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Get paid to experience the world’s leading brands.

The Ipsos Mystery Shoppers are paid to act like regular customers, evaluate and report the quality of services provided at various businesses. During a typical task a Mystery Shopper reviews the requirements of the task, goes shopping, checks the cleanliness of the location, interacts with the employees, asks specific questions concerning a product, possibly makes a purchase and fills out the survey evaluating and relating to the experience. Mystery Shopping is a great way to earn extra money. Ipsos Mystery Shopping is perfect for a busy and flexible schedule. Work from your home completing Mystery Calls, Mystery Chats and Mystery Emails; or complete Mystery Visits and explore local stores. We have various types of tasks; join us and complete Mystery Shopping tasks right for you!

Mystery Shopping is a great way to earn extra money. The Ipsos Mystery Shoppers are paid to act like regular customers, evaluate and report the quality of services provided at various businesses. We have various types of tasks; join us and complete Mystery Shopping tasks right for you!

Requirements to become an Ipsos Mystery Shopper

Requirements to become an Ipsos Mystery Shopper

• All our mystery shoppers must be at least 18 years of age.

• You will need a smartphone and access to the internet to select tasks and submit your Mystery Shopping surveys.

• You will need to be able to meet deadlines, be honest and constructive, and be professional and discreet.

• You will need to have a good command of the English language and good attention to detail.

Why should you become a Mystery Shopper?

It’s free

You register for free as an Ipsos Mystery Shopper and you are able to choose the Mystery Shopping tasks you want to conduct.

It’s an interesting activity

It’s an interesting activity

You pretend to be a real customer and experience and evaluate the quality of services in various businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, cafes, gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, etc.

It improves service quality

It improves service quality

As an Ipsos Mystery Shopper you will help businesses to improve the quality of their services as well as the customer experience and satisfaction.

And you earn money

And you earn money!

After successfully conducting your Mystery Shopping task you receive money and/or reimbursement.

Ipsos Mystery Shopping Experiences

Check out the testimonials of our Ipsos Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shopper's testimonials

Ipsos Mystery Shopping Online

Mystery Shopping Ipsos Online

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mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

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Mystery Shopping Jobs in Bengaluru Bangalore

Freelance luxury brand evaluator.

29 days ago

Digital Marketing Manager

a month ago

Client Servicing - Sr. Executive

2 months ago

Marketing Manager

17 days ago

Credit Intelligence & Control- CD - Officer - Bangalore


Apply to 5 Mystery Shopping Job Vacancies in Bengaluru Bangalore

Bengaluru bangalore, hyderabad / secunderabad telangana.

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BARE International India


BARE-IFY (powered by Pulse® Tech) is a self-audit application designed to provide quick and detailed insights to your organization.

'  itemprop=

My sales are down and I don’t know why .

BARE’s Mystery Visit services can reveal the reasons.

'  itemprop=

The data is there, now what ?

BARE’s Data Analytics can spot key insights hiding in your data.

business intelligence

How much are customer service issues costing my business ?

BARE’s Customer Experience Research provides actionable answers.

'  itemprop=

I think we have a problem. How do I identify it ?

Customized deep dives from BARE will pinpoint the REAL issue.

'  itemprop=

Am I missing opportunities to engage my customers ?

BARE clarifies the WHAT, WHERE and WHY that are missing.

'  itemprop=

Custom Research Solutions For Your Unique Business Needs

You can and should, see your business through your customers’ eyes. Capture their feedback to drive meaningful change in your business. Explore our services.

Leverage BARE’s 30 Years of Customer Experience Research

You need the power of a leader in the Customer Experience Research industry. Put BARE’s 30 years of experience to work for you. Read our story.

Put Our Global Evaluator Workforce to Work For You

With a committed field force of ready-to-go evaluators in over 165 countries, shopping and monitoring your brand to gather critical data is easier than you think. Request a Quote.

How can BARE International Help Your Business ?

Explore BARE International’s service offerings to reveal the true nature of your business .

Evaluator Portal .

Are you looking to join the BARE International worldwide evaluator workforce? This is your spot.

What are you waiting for ?

On any given day, BARE International is doing business for clients in over 150 countries, completing more than 50,000 audits each month.

“We thank you for delivering quality work timely and being an integral part of our success. Your support has helped us to grow in India.”

“ The program and service which BARE offers is meeting our requirements and gives us better insight of each restaurant.

A global partner for customer excellence!”

“BARE International restored faith in mystery shopping programs. The quality of their job proved us that this is something worth doing.”

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

completed worldwide each year

around the world

in the BARE network

Ensuring Retail Safety across stores and showrooms.

Retail audit and research solutions.

With a coverage of 350+ cities, FloorWalk has manpower of about 5,00,000 more mystery shoppers and field agents across India. There are two ways you can conduct your audit and research project with us - Connect with us for a personalized solution OR Setup your project in minutes using FloorWalk Marketplace

Our Marquee Customers

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Unveiling FloorWalk Marketplace

A quicker way to audit your stores. FloorWalk marketplace allows you to choose your solution from our product list, setup your project, and make it live on-the-go. It allows you to execute your smaller straightforward audit and research projects and get insights in a jiffy.

For Shopper

Become a mystery shopper with us.

Enjoy Free service or earn extra with your side hustle as a Mystery shopper.

Register as a shopper, Apply For Opportunities, Explore different ways to earn.

Recommended Reading

porsche market study

Luxury Car Brand

Porsche India Pvt Ltd is a division of the German automobile manufacturer Porsche and the Volkswagen Group India.


Leading Apparel & Ethnic Wear Brand

Manyavar & Mohey are India’s own brand in ethnic wear and tradtional festive clothing. The objective of this activity was to check.


Automobile Brand

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational car manufacturing corporation. The objective of this activity was to check the infrastructure of the showroom.

Understand the Concept of Mystery Shopping


1. Design an audit

Take our expert services to design a custom audit


2. Get Relevant Shoppers

We match the most relevant mystery shopper for you from our database


3. Shopper conducts audit

Mystery Shopper collects unbiased inputs about the shopping experience


4. Quality Analytics

We process and share the most meaningful insights with you

Retail Audits & its Benefits

Businesses turn to Mystery shopping services because these services offer a number of benefits for companies. Many companies report that these services help them to:

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Improve quality of service

Every business wants to be known for a high level of service, and many companies even spend considerable time and money training employees to provide excellent customer care and support. This does not guarantee that all employees provide the level of helpfulness and assistance that they were hired to provide, though. A secret shopping service can uncover exactly what sort of service customers get even when there is no supervision of employees. 

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Increase sales

Read More..

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Locate potential business Hazards

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Improve company image And branding

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Help with decision making

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Answer employer questions

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Gather evidence of trouble

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Stop criminal activity

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Manage a business

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Get customer insight

In the news, top 10 mystery shopping companies in india.

Do you wish to earn Rs.1,000 or more per day for shopping, staying at hotels or dining out or wish to improve customer of your business?the answers are yes .....

Things in India | 16 April 019

Think big, aspiring entrepreneurs told

Getting genuine feedback from consumers on their products is a big task most branded companies face. Such service providers therefore have immense opportunities if they tap the grow .....

Times of India | 17 April 2018

शॉपिंग कीजिए, अनुभव बांटिये... हर महीने होगी कमाई

क्या आपको शॉपिंग करना पसंद है. क्या आप जिन चीजों को खरीदते हैं, उन्हें जांचना-परखना जानते हैं. अगर हां, तो आप अपने इसी शौक की बदौलत हर महीने अच्छी कमाई कर सकते हैं.सिर्फ अच्छे पैसे ही नहीं, बल्कि आप शॉपिंग कर के फ्री में कई उत्पाद भी ...

Aaj Tak | 28 Nov 2017


Mystery shopping is a process in which pre recruited and qualified consumers measure the customer service provided by a company's front line service providers from the view of a normal customer. Companies cannot perfect every aspect of their store and so with the help of Mystery shopping results, you can gain insight into what truly matters for customers, exploring every dimension of the shopping experience and address the issues that are the most important for the customers.

Typical areas we cover in Mystery shopping

Brand Assurance/Compliance Evaluations

Customer Experience Evaluation

Customer/Guest Service Evaluations

Customer Touch Points Evaluation

Signature Employee Evaluation

Brand standards Implementation Evaluation

Competitive Benchmarking

Customer Experience Management

Service Level Quality Assurance

External and Internal Ambiance

Relationship Building Behaviour

Sales/Product Promotions

Sales Technique/Methodology

Cross selling/Up-Selling

Staff knowledge about Products and the Brand

Security Process

Telephonic Interaction Skills

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

It has the following benefits:

Accurate Customer Insight

Improved Customer Delight and Satisfaction Index (CDSI)

Brings new customers

Increase Sales

Closes gap between Customer expectations and experience

Identifies loopholes in management

Improves Customer service levels and sales skills

Identifies weaknesses

Increases Brand Recall value

Maintains consistency of brand

Monitors and Measures service performance

Improves customer retention

Provides feedback from front line operations

Monitors facility conditions-asset protection

Ensures product/service delivery quality

Reduces customer complaints

Evaluate your competitors

Identify best practices and apply companywide

Reward staff for exceptional performance.

Develop and monitor employee reward programmes

Industries We Cater

Our areas of operation touch various domains of the market like Hospitality Industry, Retail etc. and also extend to Sales and Marketing audits and Training initiatives for our clients. We have specifically designed matrices, solutions and training programs to address every domain in all the industries. WeMark uses customized methodologies to assess how customers experience various products and services. We offer customizable and accurate mystery shopping tools in the following sectors:



The customer experience is what matters in this industry and nobody understands this better than us at WeMark. We provide customized standards for evaluation of your teams working at hotels, spas, Rejuvenation Centers, Resorts , Clubs and Pubs, coffee shops etc. We provide holistic reports and also suggestions to improve your performance.

Customer contact and service is the prime focus of the Leisure Sector. Our Mystery Shopping researchers undertake the complete customer journey . This type of programme can provide meaningful feedback on your people and give an assessment of your facilities and standards of product quality. You'll be able to make any changes necessary and improve the commercial success of your enterprise.

Guest Service areas should be handled carefully by understanding the purpose of the guest's travel in order to provide required comforts and other related services during the travel.Our operations audits and trainings are customised to match the type of products and service this domain demands.

In the retail environment, it is important to know how well your team handles your customers. Mystery Shopping provides a true picture of your staff's customer service skills. Through our Mystery Shopper programme, one of our trained researchers will become a customer, visiting one or more of your outlets. He or she would provide reports on the general customer experience. From the results, you'll be able to evaluate their compliance with company procedures.

Our programmes can be used to improve performance in every aspect of Automotive Sales and After-Sales. In motor dealerships, our programmes are used to measure Sales Performance against a dealer's Sales Process.


Our food services include quality checks for Restaurants, Quick Service, Take Away, Fine Dining, Bars, Nightclubs, Drive In, Coffee Shops, Home Delivery etc.


Our experienced audit teams also undertake routine quality audits for Malls, Cinemas, Theatres, Amusement Parks, where the performance can not be measured in numbers but requires customer satisfaction. We provide tailor made reports for such specific requirements.


Educational Institutes, Telecom Service Providers, Government Departments


Regular audits of books and accounts are imperative to keep the finances healthy and similarly Mystery shopping for businesses of metro city is important to run the business without losing customers or good will. Unmonitored business will keep on losing consumers due to minor/major lapse in product quality or defects in delivery channel. Moreover, in metro cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore people have various options of businesses and therefore even a minor lapse can cause severe business loss. However, such losses can be proactively avoided through the best mystery shopping that offers intelligent and actionable feedback and information to improve business and retain customers.


All of us dream of a job that is fun, without strict deadlines or anyone to boss around. Youth in metro cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore seek part time jobs that are well paying and interesting and thus get invariably attracted to Mystery Shopping. This part time job rewards you through pays, free shopping, free movies and free lunches. As a matter of fact, you are your own boss with your intelligent boots on and you also get to enjoy free shopping and lunches along with your regular pay.

mystery shopping jobs in bangalore

Mystery audit Companies V5 Global

V5 Global is one of the leading Mystery Audit and Mystery Shopping Companies in India. Founded in 2005, as a part of the First Meridian Group, they have a huge team of 50+ highly experienced personnel. They have clients from multiple industrial sectors including health, IT, finance, marketing, etc. V5 Global has maintained an impeccable work ethic and consistency in delivery, this is what makes them one of the best Mystery Shopping Companies in Mumbai. This will brief you on V5 Global and their Mystery Shopping Services in India.

V5 Global Mystery Audit Services Mystery Audit is a type of Retail Audit conducted by Mystery Shopping Services in India. V5 Global offers a holistic array of Retail Audit solutions for retail companies and entrepreneurs. V5 Global’s Mystery Shopping Companies in India help execute such Retail Audits. This enables world-renowned brands to continuously evolve and boost their market value by being aware of what is happening at their retail outlets. V5 Global’s efficiency lies in its technologically driven approach. To provide the most comprehensive and well-rounded services they use Infield. Infield is their in-house software which formulates digitized workflows and ensures reliable data collection. All the reports are compiled and double-checked to derive deep insights that guide the client to improve their business.

V5 Global’s Mystery Shopping Companies in Mumbai organize mystery audits to evaluate retail store, call center and service center experience. Mystery shoppers and auditors are deployed to the shops/centers/outlets and are required to give feedback on parameters such as store personnel behavior, interaction and customer experience and compliance to pricing policies.

V5 Global also conducts an inventory audit and multi-brand outlet audits. Inventory audits take into account the stock in the client’s supply chain and document it. This is followed by calibrating the acquired data with the client’s original inventory records. A multi-brand outlet audit evaluates the client’s return on investment (ROI) on their retail marketing spend. The auditors check stock availability, online and scheme compliance. Display audits evaluate the product visibility impact and map out the potential areas for improving the placement of promotional branding content and product visibility.

Mystery Shoppers Mystery Shoppers employed by V5 Global are undercover agents of a retail company (the client). They are given instructions on how to evaluate a retail outlet. Before being deployed on a project, mystery shoppers are vigorously screened and trained before being certified by the project governance experts. Mystery Shopper Jobs India includes filling out a questionnaire as they navigate around the retail shop. This is followed by reporting back to the retail company and assembling the data. There is no prior experience or qualification required to become a mystery shopper, all those selected will be trained by the company.

V5 Global’s Mystery Shopping Companies in Mumbai analyze the data provided by mystery shoppers and create comprehensive reports. The data from these reports help retail clients understand the performance of their retail outlets and improve their current performance to reap higher profits. Mystery Shopper Jobs India is fully paid, any in-house purchases needed to make in the field of duty are fully reimbursed by the company. V5 Global has openings for Mystery Shopper Jobs in Mumbai, you can work as a freelancer after being screened and trained. As a freelancer with V5 Global, you can be hired in Mystery Shopper Jobs in Mumbai, you will have to pose as a casual shopper, evaluate the retail outlet and compile reports. You can also become a retail auditor and visual merchandiser. Visual merchandisers have to assess the retail outlet’s layout and plan out the installation of marketing materials in the store. Marketing materials include posters, signs, pamphlets, POS (point of sale), etc. Retail auditors perform a detailed audit of brand materials in stores and warehouses. They compile reports and advise the client on how to improve their retail outlet’s performance.

Conclusion V5 Global’s exemplary track record of satisfied retail clients makes them one of the most reliable Mystery Audit and Mystery Shopping Companies in India. V5 Global provides freelance Mystery Shopper Jobs in Mumbai and Mystery Shopper Jobs India in addition to retail auditing and visual merchandising jobs. To know more about V5 Global and avail their Mystery Shopping Services in India or to apply for a job, please visit their website and contact them.

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V5Global Services

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Recruitment Solutions

V5Global Services

Retail Marketing Solutions

Visual merchandizing, retail audit, market activation, loyalty programs.

Sales Force Automation Application

Technology Services

In shop demonstrator, sales force automation, audit application.

Merchandising Solutions

ISD – In Shop Demonstrator / Program

Tool features.

  • Live attendance tracking
  • Sales & stock tracking
  • IMEI validation
  • PJP tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Schemes & incentives
  • Competition mapping

FOS - Fleet On Street Program

  • Lead management system
  • Sales force module

Visual Merchandising

  • Live capturing of images
  • Capturing of latitude & longitude
  • Attendance tracking

Managed Services

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Things In India

Top 10 Mystery Shopping Companies in India

Do you wish to earn Rs.1,000 or more per day for shopping, staying at hotels or dining out or wish to improve customer of your business?

If the answers are yes, you may consider joining mystery shopping companies or hiring its services.

Hey! Do You Know what is Mystery Shopping? or Want to Become a Mystery Shopper?

Then read this article to know more about Mystery Shopping.

But before I share that with you, I’d like to tell you

Mystery Shopping Is Fun, But It’s NO Joke!

Let us understand what is mystery shopping and top mystery companies in India.

best mystery shopping companies in India

Table of Contents

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a form of market research. Some marketing pundits term it as a form of industrial espionage.

It involves you posing as a customer making a purchase or availing service. However, your job is to gauge the level of service, staff behaviour, store ambience, product availability, speed and other facilities and write reviews for the mystery shopping company.

For businesses, it serves as a tool to assess their own services and brand offerings and develop newer, innovative products that help them gain an edge over competitors.

In India, mystery shoppers visit large stores, boutiques, malls , banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies , brand outlets, hotels, restaurants and myriad other outlets that depend on customers for the business.

They are hired by the business itself or supplier to the store, hotel, restaurants or agencies that rate them.

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Mystery Shopping in India: Overview

Mystery shopping is a growing market in India. According to various sources, the industry is worth US$ 200 million to US$ 250 million per year.

Mystery shopping in India exhibits Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25 percent per year, with this pattern expected to continue till 2020.

You can sign-up as a mystery shopper with any of these firms. However, becoming a mystery shopper is not easy.

You need to have sufficient skills in market practices, products and their utility, excellent general knowledge and great abilities to write reviews.

Your reviews are used by businesses to analyze and upgrade their services and product offerings.

Hence, mystery shopping companies in India have very strict standards while hiring mystery shopper.

For businesses, mystery shopping and its reviews help to gain valuable insights into consumer patterns and keep tabs on competitors.

Mystery shopping is a huge industry that is gaining more significance as e-commerce is playing havoc with traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Here we take a look at top 10 mystery shopping companies of India.

Mystery shopping industry of India shows a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of about 25 percent per annum.

The trend is expected to stay until the year 2020. Various sources estimate that revenues of mystery shopping in India are in excess of US$ 300 million per year.

Whether you are looking for a job or at improving customer experiences, here is the list of top 10 mystery shopping companies of India.

1. Channelplay

Channelplay is one the best Mystery Shopping Companies in India. It offers various services related to market research, including mystery shopping.

The company also collects data in real-time from its mystery shopper team using latest technologies. It has its presence in over 300 cities.

2.  SGS Group

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

It is renowned for setting a global benchmark for quality and integrity.

According to the company website, SGS Group hires over 95,000 employees and operates through a network of over 2,400 offices worldwide.

SGS Group has several offices in India. The company offers mystery shopping services in retail, hospitality and automotive sectors.

3. Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

As the name implies, Shaw Hotels & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd offers myriad mystery shopping services that allow hotels and restaurants to standardize and upgrade the quality of customer experience.

The company also conducts audits for retailers in various categories.

4. MRSS India

Majestic Market Research Support Services Ltd. was founded in 1992 and is today Asia’s largest full-service market research firm.

The company offers a slew of market research solutions to a very broad section of the industry that depends on retail customers.

MRSS India is one of the oldest mystery shopping companies in India.

5. FloorWalk

FloorWalk  is a mystery shopping and consumer insights company that is driven by retail and hospitality industry gurus.

FloorWalk conducts mystery shopping in diverse fields including store operations, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), health and wellness, retail, merchandising, supply chain and marketing, fashion brand outlets, electronics and jewellery chains, supermarkets, hypermarkets, Multiplexes, fine dining, hotels, airlines and other areas, it adds.

6. HS Brands International

HS Brands International is a mystery shopping company with headquarters in the US.

However, it has extensive operations in India and other countries.

It is one of the reputed international companies in mystery shopping.

HS Brands International provides mystery shopping jobs as well as market research from these shoppers to a very broad spectrum of the service and retail industries.

7. Trans MR Consulting

Trans MR Consulting offers excellent work-from-home and part-time work opportunities for people to work as mystery shoppers.

The company website states it has, over 15,000 mystery shoppers throughout India and over 63,000 across the Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. It is based in Navi Mumbai.

8. WeMark India

New Delhi-based WeMark India offers mystery shopper jobs as well as market research services for companies.

WeMark India has spread its wings to many countries and is popular for its mystery shopping and market research services in Russia, United Kingdom, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam other parts of the world.

9. Macronix India

Retail, online and e-commerce, automotive, financial services, hospitality, food and beverage, leisure, Travel and Tourism, QSRs, food courts, real estate, wellness, and healthcare services are covered by Micronix India, through its mystery shopping services.

This Bangalore based firm has offices in major cities of India and is reputed for its in-depth market analysis provided by mystery shoppers for businesses looking at improving customer experience.

10. Grass Roots

Grass Roots Mystery Shopping is a UK-based firm with operations in India.

The company is reputed for its astute market research reports provided by its team of mystery shoppers.

In India, Grass Roots covers food and grocery Retail, QSRs, consumer durables, telecom service providers , cell phone retailers, entertainment, hospitality, Banking and financial Services and automotive industries, among others.

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Beware of Scams

Unfortunately, a few incidences of companies that enlist people to work as mystery shoppers but fail to pay their mystery shoppers have occurred in India.

You can read reviews about some such scammers and companies that delay payments on some of the largest job portals in the world.

Also, beware of companies that ask you to pay a membership fee while registering as a mystery shopper.

Top mystery shopping and market research companies do not ask membership fees.

In Conclusion

Regardless whether you are a job seeker, someone wanting to earn extra money during spare hours or a business looking at providing better services and products to consumers, mystery shopping companies is something you may consider.

Thanks to the boom in India’s retail industry, a large number of globally acclaimed mystery shopping and market research companies are now expanding operations in this country.

For your needs- personal or business- you may consider any of these companies we have listed.

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Mystery Shopping Companies in India”

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Priya madam, For the first time today I happen to come across this term “mystery shopping” though it is done in the day to day life of people in business field to understand the market, customer needs, outlets, retailers for the benifit of their commodities. It actually means: Trained personnel hired for market research by a manufacturer to make an anonymous visit of retail stores, posing as a casual shopper to collect information about the stores’ display, prices, and quality of their sales staff and evaluate using a prearranged evaluation form. Mystery shopping is a valuable tool to businesses and is especially helpful for small, start-up businesses that need accurate and fast information to assess their employees and compare their products and services to the competition. Thank you Regards Roberts

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I was working part time in market research mystery shopper in 2 years experience with KFC and Pizza Hut shops, & I am interested in same field for new outlets

Its good to hear that you shared most of the Mystery Shopping Companies but there are some other big names you missed to list in your post. I think you should consider those brands also like QDegrees Services. QDegrees provides robust mystery shopper or secret shopper service to enhance their customers’ experience and provides them with more consistent and unbiased insight into the focus areas. Some known clients o them are Vodafone, Amazon, Swiggy and many more.

I search job mystery shopper job 2 year experience

Hai im DHANUSH M, from bangalore im intrested in mystery shoping i hv 3 years experience n i hv done auditing in samsung, hyundai, home credit and sony. Im looking for other audits also so pls give me if u hv any audits in bangalore

I am doing market research and mystery audit for Tamil Nadu state… Please let me know for audits… Contact number 9578318047

To perform mystery audits in Tamil Nadu … Please contact me… M – 9486655350

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...to ensure a seamless shopping /promotion experience. - Solid understanding of SEO principles to increase site visibility. - Experience with payment gateway integration, ensuring secure and versatile payment options. - Knowledge in developing responsive designs, catering to various devices and screen sizes. **Project Requirements:** - Develop a comprehensive ecommerce platform. - Implement features that support both product sales and service promotions. - Ensure the site is SEO-friendly, enhancing our online presence. - Incorporate secure, reliable payment solutions. - Create a responsive design for optimal user experience across devices. This opportunity is ideal for a developer passionate about creating multifaceted ecommerce solutions and enhancing the online shopping e...

...desired. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic Design with prior experience in Retail Marketing Materials - Strong understanding of Branding and creating visually appealing invitations for consumers to explore new products - Experience in designing with the understanding of in-store shoppers' psychology. This collaboration aims to drive excitement among our customers and enhance their in-store shopping experience while we continue to increase our inventory. The spaces we want to place the placeholders: - Within the Taste of the Wild dog food, this should have details about the Taste of the Wild Products. - In our Reptile Aisle we have brands like ZooMed and Zilla. - In our toys Aisles we have Brands like Tall Tails, Kong, Multipet, territory, and trixi. - In the Aq...

...details section that we'll primarily use for fundraising, promoting basketball tournaments, and showcasing our personal security solutions. - The platform must support user account management to allow custom experiences for users. - A shopping cart and checkout system must be installed to ensure seamless transactions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in e-commerce website development - Knowledge of linked fundraising tools and implementation - Profound understanding of how to setup secure user account systems. - Experience integrating shopping cart and checkout systems for smooth end-user experience. The main goal of this project is to raise funds, promote basketball tournaments and to offer personal security solutions. Your bid should reflect your ...

I am seeking an experienced website designer to create an elegant and luxurious e-commerce platform for my business that will offer an exclusive shopping experience to our customers. The ideal candidate will have a strong portfolio featuring sophisticated and high-end website Please reach out to garrymark49 at gma!l c om for the project requirements.

I am in need of an efficient knowledgeable research assistant to help me on a specific project involving data collection. The assistant will be tasked with gathering publicly available data. Ideal skills for the job: - Experience with data collection projects - Experience with Excel - Based in India - College experience preferred

I'm looking for a skilled OpenCart developer to enhance my e-commerce platform w...Skills and Experience: - Proficient in OpenCart development with a portfolio to show. - Experience in custom theme design is a plus. - Strong background in API integrations, specifically for image databases. - Knowledgeable in creating and managing product catalogs with search functionalities. - Proven ability to implement shopping cart and payment solutions. - Efficient in managing product inventory through innovative solutions. This project aims not only to improve the shopping experience for our customers but also to simplify backend processes, making the management of product inventory more efficient. If you have a track record of enhancing OpenCart sites with these capabilities, I�...

...with the subject company’s authorized representative, such as line of business, key executives' name, etc. • Take pictures of the subject company and its vicinity, as per Confirmis’ standard operating guidelines. • Provide observation about the company to gauge activeness, e.g., staff working at the premise, loading/unloading of goods, etc. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be living in (or nearby) Pune, India • Has a camera or phone/tablet of quality with a camera, internet access Please see the attached file for the site visit guideline. You are only required to deliver the pictures, video & observations and are not expected to put together a report like the Sample Report. Note: Milestone will be released the following week after the site v...

...professional website that not only showcases our range of products but also encourages our visitors to make purchases directly from the site. **Key Requirements:** - **Design and Aesthetics:** The website should reflect sophistication and elegance, resonating with our brand's identity and the premium quality of necklaces we offer. The design should be mobile-responsive, ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all devices. - **E-commerce Functionality:** Integration of an easy-to-navigate e-commerce platform that supports secure payment options and a smooth checkout process. - **Categories and Products:** We offer 4-6 different categories of necklaces, each requiring its dedicated section with high-quality images and detailed product descriptions. - **SEO and M...

I'm seeking a talented...live, ensuring they meet our quality standards and align with our brand tone. Your role will touch on creative AI use, SEO optimization, and detailed content strategy. If you are adept at navigating the latest AI technology, have a knack for creating content that ranks, and understand the nuances of e-commerce, this project is for you. Let's work together to make our Shopify store not just a shopping destination but a valuable resource for our customers. So we have 190 URL in sitemap and we need to generate 1 blog article for each URL with GPT 4 and post it on our blog store. We tested and average time is around maximum 5 minutes to copy the URL / replace in our prompt / copy the generate blog - add it as a new blog - add the image - select the c...

...Style:** Abstract is the desired style. I’m envisioning a blend of vivid colors and imaginative shapes to represent the characters and elements, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. - **Key Elements:** Important aspects include a detailed pirate figure and a mermaid, facing each other across a raging ocean. The ocean itself, along with its mythical creatures, should be a focal point, displaying the mystery and beauty of the sea. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in abstract art techniques with a portfolio showcasing previous works in this style. - Strong understanding of color theory to create a vibrant, engaging piece. - Ability to interpret a mythical theme into a compelling abstract composition. - Experience in creating detailed characters and elements in an ab...

I'm in need of a dedicated developer with skills in ASP.NET and AngularJS to build a user-friendly website for our NFC Google Review Cards service. This platform will cater to providing customizable NFC cards,...services/APIs: - Stripe and PayPal: These two platforms will facilitate our transactions. - Portugal's SAFT Code System: We're providing the code; the system must be set up to support e-invoicing with it. The primary goal for the site is to sell our NFC Google Review Cards. Given this, I need a developer who can design a simple, seamless, and responsive user-interface that enhances the user's shopping experience. Creativity in designing the platform is very welcomed; although our model is , we're not looking to mirror that UI but to deliver a differ...

...Payments**: The core aim of this integration is to enable my store to accept payments from customers worldwide. You should be familiar with the nuances of international payment processing, including any specific compliance or security measures that need to be taken into account. - **Currency Support**: I require the integration to support multiple currencies, providing a seamless and localized shopping experience for international customers. Knowledge of currency conversion processes and the ability to implement them into the integration will be critical. - **Custom Work**: While the main goal is clear, there's always room for improving the customer experience. If you have innovative ideas or can offer additional features that could enhance the functionality or efficie...

I'm in need of a highly skilled Shopify developer to build a robust e-commerce website for selling my physical products. Key Features: - A well-structured product catalog to showcase my products in an organized way. - A seamless shopping cart and checkout process ensuring easy navigation for shoppers. - A secure payment gateway integration to guarantee safe transactions. Target Aesthetics: - I prefer a classic and simple theme for the website design, embodying minimalist principles at its core. I'd love it to resonate with elegance and simplicity while offering a smooth user interface. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Shopify - Proven experience in e-commerce webpage creation - Excellent understanding of payment gateway integration - Ability to c...

Description: We’re seeking a skilled drone pilot with their own equipment to capture a unique and captivating aerial shot in Chennai, India . The assignment includes two locations: Chennai Central Railway Station and Apollo Hospitals. The shots should showcase the city’s vibrancy, architectural landmarks, and dynamic energy. 1. Aerial Shot: Chennai Central Railway Station o Description: Capture the vibrant chaos of Chennai Central Railway Station, a renowned landmark in Tamil Nadu, India . The station buzzes with commuters, lively platforms, and the rhythmic flutter of the monumental Indian flag. o Duration: 20 seconds o Instructions: Frame the scene to include the grand facade of the station building, the railway tracks, and the tricolor flag waving proudly agains...

...unique design: Since I'm prioritizing extensive customization, creativity and innovation in design and features are a priority. Elements need to be original and customized to match my business's character and needs. - E-commerce functionality: Implement full e-commerce functionality to display, promote and sell physical products. Please include features such as product descriptions, user reviews, shopping cart, and more. - Payment system: A payment system integration wasn't directly specified, hence, knowledge and experience integrating various payment systems are ideal. The ideal freelancer for this project has extensive experience in web development, e-commerce platforms, and custom design. Please share examples of previous e-commerce sites you have created,...

I'm seeking a competent web developer to create a functional ecommerce website that will serve the dual purpose of selling and ...the dual purpose of selling and showcasing an array of products. Your primary task will be to ensure the following key functionalities are present: - A responsive shopping cart - User registration feature - Provisions for product reviews The site will be designed to handle a large inventory, as I plan to sell more than 500 products. Ideal skills needed for this project include proficiency in ecommerce website development, experience with large product databases, and a keen eye for user-friendly features. Familiarity with creating secure online payment systems will be a plus. The goal is to craft an engaging, seamless shopping experience fo...

...to craft short (<10 minutes) Shojo-style anime videos. - You will be focused on creating engaging, high-quality Shojo anime videos, a sub-genre of anime characterized by its focus on personal and romantic relationships. - If you have a proven track record in creating this style of anime, I would love to collaborate with you on this project. The ideal Freelancer (Video Editor, preferably an India -based Teenager/Young Adult) should have: - Proficiency in Shojo/Shounen-ai/Seinen or Informative anime content Editing. - Capabilities to produce high-quality, short anime videos - A portfolio showcasing their past anime creations - Excellent storytelling ability, as the videos aim to engage viewers on an emotional level. Your passion for anime, will make you an invaluable asset...

...for communication and service delivery. The project objectives include connecting professionals with employers, providing a variety of services, and supporting professional skills development. The target groups consist of professionals (actors, models, voice actors, directors, content writers, and others) and service seekers (entrepreneurs, project managers, company directors, service agents, shopping agents, media production companies, and referral partners). Key features include professional and service seeker registration, browsing services and projects, direct communication, secure payment processing, price negotiation, dedicated services, information confidentiality, on-time project completion, best price guarantee, highest quality guarantee, marketing and promotion, consu...

...three unique products that I passionately believe in. With this in mind, I'm on the lookout for a freelancer adept in creating a Shopify site that speaks volumes through its simplicity yet retains the functionality needed for a seamless customer experience. **Key Requirements:** - **Design Style:** The site should mirror a clean and minimalist aesthetic, offering a refreshing and uncomplicated shopping experience. This means a focus on simplicity, usability, and the products themselves. - **Inventory Management:** I plan to manage inventory manually. Despite the smaller scale, precision and accuracy in reflecting stock levels are paramount to ensure a smooth operation and customer satisfaction. Experience with Shopify's manual inventory management system will be be...

Resident Director Required for Gurgaon IT Firm - only require for official purposes. MUST HAVE clean professional background (security checks will be made), MUST NOT have applied for MSME / GEMS platform earlier. MUST BE resident of INDIA with INDIAN citizenship (no OCI/NRI). Preferably based in Extended DELHI/NCR Area. Fixed INR 20,000/Year When replying, start your bid subject with "RDIR" so we can ignore automatic replies.

I'm in need of a skilled developer to integrate a Retail Merchant Services (RMS) payment gateway with my existing WooCommerce site. The primary focus will be on the payment transaction process, ensuring it aligns smoothly with my current shopping cart and checkout workflow. INTEGRATION WILL BE FORM (offsite CPI compliant) **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in WooCommerce and WordPress - Previous work with RMS gateway integration DEVELOPER - Guide - - Strong focus on secure transaction processing - Ability to maintain website aesthetics during integration **Requirements:** - Integrate RMS payment gateway ensuring high transaction security - Keep the user experience simple and seamless during checkout, as client visits

...Understanding of RESTful APIs to connect Android applications to back-end services - Knowledge in implementing secure payment gateways - Ability to design a seamless and intuitive user interface **Project Scope:** - Design and develop the e-commerce app for Android devices - Set up a user-friendly product browsing system - Implement a secure login and registration feature for users - Create a shopping cart and checkout process - Integrate payment processing functionality - Ensure the app is optimized for various Android devices **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Previous experience with e-commerce app development - Strong portfolio showcasing Android apps developed - Expertise in UI/UX design for mobile apps - Familiarity with database management and security measures for e-c...

...website for my business, designed to sell a curated selection of products, fewer than 50 in total. This platform will not only be my primary sales channel but also a critical component of my brand's digital presence. ## Key Requirements: - **E-commerce Functionality**: The website should be robust, user-friendly, and optimized for sales. It needs to include features such as product pages, a shopping cart, and an easy checkout process. - **Payment Integration**: Seamless integration with PayPal and Direct Credit Card Processing is crucial. Security and ease of use for the customer are top priorities. - **Design and User Experience**: While I'm open to recommendations on the design, the website must be visually appealing, brand-aligned, and easy to navigate. It shoul...

I'm seeking a talented wordsmith with expertise in both content writing and food & beverages industry. The primary need is creating vivid and compelling product descriptions. Key Requirements: - Experience in content writing, specifically produc...product descriptions. Key Requirements: - Experience in content writing, specifically product descriptions. - Understanding of food and beverage industry. - Strong research skills. - Ability to deliver engaging and clear content. Our mission is to provide descriptions that not only articulate our product features but also appeal to our customers' senses and emotions, enhancing their overall shopping experience. If you can craft descriptions that make our customers' mouths water and their tastebuds tingle, you are ...

I'm seeking a freelancer with expertise in Wix website redesign to elevate my grocery website to the next level. My goal is to create a more engaging and efficient online shopping experience for app users through a comprehensive website overhaul. The ideal candidate for this project will possess a combination of design creativity, technical proficiency, and a user-centric approach to website development. Key Requirements: - **Layout and Design:** Transform the existing layout into a minimalistic yet aesthetic design that captivates and retains customer attention. I am looking for clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a professional finish that seamlessly blends with my brand identity. - **Content Organization:** Restructure the website content to enhance navigation and user

...Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Marketing Manager Sales Director Business Development Manager Digital Marketing Manager Founder Industries: (Small to medium enterprises: Revenue less than less than $1Mn) E-commerce Technology/Software Marketing and Advertising Retail Manufacturing Finance and Banking Health and Wellness Hospitality Consulting Education Geography: United States United Kingdom Canada India Number of columns: Contact Name Designation E-Mail ID Company Name Website Industry Type Location Preferred Skills: - Experience in market research and contact discovery. - Familiarity with tech startups. - Precision and attention to detail. - Strong understanding of data protection and privacy guidelines. Note: I need 20 Samples to consider candidature. Please do check the s...

My ecommerce store needs expert assistance in augmenting shopping cart functionality on the Xcart platform. Key Deliverables: - Enhance shopping cart functionality - Incorporate a multi-currency feature supporting both USD and Euro Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in Xcart development - Proficient in payment system integrations - In-depth understanding of currency conversions, especially USD and Euro. Your role will be pivotal in providing a seamless shopping experience to our international customers.

...e-commerce platform is to provide a seamless and inclusive shopping experience for customers worldwide. Therefore, it is essential that the website supports multiple languages to cater to a diverse customer base. Additionally, while my primary focus is on integrating UPI as the payment method, I am open to suggestions on including other popular and secure payment options that could enhance the user experience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in creating e-commerce platforms - Experience in developing multilingual websites - Skilled in integrating payment methods, particularly UPI, and potentially others like credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency - Strong understanding of user experience (UX) design to ensure a seamless shopping experience - Knowledge of ...

...quick rundown of what I need: **Key Features to Implement:** - **Customer Redirection:** Set up a system that automatically detects the location of visitors and redirects UK and EU customers to our dedicated UK site. This feature should ensure a smooth, region-specific shopping experience without manual input from the user. - **Product Catalog Expansion:** Efficiently add new products to our site. I will provide all necessary product details and images. - **Seamless Shopping Cart and Payment Integration:** Ensure that the shopping cart and payment gateway work flawlessly, especially focusing on the user experience for our UK/EU audience. **Important Skills and Experience:** - **Proven Shopify Expertise:** Extensive experience in developing and customizing Shopify ...

I am...web developer to create an e-commerce website for my business. Key Requirements: - The main purpose of this website is to allow users to purchase products directly. - The website should integrate both credit card and PayPal payment methods for a smooth transaction process. Ideal Candidate: - An experienced e-commerce web developer with a strong background in creating secure and user-friendly shopping platforms. - Proven ability to integrate diverse payment methods effectively. - An eye for detail and usability to ensure a smooth customer journey for potential buyers. By applying for this project, you should be able to demonstrate previous projects you've completed that meet these requirements. Your creativity, technical skills, and experience are key to the success o...

...that not only serves as a marketplace but also stands out in terms of design and user experience. **What I'm Looking For:** - **Shopify Expertise**: You should have a solid background in setting up and customizing Shopify stores. Experience with both product types is essential. - **Design and User Experience**: A keen eye for design that aligns with our brand, ensuring a seamless and engaging shopping experience for our customers. - **SEO and Marketing**: Knowledge of SEO best practices and digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and sales. - **Integration Savvy**: Familiarity with integrating payment gateways that support both physical and digital sales, as well as setting up secure and efficient delivery/download mechanisms for all products. - **Adaptability**: Sinc...

"""" Automatic bids won't be considered """" I'm looking for an expert Express Js developer who is well-versed with the Svelte framework. This t...who is well-versed with the Svelte framework. This task is for an individual person only, companies don't bid here. I have a project which is already live. You need to add some new features in it. Key Requirements: - Mastery in Express Js is a must - Proficiency in using Svelte for full-stack development (both frontend and backend) - Developer should be good in English and Hindi language. - India -based (preferably) This is a time-sensitive project and the selected candidate is expected to meet the established deadline. This will be an excellent opportunity for someone who want...

This project aims to update and analyze information on the industrial classification of main and marginal workers, excluding cultivators and agricultural laborers, categorized by sex, section, division, and class in India . The primary objective is to provide precise and relevant data for policy-making and employment planning.

I am seeking a talented individual to build a Shopify store that will not only showcase my physical products ...brands - Ability to integrate various payment and shipping options **Project Requirements:** - Develop a Shopify store for selling physical products - Incorporate an elegant and luxurious design theme throughout the store - Implement product customization options for an enhanced shopping experience - Ensure the website is user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and SEO-optimized I am looking for a freelancer who has a keen eye for detail, a strong understanding of the luxury market, and the technical skills to create a shopping experience that matches the high quality of my products. If you have a portfolio demonstrating your expertise in similar projects, please includ...

I'm looking for a proficient mobile app d...groceries delivered. Features That Must Be Included: * Real-time tracking: This is critical so that customers will be able to monitor their deliveries in real-time, ensuring transparency and efficiency. * Discounts and offers system: A sophisticated system for creating and managing discounts and special offers will be essential to attract and retain app users. * Shopping list suggestions: Ability to recommend grocery items based on shopping history or popular items to improve user experience. The ideal candidate should have prior experience in developing similar apps and understanding of the grocery retail industry would be a plus. Proficiency in both Android and iOS app development is a must. Strong UI/UX design skills are ...

...custom built. The site must be optimised to handle 50-100 products and encompass vital e-commerce features such as a smooth functioning shopping cart, competent payment gateway, and an easily navigable customer review section. Key skills and experience: - Proficient in E-commerce website building - Strong experience with shopping cart and payment gateway integration - Knowledge in creating user-centric customer review sections - Ability to monitor and optimise the website for best results - Experience in maintaining security and privacy standards. Deliverables: - An e-commerce website designed to facilitate 50-100 products - Efficient integration of shopping cart and payment gateway - A responsive customer review section. The ideal candidate should be detail-...

...relevant experience in e-commerce website design, with a particular emphasis on catering to a youthful, trendy audience. An understanding of UI/UX design principles and experience in the home decor industry will be highly valuable. The ability to advise on SEO best practices for product listings will also be appreciated. Applicants should bring forth innovative yet practical ideas to make the shopping experience enjoyable and seamless....

I am seeking a qualified and dedicated website developer to build a portfolio-styled website for my business. - The main functionality of the site needs to include a product catalog, a shopping cart, and a secure payment gateway. - Although the site isn't reliant on an e-commerce platform, the developer should bear in mind, effectively creating an aesthetic and user-friendly shopping journey is essential for my customers. - In terms of experience, potential freelancers should have prior work in developing and designing portfolio websites ideally with a commerce aspect. - Skills in UI/UX design, secure website development, and shop functionality are all important. Please be prepared to show examples of your past work. The right candidate will have the ability to combin...

As a detail-oriented and responsive online store owner catered to the vibrant young adult demographic, I'm requiring a proficient Magento 2 Developer. The main tasks involved will be: - Customizing a Magento 2 theme to align with my vision, while I'm also open to your creative recommendations. - Developing and installing necessary plugins to optimize the store's...Integrating a reliable payment gateway to ensure a seamless checkout for my customers. Ideal candidates should be experienced and skilled in Magento 2 development, plugin development, theme customization, and payment gateway integration. Proven ability to bring creative solutions and design ideas is highly beneficial. Excellent understanding of the trends and preferences of young adults in online shopping ...

I am looking for a proficient web developer to build a mobile responsive e-commerce website. It should be optimized primarily for mobile devices to offer a seamless browsing and shopping experience. Key Responsibilities: - Design, develop, and configure a mobile responsive website from the ground up. - Optimize the site to be fully operational on mobile devices. - Implement an efficient customer review system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in responsive web design. - Extensive experience in e-commerce website development. - Experience with implementing a customer review system.

It is bulk work and long term project. We Require Someone Who Can Make and Shoot Facecam YouTube Videos for me according to script Which We and Everything Will Be Provided by us you just need to Shoot Video According to Script Which We Provide. It is About Fantasy Cricket Dream11 I can pay according to the work per video and We needed someone who can work for long time The ...Script and Everything Will Be Provided by us you just need to Shoot Video According to Script Which We Provide. It is About Fantasy Cricket Dream11 I can pay according to the work per video and We needed someone who can work for long time The video would be around 10-15 mins One should have good communication skills, good acting skills, Good Dialogue delivery, Language-Hindi Gender-Male Country- India

I'm searching for a data researcher adept in conducting comprehensive market data research, focusing specifically on the global polyester market in India and China. The project involves: - Studying production and supply trends, - Analyzing demand and consumption, - Charting price trends and fluctuations, - Comparing global capacity vs China and India capacity. Ideal candidates should have a background in market research within the Technology sector and experience researching multi-dimensional markets. A firm understanding of the polyester market would be a strong advantage. This study aims to give a holistic analysis of the chosen market, from supply chain intricacies to pricing strategies, so meticulous attention to detail and a strategic mindset are crucial.

I'm seeking a talented writer to craft captivating content for a brochure for an IT company. Here are some of the details. About me: I'm a Marketing professional with 15+ years of experience. I have recently started working as a Consultant and I have three clients as of now, all three are in the technology sector. I work very closely with these companies as a part of their team. I am looking for a content writer who specializes in copywriting for brochures, social posts, emailers, ads, etc. About the company: The client is an IT company that offers custom software application development services. It specializes in developing applications using the Microsoft teach-stack. About the project: We are looking to develop an entire sales kit for the company to target its audience. Th...

I am in need of a creative and experienced designer who can bring some sophisticated and elegant appeal to the font design for a tote bag. The font I need to get done are " My Everyday Bag" "My Gym Bag" "My Citywalk Bag" "My Travel Bag" "My Shopping Bag" "My Go-To Bag" "My Picnic Bag" please make the font design creative and interesting and classic! If you could add a little big of drawing or illustration that would be great! I will be paying 10 dollars for each font design and if you have additional drawing added to the design, I will pay extra 5 - 20 dollars. My goal is to have some great original tote bag design, I am happy to see any creative and fun design! Please be bold! I have attached a few designs and...

I'm in need of an exceptional professional to edit and proofread my math IBDP IA that involves graph modeling. The aim of the IA will be to make predictions using historical pollution data from the past 5 years in Dehli, India . An ideal candidate should have a strong knowledge base in: - Data analysis - Calculus - Statistics - Proofreading and editing mathematical content Previous experience with the IBDP IA or similar projects is highly desirable. Excellent attention to detail is a must for the proofreading and editing aspect of this project.

I am looking for legal experts in Coimbatore, India who specialize in Criminal Law(Cheque Case, Consumer Court Case, Arbitration, DRT Case). I require representation in court for an upcoming legal issue that needs to be resolved soon, within a month. Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in Criminal Law in India - Experience representing clients in court - Strong knowledge of Indian legal system and procedures - Excellent communication and negotiation skills - Ability to provide effective legal advice and guidance - Attention to detail and ability to review legal documents thoroughly If you meet these requirements and can provide the necessary legal support within the specified timeline, please submit your proposal.

...e-commerce website tailored to sell products directly to my customers. This platform needs to be user-friendly and visually appealing to ensure a seamless shopping experience. **Requirements:** - Strong experience in e-commerce website development. - Proficiency in creating secure payment gateway integrations, specifically with Google Pay. - Ability to implement advanced search functionality to help users quickly find products. - Skilled in creating responsive designs for optimal viewing on various devices. **Ideal Skills:** - CRM website with WIX and payment integration like google pay This project aims to not only create a shopping platform but also ensure it's engaging and easy for customers to navigate. The successful bidder will be someone who can bring innova...

I'm currently the sole proprietor of a US-based LLC registered in Delaware, specializing in IT services. The goal is to remodel it into...services. Key tasks include: - Handling legal and financial processes of the transition. - Ensuring the new structure complies with all relevant regulations for both countries. - Assuring continuous, seamless business operation during and post transition. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience in corporate restructures across borders, particularly between the US and India . - Deep understanding of company law and taxation in both countries. - Proven ability to work with minimal disruption to ongoing services. Your task is to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining our commitment to our clients througho...

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Bangalore lies in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka. After Mumbai and Delhi, Bangalore is India’s third most populated city with fastest growth in Real estate. Bangalore can be classified into five zones-North, East, West, South and Central. Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka got its name from Kannada word “benda kaalu ooru” which means “boiled beans.” The story behind the name was once the king Veera Ballala of the Vijayanagara kingdom lost his way when returning from hunting and stopped at a lonely cottage. The old woman, who stayed in the cottage, offered boiled beans. King loved the hospitality of old women and grateful to her, King named the city “bende kaalu ooru” which later known Bengaluru and then to Bangalore. The city got many nicknames for its outstanding lifestyles such as “garden city” for well-planned open spaces and “pensioner’s paradise” for good climate. Bangalore was titled “Silicon Valley” after the IT/ITeS industries mushroomed. However, with the boom in Bangalore real estate, the city may be losing its green cover. Bangalore is one of the most sought after city with the rapid growth of Industrial sector and Service Sectors in India leading to high demand for property in Bangalore. Bangalore real estate is one of the prime real estate destinations and demand is driven by the end user. The five pillars of Bangalor’s economy are Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology, Telecom, small and medium scale industrial parks such as Peenya and Jigani, large establishments by public sector companies such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Bharat Electronics Limited, Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) and Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT). Bangalore is India’s fourth largest fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market. Key Projects in Bangalore are Sobha Habitech, Sobha City, Sobha Landscape Phase I & II, Sobha Indraprastha, Sobha Halcyon, Sobha Forest View, Sobha Marvella, Sobha Eternia, Sobha Dewflower, Sobha Lifestyle Legacy, Sobha The Park, Salarpuria Celesta, Salarpuria Greenage Phase II, Salarpuria Sattva Divinity, Salarpuria Sattva Cadenza, Salarpuria Greenage, Salarpuria Sattva East Crest, Brigade Northridge, Brigade Omega, Brigade Lakefront, Brigade Caladium, Brigade Golden Triangle, Brigade Orchards Parkside, Brigade Orchards Deodar, Brigade Meadows, Brigade Orchards Cedar Block, Brigade Wisteria, Brigade Crescent, Brigade Panorama, Brigade Exotica, Brigade Altamont, Bren Palms, Bren Edgewaters, Bren Woods, Bren Imperia, Bren Trillium, Bren Starlight, Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes II, Embassy Springs, Artha Neo Midas, Prestige Song Of The South, Unishire Verzure, Unishire Palazzo, Unishire Terraza, Bren Palms, Shriram Chirping Woods, Shapoorji Pallonji Parkwest Phase 2, RJ Lake Gardenia. Most searched properties in Bangalore are 1 bhk flats in bangalore, plots in bangalore, villas in bangalore, 2 bhk flats in bangalore, 3 bhk flats in bangalore, house in bangalore, plots for sale in bangalore, 1 bhk flats for sale in Whitefield.


The city represents the true cosmopolitan outlook with migration from all over the country that has been driving growth of population as the city witnessed highest growth of population compared to all other metro cities in India. This has led to explosive growth of property in Bangalore. Demand for Bangalore Real estate has been fueled by this large number of migrant population. When compared with Bangalore’s population 2001, in 2011, the city’s population growth is 47.18%, growth of about 30 lakh. Density of Bangalore district for 2011 is 4,381 people per sq. km which was at 2,985 people per sq. km. in previous decade. New job opportunities and cosmopolitan culture of the city leads to growth of population. Bangalore witnessed migration of 2.09 million people in 2001. Information Technology

After US cities like San Francisco, Boston and British capital London, Bangalore stands as 4th largest technology cluster. IT/ITeS sector generates more than two third jobs In Bangalore with presence of leading IT companies of the world, including Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, Oracle, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Cognizant, etc. Electronics City and Whitefield are two main cluster for Bangalore’s IT industry. Besides, the city has 27 Special Economic Zones. Due to these clusters, the pressure on Central Business District (CBD) like MG Road is reduced. The emergence of outer ring road has taken office space market to another level. The outer ring road stretch from Marathalli to Silk Board accounts for more than a 70% of grade-A office supply.


The city connects other parts of Karnataka and neighboring states via important roads like NH-4, NH-7 & NH-209. Bangalore International Airport, 4th busiest airport in the country, is situated in Devanahalli. South Western Railways, one of the 17 railway zones in India, covers most of the railway lines in the state of Karnataka. Bangalore City Railway station (station code SBC) and Yeswantpur Junction (station code YPR) are two important stations for long distance and local trains. Bangalore has a large city bus service and KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) operates numerous intercity city bus services. Private buses are also available to other parts of Karnataka and neighboring states. Namma Metro, rapid transit system, part of East west corridor Phase 1, Reach 1 began its journey on October 20, 2011 between Byappanahalli and Mahatma Gandhi Road.

Bangalore civic administration

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) manages the civic administration of the city. BBMP Bangalore formed in the year 2007 by merging 100 wards of the erstwhile Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP), with seven neighboring City Municipal Councils, one Town Municipal Council and 110 villages around Bangalore. Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is designated as the Planning Authority under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961 and came into existence in 1976 as a successor to the erstwhile City Improvement Trust Board. The authority oversees Bangalore Real Estate and property in Bangalore. Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA), an autonomous body created by the Government of Karnataka under the BMRDA Act 1985, is responsible for the development of the city. Bangalore Metropolitan region is one of the largest in India measuring more than 8000 sq.km. It’s an assemblage of Hoskote, Anekal, Kanakpura, BMICPA, Magadi, Nelamangala and BIAAPA.

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Mystery Shopper Part time Job Work for Bangalore| RNB Research

Briefing of the job opening, full job description, rnb research is looking for students and part time workers who could join their team of mystery shoppers for bangalore location.

12th pass, UG, graduate, PG candidates apply for this part time work option.

You can work even in weekends without leaving your current job or study.

We are looking for people who can help us in evaluating store sales persons of different stores like Pizza Hut, Mc Donald, Nokia Mobile, Sony Camera, HP Stores, You just need to go to these store in your nearby area and pretend to be a real customer and evaluate the sales persons skills and how is he performing his duty (to check if the sales persons are courteous, polite, well dressed etc).

After visiting the store you need to send us your feedback by filling up a questionnaire online like a survey it would be mostly objective questions. This would not take more than 10-15 min of your time and you will be paid for doing these visits.

This job can be done weekends and holiday or after office hours. We have many locations and outlets and you can choose outlets or stores near your office or home or which come on your way so as you need not make extra efforts and still gain additional income.

Interested candidates can respond by email at: [email protected]

Or apply online : rnbresearch.com/mystery-shoppers-form.html

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