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Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise: Fees, Terms, How-To

Who would not know siomai? If you would survey Pinoys who love to eat and ask them on their favorite nibbler, then you might have a unanimous answer and that is siomai. Siomai is believed to have originated from Mongolia at around the Old Ming to Qing Dynasty. Who would have thought that an ancient snack would still be a well loved in this current generation? Siomai is delectable in any way that you would eat it, you can take it as it is, pair it with rice or noodles but sits taste would still prevail! Are you in the lookout for a food cart concept? If so, check out Master Siomai!

Master Siomai – Profile, Background and Why Choose a Master Siomai Business?

Master Siomai is proudly managed and developed by Masterrific Foods. Masterrific Foods has been in the food industry for 11 years and still counting. The company is known to have processed meats for quite some time and have patrons nationwide.

Master Siomai has multiple branches nationwide and as of April 2012, it has 600 outlets and most of these are situated in high foot traffic locations like the supermalls and shopping centers in the country. Examples of these known branches are those in Puregold, Savemore, SM, Gotesco, Robinson’s and the like. It is believed that the outstanding success of Master Siomai is due to the superb quality of siomai that they serve which is evidently possessed in its authentic Japanese taste.

What’s making it more popular among the consumers is that aside from Master Siomai’s superb siomai taste, the price is so affordable that you can get it for less than 50 pesos. It is pocket friendly without compromising the quality of the product. When you visit a Master Siomai food cart, you can eenjoy eating siomai tandem with a refreshing black gulaman as you like. Master Siomai has a variety of version to choose from: there’s beef siomai, pork and shrimp siomai. The siomai is encased in Japanese sea weed which adds to the Japanese flavor of the siomai. Topped it up with the friendly, professional and customer oriented staff, the customer’s Master Siomai experience would be really unforgettable and makes them come back for more.

How Much is the Franchise Fee and Costs of Starting a Master Siomai Food Cart?

Master Siomai Food Cart

What are the Advantages of Availing the Master Siomai Franchise?

  • Master Siomai has a wide reach of branches nationwide with over 600 branches. You are assured that it has rewarding benefits since more franchisees are coming and the number just kept on growing.
  • With the right location and marketing strategies, you would definitely reap more profits and get your return of investment faster!
  • Masterrific Foods is a known company that supplies preserved meat to various establishments like five star hotels and well known groceries. The quality of their products are definitely top notch.
  • The Japanese ingredients like sea weed on their siomai plus the Japanese presentation of the food cart of Master Siomai creates an authentic Japanese experience for its customers and loyal patrons.
  • The franchise fee is only Php 280,000 which makes it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to avail. In addition, Master Siomai does not have royalty fees!
  • Masterrific Foods Inc is dedicated to make their products more competitive and of superb quality. You are definitely in good hands.

What are the Franchise Package Inclusions?

The franchise package includes the following items:

  • 1 Unit Japanese Inspired Food cart
  • 1 Unit 5-cu. ft. Chest Freezer
  • 1 Stainless Siomai Steamer
  • 1 Plastic Juice ContainerKitchen and plastic wares such as: Juice Ladle, Kitchen Knife, Chopping Board, 2pc Sauce Bottles, 1 Food Tong,
  • 1 Tissue Dispenser, 1 Styro Box, Calculator, Stainless Tray
  • Food Products such as: All Siomai Variants, Special Siomai Sauce, Chili Garlic Sauce, Calamansi, Gulaman Syrup, Gulaman Powder, Mineral Water, Sesame Oil
  • Paper Products such as: Styro Tray, Sando Bags, Tissue Paper, Take Out Sauce Plastic, Toothpick, Plastic Gloves, Plastic Cups
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Crew Uniforms comprised of Master Siomai T-shirt and Master Siomai Sun Visor
  • Cleaning Supplies such as: Plastic Trash Can, Plastic Broom, Dust Pan, Liquid Soap, 2 pcs Towels, 1 Tissue Dispenser and Mop
  • Trainings for the Crew are also included and are held on their company owned outlets.

How to Franchise a Master Siomai Food Cart?

  • Choose the perfect location for your Master Siomai food cart. Ensure that there is high foot traffic in that area. If you prefer to place your Master Siomai food cart in a mall or shopping center, you are required to provide an award notice or lease proposition before the company would assess or survey your proposed location.
  • A verbal agreement or informal agreement should be settled first if you are planning to put your Master Siomai in a terminal, school grounds, occupied road and the like prior to site assessment.
  • Book a scheduled visit from Master Siomai office for your site evaluation by calling them through the following numbers: (02)-281-3635, 0923-441-9957, 09234419958.
  • Half of the franchise package price should be settled prior to the construction of the food cart.
  • You need to attend Master Siomai’s business operation meetings.
  • Next step is for you to subject your staff to the company’s orientation and training. These trainings are included in the franchise package.
  • The signing of the franchise agreement contract comes afterwards.
  • Last but not the least, you need to settle the remaining balance of the franchise package upon the delivery of your Master Siomai food cart.

For More Info, Contact:

Office Address: 88 C. Arellano St., Brgy. Ibaba, Malabon City Metro Manila Philippines

Fax: (02) 282-4941 Call (02) 282-49 41, (02) 351-18 54 – Look for AMIE OR RIZA

E-mail: [email protected] Website:

What is My Alternative to Franchise?

There are more organizations that offer opportunities for entrepreneurs – here are some of the franchises you can go after if you wanted to start a Master Siomai franchise!

Fab Caffe – Franchise Fee: P599,000.00

master siomai business plan pdf

One of the Alternatives is Fab Caffe , which offers the same products like Master Siomai . The only difference is that they have more products on their menu, like coffee shakes, Frappe, Milk Tea, siopao and siomai, Pizza, shawarma, or waffle aside from the regular buy 1 take 1 burger you wanted to enter at a business venture.


  • The use of trade name and proprietary marks
  • Hands-on training for both franchisee and staffs
  • Commercial signage, counter, and lighted menu
  • Marketing, operational assistance
  • Continuous site visit and guidance
  • All products on the menu
  • 5 Concepts complete equipment for the operations
  • 2 Cooler ice boxes
  • 10 Service crew uniforms
  • Chest freezer
  • P30,000 worth of products
  • 2 Tarpaulin banners

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Facebook Page:
  • Phone Nos.: 0917-5323708 / 0998-5928617 / (02)76231856
  • Address: #17A Ground flr. St. Martin Bldg. Westpoint St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109
  • Email address: [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Contact Person: Mr. Edison Gomez

68 responses to “Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise: Fees, Terms, How-To”

How much to franchise master shomai small karl only.look forward for reply.

how much is single food cart to franchise?

mag kano naman po yung small cart ng master siomai ? pls reply

Dto po sa davao san po pweding mag franchise ng small cart siomai?

Dito po sa Cebu City/Province saan office ninyo or contact person. I am interested.

Dito po sa surigao saan po pwede mgfranchise?

Good day,sa price po na 280K ksama na po ba don ung mga product at ibat ibang klse ng varyaty ng siomai nio?thanks

pano po mag franchise ng M.siomai food cart,dito po ako pangasinan?

basabasa po nasa taas na ang sagot

Good day..interesado ako magfranchise meron po ba kayo office sa cebu? Anong address?janet of leyte

how much will be the cost if I’m going to franchise a small cart? im looking forward to your immediate response..

txt nio poh ako magkno poh ang single food cart 09240042474

im interested po sa franchise nyo how much is the price today…location bacolod city

pano at magkano po franchise ng master siomai? kz balak po namin maglagay sa bagong sm tungko ..

pwd po a pag s sn carlos city pangasinan. ilan sq meter po ang need space for one cart.

Magkano po ang franchise ng small cart ng master siomai?

San po Ba akong pweding mag inquire directly dito lg po sa Iloilo?

Dito po ako sa Bulacan. Pwede kayo na ang hahanap ng perfect place kung sakali mag furchase ako ng master shomai franchise??? Pls need fast reply.

Instolment po ba ang 280k?

How much to franchise master siomai small cart..plz reply ..thanks

For example,I avail the master siomai foodcart how about the space/location? It cost how much is estimated amount?Just send message to this nos.09183046869/09154336808

Im Interested for the small cart?how much wud be the franchise fee?tnx

Sa mga ng comments jan, basa2 nmn sa mga ways pano mg franchise ng master siomai .nasa taas lahat ng sagot sa tanong nyo. Mgbasa muna bago mg comments

how much to franchse master shomai singe food cart

what do you mean by including food products?…is it for the initial only or they will provide food products regularly?…if it is regularly provided, what are the limitations?…does it applies to all supplies?…

How much po franchise ng master siomai

hm po ang franchise ng master siomai sa single cart? pls reply.location general santos city

How much is the franchise fee for the single food cart and what are the equipments included in the package?

wha type of franchising is master shomai is

Dito po sa cebu saan po ang franchise small cart master siomai?

I interested to have master siomai a ofw i don’t have time to fine good location. Possible that you can fine me good location if I avail francise. Thank you

How much po yung full franchise fee,,and if we paid the full amount how many weeks to deliver the cart in the site ty more power

To all interested franchisee please contact 0955-644-3247 or 0928-263-5701 or add me on fb Ronn Bryan De Salit

Hello po. Hm po ang small cart lang ng master siomai?

I am interested to franchise

i just want to inquire if the ownership of the franchise is transferrable, if the owner decides to sell it? is this legal?

Magkano Po b down payment NG master siomai?

We are interested in getting one. kindly provide details.

how much po yong sa single lang?

Magkano po ang worth of products included sa payment na 280k?

Good day! How much po single or small cart for Master siomai? Thanks.

How much po franchise ng master siomai at ayala mall feliz pasig city

robinson place tuguegarao, soon to open. Pwede ba mag franchise or may nakakuha na?

Hi po panu nmn po yung sales pag ng start ung business mag kanu b ung share ng nagfranchise at ng master siomai company 70-30 % b 70% sa ng franchise at 30% sa master siomai company

Im really interested to franchise master leaving in Pasig City .i want to pur up my business in supermarket or in school.If there someone can help me find location that i want?tnk u

details pls… im interested

Good day po.hw much mg franchise siomai po.puedi po dito po s passi city, iloilo

Puedi po dito po s passi city, iloilo?

Good day.paano po na mgfranchise sa inyo d2 po ako sa iloilo.How much po franchise nyo.thank you

Anu po ang mga requirements

Good evening po. i m very much interested po sa food cart business po. tanong ko lang po location ko po is mindanao. Meron po ba tayung simenar on attaining this kind of business before we proceed to contract?

ung single food cart lng mgkano po.ang mahal nman ng 280,0000 wala bng mababa na presyo.

Magakano po ung small cart na shomai kung dito po sa bagabag, nueva vizcaya po..

Im very much interested to franchise mastersiomai. How to franchise…? Can I have a contact person or an contact cp# to contact to. Im looking forward to or immediate response. Tnx

Im very much interested to franchise mastersiomai. How to franchise…? Can I have a contact person or an contact cp# to contact to. Im looking forward to ur immediate response. Tnx more power.

How much po ung small cart..280k dn po b

Puede po bang bumili nang per packs o per kilos lang?meron po ba kayong factory dito sa Davao City?

Hi! paano po ba magkaroon ng franchise sa parte ng midsayap cotabato,kung magkaroon man paano po sa maging stock… interesado po ako.salamat

I already have a cart, what i am interested in is the product. Can i avail of the product only?

Saan ang office new ditto sa Davao City. I am very much interested

Good Morning Po Gusto ko Sana mag Franchise nang Master Shiomai saan Po ba Ang Ako pwede mag Franchise dito Sa Cagayan De Oro City .. Thanks

Good morning.. I’m interested to franchise ur Master siomai can u please tell me how much all I need to spend money? Including the location and all the papers that I need? And do u have office in bicol? Please I need ur reply asap. Thank u..

Good day po,. Interest do po Akon na magkaroon Ng master siomai. Pano po ba?


In 280k was included everything and no more hidden fees??

Gud day sir/ma’am Im planning to have your shomai/franchise small cart business (smaller than 280k capital) and Im from antipolo. Please send me an idea and about it is starting capital cash out. Thank you!..,Godless!..

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Price Drop! Food Carts Starting at 39k!

master siomai business plan pdf

Master Siomai

Most popular siomai brand with outlets in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao! More flavors than other siomai brands!

Maming Gala Cart

Japanese Inspired Food Cart

Aesthetically captivating Japanese-inspired food cart with sturdy design.

* Model may vary depending on the chosen site and specification

Franchising Details

Package inclusions.

  • Franchising Procedures

Required Documents

Start your business with master siomai, complete franchise package**, php 280,000*.

*Vat Exclusive. **Location, Permit, and Manpower are not included. No Reservations.

This package includes the following:

  • 1 Unit – Japanese Inspired Food Cart
  • 1 Unit – Food Steamer
  • 1 Unit – 5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer
  • 1 Unit – Acrylic Plastic Juicer
  • Complete Food cart Kitchenwares and plastic wares.
  • Php 18,000 worth of Initial Food and Paper Products
  • Complete Set of Crew Uniforms
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Marketing Collaterals

How to Franchise?

Follow these easy steps, (02) 8-281-3635 | (02) 8-709-5288 | (02) 8-709-0901 | 09234419958, please complete the following requirements before sending..

  • Franchise application form. Download Here
  • Lease offer or written agreement from your lessor
  • Pictures of your proposed location
  • At least 2 valid IDs
  • Any proof of billing under your name

Php 280,000 *

Franchise procedures.

  • Franchise application form. Download here

master siomai business plan pdf

Pork & Shrimp Siomai

master siomai business plan pdf

Tuna Siomai

master siomai business plan pdf

Chicken Siomai

master siomai business plan pdf

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master siomai business plan pdf

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    Since its founding as a food cart franchising business in 2007, MC Master Siomai Hut, Inc. has become the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of siomai products. Contributing to the company’s phenomenal success is its use of state-of-the-art innovative equipment which allows for a faster, safer, and more voluminous production.


    Marketing Plan Competitors Mr.Siomai have many competitors the Siomai king, Master Siomai, Siomai house and other food charts, they already enter the and make a name at the food industry. Our company have the same target of costumers that make our company one of the top company in food industry.

  6. Franchise Now! - Master Siomai

    A 50% deposit of the total package price is required before the foodcart construction. STEP 4. Owner will attend Business Operation meetings. STEP 5. Selected crews will attend orientation and training. STEP 6. Signing of Franchise Agreement. STEP 7.

  7. How to Franchise Master Siomai in 2024: A Guide for Aspiring ...

    Step 3: Wait for the approval of your application. After you have contacted Master Siomai, you will receive an acknowledgment email within 24 hours. Master Siomai will then review your application and conduct a site inspection and feasibility study. They will also interview you and check your background and financial status.

  8. Master Siomai Food Cart Franchise: Fees, Terms, How-To

    Book a scheduled visit from Master Siomai office for your site evaluation by calling them through the following numbers: (02)-281-3635, 0923-441-9957, 09234419958. Half of the franchise package price should be settled prior to the construction of the food cart. You need to attend Master Siomai’s business operation meetings.

  9. Master Siomai - Master Siomai

    Start your business with Master Siomai! Complete Franchise Package** Php 280,000* *Vat Exclusive. **Location, Permit, and Manpower are not included. No Reservations. This package includes the following: 1 Unit – Japanese Inspired Food Cart; 1 Unit – Food Steamer; 1 Unit – 5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer; 1 Unit – Acrylic Plastic Juicer