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New zealander family in auckland, new zealand, offering an au pair job for 6-24 months.

New Zealander Au Pair Host Family

Hi, I'm Charlotte, from France and I live in Auckland in New Zealand with Darrel my South Africain partner, Raphaël our 2 year old son and Zia his seventeen big brother. We live in West Auckland, 10 mins from a train station so it's very convenient to go to the CBD (cheaper and faster than the car during pic hours

Italian family in Torri del Benaco (VR), Italy, offering an Caregiver for elderly and Home share with elderly job for 12-24 Months

Italian Au Pair Host Family

Hello and welcome my future caregiver for the elderly! Below I provide you with some brief indications on your future destination. My home is located in Torri del Benaco, a town in the province of Verona which is 40 km from the city of Verona. 30 meters from my home there is a very efficient public transport service that connects the town of Torri del Benaco with the city and neighboring ...

American family in Pittsburgh, USA, offering an Au Pair job for 12-12 Months

American Au Pair Host Family

We live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, about 2 miles from the center of the city, in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill. Public transportation is easily available (there's a bus stop at the end of our driveway.) Shopping / restaurant district is a 10-minute walk. We also have two cars to share if you are a driver. The Pittsburgh metro area is about 900,000 people and has many cultural ...

South-African family in Saint Johns, Antigua and Barbuda, offering an Home share with elderly job for 6-24 Months

South-African Au Pair Host Family

Elderly male living in Saint Johns, Antigua Island. Having difficulty with eyesight seeking assistance at home. Engineer and inventor, passionate about engineering design. Needs assistance with prototype design projects. I have a day job, you will work alone during the

German family in Rödermark, Germany, offering an Au Pair and Nanny job for 1-24 Months

German Au Pair Host Family

Hi, Ich bin 36 Jahre alt und mein Verlobter ist 50 Jahre alt und wir haben Zwillingsmädchen im Alter von 2 Jahren. Unser Haus liegt in einer kleinen Stadt, die 20-30 Minuten mit der Bahn von Frankfurt und Darmstadt entfernt ist. Unsere Mädchen gehen in einen chinesischen Kindergarten in Frankfurt sprechen beide Mandarin und Kantonesisch. Unser aktuelles Aupair kommt aus China ...

Chinese family in beijing, China, offering an Au Pair and Nanny job for 1-6 Months

Chinese Au Pair Host Family

Dear Au Pair , We are a happy family living in Beijing, China, looking for an Au Pair to care for our twin girls. They were born in April 2021. Now they are 2 years old and 8 months. My husband was born in 1992 and have studied in the USA for 3 years. I was born in 1991 and have studied in the UK for 2 years. I like reading books and my husband likes playing computer games. Our family includes ...

German family in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 Months

Would you like to be part of our family? We treat you like your own older daughter and do everything to make you feel comfortable. We are looking for someone to look after our daughter while my wife works as a doctor in a hospital. She will work for 4 hours only three times a week. We also have an older son, but he is already in

British family in Campbeltown, Scotland, offering an Au Pair job for 12-24 Months

British Au Pair Host Family

Hello We would love for you to come and join our family and care for our 2 beautiful girls; Iris and Ivy. We hope we can offer you a family base from which you can also explore and experience Scotland and make the most of your time with us. We have had an au pair since 2019 and hope you can be as much a part of our family as Jess, Billie, and MacKenzie have been over the last 4 years. ...

Chinese family in Oslo, Norway, offering an Au Pair job for 18-24 Months

I am a Swiss citizen living in Norway and my wife is a Chinese citizen. We are both working in academia. We live in large house with a guest house in the city of Oslo. The guest house has Internet and a bathroom of its own and is connected with a walkway to the main house. Right at our garden door is a bus stop connecting the house to the very good public transport network of ...

German family in Pforzheim, Germany, offering an Au Pair job for 10-12 Months

Hello future Au Pair! We like to welcome you to our home in Pforzheim/Germany as a responsible, self-confident member of our family who is able and willing to help us take care of our lovely daughter Estelle and participate in our family life!

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What does it mean to au pair abroad?

How cool would it be to have extended family overseas? If you love children and want to experience living like a local in another country, Au Pairing is a sweet option! An Au Pair (male or female) provides live-in care to the children of a welcoming host family overseas as part of a cultural exchange. You’ll receive a weekly stipend, your own room in the family’s home, and generally two to three meals a day. You may even get the chance to join the family on ski and summer vacations! Being an Au Pair abroad gives you the freedom to be more than the average tourist by immersing yourself in a completely new culture and developing valuable life skills. You’ll experience personal growth and maturity, and perhaps learn a new language all whilst having the chance to explore a new country. On your days off, you can experience world-famous festivals, iconic landmarks, breathtaking scenery, or enjoy a picnic in the park with the kids! It’s the perfect opportunity to become a cherished part of a family’s life for years to come, while also getting a genuine sense of what life is like overseas.

Au pair vs nanny

Whilst they have similar duties, Au Pairs and nannies are not the same. Au Pairs provide live-in care for the children of a host family abroad, and are considered to be a temporary family member. They are included in family activities, even when they aren’t working. A nanny is a professional caretaker employed by a family on a contract basis. They work set hours and are paid a wage. Au Pairs will typically live with their host family for up to 1-2 years, whereas a nanny can be employed for as little or as long as the family needs.

Au pair costs

One of the best parts of being an Au Pair abroad is having almost no living expenses! Accommodation is covered as you will live with a host family, plus meals will also be provided most days. That means one of the only major costs to being an Au Pair will be all the travelling you’ll do on your time off!

Highlights of becoming an au pair abroad with Global

Be matched with a host family that you have personally approved

Dedicated Trip Coordinator to guide you through the entire journey

Earn a weekly stipend to use on your fun days off

Live and eat like a local with your host family in their home

Gain a certificate of completion and add this experience to your resumé/CV

Become a cherished part of an international family’s life

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Feel confident knowing that someone is always ready to assist throughout the journey & they’re only a call, tweet, comment, text or double tap away, 24/7.

We’re the experts

We don’t just say that to brag. With over 10 years in the industry and a team of over 90 passionate pros, you can bet we know our stuff better than anyone else.

Partner network

With over 1,200 partners around the globe, we have access to plenty of exclusive opportunities to make your trip the best it can be.

Payment plans

There’s no reason you can’t live out your travel dreams! If your funds are low but your desire to travel and see the world is high, don’t stress. You can pay off your trip in any instalments that you get to choose.

Lifetime Deposit Guarantee

We’re proud to offer our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee for when things don’t go according to plan. Change your travel dates for when you’re ready, or choose a totally different trip of ours. You can even gift your deposit to a friend.

Flexible trips

We understand that the unexpected happens sometimes. Can’t travel right now? Swap your trip, gift it or save it for later with our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee.

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  • Jobs Abroad

Au Pair Jobs Abroad

The romantic fantasy of living an international life and intimately discovering the hidden treasures of a foreign city is something that many people dream of after a trip abroad, but no need to just visit. Maybe you unexpectedly fell in love with a charming city and can’t help but toss and turn over it or somewhere unexplored is calling your name. Whatever the reason, au pairing is an excellent way to live and work abroad. It is also the perfect way to spend your summer abroad while in school.If you have experience with children, can commit to an extended period of time, and are a native English speaker, you’ll easily find an au pair job abroad, merging wanderlust with work. 

The growing need for native English speakers means families all over the world are willing to offer room and board and a weekly stipend in exchange for having an individual to look after their kids and help them to learn English. Most parents want their children to start learning English young, and even though some families may already speak a little English, they often want their kids to become fluent faster and early. Although speaking English is a high priority for most families, there isn’t typically much structure involved to teaching the kids. Families that hire au pairs generally just want a native English speaker to converse with them frequently. The need for au pairs abroad is astonishing and it’s hard to believe that this well-kept secret hasn’t been leaked more prevalently in the States.

Amongst all the amazing benefits like a free place to stay, some meals, feeling like part of the family, and getting paid, au pairs working abroad will also have ample time to explore. Rekindle your passion for the location or start a love affair with a new place.

A Secret Too Good to Keep. It isn’t something a lot of people think about when they imagine living abroad. Though TEFL certification abroad (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)seems to be the most popular route, but often time contracts are longer and placements can be more limited. Plus, a good sized investment is necessary to get started, while beginning work abroad as a nanny only requires the cost of the airfare to get yourself there. Although it is possible to find a host family that will pay for your travel in full, it is very rare. Families may agree to pay for a portion of your travel if you ask, but don’t depend on it.

Western Europe. Au pair jobs abroad are most popular in Western European countries, especially in the U.K., France, Austria, Germany, and Italy. This region is where the highest concentration of au pair positions can be found and short term placements are commonplace in Western Europe too (and in Mediterranean countries). These au pair jobs can be a perfect fit for students looking to spend the summer abroad in between semesters. American citizens can stay in the E.U. for up to 90 days on a tourist visa. Age restrictions vary between E.U. countries so be sure to check the guidelines right away. Some countries, such as Austria , have a maximum au pair age of 28, for example.

Australia & New Zealand . These island nations are both very popular locations for au pair positions abroad. Australia has a wonderful working holiday visa program for people between the ages of 18 and 30 which makes it easy to live and work there for a longer period of time. This is fitting because many nanny contracts in Australia are more long term. 

United States. This is a great way for international students to spend some time in the States or have some quality time practicing English before studying in the U.S. Foreign au pairs coming to work in the U.S. must be from a country which has diplomatic relations with the U.S. The regulations are somewhat opposite of au pair placements in other countries. There is minimum study of 12 months with host families in order to qualify for the J-1 visa in the U.S., while in most countries overstaying is more of concern.

No Matter Where You Live . Investigate the cities you find au pair jobs in and the families who may be interested in hiring you. There will be times when you receive messages expressing interest from families who may live in another part of the country you searched, or another country entirely. Give it a try and explore your options.

Helpful Hint: Always be sure to do your research on all the specific city names mentioned in a family’s profile. “Just a train ride away from Rome” may actually be a small town, in the middle of nowhere, and the train ride they are referring to is 10 hours long.

When To Start Your Search. Families begin their searches for au pairs well in advance. Start putting yourself out there and researching at least six months prior to when you hope to leave. You might find a great family sooner than expected. Once you have found the right family for you, it’s okay to start making plans. “It’s so soon” you might think. Don’t worry, some things in life just happen on their own time.

Requirements. The organization will probably do a background check, to reassure the family that they have no reason to be concerned about a criminal history. First Aid and CPR certifications are typically required and having these certifications will make you much more marketable as an international au pair. The application process for most au pair abroad jobs requires sending your personal information to the family or job finding service. Families will want to know as much as possible about the person who will be spending time alone with their kids, but it works both ways. NEVER send money directly to the family or sign something you don’t understand, get to know them before committing too.

Making a Profile. Think of an au pair profile like a relaxed version of LinkedIn. There are sections with questions that you answer based on what families want to hear about the most and you get to sell yourself a little. Sometimes there is no formal application process unless you go through a website for which you pay a membership fee. As far as personal information goes, it's not anything serious, they shouldn’t ask you for your SSN, your mother's maiden name, or the promise of your first born child or anything.

Search for the Right Fit. There are so many au pair and nanny jobs available you will probably feel overwhelmed when you begin your search. Be sure to cross reference, check for trustworthiness, and do your research to find the au pair job abroad that is right for you. Don’t put all your time and effort into something sketchy.

Be picky. You will be living with this family in another country for an extended amount of time, so make sure they are a good match.

The interview process greatly depends on the family you choose to contact or are matched with. Since you will be in different time zones, an agreed upon time for a video chat interview will be set up and you will get to meet your family for the first time via something like Skype or Facetime. Topics of discussion will range from what your daily life is like here at home, where your previous travels, your hobbies, to what your experiences are with kids and what your expectations are for becoming an au pair abroad.

Items To Discuss with a Potential Family

  • Do they expect you to speak their language? 
  • What do they want from you as their au pair? 
  • Will you be expected to participate in family events?
  • What is the schedule? 
  • Can you have other responsibilities? Tutoring, babysitting, a cooking class, etc.  
  • Will you be able to travel to nearby cities in your off-time?
  • If you will be living in their home, are there house rules you should know?

These are all important questions. If they are not already mentioned in their profile, just ask. You should both be clear about expectations and responsibilities. 

Tickets and Contracts. The final and most exciting step: making it a reality! Some families will have a written contract for you to sign before arriving; some may just use the Honesty Policy and expect you to take their word for it. Always draw up some sort of contract that at least outlines pay, time period, and responsibilities. If you go through an organization they may have an across-the-board contract that all au pairs and families sign or that is tailored based on individual positions. It is also a good idea to keep all of your email correspondence for reference. Then finally buy that ticket; nothing says commitment like a non-refundable, international plane ticket!

The amount of time your au pair job abroad will last varies from family to family based on their needs and the country’s regulations with work or tourist visas. In most European countries, a group known as the Schengen States, a 90 day, no-paperwork-necessary Tourist Visa is offered. This visa allows you to work as an au pair and travel amongst those countries collectively for a maximum of three months from the date of arrival, without further permits or visas required. This is perfect for the many summer nanny positions and means less paperwork for everyone. (Yes, Europeans just give people three whole months to run amuck before anyone starts asking questions – lucky you!)

When looking into other countries, be sure you are aware of their laws before you agree to take a job or make plans to move across the world and work as an au pair abroad. Breaking serious immigration or working rules abroad could result in having a block or suspension put on your passport, which would prevent you from entering that country again for as long as they see fit, which could be years or even forever. A harrowing tale about being pulled aside in an airport and being banned from a country may be a great story, but it is one that is much better heard rather than experienced.

  • Logistics. Figure out your arrangements beforehand. You never know what could happen.
  • A Plan B. Have enough money to execute a Plan B if needed. Have another au pair position you could pursue or a different job, if it’s not a good fit, or enough money for a one way ticket home.
  • Keep in Touch. Don’t stop communication once you are hired for an au pair job abroad. Keep in contact via Skype or email and get to know each other even more. Be sure to keep them up to date on flight purchases, changes in plans, and just to check in to let them know how excited you are to be their new au pair. The anticipation will keep you excited and looking forward to it too. 

Being an au pair could be the greatest experience of your life and you’ll never know until you try. Your days can be filled with outings to the park, tutoring a child in English, cooking, and enjoying a new place from the inside. Eventually it will be impossible to forget the tantalizing smells that filled the air, the mesmerizing sights, the decadent cuisine, and the buzz of family life abroad.


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How to Become an Au Pair Abroad

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We know how big of an adventure this is. How do we know, you ask? Because we’ve been there. Each one of us was an au pair before we started helping other au pairs like you. So, we totally get what you’re feeling!

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Experiences of our au pairs

jobs abroad au pair

Do you want to experience the culture of a new country? Do you enjoy spending time with children? Do you like to help out around the house? Do you want to travel and meet new friends from all over the world? Not sure where you want to go yet? Then come join us and start…

jobs abroad au pair

What time do children go to bed? Most likely, the children themselves will tell you that they really don’t need to sleep until 10 o’clock, but of course, you will see right through that and understand the importance of a good night of restorative sleep. Now it is of course up to the parents to…

want an au pair job? Register today! Group of au pairs doing one of our first aid courses for children

Questions of other au pairs

Some au pair agencies can be a bit more hands-off. Okay, we don’t like to brag or anything, but we often hear that we are super involved and know what’s up with the legislation laws. Moving abroad is a big step! It’s an exciting adventure and we guide you in every step no matter where in the world you are for the best cultural exchange and work abroad experience!

Your main responsibility will be toward the children. Spending time with children is one of the most rewarding parts of the au pair job abroad as you build lasting connections with your host kids. Alongside the children, you also will be responsible for light household tasks that fall within your schedule per week.

If you are talking to multiple host families, it is important to align on what your expectations are for the year. Some host families want an au pair available during the day for their children and others want more morning help before school and evening help after school.

Personality and how you would like to spend your free time should also be considered when choosing the host family that is a good fit for you. By doing this, you will help yourself be the perfect au pair for your host family too!

It can always happen that the vibes are off in your new house or you disagree with a family member. This is why you discuss a notice agreement. This is usually 1 or 2 months. Actually, this almost never happens because you get to know your host family and children beforehand so you know about their family life. If you don’t like your host family, we’ll go look for another host family!

In addition to room and board which is a private room in the house and food for meals, au pairs are paid monthly pocket money by their host family that they can spend in their free time. The amount depends on which country you want to au pair in but should be enough money to enjoy the local culture. Check out the pocket money in your host country.

In most countries, you are also entitled to payment from your host family in the form of a language course to improve your language skills. You can learn English or learn a new language depending on your goals and how you want to integrate with your new culture. In other countries, this money can be allocated to other learning opportunities if you would like to opt out of language courses.

Yes! Au pairs are entitled to a certain amount of paid holiday depending on the country they are in. You should check with your host family to find the best week to go. Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the best scenery your host country or neighboring countries have to offer and a great way to meet other like-minded young people. You can check the rules regarding holiday leave per country right here .

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jobs abroad au pair

I became an au pair abroad because I love cultural exchanges and I wanted to experience it while becoming a member of a local family. I enjoy languages 🗣️, traveling ✈️ and engaging with other cultures. Being an au pair gives me that possibility daily. I learn a lot from the three children I look after and I’ve built a connection with them that I will carry in my heart forever. ❤️

jobs abroad au pair

I’ve made some amazing friends here and have unforgettable memories with them. I’ve also had many opportunities to travel✈️ Being an au pair abroad has been such an amazing experience, and it’s changed my life living with the most amazing host parents and kids. 👨‍👩‍👧 Leaving my home country to come here was difficult, having to say goodbye to everything I knew and loved. But when it comes time to leave here, it will be even more difficult. But I’ll be walking away with amazing memories that will last a lifetime, and that’s something I’ll be forever grateful for! ❤️

Katy Navarro au pair with

Great and great service! I would say I had a great and wonderful experience because the team is made up of great people. From the very beginning until now that I am here in the Netherlands, they have been in constant communication with me. Michelle was just so helpful in everything. Everything just goes smoothly with the process and assures you of what will happen next. Thank you,!

Au pair Elisja and her friends

I had a hard time at the beginning of my arrival, but luckily’s au pair agency was always there to help. Gave me advice and tips. After three months in the Netherlands, I was finally able to adapt and learn new things. Get out of my comfort zone and try to do my best as an au pair. I remember it very well, when I arrived in the Netherlands I received a package from, containing several welcome gifts for me because I had arrived in the Netherlands. I was touched and happy. 

AuPairWorld logo

Become an au pair and have the time of your life

Would you like to live in a foreign country? Learn the local language and experience the culture of the country directly in a host family? Make friends from around the world and at the same time do something great for your CV? Then why not become an au pair?

Au pair with host kid

What exactly is an au pair?

An au pair is a young person between the ages of 18 and 30, single and without children, who travels to a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with a host family .

As an au pair you take on a role as a member of the family and help your host family with childcare and light housework . In return, your receive free room and board plus pocket money .

This is how AuPairWorld works   

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Interested? You can  register for free  and then find profiles from lots of host families who fit exactly with your search criteria in your personal "EasyFind" search tool . The AuPairWorld Messaging System lets you contact these families directly and get to know them to select the family that's right for you. 

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5 reasons why you should be an au pair

Not sure whether you'd really like to go abroad as an au pair? We tell you 5 reasons why you should be an au pair for sure!

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My au pair stay – Why, what for, what's next?

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Video: What's it really like to be an au pair?

In this video, seven au pairs tell what they are getting from the au pair experience - in 20 seconds or less!

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Au-pair Noa aus den Niederlanden

"I found the perfect host family for myself on AuPairWorld. It's so much fun on this website and also much simpler to find a host family that fits. The site is not only very useful, it also has lots and lots of information." Au-pair Noa from the Netherlands

Au-pair Tabea aus Deutschland

Thanks to your website I've been able to find a terrific family. Right now I'm in England enjoying my au pair year. The website is first-rate with all the different things it has to offer." Au pair Tabea from Germany

Au-pair Miguel aus Spanien

The website is really trustworthy and that makes me feel secure. Thank you for your work." Au pair Miguel from Spain

Au-pair Lebone aus Südafrika

"Very effective. I love the website. It's secure and lets the families contact you and you contact the families. That's great! Please keep up the good work. And to all future au pairs: you won't regret using AuPairWorld!" Au pair Lebone from South Africa

Au-pair Mariona aus Frankreich

"I just wanted to say thank-you to AuPairWorld - for the structure of the website which is very simple, the EasyFind function that works very well and is very important for finding a family that corresponds exactly to your criteria." Au pair Marion from France

Interested in detailed reports from au pairs and host families about their au pairing experiences? Take a look at our section  Au Pair Stories !

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Welcome to  Taking Abroad

At Taking Abroad we provide professional, friendly assistance with your travelling needs. We recruit young people for a once in a life time experience as an Au Pair abroad and we recruit people to Teach English abroad (Taiwan, Thailand, Korea & Saudi Arabia)

  • Why don’t you take a fun Gap Year or two?
  • Are you looking for a change in scenery or need a break from your current career?
  • Maybe you just want to broaden your horizons.
  • Then you are at the right place.

Programs we Offer:

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What We Stand For

What makes taking abroad the best agency.

  • As a Taking Abroad participant, you are not a number. Personal contact are important for us.
  • We are fast, friendly, reliable and helpful. We aim to provide you with individual and detailed information.
  • We want all our Au Pairs to have the most fun time abroad.
  • We help you to make your profile the strongest that it can be!
  • We support you fully through your year, even while you are abroad we will assist you.
  • In the case of an emergency you can contact us after hours.
  • With our years of experience we can provide you with the best assistance possible!
  • Our program fee’s don’t have any hidden costs!

We are very proud to announce that we received the IC reward for 2012!

What that means is that we are the best international cooperator.


  1. Au Pair Jobs Abroad

    jobs abroad au pair

  2. Work overseas with au pair jobs

    jobs abroad au pair

  3. Jobs Abroad

    jobs abroad au pair

  4. Au Pair Jobs Abroad

    jobs abroad au pair

  5. Au Pair Jobs Abroad

    jobs abroad au pair

  6. Au Pair Jobs Abroad

    jobs abroad au pair



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    Thank you for your work." Au pair Miguel from Spain. Au-pair Lebone aus

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    That shows you that we are a legal AuPair agency. Remember the Au Pair positions are still a work, so even while you are taking a gap year