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10 Easy Home DIY Projects

home electronics projects

Updating the look of your home brings new life into the space and makes your surroundings more comfortable. You don’t have to invest a fortune to make your home look like new. Many of these easy home DIY projects are less than $100 and only take a weekend of your time.

Paint Your Vinyl Floors

Worn vinyl floors can make a room look dated. Rather than investing in new floor coverings — which can be expensive and require special skills to install — consider painting the floors instead. With just a couple of quarts of latex porch and floor paint, you can give your old vinyl floors a modern look.

home electronics projects

Add Faux Windows to Your Garage Door

Windows on a garage give your home an elegant look. However, there are some drawbacks, including people looking into your garage and the cost of replacing your garage door or adding real windows to an existing door. With black outdoor paint, painter’s tape and patience, you can add faux windows to your garage in a weekend.

home electronics projects

Make Hot Pads from River Pebbles

If you love the idea of adding natural elements to your home, hot pads made from river pebbles add a nice touch. Collect smooth and flat river stones or purchase them from a craft store to ensure even sizes and hot glue them to a board. Place it on your kitchen counter to hold hot pots and pans while you’re cooking.

home electronics projects

Frame Your Television

A television hanging on a wall is functional but not very attractive. It sticks out from the wall and the cords are easily visible from the sides, making your TV room or living room appear cluttered. Adding a frame around the flat screen television gives it a cleaner and more elegant look.

home electronics projects

Paint Your Air Vents

Your air vents might be an afterthought once you’ve just completed a huge home renovation or decoration project. Rather than investing in new air vents, use metallic spray paint to make them look like new. Spend some time scrubbing them clean first. One can of primer and quality metallic paint will cover 10 air vents, making them look like new for just a couple of dollars.

Plank a Wall for a Rustic Look

A plank wall is a great way to give a room a rustic look with minimal investment. It does involve measuring and cutting, but it’s fairly straightforward. Fence boards are just the right size to use on the wall. Secure them with nails and adhesive, then paint, whitewash or stain the boards to give them the finished look you’re going for.

home electronics projects

Build Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a decorative way to add storage space to virtually any room of the house — even the rooms that have limited space. This type of shelving frees up valuable space on the floor and has hidden hardware to give it a clean look. Building floating shelves is as simple as affixing the wooden planks to the wall.

home electronics projects

Turn a Closet into an Office

You don’t have to have a walk-in closet to turn a closet into another room. Remove the door(s) and the hanging rods. Install a deep shelf at desk height and two shallow shelves for storage above. You now have a workspace that doesn’t take up additional space in your room. If you don’t have a need for an office, this makes a great space for your vanity.

Strip Paint from Door Hardware

Homes that have had several paint jobs — especially older homes — have old layers of paint caked on the door hardware. Rather than investing in new hardware, you can bring the old antique hardware back to life. In a slow cooker, add water and a small bit of dish detergent. Drop the old hardware in and let it soak overnight on medium heat. By morning, it will look like new and be ready to go back on the doors.

home electronics projects

Update the Kitchen Backsplash

Cutting and installing tile is a project not many people are comfortable taking on for a weekend. A backsplash can really update the look of your kitchen. Peel-and-stick gel tile sheets are a quick and easy kitchen DIY project that has a long-lasting and professional look.

home electronics projects


home electronics projects

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1500+ Electronics Projects For You

Here are ElectronicsForYou’s tested electronics engineering project ideas including embedded mini electronics projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a lot more. These projects are for beginners, hobbyists & electronics enthusiasts. The mini-projects are designed to be very helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own embedded system designs and circuits. The following list of electronic projects from single to high-end MCU contains various categories such as embedded, power electronics, analog electronics, digital electronics, Internet of Things, etc. From time to time we update these projects and 2-3 projects are added every week.

ChatGPT Terminal Made Using ESP32

Proximity sensor switch for wireless control of electric loads, arduino-based night security light, low-power 5v supply from cells – 5v boost converter circuit, 2 way operated light cum room freshener module, diy smart video doorbell under 3k using raspberry pi, 88.00mhz-108.00 mhz fm radio receiver using an 7223, quiz competition buzzer for eight players/teams, simple fm radio using la1260, wheat germination monitoring system, password-based electrical appliance control system, portable power supply (voltage regulator), building an advanced alcohol breath analyzer, remote controlled stereo fm radio with rds using esp-01, implementing doppler radar in adas, simple fm radio receiver using ka 2101, unveiling our open-source facial expression recognition technology , single-cell battery charging circuit for iot devices, electronics news, electrostatic microprinting for quick piezoelectric fabrication, miniature interconnects for defense and aerospace sectors, world’s first all-optical network with liquid cooling , indoor solar panels revolutionize smart device power, truly innovative tech, precision sensor transforms evs and energy storage, chip transforming efficient iot design, a processor with record core count for cloud innovation, revolutionising ai with first-of-its-kind server-on-chip, most popular videos, live diy: how to make smoke alarm using um3562, live diy: quiz competition buzzer for eight team, how police trace cell phone location by mobile number or imei number, scada basics: an overview of automatic control systems, new series capacitors offering high-performance solutions for demanding applications, a new single pole, double throw switch for high-performance rf applications, advanced esd protection diodes for high-speed automotive data lines, nexperia and kyocera avx collaborate on new sic rectifier module, tech contests, 5th pcb design contest, electronicwings project challenge 2022, mathworks minidrone competition, iot into the wild contest for sustainable planet 2022.

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home electronics projects

Nevon Projects

Top 10 Latest DIY Electronics Projects For Students 2021

top 10 electronics projects 2019

10. Generate Electricity by Walking Power Generator Floor Tiles Project

Generate Electricity by Walking Power Generator Floor Tiles Project

9. Rotating Solar Panel Using Arduino Project

Rotating Solar Panel Using Arduino Project

8. Arduino Ultrasonic Sonar/Radar Monitor Project

Arduino Ultrasonic Sonar/Radar Monitor

7. Motion Controlled Pick & Place Obstacle Avoider Robotic Vehicle Project

Motion Controlled Pick & Place Obstacle Avoider

6. Regenerative Braking with Power Monitor Project

Regenerative Braking with Power Monitor

5. Third Eye for Blind Ultrasonic Vibrating Glove Project

Third Eye for Blind Ultrasonic Vibrating Glove

4. Smart Dustbin with IOT Notifications Project

Smart Dustbin with IOT Notifications Project

3. Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi and RF Controller Project

Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi and RF

2. IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project

IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine

1. Arduino Based Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot Project

Arduino Based Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot

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Homemade Circuit Projects

Get free circuit help 24/7

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Best Electronic Circuit Projects

Whether a newcomer or a professional, if you are looking for the best electronic circuit projects, as per your specific needs, then you have reached the right destination. You not only get the best assorted circuit projects from this website, you also get an active online support for solving your queries and doubts related to electronics.

Here, you get the opportunity to understand the various engineering concepts as much as possible, through a 24/7 online support.

The site also helps the users to design and build customized electronic circuits, as per the desired specifications.

What is an Electronic Circuit Project?

An electronic project is basically a circuit project built using a handful of passive and active electronic parts, by soldering them on a printed circuit broad or PCB .

The passive components are those components which do not have semiconductor material inside them such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. These are called passive components because these components are not able to actively work with electricity or electrons.

On the other hand active components are those components which are internally built using semiconductor material. These components include all types of diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits.

These are called active components because the semiconductor material inside these components are able to actively work with electricity or electrons. For example diodes can rectify an AC, transistor can amplify current and voltage, whereas ICs can do similar tasks which are even more complex.

Some of the best electronic circuit projects you can learn from this website are provided below:

Latest Posts ( Learn More )

  • 5 Useful Power Failure Indicator Circuits Explained
  • Blinking LED Bow Tie Circuit
  • Design your own Sine Wave Inverter Circuit from the Scratch [Tutorial]
  • Sound Activated LED Lamp Circuit
  • High Efficiency Li-Ion LED Driver Circuits Explained

Circuit Projects for Beginners and School Students

home electronics projects

Arduino Pure Sine Wave Inverter Circuit

Learn how to build a pure sine wave inverter circuit using Arduino and very basic coding.

IC 555 Pin Description

Learn how each IC 555 pinout works and understand basic IC 555 oscillator and timer circuits and their calculations.

Disinfecting Home using UVC Rays

home electronics projects

Various Electronic Circuit Projects

Motor Magnet RPM Sensor with Hall Effect Sensor

Arduino Programming : Learn Arduino programming from the scratch. Basic Arduino coding tutorial and Arduino projects for all Arduino enthusiasts.

home electronics projects

GSM Projects : Best GSM electronic projects for cars, vehicles, and home automation. Learn how to use GSM modules for controlling a desired application.

home electronics projects

ARDUINO PROJECTS : It's a system in which the IC can be programmed to implement a set of specified electronic operations. Some very useful microcontroller automation projects with program codes can be found here.

home electronics projects

IC 555 CIRCUITS : Easy to build IC 555 based circuits for leisure and fun. This device may look trivial and limited to hobby projects, but the fact is there hasn't been a single substitute for this IC in the past 40 years...

home electronics projects

BATTERY CHARGER CIRCUITS : If circuit is the brain, battery is the heart of any gadget. But these devices need controlled charging and discharging. Simple to the most enhanced battery charger projects for home and industry.

home electronics projects

POWER SUPPLY CIRCUITS : Fixed type and variable voltage and current power supply circuits are given here... best circuit projects suited for workbench testing.

home electronics projects

AMPLIFIER PROJECTS : Projects to amplify small music inputs from ipod, cellphone or an SD card to get 100s of watts on loudspeaker. Boom your surrounding with the help of these projects.

home electronics projects

AUTOMOBILE ELECTRONICS : Not satisfied with the default enhancements provided by your car manufacturer? No problems, these handy looking electronic projects can be used for enhancing your vehicles aesthetic looks even further.

home electronics projects

STRING LIGHTS : Festive season is near, make these stunning lighting projects for your home and office. String lights, chaser lights, sequential lights, flashing lights, music lights...all under one roof.

home electronics projects

LED PROJECTS : Fascinated with the power of LED lights? There's actually a lot more you can do with these simple DIY LED projects explained here.

home electronics projects

ELECTRONIC PROJECTS : Electronic parts may look simple externally but internally they may be much more complex. Learn everything you wanted to know about these devices.

home electronics projects

SEMICONDUCTOR THEORIES : Semiconductors are the soul of electronics. Learn their complex working through easy to understand projects.

home electronics projects

TUTORIALS : Building electronic circuits can be impossible unless you have all the necessary tutorials in hand with you. Here's a great opportunity to learn and gain expertise.

home electronics projects

FREE ENERGY CIRCUITS : Free energy projects may look controversial and unrealistic, but a few proven results do make them very intriguing...

home electronics projects

HEATER CONTROL : Heaters demand huge power which require precise control for better efficiency. These projects accomplish the need perfectly.

home electronics projects

HOME ELECTRICAL : It is actually possible to enhance your home with customized electronics. Electronic projects when integrated with home electrical can do wonders.

home electronics projects

INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS : Today factories and industries are not just about heavy iron machinery, rather these are controlled with precise electronics. More such electronic circuit projects are shortlisted here.

4047 inverter prototype

INVERTER CIRCUITS : These projects will convert any high current DC to 220V AC. Learn from the scratch how to build these awesome power generating gadgets.

home electronics projects

LASER CIRCUITS : Lasers are popularly used for disco lighting but did you know these can be also applied for security applications ?

Voltmeter ammeter digital

METERS AND TESTERS : Although digital multimeters today is sufficient for most electronic troubleshooting, having a set of hand built testers can make the job even easier...

home electronics projects

MOTOR CONTROL PROJECTS : Whether for home or industry, motors are indispensable. However, these require to be controlled for accuracy and power saving. More related projects can be found here.

home electronics projects

SOLAR CONTROLLERS : Sun generates trillions of mega watts every second. Harnessing this gigantic power house into electricity can be implemented with some simple electronic concepts described here.

home electronics projects

REMOTE CONTROL CIRCUITS : Controlling a device from distance remotely can be a lot of fun, which additionally saves the user's precious time and effort. A few cool projects presented here, are specially designed for the same.

simple adjustable IC 555 timer circuit with relay switching

Timer Projects : A small timer which can switch a load ON or OFF after a preset delay can be a very useful device for a specified application. Many such hand-picked delay timer projects can be read here.

home electronics projects

Transmitter Circuits: Wireless communication system may sound complex to build, but actually it is the among the easiest projects a hobbyist can possibly try. Communicating remotely through a homemade walkie-Talkie can be extreme fun.

home electronics projects

Water Level Controllers : Water is perhaps the most vital element on this planet for all living creatures. Controlling water not only prevents water spillage, it also helps to save this precious resource from getting unnecessarily wasted. Many related electronic projects for this are described here.

home electronics projects

All posts from this blog can be found in the following links. You can find any desired circuit diagram of your choice and specifications in the following stemap list. After clicking the links you can find the desired posts by pressing Cntrl+F and then typing the specific keyword of the circuit that you are trying to find. If you have any difficulty in finding the right circuit idea of your choice, you can always comment under any one of the relevant articles and I will make sure your query is solved ASAP.


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9 Easy and Low Budget DIY Electronics Projects for Beginners

Want to get learn some DIY electronics but don't have the components? These easy projects rely on household components.

In a world dominated by ever-evolving technology, keeping up with new trends can be a costly affair. The good news is that you don’t have to buy every newly released gadget. You can make use of old hardware and other supplies sold for cheap to make interesting and useful devices.

Beginner-friendly electronics projects only require basic circuitry knowledge, soldering skills, and a few readily available resources. You’ll be surprised by the potential you have, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t take the challenge before. Here are nine incredible electronics projects beginners can tackle with minimal effort.

1. MintyBoost

A MintyBoost serves as an alternative source of power for small gadgets. Whether it’s a phone, iPod, camera, or MP3 player, a MintyBoost can charge it. It’s a reliable power back up gadget that’s easy to make with resources such as 9V batteries, capacitors, diodes, a printed circuit board, an inductor, wires, a case, and a USB port.

The power generated by your MintyBoost depends on the amount of voltage in the batteries used.

2. Supercapacitor USB Light

Although a supercapacitor light can store energy longer than a simple capacitor light, it may not last you through the night. That’s why you need a USB connector to recharge the supercapacitor. Once you connect your supercapacitor USB light to a laptop, it’ll recharge and last longer.

This supercapacitor USB light project is easy and fun. You’ll need a 5.5V 0.1F supercapacitor, a male USB connector, 1K Ohm resistor, and a white LED.

3. Jitter Drive

In this Jitter Drive project , you’ll convert your USB drive to a moving and vibrating toy. How cool is that?

Although a jitter drive isn’t practical, it’s an exciting gadget that’ll boost your mood. Essentially, it’s a USB drive attached to a toothbrush head with a motor mounted to the circuit board. You can use capacitors or rechargeable batteries as a power source. Get introduced to soldering as you attach the switch to the battery.

Related: Tips to Reuse Your Old Hardware

4. USB Doomsday Device

There are some days when you wish you could reset the entire day or week. This USB doomsday device is what you need to release tension. Basically, this gadget is a program launcher that you can modify to do many other things.

The three levels of failsafe protection are the secret behind the operation of the device. Remember to remove and keep the keys safe when not in use. The project helps you get insights into the world of electronic engineering.

5. DIY Audio Mixer

This mixing console is a handy electronic gadget for modifying and combining audio signals, which are summed to produce combined output signals. These audio mixers can either be digital or analog, but we’ll focus on the latter in this project.

Although the project is a bit technical, hacking it is easy as long as you understand how different circuits work. You can advance the device by adding circuits for audio equalization. For this project, you’ll need a potentiometer, a capacitor, a resistors, one op-amp, a speaker, wires, and DC power supply.

Now that you have an audio mixer, you probably want to try another project that will take your home entertainment to the next level. Why not build a home theater ?

6. TV-B-Gone

Although TVs are a great source of entertainment, they can be quite distracting if you want to get work done. Make this TV-B-Gone to help you turn on or off TV at your own convenience. This device will allow you to turn off almost all types of televisions, including the latest flat screen TVs.

This is a great project to introduce you to soldering in general. You’ll need materials such as a microcontroller, 8MHz resonator, a battery holder, a transistor, narrow-bean and wide-angle infrared LED, AA batteries, and a 150 ohm resistor. You can buy most of these supplies on eBay or get them from old electronics.

7. Mini POV v4

This MiniPOV v4 is a fun way to get you started on programming projects. You’ll need tools such as wire strippers and wire cutters, a printed circuit board, a soldering iron, AAA batteries, a microcontroller, and a computer for coding. In the course of the assembly process, you’ll also learn basic soldering techniques that you can apply in other projects.

Looking for fresh ideas for future projects that you can handle? Worry no more because we have creative ideas on how you can reuse your old PC .

8. RGB LED Mood Lighting

Unlike other projects we’ve covered on this list, this one is a bit complicated and needs a generous budget. However, it’s a worthy lighting project that’ll enhance your mood. This RGB LED mood lighting creates a calm atmosphere by slowly changing colors at different speeds.

Some important factors you should consider when making a RGB LED mood light include, the color of light, diffusion of light, temperature, and what smart things the light can do. You’ll need a transparent plexiglass, an ESP-O1 module, 5V power supply, a DC male plug, microcontrollers, multiple switches, LED strip, and a DC female plug.

9. Chapstick LED Flashlight

Don’t dispose of that chapstick tube yet, convert it to a practical LED flashlight. This simple gadget will come in handy to provide light in darkness, whether you’re hiking, looking for something under furniture, or walking at night.

A chapstick LED Flashlight has an enclosure that you can work with easily. Fix a switch at the bottom, a spring in the middle section, and a suitable bulb at the top, and you’re all set.

The materials you’ll need are a tactile switch, 470-Ohm resistor, a chapstick tube, a 12V battery, wires, battery holder, white LED, and a heat shrink tubing.

If you have extra resources idling around, check out these DIY air conditioner projects.

Start Small, Make a Huge Impact

The projects we’ve discussed here are quite practical because most of the resources needed are at your disposal. Get introduced to the fundamentals of programming, soldering, and assembling by trying some of the above ideas. As you reuse your old hardware, you’ll be playing a key role in conserving the environment.

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  • MicroPython
  • Raspberry Pi


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Arduino Projects & Tutorials

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150+ Electronics Projects for Engineering Students

  • September 13, 2015
  • By Administrator

Electronics Projects – The projects which are having more demand in engineering level and especially very useful for ECE and EEE students. We are all well known that we cannot imagine our life without electricity even for single day as it became a part in our life. So, it is very important and beneficial to us if we learn some basic things about electronics.

This electronics concept deals with various small and large circuits which may include concepts like diodes, batteries, resistors, integrated circuits, etc. These concepts are very interesting to learn also. As day by day its importance growing at rapid rate.

Related Post: Latest Electronics Projects for Engineering Students


We found that many people are showing interest to learn electronics concepts by joining in various electronics branches like ECE , EEE , etc. in engineering. They can get good knowledge on electronics only after doing some major projects or Mini Projects on Electronics in their engineering. For those people, the below list of electronics projects ideas would be more helpful.

We have collected best electronics projects list from various resources and listed them below in a tabular form. You may get best idea by reading all these project ideas and if you are interested, you may give few suggestions, comments, new electronics projects ideas also.

Electronics Projects for Engineering Students:

  • Water Level Controller using 8051 Microcontroller : Here we are designing the circuit which is used to detect and control the water level automatically in overhead tank using 8051 microcontroller. It is used in industries to control the liquid level automatically.
  • Car Parking Guard Circuit Using Infrared Sensor : This circuit helps the person in the driving seat in such a way that it gives an alarm if there is any obstacle or a wall while parking or while driving in reverse. It is very useful in our real life.
  • Cell Phone Detector : This is a simple circuit which helps to detect the presence of an activated cell phone by detecting the signals in the frequency range of 0.9 to 3GHz. It helps in mobile phones tracking which are used for spying.
  • Bidirectional Visitor Counter using 8051 : This Bidrectional Visitor Counter Circuit is helpful to count the number of persons entering or leaving a room and to display it on a screen.
  • Password based Circuit Breaker : This password based circuit breaker project is built using 8051 controller and is used to switch off the power supply to the line by entering a password.
  • Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Microcontroller : The main principle of the circuit is to switch on the fan connected to DC motor when the temperature is greater than a threshold value.This can be used in home applications and in cpu to reduce heat.
  • Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights : This is a simple circuit that automatically controls the intensity of street lights which is designed using microcontroller and LEDs.
  • Line Following Robotic Circuit using ATMega8 Microcontroller : This line follower robot is a basic robot that follows a specific path indicated by a line having some particular width.
  • Digital Tachometer using 8051 Microcontroller : Here we designed a simple non contact tachometer using microcontroller which can measure speed with an accuracy of 1 rev/sec.
  • 5 Channel IR Remote Control System using Microcontroller : This article is aimed to design and demonstrate a simple 5 channel remote control system to drive five loads. This circuit works on the principle of IR communication.
  • Bipolar LED Driver Circuit : This bipolar LED driver circuit is very useful at the places where flashing of light is required, as in beacon flashing. This circuit can be mainly used for indication purposes.
  • Celsius Scale Thermometer using AT89C51 : This Celsius Scale Thermometer circuit is designed using at89c51 and lm35. This circuit works on analog to digital conversion principle. It can be used at homes, mobile places like cars to keep a track of the temperature.
  • Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller : In this system, we use IR sensors to measure the traffic density. We have to arrange one IR sensor for each road; these sensors always sense the traffic on that particular road. All these sensors are interfaced to the microcontroller. Based on these sensors, controller detects the traffic and controls the traffic system.
  • Automatic Washroom Light Switch : This is a simple but very useful circuit in our real life which helps to automatically turn On the lights when a person enters the washroom and it automatically turns Off the lights when he leaves it.
  • Automatic Door Bell With Object Detection : This automatic doorbell with object detection circuit helps to sense the presence of a person or an object automatically and rings the doorbell.
  • Water Level Indicator : This Water Level Indicator project employs a simple mechanism which helps to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container. It can be used in Hotels, Factories, Homes Apartments, Commercial Complexes, Drainage, etc.
  • Password Based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller : This system demonstrates a password based door lock system wherein once the correct code or password is entered, the door is opened and the concerned person is allowed access to the secured area. After some time, the door would be closed. Read this post completely to get more information.
  • Boolean Algebra Calculator : This Boolean algebra calculator is an interesting project which is more useful in our real life by working as a portable calculator to simplify the Boolean expression on the fly. In our circuit, we use Boolean algebra simplification methods like the Quine-McCluskey algorithm to simplify the Boolean expression and display the output on the display.
  • Auto Night Lamp using High Power LED : This Auto Night Lamp is an interesting circuit which helps to turn ON the LED lights interfaced to it at night time and it turns OFF the lights automatically when it is day.
  • Mobile Jammer Circuit : This circuit is used to block the signals of cell phones with in the range of 100 meters. This circuit can be used in TV transmission and also for remote controlled toys or play things.
  • Unbiased Digital Dice with LEDs : This is a circuit diagram of digital dice which is nearly unbiased. By using this circuit, there is no chance to cheat as the circuit operates at such a high speed that the circuit is almost imperceptible to the human eye.
  • Metal Detector Circuit : This is a simple metal detector circuit which is very useful for checking the person in shopping malls, hotels, cinema halls to ensure that person is not carrying any explosive metals or illegal things like guns, bombs etc.
  • Panic Alarm : This panic alarm circuit helps us to intimate others regarding our bad situation without any delay. It is more useful when an intruder entering our house or bad health status at which we are unable to intimate to the people around us.
  • Wire Loop Breaking Alarm : This circuit works as a continuity tester device which tests the continuity of the wire at hand. It is an indispensable tool to check broken wires and undesired shorting of wires.
  • Rain Alarm Circuit : Rain water detector will detect the rain and make an alert; rain water detector is used in the irrigation field, home automation, communication, automobiles etc. Here is the simple and reliable circuit of rain water detector which can be constructed at low cost.
  • Automatic Plant Irrigation System : This project circuit is more useful in watering plants automatically without any human interference. It is more useful when the owner is not present in the home for few days.
  • Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit : Lead Battery is a rechargeable battery and is more useful in our real life as it will dissipate very little energy, it has very low energy to weight ratio, it can deliver high current, can work for long time with high efficiency and is very low cost.
  • Motion Detector Circuit : The motion detector is not only used as intruder alarm but also used in many applications like home automation system, energy efficiency system, etc. The motion detector will detect the motion of the people or objects and give the appropriate output according to the circuit.
  • Digital Voltmeter Circuit using ICL7107 : Here we designed a analog to digital converter working as a digital voltmeter using a low power three and half digit A/D converter ICL7107 having internal 7 segment decoders, display drivers, a reference and a clock.
  • 8 Channel Quiz Buzzer Circuit using Microcontroller : We built the circuit using a microcontroller which scans the input from push buttons and displays the corresponding number on a display device.
  • 2 Digit Up Down Counter : The main principle of this circuit is to increment the values on seven segment displays by pressing the button. This circuit can be mainly used in scoreboards.
  • Bike Turning Signal Circuit : The objective of this circuit is to indicate left or right turn for bike/vehicle. Two identical circuits are needed, one is for left and the other is for right. The main heart of this circuit is 555 timer.
  • Automatic Changeover Switch : This is a simple automatic changeover circuit in which DC load like a series of LEDs are driven either by a battery or an AC-DC power supply.
  • UP/DOWN Fading LED Lights : This is a simple up/down fading LED lights circuit which can be used in shopping malls, home and security applications.”/>
  • Police Lights using 555 Timer : This circuit simulates the police car lights by alternate flashing. This circuit flashes red LEDs for three times and blue LEDÂ’s for three times. This flashing action performs continuously. This circuit uses 555 timer and a decade counter.
  • PWM based DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller : Here is a simple DC Motor speed control circuit designed using AVR Microcontroller . Here we use a technique called PWM (pulse width modulation) to control the speed of DC motor.
  • Ding Dong Sound Generator Circuit : This is ding dong sound generator circuit is designed using 555 timer IC in astable mode. It can be used as doorbell. With some modifications, it can be used to produce different sounds. Read this post for complete details.
  • PIR Sensor Based Security Alarm : This article explains about PIR based security system in which PIR sensor is used instead of transmitter or receiver. This saves the power consumption and is low cost. This circuit can be used in the museums to protect the valuable things.
  • TV Remote Control Jammer : This proposed TV jammer circuit confuses the infrared receiver in a TV by producing the constant signal that interferes the remote control signal. If you switch on the circuit once, the TV will not receive any command from the remote. This allows you to watch your own program without anyone changing the channel or volume.
  • Super Sensitive Intruder Alarm : This circuit is designed to alert the user when an intruder enters into the home. If there is any obstacle in front of IR sensor, it generates an interrupt signal. This interrupt signal is given to the speaker to alert the user.
  • Remote Control Circuit through RF without microcontroller : Here we have used RF434 MHz modules to make wireless remote. Using this remote, we can control the appliances within the range of 100 meters. It is used for remote control applications like burglar alarm, car door alarm, calling bell, security systems, etc.
  • High and Low Voltage Cutoff with Delay and Alarm : This high and low voltage cutoff with delay alarm circuit is an advanced automatic voltage stabilizer circuit and is used to protect our home appliances. It’s cost is less as compared to voltage stabilizers.
  • Solar Battery Charger Circuit : Here is the simple circuit to charge 6V, 4.5Ah rechargeable Lead-acid battery from the solar panel. This solar charger has current and voltage regulation and also has over voltage cut off facilities. This circuit may also be used to charge any battery at constant voltage because output voltage is adjustable.
  • Car Battery Charger Circuit : This article aims to describe the principle of operation, design and working of a simple car battery charger from AC mains supply and a feedback control section to control the battery charging.
  • Simple 100W Inverter Circuit : This is a small Inverter circuit which converts the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
  • Construction of Basic Logic Gates using NOR Gate : Here, we have shown how to construct the basic logic gates – NOT, AND, OR gates using NOR Gate which is one of the universal gates.
  • Police Siren Circuit using NE555 Timer : This circuit produces a sound similar to the police siren. You may also get detailed information about pin diagram and internal block diagram of NE555 timer.
  • 100W MOSFET Power Amplifier Circuit : A power amplifier circuit using MOSFET has been designed to produce 100W output to drive a load of about 8 Ohms.
  • Intelligent Unambiguous Night Lamp Switcher : This is the circuit diagram of unambiguous night lamp switch, which turns ON our domestic lights automatically when it is dark, without human interference. It also avoids repeated frequent switching of the devices which is usually ignored in most similar circuits but may have a detrimental effect on our operating devices.
  • Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System : The main aim of this project is to operate and control the unmanned railway gate in the proper manner in order to avoid the accidents in the unmanned railway crossing.
  • LED Flasher Circuit : LED Flasher is a simple circuit which will blink the LEDs in regular time period. This circuit can be used for decoration purpose or can be used for a signaling purpose and many more.
  • Dancing Bi-Color LED Lights Circuit : Generally we use small voltage bulbs in the dancing bulbs. This circuit is mainly used in the occasions, decoration articles or in visual indication sign boards etc. In this project, we use bi-color LEDs for sequential running light.
  • Thermistor Temperature Sensing Alarm : This circuit is a temperature sensing as well as alarm circuit. The circuit raises an alarm whenever the temperature crosses a certain limit.
  • Pull Pin Security Alarm System : This circuit helps us to get alerted when anybody picks our pockets or bags. The circuit is very helpful to prevent our goods getting pick pocketed.
  • Auto Turnoff Soldering Iron Circuit : This circuit helps the soldering iron to turn off automatically when it detects overheating and thereby avoids it from getting damaged.
  • Remote Operated Alarm Circuit : This circuit rings an alarm when you point a TV remote at it and press on any button. This can be used as a calling bell to call your assistant.
  • Battery Charger Circuit Using SCR : Here is the circuit diagram of battery charger circuit using Silicon Controlled Rectifier. SCR can be used in half wave rectifier, full wave rectifier, inverter circuits, power control circuits, etc.
  • FM Bugger Circuit : Here is small circuit with which you can listen to another people conversation from long distance using the normal FM radio set. This FM bugger circuit is kept in room where you want listen the conversation. You can listen to this conversation using the normal FM radio set.
  • Battery Powered Portable Light : This circuit is more helpful in handling unexpected and undesired darkness in our homes or offices. It provides considerable amount of brightness required to do our daily tasks.
  • IR Remote Control Switch : By using this circuit, we can control any house hold appliance with the help of remote. In this project, there are two parts – one is in transmitting section and the other is in receiving section. Receiving section will be in a stable position which is connected to any load and transmitter will act as a normal remote.
  • Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle : This is simple DTMF based Cellphone controlled robotic vehicle circuit without using microcontroller. It can be used in industries and surveillance systems.
  • Human Detection Robot using 8051 Microcontroller : The main principle of the circuit is to detect the human using human detection sensor. The wireless robot is operated manually using PC. The wireless technology used here is Radio Frequency technology. The data is transmitted to receiver through RF.
  • SMS Controlled Robot : GSM controlled robot or SMS controlled robot is a wireless robot which performs the necessary actions by receiving a set of instructions in the form a Short Message Service (SMS).
  • Remote Password Operated Electronic Home Appliances : This circuit explains you how to control the electrical appliances using an Android device. Here, Bluetooth module is interfaced to 8051 microcontroller. This Bluetooth receives the commands from the Android application device using wireless communication.
  • Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle : Land mines buried under the ground causes threat to the lives and affect the economy of the nation. Detection and removing of these mines manually is a dangerous task. So, we use a metal detection robot which works on RF technology.
  • Water Level Alarm Using 555 Timer : This is a simple and low cost hardware project using a 555 timer circuit . The aim of this project is to design a water level detecting alarm with simple and low cost hardware without compromising on the performance of the device.
  • Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse Width Modulation : This pulse width modulation technique is the more efficient way to proceed to manage the speed of our DC motor manually.
  • Sun Tracking Solar Panel : This article describes about circuit that rotates solar panel. This Sun tracking solar panel consists of two LDRs, solar panel, stepper motor and ATMEGA8 Microcontroller.
  • Touch ON and OFF Switch Circuit : This Touch ON/OFF Switch circuit is more useful in such a way that we can automatically ON or OFF any switch by touching a device without moving from our place.
  • USB Mobile Charger Circuit : This circuit is useful in charging the mobiles through USB outlet present in our laptops and PCs. For the charging of your mobile phone, this circuit provides you a regulated voltage of 4.7 volts.
  • Security Alarm Circuit : This circuit helps you to guard your precious documents as well as jewellery from intruders or theft. All you need is to just place this circuit in front of the locker or below the mat so when any unknown person come and walk over the switch, the circuit will trigger and sound of alarm comes.
  • Mosquito Repellent Circuit : Here is the simple electronic mosquito repellent circuit which can produce ultrasound in the frequency range of 20-38 kHz, which can scare away mosquitoes.
  • Simple FM Radio Jammer Circuit : This is a Jammer circuit which is used to block the signals. Jammer circuit produces the high frequency signal which will confuse the receiver of particular system from receiving the signal, even though circuit is working properly, user of the system feels that circuit is not working properly.
  • Automatic Street Light Controller Circuit Using Relays and LDR : This circuit helps in automatically turn ON/OFF the street lights using relays and LDR. The whole circuit is based on IC CA3140.
  • Battery Charger Circuit : This battery charger circuit works on the principle of controlling switching of an SCR based on charging and discharging of battery.
  • PWM LED Dimmer Using NE555 : The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) plays an important role in controlling the circuits. We use this PWM to dim the intensity of light of the LED.
  • Simple Fire Alarm Circuits : Here are two simple fire alarm circuits which are used to detect the fire automatically and inform to the people immediately with an alarm.
  • Wireless Switch Circuit using CD4027 : This is a simple circuit which needs no physical contact with the appliance. In this circuit, all you need is to pass your hand above LDR to ON or OFF the switch.
  • Electronic Letter Box : This is a simple circuit which helps in finding out any letter dropped in our box by stopping the LED lights attached in this circuit.
  • Clap Switch Circuit for Devices : This is another simple but very useful circuit which helps to ON or OFF a device without moving from you place and also helps to control the speed of the electric devices like fan, etc.
  • 12v DC to 220v AC Converter Circuit : Here is a simple voltage driven inverter circuit which converts 12v DC signal to single phase 220v AC using power transistors as switching device.
  • FM Transmitter Circuit : Here we built a wireless FM transmitter which uses RF communication to transmit the medium or low power FM signal. The maximum range of transmission is around 2 km.
  • 100w Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit : Here is the circuit diagram and working of 100w subwoofer amplifier circuit. A Subwoofer is a loudspeaker which produces audio signals of low frequencies.
  • DTMF Based Home Automation System Circuit : This is a simple and very useful circuit in our real life named DTMF controlled home appliances system. It helps to control the home appliances using DTMF technology.
  • Street Lights that Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement : This article describes about the circuit that switches the street lights on detecting vehicle movement and remains off after fixed time. This system controls the street lights using light dependent resistor and PIR sensor.
  • 555 Timer IC Testing Circuit : This is a simple 555 IC testing-circuit which tests your entire 555 timer IC. So before using your IC, you may check whether your IC is good or bad by using this circuit.
  • Curtain Opener/Closer Circuit : This circuit will open and close the curtain of your home and office just by pushing a switch. So with the help of this unique circuit, we do not need to move from one place to open and close the curtain.
  • Variable Power Supply and Charger : This is a circuit which helps to check or test your electronic projects and also to charge the Mobile phone batteries. This circuit can also work as an emergency light.
  • LED Running Lights Circuit : This is a simple circuit consists of 9 LED lights in knight rider scanner mode. It will present an eye catching look as the LED initially travel in the one way and then travel reverse in the similar direction.
  • Luggage Security Alarm : This is a simple alarm circuit which helps in ringing a warning alarm when someone tries to steal the luggage.
  • 9 Way Clap Switch Circuit : This circuit helps you to manage your appliances in your home by just clap without moving from your bed.
  • 12V to 24V DC Converter Circuit : This is another kind of circuit which helps to convert 12V DC current to 24V DC current.
  • 230V LED Driver : Here we design a simple circuit driving a series of LED from 230V AC. This is accomplished using a capacitor based power supply. This is a low cost and efficient circuit and can be used at homes.
  • 3X3X3 LED Cube : This is a simple a simple LED cube circuit designed without using microcontroller. It is based on the principle of driving LEDs using the clock pulses.
  • Monostable Multivibrator Circuit Operation : Here is the monostable multivibrator circuit diagram and working. Multivibrator is an electronic circuit which will work as two stage amplifier operating in both stable and astable mode.
  • Interfacing16X2 LCD with PIC Microcontroller : This is a circuit which helps in interfacing 16×2 LCD to PIC18F4550 microcontroller which is of family PIC18F.
  • 555 Timer in Monostable Multivibrator Mode : The circuit is triggered by a falling edge, that is, by a sudden transition from HIGH to LOW. The trigger pulse, produced by pressing the button, must be of shorter duration than the intended output pulse.
  • 555 Timer as an Astable Multivibrator : In this circuit, There are three resistors named R inside it and all have equal values. These form a voltage divider having reference voltages of 1/3 and 2/3 of Vcc (the power supply). The logic state of the flip flop is controlled by the reference voltage which is given to one of the inputs of both two comparators.
  • Mains Operated LED Light Circuit : This is a simple circuit which is more useful to save our resources, energy and money by installing in your homes.
  • LED Lamp Dimmer Circuit : In this circuit, at the starting LED glows slowly, then grown brighter and once again slowly it became dim. The basis of the whole circuit is an operational amplifier IC named LM358.
  • Variable Voltage Power Supply from Fixed Voltage Regulator : This Voltage regulator circuit is used to get fixed voltage at the output without depending on the input voltage.
  • LED Christmas Lights Circuit : This is a simple circuit used to decorate your house by building christmas lights using LEDs. The lights will get ON at night and OFF in morning time.
  • Audio Equalizer Circuit : The circuit is used to change the tune/melody into a different pitch level by devoid of loss in the tune. It is mainly useful to music lovers.
  • Air Flow Detector Circuit : This Air flow detector circuit can be used to detect the flow of air in areas like car engine. It can also be used as temperature detector.
  • 150W Power Amplifier Circuit : Here we designed a power amplifier circuit using push pull class AB configuration to derive a power of 150W to drive a load of 8 Ohms (speaker).
  • 7 Segment LED Display Decoder : This is the circuit diagram of display decoder which is used to convert a BCD or binary code into a 7 segment code used to operate a 7 segment LED display.
  • Digital Temperature Sensor : The main principle of this circuit is to display the digital temperature value. These are mainly used in environmental applications.
  • Digital Stopwatch Circuit : This is a simple circuit that displays count from 0 to 59, representing a 60 second time interval. It consists of a 555 timer to produce the clock pulses and two counter ICs to carry out the counting operation.
  • Toy Organ using 555 Timer IC : This is the circuit diagram of simple Toy Piano using 555 Timer IC. It produces different tones or sounds depending on the frequency range.
  • RFID based Attendance System : This simple RFID based attendance system is designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller and is mainly used in educational institutions, industries, etc. where authentication is needed.
  • Low Power Audio Amplifier using 555 Timer : This is a simple low power audio amplification circuit designed using 555 timer. It can be used to develop low power music systems used in vehicles.
  • Interfacing 16X2 LCD to AVR Microcontroller : This is a circuit which helps in interfacing 16X2 LCD with AVR Microcontroller. The Atmega16 belongs to the AVR microcontroller family.
  • Polarity cum Continuity Tester : With the help of this circuit, we can also identify whether the components we are using in our circuit are good or bad before mounting them on the PCB.
  • Reaction Timer Game Circuit : This is a simple and funny game circuit which contains 10 LEDs that are moving in an arbitrary fashion and we have to target a particular LED given by your challenger.
  • Understanding 7805 IC Voltage Regulator : This is a circuit diagram of 7805 IC which is a 5v DC regulated IC. It is very flexible and is employed in many circuits like a voltage regulator.
  • Basic Logic Gates Using NAND Gate : We are all well known that NOT, AND, OR are the basic logic gates. Here we have shown how to design these basic logic gates using one of the universal gates – NAND Gate.
  • Dummy Alarm Circuit : The main principle of the circuit is to flash an LED for every 5 seconds. The circuit consists of 7555 timer IC as main component.
  • Reverse Parking Sensor Circuit : If you are a new driver then it is very difficult to judge the distance while parking the car. Reverse parking sensor circuit solves this problem by indicating the distance with the help of three LEDÂ’s. We can easily arrange this system at the back side of the car.
  • Automatic LED Emergency Light Circuit : This is the simple and cost effective automatic emergency light circuit with light sensing. This system charges from main supply and gets activated when main supply is turned OFF. This emergency lamp will work for more than 8 hours.
  • One Transistor Electronic Code Lock System : The main principle of this circuit is that the door lock opens only when the buttons are pressed in an order. The transistor and diode plays a main role in the circuit.
  • Automatic Battery Charger : This charger automatically shut off the charging process when battery attains full charge. This prevents the deep charge of the battery. If the battery voltage is below the 12V, then circuit automatically charges the battery.
  • Light Activated Switch Circuit : The main principle of this circuit is to switch ON the light when the LDR is illuminated. This circuit can be used in security applications like when there is darkness on the LDR, it stops lighting.
  • Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit : This is a simple spy robot circuit which can be controlled by the remote. The maximum controllable range is 125 meters. It is used to observe the behavior of wild animals where human beings cannot reach.
  • Digital Voltmeter using 8051 Microcontroller : This is a simple digital voltmeter circuit designed using 8051 microcontroller. This circuit measures the input voltage from 0V to 5V. Here, the input voltage should be DC voltage to get the accurate output on LCD.
  • Ultrasonic Rangefinder using 8051 : This circuit explains you how to measure the distance using 8051 microcontroller. This ultrasonic range finder system measures the distance up to 2.5 meters at accuracy of 1 cm.
  • Stepper Motor Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller : The main principle of this circuit is to rotate the stepper motor step wise at a particular step angle. The ULN2003 IC is used to drive the stepper motor as the controller cannot provide current required by the motor.
  • Frequency Counter Circuit : Here we design a simple frequency counter system using two timers and two counters. While one of the Timer IC is used to produce clock signals, the other is used to produce the time limited signal of one second.
  • Interfacing 7 Segment Display to 8051 : This article describes you how to interface seven segments to AT89C51 microcontroller. This system displays the digits from 0 to 9 continuously with a predefined delay.
  • LC Meter using 555 Timer : This is a simple LC Meter circuit designed using 555 Timer and 8051 microcontroller. It is mainly used to measure value of a reactive element like a capacitor or an inductor.
  • TV Transmitter Circuit : The main principle of this circuit is to transmit the audio and video signals. Here audio signals are frequency modulated and video signals are PAL modulated. These modulated signals are applied for the antenna.
  • DC Motor Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller : Here is a simple but very useful circuit in our real life named interfacing DC motor with 8051 microcontroller. It describes you how to control the DC motor using AT89C51 controller.
  • Stun Gun Circuit : This Stun gun circuit is mostly used as a weapon to stun or send shock waves to the target with the intention to weaken or paralyze it.
  • LED Interfacing with 8051 : The main principle of this circuit is to interface LEDs to the 8051 family micro controller. Commonly, used LEDs will have voltage drop of 1.7v and current of 10mA to glow at full intensity. This is applied through the output pin of the microcontroller.
  • Wailing Siren Circuit : The main principle of this circuit is to produce a wailing siren. The 555 timer IC is operated in astable mode. When the switch is pressed, speaker produces high pitch siren and when it is released, its pitch decreases and is switched off after 30 seconds.
  • Audio Tone Control Circuit : This article explains you how to design an audio tone control circuit with the gain of around 25. This design needs less number of components and it is cost effective.
  • FM Remote Encoder/Decoder Circuit : This is a simple post which shows you how to design FM remote encoder and decoder circuit using RF600E and RF600D ICs. This pair of encoder and decoder ICs establishes the communication with high level security. The operating voltage of these ICs is from 2V to 6.6V DC.
  • Wireless Mobile Battery Charger Circuit : This circuit mainly works on the principle of mutual inductance. This circuit may be used as wireless power transfer circuit, wireless mobile charger circuit, wireless battery charger circuit, etc.
  • Battery Level Indicator : This article explains you how design battery level indicator. You can use this circuit to check car battery or inverter. So by using this circuit, we can increase the lifetime of battery.
  • FM Radio Circuit : FM Radio circuit is the simple circuit that can be tuned to the required frequency locally. This article describes the circuit of FM radio circuit. This is a pocket sized radio circuit.
  • LED Lamp Circuit using USB Port : This is a simple USB LED Light circuit which produces an output of 5v. It may be used as emergency light and also as a reading lamp.
  • Interfacing GPS with 8051 Microcontroller : In this interfacing of GPS with 8051 circuit, GPS module calculates the position by reading the signals that are transmitted by satellites.
  • How to Interface Real Time Clock with PIC18F : Get an idea about RTC, PIC Microcontroller pin diagram and how to interface RTC with PIC18F. RTC is an integrated circuit which keeps track of current time.
  • Random Number Generator using 8051 : This circuit helps to generate a random number in between 0 to 100 when push button is pressed and it may be used in the games like monopoly, snake ladder.
  • Active Audio Crossover Circuit : Audio crossover is an electronic filter used in audio applications to send the appropriate signal to the speakers or drivers. This circuit is used in HiFi audio systems to separate the frequency bands from audio signal.
  • IR Audio Link Circuit : This simple IR audio link circuit is used to transmit audio signals wirelessly. This IR audio link is able transmit audio signals up to 4 meters.
  • Cellphone Controlled Home Appliances : This mobile controlled home automation system is designed without using microcontroller. We can also control a robot using this technology by making some modifications.
  • Variable Voltage Power Supply : This helps to design a variable power supply circuit which will provide 0 to 28V at 6 to 8 amps. It can be used in various power amplifiers and oscillators to provide DC supply.
  • Digital Clock using 8051 : This circuit displays the time on LCD. For this clock, we can set the time at any instant. Here the clock works in 24 hour mode and the RTC chip is configured by programming 8051 controller.
  • GSM Interfacing with 8051 : The main principle of this circuit is to interface a GSM modem with the microcontroller. The microcontroller used is AT89C51 microcontroller.
  • Multi Channel Audio Mixer Circuit : This audio mixing circuit has 2 MIC inputs and 2 line inputs. If you want to increase the input channels according to the application then add same circuit in parallel with the existing circuit.
  • Puff to OFF LED Circuit : The main principle of the circuit is to turn off the LED by a puff. The puff applied to the mic is converted into a voltage whose value is very small. This voltage is amplified and applied to the circuit in order to make the led turn off.
  • Biometric Attendance System : The main aim of this circuit is to take the attendance using biometric method and display when requested. This can be used in educational institutions, industries, etc.
  • Light Activated Alarm Circuit : The main principle of this circuit is to produce sound depending on the light intensity falling on the circuit. As the light intensity falling on the circuit increases, it produces pulses with more duration and thus producing more sound. The main part of the circuit is 555 timer IC.
  • Electronic Eye Controlled Security System : This is a simple electronic eye controlled security system circuit designed using 7805 voltage regulator and LDR. It is used in security applications.
  • 10 LED VU Meter Circuit : VU Meters are used in many applications like discotheques to measure the level of audio signals. Here is the circuit diagram and working of LED VU Meter.
  • Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM : This wireless electronic notice board using GSM Technology and microcontroller circuit is used to display the data on LCD whatever we sent from the mobile.
  • Working of light dependent resistor
  • Wireless Remote to Control 255 Different Appliances Individually
  • Wireless motor control through RF
  • Wireless message Communication Between Two Computers
  • Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using GSM
  • Wireless Control Of Robotic Arm
  • Wireless Audio Transmitter for TV
  • Water Tank Overflow Alarm
  • Water Sensor Circuit
  • War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera
  • Voltage Doubler Circuit Using IC 4049
  • Voltage boost by using a resistor with 78XX
  • Voice Controlled WheelChair
  • Visually Camouflaged Vehicles for Military Purposes
  • Visual Monitoring and Alerting System for Restricted Areas
  • Vision Operated Home Automation For the Physically Disabled
  • Video Activated Relay to Control the Load
  • Vibration Alert System for the Deaf
  • Velocity Detector Using Ultrasonic Means
  • Vehicle Indicator
  • Variable power supply and charger with emergency light
  • Using TV Remote as a Cordless Mouse for the Computer
  • User Defined String Display and Marquee Scrolling using LED Array
  • UPFC Unified Power Factor Control
  • Unique Office Communication System Using RF
  • Understanding Decade Counter CD4017
  • Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
  • UM3561 IC Based Security Alarm
  • Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker
  • Turn ON at Night Light Controller with Single Sensor Ambiguity Elimination
  • Tsunami Detection and Social Broadcast System
  • Transistor based Security Alarm
  • Transistor Based Secret Bell
  • Transistor as audio amplifier
  • Transformerless Low Loss DC Converter
  • Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle for Stores Management
  • Touch Screen Based Industrial Load Switching
  • Touch Screen Based Home Automation System
  • Touch Controlled Load Switch
  • Tone generator Circuit Diagram
  • Toggle switch using CD4017
  • Toggle flip flop using CD4013
  • Timer Circuit using IC CD 4060
  • Timer Circuit using IC 4026
  • Timer Based Code Lock
  • Timed Switch With User Defined ON and OFF Intervals
  • Time Delay Based Relay Operated Load
  • Thyristor Power Control by IR Remote
  • Thyristor Controlled Power for Induction Motor
  • Thumb Sized Adjustable Voltage Step Up Circuit
  • Three Phase Solid State Relay with ZVS
  • Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise
  • Thermistor Based Temperature Control
  • Theft Intimation of Vehicle Over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine Remotely
  • Text to Speech Conversion For Indian Languages
  • Temperature Broadcaster to Twitter Using Arduino Ethernet Interface
  • Tampered Energy Meter Information Conveyed to Concerned Authority by Wireless Communication
  • Synchronized Traffic Signals at Various Junctions Using PIC Microcontroller
  • SVPWM Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation
  • Suitcase Security Alarm
  • Step Up 6 Volt DC to 10 Volt DC Using 555 Timer
  • Stamp Value Calculator for Postage Needs
  • Staircase Light That Turns ON and OFF Automatically When Required
  • Spell Effect Sign Display Circuit
  • Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors in Industries
  • Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways
  • Sound Operated Switch
  • Sound Operated LED
  • Sound Generation using 555
  • Sound generation in audio range
  • Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
  • Solar Powered Auto irrigation System
  • Solar Power Charge Controller
  • Solar mobile phone charger circuit
  • Solar Energy Measurement System
  • Smooth Start of a Single Phase Induction Motor
  • Sleep Sensing and Alerting System for Drivers
  • Single Wheeled Self Balancing Bot
  • Single switch motor on/off.. Clockwise/anticlockwise
  • Sine Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM)
  • Simple AC to DC converter using bridge rectifier
  • Short Range Ultrasonic Radar With Distance Measuring Capabilities
  • Shadow Counter Solar Powered Long Range Communication System using Microwave Devices
  • Shadow Alarm using LDR
  • Self Switching Power Supply
  • Seismic sensor
  • Security System With User Changeable Password
  • Security System Using Smartcard Technology
  • Security Alarm for Doors, Almirah, cupboards using Opam
  • Secure room access system
  • Secret Code Enabled Secure Communication Using RF Technology
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) for Remote Industrial Plant
  • Safety Alarm Circuit
  • RFID security access control system
  • RFID Based Passport Details
  • RFID Based Paid Car Parking
  • RFID Based Door Access Control
  • RFID Based Device Control and Authentication Using PIC Microcontroller
  • RF Electrically Directional Antenna Based Tracking System
  • RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle With Laser Beam Arrangement
  • RF Controlled Hovercraft
  • RF based Wireless Remote Control
  • RF based Intruder Alarm
  • RF Based Home Automation System
  • RF based Fire Alarm (Overheat Alarm)
  • Remote Tester Circuit
  • Remote Controlled Toy Car
  • Remote Control For Home Appliances
  • Reminder Alarm
  • Relay operation using Darlington Pair
  • Relay control through mic
  • Relay control by sound
  • Relay activation using TSOP 1738
  • Refrigerator Door Alarm
  • Raspberry Based Home Automation
  • Random Number Generator Using 7 Segment Display
  • Railway Track Security System
  • Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through SMS by the Station Master or the Driver
  • Quadracopter with Video transmission Ability
  • Quadracopter with Six Degrees of Freedom and Obstacle Avoidance Built in Pulse Counter Fed with Infrared Pulses
  • Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work
  • Programmable Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department
  • Programmable Energy Meter for Electrical Load Survey
  • Programmable AC Power Control
  • Pre-programmed Digital Scrolling Message System
  • Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor
  • Precision Current Source With Keypad interface to Select the current
  • Precise Illumination Control of Lamp
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control
  • Pre Stampede Monitoring and Alarm System
  • Pre Set Off Timer
  • Power failure alarm
  • Post Encryption Data Scrambling For Maximum Data Security random order
  • Portable Programmable Medication Reminder
  • Porch Light (Auto Turn Off Light) Circuit Diagram
  • Pocket CRO using Android
  • Pin-Pong Ball Board for Eye Catching Marketing
  • Piezo sensor as output
  • Piezo sensor as input
  • Pick N Place with Soft Catching Gripper
  • Phase Sequence Checker for Three Phase Supply
  • Phase Preserving Image Denoising for Maximum Noise Removal
  • Periodically Turning On & Off Mosquito Repellent Circuit Diagram
  • PC Temperature Controller
  • PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board
  • PC Based Wireless Appliance Control
  • PC Based Electrical Load Control
  • Password Based Circuit Breaker
  • Parked Vehicle Indicator
  • Parallel Telephone Lines with Security System
  • Parallel Port Based Home Automation on Linux
  • Panic Sensing and Spontaneous Stabilization System for Cars to avoid Accidents
  • Overheat/Overcooling circuit breaker
  • Over Voltage or Under Voltage Tripping Mechanism
  • Optimum Energy Management System
  • Opamp as comparator
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle
  • Object Detection by Ultrasonic Means
  • Object Counter with 7 Segment Display
  • Number Guessing Game
  • Notepad Lamp
  • Non inverting amplifier
  • Night Lamp with Timer for Stairs
  • Networking of Multiple Microcontrollers
  • Negative supply using 555 IC
  • NE 555 Timer based Automatic Headlight
  • Music (Data) transfer by IR
  • Multi-Utility Flashing Light
  • Multitone Generator Circuit
  • Multipurpose Timer With Musical Alarm
  • Multimeter Using Android Smartphone
  • Multi Color Lighting
  • Movement Sensed Automatic Door Opening System
  • Motion Detector
  • Mobile Phone Sniffer With Over 10 Meter Range Using An Ultrasonic Device as Antenna
  • Minimizing Penalty in Industrial Power Consumption by Engaging APFC Unit
  • Miniature Photonic Rat Bot
  • Miniature Disguised Location Transmitter for Military Spying
  • Military Grade Video based Steganography
  • Microscope Using A Smartphone
  • Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle
  • MATLAB based Landscape Surveillance System
  • Magic Eye using 555 Timer IC
  • Magic Eye Circuit Using 4049 IC
  • Low pass filter
  • Low Cost Touch Screen For Instant Drawing And Presentations
  • Long range IR
  • Long Range FM Transmitter with Audio Modulation
  • Location Mapping Ariel Vehicle
  • Location Mapping and Routing System for the Blind With GPS Support
  • Location Broadcaster Using Arduino Ethernet Interface
  • Liquid level Alarm
  • Lighting Controller Counts How Many People are in a Room
  • Light sensor using photodiode
  • Light detector
  • Light dependent frequency variation using LDR
  • Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Loads by Down Counter
  • LED Lamp Using CA3140 IC
  • LED Based Pendulum Circuit
  • LDR Based Automatic Lamp
  • Lamp Life Extender by ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching)
  • IR Obstacle Detection to Actuate Load
  • IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • Invisible Image Watermarking in Python
  • Inverting amplifier with signal feedback
  • Inverting amplifier using 741
  • Interfacing 4026 with 7 segment display
  • Intelligent Bot Network for Area Monitoring and reporting
  • Integrated Energy Management System Based on GSM Protocol with Acknowledge
  • Infrared (IR) sensor
  • Industrial Temperature Controller
  • Industrial Power Control by Integral Cycle Switching without Generating Harmonics
  • Industrial Battery Charger by Thyristor Firing Angle Control
  • Induction Motor Protection System
  • Incoming Phone Ring Light Flasher
  • Image Watermarking Using Python
  • IC555 based Multicolor LED Lamp Circuit Diagram
  • IC 555 Based Message Display Circuit
  • Humidity Detector Circuit
  • Home Automation Using Digital Control
  • Hit the Target Game
  • High Voltage DC Upto 2kv from AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  • High Voltage DC by Marx Generator Principles
  • Hidden Active Cell Phone Detector
  • H-bridge using transistor
  • Hardware Level Bit tracing and Data Interpolating Forensic System
  • Hardware Authentication Dongle with Fingerprint Recognition
  • GSM Based Monthly Energy Meter Billing via SMS
  • GSM Based Energy Meter Reading with Load Control
  • GPS enabled Quadracopter
  • Gesture Operated Wheel Chair
  • Generating time delay with 555 IC
  • Full range centigrade temperature sensor
  • Frequency Counter Using Smartphone
  • Four Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control with Microcontroller
  • Four Quadrant DC Motor Control without Microcontroller
  • Flip Flop based Staircase Switch
  • Flash Memory with Self Destroy Master Lock
  • Flash Flood Intimation Over GSM Network
  • Fixed voltage power supply
  • Fire Powered Mini Portable Power Supply
  • Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
  • Finger Print Based Security System
  • Fastest Finger Press Quiz Buzzer
  • FACTs by SVC (flexible ac transmission)
  • FACTs (flexible ac transmission) by TSR
  • Facebook Connected Arduino And Intelligent Event Reporting
  • Fabrics That Generate Energy using Dye Based Solar Cells
  • Electronic Timer Circuit
  • Electronic Thermometer for Beverage Temperature Measurement
  • Electronic Soft Start for 3 Phase Induction Motor
  • Electronic Number Game
  • Electronic Notepad
  • Electronic Nose to Indicate gas Leakage in Underground Mines and Industries
  • Electronic Eye Controlled Security System
  • Electronic Dog to Sense The Proximity of a Specific Purpose
  • Electronic Code Locking System
  • Electronic alarm for cash box, lockers
  • Electromagnetic Climbing Robots for Industries
  • Easy to Use Automatic Light Controller to Turn ON Lights In Dark
  • Dual converter Using Thyristors
  • DTMF Decoder
  • DTMF Based Load Control System
  • DTMF Based Car Lock System
  • DNA Based Mathematical Calculator
  • Distance Measurement by Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Display System used in Restaurant
  • Display of Dialed Telephone Numbers on Seven Segment Displays
  • Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
  • Discotheque Light Stroboscopic Flasher
  • Differential amplifier
  • Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Failure on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond Acceptable Range
  • Darkness Detector Alarm
  • Cyclo Converter Using Thyristors
  • Continuous Speech to Text Conversion for Indian Languages
  • Continuous Speech Processing Using Python
  • Contactless Liquid Level Controller
  • Comprehensive Threat Detection for Offices
  • Combinatorial Digital Circuit Logic Determining Device
  • Color distinguished using LDR/Color sensor using LDR
  • Coin Toss/Flip Simulator Circuit
  • Closed Loop Control for a Brushless DC Motor to Run at the Exactly Entered Speed
  • Clock with LED pendulum with tick tock sound
  • Cell Phone Operated Land Rover
  • Cell Phone Based DTMF Controlled Garage Door Opening System
  • CD4049 Based LED torch
  • CD4001 IC based Lighting System
  • CD 4060IC based Message Display Circuit
  • CD 4060 Based Security Alarm
  • CD 4027 Based Emergency Lighting System
  • CD 4013 Based Two Way Switch
  • CD 4013 based Sound Sensing Module
  • Car Reverse Horn
  • Camouflaged Voice Recording and Transmitting System
  • Burglar alarm based Home Security System
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot
  • BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Display
  • bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device
  • Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller
  • Bathroom Light Off Timer
  • Background Interpolation for Selective Image Cancellation
  • AVR based Heart Rate Monitoring System With Health level Indicator
  • Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients
  • Automatic Wash Basin Tap Controller
  • Automatic Vehicle Image Capturing When Overriding traffic lights
  • Automatic Threshold Detection System for Phase Preserving Image Denoising
  • Automatic Surveillance Camera Panning System from PC
  • Automatic Star Delta Starter Using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor
  • Automatic Speed Regulation Depending On Incoming Vehicle On High Ways (Fuel Injection)
  • Automatic Solar Tracker
  • Automatic solar street light controller
  • Automatic Road Level Detection And Alerting System for Cars
  • Automatic Power OFF timer for CD player
  • Automatic light/dark indicator
  • Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm
  • Automatic Light Beam Shifting Of Vehicles On High Ways
  • Automatic Heat Detector
  • Automatic Fan Speed Regulator
  • Automatic Exhaust Fan Control Coupled To Gas Leak Detection
  • Automatic Elevator Light and Fan Controller
  • Automatic Dialing to Any Telephone Using I2C Protocol on Detecting Burglary
  • Automated Vehicle Identification and Toll-Pass System.
  • Automated Traffic Signal Controller
  • Automated Car Parking System
  • Auto turn off battery charger
  • Auto Selection of Any Available Phase, in 3 Phase Supply System
  • Auto Power Supply Control from 4 Different Sources: Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter to Ensure No Break Power
  • Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations
  • Auto charging grinding machine with solar power
  • Auto Braking System For Cars Detecting Momentum and Road Irregularities
  • Audio Amplifier using Opamp
  • ATmega644 JTAG Debugger
  • Ariel Red Herrings to Mislead Missile Tracking Systems
  • Arduino Ethernet Interface for Industrial Automation
  • Arduino Based World Intelligent Event Detection and Alert System with Network Interface
  • Arduino based Waveform Generator For Electronics Laboratory
  • Arduino Based Swarm Bots
  • Arduino Based Online Database Interfacing
  • Arduino Based Earthquake Detection Social Network Broadcast system
  • Anti Theft Alarm for Bikes
  • Android Controlled Wheel Chair for the Physically Handicapped
  • Android Based Waveform Generator
  • Android Based Waveform Analyser
  • Amplifier for Musical ICs
  • AES256 bit Highly Encrypted Image Steganography
  • AES128 Encrypted hardware Lock Using AVR ATMEGA-16
  • Active high trigger for 555 in monostable mode
  • Accident Detection and Avoidance System Using Doppler Radar Interfaced with ATMEGA16
  • A Swarm of Mutually Interacting Metal Detecting Robots For Scanning the Area
  • A Multiple Bots Operated with a Single Base Station
  • 90 Second Timer
  • 555 Timer As Amplifier
  • 4 Player Quiz Buzzer
  • 3D Notice Board using LED Cube
  • 2 to 4 Amp arduino Based Motor Shield

You may also get an idea about some other projects by visiting the following links:

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Cadance can be used

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Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse Width Modulation –

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sorry, we don’t provide any pdf at the moment. but, you can find all the details about these listed projects like construction, program, components list, and output video in the corresponding page.

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