvantages. (P4)   

English law classifies four major business types.  

Sole Proprietorship  

These are the most basic and common business structures that are owned and controlled by someone for generating business and economic growth. The existence of the firm depends totally on the decision of the owner.  

  • Advantages.  The owner in the sole proprietorship business is subject to all profits. Business owners have relatively little regulatory need. In the operation of a company, business owners are flexible. In general, a simple commercial license is also sufficient to have minimal paperwork needed for a startup.  
  • Disadvantages.  The owner is fully accountable for the company’s ownership duties. The business equity is limited to the owner’s resources. The ownership of the property is difficult to transfer (Slorach and Ellis, 2017).  


A partnership is an agreement between two or more individuals or entities coming to terms to conduct business together. There are different forms of partnership. While some partnerships don’t require a written agreement, in a Limited partnership, they are required to provide a certificate of partnership with the State.  

  • Advantages.  In partnerships, shared resources provide the enterprise with more cash. Each partner shares the company’s total earnings. structural flexibility and cost-effectiveness in establishing a formal or informal partnership are positive aspects of the partnership.  
  • Disadvantages.  However, each partner is completely liable for any financial losses. It is difficult to sell the firm since a new partner must be recruited. When one of the partners decides to leave, the partnership comes to an end (Minnesota, 2011).  


A company is a separate and distinct legal entity from its owners. Corporations have much of the same rights and duties as an individual. They are allowed to establish contracts, loans and borrowings may be finalized, lawsuits and sue, hire workers, possess assets, and pay taxes as a “legal person.”  

  • Advantages.  A company includes protection of personal liability, security and continuity of business and simpler financial access (Marson and Ferris, 2020). Transferring to new owners is rather straightforward. It also ensures the non-payment of commercial debt for personal assets.  
  • Disadvantages.  Corporations are time-consuming, susceptible to double taxation, and must adhere to certain formalities and regulations.  

Limited Liability Company (LLC)  

A limited liability corporation (LLC) is a corporate structure in which the owners are not individually responsible for the debts or obligations of the firm. Limited liability corporations incorporate the best of a corporation with those of a partnership or sole proprietorship.  

  • Advantages.  A Limited Liability Company is well-known for its income distribution flexibility. It is easy to administer and may be managed by authorized members.  
  • Disadvantages.  Raising capital is difficult. it contributes to state-to-state confusion. There is also no such thing as eternal existence (Jenkins and Moe, 2008).  

The management and funding process of different business organisations. (P5)  

Financing for organizational operation and management is a crucial element. Even if the business is a profit-generating or non-profit generating business,  organisations require sufficient financing to function.   

Sole proprietorship  

The majority of funds are accumulated via personal savings, friends and family loans as well as bank loans charged against personal credit scores. A sole proprietor business is mostly managed and operated by the owner himself (James, 2016).  

Funding for partnership is comparatively easier and widely sourced. Partners can contribute to the partnership business, also under varied circumstances, Commercial mortgages, Business competitions, Venture capital, Business Angels, Crowdfunding, and many other diverse options are available to receive financing from.  

By employing net revenue from trades, credit, or capital issues, the corporation may gain capital. Debt and equity are typically bought from foreign investors and they both have their benefits and constraints (J D, 2012). The management board of a company controls the corporation, which helps to make the main business decisions. A manager may or may not be a shareholder or a corporation official.  

LLCs are typical types of business structures favoured by hedge funds and other investment management organizations. Two layers of LLCs are commonly used in hedge funds: one owner is the Foundation’s investor and the other the Fund’s management (Howard, 2015). Since the profits produced are transferable to investors, the structure removes the problem of double taxation  

Recommendation of legal solutions for resolving a range of disputes. (P6)  

Legal issues are often settled by a court. Alternative legal systems and conflict settlements are becoming more and more common. Alternative solutions for issues can be faster, cheaper and more targeted than conventional courts.  


Tribunals concern a variety of topics that impact everyday life. Some tribunals are handled by public officials, while others are administered by the government and the Ministry of Justice (Harris, 2011). In the context of employment law, tribunals are popular in the UK.  

Collective Conciliation  

Collective conciliation is utilized whenever an employer and their employees are disputed about a problem and cannot reach a solution, generally represented by a union. In many situations, unbiased third parties can listen to the facts and recommend the strengths and flaws of each case and enable them to establish a common ground.  

Collective Mediation  

Mediation may be utilized in a disagreement at any point but is most efficient before opinions are solidified. Mediation is strictly voluntary and private in the conversation with both parties. There is no legal requirement to participate.  


For business contract problems, Arbitration is a preferred alternative to court. Arbitration includes an impartial expert or expert panel that fully understands the legal implications while ensuring secrecy between parties.  

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)  

Other procedures, including mediation, judgment, judicial evaluations and ombudsman resolution, are referred to in the ADR. It involves negotiations and out-of-court agreements too (Donnell, 2015).  


Business has a significant part in every dimension of life in today’s society. For those who understand how business works, the path to success is easier. Business law operates under the limits of government legislation and ethical regulations. Business legislation provides the norms and procedures for disciplined control and management of enterprises. There are several types of legal entities, from the sole trader to the limited liability corporations (Berry and Parry, 2015). Partners form a group with all of the members of the organization in a partnership. With new domains of law in the realms of consumer safety, competition and the Internet, business law continues to develop.  


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Stark, C., 2018.  Organizational Integrity: Individual Misconduct and the Legal Structure of Society . 1st ed. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG.  

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  • Unit 1 Business Environment Assignment Free

This Business Environment free Assignment sample is provided for HND Assignment Help, in this top organisations of UK has been discussed with their impact on Business environment in UK.

P 1.1 Explain briefly the following types of organizations and their purposes:

  • a) Virgin Group LTD

Virgin Groups ltd is a private organization which was formed by Richard Branson in the year 1968. The company mostly deals in travel, music, mobile telephony, leisure, health and care, etc. Being a private organization, the main aim of the company is to maximize its profits. The main vision of Virgin groups is to create happy and fulfilling faces and making contribution to attain sustainable lifestyle. The company also make sure that its entire stakeholder’s satisfaction level is maintained.

  • b) Sainsbury PLC (Public)

Sainsbury is the second largest chain of supermarkets in UK. With over 145 years of business existence, the company has already proved its point in terms of sustainability. The company was formed by John James Sainsbury in the year 1869. The company does its retail business mostly in grocery and general merchandise. The main vision of the company is to be the most trusted retailer in the world where both workers and customers love to work and shop respectively. The core values of the company defines the strategy the company follows in order to have long term growth. The core values are:

  • Developing new business
  • Offering great food
  • Providing complimentary services to its customers.
  • Growing by increasing number of supermarkets and stores.
  • Launching new and compelling clothes and general merchandise.
  • c) MC Donald’s

McDonalds’ corporations are a public organization which has the largest chain of restaurants for hamburgers. The company was initially opened in partnership by Richard and Maurice McDonalds in the year 1940. The company operates in more than 120 countries world-wide by mostly involving in the business of Franchisee. The main purpose of the company is to make proper use of people, processes and practice to deliver high quality products with high nutritional value, to make good contacts with all its stakeholders such as employees, customers, franchisees and suppliers, to form a good community and to work in and environmental friendly way to minimize the environmental concerns.

  • d) National Health services (NHS) England

National Health Services England is a governmental funded organization which deals in providing health and social care to the people of England. The company’s main motive is to provide proper medical care to the people who need it without asking for money. Any person who has an NHS number can make use of this free medical and health facility provided by NHS.

  • e) A corner shop near where you live

A shop is run by a single person who is known as the entrepreneur. The main motive of an entrepreneur is to gain maximum profits. The vision of the shopkeeper is to be the best in the local market among other competitors. Quality Management in business vital for the product as it plays an important role in the success of shops as other factors like marketing and communication has limited scope when it comes to running business at low scale.

P1.2 Considering Sainsbury PLC, describe the extent to which it meets the objectives of its different stakeholders.

Stakeholders are people or groups which are directly or indirectly affected with the day to day operations and results of the company. It is not necessary that stakeholders are involved with the functioning of the company. Some of the important stakeholders associated with Sainsbury are employee, customers, suppliers, investors, government, social communities, etc. Sainsbury first conduct various research, surveys and feedback forms to take the opinion of its stakeholders. According to the company stakeholder engagement is important as it increases the feeling of being responsible towards the organization and motivates them to perform their work better (Whysall, 2004).

Secondly, the company analyse the information and maps stakeholder concerns with the amount of impact the concerns will have on business. The prioritization is segmented into 9 different segments:

Figure 1: Prioritizing stakeholder concerns with impact of concerns on business environment

Data Interpretation

Sainsbury PLC first collects the feedback and concerns of its various stakeholders through research, surveys and meetings. The company then plot the above graph based on the level of concerns and the impact that those concerns have on business. The red block shows areas of concerns and requires quick action from business followed by yellow blocks and then the green ones which can are given least importance. All these concerns are put into the CR strategy of Sainsbury business strategy.

The company laid high level of emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and sustainability (Blomqvist, 2004). The company interacts with its employees and customers on regular basis to take their feedback and conducts surveys twice in a year mainly focusing on corporate responsibility. The company also conduct daily meetings between supervisors of each store and also conduct an annual survey which is known as “Talkback” to take feedback from its employees. The company also engages government and non-governmental organizations to know their concerns and act accordingly.

Sainsbury is member of various social and environmental groups such as the Ethical Trading Initiative, Business in the Community, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and the World Wildlife Fund Forest, etc. Sainsbury focuses hard on the five values discussed in the previous section. Based on the five core values of the company along with CR activities the governance structure of Sainsbury can be depicted from the below figure:

CR and governance structure of Sainsbury PLC

P1.3 Considering Sainsbury PLC, explain its various responsibilities as an organisation and the strategies it employs to meet them.

Some of the important responsibilities of Sainsbury are discussed below:

Responsibility towards customer: The main responsibility of any company including Sainsbury is to make sure that customer service met with satisfaction. The company make sure that new and latest clothes are sold which makes customer happy, the quality of food and nutrition value should be high and complimentary services should be provided to customers to make them feel special and respectful.

Responsibility towards employees: Sainsbury is one of the major employers in UK as it is considered to be among the top four giants in retail sector. The company launched a new programme in the year 2010 with the name “You Can”. The company also hire ex-offenders and people who are unemployed for years through Job Centre Plus and London Employer Accord. The company organizes various training and development session to nurture the skill of its employees and make sure that the company has diversified workforce without any sort of discrimination and are provided good wages and better work conditions.

Responsibility towards environment: The Company also focuses hard to make sure that environmental concerns are minimized because of daily operations of the company. The company doesn’t support use of plastic bags as dumping of plastic bags is highly harmful for environment and many species.

Responsibility towards suppliers: The Company make sure that proper lead time I given to all the suppliers so that the demand of the company is met in time. The suppliers are also engaged in discussion related to Cr activities and sustainability of the company. As per the future plan, the company is contacting dairy farmers directly so that fresh daily product can be bought and sold to the customers who will be beneficial to the farmers, company as well as customers.

Free copy of  Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment

P 2.1   Giving relevant examples, briefly explain how different economic systems such as: command, free enterprise, mixed and transitional systems attempt to allocate resources effectively

One of the key economic decisions a country has to take on resource allocation is choosing the economic systems. The various types of economic systems are: pure command, free enterprise, mixed and transitional systems. Each of them is discussed below:

Pure command economy refers to economy where all the resources are owned or controlled by the government of that country. Some of the benefits of command economies are wise utilization of scarce resources. Since, the government main motive is welfare of citizens, under command economy through managing resources methods and maximum social benefits are attained (McNeill, 1984).

Command economies

Free enterprise: Economies where allocation of resource are managed by the free flow of market forces i.e. interaction of producers and consumers is known as Free enterprise economy. In this type of economic system, most of the businesses are owned by Individuals without much intervention from the government. USA and Singapore enjoys free enterprises while European countries generally have strict regulations from the government which can intervene in private transaction (Sheshinski, 2007).

Market economy role in business environment

From the figure, it can be seen that under free market enterprise, what to produce is determined by the consumers, while how much to produce is determined by the producers and the prices are determined by the flow of demand and supply.

Mixed economies: Mixed economies as the name suggests is the mixture of the above two approaches where both free enterprise economy and command economy are followed. In a country like UK, where grocery sector is one of the primary sectors, it is handled by the market forces and resource allocations through free economies. However, services for the welfare of people are generally handled by the government such as police, army, etc. Most of the countries in today’s time follow mixed economy.

 Mixed economies

As can be seen from above figure, what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce is partially determined by the producer and consumer but also governed by the government. In mixed economies government make sure the producers does not take unnecessary advantage to seek profit and consumers do not forces the producer to sell product at much cheaper rates.

Transitional economies: Economies which are undergoing a change from pure command economies to free enterprise economies are termed as transitional economies. Since, communalism ended long time back, it is important to convert communal type of economies into free or mixed economies. However, this transition is characterized by lots of issues such as unemployment, inflation, lack of managing communications and entrepreneur skills, corruption, etc.

P2.2 Considering Sainsbury PLC UK, assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on their activities

Fiscal Policy: Fiscal policy refers to the policy adopted by the government to make sure full employment, price stability and economic growth. Some of the key measures taken by government under fiscal policy are taxation system, acquisitions of goods and services, changes in tax rate, etc. Some of impact of Fiscal policy on Sainsbury is that there is an increase in the VAT (value added tax) and income tax, which reduces the purchasing power of the consumer. The consumer buys less and hence Sainsbury has to order fewer goods from their suppliers. The main impact is that the company has to incur losses and even has to reduce their workforce to cut down expenditure and increase profit margin. As a result, employment is reduced and lesser job opportunities are offered. Even to cut down on existing workforce, the Company even has to terminate its employees, which creates more unemployment.

Also, as mentioned above, fiscal policy also involves change in the government spending. An increase in the government spending in different sector will reduces the Sales volume of Sainsbury. On the other hand, a reduction in government spending increases the demand for private sector and the sales of Sainsbury will increase.

Monetary Policy: Monetary policies are policies adopted by the government to bring stability in the economy through increase or decrease of interest rates so as to control the supply of money in the economy. Some of the main advantage of monetary policy is that reduction in the interest rate will help them to borrow at lower prices, thus helps to increase the spending of the Company like Sainsbury on its business activities . On the other hand, an increase in the supply of money results in inflation which reduces the demand of Sainsbury to purchase from its suppliers and hence reduces its profit margin (Ellis, 2013).

Monetary policy also affects the reserve requirement. High reserve requirement means high interest rate which invites the consumers to invest more and spend less, thus consumers reduces their purchasing from the stores, thus reducing their profit margin. Similarly, low reserve requirement means low interest rate which pushes the consumer to spend more and hence increase the profit margin of Sainsbury.

P 2.3 Explain the impact of competitions policy and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of Sainsbury PLC UK.

In the year 2003, Sainsbury showed the highest growth rate of 4.9% and the value of market share also grew by 16.5%. It was the large among all the four competitors i.e. Tesco whose market share value dropped to 30.2% from 30.9%, ASD whose value dropped to 17.1% from 17.5% and Morison’s market share dropped from 11.5% to 11.3%. Sainsbury achievement last year has been mostly because of the strong growth rate. Waitrose Managing Director commented on the progress of Sainsbury by mentioning that most of the new stores are coming up from Sainsbury as compared to rest of the competitors.

Competition plays an important role in determining the price of the commodity. Companies in order to succeed, lower their prices, increase the efficiency of their services which is highly beneficial to the customers and therefore, the end consumer is the one who gains maximum because of competition policies and other regulatory mechanism. Sainsbury faces tough challenges from other three supermarket giants in UK. According to the Competition Act which was signed in 1998, a competition commission keeps the activities perform by various organizations under check. Sainsbury was caught by the competition commission firstly because the company lack proper structuring of grocery markets. Secondly, the company was using power centres to drive their market which could lead to monopoly of Sainsbury. Thus, Sainsbury was kept under check because of the functioning of this Act. On similar basis another act known as the Enterprise Act also played an important role in regulating the functioning of retail companies’ including Sainsbury. The act included new rules and regulations in relation to merger and collaboration of two companies (Rodger, 2011).

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P3.1   Explain how market structures determine the pricing and output decisions of Sainsbury PLC UK.

Market structure can be classified into four main categories: Perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly.

The big four companies of the UK together forms Oligopoly (Akehurst, 1984). 70% of the total grocery market in UK is covered by the Big Four companies of UK i.e. Sainsbury, Tesco, ASDA and Morrison’s. The major advantage of oligopoly is that the price is controlled and other non-price activities like CR activities are also kept in check because of high competition between the companies. However, the disadvantage of such a structure is that it is not suitable for other small players to enter into the market.

Being Oligopoly market structure, UK retail market follows kinked demand curve which is explained below:

Kinked demand curve to determine price

Data Interpretation – The above demand curve shows the market structure in UK retail business to determine the prices. This type of kinked demand curve is associated with Oligopoly type of market structure. If Sainsbury increase the price of its commodity, there will be large substitution effect and the consumer will look to purchase from the other competitors in the market. On the other hand, a reduction in the prices will lead to smaller change in demand as the other competitors will also alter their prices and hence the demand will not increase proportionate to the change in prices.

Thus, in this type of market structure, Sainsbury looks to provide other non-financial activities like excellent customer services, formulating better CR activities, etc. to make sure they can have competitive advantage over its rivals.

P 3.2 Illustrate how market forces shape Sainsbury PLC UK responses using a range of examples.

The competition between the grocery markets of UK can be explained with the help of Porter’s five force framework (Yan, 2004).

The five forces of Porter’s analysis are:

Industry Rivalry: The major effect on Sainsbury pricing and output decision making is because of the high competition the company faces. The company once used to be the top supermarket stores in UK has slipped to number three position because of high quality products and better services provided by rival companies. However, the year 2013 was better for Sainsbury. The high competition forces the companies to introduce new concepts and apply new business strategies to attract more customers, lower price of commodities, focus on providing high level of service to the customers so as to retain existing customers and also work hard on resolving stakeholders concerns on social and environmental issues.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Since, all the four companies operate in the same sector, it is important for the company to look for new alternatives for receiving raw material. Sainsbury went ahead and contacted farmers directly for dairy product help the company to purchase raw material or finished product at very cheap prices. All the four companies mostly share same suppliers and hence it is important to make sure that suppliers are satisfied.

Bargaining power of customers: The ever increasing customer demands followed by change in market trends, forces the company to formulate new ideas and strategies to hold competitive advantage. Sainsbury provide large variety of clothing and introduce new collection from time to time to make sure customer satisfaction is met.

Threat of New Entrant: Since it is tough for new and small players to enter into the market, Sainsbury sales are not affected because of emergence of any new competitor.

Threat of Substitute: Sainsbury has tackled this threat by expanding its business into multiple things. All the products and their substitutes are sold by Sainsbury and are available at their stores. Thus, people have complete freedom to buy the product they like. Hence, this problem is overcome by expansion of business by Sainsbury over the years.

P 3.3   Judge how the business and cultural environments shape the behaviour of Sainsbury PLC UK.

Business environment deals with the various political, economic, legal factors associated with business which can affect the functioning of an organization. On the other hand, cultural environment means the social life and culture that prevails in a particular region which decided the consumer tastes and preferences and based on which the organization has to decide what product to sell in the market. These two factors are analyzed with help of PESTEL analysis on Sainsbury PLC.

Political Factors: The main political factors that affect behaviour of Sainsbury are the continuous intervention of government during economies of scale. The involvement of government to decide what product and what service to provide plays an important role in changing the behaviour of the company.

Economic Factors: As discussed in the previous section, the changes in the monetary policies i.e. carrying interest rates, taxation, etc. or fiscal policies in the country also plays an important role in deciding the actions to be taken by the company. During high interest rates, the company limits its purchase and also control its growth as investors ask for high interest.

Social and Cultural Factors: Sainsbury business is driven by changes to customer’s taste and preferences. The company takes regular feedback regarding its product and service and based on the feedback the company formulate new business strategies. The company also employees diversified people so that interaction with customers can be done smoothly. The company also does charity, arrange social events, sponsor sports and also works for the welfare of animals.

Technological Factors: Sainsbury make full use of the new and emerging technology and incorporate it in its day to day business. From online shopping to using barcodes on each product and use of computer software to make new designs clearly proves that the company pays high importance to technology. The company also uses data analytical tools to analyse their data and storing valuable and confidential data’s. The company used new methods of communication to interact with various stakeholders and uses virtual rooms to conduct team meetings. Communication through e-mails has become one of the common features of the company.

Environmental Factor: As discussed in the previous section, Sainsbury lays huge emphasis to the environmental concerns raised by various stakeholders and tries its best to minimize these concerns. Global warming and climatic changes are big concerns in most of the countries. Therefore, the companies make sure that their actions and operations should not contribute to increase in release of these harmful gases. The functioning of Sainsbury is not only efficient but eco-friendly methods are used within the company.

Legal Factors: The Company tries it best not to violate any law or legal rules laid down in the country. Sainsbury make sure that there is no discrimination done on the workforce and everyone is treated equally and given equal opportunity to work.

P 4.1 Discuss the significance of international trade to Sainsbury PLC UK.

Sainsbury imports raw material from various parts of the world. The company continues to search for new way of supply so as to meet the ever increasing customer demands. The company make sure that all its suppliers are satisfied with the company and try its best to build healthy relationship with its suppliers.

Sainsbury was the first country to start fair-trade business in the year 1996. Fair-trade does not means doing charity. The company ensures that farmers and producers of developing countries receive adequate value for the product that is supplied to the company.

Under Fair-trade, Sainsbury has started an educational program to teach the workers and farmers in South Africa and Kenya to develop skills to tackle challenging social issues concerning those places. The company also teaches the people about fair price system and raise awareness about the cost of various products so that the people can sell the product at correct price and are not exploited by other profit making company who tries to make unethical benefits from the ignorance of these people (Witkowski, 2005).

The company also teaches the customers and encourage them to buy fair-trade products. The company is fully aware of the Bull Whip Effect and understand the huge impact on producers because of even a small fluctuation in the price of commodities.

P 4.2 Analyse the impact of global factors on Sainsbury PLC UK

Some of the important global factors which impact Sainsbury PLC are (Dupuis, 1996):

Global Leaders: The Company fails to compete with global leaders and business is widely affected because of that. For example, Sony is one of the leading companies in the field of electronic products. Therefore, demand for electronic products at Sainsbury is affected hugely because of this.

Global Marketing Strategies: Global companies use the same product and same ad campaign in many countries which is a very cost efficient way to marketing. This helps global players to set low prices for their product and affects the market of Sainsbury greatly.

Ease of Transport: One of the most striking factors is the rapid changes in the transport facilities. An individual can order a product from any company and can receive the product the next day. Transport has become so easy that many people do not compare products between two stores in their locality of town but the people compare the products at globally. Online shopping has also contributed immensely to expand the market size and hence Sainsbury loses its customer because of ease in the transportation facilities’.

Thus, it can be concluded that Sainsbury has been a successful company in UK. The long history of the company proves the right approach of the company to attain sustain. The company is challenged by three big companies and hence the company has to formulate new strategies to make sure that customer satisfaction is taken care off. However, the company lacks growth rate globally. Though the company showed maximum growth within UK last year as compared to its other rival companies, Sainsbury still needs to set its market in other parts of the world. With 145 years in business experience and expert market players working within the company, it provides Sainsbury with the right platform to set its foot on global expansion to increase its growth rate manifolds.

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4 strong reasons why students should opt for hnd course.

HND is a work-related course that provides practical exposure to students. Many universities in the UK offer this course as it focuses on elevating the skills of an individual. Generally, it takes two years to complete the full-time HND or three to four years part-time which is equivalent to the first two years of a three-year degree. Many prefer to take this course if they want to take admitted into any good course at the university. Popular universities in the UK such as Kingston University, University of Stirling, Cambridge Regional College, South Thames College London, Southampton Solent University, and several others offer this course. Here are the reasons why students prefer HND over other qualifications.

  • HND provide practical experience to the students that makes it easy for them to pursue their careers. 
  • This course can increase the chances of better employability. 
  • It helps students to enhance their technical skills which is a requisite in today's era. 
  • HND provides flexibility to students who want to stay in a specific field and work in the same industry.

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Are you looking for HND Assignment Help in the USA? If yes, then do not hesitate to contact us as we are an acclaimed organization that provides top-notch HND Assignment Help in the USA. We have expert writers who are experts in the area of business management, banking and finance, administration, marketing, and many more. We have a team of writers who are dedicated to the completion of your project and provide only authentic, custom, and error-free work. With Dream Assignment, you can get the best HND Assignment Help in the USA at affordable prices. So, hurry up!

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What is an HND course?

An HND course is a Higher National Diploma, which is a level of qualification between a foundation degree and a bachelor's degree. The HND is made up of various modules, each worth a certain number of credits. In order to complete the HND, you must earn enough credits by passing all the modules. One module might be one year long, while another might only last six months. Once you have earned the necessary number of credits, you can graduate with an HND certificate. There are many different areas that HND courses can cover. For example, if you are interested in marketing, you could study for an HND in Marketing at Leeds Beckett University. You could also choose to study for an HND in Fashion Management at the University of Brighton.

Subjects of HND course-

● Agriculture and Cropping

● IT and IT services

● Engineering

● Health and social care

● Business Management

● Sport and Physical Education

● Performing and fine arts

● Retail sales and distribution

● Hospitality and Hotel management

Why HND Assignments Are Complex and Hard to Deal With?

The higher education course has many levels. HNC and HND are very popular these days. The practical skill of HND helps the students to lead directly to the workplace. The HND courses support assignment writing as well as practical training. There is vocational and theoretical training for the students to participate. Many students do a part-time job after completing their daily hectic college schedule. Thus, for them, managing the time for HND assignment writing seems tough which causes quality compromise.

Besides this, many students don’t have precise knowledge of the subject and feel scared to study it. so, naturally, when they find HND assignment question papers, they can’t solve them in the right way.

What are the different types of HND assignment help we provide?

HND course is a well-respected qualification course that helps to grow your professional excellence and develop confidence. After the HND program courses, you can lead yourself to a workplace or enroll your name for the undergraduate degree.

HND projects can be of different types. For example:

●HND Business Strategy Assignments

●HND Law Assignments

●HND Computer Science Assignments

●HND Business Assignments

●HND Marketing Assignments

●HND Human Resource Management Assignments

The course is totally based on your professional interest. Not only that, but it also consists of several assignments that needed to be completed. Every week and month students pass through the same challenges to complete their work within the short deadline. That makes their work, quality compromising.

In that situation, students prefer to trust our services and would like to get the perfect HND project help . Our professional HND assignment writers deliver their accurate services throughout the USA.We are not only bound in the USA but also students from Australia, the UK, and Canada prefers us for HND homework solutions. We are able to provide the original content with detailed information. Without any grammatical mistakes and plagiarism, the Dream assignment will meet your requirements.

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The Dream assignment is in this business for many years, we have done assignments for almost all top universities in the USA and UK plus we provide support to other parts of the world. We have a huge customer base and almost every customer of our services is satisfied with our service. We focused to provide complete genuine service to you some special features are:-

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Dream Assignment has professional HND assignment writers, who understand students' requirements. We know the importance of an HND assignment. Our experts have the idea that a deadline for an assignment is important. For that reason, they work hard and provide the best HND homework help within the deadline. Besides this characteristic, we have many reasons why students prefer us for HND assignment help. Such as:

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Our writers know that following the proper writing format is needed for every assignment. They follow the proper writing format for making your HND assignment perfect.

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How to get cheap hnd assignment help services.

If you want to get excellent HND assignments in business even at a cheap rate, you must choose Dream Assignment, the famous HND assignment help service provider in the USA. Students from every corner of the world like to hire the HND assignment writer of a famous service provider. Here, students get grammatically correct, plagiarism-free, relevant resourced content at an affordable price. The writers will follow the assignment instruction mentioned by your professor and craft the HND project solution according to them. They know several tips and tricks that will boost your assignment to grab a good score.

There are many reasons to choose an online course over a traditional brick-and-mortar class. Online courses are more convenient and flexible, allow you to learn at your own pace, and can be more affordable. Additionally, online courses offer a variety of learning experiences and can be tailored to your individual needs. Whether you're looking to improve your job skills or get ahead in your career, an online course can help you reach your goals. You may want to take some time to explore our courses and find one that suits your interests. To get started, sign up today!

Are you pursuing a Higher National Diploma (HND) course in the United States? If yes, then you must know completing HND assignments is not an easy task. It requires in-depth research, a proper understanding of the topic, and good writing skills. However, if you find yourself struggling with your HND assignments, then you can take help from Dream Assignment. We are one of the leading HND assignment helpers in the US and offer top-quality services to students worldwide. We have successfully helped thousands of students complete their HND assignments by providing them with expert guidance and tips.

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