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Egyptian life and culture

primary homework help ancient egypt

Who were the Egyptians?

Egypt is a country in Africa. People have lived in that region for thousands and thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians settled around the Nile River, and built pyramids that you can still see there today.

The Ancient Egyptians knew a lot about maths, medicine and farming. They also made their own paper out of reeds called papyrus, and wrote using pictures called hieroglyphics.

Top 10 facts

  • The Egyptians settled in northeast Africa, and that’s where the country of Egypt is today.
  • They lived in a very dry area, but they got water from the Nile River (the longest river in the world!) so they could grow crops.
  • Farming techniques to water crops included using machines like the sakia and the shaduf – these are still used in Egypt today.
  • The Egyptians created paper using reeds, called papyrus. They wrote using pictures called hieroglyphics that stood for different words.
  • Only certain people studied how to write, and they worked as scribes.
  • Scribes were ranked in the middle of the order of social groups in Egypt – the pharaoh was at the very top of this list, and slaves were at the very bottom.
  • The Egyptians built pyramids as places to bury their kings and queens, who were called pharaohs.
  • The Egyptians were very good at maths – they had to be, to work out how to build pyramids so perfectly!
  • Both men and women wore make-up. The wealthier people were, the more make-up they’d wear.
  • Egypt was conquered by Rome and became part of the Roman Empire .

Egyptian timeline

  • c7500 BC People began to build homes and farm in the Nile Valley
  • c3000 BC Hieroglyphics started to be used
  • c2950 BC Upper and Lower Egypt were united into one kingdom by King Narmer (or Menes), and Memphis became the capital

primary homework help ancient egypt

  • 2600-2150 BC The Old Kingdom
  • 2181-2055 BC First Intermediate Period
  • 2055-1650 BC Middle Kingdom
  • 1650-1500 BC Second Intermediate Period
  • 1500-1070 BC The New Kingdom
  • 1473-1458 BC Queen Hatshepsut ruled

primary homework help ancient egypt

  • 1279-1213 BC King Rameses II ruled
  • 1069-664 BC Third Intermediate Period
  • 669 BC Egypt was conquered by the Assyrians
  • 664-332 BC Late Period
  • 525 BC Egypt was conquered by the Persians
  • 332 BC Alexander the Great from Greece conquered Egypt and founded Alexandria
  • 196 BC The writings on the Rosetta Stone were carved
  • 51-30 BC Cleopatra VII ruled; she was the last pharaoh

primary homework help ancient egypt

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Did you know?

  • The Egyptians made paper from reeds called papyrus – it’s where we get the word ‘paper’ from! It took a long time to make papyrus, but it was easier than carrying around heavy clay tablets, which is what they did before.
  • They wrote in pictures called hieroglyphics . Each picture means something so when you see a few different kinds of pictures in a row, you know what the writer is trying to say.
  • The Egyptians used pictures for writing numbers too – different pictures stood for units, tens and hundreds.
  • The Egyptians were very advanced at maths – they figured out how to work out tricky problems that helped other people after them understand more about maths. In fact, people who lived in other countries even knew that the Egyptians were the best at maths!
  • The Egyptians made most of their clothes from linen, which is fabric that’s made from plants. They’d use different things to colour it, such as saffron to make it yellow and indigo to make it blue.
  • Egyptians would shave their heads and wear wigs instead!
  • Ancient Egyptians had a huge amount of respect for cats, and for a type of dog called a jackal. They also thought scarab beetles were very important; they represented rebirth and life after death.
  • Egyptians loved perfume, and would wear it in solid cones on their head – the cones would melt during the day and keep them smelling nice when the weather was very hot.
  • Both men and women wore make-up, black and green on their eyes and eyelashes, and red rouge for their cheeks.

Egyptian gallery:

  • The Rosetta stone
  • The Egyptian pharaoh Ramses
  • An Egyptian tomb
  • An image of the pharaoh Tutankhamen
  • An engraving from the temple at Luxor
  • The pyramid at Giza
  • Amun-her-khepeshef, the son of Pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari
  • Hieroglyphs
  • Illustrations of Egyptian figures
  • Can you spot the Sphinx?
  • Edfu Temple
  • An Egyptian pharaoh design

primary homework help ancient egypt

The Egyptians were very good farmers . Over the centuries, they learned the best ways to grow crops in the dry land around the Nile River – but, they’d use different kinds of machines to get water from the river to their crops so the plants would grow. Some of the machines they used are:

  • sakia – a type of water wheel that has buckets to scoop water out
  • shaduf – a long stick that had a bucket on a rope on one end, and a heavy weight on the other; to water a field, the farmer would pull down on the weighted end so the bucket would come up, then swing the whole thing around to water a field next to the river.

Because farmers grew crops near the Nile, they had to schedule their growing season around times when the Nile flooded. This happened every year during June to September, so they’d plant new crops in October that would be ready to harvest in March. By the end of May, all of the crops would have been harvested in time for the Nile to flood again.

Egyptian farmers also had oxen pull ploughs through fields. We know about their farming techniques because of the paintings that archaeologists have found that the Egyptians made. The paintings show all sorts of things that the Egyptians did, such as tending livestock and harvesting the crops.

Make-up wasn’t always worn to dress up. Some make-up had practical uses as well, like black kohl used around the eyes. It shielded eyes from the sun, and it was also a kind of disinfectant that protected against eye diseases.

The papyrus that Egyptians made came from reeds that grew along the Nile River, which were called papyrus. To make paper, they would cut papyrus reeds into strips and spend quite a few days soaking them, rolling them out and repeating that process until the reeds were very thin. All of the thin reeds would be pounded together and clamped down to dry, then polished to smooth it out – the result was a thin yet very strong sheet that was ready to be written or drawn on.

The papyrus reeds were actually used for a lot of things besides paper. It was good for making mats to put on the floor, twisting into rope, plaiting together to make boats, and weaving to make baskets and sandals. The Egyptians also ate it, and used it to make different medicines.

The Egyptians made a lot of discoveries about medicine. We know this from reading what they wrote on papyrus, discovered later by archaeologists. They understood about heartbeats and listening for a healthy pulse, and knew how the body and organs worked because of the process of making mummies . They also learned about the ways that different plants healed different illnesses and injuries, such as aloe vera being good for healing burns.

Egyptian society was ranked into different classes, called a hierarchy. You couldn’t really move up the ranks, and people would usually stay around the rank that they were born into:

  • Pharaoh – The pharaoh was at the top of the order, and thought to be a god.
  • Vizier – Every pharaoh had a vizier; they were an advisor, they ran the pharaoh’s household, they acted as a judge, and they made sure that the Egyptians had enough food.
  • Nobles and priests – Nobles included doctors, lawyers and military leaders. Priests were the ones who made sure the god in their temple was happy, and that they understood any messages the god was trying to say to them.
  • Scribes and soldiers – Scribes were the only ones who were taught how to write; people in other professions (like priests) may have studied to be a scribe as well, but they could also have just hired someone to write things down for them. Being a soldier was a choice; they were given land to live on after they finished serving in the army.
  • Craftsmen – This was a large group that included anyone who had a trade, such as potters, tailors, painters and blacksmiths.
  • Farmers and slaves – The pharaoh and nobles hired farmers to work for them, and grow crops on their land; as payment, the farmers had a place to live, clothes to wear and food to eat. Slaves were people who were captured in battles with other civilisations, and they worked in the homes of the pharaoh and nobles or in temples.

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Just for fun...

  • Explore Ancient Egypt with an interactive exploration tool from the Children's University
  • Walk around the Sphinx, clamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and seek out the pharaoh's burial chamber!
  • Are you fit to rule as a pharaoh? Put your knowledge of Ancient Egypt to the test with a quiz !
  • Take an Ancient Egyptian art lesson
  • Use an interactive timeline of the Ancient Egyptian period
  • Try some Ancient Egyptian number puzzles
  • Write using a hieroglyphic typerwriter !
  • Complete an Ancient Egypt online jigsaw puzzle
  • Make your own Egyptian amulet , Egyptian mask and Egyptian costume with step-by-step guides from Hobbycraft
  • Learn how to sound out your name in hieroglyphs , just like a scribe in Ancient Egypt
  • Make a miniature cartonnage mummy case to discover how the Ancient Egyptians prepared for the journey to the afterlife
  • Write your name in hieroglyphs in a cartouche and learn some Egyptian Maths with King Khasekhem
  • Discover different aspects of life in Ancient Egypt with BBC Teach songs

Children's books about Ancient Egypt

primary homework help ancient egypt

See for yourself

  • At the British Museum , you can see the Rosetta Stone and a statue of King Rameses II
  • See Ancient Egyptian artefacts  from the Art Institute Chicago's collection
  • Browse through a huge collection of Egyptian artefacts at the Manchester Museum
  • Look closely at Egyptian statues  in the Brooklyn Museum
  • See games from Ancient Egypt: a senet board game and a wooden toy cat

Find out more about Egyptian life and culture 

  • Watch BBC Bitesize animations about Ancient Egypt and new animations about life in Ancient Egypt on BBC Teach
  • A DKfindout! children's introduction to Ancient Egypt , with lots of diagrams and illustrations
  • Scan through an interactive timeline of Ancient Egypt
  • Read some historical fiction for kids about Ancient Egypt
  • Print out Ancient Egypt resources from the British Museum
  • Find out more about Egyptian myths
  • The history of papyrus paper
  • Join historian Greg Jenner for a  BBC Sounds kids' homeschool history lesson about Cleopatra  or a homeschool history podcast about Ancient Egyptian religion
  • Read about Ancient Egyptian inventions
  • Understand more about Ancient Egyptian gods and see Egyptian gods' animal heads
  • Explore the Ancient Egyptian number system and writing system (hieroglyphics)
  • The Egyptians' society
  • Find out about everyday life in Ancient Egypt
  • Experience a day in the life of ordinary Egyptians

primary homework help ancient egypt

What animals did the Egyptian farmers have?

Animals were very important to Egyptian farmers. Animals helped them with jobs like trampling in the seeds, pulling the plough, eating unwanted grain or wheat and providing the Egyptians with food and drink. They kept animals such as cattle, goats, pigs, ducks, cows, and geese.

What other jobs did peasants do in Ancient Egypt?

Peasants also hunted for antelope in the desert beyond the hills and fishing in the Nile.

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The Organized Homeschooler

Fun Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

This post may contain affiliate links.

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Rice Krispies Egypt written above a map of Egypt made from Rice Krispies

This year I decided to put together my son’s middle school social studies curriculum rather than purchase a ready-to-use program. I didn’t see anything that really caught my eye, so rather than trudge through something that didn’t feel right for him, I decided to teach his history as a series of unit studies. The first ancient history unit study to tackle was Ancient Egypt for kids .

I knew that I wanted to work through a collection of world history unit studies because my 9th-grade daughter is working on a high school-level world history course.

Having both kids working on similar tasks is just good for my mom sanity level. It also allows us to occasionally watch a movie or do a project together that is related to both of their studies.

We studied ancient civilizations a few years ago, but Ben was around second grade then. I’m not really sure how much he remembers now that he is in 6th grade.

I like to plan our unit studies before we actually do the lessons. Each unit study contains hands-on activities, book suggestions, videos to watch, and field trip ideas. This assortment of learning activities keeps history interesting and not dull.

Ancient Egypt resources for kids written in front of hieroglyphics

Table of Contents

Ancient egypt projects for kids, books for kids about ancient egypt, online videos about ancient egypt, ancient egypt field trips (including virtual field trips).

Take Time for Art

I knew we needed this hands-on art history course in our lives as soon as I saw it in the vendor hall at the Carolina Homeschool Conference.

Hannah is joining Ben in completing the art projects because she is also studying Ancient Egypt right now. She has always enjoyed art, so this is a nice addition to her history curriculum.

Each Take Time for Art topic contains streaming videos to provide background information and photographs of the actual art. There are also art packs that make it easy to actually do the projects at home.

The Ancient Egypt art pack includes just about everything you need to complete:

  • Egyptian mummy mask
  • Egyptian tomb painting
  • air-dried clay William the Hippo replica

I am much more likely to actually complete art projects with my kids if all the materials are already in my house!

Technically, it is recommended to use one art pack for each child, but in order to save money, I plan to have my kids work together on a project when possible. If it isn’t really possible, such as with the air dry clay, I will purchase extra art supplies.

Ancient Egypt pharoah mask being constructed while watching the Take Time for Art lesson

Sugar cube pyramid

Building a pyramid out of sugar cubes is a fun classic Ancient Egypt for kids project. It is my favorite of all possible pyramid projects because the materials are so easy to find. Just about any grocery store has sugar cubes in the baking aisle.

After the pyramid is constructed you can either leave the sugar cubes white or paint them tan to resemble the sand color of actual Egyptian pyramids.

Other pyramid projects include:

  • Building a pyramid out of Legos
  • Carving a pyramid from a block of styrofoam
  • Building a pyramid from sand (this is probably best to do outside)

Rice Krispies map of Egypt

Rice Krispies maps are a fun way to learn geography. We followed these steps to make a Rice Krispies map of Egypt. Hershey’s Kisses represented pyramids, Hershey’s Nuggets as temples, M&Ms were used as cities, and frosting showed the Nile River.

Rice Krispies Egypt written above a map of Egypt made from Rice Krispies

You can use the Rice Krispies Egypt map to note Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt, the Red Sea, the Valley of the Kings and Ancient Egyptian temples.

Write/Read hieroglyphics

Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to record information.

Learning about hieroglyphics is an essential part of any Ancient Egypt unit study. This free activity pack teaches children to spell their own names using hieroglyphics. After studying the hieroglyphic alphabet, kids can also practice decoding secret messages.

Check out Ancient Egypt Primary Sources

Primary sources are the gold standard for educational resources. Typically, kids don’t encounter many primary sources until they are high school students or in college, but there is no reason why they can’t be introduced to them earlier. The linked page shows many online Ancient Egypt primary sources as well as English translations.

Ancient Egypt coloring book

primary homework help ancient egypt

Dover coloring books are really high quality and make a great addition to any unit study. Educational coloring books are perfect for strewing around the house or adding to a themed boredom-busting basket .

1,000 Facts about Ancient Egypt by Nancy Honovich

primary homework help ancient egypt

This book quickly became one of my son’s favorites. We spent quite a bit of time reading through it so we could tell each other interesting facts about Egyptian culture and daily life in Ancient Egypt.

Each page spread contains a number of unique information. Topics include fashion, medical care, art, inventions, government, temples, and so much more.

Ancient Egypt by George Hart

primary homework help ancient egypt

The photographs in this book are the star of the show. It is almost like a trip to a museum from the comfort of your living room. This book provides an overview of many areas of Ancient Egyptian life.

Blast Back Ancient Egypt by Nancy Ohlin

primary homework help ancient egypt

This chapter book is a great resource for kids who really prefer nonfiction. My son did not like fictional stories, even realistic historical fiction when he was younger.

If You Were a Kid Building a Pyramid by Lawrence Schimel

primary homework help ancient egypt

I thought that I knew a decent amount about how the pyramids were built. Then I read this book. The storyline follows a teenage boy who spends the day helping build a pyramid.

One page tells a realistic fictional story while the opposite page offers corresponding nonfiction information.

Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs by Marcia Williams

primary homework help ancient egypt

This book tells the stories of several famous Egyptian gods and pharaohs. The stories are told through comic strips, making them inviting to children. The illustrations are beautiful. They almost seem to pop off the page.

Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs by James Rumford

primary homework help ancient egypt

Jean-Francois was fascinated by Ancient Egypt as a child. That innate curiosity grew and grew. When he grew up, Jean was obsessed with Egyptology and studied hieroglyphs relentlessly.

His hard work paid off and he became the first person to decode the ancient hieroglyphs.

I like to include a video lesson or two in my unit studies whenever possible. It breaks up the lessons and helps me teach two kids two different subjects at one time. Streaming online videos is kind of like my own teaching assistant.

Crash Course History Ancient Egypt

I love Crash Course History videos. The Crash Course website indicates the videos are intended for high school age, but my kids began watching them in late elementary school. They provide a ton of info in a short amount of time. This video is only a little over 11 minutes. My son watched it as the introduction to our Ancient Egypt unit study.

Khan Academy Ancient Egypt

screenshot of Khan Academy Egypt lesson overview

Khan Academy is a wonderful free resource. This particular course includes a lot of reading, so it is probably best for teens. There are videos included too. You have the option of working through the entire course or watching just the videos.


primary homework help ancient egypt

We bought a CuriosityStream subscription over the summer and have really enjoyed it. It is so nice to have easy access to quality educational documentaries.

There are currently quite a few videos and video clips about Ancient Egypt streaming . . .

primary homework help ancient egypt

So far, our favorites have included:

  • The True Story of King Tut’s Tomb
  • Scanning the Pyramids
  • Scribes of Ancient Egypt

As amazing as it would be, a trip to Egypt just isn’t in the budget for my family. Instead, we will check out the resources that are closer to North Carolina.

Smithsonian History Museum

The Smithsonian Natural History Museum is a fantastic field trip if you are in the DC area. We try to make the trip to DC every year or two and tour the museums.

The Ancient Egypt exhibit is permanent and includes mummies and amulets.

North Carolina Art Museum

We are lucky to have such a great art museum in Raleigh. This museum includes a nice-sized Ancient Egypt exhibit. We have walked through the rows of sarcophagi and canopic jars in the past but will be returning again.

If you are in the Raleigh area, I highly recommend making this free field trip.

British Museum – Egypt Exhibit

The Egypt exhibit in the British Museum is amazing! Here you will find great additions to your Ancient Egypt lesson plans. This online resource includes:

  • The Rosetta Stone
  • Early Egyptian Life
  • Egyptian Life and Death

Google Maps

This is a field trip that anyone with an internet connection can visit. We may never make it to Egypt, but we have seen the Pyramids.

  • Go to Google Maps .
  • Type ‘Great Pyramid of Giza’ into the map search bar.
  • Drag the little person figure onto the map. Place it in front of the pyramid of your choice.
  • Now street view will be engaged and you can ‘walk’ around and sight see.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

This Egyptian Museum showcases the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Western United States. The museum is located in San Jose, California, but they have quite a bit of information online too.

Online you can:

  • Take virtual tours of the entire museum
  • View exhibit pieces such as jewelry, funeral items, and mummies
  • Learn about Egyptian time periods
  • Access the educator resources

Looking for more Ancient Egypt ideas? Check out the online Ancient Egypt unit study ! It is perfect for upper elementary and middle school students.

Have you ever taught Ancient Egypt for kids? This fun unit study topic has come up a few times over our many years of homeschooling. These ideas are perfect for homeschool, but can also work as classroom activities.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Keep reading . . .

primary homework help ancient egypt

Welcome! My name is Jennifer. I am a teacher at heart. Before my children were born I was a public school teacher. Now, I am a homeschooling mom of two.

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    What is meant by "the gift of the Nile"? All of Egypt depended on the Nile for water, food and transportation. The Nile also provided the ancient Egyptians with fertile land which helped them to grow their crops and raise their animals.

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    About 5,000 years ago, the civilization of ancient Egypt began in the Nile River valley of northeastern Africa. Ancient Egypt was one of the world's first civilizations. It is also one of the most famous civilizations in history. The ancient Egyptians built huge pyramids, temples, palaces, and tombs. Their paintings and carvings are among the ...

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    Where were Pharaohs buried? In the Old and Middle Kingdoms (2628-1638 BC), Egyptian kings were buried in pyramids. About 50 royal pyramids have survived. They were built on the desert edge, west of the ancient capital of Memphis. ( Click here to find out more about pyramids)

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    Wall painting What crops did the Egyptian Farmers grow? Egyptians grew crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates and vines. They also grew flax which was made into linen. The most important crop was grain. The ancient Egyptians used grain to make bread, porridge and beer.

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    Hieroglyphs were written on papyrus reed, which is a water or marsh plant, with tall straight hollow stems.The reeds were flattened, dried, and stuck together to make pages. The Egyptians also carved hieroglyphs onto stone and painted them on the walls of the tombs. What did Ancient Egyptians use to write with?

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