1. The “ifconfig” Command in Linux [6+ Practical Examples]

    how to add ipv6 address using ifconfig

  2. Adding an IPv4 or IPv6 address in CentOS 6.x

    how to add ipv6 address using ifconfig

  3. How to add an IPv4 or IPv6 address in Debian

    how to add ipv6 address using ifconfig

  4. Adding an IPv4 or IPv6 address in CentOS 7

    how to add ipv6 address using ifconfig

  5. Configure DHCPv6 for Linux VMs

    how to add ipv6 address using ifconfig

  6. Adding an IPv4 or IPv6 address in CentOS 7

    how to add ipv6 address using ifconfig


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  1. Chapter 6. Configuring IPv6 addresses

    There are different ways to configure an IPv6 address on an interface. You can use use "ifconfig" or "ip".

  2. 2. Add an IPv6 address

    Adding an IPv6 address is similar to the mechanism of "IP ALIAS" addresses in Linux IPv4 addressed interfaces.

  3. Configuring IPv6 addresses

    There are different ways to configure an IPv6 address on an interface. You can use use "ifconfig" or "ip".

  4. How do I add an additional IPv6 address to /etc/network/interfaces?

    The following code instructs the ifupdown suite to use stateless autoconfiguration and two additional static IPv6 addresses for the eth0 network interface: address 2001:db8::dead:beef. netmask 64. address 2001:db8::c0de:d00d. netmask 64. This is the "proper" answer - for IPv6 and IPv4!

  5. Ubuntu Linux Add Static IPv6 Address Network Configuration

    Test IPv6 Configuration. To see your IPv6 address, enter: # ifconfig eth0 # ip -6 address show eth0 Display kernel IPv6 routing table: # netstat -nr -6 Ping to ipv6 enabled site such as (or # ping6 Sample Output

  6. Linux ifconfig Command Explained With 19 Practical Examples

    The ifconfig command allows users to associate additional IP addresses with an interface using an IP alias. Create an alias IP with the following command: sudo ifconfig [interface_name]:[alias_number] [alias_IP] Note that the alias IP must belong to the same netmask. For example, the IP address for enp0s3 is

  7. Linux IPv6 HowTo Guide

    Using "ifconfig" 6.2. Add an IPv6 address 6.2.1. Using "ip" 6.2.2. Using "ifconfig" 6.3. Removing an IPv6 address 6.3.1. Using "ip" 6.3.2. Using "ifconfig" There are different ways to configure an IPv6 address on an interface. You can use use "ifconfig" or "ip". Prev: Home: Next: Bringing interfaces up/down : Displaying existing IPv6 addresses

  8. Configuring an IPv6 address in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8

    If the IPV6_AUTOCONF variable is set to yes, then the SLAAC method is used to configure the host's IPv6 address by using the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP).The technique applied here is the one explained in the previous article's Multicast section, where there is an exchange of client solicitation and router advertisement ICMPv6 messages.

  9. Red Hat / CentOS Add IPv6 Network Alias (multiple IPv6 IP to ...

    Save and close the file. Restart networking: # /etc/init.d/network restart Test your connectivity using ping6 and other tools: $ /sbin/ifconfig $ /sbin/ifconfig eth0 | less $ ping6 2607:f0d0:1002:11::15 You may need to setup simple or complicated IPv6 firewall. 🥺 Was this helpful? Please add a comment to show your appreciation or feedback.

  10. FreeBSD Configure IPv6 Networking / Static IP Address

    Use ifconfig command as follows to assign an IP address: # ifconfig {interface-name} inet6 {IPv6-Address} prefixlen {routed-bit} # ifconfig le0 inet6 001:470:1e04:5ea::10 prefixlen 64 To add a default router, enter: # route -n add -inet6 default {IPv6-Router-IP} # route -n add -inet6 default 2001:470:1e04:5ea::1

  11. Linux ifconfig Command

    With the ifconfig command, you can assign an IP address and netmask to a network interface. Use the following syntax to assign the IP address and netmask: ifconfig [interface-name] [ip-address] netmask [subnet-mask] For example, to assign the IP address 192.168..101 and netmask 255.255.. to the interface eth0, you would run:

  12. How to get the IPv6 IP address in Linux

    3. Use the following command to view your IP address on Linux : ifconfig. Normally, Ipv6 address looks like 2001:5c0:9168::/48 . If you are facing any conflict in your IP, follow the below steps to set an IP address again: To assign IPv6 IPs, make sure you have the iproute2 tools installed.

  13. How to add an IPv6 address?

    The scope of an IPv6 host/interface address is one of the following: Local-Link: An address out of the fe80::/64 range. As the prefix is always fe80:0:0:0, there is no distinct separation of layer 3 networks and therefore this address is only used for communication in the current layer 2 segment of the connected LAN.

  14. How to configure ipv6 address in Linux (RHEL / CentOS 7/8)

    Select Edit a Connection and click on Ok. Next look out for your Ethernet card on which you wish to configure IPv6 address. If your NIC card does not appear on the list then you can add a new device. Since for me my device ( eno50) exists, so I will select the device and select Edit.

  15. 1. Displaying existing IPv6 addresses

    Displaying existing IPv6 addresses. First you should check, whether and which IPv6 addresses are already configured (perhaps auto-magically during stateless auto-configuration). Just note that addresses beginning with "fec0" are deprecated, but shown here for completness! 1.1. Using "ip". Usage: Example for a static configured host: Example ...

  16. How do I configure a network interface for IPv6?

    The following parameter is needed when configuring IPv6: IPV6INIT=yes Address. You can add an IPv6 address with: IPV6ADDR=<IPv6 address>[/<prefix length>] For example: IPV6ADDR=fe80::2/64 The prefix is optional. Gateway. You can add the IPv6 gateway with: IPV6_DEFAULTGW=<IPv6 address[%interface]> For example: IPV6_DEFAULTGW=fe80::1/64

  17. How to check IPv6 address via command line?

    1. If you want to find the public IPv6 address you can do this with the dig command and then pipe the result into the sed command to remove the closing quotes. dig -6 TXT +short | sed 's|"||g'. Another alternative is using the curl command and pulling the IP address from a URL such as OpenDNS'.

  18. How to Find Your IP Address in Linux

    In Linux, you can view the private IP addresses of your system using the ifconfig or ip addr commands. For example: ifconfig. or. ip addr Different Ways to Find Your Private IP Address in Linux. 1) Using `hostname` to Find Your IP Address in Linux. The -I option with the hostname command can be used to display the private IP address of your ...

  19. How to assign multiple IPv6 Alias addresses to one network interface

    What I actually need to do is assign full ipv6 range to the single NIC as alias ip's in one go. I can do this with below command. [root@test ~]# for ip in {4..10}; do /sbin/ifconfig eth0:1 inet6 add 2001:0df3:3c00::${ip}/64; done. Also after I run this command, I see my ipv6 ip's with ifconfig command as below but only the main IPv6 ping's and ...

  20. How to set a static IP Address from the Command Line in GNU/Linux using

    Im a beginner of Linux i tried to change static IP on ubuntu server 20.04 server in the method of below command, It has changing my IP and get pinging but after restarting NO IP showing on ifconfig. or ip a . waiting for your valuable reply. sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask; sudo route add default gw eth0;

  21. Why do I get multiple global IPv6 addresses listed in ifconfig?

    Outgoing connections will use the privacy address, unless configured otherwise. You can also still receive incoming connections on the MAC address based IPv6 address. This is all done to give you lots of flexibility. If you want you could add even more addresses. PS: another tool to see IPv6 addresses is.

  22. How to assign an IPv6 address to an interface

    Stop running away from this, request and assign an IPv6 address to an external interface to make content available over both IPv4 and IPv6. Assign an IPv6 address to an interface using ip utility. $ ip -6 address add 2A00:0C98:2060:A000:0001:0000:1d1e:ca75/64 dev eth0. Use the same tool to configure the default route.

  23. How do I assign IPv6 addresses manually?

    If you wish, you would in Windows set a computer's static IPv6 inside Start > Network > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Setting , right-click on the Ethernet connection IPv6 and choose Properties, right-click "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" and click on Properties, the set "Use the following IPv6 address".