Vertical Agriculture in the IoT Era

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  6. FREE 10+ Agricultural Research Samples & Templates in PDF

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  1. Smart Farming: The IoT based Future Agriculture | IEEE ...

    Agriculture is backbone of any country. About 60% of our country's population works in agriculture or the primary sector. It contributes more to our country's GDP. It employs the majority of India's population. The internet of things research presents a framework in which farmers may obtain extensive information on the soil, crops growing in specific areas, and agricultural yield and ...

  2. Internet of Things for the Future of Smart Agriculture: A ...

    This paper presents a comprehensive review of emerging technologies for the internet of things (IoT)-based smart agriculture. We begin by summarizing the existing surveys and describing emergent technologies for the agricultural IoT, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, wireless technologies, open-source IoT platforms, software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV ...

  3. A Survey on Smart Agriculture: Development Modes ...

    In this paper, three typical development modes of smart agriculture (precision agriculture, facility agriculture, and order agriculture) are presented. Then, 7 key technologies and 11 key applications are derived from the above modes. Based on the above technologies and applications, 6 security and privacy countermeasures (authentication and ...

  4. Vertical Agriculture in the IoT Era | IEEE Conference ...

    Vertical farming represents a modern agricultural approach, employing technology-driven methods to cultivate crops in vertically stacked layers. This innovative method effectively addresses food security challenges while offering numerous advantages, such as heightened crop yields, year-round production, reduced water consumption, and decreased reliance on pesticides and herbicides. Moreover ...

  5. IEEE Transactions on AgriFood Electronics | IEEE CASS

    The IEEE Transactions on AgriFood Electronics (TAFE) is the cutting-edge research publication covering circuits and systems, integrating the needed sensors, actuators, and interfaces, applied to the AgriFood chain of value, including technologies for food related to its production, processing, quality control along the distribution chain, and preservation, which require various integrated ...

  6. Internet-of-Things (IoT)-Based Smart Agriculture: Toward ...

    The rapid emergence of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) based technologies redesigned almost every industry including “smart agriculture” which moved the industry from statistical to quantitative approaches. Such revolutionary changes are shaking the existing agriculture methods and creating new opportunities along a range of challenges.