1. ⚡ Effects of too much homework. How Does Excessive Homework Affect

    negative effects of homework in high school

  2. Why Homework is Bad for Students? 3 Reasons and 5 Facts!

    negative effects of homework in high school

  3. Positive + Negative Effects of Homework.

    negative effects of homework in high school

  4. The Mental Health Impact of Excessive Homework on Students

    negative effects of homework in high school

  5. Infographic How Does Homework Actually Affect Student

    negative effects of homework in high school

  6. Stress and The Dangers of Homework

    negative effects of homework in high school


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  2. Negative Impact of Homework on Students

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  1. Stanford research shows pitfalls of homework

    Education scholar Denise Pope has found that too much homework has negative effects on student well-being and behavioral engagement. ... large amounts of homework in high-performing schools ...

  2. Is homework a necessary evil?

    Many high school students also seem to be exceeding the recommended amounts of homework. Pope and Galloway recently surveyed more than 4,300 students from 10 high-achieving high schools. ... Galloway, M., Connor, J., & Pope, D. (2013). Nonacademic effects of homework in privileged, high-performing high schools. The Journal of Experimental ...

  3. Why Homework is Bad: Stress and Consequences

    In 2013, research conducted at Stanford University found that students in high-achieving communities who spend too much time on homework experience more stress, physical health problems, a lack of ...

  4. Students' mental health: Is it time to get rid of homework in schools?

    For older students, Kang says, homework benefits plateau at about two hours per night. "Most students, especially at these high achieving schools, they're doing a minimum of three hours, and it's ...

  5. Does homework still have value? A Johns Hopkins education expert weighs

    The necessity of homework has been a subject of debate since at least as far back as the 1890s, according to Joyce L. Epstein, co-director of the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships at Johns Hopkins University. "It's always been the case that parents, kids—and sometimes teachers, too—wonder if this is just busy work ...

  6. Is it time to get rid of homework? Mental health experts weigh in

    The answer may not be to eliminate homework completely, but to be more mindful of the type of work students go home with, suggests Kang, who was a high-school teacher for 10 years.

  7. Health Hazards of Homework

    Health Hazards of Homework. Pediatrics. A new study by the Stanford Graduate School of Education and colleagues found that students in high-performing schools who did excessive hours of homework "experienced greater behavioral engagement in school but also more academic stress, physical health problems, and lack of balance in their lives.".

  8. Homework in High School: How Much Is Too Much?

    Some research suggests that homework is only beneficial up to a certain point. Too much homework can lead to compromised health and greater stress in students. Many students, particularly low-income students, can struggle to find the time to do homework, especially if they are working jobs after school or taking care of family members.

  9. Key Lessons: What Research Says About the Value of Homework

    Too much homework may diminish its effectiveness. While research on the optimum amount of time students should spend on homework is limited, there are indications that for high school students, 1½ to 2½ hours per night is optimum. Middle school students appear to benefit from smaller amounts (less than 1 hour per night).

  10. How Much Homework is Too Much Homework for High Schoolers?

    High school students already have nearly impossible schedules to maintain, especially in an increasingly modern and digital world. ... Rather than harping on the negative effects of too much homework, educators might be inspired to consider the positive effects of assigning less homework, if possible. Create resilient learners, not ...

  11. Is Homework Necessary? Education Inequity and Its Impact on Students

    Negative Effects of Homework for Students. While some amount of homework may help students connect to their learning and enhance their in-class performance, too much homework can have damaging effects. Students with too much homework have elevated stress levels. Students regularly report that homework is their primary source of stress.

  12. (PDF) Investigating the Effects of Homework on Student Learning and

    This ar ticle investigates the effects of homework on student learning and academic. performance, drawing from recent resea rch and studies. The research suggests that homew ork, when ...

  13. Infographic: How Does Homework Actually Affect Students?

    Homework can affect both students' physical and mental health. According to a study by Stanford University, 56 per cent of students considered homework a primary source of stress. Too much homework can result in lack of sleep, headaches, exhaustion and weight loss. Excessive homework can also result in poor eating habits, with families ...

  14. Nonacademic Effects of Homework in Privileged, High-Performing High Schools

    This study used survey data to examine relations among homework, student well-being, and behavioral engagement in a sample of 4,317 students from 10 high-performing high schools in upper middle class communities. Results indicated that students in these schools average more than 3 hr of homework per night.

  15. The Long-Term Effects of Time Use during High School on Positive

    Homework may also teach high school students how to acquire information, solve problems, and learn new things, and these lessons stay with them after they leave school. ... The negative effect of time with peers in largely unsupervised environments is well established (McHale et al., 2001; Osgood & Anderson, 2004; Vandell et al., 2015).

  16. Addressing Student Mental Health Through the Lens of Homework Stress

    homework and its associated academic stress is a high stakes psychosocial domino; a stressor that when not properly addressed, may lead to flagging motivation, negative health outcomes due to chronic stress, and even school failure (Pascoe et al. 2020, Schraml et al. 2012). As future

  17. MOTIVATION AND SOCIAL PROCESSES Nonacademic Effects of Homework in

    Cooper to suggest somewhere between 90 min and 2.5 hr per night as optimal in high school (Cooper, 2008). Nonacademic Effects of Homework Some scholars have looked beyond the effects of homework on achievement to consider home-work's broader benefits (or costs). These studies have examined skill development, engagement,

  18. The Pros and Cons: Should Students Have Homework?

    Homework allows for more time to complete the learning process. School hours are not always enough time for students to really understand core concepts, and homework can counter the effects of time shortages, benefiting students in the long run, even if they can't see it in the moment. 6. Homework Reduces Screen Time.

  19. Stanford research shows pitfalls of homework

    'Nonacademic Effects of Homework in Privileged, High-Performing High Schools,' Journal of Experimental Education (doi: 10.1080/00220973.2012.745469) Update your subscription Email: news-service ...

  20. National survey: Students' feelings about high school are mostly negative

    These momentary assessments told the same story: High school students reported negative feelings 60% of the time. " It was higher than we expected," said co-author and research scientist Zorana Ivcevic. "We know from talking to students that they are feeling tired, stressed, and bored, but were surprised by how overwhelming it was.".

  21. Is Homework Good for Kids? Here's What the Research Says

    A s kids return to school, debate is heating up once again over how they should spend their time after they leave the classroom for the day.. The no-homework policy of a second-grade teacher in ...

  22. Why does homework exist?

    The homework wars are back. By Jacob Sweet Updated Feb 23, 2023, 6:04am EST. As the Covid-19 pandemic began and students logged into their remote classrooms, all work, in effect, became homework ...

  23. Are Schools Too Focused on Mental Health?

    Here, too, he found negative effects. Students who had taken the course reported higher levels of depression and anxiety symptoms six months and 12 months later.