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12 Fun DIY Projects Using Stencils

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Stencils are a fun and easy way to customize almost any surface of your house. Whether it’s a table, kitchen wall or calendar, you can use numbers, letters or pictures to make any space your own.

Stencil Wall Calendar

Pick your favorite font and stencil it on to card stock. Use a ruler to add in the dates, and you have a custom monthly calendar.

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Stencil Birdhouse

Pick up a wooden birdhouse at your local craft store and customize it with a stencil of your choice. A simple leaf against a solid background is a great option for beginners.

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Carving a Pumpkin

Impress your neighbors this year with a perfectly carved jack-o’-lantern. Easy printable pumpkin stencils make carving fun and quick.

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Home Address

Large stencil numbers are ideal if you want to print your address on a piece of stone and mount it to your house. Use contrasting colors to make the numbers stand out.

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Terracotta Wall Art Tiles

Apply your favorite stencil to a piece of terracotta tile. Using chalk paint, paint over the stencil entirely. Custom stencil cutting may be available at your local craft store for an even more unique look.

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Stencil on Clothing

Are you in need of a baby gift? Stencil a cute phrase on a baby bodysuit for an unforgettable present.

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Stencil on Furniture

Take an old table and give it new life by stenciling a flower, house or plant on the surface. Use bright colors to make your old furniture new again.

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Stenciled Wall in Children’s Room

A fun DIY project the whole family can get involved with is stenciling a large mural in your children’s bedroom or playroom. Add glitter to the paint for a magical effect.

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Stencil a Monogram on a Notebook

Take a boring notebook and make it your own by stenciling your monogram on the cover. Stencil the monogram of a close friend or family member for a thoughtful gift.

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DIY Stencil on a Plate

Do you need the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Take a plain plate and stencil on a beautiful design for a present like no other.

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Stencil Picture with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint works on just about every surface and produces vibrant colors that rarely fade. Stencil a canvas with chalk paint for a unique look you won’t find in stores.

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Mirror Stencil

Pick your favorite uplifting quote and use stencils to write it on a mirror. Use a light gold chalk paint directly on the mirror for a beautiful, personal effect.

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ilm projects letter connector

Imajannation Emporium

Arabic Letter Connector

Letter Connector has over 100 pieces to create a fun and interactive way to learn Arabic. Made with durable wood to last. Letter Connector is a long term investment into Arabic learning.

Contains all vowel signs: fatha, dhummah, kasrah, shaddah and sukoon. And is beautifully color coded by the beginning form, middle form and end letter form. 

-Includes magnetic whiteboard and dry wipe erasable pen.

*Perfect for classroom or homeschooling needs.

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[Teaching Tool] Magnetic Letter Connector

ilm projects letter connector

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With over 100 pieces this is the ideal tool to learn to read Arabic in a hands on way.

Made with durable wood to last. Letter Connector is a long term investment into Arabic learning.

Online Resources

Here you'll find loads of worksheets to supplement learning with Letter Connector.

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Mama Teaches Me

  • Teaching Tips

12 easy Tips to teach the Arabic Alphabet at home!

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Teaching a second language at home can sometimes be challenging especially when teaching really young children. However, all you need is some fun and exciting ways! We’re sharing 12 easy tips to teach the Arabic Alphabet at home! With a combination of fun, games, storytelling, singing and arts and crafts – who said it can’t be fun? With the help of Yomna from @happyhomelearning we’re sharing some of our simple & easy (tried and tested) tips to teach the Arabic Alphabet at home! If your child is beyond this stage then your looking for the follow up post –  How to start teaching your child to read Arabic at home! 

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1. Arabic Alphabet flashcards

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2. Use a sand tray for letter formation

So as the children trace over the sand letters (mentioned above) they then attempt to write out the letters in a sand tray. This is a simple sensory way of getting the children confident in writing. All you need is some sand and a tray. I used my trusty Ferraro Roche tray box.

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3. Find the letter 

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4. Using everyday objects

When we introduce new objects we tend to find objects we have at home or in our play rooms and even pictures. This way children can hold or play with the objects while learning the new names in the Arabic Language. (Sign up to our newsletter below to receive a FREE vocabulary sheet for each letter of the Arabic Alphabet to help you get started with your teaching!)

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5. Arabic Alphabet songs

Children love singing! So we use some of the songs we found on YouTube  including this simple Alphabet song and this Arabic alphabet rhyme with vocabulary and sing them in our sessions! We use ones that include vocabulary and then invent our own songs with the vocabulary we are using for that particular letter to help our children remember the new vocabulary.

6. Teaching order

Remember you don’t have to teach the letter alphabetically. Start with easier sounds like ba, jeem, laam etc – the same we don’t always teach the letters in order in phonics. However, like phonics, it is best to begin with the letter sounds that the names for reading.

7. Arabic letter games

Learning through games is so much fun for your child. We printed and laminated these cool mazes from Home Play School  – check out her website for more Free Arabic Resources including playdough mats!

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8. Gambian Mommy Resources

Gambian Mommy produces some brilliant, fun and colourful resources for our kids’ Arabic learning journeys! You have to check out her wonderful creations over on at her page here . In the meantime, the ones we use and found our children loved were the Alphabet puzzle vocabulary pictures and the peg the matching vocabulary.

ilm projects letter connector

9. Using Playdough Cutters

ilm projects letter connector

Play dough is the most calming time with my girls. They love using play dough so we love incorporating it into our Arabic Lessons with these fab play dough cutters by the Desi Doll Company! You can use the cutters to make the letters you are learning that week and they also come in handy when your children are moving on to letter connecting too!

10. Arabic letter crafts

Arts and Crafts is always a fun activity, so we always try to tie in the craft to the vocabulary or letter of that week. In the case of the Jeem below, the children were to stick orange paper on the jeem which represents a carrot. (See video below for more!)

ilm projects letter connector

11. Make up Arabic vocabulary stories

To recap our vocabulary for the letter we learnt, we practised over them by making up stories and drawing pictures to aid us. Check out the video below for more!

ilm projects letter connector

12. Make an Arabic Wall at home

Learning displays are more than just making the rooms pretty! You can actively refer to them in your sessions by displaying the Arabic alphabet poster. Put up the children’s letter craft and any other learning aids you use! We have started making ours again below!

ilm projects letter connector

Check out our Arabic Alphabet Teaching Tips video below!

Resources including vocabulary to teach with each letter, and Arabic Letter writing sheets are available to download for FREE below! Enjoy!

Arabic Letters Tracing Sheet

Arabic Letters sheet

Arabic Vocab linked to teaching the Arabic Alphabet

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Image Not Fount

This is such a useful post, its a one stop shop for all my Arabic learning stuff. JazakAllahu Khair bookmarking it for future reference!

Image Not Fount

Oh I’m glad – I wanted to put it altogether in one post – makes it easier for me too thank you!

Image Not Fount

Nice article. Using Sand Tray is an interesting idea which looks so effective too.. I will Insha Allah apply that to my niece and nephew. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome! Thanks for your lovely comments!

Image Not Fount

I have taught the Arabic alphabet before using flashcards, all the other methods you mention helps to make it much more fun and interactive, especially the use of the sand.

Image Not Fount

Ma shaa Allah! Very creative and interactive way of teaching!! JazakilAllahu Khayr for sharing ❣️

Image Not Fount

Masha’Allah! I showed your sand tray photo to my children. We haven’t used ours in ages. Insha’Allah now we plan to soon Jazakillahkhayr for your prompt regarding this, also your other reminders, and the new ideas I picked up too. May Allah put barakah in your learning fun, ameen.

Image Not Fount

I always find tour posts so inspirational, mashaAllah. In fact, my entire wall display is based on ideas I’ve taken from you. Jazakillah.

Ah thank you! That’s so nice to read! Thank you for your support!

Image Not Fount

Good ways to the first steps in learning Arabic, I love the Arabic wall idea! Wondering if the sand will get them to remembered as much as play dough? Thanks for the ideas!

Image Not Fount

These are all wonderful! My children are hands on learners, so we do a lot of these activities- the kids love them!

Image Not Fount

You always share such fantastic ideas to teach Arabic to kids. Jazak’Allah Khayr and keep up the good work!

Image Not Fount

The only thing we have not done yet is use Gambian mommies resources. They are soo Cool masha aallah I need them all.

Image Not Fount

Jazakumullah for this guide. It has really made a difference

Your welcome 🙂

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