Mass Effect - Keeper locations: How to complete the Citadel: Scan the Keeper Mission

Where to find all 21 Keepers.

Finding Keeper locations in Mass Effect is one of the first quests you come across in the Citadel.

The quest can be initiated in one of two ways - by talking to Chorban or Jahleed - and though it's not mandatory for the main storyline, it's a storyline we'll return to in the sequel. As well as this, it's a welcome early source of easy XP - and a handy way to get to know the Citadel.

If you're looking for more help, our Mass Effect romances page with how to navigate relationships across all three games.

On this page:

How to start Citadel: Scan the Keepers by talking to Chorban or Jahleed

Mass effect scan the keepers locations at a glance, citadel tower keeper locations in mass effect, the presidium keeper locations in mass effect, the lower and upper wards keeper locations in mass effect.

  • Mass Effect Scan the Keeper rewards explained

Citadel: Scan the Keepers can be initiated two different ways depending on who you talk to first: Chorban or Jahleed. This choice also affects the outcome of your interactions with both Chorban and Jahleed.

Talking to Chorban: Scan the Keepers

After Shepard, Counselor Udina, and Captain Anderson meet with the Council about Saren's involvement with the geth, Shepard runs into a salarian scientist named Chorban who is suspiciously scanning one of the Citadel keepers.

mass effect jahleed mission

When confronted about his actions, Chorban explains that he is attempting to crack the mysteries of these unknown lifeforms. Chorban asks Shepard for a favor: take his scanner and scan all the keepers. You can either accept the mission or decline it.

mass effect jahleed mission

If you accept the mission, at some point in the mission you will run into Jahleed, Chorban's former business partner, at the C-Sec Offices. Read the section "Talking to Jahleed: Jahleed's Fear and Jahleed's Secret " for more information about this encounter.

Talking to Jahleed: Jahleed's Fear and Jahleed's Secret

You can avoid talking to Chorban altogether and head straight to the C-Sec Academy to find Jahleed.

He will be in the C-Sec Offices logging a complaint to a C-Sec Officer about Chorban. When you talk to Jahleed, he will tell you that he suspects Chorban is trying to kill him and asks for your help. Jahleed sends you to the Lower Markets to confront Chorban on his behalf.

When you reach the Lower Markets, Chorban will ask you for the data. No matter the response, Chorban will have the two armed salarians attack you. Fight back and Chorban will surrender. He will tell you about his business partnership with Jahleed and their illegal plan to scan the keepers.

mass effect jahleed mission

A few things can happen here. You can either:

  • Agree to scan the keepers for Chorban and Jahleed
  • Kill Chorban

If you agree to scan the keepers, the scan the keepers mission will start. Go back to the C-Sec Offices and tell Jahleed the truth about Chorban's actions. This will allay Jahleed's concerns and he will agree to analyze the data. You can then go about scanning the keepers.

If you decide to kill Chorban, you must then confront Jahleed. Go back to the C-Sec Offices and talk to Jahleed. You can tell him that you killed Chorban and he will plead for his life.

At this point you can either:

  • Turn him in to C-Sec
  • Take his credits and don't turn him in

If you turn him in to C-Sec, the mission ends and you cannot get it back. If you take his credits and don't turn him in, he will try to recruit you to scan the keepers. If you agree to scan the keepers, the mission starts. If you say no, then the mission ends.

There is no time limit to this mission. You can complete it at any time as long as it's before going through the Omega 4 relay. There are 21 Keepers scattered throughout the Citadel; in the original game, you must find all 21, whereas in the Legendary Edition, only 20 is required.

You can find the keepers in the following districts and locations:

  • Citadel Tower: 4
  • The Presidium: 11
  • The Presidium: 2
  • The Emporium and Consort Chambers: 3
  • The Embassies:3
  • Citadel Security (C-Sec): 2
  • Citadel Docking Bay: 1
  • Lower and Upper Wards : 6
  • Citadel Lower Wards: 1
  • Citadel Upper Wards: 2
  • Flux Casino: 1
  • Alleyway: 1
  • Citadel Flux and Wards Access: 1

Though you can scan the keepers in any order, we have numbered the keepers in a logical progression based on speaking with Chorban to initiate the mission. If you speak to Jahleed first, this guide can still be followed as you see fit.

After speaking with Chorban, you can scan the keeper that is right in front of him (keeper 1).

mass effect jahleed mission

Next, there is a keeper to the far-right side of Citadel Tower (keeper 2).

mass effect jahleed mission

Then you can head to the lower left-hand corner and find the third keeper (keeper 3).

mass effect jahleed mission

Before you pass the large fountain in front of the Presidium elevator, there is one more keeper (keeper 4) in a little nook on the upper left side. Now you can continue on to the Presidium.

mass effect jahleed mission

The Presidium has most of the keepers so it will take a little bit of walking around to find them. The first keeper in this area can be found right outside the Citadel Tower elevators next to Avina (keeper 5).

mass effect jahleed mission

Head west and you will spot another keeper in front of the entrance to the Wards (keeper 6).

mass effect jahleed mission

Turn around and head over the bridge towards the Emporium. Take the stairs at the back of the Emporium and make a left, and there is a keeper (keeper 7).

mass effect jahleed mission

Head out of the Emporium and go right towards to the Consort Chambers. To the immediate right is another keeper (keeper 8).

mass effect jahleed mission

Keep going towards the Consort Chambers and you will find a keeper (keeper 9) right outside the entrance.

mass effect jahleed mission

Take the stairs to the bridge and head towards C-Sec and Embassies then head right to the Embassies. Enter the Embassies and take the stairs to the right and head towards to the Volus and Elcor Office. Inside the office is another keeper (keeper 10) around the corner on the left.

mass effect jahleed mission

Leave the office and head right towards the Embassy Lounge. Go through the main door and directly in front of you will be another door with a room full of diplomats. Head to the back of the room and you will find a keeper (keeper 11).

mass effect jahleed mission

Leave the diplomat office and go into the Embassy Lounge. Go through the back door and on the balcony is another keeper (keeper 12).

mass effect jahleed mission

Leave the Embassy and go left and down the ramp and take the elevator to the C-Sec Academy. Head left and down the stairs to the Requisition Office and you will find a keeper in the left corner (keeper 13).

mass effect jahleed mission

Go back up the stairs and across the Atrium into the C-Sec Offices. Go up the long flight of stairs to Traffic Control and there will be a keeper on the right side (keeper 14).

mass effect jahleed mission

Go back down the stairs and head to the Atrium. In the middle of the C-Sec Academy is an elevator that will take you to the Docking Bay. Take that elevator and go past the docked Normandy. There is another keeper (keeper 15) at the end of the ramp.

mass effect jahleed mission

Take the elevator back to C-Sec Academy. As soon as you get off of the elevator make an immediate left or right turn and head down the blueish stairs to the Wards elevator.

Get out of the elevator and head down the long corridor to the Lower Wards. Directly in front of you will be a keeper (keeper 16).

mass effect jahleed mission

Take the stairs on the right up to the Upper Wards. Make a left around the stairs towards the Med Clinic. Pass the Med Clinic doors and to the left is another keeper in the corner (keeper 17).

mass effect jahleed mission

Go back the way you came, pass the stairs, and you will see another set of stairs on the right leading up towards the Flux nightclub. Enter Flux and make your way into the Casino, there will be a keeper located at the back wall (keeper 18).

mass effect jahleed mission

Leave Flux and head right towards the Upper Markets.

In the Upper Markets go towards the back right corner and you will find a keeper (keeper 19).

mass effect jahleed mission

Turn right towards a set of stairs heading down. Go down into the Lower Markets and make your way to the door at the far end. From here, make an immediate right and head up the stairs into the Alleyway. There will be another keeper here (keeper 20).

mass effect jahleed mission

Keep going towards the door and exit the Alleyway. Turn left and take the elevator to the Presidium.

Exit the elevator and turn left. In the first room on the right, there will be the last keeper (keeper 21).

mass effect jahleed mission

Mass Effect Scan the Keeper rewards explained, and how the mission impacts Mass Effect 2

In the original Mass Effect, after collecting all the data you are rewarded 240 XP and 360 Credits on top of the 10 XP and 30 Credits you receive per each scan - you do not need to go back to Chorban or Jahleed to receive this.

mass effect jahleed mission

During this mission, it is possible to level up a few times if you complete this in the early stages of the game. Though you will not earn enough Credits to buy any gear, adding points to your talents will be extremely useful.

In the Legendary Edition, the XP and Credits rewarded will vary due to a change in how experience is gained; for example, we received 17 XP and 50 Credit per scan, and 368 XP and 650 Credits upon completion.

In both versions of the game, this side quest has a minor impact on Mass Effect 2, provided you import your save. If you do not kill Chorban, then he will send you the findings of the scans as a message on Shepard's private terminal at some point in the game, titled 'Concerns RE: Keepers'.

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mass effect jahleed mission

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Citadel: Jahleed's Fears  is an Assignment   in Mass Effect . Citadel: Jahleed's Fears  is about a Volus  scientist named Jahleed, who is fearing for his life.  Assignments  are secondary quests in Mass Effect , that are not mandatory to progress the game's story, but provide context and flavor by meeting interesting NPCs  of all kind of Races , granting additional experience, and letting the player visit extraordinary and unique planets.

Citadel: Jahleed's Fears Walkthrough

You can do this Assignment  in two ways, depending on if you have talked to Chorban already, and accepted the Assignment Citadel: Scan the Keepers . Talking to him first, gives you more insight on what him and Jahleed were up to.

Jahleed can be found in the C-Sec offices. To reach them, you have to go from the elevator to the docking bay, head left and you'll see him in a small cove, talking to a C-Sec officer. Walk up to him to accept his Assignment . Jahleed thinks Chorban, his business partner, is trying to kill him, so he asks you to meet him in the Lower Markets.

Access the Lower Markets, either by the stairs near Conrad Verner from the Assignment Citadel: The Fan  or you can access them behind the Rapid Transit Station to Chora's Den. You can find Chorban in the corner, either with two armed  Salarians  by his side of just by himself. If you have already agreed to scan the keepers, he explains that his intention was to threaten Jahleed to get the data from him. You have two options, tell him to stop ( Paragon ) or help him with the Keepers' scan task (Neither Paragon nor Renegade ).

However, if you have never talked to him, or didn't agree to do any scanning for him, this scene unfolds differently and you will be attacked by him and his two Salarian bodyguards.

After you defeat them, you can tell Chorban to stop the attempt on Jahleed's life, kill him (grants you Renegade points), or agree to scan the keepers for him. 

After dealing with Chorban, the Assignment  updates into Citadel: Jahleed's Secret.   When you return to the Volus , he apologizes for lying to you, and then disappears.

If you haven't accepted the Citadel: Scan the Keepers  from Chorban, you have a few extra options. If you tell Chorban you don't care about the data, you can turn him in to the C-Sec officer for stealing from his workplace. Charm or Intimidate him (Requires 7 Charm points or 6 Intimidate Points), so he turns himself in. (You get 8 Paragon points or 2 Renegade points, respectively). You can also ask him for payment, it gives you approximately five times the amount you get for not doing it. However, you earn no morality points. If you don't turn him in, he asks about the Keepers again, leading you back to Citadel: Scan the Keepers , if you haven't completed it yet.

How to unlock Citadel: Jahleed's Fears

  • To obtain Citadel: Jahleed's Fears , you have to have completed Citadel: Expose Saren , and you may start this Assignment  by talking to Jahleed while wandering on the Citadel

Enemies found on Citadel: Jahleed's Fears

  • Salarian Bodyguard

Citadel: Jahleed's Fears Rewards

  • Experience Points.

Citadel: Jahleed's Fears Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here

mass effect jahleed mission

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Mass Effect Assignments: how to start every side quest & assignment

While you’ll be doing a lot of running and gunning across the Galaxy, Mass Effect is still a traditional RPG in many ways. That naturally means a whole bunch of side quests - or Assignments,  as they’re known officially in the game.

As with the various character classes, abilities and class specializations in Mass Effect 1, the assignments featured are pretty typical RPG tropes - various quests that offer up rewards like XP, items, gear, paragon or renegade alignment points, and of course new and unique storylines. Completing the majority of the game nets you the ‘Completionist’ trophy/achievement - so if you’re going for that, you’ll need to tidy up the majority of the assignments.

One advantage of the branching, multi-game narrative of Mass Effect is that several of these side quests and assignments can also feature choices that have consequences in Mass Effect 2 and 3 - if you do the quest.

On this page, we’ll list every side quest assignment in Mass Effect, plus where to start them and any other key information completionists will need to know - broken up by each of Mass Effect’s core locations:

  • Citadel Assignments, part 1

Normandy Squadmate Assignments

  • Citadel Assignments, part 2
  • Story Planet Assignments on Feros, Noveria & Virmire
  • Citadel Assignments, part 3
  • DLC Assignments
  • Collectible assignments

Uncharted World Assignments


Citadel Assignments Part 1

These assignments are available from your very first visit to the Citadel very early in the game, though some assignments unlock gradually as more of the Citadel becomes available to you. 

  • Citadel: Asari Consort: visit the Consort’s Chambers on the Presidium and speak to Nelyna and then Sha’ira.
  • Citadel: Doctor Michel: head to the Lower Wards Med Clinic again any time after taking down Fist in Chora’s Den as part of the main story. 
  • This quest evolves into a ‘second part’ called ‘Citadel: Doctor Michel is Safe’
  • Citadel: Homecoming: once Tali has joined your party, speak to Samesh Bhatia near the embassy area commons area, not far from where there’s an Avina terminal.
  • This quest leads to several follow-up quests as the storyline twists and turns, including Citadel: Jahleed's Secret ,   Citadel: Jahleed and Chorban , followed by one of a number of finales such as Citadel: Jahleed Returns Materials , Citadel: Jahleed Arrested , Citadel: Jahleed Set Free . 
  • Citadel: Presidium Prophet: after the council reject your claims about Eden Prime and the Citadel: Expose Saren main quest begins, find a C-Sec Officer and Hanar on the Presidium in the wide open area near the Citadel Tower. 
  • Citadel: Reporter's Request: as soon as you can access the Upper Wards (once you’re working to expose Saren), find Emily Wong near the stairway to Flux. Alternatively, picking up the OSD in Fist’s office in Chora’s Den also retroactively gives you the quest. 
  • This quest evolves into Citadel: Rita's Sister and Chellick and Citadel: Rita's Sister is Safe as you progress it.
  • Citadel: Scan the Keepers: this assignment is dropped into your lap; after meeting the council, a Salarian is right in your path, fiddling with a keeper. A squadmate will even point them out. Chat to the Salarian, Chorban, to start the quest. If you’ve already started the Citadel: Jahleed’s Fears quest before this one, Chorban will move to the Lower Markets, where you can still get the quest from him. We’ve got a guide to the Keeper Locations to get you through this quest.
  • Depending on choices you make, this assignment will change into either Citadel: Schells' Scanner Given Away or Citadel: Schells has his Data .
  • Citadel: Signal Tracking: visit Flux Casino on the Lower Wards and examine a ‘Suspicious Gambling Machine’ in the upstairs corner to start this quest. We’ve got a guide on the signal tracking locations if you need help.
  • Citadel: The Fan: you’ll find Conrad Verner standing in the Markets area of the Upper Wards. There are three stages to this assignment; you’ll need to visit Verner when you first gain access to the wards, then again after becoming a Spectre, and one last time after completing any of the three main story worlds.
  • As it progresses, this quest changes name to Citadel: Xeltan Convinced .
  • Missing Person / UNC: Privateers: get this assignment by speaking to Garoth in the Citadel Tower after your second meeting with the council. Alternatively, it can be received by hacking a computer terminal on Noveria. It will also automatically trigger if you find and scan the MSV Majesty in the Horse Head Nebula.

Once you’re back on the Normandy after your first Citadel Visit, you’ll have the chance to talk to your squadmates during down time aboard the ship. If you keep talking to them, three of your alien squad members will have requests for you.

What squadmates have to say changes each time you complete a main story mission; you may have to complete one or two story missions before they give you their request and the associated assignment .

  • Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon: keep talking to Garrus and he’ll gradually reveal information about this C-Sec case gone wrong, which eventually gives you a location to head to.
  • Tali and the Geth / Tali’s Pilgrimage: Tali will tell you about her pilgrimage, but this assignment only pops when you clear a Geth Base on Solcrum as part of UNC: Geth Incursions. There’s a terminal you can interact with in that planet’s Geth Stronghold, and you can then gift that data to Tali aboard Normandy.
  • Wrex: Family Armor: keep talking to Wrex and talking about his past; he will ask you to retrieve his family armor, which was stolen. Alternatively, you can find the assignment goal on Tuntau in the Phoenix System of Argos Rho; finding the armor first gives you the quest, then you can turn it in by talking to Wrex. We recommend, for various reasons, that you do this quest before heading to Virmire .


Citadel Assignments Part 2

These assignments will be available the next time you visit the Citadel after completing any one of the three ‘core’ story planet missions of Therum, Noveria, or Feros .

Three of the quests that unlock this point are a branch based on your pre-service history character background - each background gets one exclusive side quest. The other three are available to all.

  • Citadel: I Remember Me: only available if your Shepard has the Colonist background. You’ll automatically get a call about this quest after arriving on the Citadel and using the elevator from the docking bay.
  • Citadel: Old Friends: only available if your Shepard has the Earthborn background. Find Finch in Chora’s Den.
  • Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things: only available if your Shepard has the Spacer background. Talk to Zabaleta in the Wards Access corridor area.
  • Citadel: Family Matter: near the Presidium financial district and Barla Von’s office, there's two people audibly arguing. Insert yourself into their conversation.
  • Citadel: Planting a Bug: you must have completed Citadel: Reporter’s Request for Emily Wong. If you have, find Wong in the Citadel Tower to get this continuation.
  • Citadel: Snap Inspection: this will automatically occur as you step off the Normandy when it first arrives back at the Citadel. 
  • Citadel: The Fourth Estate: the reporter Khalisah Al-Jilani can be found at the bottom of the elevator from the docking bay; talk to her to take on this verbally-charged assignment.

Story Planet Assignments: Feros, Noveria, & Virmire

Mass Effect’s handful of story-critical planets also have a few assignments of their own - though it’s only a few for each planet, and Therum actually has no side quests at all, being a much more straightforward affair. Here’s the quests you can expect on each planet:

Noveria Assignments:

  • Noveria: Espionage: as you explore the port in Noveria, you’ll be approached by an Asari named Mallene Calis, giving you this side quest. If you agree to help her, the quest continues. If you refuse, it is marked as completed.
  • Noveria: Smuggling: there’s a Hanar Merchant named Opold on Noveria, in the port area. Chat to it and it’ll ask for your help smuggling an item.

Feros Assignments:

  • Feros: Data Recovery: when you’re in the Mako heading from Zhu’s Hope to the ExoGeni facility, you can stop and head into ruins - speak to the scientists hiding within. 
  • Feros: Geth in the Tunnels: after speaking to Fai Dan as part of the main story and then dealing with some Geth, speak to him again. You can also get the quest by heading into the tunnels and blowing up the transmitter.
  • Feros: Power Cells: once you’ve met Fai Dan in Zhu’s Hope, talk to May O’Connell, who hangs out near the area entrance.
  • Feros: Varren Meat: once you’ve free reign to look around Zhu’s Hope, talk to Davin Reynolds.
  • Feros: Water Restoration: find and talk to Macha Doyle inside the Zhu’s Hope colony.

Virmire Assignments:

  • Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe's Team & Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage : both unmissable quests that will pop part-way into the Virmire mission - with the Wrex mission only happening if you recruited him. We’ve got a full guide to the choices on Virmire that helps explain the decisions you’re making here.

Citadel Assignments Part 3

While you can go back and forth to the Citadel as much as you like, these assignments will be made available when the story takes you back to the Citadel and for a brief period you can’t leave there. 

  • Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy: once Captain Anderson asks you to meet him in Flux but before you do go to join him, talk to Charles Saracino, who is leading a group of protestors. 
  • Citadel: Negotiator's Request: once Captain Anderson asks you to meet him in Flux, you’ll be able to talk to Mr. Keeler near the entrance to Flux to get this assignment.

DLC Assignments: Bring Down the Sky & Pinnacle Station

The DLC for Mass Effect adds two new locations with associated story missions - Asteroid X57 and Pinnacle Station. Note that Pinnacle Station is only available in the original releases of the game, not the Legendary Edition remaster . Bring Down The Sky is available in both.

Bring Down the Sky / Asteroid X57 Assignments:

  • X57: Bring Down the Sky: simply land on the asteroid; this is the main story mission.
  • X57: Avoid the Blasting Caps: will be introduced to you over comms when you turn off the first fusion torch.
  • X57: Missing Engineers: either find one of the engineers out on the Asteroid or speak to Simon Atwell later in the main quest.

Pinnacle Station Assignments: 

  • Pinnacle Station: Combat Missions: visit Pinnacle Station. Talk to Admiral Ahern, then Ochren. 
  • Pinnacle Station: Convoy: clear Admiral Ahren’s special scenario to get this quest.
  • Pinnacle Station: Vidinos: beat the high score of a challenge to start this quest.

Galactic Collectible Assignments

Each of these five assignments relate to various resources that can be found on the uncharted worlds you can land the Mako on through the galaxy as presented in Mass Effect. Each of these quests automatically begins the first time that you pick up one of these resources on any uncharted world.

Keep in mind that in most of these cases, there are more of these resources to be found than required to finish each quest. Aside from some cash and XP, there is no bonus to finding ‘extra’ resources.

  • UNC: Prothean Data Discs
  • UNC: Turian Insignias
  • UNC: Valuable Minerals
  • UNC: Locate Signs of Battle
  • UNC: Asari Writings

These assignments make up the bulk of the side quests in the game - relatively random encounters you can have out in space while exploring the galaxy.

Most of these quests can be acquired in multiple ways - either through stumbling on the quest location while exploring a planet, through hacking computers and terminals, through overheard news reports and banter, or even through distress signals. Many of these quests have multiple names depending on how you first acquire them - so we bundle each quest together with its multiple monikers below.

  • UNC: Asari Diplomacy / Mercenaries: after completing one story planet, talk to Nassana Dantius in the lounge area of the Citadel’s Presidium embassies area. Alternatively, the quest automatically begins if you assault a merc base on Sharjila in the Macedon system.
  • UNC: Colony of the Dead / Investigate Samples: hack a terminal in the ExoGeni building on Feros - or go to Chasca in the Matano system and enter one of the planet’s research stations.
  • UNC: Dead Scientists / Doctor at Risk: find a clue on a terminal on Noveria, or get it automatically when you first enter the Newton system.
  • UNC: Derelict Freighter: any time after finishing the story mission on Feros, find this ship drifting in the Caspian System of the Maroon Sea Cluster, hidden in an asteroid belt. 
  • UNC: Distress Call / Unusual Readings: hack the computer in Udina’s office on the Citadel, or go to Metgos in the Argos Rho cluster’s Hydra system.
  • UNC: Espionage Probe / Investigate Shipments: simply take the Normandy to the Voyager Cluster’s Amazon system.
  • UNC: ExoGeni Facility / Investigate Facility: obtain the quest by unearthing a transmission while on Feros, or get the assignment by landing on Nodacrux in the Maroon Sea cluster.
  • UNC: Geth Incursions / Geth Activities: acquired by hacking a Geth terminal on Feros or terminal on Virmire, but it’s more easily obtained by visiting the Armstrong Nebula, where it’ll be given to you on arrival.
  • UNC: Hostage: you’ll get a message from Admiral Hackett the first time you enter the Farinata System of the Hades Gamma cluster.
  • UNC: Hostile Takeover / A Person of Interest: either talk to Helena Blake in the Citadel Presidium Financial District after becoming a Spectre, or decrypt a terminal in C-Sec Academy.
  • UNC: Major Kyle / Strange Transmission: unlocked by hacking various terminals on Feros, the Citadel, or Noveria. Alternatively, navigate to the Century system of the Hawking Eta cluster to get it automatically.
  • UNC: Missing Marines / UNC: Cerberus / UNC: Hades' Dogs: after becoming a Spectre, speak to Admiral Kahoku in the Citadel Tower to get the Missing Marines assignment. Alternatively, take Normandy to Edolus in the Artemis Tau cluster to get the assignment that way. Once Missing Marines is completed, UNC: Cerberus triggers when you next use the galaxy map, and that quest leads directly to UNC: Hades’ Dogs. 
  • UNC: Listening Post Alpha / UNC: Listening Post Theta / UNC: Depot Sigma-23: after completing Noveria, go to the Styx Theta cluster. Enter the Erebus system to pick up a distress signal.
  • UNC: Lost Freighter: locate the missing ship in the Gemini Sigma cluster’s Ming System. 
  • UNC: Lost Module: simply enter the Hercules system in the Attican Beta cluster to be given the assignment. 
  • UNC: Missing Survey Team: commonly overheard in Citadel elevators. Alternatively, just go to the planet Trebin in the Hades Gamma cluster’s Antaeus system.
  • UNC: Privateers / Missing Person: talk to Garoth on the Citadel Tower after becoming a Spectre. Alternatively, find and scan the MSV Majesty in the  Horse Head Nebula. It’s near the planet Xawin.
  • UNC: Rogue VI: once you reach a certain level, Admiral Hackett will call you to give you this assignment the next time you travel to a new system. This assignment is how you unlock Shepard’s specialization class .

Finally, there are two assignments that are exclusive to different moralities. They only trigger if you've amassed a certain amount of Paragon or Renegade points, and are themed around what each morality axis is good at:

  • UNC: Besieged Base:  Admiral Hackett will contact you when you use the Galaxy Map once you qualify, which will require at least 80% of Paragon points.
  • UNC: The Negotiation:  Admiral Hackett will contact you when you use the Galaxy Map once you qualify, which will require at least 80% Renegade points.

Finished with ME1? We've got the same guide for the ME2 side quests if you enjoyed this - just click on through!

Asari Consort

This page of IGN's Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Asari Consort Side Quest on the Citadel , including what you need to do to get the best options for resolving the situation.

Assignment Stats

Visit the consort chambers, speak to xeltan, eletania ruins, essential stats.

  • Persuasion Points : 4 Charm / 4 Intimidate
  • Minimum Decryption : N/A
  • Minimum Electronics : N/A

Asari Consort Map.png

  • Location : Serpent Nebula - Widow - The Citadel - Presidium - Consort Chambers

This Assignment is begun at the Consort Chambers, in the South-East corner of the Presidium and directly across from the Presidium Embassies. There's a bridge you can use that will take you from the Embassies to the Consort Chambers; on the opposite end, keep an eye on your left for some stairs down to the entrance of the Chambers.

Asari Consort slice1.png

At the entrance, look for Nelyna, the Asari receptionist standing next to a podium. You can chat with her about her and the Consort's services, but the important part is that when you conclude the conversation, the Consort herself will contact Nelyna to send Shepard up to her quarters, bypassing the typical multi-month wait for her services. Lucky you!

Asari Consort slice2.png

Head to the back of the main hall, go up the stairs, and then through the door at the end of the corridor to enter Sha'ira's chambers (ahem). The Consort says that she's being slandered by a Turian General named Septimus Oraka, spreading lies about her as he wallows in Chora's Den angry over his rebuffed advances towards her. Sha'ira asks you to go to him and ask him to stop slandering her good name. It's up to you to put an end to the chatter and put this matter to rest.

As you leave, you can talk to Nelyna at the door again for a bit more information if you wish.

Speak with Gen. Septimus

Asari Consort slice3.png

Your destination will be Chora's Den. Getting there is easy enough, since you'll always have it in your list of Rapid Transit destinations. General Septimus can be found at a table in the back of the bar, close to where you can find Harkin in the Citadel: Garrus Mission.

When you talk with Oraka, make sure to pick "Sha'ira sent me" to start to get the most dialogue out of him. Eventually, the General will say that while he appreciates what you're trying to do, he doesn't want you to waste your time on him. You'll then have several options to try and help him out.

  • If you have 4 Charm, you can pick the "Straighten up" Charm. While this gives no Morality Points, Septimus will stop slandering Shai'ra.
  • If you have 4 Intimidate, you can pick the "Get a grip" Intimidate. This awards no Morality Points, but Septimus will cease slandering Sha'ira.
  • If you can't pick either of the above, pick "I'm not leaving" at any time, whereupon you'll be able to convince Septimus anyway!
  • If you pick "Forget this" and then "I'm done here", you'll fail the Assignment . If you return to Nelyna at the Consort Chambers, you'll find that Septimus has gotten worse and you've been barred from any of the Consort's services. You can't even enter her room anymore!

Asari Consort slice5.png

Once you convince the General with a Persuasion option, he'll also confess that he convinced an Elcor named Xeltan in the Presidium Embassies that the Consort was leaking out personal information, when it was in fact him. If you accept, then Septimus will give you a Datapad proving it wasn't the Consort and ask you to deliver it to Xeltan. This gives you the Xeltan's Complaint Assignment, and it is VERY IMPORTANT !

Xeltan's Complaint slice1.png

Before you return to the Consort Chambers, first pop by the Presidium Embassies and go to the Volus and Elcor Office in the North-West corner of the Presidium. Here, talk to the large Elcor to the right of the reception desk named Xeltan. This will help ease Xeltan's nerves; pick "Don't worry" when he excuses himself to get +2 Paragon Points .

Doing this quick excursion will complete the Xeltan's Complaint Assignment before you finish this one, which will unlock an extra reward at the end of it!

Speak with Sha'ira

Asari Consort slice6.png

Once you've cleared things up with Xeltan, return to the Consort Chamber, talk to Neylena at the front door, then return to Sha'ira. Here you can wrap up the side quest. Answer "Glad to help" for +2 Paragon Points , or "Let's talk payment" for +2 Renegade Points and a few extra credits.

Sha'ira will then offer a gift of words: the first two phrases the Consort says about Shepard tie into the Pre-Service History and Psychological Profile that you chose when starting the game!

Asari Consort slice7.png

If you answer "That's it?" after Sha'ira's gift of words, she'll take Shepard to her purple pod for some steamy, off-screen action. It gives no Renegade Points so Paragons can feel free to pick it if they want. Those currently in a Romance shouldn't worry as this won't jeopardize it, however this scene doesn't unlock the Paramour Achievement.

Finally, if you helped out Xeltan before returning to Sha'ira (and really, you should have!), she'll also give you a Trinket , which will come into play the next time you swing by Eletania...

Also, you can talk to Nelyna one final time on your way out.

Eletania Ruins.png

If you got the Trinket from Sha'ira by finishing Xeltan's Complaint before speaking to her the second time, you'll be able to use it in Eletania. To get there, travel to the Attican Beta cluster (which is where Feros is), then go to the Hercules system. Eletania is the third planet in the system.

Once you're on this world, pause and bring up the Map to locate the Anomaly in the South-West corner of the area, marked with an orange Question Mark icon. After driving over two mountain ridges, you'll find a Prothean Ruin with a metallic sphere in the middle. Interact with it to be given a trio of text boxes with incredibly large implications for the greater lore of the Mass Effect universe...!

Up Next: Dr. Michel

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mass effect jahleed mission

Re: ME1 Jahleed's Secret Quest Bug

May 2021 - last edited May 2021

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Mass Effect Wiki

Citadel: Doctor Michel

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Medical drama

Dr. Chloe Michel is being blackmailed. Someone learned about her dismissal from a previous employer and the circumstances surrounding it. Now, if she doesn't give these people her supplies they're threatening to go public with what they know.

  • 1 Acquisition
  • 2 Walkthrough
  • 3 Mass Effect 2 Consequences

Acquisition [ ]

This mission will be available when you return to the Med Clinic after assaulting Chora's Den at the beginning of the game. If you previously saved Dr. Michel from Fist 's thugs, she will thank you for the rescue, and you will have to leave and return to unlock it. Upon entering, you will overhear Dr. Michel being threatened, at which point you can offer to help.

It is not necessary to have saved Dr. Michel previously or become a Spectre to unlock this assignment.

Note: If you return to the Med Clinic and no option to help Dr. Michel is offered, leave the clinic and return to Fist's office inside Chora's Den . The door control appears red, but will open upon activation. You may then leave and go back to the clinic where Dr. Michel will be posed to start the assignment.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Review

25 May 2021

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

20 March 2017

Walkthrough [ ]

Michel's blackmailer

Dr. Michel explains she is being blackmailed; the demand is for medical supplies to be delivered to Morlan , a salarian shop owner that can be found in the Lower Markets. She is at risk of losing her license if her past is uncovered. You can offer to deliver them for her and uncover the blackmailer.

Go to the Markets and speak to Morlan about Dr. Michel. After a brief conversation, the real blackmailer , a krogan , steps in and says "I told Banes you'd screw this up." The krogan then confronts you, and whatever you choose yields corresponding morality points and consequences.

Return to Dr. Michel; she will give you a discount on her medical goods, and pay about twice the price of anything you sell to her. There is also then the option to ask her about Armistan Banes . Banes is a figure central to the assignment UNC: Missing Marines .

Mass Effect 2 Consequences [ ]

If completed successfully, in Mass Effect 2, Shepard will receive an email from Dr. Michel in which she expresses how happy she is to hear that the Commander is alive, and asks if Shepard and Garrus can drop by for a visit.

Enemies [ ]

  • Blackmailer (Optional)
  • After dealing with the krogan, Morlan's opening greeting changes from "Hello there. Welcome to Morlan's famous shop. You want many good supplies, yes?" to "Yes, human. You need something, yes?".
  • 3 Romance (Mass Effect: Andromeda)


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    updated Jan 17, 2022 This page of IGN's Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Jahleed's Fears Side Quest on the Citadel, including what you need to do to get the best options for resolving...

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    1/2 You met a volus scientist named Jahleed. He's in the C-Sec offices and refuses to leave for fear that his life is in danger. He claims that his colleague, a salarian named Chorban, is trying to kill him. The details are a bit vague. Contents 1 Acquisition 2 Walkthrough 2.1 Finding Jahleed 2.2 Talking to Chorban 2.3 Return to Jahleed 3 Enemies

  3. Jahleed

    Volus Gender Masculine Voice Actor Chris Postle Appearances Mass Effect Jahleed is a volus found in the C-Sec Academy, attempting to get one of the officers to take his case. He claims his work partner, a salarian scientist called Chorban, is trying to kill him and asks Commander Shepard to confront Chorban on his behalf.

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    If you discourage Chorban from continuing his research, your last chance in acquiring this mission is by speaking to Jahleed after dealing with Chorban. The volus gives you his scanner, resulting in the slightly changed journal entry above. 25 May 2021 20 March 2017 Walkthrough Approach each of the keepers on the Citadel and scan them.

  8. Scan the Keepers

    Keeper #16 - Emporium Back Room. Keeper #16 can be found in the upper-back room of the Emporium. Head to the Emporium on the South side of the Presidium, where Delan the Merchant is. Head up the ...

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    Jahleed sends you to the Lower Markets to confront Chorban on his behalf. When you reach the Lower Markets, Chorban will ask you for the data. No matter the response, Chorban will have the two...

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    Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition Jahleed's Fears Jahleed's Fears Xeltan's Complaint This Assignment takes place during your first visit to the Citadel. This assignment has two paths and runs parallel to the Subscribe to Premium to Remove Ads You'll find Jahleed in the C-Sec Offices on the Citadel

  11. Rita's Sister

    It's what occurs as you go to leave Chora's Den that's of true importance, however: leave the bar, and you'll be bumped into by a Turian named Chellick, who will tell you to meet him down at C-Sec...

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    World Information / Missions / Assignments Updated: 11 Feb 2021 10:15 Citadel: Jahleed's Fears is an Assignment in Mass Effect. Citadel: Jahleed's Fears is about a Volus scientist named Jahleed, who is fearing for his life.

  14. Mass Effect Assignments: how to start every side quest & assignment

    This quest leads to several follow-up quests as the storyline twists and turns, including Citadel: Jahleed's Secret, Citadel: Jahleed and Chorban, followed by one of a number of finales such as...

  15. Asari Consort

    Asari Consort. By KBABZ , IGN-GameGuides , Jason Burton , +5.3k more. updated Jan 15, 2022. This page of IGN's Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Asari Consort Side Quest on the Citadel ...

  16. Assignments

    1 Mass Effect 1.1 Character-Specific Assignments 1.1.1 Shepard's Background 1.1.2 Squad Member Assignments 1.2 Citadel Assignments 1.2.1 General 1.2.2 Second Visit 1.2.3 Detainee Visit 1.3 Charted Planet Assignments 1.3.1 Feros 1.3.2 Noveria 1.3.3 Virmire 1.4 Galaxy-Wide Assignments 1.4.1 Galaxy Collection Assignments

  17. Solved: ME1 Jahleed's Secret Quest Bug

    #1 May 2021 Options ApexBannedMyName ★★★ Novice I talked to Jahleed before I finished the assignment Citadel: Scan the Keepers. I abandoned the keeper scanning quest when I talked to Chorban in Jahleed's Fears for paragon points. Then, I talked to Jahleed, and clicked the "Then do it Legally option."

  18. Mass Effect

    Prerequisite: Citadel: Expose SarenOnce given leeway to find irrefutable proof of Saren's treachery, the assignment is acquired simply by talking to Jahleed ...

  19. Missions

    Missions Edit Missions advance the main storyline in Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. The list contains all of the missions available within the game, and indicates how their names will change as the story progresses. Click on the links below for detailed walkthroughs.

  20. Citadel Assignments

    Guide Home Citadel Assignments Citadel I: Assignments available after becoming a Spectre. - Asari Consort - Xeltan's Complaint - Doctor Michel - Homecoming - Jahleed's Fears - Presidium Prophet - Reporter's Request - Rita's Sister - Scan the Keepers - Schells the Gambler - Signal Tracking - The Fan - UNC: Distress Call/Unusual Readings

  21. Citadel: Doctor Michel

    1 Acquisition 2 Walkthrough 3 Mass Effect 2 Consequences 4 Enemies 5 Trivia Acquisition Prerequisite: Citadel: Expose Saren This mission will be available when you return to the Med Clinic after assaulting Chora's Den at the beginning of the game.

  22. Mass Effect

    Citadel: Jahleed's Fears → Citadel: Jahleed's Secret → Citadel: Jahleed and Chorban