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How to Effectively Use SIMS MIS for Attendance Management

In today’s fast-paced world, managing attendance is a crucial task for any educational institution or organization. To streamline this process, many schools and universities use SIMS MIS (Management Information System). SIMS MIS is a powerful tool that can help you manage everything from attendance records to student data. In this article, we will discuss how to effectively use SIMS MIS for attendance management.

Understanding SIMS MIS

SIMS MIS is a comprehensive system that allows you to manage all aspects of your school’s operations. It includes features such as student data management, staff management, and financial management. The attendance module in SIMS MIS allows you to track attendance on a daily basis and generate reports that can be used for analysis.

Setting Up Attendance in SIMS MIS

To effectively use the attendance module in SIMS MIS, you need to set it up correctly. The first step is to create an academic year and set up the timetable for each class. Once you have done this, you can start recording attendance by marking students present or absent.

It is important to note that SIMS MIS allows you to record different types of absences such as authorized absence, unauthorized absence, and late arrival. You can also add notes about specific absences such as illness or appointments.

Analyzing Attendance Data

Once you have recorded attendance data in SIMS MIS, you can generate reports that provide valuable insights into student behavior and overall school performance. For example, you can generate reports that show the percentage of students who are absent on a particular day or the number of days missed by individual students.

These reports can help identify patterns in student behavior and allow teachers and administrators to take appropriate action. For example, if a particular student has a high number of absences due to illness, the school may need to provide additional support or accommodations.

Improving Attendance with SIMS MIS

SIMS MIS can be used to improve attendance by setting up alerts for students who have a high number of absences or are consistently late. These alerts can be sent to teachers or parents, allowing them to take action and address the issue.

Additionally, SIMS MIS can be used to set up rewards programs for students who have good attendance records. For example, students with perfect attendance for a term could receive a certificate or be entered into a prize draw.

In conclusion, SIMS MIS is a powerful tool that can help educational institutions manage attendance effectively. By understanding how to set up and use the attendance module in SIMS MIS, schools can improve student behavior and overall school performance.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


how to do homework sims 4 university


How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

Posted in Guides

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It seems that no matter where you are, homework is an unavoidable part of life. Even your Sims can’t escape it. While boring, homework is an essential part of your younger Sim’s development and will help them land great jobs when they’re older. However, understanding how to do homework in The Sims 4 can be pretty tricky.

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed guide on how to do homework in Sims 4, and outline the benefits of performing the task.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Doing Homework in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 How to Do Homework

How you perform homework actually depends on which stage your Sim is in their education. Here’s a detailed guide for doing homework across all ages in Sims 4.

Children – How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

To get your child to do homework, follow these steps:

  • Send your child to school.
  • When they return home, select the child and check their inventory. There should be an orange book – this is their homework book.
  • Click on the book and select ‘do homework.’ The child will sit down and begin completing the task.
  • If needed, an adult Sim can assist with their child’s homework, which will speed the process up.

Make sure your character completes their homework before the next school day for optimum performance at school.

If you’re struggling to get your teen Sim to do homework in The Sims 4, follow these steps:

  • Send your teen to school.
  • When they return home, check their inventory. Your teenage Sims should have a blue book, which is their homework book.
  • Complete steps 3 and 4 as above.

Getting a teen Sim to do homework is largely the same as having a child Sim complete it. The only difference is that a teen Sim’s homework book will be blue, not orange.

University Student – How to Do Homework in The Sims 4

If you have the ‘Discover University’ expansion pack installed, here’s how you can get your Sim to do their homework:

  • Have your Sim go to class.
  • When they return, open the character’s inventory. There should be a homework book.
  • Click on the homework book to start the action. If your Sim takes multiple classes, you’ll have to choose which homework to do. 
  • Repeat until all homework is done.

Sims who have enrolled at university will have much more homework than other Sims because they will attend multiple classes. It’s a good idea to get each piece of homework done before the next class, as this will lead to bigger XP rewards and better progress at university. 

To speed up the time it takes for your character to complete their university homework, try leveling up their research and debate skills. This will reduce the time taken to complete homework considerably. 

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Why Is Doing Homework Important in The Sims 4?

You may be wondering why doing homework is so important in Sims 4. Well, it actually has a number of benefits.

By doing homework, your Sim will perform better at school, leading to better school grades. This will ultimately result in better job opportunities and higher wages. Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock several achievements by performing well at school.

There’s everything that you need to know about doing homework in The Sims 4. At first, figuring out how to do homework can be a little confusing, as the game doesn’t offer much direction. But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be on top of your Sim’s homework in no time.

That VideoGame Blog

How to do homework in sims 4 and improve grades: tips and tricks.

This post was last updated on November 1, 2023

If you’re wondering how to do homework, Sims 4 is way easier and more fun than real life! One of the unique aspects of Sims 4 is how it mimics real-world experiences, including raising Sim children and boosting your Sim’s school performance. Understanding how to help with homework is challenging, especially with the complex updates since previous Sims games.

At That VideoGame Blog, we provide tips, tricks, and cheat codes for all the hottest games so you’ll never get stuck. For example, you can learn about the must-have traits for Sims 4 to better define how your Sims act.

Below, we discuss everything you need to know about homework in the Sims 4 universe!

What You Need To Know About Homework in the Sims Universe

Homework is nothing new to the Sims franchise. The game capitalizes on real-world chores, like doing the dishes, parenting children, paying bills, going to work, and juggling each life stage. The homework system evolved throughout Sims 2 and 3 to reach the level it’s at now, which we discuss in more detail below.

Kids Must Go to School

The game requires all child Sims to attend school. In previous games, you could choose the type of grade school your children and teens attended, though now public school is your only option. Fortunately, you can influence their mood and social life during the school day by helping them make decisions about social dilemmas.

For example, you might receive a notification about another child Sim cheating on a test or bullying the younger Sims. Parenting your Sim through these scenarios directly impacts their personality.

Adults Can Choose To Attend University

Young adult Sims can choose to further their education by attending a university. You can pick between two schools with the Discover University Expansion pack. Before attending, your Sims must apply, as real university students would.

The two university options, the University of Britechester or the Foxbury Institute of Technology, will analyze your Sim’s skills and grades before offering an acceptance or denial letter. You can also apply for scholarships and loans to help finance your Sim’s education. Once they attend school, they can choose a different degree like literature, electronic arts, science, technology, etc.

Every adult Sim attending a university must complete homework, just like the child Sims do, though they usually spend less time each day in class. University students must balance term papers, daily homework, extra credit, and exams while attending classes. Helping your older Sim stay on track with their university homework prevents them from failing the semester.

You Don’t Need to Worry About School Transportation

You’ll notice that Sims 4 doesn’t have a school bus or any other transportation system to get your child or teen Sims to school. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about walking them or watching them arrive. In Sims 4, all students automatically teleport to the necessary classroom at the appropriate times.

Locating Homework Gets Complicated

Keeping track of all the homework in the Sims 4 universe isn’t easy. Each student’s age group receives different homework books, so it’s important to keep them organized. The following key outlines each Sim’s homework book color by age:

  • Children: Yellow Grade School Handbook and orange homework book
  • Teen’s homework: Blue homework book
  • Adults: Black and white book (found in the Sims inventory)

You can purchase books and copies if your Sim loses the original version. We also recommend getting a bookcase to organize all homework books in your house. Adult students can purchase books and homework from the University Kiosk.

How To Do Homework: Sims 4

Now that you understand how homework functions, let’s discuss how to help your Sims family dominate homework. School work is a necessary evil in the game because Sims’ grades suffer when they skip homework or turn in incomplete homework.

Completing Homework for Sims 4 Kids

When your child Sim comes home from school, they’ll bring an orange book in their backpack with all their homework. You must have them complete homework before the next school day. Follow these instructions:

  • Open the Sim’s inventory for your younger Sims.
  • Click “Do homework.”
  • Aid them with any needs as they work.
  • Send an adult Sim to help with the child’s homework.
  • Click “help with homework” from the adult Sim’s inventory.
  • Increase child “skills” levels to complete homework faster (like the research and debate skill).
  • Once finished, have the Sim complete extra credit to boost homework grades.

Note that whenever you leave a Sim to do homework, they will continue working until finished unless they need something. Keep an eye on event triggers and low needs to ensure that your Sim child or teen continues working hard.

Helping Sim Teens Dominate Homework

Teenaged Sims complete regular homework just like the younger Sims. Once they’re home from school, open up the inventory menu and select the option to work on class homework. You can make one of your other Sims offer homework help to complete the process more quickly by following the same instructions above.

If your teen Sim has a B in the class, they can choose to do extra credit as well to boost their grades. Helping your teen Sim get an A improves their odds of getting accepted into a university.

We also recommend getting earbuds from the Fitness Stuff Pack to let your teens listen to music while they do homework. Sometimes grueling school hours can decrease fun levels, but music helps keep energy high.

Completing School Projects

Aside from regular homework, sometimes your family members bring home school projects. In Sims 4: Parenthood, you’ll likely see a school project at least once weekly.

Unlike homework, projects are semi-optional. If your Sim completes the work, their grade goes up, but if they don’t finish it in a few days, their grade will only go down a small amount.

You can have your Sims complete projects just as they do homework. The new homework project appears in the inventory, where you can prompt your Sim to begin working on it. You have two options to choose from when they do homework for a school project:

  • Sloppy : Letting your Sim do homework sloppily completes the project faster, though it offers smaller grade increases.
  • Careful : When Sims work carefully on a project, they boost their grades more and gain certain skills, depending on the project type. Child Sims might gain creativity or building skills while teens can acquire more specific ones like painting or rocket science skills.

To make the homework project fly by, you can have up to three Sims work on it together, including adults. We recommend assigning an adult with more advanced skills to help move things along. Once completed, any child Sims will receive improved responsibility character value scores.

Completing Adult Sim University Work

If you sign up for the University Expansion, you have the fun opportunity of sending your adult Sims to college. University homework is more advanced since it requires your Sims to do homework for multiple classes at once. Rather than doing one homework assignment daily, each Sim might need to complete two or three to prepare for classes the next day.

When you’re ready to have your Sim do homework, click on the specific homework book for the class you want them to work on. Remember, university books are black and white. After selecting the appropriate class, your Sim can work on their homework for as long as you choose.

Adult Sims with strong research and debate skill levels enjoy rapid homework completion rates. We recommend helping your Sims improve their debate skills to finish homework quickly.

Tips for Finishing Homework Faster

Balancing homework with other life stresses is challenging in Sims 4. If you want to help your Sims finish their homework quickly and easily, use these tips:

  • Help your Sims increase their logic skill level.
  • Work on skills related to their major or classes.
  • Dedicate a space in the house for homework with calming decorations.
  • Keep your dorm room locked from others while your Sims study.
  • Increase your Sims’ research and debate skills.
  • Take your Sim to the library if their roommate throws a party.
  • Apply for Study Spot lot traits.
  • Boost child skill levels so they can finish homework quickly.
  • Consider downloading mods to help you fly through homework smoothly.

That VideoGame Blog: Helping You Have a Blast While Playing Sims 4

Doing homework in Sims 4 might sound like a chore, though it’s a critical game component. Helping your Sims score excellent grades improves their odds of getting into a university, landing a great job, and expanding the family. Luckily, our tips can help your Sims soar through homework while having fun.

At That VideoGame Blog, we create exclusive content for Sims fanatics so you can learn the best tips, tricks, cheats, and ideas for building your universe. Now that you know how to do homework, Sims 4 has much more to offer! Next, learn about skill cheats in Sims 4 , so you can help your family finish tasks rapidly!

About The Author

Solution Tales

Sims 4: How to Do Homework

10/11/2020, 10:50 am updated 11/01/2021, 10:51 pm

Sims 4: How to Do Homework

Just like in real life, homework in the Sims 4 is a boring chore and a necessary evil, unlike other fun activities such as writing music , redesigning your house , or diving underwater as a mermaid .

As long as your sim is studying, they’ll be doing homework.

This guide will show you some tips and tricks that will get your sim to finish their homework more quickly.

Sims 4: How to Do Homework: Children and Teenagers

This part of our “ Sims 4: How to Do Homework ” guide is dedicated to child and teenage sims.

If you want your child sim to perform well in school, you need to make sure they do their homework every day after school. They also need to go to school in a good mood.

Learning how to do homework in The Sims 4 is quite easy. Child sims will have an orange homework book in their inventory while Teenager sims will have a blue homework book in their inventory.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t find your sim’s homework book in their inventory, you can buy a new copy via the “purchase books” option that appears when you click on a bookshelf.

Your sims will have new homework every day from Monday to Friday. Doing homework in the Sims 4 is as simple as clicking on the homework in your sim’s inventory and choosing “Do homework.”

If you want to speed up the process, you can get an adult sim to help with the homework. Click on the sim you want to help and choose “Help with homework.” This will significantly speed things up.

If you want to boost your sim’s school performance, you can choose to do extra credit after finishing the homework. Select “Do extra credit” after completing the regular homework.

This will give your sim a boost for the next time they go to school. However, this option will only be available if your sim has a B or higher in school.

Another way to speed things up is to level all four of your child skills to level 3. This will unlock the option to “Breeze through homework.”

Getting your sim’s skills to level 7 will unlock an even faster option called “Dominate homework.”

The only thing to note here is that the aforementioned options are only available for child sims.

Sims 4: How to Do Homework at University

This part of our “ Sims 4: How to Do Homework ” guide is dedicated to university students.

Going to university is part of The Sims 4: University expansion. There’s also a new type of homework that your sim will need to do on a regular basis.

Your sim will have homework for every class they attend. They’ll need to finish their homework before going to that class again.

If you want to get an A+ in University, you’ll have to start doing homework even before going to your first set of classes.

Doing homework at university is similar to doing any other homework. Go to your sim’s inventory where you’ll find a black and white homework book.

Click on it and select the class you’re going to do the homework for.

There are a couple of ways you can speed up the process. The first way is to add the study spot lot trait to your house. The second way is to level up your sim’s research and debate skills.

The higher those skills are, the faster your sim will be at finishing homework and writing term papers.

how to do homework sims 4 university

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The Sims 4: How to do Homework

By: Author Taylor O'Halloran

Posted on Published: May 21, 2019  - Last updated: June 6, 2022

Categories Children , Teens , The Sims 4 Guides

Homework in The Sims 4 is a necessary evil and a part of everyday life for most people IRL so it makes sense that it would be inside a life simulation game. From the time your sims turn into children until they’ve graduated University they are going to be doing homework and it will take up a significant part of their lives.

There are actually a few hacks you should know to get your sims to have more fun when doing homework, get it done quicker, and just generally finish it in a timely fashion that will make you a better sims player.

How to Do Homework for Children

When a sim’s kid returns from their long day at school they are going to have a little orange book inside of their inventory which is their homework. This should be completed before they attend school again which is usually the next day unless it’s the weekend.

You can get your sims to start doing their homework by clicking on the homework book in their inventory and choosing do homework . Your sims will find the nearest place to sit (even on the ground) to start working on their homework and will work until they are finished unless they are interrupted by low needs or an event trigger like a fire.

Any adult can come over to this sim while they are doing their homework and you can choose help with homework which will get the adult involved and sitting with the child and they will get their homework done much quicker.

There is even a system for sims kids (not teens) where if your kid gets all of the four children skills to level 3 they’ll have the option to breeze through homework instead of do homework and this will get the job done quicker.

Getting these skills all to level 7 will give them the option to dominate homework which will get it done even more quickly. This is a nice hack to really finish it without it being a huge part of their day.

Once a child has finished their homework, if they have a B or higher in school, they actually have the option to do extra credit after they’ve finished their regular homework. This is good for you if you want to get your sims to increase their school performance.

If you ever find your sims without a homework book in their inventory and you have no idea where it could be you can actually purchase these for one simoleon on any book case!

How to Do Homework for Teens

Homework works pretty much the same way for teens except their homework book is a nice blue colour instead of the orange that kids get. To get them to work on their homework you’ll get them to go into their inventory and click on it and choose do homework and they will start working on it.

They too have the option to have an adult sim to help with homework by getting that sim to click on them when they’ve started their homework and getting them to assist to make it go more quickly.

Once a teenager has a B in school they have the option to do extra credit after they’ve finished their regular homework. This will help them increase their school performance and get to an A as soon as possible.

Bonus Tip: Use the earbuds from The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff Pack when doing homework to keep your sims fun need up so they aren’t feeling tense when they’re done working on it.

School Projects

With The Sims 4: Parenthood there’s a pretty decent chance each week that your sims kids will come home with a school project that they can decide to complete for a boost to their grades. If they don’t complete it within a few days they may get a small decrease to their school grades but it’s not substantial.

These projects come home with your sims in their inventory and are rather easy to complete. They have the option to work on it either carefully or sloppily. Choosing sloppily will get the job done quicker, however, you won’t see a huge increase to their grades but you also won’t see a decrease.

The better option is to work carefully so your sims can improve their school grades. While they are working on these projects they’ll actually gain a skill depending on the type of homework they are working on. For sims kids they’ll be skills like mental, creativity, etc. but for teenagers it’ll be more specific like rocket science or painting .

One awesome thing is that you can get other sims to assist in the project up to 3 sims so you can get these projects done extremely quickly and if an adult sim who has a high skill in the project type assists it’ll go so quickly.

Working on these will also increase your sim’s kids’ responsibility character value which is awesome but failing to complete it will negativity impact this.

3 sims sitting on the floor working on a project with a toddler standing nearby in overalls and a mom on the couch in the back

How to Do Homework in University

With the 2019 addition of The Sims 4: Discover University we have a whole new type of homework for your sims to have to work on. These homework books are going to be a black and white composite notebook that will appear in your sims inventory when they enroll in their first semester of university.

Each time your sim goes to a class they are going to need to do their homework before they attend that class if they want to get a good grade, meaning that if you’re taking multiple classes your sim will be needing to do homework multiple times per week.

To get this University homework done you’ll want to click on the homework book and choose which class’ homework you actually want to work on and get started. You don’t have to do it all in one sitting so you can start and stop as many times as you want.

An awesome detail about University homework is that if your sims have a high level of the research and debate skill they’ll actually breeze through their homework much more quickly. You can also add the study spot lot trait to your sim’s lot to make it easier.

Related: How to Get an A+ in University in The Sims 4

Final Thoughts

Homework is something you can’t avoid if you want your sims to do well in school when they’re young, but there’s no need to stress about it. Sims grades won’t affect their later days work performance or the overall success in their life, so no worries if you don’t get it done. Happy Playing!


Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

Doing a 4 course in sims 4 is a real tedious chore. It will consume all your sims time and you won't have time to do anything else. They did this way worse than sims 3 university.

There are a few tricks mind you! First of all you can be at home instead, makes it all much easier and you can(like mentioned above) add the "study spot" trait to your home.

The next trick is using the club! Make sure, if you go to the university, add everyone you see to your club. Focus on getting "Rally the Troops" perk. That will allow you to get back all your energy and other needs quickly whenever you want. There is no cooldown on this. It requires 500 points so it's not bad at all. Just make sure the gathering is on at all times(which it should be since you most likely won't be leaving the lot). The homework perk does not work for university.

EA could easily have fixed this by reducing the homework time from 2 hours to 1 hours imo. They made it too much of a chore. It's a GAME after all.

Saturday 30th of April 2022

But that's the whole challenge bruh

Sunday 28th of February 2021

It do work!

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The Sims 2

In The Sims 2 , The Sims Stories , The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 , children and teens get homework on school days. Homework comes in the form of a school notebook, with differing covers depending on the student's life stage [ TS2 ] [ TS4 ] and the number of days that have passed. [ clarification needed ] [ TS2 ] Homework can be completed at a desk or on the floor, and will usually take a Sim hour to complete. Failing to complete homework generally results in bad grades. In The Sims 4: Discover University , students young adult and above are also given homework after each class.

  • 1 The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories
  • 2 The Sims 3
  • 3 The Sims 4

The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories [ ]

In The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories , children and teens will have homework in their hands after they get off the school bus. If possible, they will put the assignment on or by a desk, and seem to prefer the first desk that was placed in the house, even if it is in an illogical or inaccessible location. [n 1] If a student has unfinished homework, he or she will put the new homework on top of it. The player can tell the student to put the homework down by canceling the "Go to School" icon. Homework can be moved in buy and build modes, though it cannot be sold. A child's homework will be brightly colored, while a teen's homework will be plainly colored.

Clicking on the homework gives the child or teen an option to complete it or ask an older Sim for help. An older household member, when the homework is clicked, can offer help with finishing the homework. A child or teen who is being helped with homework will finish it faster, and will gain the memory of being taught to study . This will fulfill the "Ask for Homework Help" want , and will allow them to do homework more quickly in the future. If Seasons is installed, students will do homework faster in the fall , or after drinking apple juice .

Sims can do homework while seated at a desk or sitting down on the ground. There does not appear to be any difference in completion speed depending on how the Sim is seated. If Apartment Life is installed, Sims cannot do homework that is placed in an apartment 's communal area.

Sims will not usually get distracted while doing homework, unless their motives are low. They are more likely to get distracted if they are being helped by an older Sim. It is usually best to ensure that both the student and the mentor are in a good mood prior to beginning the interaction, and that no other interactions are in their queue until the homework has been completed.

There is no time limit on completing homework, but doing (or not doing) homework will affect a student's grades. A student who goes to school in a good mood with all homework done will gain a better grade. Students will not be penalized for going to school with one piece of incomplete homework, but going to school with more than one piece of incomplete homework may cause their grades to drop. [n 2]

Sims may have a want to do homework. This want will be fulfilled when they complete a piece of homework. This want will be fulfilled even if the homework they complete belongs to another Sim.

Young adults in college do not receive homework, but can optionally do assignments in order to improve their class performance.

If a teen has unfinished homework when he or she is sent to college or becomes an adult , it will disappear.

The Sims 3 [ ]

Sim children doing their homework

Two child Sims completing their homework.

On school days, children and teens will come home with homework in their inventory . This is unlike The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories , where they would place the homework down. They can simply "Do Homework" on their own, "Do Homework With..." another friend of their age group, or "Get Help From" an older Sim on the lot. Sims can also do someone else's homework, or copy someone's homework if that person already did it, although this can cause after school detention. Sims may stop doing homework if they are hungry , tired, have the "Stressed" moodlet, or have a low bladder meter. Sims with bookworm and workaholic traits, as well as logic skill get homework done faster, and the library is a good place to study. The level of logic skill does not increase the rate of finishing homework; only one skill point in Logic is necessary. In Supernatural , vampires also do homework faster than normal Sims, and witches may magically finish it in a matter of seconds with a chance of being Singed . Homework is a hidden skill.

Students who skip homework or do not complete it on time will receive a bad mark in the Homework area of their school performance (This can be found in the 'School' section of the Simology panel) and may get detention. Students who complete their homework on time get a good mark in this section. However, homework can be finished while at school using the "Work on Late Homework" option. However, if the teacher catches them, they may get an after school detention. Good students grow up to be good adults, so it is important that young Sims maintain good grades. If a Sim has an A when they age up, the player will be able to choose his or her next trait. [n 3]

In Generations , children can bury their homework in the sandbox, but will receive a bad grade for doing so.

The Sims 4 [ ]

Sim doing homework TS4

A teen doing homework in The Sims 4 .

Once Sims become a child or teen on-screen, they will automatically receive a homework book appropriate for their life stage in their inventory, whether or not they have attended school in the past. Children will have a yellow book labeled "Grade School Homework" while teens will receive a blue book simply labeled "Homework". When a student receives a B or above from school, they will be given the option "Do Extra Credit" if they have finished the homework by clicking again on their individual homework books. If a student receives a D or below they can "Do Make Up Work" which works functionally the same as "Do Extra Credit". Children have the ability to receive help from adults. Unlike previous games, children who neglect their homework still have a fair shot at keeping their school performance high by completing other tasks such as maintaining certain moods or building skills. If a player's Sim misplaces a homework book or ages up to a child or teen off-screen, they can purchase a new homework book for §1 from a bookcase, or simply use another Sim's homework book. Unlike previous games, a homework book is not tied to a particular Sim. 

If all four of a child Sim's skills ( creativity , mental , motor , social ) are at least level 3, "Do Homework" changes to "Breeze Through Homework", meaning the Sim is already skilled and can complete the homework more quickly. With all four skills at level 7, this changes again to "Dominate Homework," and the homework can be completed even more quickly. This speed boost is not available to teen Sims.

Homework is given to young adult sims and older in The Sims 4: Discover University . Students must complete homework before every class to achieve high grades. Although failure to do so may impact a sim’s performance at university, homework is not essential. Sims that miss their homework can make up for it by studying extra hours, or edit their term papers to be outstanding quality. However to get the highest grades, it is recommended that university students finish homework before each class.

Like with school homework, a new university homework book can be purchased from any bookcase or university kiosk. Homework of any type can be completed 50% faster on lots with the “Study Spot” lot trait .

  • ↑ A mod on Mod The Sims remedies this issue by forcing Sims to place their homework at a player-defined location, rather than at random.
  • ↑ Grades are adjusted according to the amount of incomplete homework remaining on the lot, and not whether the homework was actually completed. Thus, players can simply delete homework using the moveobjects cheat or have a pet destroy it, and Sims will not be penalized for it.
  • ↑ If the School is deleted, then the player will get to choose their next trait if the Sim was in a Good Mood.
  • 1 The Sims 4: For Rent
  • 2 Trait (The Sims 4)

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Re: University homework before finals

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Original Post

Accepted Solution

University homework before finals

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Solved! Go to Solution.

how to do homework sims 4 university

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April 2022 - last edited April 2022



  • Game Guides

The Sims 4: How to Do Homework

  • Updated April 26, 2023, 2:04 AM EDT

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need to check your child and teen Sims’ inventory every afternoon when they finish school. Ensure they complete their homework tasks before their classes the next morning to help them achieve their academic potential.

Homework is an integral part of a young person’s education. In The Sims 4 , things are no different. If you have Sims of a child, teen, or even university age, they’ll have daily homework to complete. You’ll want to ensure their academic success by helping them with it.

Table Of Contents

Why you should do your homework.

You might think that homework in The Sims 4 is an area of gameplay that you could easily overlook. Doing so wouldn’t be a wise move though. Although it seems like a tedious regular requirement to help keep your young Sims on track, homework has some long-term payoffs. Once you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll be able to breeze through your Sims’ homework much more efficiently.

As with real life, putting the effort into your Sims’ homework will help them attain better results at school. The better grades they receive as a result of their homework, the better they’ll perform academically overall. This will lead to more varied options when it comes to their adult career paths. Additionally, they can earn better wages as adults thanks to the improved job opportunities available to them.

A child doing their homework in The Sims 4.

Homework will differ depending on the life stage your Sims are currently in. Children, teens, and in some cases, young adults will all have homework to complete on school days. However, it’s important to note that this only applies to young adult Sims (and beyond) if you’ve got the Discover University expansion for The Sims 4 . If you’re just playing the base game, homework will only be a requirement for your child and teen Sims.

How to Do Homework for Child Sims

As soon as your toddler transforms into a child, they’ll begin going to school. Each day, they’ll come home from school with homework, and it’s down to you to ensure it’s completed. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Send your child to school each morning
  • When they get home, check their inventory
  • Find the yellow/orange-colored book labeled Grade School Homework
  • Click on the homework book and select the Do Homework option
  • Your child Sim will find somewhere to sit and begin working on their homework

A child Sim's inventory showing their homework book in The Sims 4.

To boost the speed at which your child Sim completes their extracurricular work, you can assign an adult Sim to help them. Simply send a nearby adult over to the child and select Help With Homework from the options.

Once your child Sim is attaining a grade B or higher in school, they’ll have an additional homework option available. Once they’ve completed their main homework task, you can click on their homework book again. Select Do Extra Credit to help boost their performance at school the next day even further.

However, if your child falls behind with their academic progress and is attaining a grade of D or below, they’ll have a different option available. After completing their main homework, your struggling Sim students will be able to select Do Make Up Work from the homework book when clicked on again. Doing this should help get them back on track with their academic progress.

How to Do Homework for Teen Sims

Teen Sims will also have homework to do each night. However, you’ll want to ensure they’re in a good mood before they start doing it. The process will be a lot smoother if their needs are met. To do your teenage Sims’ homework effectively, follow these steps.

  • Send your teen Sim to school each morning
  • Find the blue book labeled Homework
  • Your teen Sim will find somewhere to sit and begin working on their homework

A teenage Sim's inventory screen showing their homework book in The Sims 4.

As with your child Sims, adults can assist teen Sims with their homework tasks. Select a nearby adult Sim and send them across to your teenager. From here, select Help With Homework from the options. This should speed the process up considerably.

The Do Extra Credit option will also be available to teen sims once they’re achieving a grade of B and above in school. Likewise, if their grades fall to a D or below, Do Make Up Work will also become available.

How to Do Homework for Young Adult Sims (Discover University)

If you have the Discover University expansion, your young adult Sims will be given homework to do ahead of each of their classes. The process is fairly similar to that of child and teen Sims’, except your young adult Sim may have multiple homework tasks. This will depend on how many classes they’re taking. Follow the steps below to complete their homework.

  • Send your young adult Sim to their University classes each morning
  • Check their inventory when they get home
  • Find their Homework book – there may be more than one of these
  • Click on the homework books and select the Do Homework option
  • Your young adult Sim will find somewhere to sit and begin working on their homework

You may need to repeat this process multiple times, as your young adult Sim will have considerably more homework than a child or teen Sim. If you don’t quite keep on top of it, your Sims’ university performance may be affected, but it’s not the end of the world. Young adult Sims can also do extra study hours or improve their term papers by editing them.

To boost the speed at which your young adult Sims complete their homework, try and increase their skills in Research and Debate . Additionally, having the Study Spot lot trait added to your Sims’ lot allows homework to be completed 50% faster.

Homework Tips

Homework will take longer for your younger Sims to complete if they’re in a bad mood. Try and ensure all their needs are met before attempting to make them work on it.

Make sure your young Sims have their homework completed each evening before school the next day. This will boost their performance in school and reflect positively on their grades.

A Sim ordering a replacement teen homework book in The Sims 4.

If your child or teen Sim somehow loses their homework book, or you can’t find it in their inventory, don’t worry. You can buy another one for §1 from any bookcase. You can also use another Sim’s homework book, as homework books aren’t actually Sim-specific. Similarly, with university-age Sims, you can replace a lost homework book from any bookcase or a university kiosk.

Take some time to raise your child Sims’ skills to at least level three. The four skill areas for children are Creativity , Mental , Motor , and Social . Doing this will unlock the Breeze Through Homework option, speeding up the process of homework greatly. Bumping up those four skills to level seven will have an even greater impact. Doing this will unlock the Dominate Homework option, which will enable them to fly through their work really quickly. These speed hacks won’t work on teen Sims though, unfortunately.

Homework will normally take your Sims around an hour of their time to complete, so be sure to plan ahead and don’t leave it too late to get them started on it.

If you don’t get around to completing your Sims’ homework, you won’t ruin their lives. However, if you want to optimize their educational performance, it’s a good idea to get into a routine of doing it.

how to do homework sims 4 university

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