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For your toughest business questions., media mentions, smartbrief: how consumers are keeping their furry friends fed, forbes: the smallest pieces matter, npr: portland company introduces fried chicken ice cream, the new york times: the tesla effect: snowmobiles, boats and mowers go electric, the wall street journal: clearlake capital wraps up latest fund with $14.1 billion, market research by category, featured market research reports, on the market research blog.

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AI-Powered Search: The Next Big Step in Profound’s Evolution

Global High-Performance Computing Market to Hit $117.8 Billion by 2032

Global High-Performance Computing Market to Hit $117.8 Billion by 2032

European Hospitals Invest in New Video and Integrated Operating Room Equipment

European Hospitals Invest in New Video and Integrated Operating Room Equipment

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We offer custom market research solutions in case our customer’s needs are not fulfilled completely by off-the-shelf reports.

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  • Industry Market Research

We offer ready-made and custom industry market research reports covering almost all industries in various geographies.

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  • Market Research For Startups

We offer market research for startups at affordable cost to assist them take decisions swiftly and stay ahead for their competition.

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We offer B2B market research to help businesses acquire reliable data in a timely manner to gain strategic and actionable intelligence.

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market research report website

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  • Exploring MVNOs and 5G Tariffs: An Introductory Guide
  • Natural Chelating Agents Gain Traction: Global Market Set to Exceed $2 Billion

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market research report website

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Learn what’s behind today’s industry trends and where your market is headed next so you can future-proof your business decisions.

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Mitigate risk with Industry research

Assess the industry from all sides to avoid blind spots and make smarter strategic decisions.

  • check_circle_outline Leverage industry reports and risk ratings to mitigate the threats you can control and plan for the ones you can’t.
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Turn days of research into hours or minutes using actionable industry insights that paint a holistic picture of the market. 

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Research and Markets supports UNICEF in Ukraine

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Metaverse Market

Size Predicted To Reach USD 107.49 Billion By 2030, Registering a 45.2% CAGR


Web 3.0 Market

Size Will Be Valued At USD 39.8 Billion by 2030. It Is Expected To Expand At 43.60% CAGR From 2022 To 2030

market research report website

Healthcare is an ever-evolving domain, that’s why we explicitly ensure to keep a close watch at the market while giving you fresh new insights of the market every now and then. Our reports pertain...

market research report website

Chemicals And Materials

This domain has been an underdog but is looking up to witness developments and innovation to ensure good quality raw materials for many connected industries. Our team takes into account, the influ...

market research report website

Information And Communications Technology

ICT is a sector with an expanse vast enough accommodate any device, which will store, recover, modify, transfer or receive information electronically in a digital form, especially computers, digit...

Top Reports

Latest reports, automatic power factor controller market research report—global forecast till 2032, automatic molding machine market research report—global forecast till 2032, automatic elevator inverter market research report—global forecast till 2032, assembly line solutions market research report—global forecast till 2032, ev charging management software platform market research report—global forecast till 2032, tire changing machines market research report—global forecast till 2032, car accessories market research report—global forecast till 2032, bicycle saddle market research report—global forecast till 2032, heavy-duty vehicle rental market research report—global forecast till 2032, dichroic glass market research report—global forecast till 2032, client reviews.

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Top Industry Reports

Press releases », about tmr », qualitative insights.

Our broad spectrum of integrated insights are referred to, acted upon, and cited by leading media houses across the world. Our data is backed by extensive market research and deep industry knowledge to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve.

TMR Cited by Leading Publications

Get focused, actionable insights from our cutting-edge, first-to-market reports crafted by our global subject-matter experts with unique problem-solving perspectives.


Biological Seed Treatment Market

Biological seed treatment consists of active ingredients that include fungi, bacteria, plant extracts, and algae extracts.

U.S. Dog and Cat Drug Compounding Market

Compounding drugs is the process of combining, mixing, or modifying ingredients to create a medication tailored

Thyroid Gland Disorders Treatment Market

Thyroid gland disorders majorly refer to medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, which may cause

Lubrication Systems Market

Lubrication systems facilitate the operation of components such as bearings, chains, pumps, dyes, and cables. Advanced

Forthcoming Publications

Access our industry's leading publications, which offer data-driven, bespoke solutions to enable our clients unlock greater growth opportunities and superior positioning in a hyper-competitive media landscape.

Seaweed Protein Market

The worldwide inclination towards plant based protein is a prime factor boosting the growth of the

Onion Salt Market

Onion salt adds a zesty and salty flavour and aroma to any dish, eliminating the need

Malt Whiskey Market

The demand for specialty whiskeys such as single malt whiskey and blended whiskey is expected to

Baked Chips Market

Baked potato chips do not require frying, are frequently made with boiled potatoes or potato flour.

Electric Utility Vehicle Market

Electric cars are either powered by a collector system using the electricity from deployed charging stations

Crypto Wallet Market

During the forecast period 0f 2021-2031, the global market for cryptocurrency wallets is projected to show

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Integrate Curated Intelligence in Business Matrix with Our Trending Market Reports

- Automotive & Transport -

Rubber tire market.

Rubber tires are integral part of vehicles, as tires are the

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) Market

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) Market are digital representations of maritime navigation

Automotive E-Compressor Market

E-compressors are powered by a separate electric motor that reduces the

Intelligent Transportation System Market

An intelligent transportation system (ITS) is an advanced technology which aims

- Chemicals & Materials -

Isobutanol market.

Isobutanol is a colorless, flammable liquid used as a solvent and

Lubrication systems facilitate the operation of components such as bearings, chains,

Flexitanks Market

Flexitank, also known as flexibag container, is a type of equipment

Industrial Enzymes Market

Enzymes are natural protein molecules produced by all living organisms that

- Consumer Goods & Services -

Latin america baby feeding products market.

Baby feeding products is an umbrella term which includes a wide

Sun Lounger Market

The global sun lounger market is driven by the growth in

Synthetic Fur North America Market

Synthetic fur, also known as faux fur, is a type of

North America Surface Sanitizer Market

A surface sanitizer is a chemical substance or solution designed to

- Food & Beverages -

Biological seed treatment consists of active ingredients that include fungi, bacteria,

Carotenoids Market

Carotenoids are generally found in plants, algae, and also in some

Bottled Water Market

Bottled water is purified packaged drinking water. It is bought for

Probiotics Market

Probiotics are foods or supplements containing live microorganisms, usually bacteria or

- Healthcare -

Nanoparticle contract manufacturing market.

The nanoparticle contract manufacturing sector outsources nanoparticle production to specialized manufacturers.

Assisted Living Technologies Market

Assisted living technologies encompass a diverse array of innovative solutions tailored

Knee Cartilage Repair Market

Cartilage has several functions, including the ability to resist compressive forces,

Infusion Pumps Market

Patients contracting chronic illnesses need continuous treatment and care. This requires

Peruse our comprehensive industry reports with latest analyses and forecasts to understand principal success factors for higher precedence

Shortwave Infrared Lamps Market

Shortwave Infrared Lamps Market

Shortwave infrared lamp, also known as shortwave infrared light bulb or shortwave infrared heat lamp, is used in

Robotic Pool Cleaner Market

Robotic Pool Cleaner Market

Robotic pool cleaner is an intelligent swimming pool cleaner that cleans debris and dirt on floors and walls

Sanitary Napkin Market

Sanitary Napkin Market

Sanitary napkins (sanitary wipes) are sanitary absorbent products designed to absorb and retain menstrual fluids without causing any

Application Performance Monitoring Market

Application Performance Monitoring Market

Application performance monitoring (APM) is a software that assists organizations in preventing and forecasting software-related issues before they

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Market Research - Global Bio-PET Market

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Revolutionizing Land Vehicle Protection: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technologies and Market Trends

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BCC Research

Your trusted custom research and data analysts.

Our mission is to provide businesses with reputable data and market research reports, to better understand their field and target audience. we are dedicated to helping companies access reliable information, accurate forecasts, and actionable insights, to become leaders in their industry..

Life Sciences

Life Sciences


Environment & Sustainability


Trending Reports

Cross-border payments: global market trends and forecast (2022-2027).

The goal is to provide an up-to-date analysis of the global cross-border payment market and future opportunities in the market. The report provides an overview of the global cross-border payment market and analyzes market trends.

Global Insurance Industry Market

The global market for insurance was valued at $9.8 trillion in 2021 and is estimated to grow from $5.6 trillion in 2022 to $9.8 trillion 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% for the period of 2022-2027.

Digital Advertising: Global Market Opportunities and Forecast to 2027

The global market for digital advertising is estimated to increase from $628.8 billion in 2022 to reach $1.2 trillion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% from 2022 through 2027.

Global Markets and Technologies for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

The global market for advanced drug delivery systems is estimated to increase from $275.0 billion in 2022 to reach $376.8 billion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% during the forecast period (2022-2027).

Global Markets for Blood Plasma Products

The global blood plasma products market should reach $45.7 billion by 2027 from $33.2 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% for the forecast period of 2022 to 2027.

Trending Reports

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Work side-by-side with our global network of industry analysts and consultants to drive tangible, personalized results for your business. Expect detailed, comprehensive coverage tailored to your exact needs.

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From industry-wide conferences to smaller events, talks, and seminars, we are committed to going beyond the reports, helping users to better understand their markets. Join us at an upcoming event or search past events below.


The Megatrends Changing the World as we Know It

With the world being in such a state of flux, having foresight on the biggest emerging trends is vital. At BCC Research, we've asked some of our leading analysts to break down the megatrends set to change the world as we know it.

Synthetic Biology

Building Better Health with Synthetic Biology

How is the healthcare industry producing creative solutions to improve public health and wellbeing? Find out how biomedical research will continue to create better quality treatments and therapies.

AI in Gaming

The Future of AI in Gaming

Artificial intelligence is becoming an essential part of gaming for approximately 2.5 billion players worldwide. Delve into the transformative shift emerging across the entertainment industry.


Sustainability Now: Building a Better Planet

As more is needed to avert worldwide ecological disaster, this eBook investigates the global focus on preserving earth. Explore the key areas of investment contributing to environmental sustainability.

Recently Published Reports

Seed coating materials: global markets.

The global market for hydraulic pumps and motors was valued at $18.0 billion in 2022. The market is estimated to grow from $18.8 billion in 2023 to reach $22.9 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% from 2023 to 2028.

Global Markets for Advanced Aerospace Materials

Global decaffeinated products market, global market for anti-obesity drugs, advanced protective gear and armor.

Recently Published Reports

Upcoming Reports

Global oxygen scavenger market, global electric vehicle insulation market, biosensors and nanosensors: global markets and technologies..., medical waste management market, emi/rfi: materials and technologies.

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Headquartered in Boston, MA for over 50 years, we are your trusted custom research and data analysts. Our mission is to provide businesses with reputable data and market research reports, to better understand their field and target audience. We are dedicated to helping companies access reliable information, accurate forecasts, and actionable insights, to become leaders in their industry.

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10 Best Sites for Market Research (2023 Guide)

market research report website

There isn’t one single best website for market research — there are a number of different market research solutions, and different resources provide different insights. So if you want to get a holistic view of what your customers and competitors are up to, and gather actionable insights to improve your business strategy, you need a mixed bag of market research tools in your tool belt.

In this post, we talk about the ten best sites for market research, the types of data they provide, and how you can use this data in your business strategy. We start with our market trends research site , Exploding Topics.

You can also start a Pro Trial of Exploding Topics to explore our trend database (with industry trends across dozens of categories), check out recent trend reports, and begin tracking trends in a personalized dashboard.

1. Exploding Topics — Best market research tool to identify, analyze, & track early trends


Exploding Topics offers one of the best ways to learn about and track early industry trends. You can skip challenging (and time-consuming, tedious) trend monitoring, and avoid expensive market research agencies — and instead, discover new products, technologies, startups, trending topics, and other business opportunities from our database .

Our proprietary AI constantly monitors online sources like news outlets, social media platforms, streaming sites, eComm marketplaces, forums, etc. looking for signs of early new trends. Then, our analysts take over and do more in-depth digging into each opportunity our AI finds. We pull extra market data and look at consumer behaviors to understand which trends are likely to be short-term “fads,” and which trends will remain relevant long into the future.

Every trend that makes it through the two-step verification process is added to our database so you can start trend research knowing all data is sourced and vetted by industry experts. Then we offer several tools so you can find new trends in your area of interest, analyze the available trend data, and track saved trends.

Now, let’s explain how to use our trend research features and gather insights to make data-driven decisions.

Exploding Topics Feature Demo

We send you details on the fastest-growing, most promising trends each week via trend reports . But you can also access our trend database, trend search, and Meta Trends library to find trends on your own. Then, you can save trends in your dashboard if you want to keep tabs on them.

Weekly Trend Reports

Exploding Topics trend reports cover ten emerging trends across a mix of categories. We organize topics in two categories — Early Bird Companies and Tomorrow’s Product’s Today — so you can jump to the section you’re most interested in.


We provide a detailed analysis for each trend listed in reports so you can understand more about:

  • The background and history — why each trend is becoming relevant.
  • Target markets and audiences — who the trend impacts.
  • Predictions for future growth — how interest in the trend is expected to evolve.

For example, here’s a look at our write-up on Bytebase, a new software solution for businesses to monitor and manage database changes.


We explain what the software does and who’s using it, how much funding the startup has already received, and how the market for this technology is forecasted to grow. We also list a few other software solutions in that same realm so you can explore related opportunities.

Read More: Market Trend Reports (+ Trend Discovery, Analysis, & Tracking)

Trend Discovery Tools — Database, Search, & Meta Trends

Our platform is entirely self-service, so you can login and research new trends any time you wish.

One of the easiest ways to find new trends is through the trend database — this is where we store all available trends and trend data . When you get to this page, you can sort trends by category to find opportunities you’re interested in. We cover trends in beauty, fashion, fitness, health, eComm, crypto, tech, SaaS, marketing, media, lifestyle, sports, gaming, and more.


We also have extra filtering options so you can tailor results to your research goals. For example, you can sort by date to look at the most recent trends added to our database. Or, you can sort by status to look at just the most popular trends.

Pro Tip: To get ahead of early early trends, change the date range to “Past three months” and the status to “Regular” — we’ll show you brand new opportunities (that your competition probably doesn’t already know about).

After you find a trend you’re interested in, you can look at more detailed trend data by opening the overview window. We show you search volume and growth rate — displayed on an interactive graph so you can see metrics by day and look at growth over different timelines — as well as trend status and category . Then, if you want to monitor trend growth, you can click “Track Topic” and we’ll automatically save trend data in your dashboard.


Plus, we list related trends in the overview window so you can jump to other opportunities without starting your search over.

Read More: Best Market Trend Analysis Tool for Detailed Insights & Tracking

You can also access the search feature (from the database or the left-hand menu bar) if you want to look up trends you’ve already heard about. Type in any word or phrase and we’ll show you interest in the general category and other trends that relate to your search.

So for example, say you’re curious about collagen peptides and want to see which collagen products are most popular — you could search “collagen peptides” to gauge interest in the product category…


And see a list of collagen products, with associated trend data.


You can even refine the search results and look at data in different geographic locations (if you plan to sell products in international markets).

Then we have our Meta Trends library — here, you can get a little more specific in your research and browse collections of related trends by topic. You can see product categories like “DTC Self-Care Products” and “Enterprise FinTech” or concepts like “Kits for Everything” and “Link-in-Bio Commerce” — we provide a background on each Meta Trend and show you all of the topics that relate.

Here’s a look at the page for Pre-Employment Testing Tools as an example:


And as we mentioned earlier, you can save trends to your dashboard at any time by clicking “Track Topic.”

Trend Tracking Dashboard

We automatically save trends to your personal dashboard so you can check trend growth and set real-time alerts for major updates. This way, you can use trend data to guide decision-making and act on opportunities before popularity surges.

As you save trends, you drop them into Projects; this lets you segment and organize saved trends so your dashboard doesn’t become cluttered. For example, in the screenshot above, trends are organized by “Luxury Organic Skincare” and “Design & Home Decor,” so this user can navigate to the category of trends they’re interested in and quickly find the products they want to check on.

We also display lists of related trends and Meta Trends, based on what you’ve saved, so you can easily see new opportunities in your category of interest and save trends to Projects. Plus, we provide quick links to the latest trend reports so you can reference those as needed.

And we can’t forget to mention — theExploding Topics API lets you connect our platform with other business intelligence tools to consolidate market research data. This is helpful if you want to use our trend monitoring tech in other research reports, or do further trend analysis in outside data visualization tools. But you can learn more about the API and how to use it here .

Get Started

Exploding Topics simplifies trend research and lets you get ahead of early opportunities: all of the trends on our site are verified by experienced analysts, and our tools are user-friendly enough that even beginners can learn the ropes quickly.

We offer two different plans — Entrepreneur and Investor — but you can start a Pro Trial for $1 to unlock full site access and see how our platform works.

Now, Exploding Topics isn’t the only resource to conduct market research — let’s look at some other resources to have on your radar.

2. Buzzsumo — Best market research tool for marketing & social media content creation


While Exploding Topics lets you find long-term trends, you can use Buzzsumo to see popular topics on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and strategically plan new social posts and blog topics. This site is widely popular amongst social media and content marketing teams because it allows them to stay ahead of what’s trending and produce more “viral” content. You can also use Buzzsumo to monitor what customers are saying about your business and better manage brand perception.

Some of the features include:

  • Content Discovery — to see what’s trending now and find new content ideas.
  • Content Research — to dig into previously-popular topics and see what your customers are talking about most frequently.
  • Find Influencers — to find the right influencers to promote and represent your brand.
  • Monitoring — to monitor trending topics and brand mentions, and keep tabs on what interests you most.

Plans & Pricing:

Buzzsumo offers a 30-day trial and a free plan with limited access. Paid packages range in price from $99 to $299 per month. You can learn more here .

3. Hootsuite — Best market research tool for social media monitoring


Hootsuite is a helpful market research tool to plan, create, and schedule social media posts and blog content — so you can use Buzzsumo to brainstorm ideas and Hootsuite to execute them . Hootsuite and Buzzsumo have some overlapping functionality (for example, both sites offer online monitoring), but you can use them in tandem.

Hootsuite is especially helpful if you manage social media and content marketing for more than one brand, or you simply have a high volume of postings to keep track of — you can “set it and forget it.” The platform also has features to plan PPC campaigns and track the success of your content, on both the paid and organic side.

Hootsuite’s features let you:

  • Plan, publish, and schedule content.
  • Plan and manage paid ads.
  • Manage and respond to incoming messages from your website and social media channels.
  • Monitor social listings and keep up with trending topics.
  • Track and report on the success of your social media and blog content.

Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial and has a variety of packages, including custom plans for enterprise businesses. Pricing starts at $49 per month. Learn more here .

4. Semrush — Best market research for keyword research & SEO


Semrush is a valuable marketing tool for SEOs, content marketers, social media teams, and advertisers because it has a pretty heavy-duty suite of features to power keyword research, optimize website content, track website performance, and keep tabs on competitors.

First, it’s one of the best sites for keyword research because you can explore search engine activity to see popular keywords (and keyword volume). You can look at what your target audiences are searching to jump on board what’s trending, find “evergreen” content ideas, and plan paid ads.

Then, it has tools so you can check out what’s happening on the back-end of your website: run technical SEO audits, see where web pages rank for certain keywords, analyze backlinks, and monitor the overall “health” of your website.

Semrush has dozens of tools depending on the research you want to do — these include:

  • Keyword research tools
  • On-page SEO tools
  • Competitor analysis tools
  • Link building tools
  • Rank tracker
  • PPC keyword research tools

Semrush offers a variety of plans, all tailored to different end users and their research goals. The most basic plan includes just SEO, social, and PPC tools and costs $119.95 per month. The Guru and Business plans give you access to more features, and they range in price from $229.95 to $449.95 per month. You can see the options here .

5. SurveyMonkey — Best market research tool for direct customer feedback


SurveyMonkey is a popular site to create and distribute online surveys, and report on feedback — so you can easily gather valuable insights straight from your target audiences. They provide questionnaire templates and tools to brainstorm what questions to ask. Then, they offer collaborative services to help you analyze and interpret feedback from your respondents.

SurveyMonkey offers a great way to conduct qualitative research within your own customer base. But they’re an especially helpful resource for teams without any experience in this type of market research because they have extras to help you craft effective surveys and collect consumer insights.

  • Survey templates (for a wide variety of survey types and research goals).
  • Customization options, to add branding elements like logos, fonts, and colors to surveys.
  • “Different question types,” to provide guidance and insights on the types of questions to ask.
  • Collaborative services, to aid in feedback analysis.

You can access some of SurveyMonkey’s tools for free, but they offer a variety of packages for teams, individuals, and enterprise businesses. Business users can contact them for a custom quote, or you can check out the paid plans here .

6. Make My Persona — Best market research tool to create buyer personas & understand target audiences


Make My Persona (powered by HubSpot) is a buyer persona generator that lets you compile demographic information to learn more about target audiences. The platform is pretty user-friendly — they even offer a whole course so you can learn more about buyer personas and the benefits of doing this research.

The platform has intuitive features to conduct research surveys and draft productive interview questions. But it also shows you how to work with the customer information you already have. For example, you can compile data like customer age, highest level of education, job titles and responsibilities, social media handles, preferred contact methods, etc. to understand who your customers are, what pains they have, and more.

When you enter the site, it walks you through each step of the journey, from gathering data to interpreting findings. And the best part of HubSpot’s tool is that it’s entirely free.

7. Tableau — Best market research tool for data analysis & visualization


Tableau is a great market research tool for data analysis and visualization, and they have several business intelligence applications, depending on the type of in-depth analysis you need.

The platform can be a little complex at first, but you can ask for help from their team or watch some of the available webinars to learn the ins and outs. But the concept is simple: you connect all of the data sources you want to pull from and analyze, then Tableau AI extracts data and compiles it into intelligible reports. You can look at and graph data out data in different ways, and the platform will even refine data for you based on research goals. Then you can create and save research dashboards to monitor insights and forecast future developments.

You can download a free trial of Tableau to demo some of the features and see if they’re a good complement to your tech stack. You can also start in one of the paid packages, ranging in price from $5 to $70 per month. Learn more here .

8. Loop11 — Best market research tool for website usability (UX) testing


Loop11 is a great tool to check your website’s usability and pinpoint ways to optimize your site and improve the user experience (and increase conversions). And you don’t need any dev experience to use it! The process is simple:

  • Enter your website and project details.
  • Set up “tasks” you want participants to complete — for example, navigate to a trial sign-up page or add an item to the cart.
  • Choose the device(s) you want to conduct usability tests across.
  • Add participants (from your own customer base or select target audiences from Loop11’s user groups).
  • Kick off testing and review results.

Loop11 provides detailed reports on the outcome of each test — you can look at things like task completion rates (and time spent on tasks) and heat maps — but you can also request video and screen recordings to get more detailed feedback from participants.

Some features include:

  • Online usability testing
  • Mobile and tablet testing
  • Prototype testing
  • Benchmarking
  • A/B usability testing
  • Search engine findability

Loop11 offers a 14-day free trial to get you started with the platform. Then paid packages range in price from $199 to $599 per month. You can learn more here .

9. Statista — Best market research hub to access reports & statistics for a variety of topics


Statista is an online research portal to find statistics on just about any topic. You can find research reports on a wide range of topics — for example, recent reports cover smartphone app market share and annual oil prices.

Statista’s market insights span across industries like Consumer Goods & FMCG, Media & Advertising, Retail & Trade, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Hospitality, and more. They report on both current events and “market outlooks” so you can understand what’s happening now and plan for the future.

In addition to the free report available on the website, Statista also offers custom market research services so they can learn more about your goals and conduct targeted research to help you gather valuable insights.

Statistia offers plans for individuals, businesses, and academic institutions — you can access all of the reports on their site for free, and paid plans range in price from $39 to $785 per year. If you’re interested in custom market research, you can contact them for a free quote. Learn more here .

10. Gartner — Best market research agency for consulting and personalized solutions


The last option on our list is not necessarily a market research site, but rather, a market research agency that you can hire to do personalized research based on your business goals (though they have some free resources available on their site). These types of services are often reserved for enterprise or global businesses that have the budget to outsource market research, but if you don’t have the bandwidth to tackle this research in-house, you might find the investment worth it.

If you’re interested in hiring a market research agency, you can contact Gartner to discuss your goals, receive a custom quote, and gameplan next steps.

Honorable Mentions & Free Market Research Sites

Some of the tools we mentioned above (like Make My Persona) are available for free or offer free trials to demo their software. But we wanted to mention a few other free tools in case you’re working with a tight budget:

  • Google Trends lets you search trending topics to look at keyword search volume and related opportunities. (You can also read our post on Google Trends alternatives here .)
  • Think With Google shows you popular topics so you can plan your digital marketing strategy and come up with new content ideas around what’s currently trending.
  • Google Analytics lets you dig into website traffic (so you can see where users are coming from, which pages they’re finding, and how long they stay on your site) and measure website conversions.
  • Facebook Page Insights — You can use Facebook analytics to measure engagement with your Facebook page. See how often you’re being found and look at what users are doing once they reach you.
  • Living Facts — Part of Pew Research Center, this site pulls data from PRC, American Trends Panel, U.S. Census Bureau, and other market research resources so you can access insights all in one place. They provide reports on a variety of topics, and the entire site is free to use.
  • Customer review sites — Last but not least, customer review sites provide valuable insights on what your customers like and don’t like about specific brands and products. Reading through reviews can be time-consuming, but it provides direct feedback from customers that you can use in your business strategy.

Exploding Topics is the best site to research early market and industry trends — you can explore trends across dozens of categories, analyze trend data, and track trends in a private dashboard. Start a Pro Trial to demo our platform and see if we’re the right market research solution for your business.

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