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Get facts and insights on topics that matter, apr 18, 2024 | video streaming, quarterly netflix subscribers count worldwide 2013-2024.

How many paid subscribers does Netflix have? Netflix had around 269.6 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the first quarter of 2024. This marked an increase of over nine million subscribers compared with the previous quarter. Most Netflix subscribers are based in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), accounting for more than 91 million of Netflix’s total global subscriber base. Who is Netflix’s audience? Subscribers are from diverse ethnic backgrounds – data on Netflix subscribers by ethnicity found that more Hispanic and African Americans watch Netflix on a daily basis than their white counterparts. Additionally, openly published data on the gender of Netflix employees in 2022 revealed that the company performs extremely well in terms of achieving an even split. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Netflix appeals to all age groups and a survey showed that the majority of adults aged 18 to 54 years old subscribed to the service. New business model Due to losses in its susbcriber base recorded in the first half of 2022, Netflix introduced an ad-supported tier in November 2022 to offset customer and revenue declines. Indeed, recent data showed that nearly one in three sign-ups to Netflix in September 2023 were on the ad-supported plan. Furthermore, while the subscription revenue of the streaming provider is expected to decline in the years to come, the advertising revenue is forecast to increase, showing the high value of hybrid business models to the streaming market these days.

Apr 22, 2024 | National Security

Countries with the highest military spending 2023.

The United States led the ranking of the countries with the highest military spending in 2023, with 916 billion U.S. dollars dedicated to the military. That constituted over 40 percent of the total  military spending worldwide that year, which amounted to 2.4 trillion U.S. dollars. This amounted to 3.5 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), placing the U.S. lower in the ranking of military expenditure as a percentage of GDP than for instance Saudi Arabia, Israel, Algeria, and Russia. China was the second largest military spender with an estimated 296 billion U.S. dollars spent, with Russia following in third.  Defense budget According to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, the outlays for defense will rise to 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars by 2033. The largest parts of the budget are dedicated to the  Departments of the Navy and the Air Force . The budget for the U.S. Air Force for 2024 was nearly 260 billion U.S. dollars. Global military spending The value of military spending globally has grown steadily in the past years and reached 2.44 trillion U.S. dollars in 2023. Reasons for this are the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, the war in Gaza, as well as increasing tensions in the South China Sea. North America is by far the leading region worldwide in terms of expenditure on the military.

Apr 23, 2024 | Currencies

Weekly market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined up to april 2024.

It is estimated that the cumulative market cap of cryptocurrencies increased in early 2023 after the downfall in November 2022 due to FTX. That value declined in the summer of 2023, however, as international uncertainty grew over a potential recession. Bitcoin's market cap made up the majority of the overall market capitalization. What is market cap? Market capitalization is a financial measure typically used for publicly traded firms, computed by multiplying the share price by the number of outstanding shares. However, cryptocurrency analysts calculate it as the price of the virtual currencies times the number of coins in the market. This gives cryptocurrency investors an idea of the overall market size, and watching the evolution of the measure tells how much money is flowing in or out of each cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency as an investment The price of Bitcoin has been erratic, and most other cryptocurrencies follow its larger price swings. This volatility attracts investors who hope to buy when the price is low and sell at its peak, turning a profit. However, this does little for price stability. As such, few firms accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

Apr 22, 2024 | Elections

U.s. presidential candidate total spending 1984-2024.

In the 2020 U.S. presidential race, Democratic candidates spent a total of roughly 3.16 trillion U.S. dollars, more than any other election. The total spending of presidential candidates is reflected in the number of major presidential candidates running. See here for more information on how many candidates have run in past U.S. elections. 

Apr 19, 2024 | Basketball

Highest paid players in the wnba 2024.

During the 2024 season, Jackie Young of the Las Vegas Aces had the highest salary among players in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) with over 252 thousand U.S. dollars. In second place was Seattle Storm guard Jewel Loyd with 245.51 thousand U.S. dollars. 

In the lead up to the 2024 WNBA season, one of the most pressing issues surrounding the league was the pay structure. The catalyst for this was the drafting of college basketball superstar Caitlin Clark as the No. 1 pick. Despite coming into the league as the all-time leading NCAA scorer , and potentially being the biggest draw to the league in the coming years, the WNBA's rookie salary scale dictates that Clark's base salary in her first year in the WNBA would only be a fraction of the top earners. Although Clark is likely to bolster her earnings through sponsorship deals, the league's salary structure is unlikely to change before the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expires in 2027.  

Compared to the top earners in the women’s league, the picture in the men's league is a little different. Some of the  highest-paid male professional basketball players take home eye-watering amounts each year. LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers currently sits at the top of the pile, earning 47.6 million U.S. dollars in the 2023/24 season for his appearances in the NBA, on top of a further 70 million U.S. dollars' worth of endorsements. Overall, average annual salaries in the NBA are much higher than in the WNBA. On average, NBA players took home more than 10 million U.S. dollars in 2023/24, while WNBA players earned roughly 116 thousand U.S. dollars in 2023.

Apr 24, 2024 | Mobile Internet & Apps

Monthly active users of leading banking apps in china 2024.

In February 2024, the mobile app launched by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was the most popular banking app in China with about 66 million monthly active users. China Construction Bank followed with around 54 million users while China Merchants Bank had around 46 million users.

Apr 23, 2024 | Cloud

Cloud services (iaas/paas) market size in japan 2021-2027.

The domestic cloud services market in Japan, which consists of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), was estimated at 1.94 trillion Japanese yen in 2023. Based on the assumption that more and more companies would consider to replace legacy systems and invest in solutions which further digital transformation (DX) and data-driven management approaches, it was expected that the market would reach a size of 3.8 trillion yen by 2027. Utilization of cloud services in Japan A survey among Japanese companies showed that a majority of business enterprises were already using cloud computing to varying degrees. The same survey also revealed that cloud services were utilized for a variety of different purposes, with file storage and data sharing topping the ranking of the most popular types of cloud computing services . A breakdown of the utilization rate of cloud services by capital size indicated that utilization was much more common among larger companies than among smaller ones. Japan’s digital strategy The Japanese IT industry has come more and more into focus as digitization has increasingly impacted the economy and people’s private lives in recent years. While Japan is known for its advanced technology, it has also been said to exhibit sluggish behavior regarding digital transformation processes. In recent years, the government introduced a number of initiatives which aimed at improving Japan’s position in the digital age. In 2016, the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI), which is part of the Cabinet Office, introduced the concept of “Society 5.0” in its Fifth Science and Technology Basic Plan, which delineated a society in which cyberspace and the physical world are increasingly connected with each other. The realization of Society 5.0 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games led to increased efforts to improve Japan’s cyber security strategy and to prevent cyber crimes . For all these projects, solutions offered by the IT industry were necessary, providing ample market opportunities for companies engaged in the IT business.

Apr 25, 2024 | Digital Privacy

Uk largest fines issued for violations of gdpr 2024.

Since the EU's implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, the largest fine issued in the United Kingdom (UK) was more than 22 million euros. This fine, received by British Airways in October 2020, was by far the largest in the country. Another fine received by Marriott International Inc. in the same month was the second-highest in the UK and amounted to over 20 million euros.

Apr 23, 2024 | Soccer

Most serie a titles 1897-2024, by club.

As of 2024, Juventus had won the most Serie A titles, with 36 in total. Meanwhile, Inter won the Scudetto for the twentieth time in April 2024, defeating city rivals AC Milan 2-1 in a game that saw three red cards.

Apr 22, 2024 | Other

Gross domestic product (gdp) in egypt 2029.

The gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices in Egypt was forecast to continuously increase between 2024 and 2029 by in total 192 billion U.S. dollars (+55.24 percent). After the fourth consecutive increasing year, the GDP is estimated to reach 539.61 billion U.S. dollars and therefore a new peak in 2029. The gross domestic product at current prices is defined based upon the GDP in national currency converted to U.S. dollars using market exchange rates (yearly average). The GDP represents the total value of final goods and services produced during a year. Find more key insights for the gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices in countries like Morocco , Tunisia and Libya .

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How To Present Your Market Research Results And Reports In An Efficient Way

Market research reports blog by datapine

Table of Contents

1) What Is A Market Research Report?

2) Market Research Reports Examples

3) Why Do You Need Market Research Reports

4) How To Make A Market Research Report?

5) Types Of Market Research Reports

6) Challenges & Mistakes Market Research Reports

Market research analyses are the go-to solution for many professionals, and for good reason: they save time, offer fresh insights, and provide clarity on your business. In turn, market research reports will help you to refine and polish your strategy. Plus, a well-crafted report will give your work more credibility while adding weight to any marketing recommendations you offer a client or executive.

But, while this is the case, today’s business world still lacks a way to present market-based research results efficiently. The static, antiquated nature of PowerPoint makes it a bad choice for presenting research discoveries, yet it is still widely used to present results. 

Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction. There are online data visualization tools that make it easy and fast to build powerful market research dashboards. They come in handy to manage the outcomes, but also the most important aspect of any analysis: the presentation of said outcomes, without which it becomes hard to make accurate, sound decisions. 

Here, we consider the benefits of conducting research analyses while looking at how to write and present market research reports, exploring their value, and, ultimately, getting the very most from your research results by using professional market research software .

Let’s get started.

What Is a Market Research Report?

A market research report is an online reporting tool used to analyze the public perception or viability of a company, product, or service. These reports contain valuable and digestible information like customer survey responses and social, economic, and geographical insights.

On a typical market research results example, you can interact with valuable trends and gain insight into consumer behavior and visualizations that will empower you to conduct effective competitor analysis. Rather than adding streams of tenuous data to a static spreadsheet, a full market research report template brings the outcomes of market-driven research to life, giving users a data analysis tool to create actionable strategies from a range of consumer-driven insights.

With digital market analysis reports, you can make your business more intelligent more efficient, and, ultimately, meet the needs of your target audience head-on. This, in turn, will accelerate your commercial success significantly.

Your Chance: Want to test a market research reporting software? Explore our 14-day free trial & benefit from interactive research reports!

How To Present Your Results: 4 Essential Market Research Report Templates

When it comes to sharing rafts of invaluable information, research dashboards are invaluable.

Any market analysis report example worth its salt will allow everyone to get a firm grip on their results and discoveries on a single page with ease. These dynamic online dashboards also boast interactive features that empower the user to drill down deep into specific pockets of information while changing demographic parameters, including gender, age, and region, filtering the results swiftly to focus on the most relevant insights for the task at hand.

These four market research report examples are different but equally essential and cover key elements required for market survey report success. You can also modify each and use it as a client dashboard .

While there are numerous types of dashboards that you can choose from to adjust and optimize your results, we have selected the top 3 that will tell you more about the story behind them. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Market Research Report: Brand Analysis

Our first example shares the results of a brand study. To do so, a survey has been performed on a sample of 1333 people, information that we can see in detail on the left side of the board, summarizing the gender, age groups, and geolocation.

Market research report on a brand analysis showing the sample information, brand awareness, top 5 branding themes, etc.

**click to enlarge**

At the dashboard's center, we can see the market-driven research discoveries concerning first brand awareness with and without help, as well as themes and celebrity suggestions, to know which image the audience associates with the brand.

Such dashboards are extremely convenient to share the most important information in a snapshot. Besides being interactive (but it cannot be seen on an image), it is even easier to filter the results according to certain criteria without producing dozens of PowerPoint slides. For instance, I could easily filter the report by choosing only the female answers, only the people aged between 25 and 34, or only the 25-34 males if that is my target audience.

Primary KPIs:

a) Unaided Brand Awareness

The first market research KPI in this most powerful report example comes in the form of unaided brand awareness. Presented in a logical line-style chart, this particular market study report sample KPI is invaluable, as it will give you a clear-cut insight into how people affiliate your brand within their niche.

Unaided brand awareness answering the question: When you think about outdoor gear products - what brands come to your mind? The depicted sample size is 1333.

As you can see from our example, based on a specific survey question, you can see how your brand stacks up against your competitors regarding awareness. Based on these outcomes, you can formulate strategies to help you stand out more in your sector and, ultimately, expand your audience.

b) Aided Brand Awareness

This market survey report sample KPI focuses on aided brand awareness. A visualization that offers a great deal of insight into which brands come to mind in certain niches or categories, here, you will find out which campaigns and messaging your target consumers are paying attention to and engaging with.

Aided brand awareness answering the question: Have you heard of the following brands? - The sample size is 1333 people.

By gaining access to this level of insight, you can conduct effective competitor research and gain valuable inspiration for your products, promotional campaigns, and marketing messages.

c) Brand image

Market research results on the brand image and categorized into 5 different levels of answering: totally agree, agree, maybe, disagree, and totally disagree.

When it comes to research reporting, understanding how others perceive your brand is one of the most golden pieces of information you could acquire. If you know how people feel about your brand image, you can take informed and very specific actions that will enhance the way people view and interact with your business.

By asking a focused question, this visual of KPIs will give you a definitive idea of whether respondents agree, disagree, or are undecided on particular descriptions or perceptions related to your brand image. If you’re looking to present yourself and your message in a certain way (reliable, charming, spirited, etc.), you can see how you stack up against the competition and find out if you need to tweak your imagery or tone of voice - invaluable information for any modern business.

d) Celebrity analysis

Market research report example of a celebrity analysis for a brand

This indicator is a powerful part of our research KPI dashboard on top, as it will give you a direct insight into the celebrities, influencers, or public figures that your most valued consumers consider when thinking about (or interacting with) your brand.

Displayed in a digestible bar chart-style format, this useful metric will not only give you a solid idea of how your brand messaging is perceived by consumers (depending on the type of celebrity they associate with your brand) but also guide you on which celebrities or influencers you should contact.

By working with the right influencers in your niche, you will boost the impact and reach of your marketing campaigns significantly, improving your commercial awareness in the process. And this is the KPI that will make it happen.

2. Market Research Results On Customer Satisfaction

Here, we have some of the most important data a company should care about: their already-existing customers and their perception of their relationship with the brand. It is crucial when we know that it is five times more expensive to acquire a new consumer than to retain one.

Market research report example on customers' satisfaction with a brand

This is why tracking metrics like the customer effort score or the net promoter score (how likely consumers are to recommend your products and services) is essential, especially over time. You need to improve these scores to have happy customers who will always have a much bigger impact on their friends and relatives than any of your amazing ad campaigns. Looking at other satisfaction indicators like the quality, pricing, and design, or the service they received is also a best practice: you want a global view of your performance regarding customer satisfaction metrics .

Such research results reports are a great tool for managers who do not have much time and hence need to use them effectively. Thanks to these dashboards, they can control data for long-running projects anytime.

Primary KPIs :

a) Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Another pivotal part of any informative research presentation is your NPS score, which will tell you how likely a customer is to recommend your brand to their peers.

The net promoter score is shown on a gauge chart by asking the question: on a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that you would recommend our service to a friend?

Centered on overall customer satisfaction, your NPS Score can cover the functions and output of many departments, including marketing, sales, and customer service, but also serve as a building block for a call center dashboard . When you’re considering how to present your research effectively, this balanced KPI offers a masterclass. It’s logical, it has a cohesive color scheme, and it offers access to vital information at a swift glance. With an NPS Score, customers are split into three categories: promoters (those scoring your service 9 or 10), passives (those scoring your service 7 or 8), and detractors (those scoring your service 0 to 6). The aim of the game is to gain more promoters. By gaining an accurate snapshot of your NPS Score, you can create intelligent strategies that will boost your results over time.

b) Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The next in our examples of market research reports KPIs comes in the form of the CSAT. The vast majority of consumers that have a bad experience will not return. Honing in on your CSAT is essential if you want to keep your audience happy and encourage long-term consumer loyalty.

Visual representation of a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) metric

This magnificent, full report KPI will show how satisfied customers are with specific elements of your products or services. Getting to grips with these scores will allow you to pinpoint very specific issues while capitalizing on your existing strengths. As a result, you can take measures to improve your CSAT score while sharing positive testimonials on your social media platforms and website to build trust.

c) Customer Effort Score (CES)

When it comes to presenting research findings, keeping track of your CES Score is essential. The CES Score KPI will give you instant access to information on how easy or difficult your audience can interact with or discover your company based on a simple scale of one to ten.

The customer effort score (CES) helps you in figuring out how easy and fast it is to make business with your company according to your customers

By getting a clear-cut gauge of how your customers find engagement with your brand, you can iron out any weaknesses in your user experience (UX) offerings while spotting any friction, bottlenecks, or misleading messaging. In doing so, you can boost your CES score, satisfy your audience, and boost your bottom line.

3. Market Research Results On Product Innovation

This final market-driven research example report focuses on the product itself and its innovation. It is a useful report for future product development and market potential, as well as pricing decisions.

Market research results report on product innovation, useful for product development and pricing decisions

Using the same sample of surveyed people as for the first market-focused analytical report , they answer questions about their potential usage and purchase of the said product. It is good primary feedback on how the market would receive the new product you would launch. Then comes the willingness to pay, which helps set a price range that will not be too cheap to be trusted nor too expensive for what it is. That will be the main information for your pricing strategy.

a) Usage Intention

The first of our product innovation KPI-based examples comes in the form of usage intention. When you’re considering how to write a market research report, including metrics centered on consumer intent is critical.

This market analysis report shows the usage intention that resulted in 41% of a target group would use a product of the newest generation in comparison to competing or older products

This simple yet effective visualization will allow you to understand not only how users see your product but also whether they prefer previous models or competitor versions . While you shouldn’t base all of your product-based research on this KPI, it is very valuable, and you should use it to your advantage frequently.

b) Purchase Intention

Another aspect to consider when looking at how to present market research data is your audience’s willingness or motivation to purchase your product. Offering percentage-based information, this effective KPI provides a wealth of at-a-glance information to help you make accurate forecasts centered on your product and service offerings.

The purchase intention is showing the likelihood of buying a product in  percentage

Analyzing this information regularly will give you the confidence and direction to develop strategies that will steer you to a more prosperous future, meeting the ever-changing needs of your audience on an ongoing basis.

c) Willingness To Pay (WPS)

Willingness to pay is depicted on a pie chart with additional explanations of the results

Our final market research example KPI is based on how willing customers are to pay for a particular service or product based on a specific set of parameters. This dynamic visualization, represented in an easy-to-follow pie chart, will allow you to realign the value of your product (USPs, functions, etc.) while setting price points that are most likely to result in conversions. This is a market research presentation template that every modern organization should use to its advantage.

4. Market Research Report On Customer Demographics 

This particular example of market research report, generated with a modern dashboard creator , is a powerful tool, as it displays a cohesive mix of key demographic information in one intuitive space.

Market research reports example for a customer demographics study

By breaking down these deep pockets of consumer-centric information, you can gain the power to develop more impactful customer communications while personalizing every aspect of your target audience’s journey across every channel or touchpoint. As a result, you can transform theoretical insights into actionable strategies that will result in significant commercial growth. 

Every section of this responsive marketing research report works in unison to build a profile of your core audience in a way that will guide your company’s consumer-facing strategies with confidence. With in-depth visuals based on gender, education level, and tech adoption, you have everything you need to speak directly to your audience at your fingertips.

Let’s look at the key performance indicators (KPIs) of this invaluable market research report example in more detail.

a) Customer By Gender

Straightforward market research reports showing the number of customers by gender

This KPI is highly visual and offers a clear-cut representation of your company’s gender share over time. By gaining access to this vital information, you can deliver a more personalized experience to specific audience segments while ensuring your messaging is fair, engaging, and inclusive.

b) Customers by education level

Number of customers by education level as an example of a market research report metric

The next market analysis report template is a KPI that provides a logical breakdown of your customers’ level of education. By using this as a demographic marker, you can refine your products to suit the needs of your audience while crafting your content in a way that truly resonates with different customer groups.

c) Customers by technology adoption

Market research report template showing customers technology adoption for the past 5 years

Particularly valuable if you’re a company that sells tech goods or services, this linear KPI will show you where your customers are in terms of technological know-how or usage. By getting to grips with this information over time, you can develop your products or services in a way that offers direct value to your consumers while making your launches or promotions as successful as possible.

d) Customer age groups

Number of customers by age group as a key demographic metric of a market research report

By understanding your customers’ age distribution in detail, you can gain a deep understanding of their preferences. And that’s exactly what this market research report sample KPI does. Presented in a bar chart format, this KPI will give you a full breakdown of your customers’ age ranges, allowing you to build detailed buyer personas and segment your audience effectively.

Why Do You Need Market Research Reports?

As the adage goes, “Look before you leap“ – which is exactly what a research report is here for. As the headlights of a car, they will show you the pitfalls and fast lanes on your road to success: likes and dislikes of a specific market segment in a certain geographical area, their expectations, and readiness. Among other things, a research report will let you:

  • Get a holistic view of the market : learn more about the target market and understand the various factors involved in the buying decisions. A broader view of the market lets you benchmark other companies you do not focus on. This, in turn, will empower you to gather the industry data that counts most. This brings us to our next point.
  • Curate industry information with momentum: Whether you’re looking to rebrand, improve on an existing service, or launch a new product, time is of the essence. By working with the best market research reports created with modern BI reporting tools , you can visualize your discoveries and data, formatting them in a way that not only unearths hidden insights but also tells a story - a narrative that will gain a deeper level of understanding into your niche or industry. The features and functionality of a market analysis report will help you grasp the information that is most valuable to your organization, pushing you ahead of the pack in the process.
  • Validate internal research: Doing the internal analysis is one thing, but double-checking with a third party also greatly helps avoid getting blinded by your own data.
  • Use actionable data and make informed decisions: Once you understand consumer behavior as well as the market, your competitors, and the issues that will affect the industry in the future, you are better armed to position your brand. Combining all of it with the quantitative data collected will allow you to more successful product development. To learn more about different methods, we suggest you read our guide on data analysis techniques .
  • Strategic planning: When you want to map out big-picture organizational goals, launch a new product development, plan a geographic market expansion, or even a merger and acquisition – all of this strategic thinking needs solid foundations to fulfill the variety of challenges that come along.
  • Consistency across the board: Collecting, presenting, and analyzing your results in a way that’s smarter, more interactive, and more cohesive will ensure your customer communications, marketing campaigns, user journey, and offerings meet your audience’s needs consistently across the board. The result? Faster growth, increased customer loyalty, and more profit.
  • Better communication: The right market research analysis template (or templates) will empower everyone in the company with access to valuable information - the kind that is relevant and comprehensible. When everyone is moving to the beat of the same drum, they will collaborate more effectively and, ultimately, push the venture forward thanks to powerful online data analysis techniques.
  • Centralization: Building on the last point, using a powerful market research report template in the form of a business intelligence dashboard will make presenting your findings to external stakeholders and clients far more effective, as you can showcase a wealth of metrics, information, insights, and invaluable feedback from one centralized, highly visual interactive screen. 
  • Brand reputation: In the digital age, brand reputation is everything. By making vital improvements in all of the key areas above, you will meet your customers’ needs head-on with consistency while finding innovative ways to stand out from your competitors. These are the key ingredients of long-term success.

How To Present Market Research Analysis Results?

15 best practices and tips on how to present market research analysis results

Here we look at how you should present your research reports, considering the steps it takes to connect with the outcomes you need to succeed:

  • Collect your data 

As with any reporting process, you first and foremost need to collect the data you’ll use to conduct your studies. Businesses conduct research studies to analyze their brand awareness, identity, and influence in the market. For product development and pricing decisions, among many others. That said, there are many ways to collect information for a market research report. Among some of the most popular ones, we find: 

  • Surveys: Probably the most common way to collect research data, surveys can come in the form of open or closed questions that can be answered anonymously. They are the cheapest and fastest way to collect insights about your customers and business. 
  • Interviews : These are face-to-face discussions that allow the researcher to analyze responses as well as the body language of the interviewees. This method is often used to define buyer personas by analyzing the subject's budget, job title, lifestyle, wants, and needs, among other things. 
  • Focus groups : This method involves a group of people discussing a topic with a mediator. It is often used to evaluate a new product or new feature or to answer a specific question that the researcher might have. 
  • Observation-based research : In this type of research, the researcher or business sits back and watches customers interact with the product without any instructions or help. It allows us to identify pain points as well as strong features. 
  • Market segmentation : This study allows you to identify and analyze potential market segments to target. Businesses use it to expand into new markets and audiences. 

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can gather your information. The important point is to keep the research objective as straightforward as possible. Supporting yourself with professional BI solutions to clean, manage, and present your insights is probably the smartest choice.

2. Hone in on your research:

When looking at how to source consumer research in a presentation, you should focus on two areas: primary and secondary research. Primary research comes from your internal data, monitoring existing organizational practices, the effectiveness of sales, and the tools used for communication, for instance. Primary research also assesses market competition by evaluating the company plans of the competitors. Secondary research focuses on existing data collected by a third party, information used to perform benchmarking and market analysis. Such metrics help in deciding which market segments are the ones the company should focus its efforts on or where the brand is standing in the minds of consumers. Before you start the reporting process, you should set your goals, segmenting your research into primary and secondary segments to get to grips with the kind of information you need to work with to achieve effective results.

3. Segment your customers:

To give your market research efforts more context, you should segment your customers into different groups according to the preferences outlined in the survey or feedback results or by examining behavioral or demographic data.

If you segment your customers, you can tailor your market research and analysis reports to display only the information, charts, or graphics that will provide actionable insights into their wants, needs, or industry-based pain points. 

  • Identify your stakeholders:

Once you’ve drilled down into your results and segmented your consumer groups, it’s important to consider the key stakeholders within the organization that will benefit from your information the most. 

By looking at both internal and external stakeholders, you will give your results a path to effective presentation, gaining the tools to understand which areas of feedback or data are most valuable, as well as most redundant. As a consequence, you will ensure your results are concise and meet the exact information needs of every stakeholder involved in the process.

  • Set your KPIs:

First, remember that your reports should be concise and accurate - straight to the point without omitting any essential information. Work to ensure your insights are clean and organized, with participants grouped into relevant categories (demographics, profession, industry, education, etc.). Once you’ve organized your research, set your goals, and cleaned your data, you should set your KPIs to ensure your report is populated with the right visualizations to get the job done. Explore our full library of interactive KPI examples for inspiration.

  • Include competitor’s analysis 

Whether you are doing product innovation research, customer demographics, pricing, or any other, including some level of insights about competitors in your reports is always recommended as it can help your business or client better understand where they stand in the market. That being said, competitor analysis is not as easy as picking a list of companies in the same industry and listing them. Your main competitor can be just a company's division in an entirely different industry. For example, Apple Music competes with Spotify even though Apple is a technology company. Therefore, it is important to carefully analyze competitors from a general but detailed level. 

Providing this kind of information in your reports can also help you find areas that competitors are not exploiting or that are weaker and use them to your advantage to become a market leader. 

  • Produce your summary:

To complement your previous efforts, writing an executive summary of one or two pages that will explain the general idea of the report is advisable. Then come the usual body parts:

  • An introduction providing background information, target audience, and objectives;
  • The qualitative research describes the participants in the research and why they are relevant to the business;
  • The survey research outlines the questions asked and answered;
  • A summary of the insights and metrics used to draw the conclusions, the research methods chosen, and why;
  • A presentation of the findings based on your research and an in-depth explanation of these conclusions.
  • Use a mix of visualizations:

When presenting your results and discoveries, you should aim to use a balanced mix of text, graphs, charts, and interactive visualizations.

Using your summary as a guide, you should decide which type of visualization will present each specific piece of market research data most effectively (often, the easier to understand and more accessible, the better).

Doing so will allow you to create a story that will put your research information into a living, breathing context, providing a level of insight you need to transform industry, competitor, or consumer info or feedback into actionable strategies and initiatives.

  • Be careful not to mislead 

Expanding on the point above, using a mix of visuals can prove highly valuable in presenting your results in an engaging and understandable way. That being said, when not used correctly, graphs and charts can also become misleading. This is a popular practice in the media, news, and politics, where designers tweak the visuals to manipulate the masses into believing a certain conclusion. This is a very unethical practice that can also happen by mistake when you don’t pick the right chart or are not using it in the correct way. Therefore, it is important to outline the message you are trying to convey and pick the chart type that will best suit those needs. 

Additionally, you should also be careful with the data you choose to display, as it can also become misleading. This can happen if you, for example, cherry-pick data, which means only showing insights that prove a conclusion instead of the bigger picture. Or confusing correlation with causation, which means assuming that because two events happened simultaneously, one caused the other. 

Being aware of these practices is of utmost importance as objectivity is crucial when it comes to dealing with data analytics, especially if you are presenting results to clients. Our guides on misleading statistics and misleading data visualizations can help you learn more about this important topic. 

  • Use professional dashboards:

To optimize your market research discoveries, you must work with a dynamic business dashboard . Not only are modern dashboards presentable and customizable, but they will offer you past, predictive, and real-time insights that are accurate, interactive, and yield long-lasting results.

All market research reports companies or businesses gathering industry or consumer-based information will benefit from professional dashboards, as they offer a highly powerful means of presenting your data in a way everyone can understand. And when that happens, everyone wins.

Did you know? The interactive nature of modern dashboards like datapine also offers the ability to quickly filter specific pockets of information with ease, offering swift access to invaluable insights.

  • Prioritize interactivity 

The times when reports were static are long gone. Today, to extract the maximum value out of your research data, you need to be able to explore the information and answer any critical questions that arise during the presentation of results. To do so, modern reporting tools provide multiple interactivity features to help you bring your research results to life. 

For instance, a drill-down filter lets you go into lower levels of hierarchical data without generating another graph. For example, imagine you surveyed customers from 10 different countries. In your report, you have a chart displaying the number of customers by country, but you want to analyze a specific country in detail. A drill down filter would enable you to click on a specific country and display data by city on that same chart. Even better, a global filter would allow you to filter the entire report to show only results for that specific country. 

Through the use of interactive filters, such as the one we just mentioned, you’ll not only make the presentation of results more efficient and profound, but you’ll also avoid generating pages-long reports to display static results. All your information will be displayed in a single interactive page that can be filtered and explored upon need.  

  • Customize the reports 

This is a tip that is valuable for any kind of research report, especially when it comes to agencies that are reporting to external clients. Customizing the report to match your client’s colors, logo, font, and overall branding will help them grasp the data better, thanks to a familiar environment. This is an invaluable tip as often your audience will not feel comfortable dealing with data and might find it hard to understand or intimidating. Therefore, providing a familiar look that is also interactive and easier to understand will keep them engaged and collaborative throughout the process. 

Plus, customizing the overall appearance of the report will also make your agency look more professional, adding extra value to your service. 

  • Know your design essentials 

When you’re presenting your market research reports sample to internal or external stakeholders, having a firm grasp on fundamental design principles will make your metrics and insights far more persuasive and compelling.

By arranging your metrics in a balanced and logical format, you can guide users toward key pockets of information exactly when needed. In turn, this will improve decision-making and navigation, making your reports as impactful as possible.

For essential tips, read our 23 dashboard design principles & best practices to enhance your analytics process.

  • Think of security and privacy 

Cyberattacks are increasing at a concerning pace, making security a huge priority for organizations of all sizes today. The costs of having your sensitive information leaked are not only financial but also reputational, as customers might not trust you again if their data ends up in the wrong hands. Given that market research analysis is often performed by agencies that handle data from clients, security and privacy should be a top priority.  

To ensure the required security and privacy, it is necessary to invest in the right tools to present your research results. For instance, tools such as datapine offer enterprise-level security protocols that ensure your information is encrypted and protected at all times. Plus, the tool also offers additional security features, such as being able to share your reports through a password-protected URL or to set viewer rights to ensure only the right people can access and manipulate the data. 

  • Keep on improving & evolving

Each time you gather or gain new marketing research reports or market research analysis report intel, you should aim to refine your existing dashboards to reflect the ever-changing landscape around you.

If you update your reports and dashboards according to the new research you conduct and new insights you connect with, you will squeeze maximum value from your metrics, enjoying consistent development in the process.

Types of Market Research Reports: Primary & Secondary Research

With so many market research examples and such little time, knowing how to best present your insights under pressure can prove tricky.

To squeeze every last drop of value from your market research efforts and empower everyone with access to the right information, you should arrange your information into two main groups: primary research and secondary research.

A. Primary research

Primary research is based on acquiring direct or first-hand information related to your industry or sector and the customers linked to it.

Exploratory primary research is an initial form of information collection where your team might set out to identify potential issues, opportunities, and pain points related to your business or industry. This type of research is usually carried out in the form of general surveys or open-ended consumer Q&As, which nowadays are often performed online rather than offline . 

Specific primary research is definitive, with information gathered based on the issues, information, opportunities, or pain points your business has already uncovered. When doing this kind of research, you can drill down into a specific segment of your customers and seek answers to the opportunities, issues, or pain points in question.

When you’re conducting primary research to feed into your market research reporting efforts, it’s important to find reliable information sources. The most effective primary research sources include:

  • Consumer-based statistical data
  • Social media content
  • Polls and Q&A
  • Trend-based insights
  • Competitor research
  • First-hand interviews

B. Secondary research

Secondary research refers to every strand of relevant data or public records you have to gain a deeper insight into your market and target consumers. These sources include trend reports, market stats, industry-centric content, and sales insights you have at your disposal.  Secondary research is an effective way of gathering valuable intelligence about your competitors. 

You can gather very precise, insightful secondary market research insights from:

  • Public records and resources like Census data, governmental reports, or labor stats
  • Commercial resources like Gartner, Statista, or Forrester
  • Articles, documentaries, and interview transcripts

Another essential branch of both primary and secondary research is internal intelligence. When it comes to efficient market research reporting examples that will benefit your organization, looking inward is a powerful move. 

Existing sales, demographic, or marketing performance insights will lead you to valuable conclusions. Curating internal information will ensure your market research discoveries are well-rounded while helping you connect with the information that will ultimately give you a panoramic view of your target market. 

By understanding both types of research and how they can offer value to your business, you can carefully choose the right informational sources, gather a wide range of intelligence related to your specific niche, and, ultimately, choose the right market research report sample for your specific needs.

If you tailor your market research report format to the type of research you conduct, you will present your visualizations in a way that provides the right people with the right insights, rather than throwing bundles of facts and figures on the wall, hoping that some of them stick.

Taking ample time to explore a range of primary and secondary sources will give your discoveries genuine context. By doing so, you will have a wealth of actionable consumer and competitor insights at your disposal at every stage of your organization’s development (a priceless weapon in an increasingly competitive digital age). 

Dynamic market research is the cornerstone of business development, and a dashboard builder is the vessel that brings these all-important insights to life. Once you get into that mindset, you will ensure that your research results always deliver maximum value.

Common Challenges & Mistakes Of Market Research Reporting & Analysis

We’ve explored different types of market research analysis examples and considered how to conduct effective research. Now, it’s time to look at the key mistakes of market research reporting.  Let’s start with the mistakes.

The mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes that stunt the success of a company’s market research efforts is strategy. Without taking the time to gather an adequate mix of insights from various sources and define your key aims or goals, your processes will become disjointed. You will also suffer from a severe lack of organizational vision.

For your market research-centric strategy to work, everyone within the company must be on the same page. Your core aims and objectives must align throughout the business, and everyone must be clear on their specific role. If you try to craft a collaborative strategy and decide on your informational sources from the very start of your journey, your strategy will deliver true growth and intelligence.

  • Measurement

Another classic market research mistake is measurement – or, more accurately, a lack of precise measurement. When embarking on market intelligence gathering processes, many companies fail to select the right KPIs and set the correct benchmarks for the task at hand. Without clearly defined goals, many organizations end up with a market analysis report format that offers little or no value in terms of decision-making or market insights.

To drive growth with your market research efforts, you must set clearly defined KPIs that align with your specific goals, aims, and desired outcomes.

  • Competition

A common mistake among many new or scaling companies is failing to explore and examine the competition. This will leave you with gaping informational blindspots. To truly benefit from market research, you must gather valuable nuggets of information from every key source available. Rather than solely looking at your consumers and the wider market (which is incredibly important), you should take the time to see what approach your direct competitors have adopted while getting to grips with the content and communications.

One of the most effective ways of doing so (and avoiding such a monumental market research mistake) is by signing up for your competitors’ mailing lists, downloading their apps, and examining their social media content. This will give you inspiration for your own efforts while allowing you to exploit any gaps in the market that your competitors are failing to fill.

The challenges

  • Informational quality

We may have an almost infinite wealth of informational insights at our fingertips, but when it comes to market research, knowing which information to trust can prove an uphill struggle.

When working with metrics, many companies risk connecting with inaccurate insights or leading to a fruitless informational rabbit hole, wasting valuable time and resources in the process. To avoid such a mishap, working with a trusted modern market research and analysis sample is the only way forward.

  • Senior buy-in

Another pressing market research challenge that stunts organizational growth is the simple case of senior buy-in. While almost every senior decision-maker knows that market research is an essential component of a successful commercial strategy, many are reluctant to invest an ample amount of time or money in the pursuit.

The best way to overcome such a challenge is by building a case that defines exactly how your market research strategies will offer a healthy ROI to every key aspect of the organization, from marketing and sales to customer experience (CX) and beyond.

  • Response rates

Low interview, focus group, or poll response rates can have a serious impact on the success and value of your market research strategy. Even with adequate senior buy-in, you can’t always guarantee that you will get enough responses from early-round interviews or poll requests. If you don’t, your market research discoveries run the risk of being shallow or offering little in the way of actionable insight.

To overcome this common challenge, you can improve the incentive you offer your market research prospects while networking across various platforms to discover new contact opportunities. Changing the tone of voice of your ads or emails will also help boost your consumer or client response rates.

Bringing Your Reports a Step Further

Even if it is still widespread for market-style research results presentation, using PowerPoint at this stage is a hassle and presents many downsides and complications. When busy managers or short-on-time top executives grab a report, they want a quick overview that gives them an idea of the results and the big picture that addresses the objectives: they need a dashboard. This can be applied to all areas of a business that need fast and interactive data visualizations to support their decision-making.

We all know that a picture conveys more information than simple text or figures, so managing to bring it all together on an actionable dashboard will convey your message more efficiently. Besides, market research dashboards have the incredible advantage of always being up-to-date since they work with real-time insights: the synchronization/updating nightmare of dozens of PowerPoint slides doesn’t exist for you anymore. This is particularly helpful for tracking studies performed over time that recurrently need their data to be updated with more recent ones.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies must identify and grab new opportunities as they arise while staying away from threats and adapting quickly. In order to always be a step further and make the right decisions, it is critical to perform market research studies to get the information needed and make important decisions with confidence.

We’ve asked the question, “What is a market research report?”, and examined the dynamics of a modern market research report example, and one thing’s for sure: a visual market research report is the best way to understand your customer and thus increase their satisfaction by meeting their expectations head-on. 

From looking at a sample of a market research report, it’s also clear that modern dashboards help you see what is influencing your business with clarity, understand where your brand is situated in the market, and gauge the temperature of your niche or industry before a product or service launch. Once all the studies are done, you must present them efficiently to ensure everyone in the business can make the right decisions that result in real progress. Market research reports are your key allies in the matter.

To start presenting your results with efficient, interactive, dynamic research reports and win on tomorrow’s commercial battlefield, try our dashboard reporting software and test every feature with our 14-day free trial !

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Valuable Market Research Tools

You can find and access the research you need quickly and easily on the platforms featured below. We've included videos to explain each option. is your one-stop shop for ready-made market research reports. You can quickly search through thousands of reports from hundreds of top market research companies. Plus, if you have questions or want help, you can always speak to a research specialist for free. 

If you want to stretch your research budget — and you only need to locate specific data points — Profound is a great option. It’s the only comprehensive service on the web that allows you to purchase market research reports by the section. It also includes convenient search tools to help you find what you are looking for fast.

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For students and faculty, is an ideal way to access the same industry-leading research that top global corporations use on a regular basis. 

Helpful Market Research Websites

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The Freedonia Group

The Freedonia Group publishes studies on automotive, construction, energy, industry components, plastics, chemicals, packaging, security, and more.

Simba Information

Simba Information is widely recognized as the premier authority for market intelligence in the education and professional publishing industries. 

Packaged Facts

Packaged Facts has been a leading publisher of market research in the food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, and demographic sectors for more than 50 years.

Freedonia Focus Reports

Freedonia Focus Report publishes high-level analysis in concise 20-30 page reports on a wide variety of markets and industries, from raw materials to finished manufactured goods.

Popular Market Research Articles

The blog and The Freedonia Group blog provide a steady stream of market research articles that provide practical strategies and recommendations. Here are some of the most popular articles on our sites that you may also find helpful.

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Social Media as a Research Methodology

The Top 6 Strategic Benchmarks to Measure Company Performance

5 Keys to Conducting a Market Opportunity Analysis

Warning: Your Company Data May Be Misleading

Was Your Corporate Library Cut? Here's How We Can Help

Free Market Research Data and Analysis

If you want more in-depth information than what can be found in an article, be sure to check out the extension collection of white papers and e-books that market research companies produce. These resources contain free market research on many different industries. We’ve included a few links below to get you started.’s Ebooks and White Papers

Get market research insights on consumer goods, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, technology, and more.

White Papers on Food and Beverage, Pets, & More

You can also find a wealth of information about the food companies, pet industry trends, and innovative products on the Packaged Facts resource page.

Free Resources from The Freedonia Group

The Freedonia Group has published a growing collection of white papers and ebooks, covering everything from the building envelope to off-highway equipment.

The Importance of Market Research for Validation and Decision Making

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Market Research: A How-To Guide and Template

Discover the different types of market research, how to conduct your own market research, and use a free template to help you along the way.



5 Research and Planning Templates + a Free Guide on How to Use Them in Your Market Research


Updated: 02/21/24

Published: 02/21/24

Today's consumers have a lot of power. As a business, you must have a deep understanding of who your buyers are and what influences their purchase decisions.

Enter: Market Research.

→ Download Now: Market Research Templates [Free Kit]

Whether you're new to market research or not, I created this guide to help you conduct a thorough study of your market, target audience, competition, and more. Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

What is market research?

Primary vs. secondary research, types of market research, how to do market research, market research report template, market research examples.

Market research is the process of gathering information about your target market and customers to verify the success of a new product, help your team iterate on an existing product, or understand brand perception to ensure your team is effectively communicating your company's value effectively.

Market research can answer various questions about the state of an industry. But if you ask me, it's hardly a crystal ball that marketers can rely on for insights on their customers.

Market researchers investigate several areas of the market, and it can take weeks or even months to paint an accurate picture of the business landscape.

However, researching just one of those areas can make you more intuitive to who your buyers are and how to deliver value that no other business is offering them right now.

How? Consider these two things:

  • Your competitors also have experienced individuals in the industry and a customer base. It‘s very possible that your immediate resources are, in many ways, equal to those of your competition’s immediate resources. Seeking a larger sample size for answers can provide a better edge.
  • Your customers don't represent the attitudes of an entire market. They represent the attitudes of the part of the market that is already drawn to your brand.

The market research services market is growing rapidly, which signifies a strong interest in market research as we enter 2024. The market is expected to grow from roughly $75 billion in 2021 to $90.79 billion in 2025 .

market research report website

Free Market Research Kit

  • SWOT Analysis Template
  • Survey Template
  • Focus Group Template

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

Why do market research?

Market research allows you to meet your buyer where they are.

As our world becomes louder and demands more of our attention, this proves invaluable.

By understanding your buyer's problems, pain points, and desired solutions, you can aptly craft your product or service to naturally appeal to them.

Market research also provides insight into the following:

  • Where your target audience and current customers conduct their product or service research
  • Which of your competitors your target audience looks to for information, options, or purchases
  • What's trending in your industry and in the eyes of your buyer
  • Who makes up your market and what their challenges are
  • What influences purchases and conversions among your target audience
  • Consumer attitudes about a particular topic, pain, product, or brand
  • Whether there‘s demand for the business initiatives you’re investing in
  • Unaddressed or underserved customer needs that can be flipped into selling opportunity
  • Attitudes about pricing for a particular product or service

Ultimately, market research allows you to get information from a larger sample size of your target audience, eliminating bias and assumptions so that you can get to the heart of consumer attitudes.

As a result, you can make better business decisions.

To give you an idea of how extensive market research can get , consider that it can either be qualitative or quantitative in nature — depending on the studies you conduct and what you're trying to learn about your industry.

Qualitative research is concerned with public opinion, and explores how the market feels about the products currently available in that market.

Quantitative research is concerned with data, and looks for relevant trends in the information that's gathered from public records.

That said, there are two main types of market research that your business can conduct to collect actionable information on your products: primary research and secondary research.

Primary Research

Primary research is the pursuit of first-hand information about your market and the customers within your market.

It's useful when segmenting your market and establishing your buyer personas.

Primary market research tends to fall into one of two buckets:

  • Exploratory Primary Research: This kind of primary market research normally takes place as a first step — before any specific research has been performed — and may involve open-ended interviews or surveys with small numbers of people.
  • Specific Primary Research: This type of research often follows exploratory research. In specific research, you take a smaller or more precise segment of your audience and ask questions aimed at solving a suspected problem.

Secondary Research

Secondary research is all the data and public records you have at your disposal to draw conclusions from (e.g. trend reports, market statistics, industry content, and sales data you already have on your business).

Secondary research is particularly useful for analyzing your competitors . The main buckets your secondary market research will fall into include:

  • Public Sources: These sources are your first and most-accessible layer of material when conducting secondary market research. They're often free to find and review — like government statistics (e.g., from the U.S. Census Bureau ).
  • Commercial Sources: These sources often come in the form of pay-to-access market reports, consisting of industry insight compiled by a research agency like Pew , Gartner , or Forrester .
  • Internal Sources: This is the market data your organization already has like average revenue per sale, customer retention rates, and other historical data that can help you draw conclusions on buyer needs.
  • Focus Groups
  • Product/ Service Use Research
  • Observation-Based Research
  • Buyer Persona Research
  • Market Segmentation Research
  • Pricing Research
  • Competitive Analysis Research
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research
  • Brand Awareness Research
  • Campaign Research

1. Interviews

Interviews allow for face-to-face discussions so you can allow for a natural flow of conversation. Your interviewees can answer questions about themselves to help you design your buyer personas and shape your entire marketing strategy.

2. Focus Groups

Focus groups provide you with a handful of carefully-selected people that can test out your product and provide feedback. This type of market research can give you ideas for product differentiation.

3. Product/Service Use Research

Product or service use research offers insight into how and why your audience uses your product or service. This type of market research also gives you an idea of the product or service's usability for your target audience.

4. Observation-Based Research

Observation-based research allows you to sit back and watch the ways in which your target audience members go about using your product or service, what works well in terms of UX , and which aspects of it could be improved.

5. Buyer Persona Research

Buyer persona research gives you a realistic look at who makes up your target audience, what their challenges are, why they want your product or service, and what they need from your business or brand.

6. Market Segmentation Research

Market segmentation research allows you to categorize your target audience into different groups (or segments) based on specific and defining characteristics. This way, you can determine effective ways to meet their needs.

7. Pricing Research

Pricing research helps you define your pricing strategy . It gives you an idea of what similar products or services in your market sell for and what your target audience is willing to pay.

8. Competitive Analysis

Competitive analyses give you a deep understanding of the competition in your market and industry. You can learn about what's doing well in your industry and how you can separate yourself from the competition .

9. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research

Customer satisfaction and loyalty research gives you a look into how you can get current customers to return for more business and what will motivate them to do so (e.g., loyalty programs , rewards, remarkable customer service).

10. Brand Awareness Research

Brand awareness research tells you what your target audience knows about and recognizes from your brand. It tells you about the associations people make when they think about your business.

11. Campaign Research

Campaign research entails looking into your past campaigns and analyzing their success among your target audience and current customers. The goal is to use these learnings to inform future campaigns.

  • Define your buyer persona.
  • Identify a persona group to engage.
  • Prepare research questions for your market research participants.
  • List your primary competitors.
  • Summarize your findings.

1. Define your buyer persona.

You have to understand who your customers are and how customers in your industry make buying decisions.

This is where your buyer personas come in handy. Buyer personas — sometimes referred to as marketing personas — are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers.

Use a free tool to create a buyer persona that your entire company can use to market, sell, and serve better.

market research report website

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Free Guide & Templates to Help Your Market Research

Marketing software that helps you drive revenue, save time and resources, and measure and optimize your investments — all on one easy-to-use platform

Top 9 Market Research Websites (2024 Guide)

market research report website

There isn’t one single best website for market research — there are a number of different market research solutions, and different resources provide different insights.

So if you want to get a holistic view of what your customers and competitors are up to, and gather actionable insights to improve your business strategy, you need a mixed bag of market research tools in your tool belt.

And in today's guide we'll cover the top market research sites in 2024: 

1. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics specializes in identifying trends early on. 


You can skip challenging (and time-consuming, tedious) trend monitoring, and avoid expensive market research firms — and instead,  discover new products, technologies, startups, trending topics, and other business opportunities from our interactive database .


Our proprietary AI constantly monitors online sources like news outlets, social media platforms, streaming sites, eComm marketplaces, forums, etc. looking for signs of early new trends. Then, our analysts take over and do more in-depth digging into each opportunity our AI finds.

We pull extra market data and look at consumer behaviors to understand which trends are likely to be short-term “fads,” and which trends will remain relevant long into the future.

Every trend that makes it through the two-step verification process is added to our database so you can start trend research knowing all data is sourced and vetted by industry experts. Then we offer several tools so you can find new trends in your area of interest, analyze the available trend data, and track saved trends.

Now, let’s explain how to use our trend research features and gather insights to aid in your market research process. 

Trends Database (Nearly 1M Trends)

Our platform is entirely self-service, so you can login and research new trends any time you wish.

One of the easiest ways to find new trends is through the trend database — this is where we store all available trends and trend data . When you get to this page, you can sort trends by category to find opportunities you’re interested in. We cover trends in beauty, fashion, fitness, health, DTC, tech, SaaS, marketing, media, lifestyle, sports, gaming, and more.


We also have a number filtering options so you can tailor results to your research goals. For example, you can sort by "Discovered Date" to look at the most recent trends added to our database in that category. 


After you find a trend you’re interested in, you can look at more detailed trend data, including growth rate and channel breakdown (where the trend is trending) and a projected forecast of growth over the next 12 months.


You can also access our improved  search feature (from the database or the left-hand menu bar) if you want to look up trends you’ve already heard about. Type in any word or phrase and we’ll show you interest in the general category and other trends that relate to your search.

So for example, say you’re curious about collagen peptides and want to see which collagen products are most popular — you could search “collagen peptides” to gauge interest in the product category…


And see a list of collagen products, with associated trend data.


You can even refine the search results and look at data in different geographic locations (if you plan to sell products in international markets).

Meta Trends

Then we have our  Meta Trends library — here, you can get a little more specific in your research and browse collections of related trends by topic. You can see product categories like “DTC Self-Care Products” and “Enterprise FinTech” or concepts like “Kits for Everything” and “Link-in-Bio Commerce” — we provide a background on each Meta Trend and show you all of the topics that relate.

Here’s a look at the page for Pre-Employment Testing Tools as an example:


Trend Tracking Dashboard

We automatically save trends to your personal dashboard so you can check trend growth and set real-time alerts for major updates. This way, you can use trend data to guide decision-making and act on opportunities before popularity surges.


As you save trends, you drop them into Projects; this lets you segment and organize saved trends so your dashboard doesn’t become cluttered. For example, in the screenshot above, trends are organized by “Luxury Organic Skincare” and “Design & Home Decor,” so this user can navigate to the category of trends they’re interested in and quickly find the products they want to check on.

We also display lists of related trends and Meta Trends, based on what you’ve saved, so you can easily see new opportunities in your category of interest and save trends to Projects. Plus, we provide quick links to the latest trend reports so you can reference those as needed.

Get Started

Exploding Topics simplifies trend research and lets you get ahead of early opportunities: all of the trends on our site are verified by experienced analysts, and our tools are user-friendly enough that even beginners can learn the ropes quickly.

We offer three different plans — Entrepreneur, Investor, and Business— but you can start a Pro Trial for $1 to unlock full site access and see how our platform works.

Now, Exploding Topics isn’t the only resource to conduct market research — let’s look at some other market research websites to have on your radar.

2. Buzzsumo 

While Exploding Topics lets you find long-term trends, you can use Buzzsumo to see popular topics on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and strategically plan new social posts and blog topics. 


This site is widely popular amongst social media and content marketing teams because it allows them to stay ahead of what’s trending and produce more “viral” content. You can also use Buzzsumo to monitor what customers are saying about your business and better manage brand perception.

Some of the features include:

  • Content Discovery — to see what’s trending now and find new content ideas.
  • Content Research — to dig into previously-popular topics and see what your customers are talking about most frequently.
  • Find Influencers — to find the right influencers to promote and represent your brand.
  • Monitoring — to monitor trending topics and brand mentions, and keep tabs on what interests you most.

Plans & Pricing:

Buzzsumo offers a 30-day trial and a free plan with limited access. Paid plans range in price from $199 to $999 per month.

Semrush has a pretty heavy-duty suite of features to help with  keyword research, optimize website content, track website performance, and keep tabs on competitors.


Semrush has dozens of tools depending on the research you want to do — these include:

  • Keyword research tools
  • On-page SEO tools
  • Competitor analysis tools
  • Link building tools
  • Rank tracker
  • PPC keyword research tools

Semrush offers a variety of plans, all tailored to different businesses. The most basic plan includes just SEO, social, and PPC tools and costs $119.95 per month. The Guru and Business plans give you access to more features, and they range in price from $229.95 to $449.95 per month. You can see the options here .

4. SurveyMonkey 

SurveyMonkey is used to create and distribute online surveys, and report on feedback — so you can easily gather valuable insights straight from any audiences.


They provide questionnaire templates and tools to brainstorm what questions to ask. Then, they offer collaborative services to help you analyze and interpret feedback from your respondents.

SurveyMonkey offers a great way to conduct qualitative research within your own customer base. However, you can also essentially buy survey responses from a panel if you want to learn more about a specific audience. 

  • Survey templates (for a wide variety of survey types and research goals).
  • Customization options, to add branding elements like logos, fonts, and colors to surveys.
  • “Different question types,” to provide guidance and insights on the types of questions to ask.
  • Collaborative services, to aid in feedback analysis.

You can access some of SurveyMonkey’s tools for free, but they offer a variety of packages for teams, individuals, and enterprise businesses. Business users can contact them for a custom quote, or you can check out the paid plans here .

5. Make My Persona 

Make My Persona (powered by HubSpot) is a buyer persona generator that lets you compile demographic information to learn more about target audiences.


The platform is pretty user-friendly — they even offer a whole course so you can learn more about buyer personas and the benefits of doing this research.

The platform has intuitive features to conduct research surveys and draft productive interview questions. But it also shows you how to work with the customer information you already have. For example, you can compile data like customer age, highest level of education, job titles and responsibilities, social media handles, preferred contact methods, etc. to understand who your customers are, what pains they have, and more.

When you enter the site, it walks you through each step of the journey, from gathering data to interpreting findings. And the best part of HubSpot’s tool is that it’s entirely free.

6. Tableau 

Tableau is a market research tool focused on data analysis and visualization, and they have several business intelligence applications, depending on the type of analysis you need.


The concept is simple: you connect all of the data sources you want to pull from and analyze, then Tableau AI extracts data and compiles it into intelligible reports. You can look at and graph data out data in different ways, and the platform will even refine data for you based on research goals. Finally, you can create and save research dashboards to monitor insights and forecast future developments.

You can download a free trial of Tableau to demo some of the features and see if they’re a good complement to your tech stack. You can also start in one of the paid packages, ranging in price from $5 to $70 per month. Learn more here .

Loop11 is a great tool to optimize your website’s usability and learn more about the people that visit your website.

Loop11 provides detailed reports on the outcome of each test — you can look at things like task completion rates (and time spent on tasks) and heat maps — but you can also request video and screen recordings to get more detailed feedback from participants.

Some of their key features include:

  • Online usability testing
  • Mobile and tablet testing
  • Prototype testing
  • Benchmarking
  • A/B usability testing

Loop11 offers a 14-day free trial to get you started with the platform. Then paid packages range in price from $199 to $599 per month.

8. Statista

Statista is an online research portal to find data on just about any topic. You can find research reports on a wide range of topics — for example, recent reports cover smartphone app market share and oil prices.


Statista’s market insights span across industries like Consumer Goods & FMCG, Media & Advertising, Retail & Trade, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Hospitality, and more. They report on both current events and “market outlooks” so you can understand what’s happening now and plan for the future.

In addition to the reports available in their platform, Statista also offers custom market research services so they can learn more about your goals and conduct targeted research to help you gather valuable insights.

Statistia offers plans for individuals, businesses, and academic institutions — you can access some of the reports on their site for free, and paid plans range in price from $39 to $785 per year. If you’re interested in custom market research, you can contact them for a free quote.

9. Gartner 

Gartner is not necessarily a market research tool, but rather, a market research agency that you can hire to do personalized research based on your business goals (though they have some free resources available on their site).


These types of services are often reserved for enterprise or global businesses that have the budget to outsource market research, but if you don’t have the bandwidth to tackle this research in-house, you might find the investment worth it.

If you’re interested in hiring a market research agency, you can contact Gartner to discuss your goals, receive a custom quote, and gameplan next steps.

Honorable Mentions & Free Market Research Sites

Some of the tools we mentioned above (like Make My Persona) are available for free or offer free trials to demo their software. But we wanted to mention a few other free tools in case you’re working with a tight budget:

  • Google Trends lets you search trending topics to look at keyword search volume and related opportunities. (You can also read our post on Google Trends alternatives here .)
  • Think With Google shows you popular topics so you can plan your digital marketing strategy and come up with new content ideas around what’s currently trending.
  • Google Analytics lets you dig into website traffic (so you can see where users are coming from, which pages they’re finding, and how long they stay on your site) and measure website conversions.
  • Facebook Page Insights — You can use Facebook analytics to measure engagement with your Facebook page. See how often you’re being found and look at what users are doing once they reach you.
  • Living Facts — Part of Pew Research Center, this site pulls data from PRC, American Trends Panel, U.S. Census Bureau, and other market research resources so you can access insights all in one place. They provide reports on a variety of topics, and the entire site is free to use.

That wraps up our list of the best websites for conducting market research in 2024.

If you enjoyed this list, you may also want to check our our guide on market research tools (ie. software that helps you with market research vs. a dedicated agency). 

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The 8 free market research tools and resources you need to know.

Picture of

With over 400,000 new businesses opening in the United States each month, the need for individual companies to conduct their own market research has never been more urgent.  However, conducting market research isn’t an easy task — it presents challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With that being said, those with large budgets do enjoy certain advantages. When you have access to an endless array of top-tier tools and resources, you can uncover strategy-changing insights with relative ease.

Does that mean businesses with small (or non-existent) budgets are out of luck? Absolutely not.

Nowadays, free market research tools and resources are abundant — and you’ll be familiar with eight of our favorites by the time you’re done reading this blog post.

market research report website

But first, some housekeeping:

What is market research?

Market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information about your customers — both current and prospective — with the intent of optimizing your business strategy.

Customer-related information that you may want to gather includes (but is not limited to):

  • The goals they want to achieve
  • The pain points they want to alleviate
  • The income or budget that constrains them
  • The products and/or services they use (a.k.a. your competitors)
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the products and/or services they use

Why is market research important?

Market research is important because — if you’re thorough and open-minded — it dramatically improves your chances of long-term success. Only through market research can you uncover the insights you need to develop a product or service that (1) satisfies the demands of your prospects and (2) stands out from the competition.

For a complete overview of how conducting market research can benefit your business, here’s Market Research Defined and How to Get Started .

Cool? Cool. Let’s dive into the good stuff.

Top 4 Free Market Research Tools

For clarity, we will define a free market research tool as any tool that:

  • Costs nothing, and
  • Helps with the collection and/or analysis of customer-related information

Keep in mind that “customer-related information” encompasses everything from a pain point to a weakness of one of your competitors’ products.

1. Google Trends

If you want to get a sense of the level of interest in a particular product or service — as well as how that interest fluctuates over time and across regions — Google Trends is an excellent tool.

All you need to do is enter a search query and toggle with the filters. As an example, take a look at the level of interest in “office supplies'' in the U.S. over the past five years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, interest peaked in February 2020 — at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic:


Plus, you can explore variations in interest across the 50 states, as well as related topics and queries that are surging in popularity:


The “interest by subregion” data is powerful. In Wyoming, searches for “office supplies” account for a greater percentage of all search queries than in any other state. Your average resident of Wyoming, in other words, is more interested in searching for office supplies than is your average resident of, say, Louisiana — a valuable insight for anyone who sells office supplies online.

Equally valuable is the insight that searches for “where to buy office supplies in bulk” are on the rise — potentially indicative of an emerging pain point.

2. SurveyMonkey

As some of you already know, one of the best ways to conduct market research is to ask your customers a handful of open-ended questions. You can do this for free with SurveyMonkey .

Specifically, with a free SurveyMonkey account, you can ask up to 10 questions and field up to 40 responses with each of your surveys.


Open-ended questions you may ask your customers include (but are not limited to):

  • Why did you buy our product?
  • What has our product helped you accomplish?
  • How does our product compare to others that you’ve used in the past?

With just three questions — well under the limit of a free survey — you can learn quite a bit about your target market. If, for example, the majority of respondents say they bought your product because they were struggling to do their jobs in a cost-effective manner, that gives you a clearer picture of your prospects’ pain points and your competitors’ weaknesses .

3. Make My Persona

As you collect and analyze customer-related information, it’s a good idea to create or tweak your buyer personas : detailed profiles of the semi-fictional people for whom your product or service is designed. In the context of market research, personas are useful because they help you synthesize and comprehend the information you’re gathering.

Thanks to our friends at HubSpot, you can use a wonderful free tool called Make My Persona .


Intuitive and fun, Make My Persona is a seven-step process that walks you through the essential components of your target customer: demographic information, firmographic information, job title, pain points, and so on. And if you want to go beyond the bare essentials, you can add as many extra sections of information as you like.

Important note: Your personas should be dynamic. As you conduct further market research and learn more about your target customers, your personas should evolve accordingly.

4. WordSift

Make My Persona is appealing, in part, because it enables you to make sense of raw data — to separate the signal from the noise. The same can be said about WordSift , the final free tool we’ll be discussing today.

Built to help teachers with the instruction of vocabulary and reading comprehension, WordSift allows you to generate word clouds: images that represent the frequency with which certain words are used in a given body of text. Look what happens when I copy the introduction to this blog post and paste it into WordSift:


Instantaneously — and unsurprisingly — I can conclude that “business,” “market,” and “research” are among the most frequently used words in the introduction to this post.

What does this have to do with market research? Well, let’s say you’ve been using SurveyMonkey to ask your customers about their reasons for buying your product. One by one, if you were to copy their responses and paste them into WordSift, you’d be able to see which words your customers use most often. That’s a market research gold mine!

Top 4 Free Market Research Resources

Again, for clarity, we will define a free market research resource as any resource that:

  • Helps with the collection of customer-related information

The scope of “customer-related information" remains the same  —  encompassing everything from a pain point to a weakness of one of your competitors’ products.

5. Bureau of Labor Statistics

A government organization that “measures labor market activity, working conditions, price changes, and productivity in the U.S. economy to support public and private decision-making,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a wealth of information.

Because this is a blog post about market research — not an economics class — we’ll focus on BLS’ industry- and region-specific information. If you’re on the homepage and you hover over the Data Tools drop-down menu, you’ll see a hyperlink to something titled “Industry at a Glance.” Click on that, find your industry of interest, and explore the dozens of statistics that BLS has aggregated.


If, for example, you’re interested in the apparel manufacturing industry — either because you’re in the industry or you sell into it — you can see how earnings, prices, and productivity figures are changing over time.

Head back to the homepage, hover over the Subjects drop-down menu, and you’ll see a section labeled Geographic Information:


Select your region of interest, filter by state or metropolitan area (if necessary), and take a tour of BLS’ enormous library of area-specific data.

6. U.S. Census Bureau

On a mission to “serve as the [United States’] leading provider of quality data about its people and economy,” the U.S. Census Bureau is another terrific resource that costs nothing to use.

Just as we did with the BLS, we’ll focus on industry- and region-specific information. Admittedly, using the Census website to find industry-specific information is slightly more complicated than it is when using the BLS website. If you’re on the homepage and you hover over the Explore Data drop-down menu, you’ll see a hyperlink titled “Explore Data Main.”


Click on that, and you’ll be brought to the Census’ search engine. Then, click inside the search bar and select “Advanced Search.”


Underneath “Find A Filter,” type in the name of the industry you’re interested in researching. Once the search suggestions load, simply check the appropriate box and click “Search.”


From there, you’ll be able to explore thousands of data tables, maps, and whitepapers — many of them chock-full of industry-specific information that you can use to your advantage.

Finding region-specific information is a bit more straightforward. Head back to the Advanced Search engine, select “Geography” from underneath Browse Filters, and go from there:


7. Pew Research Center

A nonprofit dedicated to “inform[ing] the public about the issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world,” the Pew Research Center is one of the most authoritative sources of information for anyone striving to make better business decisions.

Whereas the BLS and the Census are (among other things) aggregators of economic data, the Pew Research Center is a “fact tank” — an organization focused on public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis, and other forms of social science inquiry. 

So, although you can’t necessarily use Pew to uncover hyper-specific insights related to your industry or region, you can use it to learn more about your target audience. The best way to do this is through the Topics section of the Pew website.


Clicking that hyperlink brings you to an index of dozens of topics, ranging from Online Video to Homeownership to Democracy. Selecting any of these topics will bring you to a list of relevant content — reports, fact tanks, transcripts, and other forms of media that can date back as far as the early 1980s.


As an example, let’s say you’re developing a product or service that targets new homeowners. If you were to click on the Homeownership topic, you’d land on a list of reports like this one:


If I were you, that’s not a report I’d want to overlook!

We’ll wrap up today’s guide with a free resource specifically for those of you in the software world. Designed to help buyers determine which products are best suited to their needs, G2 is the leading source of validated, unbiased software reviews.

G2 is, in other words, an excellent way to find out what your target customers are saying about your competitors’ products. Do a quick search for the type of software you’re developing and you’re in business.


If you were developing a sales compensation software product and you searched this keyword, you’d be brought to the page you see below. To learn more about Spiff — one of your top-rated industry competitors — all you’d need to do is click “Read Spiff Reviews.”


If you want to get granular, you can filter reviews in a number of different ways. As an example, let’s say you’re developing a sales compensation software product specifically for small businesses. G2 has the filter you’re looking for:


And just like that, you’ve got access to dozens of valuable insights like this one:


Start using market research tools today!

If you try to bring a product or service to market without an understanding of your target customers, your chances of success are slim. According to the most recent State of Competitive Intelligence Report , 84% of businesses say their industry has gotten more competitive in the last three years. With the range of choices at your prospects’ fingertips growing by the day, the need for a thorough market research strategy only intensifies.

We hope you find these free market research tools and resources useful. And if you decide to make the leap to a paid solution, make sure to request a demo of Crayon — the competitive intelligence platform that enables you to track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside your businesses’ four walls.

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  • PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Risk Analysis of  United States

United States PESTLE Analysis & Macroeconomic Trends Market Research Report

United States PESTLE Analysis & Macroeconomic Trends Market Research Report

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2 . PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Risk Analysis of  United States

United States PESTEL Analysis Market Research Report

United States  PESTEL Analysis

This report covers  United States' s PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal) analysis.

United States SWOT Analysis Market Research Report

United States  SWOT Analysis

This market research report covers SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis for  United States .

United States Risk Analysis Market Research Report

United States  Risk Analysis

This market research report covers current and future business risk analysis for  United States  along with macroeconomic factor analysis.

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6 Free Market Research Templates to Help Win Your Market

6 Free Market Research Templates to Help Win Your Market

Market research templates save time and give clarity about what should and shouldn’t be included in any type of market research .

These days, doing regular market research is key. Particularly given how quickly consumer behaviors shift and companies change tactics to keep up with the ever-growing number of competitors in their industry.

In this post, I’m sharing six market research report templates to give you a head start and help steer your analysis in the right direction from the onset.

What is a market research template?

Market research templates provide questions and specific fields to fill out – relevant to specified market research objectives. You can add or remove fields according to what’s relevant to your market and research goal. It provides a framework to develop your own research methodology if you don’t want to go full-scale with a research firm.

What are the advantages of using market research templates?

There are many ways market research templates benefit organizations of any size.

  • It costs less than hiring an external market research firm.
  • Completion is often quicker because pre-set fields guide your research.
  • Little to no professional training is required to complete a template.
  • Templates can be easily shared with other business units.
  • Files can be easily updated internally in the future.
  • Research Intelligence tools like Similarweb make it much easier to access market research data than ever before.
  • Using a template enables you to stay focused and organized.

Doing market research with a template can help you generate results faster than any agency can deliver. You set your priorities and start collecting information without untimely back-and-forth correspondence. This is particularly valuable for online companies in markets that develop and change quickly. You need real-time data to improve your results, so time is always of the essence.

Jim Rohn Quote

In addition to time, you also save costs. Comprehensive market research usually demands additional financial resources. By using shareable templates, you can involve relevant internal business units at minimal extra cost.

This presents another advantage: You own your information. You can come back to the files, reuse, update, and compare whenever it’s relevant. This is particularly useful in the dynamic world of online business because you’ll want to research the market repeatedly to detect and adapt to changes.

What are market research templates used for?

Most types of market research templates provide a robust framework that steers market research efforts in the right direction. When we consider the “journeys” a market research report template can help with – most use cases aren’t merely one-time research projects but should include periodic monitoring and analysis.

  • Assess your brand’s strength and influential power. Evaluate your market share , and measure which percentage of the market you reach and sell to.
  • Launch a new product or enter a new market . Get to know the territory and the key players to avoid unnecessary risks and recognize new opportunities.
  • Identify and keep tabs on your top competitors. Be aware of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to align your strategic planning.
  • Understand your target audience. If you truly want people to resonate with your product or service, you need to take the time to get to know them, their interests, pain points, likes, and dislikes.
  • Innovate your business model. Before applying changes to products or business strategies, understand user demand and need shifts.
  • Drive more sales. Optimize product placement by identifying your product’s uniqueness and the specific value to boost your marketing campaigns.
  • Fine-tune your digital advertising and analytics. Find and optimize the marketing channels and keywords with the highest potential and lowest competition .
  • Find and follow emerging trends. Detect changes in the market development early and use them to your advantage.

Five things to do before using a market research analysis template

As you’ll soon discover, there are lots of tools and resources at your disposal – and you won’t need all of them to reach your goal. Your choices should depend on the goal of your research, something you’ll need to clarify before you start to use any type of market research report template.

Take a little time to do the following pre-planning steps 1-3 before you use any template in your research.

  • Define the reason for your research and its goals.
  • Identify the most suitable research types and methods.
  • Prepare the materials you need to conduct the research, i.e., templates, tools, and market research questions ; then delegate responsibilities if applicable.
  • Identify your market’s characteristics.
  • Define your target audience and segments.
  • Consider both qualitative and quantitative data points.
  • Decide whether to use primary research, secondary research , or a mixture of both.
  • Google Analytics vs. Similarweb
  • Free online sources and tools
  • Advanced competitor analysis
  • Summarize your findings in a template and start to analyze.

Get a step-by-step roadmap for easy and comprehensive market research in our guide – Market Research: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Get It Right .

Types of market research templates

In this next section, I’m sharing the most important types of market research templates you need to fulfil your research goals. I’ll cover what each is and how a template can help with the research. In the final section of this post, I’ll share the quickest way to find the data you need to complete your template.

SWOT analysis template

Many of you will have heard of or used a SWOT analysis framework before. It’s a tried and trusted tool that helps organizations and individuals uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of their business and the competition. A template gives you pre-set fields to consider and complete, helping you know the essential metrics. Once complete, it shows a range of factors relevant to your business and market that can help you adapt for growth.

Use this type of market research analysis template to review your business, along with each of your competitors – analysis of the top four rivals is enough, but you might want to extend this up to eight. This market analysis template provides key questions to answer in each section to help guide your responses.

Market sizing template

Using a market analysis template shows you exactly how to do market sizing correctly. What’s more, it can ensure others within your organization are clear about how the figures have been calculated and provide a consistent and transparent framework for repeating the process in the future.

Use this simple market research template to get the formulas for the total addressable market (TAM), serviceable addressable market (SAM), and serviceable obtainable market (SOM).

Competitive analysis framework template

Pick between 2-4 direct and indirect competitors , then compile the same data and information about each. Start with company research, then customer research, and add information about products and marketing strategies to build the ultimate competitive framework. Collecting the same data points gives you a straightforward comparison and clear picture of the competitive landscape .

This market analysis template covers both B2C and B2B markets. It gives you a detailed framework that helps you map company, customer, product, go-to-market, and marketing channels for your business, and that of your rivals.

Further reading: this post covers seven different types of Competitive Analysis Frameworks that can be used for this form of market research.

Use this market research template for a business plan or as a base document to do regular checks on the state of the competitive landscape.

Trend analysis template

Completing regular market trend analysis is vital – particularly given how fast consumer behavior and markets change. Sure, you can set up news alerts and keep an ear close to the ground, but this is not necessarily the most effective way to future-proof a business and stay ahead of the curve. Rather, it’s a slow and unreliable way to access the intel you need, not just to survive but to flourish.

Early detection of fluctuations, shifts, and changes is key; and a trend analysis template, when done periodically, can help you quickly identify and prepare your business to react.

This market trend analysis template is designed specifically for those operating in the B2B space. It clearly guides you through industry research, historical competitive data, desktop vs. mobile trends , and seasonal keyword research ; each of which can help you discover market-specific trends effectively.

Further reading: Trendspotting: Why All the Market Leaders Are Doing It

Buyer persona template

Define the customer who would benefit most from your product or service. Based on what you’ve learned about consumers and your target market , characterize your ideal customer. Who are they, what are their pain points, and how can you help them?

This template shows you exactly what kind of data to include when you build a new buyer person. We’ve completed an example for you as a guide; but also given you empty slides you can fill-in yourself for your own business and market.

Further reading: How to Create Buyer Personas That Boost Conversions

Audience analysis template

An Audience analysis looks at a group of people in much the same way you examine your current customers. It can help you discover how to turn more of your audience into paying customers by segmenting visitor and behavioral characteristics.

This market analysis template will guide you through the different types of data you should collect from both your own and your rival’s channels. It takes into account various characteristics of company, product, purchase, consumers, interests, and more to help you form a clear and comprehensive view of your target audience.

It’s split into three tabs, each covering B2B, transactional, and informative businesses separately.

Further reading: If this is your first time doing audience analysis, read this guide to understand what a target audience is and how to analyze it .

Get started with all the free market research templates you need to succeed!

How to use Similarweb to help with market research templates

Similarweb Digital Research Intelligence can help you complete almost any market research project quickly and effectively. One of the most-cited reasons people choose tools like Similarweb is due to the accuracy and timeliness of data. Unlike other forms of market research, like secondary research; Similarweb’s information is always the most up-to-date there is.

  • Benchmarking tool : Accelerate your new digital strategy and learn how you stack up against the competition and market leaders.
  • Market research tool : Analyze market trends in near-real time so that you can take action when it matters most, not a quarter later.
  • Company research : Take a closer look at any company’s digital performance and expose your competitor’s digital strategies.
  • Audience analysis tool : Engage more deeply with your audience, explore new audience segments and expand your reach.
  • Customer journey analytics : Understand your customers and explore bottom-of-the-funnel metrics to discover what makes them convert.
  • Mobile app intelligence : See the impact of mobile apps in your market: spot trends and emerging players.

Wrapping up…..

Good market research shouldn’t have to take an age; but as a task that requires careful planning, meticulous attention, and focus – even with the best tools, you’ve got to know the right questions to ask, and the best places to uncover the best intel.

Using market research templates will save significant time in the market research process while providing a clear and comprehensive set of guidelines that can be easily replicated or revisited in the future.

Market analysis templates allow for consistency and provide a clear framework that allows the inexperienced market researcher to do the task with ease.

Use these templates to jumpstart your research efforts and make strategic decisions more effectively, and in a more informed way.

Boost Your Market Research with Similarweb

Enjoy 360° visibility into your industry and instantly adapt to market changes

What is the importance of market research?

Market research is important because you can’t succeed if you’re not aware of market conditions, potential obstacles, purported budget, and how to market your products effectively.

How do you write a market research document?

The simplest way to write a market research document is to obtain a free market research template to guide your content. It can prompt you with the right questions to ask, and shape research efforts and outcomes effectively.

Which type of market research should I use?

To employ a highly effective market research strategy, you should combine the two methods. We advise you to use secondary research as a preparation for your primary research.

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market research report website

  • Market Research

How to get free market research reports 

Anmol Sachdeva

  • May 29, 2023

market research report website

Market research reports give you a perspective on your target customer’s mind and help you move on the right path. But most market research platforms and reports are costly. So, how to get free market research reports to get first-hand insights? 

This article will share valuable sources, and places to access free market research reports for your business. But before we begin, let us quickly refresh the basics. 

What are market research reports?

Market research reports offer insights, data, and information about a particular market, region, industry, or demography. Research firms prepare these reports by conducting market research surveys , interviews, statistical analysis, and compiling data from different resources. 

These reports contain information about market size, growth trends, consumer behavior patterns, interests, competitive landscape, target market, and more. 

A business can derive meaningful insights from a market research report to make data-driven marketing, positioning, pricing, or product development decisions. Market research reports can particularly help in the following: 

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors; 
  • Make customer-centric product decisions to achieve product-market fit faster; 
  • Standing out in a competitive market by beating the competition; 
  • Pivot or adapt to changing customer demands and usage patterns; 
  • Discover market opportunities and patterns to expand a business. 

Read More: Why market research is important

Reliable market research sources (with free access).   

Market research is traditionally seen as an expensive process. Fundamentally because there is a lot of legwork and effort involved in doing one-on-one interviews, creating focus groups, deriving data insights, and more. 

Remote work culture, artificial intelligence, and technology have made things more accessible (and affordable). However, sometimes, a business owner still lacks access (or resources) to conduct primary market research. In that case, here are four sources to access reliable market research reports for free: 

Government sources. 

The government collects data from different industries, businesses, and markets annually. Many agencies, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census, regularly publish data pertaining to consumer spending, economic trends, demographics, and more. You can use their official portals to access these reports, like:

  • U.S. Census Bureau:  
  • U.S. Small Business Administration:
  • National Bureau of Economic Research:
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis:
  • National Science Foundation:
  • U.S. Energy Information Administration:
  • National Agricultural Statistics Service:
  • National Center for Health Statistics:
  • National Center for Education Statistics:
  • Federal Reserve Board:
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
  • U.S. International Trade Commission:
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory:

Academic institutions. 

Universities, colleges, and academic departments often conduct research as a part of their regular programs and initiatives. 

They are known to publish these research findings in the form of market research reports. Usually, these reports are free for any business owner or individual. 

You can search for business schools like Harvard to access free market research reports by the institution. Here are some more academic sources for free market research reports: 

  • Harvard Business School Working Knowledge  
  • Wharton Research Data Services
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Columbia Business School
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  • University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business
  • New York University Stern School of Business

Industry associations. 

Industry associations are one of the best free sources for market research reports. These associations have real-world industry data, including trends, purchasing behaviors, spending patterns, and more, which can be a goldmine for business owners. 

market research report website

If you are a part of any industry association, there is a high possibility that you will get access to detailed market research reports as a perk. Even if you are not, almost all associations periodically publish free market research reports. You can check their websites to find a relevant report. Here are some prominent industry associations and research data links: 

  • National Restaurant Association
  • National Retail Federation
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • National Association of Convenience Stores
  • National Automobile Dealers Association
  • National Sporting Goods Association
  • American Bankers Association
  • National Coffee Association
  • National Association of Realtors
  • National Beer Wholesalers Association

Market research firms. 

These firms specialize in conducting market research and mostly publish paid reports/ conduct research on demand. But many firms upload insightful market research reports and trend patterns periodically as a lead-generation tactic. 

You can access these free market research reports by visiting their website. Google the names of market research firms and check their download sections for the latest reports on various industries and market segments. Some major market research firms which publish free reports include: 

  • Euromonitor International
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Forrester Research
  • Frost & Sullivan  

More sources to get free market research reports. 

Here are some final resources for finding free market research reports:

  • Online Database and Platforms: Lots of online platforms and websites offer free reports that can be used for market research. Some of the most credible ones include Statista, Pew Research, ProQuest, etc. You can also use Google Trends to extract trends and insights around any topic. 
  • Public Libraries: If you have access to any public library in your town or community, search for market research reports in the business sections. Libraries have active subscriptions to trade publications that regularly publish many market reports. Most libraries can access the Business and Company Resource (BCRC) database with several market research reports. 
  • Trade Shows and Conferences: Trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences are a great source of real-time market research reports. Most exhibitors and publishers offer free access to reports, whitepapers, and case studies that can serve as a foundation for your market research initiatives. 

Top up market research reports with real-time insights using GapScout. 

Market research reports are a good starting point for conducting market research. However, use the data within free reports cautiously, as it can be obsolete.

Gapscout can help you vet your market research assumptions and data by scanning online reviews in real-time and offer actual consumer insights. So, why not upgrade your research game by harnessing the power of AI using GapScout ?

  • How to use AI for market research?
  • 5 examples of market research branding done right

Ready to Automate Your Market Research? Get exclusive access to GapScout prior to release!

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Discover how global marketers are allocating budgets, measuring success and what these trends mean for your own impact planning.

What’s shaping the year ahead

Nielsen surveyed marketers around the world to understand where they’re spending, what their goals are and what’s getting in the way of maximizing their ROI. By analyzing these plans and priorities, we’ve developed recommendations to sharpen your own ROI strategies for 2024 and beyond. 

Our research revealed four key global themes:

Spending optimism is up.

Ad spend estimates are up and earmarked for ‘effective’ channels, especially across CTV, retail media networks, social and search. But channel-level performance doesn’t always help you achieve campaign goals.

Tactics and KPIs are misaligned

Marketers’ top KPIs are long-term ROI and full-funnel ROI. However, a global shift toward performance marketing, coupled with other media buying trends, won’t deliver on these priorities.

Digital dominance may hurt returns

ROI starts with reach, and not all digital channels deliver winning, on-target rates. Leaning too heavily into just a few channels can mean you miss out on reaching new audiences essential for long-term growth.

Measurement confidence is high, but incomplete

Global marketers are very confident in their martech’s ability to measure holistic ROI. However, barely one-third measure their traditional and digital marketing efforts together. Audiences don’t consume media in silos, and neither should measurement.

Marketing’s great balancing act

Despite inflation, slowed consumer spending and supply chain uncertainties, marketers feel better about budgets this year. But they won’t spread that money evenly across the buyer journey, and a siloed view of performance may hurt marketers’ ability to deliver on full ROI potential.

of global marketers expect bigger ad budgets this year, up from 64% in 2023

of media budgets are going toward digital channels—with CTV,  search and retail media driving the biggest increases

of global marketers evaluate holistic ROI by measuring traditional and digital marketing efforts together

Data source: 2024 Nielsen Global Marketer Survey

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Get the data-centered insights and practical recommendations you need to plan, measure and optimize campaigns that set your brand up for timely wins and long-term success.

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market research report website

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market research report website

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2.6x more success could have been realized in marketing campaigns with better research & insights., 23% of organizations don’t have a clear market research strategy in place., 13% ​​of marketing spend is wasted for reasons that could have been addressed through better market research., with online survey software you can:.

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Choose from 23 question types (including video/audio responses) and use advanced logic, branching, quotas, API integrations into Zendesk and email triggers to build and launch your project. It’s all done in an intuitive drag-and-drop software interface that makes even the most sophisticated surveys easy to create, launch and analyze.

Next-level survey reports and dashboards

Make better decisions with advanced reports and dashboards you can share in seconds. Choose from over 30 different graph types, share reports online, or export survey data to popular formats like CSV, TSV, Excel, SPSS and more.

Built-in intelligence with every type of survey

Leverage advanced analysis, including video feedback summarization powered by generative AI, crosstabs, and statistical analysis tools. Automatically review survey design to ensure methodology best practices, response quality, and compliance with internal policies and PII.

You’re in good company

Qualtrics has helped us bring some exciting new products to life, and ensured that we’re communicating the benefits in a way that resonates
Qualtrics enabled us to break silos that previously existed, helping us share customer insights across the group and reach our goals quicker

Survey software FAQs

A survey is a method of gathering information using relevant questions from a sample of people with the aim of understanding populations as a whole. Surveys provide a critical source of data and insights for everyone engaged in the information economy, from businesses to media, to government and academics.

Survey software is a tool used to design, send and analyze surveys online. It’s the primary method of collecting feedback at scale whether that’s a simple questionnaire or a detailed study such as customer or employee feedback as part of a more structured experience management program. Cloud-based survey technology has revolutionized the ability to get data, quickly, from a large number of respondents by automating the process of sending out surveys across a variety of channels from websites and mobile to apps, email and even chatbots.

Surveys provide quick, quantitative data on a wide audience’s opinions, preferences, and experiences. They are cost-effective, easy to administer, and can reach a large population. They also allow for anonymity, increasing the chance of honest responses, and their standardized format makes it easy to aggregate and analyze data for clear insights into trends and patterns.

To create a survey , define the objectives, choose target participants, design clear and concise questions, select a survey tool or platform, and ensure the layout is logical. Test the survey, distribute it, and collect responses. Remember to keep it as brief as possible while gathering the necessary information.

To write survey questions , be clear and specific to avoid confusion. Use simple, unbiased language, and opt for closed-ended questions for easier analysis. Ensure questions are relevant to your objectives, and avoid leading or loaded questions that could influence answers. Pretest your questions to catch any issues and revise as needed for clarity and objectivity.

Now used by more than 18,000+ brands, and supporting more than 1.3 billion surveys a year, Qualtrics empowers organizations to gather invaluable customer insights and take immediate, game-changing action – with zero coding required. The Qualtrics survey tool makes it easy to get answers to your most important marketing, branding, customer, and product questions, with easy-to-use tools that can handle everything from simple customer feedback questionnaires to detailed research projects.

Qualtrics Strategic Research pricing is based on interactions including number of survey responses and minutes of video feedback. Our special online pricing offer starts at $420 per month and can be purchased here . Alternatively, you can get started with a free account with basic functionality, or get 30 days access to advanced features with a free trial .

Yes, we offer a free account option with basic survey functionality.

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Q1 2024 | Dallas-Fort Worth Industrial Market Report

24Q1 DFW Ind_Hero

DFW Industrial Market Faces Vacancy Challenges

Key Takeaways

  • The current construction activity stands at 28.9 million square feet, a 60% decrease from its peak of 79 million square feet during the second quarter of 2022.
  • Over the past five quarters, the market has maintained a steady quarterly delivery of over 13 million square feet, including 16.4 million square feet that came online this quarter.
  • Vacancy rates in the Big-Box market have reached 15.1%, the highest since 2011, driving overall vacancy rates up to 9.7%. Non Big-Box vacancy rates, though significantly lower at 7.4%, are also at their highest since 2011.
  • Despite high vacancy rates, the average asking rental rates have increased for all industrial property types in the market.

Download the report to see where our market stands and where it's going.


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Mike Otillio | Colliers | Dallas

Mike Otillio

Research Director

Mike Otillio is the Research Director  for Colliers International in Dallas, Texas. In this role Mike supports all of the brokers in the Dallas Office in all property types. His expertise is in gathering hard to get commercial real estate information and helping turn that information into commercial real estate knowledge for the brokers.

Mike has extensive experience in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities and a Bloomberg terminal. Whether the project is related to building ownership information, company research, or Microsoft Excel and everything in between, Mike can help find the answers.

Mike’s knowledge of online commercial real estate tools and his natural tendency to always be on the lookout for better, improved tools make him great resource when it comes to searching for commercial real estate information.

Before working in commercial real estate, Mike worked for the Lafayette Economic Development Authority in Lafayette, Louisiana, starting first in the Research Department, and eventually becoming the Business Recruiter for Lafayette Parish (County). During his time in Economic Development, Mike worked towards receiving his certification in Economic Development through the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute. This education makes Mike a knowledgeable asset to the team when it comes to working with Economic Development agencies throughout the area. Mike also spent 4 years working in the research department at Mohr Partners.

Hannah Williams | Colliers | Dallas

Hannah Williams

Research Coordinator

Based in Dallas, Hannah works closely under Mike Otillio’s leadership to enhance our research support capabilities across Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin. She prides herself on her analytical, creative, and organizational skills and is certified in Project Management, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint. Prior to joining Colliers, Hannah gained experience in research and data analysis as a Senior Analyst/Team Lead and Research Analyst at Mohr Partners. She holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Texas Christian University.  

Advancing social justice, promoting decent work ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations

Migrated Content

This ILO flagship report details the impact of economic slowdown on the global labour market.

Additional details

  • ISBN: 9789220372913 (print)
  • ISBN: 9789220372920 (web PDF)

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WESO Trends 2023

Economic slowdown likely to force workers to accept lower quality jobs

Executive Summary

World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2023

Money blog: 'Loud budgeting' - The money-saving trend that has nothing to do with giving up your daily coffee

Created accidentally by a comedian, "loud budgeting" is breaking down the taboo of speaking about money. Read this and the rest of our Weekend Money features, and leave a comment, and we'll be back with rolling personal finance and consumer news on Monday.

Saturday 11 May 2024 07:52, UK

Weekend Money

  • 'Loud budgeting': The money-saving trend that has nothing to do with giving up your daily coffee
  • What is most in-demand period for a property?
  • £12m tea advert, downsizing, £320 tasting menus and job interview mistakes: What readers have said this week
  • Free childcare applications about to open for new age band
  • Where has huge week for UK economy left us?

Best of the week

  • How to avoid a holiday data roaming charge (while still using the internet)
  • Mortgage rates up again this week - here are the best deals on the market
  • My daughter discovered undeclared £600 management fee after buying her flat - can we complain?
  • Best of the Money blog - an archive

Ask a question or make a comment

By Jess Sharp , Money team 

Money saving trends are constantly popping up on social media - but one in particular has been gaining huge amounts of attention.

Created accidentally by a comedian, loud budgeting is breaking down the taboo of speaking about money.

The idea is based on being firmer/more vocal about your financial boundaries in social situations and setting out what you are happy to spend your money on, instead of "Keeping up with the Joneses". 

On TikTok alone, videos published under the #loudbudgeting have garnered more than 30 million views - and that figure is continuing to climb. 

We spoke to Lukas Battle - the 26-year-old who unintentionally created the trend as part of a comedy sketch. 

Based in New York, he came up with the term in a skit about the "quiet luxury" hype, which had spread online in 2023 inspired by shows like Succession. 

The term was used for humble bragging about your wealth with expensive items that were subtle in their design - for example, Gwyneth Paltrow's  £3,900 moss green wool coat from The Row, which she wore during her ski resort trial (see below). 

"I was never a big fan of the quiet luxury trend, so I just kind of switched the words and wrote "loud budgeting is in". I'm tired of spending money and I don't want to pretend to be rich," Lukas said. 

"That's how it started and then the TikTok comments were just obsessed with that original idea." 

This was the first time he mentioned it...

He explained that it wasn't about "being poor" but more about not being afraid of sharing your financial limits and "what's profitable for you personally". 

"It's not 'skip a coffee a day and you'll become a millionaire'. If you like coffee, then spend your money on coffee but cut back in other areas where you are spending like a muscle reflex," he said. 

While talking money has been seen as rude or taboo, he said it's something his generation is more comfortable doing. 

"I've seen more debate around the topic and I think people are really intrigued and attracted by the idea," he said. 

"The idea isn't hurtful in any way, it is only a positive. It's just focusing your spending and time on things you enjoy and cutting out the things you might feel pressured to spend your money on."  

He has incorporated loud budgeting into his own life, telling his friends "it's free to go outside" and opting for cheaper dinner alternatives.

"Having the terminology and knowing it's a trend helps people understand it and there's no awkward conversation around it," he said. 

The trend has been a big hit with so-called American "finfluencers", or "financial influencers", but people in the UK have started practising it as well. 

Mia Westrap has taken up loud budgeting by embarking on a no-buy year and sharing her finances with her 11.3k TikTok followers. 

Earning roughly £2,100 a month, she spends around £1,200 on essentials, like rent, petrol and car insurance, but limits what else she can purchase. 

Clothes, fizzy drinks, beauty treatments, makeup, dinners out and train tickets are just some things on her "red list". 

The 26-year-old PHD student first came across the idea back in 2017, but decided to take up the challenge this year after realising she was living "pay check to pay check". 

She said her "biggest fear" in the beginning was that her friends wouldn't understand what she was doing, but she found loud budgeting helped. 

"I'm still trying my best to just go along with what everyone wants to do but I just won't spend money while we do it and my friends don't mind that, we don't make a big deal out of it," she said. 

So far, she has been able to save £1,700, and she said talking openly about her money has been "really helpful". 

"There's no way I could have got this far if I wasn't baring my soul to the internet about the money I have spent. It has been a really motivating factor."

Financial expert John Webb said loud budgeting has the ability to help many "feel empowered" and create a "more realistic" relationship with money.

"This is helping to normalise having open and honest conversations about finances," the consumer affair manager at Experien said. 

"It can also reduce the anxiety some might have by keeping their financial worries to themselves." 

However, he warned it's important to be cautious and to take the reality of life into consideration. 

"It could cause troubles within friendship groups if they're not on the same page as you or have different financial goals," he said.

"This challenge isn’t meant to stop you from having fun, but it is designed to help people become more conscious and intentional when it comes to money, and reduce the stigma around talking about it." 

Rightmove's keyword tool shows Victorian-era houses are the most commonly searched period properties, with people drawn to their ornate designs and features.

Georgian and Edwardian-style are second and third respectively, followed by Tudor properties. Regency ranked in fifth place.

Rightmove property expert Tim Bannister said: "Home hunters continue to be captivated by the character and charm of properties that we see in period dramas.

"Victorian homes remain particularly popular, characterised by their historic charm, solid construction, and spacious interiors. You'll often find Victorian houses in some of the most desirable locations which include convenient access to schools and transport links."

Throughout the week Money blog readers have shared their thoughts on the stories we've been covering, with the most correspondence coming in on...

  • A hotly contested debate on the best brand of tea
  • Downsizing homes
  • The cost of Michelin-starred food

Job interview mistakes

On Wednesday we reported on a new £12m ad from PG Tips in response to it falling behind rivals such as Twinings, Yorkshire Tea and Tetley....

We had lots of comments like this...

How on earth was the PG Tips advert so expensive? I prefer Tetley tea, PG Tips is never strong enough flavour for me. Shellyleppard
The reason for the sales drop with PG Tips could be because they increased the price and reduced the quantity of bags from 240 to 180 - it's obvious. Royston

And then this question which we've tried to answer below...

Why have PG Tips changed from Pyramid shape tea bags, to a square? Sam

Last year PG Tips said it was changing to a square bag that left more room for leaves to infuse, as the bags wouldn't fold over themselves.

We reported on data showing how downsizing could save you money for retirement - more than £400,000, in some regions, by swapping four beds for two.

Some of our readers shared their experiences...

We are downsizing and moving South so it's costing us £100k extra for a smaller place, all money from retirement fund. AlanNorth
Interesting read about downsizing for retirement. We recently did this to have the means to retire early at 52. However, we bought a house in the south of France for the price of a flat in our town in West Sussex. Now living the dream! OliSarah

How much should we pay for food?

Executive chef at London's two-Michelin-starred Ikoyi, Jeremy Chan, raised eyebrows when he suggested to the Money blog that Britons don't pay enough for restaurant food.

Ikoyi, the 35th best restaurant in the world, charges £320 for its tasting menu. 

"I don't think people pay enough money for food, I think we charge too little, [but] we want to always be accessible to as many people as possible, we're always trying our best to do that," he said, in a piece about his restaurant's tie up with Uber Eats... 

We had this in... 

Are they serious? That is two weeks' worth of food shopping for me, if the rich can afford this "tasting menu" then they need to be taxed even more by the government, it's just crazy! Steve T
If the rate of pay is proportionate to the vastly overpriced costs of the double Michelin star menu, I would gladly peel quail eggs for four-hour stints over continuing to be abused as a UK supply teacher. AndrewWard
Does this two-star Michelin star chef live in the real world? Who gives a toss if he stands and peels his quails eggs for four hours, and he can get the best turbot from the fishmonger fresh on a daily basis? It doesn't justify the outrageous price he is charging for his tasting menu. Topaztraveller
Chefs do make me laugh, a steak is just a steak, they don't make the meat! They just cook it like the rest of us, but we eat out because we can't be bothered cooking! StevieGrah

Finally, many of you reacted to this feature on common mistakes in job interviews...

Those 10 biggest mistakes people make in interviews is the dumbest thing I've ever read. They expect all that and they'll be offering a £25k a year job. Why wouldn't I want to know about benefits and basic sick pay? And also a limp handshake? How's that relevant to how you work? Jre90

Others brought their own tips...

Whenever I go for an interview I stick to three points: 1. Be yourself 2. Own the interview 3. Wear the clothes that match the job you are applying Kevin James Blakey

From Sunday, eligible working parents of children from nine-months-old in England will be able to register for access to up to 15 free hours of government-funded childcare per week.

This will then be granted from September. 

Check if you're eligible  here  - or read on for our explainer on free childcare across the UK.

Three and four year olds

In England, all parents of children aged three and four in England can claim 15 hours of free childcare per week, for 1,140 hours (38 weeks) a year, at an approved provider.

This is a universal offer open to all.

It can be extended to 30 hours where both parents (or the sole parent) are in work, earn the weekly minimum equivalent of 16 hours at the national minimum or living wage, and have an income of less than £100,000 per year.

Two year olds

Previously, only parents in receipt of certain benefits were eligible for 15 hours of free childcare.

But, as of last month, this was extended to working parents.

This is not a universal offer, however.

A working parent must earn more than £8,670 but less than £100,000 per year. For couples, the rule applies to both parents.

Nine months old

In September, this same 15-hour offer will be extended to working parents of children aged from nine months. From 12 May, those whose children will be at least nine months old on 31 August can apply to received the 15 hours of care from September.

From September 2025

The final change to the childcare offer in England will be rolled out in September 2025, when eligible working parents of all children under the age of five will be able to claim 30 hours of free childcare a week.

In some areas of Wales, the Flying Start early years programme offers 12.5 hours of free childcare for 39 weeks, for eligible children aged two to three. The scheme is based on your postcode area, though it is currently being expanded.

All three and four-year-olds are entitled to free early education of 10 hours per week in approved settings during term time under the Welsh government's childcare offer.

Some children of this age are entitled to up to 30 hours per week of free early education and childcare over 48 weeks of the year. The hours can be split - but at least 10 need to be used on early education.

To qualify for this, each parent must earn less than £100,000 per year, be employed and earn at least the equivalent of working 16 hours a week at the national minimum wage, or be enrolled on an undergraduate, postgraduate or further education course that is at least 10 weeks in length.

All three and four-year-olds living in Scotland are entitled to at least 1,140 hours per year of free childcare, with no work or earnings requirements for parents. 

This is usually taken as 30 hours per week over term time (38 weeks), though each provider will have their own approach.

Some households can claim free childcare for two-year-olds. To be eligible you have to be claiming certain benefits such as Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance or Universal Credit, or have a child that is in the care of their local council or living with you under a guardianship order or kinship care order.

Northern Ireland

There is no scheme for free childcare in Northern Ireland. Some other limited support is available.

Working parents can access support from UK-wide schemes such as tax credits, Universal Credit, childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare.

Aside from this, all parents of children aged three or four can apply for at least 12.5 hours a week of funded pre-school education during term time. But over 90% of three-year-olds have a funded pre-school place - and of course this is different to childcare.

What other help could I be eligible for?

Tax-free childcare  - Working parents in the UK can claim up to £500 every three months (up to £2,000 a year) for each of their children to help with childcare costs. 

If the child is disabled, the amount goes up to £1,000 every three months (up to £4,000 a year).

To claim the benefit, parents will need to open a tax-free childcare account online. For every 80p paid into the account, the government will top it up by 20p.

The scheme is available until the September after the child turns 11.

Universal credit  - Working families on universal credit can claim back up to 85% of their monthly childcare costs, as long as the care is paid for upfront. The most you can claim per month is £951 for one child or £1,630 for two or more children.

Tax credits -  People claiming working tax credit can get up to 70% of what they pay for childcare if their costs are no more than £175 per week for one child or £300 per work for multiple children.

Two big economic moments dominated the news agenda in Money this week - interest rates and GDP.

As expected, the Bank of England held the base rate at 5.25% on Wednesday - but a shift in language was instructive about what may happen next.

Bank governor Andrew Bailey opened the door to a summer cut to 5%, telling reporters that an easing of rates at the next Monetary Policy Committee meeting on 20 June was neither ruled out nor a fait accompli.

More surprisingly, he suggested that rate cuts, when they start, could go deeper "than currently priced into market rates".

He refused to be drawn on what that path might look like - but markets had thought rates could bottom out at 4.5% or 4.75% this year, and potentially 3.5% or 4% next.

"To make sure that inflation stays around the 2% target - that inflation will neither be too high nor too low - it's likely that we will need to cut Bank rate over the coming quarters and make monetary policy somewhat less restrictive over the forecast period," Mr Bailey said.

You can read economics editor Ed Conway's analysis of the Bank's decision here ...

On Friday we discovered the UK is no longer in recession.

Gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 0.6% between January and March, the Office for National Statistics said.

This followed two consecutive quarters of the economy shrinking.

The data was more positive than anticipated.

"Britain is not just out of recession," wrote Conway. "It is out of recession with a bang."

The UK has seen its fastest growth since the tailend of the pandemic - and Conway picked out three other reasons for optimism.

1/ An economic growth rate of 0.6% is near enough to what economists used to call "trend growth". It's the kind of number that signifies the economy growing at more or less "normal" rates.

2/ 0.6% means the UK is, alongside Canada, the fastest-growing economy in the G7 (we've yet to hear from Japan, but economists expect its economy to contract in the first quarter).

3/ Third, it's not just gross domestic product that's up. So too is gross domestic product per head - the number you get when you divide our national income by every person in the country. After seven years without any growth, GDP per head rose by 0.4% in the first quarter.

GDP per head is a more accurate yardstick for the "feelgood factor", said Conway - perhaps meaning people will finally start to feel better off.

For more on where Friday's figures leaves us, listen to an Ian King Business Podcast special...

The Money blog is your place for consumer news, economic analysis and everything you need to know about the cost of living - bookmark .

It runs with live updates every weekday - while on Saturdays we scale back and offer you a selection of weekend reads.

Check them out this morning and we'll be back on Monday with rolling news and features.

The Money team is Emily Mee, Bhvishya Patel, Jess Sharp, Katie Williams, Brad Young and Ollie Cooper, with sub-editing by Isobel Souster. The blog is edited by Jimmy Rice.

If you've missed any of the features we've been running in Money this year, or want to check back on something you've previously seen in the blog, this archive of our most popular articles may help...

Loaves of bread have been recalled from shelves in Japan after they were found to contain the remains of a rat.

Production of the bread in Tokyo has been halted after parts of a "small animal" were found by at least two people.

Pasco Shikishima Corp, which produces the bread, said 104,000 packages have been recalled as it apologised and promised compensation.

A company representative told Sky News's US partner network, NBC News, that a "small black rat" was found in the bread. No customers were reported to have fallen ill as a result of ingesting the contaminated bread.

"We deeply apologise for the serious inconvenience and trouble this has caused to our customers, suppliers, and other concerned parties," the spokesman said.

Pasco added in a separate statement that "we will do our utmost to strengthen our quality controls so that this will never happen again. We ask for your understanding and your co-operation."

Japanese media reports said at least two people who bought the bread in the Gunma prefecture, north-west of Tokyo, complained to the company about finding a rodent in the bread.

Record levels of shoplifting appear to be declining as fewer shopkeepers reported thefts last year, new figures show. 

A survey by the Office for National Statistics shows 26% of retailers experienced customer theft in 2023, down from a record high of 28% in 2022.

This comes despite a number of reports suggesting shoplifting is becoming more frequent. 

A  separate ONS finding , which used police crime data, showed reports of shoplifting were at their highest level in 20 years in 2023, with law enforcements logging 430,000 instances of the crime.

Let's get you up to speed on the biggest business news of the past 24 hours. 

A privately owned used-car platform is circling Cazoo Group, its stricken US-listed rival, which is on the brink of administration.

Sky News has learnt that is a leading contender to acquire Cazoo's marketplace operation, which would include its brand and intellectual property assets.

The process to auction the used-car platform's constituent parts comes after it spent tens of millions of pounds on sponsorship deals in football, snooker and darts in a rapid attempt to gain market share.

The owner of British Airways has reported a sharp rise in profits amid soaring demand for trips and a fall in the cost of fuel.

International Airlines Group said its operating profit for the first three months of the year was €68m (£58.5m) - above expectations and up from €9m (£7.7m) during the same period in 2023.

The company, which also owns Aer Lingus, Iberia and Vueling, said earnings had soared thanks to strong demand, particularly over the Easter holidays.

The prospect of a strike across Tata Steel's UK operations has gained further traction after a key union secured support for industrial action.

Community, which has more than 3,000 members, said 85% voted in favour of fighting the India-owned company's plans for up to 2,800 job losses, the majority of them at the country's biggest steelworks in Port Talbot, South Wales.

Tata confirmed last month it was to press ahead with the closure of the blast furnaces at the plant, replacing them with electric arc furnaces to reduce emissions and costs.

In doing so, the company rejected an alternative plan put forward by the Community, GMB and Unite unions that, they said, would raise productivity and protect jobs across the supply chain.

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    June 3, 2021 28 min read. Market research is a process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a given market. It takes into account geographic, demographic, and psychographic data about past, current, and potential customers, as well as competitive analysis to evaluate the viability of a product offer.

  16. Market Research Tool & Industry Analytics

    Act quickly on emerging trends in your market. Analyze 250+ Similarweb industry categories to gain a snapshot of the macro trends and identify who is winning and losing market share. Create a custom view of your market to analyze key competitors, partners, and industry players. Reveal top performing marketing channels for your industry and ...

  17. 8 Free Market Research Tools & Resources (2022 Guide)

    Top 4 Free Market Research Tools. For clarity, we will define a free market research tool as any tool that: Keep in mind that "customer-related information" encompasses everything from a pain point to a weakness of one of your competitors' products. 1. Google Trends.

  18. United States (US) Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis

    United States PESTLE Analysis & Macroeconomic Trends Market Research Report. Browse Report. USA had estimated population of 323.298 million in the year 2016 and expected to reach 338.448 million by 2022. USA's 151.437 million population was employed in 2016 and the unemployment rate was 4.85% of total labor force.

  19. Market Research Reports

    Technavio offers over 17000 Market research reports, covering 800 technologies, spanning across 50 countries. Provides detailed insights on emerging technologies and untapped markets.

  20. 13 Market Research Tools: Best in Class for 2023

    Loop11 is a market research tool that provides usability testing to help organizations build better websites and products. It comes with a pack of useful features that provide both moderated and unmoderated testing, helping businesses to find the right audience to test prototypes and products.

  21. 6 Free Market Research Templates & Guides

    Market research templates provide questions and specific fields to fill out - relevant to specified market research objectives. You can add or remove fields according to what's relevant to your market and research goal. It provides a framework to develop your own research methodology if you don't want to go full-scale with a research firm.

  22. How to get free market research reports

    Here are some final resources for finding free market research reports: Online Database and Platforms: Lots of online platforms and websites offer free reports that can be used for market research. Some of the most credible ones include Statista, Pew Research, ProQuest, etc.

  23. 2024 Annual Marketing Report

    Marketing Report Maximizing ROI in a fragmented world. Discover how global marketers are allocating budgets, measuring success and what these ... Our research revealed four key global themes: Spending optimism is up. Ad spend estimates are up and earmarked for 'effective' channels, especially across CTV, retail media networks, social and ...

  24. Online Survey Software

    13% of marketing spend is wasted for reasons that could have been addressed through better market research. With online survey software you can: Eliminate manual data collection; Get real-time, actionable insights ... 2024 Research Trends Report. Download Now. research. How AI will Reinvent the Market Research Industry. View Research. ebook ...

  25. B2B Content Marketing Trends 2024 [Research]

    New research into B2B content marketing trends for 2024 reveals specifics of AI implementation, social media use, and budget forecasts, plus content success factors. Marketers talk AI, common challenges, best results, and more in the 14th annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Outlook for 2024.

  26. Q1 2024

    Over the past five quarters, the market has maintained a steady quarterly delivery of over 13 million square feet, including 16.4 million square feet that came online this quarter. Vacancy rates in the Big-Box market have reached 15.1%, the highest since 2011, driving overall vacancy rates up to 9.7%.

  27. World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2023

    We have recently updated the ILO website and are in the process of rebuilding a number of pages. ... World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2023. This ILO flagship report details the impact of economic slowdown on the global labour market. ... Files for download. PDF 4.25 MB. The report covers the extent and consequences of the labour ...

  28. Money latest: Chocolate is a superfood

    Japanese media reports said at least two people who bought the bread in the Gunma prefecture, north-west of Tokyo, complained to the company about finding a rodent in the bread. 18:45:01