Best Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2022

Digital marketing for MBA has become pivotal. Especially for those majoring in marketing and IT. Educational institutions and online institutes have been curating the best digital marketing courses in recent years.

Since firms have had to adapt, it is only natural for the curriculum to keep up with global trends. Digital marketing has also become a much-favored topic for MBA students. Here’s why.

Why Is Digital Marketing a Popular Topic for MBA?

Digital Darwinism is forcing businesses to reconsider digital marketing as the most viable option. The fast-paced field has shifting dynamics, which compels firms to adapt faster than their capabilities. From social media marketing to cool SEO tactics, the digital marketing industry has taken over the traditional marketing industry by storm.

The need for digital marketing catapulted in 2020. With the coronavirus shutting down the economy, several industries resorted to online businesses. This catalyzed the evolution that was a long time coming. The lockdown forced people into isolation, and they resorted to the internet for escape, and the advertising industry lapped up the profits.

There are 1.5 billion active users of social media globally, which allows digital marketing to get to a larger base. Consider this: a small thrift shop in your locality wasn’t getting enough leads. They decided to model the dresses themselves and resorted to free, valuable content on TikTok. They launch their brand globally without having to pay anything.

This is the best-case scenario in terms of organic growth. But this is also the reality of several small businesses in remote corners of the world, forcing even Instagram to launch its video feature: reels.

The choice of digital marketing for MBA project topics is obvious. Since digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a vast range of services, it presents a lot of possibilities for research. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the importance of digital marketing topics for MBAs.

Top Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2022

Here’s a list of the Best Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA Project in 2022:

Influencer Endorsement in Digital Marketing

How does influencer marketing affect customer acquisition? One of the best digital marketing topics for MBA projects in 2022 is influencer endorsement. You could research the brands that benefit most from this strategy and present a comparative analysis of celebrity endorsements versus influencer endorsements.


How Do SEO Tools Affect Client Satisfaction?

SEO can make or break a website which is why search engine optimization is a priority in digital marketing. But does spending more on SEO tools guarantee client satisfaction? A key concern in judging the parameters of digital marketing is the search engine optimization of websites. You can collect data from two companies: one that focuses more on SEO and the other not so much.

Lead Generation in a Digital Landscape

Cold calling may not be a thing of the past, but it is still archaic. Lead generation through funnels and targeted ads are the new norm. An interesting topic based on digital marketing for MBA projects is how it has affected lead generation for a business. Does it differ for B2B and B2C companies?

Pre-pandemic Digital Marketing vs. Post-pandemic Digital Marketing: A Case Study

Trace the changes in digital marketing before 2020 and after 2020. Perform a SWOT analysis of companies that adhere to both and analyze the changes in lead generation. For this, you can head to local shops or restaurants to get relevant and accurate statistics. It’s obvious that the impact of digital marketing on small businesse s is increasing. So, you can analyze the details and it can be a great MBA project topic.

Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

B2B companies need the help of other businesses to propel their profits. How does digital marketing affect these companies? You can do a case study of a B2B company, for instance, from the automobile industry. How is it different from B2C companies? This would be a good point to discuss the differences that digital marketing brings to B2B and B2C companies.

The Impact of Social Media on Customer Preferences

Social media is a vast marketing gimmick, but to what extent can it change the preferences of the consumer? Trace the changes amongst your friends, and chart out their trajectories as customers. Also, find out what people without social media are accustomed to and how much their interests are their own.

How Has Digital Marketing Affected the Publishing Industry?

The publishing industry has been in a dilemma since the reading of physical books declined in the digital revolution. How are they using social media like Instagram and digital marketing for their purposes? How is it affecting the opinions of readers? Which digital marketing skills are in demand in the publishing industry? Give a detailed analysis.


Comparative Analysis of Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools are all the rage now. These tools perform analytics without manual input. One of the best digital marketing topics for an MBA includes the accuracy of various programs. Work on competitors for SEO tools and underline what features each has, and then compare it to the demand of the market. If you don’t know which tools to choose or how to use them, you can get help from the digital marketing courses for beginners

Digital Marketing and Business in the Lockdown: A Case Study

Find proofs and file a report on business in the lockdown. How has a business with digital marketing campaigns fared in the pandemic? How has a business with zero or mediocre digital marketing campaigns fared in the pandemic? You can collect either primary or secondary data for this. Assess the damage done by the pandemic and the part that digital marketing could salvage. It will be best if you can create this case study for the industries that benefit most from digital marketing .

Research on Local Businesses: A Case Study

Local businesses were hit the hardest by the pandemic. To gauge the effect of digital marketing, you can interview the local grocer or dressmakers and compare how digital marketing has affected essential and non-essential businesses. You could outline the changes that digital marketing has made to the reach of both and the scope of digital marketing for small business owners after the pandemic.


The Rise of Digital Marketing After COVID-19 Outbreak

As economic activities have slowed, COVID-19 has led to an acceleration in e-commerce and digital transformation.

When lockdowns became normal, companies and customers progressively used “digital technology” to supply and purchase more goods and products online, boosting their worldwide retail share from 14% in 2019 to approximately 17% in 2020.

The new COVID-19 and e-Commerce study – a Worldwide Review, by UNCTAD and eTrade for all partners – highlights these and other results, commenting on the tremendous shifts in the global and regional industry until 2020. You can research these examples by finding and interviewing the companies.

Return On Investment in Digital Marketing

You can find a list of organizations in this project concept, discover their budget for digital marketing and analyze the return they expect. The future value, net present value, and internal return rate are a few metrics that you can collect. This might help your project look much more interesting than others by including your digital marketing efforts.

Customer Experience and Digital Marketing

In today’s multivocal world, customer experience became the key concept when it comes to company strategy. People not only search for cost-effective and high-performance products, but they also look for a good experience. It would be smart to find companies that follow this strategy and speak to their CX managers. The effect of Google Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the use of the SEO approach to rank the customer’s first website on Google search for the phrase. This leads bio-search traffic to the website of the customer, some of which eventually becomes a sale. You can speak to Digital Marketing Managers about the effects of campaigns to assess and compare different SEO tactics.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The increase in digital marketing automation is currently one of the most widely discussed topics in the usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence). A great analysis of how the digital marketing sector can be changed by artificial intelligence, the benefits, and the cons. Will man-made intelligence lead to employment losses? If so, what should all digital marketers do to remain in the industry of internet marketing? Speaking to specialists in that field and writing their opinions along with data would help.

The Rise of Mobile Apps Using Digital Marketing

Many experts have identified the introduction of app development into marketing plans as one of the most significant elements in current marketing efforts. It works on several levels. It provides initial consumer access, simplifies the purchase process, shares special deals and coupons, and even provides a source of client data for mining. It’s the greatest strategy to boost your business growth by investing in basic costs. Explore examples that use the power of mobile apps.

The Effect of Google on Online Shopping

68% of online buyers are looking for a product on Google before buying You first need to understand the journey of the buyer before you can optimize your website for a better buying experience.

Even if no two visitors are the same, these recent statistics reveal that internet buyers have a pattern. And 68% of people go to Google for information while shopping for a particular product.

In this situation, the customers should be looking for your products—Shopping Google. It is worth researching this subject and doing a case study.

Digital Transformation Case Studies


Digital Marketing Institute offers you many digital transformation case studies for free. Click here and find out more.

This is an extensive list of digital marketing topics for an MBA. Some of these require you to call other companies and collect data while some can be done by yourself. You can also use them to adapt and develop your project subjects or concepts. Choose the ideal one for you and enjoy exploring it. You need practical experience with such digital marketing tasks if you want excellence in digital marketing.

You can only learn in practical ways how search engines work, how we can use the tools available on the market, and how to apply various methods in our daily work by working with digital marketing initiatives.

Digital Marketing for MBA projects acts as a precursor for any digital marketing campaign that you run in the future. It determines your ability to perform market research when necessary and deal with digital Darwinism.

Remember that the digital marketing field is dynamic. The changing patterns require being alert to market trends and demands and tapping into the extensive reach provided by this service.

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18 Exciting MBA Marketing Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2023]

18 Exciting MBA Marketing Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2023]

MBA in Marketing often has a number of projects to enhance your overall learning experience. We take a look at some of the best and unique project topics that you can select during your MBA in the marketing program.   

Why Is Digital Marketing Considered To Be A Popular Topic In MBA?

The need for digital marketing has increased manifold since the onset of this pandemic. As economies started to shut down, many businesses started to conduct their operations online. Needless to say, social media marketing and SEO tools have taken over the traditional marketing industry in an unprecedented manner. 

Currently, there are as many as 1.5 million global users of various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more. The increasing demand for digital marketing in the business industry has also rapidly increased its value in the academic field.

Multiple universities across India have started adding various digital marketing MBA project topics in their courses. With that being said, are you interested in learning some of the best marketing topics for MBA projects ? If yes, then check out the mentioned below list that highlights some of the topmost marketing project topics for MBA. 

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MBA Project Topics & a Brief Description

Here are some of the best marketing topics for MBA project

1. Marketing & Content Strategy, Brand Positioning & promotions that made Vodafone ZooZoo extremely popular and a Key Contributor to Vodafone’s Growth

ZooZoo was launched in the year 2008 during the IPL and it gave the Vodafone marketing strategy a huge boost. It is one of the most iconic brand campaigns in India

 2. Building Brand Awareness among target segment via Innovative & Creative Use of Social Media Strategies for a new age youthful travel brand

Social Media strategies if done right helps to create massive Share of Voice and brand engagement with target audiences.

 3. Branding & Positioning strategies for a new age D2C( Direct to customer) milk startup( with a tier 1 presence) in tier 2, tier 3 cities

Two very important activities in marketing that can make or break a brand are branding & positioning in the mind of a consumers across various target markets & geographies

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4. Analyze consumer behaviour & Design Strategies to Increase Consumer Retention and User Engagement for a video streaming platform for documentaries.

Understanding Consumer behaviour is one of the critical steps in designing effective marketing strategies to engage & retain users specially for Digital Based Platform brands.

5. Study the effects of Branding on consumers in the Real Estate Sector

Real Estate is one sector where branding plays a big role in increasing sales due to the premium pricing of real estate.  

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6. Research on effect of BTL marketing on consumer purchase decisions in the FMGC sector

FMCG is a sector where BTL marketing plays a huge role in increasing consumer purchases at the store & retail outlet level.

7. Study on the Brand Positioning of one of the world’s most iconic brands – Coca Cola from its inception till date

The amazing marketing team at Coca Cola has turned a beverage drink into one of the world’s most loved brands using various innovative strategies after understanding consumer behaviour and psychology of the target audience.  

8. Study on marketing mix & competitive analysis of Surf Excel brand

Surf Excel has used the marketing mix extensively to stay ahead of completion, position itself in the minds of consumers & gain market share and become one India’s top brands in the laundry detergent category.

9. Study on brand recall & awareness of ICICI Lombard General Insurance in the sector of Home Insurance

ICICI Lombard insurance operates in a crowded market amongst many other insurance competitors and we must analyze if it stand out as a brand and why

10. Analysis on the shaping up of the automobile industry in India – Various Brands, Consumer behaviour patterns, Market Share, Top Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

Automobile industry is one of the most competitive and cut throat industries in India with many domestic & global players. The consumer behaviour patterns are unique and sales are tough. All these factors mean that brands have to work hard on their marketing strategies to stand out.

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11. Study on Packaging used for various types of products and use of packaging as a marketing tool for brands

Packaging has long been used as a tool for branding promotions and consumers recall brands based on the colors & packaging used for various products.

12. Analysis and study on consumer satisfaction & delight with e-commerce online shopping portals

E-commerce has been booming in the last 6-7 years across the country but are consumers really satisfied with their online shopping experience or there are still some pain points yet to be addressed?

13. Impact of Customer Service on customers in the Telecom Industry in the last 10 years

Customer Service is the huge part of after sales service that can enhance the customers overall experience & delight them so that they keep them coming back for repeat purchases. What would the impact of such an approach in a cut throat industry like Telecom?

14. Effectiveness of Customer loyalty programs used by most of the Retail brands in India

Most retail brands have customer loyalty programs in the form of points or rewards. How effective have these programs been in influencing more repeat purchases from customers?

15. Study of customer satisfaction and impact of word of mouth marketing for automobile brand Maruti Suzuki

Customer satisfaction has a huge impact on word of mouth marketing that influences sales particularly in segments where the pricing is at a higher range like automobile. What impact has this had for Maruti Suzuki, one of India’s most popular brands?

16. Online Customer acquisition strategies for a new age furniture & appliance rental startup

Furniture & rental startups would have to apply the right messaging & targeting strategies along with the right optimization strategies on online channels to reach their target audience on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc and acquire customers at an acceptable cost.

17. B2B Marketing & Sales strategies for a technology software company offering chatbots

B2B marketing & sales strategies are often very different from B2C and involve a lot of cold calling, cold emails and require a robust content marketing plan along with engagement events like webinars to decision makers at various target companies

18. Use of Gamification as a tool for customer retention & growth hacking in various tech products.

Many tech products nowadays use gamification in various forms to keep users coming back everyday and increase growth & revenue. This has helped them scale immensely   

  • Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

The usage of Artificial Intelligence in Digital marketing is currently one of the most talked about topics. The automation of various tasks, the pros and cons, as well as the great impact of how Artificial intelligence can totally change the face of 

digital marketing is considered to be one of the most popular marketing MBA project topics. 

  • A Study on the Impact Of Google on Online Shopping

Researchers indicate that as much as 68% of online buyers search for a product on Google before finally making their purchase. 

Topics For MBA Final Year Project In Marketing

There are a plethora of topics available under MBA marketing. Some of these includes market research, branding, advertising and many more. If you are interested in learning about some of the best topics for MBA Final year project in marketing , then you have arrived at the right place. 

The following list contains a detailed account of the top marketing topics for project MBA. 

  • A Study On Creativity In Advertising
  • Marketing Strategies of ACC Limited
  • A Study On Customer Buying Behavior And Pattern
  • A Study On Consumer Awareness
  • Understanding Customer Behavior Towards Samsung
  • A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards Online Shopping
  • Marketing Strategies Followed By Paytm and Google Pay
  • A Study On Brand Promotion Strategies Followed By Swiggy and Zomato

MBA Programs in India

Due to lockdowns across India, multiple universities and b-schools are now offering their MBA programs online. You can consider some of these world class MBA programs offered by top Business schools. India’s biggest online learning platform upGrad offers MBA from Liverpool Business School with specialization in marketing.

You will be given many MBA projects that will enhance your overall learning experience and help you learn the practical application of marketing concepts that various brands have used.

As stated earlier, with the increasing demand for digital marketing, many universities in India have started offering digital marketing courses to their students. The above-mentioned article highlights some of the best marketing project topics for MBA. On that note, there are several benefits that you can derive from doing an MBA in marketing and working on marketing topics for project MBA. 

. Some of them include a better competitive edge, higher compensations, greater job satisfaction and scope for experience in different fields such as content marketing, brand communication, retail marketing or market research.

upGrad also offers individual mentoring sessions with industry leaders from various domains. You will also get 360-degree career support and placement assistance throughout the MBA program. upGrad expert mentors will help you build, review your resume, and help you apply for various business roles.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are no two thoughts about the fact that college projects are an important part of any MBA program. It can open up your mind and give you practical training for the real world. Besides this, interviewers too are keen to know more about your college projects and internships. If you want to learn a lot more about the marketing field, think of projects as the real teachers. The research involved will help you become a better marketer. You might even end up making important connections that will help you later.

After completing an MBA with a specialisation in marketing, you will be proficient in developing strategies to accomplish organisational goals. Besides this, you will also learn communication skills, analytical skills, mathematical skills, business ethics and problem-solving skills. An MBA in marketing has become the most sought-after career choice among the youth today because it offers a variety of job opportunities including brand manager, account manager, marketing manager, sales manager, media planner, product manager, and so on.

When you’re choosing an online MBA program, look for these key indicators: a comprehensive curriculum, accreditation, expert faculty, a proven distance learning model, the use of the best online technology, student engagement strategies and 360-degree career support. While flexibility is key in an online MBA program, offering a unique learning experience is even more important. The program should give students an in-campus experience even if they’re away by making use of live faculty lectures.

When deciding on a topic for your final thesis/dissertation, you will find an abundance of topics to choose from. This might feel slightly overwhelming, so here are a few things to remember while finalizing your topic. First of all, make sure it is relevant to your course material and specialization. This will both simplify your work and be appreciated more. Secondly, find a project that truly interests you, as you are more likely to work your hardest when you are genuinely passionate about something. Thirdly, you can hone your problem-solving abilities by taking up a business problem, methodically conducting research, and coming up with a solution. Being able to assess a situation objectively is a vital skill. Lastly, do not hesitate to approach your professors for guidance.

Try to choose a topic that is unique, novel, interesting, and preferably has tangible applications in the real world. While working on your project, it would be advantageous to have a mentor to guide and advise you. Choose a mentor who has in-depth knowledge of the subject or someone who has already published papers in the past. Plan your project well. The importance of finalizing the goals, requirements, costs, implementation, and deadlines cannot be emphasized enough. Lastly, refer to previous research on your subject matter and learn from it.

The final-year project of an MBA course provides an unparalleled level of real-world experience and prepares a student for the workplace. This project also teaches valuable lessons in research techniques, data analysis, and even soft skills like teamwork and time management. It gives students a chance to interact and network with industry professionals and thus develop potentially valuable connections. Besides, during the hiring process, interviewers generally tend to ask questions about the candidates’ projects and internships.

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  • Study on rural banking in India (MBA Banking / Finance)
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  • Impact of IT on Sales Industry with special reference to Retail, FMCG & E-Commerce Industries

1.    Introduction

The days are gone when the strategy of marketing and sales used to happen in a traditional way. The world has become small by glocalization because of tremendous development in technology. The competition has increased across the globe irrespective of the industry segments where the companies are investing huge amounts in technology implementation in their organization to become sustainable. The technology is been implemented in all areas and functions of the organization and when it comes to sales apart from ERP technologies separate sales technologies are being implemented to increase monitoring and track sales. It is very important to track, and generate analytics and metrics of the sales patterns which shall help in planning the entire operations of the organization hence, Information technology in sales is very important.

The IT in Retail, FMCG, and E-Commerce play a crucial role as there are many product lines, and diverse products and the mode of operations/ sales of the sales have multiple dimensions. As stated that there because of tremendous competition organizations are expanding beyond geographical horizons and diversifying their products and tracking the sales patterns, product wise sales, location wise sales, season wise sales are very important along with the strategy of enabling the sales technologies to do market research also.

In this project, the role of IT in the sales industry with reference to retail, FMCG & E-Commerce shall be analyzed using the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental (PESTLE), Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT), Ishikawa diagrams. The five dominant sales technologies shall be analyzed based on their features, number of customers, performance, etc., and one of these five technology be selected and analyzed further. Based on the analysis the findings shall be drawn and the recommendation shall be given.

2.    Objectives

  • To analyze the role of IT in sales
  • To understand the role of IT in retail, FMCG, and E-Commerce industries
  • Evaluating the five dominant technologies in sales
  • Analyzing one of the five selected technologies to understand the pros and cons
  • To explore the challenges in implementing IT in sales
  • To explore the advantages and disadvantages of implementing IT in sales
  • To understand the data integrity and safety measures incorporated in sales technologies
  • To explore how IT is enabling the organization to attract new customers
  • To explore the strategies for how IT is helping organizations in retaining their existing customers.
  • To analyze how IT technologies are bridging the gap between customers and organizations by enabling their effective communication channels.
  • To explore the limitation of IT in the selected industries.

3.    Need of the study

It is evident that the competition is been increasing across the globe in all industry segments and it is becoming tough for the organization to be sustainable. In any industry, whether it is products/ goods or services sales are very important as revenues are generated only through sales and it is very important to increase sales strategically and this can be enabled only through technology.

Many IT and software companies are developing and transforming technologies in the sales segment because of growing demand. There are various challenges, and limitations which are involved in sales IT technologies such as data integrity, data security, etc., along with the cost of the technologies hence, there is a need to explore and do research in this area and that is the reason for selecting this topic. 

4.    Scope of the Study

The scope of the study is confined to the Indian environment. The scope is limited to Retail, FMCG, and E-Commerce industries. There are various sales IT technologies available in the Indian market but only the top five of them shall be selected and analyzed out of which one technology shall be deeply analyzed. The scope deals only with the impact, challenges, advantages, and disadvantages of sales IT technologies in the selected industries in the Indian environment.

5.    Research Methodology

This research shall be carried out in a systematic way. All important components shall be covered and all ethical issues shall be addressed. There shall be any copied content in this research and there shall be any copyrights, etc., issues.

5.1  Research Paradigms

Positivism, Critical theory, Realism, Critical Realism, and Constructivism and the research paradigms which shall be followed in this research.

5.2  Data Collection

The data collection shall be divided into two dimensions primary data and secondary data and these data shall be collected from various sources like academic notes, books, journals, articles, blogs, and various internet sources. The primary data and the secondary data analysis shall be done and the same shall be incorporated in the literature review chapter of the final project document.

5.3  Data Analysis

The qualitative analysis tool shall be used in this study. The tools such as SWOT Analysis, PESTLE Analysis, and the Ishikawa diagram shall be used and during the research, if we found that any additional tools are required to use we shall explore and use those tools and incorporate them data analysis chapter of the final project report.

A Study of Consumer’s Online and Offline Shopping Behavior Project Report

An Analysis of Consumer’s Online and Offline Shopping Behavior is an MBA Marketing-related final-year project. The main aim of this project is to study online shopping customer’s behavior and offline shopping customers behavior. The duration of the project is 60 days.


1. Analysis of consumer behavior on online and offline purchases. 2. Conduct a comparative study of online and offline purchases. 3. Find out what people think about online shopping.


  • Therefore, this study “A Study of Consumer’s Online and Offline Shopping Behavior” will be useful for the online seller in creating a strategy to meet their needs by knowing the attitude and satisfaction level of the customers.
  • Determine what factors affect the consumer’s online purchases.
  • Find out which website features will motivate the user to buy the product from the online shopping website.


  • The results of the survey are based on the assumption that respondents have accurate information.
  • Research is limited in time and cost.
  • Respondents filled out the questionnaire by accident because they did not want to provide any information, which may affect the conclusion.


  • Use a debit card instead of another payment method.
  • Don’t buy from spam or phishing emails.
  • Buy from a mobile device, not a computer.
  • Compare product prices through price comparison sites.
  • Buy electronic equipment and valuables from offline trading.
  • Read the refund policy.
  • Buy from trusted websites.
  • The survey also showed a positive attitude and behavior of consumers who prefer traditional stores to online shopping.
  • Online shopping has made consumers more efficient and effective in their purchasing behavior, taking business to a new level and forcing many to make the necessary adjustments and changes to reach new markets for informed consumers.
  • Technology has made significant progress over the years to provide consumers with a better online shopping experience and will continue to do so for many years to come.
  • With the rapid growth of products and brands, people thought that online stores would overtake in-store purchases.
  • Research shows that changes in online shopping behavior are positive for reasons such as cash on delivery, discounts, schemes, and the quality of the products offered.
  • Internet use, successful online shopping, rising living standards, the influence of friends, and attractive offers have influenced the decision to buy.
  • The “Y” generation, aged 18-35, was mainly interested in purchasing electronic products online via smartphones.
  • Consumer e-decision-making is primarily influenced by marketing influences, such as price, television, newspaper, and magazine ads, free samples, product quality, and brand image, which have the greatest impact on consumers’ desire to shop online.
  • Electronic purchases of electronic products were less in demand, but more in demand by clothing consumers.
  • several goods in the preferential zone are not delivered by trade sites, and with the development of technology, the preference for online shopping has increased.

Download the complete MBA marketing project report on AN ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER’S ONLINE AND OFFLINE SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR

Design Solution for Effective Public Toilets in Cities Project Report

Objectives of the study:.

  • Estimate public awareness and perception of public restrooms.
  • Know the rate of use of public restrooms.
  • Know the problems that people face to access a public bathroom.
  • Know the level of satisfaction with the cleanliness of public restrooms.
  • Study that public restrooms are designed and maintained to meet community expectations and that they are safe and attractive to use.
  • Understand how the lack of toilets in public spaces affects people in India and also people who travel to India.
  • Know if it is worth using public restrooms or not.

Scope of the study:

The purpose of our study is to understand the public’s perception of public restrooms and how satisfied the public is with the cleanliness of public restrooms. We also focus on whether long-term improvement programs like the Swachh Bharat Mission lead to the installation of enough public toilets in India and how the lack of toilets affects people in India. We have collected responses across India during the period June to July 2020, where our sample size is 140 respondents. Safe sanitation is an important parameter for a clean environment as well as for ensuring public health and hygiene. It also plays a vital role in the economic development of society. Access to essential basic facilities, such as toilets for all, is a minimum requirement for safe sanitation. To eliminate open defecation by 2019, the national flagship program, Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM-Urban), launched by the Government of India in urban areas, has made remarkable progress.

In the process of achieving the overall goal of SBM, several innovative concepts have evolved and emerged to increase access to toilets. In this project, we discuss the methodologies used to maintain the cleanliness of open restrooms and the proposed facilities for specially disabled people. One of the best possible methods to prevent open defecation is to first provide infrastructure facilities where needed. Mainly in the north side of India, open defecation is considered no different. They are mostly men who prefer open defecation. The next thing is to maintain the infrastructure so that visitors can use it efficiently and effectively.

Many issues need to be addressed to keep restrooms open properly. First and foremost is proper and frequent cleaning of open restrooms. Although the municipality has taken many steps to improve the maintenance of open restrooms, it is still not maintained as expected. Now, they have even started using the latest technologies to achieve this. While workers are available or trying to perform their duties properly, the most significant difficulty they face in many places is the availability of sufficient water to clean toilets.


  • The availability of public latrines can be increased and the government should ensure that latrines are located every 5-6 km.
  • Effective campaigns to stigmatize public toilets.
  • Explain the consequences of human use, sanitation, and unsanitary conditions.
  • We believe that if the government provides more public toilets, people who are constantly unable to go to work and beg will be employed.
  • Public toilets, especially if poorly maintained, can lead to the spread of certain diseases.
  • In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 became known to spread not only through respiratory droplets but also through aerosol particles that would remain dormant for some time.
  • Public toilets have several access points: door locks, washbasins, and faucets, which need to be cleaned periodically. PHLUSH, a non-governmental organization, has published guidelines for the safe opening of public toilets. This includes, for example, “Installing hand hygiene stations in the bathrooms at the entrance and asking them to clean their hands before entering to prevent surface contamination.”
  • We also recommend eliminating forced ventilation that spreads viruses and bacteria into the room.

Limitations of the study:

No one in this world is perfect. This is a tendency to make mistakes. During the study of the subject, special care was taken to gather the best information, but some things went out of control. Below are some of the limitations of the study:

  • The survey should not be considered complex, as it is possible to contact a limited number of respondents due to time constraints.
  • The goals and objectives of the study, as well as the questions to be explained to the respondents, and their answers, may be one-sided.
  • Some respondents were reluctant to respond.
  • Only a limited sample size is considered for the study, and the conclusions drawn from it may not reflect the general population.
  • Research is limited by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The study was conducted to design solutions for effective public toilets in cities. The study achieved its goal by fully analyzing and determining the course of the use of public toilets and user satisfaction and how the lack of toilets in public places affects people. The results of the study show that urban markets, highways, tourist attractions, etc. Also, toilets should be clean and hygienic and placed every 5-6 km distance. The report concludes that the government can take several steps based on the recommendations. The government should adopt some recommendations to ensure that public toilets operate as instructed.

Download the complete DESIGN SOLUTION FOR EFFECTIVE PUBLIC TOILETS IN CITIES MBA Project Report. This Analysis of the Public Toilet Facilities in India Project can be useful for students to make their Final project report.

Consumer Attitude towards Electric Vehicles as an Alternative for Mobility Project Report

This project will be implemented to understand the consumer’s attitude to Electric Vehicles as an alternative to mobility. Electric cars run entirely on battery power and there is no other source. Battery-powered cars are known as electric cars, often referred to as Electric Vehicles. This MBA Marketing project study is based on the details involved through a questionnaire and additional information. The research methodology is such that it is conducted through descriptive research, data collection questionnaires, and various articles, journals, literature reviews, and websites.

Data are collected through primary and secondary sources. Data collection is done through Google Forms and Consumer Surveys. Respondents include current car owners, potential car buyers, and the primitive economy class.

Secondary data: in the form of finished products, as they are statistically considered in one way or another. The secondary data consists mainly of articles published by various academics and corporate authors, data collected from company websites, and research. And also review the literature.

Data were collected from two different sources: primary and secondary. Basic information was collected by distributing the questionnaire in the form of Google documents to drivers, potential buyers, primitive class, and current owners.

Secondary information is obtained from various websites, research websites, research articles, and literature reviews.

Selection methods are descriptive statistics and persuasive selection. Sample size 150.

Project name – Consumer Attitude towards Electric Vehicles as an Alternative for Mobility.

And the objectives are

  • Know the consumer’s attitude and perception of electric vehicles for mobility.
  • Study current consumer expectations regarding electric vehicles.
  • This project is designed to meet the stated objectives.

Findings of the research are

  • Cost can be an important factor, as most consumers are willing to pay between Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000, while only a few are willing to pay more.
  • Battery charging time is the biggest concern. Consumers are willing to wait 2-6 hours for a full charge and fewer consumers can wait 8 hours.
  • Many people still think that the technology to build electric cars will be available in the next five years.
  • Electric Vehicles companies need to advertise their cars, so everyone knows about the product.
  • Most respondents are ready to buy as soon as possible and will be ready to do so in the next five years.
  • Many people still do not worry about the environment

can be concluded by

  • If the price of Electric Vehicles is between Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000, we will see more sales, so a cheaper price will be offered.
  • More battery autonomy is required, so companies need to improve car battery autonomy.
  • Power stations will be installed at each gas station.
  • Companies should focus on advertising and publicizing electric vehicles.
  • Consumers have a positive attitude towards Electric Vehicles.
  • Mid-priced cars attract more.

Finally, the analysis of the available data, both primary and secondary data, meets the objectives we set.

Data Analysis:

How much are you willing to spend on an electric car


  • If the Electric Vehicles price is between Rs 5-15 lakhs, we can see more sales, so a lower price is recommended.
  • Battery life is longer, so companies need to improve car battery life.
  • Consumers have a positive attitude towards electric cars.
  • Cars need more power and comfort, and manufacturers need to think about this.
  • The company should conduct a campaign to promote electric vehicles.

Today, the automotive industry is growing day by day and everyone in the world wants to get a vehicle for their mobility. Trends in the automotive industry change from time to time to new sources of vehicles, such as gasoline, diesel, gas, hybrid vehicles, or solar vehicles. But the most surprising trend is the innovation of electric cars. We have seen electric trains before, but now we can see buses and cars. Therefore, this study is conducted to gain knowledge and understand consumer attitudes. The survey depends on the questionnaire, which includes basic information and additional information. The analysis of the research answers is completed.

  • Electric Vehicles will be a new trend in the automotive industry.
  • Over the last 10 years, we have seen many Electric Vehicles on the road.
  • People are ready to experience.
  • Cost, battery life and power plants can be key factors.
  • Consumers have a positive view of Electric Vehicles.

Download the complete MBA Marketing project report on Consumer Attitude towards Electric Vehicles as an Alternative for Mobility

Consumer Preference towards Pricing Strategies of Washing Powder MBA Marketing Project

The present study aims to find out the “Consumer preference towards pricing strategies of washing Powder”. It emphasizes gauging the strength level of the perception in the retailer’s mind. This MBA Marketing project mainly deals with ascertaining the perception of  Vanish Washing Powder and suggestions to improve the market share.

The alternate title of this project is Pricing Strategies adopted by brand vanish around Hyderabad.

The Pricing Strategies study is based on both primary and secondary data. The data collected in the research is primary data through the mode of structured direct personal interviews. The data was collected from secondary sources such as journals, magazines, reports, previous reports, and the company web.                                             

It is found that most people prefer to Vanish washing powder for the quality and cleanliness and maximum numbers feeling good. They suggested that the company needs to develop low-cost variants and provide better pricing options to consumers. It is also suggested to the company bring more awareness which can gain from the ordinal utilization of promotional tools. This can help in grabbing the market share.


Null  Hypotheses:   There is no difference between Consumer preference & Pricing offers provided by Vanish Powder.

Alternative Hypotheses:  There is a difference between consumer preference and Pricing offers provided by Vanish Washing Powder.


  • To study the consumer preference towards Vanish washing powder
  • To understand the pricing strategies of Vanish washing powder.
  • To know the factors that influence buying Vanish washing powder
  • To come out with suitable measures that help in improving Brand loyalty and satisfaction towards Vanish washing powder


The scope of this study is to find out the student’s preferences and opinions regarding the pricing of Vanish Powder. The present study will keep the companies informed about the  Buying Behaviour towards Vanish Powder and try to come up with solutions to the problems faced during purchasing and post-purchasing of Vanish Washing Powder. The main aim of this study is to measure the usage of Vanish Powder in Hyderabad city and the  Consumer’s choice of choosing a brand based on quality and benefits.  


Sampling Procedure:

 The Sampling Procedure used is Area Sampling.

Sampling Unit:

All the users of Vanish washing powder form part of the Sampling units.

Sampling Frame:

The population for the study consists of consumers buying Vanish washing powder.

Sampling Size:

The Sample Size is limited to 100 respondents.


  • Primary Data:

The primary data was used collected by Conducting a Survey about the Vanish washing powder with the help of a well-designed Questionnaire.

  • Secondary Data:

The data was used collected from the various website of Vanish washing powder, company literature, Journals on Marketing, and Business newspapers.


The Data analysis was used by using various tools such as cross-tables, Charts, Graphs, Percentages, etc.


  • The Study is limited to vanish Washing Powder only.
  • The Study is limited to Hyderabad City
  • The study is limited to 100 respondents.
  • The views and opinions of the respondents may change later.

Role of digital strategy in the globalization of Medium-scale Indian Pharmaceutical Industries

How digital strategy is going to help medium and small pharmaceutical companies to grow as global players and the opportunities for them in international markets. How digitalization helps to improve their operational efficiency, Brand promotion, and increase in quality, to make the company competitive, grow in terms of productivity, revenues, and profitability.

Main Objective of this Research

  • To develop a framework to exploit the new technologies in marketing and globalization for medium-size firms in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To highlight to the top and senior management how to benefit from new technology.
  • To disseminate the view that the use of traditional brick and mortar models with new technologies can create better results in terms of globalization.
  • To establish the need for HCM to achieve a competitive advantage in marketing.
  • To highlight the various tools and technologies available for marketing. the products of medium-scale firms in the pharmaceutical industry in India.

  Other Objectives of the Research

  • To evaluate and design a suitable framework of digital marketing for the globalization of Indian pharmaceutical companies
  • To establish and highlight why the integration of traditional models and digital marketing is important for the success of the company
  • Evaluate the various digital marketing tools such as the use of smartphones, social media, blogs, and websites with traditional marketing tools how they have to be integrated to maximize the performance of the company’s marketing efforts.
  • To evaluate and understand the importance of a balance in the use of traditional and digital marketing to achieve a competitive advantage for the firm
  • To establish the need for a globalization strategy for the survival and growth of the small firms

  Scope and Limitations of the Research

Each and every research work has its own scopes and limitations that are ethical, genuine, and validity of the information. And hence this research as well as its own limitations and scope. The research work will focus on the digital marketing of Indian small and medium-sized pharmacy companies competing in the highly competitive global market.

The Indian pharmacy market has grown tremendously in the past few decades, further there are plenty of medium-sized companies operating in other foreign countries. This research will focus on the methods that these medium-sized companies use the technologies available to them. The reason why the researcher has selected quantitative analysis is due to the huge market in India and the numerous operating medium-sized businesses.

Hence the researcher is looking to collect most information from most of the companies across the nation and their wide range of customers in order to get a clear picture of the research at hand. Hence this research will follow an interpretative pattern and an interpretative paradigm as well. 

Health needs Assessment in Indian Remote and Rural Areas Project


This Health needs Assessment in Indian Remote and Rural Areas Project work mainly focuses on the assessment of health needs in India and when it comes to the health needs assessment of our communities, especially the most thunder among us, is the communities we serve. We constantly pursue a deep understanding of health needs and carry out a strategic approach to address that priority needs Community  Collaborative and Partnerships.

  • Health Care Issues of the Community :  Prevalent health care issues and gaps in the current health services delivery in this region are described.  Health status and available health services varied by community.
  • Vulnerable Populations:   The health care needs assessment identified persons with barriers to receiving health care services. Citizens of rural areas are a vulnerable population in general due to the lack of specialty services and the required travel to meet many health care needs and this region has no exception.  Children, seniors, and non-English speaking persons face the greatest barriers due to the lack of specific services that are available for these populations.  If these populations are also of low-income levels this further compounds the barriers and subsequent access to health care.
  • Disparities in the Health Care Services Delivery System:   Although many health care services are offered in these areas, access is influenced by a number of factors.  For instance, insurance coverage, income levels, linguistic competencies, and provider and community awareness all affect people’s ability to access care.
  • Health Care Resources in the Community: An assessment was accomplished through on-site interviews with providers, interviews with Advisory Panel members, and the collection of data pertaining to services in the area.  This assessment created an inventory of health care services available in the Local Health Care Initiative region.
  • Next Steps:  The project team along with the Advisory Panel will develop a framework and a process for transitioning to Phase of the Local Health Care Initiative.
  • Data-driven needs assessment
  • Methodical approach to addressing the needs
  • Continual measurement and evaluation

The following are the major health issues that emerged from all statistics:

  • Oral Health Care – the lack of dental care providers for low-income residents
  • Substance and Alcohol Abuse – treatment options are needed for acute detox episodes
  • Childhood and Adult Immunization Rates – compliance with childhood and adult immunization requirements (Influenza and Pneumonia)
  • Obesity and Diabetes – the incidence of Obesity and Diabetes is high throughout the region

Further health issues were noted either in the health statistics results:

  • The lack of cancer screening services
  • The incidence of cancer in the region
  • Mental health treatment options – especially crisis intervention requiring inpatient services

The Project team is focusing on the following health care issues as a “priority” (these are not ranked by importance) :

  • Outreach to Community and Providers
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Mental Health Services
  • The Dental Care for Underserved Populations
  • Educating on the availability of prenatal care/birth control
  • Non-emergent Medical Transportation
  • Senior Services
  • Underinsured and uninsured Populations in the Region

Research Objectives:

  • To provide an illustrative analysis of the data collected in the survey through a questionnaire.
  • Identifying the health needs and the challenges in India.
  • Assess clinical demand and estimate the willingness of the public to pay for health services.

Research Methodology:


The researcher will use exploratory research using phenomenology and triangulation to investigate the various health needs in India to develop a suitable framework for increasing the health standards of the population. The researcher will use secondary data to evaluate and understand the trends in health care, tools, techniques, and equipment available at present. Additionally, study and investigate the changing trends in populations and the factors.

The researcher will interview NGOs, populations of remote and rural areas, Hospital and government health department officials personally with differently structured questionnaires. The researcher is of the view that targeting a minimum of 10 remote and rural areas for the research is important in the collection of primary data.  At the second level of data collection discussion with a focus group of various related organizations is to be conducted using a structured questionnaire to understand the use of technology, government initiatives, and Ngo’s contributions.  Further at this stage understand investigate and assess the health needs.

Sources of Secondary Data and Information of this Research.

The researcher will collect secondary data on the Indian remote villages, from government sources, trade journals, research firms, and NGOs to assess the outcome of the research in terms of the objective set herein. The internet will be surfed along with digital libraries and websites of research firms such as McKinsey to collect secondary data keeping in mind to ensure the credibility and validity of the information collected.

A Study on Operational Excellence Challenges In Indian Oil and gas Industries

Problem Formulation

Operational Excellence is a volatile and dynamic phenomenon being adopted by organizations to build profitable and satisfying growth inclined. Operational excellence is a philosophy that can be achieved and maintained consistently only by continuous improvisation and it allows organizations to have a cutting-edge advantage in highly volatile and frequently changing competitive environments in terms of business.

Operational excellence mainly deals with bringing excellence in all aspects of the business including maintaining transparency and corporate governance etc. The main and core objective of operational excellence is to maintain quality, effectively utilize resources, reduce wastage and reduce defectives, accidents, etc., and build a profitable organization.

The energy sector is the sector that is playing a major role in GDP and economy across the globe and even in India, there are many private and government undertaking players who are in the energy sector. In the Indian context, the oil and gas reserves and the players in the segment, and their contribution towards the economy, etc need to be considered.

The main objective of choosing the topic for research is, there are many challenges being faced by government undertaking organizations to cope with operational excellence which is leading to frequent accidents and blowouts leaving many dead and many more severely Injured where Private organizations are far ahead in these concepts. They were able o bag new contracts.

Main Objective of this Research  

  • To identify gaps in achieving operational excellence.
  • To develop a framework to highlight the operational excellence to the top and senior management on how to benefit by achieving operational excellence.
  • To disseminate the view that the use of traditional brick-and-mortar models with new technologies can create better results in terms of Achieving Operational Excellence.
  • To establish the need for human capital management and Human Resource Business Partnering to achieve competitive advantage in getting operational excellence.
  • To highlight the various tools and technologies available for the Oil and gas sectors to improvise quality and attain operational excellence.

Secondary Objective of this Research

  To understand the roles of Management, leadership team, and Internal and external associates in achieving operational excellence.

  • To know about tools like Khaizen, Poka Yoke, TQM and Six Sigma, etc.
  • The scope of understanding the theories like 5M, 5S, 6 Level Models, etc.
  • To study about Components and metrics of Operational excellence and how it leads organizations to build profitable and highly sustainable in competitive environments.

Problem Statement

Operational Excellence draws most of the big companies into the Increase in Profitability and productivity, since the big multinational companies are well established financially, popularly, technologically, and with high expertise. They tend to put tremendous pressure on medium-sized and government oil and gas sector firms. Since small and medium-sized firms lack the financial, technological, and expertise backing they tend to suffer in the operational competence and their survival becomes very thin.

And furthermore, India has great scope in its market size, which attracts all the world’s biggest players into the completion of the excavation, digging, and distribution. The research will be carried out in government and private sector oil digging companies and the responses and limitations and the data validity are crucial aspects that need to be concentrated and point of major focus.

Study of Training and Development Strategies of BPO Service Companies in Hyderabad

The objective of the study

  • To find out the effectiveness and efficiency of the employee after training in the select companies of study.
  • To study the impact of the training on the efficiency of the organizations taken for the study.
  • There is no effectiveness of training programs on the efficiency of employees in select organizations.
  • There is no significance between training and the growth of the organization selected for the study.

Research Methodology

In this research, an attempt is made to collect first-hand information by administering a structured questionnaire to 320 respondents in four samples of BPO Companies in Hyderabad. The four largest BPO companies, namely Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and CTS at Hyderabad have been selected for the study. The sample customers are taken on a random sampling basis at the rate of 80 respondents totaling 320. The respondents are all at entry level only. The techniques used for data analysis are Averages, Percentages, and Chi-Square tests.  

Sources of data:  

There are two types of data. They are as follows:  

  • Primary Data:  
  • Data samples will be collected by designing questionnaires for employees and personal interviews with BPO employees
  • Gathering of information from HR and training managers of BPO industries

Secondary data will be collected from the annual record of BPO’s periodicals, journals, and the internet.

Sample Design:  

  • Population: All employees working in BPOs in Hyderabad.
  • Sample: Four largest BPOs in Hyderabad
  • Sampling Method

Sample Size:  

Around 320 employees (80 from 4 selected BPOs 80X4)

Period of the Study:

The study period has been taken as preceding 5 years.

Techniques of Analysis:

The techniques used for analysis and interpretation are Averages, Percentages, and Chi-Square tests.  

Scope of the Study:

This study finds out practices pertaining to the training and development function, which is a part of broader human resources management. This study is based on the four selected largest BPO companies in Greater Hyderabad covering about 600 Square Kilometers in Telangana.

Limitations of the Study:

The accuracy of the study is based on the reliability of the data collected. The study has been confined to a sample of four BPO companies, Hyderabad only. The inferences derived from the study and the suggestions made for further improvement need not necessarily be applicable to similar home loan organizations in the industry.

Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising – To be or Not to be Project

Objectives of the Study:

  • To identify whether advertising on Tobacco and Alcohol to be or not be.
  • How advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco tending youth to get addicted.
  • Regulations and guide lines from government side and Income generation perspective.
  • How Alcohol and tobacco directly or indirectly effecting the health of the public especially youth and impact on society.
  • Contribution of advertising in increasing the contribution of consumption of alcohol and tobacco products.

Need of the Study:

There are many Impacts which are cursing the youth and children and the the role which is being played by Advertsing is also key and the Impact on society, youth, children etc.., Governments may put guide lines, rules and regulations to control the adverse effects but the fact is that the governments could sustain only if they encourage alcohol and tobacco sales and the revenue generated by them as tax directly and indirectly. The bribings to government officials, vulgar advertisements on Hordings etc.., has tend me to know and understand whether the advertising is to be or not to be on Alhocol and Tobacco Products.

The scope of the Study is varied but confined to Chennai city and the study is carried out in questionnaire model and it was an Interview based model. The respondents are from different age groups, Income levels, educational backgrounds. The scope here is confined to advertising, Pros and cons of Alcohol, Pros and Cons of Tobacco and the role of advertising Tobacco and Alcohol Products and the effects etc were discussed breifly. Statement Problem

  • The respondents Includes different age groups, Agencies, educational backgrounds, economic levels which gives different opininons of few questions.
  • Sample size is limited to 200 respondents of Chennai Region.
  • The research is confined to a certain part of Chennai City.
  • Time is one more constraint and the energy levels pertaining to temperature of Chennai city.

Difenetely the advertising on Alcohol and tobacco Products is not to be case in India in current Scenario. The central and state governments has to cordinate with all concerned departments in controlling the adverse effects of drinking and smoking. Every one have to think and it is the responsibility of every one mainly the celebrities who are giving ads to alcohol and the tobacco based products. The parents who have to monitor their children and their friends and their activities as it is been observed the youth is getting attracted to these and spoiling their lifes and careers. The domestic issues and work issues need to be handled in balance, smoking or the drinking may give temperory relaxation but it is not the permanenet solution moreover it kills.


  • Reducing or controlling the adverse effects of alochol or the tobacco is the collective of all the individuals of society, it may be with in the family, Parents, NGOs, Media, Governments etc.,
  • The Governments has to work transperantly and honestly on controls.
  • The celebrities have to work on Promotion of effects ofAlcohol or Tobacco rathet than promoting their consumption.
  • The existing regulations and guidelines are enough only to some extent but they are not enough.
  • Few States like Gujarath could manage to develop even after having Ban on surrogative products and it had happened only because of Industrialization etc.,
  • The other States and the central governments have to work on strategies on generating revenues apart from tobacco and alcohol related products.

Download the Complete MBA Marketing Project Report on Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising – To be or Not to be. This Project for PG in Advertising and Public Relations.

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Students3k exclusively provides free marketing projects for final year  MBA students. Students3k is the only place for real projects download for MBA guys. This project is all about Market a Juice product. The complete report of this project has included in the download file. feel free to download this MBA marketing project and make use of it. Share about us in Social networks.

MBA Marketing Projects Introduction :

Marketing simply can be said to be “A human action instructed at satisfied needs and wants through an exchange process.” Promotion as a efficient area of management is becoming essential as in comparison to other areas. All choices in modern business company center around information related with marketing making decisions circumstances, which are recognized by Circulation Technique, Route members and Item choices. The Product Decisions, customers evaluate a item’s value by looking at many factors such as those that encompass the product.

Coca-cola ltd has differentiated itself from its competitors and providing the total “value for money” to its customers. Coca-cola Ltd has integrated all the features to offer a value for its products.

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  • Human Resource Project on Grievance Redressal System
  • MBA HR Project on Stress Management in Banking Sector or any manufacturing industry.
  • Role of HRD Professional in XYZ Organization.
  • Job Satisfaction Level of Employees in XYZ Organization.
  • Employee Motivation level in XYZ Organization.
  • HR Project on HR Practices and Policies in XYZ Organization.
  • HR Project on Recruitment and Selection in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Performance Appraisal process in XYZ Organization
  • Training and Development of Employees in XYZ Organization
  • Need for Training Programme in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Employee Welfare Activities in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Work-Life Balance in XYZ Organization
  • Analysis of Quality of Work Life in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA HR Project on Employee Safety in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of CSR in XYZ Organization.
  • Analysis of Executive Development programme in XYZ Organization
  • Analysis of Value Survey of XYZ Organization
  • HR Project on Career Planning in XYZ Organization
  • HR Project on Role of HRIS in XYZ Organization.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey in XYZ Organization.
  • A Study on factors influencing Motivation level of employees in XYZ Organization.
  • Strategic HRM Practices in XYZ Organization.
  • Human Resource Information System in XYZ Organization.
  • Lean Recruitment in XYZ Manufacturing Organization.
  • Workers Participation in Management at XYZ Organization.
  • Skill Development in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA HR Project on Job Rotation of Employees in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA Project Report on Industrial Relations in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA Project Report on Induction Process in XYZ Organization.
  • MBA Project Report on 360 Degree Performance Appraisal in XYZ Organization.

Some MBA Marketing Projects

  • MBA Marketing Project Report on Satisfaction Level of Customers towards XYZ Organization or XYZ Product or XYZ Services or XYZ Bank.
  • Impact of Social Media Marketing on Small Retailers.
  • A study on Facebook Marketing.
  • A Study on Service Quality Management in XYZ Organization or XYZ Retail.
  • A study on Consumer Behaviour towards XYZ Organization or XYZ Service.
  • Analyze the impact of advertisements on the sales of a particular product.
  • A Study on Brand Image of XYZ Product or Services.
  • Impact of Online Shopping on Small Retailers.
  • E-commerce Trends in India.
  • Analyze the Seller Account of Leading E-Commerce Companies: Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.
  • MBA Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness of XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project Report on Marketing Mix of XYZ Company.
  • To analyze the Food Delivery System of Swiggy.
  • To analyze the customer satisfaction level towards Ola / UBER / SWIGGY / ZOMATO.
  • Marketing Project on Post Sales Follow-up of Maruti Suzuki Dealership.
  • To analyze the Mall Culture in India.
  • Marketing Project on Visual Merchandising Activities of XYZ Retail
  • Analysis of Sales Promotion Activities of XYZ Retail Store.
  • Distribution channel of XYZ Company.
  • Comparative study of Mobile Companies on the basis of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction towards XYZ Life Insurance.
  • Brand Preference of Softdrinks.
  • Analysis of Sales Promotion Activities of XYZ Industry.
  • Analysis of Customer Feedback Towards XYZ Company.
  • Impact of Advertisement on the Brand image of the XYZ Company
  • Impact of Celebrity Endorsement in creating Brand Image of a company.
  • MBA Project Report on CRM [Customer Relationship Management] activities of XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project on Brand Image / Branding Strategy of XYZ Company.
  • Customer Awareness towards XYZ Product / XYZ Services.
  • Study on the Satisfaction level of customers towards After-Sale Services offered by XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project on Brand Positioning of XYZ Company.
  • MBA Project on Market Potential of XYZ Services.
  • MBA Project Report on Mobile Banking In India.
  • MBA project on SWOT Analysis of XYZ Company.
  • Telecom Sector In India
  • Automobile Industry in India
  • Comparative Study of Two Cars.

Some MBA Finance Projects

  • MBA Project Report on the Study of Credit Cards offered by XYZ Bank.
  • Finance Project on Investor’s views towards Share Trading Services offered by XYZ Securities.
  • Finance Project on Portfolio Management Service offered by XYZ Securities.
  • Finance Project on Analysis of Investors view towards Primary Market
  • Finance Project on Working Capital Loans or SME Loans offered by XYZ Banks.
  • A Study on Working Capital Management (WCM) of Any Organization.
  • Comparative Study of Loans offered by Two Banks
  • MBA Project Report on Profitability Analysis of Any Company or Bank.
  • Project Finance on Financial Performance of XYZ Bank or Company.
  • Finance Project on Inventory Management System in a Company.
  • Finance Project on Loan Sanctioning and Recovery Procedure of XYZ Bank.
  • MBA Project on Investors’ views towards XYZ Mutual Funds.
  • MBA Project on Tax Saving Investment Options available to Retail Investors.
  • MBA Project on Retail Banking in India and Retail Banking Services offered by XYZ Bank.
  • Finance Project on Loans offered by XYZ Bank.
  • Project on Financial Statement Analysis of two companies or single Company or Banks
  • Project on Financial Performance of XYZ Company or Bank.
  • Analysis of Internet Banking Services offered by XYZ Bank
  • Comparative Analysis of Internet Banking Services offered by XYZ Bank.
  • MBA Project on Liquidity and Profitability of XYZ Company.
  • Finance Project on Investors’ views towards Demat Services offered by XYZ Industry.
  • Finance Project on Housing Loan Schemes offered by two or three banks.
  • Finance Project on CASA (Current Account and Saving Account) of a Bank
  • MBA Project Report on Investor’s views towards Equity Market.
  • MBA Project Report on Investor’s views towards Equity Linked Saving Schemes.
  • MBA Project Report on Investors view towards Gold Funds
  • MBA Project Report on Analysis of Gold Funds offered by Leading Mutual Fund Companies.
  • MBA Finance Project on study of Banking Process Restructuring of State Bank of India.
  • MBA Project to analyze the Equity Funds of Leading Mutual Funds in India.
  • MBA Project to analyze the compare mutual fund schemes on the Basis of Sharpe Ratio, Standard Deviation, Alpha, Beta, Treynor’s Ratio, Annual Returns, etc.
  • To analyze investment options available to the investors.
  • To analyze and compare Mobile Payment Wallets Paytm and Phone Pe.
  • To compare Mobile Banking Services offered by Two Banks.
  • To compare Payment Gateways.

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How to write a good and accurate MBA Project is big question. This guide will help you to write good MBA Project. Read this to prepare your own MBA Project Report. If you dont have time to do it. Call +91-7000318091

1. Executive Summary This summary must cover all aspects of the project, including what is the problem, what research methodology you have undertaken, which relevant activities you have carried out, what solutions you have proposed, your project learning, and what is the benefit to your organization. This summary should include all aspects of your project report in this section. Executive summaries will serve as a quick flash of the overall project work in a nutshell. It should be written in 1 to 2 pages.

2. Introduction This part defines the topic introduction. Here we have to write to each and everything related to our topic. This is the theoretical part of your project. Here we have to mention, topic introduction, topic advantages, disadvantages, features, requirements. Relevant Theory related to our project.

3. Profile of organizations The part must address the Introduction of the organization, vision, mission, and corporate values. Description of the how the company was founded and the goods and services they provided should be included, their work areas, the position and the number of employees, their market share, their competitors, and their awards and achievements, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy must be defined in this part.

4. Review of Literature Here we have to cover Previous work done on the said topic by the research scholars and researchers. We collect their research papers and write a summary of their work.

5. Objectives of the Study This Objective of the project or study is defined in points. Both Secondary and Primary objectives are defined in this part.

6. Research Methodology This part is very important for study. Here we will define the methodology which we have followed to collect the data and the ways, methods which we have used to collect the data., Research Design, Type of Research, Sample Size, Data Collection Methods, Area of Survey, Sampling Population, Significance, Scope of the study, Limitations are defined in this part.

7. Data Analysis & Interpretation Data collected will be analyzed in the chapter with the help of tables, graphs, images, and interpretations are drawn on the basis of data collected and summarized.

8. Observations & Findings  This part must contain observations and findings based on data analysis and interpretation.

9. Conclusion The conclusion is drawn on the basis of data collected, analyzed, and interpreted in the previous parts.

10. Suggestions / Recommendations Suggestions / Recommendations are given on the basis of our research.

11. References/ Bibliography References / Bibliography is the final part of our report which contains a reference of books, journals, magazines, and websites in their specific and desired format required in your project guidelines.

12 Appendix / Annexures This part contains the questionnaire on which we have done the survey, published reports, our datasheet, etc.

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