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62 8th Grade Writing Prompts

February 24, 2022 //  by  Sean Kivi

Eighth grade is a massive year for our students ! They are stressed and under pressure as they move towards high school . We can reduce that stress through writing as long as the prompts are meaningful and engaging for our students . We compiled a list of 32 engaging prompts to get your students writing and thinking critically about the message they want to express.

1. What new technology has developed in your lifetime, and how has it helped you?

8th GWP - 1

2. Write a news article outlining the dangers of global warming. 

8th GWP - 2

3. Describe your favorite place to someone who has never been there. What can they do and see?

8th GWP - 3

4. Think about your hobby and write an article explaining its benefits to someone who doesn't know about it. 

8th GWP - 4

5. Describe a unique family tradition of yours to someone that is not in your family. 

8th GWP - 5

6. Write a story informing elementary school kids of how to prepare for middle school.

8th GWP - 6

7. Do you think it is easier to be a boy or a girl? Why?

8th GWP - 7

8. Does online bullying exist? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 8

9. What is the most important piece of information that you can give to an adult?

8th GWP - 9

10. Do you think that free speech should not have consequences?

8th GWP - 10

11. Do you think wearing a uniform to school benefits all students? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 11

12. Sometimes people say boys should not cry. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

8th GWP - 12

13. If you were to make a YouTube channel, what would it be about and why?

8th GWP - 13

14. Do you think 8th graders are young or old? Why?

8th GWP - 14

15. What are you allergic to, and how do you deal with this daily?

8th GWP - 15

16. What do you do when you are sick?

8th GWP - 16

17. Why are writing skills important?

8th GWP - 17

18. Do you prefer to watch TV or read books? Why is this better?

8th GWP - 18

19. Describe a food that someone has never eaten to them. How will it taste, smell and feel?

8th GWP - 19

20. Write a letter to a friend who has just lost a family member.

8th GWP - 20

21. Write a letter to your grandma teaching her how to use an iPhone.

8th GWP - 21

22. Write a letter to your principal convincing them to let you start a school club.

8th GWP - 22

23. Describe your daily routine to someone who lives in Japan. 

8th GWP - 23

24. What does "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" mean, and where did it originate?

8th GWP - 24

25. Think about all of the plastic waste in the ocean. Write a solution essay for this problem.

8th GWP - 25

26. Why is it important to conserve the rainforest?

8th GWP - 26

27. Should people be allowed to travel anywhere in the world without a passport? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 27

28. What is haggis, and would you eat it? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 28

29. Do all states have the same laws? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 29

30. Pretend you are a soldier in the American Revolution. What would you do when you hear "The British are coming?"

8th GWP - 30

31. Write a letter to the founding fathers making suggestions of reasonable changes to the constitution.

8th GWP - 31

32. Write a response to this quote by Frida Kahlo "I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality". What does she mean by this, and how can you do this?

8th GWP - 32

33. We are becoming too dependent on technology. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

8th GWP 33

34. Should children be allowed to vote in political elections, such as Presidential elections? Why or why not?

8th GWP 34

35. Write a daily journal entry from the perspective of yourself in 5 years' time.

8th GWP 35

36. Should the wealthiest people in the world be made to give up some of their money to help those who are less well-off?

8th GWP 36

37. Are boys and girls treated equally? 

8th GWP 37

38. Write a fictional story that is set in your hometown.

8th GWP 38

39. The school board should ban junk food on school grounds/property. Why or why not?

8th GWP 39

40. Write a fictional story using the following opener: "There, on the hill, there was a figure. The figure was standing tall and straight as if waiting for someone, or something."

8th GWP 40

41. Describe the day of your proudest moment.

8th GWP 41

42. Think about how you could improve your school for yourself and for your fellow students. Write a letter to your school board with your ideas. 

8th GWP 42

43. Exams and tests should be banned in school. Why or why not?

8th GWP 43

44. Do eighth graders have the toughest time at school compared to every other grade? Why or why not?

8th GWP 44

45. What are 5 easy things we can do in our daily lives to look after our planet?

8th GWP 45

46. Cell phones should be locked away at the start of the school day and only given back at the end. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

8th GWP 46

47. Describe your dream family vacation. Where would you go? Who would you go with? What would you do?

8th GWP 47

48. Write a letter to your favorite teacher in your school telling them why they are your favorite and what it is about them that you appreciate. 

8th GWP 48

49. Who is an admirable person or a famous person that you find inspiring? Write about who they are and why you are inspired by them. 

8th GWP 49

50. Write contrasting character descriptions for two fictional characters. Remember to include physical appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and anything else you think is relevant.

8th GWP 50

51. Write to your U.S. Representative or Mayor about bullying in schools and what you think can be done to tackle this issue.

8th GWP 51

52. Should there be a limit on wealth or a maximum amount of money one person can have? Why or why not?

8th GWP 52

53. Write a letter to the seventh graders at your school offering them a piece of advice, telling them what they need to know and what they should do to be successful in the eighth grade next year.

8th GWP 53

54. You are the writer for the local paper's advice column. Answer this question a reader has sent in: "My daughter keeps ignoring the chores she needs to do after school and wants to play her Xbox instead. How do I get my daughter to do her chores? I don't want to take her Xbox away but if she doesn't start doing her chores, I'll need to!"

8th GWP 54

55. Write a recount of your earliest memory.

8th GWP 55

56. If you were Principal for the day what would you do? 

8th GWP 56

57. If you could live in any other country in the world, where would you live and why?

8th GWP 57

58. An advanced artificial intelligence robot has landed on Earth and threatened to destroy our planet. You must write to it and convince it not to.

8th GWP 58

59. If you were creating a sports team with your fellow students, what sport would you play, who would play what position, and why?

8th GWP 59

60. You are stuck on a desert island. What five items do you bring with you and why?

8th GWP 60

61. Write a character profile about one of your favorite television characters.

8th GWP 61

62. Write a letter to yourself, to open on the first day at school next year.

8th GWP 62

We are working on something really cool.

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8th Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets

Related ela standard: w.8.2.b.

A great process to start with students at this level is to have them write a daily journal. When they have a less than active day or draw a blank have them use writing prompts to get them going. A writing prompt that directly relates to students ' lives will take off like you won 't believe. Your best option with these activities is to let students explore where they want to go with them. At the 8th grade level, we are working with students to be a little more independent and adaptable with their ability to write for purpose. 8th grade students should have a good command of writing to inform, entertain, or persuade. 8th graders should also have solid grammar and sentence mechanics skills. We are hoping that have mastered spelling of vocabulary words that are at their grade level or less. These worksheets will provide students with a collection of deep thinking writing prompts to get them writing and practicing their 8th grade level skills.

8th Grade Writing Prompts Worksheets:

Follow the Money - This writing prompt is pretty deep. If we focus on the quality of our food supply, wouldn't we be healthier? Conduct some brief research, if necessary, to better understand the topic. Then take a position, developing the topic with relevant, well‐chosen facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples. Write several paragraphs which completely answer the prompt.

The Human Race? - Look at both extreme measures of it. What are the best and worst qualities of the human race?

Time Travel - If you jumped back to the 1700s, what skills or knowledge would you bring? What knowledge would you want to take back with you to help make your life better?

A Second Chance at Life - A few hundred years is a bit of stretch, I think. If you were to awake several hundred years from now as the first successful cryogenic patient ever, to find that what killed you has been cured, and you are once again healthy, what would be your first thoughts? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of living out your life in this future time period?

Human Progress? - How are we doing as a species? Do you think people are getting better (smarter, kinder, gentler, stronger, healthier, etc.) or worse than they were three, four or five hundred years ago, or do you think that human nature has stayed pretty much the same? How?

The Parent Trap - Are there advantages to being an older parent? Are there disadvantages? What are they?

To Be or Not to Be (a Law) - Imagine a society in which there are no laws. What one thing would you like to do that you are not able to do now?

America's Greatest Moment - What do you think is the most significant moment in American history?

My Favorite... - What is the best type of music, or genre of book or movie? Why? Students love writing prompts that asks them about their favorite things.

If the Shoes Fit... - There is an old saying, "You can't really understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes." Do you think that this is true?

What's Wrong with Politics? - How would you reform our political system? Do you think politicians should have term limits?

Conspiracy! - A conspiracy theory is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

A Window to the Past - Choose someone from American history (living or dead) and imagine you are able to talk to them for half an hour.

Trucks are for Boys, Tinkerbell is for Girls. . . Says Who? - Do you feel that too many things are targeted specifically to boys or to girls?

The Department of Parenting - What do you think makes a good parent? Do you think that there should be some kind of licensing or screening program in order to have children?

Ideas for 8th Grade Essay Projects

Eighth grade is an educational year that serves as the most important platform for high school for any student. During this grade, the students need to put all their efforts in studies to have a successful future. Eighth graders should have a strong grip on writing and must be creative with the ideas while they write anything.

The most difficult phase for an eighth-grader is where he or she has to select a topic for an essay project. While choosing a topic for such a project, students must be creative and choose something that is according to their interest.

Given below are some ideas to help eighth-graders with their essay projects:

Narrative Essays

One can choose a story as the topic for an essay that can be written in narrative form. In narrative essays, the writer writes about a series of events that had happened in the past. In other words, the writer talks about something that happened and affected the writer. Some ideas for narrative essays include how I spent my holidays, my first day at school, the most exciting day of my life, and other such scenarios.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays describe the events, objects, or people in great details. The writer appealingly describes the selected topic in such essays. For a descriptive essay, the eighth graders can write either on my favorite teacher, the best book I have read, my favorite memory, or other such topics.

Imaginative Essays

Eighth graders can write very creatively and enjoy their writing on an imaginative topic. The examples for such topics include what if the earth was flat, what if dinosaurs still existed, and what is inside a candy land. Writing imaginative essays is easier than writing a narrative or descriptive ones because in such topics, a writer can write whatever comes to his or her mind.

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100 Cool 8th Grade Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts |

Disclosure: The content on this site is free. Some of the links below are affiliate links from companies like Amazon.com and if you click the links and make a purchase we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you in advance if you decide to support our site by using our affiliate links!

100 Cool 8 th Grade Writing Prompts

When students reach the 8 th grade, they’re ready to write longer and in-depth pieces. Here are 100 writing prompts that will help you bring out the best out of your students, including those who are reluctant writers.

In this post, we have for you:

  • Creative writing prompts
  • Journal writing prompts
  • Opinion writing prompts
  • Narrative writing prompts
  • Counter-argument writing prompts
  • Expository writing prompts

paragraph writing prompts grade 8

Creative Writing Prompts for 8 th Grade

  • Which is one place you would like to go to for a vacation? Explain why you have picked this place and what you plan to do there?
  • Your teacher has asked you to share a lesson with the students of the 5 th grade. Explain what you will share and why?
  • The local authorities want you to design a neighborhood for the future. Using specific details and examples share your vision.
  • Is it really true that no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted? Share examples to support your viewpoint.
  • If you could bring one change into the world, what would it be and why?
  • A legendary jazz musician once said, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” Do you agree? Use examples to support your viewpoint.
  • Name one thing that you would like to accomplish in the future. Share details regarding why it is so important for you and how you plan to achieve your goal.
  • If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be and why?
  • You may have heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” What’s your opinion? Use specific details and examples to back up your viewpoint.
  • If you could make a significant change to the appearance or structure of your city, what would it be and why?
  • Your school is thinking about making some changes to the dress code, and they have asked you for a recommendation. What would you recommend and why?
  • You may have heard the old phrase: honesty is the best policy. But sometimes speaking honestly might hurt someone else’s feelings. Do you agree or not? Use examples and specific details to support your position.
  • Your city’s mayor wants you to recommend one improvement to make the community better? Explain your idea for improving your community and why it should be implemented.
  • If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would you pick?
  • Write a short story about what life would be like if you lived in the cold deserts of Mongolia.

paragraph writing prompts grade 8

Journal writing prompts for 8 th Grade

  • Write a journal beginning with words…”One thing that I am sure about is…”
  • Write about your first memories from childhood.
  • Write about your first day in the school.
  • Write a journal beginning with words…”The strangest person I ever got to know was…”
  • Write a journal beginning with words…”There are so many things in the world that I find really annoying such as…”
  • Describe a book you recently read or a movie you recently watched.
  • Your city is considering outlawing the buying of energy drinks by those under age 16. What’s your take on this? Use examples to explain your position.
  • Write a journal that begins with words…”My proudest moment was…”
  • Write a journal that begins with words…”One time I really got scared of was when…”
  • Write a journal beginning with words… “Last night I was kidnapped by aliens and taken to….”
  • If you were to be allowed to meet the President for 20 minutes, what would you say to him and why?
  • Describe a favorite movie or book. Why do you like it so much?
  • Tell about a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. What did you do to make it up to him or her?
  • Describe your favorite fictional character.
  • Write about your first crush.
  • After reading a piece on bullying on social media, your dad wants you to stay miles away from Facebook, Instagram, and the rest. Tell him he’s over-reacting.
  • Write a short story on a typical day in the life of an eighth grader.
  • Tell a story about something happened to one of your friends.
  • Describe what you believe your life would be like when you turn 30.
  • List 15 questions you would like to ask God.

Opinion Writing prompts for 8 th Grade

  • Being which is harder at your age—a girl or boy? Explain why.
  • How being emotionally strong is different than being physically strong?
  • Is it really possible to fall in love at the first sight? Explain your viewpoint.
  • Do you think bullying in school is just as prevalent as before? What steps can be taken to curb this menace?
  • Do you think internet make relationships stronger? Or does it have the opposite effect of driving people apart?
  • Many say that teens are spending more time in the front of a screen than ever before. Do you agree? How can teens cut down on their screen time?
  • Does social media increase peer pressure and bullying? What’s your opinion?
  • How can we win the war against climate change? Give five recommendations.
  • If you could give one piece of advice to a seventh grader, what would it be?
  • People often lie on the internet. How can we tell whether someone we have met on the net is lying or telling the truth?
  • Some teenagers today have a phone addiction. Do you have that problem or do you know someone who has it? What’s the solution to this problem?
  • Gaming addiction is rampant in teens. How can we tackle this problem? What are your suggestions?
  • Will shifting to electric vehicles be enough to significantly reduce carbon emissions? Use well-researched points to support your position.
  • Should it be mandatory for students to participate in at least one extracurricular activity? Do you agree? Use specific details to support your position.
  • Should group projects be assigned in the school, since one uncooperative member can affect the entire group? Do you agree? Use specific details to support your position.

Narrative writing prompts for 8 th grade

  • What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent?
  • How can be bullying in schools be prevented?
  • Write a bedtime story for a child.
  • Describe a watershed event in your life.
  • Pick one of your favorite moments in the history. Why do you think it is so special?
  • What is hardest thing about being an 8 th grader?
  • What is the best thing about being an 8 th grader?
  • Is growing up hard as many say? Use specific details to support your position.
  • If you could cure one disease, which one would it be and why?
  • If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be and why?
  • Is it better to be naturally gifted at something or to be a fast learner? Why?
  • Do you think we are overly-dependent on technology? Use examples to support your viewpoint.
  • How is artificial intelligence changing the way we live and work? Use specific examples when talking about its impact.
  • Write a poem about graduation.
  • What is the hardest thing about getting older?
  • Is the glass full or half-empty? Why?
  • What are the best ways to cope with stress in life?
  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?
  • If you go back in time and change one thing that you have done in the past, what would it be and why?
  • Have you ever really had a weird dream? Describe it in detail.

paragraph writing prompts grade 8

Counter-Argument writing prompts for 8 th grade

  • Many parents think students shouldn’t be provided with cell phones as they tend to easily get distracted by them. Write an argument in favor of allowing cell phones to students.
  • Some people think that bullying is common on social media channels. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Some think there’s nothing in the world that’s more important than fame. What’s your opinion?
  • Is gaming addiction in teens a real problem or is it just a hyperbole? What do you think?
  • Some think dogs make the best pet, some think cats. What’s your opinion?
  • Do ghosts exist? Some paranormal investigators use photographs as “proof” of their existence. Is that enough proof?
  • Some schools require students to wear uniforms because they think that helps reduce bullying. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Crying is a sign of weakness, some say. Do you think that’s wrong? Explain your position.
  • You would have heard the old saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Do you think that’s really the case? Explain your position.
  • Some think that close friends need to share the same core values. Explain why you disagree.

Expository writing prompts for 8 th Grade

  • What is your earliest memory?
  • What is your favorite job? Describe a typical day in that job.
  • What does it mean to be a part of the community?
  • Why is it important to celebrate accomplishments such as graduation?
  • What qualities make a person good listener?
  • What qualities one need to become a good team man?
  • What is the best thing about graduating this year?
  • Describe your first birthday that you remember.
  • Imagine your dream home. Describe all the rooms in it.
  • What is the coolest place you’ve ever been? Describe it.
  • What is the strangest place you’ve ever been? Describe it.
  • Write about one family vacation that didn’t go according to the plan. What happened? 
  • Summarize the plot of your favorite movie or book to someone who has not watched or read it.
  • What qualities one needs to become a good friend?
  • What is more important — to earn more money or to be an honest person?
  • How does your family typically spend the weekend?
  • How are race and nationality two different things?
  • How is being wise is not the same thing as being smart?
  • How important is to workout daily? Explain the benefits of being physically fit.
  • How important it is for students to learn to budget their time? How can one improve this skill?

We hope these exciting prompts will help your students get started writing everything from in-depth essays to journals and, more importantly, enjoy their writing.

And if you need more writing prompts, we’ve got your back.

Here are some other cool free writing prompts for kids by grade:

  • 3 rd grade writing prompts
  • 4 th grade writing prompts
  • 5 th grade writing prompts
  • 6 th grade writing prompts
  • 7 th grade writing prompts
  • Middle school writing prompts

Plus, you can find Fiction writing prompts here

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100 Persuasive Writing Prompts for Writers aged 8 to 18

Home » Blog » 100 Persuasive Writing Prompts for Writers aged 8 to 18

Being able to state your ideas and offer evidence for your arguments is an excellent skill to have! If you can convince people that you are right, you will be able to achieve so much more within your job, with your friends and new people that you meet.

Persuasive writing is about trying to get the reader to agree with your opinion or ideas. To be able to express what you want and what you believe to be true, we at Summer Boarding Courses have put together these 100 persuasive writing prompts to help you exercise your tactics!

Persuasive Writing Prompts for Writers

We have 25 fun writing prompts for each age group below that we teach at Summer Boarding Courses in the UK.

Present your arguments like a pro, build upon your critical thinking skills and communicate seamlessly through your writing with these opinion writing prompts.

But first, before you begin to write, you must consider the following…

Which audience are you trying to persuade?

Who are your trying to persuade? Is it your friends, your teachers, the manager of a company or the whole community that you live within? Different groups of people have different wishes, ideas, needs and wants. Think carefully about what appeals to the group you are trying to convince.

For example, if you are student arguing that school break times should be longer to your student friends, they may be easier to persuade than the teachers!

Students love to hang out with their friends, go outside, do sport and eat delicious food.

However, if you are trying to convince the teachers at your school that break times should be longer, they may feel stressed and unsure about this. They have lessons that they need to deliver to you, work goals to meet, and your education and learning is at the forefront of their minds.

If you can convince them that you can complete your learning is less time, they might just agree that longer break times are a good idea!

Always try and appeal to each person’s perspective so that you can convince as best as you can.

two male students and teacher in class lowres

Be kind and respectful

We can all have different ideas about what is right, wrong, correct and unusual. Be respectful and kind when arguing in your speech or writing about what you are standing for. We are all entitled to our opinion, and for many issues, there are pros and cons for each side that we take.

Here are some key phrases that you can use to help yourself get your point across clearly and politely:

‘In my opinion…’

‘I feel that…’

‘Others must agree that…’

‘It seems to me that…’

‘Some people believe that…’

‘For this reason…’

‘I agree that…’

‘On the other hand…’


young smiling student writing in class lowres

Introduce your argument in the first paragraph

Start your piece with an introductory paragraph that states your argument. This paragraph will clearly tell the reader what your opinion is and what you are standing for.

Support your argument with at least three pieces of evidence

Most people will not be convinced of your ideas unless you can show them evidence. This evidence can be qualitative or quantitative.

Qualitative evidence

Qualitative evidence is descriptive information that can come from a personal story, an interview, a drawing or a photograph. You can find this information from personally talking to people about their experiences.

Quantitative evidence

Quantitative evidence is about numbers, statistics and concrete data. This information can come from surveys, official records and experiments which carefully follow methods to try and ensure accurate information. Many people prefer to see quantitative evidence, as personal stories collected for qualitative evidence can sometimes be inaccurate.

Show that you understand the different sides to your argument

A clear and coherent writer who is putting their argument forward will have taken the time to consider other points of view different to their own. Show the reader that you understand and can see what else people may argue. Try and have a good answer back to these thoughts.

If you have evidence to support your counterargument, even better!

Ask questions

Ask your reader questions to get them to think about what you are arguing. This way, you can challenge their point of view.

They will start thinking about other perspectives that they may not have considered before.

If you’re stuck: think about a time where you did convince someone

Has there been a time in the past where you did successfully manage to persuade someone to see your point of view? Think about this time carefully.

How did you manage to convince the person? What strategies and language did you use?

Has there been a time where you were persuaded by someone?

Channel these techniques into your writing to put forward the best argument you can.

learning english teacher and student in class lowres

Finish your argument with a strong closing statement

Summarise your ideas and reinforce your argument so that readers are reminded about why your argument is valid. This is your last chance to sway their opinion!

Find below our 100 essay writing prompts to help you practice your persuasive skills.

25 Persuasive Young Kids Writing Prompts

Are you looking for 4th grade and 5th grade writing prompts? Or prompts for ages a little younger or older for kids? Here are our 20 writing persuasive prompts for students aged 8 to 12!

I should be able to go to bed when I want.

All classrooms should have a class pet.

There needs to a be a non-school uniform day every week.

You can only eat apples or oranges for the next week. Which one will you eat? Why?

I should be allowed to stay home alone.

There should be no homework at school.

Break times at school should be longer.

People should be fined for dropping litter.

I should be allowed to eat ice cream every day.

All students should learn how to cook.

Persuade your family to let you open a birthday present the day before your birthday.

Persuade your family to give you twice as much pocket money.

If you could have any pet, what would it be? Convince your family why you should care for it.

Convince your friend to swap their packed lunch with yours.

Students should be allowed to pick their own seats in class.

Persuade your family to watch the film you want to watch.

Dogs are better than cats.

School holidays should be longer.

Imagine in the future, you can live on land or underwater. Which one would you choose? Why?

You have to live in another country. Which one do you choose? Why?

Convince your family to let you watch your favourite TV programme.

Students should be allowed to choose their teacher.

Students should have 3-day weekends.

You can only play one sport for the next month. What is it? Why?

Students who are late to school should do a chore for their class.

You can choose one superhero power to help others: fly or stop time. Which one do you choose? Why?

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25 Prompts for Persuasive Writing for Older Kids

Here are 25 writing persuasive prompts for students aged 11 to 15. If you’re looking for 7th grade and 8th grade writing prompts particularly, these are for you!

Mobile phones should be allowed to be used in the classroom.

It should be made mandatory to eat vegetables every day at school.

The school day should start later and end later in the day.

There should be a computer game room at school.

All students should learn at least 2 languages in school.

Students should be able to wear whatever they want at school.

Students should be taught only how to type; not write with pen and paper.

The first lesson of school every day should be exercise.

Facebook states that you must be at least 13 years old to have a Facebook account. Is this fair?

Persuade your brother/sister to do your house chores for one week.

Smoking should be banned in all public areas.

Teachers must wear a uniform to school. What is the uniform? Why?

Family should only give pocket money if chores are completed.

Persuade your teacher to let you eat your favourite snacks in class.

We should all learn how to grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Persuade your family to take you on holiday to a destination you want to go to.

Persuade your friend who doesn’t like sports to play your favourite sport with you.

Fast food like chips and pizza should be served everyday in the school canteen. Yes or no?

Persuade your family to let you stay at your friend’s house.

Teachers should not be allowed to have their cell phone in the classroom.

There should be one day per week where the whole nation must be vegetarian.

Fizzy drinks should be banned from school.

Students should be paid for getting good grades.

Is it better to have enough money, or too much money?

I should decide what time my bedtime is.

laughing and smiling students in class lowres

25 Ideas for Argumentative Writing Prompts for Teenagers

These writing prompts are great for students aged 13 to 16!

Teenagers should not do any chores at home.

All students should teach one lesson to their class each term.

Students should be allowed to use their mobile phones at any time in school.

All students should volunteer in their community once every week.

Persuade your friend to help you with your homework.

Imagine you can create a new class to be taught in your school. What subject would it be? Why should it be taught?

Students who commit cyber-bullying should be suspended from school. Yes or no? Why?

The voting age should be lowered to age 13.

Persuade your teacher to have their lessons outside in the Summer.

Persuade your family to let you redecorate your bedroom.

Imagine that you have been granted a ticket to live on Mars. If you go, you are not allowed to come back to Earth. Would you go? Why?

Textbooks should be replaced by tablets or e-readers.

Persuade your teacher to end their class 10 minutes early.

Persuade your teacher to let your class have a party.

Imagine that you are given 1 million pounds to improve your neighbourhood. What would you do with the money? Why are your ideas the right thing to do?

Persuade your teacher to not set your class homework for the next month.

Everyone under the age of 17 should have to stay in after 9pm.

People should only be allowed to drive their cars 4 days a week to minimise pollution.

Country life is better than city life.

All students should be allowed to study abroad once per year.

Teenagers under the age of 15 should not be allowed to have a Facebook page.

The internet should be free for everyone.

Everyone should eat vegan food one day per week.

All school classes should be outdoors in the forest.

25 Young Adult Persuasive Essay Prompts

These quick writing prompts for students aged 15 to 17 will have you scribbling away to get your point across!

All students should learn how to make YouTube videos.

People should pay extra tax when they buy drinks in plastic bottles.

Humans are living longer, to the point where we may become immortal in the future. Would living forever be a good? Argue your point of view.

Students should be allowed to listen to their own music on headphones when working in class. Argue your viewpoint.

Teenagers around the world should not be allowed to drive until they are 18.

You have been given money to hold a major event in your hometown. What would the event be about or for? Why should people come?

Imagine you want to be the next president of your country. Why should people vote for you?

Convince your friend to lend you something special of theirs.

Persuade your family to let you study overseas at a Summer School next year.

Imagine that you have been given the chance to interview for your dream job. Convince the boss that you are the person they should choose.

Persuade your family to watch a movie on Netflix that you want to watch.

You have just started a new business making a phone better than the iPhone. Explain what features your phone has, that makes it much better than Apple’s.

Persuade a friend to come to a new activity group with you that they are feeling anxious about.

Aliens exist. True or false? Argue your point of view.

All young adults should be required by law to volunteer in their community once every week. Yes or no?

Mathematics class is more important than music class. Yes or no? Why?

City life is better than country life.

Driving tests should be mandatory every year after you are 65 years old.

Students who bully others should be suspended from school.

There should be one currency for the whole world.

Recycling should be a legal requirement for every household.

Life is better than it was 10 years ago.

Girls and boys should study separately in school.

You can choose to put one celebrity on your country’s highest-value banknote. Who is the celebrity? Why should they be placed on the note?

Life is better without a computer.

Are you ready to improve your persuasive writing?

We hope you have enjoyed these free writing prompts! This is your chance to change the world in which we live through your thoughts!

If you want to work on your writing in English, try and aim to make these your daily writing prompts! We also recommend using pictures as writing prompts. Looking at pictures with writing prompts, rather than just seeing a sentence, can help you create your arguments and ideas if you are a  visual learner .

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