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Printmaking Worksheet

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Printmaking Facts & Worksheets

Printmaking is a form of artistic expression that involves creating artwork by transferring an image from a matrix or a prepared surface to paper or other materials., search for worksheets, download the printmaking facts & worksheets.

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Table of Contents

Printmaking is a form of artistic expression that involves creating artwork by transferring an image from a matrix or a prepared surface to paper or other materials. 

See the fact file below for more information on Printmaking, or you can download our 22-page Printmaking worksheet pack to utilize within the classroom or home environment.

Key Facts & Information

  • Printmaking is a diverse and stimulating artistic technique that entails producing numerous copies of an image or design on different materials like paper, fabric, or even metal .
  • This method has been used for thousands of years and has changed over various eras and cultures. Printmaking’s central idea is transferring an image from a prepared matrix, such as a stone, metal plate, or woodblock, onto the selected medium. 
  • The matrix is carved, etched, or engraved by the artist, who then inks the surface after leaving the desired design behind.
  • The inked matrix is pressed against the selected material manually or with the aid of a printing press, leaving an impression of the original image. This technique enables numerous replicas of the artwork, each preserving its own particular charm and personality.
  • With methods including intaglio, relief, lithography, and serigraphy, printmaking provides artists with a stimulating environment for study and experimentation. These aesthetic expressions have had a lasting impression on the art world.


  • With origins that go all the way back to the earliest human civilizations, printing has a fascinating history that spans centuries. Printmaking can be traced to its earliest forms when several ancient societies created crude techniques for imprinting images on surfaces. 
  • Woodblock printing as an art first became popular in ancient China in about the second century CE, enabling the duplication of texts and pictures. This concept was ultimately extended by the Chinese to Japan and Korea as well as other parts of Asia.
  • During the European Renaissance in the 15th century, printmaking in the West experienced enormous growth. The mass production of books completely transformed when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440. 
  • The printing press signaled the start of a new era for printmaking and made it possible to reproduce images more quickly and effectively. 
  • Intaglio printing methods like engraving and etching also developed during this time, enabling master printmakers like Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt to produce elaborate and detailed works.
  • The practice of printmaking kept changing and broadening over time. 
  • The invention of lithography by Alois Senefelder in the 18th and 19th centuries gave artists a more convenient and affordable way to make prints. 
  • With artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse pushing the limits of conventional methods, the 20th century saw a rise in experimentation and creativity. 
  • The possibilities within printmaking expanded with the introduction of new techniques like screenprinting and digital printing as a result of technological improvements.
  • Throughout history, printmaking has played a crucial role in disseminating knowledge, shaping public opinion, and expressing cultural and artistic movements. 
  • Printmaking has left a lasting impression on human history, capturing the spirit of numerous times and making a vital contribution to the growth of visual arts. Printmaking is still a thriving art form today, reflecting the constantly growing creativity of artists worldwide.


  • The process of printmaking encompasses a series of intricate steps that vary depending on the specific technique employed, each resulting in unique artistic expressions. 
  • Generally, the process begins with the creation of a matrix, which can be a woodblock, metal plate, stone, or even a screen coated with emulsion. The artist then uses various tools like knives, bruins, or acids to incise or carve the matrix, leaving behind the desired design.
  • Alternatively, the image can be drawn or painted directly onto the matrix’s surface.
  • The prepared matrix is next covered with ink or color, being sure to fill in the cut or incised areas. The matrix’s surface is gently cleaned, leaving ink only in the etched or recess-shaped areas. The term “intaglio” refers to this method.
  • The artist leaves ink on the matrix’s surface while wiping away any surplus in relief printing when the inked sections of the matrix are lifted.
  • After inking, the matrix is brought into contact with the chosen printing material, often paper, fabric, or other substrates. This can be achieved either by hand pressure or with the aid of a printing press, which applies even pressure across the entire surface, ensuring a consistent transfer of the image. 
  • The pressure forces the ink onto the printing material, resulting in a replica of the original design.
  • The ability to produce volumes of prints, which are multiple prints, is one of the fascinating characteristics of printmaking. 
  • The essence of the original artwork is captured in each impression, but there may be slight variances due to things like ink density, pressure, or paper type, giving each print its own distinctive personality.


Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)

  • German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer is renowned for his exquisite engravings and woodcuts. During his lifetime, printmaking reached new heights thanks to Dürer’s rigorous attention to detail and technical mastery, and his works are still highly regarded for their creative brilliance.

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)

  • The etchings of this Dutch Baroque artist and legendary printmaker are highly regarded. Rembrandt’s prints display a pronounced aptitude for capturing light and shadow, resulting in evocative and atmospheric compositions. 
  • His etchings frequently addressed subjects of biblical narrative, close-up home situations, and portraiture, demonstrating his mastery of storytelling and the range of human emotions.

Francisco Goya (1746-1828) 

  • He was a Spanish artist who gained fame in the 19th century for his stirring etching series entitled “Los Caprichos” and “The Disasters of War.” Goya’s prints dealt with social and political issues, illuminating the harsh realities of war, the complexity of human nature, and the follies of society. 
  • His status as one of history’s most significant painters was confirmed by his ability to use prints to express unadulterated emotion and social critique.

Diego Rivera (1886-1957)

  • He was a Mexican artist who rose to fame in the 20th century for his provocative and incisive lithographs. Themes of Mexican culture, the revolution, and working-class conflicts were frequently present in Rivera’s prints. His artwork was an effective tool for promoting both national identity and social change.

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)

  • Modern printmaking owes a great deal to this Japanese artist, known for his iconic woodblock print series “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji,” which includes the well-known “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.” Hokusai’s prints demonstrated exquisite craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for nature, influencing Western and Japanese artists.

Printmaking Worksheets

This fantastic bundle includes everything you need to know about Printmaking across 22 in-depth pages. These ready-to-use worksheets are perfect for teaching kids about Printmaking, a form of artistic expression that involves creating artwork by transferring an image from a matrix or a prepared surface to paper or other materials. 

printmaking worksheet

Complete List of Included Worksheets

Below is a list of all the worksheets included in this document.

  • Printmaking Facts
  • Printing Origins
  • Printing Paper Timeline
  • Nature Prints
  • Bubble Wrap Prints
  • Monotype Printmaking
  • Potato Relief
  • Digital Printmaking
  • Print Word Puzzle
  • Printmaking and Cultural Identity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is printmaking.

Printmaking is an artistic process in which an artist creates multiple original artworks, known as prints, from an original image or matrix. This process involves transferring an image onto paper or another surface using various techniques, such as etching, woodcut, lithography, or screen printing.

What is the difference between an original print and a reproduction?

An original print is a work of art created by the artist using a printmaking technique. Each print is considered an original because the artist typically creates a limited number of them, signs and numbers them, and may make minor variations between prints. In contrast, a reproduction is a copy of an existing artwork, often mass-produced through methods like digital printing, with no direct involvement of the original artist.

What are the main techniques in printmaking?

There are several main techniques in printmaking, including:

  • Etching: Acid is used to create grooves or lines on a metal plate, which is then inked and pressed onto paper.
  • Woodcut: A design is carved into a wooden block, which is then inked and pressed onto paper.
  • Lithography: An image is drawn or painted on a flat stone or metal plate, which is chemically treated to repel or attract ink, and then transferred onto paper.
  • Screen Printing: Ink is forced through a fine mesh screen onto paper or fabric, with each color applied separately.

What is the purpose of limited editions in printmaking?

Limited editions are a common practice in printmaking to maintain the value and uniqueness of each print. Artists often produce a limited number of prints from a single matrix, such as a woodblock or etching plate, and then number and sign each print in the edition (e.g., 1/100). Once the edition is sold out, no more prints of that image are made, making each print more valuable to collectors.

Can printmaking be done by hand or digitally?

Printmaking can be done both by hand and digitally. Traditional printmaking methods involve manual processes, such as carving, etching, or drawing directly onto matrices. However, digital technologies have also become popular in printmaking, allowing artists to create digital images and reproduce them through various printing techniques, such as giclée printing or digital screen printing.

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printmaking worksheet

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