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Product Selection

Product Selection

FAQs Documents

FAQs Documents



Popular Topics

  • Cleaning Recommendations for Lutron Products
  • Help wiring your dimmer
  • All your 0-10V questions answered
  • Find the correct LED bulb or LED Dimmer

Homeworks Banner

For the most uncompromising home integration projects. Equip yourself and your team of technology craftspeople with the ultimate in design freedom, innovative technology, and reliable quality. Push against the limits of what’s possible with the Lutron HomeWorks home automation system.

lutron homeworks rf

Design Freedom

Every project is different. Equip your team with the freedom to design, customize, and integrate a solution tailored to the unique demands of each project.

lutron homeworks rf

Reliable Quality

What’s the opposite of planned obsolescence? That’s what HomeWorks is. Build each system to be a durable part of the home with components that Lutron end-of-line tests and backs with an extensive warranty.

lutron homeworks rf

Innovative Technology

Innovation is more than new for new’s sake—it has to deliver real value. HomeWorks lets your team enrich and simplify your clients’ lives with Lutron’s most advanced and customizable technology.

Luxury Experience App for Residential

Download the Luxury Experience App

The Lutron Luxury Experience App brings the showroom to your iPad. Guide clients on an immersive, virtual journey where they can interact with Lutron products—and visualize designs in their homes. Available now for iPadOS 16.4 or later.

A residential dining room illuminated by a HomeWorks Home Lighting Control System

Only with HomeWorks. We designed and engineered the Lutron Intelligent Light Portfolio from the ground up, authoring dozens of patents and industry firsts to redefine how light in the home should feel.

A residential studio with automated shades powered by a HomeWorks Control System

Precise, whisper-quiet, natural-light control. Lutron Shading solutions bring low-voltage and battery-powered glare reduction, UV protection, and privacy control to new and existing homes.

A residential dining room illuminated by a HomeWorks Home Lighting Control System

Powerful simplicity. Elevate the home’s design and simplify system interactions with a line of custom-engraved, HomeWorks-exclusive switches, remotes, and keypads.



Security, climate control, A/V, home automation, voice—with Lutron’s LEAP API, third-party integrations have never been more responsive, reliable, or secure.


Lutron Connect

Unified teams equals extraordinary results. Accelerate your business and deliver industry-defining client experiences with a breakthrough platform of cloud-connected hardware and software. Lutron Connect streamlines, synchronizes, and simplifies work, establishing the new foundation for future Lutron innovations. 

Graphic depicting streamlined workflow with Lutron Connect

Streamlined Workflow

Simplify the design, commissioning, and maintenance of a project with cloud-connected tools. 

Graphic depicting quick integration with Lutron Connect

Quick Integration

Save time with responsive, reliable, and secure 3rd-party integrations via the LEAP API.

Graphic depicting cloud synced collaboration with Lutron Connect

Cloud-Synced Collaboration

Work with confidence and keep the whole team in sync with real-time project updates, tracked file versions, and automatic backups.

Graphic depicting over the air updates with Lutron Connect

Over-The-Air Updates

Eliminate downtime for your clients and future-proof connected systems by delivering pain-free system enhancements.

HomeWorks System Options

Alisse keypad control

Keypad, Dimmer, Switch, and Companion


Dimmer, Switch, Fan Control, and Companion


Dynamic spectrum illumination


Static white lighting with warm-dimming option

Lumaris Lighting

High performance tape lighting supporting both warm dimming and white tuning.


HomeWorks Resources

Specification Documents

Installation Guides


Need a Rep?

Find a sales rep to help create, design, and deliver a complete solution for your workplace.


Have a question?

Let us help you choose the right solution for your job.

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Lutron Product Delivery Lead Time Update

Lutron Lead times are improving rapidly.

lutron homeworks rf

Discover Lutron Luxury

Connected lighting, shades, and hand-crafted controls that elevate everyday life.

lutron homeworks rf

Specification Guides

The Specification Guides provide detailed product information to help you specify the right Lutron solution for your project.

New Lutron Support Center

Product specific FAQs Product specific troubleshooting Help finding the correct product Popular tools and resources Request color samples

lutron homeworks rf

Lighting Control Institute

Want to learn about installing or programming Lutron solutions? Looking for best practices for selling or specifying? LCI offers online training and in-person workshops for industry professionals.

lutron homeworks rf

LED Control Center of Excellence

Visit our Control Center of Excellence for tools and resources to help you select, install, and use LEDs with confidence. Designed for homeowners and industry professionals.

HomeWorks QS Maestro Dimmers & Switches

Colors & finishes.

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How can we help you today?

lutron homeworks rf

Product Selection

lutron homeworks rf

FAQs Documents

lutron homeworks rf


Popular Topics

  • Cleaning Recommendations for Lutron Products
  • Help wiring your dimmer
  • All your 0-10V questions answered
  • Find the correct LED bulb or LED Dimmer

lutron homeworks rf


  1. Lutron HomeWorks 16.0

    lutron homeworks rf

  2. Lutron HomeWorks 0-10v LMJ-5T RF Module

    lutron homeworks rf

  3. Daylight Harvesting Helps Conserve Energy

    lutron homeworks rf

  4. Lutron HomeWorks® System Overview (With images)

    lutron homeworks rf

  5. Lutron Homeworks HRD-6D-WH RF Maestro 600 Watt Dimmer (White)

    lutron homeworks rf

  6. LUTRON HOMEWORKS H4P5-120 Processor Series 4 for sale online

    lutron homeworks rf


  1. 線圈繞線機 Coil Winding Machine

  2. Lutron external lighting part 1 #control4 #electrician #smarthome

  3. Lutron Caseta #lutron #smarthome #smartdimmer #electrical #electrician #wirelessdimmer #fypシ #fyp



  6. Lutron HomeWorks Palladiom Keypad Factory Reset Procedure


  1. What Are Rf Values?

    In chromatography, the Rf value represents the ratio between the migration distance of a substance and the migration distance of the solvent front. Rf is a coefficient called retention factor and has values that range between zero and 1.

  2. What Is an RF Output?

    The RF output on many home entertainment devices is used to connect those devices to a television or other component using a coaxial cable. These outputs combine both audio and video signal into a single stream of information within the cab...

  3. What Is an RF Input for a Television?

    According to PC Magazine, the RF input is the standard input used to connect a digital television antenna to a television using a coaxial cable. RF stands for radio frequency connector. RF connectors are designed to work at radio frequencie...

  4. HomeWorks Home Automation System

    HomeWorks lets your team enrich and simplify your clients' lives with Lutron's most advanced and customizable technology. Luxury Experience App for Residential

  5. HomeWorks RF seeTouch Designer Keypads (369324)

    HomeWorks RF seeTouch Designer keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons, plus a unique backlit engraving option that makes the keypads readable any time of


    seeTouch keypads, HomeWorks plug-in dimmers and switches, HomeWorks RF dimmer and switch modules, and Ketra wireless fixtures and lamps

  7. HomeWorks RF Maestro Local Controls

    HomeWorks Rf Maestro local controls function much like standard dimmers and switches, but can be controlled as part of the whole-house lighting.

  8. Lutron HomeWorks® QS Hybrid RF Repeater

    HomeWorks® QS Hybrid Repeaters add wireless Radio Frequency (RF) communication and extend the range of RF signals that are sent between dimmers, switches

  9. HQQ-REP HomeWorks QS Беспроводной радиоретранслятор

    Subsequent Repeaters may be wired on this link or may communicate over Radio Frequency (RF).

  10. HomeWorks RF Lamp Dimmer

    HomeWorks RF Lamp Dimmers, used in both localized and opti- mized lighting control designs, function much like standard dim-.

  11. Lutron HomeWorks QS Maestro Dimmers & Switches Overview

    Wall-mounted RF dimmers replace standard switches · Wall-mounted switches replace standard switches to include in the system · LEDs glow softly in the dark for

  12. HomeWorks QS One-Way Transmitter Frequency Changing ...

    Certain RF devices in the HomeWorks QS product family are one way transmitters (OWT). In other words, they do not receive wireless commands from other

  13. RF Relay Module with Softswitch

    Lutron, Clear Connect, HomeWorks, RA2 Select, RadioRA, RadioRA 2, Radio Powr Savr, Pico, Sivoia, and Softswitch are trademarks or registered

  14. Lutron HomeWorks® In-Line Controller

    HomeWorks® in line load controls use Lutron patented Clear Connect RF technology which provides reliable wireless communication with other HomeWorks® devices.