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Companies With the Best Loyalty Programs

When you shop, you usually want to get a little more out of your experience than a simple transaction at the counter. Some brands attract customers by offering rewards through customer loyalty programs. Read on to learn more about some of the top companies with customer loyalty programs.

Sephora has a loyalty program that makes the splurge worth it when you stock up on their premium beauty products. This program tracks points (which are based on purchases), and offers various rewards at given intervals. But instead of giving loyal fans sample products or ones in shades that might not be complementary for every skin tone, Sephora’s incentives include gift cards and exclusive discounts. Customers can also choose to trade in their points for premium samples of products tailored to their unique shopping styles.

Amazon’s Prime program is one of the most popular customer loyalty programs out there. This loyalty program requires buy-in from Amazon customers, but delivers a ton of incentives to join. From free books and movies to two-day shipping, Amazon Prime gives customers great perks, and allows them to save a bunch of money on the purchases that they make from the site. Additionally, Prime customers receive access to exclusive deals and a special discounted shopping day called “Prime Day.”

Starbucks has a rewards and loyalty program that helps customers to earn free coffee with every drink they buy. The Starbucks rewards program is a free one that’s tied to using a Starbucks gift card with each purchase. From each of these purchases, customers get loyalty points (or stars), which they can later redeem for free drinks. Rewards members receive other perks, too, like free birthday drinks and BOGO deals.

Nordstrom’s rewards program looks a little different than the typical “earn points, get stuff” deal, but it’s still incredibly popular. Nordstrom relies on brand influencers who share info and exclusive deals on their social media channels. In return, influencers receive special perks and discounts on items from the store.

The North Face

While The North Face offers a somewhat standard loyalty program that trades incentives for purchases, it’s anything but your average rewards deal. Customers can opt in when they make purchases, and will receive points for every dollar spent. But they can earn points in other ways, too. Using the North Face app, customers can join the VIPeak program, which gives certain perks for participating in company events or checking into certain adventurous locations. When it’s time to cash in, customers can choose from tailored experiences, like once-in-a-lifetime hiking experiences.


loyalty missions mass effect 2

Loyalty Missions

This section of IGN's Mass Effect 2 wiki guide is all about how to complete the Loyalty Missions .

Every Loyalty Mission

Loyalty missions explained.

Eye for an Eye slice1.png

Below is the list of every Loyalty Mission in the game. Assuming you keep up with talking to Squad Mates after recruiting them, these are always acquired in this specific order. The DLC Loyalty Missions are the exception, as explained below.

  • Jacob - The Gift Of Greatness
  • Miranda - The Prodigal
  • Jack - Subject Zero
  • Mordin - Old Blood
  • Grunt - Rite Of Passage
  • Garrus - Eye for an Eye
  • Samara - The Ardat-Yakshi
  • Tali - Treason
  • Thane - Sins of the Father
  • Legion - A House Divided

DLC Loyalty Missions:

  • Kasumi: Stolen Memory
  • Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

Rite of Passage slice1.png

Every squadmate in Mass Effect 2 has a loyalty mission, where you must complete a specific favor for them to sort out their mental state so that they're focused on the Mission. This means they revolve around their families and loved ones, revenge, or just finding their place in the universe.

For the core ten Squad Mates, Loyalty Missions cannot be unlocked until you complete the Horizon Mission halfway into the game, and those also require you to have talked with said Squad Mates between Missions a few times to learn more about them. The exception to this are the two DLC characters, Kasumi and Zaeed, whose Loyalty Missions are unlocked as soon as you recruit them.

Completing Loyalty Missions is incredibly important to the game because they tie directly into the Suicide Mission finale at the very end. Squad Mates who aren't Loyal run a much greater risk of dying, or getting somebody else killed, at specific moments. Completing these mitigates this risk, and also unlocked an extra Power for them to use (which can also be assigned to Shepard in the Med Bay).

Loyalty Missions are also important to Mass Effect 3. Even if a Squad Mate survives the Suicide Mission , not completing their Loyalty Mission means they run a greater risk of dying in a Mission that features them in the third game.

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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect Wiki

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Mass Effect 2 features a Loyalty system, whereby completing a unique mission of personal importance for each member of the squad unlocks that character's fourth power as well as their alternate outfit. Loyalty additionally has an effect on the end game mission. Abilities unlocked through loyalty can also be learned by Commander Shepard using the Advanced Training research upgrade, though only one may be learned at any given time, and can also be accessed when creating a new Shepard or importing a Shepard from the original Mass Effect .

Note: The loyalty system does not carry over to Mass Effect 3 , but some aspects of it remain in that game's unique Reputation system. Also, gaining the loyalty of certain characters in Mass Effect 2 can have significant story impact for those characters if they appear in the next game.

  • 1.1 Loyalty Mission Order
  • 2 Confrontations
  • 3 Loyalty Powers
  • 5 References

Acquiring Loyalty [ ]

At any time after completing the mission on Horizon , you will be informed by Kelly Chambers that members would like to talk with you. The trigger for all loyalty missions is largely the same: every next loyalty mission is triggered simply by completing a mission and/or an assignment with a "Mission Complete" screen. The 'small' assignments from the Normandy , Omega , Illium , Tuchanka and the Citadel do not count; also, Overlord , although made up of four assignments, counts as one. However, Grunt 's, Samara 's, Tali 's, Thane 's and Legion 's missions have an additional trigger: if by that point all but one character has been recruited, and all other squad members' loyalty missions have been completed, then the loyalty mission for the aforementioned characters (whoever is recruited last) will become available directly after them joining the crew (completing a relevant Dossier mission , or, in case of Grunt and Legion, waking the character).

Completing a loyalty mission will cause the relevant squad member to become loyal to you, enabling an alternate outfit, a bonus power , and improving their chances of survival during the suicide mission (provided you make the correct decisions during the mission). To engage a loyalty mission, the relevant character must be brought in your squad, with the exception of Samara , who shows up at the appropriate times (though it is, however, a good idea to bring her along).

For some squad members, it is possible to make choices during their personal mission that will prevent their becoming loyal, even though the mission is considered complete. These missions are Tali's, Zaeed's, Thane's, and Samara's loyalty missions.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Review

25 May 2021

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

20 March 2017

Loyalty Mission Order [ ]

You will acquire the 10 loyalty missions in the following order: Jacob , Miranda , Jack , Mordin , Grunt , Garrus , Samara , Tali , Thane , Legion .

If you do not recruit/awaken a squad member, their loyalty mission will be skipped and the next loyalty mission from the sequence will be available for acquisition instead. You will acquire the skipped loyalty mission after completing an assignment or mission upon recruiting the squad member (see above for exceptions). For example, if you have Samara's and you haven't recruited Tali, then you will get Thane's instead.

Zaeed's and Kasumi's loyalty missions are automatically available upon recruitment ( their respective Dossier missions are just short dialogue sequences without any combat ), and can be completed before the mission on Horizon.

Confrontations [ ]

After completing their respective loyalty missions (without using the evidence, in Tali's case), two pairs of team members will end up in an argument:

  • Legion and Tali argue because Legion scanned Tali's omni-tool for information on the Flotilla and wants to transmit it back to the geth fleet
  • Jack and Miranda argue about Cerberus ' and the Illusive Man 's responsibility for the experimentation on Jack

This will happen as soon as the Commander returns to the Normandy after finishing the loyalty missions of both clashing parties, and Shepard will automatically be brought in to settle the dispute. Shepard can choose to support one squad member during the disagreement, but the other's loyalty will be lost as a result.

In order to placate both squad members, it is necessary to choose a Charm or Intimidate conversation option. If Shepard does not have enough Paragon or Renegade points, the options will be grayed out, forcing a choice between the two squad members. Note that because of the way morality works in Mass Effect 2 the option could be grayed out even if the Paragon or Renegade bar appears "full" - meaning Shepard has not achieved a high enough percentage of the possible morality points that have become available to that point in the game.

It is possible to regain the lost loyalty of a squad member with another Charm or Intimidate conversation option later. However, the team member whom Shepard does not support will no longer respond to romantic overtures, even if their loyalty is later regained. Losing the loyalty of one of the team members will not result in the loss of their alternate outfit or special power, nor the Commander's access to it through the "Advanced Training" research project.

Loyalty Powers [ ]

Summary list of bonus powers unlocked after each loyalty mission is completed successfully.

  • Armor Piercing Ammo ( Garrus )
  • Barrier ( Jacob )
  • Dominate ( Morinth )
  • Energy Drain ( Tali )
  • Flashbang Grenade ( Kasumi )
  • Fortification ( Grunt )
  • Geth Shield Boost ( Legion )
  • Inferno Grenade ( Zaeed )
  • Neural Shock ( Mordin )
  • Reave ( Samara )
  • Shredder Ammo ( Thane )
  • Slam ( Miranda )
  • Stasis ( Liara ) - Requires completion of Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC ( LE: included with Legendary Edition )
  • Warp Ammo ( Jack )

In development was a confrontation between Mordin and Grunt similar to confrontations mentioned in the article. However, this was cut [1] .

References [ ]

  • ↑
  • 2 Romance (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Mass Effect 2 loyalty guide and how to gain the loyalty of squad members

Working your way through the Legendary Edition and trying to secure everyone's Mass Effect 2 loyalty? Here's how to do it

Mass Effect 2 loyalty

Gaining the Mass Effect 2 loyalty of your crew is an essential part of your adventure, at least if you want to complete the final Suicide Mission in a way that's successful for as many of them as possible. There are over a dozen characters that you can recruit in this second part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition , completing missions with them to earn their fealty, and you'll need to know the right decisions to make along the way so you can weave them all into a close-knit squad ready for the final push. To help with this, we've got a complete rundown on how the Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions work, along with the actions required so you can get the best possible outcomes for everyone.

Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions

Find out what the best Mass Effect 2 weapons are for your playstyle and where to find them.

As members are recruited to your squad their Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions become available, though you usually need to complete a regular mission or assignment first before each loyalty mission can be accessed. Completing the loyalty mission for a squad member will make them loyal to Shepard, which increases their chance of survival if you make the right choices during the Suicide Mission and can impact on the Mass Effect 2 endings , as well as unlocking an alternate outfit and their bonus power. This bonus power can then be learned and used by Shepard, by purchasing the Advanced Training research project, though you can only have one active bonus power at a time.

Below we've listed the Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions in the order they become available, along with the bonus powers you unlock for the characters by completing them. This comes with the caveat that if a certain character has not been recruited to your squad yet then their loyalty mission is skipped over, but it comes up next in the rotation once they join as a crew member:

  • Jacob Taylor: The Gift of Greatness - Barrier
  • Miranda Lawson: The Prodigal - Slam
  • Jack: Subject Zero - Warp Ammo
  • Mordin Solus: Old Blood - Neural Shock
  • Grunt: Rite of Passage - Fortification
  • Garrus Vakarian: Eye for an Eye - Armor-Piercing Ammo
  • Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi - Reave (or Morinth - Dominate)
  • Tali'Zorah vas Neema: Treason - Energy Drain
  • Thane Krios: Sins of the Father - Shredder Ammo
  • Legion: A House Divided - Geth Shield Boost

There are also the following three loyalty missions that were originally DLC, and can be accessed as soon as the relevant character is recruited to your crew:

  • Zaeed Massani: The Price of Revenge - Inferno Grenade
  • Kasumi Goto: Stealing Memory - Flashbang Grenade
  • Liara T'Soni: Lair of the Shadow Broker - Stasis (completing this mission unlocks the Stasis power but Liara does not join your crew)

Bear in mind that in some circumstances, there are decisions or actions you can take during a loyalty mission that stop the squad member from becoming loyal, even if you complete the mission. These are the ones you need to watch out for:

  • Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi - If you don't keep Morinth's attention she will leave the club, so Samara cannot capture her and will not become loyal. If you side with Morinth then Samara will be killed, then replaced on the crew by Morinth who will be loyal and unlock her bonus power instead of Samara's.
  • Tali'Zorah vas Neema: Treason - If you provide evidence that Tali's father was guilty of treason, she will not become loyal.
  • Thane Krios: Sins of the Father - If you don't update Thane while using the catwalks to track Joram Talid, Kolyat will assassinate Talid and Thane will not become loyal.
  • Zaeed Massani: The Price of Revenge - If you save the workers then Zaeed will not become loyal, unless you can use the high Charm option at the conclusion of the mission.

There will also be confrontations between squad members onboard the Normandy immediately after certain pairs of loyalty missions have been completed, which you'll need to resolve. These are:

  • Miranda Lawson: The Prodigal and Jack: Subject Zero
  • Tali'Zorah vas Neema: Treason and Legion: A House Divided

If you have a high enough Paragon or Renegade score then a Charm or Intimidate option will be available to diffuse the situation and keep both of the crew happy, however if that isn't accessible (or you choose not to use it) then you'll need to side with one member and lose the loyalty of the other. Losing a squad member's loyalty in this way does not prevent access to their alternate outfit or bonus power, and while it is possible to regain this lost loyalty later with another Charm or Intimidate option if available during conversations, any Mass Effect 2 romance you were pursuing with them cannot be rekindled.

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Mass Effect 2 Loyalty Missions - consequences, how to gain loyalty, & resolve conflicts

One major addition in Mass Effect 2 that sets it apart from the rest of the Mass Effect Trilogy are loyalty missions - special, optional story missions tied to each member of Shepard’s squad that in turn makes them ‘loyal’ - and loyalty has benefits for both combat and story.

On this page, we detail every character’s loyalty mission , what choices to make to ensure you secure loyalty , how to resolve the Tali/Legion and Jack/Miranda confrontations aboard the loyalty, and everything else around this system. Basically, it’s got everything you need to know.

Unlockable Loyalty Powers & Skills

  • Loyalty Missions Guide


Mass Effect 2 Loyalty: how it works, unlockable Powers and more

Loyalty has a number of benefits. For example, loyal characters will be more likely to survive the suicide mission, or will be able to undertake certain tasks within that mission safely. In addition, some characters will have their fate in Mass Effect 3 decided by their left-over loyalty status from Mass Effect 2; a disloyal character has a chance to die not just in this game, but also the next!

In video game terms, loyalty also has an impact. A character with a successfully completed loyalty mission will unlock an additional costume and a special fourth power, an extra combat ability. 

Loyalty is not always plain-sailing. There are two pairs of characters in the game where, once they’re both loyal, a showdown will be triggered aboard the loyalty. You’ll have to resolve this conflict or face losing one character’s loyalty. These are detailed in the guide below, including instructions on how to dodge disaster.

The combat abilities unlocked through loyalty are unique to each character, but they’re useful even if it’s a character you don’t really use in combat. Shepard himself can learn any loyal squadmate’s loyalty power by using the Advanced Training research to get a bonus power  - though only one at any given time. The skills are as follows:

  • Armor Piercing Ammo (Garrus)
  • Barrier (Jacob)
  • Energy Drain (Tali)
  • Flashbang Grenade (Kasumi)
  • Fortification (Grunt)
  • Geth Shield Boost (Legion)
  • Inferno Grenade (Zaeed)
  • Neural Shock (Mordin)
  • Reave (Samara) or Dominate (Morinth)
  • Shredder Ammo (Thane)
  • Slam (Miranda)
  • Warp Ammo (Jack)
  • Stasis (from Liara in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, which is not technically a loyalty mission)

Mass Effect 2 Loyalty Missions Guide

Below, you’ll find a list of every loyalty mission in the game for each character, which details the steps you’ll need to take to secure each character’s loyalty. 

For some characters this is as simple as ‘complete the mission’, while for others the choices you make in the mission will have repercussions on their status and even the storylines of Mass Effect 3 . All are listed below - scroll on, or click a name to be taken straight to that character’s loyalty guide.


Garrus Loyalty Mission: Eye for an Eye

Garrus’ loyalty mission seems him tracking down a traitor whose actions led to the deaths of many of Garrus’ allies. This takes you to the Citadel, and this loyalty mission has two specific outcomes:

If Garrus is allowed to kill Sidonis, that’s that. C-Sec are looking for the murderer, but have no leads, which means Garrus is in the clear. Garrus will now be loyal.

If Shepard persuades Garrus to spare Sidonis’ life, he turns himself into the authorities. Harkin is also taken into custody for his crimes. Garrus ends up loyal.

As you can see, in this instance Garrus ends up loyal to Shepard either way, so you can go with whichever option you prefer in whatever way you prefer.

Making Garrus loyal unlocks his Armor Piercing Ammo ability.


Grunt Loyalty Mission: Rite of Passage

Grunt’s loyalty is one of the most simple loyalty related missions in the game - since as befitting a Krogan, it just involves a whole lot of combat, culminating in one big fight.

You’ll be placed into an arena area and forced to go through phases. The third phase is one real big boss. You don’t actually have to defeat this boss - you just have to survive for a while - but if you can defeat it, there’s an achievement in it for you as well. If you want to collect resources scattered around the arena, be sure to grab them before completing the third phase.

Grunt ends up loyal whatever happens, and his being loyal has a direct consequence in Mass Effect 3 as well as the rest of ME2. 

Making Grunt loyal unlocks his Fortification skill.


Jack Loyalty Mission: Subject Zero

To make Jack loyal, you’ll need to resolve unfinished business from her troubled childhood. This involves traveling through a ruined facility, defeating some enemies, and having a final showdown with Aresh, who Jack grew up with.

Shepard can convince Jack to spare Aresh’s life or let her kill him with either a paragon or renegade interrupt. Regardless of what you do, the outcome of the mission is the same as far as loyalty goes.

Making Jack loyal unlocks her Warp Ammo ability.

Jack vs Miranda Showdown - how to keep both loyal

If Miranda is already loyal at this point, when you return to the Normandy, Jack and Miranda will have it out. If you have enough points in either, you pick Paragon or Renegade dialogue options to diffuse the situation.

Be warned that if you choose “Back off, Miranda”, she will become disloyal. The same is true for saying “Too bad, Jack.” However, you must side with a character if you have a romantic interest in them. So, for instance, to Romance Miranda , you must say “Too bad” to Jack. 

That doesn’t mean Jack’s loyalty is lost, however: With enough Paragon or Renegade points, you can restore your loyalty again in a private conversation. This works in the reverse with Miranda, too.


Jacob Loyalty Mission: The Gift of Greatness

Jacob has some daddy issues - like a lot of people in Mass Effect 2, if we’re being honest - and so his loyalty mission involves tracking down and finding out what happened to a long-missing father, Ronald Taylor. 

At the end of the mission, you’ll have a choice between turning Ronald over to the Alliance, leaving him to die, or giving him a gun so he can take his own life. The outcome of the mission does not impact Jacob’s loyalty.

Making Jacob loyal unlocks his Barrier ability.


Legion Loyalty Mission: A House Divided

Geth loner Legion’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 takes Shepard aboard a Geth space station to stop a group of ‘Heretic’ Geth that have adapted a reaper virus to take over the normal Geth. After fighting through the station, you’re faced with a choice.

Choosing to Rewrite the Heretics is considered the Paragon option, and resets the Heretic Geth to eliminate the unique threat they pose.

Meanwhile, Destroying the Heretics is considered the Renegade option, outright destroying these unique Geth.

Legion can’t decide which it prefers, so it leaves the choice of if you should Rewrite or Destroy the Geth Heretics up to you.

Keep in mind that this choice has small story consequences in Mass Effect 3 - though nothing major to be concerned about.  In ME2, Legion will become loyal either way, unlocking its Geth Shield Boost skill.

Legion vs Tali Showdown - how to keep them loyal

Once you have completed both Tali and Legion’s loyalty quests, the two will have a confrontation aboard the Normandy. This showdown sees them face off, and Shepard must use Paragon or Renegade dialogue options to diffuse the situation.

However, if you want to Romance Tali , you should instead side with Tali, telling Legion to stop transmitting. This makes Legion disloyal once more - but then if you have a high enough Paragon or Renegade stat, you can then make Legion loyal once more in a private conversation.


Miranda Loyalty Mission: The Prodigal

Oh, hey, another Mass Effect 2 character with issues surrounding a bad father! Miranda’s loyalty quest requires you to try to rescue her sister, Oriana, from her less-than-kind father. 

Work your way through the mission. At a point, you’ll have the chance to Paragon Interrupt Miranda to stop her from shooting someone. At the end of the mission, you can encourage Miranda to introduce herself to her sister, if you wish. 

What you do is irrelevant, however: Miranda becomes loyal, unlocking her Slam power. Miranda’s loyalty status also plays a minor role in Mass Effect 3.

Miranda vs Jack Showdown

Once both Jack and Miranda are loyal, when you next return to the Normandy the two will be fighting. To resolve the fight, you’ll need to pick Paragon or Renegade dialogue options to diffuse the situation.

There’s a catch. To romance a character , you’ll need to side with them in this conversation, avoiding those Paragon and Renegade options. Doing so makes the other character disloyal, however.

You can regain the lost loyalty by returning to whoever you made disloyal for a private conversation; then use Paragon or Renegade options to patch things up.


Mordin Loyalty Mission: Old Blood

Mordin’s loyalty mission centers on a wider issue for the Mass Effect universe - the Genophage disease that is ravaging the Krogan race. It turns out his former student Maelon is developing a cure.

Firstly, Mordin rushes Maelon and moves to shoot him - but you can interrupt to stop him if you wish. Beyond that, you will ultimately be faced with two choices, albeit framed in a few different ways:

If you destroy the data, the chance of a cure to the Genophage is dropped significantly. This has major repercussions in Mass Effect 3. This is regarded as the Renegade choice.

If you choose to save the data, this is regarded as a paragon choice. This decision also has major repercussions in Mass Effect 3. 

Mordin will end up loyal to you either way, unlocking his Neural Shock power. However, the more significant outcome of this mission is what you do about the data, which is covered in more detail in our Mass Effect Trilogy choices & consequences guide.


Samara Loyalty Mission: The Ardat-Yakshi

Samara has unfinished business with her daughter, who is actually a serial murderer who destroys the minds of her lovers. This mission has no combat - instead, you’ll be out of your armor and helping more passively.

It’s worth noting that this mission can be failed outright. At one point of the mission, you’ll need to perform activities to impress Morinth, Samara’s daughter. If you fail to impress across four activities, Morinth leaves, and the trail goes cold. This will be a mission failure, and Samara will remain disloyal.

These are the activities you can undertake to impress Morinth:

  • Defend the dancer Hallia from a Turian’s advances. Punch the Turian out to save the Turian being inappropriate towards her.
  • Dance with Waera by approaching her and choosing the Paragon dialogue option.
  • Buy everyone in the club a drink by talking to Edwin the bartender and persuading him with the Paragon dialogue option… or pay out yourself.
  • Challenge Verf the Krogan for his trash-talking humans. Use the renegade responses.
  • Dissuade the Turian criminals in the corner of the club. Use renegade options to intimidate them into rethinking their plan to mug innocents.
  • Talk to Horftin, and then help him to save Moirall, his undercover journalist partner. You need to talk to the gangster Florit, and be sure to use the words “Terminal” and “Eternity”, in that order, when Moirall can hear you. 

When you catch Morinth’s attention and get the chance to speak to her in a booth, talk in a specific way. Again, if you lose Morinth’s attention here, you will fail the mission. Have Shepard say “I’m confident”, and then talk about travel, art, and music. Pick any responses with the terms “Expel 10”, “Hallex”, and “Forta” as a priority, but also generally mention violence and power as much as you can. Obviously, do not speak of family or justicars. 

Back in Morinth’s apartment, eventually talk to her. The choices here don’t matter, but the paragon/renegade speech check here is one of the most difficult to pass in the entire game. Samara bursts in and a fight ensues. Ultimately, you must choose between the two:

If you side with Samara, Morinth is killed. Samara becomes loyal, unlocking her Reave power. Samara appears in ME3.

If you side with Morinth, she disguises herself as Samara and takes her identity. Loyal Morinth has the Dominate power. Some aboard the Normandy are suspicious, but nothing more comes of it. Morinth doesn’t have much of a role in ME3, but her fate is revealed.


Tali Loyalty Mission: Treason

The Quarians might not have a planet, but the Migrant Fleet still has its own laws - and Tali now finds herself charged with treason. Shepard must take Tali to the flotilla - and then help to protect her and prove her innocence. We recommend you take the time to talk to everyone, in full, at every phase of this quest.

Over the course of the mission, you will uncover evidence that implicates Tali’s father. This would exonerate Tali but incriminate her father - which she does not want. Here are the possible paths out of the trial, which are also explained in our guide to Tali's trial :

  • You can use Paragon or Renegade Charm/Intimate dialogue options to talk of Tali’s history and character, to make a case for her innocence that way. This can work if you have enough morality points, getting Tali’s Loyalty without incriminating her father.
  • Alternatively, you can lie and say no evidence was found. Tali will be found guilty of treason and exiled, but her father’s reputation remains intact. 
  • If you returned Veetor the Quarian to the fleet during the Freedom’s Progress mission (rather than sending him to Cerberus), and talked to the Admirals throughout the mission, requesting their help, Shepard can use the crowd, getting them on his and Tali’s side. This can get her exonerated. Tali will be loyal.
  • Finally, you can present the evidence, which exonerates Tali but ruins her father’s reputation. Tali will not be loyal in this scenario.

Once loyal, Tali gets use of the Energy Drain power. 

Tali vs Legion Showdown - how to keep them both loyal

After completing Legion’s loyalty mission, if you’ve also finished Tali’s, the two will end up having a fight aboard the Normandy. Shepard has to mediate the fight, and can resolve it using Paragon or Renegade Charm or Intimidate dialogue choices.

It must be noted, however, that you can’t use these if you want to romance Tali. Instead, you should side with her, and tell Legion not to transmit. This will make Legion disloyal, but it keeps the Tali romance on track - and at that point, you can then go to Legion and charm it back into loyalty by using charm or intimidate dialogue.


Thane Loyalty Mission: Sins of the Father

Thane’s Loyalty mission is fairly unique in that you don’t actually have to do any fighting - it’s a non-combat mission, just like Samara’s. Here you’re tracking down Thane’s son - and as with Samara’s daughter, it’s possible to fail the mission and miss Thane’s loyalty.

To avoid that, you’ll have to track down where Thane’s son Kolyat is. You’ll learn of his target, Talid, and will then have to track Talid from up in the rafters. This is where you can fail; you must repeatedly update Thane on Talid’s whereabouts. If you lose him, loyalty is lost. You have choices to make here and some interrupt options along the way, but none will impact your ability to attain Thane’s loyalty, though obviously it’s recommended you don’t injure Kolyat.

Once the mission is complete, you can give Thane and Kolyat the chance to talk in private. You can then decide his fate. Whatever you choose is a positive outcome, and ends with Thane loyal, unlocking his Shredder Ammo power.


Kasumi Loyalty Mission: Stealing Memory

As a DLC character, Kasumi’s loyalty mission is unlocked from the very moment you first recruit her on the Citadel. Kasumi’s mission is also one of the more unique in the game, having you play out an exhilarating heist. 

For the record, whatever you decide in this mission, Kasumi will end the mission loyal. Your choices around if you should destroy or keep the box will have small dialogue implications including in the next game, but nothing more. A loyal Kasumi gets access to the Flashbang Grenade skill, and will also act as a War Asset in Mass Effect 3.


Zaeed Loyalty Mission: The Price of Revenge

Unlike other characters, as a DLC character Zaeed’s loyalty mission pops the moment you recruit him. It sees you travel to a low population planet to track down some of Zaeed’s old allies who betrayed him. He wants revenge.

This mission is straightforward, but it’s important to note that you can fail Zaeed’s loyalty mission. At one point, you’ll have the choice between saving innocent workers or continuing to give chase after Zaeed’s target. If you choose to save the workers, you will fail to get Zaeed’s loyalty - unless you can diffuse his anger with a specific Paragon/Charm prompt at the end of the mission. Alternatively, you can take a disloyal Zaeed back to the Normandy, or in some circumstances leave Zaeed behind on the planet for dead via saving the workers..

If you want his loyalty, the safest way to do so is to let the workers die. You’ll miss some Paragon points through this, but little else. Loyal Zaeed has the Inferno Grenade power.

Mass Effect 2: Optimal Mission Order

In BioWare's Mass Effect 2, Shepard has the freedom to tackle most missions in any order. What is the best order to follow?

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Prologue: joining cerberus, act 1: putting together your team, act 2 – part 1: finishing recruitment, act 2 – part 2: gaining loyalty, act 3: endgame.

For the most part, Mass Effect 2 is a linear RPG. However, the game does give you some freedom when it comes to mission order. Each act of the adventure has an abundance of quests to take on, and it doesn't matter which you do first or which you save for later.

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Yet, playing each mission in a specific order can improve a playthrough in various ways. For instance, if you complete quests in the optimal sequence, you lower the risk of losing characters by the end of the game. Plus, your narrative experience can be enhanced simply by doing certain missions at certain times. So, here is the order in which you should complete all of the main content.

During Mass Effect 2's prologue, you have no control over which missions you play . The sequence of events includes an attack on the Normandy, Shepard joining Cerberus, and a visit to Freedom's Progress.

The lack of freedom in the opening stages makes sense as the game slowly introduces you to its mechanics and sets up the story.

Mission Order:

  • Prologue: Save Joker
  • Prologue: Awakening
  • Freedom's Progress

Things start to open up once the prologue ends as the Illusive Man gives you multiple recruitment missions to do at your leisure . You also have a few other quests to keep you busy.

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Optimal Mission Order:

  • Normandy Crash Site – A few characters suggest that your first objective should be to head to Omega to meet the Professor. Although, it seems more appropriate to visit the wreckage of the original Normandy to say one last goodbye before getting into the game.
  • Dossier: The Veteran – Three of your future squadmates are on Omega, so that's where you should head next. Zaeed is near the entrance to the space station, and you're guaranteed to pass him upon entry. His dossier 'quest' is just a simple conversation. Thus, there's no need to ignore the veteran merc.
  • Dossier: The Professor – Picking up Mordin Solus early makes a lot of sense because, at that point, he's the most valuable person to have on the team as he can help deal with the Collector seeker swarms. Logically, Shepard wouldn't go for anyone else first besides Zaeed.
  • Dossier: Archangel – Recruiting Archangel is the last vital thing to do on Omega in the early stages. Therefore, you may as well find the vigilante after you've got Mordin.
  • Project Firewalker – This one can be done anytime before the Reaper IFF mission as it's not that important.
  • Dossier: The Thief – You’ll want to go to the Citadel at this point in the game. Like Zaeed, this mission is one conversation, which takes place right where you enter the station.
  • Citadel: The Council – It can be argued that you should do this quest earlier. After all, Shepard is likely excited to see Anderson for the first time in a while. Yet, during the assignment, Anderson and the Council share their concerns about you working for Cerberus. The line of questioning surrounding Shepard's new organization works better when you've actually done a few missions for them.
  • Kasumi: Stealing Memory – It's nice to complete this one soon after meeting Kasumi as the specifics and reasoning for the mission are fresh in your mind. Although, you can really do it anytime before the Reaper IFF
  • Dossier: The Convict – It doesn’t matter what order you do the Jack and Grunt dossier missions as long as they're completed after the other quests in this act.
  • Dossier: The Warlord – See above.
  • Horizon – This mission triggers after you recruit Mordin, Garrus, Jack, and Grunt.

After the Horizon quest, the Illusive Man points you toward three more people you should recruit. Plus, this is when loyalty missions start appearing, so make sure you're regularly talking to your teammates.

For the first part of this act, you can only do five quests before triggering the next Collector assignment.

  • Dossier: Tali – Story-wise, it makes sense for you to recruit Tali straight away in act 2 because of Shepard’s pre-existing relationship with the Quarian. What's more, she's arguably the best Mass Effect companion ever .
  • Dossier: The Justicar – Both the Justicar and Assassin dossier quests are initiated on Illium, so it's good to get them done one after another. It doesn't matter which mission you do first.
  • Dossier: The Assassin – See above.
  • Grunt: Rite of Passage – At this point, you’ve only got two quests left to complete before triggering the next Collector mission. Therefore, it's a good opportunity to do the two Loyalty missions on Tuchanka (Grunt and Mordin).
  • Mordin: Old Blood – See Above.
  • Collector Ship – Once you've completed five missions after Horizon, this critical quest will automatically begin.

You have plenty of freedom in the wake of the Collector Ship investigation as the game doesn't force you to start the next mission. In fact, you want to avoid initiating the Reaper IFF quest for quite some time .

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Instead, the second part of act 2 is about getting almost all of the loyalty missions done . And these quests are crucial because they help you keep everyone alive during the Suicide Mission .

  • Miranda: The Prodigal – The order in which you do most loyalty missions isn't important. However, besides Kasumi and Zaeed, Miranda or Jacob will likely ask for help first. Therefore it's logical that Shepard wouldn't leave the two Cerberus agents waiting too long.
  • Jacob: The Gift of Greatness – See Above.
  • Garrus: Eye for an Eye – Because of the close bond Shepard and Garrus share, the Commander would help the Turian before most others.
  • Thane: Sins of the Father – As Thane's search for his son takes place in the same area as the Garrus quest, aka the Citadel, you should do this right afterward.
  • Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi – It doesn't matter when you do Samara's quest as long as it's before the Reaper IFF.
  • Tali: Treason – When Tali tells you about her trial, she'll strongly encourage you to deal with it immediately. However, there's no actual timer on the mission, and it's better to save it until you've built up enough Paragon or Renegade points to get the quest's best ending.
  • Jack: Subject Zero – After Jack's mission, you’ll need to break up a fight between her and Miranda. To keep the loyalty of them both, you need to have a high enough percentage of Paragon or Renegade points. Even though it's based on percentage, it seems easier to keep them both happy in the later stage of the game. Also, you witness some of the awful things Cerberus has done during the quest, which from a narrative standpoint makes sense to do now that you're late in the game.
  • Overlord – This is another one that shows you more of the sick experiments Cerberus was doing. Once again it works better at this point just before Shepard's relationship with the organization starts to deteriorate.
  • Zaeed: The Price of Revenge – Zaeed's mission will be available for a long time, and this is pretty much your last chance to do it. You don't have to leave it this late, but as Paragon players need to pass a very high morality check to make Zaeed loyal, it's best to save it until now.

Act 3 serves as the endgame , and it doesn't allow much time for side content. So, make sure that you've done everything before starting these quests .

  • Reaper IFF – Completing this mission sets in motion the last stretch of the game.
  • Legion: A House Divided – After acquiring Legion from the IFF quest, you'll need to activate and talk to him multiple times to receive his loyalty mission. You may need to travel to a different part of the ship and come back to get him to talk to you again after the first conversation. For the best possible ending to the game, you'll want to help Legion as soon as you can.
  • Save The Ship – This short mission will start the next time you use the galaxy map after the Reaper IFF has finished installing.
  • The Suicide Mission – If you want to save everyone on the Normandy crew, you'll have to enter the Omega 4 relay almost immediately after the last quest. By using the relay, you'll initiate the Suicide Mission.
  • Lair Of The Shadow Broker – As it’s disconnected from the main story, you can do Lair of the Shadow Broker after the credits have rolled. Plus, if Legion survived the last quest, you get a rare chance to use him for what is arguably the best expansion in the series .
  • Arrival – Arrival is a great way to end Mass Effect 2 as it works as a bridge between the second and third games.

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loyalty missions mass effect 2

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Loyalty Missions in Mass Effect 2 , are a type of quest unique to each Companion  that once completed unlock that companion's fourth Power  as well as an alternate outfit. Loyalty also grants an extremely important effect on the final Mission  of the game. 

Powers unlocked through Loyalty Missions can also be learned by Commander Shepard . To do so, you have to use the Advanced Training research upgrade, though only one may be learned at any given time of the total 14 available.  You can also access one of these 14 Powers available, when creating a new Commander Shepard  or when importing one from the original Mass Effect.

Acquiring Loyalty Missions

After completing the Mission  on Horizon , you will be informed by Kelly Chambers  that members would like to talk to you. The trigger for Loyalty Missions is more or less the same: you have to complete a Mission  or an Assignment  that ends with a "Mission Complete" screen. (Small Assignments  from the Normandy, Omega , Illium , Tuchanka and the Citadel do not count as triggers for the Loyalty Missions ).

The Loyalty Mission for Grunt , Legion , Tali , Thane and Samara  have an additional trigger. If by that point, all but one character has been recruited and all other squad members' Loyalty Missions  have been completed, then the Loyalty Mission of the aforementioned character will become available directly after them joining the crew.


The  10   Loyalty Missions  will be acquired in the following order:

  • Jacob Taylor
  • Miranda Lawson
  • Mordin Solus
  • Garrus Vakarian
  • Thane Krios

Zaeed Massani 's and  Kasumi Goto 's  Loyalty Missions  work differently than the members in the base game. Their  Loyalty Mission  becomes available upon recruitment.

Note that if you do not recruit a certain member, their  Loyalty Missions  will be skipped and the next one from the aforementioned sequence will be available for completion instead. You will acquire the skipped Loyalty Mission after completing an  Assignment  or  Mission  upon recruiting that squad member. For example, if you have Garrus' and you haven't recruited  Samara , you will get  Tali's   Loyalty Mission  instead.

It is possible to make choices during some  Loyalty Missions  that prevent squad member involved from becoming loyal, even though the  Mission  will be considered complete. These are the following:

Samara : If you don't attract or lose  Morinth's  attention during her mother's  Loyalty Mission  will cause  Morinth  to leave, preventing her from being trapped by  Commander Shepard  and  Samara . This results in  Samara  not becoming loyal.

Tali : During her  Loyalty Mission, by  providing the evidence that  Tali's  father was guilty of treason will prevent her from becoming loyal.

Thane : If you don't update  Thane  during his Loyalty Mission while you are following Joram Talid, results in Kolyat killing Talid.

Zaeed : If you choose to save the workers during his  Loyalty Mission , will prevent him from becoming loyal, unless you are able to use a high-level  Charm  at the end of the  Mission . Also, leaving him pinned under the beam will kill him at the end of his  Loyalty Mission.  However, this option will become available  ONLY  if you have already gone through the  Omega 4 Relay , you chose to save the workers and have at least 2 more squadmates left.


After completing their respective Loyalty Missions, two pairs of team members will end up in an argument. These are:

  • Legion and Tali : Legion  scanned Tali's Omni-Tool to obtain information on the Flotilla  and wants to transmit it back to the Geth .
  • Jack and Miranda : They argue about Cerberus' and the Illusive Man's responsibility and involvement for the experimentation on  Jack .

These confrontations will happen as soon as you return to the Normandy after completing the Loyalty Missions  of both parties involved in the discussion. You will be brought in to settle the dispute and then, can choose to support one member over the other during the disagreement. You will lose the loyalty of the one you didn't support.

In order to calm both members, it is necessary to choose a Charm or Intimidate option. If you don't have enough Paragon or Renegade points, the options will be grayed out, forcing a choice between two squad members. 

You have the possibility to regain the lost loyalty of a squad member with another Charm or Intimidate conversation option later. Keep in mind that the team member whom you did not support, will no longer respond to romantic overtures, even if their loyalty is regained at a later time. Losing the loyalty of the team member, will not result in the loss of their alternate outfit or special Power .

All Loyalty Missions in Mass Effect 2

  • Garrus: Eye for an Eye
  • Grunt: Rite of Passage
  • Jack: Subject Zero
  • Jacob: The Gift of Greatness
  • Legion: A House Divided
  • Miranda: The Prodigal
  • Mordin: Old Blood
  • Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi
  • Tali: Treason
  • Thane: Sins of the Father
  • Kasumi: Stealing Memory
  • Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

loyalty missions mass effect 2

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.How do you get loyalty missions?

Mass effect 2, xbox 360 pc playstation 3, mass effect 2 (xbox 360).

  • What happens if your team is loyal to you?How do u have sex with miranda?Do u have to do the loyalty missions?or do u do it somepoint of the game? lolo9090 - 13 years ago - report
  • HahAH NICE one lolo9090 - 13 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  • To do a Loyalty mission, You have to talk with the characters between each mission. It seems that most of the Loyalty missions get unlocked after you get your first 4 people (Grunt, Jack, Garrus/Archangel, Mordin) You just have to keep using the "Talk about you" option on the characters between missions to see whats up. This is the same for the Romance subplot, Which can occur with Tali, Miranda, and Jack if your a Male (also kelly, But she only dances for you), and Garrus, Jacob or Thane if your a female. gOwCoD4 ( Expert ) - 13 years ago - report 7   0
  • Loyalty missions come as you talk to your members. About three conversations in and by Disc 2 your team mates will want to talk with you about something happening in their lives. They will ask you to assist them with their personal problems. Each mission is a very colorful insight into some of the characters backstories...Even DLC characters like Zaeed. Grier4563 - 13 years ago - report 3   0
  • 1 - When characters are loyal to you it unlocks another skill 2 - To have sex with miranda keep talking to her, do loyalty mission, 1 more conversation and before you do your suicide mission you.......well you know 3 - if you want everyone to survive you need the loyalty missions and choose the right people for the suicide mission jul320 - 13 years ago - report 0   0
  • Are these very hard mission because I can't seem to find a guide walkthrough? Mellerker500 - 13 years ago - report 0   0
  • Do a barrel roll. donkeykong63 - 13 years ago - report 3   6

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Mass Effect 2: The Squadmate Loyalty Missions, Ranked

If Shepard wants to come out of Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission with everyone intact, they'll need to complete all squadmate loyalty missions.

Mass Effect 2 ended with a massive Suicide Mission that Commander Shepard and their squadmates spent the entire game preparing for. Not only did they acquire all the resources they needed to successfully pass through the Omega 4 Relay and prepare the Normandy SR-2  against threats, but each squadmate sought to put their affairs in order. Most fully accepted that they were likely not coming back from the Collector Base , and wanted to get closure first.

Of course, it's possible to come out of the Suicide Mission with everyone alive and ready to fight the Reapers in Mass Effect 3, and one of the most important steps in guaranteeing everyone's safety is to earn their loyalty. The only way to do that is to complete each companion's loyalty mission before heading through the relay. Some of these missions are way better than others, though.

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Zaeed Masani

More than anything else in the galaxy, Zaeed wants revenge against his former partner, Vido Santiago, who he formed the Blue Suns Mercenary group with. Vido not only betrayed Zaeed, but also shot him in the face and left him for dead after an disagreement about allowing the Batarians to join the Suns. Zaeed's mission is an action-packed race against the clock to capture Vido before he can escape.

While exciting, this is a particularly tough mission for a Paragon Shepard to complete. Sacrificing innocent lives to ensure Zaeed catches up to Vido is more or less required, and ignoring the people burning in the fire racks up some heavy Renegade points. Shepard can still earn Zaeed's loyalty by convincing him to put his revenge aside until after the Suicide Mission, but doing so is incredibly difficult. Not securing his loyalty makes it harder for him to survive, and even if he does, he's killed by mercenaries on the Citadel during  Mass Effect 3 's Volus Ambassador mission.

Jacob Taylor

Jacob  is difficult to get close to. He's all business, and his ties to Cerberus sometimes challenge his loyalty to Shepard. Jacob questions a lot of Shepard's decisions, and that could be because his personal life has been tainted by his father's disappearance 10 years earlier. Gaining Jacob's loyalty means investigating a distress call from the MSV Hugo Gernsback, the ship Jacob's father was on when he disappeared.

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Even though this mission gives Jacob the resolution he is looking, those answers aren't exactly satisfying. Ronald Taylor turned out to be a monster, taking advantage of the toxic plant life on Aeia to influence the minds and manipulate the crew into questionable servitude. Though completing the mission earns Jacob's loyalty and softens him up a bit, seeing what Ronald Taylor did can make players sick to their stomachs.

Legion's recruitment  can potentially come pretty late in the game, meaning players can miss their loyalty mission -- and the consequences of Legion's mission are integral to Mass Effect 3 's events. When Legion asks to speak to Shepard, the Geth explains that the collective is divided between those who are in line with the Reapers (called the Heretics) and those who wish to be free of the Old Machines.

The Heretics are developing a virus designed to reprogram the collective and ally them with the Reapers. Moving through Heretic Station, Shepard and Legion can disable the Geth nodes while shutting down the spread of the virus. Once the virus is deleted, it's up to Shepard to decide what happens to the Geth collective. Will they rewrite the heretics so they become part of the collective, or destroy them entirely? It's a lot of pressure, and that decision weighs heavily on the future.

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When Shepard recruits  Asari Justicar Samara , she asks them to help her learn the name of the ship that transported her quarry off-world. Completing that mission convinces her to join the crew, but her work is far from done. As Shepard begins talking to her, she explains the larger scope of her mission and confesses that she has no desire to endure a Suicide Mission if she can't complete her task first.

Samara seeks Shepard's aid in hunting down and exterminating a dangerous Ardat-Yakshi named Morinth. Morinth, who also happens to be Samara's daughter, has been preying on innocents on Omega, and stopping her before anyone else gets hurt means using Shepard as bait. While her loyalty mission is fun, Samara's cold nature on account of her dedication to duty makes it harder to relate to her. She's an essential force during the Suicide Mission, however, so completing this mission is important.

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Miranda Lawson

As far as companions go,  Miranda Lawson is a double-edged sword. She's second-in-command to Shepard, and earning her loyalty is no easy task -- especially with the psychotic biotic Jack on board. Miranda's loyalty mission involves rescuing her sister, Oriana , before their father can find and corrupt her like he did Miranda. She's relying on a childhood friend, Niket, to help get Oriana to a safe new life. Unfortunately, Niket sets her up, creating a race against time to protect Oriana.

Miranda's loyalty mission is tied closely to Jack's loyalty, and unless Shepard has either Renegade or Paragon nearly maxed, it's impossible to win over both women. One of them will inevitably go into the Suicide Mission unfulfilled, which could mean death or a dark fate in the third game. If you want to secure Miranda's loyalty without alienating Jack, make sure to max out Paragon or Renegade before breaking up their fight.

Jack 's loyalty mission is one of the most emotional ones, but it's ties to Miranda's loyalty hold it back from being one of the best in the game. After revealing that she was raised by Cerberus in a facility on Pragia, Jack asks Shepard if they can destroy the place so she can move on. While there, Jack walks Shepard through horrifying memories of fear and loneliness as a little girl tormented by her captors. They encounter another experiment, there to resurrect the project, but Shepard can give Jack the go ahead to blow the facility to bits before returning to the Normandy.

Back on the Normandy, Jack confronts Miranda about what happened to her. Shepard can intervene and either side with one of them, or use maxed Renegade or Paragon options to convince them to set their differences aside and look at the bigger picture. If Shepard's Renegade or Paragon level isn't high enough, they will have to side with either Jack or Miranda, putting the other's loyalty out of reach.

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When Tali  gets a message from the Fleet informing her the Admiralty Board is charging her with treason , she seeks Shepard's help. Arriving at the Migrant Fleet reveals that the Alerei, where Tali's father was working, has been overrun by Geth, and they believe it was her fault for sending active Geth technology to be studied and researched. Tali and Shepard must fight their way through Geth to find out what happened to Tali's father, resulting in an emotional moment where they discover him dead.

Tali's father was reactivating Geth to perform weapons tests, though he professes Tali had no knowledge of his activities. Tali begs Shepard not to reveal the evidence to preserve her father's name, though it's up to Shepard to decide how to respond. If Shepard claims there was no evidence to exonerate Tali, her loyalty is forfeited, and she's expelled from the Fleet. However, Shepard can win Tali's loyalty by pointing out that, given her history, Tali would never betray her people, and the trial is a political farce.

Kasumi Goto

Even though Kasumi  was only available through DLC, she still came with a loyalty mission. One fun things about her mission is that Shepard gets to dress up and attend a party with elite members of high society at the home of notorious arms dealer Donovan Hock. Donovan killed Kasumi's partner, Keiji, and stole his graybox , a device used to store memories and information -- and Kasumi wants Shepard to help get it back.

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Kasumi's mission makes her feel more like a member of the team, as she's not interactable like other companions are. Here, Shepard gets to see an emotional side to the stone cold hacker, discovering that the real reason she wants to retrieve the graybox is her struggle to cope with Keiji's death. She wants to hold onto his memories, but unfortunately, they need to be destroyed. This means letting go and saying goodbye once and for all.

Mordin Solus

Mordin Solus became a fan-favorite due to his evolution. One of the Salarian scientists responsible for the Genophage, his reason and logic make it impossible for him to reflect on his past objectively. He did what was necessary at the time, but underneath his bravado and pride is a wounded soul troubled by the repercussions of his actions. When Mordin's former assistant, Maelon, is abducted on Tuchanka, he seeks out Shepard's help to secure any secrets that might fall into the wrong hands.

As the pair moves through the hospital where Maelon is being kept, it becomes apparent the Krogan have gone to incredible lengths to try and resolve the genophage, including deadly experiments on female Krogan. When they find Maelon in the laboratory, Mordin discovers his assistant wasn't captured, but is working with the Krogan out of guilt. Consequently, Mordin questions his abhorrent methods; he rushes Maelon with the intent to kill, but Shepard can intervene. The decision to either destroy the data or save it is left to Shepard.

This encounter with Maelon and the discovery of his research factors heavily into Mass Effect 3 , providing Mordin with the tools he needs to create a cure for the genophage. This brings the evolution of his character full-circle and makes his loyalty mission one of the best in the game.

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Tankborn, purebred Krogan companion  Grunt  becomes like a son to Shepard as the games progress. When Grunt starts to go a little crazy, getting to the bottom of what's wrong becomes a priority. Grunt's place in Krogan society is called into question because he was a genetic experiment and not born naturally. When talking to the shaman on Tuchanka, it becomes apparent that Grunt must undergo the Krogan Rite of Passage to satisfy the urges inside him.

Not everyone believes Grunt should have that right, but during the trial's three stages, he takes down enemies before facing a massive Thresher Maw. Taking down that Thresher Maw earns Grunt prestige and respect from the clan chieftain, which is Wrex if he's still alive. He will become Urdnot Grunt, but not until squaring off with a band of Krogan enemies who don't think Grunt should be accepted into their society. Completing Grunt's mission and earning his loyalty strengthens the bond between Grunt and Shepard and shapes the warrior he becomes in the third game.

Thane Krios

Thane's loyalty mission  is one of the most endearing in the game because, as he prepares for his inevitable death, he finds himself confronting one of his regrets. As an assassin, he has taken life after life because it was what he was built to do -- but the life he feels he's damaged most is that of his son, Kolyat . Not only did Thane's actions lead to the death of his wife, Irikah, but he abandoned Kolyat after she died.

When Thane asks Shepard for help, he explains that Kolyat's spirit has been corrupted, and he wants to save him. Though Shepard insists there are better people to aid in his mission, Thane wants Shepard's help in saving his son from a life of crime. Intervening in time to stop Kolyat from ruining his life affords Thane the opportunity to create a bond with his son before his death, providing both with a sense of peace and a few good memories. Not completing this almost certainly guarantees Thane's death during the suicide mission.

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Garrus Vakarian

Garrus and Shepard have been through a lot together by the time they recruit Archangel for the Suicide Mission. However, during their time apart, Garrus underwent a tragedy that threatened to reshape his entire philosophy. He began working with a team of specialists to carry out vigilante justice against Omega's criminal enterprises. Though they did began to make a difference, one of them betrayed the whole group and got the other 10 men killed.

Embittered by this betrayal and the loss of good men, Garrus wants revenge against Sidonis. When the opportunity presents itself, he asks for Shepard's aid in helping him track down and take out the Turian. After he's located, Shepard can convince Garrus not to abandon his principles in favor of revenge, pointing out that Sidonis will spend the rest of his life feeling guilty for what he's done.

What makes this loyalty mission the best is that is calls Garrus' character into question, demonstrating how easy it can be to lose control of one's principles when pushed too far. This was a huge moment for Garrus, and it shaped his bond with Shepard, proving that the two could do anything together.

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    “Absolutely,” “Through and Through,” “Constant Covenant” and “Standing in the Darkest Hour” are all titles that would be appropriate for an essay about loyalty. “Faithfulness and Sincerity,” “When I’m Needed” and “However Long it Takes” are...

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    In the competitive world of hospitality, loyalty programs have become a key differentiating factor for hotels. Among the leading loyalty programs in the industry is the Bonvoy Loyalty Program.

  4. Loyalty Missions

    Every squadmate in Mass Effect 2 has a loyalty mission, where you must complete a specific favor for them to sort out their mental state so that they're focused

  5. Loyalty

    The trigger for all loyalty missions is largely the same: every next loyalty mission is triggered simply by completing a mission and/or an assignment with a "

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    Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions · Jacob Taylor: The Gift of Greatness - Barrier · Miranda Lawson: The Prodigal - Slam · Jack: Subject Zero - Warp

  7. Mass Effect 2 Loyalty Missions

    A character with a successfully completed loyalty mission will unlock an additional costume and a special fourth power, an extra combat ability.

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    Prologue: Joining Cerberus · ACT 1: Putting Together Your Team · ACT 2 – Part 1: Finishing Recruitment · ACT 2 – Part 2: Gaining Loyalty · Act 3:

  9. Loyalty Missions

    Loyalty Missions in Mass Effect 2, are a type of quest unique to each Companion that once completed unlock that companion's fourth Power as

  10. How do you get loyalty missions?

    Loyalty missions come as you talk to your members. About three conversations in and by Disc 2 your team mates will want to talk with you about something

  11. How to do loyalty missions in ME2? : r/masseffect

    After a couple assignments and each main mission onboard the sr2 I talk to every crew member and squad member to see what they want or need.

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    It's possible to complete the game with every single party member loyal, if you decide to. Without spoilers though, some missions give you

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    Mass Effect 2: The Squadmate Loyalty Missions, Ranked · Zaeed Masani · Jacob Taylor · Legion · Samara · Miranda Lawson · Jack · Tali'Zorah · Kasumi Goto.