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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Research methodology, question paper of mba 2nd semester,download previous years question paper 1.

mba research methodology question paper


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Previous year question paper for RM (MBA 2nd)

Research methodology

Previous year question paper with solutions for research methodology from 2013 to 2019.

Our website provides solved previous year question paper for Research methodology from 2013 to 2019. Doing preparation from the previous year question paper helps you to get good marks in exams. From our RM question paper bank, students can download solved previous year question paper. The solutions to these previous year question paper are very easy to understand.

Syllabus RM (MBA 2nd)

Unit –I

An Introduction To Research: Meaning, Definition, Objectives, And Process; Research

Problem: Selection Of Problem, Understanding Problem, Necessity Of Defined Problem;

Review Of Literature In Research. Research Design: Meaning, Types – Descriptive,

Diagnostic, Exploratory, And Experimental.

Unit –II

Sources Of Data: Primary And Secondary; Data Collection Methods; Questionnaire

Designing: Construction, Types And Developing A Good Questionnaire. Sampling Design 

and Techniques, Scaling Techniques, Meaning, Types, Data Processing Operations, Editing,

Coding, Classification, Tabulation. Research Proposal/Synopsis Writing.

Practical Framework

Unit –III

Statistical Software - Use of SPSS / Systat and Excel: Windows Process, Basic Structure of

Data File, Using Data Editor, Working With Multiple Data Sources, Graphs and Charts,

Sorting And Selecting Data, Descriptive Statistics: Central Tendency and Dispersion,

Correlation: Linear, Partial and Multiple, Simple and Multiple Regression, Discriminant

Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Time Series and Business Forecasting. Applications Of Index

Numbers; Sampling Distribution; Tests Of Significance: Z- Test, T- Test, Chi-Square Test, F

-Test, And ANOVA; Use Of SPSS For T-Test, Chi-Square Test And ANOVA.

Unit –IV

Multi Dimensional Scaling, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Interpretation of Data, Report

Preparation and Presentation. Each Student has to prepare Mini Research Project on Topic /

Area of their Choice and Make Presentation. The report should consist of application of tests

and techniques mentioned in above units.

RM (May 2019)

Rm (may 2018), rm (dec 2018), rm (may 2017), rm (dec 2017), rm (may 2016), rm (dec 2016), rm (may 2015), rm (dec 2014), rm (may 2014), rm (may 2013), related subjects, explore all data.

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Cbse(school), ptu distance education.

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mba research methodology question paper

  • 3529207 Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Click on download to get papers, mb - winter 2019, mb - summer 2018, mb - winter 2018, mb - summer 2019, you are here to download gtu mba mba sem 2 3529207 research methodology past exam papers..

Welcome to the site that provide all the past gujarat technological university (gtu) exam papers.

Along with your download GTU MBA MBA SEM 2 3529207 Research Methodology past exam papers , you can also download other past exam papers of gtu at

We provide you all your branch past exam papers. Whichever your branch is, like bachelor of engineering (B.E.) , Master of Engineering (M.E.) , Master of Business administration (MBA) , Bachelor of pharmacy (B.pharm) , Master of Pharmacy (m.pharm) , Master of computer application (MCA) , PDDC , Diploma Of pharmacy (D.pharm) , Diploma engineering.

While you searched for download GTU MBA MBA SEM 2 3529207 Research Methodology past exam papers.You might have gone to other sites on the internet along with the official gtu site i.e. but you must be confused there with your download GTU MBA MBA SEM 2 3529207 Research Methodology past exam papers. AS you dont know the subject code of GTU MBA MBA SEM 2 3529207 Research Methodology .That`s what we were filling lack of. So we created

Here, on You don`t need to remember your GTU MBA MBA SEM 2 3529207 Research Methodology subject code.You just select your branch from be , bpharm , mba , mca , dpharm , mpharm , pddc , me and diploma and your sem of sem1 , sem 2 , sem3 , sem 4 , sem 5 , sem 6 , sem 7 , sem 8.

Select your subject and the page shows all the past exam papers and to download GTU MBA MBA SEM 2 3529207 Research Methodology past exam papers just click the download button just besides the exam date list. The list contain all the past gtu exam paper of your GTU MBA MBA SEM 2 3529207 Research Methodology subject from 2008 to till date.


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